Making It Up (2023) - full transcript

It's a simple plan.

First, we replicate the face

of the Angel of Independence
in my apartment

and then we do its makeup
David Bowie style.

Then we take it to the street
and leave it,

as though it were an angel
fallen from heaven.

The idea is to do the angel's makeup.

Transform it.

That's what we makeup artists
do every day.

Alter faces, embellish life.

Here's Ana, for example,
her makeup done, embellished.

She wants to conceal
her puffy eyes after crying

over her vexing friend Alexandra.

Thank you.

Alexandra, Alex,
is admitted in a psychiatric hospital

for being a troubled soul.

Also for skating at night
while out of her gourd.

I told the psychiatrist
you're my best friend,

so they'll let you visit.

Is that what I am?

I know we've been…


Allow me to tell this story
starting with the end.


This friendship is nearly
at its boiling point

and about to be ruined forever.

It could be saved if they were,

or managed, to be honest with each other.

Did you really come here to collect?

Although it doesn't show,
they're covered in several makeup layers.

They desperately need an act of goodwill.

Because you wouldn't do makeup.

They need a gesture that will save them.

But this unbearable suspense goes back,

way back before these friends
reunited in this gated paradise.

And to tell this story,
I need to go back in time.

A month.

A month ago, a tormented Ana was walking.

She had been avoiding
Alexandra's calls for weeks.

Ana, a professional makeup artist,

a worker bee from Mexico City,

walked, overwhelmed, unemployed,

without money or hope.

Well, that's not exactly true.

Some hope remains for Ana.
And that hope is me.

What's up? I'm downstairs.

Welcome to Himalaya!

You're pulling my wig, girl.

I attended college for a few years,

but I chose to focus on makeup
for angels and eyes.

I don't do lips makeup because,
as Ana taught me,

the mouth is too intimate.

The eyes are windows to the soul.

The mouth is the esophagus' window.

Um… Rita said they cut the power.

Yes. They cut it.

We have a huge outstanding bill.

Really huge.

Well, Sonia here
sold her body for a while.

- Really?
- Yup.

Well, not all of it, just…

parts of it.

Ask her which ones.

Which ones?

The best ones.

I share my apartment with Sonia,
another makeup artist who, like me,

also fell from grace.

We once were half-famous makeup artists.

Now we're half-starving makeup artists

and what keeps us alive
is the certainty that the future

can always get even worse.


Thank you.

Can I help you with that?

Sure. It's our replica of the Angel.

You can do whatever you want, my friend.
Welcome home.

Check this out!

Lately, we've survived
by making public art for money.

For instance, this is an element
from our new mural piece

inspired by the Monument
to the Revolution.

We painted it on our neighbor's
roof across the street

in exchange for having
a bit of electricity.

She can't hear.

Should I send it?

- There you go, pull!
- Okay, okay! Hurry!

Thanks, neighbor!

You're welcome!

Ironically, our first commissioned work

was paid for…

with air.

Days later, we were able to find
a glamorous,

yet intimately disturbing job.

You have…

- What's wrong?
- They're coming.

No way.

Madam, no!

We hid under black salesperson suits.

Nevertheless, we inevitably became
fallen white angels

once more.

I hate you!

It was an accident, you monsters!

I hope you get a coughing fit
and diarrhea!

I'm certain the bosses
didn't hear my screaming,

but I had to do that because,
while it may not look like it,

Ana needs love and protection.

It won't come off.

Is it waterproof?


Ana is strong.

But dangerously vulnerable
at the same time.

We woke up that morning
following an unsettling dream

to find ourselves in bed turned into bugs.

So we get up to do our work,
pollinating flowers.

Fertilizing the world
and filling it with color.

- Hi!
- Would you like your face painted?

With highly conceptual designs.


Shall we paint your face?

Is that it?

What are you doing?

Our one final hope.

Eli. Eliza Sonrisas,

we're checking in to see
if you just so happen

to have a show tonight.




We made it, we made it!

Oh, I'm so glad you're here!

In times like these,
I remember my grandma's wise words,

"If you don't have money,

call a friend who works at a club.

The night princesses
always have money to spare for beauty."

Come on, this is about to start.

Hi, mister Bluebeard.

And this friend is a club goddess,

the dazzling show-woman from the suburbs,

the effervescent Eliza Sonrisas.

This sacred place
lies at the end of the rainbow.

Here, we get plastered on sweat,

hormones, and, of course, glitter.

A shrine of freedom, of transformation,

doused in perfume, filled with goddesses.

Hold your hair for a sec.

That's it. It has to be pretty.
Otherwise, it'll look odd.

- Make it real tight.
- Yes.

Who was that, huh?

It is Alex.

- I'll call her later.
- No, you know Ana.

