Let Yourself Go (2017) - full transcript

A psychoanalyst named Elia goes to the gym and meets a personal trainer who changes his life.

Three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine...


Two, three...

No, five...

Three, four, five...

eleven, five...

eleven... eight!

One, five...

Write, fuck it!

Five, eight...



I nearly made it...

But then he showed up...

My heart started pounding.

He looked at me with such loathing!

I thought of the two of us
alone in the elevator, so close.

He even opened the door to let me in,

but I took the stairs, as always.

The violence in his eyes
is something I won't easilyforget.

Achild of six?

Maybe even seven or eight.

I know, it's not normal.

I'm scared of everything,
I'm at my wits' end.

I even thought of joining a gym,

maybe I'm just out of shape.

I find gyms to be places
frequented by ridiculous people,

but given that ridiculous is never
threatening, it might do you good.

I'm scared I'll never change.

People don't change.

I'd like to at least get better.

At most we can reflect
on the reasons for your suffering.

- This will make me suffer less?
- Not necessarily.

They don't have to tell me
soccer is a team sport, I know it is.

Why is the team winning?
Who scores the goals? Me.

So I do the victory dance
all by myself.

No one should touch me.

You say it once, you say it twice,
third time I let them have it.


Obviously they're scared of me
in the office, too.

When I want to, I can be dreadful.

That's the way I am,
take it or leave it.

From the height of my position,
I can afford to be like that.

Let's be clear, as a kid I had
what it takes to play basketball:

three-pointers, slam dunks.

Do you know why a pro team
never bought me?

Because I'm not black.

You were asleep!

No, you're wrong, I was lost in thought.

You were asleep, you were even snoring.

I won't waste my time
watching you sleep. You boor!

Anything but ''the best''!

You could have come and had a chat.

Did you see the way
the rabbi looked at me?

It must be ten years since
you set foot in there.

I have a place reserved
in the flames of the Gehenna.

Shall we take your car?

- It's already Shabbat.
- What a pain!

Apart from that,
you're embarrassingly lazy.

You didn't ask me about today.

The condo meeting...
I told you not to go.

I didn't go to the condo meeting.

Where did you go?

I had my 6-month checkup.


- Everything okay?
- Yes.

Trevi even complimented me.

He invited us to dinner on Monday night.

Oh, God, Giovanna.
Dinner with the surgeon, again?

You've seen how he cuts his steak.

- There, I knew it.
- What's wrong?

The widow Piperno left the door open.

She doesn't want
anyone to use it on Shabbat.

What the hell does she care?

It's building regulations,
everyone's observant.

Observant of everyone else.

- I'm going to ring her bell.
- Where are you going?

A couple of steps will do you good.

- It's three floors.
- Save your breath.

You've put on a few kilos with the crap
you eat during your sessions.

- Do you feel all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

What do I tell the Trevis, you coming?

Not even at gunpoint.

I thought so, good night.

- Sorry, I've only got five minutes.
- That's fine.

- Your sugars are high.
- I know that by myself, so?

- You risk diabetes.
- You're trying to scare me.

Let's see if this scares you:
progressive loss of eyesight,

organ damage, erection problems.

My problem with erections is
what to do with them.

I'm not kidding.

The problem isn't serious,
but it could get that way soon.

You have to go on a diet, exercise.

- Exercise?
- A little.

I have my mother's exercise bike
in the cellar.

If you do it alone, you'll stop
for sure. You need to go to a gym.

- Are you insane?
- Twice a week will do.

To a gym? Why?.

You paythem and that changes things,

it's part of the therapy,
like with your patients.

I'll show you around
so you can get an idea.

- I'm Roberto.
- Venezia, nice to meet you.

Let's start with the cardio area,
here we have the cross-trainers.

That's it, baby!

Top spin, wave.

We're more interested in the upper body,

shoulder presses, vertical crunches,

chest presses, last but not least,
a beautiful lat machine.

You're doing great, darling.

- You with me?
- Yes.

Finally, we enter the temple
of free weights, feel the energy?.

Studded with benches,

horizontal, high,
it's the best equipment in Rome.


This is the floor-exercise area,

here we do full-body workout,
Pilates, stretching, Zumba.

The equipment seems top rate here, too.


- This is full body?.
- Zumba.

Haven't you got anything

a bit lighter, an exercise bike?

You want to pedal?
I'll make you pedal!

I wanna see tight buns!

Listen, is it much longer?

Enea, do you have joints?
It's like you're welded together.

Anyone got any WD-40 in their bag?


Can you feel the pain?
No pain no gain, Enea.


My name's Elia.

Let's go, Enea, okay!

Not in the men's changing room!

- Shit!
- I'll find that bitch.

My wife's misplaced her cell phone.

- Where is she?
- I fired her, don't you trust me?

- My ass, I do.
- Again?

Yeah, again, and when I find her
I'm sending her back to Spain.

And call a lawyer, asshole!

You already look leaner.

- Who are you?
- Are you talking to me?

Holy Mother, please...

- You startled me.
- I startled you?

-It's the first time I've seen you here.
-First and last.

You did a trial lesson
with Mirko, right?

He's fanatical,
you should have come to me.

Sadly, I won't get the chance.

If you don't try, how do you know?.

Let me guess,
you don't like group work, right?

- Groups of one.
- I'm also a personal trainer

and I'm the best in here,
maybe in all of Rome.

I don't doubt it.

It's completely different.

We can do it when you want,
where you want, what you need.

I'll do it by myself.

You pay me by the hour and I'll speak
to Roberto, we have an understanding.

You'll save the membership fee.

And the first session is free.

I'll think about it.

By the look of you,
you've thought about it too much.

- Shall we order dessert?
- Don't even think about it.

I worked out for two hours!

First you hand over
your chocolate stash.

But that's a myth,
like Saddam Hussein's nuclear sites.

