Lowlifes (2017) - full transcript

Troubled teens in a 2nd chance 'bootcamp' program encounter a group of terrorists trying to take out a rural nuclear power plant. Stuck in remote area with no skills or communication to the outside world, the teens find they are the only thing that can stop a nuclear threat.

- Holy bejeezus!

You scared the snot
right out of me.

I told you yesterday,
since my wife died,

I don't do church no more.

Son, you need to go
about your business.

I told you yesterday I
don't need a another bible.

Maybe when I'm ready
to meet my maker.

- Company, left face, march!

Left, left, left, right, left.

Get in step, boys.

Left, left, left right left.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Bring your arm, boys.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Company, halt!

Left face, march!

Forward, march!

Company, halt.

About face.

Parade rest!

Team Bomb Squad.

- Yes, sir!

- Team Lady Snipers.

- Yes, sir!

- Team Bone Crushers!

- Yes, sir!

- Young man, what did
your mama feed you?

- Disaster must be upon us.

They called out
the National Guard.

- Camino.

Camino, can I borrow $5?

- You already owe me 10.

- I do?

Damn it.

- Excuse me?

- Permission to pass, sir?

- Permission to pass, sir.

- This weekend
exercise will be filled

with lots of new for you.

Trees, lakes, animals,


Something waxing your
butt there, Theodore?

- Just not a big
fan of insects, sir.

- Well, certainly you
have bugs in Chicago.

Smell the fresh air.

Not like the South Side, is it?

- No, sir.

- Listen up.

Or you will be left behind.

Bluestone Academy
is for your benefit.

A second chance to leave
your shitty past behind you.

Be a team player.

- It's a boot camp
for troublemakers.

They drill them
like in the army.

- Thank you, Sergeant.

I believe this will be a
great experience for you all.

- Excuse me?

- We're waiting to pass you.

- Fall in, now.

You're on report
there, Theodore.

Perhaps he can
watch your backside.

So I won't be there to wipe it.

Is that clear?

- Yes, sir!

- Fall in.

- Cadet Camino.

You're on report.

So that means no tunes.

People, I know you all
brought personal devices.

If you are on report,
you cannot use them.


- Ooh, Theodore's on report.

- You punked my ass.

- Language, Camino.

- Hey, look at me, I'm a thug.

- You're also the
only white girl here.

- Yeah, I know you're
from the hood, Cassandra.

- I know you wouldn't last
10 minutes in my hood.

- Pshh.

- Roxy, want to play?

Double or nothing.

- Sorry, Mack, I don't gamble.

You don't get anywhere in
life taking chances like that.

- Cass, who's that?

- Chombo.

- Cass's boyfriend
and one mean mother

so you better watch
yourself, Camino.

- I can
take care of myself.

- Chombo's my brother.

He actually just got out.

- J.K.

Yeah, she's single.

You can have your
little romance, Teddy.

- Dang, watch out, are
you trying to kill us?

- Freely.

Are we close?

- God, I hope so.

Why are you so calm?

- You should see how far
these kids have come.

- Got change for $5?

- Not falling for that, Mack.

- Man, you lady snipers
are supposed to be ladies.

- You ask for money every
day but never give it back.

- Come on, Mack, just lay off.

- Whoa, whoa, I'm just
looking for change.

I have the five right.

- Oh, my God, oh, my gosh.

Oh, my God, I can't
find my license.

- What did these kids do?

- I need it.

- For what?

- Hello?

All right, who took it?

- Freely
beat up a teacher.

And Camino had a full
scholarship to U.C.,

hanging with the wrong crowd

and got busted
driving a getaway car.

Mack is from Haiti.

He hasn't had an easy life.

- What about the girls?

- Cass took a car
for a joyride, crashed it.


Roxy had a gun accident.

The big guy, he stopped talking

after his little brother
died in his arms.

stealing a candy bar.

- Ow.
- Guys.

A phone?

This is B.S., he's
on report too.

- He has trauma.

It's allowed.

- Mommy?

Yeah, that one
with the long hair

is giving me trouble again.

