Last Eunuch in China (1987) - full transcript

Affected by traditional values, young Lai Shi had himself castrated in order to become a eunuch to the Manchu Emperor. But the Dynasty collapsed promtly after, and Lai Shi was forced to lead a struggling life as a 'half man' outside the palace. But his lovingness and spirit of sacrifice made him win true love.

Feb. 12, 1912

second year of the Revolution.

An edict proclaimed

the abdication of Emperor Pu Yi.

And the end of the Manchu Dynasty.

A new China was in the offing.

Many, however failed to cope.

Eunuchs, for instance.

Grand their titles might be.

They were in fact royal slaves.

Castration is the eunuch's prerequisite.

That means the removal of male genitals.

The eunuchs down the centuries

called fondly the cut off part as Pet.

The Pet was boiled in oil and wrapped

put in a container and
suspended in midair

The eunuchs invariably
came from poor families.

They were forced
onto this path of no return.

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One, two, one, two...

Hurry up.

Wait for me.

- Laishi.
- Yes.

Yes, Master Eunuch.

- Get me that flower.
- Yes.

Hurry up.

Hurry up, you stupid.

- Get him.
- Yes.


Take it.

Young Teh Chang is here.

Laishi, come over here.

Who's that?

- It's Young Teh Chang
- Young Teh Chang?

Don't take those with bones.

Yummy, yummy.

Don't, these kids are so pitiful.

Don't dump it on the ground.

Lord Chang is right, they are pitiable.

Leave it in the barrel for them.

Let's go.

Go, go.

One more barrel there.



The emperor is easier
to please than she is.

I want to have my thing snipped.


I want to serve the emperor.

Then I'd have shoes to wear.

It's a chicken bottom.

Really? Let me have a sniff.

I'll split it in two.

No need, you have it all.

When can I have my thing snipped?

Ask your mother.

If she says yes, then it's alright.

Go, go.





Chiang Fu.

Good morning, sir.

I'm not here for the rent.

I'm here for a favour.

- Are you crazy?
- Don't hit me.

- You are out of your mind.
- I wouldn't dare anymore.

Get lost and don't come back.

You did him a favour, what about us?

But he said...

And you had to offer him all our food.

How do we carry on?

He said the emperor's in trouble.

We're in trouble too, and who cares?

I'm going, you go to your emperor.

The emperor protects us from foreigners.

And the revolutionaries.

Who'll take care of us
if the emperor's dead?

Great, great.

Come here.


Don't go.

Who's going to cook for us?

Cooking with what?

I'm going to dig up some roots.

Dig up some roots?

Come here, Laishi.

What for?

Mesh roots again?

Aren't you tired of it yet?

Aren't you going?

I'm going to borrow some rice.

Great, rice for dinner.

Mum's here can't do it now.

No more chicken bottoms.

- What now?
- Send her away.

Don't you want some chicken bottoms?

Think of something.

Why are you throwing things at me?

How dare you.

You feel ashamed that I'm borrowing.

Send her away, dad.

I'm a man.

I won't beg for food.

Get away.

Come with me.


I'm a man too.



Dad, where are you going?

To find your mother.

Snip it off before you do that.

Sit down, dad.

Everything's alright after I snip it off.

Mum won't be mad at you again.

Dad, I'm a man, I'll be the first.

Take care of your sister.

District Chief.

What happened in town?

Good news, the emperor is out.

The revolutionaries won.

Is that right?

Who'll be the new emperor?

Don't know.
But no more pig-tails for sure.

What's there, dad?

Wax, goose down, calcium powder, chili.

What for?

To stop bleeding, according to grandpa.

To snip off how much?

Whatever is there.

You'll be just like your sister.

Have you got what I told you to get?

What's that?

For chopping off heads?

Death penalty for keeping a pig-tail?

Up to the Government.

So is it the death penalty or not?

No one mentioned anything yet.

It's bloody sharp.



I'm going to do it.

Come on.

For real now.

No, no way.

It's like castration.

- Who's going to be emperor?
- Don't know.

Come on.

Mum, mum.