- The chocolate stash does not exist.
- You must have run out.

Come on, let's share a zabaglione.

All right, we'll share a zabaglione,
but tomorrow you call her and accept.

Are you kidding?
She's mentally retarded.

She just has to teach you gymnastics.

I prefer diabetes to someone like her.

Why is it that whenever anything
requires a little effort, you give up?

Now you have to push through it.

Not you talking like a cheerleader, too.

- Besides, it's expensive.
- I'll pay for it.

I'll take it out of the alimony
you don't pay me.

That syntax is twisted,
are you scamming me?

- We're guests.
- I beg your pardon.

Dad, you fall for it every time.

And you play the same prank
every time.

You could break this vicious circle
and simply pay.

Way to go, Mom, you tell him.

Here I am!

Shut up...


If you wear all those clothes
you'll melt.

Says someone who goes
into saunas fully dressed...

Says Mr. Smarty Pants.

- You're not a cop, are you?
- Who, me?

- Priest?
- Do priests go to the gym?

It doesn't break any commandments.

I'm a psychotherapist.

Wow, how about that!
You don't look like one.

I don't understand,
why such informality?

I'm always like this with clients,
it's part of the job.

We have to become friends,
or it won't work.

I'd rather our relationship
remained strictly professional.

Absolutely, you're the boss.

By the look of you,
you need a makeover,

like when you renovate a house.

I just want to get back
into shape a bit, burn some fat.

- A paint job, let's say.
- Yes, a paint job.

I'm not interested
in having a sculpted physique.

No danger of that,
forgive me for saying so.

Let's go!

Can I tell you something?

That's why we're here.

I don't know where to begin.

The other day, at the gym,

seeing you in difficulty
made me feel good.

I realized you have your weak side, too

and so I feel you're closer to me

and I feel less in awe of you,
more at ease.

You shouldn't feel close to me,
we're not friends.

My private life
has to stay out of this setting,

otherwise it doesn't work.

I'm sorry, if you like,
I can go at a different time.

Don't worry, I'm not going back there.

Let's close this personal parenthesis
and pick up where we left off.

Where were we?

The newsstand guy who gave you
the wrong change.


It's not the first time,
in fact, he always does it now.

He takes advantage like everybody else,
because I never say anything.

But this time, inside I felt...

You'll find out.

...a desire to...

I imagined taking a spiked club...

- It's hard for me to say this.
- Quiet a moment.

- What's going on?
- I'll be ready in five minutes.

- Astrange noise, like a boiler.
- Oh, God!

Settle down.

Go and check on it, please!

Where are you going?

- Out to dinner.
- Again?

With the Trevis and other friends,
nothing special.

The sort of thing you detest.

You're all...

- All?
- Spit and polished.

Like an old boot, gee, thanks.

I left you some meatloaf in the fridge,
warm it up and have a nice evening.

His latest stunt, an on-field brawl
stopped by the staff with difficulty,

costed dearly to one of the
highest-paid players in the club.

He'll end the season on the sidelines
and then be sold off.


Shabbat shalom, Elia.

- Occasionally, the lost sheep returns.
- Occasionally.

I just came to...

I'd be happy if you joined
your old friends for once.


I would have liked to continue studying,

but my mom wanted me to play sports.

It's usually the other way around.

Elia, what a disaster!
Squeeze this flabby little butt.

I preferred to work out
other parts of my body.

Listen to him.

- I'm talking about my brain.
- Stop answering back and work.

Let's stretch
these puny shoulders of yours.

Elia, the first thing is posture.

You're too...

- You have to love yourself more.
- Spare me these banalities.

Every push you do
is a patient you're curing.

Acured patient is a lost patient.

- And they sit here?
- Yes.

- What do you tell them?
- I listen.

Every so often I ask a question,
but not as many as you.

- And that's all?
- That's all, yes.

I help them remember things
they thought they'd forgotten.

If someone forgets something,
it means it wasn't important.

No, there are forgotten things
that help you understand who you are.


Do you mind getting up?

Do you mind lowering your leg like this?

Like this, let yourself go! More!

Don't panic.

It's a small contracture.

- It feels really hard.
- Before it was flabbier than this?

Keep the wisecracks coming.

Anyway, I forget things sometimes, too.

- But that's not displacement.
- What is it, then?

Can we talk about it when I can get up?

Come on, you know me now.

What am I like?

I'll help you out,
I'm a Gemini with Leo rising.

Leo the lion!

I just brought your laundry,
I thought you were out.

No, it's raining,
so we're doing it inside.

- Hi, I'm Claudia.
- Pleasure.

Carry on, don't let me stop you.

Keep going, as if I hadn't come in.

What a stylish woman!

Got any ice?

- Stop acting like a war casualty.
- What are you saying?

You feel guilty because you're seeing
a young woman, who's pretty and smart,

not at all retarded.

- Pretty, now...
- You're right, she's beautiful.

- Are you jealous?
- Why would I be?

- We're not married anymore.
- We weren't last year either.

But you didn't think it was funny
when I had that patient.

The one who screamed ''fuck me''
all over the house.

- But you shouted for her to continue.
- I was managing the transference.

- You don't know what I say to this one.
- You're invisible to someone like her.

Going out?

- Tonight too?
- Yes.

- With your friend who calls you?
- Been eavesdropping?

- You can tell me if it's serious.
- Don't be pathetic.

Do you intend to keep seeing him?

- And I'm the jealous one?
- Oh, really.

I'm happyfor you.

He makes me feel good,
in a way I haven't for a long time.

He's passionate about things,

He's taking me to a boxing match
tonight, it should be exciting.

Blood, yelling in your ears, the stink
of sweat... a magnificent evening.

On Friday we're going to a jazz concert.

We agreed that Fascism's
only good idea was to ban jazz.

- Aren't we going to the theater Friday?
- Sorry, I forgot.

