Life-Size 2 (2018) - full transcript

Grace is a hot mess in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, realizing that she is in over her head as a toy company's CEO. To make it worse, her wild-child ways are causing the company's stock to plummet.

(people chattering and laughing)

Where is she?

Damn, I'm good!

O-M to the G.

you are incredible.

Wow, cool hair!

Oh, Butler,
snap a few pics, will ya?

Oh why, oh why, couldn't
my last name be Senator

instead of Butler?

- Ah,
- Yeah, give me that.

Grace: Come here!
Let me see.

This one. Yes.


Hashtag "naughty list."
I got to fix it.

Oh, yeah.

You should throw a filt--

- What do you think?
- (gasps)


- Butler: That is hot AF.
- Tahlia: Mm-hmm.

Look at your mom.
Girl! she had some swagger.

You both look
really happy.

Tahlia: Yeah.

It was all for show.
Obligatory Christmas card photo.

It's okay to,
you know, miss her.

Well, I don't.

It's kinda hard
to miss someone

that was never really around
in the first place.


Anyway, I am gonna
finish getting ready.



Butler: I am so...

♪ ♪

(Christmas hip-hop
music playing)

Thank you.

All right!

All: Yeah!

Let me see that.


Thanks, G.
Great party.

Thanks, Perez.
Shots later.


- I mean, it's hard, but--
- Why is Jen Chen here?

She's such a vibe killer.
Did I invite her?

I-I don't know.

Oh God, she doesn't
remember inviting me.

I knew it.

Just smile and wave.

Smiling and... waving.

Do we know
who he is?

I don't know,
but he's hot.


I mean, he's okay.

Nah! He's too pretty.

Grace is into bad boys.

- Remember that football player?
- Right.

- That summer was so much fun!
- Okay, okay.

You guys, I'm hosting a party.
Come on, let's go.

(dance music playing)


Get down.
Get down.



Pancake time!

(Butler claps)

Mmm, Butler.

You are literally killing me.

What are you doing here?

You were in no position
to be left alone last night.

Oh God.

How much do you remember?

Grace: Did I make out
with someone random?


Did I dance on the table?

(hip-hop music playing)

(people cheering)

When your mom's
a criminal!

Grace: Did I make
an inappropriate toast

that included a dig
at my mom?

Grace: All the respon--

Sure did.


Look, honey,

I know you've had a rough year
since she's been gone

and I will always be
by your side,

but it's time
to take it down a notch.

Don't you think?

How proud are you that I
didn't just break out into song

when I said
"since she's been gone"?

Honestly, I am
so proud of you.

Thank you.

(cell phone ringing and buzzing)


(Grace groans)


I'm late.

Okay. Up and at 'em.

TMZ is reporting on a certain
toy store heiress

who got shmammered
and made out with a roast pig

at her holiday party.

Well, that's just
crappy journalism.

'Cause it wasn't
a holiday party.

All I am saying is
it's not good

for a company to have
its CEO acting all cray.

All eyes are on you.


Marathon Toys is still
struggling to keep up

in the online market place.

Eleanor Martin,
the former CEO

of Marathon Toys,
created the Eve doll.

The company took off,
and she opened stores


That fairy tale
came crashing down

about two years ago.

Right now, she is serving
a five-year sentence

in Decatur Women's Prison.

Martin's daughter,
Grace Martin,

went overnight from being

an Atlanta socialite
to being the youngest CEO

of a publicly traded company.

That is so rude.

...she has utterly failed--

Why do they always
use that picture?

I literally have
so many better ones.

Reporter: ...Atlanta, Georgia
a bittersweet ending

for the legacy
of Eleanor Martin.

Grace, how nice
of you to join us.

No prob. Hi, guys.

You know, we set these meetings
at noon per your request

to give you ample time
in the mornings.

It'd be nice if you could
be here on time.

Oh wow.

You know,
I've never had a dad.

I didn't know
this is what it was like.

A lecture in my board room
in front of my board members.

You're in my seat.

We get absolutely crushed
on Cyber Monday.

So apparently
closing down 250 stores

isn't enough
to boost online sales.

There was an article in the
Wall Street Journal last week,

"How Toy Makers Lost
Their Christmas Magic."

Read it.

Well, they're
not exactly wrong.

I mean,
we've kind of lost it.

It's almost like
we just don't care anymore.

That's definitely true
for some people in this room.

What is it
we're having for lunch?

Oh, my God.

Grace: I'm starving.

Kids love toys.
And they always will.

They're just not playing
with the same old toys

that their parents did.
So sales are down

because our products
are uninspired.

Where else can we
possibly cut cost?

I suggest we discontinue
some of our old inventory

to free up funds needed
for the video game apps.

I've complied
a list of toys

that are frankly bleeding
this company dry.

I say we put each to a vote.

Think that all sounds
a bit hasty.

We are out of time, Carter.

We are on the Titanic,
and we need to get

what's left of this company
into lifeboats.

You guys, I love that movie.

He's so hot.

The Marine Life Finger Puppets.

All in favor
to discontinue?

Board members:

Prickly Puddy.

No one has bought
that since 2007.

All in favor
to discontinue?

Board members:

The Eve Doll.

The Eve doll is iconic.

We lose that,
we lose our identity.

We'll have
a new identity, Carter.

Eve hasn't turned
a profit in years.

We can't do that.

Eleanor founded this company
with the Eve doll.


Discontinue the doll.

I doubt it's what
my mom would want,

but she's not here
to make that call.

So... all in favor
to discontinue the Eve doll?

board members:


We are just about
done here, right?

Can't believe you voted
to discontinue Eve so quickly.

How do you even know
about that?

That literally just happened
in a private boardroom.

I have spies.
Spies everywhere.

- Butler.
- Carter, Carter actually.

He-- Carter told me.

That Carter Roth?

That cutie
from my boardroom.

We text from time to time.

At what time?
Midnight till four a.m.?

'Cause that's called sexting,
not texting.

All I am saying is that your mom
created the Eve doll.

It should mean more to you
than anyone else.

And you just cut
her head right off.

- La-la-la-la-la.
- Oh wow, very mature.

Hey, we're about
to go pick up Lex.

You would fit right in.

Girl: (laughing)
I know, right?

Oh, my god, look at that chick.

What the hell
are they laughing at?

I know. Right.

Uh, uh, imagine
those headlines.

"CEO of Marathon Toys attacks
a group of 12-year-old girls

defending her young neighbor."

- Don't do it.
- (girls laughing)

- Hi.
- Lex: Hi.

- Butler: Hi, honey.
- Hi.

- Thanks for the pickup.
- No problem.

None of my nannies
could drive either.

I was always
catching rides home.

Oh, no, Carmen can drive.

It's just, she always wants
to hear about my day

or practice my vocab words

or ask if I made
any new friends.

It's just like I just need
a break sometimes.

