Lucky Luke (1991) - full transcript

Lucky Luke becomes the Sheriff of Daisy Town and runs out all the criminals. Then the Dalton brothers arrive and try to get the Indians to break the peace treaty and attack the town.

(wind blows)

* Where the four winds blow

* And it's five miles wide

* Where a six gun rules
and a man can't hide

* A man can play

* And a man can win

* Lucky Luke rides again

* Lucky Luke

* Born to ride

* With a six gun by his side

* Lucky Luke

* Here's to you

* Do do do do do do do

* There's a man who waits

* Over yonder hill

* And when he shoots
he shoots to kill

* But he don't know

* That in the end

* Lucky Luke will ride again

* Lucky Luke

* Born to ride

* With a six gun by his side

* Lucky Luke

* Here's to you

* Do do do do do do do

* On the dusty trail

* Beneath the western sky

* Where the sun shines
hot enough to fry

* A cowboy's dream

* Must never end

* Lucky Luke rides again

* Lucky Luke

* Born to ride

* With a six gun by his side

* Lucky Luke

* Here's to you

* Do do do do do do do

* Lucky Luke

* Born to ride

* With a six gun by his side

* Lucky Luke

* Here's to you

* Do do do do do do do

* Lucky Luke

* Born to ride

* With a six gun by his side

* Lucky Luke

* Here's to you


[Jolly Jumper] Here they come.

This has gotta be one of
the most important meetings

in the history of the west.


(clears throat)

(trumpet call)

The great Indian
chief Prairie Dog

is about to sign a peace treaty

with the United
States of America,

allowing the settlers
who wanted to push west

to cross Ute territory.

In return, the
pioneers are agreeing

not to hunt buffalo
on Indian land.

(trumpet calls)
(drum beats)

(drum beats)

(drum solo)

(trumpet solo)

(jazz duet)

One, two...

(flash bursts)

[Jolly Jumper] Well,
there you have it.

That's how peace came about

between the white
man and the Indian

in the Arizona Territory.

(wind blows)


Martha, come.


A flower.

It's a daisy.

Why, so it is.

This must be fertile
land at last.

We shall settle here
and build a town.

We'll call it Daisy Town.

(gentle harmonica music)

Come on, folks.

We've got work to do.

(upbeat western music)

[Jolly Jumper] And
so the good folks

started building
theirselves a town.

And everyone is
glad to lend a hand.



[Jolly Jumper]
Well, almost everyone.

(upbeat western music)


(lazy western music)

(speaks foreign language)

* That saved a wretch like me

* I once was lost

* But now I'm found

* Was blind but now I see

* 'Twas grace that
taught my heart to fear


(bells ring)

(children chatter)

(bright piano music)

[Jolly Jumper] Well, that's
how Daisy Town came to be.

And where there's a town,
there's saloon girls.

* Well, it's mighty
good to be here

* And it's mighty good to see

* That you've all come out
to meet my dance hall dollies

* And me

* Once you're past
those swingin' doors

* You're gonna
shine like the moon

* At Lotta Legs Hotel

* And the Palace Saloon

* If it's entertainment
that you want

* Come on down.

[Man] Hey, it's Lotta
Legs and the girls!

* We got country
singers and gunslingers

* All singin' the same tune

* At Lotta Legs Hotel

* And the Palace Saloon


[Jolly Jumper] And where
there's saloons, there's fights.

And where there's
fights, there's outlaws.

And the good people who
built the town lived in fear.





Gun fights came
easy in the west.

Fellers seemed to get shot

faster than they had time to die

from typhoid or even snake bite.

You know, in the old west

gun control meant
hittin' what you aim at.





Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

(horse whinnies)

[Jolly Jumper]
So it wasn't long

before a good town went bad,

and the richest man in
town was the undertaker

and his pet bird.

(twangy country music)

But every once in a while,

a man comes along who's
as big as his dream,

who fights for law and order

and tries to make the world a
better and safer place to be.

Of course, it helps that he's
the fastest gun in the west,

faster than his own shadow.

That man is Lucky Luke.

I should know, I'm his trusty
white horse Jolly Jumper

and he's my cowboy.