Never mind, it gives you
an excuse to stay home.

So, the lady who does your laundry
is your wife.

- What does she do?
- She's a child psychologist.

- And she lives next door?
- We split the apartment in two.

You're separated
and she washes your shirts?

She used to iron them too,
but it's a long story.

Let me guess,

you're with someone younger
and she still loves you.

That's the long story?.

Then you worked too much,
at night you were always tired

and you never wanted to do your duty.

And after a while she said,

''If we have to live
like brother and sister,

then it's best if we each sleep
at our own place.''

And so long, right?

Not everyone's like you,
always thinking about...

I'm not always thinking about that.

Anyway, what's wrong with that?
It's healthy to let yourself go.

You ought to know, you're a doctor.

For example, what do you do
in the evening?

What do we do?
I don't know, we read,

we talk about work, we play cards.

On Fridays, we go to the theater.

Theater's cool.
I used to do plays when I was a kid.

I wanted to be an actress, but my mother
was obsessed that I had to study.

Wasn't she obsessed with sports?

She went through periods, my mom.

Would you like to come to the theater
tonight? My wife's busy.

Do you mean it?

Watch out, I might accept.

Shall we go?

Oh, my God!
You know who just came out?

- My wife?
- No, not your wife.

That really hot soccer player.
But I think he's a bit...

- Why?
- He didn't even look at me.

If someone doesn't go mad for you,
he's a homosexual?

Exactly, haven't you noticed
how amazing I look tonight?

- So I'm a homosexual, too?
- No, you're an intellectual.

Yeah, all right...

If I'm an intellectual,
he's not a homosexual.

How do you know?.
You don't have female intuition.

He's a patient of mine.

- He comes to get treatment for it?
- It's not a neurosis.

Who said he's neurotic?
They're not all neurotic.

That's prejudiced.

Homosexuality isn't a nervous disorder.

Fine, but you can't tell me it's normal.

Who's that girl with Venezia?

- She must be his daughter.
- They only have a son.


- I'd like you to meet Ms. Castroni.
- Hi, pleasure.

You clap at the end.

- I'm at the theater, I can't answer.
- You just did.

I don't know, do what you want, darling.

Love you. Bye.

My flatmate's a teacher
and she explained

that a person is like a building,

there's the penthouse
to control from above, that...

- She told me.
- The super-ego?

That's it.

That stands on its own.

Then there's the whole building,
the ego, what we really are.

Then there's the id,
that's a sort of cellar.

Where you put things about yourself
you don't want people to see.

Your instincts.

I was thinking, you and me,

we do the same job,

we renovate,

you do the head, I do the body.

If you're not well in your body,
then something's wrong here.

- It's all connected.
- You think?

People who come to me have
a problem that they don't tell me.

They come for their stomach,
their back, their ass and then...

I had a salad

and a coffee.

I had all the rest.

How is it a guy who removes flaws
from others doesn't remove his own?

- Sorry?
- Never mind.

If you're referring to
my thriftiness with expenses,

I think that the art of saving
is a rare virtue,

to ponder upon.

Pardon me, I have to go to the restroom.

Hi, buddy, how are you?

What happened to you?

I thought about it,
we started off on the wrong foot,

you need to do it at your own pace,
you're a diesel,

you need to get your motor warmed up.

- I'm sure you can start again.
- I already have.

- Where?
- With Claudia.

Didn't she tell you?

Good to see you,
we're going to eat pizza.

- Did he say Claudia?
- She's new.

Where did you meet this Claudia?

At the gym.

Is she brunette, skinny, slutty looking?

Baby, they all look the same,
let's not start.

You're the slut.

You're here, you ugly skank!

- You need to leave my man alone.
- Who'd want him?

If you're not good at keeping him,
look in the mirror and ask yourself why.

Ladies, calm down.

Stop it!

You're defending her now,
you dirtbag.

You steal my clients
and I'm the dirtbag?

Let's go.

- Be thankful I don't report you.
- What the fuck are you saying?

Ask that jerk what I'm saying.
And throw those pants away!

What did he say about the pants?

- Does it hurt?
- Yes.

Serves you right,
you made me lose my man and my job.

If someone had explained
how things were...

-You didn't notice, with the job you do?

I should have known you were together
or that you stole each other's clients?

I only did it a couple of times
to make ends meet.

With all the problems
I've got right now...

All right...

Do you want to do
two hours more each week?

What do you say?

As if it'd change my life.

Do we want to do...

Do we want to do four?

- With you I should do six more.
- Six?

Am I training for the Olympics?

Let me think about it.

Thank you.

It was a mess from the start,
his wife caught us right away

and he pretended to fire me
but you can't get anything past her,

she's a piece of work, and so is he.

Why didn't you drop him straightaway?.

I don't know, you tell me.

Some would say
you're a woman who loves too much.

- You hit the nail on the head.
- It's the title of a book.

'Women Who Love Too Much.'

They're women who fall in love
with the wrong man

and waste their time
trying to change him.

- Like your wife.
- You think?

What's my wife got to do with it?
We're talking about you.

Exactly, I'm just like that,
is it serious?

It's quite frequent,
it's a typical masochistic trait.

Who's a masochist?
I don't like handcuffs.

Go down.



When did it happen?

I'll be right there.

I have to go.

Come with me.
Hurry up, though.

Where are we going?

Come on.

- Where are we going?
- I'll tell you later.

We haven't got a ticket,
they'll fine us.

Afine! Come on, hurry!

Will you tell me what's going on?

Jennifer Maria messed up at school,
she burned the toilet paper.

- Who's Jennifer Maria?
- My daughter.

- I told you about her.
- When did you tell me about her?

What have I got to do with this?
Why are you bringing me?

I don't know.

- I thought you could help.
- To do what?

- Tickets.
- He's got them.

What... Claudia!

I gotta go, it's the Battisti School
in Via Lantieri. Later!

