M for Mother (2006) - full transcript

What appears to be a grand love story turns sour when parents-to-be discover that their unborn child will likely be born with serious birth defects, as a result of the mother's exposure to chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war. The father does not want to have a disabled child, but the mother insists on going through with the pregnancy.

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Is it good

Play the Bach concerto in E major

Kafieh, Mendelssohn's concerto

Okay, don't be tired next person


hi - you were so good -

no dad what did you do at school - I didn't
understand how I got a test from the children -

Really? So did you hear? it was good?

I'm fine, I'm sure
you'll agree - Wow -

Hello - Hello Melahat Jon -

Again, you were sitting at the door
waiting for Abbas Agha to come from Ahvaz.

I don't want
Melahat - I'll take -

Melahat Jon - I will take him -

Melahat, my God, I will save you now, come and see that
you are sitting at the door again, I will leave you.

God, I'm tired

He loves you - how lovely is that?



I'm here - hello -


Why are you so late?
- Wow, mom, what did you do with these curtains? -

I went to get these frames, it was too late

You had a message

message? - Yes -

Hello lady, are you sleeping? are you awake?

Are you home at all?
- No, everyone is running -

If you don't think about yourself
and me, at least think about our child

I am

Well dear, unfortunately we
will not fly to Tehran tomorrow

No - I have to go to
Rome for a few days -

But if you look
around you will see me

I am always by your side

Say hello to your mother

Don't put that picture on the
walls of the houses! It's ugly

What's ugly, mom?

these! See your photo

Mom, what kind of tears did you go to dad?

Oh God, forgive your aunt,
she said, take off your scarf

My opponent did not

Aunt said take off your scarf,
why did you stare at dad like that?

Were you afraid to see the harvest of Gisut?

Good, good! I had
only one thing left

Oh mom! But dad was fine

Stop it, girl! A

did you see this?

Faba'i'ala Rabi'koma Tok'iban (Sepideh's father's voice
in the background and the voice of the girl's daughter)

Tell me, my daughter...

... excellent Lord

Lord, you are liars,
Lord, you are liars - liars -

Read from the beginning, my
daughter - Fabai Ela Rebekma Takban

Well done, my daughter, well done

Flight 581 from
Barcelona landed now

Were you all in the meeting in Barcelona?

Didn't you go see the Picasso Museum?


How much has changed
here, don't hurt your hand

Farzaneh and her students helped a lot

I wish the color was a bit gray

You killed me with this gray hair

Is there an office here?

(The noise of children in the background)

Where did this baby come from?
- I told you a hundred times that -

Me, my mom, my grandmother, and my
grandmother's mother all slept in this bed

So it's time for a boy to sleep in you

You started again

what difference does it make In 135 days, it
will be known whether it is a boy or a girl

Let me see what you brought this time?

Wow, how beautiful!

It's the same color I wanted

Did you bring this for your mom?
- Beautiful? -

It's beautiful, you just don't know that
your mom doesn't like this kind of models

It is very good
that he is himself.

Do you like to see?

I finally did not understand
what kind of smell you like

So what happened to Farzaneh's book?

Oh, I forgot

Sohail - By God, I
bought all of these too -

Yes, I know that you
are the main thing

Well, I want to see what you bought for our child

First, we have to go to the ultrasound, then

You bastard!

What do they say to this trick of
yours in the world of diplomacy?

We say, what facilities do you
have in front of the things you want?

In other words, if the door of this suitcase is going
to be opened, we have to go for an ultrasound first

let me see

Now, why do you insist on knowing if this child is a boy or a girl?
- By God, if I let you touch her -

(the phone rings)

Hello, good night... I am Shkohi

Mrs. Akrami, I called you
several times...you were not polite

I have to leave you a message

I congratulate you

The jury overwhelmingly chose
you as the soloist of the orchestra

Because we have to go to
Austria to perform in a month

Please come to practice every
day from tomorrow at 4:00 PM

Who was Sohail?

