Manam Kothi Paravai (2012) - full transcript

Kannan is in love with his neighbor Revathy, whose father and uncles are the most dreaded goons in the village.

"Lord Ganesha! The one who removes obstacles!"

"Oh, Krishna! The dark complexioned Krishna!"

"There is nobody who can't see you." - Hey, Modu Mutti!

You have become so fair.

Who is that? - It's me, Kannan.

This scoundrel has appeared, the moment I finished my prayers.

Will you not let me live in peace? - How are you?

'How are you?' Why are you here?

Why do you ask like that? - Don't say a word!

How long are you going to stay here?

I'll be here for seven days. - You can stay even for a year.

But this shop will remain closed until you are here.

Even I will not be there.

Modu Mutti! - Leave me alone.

I've faced enough troubles because of you.

I have never seen Kannan.

I do not know Kannan.

I have never seen Kannan, the old building contractor.

Is this Kannan?

He has changed so much. - He is rich now.

Yes. - "Walking through the forests.."

Go, go, go, go.

Who is that? Who is honking like that? - Can't he see the cattle?

Go, move, go. - Catch the cow. - The cow is running away in fear.

Catch the cow. I will be right back.

Who is honking like this in the forest? - Let's check.

Crazy fellow! There is no one inside. I don't see anyone inside.

What is this? Whose car is it? - Uncle, I am here.

Have you lost it?

We are grazing the cattle. - He looks like our Kannan.

What? Kannan? You are not Kannan, are you?

Yes, he is Kannan indeed. - I am Kannan.

Aren't you Nalla Thambi? - I am not Nalla Thambi.

I am Chendurapandi.

I'll not come. I'm going on a pilgrimage. - I've never met you.

I do not know who you are. Leave me.

I was not born here. - Nalla Thambi!

Wait! Listen to me. - I am not from this town. Oh, God!

There is no connection between Kannan and me.

They are all my friends.

They are running away from me and I am responsible for that.

They have suffered a lot because of me.

Just like them, my village has also changed a lot.

But my feelings haven't changed at all.

Traveling across the globe

and seeing the many wonders of the world

doesn't give me as much happiness

as standing in front of my house

and looking at Revathy's house does.

I'm not at all a serious kind of a person. - Two years ago.

Oh, Lord Ram!

Why do I have such stupid friends?

Hello! - Play the song.

Since they don't let me sleep peacefully at home

I've come to the wedding hall.

You are disturbing my sleep here too.

Please play that song for one last time today.

Because he is in love, he is ruining my sleep.

"Oh! My heart is beating."

"The sky is freezing."

"There is lightning in my house."

"The moonlight is falling on me."

"The moment I saw you"

"I froze and could not digest my food."

She's all come dressed up just to entice me. - What?

1, 2, 3, 4.

"The rooster sounds like"

"it is calling out your name."

Pour the whole bucket of water on me and make the drawing too.

Hey! - Why did he have to come now?

Hey, you! Come fast, I need to have coffee.

You're talking as if you've to go to office after drinking coffee!

"The moonlight is falling on me."


What is it? - Will you get a pumpkin flower for me?

A pumpkin flower? It is available everywhere.

Give me two minutes.

Is this the way to treat me?


Be careful.

Give me that flower.

No, I will not give it to you. Get lost!

You should not speak like that.

Please kid, give me the flower.

Take it.

Good girl.

The sun has risen.

This cow dung is way more beautiful than your drawing.

You need a flower for this!

She will be impressed as soon as she sees it.

Uncle! Those people are blocking the path

and are building a fence.

Why are you shouting? We will break the fence and kill them.

Uncle, ask our men to get their vehicles and follow me.

Let's decide it once and for all today! - Don't forget to kill those people

who have built the fence. - Arumugam, get in.

The case is still going on in the court.

In spite of that, somebody is building a fence!

How dare he!

Take out the vehicle, I will come too. - Brother! Come on!

Do not have a conversation, just break the fence!

Get in. Get in.

All of them are going. I should escape. - You!

All of you go, sir. - You come too.

He's talking as if all of us are going on a trip to Ooty!

My stomach is upset. I will get down. Please.

They are all standing. There will definitely be a fight today.

Why are you creating problems early in the morning?

Don't you have anything else to do?

With whose permission have you built the fence here?

It is my place. I will build the fence. Who are you to question me?

There's a case pending in the court regarding the ownership of this place.

Then how can you say that it is your place?

It is my place until the court passes a judgment.

I will do whatever I want. Who are you to question me?

Just because you say it, doesn't make it right.

Just because you've so many men to back you up, doesn't mean you can say anything you want.

You are such a lowly man. - Give me the stick.

There is no use talking to someone so useless.

Don't spare them!

Why are you just standing around? Hit them!

Come on!

Come on!

Perumal, don't spare them!

Kannan, they are beating up our people so badly.

Why are you just watching? - You get beaten up by your wife. Why did you come here? Get lost!

Hit him! - Leave me. Don't hit me.

I'm on your side. - How dare you build the fence!

Enough, let's go!

They are killing us!

Chase them away.

Break the fence.

I don't want to see you here again.

Remove it.

I wonder, what happened.

You fought a lot, didn't you? Go bathe.

I am bored after all the stunts!

How come there's blood on your shirt?

Huge problem. I was fighting with 40 people all alone.

I thrashed them all.

Hadn't I been there, your brother would have died.

You better understand that!

Is the matter resolved?

Yes. We drove them away and broke the fence.

You get me some hot water. - Okay.

Kannan! Be careful. Do not go to the market alone.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Okay. - I'll talk to you later.

Were our men harmed?

Nothing happened. We are brave people. What can happen to us?

We shouldn't have taken Kannan along.

He fainted the moment he saw blood. - He is a young boy.

When I asked him to fight, he kept staring as if a show was going on.

I should be blamed for having taken cowards along with me to fight.

Do not ask questions. Get hot water. - Why are you shouting at me?

Did I come on my own? Father is calling.

He has kept cold water ready for me. I will take bath and come.

My new shirt is dirty. - Here is your coffee.

My father will ask so many questions now. - What is this? Blood!

Nothing, leave it.

You stupid! Fool!

They beat up our people. Why did you go with them?

I did not go willingly.

I was just standing outside. They took me along. You understand things very late.

He threatens to kill me if I refuse to go.

And when I went there, the opponent threatened to kill me.

Somehow, I have come back alive.

And you are talking like this!

I will send your husband one day. Wait and watch.

You work for them.

Why shouldn't our son go with them? - Exactly! - That's unfair.

Mrs. Ramaiah! Working for them is different

than going along with them for fights.

If your son gets stabbed by them, he will die.

He has returned alive. Keep quiet. You come, dear.

He is irritated in the morning itself. Did you prepare coffee for him?

Carry on.

No one can save you.

Hey! Come here.

Aren't you the one who plays songs at the temple early in the morning?


You are playing film songs during this holy month

when you should ideally be playing devotional songs. Stupid!

You are having egg fritters

but your brain is empty!

Where is he?

Inside. - Move.

You're in trouble. Go.

I'd asked you to go to Rowther's house. What are you doing here?

Have you done any work on time?

I will go, father. You carry on.

You need not go. Go to the school directly.

Take money from sir

and go to the town in the afternoon to place the order.

Until then, be there and see if the workers are doing their work properly.

We have brought workers from another city. Supervise properly.

Is that fine? - Sir, good morning! - I will do it.

You are a useless father. - Greetings! - Greetings!

I wonder how you can drink tea at a place like this!

Please go! I wonder how people live in buildings constructed by you!

Yes, come in.

Hi. - Hi.

Sit for some time. I'm unable to find the receipt. Let me look for it first.

"Oh, flower of Germany." - Where did it go?

"You are the lovely girl of Tamil Nadu."

"Oh, flower of Germany."

"You are the lovely girl of Tamil Nadu."


Phone! - "You are the angel of love."

Tell me, sir. - What are you doing there?

Come fast, you fool!

The ringtone is really nice. - Thanks.

I have different ringtones for different people.

Where could it be?

I'm having severe body ache.

You're just sitting around and watching! Can't you help?

I am coming. I was waiting for this.

Hey! What are you doing? - I am helping.

Take that file from there.

I was talking about the file. - Oh, by help, you meant this? - Yeah.

Take it. - What do you want?

I have to buy cement and stones.

I am leaving for the town. So, I have come to take money.

You and your father are always keen on extracting money from us.

It doesn't look like you'll finish the work anytime soon.

Why are you talking like this, Revathy?

How else should I speak?

Come on, Revathy. Do you know, I'm working day and night and on Sundays too?

We have brought workers from another city since we weren't getting workers here.

It's easy for you to question us, sitting in an air-conditioned room.

But if we say something, you get angry. I mean.. Listen, Revathy..

You need not say anything.

When will you finish the work?

How much money do you need now?

I want 2/4, 3/2, in total.. Rs. 45,000.

Your father had asked for Rs. 40,000 only.

Has he already told you?

Well, Revathy, the price of cement

and stones keep fluctuating everyday.

My father must not have included the transportation cost.

I will return the balance, if any.

As if you would! Listen..

You can cheat your father and my father

but you cannot cheat me.

I know you quite well since childhood.

When you were in the 10th grade

you said, you were going on a tour and had borrowed Rs. 500 from me.

You never returned it.

When we were in the 12th grade

you lied and borrowed Rs. 1000 from me.

You never returned that as well.

Wow! You remember everything. - Yes.

Do you remember, when we were in the 8th grade

we shared an ice candy that we bought from a vendor in front of the school?

Keep quiet! Do not change the topic.

Here's the cash. - Big deal! Even I didn't ask for a check!

I hope the amount is correct.

Of course, it will be.

Also, if you could give me your vehicle keys.. I will return it once I'm back.

Do you need that too? - Yeah.

Be careful.

It's okay even if you're hurt

but I should get my vehicle back without any damages.

Revathy, I am going to the town. Do you need anything? - Where are you going?

Karaikal. There, you get everything for cheap.

I know what you get for cheap in Karaikal, you go and come back safely.

Sure, I will.

By the way, you did not answer my first question.

What did you ask, Revathy?

When will you complete the construction work?

It can be completed only if the work goes on smoothly.

You come and see the work.

If I do not complete the work in time, you can question me.

And question only me.

Will you be there at the site? - Yes, I'll be there.

Go. I will come. - Sure, do come.

What are you watching so intensely? Is it a girl's picture? Come on, play.

Hi, guys!

Why are you late?


It's bound to get late when two lovers are talking.

Okay, but why are you late?

We were discussing about the future.

I know very well. You will die after getting thrashed by her.

Shut up! Have you ever spoken anything good?

He is my true friend.

He is helping me by playing songs early in the morning.

Shake hands, buddy. - Get lost! Do you know how many people have scolded me for that?

Calm down. I will name my first son after you.

Kannan! Don't talk like a fool.

That girl is educated. She speaks that way with everybody.

Okay, she may talk like that with everybody.