(twangy country music)


(bright piano music)

(shouts in foreign language)

(glass breaks)

* Hey, put your pistol back
in your holster, partner

* Back where it belongs

* Don't you know
you've been interfering

* In Old Hank's song

* And if you do,
maybe me and you

* Could be singing
our own love song

* So put your pistol back
in your holster, partner

* Right back where it belongs


* So you say your cactus cutie

* Up and left you

* So you come waltzin'
in and cuss and fuss

* Well, that's no reason
to go shootin' up my


* Chandelier

* And that's no reason why
you go takin' it out on us

* Hey, put your pistol back
in your holster, partner

* Back when it belongs

* Don't you know
you've been interfering

* In Old Hank's song

(twangy country music)


Hi, Ace.


I see you're still
cheating at cards.

I thought you was in Cheyenne.

I was.

* Hey, put your pistol back
in your holster, partner

* Back where it belongs

* Don't you know
you've been interfering

* In Old Hank's song.



* So put your pistol back
in your holster, partner

* Right back where it belongs

I thought you were in Laramie.

I was.

But not anymore.


Still talk a lot?

I like your song.

Still take requests?

Depends on who's asking.

I am.

Hey, put me down, you buffalo.

You heard the lady, cowboy.

Out of my way, mister.

Isn't this where we left off?

What do you say
we step outside?

No, this is where we left off.

I'm sorry.

I was talking
to you, stranger.

This town could use
a little law and order.

Where's the sheriff?

What sheriff?

They tarred and
feathered him a month ago.

Fourth one this year.

Yeah, we sure
don't have a sheriff.

Well, you do now.

What, who?



Where's my office?

The end of town.

Hey, what about our shoot-out?

We don't allow them
in Daisy Town no more.

Oh yeah?



There's only one man
can shoot like that.

That there's Lucky Luke.

I guess this one's
got my name on it.

(clears throat)


Come on, folks.

We got us a cotton sheet

and some tar that's just
the right temperature.

Hey, lookie here.

We got an outlaw
to tar and feather.

I wouldn't do
that if I were you.

Did you hear that?


He wouldn't do that.

Who's gonna stop us?



(whistling music)

(twangy country music)


[Jolly Jumper]
Luke cleared the town

of its bad element, alright.

Hey, what are you doing?

[Jolly Jumper] Got
rid of the card players

and the wrestlers, and stopped
the gun play on Main Street.


My finger!

(soft dramatic music)

[Jolly Jumper] Well, I
believe we got company.

Bad company.

And look who's sleeping.


I have to do everything myself.

Everybody up!


Up and at them, banks are open.

(twangy country music)

Drop your gun.

[Jolly Jumper] A little
to your right, Luke.

Yeah, yeah, that's it.

That's it.

We have target.



(whistling music)

You're under arrest.

Nobody robs a bank
while I'm sheriff.

[Jolly Jumper] Yeah,

now I know why they
call you lucky.

I see we got a new sheriff.

I wonder how long
he's gonna be around?


You don't have
to worry about him.

That cowpoke can shoot
faster than his own shadow.


I'm not kidding.

I saw him do it, right
over there in the saloon.

That's Lucky Luke.

Sure it is.

Who are you, his new deputy?

Yeah, yeah I am.

How come you ain't
over there with him?

I was just heading there.

Watch his hat.



(whistling music)

I'd like to give
you a hand, Sheriff.

Be your deputy, maybe?

I've been following your career

and I know you're
the best there is.

But if you come up against a
pack of cowpokes like these.


You mean I can be your deputy?

But I want Saturdays off,

and I always take my mother
fishing every Friday afternoon.

[Luke] I said alright!

[Jolly Jumper] And pretty soon

the good people of Daisy
Town got their town back.

Going fishing, Sheriff?


Can I ride Jolly Jumper?

[Jolly Jumper] No.


Thank you!

[Jolly Jumper] Mr. Nice Guy.

And I'm the one that
has to do all the work.

Let's get the whole school
up here, why don't we?

Daisy Town went back to being
a quiet little town, alright.

But not everybody was pleased,

for business was
down, down, down.

And Lotta Legs even
stopped singing.

And the sheriff had plenty
of time to go fishing.

[Luke] We'll have fried
fish tonight, Jumper.

