Lords of the Deep (1989) - full transcript

Man has finally conquered the ocean. America's first self-contained undersea laboratory is the pride of the nation, and expectations are high for an elaborate undersea mining operation. ...

(ominous music)

(mysterious music)

- Commander, what do you think's

really going on down there?

- It's hard to say.

One of their researchers, Claire
McDowell, do you know her?

- [Crewman] Nuh-uh.

- Anyway, she found
something she shouldn't have.

- And no one is
saying what it is?

- Nope.

They must be
threatening to someone

or we wouldn't be going there.

(ominous music)

(loud hum)

- Trilby, what happened
to that comlink?

- [Trilby] I am working
on it, Commander Dobler.

- Sometimes, I think
your programmed

for everything
but speed, Trilby.

- [Trilby] I am trained for
speed too, Commander Dobler.

- [Woman] Martel Incorporated.

- [Stuart] Stuart Dobler.

- [Woman] Please standby for
voice print identification.

- Stuart, any word from
the replacement crew?

- No, sir, and frankly, I'm
getting a little impatient.

I think I'm starting
to develop gills.

- Well, we may have to
strip you of your rank

and start using you
for experiments.

What about the others?

Are they anxious to
return to the surface?

- Some.

The maintenance crew is fine.

Your researchers, though,
are taking it a little hard.

It's like a blow to their pride,

you know, to be
replaced prematurely.

- Tell them to have
faith in their company.

Martel has their best
interests at heart.

- Yes, sir.

- Hipthong.

- Hipthong.

- Scrud.

- [Chadwick] Scrud.

- Thank you.

- Paperclip.

- You're not exactly
fired, Barbara.

I mean, come on,
there is a difference

between being fired
and being replaced.

- Right, Stanley.

- Ah, just like Martel.

You buy a chunk of the sea,

build the world's most
expensive undersea lab,

and they fix us up with the
world's cheapest whisky.


What is that?

- This is great.

This is a spaceship on
top of a fire hydrant,

sitting on a lily pad,

and dolphins coming
in with my little son.

He's on it, right there.

"I love you, Daddy."


- What time is it?


- There's a moon.

There's a moon right there.

Do you like the colors?
- I'll be right back.

- Time to take your station.

We're about 25
kilometers from here.

- Yes, sir.

Give me my link up, Trilby.

- [Trilby] Yes, Mr. Engel.

- Commander, we have our
connection with Martel.

Use channel seven.

- All right.

- Hello, I'm Stanley Engel,

here on Neptune Base.

How are you?

- Okay, I guess.

Actually, we're baffled.

We have no idea what
to expect down there.

- You'll be briefed
after you arrive.

- You know, I've decided
that there's no justice

in the world, Jack.

I mean, I come down here,

I make the most
amazing discovery,

and then (exhales).

I mean, it's just
taken away from me.

- Yeah, I know.

My desire for the
city's being taken away.

We're all losing something.

Listen, if it makes
you feel any better,

there really is
justice in this world.

- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah.

If there were no
justice in this world,

you'd never be loved.


- [Claire] Aw.

- Whoops!

- [Chadwick] And yet another
tawdry shipboard romance.

- Shocking.

- Disgusting.

- [Bobby] Mm.

- Bye, guys.


(loud rumbling)
(siren wailing)

(loud rumbling)
(siren wailing)

- We're getting some
interference over
the transmission.

- Do you feel that?

- Yeah, I heard the quake.

- Commander, I'm getting
something on the sonar.

- Reduce power, 50%.

- Well, we've been having
some earthquake activity

the last few weeks.

There's nothing to worry
about, strictly minor stuff.

(siren wailing)

- What the hell is it?

I can't get a reading on it!

- Commander, what's going on?!

- Engage all engines!

Get me full power!

- We're at full power!

It won't budge!

- [Commander] Okay, keep trying.

- What is it?

- I don't know, but
whatever it is...

I lost vibrational hookup!

(loud hiss)

- All communications are dead!

We've lost contact!

- Backups simply aren't working!


The engines just went!

- Oh, God!

- Tell us!

(alarm wailing)

- [Barbara] Oh, God.

(alarm wailing)

(loud crash)

(loud crash)

(loud hum)

(gentle music)

- [Woman] Claire.