But will she give her handkerchief to someone who's sweating, like she gave it to me?

Forget that. My father had asked for Rs. 40,000

but she gave me an extra Rs. 5000 for my expenses.

Forget that too. She asked me, how I was going to come here. When I told her, I'll come by bus

she immediately gave me the keys to her scooty.

Would she give me all these things if she wasn't in love with me?

Okay.. Good imagination. This queen will not suit you at all.

Hey! I can easily win if I have four jokers.

He is right. By the by, you both share a nice chemistry. - Really?

Yeah! - Just because you're playing cards in the school campus

you think, you're talking like an educated person.

The omen tells me that there is going to be a problem.

Don't talk rubbish.

I can't bear this tea vendor's nuisance anymore.

I'm done.

By talking, I've lost all the money! - Two triple eights, one joker.. - Look at him!

How did she give you Rs. 5000?

That is love. Forget all that.

I just saw her like ten minutes ago.

But very soon, she will definitely come here to see me.

Will you believe me if she comes? - Let us see.

If she comes, we will be happy.

If she comes here, we will break this man's head.

Super idea! - She's coming. - Come on.

Get lost! - Revathy is coming.

Kannan, looking by the way you're progressing

I think, very soon, you'll start playing rummy with her.

Revathy! See properly. See, how the construction work is going on.

Move, I want to tell her something.

Ma'am! If your kerchief is dirty, give it for wash.

Do not give it away to any random person. - Go away!

Why have they come here? - Well..

Our friend is constructing the building.

We wanted to be his pillars of strength.

What is this, Kannan! You'd given an estimate of 50 bags of cement to my father.

Nothing has been used.

Is the construction work going on or not?

We do not waste cement like other contractors.

We use less of cement and more of sand.

If you do that, the building won't be strong.

Actually.. - You should have thought about it

before giving the contract to these people. - Hey!

Keep quiet. - Just wait. I will start checking everything from today.

Teacher, please stop your lessons.

Look, who is going.

Oh! Is it that girl? - Yeah.

Jil! Jil.. Jil.. Stop there. - Hey! It's that shop owner!

Come, Revathy. - Look, how he is running!

Be careful.

Why are you here?

Is this what you meant

when you said you were bringing workers from another city?

Not me, my dad has brought them.

His father is bringing all the dancers

to enhance the beauty of the construction!


Oh, my God! - Jil!

Why is there cement on your powder coated face?

What to do? These days, nobody is calling us to dance.

They only call those who dance for TV shows and in movies.

So, we have lost our jobs and have come for this work.

Okay, don't worry. You sing a song for this Kayathur Modu Mutti.

"Hey, gal! There is nobody in the house, you come in."

"Hey, gal! There is nobody in the house, you come in."

"You help me live my life as I'm the plankton that can't swim against a current."

"You help me live my life as I'm the plankton that can't swim against a current."

"Oh, no! That is not possible."

"Oh, no! That is not possible."

"Why would oil like to be with water?"

"Why would oil like to be with water?"

"Like Cauvery is for river, do you epitomize love?"

"Like Cauvery is for river, do you epitomize love?"

"A town should be like Thanjavur, there is nobody like you here."

"A dance like this, a person like you, a pearl like this."

"Do not shy away on seeing me."

"Do not get excited and cling on to me like a chewing gum."

"Tell me what love is, else, stand aside quietly."

"Why are you going away? Why are you ditching me?"

"Hey, gal! There is nobody in the house, you come in."

"Hey, gal! There is nobody in the house, you come in."

"You help me live my life as I'm the plankton that can't swim against a current."

"Why would oil like to be with water?"

"'Manorama' for mother 'Paappaiah' for debate.."

"'Manorama' for mother 'Paappaiah' for debate.."

"You are my breath, I need you."

"Be mine forever."

"A bunch means a bunch of plantains."

"I will give you a hundred kisses."

"If I ever marry, it will be only you, otherwise, I will become a sage."

"If you break my heart, I'll be shattered. Do not go away leaving me."

"Do not grieve. Where will I go? When will I become a mother?"

"Hey, gal! There is nobody in the house, you come in."

"Oh, no! That is not possible."

"You help me live my life as I'm the plankton that can't swim against a current."

"I am always in love with you."


How come you are here, Revathy?

Kannan! Don't you have a brain?

Don't you know what should be kept where?

What would have happened if my father had seen it?

What? Where did I keep it? What is happening?

This thing. - Was it kept here?

I was searching for it all night.

Was there anything else along with this liquor?

Will they give this without any snacks?

Next time, when you ask for my vehicle, I'll give that too.

I will ask for sure. - What is that?

Buddy, you have come with a full bottle!

It is her birthday, it seems. So, she has given me this gift. Let me see it.

Buddy, have both of you become so close to each other?

You are a true lover boy!

Everyday, you come to my shop to waste time.

Shouldn't you eat something from this restaurant

and improve my business?

Let it be.

Have you noticed the dog that used to loiter around here?

Yes, all these years, I never fed it anything.

But today, I gave it a fritter

and it went away wagging its tail, in gratitude.

Why are you asking that? - That dog is lying dead on the street.

Nalla Thambi!

You murderer!

For the last 9 years, that dog used to eat from different houses and used to guard this town.

You killed it by feeding it the fritters you had prepared.

You cannot escape from that sin. - Oh, no!

Go carefully. - Bye. - I'll leave. - Okay.

Modu Mutti!

I've been noticing. Everyday, a new person is dropping her.

Could she be an escort? - Hi!

What a beautiful escort! Buddy!

With very less efforts, you can woo her. - Okay.

Where are you going? - To woo her.

She would be of your daughter's age! You want to woo her, is it?

You will take the lead for everything. - Comb your hair before going.

Just see, how I woo her.

Hey, girl! He is an accused. Be careful while talking to him.

Hi. Are you going to college? - Yes.

Which college? What are you studying?

Meenakshi. - 'Meenakshi'.

My name is Nalla Thambi.

9 letters in Meenakshi and 11 in Nalla Thambi. Total, 20 letters.

According to my calculation, it's a good number.

We are the best couple in the entire district.

Who was the dark person who dropped you?

My brother. - Your brother?

Who was the person who had dropped you yesterday?

He is my brother too.

Is it? Who was the person who had dropped you the day before yesterday?

He is also my brother. I have 8 brothers.

What do you want now?

From this moment, you do not have 8 brothers.

You have 9, including me.

Hey! Sacrifice a goat for our deity.

Modu Mutti! - Come, dear. Did it work out?

Tell us. - Tell us.

What's the matter? - That girl has 8 brothers.

There are only seven days in a week. - Yes.

Even if one person hits every day

one brother will still be left out. How would it work out?

Nalla Thambi! Take a parcel of 8 fritters for her family

and your job will be done. - You mean, I should kill them?

Stupid! Are you planning to send me to prison?

It's easy to get contract killers

but very difficult to get laborers for construction work. It is my fate.

Idiot! It is Friday today.

Have you come all the way to say that?

Are you joking? Banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Didn't I tell you that the check will be cleared on Monday

only if you deposit it today?

Is it always necessary for me to push you to do things? - Ramaiah sir!

You have not brought him up properly.. - Keep quiet. - Move aside. - Correct.

Hey, you! What is your age? And how old are they?

There should be some logic in being friends with them, right?

I wonder, how your wife respects you!

Ask him to leave. - Sir!

I will break your hands! - Ask him to leave before something untoward happens.

I mean it!

Are you mocking me? - It's nothing as such.

All useless persons have assembled together.

Which wife respects her husband?

Why are you blaming me alone?

He yelled at you so badly. Come, let us go to the bank.

He seems to have got you infuriated!

Where are you going?

When did you get down? - When did I get on the bike?


Hello! How are you? - What is this?

Why is he coming back? Oh! It's for this girl!

Kannan! - Revathy!

Where are you going? - I am going to our school. I am in a hurry.

Even I am going there. Come.

Me? - You didn't believe when he said!

Kannan! You 'kappy', sister 'kappy', I am 'kappy'!

You follow me.

You carry on.

You drive.


Are you coming too?

You can hold my waist. I will not say anything.

I am a very decent guy, you know!

Hey! Hey, stop. - Who is that?

It's me, your father.

I just asked you to go to the bank. Why did you come here?

Well.. Father..

Revathy asked me to come.

Did you call him?

Yes, Mr. Ramaiah. I asked him to come. - What for?

Nothing serious. Yesterday, the account was not settled. So..

Revathy, do not give him any money. I will speak to your father about it.

First, come inside. - Speak to her quickly

and go to the bank.

I know everything. Do your job.

Let's go, Revathy.

He is insulting me in front of a girl!

I'm ashamed to call him my son.

You always lie!

Wait! Where are you going? - To the bathroom.

That is not a bathroom. It is a cupboard.

Oh, yes! It is a cupboard. I will go to the bathroom.

Hey! What do you think of yourself?

What happened, Revathy?

I felt sorry for you and so, I asked you to come with me on my bike.

But your friends were teasing us!

They were not teasing us, Revathy.

I know who they were teasing.

Why are you asking if you know it?

Moreover, you held my waist, when we were coming.

The road was so uneven. So, for balancing..

So? Will you hold my waist? - It was just for a grip, Revathy.

I am being too lenient with you.

No, you are not.

Forget that. Your father has asked you to go to the bank.

Then, why did you come with me?

Come on, Revathy! You always doubt me.

I'm not doubting you. I am convinced that you are going wrong.

Hit him! Rascal! We just asked him to repay the money he had borrowed from us.

How dare he go to the police station!

Listen.. Does he think that we are scared of the police?

Hey! Don't let him go.

I will come and thrash him. Now, hang up.

How dare he! - Revathy, where are the car keys? - Revathy, where are the keys?

How come you are here?

I had come to collect money.

Have you collected it? - Yes, more than it is required.

Okay. Finish the work soon. - Okay. Sure.

Are they doing the work properly? - Yes.

Okay, I will leave. - Okay, uncle.

They have murdered the MLA!

Break the shops! Set all the shops on fire!

There seems to be a riot. Cars are not allowed to go that side.

Cars may not be allowed. I will go on my bike.

Okay, start. Hurry up. - Perumal..

Go carefully. Bring the girl home safely.

You didn't listen to me when I told you not to send her.

Mr. Perumal, where are you going in a hurry? - I am going to the town.

How can you go? I came back myself as it's highly impossible to go there.

Why do you want to go there? Revathy's stranded at the town office. I have to bring her back.

Is that all? Kannan has gone there.

If I tell him, he will bring her along. - Okay, call him up.

Give him a call. - The whole town is in a frenzy.

Are you going to carry the materials on your head? First, try to reach home safe.

You understand my situation, but my father doesn't.

He will shout at me saying that I'm not efficient enough to do anything.

You have no idea about him.

See, I was talking about him and he is already calling me up.

What a torture early in the morning! - Dad! We will not get the bricks and stones today.

There is a riot going on here. Do not torture me by calling up repeatedly.

Hey! Son of a fool!