It was from the ministry

They reminded me of tomorrow's meeting

This is the sound of the heart

Do you raise it a bit? - Yes -

do you hear? (the phone rings)

I will call the ambassador myself in the afternoon to see


the boy? - Yeah -

Saying that we need to do a
series of tests and CT scans

Excuse me, I apologize

Hello? Hello? Hello?

I will call later

what did you say

Let it go, Farzaneh,
I'm not bored

What happened to me?

I think you have placed the dice
somewhere before you saw that I am going

A simple ultrasound that does not require so many check-ups

Do you want me to please you?

Either sleep or tell me where you
put the dice, let's play our game

I am not worried about myself

My child is fine

Yes, I understand, Doctor

Madam, knowing that you were chemically sensitive,
why didn't you consult a doctor before pregnancy?

...my chemotherapy -
they didn't have a problem -

I remember that a week after the chemical treatment, all the
effects such as swelling of the eyes and blisters disappeared

they got better

it's true? - Yes -

There is currently no definite recovery
for a person infected with mustard gas

what does it mean? I am nothing

Apparently yes

But it may show itself in different
ways with a cold or weakness

Probably this time it affected your child

My baby?

what is my child
- Wait a minute -

Mr. Doctor, is my lady in trouble or the child?

They say that baby - let me -

DNA analysis shows that your child
has hypoplasia and lung shrinkage

And when he is born, he will
probably have other problems

What are these problems you say?

We cannot tell you for sure

According to these tests, your child
will probably have an organ defect

We shouldn't have had children

The biggest concern is that in similar cases

Unfortunately, the effects of chemical
gases are transferred to the mother's fetus

(the phone rings)

Yes? Hello Farzana


what do I do?

You have to decide yourself

If God had mercy on Dr. Zovar,
you would have had a child like him

what were you doing?


I had no right to kill him
- I don't want to kill him -

I just want to know your opinion,
should I go for surgery or not?

Get the thought out of your head

With your condition, eighty percent of the time you
may not regain consciousness after the operation

Who said this?


What do the doctors say?

(The sound of a baby crying)

(ring Ring)

Hi hi -


Go take a rest - does it work?

How much do you like?

Dinner is ready

I say, how to do istikhara?

Let's see what we should do, right?

Istikhara for what?
- Didn't you see what the doctor said? -

"It is possible," he said

Well, doctors always
say there is a possibility

Yes, he also said that it is possible that I
will regain consciousness after the operation

Even if I regain consciousness, I may
not be able to become a mother again

Is it true that they tear the womb and the baby together?

What are you thinking about?

You didn't tell me everything, Sohail


...he couldn't hold
his tongue, woman!

It is because of these nostrums
that his family left him alone

Don't blame others for the problem

Well, maybe there is some wisdom in it

Did God want you to be a chemist?

My work is just
starting in the ministry

With this child, it is not
known what disabilities he has

I found a reliable specialist

I... never spoke about
your words... not even now

By God, if there was even a percent chance
of danger, I would not go under the burden

I also put aside his money

Come on, we haven't eaten on
the same plate for a long time


I waited for you for a long time, you did not come

I should not starve for the sake of the child

(ring Ring)

I am Kavianpour - Ah -

please - hello -

(Woman moaning)

Don't shout, don't shout, the
patient is sitting in the corridor

Mr. Kavianpour has come, what can I say?
- !enough! enough -

God bless you, I'm already
dead - OK, close the door -

come help -
that's it, i'm tired -

!No, no - !Don't shout -

take her hands - no, no -

Hold on tight, it's over
now - sit baby, sit -

...it's over now, oh, it's over

Help him put on his clothes

Did you lose your head, doctor?
- uh huh -

Thank you

let's go

Sir, they are waiting
in the car - come on -

Hi hi -

Hi hi -

Sir, stay outside, lady, go and
take off the back of your dress

...my wife

I am four and a half months old

I want to see if this child
understands the pain now or not?