The ugly A-hole.

- Whoa!



Hey, hey!
- Sit down!

- Hey, easy, Camino.

Sit down!

Zero tolerance, Camino.

If not, no completion, no
G.E.D., no more soccer.

Am I clear?

- Yo, why
didn't you stop them?

- Don't concern me.

- Deal with that anger, son.

Team player, it's required
and it's the only way

to get through here.

Team first.

- I'm teamed up.

- Name?

- Chombo.

- Full name?

- Perfect?

- You bet your ass.

- You oughta stick around.

Come on, teach marksmanship.

- Good luck with the newbies.

- Flapjacks tomorrow.
- All right.

Not even pancakes.

Thought you loved helping kids.

- Kids.

Got a couple of
gang-bangers, vandals.

Couple of manslaughters
thrown in.

- And you're handing them
loaded weapons on purpose?

- A bullet at a time.

Hopefully, Sunday I
still got all my toes.

- See ya.

- Is this gonna take all day?

- You got
all weekend, son.

- We're waiting to use one gun?

- Staff sergeant is not present

but I see no need for
decorum to waiver.

- Yeah, well it's stupid, sir.

- We need to make sure you
understand, safety first.

- Yeah, I got it.

Safety first, sir.

But I think we should
be able to use.

- I didn't say commence.

We are not in a hurry, son.

Now stand down and
wait for my command.

- I've been shooting
my whole life, sir.

- Cadet.

Cadet Camino.

I said in line, army style.

Gotta move that, Ted.

- Sir, that's too close
to the wild animals.

- Get along, you two.

Or you'll be sharing
a sleeping bag.

- Lucky first shot.

- Yeah, I told you.

- You're not gonna shoot?

- Somebody stole my license.

- Just look for it later.

There are no stores
out here anyway.

- Hey, I'm going in.

- Hey!

Let's play, Turd.

- Do it.

I'm tired of dealing with you.

- Kill yourself then.

- I will.

- That'd save me the trouble.

- Don't you say that.

I am not.

- Jerk.

- You'll be sorry.

- Hey.

I'm talking to you.



You, what are you doing?

I was just trying to help him.

- Stay there, Camino.

Don't talk to him.

- So that's it?

No show of remorse?

Very disappointing, commander.

I drive two hours to
learn that these animals

can get away with
attempted murder?

Your board will be
hearing from my attorney.

♪ She'll be coming around
the mountain when she comes ♪

♪ She'll be coming around
the mountain when she comes ♪

Hey, fellas, take a seat.

All right, let's try this again.

♪ She'll be coming 'round
the mountain when she comes ♪

♪ She'll be coming 'round
the mountain when she comes ♪

♪ She'll be coming
'round the mountain ♪

♪ She'll be coming
'round the mountain ♪

♪ She'll be coming around
the mountain when she ♪

- Right.

Just like Freely.

Everybody let your hair down.

- I'll let my hair down

when you give me a
straightening iron.

- Oh, a bug, it's gonna bite me.

Its ass lit up.

- We don't have
those bugs in Haiti.

- What's wrong?

- Nothing.

- Don't worry,
he'll bounce back.

- Boy, don't try me.

- Okay, campers.

Dawn comes early around here.

Let's go.

- Wait a minute,
is that a snake?

- Snake!

Don't leave me, don't leave me.

- You're from the hood and
you're scared of snakes?

- Let's go, ladies.

- Oh, that hurt.

- Let's go.

Not you two.

You build a big fire,
you put a fire out.

Don't even think about it.

- Ow, dude.

- Camino!

All right, baby.

All right, man, pull over.

I gotta get something.

- What?

- This is good,
I'll be right back.

- Hey, there's not gonna
be any alcohol or drugs

at this party?

- Really?

What did you think?

- You know, if I get
anywhere near that shit,

coach will cut me.

- Asshole.

- Hey, get me an energy
drink while you're in there.

And don't bring any
beer in the car.

- Yes, I know, mother.

No beer, got it.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

- What did you guys do?