[Jolly Jumper] Hmm.

Wouldn't happen to have a
bale of hay on you, would you?

Look, I've got a better idea.

Let's go for a nice long
ride and stretch our legs,

and maybe chase some
pretty little mares.

(whistling country music)


Oh no.

I don't like the
sound of this at all.




I hate snakes.

Any time, Luke.

Any time now.


Now, watch your fingers.

That's my cowboy.

You scared my horse.

I wouldn't mess around
with Jumper if I were you.


Scared? Me? No.

There you go.


(twangy country music)



Stop that, those are my beans.

[Jolly Jumper]
Well, excuse me.

Here, I'll put them back.



Get up.

[Jolly Jumper] Ah,
you pretty little thing.

Oh, those lips and those ears.

Oh yeah.

Oh, mighty, mighty fine.

How about a little kiss, huh?

- Come on.
- Huh, what?

Come on, sleepyhead, let's go.

[Jolly Jumper]
What time is it?

Who are we?

Where are we?


This is no time for dreaming.

Duty calls.

[Jolly Jumper] Maybe
not so tight this time.

Down, lower.

[Jolly Jumper] I think
I'm gonna throw up.

West, where's west?

(dramatic western music)

Peace and tranquility
never last very long.

Daisy Town faced a new threat.

The Daltons were on their way.

(dramatic western music)

The Daltons, the
scurge of the west.

Joe Dalton.

William Dalton.

Jack Dalton.

Why are we going to Daisy
Town if Lucky Luke is there?

He's only gonna put us in
jail like he always does.

[Jolly Jumper]
And Averill Dalton.

No he isn't, Averill.

Look, we're going there
to get Lucky Luke.

(upbeat hoedown music)

[Jolly Jumper]
Let me see this.

He's embarrassed.

I love to watch this stuff.

The Daltons' horses have
conditioned reflexes.

Whatever town they're in,

they'll stop either at
the bank or at the saloon.

Of course, they don't always
get their priorities right.

Not the bank, the saloon!

[Jolly Jumper] Hmm,
not bad for a cowboy.

* This magic moment

* While your lips
are close to mine

* Will last forever

(upbeat hoedown music)


The Daltons.

Guess that old magic
still works around here.

Give me a drink.


I want your best whisky.

Yes, Mr. Dalton.

You better be
reaching for a bottle.

Yes, Mr. Dalton.

(gulps loudly)


Get your honey,
pat on the head.

If she don't like
biscuits, feed her cornbread.

I didn't know you were
such a good dancer.


(horse whinnies)

It's the Daltons.

Gee, what a boring town.

Music, that's what
we need, music.


Oh, goody.

(horse whinnies)

(cracks knuckles)

Cut it out, Averill.

(bright piano music)


How you doing, Joe?

Lucky Luke.

Oh, hi Mr. Luke.

You remember me?

I'm Averill.

And this is my brother William,

and this is my brother
Jack, and my brother...

Shut up, Averill.

What do you want, Luke?

To take you back
to jail, as usual.

See Joe, I told you.

I told you.

If you're looking for a
showdown with Joe Dalton,

you better think twice.


Care to match that, cowboy?


Here, boys.

Right, Joe.

Right, Joe.

Right, Joe.

Right, Joe.

Put it on your
head, numbskull.

(dramatic music)


Way to go, Joe!

Way to go, Joe.

What a shot.

Could you top that, Luke?


What can you do?

I can take you back to jail,

now that you've wasted
all your bullets.

Gee, that was a
pretty smart trick.

Wasn't it, Joe?

Shut up, Averill.

No, you can't.

You ain't taking us nowhere.

We've got amnesty.

Amnesty, for the Daltons?


"Because of the
overcrowding of the jails,"

"due to the number of new
prisoners from Daisy Town,"

"the inmates who have
been here the longest"

"will be set free."

We're out free and clear,
law-abiding citizens.

Go near that
bank and you'll go

right back where you came from.

We don't do banks anymore.


Hold it right there.

(dramatic music)

You're under arrest.

So now you're arresting people

for depositing money in banks.

No wonder the prison is full.

That's a deposit?

You better keep your hands up.

This feller is dangerous.

