Love Reborn: Comics, Music & Stories of the Past (2018) - full transcript

What is it Joni?
What's the emergency?

I want to drop out of college.

Wait, you're on your last semester.
Isn't it a shame...

I want to switch major...

To literature.


So I can wax poetry for you.


No way!

This is rubbish.

Love isn't like this.

Love isn't pretty like how it is
depicted in Michelle Judith's movies.

The same love that makes Dimas
forces me to do works that I hate.

Like, come on, do people really believe
such cute and perfect love exists?

If only they understand what love is.

- Honey, please! Don't leave us!
- Let go of me. Let go!

Please! Don't go!

Love is the scar that remains
when that useless man left mom.

But after that, Mom and I
can be prove that...

even without love for the
last four years, our lives are fine.

Mom is not only tough.

She's also a shoulder to cry on
for all her customers.

- Your child will come home.
- I'm happy when mom was like this.

I wished my life remained like this.

Until one day...

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I don't know why.

Every time that man comes,
I'm afraid Mom will fall in love again.

Three months went by.

He always came on the same day,
at the same time.

Bringing the same suit every time.

Who is this man?

Whenever I ask Mom,
her answers are always...

Ouch…I have a stomach ache!

The laundry! I have to take them off.

I have a social gathering today.
I almost forgot!

Mom, what social gathering?
It's 9 at night, everybody is asleep.

Money transfer! I need to transfer money
for the social gathering.

How can I not be upset?
She tells me everything in this household.

But when it comes to the mysterious guy,
she's so closed off.

I'm so curious that I drew him once
and I imagined him...

Wait, wait! Why didn't I think of this?
Why not just him?

Now, I don't care!

Let the mystery remains a mystery.

For tonight, let this mystery becomes
the solution to finish this damn deadline.

I am really upset by him.

But this mystery guy gave me some energy,
so my brain and hands kept going.

Seeing how Mom acts, I'm sure this isn't
a love story with a happy ending.

This story will tell us that love is about
who left and who was left behind.

Dimas, my comic is ready to be published.

Love Reborn:
Comics, Music and the Old Story.

Just ten thousand readers
and you're so excited.

Here, see this.

How will you get to
three thousand readers a week?

Your readers are tired of the same thing!

Mister president!

You've never heard it, right?

An online comic reached
ten thousand readers in one day.

It's fine to celebrate a little.

- Right?
- That's right!


Did you forget? We
have a lot of work to do.

Now, how many tickets have you sold?

The event is in a month!

Please, stop.

Rather than getting upset, you should
see the rough draft for the second part.


Finish the second part in two weeks.
We'll launch it at the comics event.

That's a great idea!

How is it good?

Dimas please.
Give me a little more time so I can rest.

I just finished the first part yesterday.

Two weeks!

Band… The Stubborn Band!

It's clear that on the night of March 10,
the Graha building will be our event venue!

Just ask him!

Right, you can read it!

You're the one who can't read!

You see this, Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

It's a tradition that every March 10, Graha
Building is used for the Band Festival.

The Band Festival is attended
by the whole campus!

This is also true.

Whose side are you one?

He's on our side of course!
What is this trashy event?

It's not just about music.

It's also a space for people who care
about social issues to hang out!

Let there be peace,
let there be peace.

A lot of people love peace.

I get confused thinking about it.

Why are you silent?

You said you wanted to fight.
Go ahead and continue fighting.

Don't you remember?

Because of the comic event last year, the
Japanese embassy donated to our library.

- Yes, that's true.
- That's a lie.

This is an important fact.

Yeah. Unlike the other guys,
saying they care without zero act.

Is it a band festival
or a drunkard festival?

Don't get brave, Pokemon! You're still
upset we played some songs yesterday?

Oh, the oh-so-righteous song
that caused headache?

Damn you!

Hey, please stop!

Hey, what's a pretty girl doing here?

- It's all messy in here.
- That...