No, he does not understand pain

do not worry

Take off his clothes, help
him take off his clothes

Oh... I'll open it,
I'll open it myself

Ah, I can understand his heartbeat,
it moves like a fish in my stomach


The bastard's father!
What is he doing?

What are you talking about, fish?

This gentleman is my husband, madam - what does that matter?

Everyone says the same

What is this way of speaking?
... is it me?

He calls my child a
bastard - hiss, hiss -

Doctor, what are these words?
I am his official husband

These things have nothing to do with me

Lady, either take off your
clothes, show up or get out

I am very busy

Where is this, did you bring me?
- I will explain to you -

Shut up - what are you explaining?

Madam, I think you have been misunderstood—what misunderstanding?

He says, "Does it hurt?"
"Does it hurt?"

It's like she doesn't know that her uterus is
going to be scraped with a spoon like a watermelon

I... I am the mother of this child - shouldn't I know if
my child hurts in my stomach or not? Vaisa, Sepideh -

Are you a mother?
All those who are here are mothers

The only thing is that their
fathers are not known -...I -

If you are really a mother,
go and raise your children

What are you doing here?
- It is unlikely from you - you should not answer them with insults

"Fish, fish—what do you say?" he says. What are you arguing with him?

I'm explaining - are we trout doing something?

Get out, sir. Get out, lady

Mrs. Doctor - What is the matter?
Let's go Sohail, let's go - let me -

I have courted you here
10 times - let's go Sohail -

Let me - hey, the game is
becoming sacred for me -

Let me -...you found
it here with Kelly -

Far from you, lady doctor - I've
seen you ten times, you dirty woman -

...I have explained to you, I will tell you - what are you arguing with this lady?

Shut up!

Mrs. Doctor, I also told Mr. Najmuddin

I'm begging you - it
got on my nerves again -

Go open the door
to see who has come

I thank you, I beg your
pardon - get out sir, get out -

Go out, I have no more nerves, go out

Please consider our
conditions as well

It was only because of Dr. Najmuddin

Go tell him to come

God bless him, this is
also from the net of his crib

...I believe the shawl you knit for Sohail

Or this anger of a month and a half?

(phone beeping)

Yes? Please (Sohail's voice)

Hello? Hello?

here you are


What a delicious concoction!

After this story is over, we will
go on other missions together

I didn't tell you that
our next trip is to Italy

You must see Venice!
Wow, how beautiful it is

Do you think it will hurt less?

The doctor said that the child will
faint before the injection is finished

He does not understand anything

I wish we hadn't gone for an ultrasound

Healthy people are hard to get
what they deserve in this cruel forest

Sepideh, if one day you and I are not together

Can this imperfect child
survive his life alone?

Sepideh Jan, you should not stay, come

I can't, I can't -
please come come -

You can, why can't you? Come

come come come - I can't -

Come on, you can,
come on, baby - no -

You have to walk until the
baby falls, baby you have to walk

come, come, come - no, no -

You have to go, Sepideh
Jan, go, my dear, go

Come on, you don't
have to walk, baby, go

Ah, well done,
well done - I can't -

You can, I know you are in
pain. Come on - I'm dying -

Sohail - Go, go, walk -

Be careful, come, come, come,
there is no problem, sacrifice your head

Go, go, walk

I can't, no

Wow, wow - didn't you? -

No, no - what are you doing with yourself?

What a special child!

Yes, yes, yes, yes

Hey, I'm dying

Sohail, Sohail, John - if you
hit this one, it will surely fall -

My son, leave this life

Don't you know it's been six months?

Why did you let him get an injection, Mr. Sohail?

Dawn, Dawn, John

Sepideh, I am Farzaneh

Or Fatima Zahra

O Messenger of God!

Help me, help me

O Messenger of God!

Help me, O God

...Come on, breathe, breathe

Hello Reverend Father
- Hello Sohail Jan -

What's wrong, mother?

He is not even willing to see it

Well, you told him that
this child is not yet ready

How long should it stay in the device?