- I got your energy drink.

Go, go.

- What?

Life sucks, why are you here?

- I was going home, now I
have to drive your ass back.

- Because maybe you're a driver.

It's your job.

- You're a smart-ass lowlife.

- Man, you don't know
nothing about me.

- That's right, walk away.

- You just
shut up, man, okay?

- Never amount to
anything if you always walk away.

What the hell?

- Why don't I come up
there and kick your ass?

- You know, stow it.

There's some idiot in
the middle of the road.

You broke down?

- Who wants 50 pushups?

Turn those lights out?

- No bars.

- Shit, Will.

- You got your
kiddies tucked in?

- My kiddies?

Yeah, I think so.

- Do you hear that?

Automatic weapons fire.

- Really?

Call it in?

- Well, the nuke
plant's back that way,

gotta run your
exercises sometime.

- He would have notified you?

- Yeah, I got a
radio in my office.

- Nuclear plant.

- Phew!

One of us stepped in deer shit.

- Oh, yeah, we're
in deer country.

I have never not talked
to my wife for three days.

- You want to get away?

You go to Alaska,
Utah, and here.

I can radio her for you.

- Yeah, sure you can.

- Fricking kids are
messing with us?

- They wouldn't dare.

- Well, who the hell
else would screw

with a police firing range?

- Freely.


- Shauna.

- Is Freely in there?

- No.

- Where is she?

She said she'd go pee with me.

- I think you can
go by yourself.

- Will you go with me?

- No.

Reveille's at five.

- Can I borrow your flashlight?

Forget it.

I can see.


I think some farmer's
driving a tractor.

Hey, hey, I don't
think he can see us.

Tents, fall in, fall in!

Everyone get out of the tents!

Fall in, fall in!

- Shit!

Holy shit, shit, shit!

Give me the light, give me now.

- God, dude, don't
go back there.

There's some crazy farmer
ran over all the tents

and Lea's dead,
they're all dead!

Damen, stop!

- Get your big ass
back here, dough boy.

- Listen, listen,

he's just trying to get
your attention, okay?

Listen, you can hate
us all you want, man,

but you have to
listen right now.

Crazy shit is going
on over there.

- Come on, Freely.

- Chicken.

- Have you seen goosebumps
the size of golf balls?

That's what my skin
will look like.

Big black-ass golf balls.

- It's not cold.

Yes it is.

No, it's not.

It's all mental.

- You're all mental.

Come on, let's go back to camp.

- Fine, go for it.

- Uh, not by myself.

There are snakes, and
bugs with their ass lit up

and all types of shit, I'm not
going back to camp by myself.

Are you crazy?

We hear you back there.

- Mack, have you been
watching the whole time?

- What?


Just got here, I
didn't see nothing.

- Ooh, Mack is so naughty.

- Freak, you need
to go back to camp.

- Told you.

- We thought you were dead.

- Hey, turn around.

- What'd you bring them for?

- Hey, shut your trap.

Some serious shit has gone down.

- You shut your trap,
you cracker-ass white--

- Listen to them,
listen to them.

- Some crazy hick, he
ran over all the tents

with his tractor
and he shot Lea.

He shot Lea dead.

- It's gross.

- You're lying.

- We're not that gullible, okay?

- Nice nips.

- Guys, Puke, zero bullshit.

Is it true?

- Yes.

- Oh, my God, Lea's dead?

Shit, she has my makeup bag.

- God, Roxy.

- Where are you going?

- We need to find,

we need to find a car and we
need to find guns right now.

- No, hey, if what you're
saying is true, we need cops.

- We're in the
middle of nowhere.

- No, wait, wait, wait.

Why would farmers
try to kill us?

- News flash.

In this country, some
people are still racist.

- Really, Freely?

- Uh-huh.

- Mack.

- Well, nuclear facility.

You'd think they'd
upgrade the system.

Sectors one to three, all clear.

- One to three, clear.

Cutie in sector four
heading south west.

- Coyote.

- That's what I said.

- Lovely accent.