- That...
- Don't worry about it.

Stop it!

Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey, stop it!

You, stop it!

I'll settle this.
I am pulling your building permit!


Where's yours?

- The permit. The permit.
- With him.

I have it.

My vehicle registration.
Do you want it?

My vehicle registration is a permit.
Not syrup. It's permit!

Motörhead was right!

Politics sucks! I'm sure that the chairman
is colluding with those pokemons.

Let's just stop them
on their way home!

- Where did you get the gear?
- Shut up!

Rindu, what are you doing?
Sobirin's mom told us that fighting...

I'm tired of hearing it!
What do you think?

I just need their addresses.

Bring back our rights!

Long live the students!
Long live the students!

All right, calm down. Calm down!

The audience will enter from here and
exit here, and since we're performing...

we'll enter from here,
the back of the stage

You have your own culture,
but you choose to be a freak, be a freak.

Rey, it's Bagus and The Stubborn Band!

You have your own culture,
but you choose to be a freak, be a freak.

Oh my God, Rindu!

Rindu! This is belong to our mushola.
Why are you bringing it?

You should have asked first.
Go on, continue fighting.

You have your own culture,
but you choose to be a freak.

What are you going to tell your
kids and grand kids...

when you still like to wear
embarrassing costumes?

Our song will be a huge hit!

At least the whole campus should know!

Excuse me, sir.


Happy birthday!

You remember having a son?

There's some red rice that you love.
Ask your friends to join in and eat!

Bagus! I want to talk to you.

You should've done it long ago.
When Mom was alive.

Bagus! Let it go, please.

Easy for you to say,
you think everything is over?

You failed to love mom, you don't have to
feel guilty for not being a father to me.

Bagus! Bagus!

I am sure this is Selha!
It's not Selha, it's Rosita!

- Now you got to pay for me for a year!
- You mean for life?

- It is not your business!
- Shut up!

Bagus, are you okay?

Give it back, it's not your business!

Why are you reading the Pokemon's comic?

It's just reading, what's wrong with that?

- You're trying to get with her?
- I'm just reading.

Bagus, give it back. It's not your concern.

What's wrong?

Rain. The suit you gave me.

Today, I return to the old days.

A time where I still recognize myself.

Yes, Dimas. Be patient, I'm working on it.

Rei, a Japanese Publisher
sent me an email just now.

They read your comics online,
and they loved it.

This is the perfect time
to have your name in bookstores.

But, they want to see the second part.

Just to see if it's worth or not.

And they're giving you a week.

A week?

Dimas, making a comic takes time.
The dark pencil process takes three days.

Then outlining takes two days,
another two days for screen toning.

Also dialogue...
Dimas, a week is impossible.

Rei, remember: only one week.


He hung up!

When are we going to stop
following that car?

Sobirin is not allowed to stay out
past Maghreb (6 PM).

Until I know why my dad
doesn't come home often.

That'll be after Maghreb then.

Obviously, the traffic in Cawang is heavy.
Now, shut up!

You're all so loud.
I've stayed in Cawang past Maghreb before.

Mom! Kirei will go to campus.

Wa'alaikum salam.

You'll have dinner at home, right?

I'll text you later!

I cooked already!

Sir, follow that car, please?

Hey you! Why are you taking my laundry?

Iron it, ma'am!

Go, don't return to my house!

I can't go home past Maghreb.

We're way past that.


Let it go, Bagus.
Your dad probably isn't here.

Hey, not my hair! Hey!

Hey. Sir? Sir!

Good, he's asleep.
So we're going home.

Let's split into two groups.

I'm with Soibirin.

You're with Rindu. Got it?

Not with Rindu, please?

Fine. You're with me.
Rindu with Soibirin.

No, thanks. I'll join you, Bagus.

I'm with Sobirin.
You're with Rindu. That's it.

That's more like it.

Prepare your cameras.