Mum, am I the first one?

It hurts, mum. I want to pee.

Don't move, it hasn't healed yet.

You must sleep for 100 days.

Good boy.

I want to pee.

Must change a new feather after peeling.

Must change everyday.

Or else you have to pee with your nose.

Good boy.

I have the answer.


Must fry in oil, and wrap after dry.

I've borrowed some oil.

So go ahead.

I have to change the medicine.

Where's the thing?

In the bowl.

What are you waiting for?

I've forgot to get the recipe.

Never mind, use a large fire.

He has to keep it for lift.

Has to be well done.

It's late, go home please.

Go home, weather's getting cold.

Go now.

Don't catch cold.

Your son is the last eunuch
of Ching Dynasty.

Come out, Laishi, Master Eunuch.

Shut up you scum. Shut up.

Or you'll be cursed.

Where's the thing?

It's in the bag.

Keep it even into the coffin with you.

Or you won't be a man in the next life.


Don't lose it.

I shall return in a sedan.

And there'll be a lot of chicken bottoms.

Good boy.


We are going.

Any Masters of my age, dad?

The emperor doesn't need eunuchs anymore.

The emperor will
win back his throne soon.

Then you'll be a eunuch.


You must try to learn from the troupe.




You're supposed to be a drunken empress.

Not a prostitute on the loose.

An empress speaks elegantly.

Sways like a willow when drunk.

Not clumsy like you.

Who wants an emperor like you?

Let me show you.

It was my favourite role.

I'd do it myself if I were slimmer.

Take this drunken scene.

Feel good.

What's that?

Smell so good.

Oh? A flower.

Let me put it in my hair.

Must be pretty.

I'll take a closer look.

Smell so good.

What kind of a flower?

- Got it.
- Yes.

Then come pick me up.


Have a bite, General.

Eat it yourself.


Bring him to me tomorrow.




Have a seat, master.

- Good response
- Really?

Not necessary for you.


Anything for your folks.

Someone's going that way.

Yes, there is.

3, 4, 5, 6.

Are you on the run or what?

Will you ask the person to take these?


At least get a new pair of shoes.

I like the old ones.

Go get a new pair tomorrow.

Thank you, master.

Take this to my folks please.

Go buy the shoes.

I buy a pair when I get paid.

The old ones are still good.

Never mind then.

Master, master.

What? Want it back?

No. Any news?

How long have you been with me?

9 years.

No, more like 10.

Aren't you well fed and well treated?

Haven't I taught you everything?

Yes, yes.

But it's chao outside.

The emperor is our true leader.

He needs to be served.

Don't I need to be served?

Of course.


Please come over here.

I'm a eunuch, eunuchs stay in the Palace.

What's so special about being a eunuch?

You can work like anybody.


Why bother that monkey of a man?

But I'm castrated.

I can say I'm castrated too.

Can you prove I'm not?

I can say anything.

Like I have 3 belly buttons,
who can tell.

As long as you keep your clothes on.

Who can tell the difference?

I know, but the emperor?

No eunuchs have been hired
for a while now.

Unless the old ones are dying.

And need some money.

But then it costs 60 coins to fill in.


Your future is here.

Stop being silly.

- Master
- Alright...

I know... Alright...


Where's the kid?

Let's go to the girls.

I don't have time, may be next time.

Hey, kid.

Only eunuchs are afraid to go in.

Let's check it out.

The rebel gets lost in the whore houses.

Get him, hurry.

Go in, go in.

Open up.

One Stroke's coming, let's go.

Open up.

Are you scared?

You won't be scared in a minute.

I have no money.

It's paid for.

- Come on.
- No.

Come out.


You will see when I get you.

It's all quiet.

They are your friends?

Thank you.

How come you... are in this business?

It would have been different.

If you had your way.


Feel good.

Help! Soo, open up.

Stop running, you trash.

Open up, Sister Soo.

Help, open up.

Come out, you trash.

I'm not going to sleep with that fatso.

Give your mum a break.

He's here, and he has paid.

What am I going to do?

You asked him here, and he paid you.