Wait a minute, Sheriff.

Don't you think you're
being a little hard on him?

Hard, on a Dalton?

No wonder this town's dead,

the way you treat visitors.

No wonder the saloon's closed,

because nobody's there.

Bank will close because
nobody's making any money.

Luke here's scaring
everybody off!

Mayor, he's ruling Daisy Town.

I think I'll make my deposit
at Rattlesnake Gulch.


He might be right, Luke.

Everything has been a
little too slow lately.

I can't believe you folks.

Where do you think he
got the money to deposit?

Indians, Indians!

I've been shot at by a pack.

I tried to make it across
the reservation last night,

then they shot at me.

Indians, Indians!

But we have a peace treaty

and they haven't attacked
anybody in years.

It wasn't Indians.


This isn't an Indian arrow.

(mutters in foreign language)


Actually, east.

West of Kentucky.

May my veritable friend meet
his ancestors on my behalf

if he gets the
chance, which he will.

(shouts in foreign language)

(twangy country music)

My hats, look at my hats!

They're all ruined!

My hats are ruined.

My merchandise is all wrecked.

Who's gonna buy this?

I mean, look at this.

Who's gonna buy this?


I know, discount.

Special sale on hats,
discount sale on hats.

Sorry, Bowler, but
business is just business.

I'm ruined.

Who'd a thought Indians
would've attacked?

It's not Indians.


Indians believe that a
warrior killed at night

will spend eternity in darkness.

Indians don't attack at night.

[Jolly Jumper] Hmm,
that's a new one.

Sure did like
your speech, Joe.

Yeah, good speech, Joe.

When are we gonna
get Lucky Luke?

We already are, Jack.

First we see him run out
of Daisy Town humiliated

because the whole town
turned against him.

Then we waste him.

Not like that, Averill.

That's not the way you do it.

I'm sure getting tired of
robbing stagecoaches, Joe.

Wouldn't it be
better to do a bank?

I mean, we wouldn't
have to work so much.

When Lucky Luke is gone,

we rob the bank, the
saloon, the general store.

We take anything in
Daisy Town we want.

Averill, no
self-respecting Ute warrior

would go around
looking so stupid.

(gun cocks)

Two Feathers, I told
you you look stupid.

What exactly do you
think you're doing?

We white brothers wanna make
friends with red brothers.


Yes, very well.

(exotic flute music)

(twangy country music)


There he goes again.

Think you can find your
way out of the territory?

- Yeah.
- Well then, get.

Better believe we
ain't never coming back.


Dullest place we've ever been.

Right, tell your
outlaw friends.

Luke, can I talk to you?


You wanna ride a bit?

- Yep.
- Okay.

[Jolly Jumper] Hmm,
this is gonna be trouble.

The girls have been
wanting me to talk to you.

No one goes to the
saloon anymore.

Everybody's afraid
of getting arrested.

Well, if they behave
themselves they won't.

Well, that's just the point.

Maybe you're making Daisy
Town a little too good.


[Jolly Jumper] She's saying
the town's boring, cowboy,

and she's right.

We haven't had a decent
gun fight in weeks.

A town that's too
clean starts to die.

You gotta have a little light.

It helps the economy.

I'm just enforcing the law.

Maybe you shouldn't
enforce it quite so much.

You mean, be a good sheriff
just part of the time?


I can't do that, Lotta.

[Jolly Jumper]
That's my cowboy.

(tribal drums and chants)

(war cries)

What do you think
we should do to them?

Let them burn over a slow fire?

Impersonating a native
is a serious offense.

Put them in a buffalo stampede.

Oh, stop that.

We were just dressing like you

so we could warn you
about them settlers.

You don't know what
they're gonna do to you.

Don't you see?

That Lucky Luke and Daisy Town,

they're taking over the prairie.

You know,

* Oh give me a home

* Where the buffalo roam.

Nice singing, Joe.

* Oh give me a home

* Where the buffalo roam

* Where the buffalo roam.

Well, the buffalo are
gonna roam, alright.

Down in Arapaho country.

* Where seldom is heard

* A discouraging word

* And the skies are
not cloudy all day

* How often at night

* When the heavens are bright

* With the light from
the glittering stars

* Have I stood there amazed

* And asked as I gazed

* If their glory
exceeds that of ours

* Oh give me a home

* Where the buffalo roam.