Uh, Lex, who were
those Dweebettes.

They are in the Christmas
pageant with me.

The one with the braid
is Marley.

She's playing
the Virgin Mary.

I'm cattle number seven.



Well, cattle are a very
important part of the nativity,

so that's pretty cool, Lex.

I tried to interest them
in my magic act,

but that didn't
go over too well.

Lex, if these girls
are being mean to you,

you just say the word.

I won't stop until
every last one of them

is shipped off to some
miserable boarding school

and you'll never have
to see them again.


That's kind of aggressive.

Ignore her.
Grace is having a rough day.

Discontinued the Eve doll
at her board meeting.

What? No, you can't
discontinue Eve.

She's my favorite doll.

Lex, the company
is in trouble.

It's, it's way more complicated
than you can imagine.

If the company
is in trouble,

you should just ask
Eve for help.

Your mom told me that
whenever I felt lost or alone,

I could ask Eve for help.

I could make a wish
and like magic,

it would be all right.

Yeah, no, I know.
She told me the same thing.

But, Lex, come on,

we're both old enough now
to know that magic isn't real.

No one can fix our problems,
especially not some doll.

Magic is real.

You just need to believe it.

Okay, well, this super fun
conversation reminds me.

Um, Butler, I need
to stop by the store

to pick up a box
of my mom's old things.

Thank you.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

Is that your old Eve doll?

Geez, Lex, you scared
the crap out of me.

Yeah, this is
my old Eve doll.


It's the serial number
on the bottom of her foot.

I don't know why that number
just always stuck with me.

Maybe you are having
a change of heart

about discontinuing
the Eve doll.

Sorry, Lex,
it's beyond my control.

But it is not beyond Eve's.

- What is this?
- It's a book of spells.

I found it in your
mom's box of stuff.

"To Eleanor,
this book changed my life."

"Maybe some other
little girl can use it.


We could use this
to ask Eve for help, right?

Oh, sweets. I wish
it was that easy.

Maybe it is that easy.

- Magic is not--
- Don't say it.

Magic is real.


Fine. You want
to hold a séance...

- we'll hold a séance.
- Yay!

- (exhales)
- Okay.

We have lit
all the candles.

What's next?

Um, now we need
some hair.

Don't look at me.

Not yours, the doll's.

Oh, I'll do that.

"You are now ready to commence
with the incantation.

"But do so wisely
for it will only work once.

"Repeat the spell until the
transformation is complete.

"Zamba, tarka,
ishtu, nebarim.

Zamba, tarka,
ishtu, nebarim."

Well, what do you know?

Turns out magic
doesn't work after all.

You have to do it too.

It's your doll.

Come on, Grace.
We're trying to save your company here.

- Mm-hmm.
- Close your eyes.

Zamba, tarka, ishtu, nebarim.

Zamba, tarka, ishtu, nebarim.

Zamba, tarka,
ishtu, nebarim.

Zamba, tarka, ishtu, nebarim.

(inhales sharply)

So, what do you say tomorrow
we sacrifice a small animal?

You are not very much fun.

- Ouch!
- I should get going anyway.

Carmen's making
her famous meatloaf.

I'm the un-fun one?

Oh, it isn't as bad
as it seems.

Where's your mom anyway?

I don't know.

Um, Singapore,



You can hang here.

So, you're not
going out?

I mean, I did just try
to cast a spell on a doll

to save my company
with a 12-year-old. So...

I kinda deserve
a night out.

(chuckles) Whatever.
I'll see you tomorrow.

- Good night.
- Lex: Good night.

Enjoy your meatloaf.

What's so special
about you anyway?

♪ ♪

Grace. You're awake?


- Hi.
- Look at you.

Uh, did we last night...

Did we what?

Sleep together?

We sure did.

And it was magical.

I've waited a very long time
for this moment.

This moment?

Am I your first girl?

Yes. And it was everything
I imagined it would be.


I'm sorry,
I don't remember your name.

It's me. Eve.

Come on.
You don't remember me?

I hooked up
with a girl named Eve.

Wow, I really
do have issues.

Wow! Atlanta!

Or Hotlanta,
as they call it?

Home of the Georgia Peach!

World's largest producer
of peanuts and pecans!

And world's busiest airport.

(mimicking aircraft)

Let me guess.
It's your first time here?


Can I call you a car?

You can call me Eve!

I'm so excited!
Can we go outside?

I mean, you can do
whatever you want.

I am not keeping you here.

But I am gonna get coffee.

'Cause I need coffee first.

This place is fancy.

Almost as fancy
as Eve's modern mansion.



What are you doing?

Dude. Jumping on this super-duper
awesome bouncy couch.

Listen, this was fun. Um,

but, you know,
I've got a big day.

I've got meetings
and all this other stuff

I can't think of
off the top of my head.

So, you smell
what I'm cooking?


You're not cooking anything.

Oh, is that coffee?

Uh, yeah.

Oh, my gosh,
can I try it?

You know what? Don't, don't,
don't-- No, no, don't say anything.

I'm just gonna try it, okay,
because I like

trying new things
and being spontaneous.



- It's hot.
- Yeah.

You know, this is true
all around the world.

Coffee is hot.

You know,
I like it.

Even though I have
severe burns on my tongue,

I enjoyed the experience


You know,
do you have butter?

Really want some butter.

Okay, Eve.

Um, listen.

I am sure you're
a really nice girl

and we had so much
fun fooling around,

but it's time
for you to go

because I'm pretty sure
you're crazy.

Crazy for you,
Gracie Girl.

What did you just call me?

Only my mom calls--

Never mind.


Only your mom
calls you Gracie Girl.


What do you know
about my mom?

Eleanor Martin?

Founder of Marathon Toys.

Divine creator
of the Eve doll.

Your mother is my hero.

- (chuckles)
- Whoo! Eleanor!

I get it now.
I get it.

They hired you
to change my mind.

Okay, who was it?

Lex? Butler?

Hey, so, you're an actress
or something?

No, silly.
It's me.


Your doll.

And I'm your special friend.

Oh, hell no.


Do you want to know what makes
the Eve doll so special?


The Eve doll is
your best friend,

your secret confidant.

That's great. Literally
what it says on the box.

Thank you. Bye.

The Eve doll is someone
you can turn to

when no one else
is listening.

Okay, you know what?

You've convinced me.

You're awesome.

Thank you so much
for hanging out.

Can you please
just leave me alone now?

I'm here to help you,
Gracie Girl.

Quit calling me that!

Okay, okay.

But I'm here to help you

through the magical
process of...


What? No.

That's impossible.

I mean, yeah,
we did the spell but--

Yeah, the spell.

This is insane.

You are not my doll.

Yes, I am.

I was there for you
when you were eight years old

and you fell out
of that tree house

and you broke
your collarbone.

And I was there for you when
they bullied you in school.