You sleep with him.

I'll show you.

You trash.

What did you say?

- Don't come near.
- What did you say?

How much did that fatso pay?

This kid will fill in for him.

Don't kid me.

She's in no condition to work, look.

I'll fill in for her.

Not a penny less.

Take care of her, kid.


Don't come near.

- Tsouti.
- Don't come closer.

It's me.


The one from your village.

It's you?

Are you Soo's regular client?

I slipped in among the rebels.

- So you are a rebel.
- No.

All rebels deny they are.

Soo said all rebels are womanizers.

I'm not.

They pushed me in.

I wouldn't even go to the public bath.

I'm afraid...

You think you're a girl.

I wish I were a boy and with a name.

But your name is Tsouti.

It only means

to bring on a brother.

A brother did come

and it became too crowded.

And my mum sold me to this place.

For five coins, cheaper than a pig.

Why didn't you tell me?

I wanted to.

But they told me you were hurt

and locked up.

The next day.

I was sold to this place.

Yes, where did it hurt?


Never mind, you are well now.

Don't feel sorry for me.

I feel like a pig when I sleep with men.

It's their loss.

Don't I'll rescue you.

I'll work and take care of you.

It costs a lot to buy me out.

I'll discuss it with my master.

But you better.

Not stay here.

Don't you have to ask your wife?

I don't have one.

I don't have anything.

I know all rebels are courageous.


Hurry up, please.

Anyone looking for me?

Don't know, I'll tell you when there is.

Where's the master?

I said I didn't know.

When will he be back?

What a drag.

How's Soo, was she good last night?

They call her "One Stroke".

And how's the virgin?

- Tell us.
- Yes.

Please see if someone's looking for me.

Only you can go out and look.

Is he crippled, can't he come in himself?


She's a girl, she can't come in.

Oh! Smart kid.

Yu Lan, someone's looking for you.

Please wait.

Yu Lan, they're looking for you.

Are you Liu Yu Lan?


Our boss isn't here.


We are not here for your boss.

Get away.

General Lei sends for you.

Some other time, can't make it today.

General Lei is waiting.

I don't know him.

Thank him for me.

Yes, yes.

Let's go.

Tea, master.

At least you can delay them
till I come back.

They have guns.

So you were afraid. We have sabers.

Was it a plot or you were scared?

Can't even protect.

A member of your troop.

How can I depend on you in the future?

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for Laishi.

The show's over, nobody's around.

Laishi asked me to come.

Send her away.

Please take me to him.

He asked me to come.

Wait a minute.

What do you want him for?
I'm his teacher.

Are you running away?

Go back, it's alright.

Relax, I brought Laishi up with me.

He treats me like his father.

Is he here? He asked me to come.

He's in trouble.
The general took him away.

Has he been discovered?

You know everything.

I'm the only one who knows.

Poor kid.

He always keeps quiet.

Has to be extra careful going to toilets.

Or change, or go take a bath.

That gets him no friends.

That's why he denied it
when I made a guess.

You're only guessing?

Not really. I grew up with him.

And bumped into each other last night.

And found out that?

He denied it all along.

But call it a girl's intuition.

Why did he ask you here?

To live with him.

I've been thinking, he's a nice person.

I'll stay with him for life.

Are you sure
that's more than being friends.

It is for life...

I understand.

I'll cope with it.

I won't ask.

I'll keep his secrets.

It's a matter of compromising.

We'll be happy.

Luck little devil.

Is he in danger?

Not too serious. It might hurt a bit.

I wish I were here.

You are both...

Just Laishi, not me.

You all deny it.

So I am.

See, I am right.

Alright, alright.


Don't move.

Are you crazy?

Be nice, they're Laishi's escorts.

We've got sabers.

So what? You stupid.

Sorry, they're hot-tempered.

We won't delay you any longer.

General Lei sends a message.

What's that?

He's going to marry Yu Lan.


This is the wedding token.

Go pack up.

And see me later.


Did the beast?

- No.
- Yours.

What if he sends for me tomorrow?

Tsouti's waiting for you inside.