That's right. Let's see.

- A little bit of blush and you're good.
- I don't know…

I have a big surprise.

I'm going to perform a song,

the feminazi cumbia, it's an amazing hymn.

So, music, please.

Get the lights.

Totally unaware and undeservedly

Sparked off only for being
A brave, insufficiently fragile woman

Hi, Ana.

I hope this is still your number.

It's Alexandra.

In case you erased my number
and forgot my voice.

Um… Okay, okay.

I'm calling because I need…

a really good makeup artist.

And, well, it's for tomorrow.

And there's a huge party,
with very important people.

Anyway, what I truly need

are two makeup artists.

The job pays really well.

So… yeah. That's all. Call me.

Sending you kisses.

- Tell her yes.
- "Kisses"?

- What? Say yes to her.
- No.

- Talk to her.
- I don't want to call her.

Why…? She's offering us work.

For both of us.

It's not that. I don't want to see her.

Huh, well I do! I even miss her.

- I'll call her.
- No.

- I'll call.
- Please!

Please, please!

And his reply to me was

Feminazi, feminazi

Feminazi You libertine, go home

Go iron your husband's shirts


You neglected your family

I don't buy anyone's BS

I may not have a throne or a queen
Yet I'm still the king

Tell me then, according to you
Why can't anyone hear you

Begging for food

Neither I pistol whip you
On a daily basis

Nor I fill your days
with fear of death

Don't you call me "feminazi"

Just because you feel threatened
by my self-esteem

Go get it, goddess!

- No, no. Did you, or did you not know?
- I didn't know.

Did you check your pocket and go,
"I have no cash on me"?

- I thought I'd make some.
- Didn't you get paid?

Yes, I got paid,
but I paid off another debt.

What are you talking about?

The wig, from last week, the rainbow one.

I could care less about rainbow wigs
or if you owe the president.

You also owe us, and we want that money.

Look at Ana, she's crying.

- I'm not crying.
- She's crying.

- Enough!
- I'm crying.

I'll pay you back next week.

- How much?
- I don't know, in installments.

You monster,
I haven't eaten in three days!

- I'm super malnourished.
- Me too, look.

And I'm not complaining.

It's not true. Monster!

And give me back that dress. The wig also.

Malnutrition, people's number one
public enemy.

On the outside, I look great.
But on the inside, my organs…

Warning for Ana:

critical decisions
shouldn't be made at five in the morning.

And a warning to myself:

while this evening call may bring
lots of weddings and money,

it will also bring calamities.

Hi, Alex. How are you?

I'm Ana. I mean, clearly, right?


Well, I'm interested in the job.

Message me the where and the when, okay?

And thank you for thinking about me.

It's been a long time, huh?


Okay? Is that what you wanted?


Yes, that's what I wanted.

Oh, very good, you see?

- Shit.
- No, not shit.

Shit… Shit, yes.

Good. Good shit.

We're going to be rich.

Come on.

Why can't the three of us go?

No, because…

They said two makeup artists.

You know…? I mean…

You go, if you want.


There'll probably be lots
of clients who are…





Excuse me.

I'm going to my room.

- Older ladies?
- I mean, you're the one…

What we earn will be for the three of us.

What we earn will be for the three of us!

I can't hear you,
I'm in my room and the door is closed.



- I'll help you.
- Oh, thanks.

It's heavy.

Who's coming?

The three of us.

Alexandra said it was just
two makeup artists.

Fine, I'll stay then.

- No.
- Yes, yes.

No, I'll stay. I like to be alone.


Get in.

Are you sure?

I also like to be alone.

- Why is that?
- Let's go.

Let's go.



Work with Alex.

- Do you know her?
- Yes, yes.

We go back five or six years.

They were very, very good friends. Right?

- Yes.
- I…

I love Alexandra very much.

I love her very much.


That's cool.

- You also love her a lot, right?
- Yes.

- Yes, me too.
- Though I never met her, I feel I do too.

No, no. I don't mean like…

that I love her…

for real.

Apparently, Alexandra decided
to show up again

by introducing us
to her new romantic interest.

It's a terrible sign,

because Ana and Alex never
have had an interest in love stories.

Alex must have hit bottom,

because this gentleman
clearly has had his heart,

as well as many other organs,
broken by a lack of love.

Straight that way.

No, no. Not that way.

Yes. The staff entrance
is through the back.

Oh, the staff. We'll go there.

We're very sorry.

- Two hours late.
- My fault. Totally my fault.

- A hundred and twenty minutes.
- Is that two hours?

At last, the rich folks wedding.

A costume party.

A lovely ceremony.

It's moving to see these
elitists getting married,

getting drunk,

while they make the worst mistake
of their lives.