...he says that this deformed child should go to a sanatorium

And now I will divorce you

We talked on the phone

Why are you disturbing my work?

I won't see you here again

I can't bear to
think about you, God

...you who - !go -

You have no right to treat him like this

I can't see the dawn
melting before my eyes

...look - lower your voice -


...that's why I told you to come through the back door

Sometimes they don't understand
how Mr. Diplomat treats his wife and child

I don't let

...So now you are going to be his executor's lawyer

Isn't it better to tell him that it was you
who took the anti-chemical masks by mistake?

Why don't you tell him?

do you want me to tell

In my opinion, the war is over

It has been a while


I am not going to pay for it

So that child should pay for it?

Everything in the world has deviations

This imperfect child is also one of creation's aliens

(Sound of baby crying) my
dear? John? No, no, mom, no, no

(The sound of a
child crying) Oh, John

oh my soul oh my soul

Piano, oh

... it ended here. Rafa fa sel
mi ra fa fa sel... no more, see

...the second one is piano
and the second one is piano

fa fa sal mi

(Sound of baby crying)

Two dies, two dies

Sepideh John, Sepideh

Pashu, Saeed's mother, has
time for the medical commission

It's getting late

my dear

...I don't see that anywhere in your file

...when you are infected with
nerve gas - mustard gas, Mr. Doctor -

My diagnosis is that this child has a genetic deficiency

It has nothing to do with nerve gas, ma'am


If I confirm that it is incomplete because
of mustard gas, will they pay more?

Girl, try to type these without mistakes

If your card is good,
there is a lot of work here


Hello my son - good morning -

Good morning to you too, my dear

How are you, mother?
- Thankful -

come and sit

Saeed - What is it? -

Your mom searched a
lot last night to find him

Come take this one now

Very nice

!love you

Grandmother - my heart? -

Why don't you wear blue?

Well, Jun's mother has long passed away from me

Blue suits you very well

Oh dear, I'll go, my
dear (the phone rings)

Saeed Mom! are
you awake - Yeah -

Pick up the phone, my love

I take

Hello and good morning
- Salam Alaikum -

Mom, why don't you wake me up?
- Yes? -

Hey, hello? -

It doesn't matter to me
ten minutes here and there


Why should I wake you up?
- Hello? -

who is mom

I don't know, I think it was a mobile phone

did not speak

Mom, we have to go

I know, I know

Hello Saeed -
Hello Uncle Rubik -

Come on, open the door once
every half an hour and take a breath


bye Bye -

Aunt Farzaneh didn't come?


Give it to me, run, run, run

let me see

hello - hello aunty -

hello - hello aunty -

how are you baby - Thankful -

What did Uncle Rubik give you today?
- Mouse -


Mouse! wow how beautiful

How are you?
- Hi guys, thanks -

are you OK?


Hi how are you?

Soheela, come



Wow, Farzaneh, do you remember that
there was a gathering in the first place?

Now see what he is doing

If you start the concert,
more donations will help

Yes, I have to start Saeed and Mahyar first

Until then, I will think about the others

Hey, head! Head! the head

(singing sound)

Does that mean I will become a great singer one day?

As long as you don't read the lower octaves

I will make my mother follow me with pride

I'm going to live with them

But I want to come to the sanatorium

Astronaut, you who your mother loves you

Why do you want to come and stay here?

Grandma has MS

My mother works a lot, she is tired

He is lying, he definitely wants to get married

My mother does not lie

He lies, like Maryam's mother

I myself heard that Mina was called a helper

He thinks I'm behind, I don't understand

He says that Mariam's father is
going to fight and will not come again

This is how Mariam
screams and cries

Hey, he's peeing in his pants

Hey, he hits the little kid, and
Hey, his hands and feet are crooked

I heard that Mariam's father made his mother
swear to tell everyone that the book is missing

My father is also missing

(Maryam Avansyan)


Grandma's angel

Grandmother says that children
have two angels when they are born

To be careful until the end of life



Maybe he knows where your father is

♪ Pass me by, my friend ♪ ♪
Because I already passed you by ♪


♪...you will become a stranger because others
are with my story - ♪ I don't hear, I don't hear -