When you see the woman he's with,
take a picture and confront her.

Wait, wait.
Do I need to call a gangster from Cibodas?

I know a guy.
He's big, muscular, and wears jogger pants.

Wait, it has to be jogger pants?

Of course!

Can't you look scary with
football pants?


But he's a gangster...

Shut up!

- Why are you always...
- You too!

Okay, I'll shut up.

What do you think?

- The Cibodas gangster.
- Listen, listen.

All you need to prepare is a camera,
and then...

Hey, hey! Take care of your friend first.
What's wrong with you?


Camera. Take the picture of his woman.
Confront her

This one?


Oh, so this is Wijaya's woman?

How dare you make my friend upset? You
should be ashamed, where's your dignity?

Oh, Wijaya has two women
Wake up! Rise and shine!

What is this?
I'm her husband, starting next week.

Next week?

Dimas Jayadiningrat?

Anggun C. Sasmi?

Ahh. No!

Anang Hermansyah?
I have once loved you before.

But not like this.

Ah, yes!

That's it, get out! Are you crazy?

I'm sorry miss.
We got the wrong room.

Please forgive us.

This isn't a good hotel.

But Wijaya's car is here.

Your dad is probably their only guest.

Didn't you want to confront him?

Shut up.

If the woman isn't there
anymore, then what?

You're right.


Bagus, maybe the woman really isn't inside.

Why would you sleep at a hotel
without a woman?

True. If you bring a woman,
the bill will be cheaper. But..

Sobirin! Do you know what time it is?



Good evening, Sir!


What are you doing here?

Hello! Security!
What do you want?

Why did you put my father in your comic?

Your father?

Don't play dumb.
I want you to take it down!

I didn't know he was your dad!
He's the one who's being mysterious!

That's not an excuse to put my family
in your comic.

You have no right to force me to
take down my comic.

Your dad is the one in the comic,
he should be the one to file a complaint.

Get out.

Or you're in trouble for invading
someone's privacy.

Why are you stalking my father?



I swear, if I see that woman
I will call someone to take her away.

Mom, are you home?

Yes honey, why aren't you home yet?

Bagus, open up, please! It smells bad here!

Sob! Please, Sob!


Rei, can you get them out?

We had a deal.
If they want to join us, they should...

Alright, alright. Fine.

Sob, stop. I can't take it!

You better hold it in! Put it back in!

It's back inside, it's back.


- Morning!
- Good morning!



The man who just walked out,
when did he start coming here?

Sir, ma'am, I am so sorry.

I have work ethics. I can't go around
telling people about our guest's life.

Especially not to strangers like you.
Please remember that.

I am... A flexible guy.
It's a piece of cake.

So, even before I started working here, he
stays here so often, almost every day.

He's always alone?

Alone. Just himself.

He stays in the same room every time.
It's like the room was bought by him.

But you have the keys, right?

He also bought the keys,
so he brings it with him all the time.

But I do have a spare key.

But I do have to keep the privacy
of our guests with great care.

What are you doing? Are you bribing me?

Remember, you're young.
The future of our nation.

You should bring Indonesia forward.

I am...



She's pretty.

There's no point in being
pretty if you're sleazy.

You don't know my mom or know of her.
So keep your mouth shut.

You mother?

Tell your mom thank you.
Thanks for keeping my dad away from home.

Thanks for causing my mom's death,
and thanks for destroying my family!

Your dad is the sleazy one! If you don't
believe me, come to my mom's laundromat...

and see who comes to see
and flirt with her.

You see this?
Your mom's the devil.

Bagus, calm down. I told you, you can't solve
anything without a clear head and heart.

Alright, tell your friend that!

Hey, what did you say?
Do you realize what your mom has done?

What the hell is wrong with your dad, huh?
Can't you take care of him?

Stop it!

The issue is between both of your families,
so just solve them together! That's it!

So all three letters mentioned the same cafe,
"Gudang Koleksi" with a barista named Embi.