And the brides?

These girls want us to do their makeup
to hide their true faces.

They want to be perfect in the photos

which in a couple of years and in tears,

they will throw away.



Oh, honey.

You saved me.

No, don't worry.

This is Rita.



You're the toxic one, right?

I love it. I love you.

Let's go?


Okay. Come over here.

All right.

I want to introduce you
to two amazing makeup artists.

Mm-hm. This is Ana.

- This is Petra.
- Rita.

Besides being incredible makeup artists,
they're quick,

and what we need right now
is boom, boom, boom.

- Step on that gas, yes?
- Yes.

That's it!


All right.

Our salvation is here. Okay?

Let me introduce you to Ana.
Ana, the bride.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Teresa. A pleasure.

- Do you want to start with her?
- Sweetie. Why the face?

Is this her first wedding or what?

- What's wrong?
- She already fainted.

- Twice.
- No!

They say it's good for this wrinkle.

- It's true.
- Faint again.


No, but imagine she faints

and gets blood stains all over her dress.

- Shush!
- But it's normal to be nervous, right?

Are you married or something?

My wedding is next Saturday.

Alex, I thought you would do my makeup.

Baby, Ana's here.

I leave you in the best hands.
She's a better makeup artist than me.

All right, I leave you in the best hands.

This won't hurt, okay?

Can I be here?

Of course.

Now, to start, I need you…

not to cry. Hm?

And to raise your eyebrow
to see how high it goes.


It was the other side!

He left me all alone!

Cheers! Cheers.

Cheers, cheers to Teresita.

Teresita, my love!

I'll be back in five minutes.

You can cry, but no tears.

- No tears.
- What about me?

I'll be quick.


I'll be back.

Come here.

What are you doing?

What's up with you?

- What's up with you?
- No, you.

You left me alone with the bride and left.

If you can't do the job, I'll ask Petra.

- Rita.
- I'll ask Rita.

I'll ask her if you don't do it.

You know what?
I won't let you talk to me like that.

I'm sorry.

Me too, I'm sorry.
I don't get why you're not working.

Twenty people need their makeup done.

- No, no, no…
- No, no, no, yes, yes.

The bride wanted you to do her makeup.
You're doing the same as before.

I don't want to be the slave
of the whitey who has fun.

I'm sick. I'm not well.

I'm really not well.

Look at how I am.


- I can't do makeup.
- Are you nervous or what?

No, it's the anxiolytics.

It's medicine, not drugs.

No, no, no.

I mean, you're kidding, Alex.

Look. I can't do it.

Okay, put that hand down.

How many anxiolytics are you taking?

I don't know.

You don't know how many you're taking?

I don't know, it's nighttime and dark.

- I can't see, I'm not counting them.
- I knew it.

Please, help me.

I don't know if you heard,
but I lost everything. Everything.

They say I'm confrontational.

Huh? Do you think I'm confrontational?

No. No.

It could be that…

I'm not…

I'm not at my best moment.

Could be.


That's why I'm asking you to help me.

I need to figure out…
Today, at least, I need…

Okay, okay.


I'll stay.


Alcohol and pills again.

They made a lot of money together
at one point.

Alex filled her house with neon sculptures

and Ana traveled to Tokyo
to buy her makeup.

After the runways,

they would get silk clothing
and iron-heel shoes for free.

But Alex couldn't take the pressure.

One day, she sought a psychiatrist
to treat her anxiety.

They prescribed medicine
that made her happy for a couple of hours.

She then started to mix pills with tequila

and turned into another Alexandra.

She would make drama on set

and they started to lose
each one of their jobs.

Until one day, they lost it all.

Girls, how are we doing?

Stop! Leave her!

Oh, oh, help, help her.

What happened?

Okay, okay, okay.

Thank you so much. Gorgeous.

- You look gorgeous.
- Dance plenty.

Have fun.

And you'll stay here
all night touching up.

Of course, Margarita.

Of course, whatever you need.

- Our pleasure.
- That's what we're here for.

Did you hear?

I was very moved.

I went overboard, friend. Overboard.



No. No, no, no, no!

Margarita, I'm a grown woman.

He's a guest!

- You can't fuck the guests.
- He's also an adult.

We can do what we want.

Do you want to work next Saturday or not?

What did you do?



Nothing, I swear.

What's with her?

I have no idea.

Someone needs touching up.

- Could you?
- Sure. Come here.

Take a seat.

I'm thinking… blush and lips, okay?

Do you need a touch-up, Margarita?

You're here, you're upstairs.

Mm… no.

I look dazzling.

Well, yes, you do.

I wanted to be on the down-low.


We understand perfectly. Do you want cake?

- There's cake. Welcome.
- No thanks, I ate.