♪ I want your love to die in my heart ♪

♪...I want it to end in your head - ♪
!I can't hear, louder. I want to hear -

♪ Pass me by, my friend ♪ ♪
Because I already passed you by ♪

So don't drop the rhythm,
don't drop the rhythm

♪ Every love dies, it fades away ♪

♪ Your love doesn't die ♪

♪ Believe me, after you, someone else
in my heart ♪ ♪ will not take your place ♪


Saeed, Mom


Why do you care?

I messed up in music class today

It's okay, we all mess
up sometimes in our lives

Uncle Rubik - Yes? -

Is it true that they say Jesus did not have a father?


Not like we humans have


Gabriel descends from God to Maryam

...and he says that you are destined to have a child

And name him Jesus

Hazrat Maryam says that I do not have a husband

Gabriel says that it is God's will that
you have children without a husband

Did Jesus ever miss
seeing his father?


He always missed seeing his father

Do you miss seeing your father?

I never saw him

I wish God knew Mariam as his daughter too

Who is Mariam?
- There is a girl in the nursing home, her father is missing -

Like you, it has these photos

He misses seeing his father so
much that he can't talk anymore

He can only sing

We have to change this little by little



why are you so late

We all thought you were martyred

My name was not given to the Red Cross

What could I do?

I waited a long time for you

All the captives returned,
but there was no news of you

Whose child is this?

...there was no news from you

I became the wife of Petros, so
that our daughter is an example

My Daughter

Where is Mariam?

He dreams of you for three days

He says that wherever my father is, he will come back

Why don't you come in?

My wife has not returned from work yet

...If I come inside... Peter

God, never tell anyone that you saw me

Peter's life is destroyed

Mom, who is it?

is it dad

I knew he would come back

Dad, wait, I want
to come and hug you

I want to come and hug you - Don't
go, he is coming to see his father -

Dad, Dad, Dad

Tell him you saw dad in your dream

He is coming to see you, don't go

Dad is missing

my prince

Hi hi -

Hello Mr. Azimi -
Hello Mrs. Akrami -

Please - you are very welcome -

Tell me - why did you come so early today?

It happened again

This is Mrs. Pouramin's booklet
and these are her floppies

Yes... Please, I will
bring you some tea

Mr. Azimi, no, I really
have to leave early today

Please sit down for a few minutes

I had a little trouble for you

This week I said that there is a lot of work left at home

I can't accept a new job at all

No, no, no, I don't mean
typing work and such

Ms. Akrami, have you
ever had tea in your life?

what tea?

No, nothing

That is, if you are here for a few
moments, please sit down, they will arrive

when will it arrive
- my mother -

They really like to see you

Send me hello to them

Say, God willing, in another chance


You are wet with tears again, grandmother

Babies cry when they are born


When a child is about to be born,
an angel from God comes to him

He tells him to get ready to
go to a world that has a forest

The blue sky is full of stars

The child is afraid to kill him

Then the angel pushes him to this world

And take care of him until the end of his life

Now I am waiting for that angel to
come and take me to a bigger world

Oh, how I miss hearing
your grandfather's voice

I missed so much

(Quran is played)

hello astronaut


don't be tired - thank you -

Read this later

What is?
- I won't tell you, go home and read it yourself -


From that day when my mother saw you in the staircase,
they were very insistent to express your mother's service

Unfortunately, they died

My father also respects you very much

God forgive them

I am very lonely here

By God, I have no problem
with Saeed, I love him very much

My mother is a gift that cannot be bought

Whenever you
order, they will serve

take you out of the black

It was spring


...next to the

Salaam Saeed (Voice of
the girl in the nursing home)

Today I saw a newspaper
in the manager's room

Throwing a picture of a man whose
last name is like yours in the newspaper

I am not retarded,
I can read and write

Global security requires changing
the structures of the United Nations

Sohail Kavianpour, a prominent
political expert and veteran diplomat

After returning from the last
general meeting of the United Nations

Sohail Kavianpour?