We have to go from Jakarta to Bogor and visit
every one of them? Can't you work smarter?

So what's the smarter,
better way that you can think of?

What is it?

Alright, here's the plan...

Alright, if you insist. I'm tolerant.

What has that got to
do with being tolerant?

I don't get you.

The melodious chirps of Embi's tune
plays this evening.

You can't see the grey and white as he
entertained us at Gudang Koleksi.

Do you remember? The first page of our
story. A cafe that held our joy and sorrow.

Jef! Sob! Hey!

The cafe is very vintage.
From interior to furniture, everything!

It's not just the furniture.
All the customers are vintage.

This radio is so big.

This radio looks like
an old air conditioner.

Is Embi here?

Oh, he's in the back.
He'll be out soon.

Thank you.

Miss, miss!

Good evening, can I get you something?

I want to order the
best water in the world.

Please give it to the the lady over there,
Tell her it's from Mr. Jef.

- Okay, from Mr. Jef?
- That's right.

This is taking forever.

You can go home, no
one asks you to be here.

Damn you!

Calm down, calm down.

May I sit here?

Of course I can.

You are like a pearl in a stack of hay.

You know which one you are? The hay.

I'm kidding, of course you're the pearl.

By the way, are you here alone?

No, I'm with...

Oh, with your grandpa.

Sir, if your granddaughter is this pretty,
you shouldn't keep her to yourself.

She'll be old like you.

Grandpa? Damn you, boy!

Do you not see the ring on her finger?

Forgive me, sir! I'm sorry!

- Let him go, honey.
- I'll finish him first.

Oh no, Jefri! Jef!

- Jefri, what happened?
- Oh no, not our bassist.

Let go, that's my friend!


Hey you rascals.

You're still young,
yet you're causing a mess in here.

Get out!

No, we have to go back to Gudang Koleksi.

Rei, can't you see how my friends look?

- Ouch, it hurts
- Do you want me to patch you up or not?

Are you crazy?

You're crazy if you let them
tag along tomorrow.

- Can't you see how Jefri look?
- Listen.

I can take care of this myself. But
whatever happens, you have to accept it.

Bagus, it's Maghreb.
Do you want to get yelled at by my mom?

Let's go.

What the hell is this song?

The rascals are back again.

Hey, kid...

What is this?

So you knew them since twenty years ago?

I have something for you.


Look at this.

When was this?

I think it was when we watched
the World Cup, back in the 90s.

Do you remember the exact year?
My parents got married in 1995.

- Hmm.
- Maybe they could have had an affair.

- What do you mean an affair
- Watch out!

This brat made some trouble yesterday!

Sir, sir. Calm down.

These are Sekar's and Wijaya's children.

Do you remember?


Yes, the two college students
we helped got together long ago.

The one who requested the song
"Akad" whenever they visit?

That's right. They're their children.

Please, sit down.

So, hold on, which one is Sekar's child?

So, you are Wijaya's son!

Bagus and Kirei.

How happy is my heart
whenever I sit next to you

Sekar and Wijaya met
for the first time here.

"Akad" is the song that Wijaya used to
express his feelings for Sekar.

But sir, between the two of them,
who made the first move?

We made the move.

After we played matchmaker,
Wijaya finally built up his courage.

Oh that. Who made it possible for
Wijaya's feeling to be reciprocated?

Me, of course.

When the time has finally come,
I want you to be my wife.

To walk with you under
the sun and the rain.

At the time, I put up sparkling lights
all around the cafe.

I told Sekar to sit down at
the very front of the stage

- It was so romantic.
- Alright, alright, we get it.

The two of us embracing 'til the
end of time, Would you like to be...

The point is...
Do any of you still see them?

Listen, the last time Wijaya came here
was around eighteen...

No, no. Twenty years ago.

Twenty years ago.
He was so different the last time he came.

- Five bottles of beer.
- I remembered six bottles.