- I must go to the water closet.

- If you must.


- Gia.


We're going to yellow.

- Why?

- Deer season ends today,

so foot traffic's gonna be down.

- Tracking less people
does not necessarily mean

less chance of an attack.

- Just do your job, Hawking.

- Hey, hey!

- God, stop it.

- Puke, boy, I make
your eye black and blue.

- Where's your phone?

- I lost it with your boyfriend.

- I don't have a boyfriend.

And I wish he hit you harder.

- If we pool our money, I can
get us to a police station.

- What's the police gonna do?

- God, can you be
more trusting, Freely?

- I don't trust the farmer
that killed our team

and I sure as hell
don't trust him.

- A farmer killed our team?


- Were you there, Cassandra?

Puke face here said a
tractor ran them over

and you idiots believed him.

- Hey, get off the road, dummy.

- Where are you guys going?

The camp's this way.

- Damn it, we need
to stick together.

- Watch out for
the killer farmer.

- I think we've walked
in a big circle.

- Oh, my God.

I have the worst migraine ever.

- Shh.

- I don't know why
I followed you.

You're really not very nice.

- Stop it, Turd.

- Dude, I can't see shit.

- All right,
you know what?

I really think we
should go back.

- Uh-uh, we need some guns.

- What if Lea's death
was an accident, huh?

- An accident?

Roxy, you are crazy.

- Oops, I accidentally
hunted you down

and shot you in cold blood.

- Shut up.

I swear to God--
- Ignore them, ignore them.

Ignore them.

- Why don't you put me on
the ground and make me?

- They're probably hunting
us right now, Roxy.

- Roxy, they don't shut up.

Just be the bigger person.

We need to go back to the camp

because that's the first
place Chombo's gonna look.

- Chomo is guilty for what?

- No, he just has two counts
of involuntary manslaughter.

- Oh, you hear that?

He killed two people

- Oops, sorry, I didn't mean it.

- Sorry about that, sir.

- Did it again.
- Accident.

- Damn.

- Chombo's a bigger man
than you will ever be.

- Slow down.

You're walking too fast.

- Look, maybe we should go back.

- Let me guess.

This don't concern you.

- Hey, it's Cass.

Leave me a message.

- Morning.

- Morning.

New driver?

No, I don't need
to see your permit.

Protocol says I do need
to search the car though.

Looks okay to me.

- Have a good one.

- Thank you, sir.

Nuclear plants have the
best fishing, don't they?

- So many fish, it's sick.

- We'll get sick if we eat them?

- Enjoy, sirs.

- Asshole.

- What is that?

- You want some more, baby?

- Oh, like I'd be
interested, dick.

- I'm so hungry.

- Yogurt in a tube?

Give me some of that.

- Sorry, Roxy sucked me dry.

- You wish, loser.

I did not just sleep on
this, ground's freaking wet.

- Come on, Kim, I didn't
knew you like her.

- Dude.

- Your real name
is Kim?

Is your mommy coming, Kimmy?

Your head down the
toilet again, Kimmy?

- Shut up.

- Kimmy, where are you going?

- You're really
brave, you know that?

- I don't feel brave.

Everyone's gone.

Lea, Camino.


- Well, I'm here.

- Cass!

- Jesus.

Where did you come from?

- Some crazy dudes
come up the bus

and they killed the driver.

I barely got away, I've
been running all night.

- Lea's dead.


We went swimming and Puke
said that some farmer

ran over the tents.

- You were swimming with Puke?

- We're headed to
the camps right now.

- No, no, no, we
can't go back there.

Puke's wrong.

The killer shot at me.

Not a farmer.

- Well, I'm heading
to the camps.

- Mack, it's a bug, it's on me.

Help, there's bugs on me.

Get them off!

Get them off!

- Chill, chill.

- Hello?

- Hey, Mike, are you busy?

- Just fishing with Chase.

- A day off, wow!

Say, I'm working for
the geological survey

with the Rockford Study.

Do you know Jim
Hickenlooper's farm?