What do you say he is a good boy?

yes well

I do not know

what does it mean? How long do you want to be alone?

Who tells whom?
- I'm different -

I got used to it

What should I say to Saeed?

It is better for him

How is this for Saeed?

does not want

I just got this for you

He doesn't want it, I'll take it myself

It's time to come out of mourning

Shall I say well
done? (girl's voice)

I dropped it, should I drop it?

let me see

Shall I wear it?

Hi hi -

I worked with Mrs. Akrami

are not

Wherever they are,
they will be found now

Excuse me sir, you? - I? -

I am one of their relatives

I said how familiar they look

Come on, come on

Come on, take this tea for
your father, it's starting to sound

I have lessons

Come on, come on, it's upstairs

Close the door,
don't let my rabbit out

Again, it seems that you are not well

Saeed, let's go down the game


Come on, come now

Amir Jan, let's go,
they have a guest

Well, let's have a guest for them

Let's go - Mom, let
me play for a minute -

I don't even have lessons - I say
let's go, I say they have guests -

hello - oh sorry -

Dad, I don't even have an exam

It's my afternoon,
give it up, you ugly -


Don't be afraid, he wants to go out

The one who left was their father

How soon will they give
birth to two beautiful chicks?

come and see




you is not?

I have a gift for you

Saeed Jan

I don't like a young man to
come and hit me from behind

Mom, jump three meters again

I would like him to come and give me a match

Mom is tired


Saeed, Mom


!Saeed! Saeed

Open the door

Mom, chat?

mom, mom

what's going on with you?

Or Zahra, or Zahra

Saeed, did you chat?


Breathe, breathe no, mom

Breathe, mother, breathe

Oh God, no

Saeed Jan! No! No! No

Saeed, what happened to you, mom?

Oh God, oh God!

!No no

Mom, did you chat?

Forgive me, mom

Finally, one day I wanted to tell you

But I thought it was not time yet

I did not know that my son has become a man

Dad... I didn't like him

We did not build together

We had to separate

But you can go see
it whenever you want

Don't you want to take Uncle Rubik's dinner?

I cooked a delicious stuffing

!My darling

(the phone rings)

Yes? - Hello -

I want to talk to you

You? - I am Sohail -

Hello? dawn

- If you come behind the window, you will see me -

Do you remember there was a
public phone in front of your house?

You were looking at me from behind the window
with the phone in your hand and talking

Open the door, I
want to come upstairs



can i come to you

If you came to see your son, come

be open

Saeed is out, coming

May God have mercy on your mother

I understood today

I'm going to call
Saeed - not now -

You have not changed at all

I have seen many places
in the world in these years

...people, women

But by God, no one could fill
your void for me even for a moment

Sometimes people don't
appreciate what they have

...when he lost it

what's wrong with you

You went all over the world, did
you ever want to hear from your son?

I promise to get the best coaches for him

I will take him to the best nursing home

You can see it whenever you want

You came after 10 years

Instead of kissing
your son, hug him

go out

!the outside

I can not control it

I can't see it like this

Everyone has a capacity

Not everyone has the
same tolerance for everything

I came to make up for the past

Has politics left eyes and ears for you so
that you can compensate for something?

You go fix the world, what are
you doing to my life and my child?

I should have sat on the left hand
of the symphony orchestra maestro

But you deleted that message

You threw me out of your house

...you threatened me if

Every time Saeed said
that my father was martyred

He said where is his grave?
I said it's missing, Mama Jun

Just so that you
don't hold a grudge

But you made it hot today

It was for his own good that he was not born

No, he can walk properly

No, he can breathe in this dirty air

Just because you wanted to be a mother, is
it fair for this child to suffer so much?

Very out of touch, Mr. Kavianpour

In three years, my son will go to the Ghati
Music Conservatory for ordinary children

He does all his personal work by himself

I bought my house with him

So far, whoever has been involved with him
has not been able to love him for a moment

Go think about yourself


Hello mom, Jun


Hello - how quietly did you come?