- Hi.
- Hi.

How are you?

How are you?

Everything okay?


Excuse me.

Rita has a good rhythm.

- Really?
- Yes, simply the best.

And who is he?

He is my little brother.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

- You look alike.
- What's his name?



- Is he your younger brother?
- Yes. The youngest.

I don't believe it.

I can't believe this!

Oh, this song, this song, this song!

Oh, this song!

Okay, man.

Get me what got her that bombed.

So you don't want to dance?

No. I don't really dance.

But you'll dance at your wedding, right?

I don't want to get married.

No, but… It's okay, you know.

Me neither.

My boyfriend's family doesn't like me.

How come?

For physical…


- For my body.
- Because you're limping?


I mean… Yes or no?

No. It's fine.


Yes, but that is… That is…

Oh, I don't know what to tell you.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. But you know what I would do?

I would dance in front of the family.

- You?
- No.

- Not me, obviously.
- You'd do it.

No, but… It shouldn't get to you.

I've never danced before.

There's always a first time.
You can take lessons. No?

Some waltz lessons or whatever…

- No, the waltz is for sweet sixteen.
- Also for weddings.

- Really?
- Totally.

- I'll think about it.
- We'll be there on Saturday

to do a makeover for your face,
and your mood.

Thank you.

She's not coming, right?

What's up? And Javier?

- Over there.
- I think he's anemic.

Oh, perfect. Perfect, okay.


I'm staying a bit longer
because Teresa wants me to.

She says I'm the life of the party.

So I'm staying a bit longer.

Go back and tell Javier
I'll call a taxi and do not worry.


- Okay?
- Hey, but…

- Hey, are you paying us or…?
- Oh, shit, shit.

Yes, one sec.


Okay, I give you…

this for now.

- And then…
- There's money missing.

I'll pay you the rest tomorrow.

- Alex?
- Yes.

- We're missing…
- Yes?

Okay? Good.


Hey, what's up?

Why the heck didn't she pay
in full right now?

After washing our hair
with hand soap for months,

we deserve a small, private carnival.

All right, all right.
A little more. There.

Tonight's dinner consists of milk cream,
bleached flour,

sugar and vanilla.

This food won't go through the liver,
it's going straight to the soul.

This is what passing out looks like.

And it's hitting us.

Oh, no.

What's up, Ana?
I have to pay you the rest.

Would you be able to come to my place
around 11? All right, okay.

- Okay, hug. Bye.
- Who was that?

We'll have dinner and leave.

I'll try to eat as fast as I can then.

Good idea.


- Sit down.
- Nice house.

Are you drinking?


I'll have the same as you.

Oh, perfect.

- And you?
- Water.

Plain like…?

- Ice? Anything?
- No.

- Make yourselves at home.
- Thanks.

"The same as you," really?


- Hi.
- Hi.

This is bad

because this is the prohibited elite.

An omen that this will be our last salary

and that we'll have no wedding

and no breakfast.


Here it is.

Split in three as we spoke. Hm?

Hey, how much
did they pay you for the job?

What I put there. I wrote it there.

- Twenty grand in cash.
- Thanks.

Okay. Let's go?

- No. Ana!
- No, but it's…

Hold on.

Hold on, hold on.

Ana! Ana!

Check this out!

That's it. Only to here…

To here.

Let's turn around. That's it.

- Look.
- That's awesome, huh?

- There we go. Yes.
- Scissors.


- Hey, I want to tell you something.
- Yes.

Hold on.

Alex, no.

Hold on. Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I'm taking these skates off. Enough.


I am…

I'm in love.

You're not… You're not in love.

You're not.

Oh, god dammit.

Why the hell wouldn't I be…?

Why can't I be in love?

Just lower your voice.

Why? I don't give a fuck!

I don't give a fuck.

There's nothing to be ashamed of in love,


- That's true.
- Damn.

That's true.

I missed you, silly.

Why did you replace me with Petra?


No, not… What are you talking about?

Hey, look at me.

Look at me, Alex.

I didn't replace you with Petra.

Her name is Rita, for starters.

I think about you every day.


I mean it.

Okay, everything's fine. It's fine.

I put my bed here so I can see the stars.

Good night.

Oh, Ana.

Who picked you up when your mom
kicked you out of the house?


You did.

Does your mom know
you're sleeping on the rooftop?

I don't have a mom.


You have nobody.

I don't, I already told you.

Alexandra says she doesn't have a mother.

And Ana has a mother but can't remember
the smell of her hands.

They were both raised by a TV
and generous neighbors.

It was the first story they told
each other while hugging at Hundido Park,

and stayed together since.

Still Ana never fully believed Alex

and her tragic maternal abandonment story.

Ana has always seen something strange

and secret in her eyes.