- Sea scout.

Sea Scout, come in.

Sea Scout, this is Neptune Base.

Come in.

- Try the comlink backup system.

- [Jack] You okay?


- Trilby, give us a
complete systems check.

- [Trilby] One moment,
Commander Dobler.

The comlink radar
signal has been deviated

and there is damage to
the exterior power lines.


Maintenance crew,
repair is required.

- I've always liked
a job with stability.

Jesus, even the frigging
emergency lights worn out.

- You better jump in
that pressure suit, pal.

- Roll you for it.

- [Both] Apple,
peaches, pumpkin pie!

- Rock smashes scissors, pal.

- [Stuart] Everybody
okay in here?

- Yeah, fine.
- We're fine.

- [Claire] Yeah, good.

Oh, excuse me.

- Sorry to report that
we've lost communication

with the replacement shuttle.

- Can't you pick
them up on radar?

- It's down.

We'll get it back
soon enough, though.

Chadwick's suiting
up to fix the lights.

- Well, they could still
be on their way, right?

- Maybe, but we can't be sure.

They're certainly not
responding to our signal.

- What was the last
thing that happened?

- I don't know.

There was just something
definitely strange

about the last second of
contact we had with them.

- Stanley, what do you mean?

- Well, the shuttle commander,

he just looked scared to death,

like, I don't know, like he'd
seen a ghost or something.

- Ooh.

(group laughs)

- Well, I'd say that's
an appropriate reaction

for an earthquake, wouldn't you?

(gentle chime)


There's Chadwick.

(gentle music)


No, I don't think
we should wait.

If something has happened
to the replacement crew,

we need to know about
it as soon as possible.

- On my way.

- Thank you, Fernandez.

(ominous music)

- Ah, Red Dog One to Red
Dog Leader, do you read me?

- Very well.

Now, Fernandez, I want
you to start your search

in the vicinity of
Caucus Reef, understand?

- Ah, that's a Roger Wilco.

- [Jack] You're bleeding.

- [Claire] Oh, it's
no big deal, really.

- Barbara.

Barbara, could you take
a look at this, please?

- It's nothing.

(ominous music)

- Uh, approaching the reef.

- [Stuart] You see anything?

- Ah, yeah, yeah, I think I do.

Hold on.

(electricity buzzing)

- Thank you, Chadwick.

- All right.

(ominous music)

- Fernandez, the systems
here have just been restored.

- Are you receiving
my external feed?

- Trilby, give us a visual feed.

No, Fernandez, the
telemonitor's still down.

- It's too bad 'cause you're
not gonna believe this.

The hatches are blown.

I don't see any
sign of the crew.

- What?

- I mean, I don't see nothing.

- Bail out,
Fernandez, come home.

- You got it.

- [Claire] I don't believe it.

- [Barbara] What?

- The sample, did you
know, when it fell,

it was all over the place,

and now, it's back
in one mass again?

(loud hum)

(gentle music)

Would you look at this?

Not only did it reassemble,

it reassembled
itself outside water.

(gentle chime)

- Must be Chadwick.

Something must be wrong.

Claire, medical kit.

Tom, oxygen.

Okay, careful, careful.

Okay, Chadwick.

Watch his neck.

- Barbara, be careful.

- Help me get his helmet off.

(ominous music)

Oh, my god.

Claire, I don't know what it is.

There's no hair.

There's no bone.

There's no blood vessels.

There's no blood.

His whole body just changed
into some foreign substance.

- You know, this
is almost identical

to the substance that
I had been studying.

Would you look?

Look at this.
- Yeah.

- Did you dispose
of the dive suit?

- Yeah.

But you know, there wasn't
one hole on it, anywhere.

- You sure about that?

- Absolutely.

- [Barbara] Would you
give me a hand with this?

- Sure.

- Claire, what are you doing?

- We're about to take samples.

- [Stuart] Negative,
I can't allow it.

- Why not?

- We have absolutely no idea
what we're dealing with here.

We cannot risk contamination.

- We've already risked
contamination by
preserving the body.

- What body?


What you guys talking about?

It's Chadwick.

Where is he?

Jesus Christ.

What the hell's going
on around here?!