Does he have two white buildings

or is his with grain
bins and a red barn?

- He's got two white barns
just east of the house.

- Oh, gotcha.

Yeah, I think I see
someone down there.

- Jim's a big guy.

Not one you want to run
into in a dark alley.

He's all right.

He's got to be the biggest
redneck I ever met.

- Redneck?


- Yo, what we gonna do?

Dude, stop eating
these people's food.

Find a phone?

My mama would kill me
if she knew I was up

in these white folk's houses.

I'm going to leave them a note.

- Hey, hey.

You placed your name on it.

- Where I'm from,
you don't steal.

- There's good
people in Haiti, too.

But at least they know
not to place their name

at a crime scene.

- Yo, ya'll hear that?

- Car patrol?

- Correct.

7 a.m. all sectors clear.

You can't have food.

- Sue me.

- Sector eight,
guard patrol delta.

Five members heading east.

- Confirm but I see only four.

All other sectors clear.

- You are not my
burden to carry.

If they ask me, I
will tell what I saw.

- They're watching us right now.

You think eating
a lousy sandwich

is gonna bring in
Homeland Security?

- I work my buttocks off.

If I lose this clearance,
I lose this job.

Then I lose my visa.

- You read Russian books.

What do you think
they think of that?

- It's a fantasy.

- Only English is permitted,
so don't lecture me.

- I lose this
job, I come for you.

- You're a damn mood, woman.

- She is so hot.

- Whatever.

- Dude, you know you want her.

- Watch the
board, I'll be right back.

- I don't have clearance
to be here alone.

Hawking, I'm not
watching your station.

- That your dinner?

- Uh-huh.

What's an aquifer?

- What's an?

It's like a cave.

Fresh water that
supplies our water.

There's one below us.

It's over a hundred miles wide.

Pumps to cool the fuel rods.

- I wouldn't want
to be swimming by.

- Suck you in and squish you.

- Where's all the
water go after?

- A transfer station.

Ends up in a mountain somewhere.

- In a cave?

- Not the same one.


- Okay, Mike.

I'm over that firing
range you mentioned.

- Roger.

- It looks abandoned.

- There should be
two dozen people.

- Well, there's an awful
lot of foliage, and hold on.

Oh, my gosh.

Their stuff's
scattered everywhere.

And wait.

I see a group of five.

And there's a blonde
haired female.

- One of the boot camp kids?

- I'm not sure.

They're all walking
away from the range.

They're wearing the
same color pants.

- The kids wear uniforms, too.

- Sure, but, why would they
leave their camps all trashed?

- Hey, I gotta run.

- Oh, okay, Mike.

Sorry to be such a bother.

- That sounded
like a helicopter.

Maybe they're looking for us.

Have you gone yet?

Dude, it's not healthy
for you to hold it in.

Just go.

- You're not my fricking mom.

- I think we should split up.

- Why would you say that?

- Say what?

- You just found us.

- Yeah, well, I saw
them messing around.

Think I should go check it out.

- You just said we
should look for help.

- This area's under attack.

It would be helpful to know why.

Puke can take care of you.

- Puke?

You're so complicated.

- Oh, great.

Hey, buddy boy.

You driving a
tractor last night?

- Buddy your ass.

- Yeah, you'd like to
buddy my ass, wouldn't you?

- Are you jealous of him?

- Jesus, it sucks out here.

Camino, why are you here?

F.Y.I. Cass, I went.

- You know, I don't know
why I came back, okay?

- Roxy, not now.

- Here's one for later.

- Wait, guys, guys, guys!

Get off of him!


- Oh, Cass, I'm sorry.

- I'm fine!

- Fricking bugs!

Oh, hi, I'm sorry.

I'm just lost.

- What are you doing?

Get off of me.

- What happened?

- Give it to me.

- Hey.

- I'm an
expert marksman, okay?

- You're an
expert chicken shit.

- I saved your life.

- I out-rank you.

Give me the gun.

- Cadre of the Lady Snipers
don't mean shit out here, okay?

You don't even know how
to load the damn thing.