And I was there for you
when you became a woman

on your 13th birthday.

You had really bad cramps.

- Okay.
- Like, really bad.

Ok-- Shh. Eve.
(stomps foot)

Okay. You know what?

That's all public knowledge.

It's probably on my
Wikipedia page or something.

I gotta go.

Oh, where are we going?

We are not going anywhere!

I am going somewhere.

The location to which
I will not be disclosing.

And you will be heading
the opposite direction

or I'll be forced
to call the cops.

The cops? I was a cop.

Oh, I'm an expert in all police
procedures and protocols.

Man: Hey, get off my car!


Get on outta here.


Listen up, everybody,
who is mimosa

and where oh where,
are your bottoms, young lady?

Geez! It is a drink
made with champagne

and orange juice.

Hmm. Sounds tasty.

- Butler: Grace!
- Tahlia: Over here.

- Hey!
- Friends. Oh!

Oh, hey, seriously,
whoever decided

that brunch should
be served this early--

It's 1:00 in the afternoon.

Brunch. Cool.

Br-eakfast and lu-unch.



Uh, are you gonna introduce us
to your lady friend?

Um... yeah. Sure.

This is my...

- friend I guess.
- Best friend.

We met last night
in a blackout.

No, we didn't.
The lights were totally on.

Girl, you invited
your hookup to brunch?

Oh no.
I did no such thing.

Chick will not
leave me alone.


Hi, new friends.
I'm Eve. I'm a doll.

Wow. People don't usually
introduce themselves like that

but... okay.

Uh, what's happening?
What's going on here

on your body?

This is my evening wear look.


Yet it's daytime.

Butler: I like it.

Waiter: Here you go.

Oh! I'm gonna need, like,
six more of these... stat.

I'm afraid I can't
bring you another one

till you finish
that one.

- So...
- Oh, yeah.



Cool. Uh, can I
get you anything?

We already ordered.
Are you hungry?


Don't encourage her.

Oh, my gosh. Look at all these
amazing things to choose from.

Okay, let's see.
Um, okay.

I'm gonna start
with the French toast.

- Okay.
- And then

the chicken and waffles.

And after that,
I'm gonna have the frittata.

That's fun to say.

Frittata. Frittata.



And then I'm gonna do
the hoecakes

and the hush puppies?

- Hush puppies.
- Puppies?


- Did she just bark?
- Uh, is that all?

Heck no. Mm-mm.
Just getting started. Okay.

Also do the biscuits
and gravy.

Lotta gravy. Lotta,
lotta, lotta gravy.

Oh. And do you have butter?

Yeah. We have butter.



Mmm. Mmm.

Mmm. Mmm.

Mmm! Mm.

Mmm. Mmm!


- Butler: Damn.
- That's liquid butter.

Do you care?

Butler: Apparently,
she doesn't.

- Ah!
- Hey.

I'm Hyde Owens.
Owner and head chef here.

I had to come by
and compliment you

on your impressive order.

Mmm. Mm.

Everything is delicious.

You know, you are
a really good cook,

- Chef Hyde.
- Thank you.

Your mommy and daddy
must be so proud of you.

She is so weird.
I love her.

Let me know if you need
anything else, okay?

Wanna make sure
you're completely satisfied.

Eve: I wanna make sure you're
completely satisfied too, Chef Hyde.

So let me know if there's
anything I can do for you.


Girl, he likes
your peaches

and wants to shake
your tree.


What Tahlia
is trying to say

is that he was totally
flirting with you.

- Flirting with me?
- Tahlia: Oh yeah.

As in verbally communicating
the desire

to have romantic relations?

- Mm-hmm.
- We--

Butter your biscuit.

That's exactly what I said.

- Are you gonna eat that?
- Girl!

You got a hollow leg
or something?

- I do!
- Definitely a hollow head.

Oh, that too.

Grace, Butler told me
about the vote

to discontinue the Eve doll.

- What's up with that?
- What?

Geez, what is it with everyone
and that stupid freaking doll?

Excuse me.
I'm sitting right here.

And Eve is not
a stupid freaking doll.

Eve is the best doll
to ever be created

in the history of dolls.


You are not a part
of this conversation.

Yes, I am.

I can't believe that
you are saying this

after everything that
we have been through, Grace.

Eve is just a doll,
and she's dunzo.

Buh-bye. Sad story.

Can we all just move on?

You know what?
I need air.

I'm not exactly sure
what for,

but I know that's what people
say when they need a moment.

Please don't come back.

(keypad beeping)

Eve A4618 here.

How's it going
with Gracie Girl?

Eve: Not great.
Not great at all.

Marathon Toys is going
to discontinue--

now that means not continue--
to make the Eve doll.

Oh, this is bad.
Very bad.

This is the most bad.

(man beatboxing)

This man is, like, making

really strange noises
with his mouth.

Hang on a second.

(continues beatboxing)

Hippity-Hop Eve
told me about this.

♪ I'm cruising down the ocean
in my fly fly yachty yachty ♪

- Yeah.
- You like that?

Yeah, yeah. Now...

- Oh, oh.
- How about you...

- Ha-ha!
- Eee! (giggles)

This is fake, man.
This ain't real.

Yes, it is.

This ain't real.

I'm not fake.
I'm real.

Gracie brought me to life.

Eve A4618:
Eve, come on now.

- Get back. Come back.
- Yeah.

Listen to me very carefully.

If Eve is discontinued,

all of us-- you, me,
all of the Eve dolls--

will no longer exist.

My tummy hurts.

I don't think I can do this.
And you were wrong about butter.

Well, how much did you eat?

You know what?
Forget about the butter.

Now, you went there
to help Grace.

But in the process, oh,
you have to save the Eve doll.

Now, do you remember
when little Casey lost her mama.

Did I throw in the towel?

No, I didn't.

I shined bright.
I shined far.

I was a star!

I am rooting for you.

We are all rooting for you.

How dare you doubt yourself!

(computer beeping)

You are our only hope, Eve.

Every time you get bucked off,
you've gotta pick yourself up

by the bootstraps
and get back in the saddle.

Cowgirl! Oh, now I smell
what you're cookin'.

Oh, that means I understand.


Because time is running out

and then poof.

We're gone.

Just like that?

Is that really how
it's gonna happen?

Pssh. I don't know.
Nobody knows.

You just need to make sure
that Grace understands

what an important part
the Eve doll plays

in the lives of children

You only have four days.

And if you do not reverse
that spell,

you cannot come back home
to Sunnyvale.

- Ever.
- Eve: Copy that.

Four days, reverse the spell,
save our Sunnyvale.

You know what? You can trust
that Eve is on the case.

I gotta go.

Here are your notes
from your call with Eve, Eve.

Great job, Secretary Eve.

What would you do
without me? (giggles)

Gracie Girl.

Gracie Girl.

You're still here.


- Grace, are you okay?
- (laughs wildly)

That's Grace Martin.


