Lean Sheat Nosaat (2012) - full transcript

A young woman, Zohara, has escaped the religious world of her famlily to live a secluded life in the desert. As she returns to see her family to participate in her sister's wedding, she encounters a young Bedouin Woman who is fleeing from an arranged marriage with her cousin. The two young women's paths cross and as they encounter each other, each individuals struggle with self definition is reflected as each one fights to express them self in a predetermined world.

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Excuse me?

Excuse me?

Please, can I ride with you?

Where do you need to go?

Wherever you're going. Please?

I'm going to the center (of Israel)
-The center is fine, thanks

The center is fine.

Is everything O.K?
-Everything's O.K.



Don't Stop!

What are you doing
Keep driving!

I'll keep driving,
you're getting off here.

No you don't understand.
-I understand perfectly.

Do me a favor and get out
or I'll call the police.

Please, if they find me now. I'm dead
I need to get to the airport.

All of a sudden you need
to get to the airport?

I don't like this one bit.
Get out of the car!

Please. I'll pay you!


What have you done. Nariman?

Where are you flying to?

Zohara. I'm sorry.
-It's alright.

Really, Don't think that
I don't want you to come,

but with all the excitement here..

I know you difficult it

It's O.K Avigail. I understand,
the case is closed.

Are you O.K?
-Avigail. I'll be there in three hours.

let's talk when I get there.

I bet you're very busy right now...

I just wanted to say that
I'm happy you're coming.

I'm on my way, don't worry.

Drive safely.

I'm going to get something to eat,
can I get you anything?

Be careful, it'll pop when
you open it. -Thanks.

Is everything O.K?
-Yeah, thanks.

Thank you.

Bon appétit.

Stay still.

"Shema Israel".

I'm sorry that you got
involved now.


What am I involved in?
-It's not... I just...

Can you give me an answer?

They're making me
marry my cousin.


You need to get to...

before... on the phone?

My sister.
She's getting married today.

I'm sorry I'm delaying you.

Be careful
not to injure yourself.

Here, call whoever you want.
tell them to come and get you

You can't leave me here.
you don't understand!

After what I did, no one will...
-Oh. really?

They'll be looking for you now too,
it's dangerous. -Fine.

Zohara. don't go!
Zohara wait!


Zohara, what are you doing?
Zohara. wait!

Zohara, don't go!

Zohara, wait!
What are you doing?!

What are you doing?
You're crazy!

Where is Nariman?
She was in the car with you!

I have no idea! Let me go!
You're completely mad!

Don't mess with our family issues!
It's none of your business!

Nariman isn't here.

Where is Nariman?
-I don't know, let me go!

Isam, stop.

Don't you see she's lying?!

She knows where Nariman is!

You're lying! Where is Nariman?!
-I don't know! I have no idea!


Don't be stupid.

How do you know Nariman?
-I don't know her! -Don't lie!

Stop it!

Tell me where my sister is!

She jumped out of my car
in the middle of the road.

Where was she going

To the airport.

If you're lying...

Next time,
mind your one business.

Hi, you reached Ofer,

if you have any good news for me,
leave a message.

Have a great day!

Just a moment.

Avigail, can you hear me?

Avigail is busy
with Rebbetzin Epstein.

Can I take a message?


I didn't recognize your voice,
it's very noisy.

All the girls are here.

Is everything alright?

I have a problem.

I'll check..

maybe Avigail can talk,

if she hasn't started
with the Rebbetzin yet.

She has so many things

you know, it's one of those days...



No, I see she's gone.

One moment. I'll be right there!

I have to go. do you want me
to tell her anything?

No, no.

It's okay. I'll...

I'll be there. Mom.

Drive safely, Zohara.

Hey! Get on the bus!
I'll meet you in Dimona!

But it's my friend's car. Maybe
something has happened...

I don't give a dam,
get off the bus!

You don't understand

We can't leave her here, she has to
be at ...


Your dress...

It doesn't matter.

But how...? Who...?

He was looking for you.

He didn't find you.
he found me.

They're forcing me
to marry my cousin.

If you tell police, they'll return me
to my family. I'd rather die.

I'm sorry got you involved.

I didn't know you'd get hurt.

Halil is my brother.

He thinks it's his fault
that I ran away.

because he used to fight with my
father so he would give me freedom.

Now he thinks this shame is upon
the family is because of him.

Can I check your bag. please?

It's okay, she's with me.

Can I check your bag. please?

Let me help you.

Is that her bag?

You don't believe me?
Here, check.

Her I.D.


O.K. girls. Have a nice ride.


I didn't want to walk around
with a gun but I was afraid.

I'll get rid of it
before the airport.


I told Halil that you're
on your way to the airport.




Wait! Wait a minute, Nariman!

Leave me alone!


Listen, I have a problem.

Avigail. I'm sorry. I'm having
car trouble, It isn't what you think.

I'm so sorry.


How long is it going to take?
I'm in a hurry.

Don't worry, honey, have a seat,
we'll fix you up in no time.

When is the wedding?

It starts at 19:00.

Will you make it?

I haven't been there in years.

When were you supposed
to get married?


You have courage.

Someone once told me
that I need to live life

as if my father
was already dead.

Coffee, girls?

Yes. please.



So... somebody
slashed your tires?

Who did you piss off?

What, you're not telling?
It's a secret?

If someone did anything to you.
tell me. I'll take care of him.

What, cat got your tongue?
Can't talk?

Good coffee,
can I get some more?


How did your father die?
What happened to him?

He got hit by a train.

He needed to cross the tracks

and there wasn't
a barrier there.

You need to listen closely.

He didn't listen.

You need to listen.
-Sure, Sure.

Do you want some more coffee?
I'll go get some.

No. thanks.

Do you want to give it a try?

Try it.

It's okay,
you'll think of something.

Have you ever been
to London?


I really wanted to go.

Why don't you take it off?
Let's fix you up.

You have beautiful hair.

Maybe you should just
walk around like that.

I have lipstick
that I once bought.

I don't believe you.

It's in my bag, in the car.
Should I get it?

Stay out of it. -Where're you going?

Stay out of it. I am not coming back!

I'm taking you! -Halil, don't force me

Stop it! You're coming back with me

Please don't force me!

You're coming back with me!

Stop you're coming back with me

It has nothing to do with her!

Let go of her.

Let me go!

Let her go now!

Relax. Put the gun down.

Get out of here, Halil. Leave her be!

Nariman, tell her to put the gun down.

Let go of her! Get in. start the car!
We're going now!

Nariman, don't do it!

This is my problem, don't interfere!

Don't listen to him!
Get in the car!

Nariman, if you don't come back with me,

they'll forcefully bring you back!

How will they?

There's police all over there!

He's lying! Get in the car!

You can't run away.

they're waiting at the airport.

Come back. They'll forgive you.

Halil. I can't go back.

Don't be stupid.

I'll protect you. Come back with me

before everyone intervenes.

Nariman, look at me.

You can do anything you want.

It's your life.
He can't tell you what to do.

Nariman. I'll protect you.

I'll take you home.

It's my life. Halil!

Your life? It's my life too!

Are you crazy?

Don't you know that your life

affects mine?!

If you don't go back with me

They will never let me back.

That was Shech Abu Ibrahim's call!

And that's final.

Is it O.K that I'll live on the streets

so you could live your life?

Would you let that happen?


Don't do this.

I'm sorry.

I don't have the courage.