I'm an expert.

- Put it down, boy.

- Oh, shit.

- Yo, we don't want no problems.

- What the hell?

- You guys are scaring
the fricking deer.

- Yeah, well you
don't own the woods.

- Turd, shut up.

- Own the woods?


You're right, Turd.

- Code four, Bubba.

We're going hunting
for real terrorists.

- Code four?

No shit.

- Those sons of bitches
ran over your friends?

- And captured one of us.

- So this is all
that's left of you?

- Doris, you got your ears on?

Aunt Doris, we got
terrorist activity

somewhere near 6,000
north, 350 east, copy?

- Just call her.

- Dead zone.

Not a cell tower for 50 miles.

- Mack, follow her.

- Lunch break.

- What are you monitoring?

- Citizens band.

It was nothing.

- Lunch break.

- Not tonight, Nelson.

- Hey, I watched
your station for you.

It's time for my favorite show.

Yoga with the Stars.

- Colby, fight from the south.

- Just me?

- Hey, man, don't question.

He was in Nam.

- Hey, no eating.

- Now, that is the shit, man.

Ooh, I am moving
to fricking Russia.

- She's from the Republic
of Georgia, you idiot.

- My aunt lives in Atlanta.

Don't look nothing like that.

- They comeback
to something here.

- Wait, I can see Roxy.

I can just look.

- No, no, no, no.

Look, are you sure?

No, no.

I have fought outlaws.

- What do you want from us?

Nobody even knows
you're out here, okay?

You're the real deal.

- What the hell is that?

- What'd they say?

- Nothing, not a sound.

I can't do another night.

- Is that the power plant?

- Can I see it?
- I think so.

- What's it like
to kill someone?

I bet he deserved it.

- Cass!

- So I have
to be very careful

when I clean this panel?

- Yeah, you bet your ass.

No abrasive, and no
water, all right?

- You guys, so full of shit.

- Are we under attack?

- No one's home.

What's wrong with your car?

- I don't know, I just freaked.

- Man, what are you doing?

- Well, you said
no one was home.

- Yeah, but what
if they come back?

- All right, well,
we should be quiet.

So these terrorists.

These guys, you don't
know what they want?

- Didn't have time to ask.

- Covered faces?

Maybe terrorists that don't
wanna take credit, huh?

- Hey, we could
cross the field on that.

Can you hot wire it?

- Can you drive it?

- Hey,
you got anything?

- Uh, try now.

- All right.

- Need to work on your quiet.

- Somebody get me
a pot of coffee,

it's gonna be a long night.

Where did that E.M.P. deploy?

I need a location, people.

- Working on it, working on it.

- Gia, call it in.

- Full alert, code red.

Backup power is 80%.

- So the E.M.
fried most of the system.


- Air National Guard reporting.

Explosion, sector 15.

They blew up the whole farm.

I'm gonna call state police.

- Chombo.

Yeah, I'm okay.

- Are you okay, princess?

- I want to thank you.

I wouldn't have found
Cass without you, son.

But if I were him,
you'd be dead.

- Chombo, he's not worth it.

- Come on.

Drop that, the plant
is under attack.

- What is that?

- Mack, Mack!

Come on, come on!

Come on, come on, come on.

- Camino, I owe you this.

- Wait, you don't
owe me nothing, okay?

- I'm sorry.

If anybody.

- Mack, Mack!

- I.D. these for me.

- Green is for friendlies.

Red is unknown.

- The unknowns are
probably an anom, amun--

- Anomalies.

The signals have been
increased since the E.M.P.

- Do we look stupid, Hawking?

Who the hell are the red?

- I'm an American doing my job.

- Tell the patrol.

I don't want them shooting
Bambi and his mother,

let alone a hunter.

- Well, you can forget that.

We should be careful.

- Colonel Jackson.

- I need all of your activities
transferred to my staff

within the next 3 1/2 minutes.

- Who are they?

- Homeland Security, I think.

- What activities?

For the week, the month?

- Why is he speaking
directly to me?

I will be in your office.