Yes, you're right. Tell me.

Listen, Revathy has come to the town office.

The situation is very tense there. You go and bring her back safely.

Respond, when I am speaking to you over the phone.

Call me as soon as you meet Revathy.

Okay? Can you hear me?

Did you understand? Hey, son of a fool!

"My heart makes a sound."

"My heart makes a sound."

"Stop and talk to me, hey, girl."

"Stop and talk to me."

"Both my eyelashes are flickering."

"I do not know what is happening."

"My heart is pounding, I'm unable to complete my sentence."

"I am not able to sleep."

"I cannot bear it if you go without talking to me."

"You have left me speechless."

"My heart makes a sound."

"My heart makes a sound."

"Stop and talk to me, hey, girl."

"Stop and talk to me."

"I do not need a rainbow if you are there with me."

"You are the moon and the sun."

"You are the blooming garden."

"You are the stars too."

"You are my treasure."

"You are the God who cannot be seen anywhere."

"I am attracted towards you."

"My heart makes a sound."

"My heart makes a sound."

"Stop and talk to me, hey, girl."

"Stop and talk to me."

"When you walk"

"the earth revolves at the same pace."

"It keeps an eye on you."

"To help you avoid losing the way"

"I will stand still like a pillar in the temple."

"The world ends where you stop walking."

"Even a barren land will bear flowers because of you."

"Do not fight, I am attracted to you."

"My heart makes a sound."

"My heart makes a sound."

"Both my eyelashes are flickering."

"I do not know what is happening."

"My heart is pounding, I'm unable to complete my sentence."

"I am not able to sleep."

"I cannot bear it if you go without talking to me."

"You have left me speechless."

Kannan! Can you take the cement bags from Rowther's shop

and deliver it at Karupur Seth's house? After that, can you go to the lorry office

and check with them as to when the iron load will arrive?

You take care of such petty work, I have important work to do.

What is that important work?

Stop enquiring about my work.

You don't question your wife who takes 3 hours to make 'Idlis'.

Instead, you are torturing me.

Hey, Kannan! - Yes, sir. - Come here. - Coming, sir.

He is never ready to do anything that I ask him to do

but he has no problem running around doing errands for other people.

Go in and bring Kanguvai's documents. Say that I've asked for it. - Okay.


Ma'am! - My eyes are burning. - Yeah, coming!

Who is it? Kannan! What is it?

Sir has asked me to get Kanguvai's documents.

That document!

I do not know where I have kept it. I'll have to search for it.

Okay, you take a seat. - Aunt! Where have you gone?

My eyes are burning. Aunt!

She has taken the mug. Aunt! What are you doing?

Ma'am! Ma'am!

Aunt, come soon. My eyes are burning.

Here I come.

This is not a mug. It is my luck.

Oh! Where had you gone?

Come soon. My eyes are burning. Pour water.


You are just pouring water. Won't you rinse my hair?

You don't allow me to use shampoo.

The herbal powder is causing my eyes to burn.

Well, Revathy! Shampoo is not good for the hair..

Heck! When did you come inside? Get out. - I came long time back.

I will finish my work in 5 minutes. - Get out!

Ma'am! - Here are the documents, you had asked for.

Okay, I'll take your leave. - Where are you going?

Have a seat. He is always in a hurry.

But you should go only after having this milk pudding. Sit down.

Give me that document. Have the pudding first.

She is offering it so affectionately. It must be tasty!

Ma'am! The pudding is tasty. It is tasty.

No, let it be. - Your hair is not dry yet.

Enough, aunt. - You may catch a cold.

I'm telling you, it is dry. Leave me.

What a girl!

Stupid! Why are you laughing? Are you mad?

You're coming and rinsing a girl's hair when she is taking bath!

Don't you have a brain?

Come on, Revathy! These days you're losing your temper for the smallest of things.

You have watched me naked

while taking bath in the river. I never felt shy.

You are talking about something

that had happened when we were in the 4th grade. Get lost! - Good Lord!

However, it was a good feeling! - Oh, no!

Hey! I have told you guys so many times

not to steal stones from my future brother-in-law's construction site.

We will be embarrassed if he finds out.

Kannan! You are repeatedly saying that he is your brother-in-law..

Can you please tell us, what do you mean by that?

Buddy! Explain everything whatever happened on the day of the riot.

Everyone, listen. We got stranded because of the riot. On our way back

while crossing the river, the water level was up to our hips!

She insisted me to carry her in my arms.

Then, we romanced near the riverside..

Buddy! Your clothes must have got drenched. Right?

Yes, buddy! Then, she wore my shirt and I draped her sari.

Horrible! - It is divine love, you carry on.

Don't speak like that. I will continue.

Then, while we were going on the cart

she leaned on me, placing her head here..

Buddy! Then, she must have bitten the corner of your ears. Right?

Correct, buddy! Give me a high five.

You are saying it as if you've witnessed it.

Buddy, even I have fallen in love when I was in the 5th grade.

Why are you looking at me? Look at him.

Kannan! - What is it?

She lives in the house opposite to mine. Every time you come out

you have to face them. You know what sort of people they are.

Listen! If Perumal

kicks you it's going to hurt a lot.

Moreover, his feet are so hard.

How did you happen to see his feet?

I happened to see it when he smeared the extra oil in his hands

after eating the fritters at my shop, on his feet. Listen. - Yuck!

If you are really brave, do this.

What should I do?

Address Perumal as 'brother-in-law'. He should hear it.

Listen to what he's asking you to do. - If that happens

I'll be the first person to sacrifice my life for your love.

I mean it.

Not just 'brother-in-law'.

He will address him anything that you ask him to.

He will definitely accept your challenge.

Buddy! Go ahead and address him that way.

Modu Mutti! Mark my words. - Tell me.

I will address Perumal as 'brother-in-law'. This is my promise.

I'm sure, he will. - Take your hand off.

Have I lit camphor on my head for you take a vow? You prove it.

What is that?

I am sorry.

Throw him away.

Sir, you go. We will take care. You lift his legs. Lift him.

So many people!

Mother.. - What is it?

Why have so many people gathered at the neighbor's house?

What is the problem? - There's no problem.

The groom's family members have come to ask for Revathy's hand in marriage.

Nobody informed me.

Are you related to them?

Why should they tell you? Even I came to know only now.

Go and do your work.

Mother.. - Yeah. - Mother!

What is it? - Mother, listen to me.

She is our neighbor.

She is so close to you. She could have told you, at least.

Every now and then, she tortures me

by asking me to get her flowers, butter and so on.

She could have told me about it.

What a family! They do not know to give respect.

Do you think, she will be happy after marriage? No.

Hey! Why are you cursing that girl early in the morning?

She might be unaware of the alliance.

How would it matter anyway, even if we got to know about it?

Go. Brush your teeth and take bath. Go. I wonder what he thinks of himself!

Nobody seems to understand my plight.

Whom do I whine about it?

Why has he come here? Has he found out the truth?

What is this? Somebody has come with a marriage proposal.

I guessed it. You were so dull for two days. - No, buddy. - Don't say anything. I get it.

That girl must have cried, hugging you tightly.

She must have asked you to stop the wedding.

You must be at sea, not knowing what to do.

I can understand your feelings very well.

Do not worry.

I am there. We will find a solution for this.


I don't worry about anything when you are with me.

Okay, just listen to me. - Kannan! Mr. Perumal is asking for you.

I'm coming, sir. - What kind of a rebellious love is this!

Go and prostrate before them.

I've liked the girl a lot.

If you also agree, let's fix the wedding date.

Look at her properly.

Later, don't complain about the girl's looks.

Look at her properly. - Keep quiet.

They just have to look at the girl once to know that she is beautiful.

They have come here after enquiring about the girl. Be quiet.

Dad! They have agreed for the wedding. Finalize it.

Thank you so much.

If you have any date in mind

we can keep the wedding on that day itself.

Get that calendar.


The 15th day of the month 'Vaigasi', a Sunday

is an auspicious day. We can keep the wedding on that day.

The engagement could be done on the previous day in the temple.

Do you all agree? - Okay.

Only 30 days are left for the wedding.

The whole town should gather and the celebration should be a grand one.

All of you should leave only after having meals.

It's the bride's brother's request.

Kannan! Hold this bucket.

Let's go and get meat. Come on.

If we don't hurry up, we won't get fresh meat.

Are you not well? Why do you look dull?

Not at all. I am very happy today.

My daughter has also grown up motherless, just like me.

I have never scolded her. She always behaved well.

She has never put forth unreasonable demands.

She should live happily.

That is why, I'm getting her married into a rich family.

My daughter is going to live like a queen. Just like a queen!

I've found a suitable alliance for her.

Revathy, are you going to get your wedding dress tomorrow?

Yes, Shanti. You should also come with me.

Okay. I will come.

Shanti! You all carry on. I will join you soon.

We will wait outside.

I will be right back. - Come fast.


We are going to buy dresses for everyone tomorrow.

50 silk saris. Loin cloth and shirt for your father.

Silk sari for your mother.

What do you want?

Shall I buy it or will you buy it yourself?

If you want me to buy it, you shouldn't complain later.

Otherwise, it's better if you go and buy it yourself.

Take this money.

Revathy, will you marry me?

Tell me, Revathy. Will you marry me?

Leave me. My wedding is already fixed.

You are asking me now!

Mad fellow!


We were classmates till the 12th grade. I never had any such feelings for her then.

One day, she left for another city for higher education.

She didn't come home even during the holidays.

It was then that I started yearning to meet her and talk to her.

She returned after 4 years like an angel.

I fell for her.

I never expected that they will fix her wedding somewhere else

within four months of our courtship.

I cannot even think of a life without her.

Calm down.

They have just fixed the wedding. They are not married yet.

What else is left?

They have fixed the wedding.

The date is also finalized.

In spite of that, you are writing 25

24 on the board and creating tension!

Listen, do not say unnecessary things and provoke him, you fools!

What do you know about love?

As if you know everything! I'll thrash you!

If she loved him, why did she give her consent to marry another guy?

Hey! You know about her family, don't you?

How can that girl convince them?

I will thrash you and hang you. You had slept off.

I will give you half a glass of milk. Drink that and go to sleep.

Talking about creating a chaos!

Keep quiet! She will die without me.

Hey! Don't worry. I will do something.

You do whatever you want.

But don't do the planning sitting in my shop.

Somehow I am making money by selling stale food.

Do not ruin my business.

Hey! Where are we going? - To Revathy's in-law's place. - And?

Take the case of actor Chandrababu.

When his wife told him about her lover

on their wedding night

he immediately took her to her lover and united them.

In Revathy's case, only the marriage is fixed. Let's talk to them and see.

"Do not come from one place to another and fall in love."

Hey! Make 3 cups of tea. - 4 cups of tea.

We are only three of us.

I need two cups. - Of course! After all, I'm the one paying for it.

"Brother, don't fall in love."

Hey! Can't you see, I am reading?

Big deal! Even I haven't taken it for any other purpose!