In Alexandra's odd green eyes.

You two, let's go.

Let's go.

- Come on, let's go.
- Okay, all right.

- You too.
- Fine, fine.

Were you with Alex
until the end of the wedding?


And? I heard some shit went down.

She grabbed a chandelier
and tried burning the house.


- Have a good night.
- Have a good night.

- Good night.
- Hurry.

I'm coming.

- What went down? Tell us.
- Okay.

Tell us!

Alex told me she felt emotionally impure,

so she went for a bath. Alex told me that…

she needed a spiritual cleansing,
I believe.

So what did you do?

- Why were you with her?
- Why?

Did the wedding planner see you both?

Did you bang Alex in front of everyone
at the wedding?

- What was that?
- You scared him away.

- Me?
- Well, yes…

The thief.



- Are you going to start?
- Bad friend!

- I'm going home.
- Get off!

- I love you. Bye.
- Criminal!

You're not a friend!

Who can outline
Every inch of skin in my body

Wig thief! Hold on to them!

So, come eat me up again
Eat me up again

Ow, you almost slipped.

Inflict your roughest punishment on me

That's not how the step goes!

Bad friend!

So, come eat me up again
Eat me up again

I can still taste you in my mouth

I just can't handle
This crazy desire for you

Rita didn't get home last night.



- Where is she?
- Who?

- Where is she?
- Alex.

- Alex!
- What did you do to me?

- Who?
- Who? Rita, your friend Rita.

Ana is a down-to-earth makeup artist.

She's been altering faces
with eyeliners and brushes for years.

Rita left for work early, I swear.

- Calm down.
- You calm down.

Perhaps that's why she has
the unique ability

to reveal beauty on a furious face.

You're a fucking traitor.

I don't want to see you,

or Petra, or you ever again.

Do you hear me?

Alex, why are you like this?

Ugh, fuck off!

- What's wrong with you?
- Lower your voice for the neighbors.


What did I do?

Ana's absolute kindness is absolute.

Which is, in my opinion,
a kind of madness.



Da da da, da da da,

da da da.

Ooh, such faces.

What's wrong with you?

- Hi.
- What did you do?

What did I do?


Yes, dude, you.


I didn't do anything.

No, I can't do this.


- How did you find out?
- Alex came here.

- How did Alex find out?
- How did she find out what?


I fucked Daniel.

- The same Daniel?
- Yes.

Oh, okay. Okay…

The guy was very depressed.

I came out of the club,
I saw him crying on the street.

- What did you want me to do?
- Not fuck him.

I didn't think of that… then.

- Next time.
- Alex was here earlier and fired us.

Sometimes, the only way of making progress
is accelerating the catastrophes.

I understand what I've done.

I know why I do it. Why I did it.

What's up, Dani? How are you?

Um… It's Rita.


I just wanted to tell you…

What happened last night
between us was a mistake.

And when it happened again in the morning,
I mean,

it was also a mistake.

I don't believe in love anymore.

And you can't talk to me again.

Um… I hope you finish writing your novel.

Kisses, I wish you the best. Bye.

You lost me
at "you can't talk to me again."

Want to hear it again? I sent it.

Quiet for one second. Please, one sec.

There it is.

Hi, Alex. How are you?

Listen, I'm here for anything you need.

Call me whenever you can.

I'll be here waiting for your call.

Thank you.


"Hate me but don't leave me." Tell her.

Come on. The more she rejects you,
the more you love her.

Am I right?

Inevitably, Ana's madness is unleashed.

For one, she wants to save
her friend Alexandra,

but she also won't let us
end up in the street.

It's clearly impossible
to attain both things.

In fact,

it's a formula for disaster, for error,

to involuntarily end up doing damage.

Alex, it's me. How are you?

I want to talk to you.
Will you open up, please?

- Alexandra.
- Just kill me!


Javier. Javier.

Javier. Here…

Come on. One, two, and…

three. Okay. Here.

Everything's fine. Okay?

Let's inhale.


That's good, that's good. There.

There. Very good.

Hi. Hi!

- He doesn't want to get off.
- You don't want to?

I don't want to.

I promise you nothing that's happened
before will happen again. Okay?

Come on.

Come here, you.

That's it. But help me out a bit,
man, it's…

All right, that's it. Right.

- Close up.
- I'll close the door.

Don't just fall like that on me.

Oh, you're heavy, Javier.

Oh, my goodness!

Oh, my goodness!

My foot! Ow!

- All right, dude.
- Oh, man.

Hold on.

I want to be alone.

No, no, no.

I want to be alone.


What happened? Why did Alex get fired?

Do you think they'll hire us?

I don't know anything.

Alex left me.

Do you want…

a blanket?

- No.
- A coffee?