He drank all six bottles.
He never came back ever since.


I'm really sorry. Can you excuse me?

Bagus, Bagus!

Have you lost your manners?
You can't do that!

Tell me, which part of it all doesn't prove
that your mom had an affair with my dad?

First of all, why does he always bring in
the same suit, and my mom pay no mind to it?

Second, why does she always throw out
all the letters your father wrote?

Can you pay a closer look? Not
just with your eyes, but with your heart.

Not until you can answer
all those questions.

Sir, have you seen them
while you worked here?

This is all we got after five days going back
and forth from Jakarta to Bogor. You get it?

You're just like your friends.
You can only criticize.

Better than watching cartoons like a baby!
Writing absurd comics.


Don't you realize how old you are?
Act your age!

Can't people have their own preference?

Everyone has to follow
your righteous lyrics?

Why are you making fun of my band?

Can you respect other people's freedom?

One more thing.
Absurd comics, you say?

Those comics helped my mom
pay my own tuition.

Better than you and your band.
You'll break up after college, like others.

Bagus, did you forget?
We have to perform at four today.

Alright, I'll let you know
when I'm back, okay?

Sir, can you finish in half an hour?
My band is performing this evening.

Oh, you're a band member.
Do you need a vocalist?

"We love you baby!"

Sir, rather than doing vocal runs,
I need you to run my engine, got it?

Sir, sir. What do you mean by that?

I can't go any faster. I only have two
hands. Unless you want to help me. Hurry!

Who is calling me?

My God, this woman. Hi, dear?

What's wrong with Atep? Just let him be,
don't bring him to the hospital. He'll be OK.


Who's Atep?

My son. He fell off his bike.

Why not get him treated?

He'll get better eventually. No need
to go to the hospital just from that.

Where would I have the money to go
to the hospital?

Please go home, sir.

What the... You wanted it done
fast earlier, now you want me home.

If I go home now, it's a far trip.
I live in Lebak.

Your son needs his dad right now.

Thank you!


Now we're stuck here.

Wasn't that written in the letter?

At the pool, we take our steps together.

Remember when I got hurt
and your world shook?

Thank you for finding the time
to worry about me.



Wijaya loves Sekar.


Sorry I said your band has no purpose.

You're not completely wrong.
I don't know where our band is going.

I should learn a lot from you.

You can help your parents with your hobby.

Does you feet still hurt?

It's funny. People ask me to teach them
how to be a successful comic creator.

But why are you the only one who asked
to be taught how to help your parents.

Maybe because you appreciate your family.

Not a lot of people do that.

I don't know. I think the world
makes people too ambitious.


But when they get what they want,
they forget...

what had gotten them
there in the first place.


Yes, you're right.

That's why I decided to make comics.

But I always hold on to one thing.

I make comics not for something,
but for someone.


This is my first drawing.
For my mom.

This is you and your mom?

She was so happy.
She said my drawing was beautiful.

In a sense, my mom was why
I became a comic creator.

This was the melody I made when
I accompanied my mom at the hospital.

When she was still conscious.

She said the melody helped her sleep
soundly and she could forget about her pain.

Last year, I always sit with my mom in
the living room, waiting until late night.

Waiting for my father
who comes home late for no reason.

Even when my mom had her heart condition,
my father was never really there.

Until, eventually, my mom died.

My father left us on my
seventeenth birthday.

He passed away?

He got married, to someone younger.

That's why I hate it when someone
makes a mockery out of my mom.

Because she's the only person I have...

When I...

When I have no one else.

Can you play it one more time?

Damn, are you crazy? What do I say to people
if you just cancel your project willy-nilly?

Listen, Rei. In order to reach success,
there's a price you have to pay.

Would you rather choose your dream or
that weird project that you never told me?

- But Dimas...
- I've prepared everything.

The printing, the publisher, and now I came
all the way here from Jakarta, just for you!