Here, read it out.

By the way.. What's his name?

Mathur Narayanan.

Who is Mathur Narayanan here?

Looks like he has borrowed money from everybody.

All of them look angry. - Keep quiet.

Hey! Whom did you ask for?


Hey! Give some identification hints.

Oh! It is Narayanan. The moment you see him, you feel like hitting him..

Oh! I think, he is deaf. Come closer.

Narayanan.. Who is Mathur Narayanan?

Stop it.

Whom did you ask for?

Despite shouting so much, he is not able to hear.

Keep quiet! We are coming from Kayathur.

Narayanan's bride-to-be is from our town.

If you could give us the directions to his house, we will meet him and go.

Oh! So, you are from the bride's side! You should have said so before.

Hey! Sit down. - Hey! Sit down. - Hey!

Don't speak!

Don't call out sir's name with disrespect.

If his men came to know of it, they will kill you. Do you get it?

Go straight. You will find a huge bungalow.

That is sir's house. Go on.

Where is he? Has he left?

Get lost! You told me that he can fight with 10 people all alone. He has escaped.

I said, he will get scared if 10 people came to fight.

You misunderstood it, what can I do? - Fool! Okay, let us go.

Where to? - To the groom's house.

Go there and do what? - Stop Revathy's marriage.

The wedding will not stop. We will stop breathing.

No matter what happens, my love is important to me.

My life is important to me.

Hey! - My friend is also important. Come on.

Kannan! You seem to be behaving differently since last two days.

What's wrong?

What do you mean? Am I behaving like a mad person? Do you think I am mad?

Why are you talking like that?

You look tired. So, I thought, you must be unwell.

I am alright.

I just don't feel like staying in this place.

Then ask him if he is ready to go abroad. I'll make the arrangements.

You both are bent upon sending me away from here.

Why are you saying like that?

Since you said that you didn't feel like staying here

your father gave that suggestion.

Leave it.

The site engineer told your dad that there is something going on

between you and Revathy. - It's a lie, isn't it?

When you yourself are saying that it is a lie, how can it be true?

We work for them. How can we ask for their daughter's hand in marriage?

Okay, leave it.

There are so many girls in this town.

Only whatever is destined will happen. You eat.

Hey! Your friends are stupid.

Do not listen to them and do something drastic. I will kill you.

Why are you sitting here alone?

You have left me all alone.

There you go again! I told you already.

Why are you bringing it up again and again like a kid?

What? Like a kid?

I am confessing my love to you so seriously

and you are calling me a kid!

What do you think of me? - What do you want me to think?

What can an already engaged girl think

if you ask her to marry you?

Actually, Revathy.. That person, his face, mustache..

You are saying that you will marry him!

You are not even considering me. What do you know about him?

Whether he is good or bad

whether he will take good care of you or not..

You do not know anything. But you know everything about me.

Just answer one question, Revathy.

Apart from being wealthy, how is he better than me?

Revathy, one minute, please. Understand my plight.

You reside in my heart. You are my life.

You have a heart too.

Your heart will tell you, whom you will be happy with.

Give it a thought, Revathy.

No matter how much I tell you, you don't seem to understand.

Go away.

"Go, go, go. Go wherever you want to go."

"Go, go, go, I do not need you."

"I am not at all worried, go, my dear, go."

"Marry whomever you want to, I've no qualms, go."

"Go, go, go. Go wherever you want to go."

"Go, go, go, I do not need you."

"You are going to live like a queen, every time you take birth."

"There is nobody like me. You will say that for sure."

"Like a parrot, you flew away."

"Without telling me, you have left me in the lurch."

"Go, go, go. Go wherever you want to go."

"Go, go, go, I do not need you."

"My dear, what am I lacking in? Please say."

"My eyes are dry."

"We played on the swing during our childhood."

"We spent time together during our teenage."

"We have had so much fun together."

"We scolded those who saw us as two different individuals."

"My love!"

"Go, go, go. Go wherever you want to go."

"Go, go, go. Go away from my life."

"I got no wounds even after getting hit by stones."

"Now, I am wounded, justify that."

"I guarded love to be with you."

"I will die if you leave me and go."

"There's no peace of mind in living without you."

"It is your fate if you do not accept me."

"It's your fate." - Kannan!

Hey! Why are you behaving like this?

"I am not at all worried, go, my dear, go."

"Marry whomever you want to, I've no qualms, go."

"Go, go, go. Get married and go."

"Go, go, I am a useless person."

"You are going to live like a queen, every time you take birth."

"There is nobody like me. You will say that for sure."

"Like a parrot, you flew away."

"Without telling me, you have left me in the lurch."

"Go, go, go.."

I knew this would happen, when I'd started the car without performing veneration.

Why is he lying before our car? - Get up.

Maybe he is fulfilling a vow. We need to ask him alone.


What has happened to him?

We have come from Bombay to see him

but he has come and fallen before our car.

Had he not applied the brake on time, he would have died on the spot.

What's wrong with you? What made you fall before the car, completely drunk?

Tell us. - It's nothing. Forget it.

What should we forget? Boss, I'll tell you what happened. - Okay.

Revathy and Kannan are deeply in love with each other.

Yes, boss. What can a girl do for her lover?

If you take her to a room, she will agree.

That happens at your place. This is our village.

It's true love. She gifted him a liquor bottle

on his birthday. That made him really happy.

She gives him money for his expenses.

Even I've been in love, but my girl never gave me money.

Do you call that love? That is not love.

She gave him her kerchief as he was sweating.

No.. - Keep quiet, do not talk.

Only if you tell all this will they get to know how deeply you're in love with each other.

Even he has loved her so much.

One day, there was a strike.

There were no buses.

She was stranded.

When he knew about it, he ran to her rescue and lifted her in his arms.

Am I narrating a story? I will hit you.

I am describing their love. - Okay.

He lifted her in his arms and pampered her.

No, I did not do.. - Wait.

Don't speak. How will they get to know otherwise?

He brought her back home safe.

Boss! Even I have read about so many great lovers.

Laila-Majnu, Ambikapathy-Amaravathi..

I've read so many stories. - Even their love is pure. It's nothing as such.

Allow him to speak. - Did you see that?

That's how he is.

He doesn't allow me to speak.

So pure is their love!

Does their love deserve such an ending? Does their love deserve such an ending?

This love should win.

You villagers! You don't seem to have progressed at all!

Do you know the latest trend?

It has become common to love a girl

marry her and then, divorce her. - Hey!

Hey! Only two days are left. Don't talk like a fool.

Don't say 'Only two days are left'.

Say that we have 48 hours in hand. We can achieve so much within that time.

What do you say, buddy? - Buddy, we will deal with this matter in Bombay style!

Kannan! We will manage the elders. You talk to her

and come back with a good decision. - Give me a high five.

Correct. - Superb idea! Come on. - Okay.

Ma'am, how are you? Bless us. - God bless you.

Why are you going this way? Come that way. - Actually..

Who are you? I don't recognize you.

We are from Bombay.

Is it so? How are you? - Be careful.

What is happening? - Everything is over. Go.

This is how we go round the temple.

Times have changed now. Now, they have changed the procedure. - Who said so?

You are fooling me. I won't agree. I won't come with you.


Revathy, I do not know what else to do.

Somebody might see.

Please Revathy, please accept my proposal.

Oh, Kannan! Please get up. I request you. - Please, Revathy!

Please, Kannan!

Come on, boys.

Even I fall at your feet. Please go away from here.

Why has she fallen at his feet?

I told you. Do you believe me now? They are deeply in love.

What is she saying?

I beg of you. Do not create any problems.

I will tell you.

'I beg of you. Take me away from here and marry me.'

Saying so, she is pleading with him.

Everyone has gathered for the wedding. My relatives and all my near and dear ones.

If they get to know that you are talking like this

they will kill you.

Kannan! You are a very good person. I do not have any feelings for you.

What is she saying now?

'Let's go away from this village.'

'Even if all my relatives stop me'

'I don't care. You're important to me.'

'I cannot live without you.'

Just give your consent. We can elope.

What kind of a man are you? You are talking like a crazy fellow.

Find a nice girl and marry her.

Everything will fall in place.

I will say now.

'If this marriage happens, you will not see me alive.'

How are you saying that?

It is a feeling.

What a love!

Bombay boys! Did you see that? Help. Help them.

There he is.

Buddy, we have decided.

No, she is saying.. - You do not say anything.

We don't wish to see two lovers dying. Come on, guys!

The temple is providing free meals at 1 o'clock. How about having it before leaving?

Hit him. He's always thinking about food!

The Bombay boys will take care of everything.

Yes. The central and the state ministers are coming for the wedding.

The whole town should be decorated.

Cutouts should be placed everywhere.

Don't drink and waste time.

"My heart is fluttering like a kite without seeing you."

What a world this is!

I have to struggle so hard to live with the girl of my choice.

You love me so much, but you are ready to marry another person.

Are you in your senses?

The men in your house are all fools!

They educated you since they were uneducated.

Despite that, you are a fool too, Revathy!

Do you know? I wake up every day

only in the excitement to see you.

You will marry somebody and go off.

Without you, the house won't be the same anymore.

It would be equivalent to a deserted forest.

How am I going to live without seeing you?

Kannan, calm down! This phase will also pass.

Let us see what happens tomorrow.

Kannan! - Look at the location he has chosen to drink liquor. So poetic! - Yeah.

Be careful. - Oh, no!

Where he cannot finish one peg of liquor

he has drunk a full bottle.

He won't be able to wake up for two days now. - He had this liquor! - Lift him. Careful.

Bring him carefully. - Slowly.

I'll open the door. - Open it quickly.

Make him lie down. - Slowly.

At least, the car is big.

Get in, hurry up. - Be careful about his head.

Get him in. - Push him. Push him inside.

Buddy! Looks like he is serious about her.

We have to do something. What shall we do?

The engagement is taking place at the temple. You start the car.

Let's plan it out in the car.

Whatever we plan to do, let's ensure that the rest of them don't get to know about it.

Yes, they will spoil the plan if they get to know about it.

Hop on.

Hey! Get into the car. - Say like that.

Fool! - I am too tense to understand anything.

Boss, somebody was climbing on top of the car. - That was me.

Boss, thrash him.

Buddy, you speak to Revathy and make sure, you bring her alone.

We will ask her one last time.

Did you see the crowd?

The wedding is tomorrow. What will she say if you ask her today?

She will say that tomorrow is the wedding.

Are you joking? She will say that she is really scared.

Nalla Thambi! Whatever you have spoken till now is different.

What we are about to speak to her now is something else.

It is Bombay technique. You won't understand. Go and bring her.

Just watch the way we handle this, from a distance. Go and get her.

Very good! - Very good.

Will they fall at her feet and request her?

If this marriage happens, my shop will be safe.

Where were you? There are two bottles of liquor. We can party tonight.

Moreover, I have befriended three people from the groom's family.

Let's extract the maximum from them in today's card game.

I'm going to win a year's income today.