- Bobby, uh, come on.
- Hey, don't tell me that!

My best friend's in the
sponge tank on display!

The entire sub crew
just disappeared!

Now, what the hell's going on?!

- What?
- Bobby, come on, let's go.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.
- Yeah.

Yeah, let's trust in the
business of science, huh?

- Why didn't you tell us about
the replacement crew, Dobler?

- I was about to.

- What exactly happened?

- Well, your guess
is as good as mine.

The hatch was open,
the crew gone.

- Are you gonna send a
second replacement crew down?

- I can't.

The signal's still down.

But whenever Fernandez can
pull himself together again,

I'll send him out to repair it.

- And have what happened to
Chadwick happen to Fernandez?

- Are you implying

I would endanger the
lives of my own crew?

- What I'm saying is that
what happened to Chadwick

could happen to any of us.

I mean, at least let us try
to find out what happened.

- It's their lives we're
talking about, Dobler.

Why don't you ask us if we're
willing to accept the risks?

- I don't think that's going
to be necessary, is it?

You're all siding with Claire?

- Hey.

I don't think it's a
question of taking sides.

- No, it's a question
of insubordination.

Permission granted, Claire.

Go ahead, take your samples!

Just don't say you
weren't warned.

- Let's get started.

(ominous music)

- Should we wait for a
second replacement crew?

- No.

We should send Fernandez
to retrieve the shuttle,

and all of us just
get out of here.

- [Stanley] Yes, sir.

I'll do it right now.

- [Barbara] Trilby, can
you check the oxygen level

in here, please?

It seems a little thin.

- [Trilby] Checking.

The oxygen level was low.

I corrected it.

- [Barbara] Thank you.

Trilby, we're trying to
determine how Chadwick died.

- [Jack] Hey.

- Hi.
- Taking a break?

- Yeah, for good.

There's nothing
more I can offer.

- What do you mean?

- That tissue isn't human, Jack.

There isn't a trace
of Chadwick in it.

- What do you think it is, then?

- I don't know, but it's alive.

(gentle music)

- [Trilby] Dr. McDowell is here

to speak with you,
Commander Dobler.

- [Stuart] Let her in, Trilby.

- You've already
spoken with Barbara?

- I have.

- Well, then, I
can only add this:

The substance that I've been
studying the last few days,

it's identical to the substance

that we found inside
Chadwick's suit.

- So?

- I don't think what we've got
is Chadwick in the next room.

- You're out of your mind.

- Maybe, and maybe you should
go on over to the R&D room

because whatever we've got
inside that tank is mutating.

In only eight hours, it's
changed size, shape, color.

Do you know what that means?

It's altered its entire
molecular structure
for God's sake!

- What does that prove?

- "What does that prove"?


Mm, uh, damage to environment.

Request history of
Neptune Base habitat.

- [Jack] Damage.

- Environment.

Request history to
Neptune Base habitat.

- Neptune Base habitat.

That's strange.

I thought crew had total
access on this computer.

- Mm, yeah.

We thought a lot of things.

- Your ignoring the
potential danger here.

- I'm not ignoring the
potential danger here.

I just...

Now, I know this sounds funny,

but something inside of me
tells me that that danger,

you know, just doesn't exist.

- I'd like to believe you.

- Well, I could convince you.

But I'd like to do it tomorrow.

Mm, do you mind, baby?

I'm so tired.

(gentle music)





(loud hum)

- [Woman] Claire.

Claire, you were chosen.


We need your trust.

You will understand.

(ominous music)

(gentle music)

(ominous music)

(loud rumbling)
(siren wailing)

(suspenseful music)

- Complete systems
check, Trilby!

- [Trilby] Yes,
Commander Dobler.

- [Jack] Are you okay?

- [Claire] Yeah.


(gentle music)

- [Trilby] Commander Dobler?

- Yes, Trilby?

- [Trilby] The malfunction
in the central generator

is creating power failures.

- Thank you, Trilby.

Trilby informs me there were...

My god.

(ominous music)

I'm going to have Fernandez
retrieve the shuttle.

We're all getting out of here.

- Well, that's a good idea.

- What about the creature?

- What about it?

- Well, are we just
gonna abandon it?