Delete that, stupid cow!
Delete that!

- Give me that. Hey.
- Easy. Easy.

What happened?
Are you okay?

- Butler: Of course there's cameras.
- Thank you.

You saved me.

You don't have
to thank me.

It's my job
to save you.

You're my special friend.

- Dude, you're super weird.
- Dude, you're super weird!

Well, I think
you're both weird, okay?

Well, I guess we got that
in common then.

Yeah, we have
a lot in common,

like needing to save
the Eve doll.

Grace: Oh wow.
Here we go again.

Okay, look, uh,
before we go anywhere else...

I need to hook you up.

- Let's go.
- Butler: Amen.

What're you gonna
hook me up to?

Here's your purse, honey.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Let's take this
busted ponytail down.

- Okay.
- (clicking)


Oh, my God.



I wish my hair grew like this.

Silly. Everybody's hair
grows like this.


- I mean...
- Ow!

- I wanna show you.
- This is a sew-in.

Let's do this.

- ♪ Runway ready like whoa ♪
- ♪ Hair ♪

- ♪ G-H-E-T-T-O ♪
- ♪ Hair ♪

- ♪ I seal my ends on the go ♪
- ♪ Hair ♪

♪ Come get
into my new growth ♪

♪ Hair, conditioner
leave in, leave in ♪

♪ Hair, conditioner
leave in, hair ♪

♪ Hair, conditioner
leave in, leave in, hair ♪

- ♪ Gives me the power that I need ♪
- ♪ Hair ♪

- ♪ It helps me feel my beat ♪
- ♪ Hair ♪

- ♪ Shortcut, bob, weave ♪
- ♪ Hair ♪

♪ Notorious W-I-G... ♪

- Whoo!
- (coughs)


- Wow!
- Ooh!

You look amazing.

Tahlia's famous
four-strand braids.

- Grace: Oh!
- Ooh. Very Met Ball 2021.

You look gorg, but...

we have one more stop.

Eve: Wow!

This place is strangely
making me feel better already.

It's called
retail therapy, Eve.

It's a thing.

Hi, guys.

Carmen said she saw you leave
around noon with a tall,

pretty lady wearing
an evening gown.

It's you. It's Eve.
It worked.

The spell worked.

Grace: Just a new friend.
Calm down.

(both laughing)

All right. All right, guys.
All right.

Eve here is in desperate
need of a new wardrobe.

Eee! Let's do it.

Undress me!

♪ Lights, camera,
ready for that action ♪

♪ Lights, camera, ready
for that action ♪

♪ Tags, snatching ♪

♪ Designer on designer
it's a habit ♪

(all laughing)


Grace: Aww.

♪ It's a look, it's a look ♪

- Yes, yes.
- (Grace laughing)

♪ It's a look ♪

♪ It's a look,
It's a look ♪

♪ Can you see me?
'Cause, baby, it's a look ♪

♪ Caviar, collard greens ♪

♪ I keep it real hood
in my Prada jeans ♪

♪ My rings, high beams ♪

♪ Cut through dark
like lightning ♪

♪ I'm like a slow jam
on the right beat ♪

♪ I'm like a slow jam on
the right beat ♪

♪ Brownsville, Bev Hills ♪

♪ I be everywhere
in this cashmere ♪

♪ Baby, it's a look ♪

♪ It's a look,
It's a look ♪

Butler: Here she comes.
Oh, my God.

♪ 'Cause, baby, it's a look ♪

- Tahlia: Yeah!
- (cheering)

- Check.
- Grace/Butler: Mate.

That Christian Cowan jacket
is to die for.

Oh, stop it.
You're too kind.


Ah! What are you doing here?

Mwah! Mwah! Stop.

I thought you were
in Capri for the holidays.

Just here to do
a major Lectrets ad.


Hi. I'm Eve.

- I'm a doll.
- You are a doll.

And this look is everything.
Love it!

Kiss, kiss.


Step back. Just two.

- Gotta run. Bye.
- Eve: Bye.

Mwah, mwah, mwah.

You know,
I wish I can take

all of these clothes
back to Sunnyvale.

That's in Utah, right?

All right. Fine.

If you're really
from Sunnyvale, prove it.


Okay, th-- this is,
this is happening.

What? What is it?
Is it an embarrassing tattoo?

That's not a tattoo.

It's my serial number.

- A.


How do you know
her serial number?

Wait. Why do you have
a serial number?

All Eve dolls have one.

It's how we prove
we're one of a kind.

Like I said,
our spell worked.

E-Excuse me?
What spell?

Eve is Eve.

Grace's doll
is now life size.

You're really
my Eve doll?

And you're really
my Gracie Girl.

♪ Dress her up
from her head to her toes ♪

♪ On the town, at the mall
Eve loves high fashion ♪

It's me.

Lex: So Grace
picked me up from school,

and she was like,
the company was in trouble,

and I was like,
"Grace, the spell book."

And she was like,
"No way,"

and I was like,
Yes way."

- What spell?
- So we did the spell,

and then you
magically showed up.

This is so cool.

Your total's $12,485.

Yeah, I don't think
this is going to work.

Oh, it works at home
in Sunnyvale.


- Card number 1-2-3...
- Uh-huh.

- ...4-5-6...
- Yeah.


Expiration date: never.


Don't worry about it.
I got it.

Oh, Grace.

It is so important
to give credit

where credit is due.

You're the best friend
a doll could ask for.

Okay, let's go.

Uh, role play.
It's all the rage.

- (Grace laughing wildly)
- Devin: Look at this.

She's like a drunk sorority girl
at a frat party.

This company
has suffered enough.

Are we supposed
to just stand by

and let her take us all
down with her?

What are you getting at?

I've combed through
her contract.

And it clearly states
that a C-class executive

may be removed
from the board

if the members
unanimously agree

that the behavior of said
executive is not aligned

with the core values
of the company.

We ask her to resign?

No, no, no. We don't
ask her to resign.

We force her to resign.

Come on.

Grace is smart.

I know she can do
this job.

It's time to take
back this company.

(indistinct chatter)

Damn those little THOTS.

You know what?
It's about time

someone bullied them
into understanding

that bullying is not
the answer.

I don't even know
where to begin with that.

- Let's just stay in the car, shall we?
- Nope, not this time.

- Oh.
- Sorry, not sorry.

Yo, Marley?

Grace, no.

You got a problem
with my girl Lex?

What are you even
talking about, lady?

Lady? Oh, no.
I'm no lady.

I know you and your little
brat friends over here

are talking crap about Lex.

No, we're not.

Grace, stop, please.

Oh, girl, you better hope
you grow into those feet.

Ha! And you...

Grace. Don't say freckles.
Don't say freckles.

- Freckles.
- Oh, my...

Oh, and you think
you're off the hook?

Think again, 'cause you
look like a boy.