And the buffalo are
gonna roam, alright.

Down in Arapaho country.

The sky, you're not even
gonna see the sky anymore

when the white man
civilization comes.


White man's progress

is the end of the
prairie for you folks.

And that's just the
beginning, my Ute brothers.

* Home, home on the range

* Where the deer and
the antelope play

* Where seldom is heard

* A discouraging word

* And the skies are
not cloudy all day



(tribal drums and singing)


No war, not yet.

I have to think
about this first.

First we call a pow-wow.

If you keep up the
way you're going,

you're not gonna
have a town anymore.

What Daisy Town
needs is progress,

growth, civilization.

But Joe, didn't you just say...

Shut up, Averill.

Business is down,
there's no tourists.

There's no growth.

This town is dying,

and he's the one who's doing it.



Don't take them so seriously.

Look, you're just a little
too good at your job.

Oh yeah?

Well, they can get
themselves another sheriff.

All these people care about

is how much money they can make.

They don't care who
they make it from.

Those outlaws have
shot more people

than we will know
in our lifetime.

This town's getting a
little greedy for me.

Luke, come back here.

You know you don't mean that!

[Jolly Jumper]
I reckon he does.

I ain't ever heard him talk
so much all at one time.

(melancholy country music)

(twangy country music)

Smoke signals, Jumper.

Prairie Dog's asking the
other chiefs to pow-wow.

That's a bad sign.

How do you spell Crazy Coyote?

With one smoke cloud or two?

With two.

(exotic woodwind music)

Crazy Coyote with two clouds?

How ignorant can you get?

Crazy Coyote, my chief.

Prairie Dog invites
you to a pow-wow.

May someone respond
that Crazy Coyote,

chief of the Asuluglala,

will attend this pow-wow.

May someone prepare my horse.

Squaw, I won't be home tonight.

I will be spending the night
at Prairie Dog's teepee.

Crazy Coyote has spoken.

Well, don't go riding through
the prairie like savages.

Squaw has had the last word.

Pow-Wow, Sick Eagle accept.

Send signal to Chief
Prairie Dog that I accept.

Send signal to
Chief Crazy Coyote

that we ride together.

And send signal to the
chief of the Arapaho

to see if he's
invited to pow-wow.

Maybe someone respond
to Chief Sick Eagle

that Snake in the Grass has
been invited to Prairie Dog's,

to Chief Prairie Dog to thank
him for having invited me,

and to Crazy Coyote
to let him know

that I'll pick
him up on the way.

Save hay, share a ride.

Tell everyone

(speaks foreign language)

Thank you for all the messages.

Over and out.

(upbeat flute music)

Something's going on, Jumper.

We better check it out.

[Jolly Jumper] Where do you
get all those bright ideas?

(crowd murmurs)

(shouts in foreign language)

Ming Li is back.

(shouts in foreign language)

I guess I had to live
with pink faces after all.

You mean pale faces.

Maybe for you, maybe for you.

(twangy country music)

It says that way.

[Jolly Jumper] Then
let's go that way.

It says this way.

[Jolly Jumper] Then
let's go this way.

And now what?


I've never seen this one before.

[Jolly Jumper] Just
stop playing Indian

and I'll take you there.

(twangy country music)


[Jolly Jumper] Where?

Let's skip the formalities.

I'm for war against Daisy Town.

But you don't even
know the reason yet.

Come on, come on.

The white man's ruining
our ancestral grounds.

Declare war and
get it over with.

Let's not lose our heads.

We have an agreement
with the white man.

I propose we smoke peace
pipe and go to him, then.

We smoke the peace pipe?

- Yeah, then...
- War.

- War.
- War.

(coyote howls)

I'm outvoted.

[Jolly Jumper] He's outvoted.

Let's go.

[Jolly Jumper] Uh-oh.


Sorry, Two Feathers.

Uh, One Feather.


(dramatic western music)

[Jolly Jumper] You know
how when you take a trip,

coming back home seems
to take half the time

it took you to get there?

Well in this case, it's true.

I've never seen the
scenery go by so fast.