- Your tickets?
- I haven't got any.

- Keep your hands off me.
- Easy, I just need some ID.

I haven't got any on me.

No ID either?

Is there a marathon today?

Excuse me, where did that lady go?

Principal's office, down there.

Lady... yeah, right.

I'm mom's friend. Is she in there?

- What did you do?
- It wasn't me, it was her.

Don't blame your classmate.

You're not suspending her this time
either because she's friends with her.

Look what you did to her! I'm sending
you the hairdresser's bill, you loser!

Not a problem, I'll pay it.

- I can imagine how.
- What did you say?.

Darling, you scared me half to death.

Paola said I can't play
with the PlayStation for a week.

Paola's always right, remember that.

Paola decides at school, not at home.

- I managed to calm down the Principal.
-Thank you, Paola.

But this punishment you gave her...
I'm running late.

- Can we start it tomorrow?
- I'll take care of it.

Starting today, you're staying inside,
even at recess.

Who are you?

He's the psychotherapist
I told you about.


He looks like this because he's been
working out, usually he's very smart.

It was a pleasure meeting you,
we're going back to class.

- What an extraordinary woman!
- Her? Who is she?

Paola, my flatmate, she's a genius,
she graduated with honors.

I did everything
to get Jennifer Maria in here.

That's your daughter.

Is she your daughter daughter or...


She's not actually black, she's brown.

Her dad is a famous singer
from Cape Verde.

He even won their big song contest.

I met him in Barcelona,
then he came to Italy on tour

and we ended up here.

Then... it's ancient history.

In the end he left you.

Me? He didn't leave me.

No, he had to go home
to take care of some business

and I never heard from him again.

He must have been arrested,
I haven't heard from him for months.

Is he an activist?

No, he's totally lazy.

I mean, he's a political

He's not political.

No, he's a hunk.

He has a spectacular body,
a sculpted ass.

Feast your eyes.

He's a good-looking fellow.
Who is he?

Never mind.

Come on, flabby buns!

- I can't do ten.
- Yes, you can.

Think of someone who pisses you off.

The widow Piperno,
the old bag on the fifth floor.

No. More!
I want to see you get mad.

Don't think of the effort. Think that
you want to punch someone's head in.

Nine, ten!



Thirteen, fourteen!

Wow! You're a lion.

- Who did you think of?
- The guy going out with my wife.

- Who is he?
- I don't know.

- Are they fucking?
- If you don't mind!



Tomorrow, when Don Farina
says the mass is over,

the parents will stand up.

Let's practice.

And they will spread out
along the central aisle.


Good, come on.

The children will walk down the middle

and each one will go to their parents,
take their hand

and together they'll go
towards the altar.


So you are there.
I wanted to tell you something.

It's late, but I've got
a fantastic idea.

- It only happens once in a lifetime.
- What does?

Tomorrow morning, Jennifer Maria
is having her first communion.

It would be nice if you came.

Her first communion?

Tomorrow I can't, I'm having a checkup.

On a Sunday?.

On a Sunday, yes.

The Jewish Hospital, they don't work
on Saturdays, on Sundays they do.

You could come afterwards,
there'll be refreshments.

Religious ceremonies
are not really my thing.

- I'll see you on Monday.
- Please!

Congratulations to everyone.

- Notice anything?
- Yes, that suit.

- It's incredible that you've kept it.
- It still fits.

Fits again, you mean.

the rabbit-food diet is working.

- You checking my trash?
- I take it down, since it tires you...

- Want to get dinner?
- I have a previous engagement.

Maybe it's pathetic to remind you,
but we're still married.

Only because you wanted
to save money on lawyers.

Married, separated...
they're just mental constructs.

I thought so too, but then I realized

I was the only separated woman
who kept going out with her husband.

- No one is forcing you.
- Indeed.

I figured it out.

You kept me tied to you with guilt,
the way you do with your patients.

How does guilt come into it?
It cuts both ways.

- We enjoy each other.
- Yeah, at the nursing home.

The certainty of having someone
nearby who can look after you.

Once or twice you went out cursing
to find me an all-night drugstore.

I think I can do without that,
I don't need anyone.

Whereas you need a housekeeper.

You know what?
From today, you pay her.

Bye, dear.

On Friday I'm going to the theater.

With a guest.

Are you getting out?

No, Mrs. Piperno, seeing as
today I can use it, I'm going to.

Dad, we have to close now.

- Want to go for a walk?
- I can't, I have to do the accounts.

I'll see you tomorrow,
I have to pass by Mom's.

Did you make an appointment?
You risk not finding her.


I'm sorry...

I'm sorryto break a taboo...

Your mother is going out
with another man.

Younger, more handsome,
more athletic than your father.

You see?

It's about time.

- What?
- What did you expect?

She's generous and you've always taken
advantage of her, that's your problem.

What's my problem?

You're selfish, even when Mom was ill.

What are you talking about?
I went to the hospital every day.

Just to freeload off her lunch,
'cause she was never hungry.

You always went at noon.

You've never done anything for free,
or just as a favor, for anyone.

This doesn't mean we don't love you.

I gotta go.

Shall I bring you a grappa?


- You came!
- Keep it down.

- You're a doll.
- I was happy to come.

- How sweet.
- Keep it down.

The mass is over, go in peace.

Parents in single file,
children, get ready.

- Come on.
- What's happening?

Just a moment, come on.


It's a game.

Sweetheart, look who came to say hello.

Shake hands.

I bless you in the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

- Make the sign of the cross.
- No.

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Make the sign of the cross.

Jennifer Maria,
you're all sweaty, that's enough.

- Mommy!
- No Mommy, that's enough.

Listen, we were wondering...

- Are you the grandfather?
- Whose?

Of the little girl.


- Aglass of wine?
- Yes, please... excuse me.

- White, red?
- White?