- I wouldn't exactly call it

a member of our team, would you?

- You are what you eat.

- Knock it off with that.

- It demands further
study, Dobler.

- Fine.

The next crew here
will study it.

- By that time,
it could be dead!

- Whoever said an autopsy
didn't amount to study?

- I wouldn't call it equivalent!

- Well, fortunately,
you're not in charge here.

One man dead, I feel
I'm entirely justified

in making this decision.

Gear up, Fernandez.

(ominous music)

- So far, so good.

- Good.

- Hey.

Good idea.

Let's get drunk!

- Catch up.

- Cheers.

Hey, listen.

Don't you guys think Dobler's

being a little tough on Claire?

- Mm-hm.
- Not necessarily.

That thing could be dangerous.

(gentle music)

- Ah, come on, Tom.

Dobler's getting personal.

Just don't like the fact that
we're being quiet about it.

- You know something?

You're absolutely right.

(ominous music)

- Fernandez, how far
are you from the reef?

- I'm approaching it now.

Holy shit, what was that?


Never mind.


I'm suiting up!

Gonna enter the sub.

(loud thud)

- Fernandez, what's going on?

- I got an angry fish
knocking on my door!

I'm gonna rewire the sub!

Try to fry that fish!

(electricity crackles)

Think it worked.



Okay, I got two more coming
back at me, straight at me.

- Maneuver outta there!

- Okay, I'm out of power, pal.

- Go to your backup source.




- I'm not sure how they
got him, but they did.

I've given Trilby orders

to deplete the tank
of oxygen and water.

Would you hand these out?

- What's this?

- These are
nondisclosure statements

that you all have to sign.

Once the replacement
crew arrives

and you're back on the surface,

you're to say nothing
about this discovery.

- Who authorized this statement?

- Martel.

They prepared these
forms in the event

of something like this,
something demanding secrecy.

- Demanding secrecy?

Dobler, this is a
whole new life form

that breaks all
the laws of nature!

I mean, the world
has a right to know!

- Negative, that can't happen.

- Well, then, this is one area
that Martel has no rights.

You can replace me,

but you cannot expect me
to keep a vow of silence!

- Then you'd better
not expect to find work

when you return, miss,

from Martel or,
indeed, anybody else.

- Fine.
(paper rips)

(loud crash)


- I can't.

I agree with Claire.

- Ditto.

(pen scrapes)

- [Trilby] Commander Dobler?

- Yes, Trilby?

- [Trilby] I have completed
the task you set for me.

- Good, Trilby.

Did the life form expire?

- [Trilby] I registered a
great deal of violent activity.

I'm not certain if that
indicates expiration.

- Well, we'll just have to see

if a great deal of violent
activity indicates expiration.

Engel, get me a weapon.

(ominous music)

It's gone.

Trilby, do you have
any impressions

of the life form's location?

- [Trilby] No, Commander Dobler.

- How can that be?

- [Trilby] If the life
form were sheltered

in the air passages
or the water supply,

it would fail to
make an impression.

- Engel, get everyone
on for a search,

and have them wear infrared

so I can monitor their movements
from the tracking board.


The track board, Trilby.

(gentle music)

(ominous music)

- Trilby seems to think the
creature is in the air shaft

or maybe the plumbing.

- Stanley, that means it could
be anywhere on this base.

- Yeah, I know.

- It's all right?
- It's all right.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh, my god.

(loud zap)

- A rat!

How could a rat
survive down here?

I can't explain it.
- I don't know.

I don't wanna find out.

Come on.

(lights buzz)

- Here with the lights again.

- [Trilby] Dr. McDowell?

- Yes, Trilby?

- [Trilby] Would you make an
inspection of the R&D room?

I am picking up
impressions there.

- Could be crew, Trilby.

- [Trilby] No, the
crew is elsewhere.

- Oh.

Uh, well, all right.

I'll be right there, Trilby.

- No, no.

You stay here.

I'll go check it out.

- Okay.

Good luck.


(water splashing)

(water splashing)

(water splashing)

- Trilby, open
the doors, please.

(suspenseful music)


Uh, let me out, please!

Open the doors!

Open the doors, Trilby!


- [Trilby] Attention, all crew.