Buddy! They have prepared 18 types of dishes. Each one is so tasty.

My mouth is watering.

The 19th dish is rat poison it seems.

Eat that and die. You are talking without any conscience.

Kannan is suffering so much.

What do you want us to do?

Somehow, bring Revathy. He wants to talk to her.

I'm not with you. Leave me alone.

Hey, Modu! Listen.

Last night itself, Kannan decided to leave Revathy.

But he wants to give her one last gift. Do something.

Has Kannan changed his mind? - Yes. - I am very happy to hear this.

I will bring her because you are my friends. - Okay.

Whether Kannan gives her a gift or kisses her..

Ask him to put an end to this matter today. - Okay.

Look! I am jumping from a risky place for your sake.

Go, bald head. - Go, get her fast.

Look there, somebody is ogling at you. - Who is it?

Revathy.. Kannan wants to give you a gift.

He is standing outside the temple. Just meet him and come back.

Now? They will not allow me.

Just say, you are going to get your pictures clicked. They will believe you. Go.


Was it a love marriage or an arranged marriage for you all?

Love marriage. - Wow! Dear, stay away from them.

Okay, uncle. - Good girl. You should be like that.

Come, let us go.

Why are you all coming?

We are accompanying the bride.

But that place is full of drunkards and rascals.

How can I alone protect you all?

You all stay here. We will go and be right back.


Who are you?

We are from the groom's family. We will come with the bride.

Are you more responsible than the bride's side?

There are so many people outside the temple who are calling us. Do you know that?

Why are you shouting for that, bald head? Take her and go.

Matter clear. Come, let's go.

How many checkpoints to cross!

Welcome! - Please come!

There they are. - We are Kannan's friends. We have come from Bombay.

Good boys. Good boys. - Where is Kannan?

He is inside. - Welcome to Innova car. Come in.

Go, he will give you a gift. Go and take it.

Just smell this kerchief before getting in.

Why? - It is scented.

Hey! Listen to me. - Get her in. Hurry up.

What is going on here?

Don't you want Kannan and Revathy to get married?

Yes, but what are you going to do to that girl?

This is Bombay technique. You will not understand. Get in the car.

Hey! Hey. - What are you doing?

Do not shout. You also come. We will go.

I will lose business at the restaurant. - If you stay back, you'll lose your life.

Come fast. - I'm leaving.

Nalla Thambi! Do not go. If you go, you will be in trouble.

We will be in trouble if we stay here.

He is talking like a fool. Tell him.

He is not a fool. They are leaving after landing us in trouble. We are fools.

Hey! Where are they taking Revathy?

I am telling you. You have not seen anything.

I have also not seen anything. Remember that.

Sir! Where have you sent Ms. Revathy?

Oh, my God!

"To fulfill your duties.."

"You have fallen in a trap while fulfilling your duties."

"Karna, Kannan is the culprit."

"Karna, Kannan is the culprit."

Yes, yes, hang up. The wedding has been called off.

I will talk to you later. Hang up.

Ramaiah! Come out. I will hack you to death!

You put sir's family to shame. I will kill you.

Innova car, metal grey color.. Yes. - Drop the knife.

I do not know the number. Send the information at all checkpoints.

Check all the Innova cars. Inform me immediately. Yes.

Is that fine?

Where have they gone?

Honestly, sir. We don't know anything.

Tell, tell the truth!

You are beating continuously without allowing me to talk.

I will kill you! - He is asking you something. Answer him.

We told you that we don't know anything. Why are you hitting us?

Buddy, you should not talk so rudely.

How dare you speak so arrogantly! - Stop it.

Leave me. - You are hitting them so softly.

Hit them harder. - Speak up!

Patience! Wait and watch, how I hit.

Where is she? Speak up.

Speak up.

Hey! Tell the truth.

You may hit us or kick us, but honestly, we don't know anything.

Don't lie. - Listen..

You can beat us whenever you want, but for now, your wife is calling you.

Ask her what she wants to say. - What is it?

Last night, this person spoke to Revathy and took her along.

Even you are saying that!

Kannan wanted to give her a gift and so, he asked me to bring her.

But we did not know that he will land us all in trouble.

We really do not know anything.

No, Revathy had said that she was going to get her pictures clicked.

This person is lying.

Oh, no! Witnesses are testifying strongly against us.

Get up! What is that?

I thought, telling the real reason might put us in trouble and so, I asked her to say this.

The way you're hitting us, I think, I will die tomorrow itself.

Since how many days have you been planning this?

You've written numbers in your tea shop. What is that?

Kannan had written that.

I ignored that at first, thinking that it doesn't signify anything.

We did not know, he was counting the number of days for the wedding.

Weren't you the one who used to play songs in the temple to support him?

I thought, it was a devotional song.

But I played the wrong CD by mistake. - Is it so?


Wait, sir. - I will kill you.

All of them are involved in kidnapping Revathy.

If we ask them in this manner, they will not reveal the truth.

We will take them to the station

file an FIR

put them behind bars and then, torture them in such a way

that they will reveal the truth.

What complaint will you file against them?

Kidnapping case. - Good. - Kidnapping case!

That girl was in love with Kannan.

She went on her own. Otherwise, is it possible to kidnap sir's daughter?

Hey, Modu! What are you looking at? Say something. - You were simply watching

when they were beating me up. I will kill you.

What did you say?

Hey, useless people! Our girl won't do anything wrong. May you all die a painful death!

I will hit you.

Hey! What sort of a son he is! He has brought shame to our family.

I'm going to kill him!

Leave him. Leave him. - I won't spare him!

Let him do whatever he wants to do. - Leave me!

Let him kill us both for our son's mistake. - I'm telling you! I'll kill him!

I've severed all ties with my son.

Hey! I will not spare you!

"Like a fire which burns brighter while fading out.."

"Like the flowers on the roadside.."

I can hear music, am I right?

"What a change this is, it's God's wish."

Modu! Do you have a kerchief?

Why? - The MLA's daughter has come.

We were classmates.

I will look better if I wipe the blood off my face.

Hey! Will you not do anything in a simple manner?

You can ogle at girls

from poor or middle class families

but you're straightaway ogling at the MLA's daughter!

Befriending the boys of this generation

has landed me in big trouble!

Are you laughing? Laugh.

He laughed and brought us to this state.

I wonder what you are going to do.

I would have been playing cards at this time.

He is bleeding and yet, he is ogling. I wonder, how he does that!

Irrespective of wherever your daughter is

I will get her back by tomorrow morning.

My daughter would not have committed any mistake.

These people have a hand in her kidnapping.

I have brought up my daughter well.

Hey! The people of Kayathur have deceived us.

Yes. - The person who has kidnapped the girl whom I was about to marry

should not be allowed to stay alive.

We should not spare him alive! Come on.

She's gone.

You were pampering her so much. See what has happened now!

She eloped, bringing shame to the family.

Whenever I said anything

you silenced me by saying, she is motherless. See what has happened now!

Do not talk about her. My brother is already worried.

Hey! - You are talking so much!

Go inside!

The guy who abducted her

hack him to death!

My brother had utmost trust in you, you broke it!

I don't think, they will return without killing our son.

Why are you sitting quietly?

Let's fall at their feet and request them not to kill our son.

Hey! Why are you asking me to fall at their feet?

If I get your son, I will kill him myself.



Hey! Isn't that a shared auto?

No, it is a lorry.

I'm unable to make out anything as I'm feeling sleepy.

Pull over the car.

Let's proceed after washing our face.

Okay. You wake them up.

Buddy! Nalla Thambi!

Where are we now? - In Puzhal jail!

We are in a safe place. Do not get scared.

Look, he must not have slept so peacefully even on his mom's lap!

We are struggling so much to unite two lovers.

I need to urinate. You get him out.

Nalla Thambi! Wake him up.

He is heavily drunk. Wake him up. - Kannan!

Kannan! Falling in love isn't enough

you should also be strong like us.

Go and wake that girl up. - Yes, go and wake her up.

I wonder what will happen now. - Wake up!

Revathy! Revathy!

I wonder, what they made her sniff.

Revathy! Revathy! - Wake her up.

Look there, it is Kannan. Rascal! Look at the way he is sitting.

What are you looking at? We have come very far.

Nobody can catch you both now.

And nobody can separate you both as well. - Shut up, idiot! Hey, village boy!

We brought her here with great difficulty and you are trying to become a hero!

Keep quiet. Put your right foot forward and come.

Put your right foot forward and come.

Why did you do like this?

This is embarrassing!

Why did you kidnap me?

Sinners! Why did you do this?

Wake up!

Open your eyes! Look, who has come! - Look, who has come!

Your darling, your love.. - It's Revathy!

Look at her.

Did you deserve this? Look at her. - Darn it!


I knew that somehow, you will kidnap and bring me here.

Who has kidnapped whom? I am very much confused.

Love means confusion.

Oh, my God!

Sinners! The auspicious time must have got over.

My family's prestige is tarnished!

Why did you kidnap me?

Have they kidnapped you?

Who kidnapped you, Revathy?

These people who are pretending as if they don't know anything, kidnapped me.

Yeah. - Are you my friends?

Why did you kidnap her?

Hey! What is happening here?

He is asking as if he does not know anything.

Even I am unable to understand, what he is saying.

Could we have kidnapped the wrong girl? Is she that girl's sister?

It's nothing as such. Hey!

We sacrificed our lives and put in so much efforts

to kidnap this girl for you. Now, why are you asking like this?

Hey, girl! That day in the temple

you had said, you would die without him. Now, what has happened to you?

When did I say that I will die? But now, I feel like dying.

Revathy! You are blabbering in fear. I know, how much you two love each other.

Revathy! That day, you bought him a shirt

gave him money for his expenses

gave him your kerchief to wipe the sweat off his face

and gave him a bottle of liquor on his birthday. Is this not love?

Forget all that. That day, in the temple

you fell at his feet and pleaded with him to marry you. Isn't it love?

Oh, my God! - What have you told them?

Well.. The way I wanted us to be..

I just exaggerated it a bit and told them.

You exaggerated it? How much?

Very little.

Hey! Tell me now.

Was she in love with you or not?

She does love me. But she is not expressing it.

I do not have any feelings for you.

I kept refusing your proposal till the end. What have you done!

Oh, no!

Buddy! We have slightly messed it up.

Not slightly, but totally.

Forget whatever has happened.

Just say, in which temple, would you like to get married?

Crazy people!

You should have got this slap.

Revathy! Wait, Revathy.

Why are they walking so fast?

Are they going to fix the marriage date?

They are going to fix a date for your funeral. Let them go.

She is in a fit of rage. If she files a complaint with the police

all of us will be put behind bars for kidnapping her.

Kidnapping? - Yes, I am scared.

Let's try to explain to Revathy.

Where is he? - Das!

Oh, no! I do not know what to do.

Das has escaped in the car.

Who? Our Das?

Come, let us also flee. - Whereto?


Bombay friends are not trustworthy.