(dramatic western music)

Go, Jumper, go!

Come on, Jumper.

Come on, Jumper, breathe.

[Jolly Jumper] I can't do it.

I'm not gonna make it.

Oh, I can't go on.

Come on, Jumper,
don't drown on me.

I need you.

[Jolly Jumper]
That's more like it.

That a boy.

(dramatic music)

[Jolly Jumper] Ah, I
hate to cross rivers.

(dramatic music)

[Man] Hey, it's the sheriff.

He's back.

Oh Luke, thank
goodness you're back.

Those Indians are
gonna attack, ain't they?


The Daltons stirred
them up, didn't they?


They coming at daybreak?


Thanks for the warning, Luke.

Wonder what we'd
ever do without you.

[Jolly Jumper]
And what about me?

I didn't exactly
see him walking.

I couldn't have done
it without Jolly Jumper.

[Jolly Jumper] Oh,
'tweren't nothing.

[Bowler] Get your souvenirs
of the Daisy Town Massacre.

Selling them right here today,
right here in Daisy Town.

These wonderful bowler hats,

genuine souvenirs
are a dollar a piece

or two for two dollars.

Get them while they last,

while the rush is on right now.

Genuine souvenirs of
the Daisy Town Massacre.

Right here today, right here.

Hurry up, hurry
up, the rush is on.

A dollar each or
two for two dollars.

Right now today, right
here in Daisy Town.

You aren't gonna find a
deal like this anywhere.

(ominous flute music)

(rooster crows)

Everybody, take it easy.

Don't shoot until you see
the whites of their eyes.

They ain't moving.

Can you see the
whites of their eyes?

No, no, not really.

One, a little bit out
in front of the others.

I still can't make out
the whites of his eyes.

Averill, get back in
line until I tell you to.

I got dust in my eyes,

I can't see where I'm going.

Look at my eyes,
they're all red.

I don't wanna look
at your eyes, Averill.

You advance when I
give the command.

Who's the boss
around here anyway?

You are, Joe.

- Who?
- Joe.

Men, light your arrows.

And remember, wait until
they get real close

before we shoot them.

But Joe, that
might start a fire.

That's the whole
point, you idiot!


(horse whinnies)



Let's get them!

(crowd panics)

Buckets, buckets.

That'll be a dollar.

They gotta have them
to put out the fire.

Business is business.

(crowd panics)

What's the matter, Averill?

I can't find my arrow.

Forget the arrow, Averill.

(frantic country music)

Firemen, firemen!

(crowd panics)

Wait, wait, no, these
hats are a dollar!

Wait, these hats are a dollar.

These hats have holes!

These hats have
got holes in them.

Well, that's what I've
been telling you all along.

And now you're
blaming me for it.

No refund.

It's getting harder and harder

to see the whites of their eyes.


When you're finished
playing cowboys and Indians,

you'll understand
who's in charge here.

Those attacks look good
on the drawing board,

but in practice they
would've wiped us out.

It's you Daltons who've
caused all the trouble,

because you have it
in for Lucky Luke.

Yeah, he always
puts us in jail.

Shut up, Averill.

Prairie Dog has signed
treaty and keeps his word.

We go to Daisy Town in peace.

(horse whinnies)

I see them, I see them!

I see the whites of their eyes.


No Feather, will
you come back here?

(exotic flute music)

I really did see the
whites of his eyes.

Chief Prairie Dog, my friend,

it's good to see you again.

Yes, Lucky Luke,
it's good to see you.

Could I speak with you
for a moment in private?


* Around her neck, she
wore a yellow ribbon

* She wore it in the springtime

* And in the month
of May, hey hey

* And if you asked her why.

They're always
late, aren't they?


* Far away, far away

* Oh, she wore it for her
lover who was far away.

Company, halt!

* Far away, far away

* Oh, she wore it for her
lover who was far, far away

* Around her knee, she
wore a purple garter

* She wore it in the springtime

* And in the month
of May, hey hey

* And if you asked her why.

This is a rather
embarrassing situation.

We got a little ahead
of ourselves, I think.

Yeah, I know.

The Daltons fooled
the settlers, too.



If it's alright with you,

it'll be better if both sides
just forgot the whole thing.