I did not hear your voice

This gentleman is your father

You have to give him a chance


was your dinner good Yeah?

see you

Saeed Jan


Saeed Jan


Come on mom, take off your clothes, we have to go to the bathroom

Am I not telling you, Saeed?

I won't come to see you.

Don't, Saeed, what are you doing?
- I don't like it, leave it -

Oh wow, have you chatted?
- leave me -

shut up - don't bother so much -

I don't like it, I don't like it - have you chatted?

I won't open, I won't
touch your panties - let go -

leave me

let's go see - let's go -

Don't bother me,
Saeed, I'm getting angry

I don't like it, let
it go - let's see -

Don't bother me so much

Don't, baby, don't

Said, where?

Where? Vaisa - let go -

Let me look up

You're driving me crazy, baby

sit down baby, that's
enough... don't -

!Oh oh


(the phone rings)



Hello? Hello?

Don't play missiles with me


He is getting on top of mom now

(the phone rings)



Once an ant goes to the
palm of a fillet and stops

Then he kneels and says
Mr. Phil, will you marry me?

Then Fille says that he was also happy

Yes, I will marry, I will marry

Then the ant was already dead

Once a man calls somewhere

He says, Excuse me, sir, is there 2222222?

Then he says yes

He says, Excuse me, sir,
can you call Tehran emergency

Tell me, is my finger stuck in 2?

Don't laugh for a while

Laugh, sometimes the
sky will fall to the ground

So, are you ready?

two three four five six

RC de la de c

Fa sel la la c do
r c r do la fa sel

two three four five six

RC de la de c

La cel fa r c r mi do

May, May, Said

Mahyar puts all his hopes in you

It's okay if you say M to B, mom, but
you have to play the E note correctly

Start again, go back a few steps

two three four five six

RC de la de c

La sel fa r c r me

May, May, May

Mime, mime, like major


meme like the moon


...meme like

don't, don't

You knew that I am
like this... why the world?

You are nothing, mother

you have nothing

You're welcome, mom

you are healthy

My dear, you are nothing

see you


my darling? what is this

!Oh my God

I have to go to the typing institute, mom

Do you want to tell Aunt Farzana to come to you?

R u sure?

all right

(Car horn sound)

Open the door -...look -

Open the door, there is
no point in arguing with you

Why build all these nursing
homes for the disabled?

I tell you, open the door and
let me and my child live our lives

You said the same thing the
first time I came across you

Let me live my life

Let go of that damn handle

Why did you never want to see me?

I am also human, I love you

I'm suffocating I'm suffocating

Open this door - come
down, come down -

This irreligion is not the same
as the life-giving water of the sky

Sit down

how much is this - One
hundred and twenty tomans -

It's like you don't know about the market

Abbas Agha always received the same amount

The price of the water of life remains the same as the age of a person

It goes up every day

Abbas Agha did not understand, he went bankrupt

He is no longer with me now

Give the same amount

Why should I make a package incomplete?

Ahmet has filled the entire warehouse

wait now

You can take those three

Do you want both of these?

If you fall a little short, you
can withdraw your money

Don't be afraid... don't be afraid

Do I look like a glutton?

I shake your head

!Oh you! Ai - Wow, wow, what happened?

Get lost, motherless

Get lost, go out

Morning till night, the whole
girl...to get a curettage ampoule

Hey sir

What a school!

Sir - where? Where is the trash?

Where did you change the trash?
Do you touch people's children?

You trash - let me
fuck you, baby -

Dirt - my dear -

Let it go, dad, let it go, dude

Mrs. Angel

Don't hurt your hand!

How do you know my name is Angel?
- Grandma told me -

How does your grandmother know me?

He said that people have two angels who take
care of them until the end of their lives

So where is that angel?

That one angel put down a
pen as soon as he reached Tehran

you ate dinner? - No -

I didn't eat either

do you have money

So why did you walk alone on the street?