Custodians do not have
access during code red.

Arrest him.

- What's a code red?

- You think you can
come to our country

and kill without payback?

- You did.

- You saw them coming,
didn't you, huh?

- No, I didn't.

I was just as surprised as you.

- Did you kill Mack?

- No.

- Why are you here?

- Roxy said
they don't talk.

- The last one.

- Kill him, kill him!

- Cass said you're
not a murderer, man.

- What the hell?

She's like hot.

- So?

Bitch has one thing on her
mind and that's murdering us.

- Chombo.

- Cassandra.

- Hey, just chill for a sec.

- You ain't going though, bitch.

- Thanks for doing that.

- Look, I'm not
dragging her ass.

- One of us can stay.

- I will.

- No, I will.

- Three video feeds
are unaccounted for.

- What?

- Cameras have diverted
our Homeland feed.

- Been busy, Hawking?

- Me?

You disrespect me every day.

Now with these clowns, I'm
not just gonna sit here

and let you guys--

- Yes you are, yes
you are, yes you are.

- All right, that's
the regular patrol.

Our feed ended here.

- Those friendlies?

- Well, I don't care, I
don't care, I don't care.

I need a two-mile buffer zone.

Get me incident management.

- Look, this is the last
day of hunting season.

Nobody pays attention
to posted signs.

- Well, it is possible
that no one intentionally

diverted these videos.

Here's the last one here.

I can take them an analyze
them in greater detail.

- Why don't you analyze
them in greater detail now?

- Roxy!

- Life or death reflex.

- We have three
layers of buffer.

There's little chance
that we'll be breached.

- This is pissing me off.

Check the generator.

Run down there.

- Control to unified command.

We are standing by for a
possible third E.M.P. strike

within our buffer zone.

- So, you just gonna
drive up there?

- Wait, why don't we just
get closer so we can see?

- How we all going
to fit in there?

I'll just wait there.

- I hate this, but I
agree with the big man.

I'm sticking around, too.

- Are you serious?

So we're all just
going to wait here?

- So I'm thinking, this
doesn't concern all of us.

Why don't we just
stay here and wait

for another car to drive by?

- Chombo!

- Hello?



- This is the
conservation police.

Who is this?

- We're in
some serious danger.

Okay, I think there might be,

to the nearest water.

- Water what?

You're breaking up.

- Call the army.

Forgotten any, yeah.

- Backup power stable.

We have a possible
threat in sector.

- Eight, unauthorized
vehicle approaching.

- Attack the gate
in broad daylight?

- Sir, this is a secure area!

Step out of the vehicle!

- What?

- Sir, you must follow
my explicit instructions

or you will be fired upon.

- I'm not the bad guy.

- Sir!

- Hey, I'm an American!

- Sarge, I think I
shot him in the arm!

Sir, lay down the
weapon face first!

- Gunfire exchanged at
the northwest fence.

- Vehicle disabled.

- We need I-sap.

- Gia, I'd like to speak to you.

- Have a nice flight.

- Is there anything?

- No further activity.

Oh, might be
something on this one.

- Millions in detection gear

and you guys can't find
a lump in your shorts.

- Guys, what happened?

- Your plan A, Chombo, dead.

Plan B, Cass got in a
truck with the terrorists.

- Send your
girlfriend to the grave.

Nice job.

- Very mature.

What next, Camino?

- We gotta get to water.

- Uh-uh, no more water.

- Commander Randall
said, before we got here,

many people get their water
from some big underground lake.

I saw toxic waste signs.

They're planning on
poisoning the water.

- That's stupid.

They're going to
blow up a nuke plant.

- According to the guard,

who fired on him is
a group of teens.

They also were seen in
another location of ours.

- The troublemakers
from Chicago.

- All right,
what's happening?

- No further attacks, sir.

- Where was that taken?

- The transfer station
showed this image hours ago

and since the last E.M.P.
strike, can't reach anybody.

- Anything light?

- No, no alarms.

- Run a diagnostic.

If it's the E.M.P.

Nothing's working right.