Claudia talks about you all the time,
you're doing her good.

The girl has bad luck with men.

Jennifer Maria's father
is a good person...

The musician?

He was selling dope and got deported.

The one after, he was a real prize...

If they're not bums or jailbirds
she's not interested.

She's so sweet,
she's got a heart of gold,

she just doesn't know
how to protect herself or others,

she treats her daughter
like a little sister.

I think she manages just fine.

There's no doubt she loves her, sure,

the problem is
she doesn't have any rules.

In any case, a real mother,
no matter how flawed,

is better than someone
who mothers other people's children.

If you're referring to me, you're wrong.

You enjoy giving lessons
to your friend and her daughter,

who seems a perfectly normal child.

- You're on fire.
- Boisterous but...

I'm perfectly calm, if I raise my voice

it's to adapt to your petulant tone.

You're on fire for real. Your jacket!

Jennifer Maria!
Don't you realize? What the fuck!

- Where are you going?
- Home.

I feel a bit drained, at my age,
being set on fire takes its toll.

I'm sorry.

- She ruined your jacket.
- Never mind.

Why did you go around saying
you and I were together?

Me? Who to?

To the other parents,
to your friend, Montessori.

- I didn't say anything.
- You let them believe it.

So did you.

When you took me to the theater
you wanted to be seen with me,

so they'd tell your wife.

- Me?
- Yes.

What are you talking about?

Sorry, I wanted to make
a good impression for once.

Everyone thinks I'm a loser,

before too long
Jennifer Maria will think so too.

Your daughter adores you.

As a mother I still have
a long way to go.

- Paola's right.
- Forget her.

You just need to have
some faith in yourself.

Winnicott asserts that a mother
only has to be sufficiently good

and you are.

That's a cartoon.


Winnie the Pooh.

He's an English pediatrician,
a very famous therapist.

He's not a bear.

The bear could have said
something like that too.

What's wrong now?

I don't know.

I want to go away.

Where do you want to go?

Somewhere else.

What would I do without you?

I never know when you're joking
and when you're serious.

What's a duvet doing
hanging on the wall?

They've hung it up to dry.

- How beautiful!
- Apollo and Daphne.

- Where are they running to?
- Nowhere, it's a chase.

He's in love with her,
but she doesn't want him,

so she asks her father
to transform her into a laurel tree.

Sometimes, we fall in love
with someone who doesn't want us

and it's very hard to accept.

Very hard.

Who knows how often you've been here,
you know loads of stuff.

It's my first time,
did you see the price of the tickets?



What are you doing here?

What do you think?
I'd like you to meet Filippo.

We've never met, have we?
Have we met?

Have you met or not?

How do you do, Biraghi.

This is Claudia.

I've met her.

You've met?

Claudia and I were wandering around.

Obviously, you're a bit oxygen deprived.

Don't you find that every time
you stand in front of this marvel...

I know him.

I know, he came to you once.

He's been a regular patient
for three years.

He didn't tell you, did he?

What's a young and beautiful Spaniard
doing with an old narcoleptic?

Are you a patient?

You do therapy while you're jogging
so he won't fall asleep.

No, I'm his personal trainer.

We left on bad terms, really bad.

He hates me,
but really, he hates himself.

Who wouldn't in his shoes? He's
manifesting his hatred against me.

Are you saying he's going out with me
to punish you?

Exactly, if you put it like that
it could be an idea.

A humongous negative transference,

the patient projecting
all his envy on the therapist.

I know the definition
of negative transference

and I also know the one
for egocentric asshole.

Do I have to explain it to you?



If I'd known it was him, I would have
stayed at home with the remote.

You're better looking than him.

What did you talk about?

Nothing, what did we have to talk about?

- Claudia?
- I'm almost done.

Quiet, and hurry up,

the next time you can shower
at your place.

Just this once!

I've got a patient.

I left the book in the front hall.

Don't lose it, I want it back.

I've got something for you, too.

This is for when
we don't see each other.

It's on the house, don't worry.

What is it?

Go easy with the hot water.

I'm hardly using any.

Stare at a point in the room
and let yourself go.

Good, now feel your breath changing,

it's getting deeper, you're relaxing...

Your eyelids are getting heavy,

your eyes are closing.

Now you're on a magic train
that goes backwards

and stops at many stations.

The stations are the years of your life.

You're driving the train

and you decide where you want to stop.

Where have we stopped?

In Massafra, April 2006.

What's happening in Massafra?

It's a Sunday, there's a game on.

Dad took me,

he says if I work hard
I'll make it to Serie A

and if I score a goal
I have to dedicate it to him.

And did you score a goal?

I always score a goal.

And I'm playing with Sergio Fava.

Sergio Fava, my friend,

who passes me the ball from midfield

as only he knows how to.

That day I score a goal thanks to him...

the dive.

He jumps on me and we hug.

And we fall on the ground together.

And then?

What happens then?

What happens?

Tell me.

I get a hard-on

but I'm ashamed.

Because Dad's out there
and I don't want him to notice.

So I pretend I'm injured

and I get them to replace me.

I nearly got a C in history.

You're a genius.

- What a surprise!
- I had some free time.

Can we have ice cream for lunch?

Mommy just came to say hello,
she'll bring ice cream home tonight,

if you do your homework.

Today, Jennifer Maria's doing
her homework with me in the park.

That's not a great idea,
the English book's at home.

- Here it is.
- Good.

But next time let me knowfirst.

What else would you like to do?

I'd like to go skating
and camping in the countryside.

Okay, and a nice trip faraway
with Mommy, would you like that?

- In a plane?
- In a big plane, yes.

But skating first.

We'll go on Saturday.

Tomorrow?. Yay!

-Tomorrow's Friday, I'm busy.
- Today's Friday, Thursday's judo.


We were nearby...
Still in your pajamas.

It's my new workout gear.

I need to ask you a small favor.