Take her to your folks
first thing tomorrow.

General Lei won't be able to find you.

But what about you, master?

You want to live with Lei for life?


Tsouti is a good girl.

Don't act like a woman,
she won't like it.


Go ahead.

How's it?

Where does it hurt?


- They burned you with fire.
- No.

- Burned you with cigarettes.
- No.

- Clamped your fingers.
- No.

- Hung you upside down.
- No.

I don't know what to tell you.

The truth of course.

Don't tell me.

You need violin music.


What don't girls like?

Get it out.

I'm leaving, I want you to come with me.

Special mission.


Military secret, can't you tell?


I know you won't tell.

Never mind, go back to the old home.

Tsouti is so nice.
She'll keep the secret.

Tell me.

If he mistreats you.

Take care, master, we're going.

Laishi, you're forgotten your thing.


Why didn't you mention this?

What is it?

That's his thing.

You're not a rebel.

I'm a eunuch.

I didn't mean to lie.

I'm a good man,
no fooling around, no gambling.

You'd said you didn't mind.

Go away, you two freaks.


She changes her mind. Go alone.

I'm a eunuch.

I'll be treated as a freak.

Go to the Palace. You're safe there.

No one will treat you like a freak there.

But you told me not to go to the Palace.

I didn't say that.

Hold your head high

be a proud eunuch.

A eunuch has dignity too.

Just like being an actor.

My respect to you, sir.


Stand straight.

Be proud, be a man.


Is that how a eunuch would say it?


- Be good.
- Yes.



Yesterday has left me irretrievably.

Today weighs me down with worries.

Send off those migratory birds.

And sleep off the day in style.

You are a rebel?

Where's the rebel?

So seraph the whore houses.

Someone is there.

That's him.

A fill in. Just a little gesture.

You have left something.


Ask him to come in.


Go in. Kneel down.

Kneel down.

This is the one, Lord Ting.

Long live Lord Ting.

What's your name?

My name is Liu, they call me Laishi.

My opera master calls me Yu Lan.

Forgive me, My lord.

You now call yourself a servant.

You are no longer Laishi,
you are Chun Lu.

His lordship knows you are a fill-in.

But he doesn't like to know it from you.

What's your name?

Your servant...

Your name.

Chun Lu.

Chun Lu.

Have you checked his purity?


Very clean, my lord.

Good, there is a lot to be learned.

All the rituals and procedures.

All are governed by rules.

Learn it from Lee, he'll teach you.

Don't let me down.




I came in at 13.

Have witnessed everything.

The Dowager's sovereign.

The burning of the Yuan Ming Yuan.

The murder of Lady Jane.
The emperor's death.

Now the young emperor's wedding?

A long journey of life.

All under the grace of the late emperor.

I only wish you would
serve His Majesty well.


I'll serve My lord with all my heart.

I'll do anything for His Majesty.

His Majesty is the true leader.

I'll be loyal to His Majesty.

To pay back his generosity.


Give him some silver coins.



I learned singing.

With your master.

Before I could sing
for the Dowager. She died.

I'll take care of you for your master.

Learn well.

Where's your thing?

Take it out.

What are they doing?

To put it in calcium powder.

It'll be returned to you when you leave.

Follow me.

The "thing" room?

Everyone's thing is here.

That's mine.

Long time no see, brother. What's up?

Lt'll catch the moisture down here.

That's where you start.

The most honored one up there.

One step at a time.

Work hard.

Yes, yes.

That's Lord Ting's.

Work harder.

Why go to Jade Spring Hill for water?

His Majesty likes the water there.

There's no other hands, just you and me.

It's tough,
but then it's for His Majesty.

It's not tough at all.


You'll see.

Wait for me, be right back.

Can I help?

No, wait here.


What else?

A clock.

Are those treasures from the Palace?

Your servant wouldn't know.

Has Lee given you money?

Yes, but your servant refused.

- Rise.
- Yes.

There's hope for the Ching Dynasty.

We can't let them go on.


Your servant will
stop smuggling treasures.

No, you must go on.