(clears throat)
I-I am a boy.

Wow. Your skin
is flawless.

Are you done now,
humiliating me?

Humiliating you?
Lex, I am protecting you

from these horrible tweens
and their mean words.

You don't even know
what you're talking about!

Wait. Wha-- Lex!

But you were all just
talking and laughing.

Yeah. We're 12.

We talk and laugh.

Oh. So you weren't,
you weren't talking about Lex?

No. We like Lex.

She taught me
a really cool card trick.

Yeah. I think
she's wonderful.

Because she is wonderful.

You guys are
all wonderful.

You know what?
Freckles rock.

♪ ♪

Lex, come on.

I'm sorry.

I thought they were teasing
and bullying you.

You know, it used to be
really fun hanging out with you.

'Cause you know
what I'm going through.

It was like having
a cool older sister.

But lately,
just not that cool.

What do you want me
to do, Lex?

Forget it.

I'm out.

She's all yours, Eve.

(crickets chirping)


What? Why are you just
sitting there staring at me?

Are you okay?

'Cause I'm trying to be
the best friend that I know how.

But you still seem sad.

All the time.

I hate to break it to you,

but it's gonna take
a whole lot of something

to get me as enthusiastic
as you are...

about anything.

That is not the Gracie Girl
that I know.

Or maybe you don't
really know me.

I do know you.

And I'm worried.

You know what?

Maybe if my mom
had been around more...

maybe I wouldn't be
such a monster.

You're not a monster.

I just wanted
a childhood...

like the other kids.

You know, sometimes...

I wondered if...

she even wanted me.

Don't say that.

And now look.

I have to run
the same damn company

that kept her from me.

How's that... for irony?

(footsteps receding)

♪ ♪

Wake up and pee!
The world's on fire!

That's a saying, right?

Yeah, my mom
always said that.

I know, silly.
I was there.

Oh God.

It's too early for this.

I got a big day
planned for us.

Come on. Let's go.

No, I have
a big day planned

to stay in bed all day.

Hey, Grace. You know,
I was thinking about

what you said yesterday,
about not having a childhood,

and I have
the ultimate solution.

(groans and sighs)

Why are you
torturing me?

Oh, come on. Pretty,
pretty, pretty please.

With Georgia
sweet peaches on top.

I have coffee.

Yeah. There she is.

Give me that.

Oh, she's taking it.


Okay, get dressed, okay.

Wait until you see
my outfit.


♪ ♪

(bell ringing)

The place where ca-rowds go

ca-razy for Cha-ristmas.

Like I go crazy for you,
Gracie Girl.

♪ ♪

(Christmas hip-hop music

Over there.

Merry Christmas!

(Deck the Halls playing
over speaker)

Okay, question. Are were really
going to sit on Santa's lap?


How else is he gonna know
what we want for Christmas?

Okay, it's just...

a lot has changed
this past year.

There's been an entire
movement that suggests that

two women sitting
on a powerful man's lap

as he offers them gifts
while shouting

"Ho, ho, ho, ho,"

it's, it's not exactly PC.

Actually, it's just
three "Hos."

Come on, please.

- Please.
- Okay.

Come on.


Oh, hi.

Calum, right?
It's Jen Chen's boyfriend?

Uh, no, no,
not boyfriend.

Jen and I
are just friends.

Oh, I thought
you two were like...

We're friends.
Just friends.

Oh, that's good.
I mean...

Calum, I want you
to meet my friend Eve.

Best friend.

You are really handsome.

It would make a perfect match
for my Gracie Girl.


She says
weird things a lot.

Thank you.

Uh, it's nice
to meet you,

Eve, and it's good
to see you again, Grace.

You too.

I guess I better get
a spot in the line.

Oh, well, um,
I mean, you can

come hang with us.

I mean, if you want.
No presh.

That means pressure.
I don't know why I just shortened that.


- Calum: Yeah.
- (Grace chuckles)

Look at her. She's so cute
and so happy and playing

with her Eve doll.

Hey, uh, Emma.
Come meet my friends.

Oh, you know her?

Yeah, she's
my little sister.

What, you think
I was a grown man

come to sit on Santa's lap
by himself?

I mean, to be honest, yeah,
and I was slightly concerned.

Emma, this is Grace,
and this is Eve.

That's my doll's name.

I know.
I know her well.

Did you know,
Emma, that

Grace's company makes
the Eve doll?

And, Emma, don't you just
love your Eve doll so much.

Wait, you make the Eve doll.
Th-That's so cool.

Is it true that
if you ask your Eve doll

for help with something,

she can magically make
everything all right?


Yeah, no, it is true.

You know, Emma...

you may not notice

that any magic is happening
in that moment,

but in time, you'll see
that your Eve doll

made everything just right.

Emma, I think we need
something hot...


But not too hot.

- Right? (giggles)
- Yeah.

Wanna get out of here?

- Can I?
- Go ahead.

Come on.

- Bye!
- Calum: Bye.


Hey, it's you again.

Hi. And it's you again.

We'll have four
hot chocolates.

And I'm gonna immediately begin
flirting with you in three, two, one.

Your eyelashes are as long
as peacock feathers,

and your smile shines
so bright and so far.

And your pecs,

they look as delicious
as your juicy chicken tastes.

Wow. I've never met
a woman like you.

You say exactly what you want
no matter what.

Oh, I like you, Chef Hyde.

A lot.

I really like you, Eve.

You're truly one of a kind.

You're a doll.

Ha. I am, yes.
Yes, I am.


I'm gonna get
those hot chocolates.

That was really sweet
what you said to my sister.

She's going through
a rough time right now

with our parents' divorce.

Oh, wow, I'm sorry.

Yeah, no, she's,
she's a really sweet girl.

- She is.
- Yeah.

I am... I'm glad
I ran into you again

after your...

Oh, gosh. The luau?

- Yeah.
- Oh wow. I'm sorry.

I was a lot that day.

No. What? No.
You were amazing.

You were the life
of the party.

I wish I looked that good
in a grass skirt.

Oh gosh. Stop.

No, it was amazing.
On the table.

- Wow.
- (laughing)

- I'm embarrassed.
- (laughing)

- Thank you. No...
- Don't be. It was impressive.

I-I'm going through
a lot of stress right now,

- and that day, I just felt like--
- No, no, don't--

Everybody has stuff
going on in their lives

that no one else
can possibly understand.

Wow. Ain't that the truth.

- Say cheese!
- (camera shutter clicks)


(Christmas hip-hop music

Oh, no, no. We don't,
we don't eat those.

It used to be that you would
just come to the mall

to sit on Santa's lap,
and now it's

this whole experience.

Eve: (on microphone)
Hi, everyone.

I hope you're having
a marvelous time today

at Christmasmania.

I know I am.

Oh, good God. Someone
gave her a microphone.

I want to give
a special shout-out

to my best friend
in the entire world.