I have to go to the dentist,
I'm in terrible pain,

can I leave Jennifer Maria with you?

Absolutely not, I have
a video conference.

Forty-five minutes tops.

- I just said...
- Thank you.

What do I do?

Stay with Elia,
it'll be fun, you'll see.

Come with me.

I have to get ready,
you can watch TV if you like,

but in half an hour scram into
the kitchen, I have to concentrate.

Have you got a PlayStation?

Maybe I have a deck of cards.

Play solitaire. I don't know
if they're all there though.

Jennifer Maria...

- Five minutes.
- No, now.

Thank you.

Go to the kitchen.

Drink a glass of water.
From the tap.

How boring!

Take it out on your mother,
she should have been back a while ago.

Hi, Ettore.

I've thought about it,
we'll do it next Wednesday,

I've got a 12-hour release.

You organize everything,
like I told you.

Are you sure this thing works?

Don't worry, I saw it.

It works.

But I don't want your daughter.

I can't even say she's mine.

I'll figure something out.

And now, dear friends and colleagues,

thanks to technology, we are able

to connect

with a dear Italian friend,

I'd like you to give a warm welcome to:

Professor Elia Venezia.

Hello, Alain, hello, everyone.

I'm sorry

I can't be there in Paris with you all,

but as you know

I have a bad relationship with planes,

especially after my work

on the myth of Icarus.

Anyway, thank you

for inviting me to this debate,

I'll make some brief remarks

about my studies on regression.

By regression I mean

the capacity of those who have received

appropriate instructions,

to relive...

to relive memories,

the pattern of behavior

and attitudes

that can be traced back to childhood...

Excuse me, please.

Help! Fire! You little devil!

Where the fuck are you?

Stop! I won't hurt you.

Excuse me.

Jennifer Maria!

Where the fuck are you?

For fuck's sake!

What's wrong?

Will you explain why
you locked my daughter out?

Because the little match girl
nearly burned down the house.

I had to suspend
my video conference with Paris,

I made a monumental ass of myself.

Is that true?

I just burned a little piece of paper.

That set fire to the curtains.

You don't kick a child out
for something like that.

- How much do I owe you?
- Forget that.

Try to be punctual instead. You should
have been here two hours ago.

There was a line at the dentist.


Since I met you, you've been getting me
mixed up in your crazy messes.

Me, crazy?
Who do you think you are?

Just because you're a shrink
you think you can judge everybody?.

If you keep acting so superior
you'll end up alone.

If you'd be the company,
then that's a wish rather than a threat.

What did he say?.
Did you understand the last bit?

It's Claudia, let's start
today's adventure!


I can see you're doing really well.

And now we're going
to put on ''El Caribe''.


Remember, a smile extends your life.

So you've already decided?

I'd like to go,
but I'm not sure I'm up to it.

It's lunch with your aunt,
what's there to be scared of?

Food allergies.

I recentlyfound out
I'm allergic to pistachios,

my genitals break out in a rash.

Time's up.

See you on Wednesday?

See the elevator?

If you don't come up in it next time,
you needn't come back.

- What are you saying?
- You've been coming for six years.

We haven't overcome any phobias,
I don't know what to say anymore.

Take elevators, eat junk food,
have unprotected sex

and above all,
get pissed when you need to.


Happy birthday!

Thank you, why?

Happy birthday, it's the 20th.

It's in June.

I thought you were a Libra. May I?

Come in.

I've made some herbal tea,
you want some?

It you make it without sugar, yes.

I got my test results, everything's
okay, but now I prefer it without.

See, there was something to celebrate?

Are you still working out?


I've stopped.

I got them online,
they're the ones Freud smoked.

- I don't...
- I know, but I thought they'd suit you.

Hold it in your mouth with patients,
without lighting it, for show.

You won't need to buy any more.

Like this?

-I read he took cocaine.
-Don't tell me you brought some of that.


I'm sorry about last time
and all the rest.

All right, but you've got to stop
with all that stuff.

You'll have me back in therapy
if I go on like this.

You really mess with my head.

That's not a compliment, I'm supposed
to put order in people's minds.

With you I'm always afraid
I'm not interesting enough,

you're not like the others,

you're intelligent, sensitive.

I like being with you.

I'd really like
someone like you to like me.

Have I made another mistake?
It came right from my...

- From your id?
- Right.

What happened?

My wife.

If you're scared,
we can do it in there on the couch.

Are you crazy?
The couch is sacred.

- In the bathroom, on the washer.
- I haven't got one.

She does my laundry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What for? You're wonderful,
you still love your wife.

She doesn't see it like that.

Maybe you're a bit rusty
as a seducer,

you just need to practice a bit.

Atherapist who lets
his personal trainer guide him,

that's a new one.

Can I sleep here?

If you're counting on
an early morning erection,

I haven't had one
since I saw my son get circumcised.


Are you the professor?

No, that depends, but at the moment...

I'm sorry, is this any way to...?

I'm going to scream.

If I were you, I wouldn't.

Where's the room with the bed?

It's in there, but there's no one there.

What are you shouting for?

Not this one,

the room where people lie down.

My study.

I never see anyone in the morning.

Don't get smart with me,
I'm a sweet guy,

but if my friend loses it...

I make small hole?

I'll take you there if you put me down.

Here, take it.

Wow, 15 euros! What a bum.

- I'll look in the drawer.
- You don't understand.

You gotta...

- You gotta hypnotize me.
- Sorry, what was that?

He forget where he put stuff.

I'll explain it to him.

I knocked over a jewelry store
and I hid the...

- I hid the...
- Loot?

Loot, yeah, right.

Underground, in the pine forest,

I mentally counted my steps,

but I forgot the numbers.

You have to make me remember,
put me to sleep.

But I don't know if...

Hypnosis is not an exact science.

You make sleep him.

Does your friend have to stay?
He makes me nervous.