- A coffee.
- Coffee?

- Yes.
- Yes?

- Are you on a diet?
- Yes.

Okay. Sugar?


Coming right up.

The angel.

Yes, it's cool, right?

This is our guardian angel.


Well, it protects some less than others.

As you know.

Ana. Uh… Um…

- Ana, the coffee.
- Coffee.


Your coffee. Coffee.

Your coffee.


So do you have the number
for the wedding planner or the bride?

No. Nothing.

Drink up.

I can't.

It hurts.


Pain closes up the esophagus.

Alexandra left you, okay?

She's gone forever, okay?


She broke your heart.


But the human heart never breaks.
Do you know why?

Because it's made of chocolate.

Let's go!

Oh, yes, yes.

It's the coffee.

Do you owe 14 months of rent?


Oh, man, I thought it was 15.

Call him.

What's up, Dani? How are you?

Um… I hope you're fine.

I thought of dropping
a little message here

and see what's up, check the vibe,
ask how you're doing, and, um…

Oh, I actually meant to ask you
if you have María's phone.

Your sister.

Which I… think you do, otherwise,

that's not good, right?

Um… We really need it and…

That's it. Hugs. Bye.

What's up, Dani? How are you?

It's Rita, again. Um…


Call me, please.

Thanks. Bye.

Eat up.

Enjoy it.

Look, I even got you a double tortilla.

No need to bite your finger. There's more.



Daniel wrote back.

We have María's phone.


We got María's phone, dude.

I'll send it to you, dude.

Hey, hold this for me. Don't eat my taco.

Too late.

Eli, do you know how to waltz?


Fine. Fine, it doesn't matter.
Look up waltz videos.

How do you spell that?

What do you…?

The way it sounds.

No, you have no idea, you'll love Eli.
She's a great waltz instructor.

She's here with me, actually.

Oh, she wants to say hi, hold on.

Hi, María.

Yes, perfect. Great.

Hey, hold on. Do you know La Perla?


All right. Hugs.


It's on.

Hey, you can't back down now.

- A promise is a promise.
- Exactly.

Grasp the skin firmly. Your hand
has to go in between there.

Your toe has to hurt a little bit.

- Do you feel your toe? Yes?
- Is that the toe?

Yes. You're really tightening.

He says I'm tightening hard, miss.

Okay, let's see,

I want to see you two together.

- All right. Stay still.
- Get the groom.

All right, finally.

I found a trick.

Raise your…

foot on my boot. There you go.

One, two, three. Very good, María.

That's it.

Great rhythm, my friends.


She taught us well, huh?

She knows it.

What happened?

Is it true that Alex
was kicked out of your wedding?

What happened, huh?

We didn't really get…

the info.

Well, she danced
with my brother all night.

Um… and then she…

stole a wedding gift.

A turtle.

She took it to a park

and left it in a fountain.

It's because Alex really likes animals.

Then came back and tried to burn
the curtains down with a candle.

So… do you have a makeup artist yet?

We're looking.

Yes, it's difficult now
to get good makeup artists like…

- Yes.
- …on a moment's notice.

Yes, it's hard.

- If you want, we can do your makeup.
- Oh, Ana, no.

- Don't pressure her.
- Oh, you're right. I'm sorry.

No, it's just that…

Alex told Margarita
that you only work with her.

We don't.

- I mean…
- We can make an exception.

We can make an exception.
It's mostly true, just not always.


Do my makeup.

- Yes?
- Yes.

"Do my wedding makeup."


Alexandra can stay in her own hell.

Someone is going to have to stay alone.

Someone doesn't deserve
to come to the party.

I'm pretending I'm asleep,
but I'm observing Ana.

Ana breaks into pieces.

Her kindness turns
into a plan for disaster once more.

And that will be a dangerous,
shared disaster.

It'll be ours.

This is going to hurt.

I'm going to pay Alex
her share of the gig.

Even if she doesn't work.

Yes. Even if she doesn't work.

Good God.

It's fair.

- Anything for your friend, right?
- You're also my friend.

Ana hears screaming in her head.

This is the dark night of my soul.

I made this catastrophe possible.

I am the catastrophe.


What are you doing?

- Are you leaving here?
- Yes, I'm leaving.

The neighbors already complained.

That I yell a lot.

That I owe two years' rent. I'm leaving.

- Two years? Really?
- Yes, two solid years.

- So where will you live?
- Don't pressure me.

I still don't know.

You can live with me.


I mean, with us.

Why? What did you do to me?

You did something,
why would you offer me your place?

I didn't do anything.
I want to offer you a job.

What kind of job?


Bridal makeup artist?

I spoke to María.
I'll do her bridal makeup.


Hey, Alex, no.


