Liquid Sky (1982) - full transcript

Invisible aliens in a tiny flying saucer come to Earth looking for heroin. They land on top of a New York apartment inhabited by a drug dealer and her androgynous, bisexual nymphomaniac lover, who's also a fashion model. The aliens soon find the human pheromones created in the brain during orgasm preferable to heroin, and the model's casual sex partners begin disappearing. This increasingly bizarre scenario's observed by a lonely woman in the building across the street, a German scientist who's following the aliens, and an equally androgynous, drug-addicted male model (both models are played by Anne Carlisle). Darkly funny and thoroughly weird.

Hey, I need some stuff.

You got any money babe ?

No but I'll get some tomorrow.

But I don't wanna think about tomorrow,
you had for me tonight remember ?

-Hey listen...

Let's go to your place.

Right now, with you ?


Ok, let's go.

You know where she keeps
the stuff ?

Don't ever ask me about that.

I don't usually fuck girls.

That's Ok I prefer girls
to men anyway.

You think we can find it ?

Find what ?

We could take just a little.

She wouldn't know.

Adrian would know.


I don't know where it is.

Yes, you do...

Fuck you!

Cut it out!

That's enough I think
you should leave.

If you want to go to the club and
ask Dave, you'll go ask her.

Are you gonna take a cab?

Fuck yourself.

Margaret ?

You have to get back to the club.

Adrian will have finished singing and we'll
still have to make up for the fashion show.

Open the door.

I wanna get me backed and dressed.


Margaret ?

Accompany me to the club.

So it's all set Margaret
we'll come over tomorrow night.

Janet was supposed to be in here.

Your roof is great.

And you're even better.

Jimmy ! Looking forward to seeing
you tomorrow night.

I don't know.

Come on, we'll have a great time
and get some terrific shots.

There's a chance to get them
published in Midnight Magazine.

What kind of drugs we have ?

The thing you want.


Liquid sky...

Key to heaven...

That's what they used to call.

But I don't want you
to do it anymore.

It's dangerous.

So...see you tomorrow
at Margaret's roof.

And don't stay out all night
I want you looking fresh for the shoot.

You want to look bad ?

I said yes.

People have been using
opiates for centuries.

Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome,
India, China

Everybody used them nobody thought it
was destructive or dangerous

They didn't think it was
immoral to feel euphoric.

Are you gonna come to my roof
tomorrow night ?

I'll decide that tomorrow night.

All right listen to me everyboby.

Listen up !

Get it restless,
let's start the show.

In this country at the turn
of the century,

you could buy a heroin derivative
in any drugstore

to cure your ill's housewives.

They loved these and used for
everything like aspirin.

Everybody wants euphoria.

What's wrong with that ?

I'm not a housewife at the turn
of the century and

I do not want heroin in
my house.

It's not just for pleasure...
I use it to open my blocked creativity,

Cocteau wrote great litterature
while high on opium.

Cocteau was Cocteau before
he ever did drugs.

What's that supposed to mean ?

That it's not gonna help you.

You bitch.

Help me out won't you ?

You always have to throw your
success in my face.

If you wanna help me...
hold this for me.

Hold this.

Please !

Paul...I did it because I love you.

You want some stuff ?

What do you think ?

You have my money yet ?

No but we'll get some,
I could pay you tomorrow.

No money no stuff babe.

I'll have it tomorrow.

Talk to me tomorrow.

You'll give me the stuff or
I'll rat on you.

He smashed up the place
looking for it.

He's not going to get
any stuff tomorrow either.

I'm not nice.

Hey, Marv and you should
snort some scagg.

Actually, I'd rather have cocaine.

I hate you, ugly chick.

There's some guy on the dance
floor offering cocaine to all the chicks.

Why don't you ask him ?

Hi you...

Nice chick, want snort some blow ?


Well, I don't wanna do it here.

Will go to my place it's not far.

Where's the cocaine ?

Did you ever do Quaaludes before ?

I've done more Quaaludes than
you have aspirin.

They don't excite me.

These are "lemons" can't get
them all the time.

Listen if I wanna dance I can
shoot heroin any time I want.

Where's the cocaine ?

Why don't you just take these ?

Now !

Because I don't want them.

What are you gonna do ?
Throw them down my throat or something ?

You're a model right ?


Where's the cocaine ?

I do soaps...

Do you have
ever seen me ?

I don't watch soaps.

My father works for MGM.

He gets me jobs.

My father...