Gracie Girl.

Show me your 100-watt smile

'cause this song's for you.

♪ Eve's great no matter
where she goes ♪

♪ Dress her up
from her head to her toes ♪

♪ On the town, at the mall ♪

♪ She loves high fashion ♪

♪ After dark at the club ♪

♪ She'll spend
the whole night dancing ♪

- What is this song?
- (song continues, indistinct)

It's our old commercial jingle
for the Eve doll.

♪ Where you are
be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far... ♪

Yeah, I know.
It's a little out of date.


You know I'm
a music producer, right?

- Are you really?
- Mm-hmm.

No, I didn't know that.

It's cool.

Come on, everybody.
We can all be stars!

Let's dance!

♪ Eve wants... ♪

For what it's worth...

I'm really glad you haven't
completely sworn off

Christmas spirit.


♪ And let's get together ♪

♪ We can all make a change
that will last forever ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you live
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far... ♪

Yo, what is happening
over there?

This place is insane.





Uh, you know,
funny story,

my grandpa used to say that
there was magic in mistletoe.

That's interesting.

I guess, I guess we're supposed
to kiss or something.

♪ Eve's a work of art ♪

♪ She's every girl's dream ♪

♪ She'll capture your heart ♪

♪ She'll swallow the gloom... ♪

I have to go.

Yeah, I'm sorry.
I have to go.

Yeah, um...

- Yeah, I have stuff...
- Sure.

- ...that I work...
- Yeah.

...and, uh...

Well, you know what?

Maybe we'll bump
into each other again.

Or... can I just take
your number?

Yeah! Yeah, no,
let's do that.

Um, Jen Chen has it, so...

Yeah, just ask her and...

Yeah, we'll talk. Eve?


Eve, we gotta go.

Will I see you again?

Certainly hope so.

You smell good enough to eat.

Way too soon.
We gotta go.

I want you to be
my extra special friend.


What is this funny feeling
in my tummy?


It's like there's butterflies,
like, flying around in there.

I'm really warm.

Like, really warm.

(singsongy) I think you might
have a crush on Chef Hyde.

I can't stop smiling
when I think about him.

And I can't stop
thinking about him.

Which means
I can't stop smiling.

Just be careful, Eve.

Love has way of
letting you down hard.

Holy Christmas tree!

No wonder
you called us over.

Pretty impressive, huh?

We make a good team.

You never get a tree.

I decided it's time
to change that.

Oh, my gosh. Eve and I
had the greatest day.

We went to Christmasmania.

- What?
- I know.

I'll never be
caught dead there,

but it was actually
really fun.

Doing, like,
the simplest things

like riding the kiddie train.

You didn't post
on Instagram once today.

- (gasps)
- Grace: I know.

I was just living in the moment.
It was like...

being a kid again.

You know what?

The tree's missing something.

Hang on.

(both gasping)

Special Edition
Christmas Eve.

- Yeah.
- Oh, my gosh.


Could you do
the honors?

Oh, it really is
a beautiful tree.

This mean you're not
mad at me anymore?

I'm working on it.

Okay. I'll take it.

Go ahead.

(gasps) Oh, my gosh.
I remember this day.

Your mom sent us
to that kiddie camp.

Look at that cute kid.
I die. I'm dead.

No, that was actually

the opening of
Marathon Toy Store downtown.

And I was there.

She is right.
Look at your Eve doll.

She was my special friend.

She still is.

Oh, you guys are good.

(overlapping chatter)

Guys, guys,
listen to me.

Look, I would love to find
a way to save the Eve doll.

And maybe saving the Eve doll
could save the store,

but... the fact is the online market
has changed the toy industry.

Look, the store,
the Eve doll,

I'm sorry, but they're just
casualties of the times.

So what? Times
and people are changing.

Shouldn't the Eve doll
change with them?

- Tahlia: Hello.
- Butler: That's right now.

Give the kids
what they want.

Oh, my gosh.

It's so simple.

Lex, you just might be
the smartest kid I've ever met.

Okay, listen.

Do you think your friends
from school would be interested

in taking part
in a creative brainstorm?

I mean, I can ask.

Lex, I wanna do it tonight.

- Really?
- Grace: Mm-hmm.

I'll call everyone
I know!

Let's have a slumber party!

- Slumber party.
- Butler: Yes!

- Yes!
- (all shouting excitedly)

Here we come!


Wait, what's a slumber party?

We'll explain later!

(all shouting excitedly)

All in favor?

It's unanimous.

Thank you, all.
This was the right thing to do.

Thank you for being
a part of this.


This is a huge mistake.

Yeah, it was close, but we
finally got Carter on board.

Yeah, I'm just glad
it worked out with the voting.

I'd hate to have
to get rid of Grace

the same way I got rid
of her mother.


Sushi and Poke bowls?

These kids are 12.

Trust me, they are
going to love.

I have the pizza hookup
if it all goes south.

Just saying.

(doorbell rings)

Are we expecting more?

- Mm-mm.
- Mmm.

I'll get it.


- Calum: Hello.
- Hi.

You must be
Emma, right?

Come on in.
It's gonna be amazing.

- Bye, Calum.
- Bye.

Be good.

I didn't know
you were coming.

Uh, Eve called me.

Of course she did.

I mean, I...
I'm glad she did.

Um... I-I guess I'll be back
in the morning, then

to pick up Emma?

Oh. Okay, yeah.
No, that-that's totally fine.


I mean, if you need
someone else for a sleepover,

I could do a really good
French braid.




No, okay, I'll...

I'll see you tomorrow.


Okay, bye.



Grace: Um, I know I owe
all of you an apology, so...

I'm really sorry.

Um, as many of you know,

I own a toy company,

and we make the Eve doll.


things haven't been going
so well lately,

and we really need
to make some changes.


right now
at Marathon Toys, um,

what we were thinking was--

Grace, why don't I
take it from here?


- Hi, guys.
- Kids: Hi.

Essentially, we get to help
make the Eve doll cooler.

More representative
of the kids we know.

And in return, we get
to eat lots of yummy food

drink caffeine, stay up late,
and watch YouTube slime videos.

Kids: Oh!

The current Eve doll
looks like this.

And here she is with part one
of the makeover.

- Tahlia: Wow!
- Girl: Oh, my gosh.

Is she real?

- Yup.
- Okay.

Now don't go crazy,

Um, this is
my friend Eve,

and she just, she happens
to look a lot like the Eve doll.

Hi, everybody.

Kids: Hi!

I'm so excited to hang out
with you guys tonight,

and, uh, this is
my first slumber party.

- Oh. Oh!
- (kids giggling)

Like I was saying,

the current Eve doll,
though very pretty and polished,

is limited with just a handful
of outfit options.

Eve's list of careers are short

and uninspired.

Bridal Eve.

It's not even a career.

Beauty Pageant Eve, well,
it's just sad actually.