- No, you'll get your part.
- Traitor!

Because you got the job.

It's not only about the fucking money,
it's the fucking work I put into it!

Get out of my house.

What do I do, Eli?

Well, I don't know.

You could start by forgiving my debt, no?

I mean, what do I do with Alex?

She called you a traitor.



I will see to it

that you go to María's wedding.

I swear.

I love you.


It's something I can understand
but is hard to accept.

It's hard to accept because
it can only devolve into screaming,



and with a certain woman
skating at night out of her gourd.

This is the fucking plan.

She'll drive the pickup
and stay put when we're there.

No matter what,
she can't get close to María.

Are you sure Alex can drive?

- Ready, girls?
- Come on.

- We're one hour late.
- Let's get going.

Okay. Okay.

I'm glad to see you're fine.

All right. Let's go.

Bring everything down.

Don't leave anything behind.

There we go.

Let's see. Knock.

- Are you sure it's here?
- Yes, go knock.

Where is she going?


No way.


There's no service.

She dumped us.

- What?
- Let's go, let's go.

Okay, let's see.



Javier, I need you to call me
as soon as you can, please.

- It's urgent.
- Nothing.

No, no. It's not sending.

It's not sending.

How could she just leave us here?

All right, selfie.

- What?
- A selfie.

- What for?
- What…?

So they can see we got lost.

Yes, no one will believe us.

Okay. One, two…

- Here.
- Where?

Right here.

Javier. Javier.

Okay, listen to me.

I need you to get in a cab.

I nee… yes.

I need you to come in a taxi
to the location I'll send you, okay?

Yes, just hop in a cab.

Oh, okay.

- Could it be?
- Is it him?

- Yes, it is. Yes. Here.
- Hi! Let's go.

Alexandra, the clown,
took the pickup truck.

Margarita gave me the wedding address.

Let's go.

Eliza, rush to Marías wedding now.

I'm sending you the address, okay? Bye.


Sorry, you have no idea
what happened to us.

I don't care!

This way!

Oh, sure.

All right.

- Let's see. Wait here.
- Tell her.

- I sent you ten texts.
- Oh, really?

I didn't read them.

They dropped us off elsewhere.

Look, we took pictures.

- Yes.
- Oh, that's sweet.

Do you have more?

Beautiful girls!
You'll get your makeup done now!

The ladies were at the wrong house.

Yes. But we'll get it done now,
on the fly.

Rita, she's nowhere.

Um… Your attention, please. One moment.

Please, excuse our lateness.

This is Sonia, I'm Rita.
Together, we're the Foxy Duo.

Really, we'll get you all dolled up
in a heartbeat.






- Why didn't you tell her?
- I told her three times.

- You still made her go in…
- Where is María?

There, there. There's a second door.

- Second door.
- All the way down.

Leave her, leave her.

I'm going to the pickup truck.

Hi, Ana.

Hi, María.

Alex was a bit…


Can you clean me up?

You'll look perfect.

What's wrong?

I don't want to marry anymore.

Do you want me to help you escape?


They say there's an island

where all the women
who backed down are taken.

And they get ice cream.

I'm serious.

- And the waltz?
- I can't stand it.

They'll never hire us again for anything.


The motorcycle.

Let's go.


Let's go.



Give me the dress.

- Okay, María.
- Thanks.

Don't worry.

There's a step here, careful.

- Okay. Okay.
- Thanks.

Rita! Eliza!

- Let's go. Careful.
- Yes.

- I'll help you.
- Yes, yes.


She's at the wrong party.

Don't worry, baby. I'll take you to hell.

Okay, hop on.

No, in the back seat? Wait, this way.

- Let's see…
- Pass me her leg.

Raise your foot.


The foot is over here.

Move that foot out. There.

- Friends…
- All right. Everything will be fine.


Ready, go.

- Let's go.
- Hold on!

- Oh…
- The helmet!

The helmet!

- Okay, put it on her.
- There it is.

- I suppose…
- Fix her hair.

- You look beautiful.
- Thanks.

- Go.
- Let's go.

Love is over.

It happens every day.



I would've done the same.

In these times,
we find solace in discovering

that no one can resist
an honest and noble wedding runaway.

Our humble act of heroism is rewarded.

Apparently, some women
live multiple lives at once.

I have two weddings next week.

Can you do it?

- Yes. Obviously.
- Of course.

We'll be there.

How much will you pay us?

The same as usual.

What I've always paid Alexandra,
thirty thousand.

Alex said you paid her twenty thousand.

The pickup truck.

She's not there.



- Alexandra?
- That way.

There she is.


Alex! Alex!


Dude! Alex!


- Alex!
- Alex!


- Help me.
- Alex.

Are you okay? Stand up.