...could help you.

What do you say, your daddy
his gonna

help me break into show business ?

That's the corniest line
I've ever heard.

My father will get you a job
as an actress.

You're pretty enough ?

He'll do it if I ask him.

You should be nice
to me.

You just want to get laid.

You'll say anything to get laid.
Like every one else from California.

What do you have a cock
for a brain baby ?

Don't fuck with me you asshole.

Why don't you go fuck your
father, he loves you so much.

Swallow it !

Swallow it ! Swallow !

Come on swallow.
Swallow it !

What's that supposed to do ?

Make me fall apart and
spread my legs.

Takes more than two Quaaludes
to do that baby.

Why don't you go home
to your mama ?

You fucking horse.

Swallow it !

Swallow, just swallow that.
Swallow it !

Son of a bitch.


Want more ?

Would you give me
my flask ?

You wanna drink ?

Yeah, please.

-Want a drink ?

All right.

All right.

Is that better ?

I want my vision to be blurred
so I don't have to look at your face.

Shit !

What I want you to do,

turn around...go over there
and stay put.

Who are you?

I live here.

Are you her girlfriend?

What difference does it make?

Just curious.

You like girls better
than boys?

I'm always curious about
who love to make those sexual definitions.

What do you mean?

Homosexual, heterosexual,

Whether or not I like someone doesn't
depend on what kind of genitals they have.

As long as I find them attractive,
don't you think?

See I don't want to fuck a man,

Okay, it's your business.

So you like both man and women.

What difference does it make to you?
You're a junkie.

Can't get it up anyway.

How do you know?

Live her alone.

Live me alone.

Don't worry it's a good count.

I don't have any works can I use
yours and do it now.

I don't wanna watch him.

I wasn't talking to you.

Your girlfriend,
she's very pretty.

She's a bitch.

Margaret... an uptight Wasp cunt
from Connecticut.

Can I use your works?

Yeah, It's allright.

But give me an extra four hours.


Do me a favor...

Can't get around to get off.

Relax baby.

-Takes a lot.
-You should be happy.

Paul give us some money we can
go take a lunch. So what?

Get ready to go.

It gets this bitch two hours
to get ready to go out somewhere.

In the beginning aliens were
spotted in places with large amounts of heroin.

Later, aliens appeared in specific
sub cultures, punk cultures.

Still around heroin and in these
punk cultures

many more strange deaths have occured.

Big fucking belly, eat your food!

Apple pie, shit!

Why don't you ask something to eat
some cheese some...and taste some wine...

Nothing strange about deaths
in punk culture.

They kill each other by shooting
too much dope.

I remember when we were...
in Cambridge there was war

I think between the Mods and Rockers.

They went on each other
with bicycle chains.

I don't think your punks need help
from the outside to kill themselves.

My mother used to bake five or six
apple pies at once.

Apple pie...

She put them in the porch to cool.

We had an apple tree in
the backyard.

When coming from play
and the porch would be filled with steam.

We couldn't have any pie
until after dinner.

You were lucky baby she
sounds like a real angel.

Listen I happen to have
a free evening tonight.

I'd love you to come at my place
I've done some changes.

I'd love to know what
you're doing.

I'd love you for dinner.

Well I have an appointment with a
fashion photographer, I can't get out of it.

Well I'm glad your carrer
is going so well.

The most interesting fact we found

these killings occur during
sexual intercourse.

You don't know my mom
was great, listen to this:

One time she came out
of the house for a ride.

And she was OK she was cool
she was great.

So she went out with this guy,
this really straight guy,

they went to this really
fancy restaurant.

You know, best in town! Right?

She was doing fine.

And all of a sudden, man,

she stood up on the balcony.

She could be right up
on the balcony man, and

she pulled up her skirt and she looked at
all the people and she said:

I'm Jesus Christ, man. And I baptize you
in the name of the son the father and the holly ghost

and she pissed on every body.

It must have gone in the fucking food
and everything.

Can you beat that?


Then what happened?

Then they threw her back in.

Thank you.

Get check, please.

Remember the last time you
were off at the studio?

When was that?

-Six months ago.

Remember there were a lot
of people there?

Well, several people came up
to me and said:

Is that your brother?

Of course you're my sister mom.

I show you the documentation
about progress.

You mean you made slides
of sexual intercourse?

They're gorgeous you know.

Hey mom, can I have some money?

I have to be right, I'll send you
a check allright?


You take American Express?