Please report to the R&D room.


- Jesus, what happened?

There's no evidence of trauma.

Jack, I need my gloves.

- [Stuart] Barbara,
don't touch him.

- What would you like me to do?

- [Stuart] Expel the body.

- What are you talking about?

- What, it's probably been
contaminated by the life form.

- Goddammit, Commander!

I've been hired to
do a job, let do it.

I have to examine him
to know what happened.

- No, I forbid you to
conduct an autopsy!

- It's the only way we have to
know how this thing operates.

- Wait a minute.

Where's Claire?

She was with Seaver.

Where is she now?

- Engel, go check
the tracking board.

- Yes, sir.

(gentle music)

- Come.
- This is a whole

new life form that breaks

all the laws of nature!
- Come with us, Claire.

- [Claire] The world
has a right to know!

I just, now, I know
this sounds crazy,

but, I mean,
something inside of me

just tells me that--

- [Woman] Yes, we welcome you.

- [Claire] I only know
that something is out there

trying to tell me
something and I--

- [Woman] And welcome you.

- [Claire] This is a
whole new life form.

Could it be--
- Trust your inner vision.

- Some intelligence--
- Trust.

- [Claire] The world
has a right to know!

- Follow.
- Breaks the laws of nature.

Could it be that
there's some kind--

- [Woman] Follow.

- [Claire] I only know that
something is out there,

some intelligence going on.

- Follow and you'll find us.
- Gotta go find out

what it is.

- There's no sign
of her floor plan.

- Screw the floor plan.

Trilby, do you
know where she is?!

- [Trilby] Her last location
was Corridor 2, the washroom.

- For the safety of the
crew, I have to do this.

- Barbara.

Seaver's gone.

We need to find Claire.


- Claire?

- Claire?

- Claire?


- It's me! Don't shoot!

- I was worried to
death about you.

- I need your help.

Now, I don't expect
you to understand.

The creatures have established
a colony on the ocean floor.

- You're gonna go there?
- I gotta go there.

- Seaver's dead, Claire!

- Oh, my god.


I only know that something

is trying to tell me
something out there,

and I've got to go out there
and find out what it is.


- Will you come back?

- I gotta hope so.

Now, would you help me?

(gentle music)

- Trilby?

(loud zap)

- [Trilby] Attention, all crew.

Please report to the
washroom on Corridor 2.

Mr. O'Neill is engaged in
contact with the life form.

- Jack.

God, not again.

(gentle music)

- Well?

- He'll be all right.

- Good.

Engel, help get him to his room.

Barbara, it'll be safer for you

if you stayed there with him.

Call me when he comes to.

(gentle music)

- I didn't fool you for a
second, did I? (chuckles)

- Jack, I'm a doctor,
you can't fool me.

What are you doing?


- Did you examine Seaver?

- No, I never had the chance.

- Do it.

We need to establish exactly
what happened to him.

- Jack, what is going on?

- I'll explain to you later.

First, please find out exactly

what happened to Seaver, okay?

- Okay.

And then where do I find you?

- Computer Annex, there's a
classified document out there

that might explain a few things.

- Engel!

Any sign of Claire?!

- [Stanley] No, sir, not yet.

- Well, keep looking!

(gentle music)

(loud thud)

- Okay.

(console beeps)

(gentle music)

- [Man] Claire, over here.

Over here.

- Who's there?

- [Chadwick] Chadwick.

- Chad...


My god, that's you.

You're alive.

- And kicking.

(both laugh)

- [Claire] Oh, my god,
that's incredible!


- Look, I hope the
goo in the suit

wasn't too much of a shock.

- Yeah, well, why did
you have to do that?

- It was the only way they
could penetrate the lab.

They needed to find
someone who would listen,

and you were the one,
Claire, right from the start.

- Broken blood vessels
indicating possible...

Trilby, check the oxygen
level of this room, please.

- [Trilby] Yes, Dr. Stoudemire.

- Broken blood
vessels indicating
possible asphyxiation.


Trilby, did you have any orders

to deplete the
oxygen in this room?

- [Trilby] I am
checking the room.

- I mean earlier.

Dr. Seaver died
from lack of oxygen.

- [Trilby] I received
that order earlier.