Oh, she's heavy.



Did she stay at the hospital?

Yes. But they'll transfer her
somewhere else.

To a psychiatric clinic.

Naturally, the world has begun to change.

Sonia announces she's moving
to her sister's house.

She says we sleep so tight
that we all have the same dreams.


Which is true.

I love you!

But Sonia also hides beneath her makeup.

She hides a sunny, beachy,

loving and lustful plan.

We're finally back
at the beginning of the story,

and the possibility of a surprise ending,
a flash of generosity.

But all we have here is Alexandra's face,
suspended, motionless.

I wanted to ask you about the money.

What money?

They paid me 30 000 at Marías party.
You said it was 20.

Okay, Ana.

How do you think I pay for this?
Treatments are expensive.

You stole, Alex.

I did…? I got all the contacts.

- You got work thanks to me.
- It's your green eyes, right?

Well, yes, what can I say?

People prefer to deal with the whitey.

That's right.

This hurts.

Ana has waited years for this moment,
but it's still not landing.

Nonetheless, Alexandra is about
to remove her makeup and do a move.

Something new, something big.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Does she work here?

She's my mom.


My mom.

- Hi, ma'am.
- Hi, a pleasure.

My name is Ana.
I've been Alexandra's friend for years.

My pleasure.
Alejandra has told me lots about you.

Did you say "Alejandra"?

Yes. My daughter's name is Alejandra.


The truth.

Finally, freedom.

This is where Ana
and Alexandra's story ends which,

humbly, and subtly,

happens to also be my story.

But it's not the end. No.

I've begun to feel a strange grief,

because now I have to accept a new life.

A life of living alongside the cruel,

daily insult,

of witnessing other people's happiness.


And that's the angel that protects us.

Some of us more than others.

Come in.

Take a seat.




Don't you remember him?


Oh, maybe, but no…

I'm sorry.

No. Don't worry. That's better.

I'm sorry, pretend I'm someone else.

- Yes.
- So…

Okay, nice to meet you.

Daniel. A pleasure.

I liked who you used to be.

Yes, you had your thing.

So? Am I moving somewhere else?

- No.
- Why? Shut up.


You've been friends since before and…

learned to skate together.

You can't live without each other.

You beat each other up

and hurt each other
and then forgive each other.

And I'm saying, "What am I doing here

if you're going, 'I'll do your makeup,
I'll do your makeup' all day and…?"

I'm not happy that you're happy,
I don't want to help you do makeup.

I don't even want to hear you,
I just wish you would… eat a…

poisoned pork rinds
and get out of my life, the end.

I'm sorry.

Okay, fine, listen, if you want,
do two teams of pairs.

Go out to the hallway
because I have other matters to tend to.


What? Ten?

Around eight, fifteen.

Eight, fifteen minutes. Thanks.

So what are you waiting for?



- You champ, you.
- Excuse me.

Go ahead.

Don't worry, I'll just take this.

This strange grief

is slowly being dissolved by a soft joy.

The joy of acceptance.

Accepting that we have to live
in love with all our soul's wounds,

all the scars on our skin.

Oh, no.

Ana and Alexandra look at each other
and smile now.

They smile like they used to.

The world spins again.

They'll be doing makeup
together again soon.

They'll surely talk
about what they used to,

about makeup as a way
to uplift the spirit,

and to pollinate people's faces.

Of course, it's possible
they could separate again after a while,

but simply to feel the pleasure
of reconciliation once more.

I'll definitely have to tell
that story as well,

because the three of us
have somehow become one.


Tonight we decided to return
to the Monument to the Revolution.

We have reason to celebrate,

and we want our angel
to finally meet the earth.

This doesn't make it a fallen angel,
but a guardian angel

of this new clan of survivors.

We know the angel
will not watch over us our whole lives,

so we'll have to learn
to protect each other.

This old friendship love
is the great hope.

It's a great second chance for this world.

I'm the fruits and the seed

I'm the pistil within the flower

That stretches out to greet the sun

I'm boundless divinity

Crystal-clear saltwater

Born at the very core

Of my creation

Whenever I am asked if I'm religious

My reply is always

I'm my own goddess


I'm my own voice

- I'm my own goddess
- Hey, it's Marías turn to learn.

- I'm revolution
- I'll pass her my skates now.

If you teach me… yes.

The angel is almost ready.


I am

Valleys and mountains substance

I'm stardust

Out of motherly stars
Watching over my evolution

I'm warm and mighty spirit

The daughter of brave blood
And a fighter supreme love

Whenever I am asked if I'm religious

My reply is always

I'm my own goddess

I'm my own voice

I'm my own goddess

I'm revolution

Goddess, goddess

Goddess, goddess

Subtitle translation by: Paula Llapur