I want to go to the sanatorium

So you also want to escape
from this madhouse, yes?

Chocolate, can you eat it?

what is your name? - Saeed -

My name is Angel - I know -

I have other names

Jennifer, Camelia


Angel lady? - what? -

What will happen if I am soft at home?

did you run away from home

My father doesn't love me - why did he get a wife to have children?


Now, for example, does
PP look like a delicious cake?

what about your mom does he love you


like my mom

He loved me very much

Lady angel, lady angel


Will my mother be
upset if I stay at home?

There is no beetroot that cares about its child

Follow me again

I will also make you hit
the meat of the same donkey



Mrs. Angel

what else

Come on, yours

Mrs. Angel

Go away!

(the sound of car horns)

What's wrong mom? mom

Did you chat? Didn't you go to the institute?

Mom, breath, mom


what happened mom

We do not have ampoules

I don't know either

Did you chat, mom?
Did you chat?

Give me your hand -
Mom, I'm fine Mom -

you pose

...not me, your mom

Mom, how are you, mom?

Raise your hand

No, I'm fine -
we'll cut it in half -

Mom, give me your
mood - we'll cut it in half -

Maman John -
half... half... half -

accept, accept

We cut it in half

Raise your hand

Breathe, breathe


Where is Saeed?

Performing a music program at the charity celebration
of the sample hospice (by the artist clients

my darling

do not Cry

i will be fine

do not Cry


laugh my dear


Hi hi -

Thank God, today is much better

Mr. Babak Azimi came

I'm going to tell him, is this
beautiful friend of ours free?


I know it's hard

Chemotherapy is hard, but you will be fine

promise me - i promise -

Sepideh Jan - My dear? -

It's my fault that you became a chemist

I took the anti-chemical
masks on the wrong day

Out of 12,000 people in Sardasht, 8,000
people were chemically treated that day

So it was you, fool


...I am Mariam

...Dad, me, Mariam

come open the door

I want to see you

You don't know how much I miss you

...Dad, I knew you were alive

and you come back

Dad, come open the door

I want to hug you

kiss you


(Mr. Rubik)



Sit down


What is your name, my daughter?
- Massoumeh -

!Masuma, Ah Barikla

Wow, what a beautiful instrument you have

Do you want me to hit you?

(Maryam Avansyan) Maryam

Aunt, are you here?

Everyone is waiting

I will wait for mother to
come - can't it be aunt -

Let's go, mom is coming too

If you don't come, Mehyar
and the children won't start

Sepideh worked hard
for this concert for a year

Let's go, for mom's sake

(concert sound)

meme like the moon

Meme like Maryam

M as Mother

♪ I wish I could tell you ♪ ♪
how much I love your voice ♪

♪ How much like my childhood
♪ ♪ I love your lullabies ♪

♪ I love your simplicity ♪
♪ I love your tiredness ♪

♪ prayer tent and under
the lips ♪ ♪ God, I love you ♪

♪ I wish I could be a mirror and a
candlestick on the window of your heart ♪

♪ In the cloudy plain of your eyes
♪ ♪ I would become a drop of rain ♪

♪ I wish I could sing a lullaby for you ♪

♪ A sky of narcissus and jasmine ♪ ♪
Let me sit in your hands in the garden ♪

♪ lullaby lullaby ♪

♪ Sleep as I want ♪ ♪ I can
count the stars in your eyes ♪

♪ lullaby lullaby ♪

♪ Stay with me forever ♪ ♪
I love the world with you ♪

♪ If the world is good, if it is bad
♪ ♪ I want to see you with me ♪

♪ Garden of petunia flowers
♪ ♪ I can pick them with you ♪

♪ Mother ♪

♪ Mother ♪

♪ How I love your voice ♪

♪ I love your lullabies
♪ ♪ I love your voice ♪

♪...mother ♪

((And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them,
and for you. Killing them is a grave sin.)) Surah al -Asra, Al -Aya 31

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