What more do you want from me, Rei?

No manager would go all the way like I do,
just to help you achieve your dream!

Kirei's dream or yours?

Hey bastard, I'm not talking to you.

You're the bastard.
Why are you forcing your dream on others?

You bitch!

Bagus! Dimas! What the hell!

Sir, sir.

Bagus, please just wait in the car.

What are you doing
still hanging out with that guy?

It isn't your family issue, right?

Let's go.

Rei, listen. A parasite like that
will turn your dream to dust.

When he get what he wants, he'll leave you.
Can't you see that?

Bagus, everything you said
about Dimas is true.

And I thank you for
helping me realize that.

- Do you understand that Dimas...
- Please.

There are more important things
other than him.


There's one place left
that we haven't visit.


Thanks Rei. Thanks for letting go of such
a big opportunity for us.

Sorry, Bagus. I'm thirsty.

No, it's fine. I can clean it up.

I have to say that the storm in my heart
rages violently today.

Because tomorrow, Asri will reveal
the sketch of the wedding dress.

Do you know Asri?

Asri the tailor?

May I embrace this storm?

May I lay awake in bed tonight
to imagine our future?

Let's go.


Sorry about what happened earlier.

Her shop used to be here.

It's on sale if you're interested.
It's been on the market for two years.

Sir! Where are you going?

I'm going home. I miss my wife,
seeing you two lucky couple together.

This is the best dress
my grandma ever made.

When her own daughter, my mom, asked
her permission to wear it, she refused.

This dress was ordered for...

Excuse me, miss.

Calm down, dude.

Miss, my grandma said you're pretty.

Can I ask your number
for the customer database?

Hey wet asphalt,
why are you flirting with her?

Wet asphalt? I'm dry!
Can I ask for a selfie?

Shut up.

I can say whatever I want, it's my house!
Alright, fine. I'm sorry.

You should be grateful I'm being nice.
She's very upset right now.

She's upset?

Yes. She said why isn't it
your mom that came for the dress?

She waited for so many years.
Even now, when my grandma is ancient.

Are they not getting married at all?

Oh, so they bought a dress
from a different store?

Show me who else has better
dressmaking skills than Asri Handoko?

What did you just say?

Who's a better dressmaker
than Asri Handoko?

Before that.

Oh, so they bought another dress?

A bit before that.

What do you think I am?
A DVD player that you can rewind?

- Sir.
- Sir.


Married to whom?

If you want to, we can arrange something.

That's the room.
Feel free to look on your own, okay? Go on.

I am very busy right now.

Sir, all of Bogor marriage records
are here, correct?

Yes, everything is here,
even records from VOC era.

You can even find Daendels' divorce papers
if you look, alright? I'll leave now.

Even if we wait until VOC returns,
we won't find anything.

Has he not arrived?
The groom hasn't arrived?

Don't you see the time?

Look at the time!
Are you serious about this marriage?

Sir, all marriages are serious!

- I don't see any commitment.
- No, wait! He's just late.



This is the certificate, isn't it?

This means they canceled the wedding.

Cancel the wedding?
No, sir! I'm really getting married!

- I'm talking about this.
- Please be patient!

Wijaya is crazy! Not only did he
leave my mom, she left yours too.

If there's a prison for people who can't
commit, he'll be locked away for life.

No, Bagus.

Your dad made me realize that
not all men are like my father.

Bagus, he brings in
that suit every Thursday.

Almost every single day,
he waited for my mom at the hotel.

Even though he knows
my mom will never show.

I have never seen a man
so committed in my life.

Ah, I'd rather kill myself!

If my Bintang doesn't show,
then I'll look for my own star (bintang).

- Please, calm down!
- What, sir?

- If the groom doesn't show, just marry me!
- No!

You can say that because
you've never lived him.

Come on, hurry!

I promise I will pay you back.
I don't have my wallet with me!

Please be patient, I am a
groom, my bride has been waiting.