But we're taught
we can grow up

to be anything
we dream of being.

(all cheering)

Let's do this!

(shouting excitedly)

♪ ♪

(dance music playing)

- (hip-hop music playing)
- (all shouting)

(indistinct whispering)

- Oh.
- Hi.

You knew I never had
a slumber party growing up.

Not one.

I was born a grownup,
so I've never had one.

But I know
this one was good!

Where is everyone?

Tahlia: Oh, uh,
most went home already.

- (doorbell rings)
- (both gasp)

That must be Calum
to be pick up Emma.

- (Emma giggles)
- What?

Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no, wait.

Don't open that door. No!

Don't op--

- Hi, Calum.
- Calum: (laughing) Hi. Hi.

I, uh, brought
a little pick-me-up

in case you needed it
after the wild night.

Oh wow.

Thank you. That was
really thoughtful of you.

Such a gentleman.
I will take that.

- Thank you.
- Oh, okay. You're welcome.

That's, that's cute hair.


- I don't know.
- (all laugh)

So, how did it go?

So fun.

Can we do it again
next weekend?

Please say yes.
Please say yes.

I don't know.
Can we?

Oh, yes. She can do it
again and again and again.

Yeah, Eve. Um...

I'm sure we can
arrange something.


Well, you know, uh,
this is my number

in case you want
to call me yourself next time.


Thank you.

- Emma.
- Emma, uh--

We should go.

Bye, Emma.

Give me a hug.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye, Emma.
- Bye.

All: Bye, Calum.


- Ooh!
- (laughing)

You guys.

Girl, you better lock
that pretty thing down, honey.

He's perfection.

And did you see
the size of his feet?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

That means he has
really big toes.

Okay, we got work to do,
people, all right. Let's go.

Okay. All right.

- Latte?
- Team Eve 2.0. Whoo!

♪ ♪

♪ I like where we're going ♪

♪ Don't be shy... ♪

- (inaudible dialogue)
- ♪ This is your moment ♪

(shouting excitedly)

♪ Take turn crossing lines ♪

♪ I got things
on my mind ♪

♪ I see you lick your lips
So hard to resist ♪

♪ I been waiting all night ♪

♪ Are you thinkin'
what I'm thinkin'? ♪

♪ Are you, are you? ♪

♪ Are you thinkin'
what I'm thinkin'? ♪

♪ Are you, are you? ♪


Yeah, you were right.

I just had to give her a nudge
in the right direction.

Oh, my gosh.
You are gonna love

what she came up with
for the new Eve doll.

I can't believe
our plan worked.

Mission accomplished.

Okay, I gotta go. Bye.

Yay! Hot cocoa.

What's a celebration
without something hot, right?



Not a fan of cocoa?

You know what?

It just occurred to me,
I actually...

don't really know who you are
or where you came from.

Oh! Gracie, it's me.

Eve. Your doll.

From Sunnyvale. Hello!

Enough with the Sunnyvale BS!

It's a fictional place
we put on the box

that the Eve doll comes in.

I have a serial number.
You know that.

Tha-That was a nice
little detail.

I don't know how
you figured that one out.

I don't really care.

I don't care who you are
or where you came from

or what your grand plan was.

What just happened?

We were so happy.
What just changed?

You tell me, Eve.

"Mission accomplished"?

I thought you were my friend.
I thought I could trust you.

Are you stealing my ideas?

Working for another
toy company?

Who was it?
Come on, just tell me.

You know what, Gracie?
You're supposed to love animals,

not act like them.

Geez, I've been so stupid.

Wha-What do you
want me to do?

The little spell again?

Zamba, tarka,
ishtu, nebarim.

Yeah, no, that's what
I thought.

You're no more magical
than I am.

Just get out of my face.
I'm so done with you.

Yo-You got me.

Oh, and one more thing...

Eve? Eve!

- What are we watching?
- Grace.

Are you okay?
Did you see?

Did I see what?

Oh, come on. I really can't
handle more bad news today.

Grace Martin, the CEO
of Marathon Toys,

is being forced out...

- Wait.
- her own board.

- Apparently, the managing director... -
- What's going on?

...Devin Drake,
is gonna step up.

Maybe he can turn
this ship around.

Have you talked to Carter?

He hasn't replied
to my text.

I'm so sorry, Grace.

Reporter: And I question
Eleanor Martin's judgment

in putting her in this position
in the first place.

If Grace Martin were my kid,
I'd put her over my knee,

I'd put her in time-out,

but I sure wouldn't give her
the keys to my kingdom.

- (beep)
- (TV switches off)


Are you okay?

No, of course
she's not okay.

She hasn't been okay
in a very long time.

Grace, I think you know
what you need to do.

(buzzer sounding)

(cell door clanking)

(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct announcement
on PA system)



I'm sure you heard the news.

I have.

Well, say something.

I mean, you made me CEO,

which I can't even begin
to understand why.

Why, why would you even think
that I would want that job?

Marathon was your baby,
not mine.

I was building a business,
an empire from the ground up,


That took up
a lot of time--

(speaking Spanish)

Oh, just throw a little
shiny object at Grace,

and she'll be
too distracted to notice

that her mother's
never around.

Well, guess what, Mom?

I noticed.

All those toys,
that stupid little Eve doll,

those were all just
sad reminders

that you loved your company
more than you loved me.

- Enough, Grace.
- And a doll, Mom?

A muñeca was
my best friend.

Listen to me,
Gracie Girl.

I worked my ass off

to give you a better life
than I ever had.

I am not going
to apologize

for what I had to do.

You might not like
all the choices I made.

But I made
those choices... for you.

And now I've ruined
everything, right?

I've completely undone
all your years of hard work.

If there's anyone
that can pull this company

out of the ashes, it's you.

You've got what it takes
to be a great CEO.

You're smart, opinionated.

You look after others.
You have vision.

It doesn't even
matter anymore.

I'm out.

They voted me out.

(speaks Spanish)

Keep pushing
forward, Grace.

No one believes in you
more than I do.

As soon as you start
believing in yourself,

big things
are gonna happen.

(speaks Spanish)

Ma, do you believe
in magic?

Like all that stuff you've been
telling me about the Eve doll?

You got the box I left
for you, didn't you?

You've got magic
in you, too.

It's everywhere.

Are we allowed to hug?

(sobbing) I'm sorry
I haven't been to see you.

I'm sorry I'm not there
to help you.

Don't go down
without a fight.

I won't, Mama.

I won't.

Announcer: Welcome
to the Marathon Toys

shareholder's meeting.

Hello, I'm Devin Drake...

new CEO of Marathon Toys,

and welcome to our final
shareholder meeting of the year.

I'd like to take this
opportunity to announce

the launch
of an exciting new line

of video game apps
that I know will--

I have some things to say.

Hi, everyone.

I'm Grace Martin.
My mother is Eleanor Martin.