Only Tamil Nadu friends stay till the end

and unite the lovers, even if it's at the cost of their lives.

Kannan and Revathy should unite.

I will not rest till they are united. Do not spit. - Come.

Revathy! Revathy! Revathy! Wait, please.

Where are you going?

You can talk only if you drop a coin in that.

You know it, right? Give me the money.


Tell your dad that you've come on a tour. Please.

There is nobody to pick up the phone!


Aunt! This is Revathy speaking.

Revathy? Who is Revathy? Stupid girl!

Why have you called? Because of you, we have lost our prestige and respect.

Aunt! Please listen to me.

Do not come even if I die.

I will not attain peace if you come.

We have forgotten you. You go and die!

Hey! Who was it?

It was Revathy. - Revathy?

Did you ask about her whereabouts?

Why should I bother about it?

You didn't ask! You! I will kill you! - Don't do that, sir. - What do I do!

Sir, what is this? You pick up the sickle for anything and everything. - You will suffer!

We have to put them in jail.

But it looks as if you will go to jail after killing her.

I don't care! - Sir, don't.

I do not mind going to jail after killing this fool. - Calm down.

Doesn't she have a brain? If she had spoken for 2 more minutes

we could have traced her whereabouts. - Have patience.

So much for your unnecessary anger! - Calm down! - At this age, sit quietly in a corner!

My aunt is a fool.

Ma'am, had you spoken for two minutes

we could have found out where they are.

Okay, leave it! She will call again.

Do not get tense. Be patient. - Yes.

Let me calm down.

Why are you holding this like a demon?

Listen to me. - Leave me.

One minute. - Leave me. You come here, sir.

Sir, please be calm. Talk patiently, softly.

Are you advising me? - Please, be patient.

Shall I talk? Shall I talk?

Wait, I'll talk.

Son! I will talk. - Shut up!

Why are you coming in between? - I will talk.

You are too much! - I'll talk to him, be quiet.

I will talk.

Sit quietly. Sit.

Revathy! It is your brother talking.

Brother-in-law! This is Kannan speaking.

I will beat you.

Who is your brother-in-law? If you're brave enough, tell me where you are.

I will come and kill you.

If I see you in person, I will kill you.

What is he saying?

He is calling me 'Brother-in-law'.

If you would have spoken, he would have called you 'Uncle'.

How dare he call me his brother-in-law!

Why are you getting so tense?

This happened because of you ladies. You were with her.

If you talk like this, your blood pressure will rise.

I don't care. I am talking like this because of them.

It's because of them.

My head is spinning.

Oh! He called me 'Brother-in-law'!




He called me 'Brother-in-law'. - What happened to him?


Mr. Perumal! Why are you blabbering like this?

What's the matter? Tell us.

That Kannan! He called me 'Brother-in-law' over the phone.

Is this the time to fulfill the vow? - What are you talking about?

Who has taken the vow?

I haven't. - Haven't you?

What about you? - I don't know.

How about you? - I haven't taken any vow.

Have you? - I haven't. - Even you haven't. - No, I haven't.

In that case, I'll hit you all!

Mr. Perumal! I will ask you something. - What is it?

Now, I'll ask him.

What is it? - What is this in your house?

Love birds. - You will keep love birds in your house.

But will you oppose if somebody is in love?

You should ask like this. Come, let us go home.

Come, let's go.

Hey, Modu Mutti!

What is it? - Why should I listen to your advice?

That's but natural. - Even dying is natural.

Then, why have you kept love birds in your house? Free them all.

"The gentle breeze blowing from the flowers touch me."

"The gentle breeze blowing from the flowers touch me."

"I can smell the fragrance of the flowers."

"It seems as if they are speaking to me."

"I am so happy."

"I am so happy."

Hey! Does it look like he has run away from his village?

He looks as if he has come to Munnar for his honeymoon.

Buddy! Where are we going now?

Why do you ask? We are going to your house.

What? To my house?

Buddy, whom do we have other than you?

Yes, you will not find an idiot like me.

Why are you talking like that?

We can get two lovers married.

But how can we stop a marriage

and make two people fall in love with each other?

Then, why did you kidnap this girl? - What?

I will hit you if you say, I kidnapped her.

Okay. Leave it. All of us have kidnapped her.

Poor girl! Now, we cannot leave her in the lurch.

Neither can we send her back to her house.

If we leave her now, she may commit suicide.

I should commit suicide for being your friend.

Since we are his friends, that will surely happen one day.

That is not important now.

We should go to your house now. What should we do for that?

Okay! On one condition.

We have to lie that their registered marriage is over.

Okay? - Lies? He will say that very easily.

Buddy! You have to lie.

Hey! Why are you asking me to lie?

What did you just ask?

I don't lie..

I will break your teeth. We are in this state because of your lies. Fool!

Leave it! I just have to lie

that our registered marriage is over, right?

Are you not worried at all?

Why should I worry? You have kidnapped the girl.

He's killing us. - Okay.

Look at his performance! - There is a problem.

When we go to Nair's house

we have to lie that our registered marriage is over.


Alright. Say whatever you want.

Say that we have a child who is in the hostel

and that I am pregnant now. Say whatever you want.

Do I have to teach you how to lie?

You all talk as if I am always lying.

Buddy! Please listen to me without getting angry.

What is it? - You can control your anger, but I..

You.. - My bladder is full. I can't control it anymore.

If you can pull over for sometime

I will pass urine and come back soon. That's not possible.

Then, give me a plastic bag.

I will use that and throw it outside.

He may urinate in the car itself. Pull over the car.

Please pull over soon. It's urgent.

Get down, get down.

If somebody tries to run away..

Get down. Hurry up. - ...I will kill him.

Go, Go, Go. - Go fast.

I have lots of work to do. Make it quick.

What is it that you did till now?

He is annoying me by addressing me as his brother-in-law, over the phone.

It was Modu Mutti who had challenged Kannan

to address you as 'brother-in-law'.

He said, he would help in uniting them if Kannan won the challenge.

I do not know anything. Oh, God! - Revathy

is responsible for whatever happened, uncle. It is her fault.

Hey! Look at that car. It looks like Das's car.

Yes, it is his car indeed.

If I try to control it anymore, my bladder will burst!

Oh, my God! - It is Das indeed.

Why is he urinating here?

Didn't he find any other place on this highway

to urinate?

Sorry, police.

You all are here!

Modu Mutti! How come you are here?

I escaped from them. Did you escape too?

Why don't you speak? Speak up. - They are behind us.

Do you know something?

What are you saying?

That girl.. Well..

"Let the conch blow."

Your mustache is very nice. Shall I go?


Hey, Modu! Could Sachin have hit a century?

We are almost dead here and you're worried about his century!

This swelling looks like the cricket ball, right? I will kill you!

Modu Mutti! I'm unable to see the bars before me.

We haven't gone to jail yet.

The people in your village thrash very badly.

They are quite skilled at that.

Why are you not bleeding even after getting thrashed so badly?

I've suffered internal injuries. I'm sure, I'm bleeding internally.

That means, I can't see you bleeding. - Shut up!

Is that what you've come for, from Bombay?

As the time passes, their urge to kill us is increasing.

Hey! Do you know something?


That girl never loved Kannan.

That's what I've been saying right from the beginning.

People like us will understand things only after getting thrashed.

They have spared us alive

only because they think that Revathy loves Kannan.

If they come to know of the truth, they will kill us without any hesitation.

Buddy, you didn't reveal the truth even after getting thrashed.

You have proved your friendship.

Tea. It is okay. They will get us tea again in the next village. I'll drink it then.

Come, let us go. - Come on.

Don't try to romance here. Control yourself.

As if she will romance with me. - Shut up, you fool!

I have told everything to my mom alone.

Who is that funny looking person?

Don't you provide uniform for the watchman?

He is not a watchman. He is my grandpa.

He's a very cunning person. Do not talk to him much.

Just greet him and come inside. Okay?

He is drinking grape juice in this cold weather.

It is not grape juice. It is rum.

He is drinking it, using a straw so that no one finds it out.

Is it so? - He looks innocent but he is very cunning.

Buddy! Give me a hand shake. - Why?

We never knew that we will get such a grand welcome.

This welcome is not for you.

The festival begins tonight. Everyone's getting ready for that. Come.

Festival? - He has too high expectations!

Had we known about it earlier, we could have asked Jil Jil Ramamani to come here.

You.. Let's go.

Okay. - Come.

My grandpa is an expert in preparing herbal medicines.

Greetings, sir! Bless me. - Bless you.

What is this? - Hi. - The three of you have brought just one girl!

You continue drinking this. I will tell you the whole story later.

Mom, sister! They are my friends from Kayathur.

She is my mother and she is my sister. - Bless me. - God bless you.

Hey, she is my sister. Does she look elder to you?

I am good brother. - Hi.

I am her own brother. Be careful. - I wanted to say, I'm Nalla Thambi.

Take them inside. Hurry up. - Ma'am.. - Come here. Speak to grandpa.

I am Manju, his sister.

Dear, what is your name? - Revathy.

Why do you look so dull?

Is it because you are away from your family?

Everything will fall in place soon.

My grandson had told that Kannan and Revathy

had a registered marriage after opposing her family.

Grandpa! I am here.

Okay. I know, you're there.

You do not worry. You can stay in my guesthouse.

I will offer you a job in my construction company.


You will be the chief engineer.

What about me?

I have thought of a good post for you. - Good post?

For the workers there, you..

Grandpa! - You will be the supervisor.

Thank God. - He is so naughty even at this age.

I am very happy

despite all the problems.

Hey! You are standing idle. Ask me, why I am happy. - Why?

You are happy since you have settled in a place safely without any ruckus.

No. - Then?

My girl has come with me. Moreover, I am drunk.

Watch how I will dance during the festival tonight. Let's enjoy!

You don't have to dance. You've messed up things back in our village.

We cannot take it anymore.

Shut up! I will check if she is ready.

Grandpa, you asked us to come together. Right? I will go and bring her. - Okay, go.

Hey, Revathy darling!

Come in for a moment. You're going to have it from me. - She's calling me so affectionately.

I'll be back. - You have only one minute. Come fast. - Bye.


She is closing the door.

Are you out of your senses?

All these problems have arisen

only because you were drunk yesterday.

Do you want to drink and create problems here too?

It's nothing as such, Revathy.

My wedding got called off because of you.

I am worried thinking about the situation there.

Wretched man! Do you want to dance?

Somebody is knocking at the door.

You are still here!

Sir, I am not coming.

You go. I have something important to do tonight.

Oh! I see.

Do you always talk like a fool?

What have I said wrong?

I understand, I fully understand.

I understand completely.

Today is your wedding night! - Oh, God! - Enjoy!

One more thing. In this very room, my son, my grandson

and I had celebrated our first night.

Even the cot must've become weak. Enjoy. I won't disturb you.

I will knock at the door tomorrow morning.

But I will come very late. Okay?

Sir! - You fool!

As it is, she scolds me for petty matters. On top of that, sir is making things worse.