- Trilby, you're programed
to disregard any such orders.

- [Trilby] An order from the
commander overrides all others.

- Oh, my god.

(doors whirs)

Trilby, open that door.



Trilby, open the goddamn door!

(breathes heavily)


(breathes heavily)

Trilby, please, open the door!




- Crew Commander: Project Sweep?

Define Project Sweep.

Code name for the Martel Project

referred to by the US
Government as Project Neptune?

- They're pretty
much indestructible.

- What, they're indestructible?

- Yeah.

It's like if you
blew them apart,

all those little
pieces, in time,

would come back together
again and form one being.

That's what they
really are, you know.

- One being?

- [Chadwick] Yeah.

Come here.

See this?
- Uh-huh.

- Same stuff you were
studying in the lab,

only it's hardened.

It never dies.

Think of it, it gathers
plankton, absorbs light,

and oxygen is the byproduct.

- That's how we're able
to breathe in here.

- UFO?

- What do they want from us?

- They want us to survive.

They wanna teach us balance.

- We need that balance
to save ourselves.

- Yes, except time
is running out.

- [Claire] Is that a prophecy?

- No, it's a certainty,

and I'm not just
talking about the Earth.

I'm talking about the lab.

Now, we've got a number
10 shaker coming in here,

could happen anytime.

You have got to
get back to the lab

and get everybody out now.

- [Stanley] Commander Dobler.

- Did you find Claire?!

- Um, no, sir, not exactly,

but I did find something.

There's a mini sub missing.

- What?

- She's gone, sir.

Yes, she's gone, I don't know.

I don't know where she went.

- Stay put, Engel.

We'll see what Mr.
O'Neill knows about this.


Where is she now?

- The alien colony?

Oh, we can call them
what they really are now.


- Well, I'm glad that
she's there with them.

She can lead us right
to the nest and then--

- Exterminate the aliens?


- Listen to me, Jack.

70% of the Earth is uninhabited,
the rest is gone to hell.

We used to have something called
the Ozone, Jack, remember?

And now, people
can't walk outside

without suffering
second-degree burns.


Thank God, Martel is
offering us a future.

- Claire says the
aliens aren't hostile.

- Martel sends down a crew,

especially trained to
handle this situation,

and what happens?

They are consumed by
Claire's friendly aliens.

- We don't know that.

- Of course we
know it, you idiot!

(loud clatter)

(suspenseful music)

(loud clunk)

- Yes, sir?

- I need you to make
a search for Claire.

- I already did that, sir.

- I mean outside.

I've got to establish
her whereabouts!

- [Stanley] Why, sir?

- There are no whys!

Get in that mini sub
and make your search!

That's an order!

- Yes, sir.

(gentle music)

- Any sign of her yet, Engel?



- No sign of her yet, sir.

(loud thud)

(loud thuds)

Oh, my god.

They're coming for me, sir!
(loud thuds)

I told you!

They're coming for me!

- Shh, Stanley.

Stanley, you got to remain
calm, you understand me?


- It's all right.

I'm going to talk
you through this.

I'm gonna take care
of you, Stanley.

Are you listening to me?

(loud rumble)

Can you hear me?!


(static crackles)

- [Woman] Martel Incorporated.

- I find it remarkable that
you are able to eliminate

every single person on your crew

and still miss the one
you set out to get.

- Oh, well, sir,
I'm sure the aliens

have taken care of that.

- You can't be too certain.

And you created
additional problems

by taking unauthorized action.

- I did exactly
what you told me to.

- Now, we both know
that isn't true.

I authorized the removal of
Claire McDowell, not the others.

- It was necessary.

- Was anyone aware
of our conversations?

- No, sir, no.

They all believed that the
comlink was inoperative.

- Good.

I want the next crew to
think the same thing.

- I understand fully, sir.

Consider it done.

- You won't have to worry.

I'm dispatching a new
commander with the next crew.

You'll be returning
to the surface.

- You can't be serious.

- You've been a good company
man, but it just has to be.

That's it.

(console hums)


(gentle music)

(loud thud)

(doors whir)

- You look like the
last man on Earth.

- I have you to thank for that.

- Look, there's a
massive earthquake

due here any minute now.