Of course, he has to write down
the numbers or we have to start over.

Go get a pen.

We'll do this because it's necessary.

You have to tell me your name.

- Or else I can't do anything.
- Tell him.


Well, Ettore,
now that you're here in front of me,

you can hear my voice and
the sounds coming in from outside,

I don't know if you realize,
but inside you something's changing.

While something is changing inside you,

you can feel your breathing
getting deeper, you're relaxing.

Your eyelids are heavy,

your eyes are closing,

imagine you're entering
a cloud of tranquility.


Ettore, I want you to go back in time

and tell me some numbers I ask you.

- Numbers.
- Shut up.

It's not my fault, teacher,
it wasn't me.

He always says that
at night in the cell,

always teacher,
always crying, no can sleep.

Ettore, I'm not mad at you,
I know you're a good boy.

- Really?
- Yes.

Now, I know you're a good boy,
so you'll answer my questions.

Where did you hide what you stole?

I put all the snacks in my backpack.

Not the snacks.

Grandma's pension.

Shut up.

What you stole from the jewelry store.

Near the old drinking trough.

Can you tell me where? If you tell me
I'll give you a good grade.


One, two, three,

four, five, six,


Eight from the big tree.

Five to the burned tree.

Eight, five.

Eleven to the old trough.

Eight, five, eleven.

Eight, five, eleven.

Did I do good, teacher?

What's going on?


The girl she run away, she lock us in.

- What girl?
- Your girl, from photo.

- Claudia was here?
- I don't know.

Maybe she had another set of keys.

She heard the numbers and ran away.

The numbers?
So I remembered.

- I'm so happy.
- Happy why?

Now she steal money, jewels
and is ripping you off.

We have to go, come on, professor.

Quiet, my head's bursting.

Maybe I have another set of keys.

When you find keys
is already nighttime, give to me.

There is woman.

There is woman.

You're here,
you left your keys in the lock.

Is someone there?


I wanted to tell you something.

- You were right, he's an asshole.
- Who?

Who? Filippo.

As soon as he realized
we weren't together, he disappeared.

Know where I saw him yesterday?.
Out with your personal trainer.


He was acting all love-struck.


Why have you locked me out?


How about Claudia your girlfriend?
Maybe Filippo is accomplice.

He's a fool but not to that extent.

I'll tell you what she does with him.

Forget it, we must go.

We need shovel.
Professor, you have?

- Shovel?
- A shovel for digging.

Why do I have to come along?
You can take my car.

- And you call cops.
- No, I promise.

Plus this business is so not believable.

Shut up!

This is it.

This filthy car? Is truly disgusting.

- I don't use it, I thought I'd sell it.
- You have to pay to sell this.

That slut!

Who knows how many people
she let fuck her.

Even this old man, probably.

We maintained
a purely professional relationship.

Yeah, professional whore.


She's even been with a negro,
and to think I was in love with her...

It's always like this,
no one has ever loved me.

I am loving you.

- You're the only one.
- But watch road.

Saint Cicciolina! Please!

There she is.

Stop her!

Let go of me!

Give it to me, now, all of it!

All what?
I didn't find anything.

- Nothing?
- Are you crazy?

Why did you do it?

Because you didn't want to bring
Jennifer Maria with us.

She's not my daughter.

And then with that ridiculous name.

See what you're like?
I hate you.

And I'm going to kill you.

Stop, if you are killing her
all police of Italy is chasing us,

we tie her to him
and go away with jewels.

I'll tie them up.

You're hurting me.

I'm glad, you hurt me, too.

I'd like to point out
that I haven't hurt anyone.

I've always loved you, Ettore.

No one has ever loved me,
only Yuri has stood by me.

-Of course, you were in a cell together.
-Shut up!

You know Yuri was going
to rip you off today too.

When he saw me, he was trying
to get away without you.

- It's not true.
- It is true!

If I may, I can confirm that it's true.

Give jewels.

- Yuri...
- I will shoot.


I will shoot.

You too!

You see that? He's dead.

Let's hope so.
We have to get free.

He's got a knife.

- Who?
- The dead guy, we have to get it.

Come on.


We need to roll over.

Have you got something in your pocket?


- Last night nothing and now...
- It's not up to me.

Evidently I associate sexual drive
with a sense of danger.

You're not normal.

What's the matter?


- Then why the long face?
- And you're asking me that?

Do you realize
what you just put me through?

You led me into something horrible.

And you're like him,
you're dishonest, a thief.

It's not true, I need that money,

I want to go away with Jennifer Maria.

I want to take her to her daddy
and start over.

- And I'm ready to risk my life for it.
- Yeah, right, and mine!

- It turned out well in the end.
- Well?

I was held prisoner in my own home,
threatened, kidnapped, tied up,

I saw a man die, I rolled in the mud.

I robbed a corpse.

But it's not just that.

What else is there?

Never mind.

You're disappointed about last night,

you think that I stayed with you
just to double-cross Ettore.

Me? Not at all!

Actually, you're right,

but what I said is true.

I feel something for you,
I care about you.

To me you're an important person.

That's why you slept with
that asshole Biraghi?

My wife saw you together.

I didn't sleep with him,
I went out with him

and I made sure that she'd see us
together, to expose him,

I did it for you.

- Yeah, right.
- I swear!

Don't turn on the waterworks as usual,

this situation is already absurd enough.

But it's my fault,
I should have known,

from the first moment I saw you
in that sauna,

that you're harmful, not a masochist!

I didn't understand a thing,
you're a crazy hustler

who takes advantage of
the first guy she comes across.

- Do you really think that?
- Yes.

Then get out of my car.

Gladly, I was about to ask if I could.


- Ticket?
- I haven't got one.

- No ID either, I imagine.
- No ID either.

What happened to you?

Nothing, I was jogging and I slipped.