Twenty years ago,

my mother had nothing.

We were barely scraping by.

But she had a vision.

Her vision was the Eve doll

which grew into
this beautiful company.

But, as you all know,

times change,

other voices weigh in, and...

sometimes that vision
can be blurred.

Marathon Toys lost sight
of the magic,

of the idea that
a doll can spark

the imagination
and inspire,

that a doll can build confidence
and teach tolerance.

I know the board voted to
discontinue the Eve doll, but...

a wise woman told me,

never go down
without a fight.

So without further ado,
I present to you

Eve 2.0.

(microphone feedback)

♪ Eve's ready
no matter where she goes ♪

♪ Dress her up
from her head to her toes ♪



♪ Dress me up H to T ♪

♪ Dance all night
club I'll be ♪

♪ With my chick Gracie Girl ♪

♪ Ace BF up in this world ♪

♪ Get up, girl
you the heir ♪

♪ Be in charge
fix that hair ♪

♪ Claim your name fight them fights ♪ -

♪ Eve be with you
day and night ♪

♪ Buy me then be me, Then see my start
beating the stuff that's inside you ♪

♪ You crying start breathing ♪

♪ Perfect is boring
I'm sleepy, be snoring ♪

♪ Let's win this game, baby
it's time to get scoring ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you live
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you live
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

The new line of Eve dolls
will inspire kids

to be unapologetically proud
of who they are

and keep it 100
24/7, 365.

- Woke Eve!
- (audience applauding)


Love is Love Eve.

Rainbows reign.

Curvalicious Eve!

Thick and thin,
it's all in.

With freckles.

Quarterback Eve!

That one's for you, Casey.

- CEO Eve!
- Grace: Ha!

That's me.

♪ Get your friends
take a stand ♪

♪ High school crew, uni fam ♪

♪ Woke is woke
love is love ♪

♪ Weave or real
that's what's up ♪

♪ Thick and thin
short and tall ♪

♪ Dimpled booty
love it all ♪

♪ Peep my crew
heads are spinning ♪

♪ Old is new
oh, Eve is winning ♪

- ♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪
- Come on, everyone.

- ♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪
- Come on.

♪ Where you live
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you live
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

♪ Cruisin' on the ocean
in my my yachty yachty ♪

♪ All the boys be loving
on my bikini body ♪

♪ Be the C to the E
to the O-oh-oh ♪

♪ E to the V to the E
to the whoa-whoa-whoa ♪

♪ Special friend
yeah, we contour highlight ♪

♪ Blend and blend ♪

♪ All my dolls are real ♪

♪ We don't have
to play pretend ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you living
wherever you are ♪

♪ Be a, be a, be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you living
wherever you are ♪

♪ Be a, be a, be a ♪

♪ Oh, shine bright,
shine far... ♪

Change that channel
and I will shank you.

♪ Where you live,
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Baby, you're a star now ♪

♪ Where you live
where you are, be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you live
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

♪ Shine bright, shine far ♪

♪ Don't be shy, be a star ♪

♪ Where you live
where you are ♪

♪ Be a star ♪

(audience cheering
and applauding)

Stop clapping, stop clapping.
None of this matters.

None of this matters. She's not CEO.
I-I'm the CEO. Devin Drake, CEO.

Carter: You know, you really should
think about getting a lawyer.

All the evidence
that you framed Eleanor

to climb the ladder
at Marathon Toys

has been handed over
to the authorities.


I'm afraid
your time's up.

Devin Drake,
you're under arrest

for providing false evidence,
securities fraud,

and insider trading.

- You have the right to--
- I know my damn rights.

Makes my job easier.

This isn't over, Carter.


Does this mean my mom...

She's innocent.

I've already arranged
for her release.

You mother will be home
for Christmas.


Thank you!

Grace, what you did
up there today...

Boss, I'm so proud of you.

Thank you.

I'll see you
in the office.


You are amazing. You saved
the Eve doll and the store.

Thank you for being here
and showing up for me.

Even after I treated you
the way that I--

No, you're
my best friend.

I would do anything
for you.

You're my best friend
too, Eve.

Wait, but where were you?

Oh, I was with Hyde.

- What?
- Yeah.

Gracie, what does it mean
when a man says

"I never saw you coming,

and now I'll never be
the same."

Oh, wow!

That man's in love.

- What? With me?
- Yes, with you, Eve.

You know, you seem
to have that effect on people.


Gracie Girl, it's time
for me to go.



No, but I'm not ready
to say goodbye.

Come back to the house
and celebrate with us.

I wish I could.

But Sunnyvale needs me.

Woke Eve is blowing up
my phone,

and she's saying that she wants
to stage a march at the Capitol.

And Love is Love Eve says that
there is this little sweet girl

in Arkansas
that is hurting so bad

that needs to know
that it gets better.

What you have done
is truly magical.

But it's all
thanks to you.

What am I gonna do
without you?

You're never without me.

It's time.

Sun of suns...

moon of moons...

once awakened,
now to return.

I'll be gone soon.

Hyde: Eve.

Oh, my God.
That was an amazing performance.


Come on.
We gotta go celebrate.

Hyde, I can't.

I can't go.

I gotta go home
to Sunnyvale.


That's in Arizona, right?

Look, I'm going with you.

- Me and you.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, wait.
You need to know

that I'm a very busy doll.

- Doing very important doll things.
- Mm-hmm.

Do you think you can handle
all of this?

I've never been more sure
of anything in my entire life.


I love you, Gracie Girl.


I love you, Eve.

Magic is real.

♪ ♪

Miss Roberts?
I wasn't sure you would make it.

I'm glad I did.

I'm gonna be around a lot more
from here on out.

I have a business trip,
she's coming with me.

- I got what I wished for.
- Mmm.

Well, I think there's
another present for you

under the tree,

so I hope you're okay
with opening one more.

(squeals and laughs)

Come on, Mom.

I'm so happy
you're home.

Me too, baby.
Me too.

And I'm so excited to have
a new business partner

who's a badass boss lady.

Y'all are so cute.

Oww. PDA. Stop.

He hates it
when I do that.

- Whatever.
- I'll get you a drink.

(indistinct chatter)

Merry Christmas, everyone.

I come bearing gifts.

Many, many gifts.

- Merry Christmas, Grace.
- Merry Christmas, Calum.

You know, someone
once told me

that there's magic in--

Get a room, y'all.

(all laughing)

Thank you, Grace. This is
the best Christmas gift ever.

Miss Roberts:
What'd you get?

It's a spell book.


That is so cool.

Hyde, this is plastic.


At least we have
each other.


- Merry Christmas.
- Feliz navidad.

Happy Kwanzaa.

Happy Hanukkah.

Happy holidays!


♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way ♪

♪ O what fun it is to ride ♪

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way ♪

♪ O what fun it is to ride ♪

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ Hey! ♪