Hello! - Yes.

That girl is waiting for you eagerly.

Are you still here? Go away!

Oh, God!

What is it?

Go to sleep. - And then?

If you have a problem sleeping here, you may sleep on the floor.

What did you say? - No, I meant, I will sleep on the floor.

She keeps glowering at me for everything.

The bed is all yours.

Kannan! Somebody is knocking at the door.

Go and open it.

You go and open it.

What if it's your father?

Oh! What to do now?

You run away from the backdoor. I will open the door.

Get lost!

I should run away? What an insult!

Hey! I will take care.

Revathy is not at fault. It's my mistake.

I am responsible for everything. Kill me if you want.

Her brother will come and kill you. Move aside.

Grandpa, prepare soon. - Hey, where are you going?

A snake has bitten one of the dancers.

Poor guy. He should be given medicines. Hurry up.

Yes, that snake has to be treated immediately. - What!

The dancer has to be treated. I came to take the medicines.

Why should you come here for that? - The medicines are in your room.

We have come to take it. Come, grandpa. Let's not waste time. - Okay.

Sit properly, else you'll die.

It is hurting.

Which snake has bitten him!

It's this snake..

Idiot! You are showing the snake as if you are showing a glass of milk!

Do not get scared. Allopathic medicine can't cure this.

It can cure only specific types of snake bites.

Hence, I am giving him herbal treatment.

If you place the herb on the wound and wrap it

the poison will not affect him.

However, there's a condition. He should not sleep the whole night.

If he sleeps, this poison will spread and he will die.

Be careful. Don't let him sleep.

Okay, Doctor. - Even I will keep checking on him.

Hey! Do not sleep, open your eyes, do not sleep.

Somebody start singing so that he doesn't sleep.

Sir. - Yes, sir.

I will kill you.

If you sing, he will not survive

but everyone here will die. He will die after listening to your song.

Then, you sing. - You stop singing.

My friend will sing.

Buddy! You sing.

Sing sir. Sing a song.

"There is nobody like you, here."

"But you never loved me."

"You never supported me."

"You never supported me."

"There is nobody like you, here."

"But you never touched me."

"I kept staring at you and could not sleep."

"I kept staring at you and could not sleep."

"Your eyes are very bright like the blazing fire"

"but you never saw me."

"You never spoke to me affectionately."

"You never spoke to me affectionately."

"I forced you to speak to me and I winked at you lovingly."

"I forced you to speak to me and I winked at you lovingly."

"But you didn't speak to me at all."

"You do not want to marry me."

"You do not want to marry me."

"There is nobody like you, here."

"But you never loved me."

"You never supported me."

"You made me cry, you made me look like a fool"

"but you never accepted my love."

"I got lost, but you never searched for me."

"I got lost, but you never searched for me."

"You hid your love for me."

"You hid your love for me."

"But you never hid me in your heart."

"However, I am still in love with you."

"However, I am still in love with you."

"There is nobody.."

"There is nobody like you, here."

"But you never loved me."

"She will certainly love you."

"You never supported me."

"You never supported me."

"I kept staring at you and could not sleep."

"I kept staring at you and could not sleep."

"She will certainly love you."

He has bought stuff only for me.

Can you help me? - What is that?

Please find a girl for me, here, in Kerala

and fix me up with her, the way I helped to fix you up with Revathy.

If you do that, I'll work extra time in the construction company

and lead my life.

Is it a bad idea?

No, it's not that. Love is not an ordinary matter.

You need some maturity to love and marry a girl.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan! - What is it?

That girl does not love you.

You are the one who's going behind that girl shamelessly. Okay?

Why that smile? - You fool!

Do you know what happened yesterday, on our wedding night? - What happened?

What is he thinking? - Could he be lying again?

What happened, buddy? - This is good.

She came to the room with a glass of milk.

Okay. - I was lying on the bed.

She kept the glass aside and fell at my feet at once.

I was shocked.

Why should you be shocked? You are her lover.

Listen. I asked her to lie down on the bed.

But she refused and asked me to sleep on the bed.

She said, she would sleep on the floor.

So, nothing happened between you both?

There were chances.

She also agreed. But I refused.

You messed it up.

Why? - Kannan..

If something would have happened between you both last night

you would have had a baby.

Then, when her family comes here looking for you

they will forget everything and be happy after looking at the baby.

Is it? - Yes.

Don't you have a brain? Will you believe whatever he says?

She is talking to you. - Is it? You're right, Revathy.

He told me about the bed and the glass of milk

but he said that nothing happened between you both. Who is he fooling?

That means, Revathy is going to be pregnant soon. - Idiot!

Kannan! - He will lose his ear for sure. - Get lost.

I get slapped on the same cheek every time. I will leave. Bye.

I wonder, on which cheek she will hit me!

Hi! - Reform yourself.

Revathy! My friends say that I've ruined your life.

Moreover, in front of them, you said that you don't love me.

Therefore, I'm pleasing myself by saying such things.

Revathy! Do whatever you feel is right. I will not compel you.

I will keep talking like this..

All these little things make our life beautiful.

Was the dialogue outdated?

Hello! - Mom! This is Kannan.

Kannan! Where are you?

How are you? Is that girl fine?

Mom, she is fine. There's no problem. One important thing.

Just a minute.

Tell me. - How do you prepare fish curry?

The whole village has gone in search of you.

They are out to kill you and you're bothered about the fish curry recipe!

Do not talk unnecessarily.

Revathy has asked for fish curry. I need to cook for her.

Just give me the recipe.

Take small onions.

Okay. - Take tomatoes.


Fry onions and tomatoes in oil. - Alright.

Add tamarind pulp to it.


Add salt, after it boils, add fish and boil it for 5 minutes.

I know that. Hang up and continue crying.

Hope she gets impressed after having this fish curry. - Wow!

Revathy! Are you ready? First, let me serve you rice.

Here's the special fish curry.


Here, have it.

How is it?

It tastes just like the way your mom prepares it.

"Let the flower-like face smile."

"Let the bee-like mind fly."

"Let the flower-like face smile."

"Let the bee-like mind fly."

"Let it flutter for love and yearn for the moon."

"Let it forget this world."

I can dance better than them. - Is it so?

The situation has changed.

Hey! Enough, come. - Sir.

You dance really well. - Thank you, sir.

Your head looks like a tender coconut. - Thank you so much, sir.

Hey, Modu Mutti.. - What is it, sir?

You are a very nice person. - Thanks. Let me drink some.

Hey, you! You are also a very nice person. - Can I go home, sir?

I told that you are a good person. Did I ask you to go home?

Did I ask you to go home? - Keep quiet.

Radha! - Sir.

You are also a good person. - Thanks.

Just now, I told you that you are a good person.

Can't a good person drink liquor?

Hey, even you are a nice person.

Do you expect me to say that? - Yes. - Idiot!

Weren't you the one who had gone to the groom's house to stop the marriage?

If you beat me anymore, I will die. - Then, die!

Die! - You are beating me alone.

Look! He is provoking him to hit us. - He is a fool. - Stop crying!

How can you all be blamed for Kannan's mistake?

My hands are aching hitting you. Isn't it, Inspector? - Yes, sir.

Sir, why don't you beat him, for a change?

What did you just say? - Why don't you keep your mouth shut?

Tell me, father. - Are you still searching for them?

We will find her very soon.

Do whatever you want. Spend as much money as you want.

I should see my daughter tomorrow morning.

If you cannot find her, leave it. I will find her.

Father! Do not talk like that.

I will come with his body. Believe me.

Hang up the phone.

Get up. Get up. - He's back to normal after that call.

Tell me! - Oh, God!

Tell me! - Don't hit me!

Tell me! - Look at me!

Look at me. - I will kill you!

You were the person who was with them when they ran away.

You know everything. Tell me the truth. Otherwise, I will kill you.

I was there with them. But they went away leaving me behind.

I had another friend with me. His name is Nair and he is from Kerala.

They might have gone to Kerala. - Finally! - Sir, don't..

Did you hear that, uncle? It was all planned. He has taken them to Kerala. - Those two..

Take them along! - Drive to Kerala!

Kannan! What's your qualification?

Diploma, 7th year.

How could have I studied with friends like your brother around me?

I heard, you failed in the 6th standard.

You have to do something for me.

Tell me, ma'am.

We have got a good alliance for my daughter.

The groom belongs to a rich family. But I wonder, if she would be interested.

Can you talk to her and find out if she has anybody else on her mind?

If I ask her, she may not tell.

So, I am asking you to do me this favor.

Do not mistake me, ma'am.

If Manju is in love with someone, what will you do?

Oh, that wouldn't be a problem at all.

If my daughter is in love with someone, I'll agree for it.

You need not fear. Just ask her and let me know.

Okay, ma'am. I will ask her and let you know.

What are you thinking?

Manju's mother wanted me to find out if Manju is in love with somebody.

Go and ask her directly.

Had my mom been alive, she too would have asked me the same thing, right?

Had she asked, would you've told her that you love me?

It's nothing like that.

Stop pretending, Revathy.

When I came to your office the other day, I took your kerchief.

Did you not see it?

No, I did not see that.

Don't lie. You did see it.

Next day, you returned the liquor bottle.

But why didn't you return my photograph which was kept with it?

Photo! I did not see it. - Is it?

Swear by me. - Why should I swear?

Come on, Revathy! I came to rinse your hair in the bathroom

only after I saw my photograph in your handbag.

How dare you open my handbag! - Even now..

and not for looking at you while you were taking bath. - You!

I've hundreds of such facts to tell you.

She hit me so hard.

Am I a fool not to realize

whether a girl loves me or not.

I don't know, how longer we will have to stay here.

Even if we go back tomorrow, they may accept you.

But they will kill me for sure.

I am not worried about that.

Before dying, I just want to hear you say that you love me.

I will die happily.

I didn't want all this to happen

and that is why, I did not express my feelings.

Your prayers, your true love for me

is what has united us.

I know you since childhood.

You are a very good person.

You do not fight with anybody.

If I say that I am in love with you

you would come to my house the very next moment.

You would've got thrashed by my father and brothers.

You would have died.

I do not have the courage to see that


I love you so much.

I did not hear it. Say it again.

I love you.

For my sake, say that in English once.

I love you.. I love you.

Are they your relatives?

I love you.

Yeah! - Hey!


This is the reason, I didn't tell you about it, all these days.


"What can I say? The earth has stopped revolving."

"What can I say? I feel like jumping."

"In that one word of yours, the world has become beautiful."

"It seems as if the earth is encrusted in a new layer of drizzles."

"O, friend.."

"O, friend.."

"Here, in this very moment, I agree to die even."

"Say, why did you come along with me?"

"Your life is the reason for my decision."

"I was barren before you professed your love to me."

"I came to life only after that."

"I was as sweet as a sugarcane."

"I started to bloom."

"Wherever you go"

"my heart follows you."

"What can I say? The earth has stopped revolving."

"What can I say? I feel like jumping."

"O, friend.."