- You people, you keep
spinning your little wheels.

And you're wasting my time.

Do I have to do
everything myself?

Send a patrol to
the way station,

make sure nothing
has been breached.

Gia, get the transport
chief out of bed.

I want him to count
every drum, every pallet,

make sure nothing is missing.

- Nuclear waste is stored there?

- It's a transfer
station for water

that's come in contact
with the fuel rod.

- Even kids know a
single drop of plutonium

could poison an entire lake.

- What are civilians doing
here during a code red?

- Mike Tolrey's
conservation police.

He knows the area and he may
know the kid in the video.

- Kid?

A kid set off an E.M.P.?

- I saw a group of kids and
the kidnap video was at a camp.

- Camp?

- Could it be a diversion?

If they stole the waste,
they could poison the water.

- The Erie aquifer's a
hundred square miles across.

- Please, go give
some fishermen a fine

and get out of my
formerly secure office.

- Come on.

- Now, the rest of
you, nobody else leaves

until I get some answers.

- If I had a .50 cal
with hollow points?

- Ain't no video game.

- I gotta see if
Cass is in there.

- Camino, be careful.

- Come on, let's go.

- What if they come back?

- What now?

- I have been put on suspension.

- Well,
that takes the shit.

- What takes what shit?

- They think you have
something to do with this.

- I-sat, live.

Finally really, I can
finally use a satellite

the way it was intended.

Sweet Jesus.

- A satellite is feeding
back our location.

As commanded, your highness.

- Would you switch to the
water treatment plant, please?


- There?


- There.

- There.

Oh, I have made
it so, number one.

- Shut up, Hawking.

Shouldn't we check out the
water station Mike mentioned?

- So.

Pouring nuclear waste into
an underground aquifer.

That really is what
all of this is about.

- I don't think
you should ignore it.

You'd be kissing the
middle U.S. states goodbye.

- Oh, don't forget to
kiss the Mississippi

and the Gulf of Mexico.

- You're relieved.

- Am I?

Now that is a relief.

God, it took you idiots so long.

So how does it feel that
the entire middle U.S.

will be uninhabitable
for 10,000 years

and you can't stop it?

Welcome to your
apocalypse, gentlemen!

- Arrest him.

- Call the Pentagon.

- You?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I killed.

And I'm going to keep you around

for a little bit
now, baby cakes.

Give me some of that fine
piece of ass before I go.

- What will become of me?

- Show me a great time, then.

- Where should I put this?

- Be creative.

- Control.

We have been breached.

Everybody is down.

I repeat, security
room is breached.

- Watch the hair.

- Camino!

- Oh, shit!

- Hey, over here!

- Freely.


Freely, shh.

You're fine, you're fine.

Come on, come on.

Freely, come on.

Give me your hand.

- Hey!

- Camino!

- Bitch!

- Hey!

- To the right.

There's something going on it.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

There's a combine on fire.

It ran into that building.

There's a bunch of
guys in hazmat suits.

And they're pouring
something out of barrels

right into the aquifer intake.

- I'll call it in.

- She's been shot.

Put pressure on it.

Pressure on it.

Hey, don't leave me again.

- You know I never
meant to hurt you.

- Just don't
do it again, okay?

- Oh, I think I see
those kids again.

Can you get us a little closer?

What the hell is
coming behind us?


Oh, my God.

Can you get in the maze?

Right there!

Mayday, mayday!

- Damen, Damen!

- This concerns me.

- Put some pressure
it, pressure on it.

- Drop your gun!

Hands in the air!

- It's okay.

I'm sorry.

- Last face I'll ever see.

Oh, my God.

- Damen, we need to get
Freely to the hospital.

Damen, are you hurt?

- Kid, get the
hell out of there!

Stop or I will shoot!

Get on the ground!

- Chombo?

- Get on
the ground, now!

- This is bullshit.

- This is bullshit,
we're Americans.

- Chombo, they know.

They're just doing their job.

- Is that one of
the troublemakers?

- Actually, that's what
a hero looks like, son.