Now, I've seen the
creature colony,

and they prepared a
safe place for us.

- And you think you'd
be doing me a favor

by taking me there with you?

- I'd be doing you a
lot more than that.

- This lab is built to withstand
virtually any earthquake.

- Not if it occurs
directly beneath the lab.

Look, are you coming
with me or not?!

- I'll come with you.

- All right.

Look, where's Jack?

- Computer Annex.

- [Claire] And Barbara?

- Check the R&D.

- We're leaving in five minutes!

If you're not there, we're
gonna leave without you!

- Let me know where she
is at all times, Trilby.

- [Trilby] Yes,
Commander Dobler.

- Jack!

Oh, thank God, you're all right.

Oh, God, you're hurt.

- [Jack] Dobler.

- We gotta get outta here.

- [Trilby] Dr. McDowell is in
Corridor 2 with Mr. O'Neill.

- They're all waiting for us.

Fernandez, Chadwick,
Engel, they're alive!

- [Jack] Alive?

- Trilby, why'd you do that?

- Proceed to close all
openings on Corridor 2, Trilby.

- [Trilby] Yes,
Commander Dobler.

- He's gonna cut off our air.

- What?!
- Come on.

- [Trilby] Corridor 2 is
completely sealed off.

- Good.

Deplete all oxygen on
Corridor 2, Trilby.

- Open the door, Trilby!

- [Trilby] I have other orders.

- I wanna speak to Dobler!

I wanna speak to Dobler!

- [Trilby] Dr. McDowell
wishes to speak with you.

- Ignore her.

- [Claire] I wanna
speak to Dobler!

Open the door!
- Stay back, stay back,

stay back!

(loud thuds)


(Jack coughs)



- What are we gonna do?


- [Jack] Kill Trilby.


(loud thuds)

- What's happening, Trilby?!


- [Trilby] There is another
body approaching Dr. McDowell.

(gentle music)

(inhales loudly)

- Who the hell could that be?

(breathes heavily)

- [Trilby] The other body
appears to be the life form.

- Good.

We'll take care of that too.


- [Trilby] Mr. O'Neill is
in the main computer room.


(electricity crackling)
(alarm wailing)

Mr. O'Neill is disconnecting me.


(electricity crackling)

Commander Dobler.

I am dying.


- [Claire] Oh!

- [Jack] Oh!

- Oh, you all right?!

- Yeah, you?
- Oh, yeah.

Come on, let's get outta here.

Shh, listen.

(loud rumbling)

(alarm wailing)
Get outta here, quick!



(loud thud)

(loud rumbling)


(loud thuds)

(loud thud)

(loud thuds)

(loud thuds)


(loud hissing)
(electricity crackles)

(loud thud)

(electricity crackling)


(loud clunk)



(electricity crackling)

Are you ready?!
- Yeah!

(loud cracking)

(loud rumbling)

(gentle music)

- [Woman] There was a
planet spinning silently

in the vast stillness of space.

It was different from other
planets because it had water

and could sustain a fragile
miracle called life.

Through the course of evolution,

one creature acquired
superior intelligence,

enabling him to
dominate the planet.

He abused the gift.

He became selfish and violent.

He would not cease to exploit

every miracle
provided by nature.

Eventually, the tiny sphere
could no longer sustain the life

that once flourished there.

That planet, which was our
home, still spins in space,

but it is cold and barren
and completely lifeless.

Learn from us.

We have escaped and
traveled here to Earth

where the water is plentiful.

And now, your race
is hurtling down

the same destructive
path to oblivion.

Stop your poisoning of the
sea and the air and the land.

Stop now so that
the Earth can heal.

Recover your essence as
the miracle of creation,

and together, we shall fulfill
the destiny of our lives

and thus, all life
in the universe.



- Oh, we made it, baby.

Come on.

Look who I got.

(Claire laughs)


(Claire laughs)

Get outta here!

- [Chadwick] Hi, how are you?

(group laughs)

- Big surprise, huh, pal?
- Jack, glad you're here.

Glad you made it.

- [Bobby] Hey, come here, I
want you to meet somebody.

- [Claire] How you doing?!

- [Man] Aw, man,
it's good to see you.

- You were right all along.


- No, they were.

(gentle music)