You know who I'm going to see?

Your servant wouldn't know.

The master.

Don't tell anyone else.

You'll be witness. Catch them red-handed.

Yes, at your service.

Such refreshing words.

The Dowager was once
so pleased with my voice?


Like father like son.

One more time.




One more time.



Check the cart for smuggling.





Call if off.

Let's go.


The goods are here.

He's responsible.

Yes, it's him.

Yes, get him.


He did it, I'm innocent.

I saw you only.

You're as good as dead.

Take him back, quick.

I'm innocent.

It's him, I'm innocent.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

11, 12, 13.

14, 15, 16.

17, 18, 19, 20.

Buddy, can I have some water?

Can you feel thirst?

You're a dead man
but for the royal wedding.

Please, I'm so thirsty.

Alright, but call me sugar-daddy.


Your lordship.

Don't play jokes on me, please.

Your servant's at your mercy.

Your lordship.

Chun Fu, get me some plum juice.


It is a conspiracy of the grandest scale.

Masters of 13 houses are all in it.

Tough luck for you.

Yes, "your servant" deserves it.

The historical treasures of Ching.

Being sold like junk.

His Majesty has been deceived.

If all this happened 10 years ago.

I would have them executed.

But this is not 10 years ago.

Chun Lu, when you are recovered.

I want you to report it to His Majesty.

Yes, your servant will do so.


I'll arrange it for you, I will.

There's hope for the Ching Dynasty.

Your servant's at your mercy.

Not just you.

It was a good show.

For Her Highness's birthday.

That was "The 8 fairies' birthday gifts".

Just part of my duty.

To entertain the masters.

Oh, Lord Ting.

Is there anything I can do for you?

I have this budding plant.

Which I would like you
to see and comment of.

I am no expert.

You are so.

No, I am not.

Keep an eye on it then, please.

Very flattering.

What are you doing?

Go get some work done.


Come over here.

Lord Ting, Lord Chao.

Your servant will be more disciplined.

That was a good "Drunken Empress".

He is Chun Lu.

- Chun Lu.
- Yes.

Lord Chao wants to know

your repertoire.

Answer Lord Chao.

Mother and Son, "The Bridge".

The Robe.

Spring Chamber, "The Temple".

Not bad.

- That's quite impressive.
- Yes.

The young are getting better these days.


How about it? Do you understand?

Not really.

What has it to do
with my rehearsal with Lord Chao?

A lot.

His Majesty watches
the opera each New Year.

Work hard.

And get to play a role, and?

Come, come.

Sing your best,
when His Majesty is listening.

Then never mind the accompaniment.

Or the conducting of Lord Chao.

Recite this report to His Majesty.


I'll recede.

Even if it costs my life.

Not recede, it's recite.

Yes, recite it.


The people have been
suffering for too long.

The true emperor should make a come back.

And restore the country to its old glory.

Good, say it after me.


His Majesty dearest.

The cloud hides the moon.

Haven't you heard of
the 4th May Movement?

His majesty is very fashionable.

I've spent a whole month writing this.

You must follow the trend.

Or His Majesty won't like it.

Let us go on.


His Majesty dearest.

His Majesty dearest.

The cloud hides the moon.

The cloud hides the moon.

The ugly wings of a crow.

Hide the blue sky.

The ugly wings of a crow

hide the blue sky.

So terrifying.

So terrifying.

Terrible news.

Terrible news.

What is it?

His Majesty is mad about the Palace fire.

He has given us one hour

to leave the Palace.

Or be executed.

Impossible, I want to see His Majesty.

Don't just stand there, Chun Lu.

Go get your "thing".


My thing.

Chun Lu?

My thing.

I don't want to go.

Where else can I go?

I don't want to go.

Come, kick him out.

Go, Wong.



Don't drag me, I'm not leaving.

Go, go.


Sir, all the rebels are dead.

- March homeward.
- Yes.

March homeward.

Collect the corpses first, go.


You looking for someone?

Caught another rebel.

Another one.

Go, go.

I know your husband is a rebel.

Big news, big news.