You were jogging dressed like that,
in mud?

Don't worry about it, bye.

- Did you ring my bell to say hi?
- No.

- Are you all right.
- Yes, I have to go.

- I understand, you know.
- What?

I shouldn't have spoken to you
about Filippo, you're still jealous.

Right, anyway, I don't want
to talk about it now, go inside.

Why did you close the door?

Because I want to be alone,
don't come after me.

- Where's Claudia?
- I don't know.

The bitch screwed me,
she switched bags.

Now call her and tell her to come here.

- She'll never come.
- All the worse for you.

Don't worry,
the flight's in three hours.

I left money for the bills
on the TV cabinet.

That wasn't necessary.

And I left you those 3,000 euros
you lent me.

It was a gift.

Don't be like that, darling.
We'll see each other on the computer.

Elia, I'm happy you called.

I'm sorry about before,
I wanted to say...

Tell me another time, now let me talk.

Ettore's here
and he says to come at once,


Otherwise I'll kill him,
got that, you filthy slut?

Spanish bitch!

I'm going to kill him!

What's going on?

My whole life's been like this,
always screwed over, never any joy.

If she doesn't come,
I'm going to kill you

and then I'll kill myself.

I'll throw myself in the river,
it's just out front.

My head's buzzing,
what did you do to me?

I did what you asked, I hypnotized you.

You gave me something,
I feel weird.

You came out of the hypnosis
too suddenly,

it's as if a part of you is still there.

There where?

- Who is it?
- A patient.

Patient, my ass, listen to them ringing.

He won't leave easily,
he's very anxious.

I had... I have an appointment
with the doctor.

The doctor's busy.

Excuse me, but busy how?.
With whom?

With me, it's urgent.

I wanted to tell him
I took the elevator.

Well done, now take it again
and fuck off.

I had an appointment
with the doctor at this time,

I have precedence.

Listen to me, mamma's boy,

don't you piss me off, too.

What are you doing, threatening me?
Trying to intimidate me?

I'm not going to let you intimidate me.

Now I'll come in and...

I told you not to fuck with me.

How can you live like this?


Sit down.

You realize you'll never
solve anything like this?

You'll just go from one problem
to an even bigger one.

Mind your own fucking business.

Take today.

You beat up two people,
kidnapped a third, me,

and contributed
to the death of a fourth.

Of a fifth too, if you don't shut up.

What are you going to do now?

Are you going to betray the trust
that's been placed in you again?

You're not going back to prison,
you're going to run away again?

Can you spend your life running away?.

How much time
do you still have left to do?

- Two years.
- Well, then.

In two years you'll have paid your debt,
you'll be free.

It's too late, did you see
how I fucked up today?

You didn't do anything,

you didn't do anything.

Your friend killed himself,

technically it was suicide.

Besides, I won't say anything,

in fact, I'll give you an alibi,
I'll say you were with me.

And why would you do that?

What do you mean why?

I can't see you suffer like this,

I want to give you
a chance to start over.

I know that you're a good person.

I care about you.

By constantly telling you you're a
criminal, they turned you into one.

All because of that damn teacher,

he always humiliated me
in front of everyone.

One day I was just sitting there quietly
and he threw me out.

Let it out.

I got really mad

and I stole money
from the school janitor,


She found out and they called my father

and he beat me up,
he beat me up real bad,

and sent me out to work.

I liked studying.

Come on, Ettore, now now, it's all over.

I have to pay you, you're a taxi driver.

Ettore apologized.

He realizes he was wrong,

now he's in a hurry
to get back to prison

before his release runs out, right?

Now tell her what you told me.

I apologize, Claudia, I was an asshole,

to the little black girl too.

But I want to change,
I want to be a better man.

Will you give me a little kiss?


Thank you, you're great.

- How did you do it?
- Technique.

And a bit of luck too.

Thanks for coming back,

I didn't expect it.

Wait a moment.

You have to give me the stuff,
I want to give it back.

Have you got it?

I sold it and sent the money
to Cape Verde.

Go on, Ettore,
we'll take it back to them.

No, don't bother,

I want the jeweler to forgive me, too.

We'll take it back,
off you go or you'll be late.

Give me the stuff.

It's not looking good. Run.

What are you doing?


Come here!


To the airport, please.

Wait for me here.

Thank you.

- What will you do now?.
- I've got an appointment.

- With the musician dad?
- Musician?

No, I think he's stopped playing.

Have a good trip.

You still think I'm a hustler who
uses the first jerk who comes along?

Go, or you'll be late.

I'll miss you.

And please, keep those buns tight!

Giovanna I have something to tell you.

- Have you gone mad?
- I don't know, maybe.

I know I really want
to make love to you.

Me too, but first
we have to have a talk.

I was wrong and I want to apologize,
but now...

- What's that noise?
- I heard it, have you got workers in?

Oh, God!

I'm sorry.

I was dying, suffocating, doctor.

- I'm sorry, I got held up.
- Held up?

- Who was that guy?
- Afriend who's a bit boisterous.

Abit boisterous?

Are you kidding me?
Who do you hang out with?

- I'm never coming back here again.
- I understand.

Besides, I'm closing my practice
for a while, goodbye.

You're closing your practice?
When did you decide that?

I don't know, now,

while I was saying it.

A game that offered

more yawns than emotions.

Four minutes to go.

Fregato combines technique with class.
Ceras is free,

Fregato goes one on one,

he wants the downfield,
the pass, he gets it, Ceras!

A huge goal from Ceras,
a goal of redemption.

Six months' disqualification
and today he scores like this!


Are they fags too?

If he can score a goal like that,
he can be what he wants.

- I say.
- You're right.

Long live the fags!

Footwork, imagination, he's got the lot
and today, he's born again.

You like soccer now, too?

It really is true
that people can change.

- Come here.
- What are you doing?

Come on!

- It's too risky.
- Exactly.