You better replace my motorbike!

Your motorbike is secondhand,
why should I replace it with a new one?

You jerk!

Stop it, what's going on?

Paid in full.

I accept my marriage with Natasha binti
Jay Sukmo with dowries of 2 goats...

a Mito tablet, a wedding ring,
and a set of prayer kit paid in full.

- Witness?
- Accepted.

Alhamdulillah! Thank God!

Oh, thank you!

Sir, miss, hold on!
Where are you going?

Thank you for helping me earlier.
Because of you, our wedding isn't canceled!

This is for you guys. Please accept it!

So you'll be like us,
married, happy, and healthy!

- Yes, I hope you guys are next!
- Yes!

Hurry and ask her soon!

Thank you so much.

Be safe!

There are two people in the world who
could convince me not to hate my father.

You, and her.

It's because we both don't want the person
we care for to have a heart full of hatred.




Get out!

Would you like to be my wife?

Your voice is so much better than your
dad's when he was about to express...

What is it?

If Kirei finds out, it won't be a surprise.


You should freshen up first, alright?

Go on.

What's wrong?

Hold on.

- Who is it?
- Just wait for a sec.


This is not Rindu. It's
your angel of death.

I know, I'm sorry. I'll look for a
better gig after I return from Bogor.

You're still in Bogor?
Don't tell me you're with that Pokemon.

Her name is Kirei Asmara,
Not "Pokemon" or "Freak".

Why you are on her side?

Do you know that the new chapter
of the comic has thousands of comments.

Rei, I want to first apologize.

You have a lot of potential.
You know that?

Osamu Tezuka, Takehiko Inoue,
you can beat their success!

Dimas, I forgive you.

But our business is over.

You should know better about
who you're dealing with.

Hold on, Miss.
I'll check for you.


Look at your weird and embarrassing taste.

What will you tell your children
and grandchildren...

if you wear embarrassing
costume every day?

- When you have your own culture...
- What's your problem?

I should be the one saying that!

- Bagus...
- All this time, I thought you're different.

But you're just like Dimas.

- Bagus, I can explain.
- Oh, or did you inherit this from your mom?

Are you done?

No wonder she was divorced.

No wonder my father left her.

People like you can only
think about themselves.

Where have you been?

I told you.

I'm busy with school work this past week,
so I'm on campus all the time.

So Kenzo lied when he said
you're barely on campus?

Mom, I'm very tired.

We'll talk tomorrow, okay?

I never taught you to lie.

Then explain to me
what these letters are all about.

Explain to me why you didn't marry Wijaya?

Tell me about your past.

Don't meddle in my business.

I'm not meddling, I'm asking
what's the meaning of all of this?

Don't meddle in my business!

I'm not meddling! I'm just asking
what's all this?

Why don't you tell me anything?
Is that why dad left us?

Mom... Mom!

Mom, please open up...


Mom... Mom...

Give that contract to a new comic creator.


You're still speaking
at the comic event, right?

Nine nine point one FM,
the top college broadcasting radio.

Calm down, calm down.

We have a group cheer.

What cheer?

It's a cheer no other bands have, just us.

Just us.

Come on, let's do it together.

Stubborn Band, bring it in!

Alright, alright, that's good.

We can do it faster.

- No, no, you're good.
- It's great!

I want to give a shout out to Alda,
who's competing right now.

I hope you win and
become the MVP like Neymar!

Shout out to the whole faculty,
let's play cards tonight!

Stick to the script, please!

You can't play cards with a script.

- There's a script!
- You play them with playing cards!

Let's just continue with the interview.
So for the band...

do you play music for fun,
or is there something else?

We're utilizing our
talents, because it's...

We made a band for the money, honestly.
We all need money.

No, the most important thing is
becoming famous.

Yes, that's true. That's our goal!

That's why I decided to make comics,
but I always remember one thing.

I don't make comics for something,
but for someone.