"O, friend.."

"I want to kiss you."

"I want to kiss you."

"I yearn for something."

"I do not feel like sleeping."

"Don't I know about you?"

"I am attracted to you."

"When will you accept me completely?"

"After I marry you.."

"I'll love you all my life."

"O, friend.."

"O, friend.."

Brother, listen to me.

You don't deserve to live. - Kannan is not at fault.

Listen to me just once. - Come quietly or I'll kill you. - Stop!

Hey! Who are you? Leave her. Otherwise, I will kill you.

I am taking my sister home. Who are you to question that?

Shut up! If you'd come to take your sister home, why do you have a sickle in your hand?

First, drop it. Otherwise, I will shoot you.

Will you shoot me? - Sir, you never know. He looks like a crazy fellow.

Drop the sickle. Let's talk it out.

Drop it, sir. Come on, drop it.

Revathy, come here.


If Revathy wants to come with you, you may take her along.

Otherwise, go away from here. If you do not leave, I will kill you.

Revathy, come here.

Brother, just listen to me once.

Kannan is not at fault.

Do not insult us. Come with us, Revathy.

Please forgive me. - You heard your sister's response. Now, go away.

Revathy has refused to come. You may go now.

Otherwise, I will shoot you. Go.

This is not the right time. Come, let us go.

Please come, let us think of something else. Please come.

We know how to take you away from here.

Do you think, you've gotten away? - Go away.

I will deal with you later.

Do you know something? - What is it?

Revathy loves me.

What happened?

I will die.

She really loves me. - I will really die.

No.. You..

I will write a suicide note holding you both responsible for my death.

Please understand. - You both will not unite till the end.

There are so many in this world who are in love.

Are you the only person in love?

I beg of you.

I'm getting scared of her family.

Listen to me. - I am there. Don't get scared.

Even now, I feel that those people standing in a group there

with a mustache are her family members.

They will not come here..

It's them.

Nalla Thambi! How come they are here?

I will handle them.

He is coming. Do not turn back.

Be patient. Let him come. - Slowly, come near the car.

Greetings, uncle. Greetings, brother-in-law.

Why are you standing here? Come home.

Have food and go.

Brother-in-law, Revathy will be very happy to see you all.

Brother-in-law, is it? - Yes, brother-in-law.

Brother-in-law, is it? Seriously?

How dare you call me your brother-in-law! - Do not beat me, brother-in-law. Please.



What is it? - Sir!

Revathy's brothers are taking Kannan away in their car. - Sir, don't run.

Why did you leave him alone? - He..

He is a fool! Have they come here for a feast?

He is inviting them over lunch. They are already in a fit of rage.

They took him away. - Sir! Shoot at the wheel.

Crazy fellow! Nobody can shoot with this gun.


There are no bullets in it. - Look at him!

Shut up! Take out the car.

Somehow, you'll manage things.

Come carefully. You are the bride. You may fall down.

You may also fall down. Come carefully.

How are you? - You?

Forget about me. Turn back and look.

Modu Mutti! When did you all come here?

What are you saying! We haven't been able to go anywhere!

We've been in this car since you left. We haven't gone home yet.

But these people are good.

They are providing us with liquor and food on time.

But when they remember you, they start beating us up. - Yeah.

But it was like a good tour, searching for you in different places.

They took us to different places

and beat us up

and you're saying, it was like a good tour!

They were also drinking liquor often.

Kannan! Do you know what it meant?

They used to drink liquor and thrash us.

What are you all murmuring? Are you planning your escape?

Sir, we are practicing to entertain you.

You do not worry. Nothing will happen to Kannan.

No, sir! You do not know about my family.

They are so angry that they might do anything to Kannan.

My aunt alone is capable of doing anything.

Nair, drive fast.

She sounds as if she loves Kannan too.

All our efforts shouldn't go in vain. Drive fast.

Move. Move.

You put us to shame before the entire village.

You took away my sister! - No.

Even if I kill you, my anger will not subside. - Brother..

Leave Kannan. Please leave him. He is not at fault. - Leave me.

Get away! It would be a shame on us if we spared him alive.

Get away. Get lost! - Brother!

You refused to come with me when I pleaded with you. Why have you come now?

I'll kill you! - Leave him, uncle.

Die! - Kannan's not at fault, uncle.

Kannan is not at fault. Leave him.

You've brought shame to our family!

Father! Ask them not to beat him. Ask them not to beat him.

He's not at fault, father. Father, please!

I beg of you. I will do as you say.

Ask them not to beat him, father.

Father. - Tell me.

You tarnished our dignity. - Please, don't hit me.


We trusted you so much. What made you do this?

Listen to me for a minute.

What do you want to say? - I did not kidnap your daughter.

Are you trying to say that she eloped with you?

Neither did I kidnap your daughter nor did she elope with me.

It's the situation that brought us together.

I knew that my daughter wouldn't have eloped with you.

If she had eloped, I would've committed suicide.

If it is true that your daughter didn't elope with me

then, it's also true that we both love each other a lot.

If she was in love with you

she would not have agreed to marry the boy of my choice.

She did not utter a word against it.

She didn't go against you

because of the love and respect she has for you and your family.

If her mother was alive, she would have asked her for her opinion.

Did any of you ask her for her opinion?

We know what is good for her.

You need not advise us. It's our mistake that we haven't killed you yet.

Give me the knife. He's talking too much!

Stop it! Please listen to what I've to say.

The present generation is different from our generation.

Will this girl be happy if she marries a rich boy?

Even now, it is not too late.

You should be very lucky to get a groom like Kannan for your daughter.

Hey, you! - Let it be. - This is not your place.

If you talk too much

you'll get killed along with him. Go away!

You behaved very indecently.

Hey! Why are you beating him so much?

I tolerated all your misbehavior only because my son was at fault.

You hit him since he took away your girl. Right?

Now, she has come back. You should not beat him anymore.

Forget her. Come. Let's leave this place.

Father! Why should we leave this place?

When will you come to your senses?

At least, now, listen to me. Come, let's go.

Father. - Let's go. - Stop.

You think, you can pretend as though you're consoling your son and take him away?

Do you think, we will let him go so easily?

Are you a judge?

My anger will subside only after I kill your son. - Leave me!

I've no idea, how these two years passed.

I am working as a construction engineer in Oman.

I got more than I expected in life, expect for my Revathy.

Unable to stay here anymore, my parents left this place.

However, I did not want to sell this house.

I still believe, that some day I will live in this house with Revathy.

In the last two years, didn't you ever feel like calling me?

Never mind.

I have been calling you everyday at 5:30 a.m.

Didn't you even feel like answering it?

For two years, everyday, I would wake up at 3 o'clock

and wait for your phone call.

Everyone in my family knows that it is you who is calling.

Do you know, why I never answered it?

Had I attended your call, the phone would have got disconnected.


Even now, if my father learns that you have come

I fear, something wrong might happen.

Please go away from here.

Within these two years, if you had married somebody

I would not have come to see you.

You're yourself saying that you wake up at 3 a.m. and wait for my call.

When you love me so much, why don't you tell your father about it?

You know about my father and my family very well.

They love me immensely, but they do not understand my feelings.

Till date, I haven't asked my father for anything.

My father has done everything for me.

I won't be able to bear it if I asked something and he refused it.

They know it very well that I will die if they get me married to somebody else.

Hence, they won't force me for that.

Even for the next 60 years

they may keep me in this house, but won't get me married to you.

There is a solution for everything. You need to take a decision.

Even now, I can leave my family behind and come with you.

But if I come with you

the affection I have towards my father and my family will be proved wrong.

Though I was with you only for few days, those happy memories

are sufficient for me to survive.

Please go away from here. Kannan!


Go away. Go. Don't stand before me.

I'd have killed you for what you spoke. But my daughter's words stopped me.

When she had to make a choice between her father and you

she chose her father. That is enough for me.

I cannot accept you. I cannot.

I am not magnanimous enough to forgive you and accept you.


Go away. Go to a faraway place. Go.

Take her also along with you.


Instead of thinking about him and suffering everyday

go and live with him.

Go. Live happily. Go.

Go from here before he changes his mind. Take her.


One minute.

Brother-in-law, we are leaving.

Hey! Go.

Hey! - Brother-in-law!

Grow your mustache long. Okay? Go.

First develop your brain.

Put it in this. - Look if someone is coming!

No one's coming. Make it fast. Hurry up! - Nalla Thambi!

They thrashed me 24 times in these two years.

At least, you were able to count the number of times you were thrashed.

But I have been thrashed countless times. - Is that so? - Not only that..

Hey! Why are you crying?

I had arranged for a party tonight.

What for? - It is my birthday today.

After some time, it will become your death day. Keep everything inside.

Hurry up! - Keep it here. - Why are you keeping it here? - To throw it on people and escape.

He is coming.. - Come on, hide yourselves. - Sir..

Don't hide. - What is it?

A big function is going to be held in Kayathur. - So?

500 cups of tea.. - Then? - 1000 cups of coffee, 2000 fritters.

What else? - It's a bulk order. - Is that so?

Look at this.. Are you talking of bulk order!

Thrash him. - Hold him tightly.

Not even a single person has come to drink tea

or coffee all these years.

Now that I am shutting my shop forever, I get a bulk order!

Even If I am a little late in packing fritters, they don't spare me.

Just because I didn't give you salary, will you fix my wagon?

Don't spare him. Hit him. - They have come.

Lord Ayyappa! Lord Ayyappa!

Lord Ayyappa! Lord Ayyappa!

Lord Ayyappa! Lord Ayyappa!

Lord Ayyappa! Lord Ayyappa!

Lord Ayyappa! Lord Ayyappa!

Hey! Modu Mutti! - Lord Ayyappa! Lord Ayyappa!

He has sold his shop. You can go. - Lord Ayyappa!

Do you think, I can't recognize this bald head?

He has seen me! - What do you want?

Let's have tea and chat.

Sure, but I will parcel it for you.

Sit under that tree, have it and run away from there.

Yes, buddy! I beg of you. Please go away from here.

Hey! You are asking me to go!

Wait, I will call her. Come. - Who is it? - Who is it?

This time, we should not go with him anywhere. We have had enough.

Oh! He has brought this girl again. By now

her family members would have called four cabs

and 40 people would be ready with sickles in their hands.

Keep quiet. This girl is going to marry me now.

"Oh! That is not possible."

"Oh! That is not possible."

"Why would oil like to be with water?"

"Why would oil like to be with water?"

"Like Cauvery is for river, do you epitomize love?"

"Like Cauvery is for river, do you epitomize love?"

"A town should be like Thanjavur, there is nobody like you here."

"A dance like this, a person like you, a pearl like this."

"Do not shy away on seeing me."

"Do not get excited and cling on to me like a chewing gum."

"Tell me what is love, else, stand aside quietly."

"Oh, girl, you are going away."

"You are ditching me."

"Hey, gal! There is nobody in the house, you come in."

"Hey, gal! There is nobody in the house, you come in."