Works for me.

* She wore it for her
lover who was far, far away

* Behind the door, her
father kept a shotgun

* He kept it in the springtime

* And in the month
of May, hey hey.

Well, I guess there's no
need for a new peace treaty.

Everything's settled.

My brother has spoken well.

Chief Prairie Dog
hasn't spoken bad, either.

* Far away, far away

* Oh, she keeps it for her lover

* Who is far, far away.

This is my...

Well, some friends of mine.

I thought you might
need some help.

This is Michael...

Lieutenant Reed.

Now we smoke peace pipe.


Oops, I'll be late
for my next battle.

Cavalry can't be late.

Come on, men, we're out of here.

Oh sorry, I've gotta go.

I promised my Squaw I'd be
home right after the battle.

Peace, my brother.

I really must get going.

Company coming.

Upset stomach.

Don't look at me,
I gave up smoking.


[Averill] Did
you fall off, Joe?

[Joe] No, I always
get off this way!

Come back here,
you forgot something.

You're going back to jail.

Not without a
fight, we're not.

(dramatic shoot-out music)

(fly buzzes)

[Jolly Jumper] Alright boys,

now maybe we can have
a decent gun fight.

(dramatic shoot-out music)

Alright, what's the hold up?

I can't sit around here all day

waiting for some action.




You want me, you're gonna
have to get Averill first.

[Jolly Jumper] Oh yeah?

And if you want Luke, you're
gonna have to shoot me first.

Whoa, what am I saying?


(gentle country music)

[Man] Way to go, Luke!

We're gonna get you now, boys.

You're really gonna
know what sorry is.

Swing in by midnight.

I've got a better idea.

(whistling music)

Loves me, loves me not.

Loves me, she loves me not.

Loves me, she loves me not.

Cut it out, Averill.


Ain't it nice to
be back home, Joe?

Get out of here, Bushwack.

Wonder what's
for dinner tonight.

I hope it's chicken.

To Lucky Luke!


To Lucky Luke, who taught
us there's more to life

than material things.


Long may he be our sheriff.


Luke, we salute you.


Come on up here, Luke.

Come on, come on,
give us a speech.

Talk to us, talk to us.

Trot on up here.


Well, I didn't
do nothing special.

Just doing my job.


They found gold at Old Gulch!


(frantic country music)


Come on, there's gold
in them there hills.

I'm coming!

[Bowler] Hats
with holes in them.

Hats with holes in them.

Perfect for panning gold.

Hats with holes in them,
perfect for panning gold.

$10 a piece, two for 20.

$10 a piece, perfect
for panning gold.

These hats are perfect
for panning gold.

Old Gulch, is
that east or west?

Never mind, don't tell me.

You going?


I kind of like it here.

How about you?

Daisy Town still
needs a sheriff.

[Jolly Jumper] Come on, Luke,

we've got a sunset to catch.

I never settled
in one place before.

I know.

[Jolly Jumper]
Come on, cowboy.

(twangy country music)

* Of all the lonesome
cowboys in the west

* I figure I've gotta
be the lonesomest

* I want to ride the reins
where there's lots of elbow room

* Feel the wind blow free and
smell the sage brush bloom

* Rather be on my own, son

* Singing my
lonesome cowboy blues

* Yes I'm the lonesomest
cowboy that I know

* But when it comes
to courting and such

* I move real slow

* Met a pretty gal and she
to get hitched the other day

* My horse got so upset
we rode the other way

* I've gotta be on my own, son

* Singing my
lonesome cowboy blues

* Some folks think
it's Heaven in a hotel

* With their puffed-up pillows
and their quilts piled high

* Well, I don't
hanker for no hotel

* Just wanna kick my boots
off by the campfire's glow

* While the lonely coyotes cry

* Well, my bed is
my horse and saddle

* And my blanket is the sky

* Of all the lonesome
cowboys in the west

* As far as I can see,
I'm still the lonesomest

* Beneath the prairie skies

* I'm gonna drift
and dream tonight

* And never find
what I'm looking for

* But then I might

* So let me be on my own, son

* Singing my
lonesome cowboy blues

* Just living the life I choose

* Singing my
lonesome cowboy blues

(twangy country music)