- We want the fame!
- And the money is also...

Not for something, but for someone.

That's true.

That's so deep.
We'll be back after this next song.

Still on nine nine point one FM,
the top student broadcasting radio.

Yes, I'm his son.

If you're apologizing...

Mom, please get ready.

I'm busy right now.


Now, or you'll regret it.

Come on, please.

Why are we here?

Mom, just trust me. Please?



I'll call the paramedic. Excuse me.

It's brain tumor, auntie.

He refused to go to the hospital
and would rather stay here.

My dear…

Let's go to the hospital?

What for?

Who do I live for?

For your son.


What did I do wrong?

You did nothing wrong, dear.

You did nothing wrong.


It's hard...

for me to explain everything.

Please look after my bag, I won't be long.


After Wijaya's father passed away...

we live in poverty.

Until one day, Maya's family came along
and helped us out.

Wijaya could go to school and meet you.

Are you willing to let our family...

to be so ungrateful?

I know the two of you planned on eloping.

Are you willing to make him...

abandon love for his mother...

for you?

I love you so much. dear.

But I can't let you abandon
your love for your mother.

She worked so hard to raise you.

That's why I didn't show.

I'm sorry.

I made you wait in this hotel.

I need to make you hate me.

All this time,
I thought it had worked so well.

Until suddenly, you came to
my place three months ago.

My dear…

My dear…

My dear…

Bagus! Happy birthday.

You still remember having a son?

"Happy birthday, my son."
Dad loves you.

Okay, after the band performance, we'll
talk to the most talented student on campus.

Let's welcome to the stage, Kirei Asmara!

- Hello, Kirei!
- Hi Kirei, how are you?

Hello, please sit!

So, Kirei, let's have a little chat.

Previous data showed that your comic has
five hundred thousand readers for both parts.

Amazing, right?
Let's give her an applause!

Yes, and a Japanese publisher is interested
in publishing your work.

When will your work
be printed commercially?

From the bottom of my heart,
I'm sorry to disappoint.

I walked out of the
deal with the publisher.

Next week, both parts of "Story
of the Past" will be taken down.

I work independently now,
without help from my old manager, and I...

Kirei, this is shocking for us. Could it
be that you and your club members...

Oh, no, no.
I still hang out with them. We're fine.

But honestly...

I decided that I want to
do things my own way.

So what's your next plan?

In the future, you can see here...

I'm working one something that is really
different compared to my previous ones.

Can I ask?
How different will it be?

If asked how different,
then it'll be pretty significant.

In my previous project, I told the story of
someone who didn't believe in love.

Someone who sees love
as nothing but bullshit.

But in this one, I'll tell a story of
someone who's learning to open up to love.

This comes from a guy who she used to hate.

From him, she also grows to understand
what is love.

So what's the conflict of the story?

The conflict is…

She's coming to terms with this
new idea of love.

And she's afraid that one day,
she'll get hurt and get left behind.

So give the guy time to prove
that he'll never leave you.

Give him a chance to prove
that he'll always take care of you.

How happy my heart feels when
I sit together with you.

When I walked with you.
Would you dance with me?

Even if this is the last day I'll have,
I'll remain happy.

I'll be grateful for
it, just the way it is.

But if you want to be alone,
hurry and let me know

So I don't keep my hopes up
and causes you sadness.

When the time finally comes,
I want you to be my wife.

Walking side by side under the
sun and rain, running around and...


The Stubborn Band, what are you doing here?
You don't have permit!

Somebody, grab him!

Grab him!

When the time finally comes,
I want you to be my wife.

Walking side by side under the sun and
rain, running around and sharing laughter

But when it is time for us to part,
allow me to stay by your side.

Enjoying our last embrace at the end of
time. Would you stay and keep me company?

Would you be willing to be my friend?
Would you be willing to be...

my wife.

Do you want subtitles for any video?
-=[ ]=-