I really need it you know.

Can I give you when
I left uptown?

No! I'm going down.

It's not funny, we've not only
located the UFO,

but we've managed to photograph
the creature inside of the craft.

We did an attempt to classify
his various emotions and states.

May be I'll go to Berlin.

They'll love me in Germany baby,
I'll be a star.

I'll buy cocaine.

Saw a fax with beautiful names.

C'mon will be great.

You think it will be different there?

Why would you have to fuck up your hair.
Your hair look like shit.

That's what Owen always says.

Owen...I was supposed to meet Owen.
I forgot.


Taking Owen to our place?

Well, I didn't want
to go there.

I don't like Owen baby,
I don't want to see Owen.

What's your schedule like?
I need your help.

I cannot get to close because
I'm a stranger in this country.

There are some things which are
difficult to study because of that.

I watched the creature from
the empire state building

but at night it's closed.

How can I study the behaviour
of this creature?

It's on a private property.

I don't know...I'd like to help you,

but I don't know
what you expect me to do.

I'm just a college
acting teacher.

Fuck see Owen, OK.

I got business, I got things to do.

See fucking Owen.

Well, listen...I'd like to help you
in some way but...

I've an appointment right now,

can we get in touch tomorrow?

These aliens are killing people,
you're the only person I know in New-York.

Telephone me tomorrow,
keep in touch OK?

Almost everything you've done
since you left me

has been self destructive.
Adrian is a real bad influence on you.

She didn't care anything about you.

She's only using you.

You're ruining your carrer.
Your future.

What are you talking about?

It's the only thing I care,
about my carrer.

What do you thing I'm doing right now?

I'm getting ready to shoot with
a fashion photographer I met at the club.

Who's got to come here.

He only wants to go to bed with you.

Nobody, nobody fucks at the club,
everybody's gay.

It's you who thinks about fucking
all the time.

Your vocabulary is punctuated
to two words "Shit" and "Fuck".

What do you say I should say making
love instead of fucking?

So what do you think?
Is that better professor?

I think you look like a hooker.

And you act like a hooker.

You'll end up in a hospital with
some horrible sexual disease.

You don't understand, so I look
like a hooker?

So what?

You like it...I know that you like it.

So why should I live these lies?

The way you want me to dress and behave
is as a sweet housewife

slave of her husband's will.

A hooker at least is independant
...nobody's victim.

It's the only fair that I warn them,
this pussy has teeth.

You're my best student.

I invested a lot of time in you.

What do you say? We've spent
most possible time in bed.

You know, Adrian has turned you
into a real mean bitch.

Every body says so.
Try to be nice.

What do you think?
Do you like this professor?

I think you look better in jeans
that in a turtleneck.

Yes, professor.

May I help you?

Yes...what side of the building
do your windows face?

Are you the fire inspector?

No, I'm a scientist.

Well, I put my fire extinguisher in
and all my exit rows are accesible.

I'm a scientist.

And you're studying windows.

Well, windows have something to do
with my research

you see I'm an astrophysicist
and I'm researching

some phenomenon which has
occured in some countries.

I'm from West Berlin.

Let me show you my...identification.

Have you had dinner?


Well I have a free evening tonight.

Why don't we go upstairs and discuss
a bite while we eat?

All your costumes...

they're just a participation
in somekind of a phony theater.

I only tell you this for
your own good.

It's a freak show.

Are you trying to say that your blue
jeans weren't theater?

It's not the same thing.

So your professor wore a three
piece suit and blamed you for your jeans.

And your jeans were too much.

Don't you understand that your
suit was also a costume?

Is that your jeans did for love
and sexual quality weird
is no way wearing a costume.

So you want me now, right?

You have the best legs.

We both have good legs.

We had children they would
have the best legs to stand.

I thought I looked ugly and
would give you diseases.

It's a perfect place for watching.

I'm ordering some chinese
is that OK?

It's perfect.

You are wet.

You have no right to do that
I'm not your possession.

It's so simple isn't it?

Well you can have me.

I don't wanna have you.

I wanna make love to you.

I'm telling this for your own good...

I think you should go home.

You've spent all your energy
trying to get me excited

and then...
Want to throw me out?

Please leave...

Come here.

Ok I'd like two orders of shrimp
fried rice.

An order of shrimp and pea pods.

An order of shrimp with
lobster sauce.

And an order of jumbo shrimp.

Owen...get up.

-What I'm working on.
-That's what I'm working on.

Are you...a researcher?

No I'm a TV producer,
do you think that they exist?

So you're looking for heroin
and you don't want the police to
know about it.

Listen, this really has nothing to do
with drug traffic.

What can I do? Nobody really knows
the true nature of these aliens.

You're from Germany?

Yes, Berlin.

I'm jewish...

So what connections
do you think

there can possibly be between
UFO's and...heroin?

What the fuck is going on
in here?

Have you ever seen a UFO ?

Yes, this morning, that's why
I'm here.

Well that's very interesting.

Would you like a drink?

You can see it as well.

I can see a UFO?

Yes, through your window.

You mean I can go over, there
to my window,

and I can look at it
I can see a UFO?

No, but you can see it through
my telescope.

Oh, you have a telescope with you?

Yes, in my case.

So why don't you set it up?

I always dreamed about
seeing a UFO.

Hey, what did you say
you were drinking?

So you're dead now...shit.

And you're going to hell.

Straight from your
marihuana jungles.

Straight from your lies,
your lies, your lies.

You dropped it, fuck!

Suits you well.

You go to hell.

Whe'll all go to hell.
I'll go to hell too.

But I know I'm damned.

And you, never knew.

So you weren't ready?

to toll the bell.

For me it's easy.

From hell to hell I'm not dancing
in marihuana jungles.

I live in concrete mazes,
stone and glass.

Hard like my heart,
sharp and clean.

No romantic illusions
to changing the world.

I don't lie to myself.

That love can cure because
I know I'm alone.

And you fucked that every day.

You lived, you lied,
you lied you lied.

You go to hell?
Suits you well.


Ok, you wanna see an alien craft?

You will see it. Look.

You know I always dreamt
to fuck a dead man, that's my chance.

You're crazy.

Sure I'm baby.

That's why you like me,
so let's fuck him.

-Don't you touch him.
-You want any?

So you fucked twice today already.

Don't do it!

You don't like it baby,
you don't have to watch.


Don't do it.

Don't get moral with me, whore,
you had to fuck him didn't you?

I told you not to fuck him.

This is my place I do what
I want here.

You can fuck any petty asshole
who gives you a chance.

You god damn whore!

Don't you call me that
you low-class freaking monster!


I'm a monster? You let these guys
walk on your bones, bitch!

and you're gonna kill me
with syphylis one day, you dirty cunt.

Don't talk to me like that.

Your mother was nuts,
your father was a bum.

You'll never go anywhere but to the Bowery
you belong with the bums.

You shut your mouth or
I'll cut you baby.

And nobody will fuck your ugly cunt.

Why did you have to do
that to him?

He was a good man.

He never did anything to you.

That's a dead body.

Now, let me see.

That's an alien craft.

That's an alien craft?

Isn't it kind of small?

The alien craft is about the size
of a dinner plate,

Who ever told you that aliens
need as much space as people?

Well, that's really quite
a world that you showed me.

You're a scientist as tall as
the empire state building.

and the aliens are as big as...

Jumbo shrimp.

I've available no other
world to show you.

Well, isn't it possible that that
might be a child's toy?

And not a UFO?

Don't worry, forget it...

We'll leave this fucking
place, baby, and we'll go to Berlin.

I wanna sing in the night clubs.

Germans love me...
We'll be happy.

What are we gonna do
with this body?

Don't worry about the body...

I know what to do,
you wanna do it right now?

Are you sure this has
something to do with the UFO?

Looks like two women just
killed a man.

This is not my first encounter
with the aliens.

Just watch in the long run
you will see what happens there.

Why don't they call the police?

Why don't we call the police?

They don't want the police
to be involved.


Everyone has his own reasons
for avoiding the authorites
in their home.

They have a very good reason,
they've heroin there.

I sure wouldn't like to be
in their shoes right now.

I wouldn't like it either.

What are we gonna do?

Just leave him there,
we're going to Berlin baby, aren't we?


We should have a wake.

There's no food.

So I go to the store
and get some food.

These are no protection
for aliens.

Oh! And do you have protection
for aliens?

You have a laser down in your pants?

I think I need another drink.

Wake up, honey...

Come on get up and take a shower.

I feel sick, Kathy.

I know you feel sick.
You took drugs today.


Come on and stand up
It'll make you feel better.

Guests are already starting to arrive.
Can't miss the party.

Fuck the guests.

You are brave, noble knight.

Why don't you go overthere and
freed those two beauties from the dragon?