The last emperor
is kicked out of the Palace.

Big news, big news.

The last emperor
is kicked out of the Palace.

Let mum kiss you.

So early.

I'm hungry.

A good day today.

Sold all the plum juice.

I don't have any money.

What do you need money for?


To buy you something.

I saved it up for you.

To open up a shop in the future.

Future? When?

It depends on how hard you'll work.

Chinsheng, like the drum-stick?

What's up, granny?

Granny? Are you blind?

I'm looking for Chun Lu. Chun Lu.

No such person, no Chun Lu.

You know who Chun Lu is?

- Good boy, Chinsheng.
- No.

Then how could you say no Chun Lu here?

I'm going in to look.

I said no such person, go away.

No, I'm going in.

Bless you, Lord Ting.

Such a voice, great.



Where have you been, My lord?

Out in the country.

I've been looking all over for you.

Me too...

Your servant has been doing so too.

You only care about yourself.

Still clear.

I was wondering about the kid.

His Majesty is away from the Palace.

Living in the
Japanese Embassy, suffering.

It's time for us to make a move.

Do you still remember?


That His majesty is your master.

You have forsaken him for this woman.

Your servant is guilty.

I remember?

His majesty dearest, the cloud?

The cloud hides the moon.

Yes, the cloud hides the moon?

Chun Lu.

Your servant is guilty.

Chun Lu.


He's been my master for so many years.

I'm not your wife, more like a sister.

I have no right.

He's here only for old times sake.

Why the pig-tail then?

It's all my fault.

I have let you down,
Your Majesty Dowager.

I could only pray
when His Majesty was in trouble.

I'm so useless.

Don't, My lord.

I can't even keep a loyal servant.

Lord Ting, Lord Ting.

I'll die to pay for my guilty.

Don't, please.

Let me die.

Don't stop me, let me die.

I'm useless, let me die.

Le me die.

Let me die.

Please don't be this way.

I want to die.

Stop that.

Your servant's at your mercy.

Open up, Tsouti.

I'm not becoming a eunuch again.

Open up, Tsouti.

Forgive me, My lord.

I need no sympathy, I'd rather die.

Lord Ting.

Without an emperor, there is no empire.

How can one be without a country?

Without the county there is no home.

What do you want me to do?

Can you give her up?

If not, get out of my sight.

If yes, we'll see the emperor tomorrow.

I'm not hungry, you go ahead.

Let the plums dry first before squashing.

Is it so important to see the emperor?

He's in trouble.

What can you two do?

He said the emperor needs our services.

What about us?

I have talked to our clients.

The noodle shops and the restaurants.

Just deliver the plum juice to them.

Never mind the cart.

And let the plums dry before squashing.

Let the plums dry before squashing.

Use rock-sugar, not too much water.

Enough. I want to hear no more.

Is the emperor more important than us?

Don't forget you are just a eunuch?

Yes, I am.

I am a eunuch.

When we are together
I can stand people laughing at me.

I'm used to it.

But it hurts when they laugh at you.

Chinsheng needs a father.

And His Majesty needs eunuchs.

That's why...

That's why you have to go.

Don't you want us
to live happily together.

Of course, but...

Your running dogs.

These two want to see His Majesty.

Please let us.

See His Majesty.

Where do you think.

You are?

Send them away, such nonsense.

What did he say?

He said this was not a Palace,
no need for you.

Told you to go away.


His Majesty needs us.

Yes, let us see him.

If he really doesn't need us, we'll go.

Go, times have changed.

We'll take care of the emperor.

Stand still.


Chun Lu.


Check him out.

Chun Lu, go ahead.


What are you doing?

This is Japanese property

no Chinese allowed.

Especially you, dummies.

Go away, dummies.

My lord, not clean at all.

Send them away.


You have no right to serve His Majesty.


Let's go back now.

No, I'm a master, I'll see the emperor.

My lord.

My lord.

I'd give up my thing
just to see His Majesty.

My lord.

Our glorious Emperor.

Let's go.

My lord.

Long live the Emperor.

The cloud hides the moon.

The ugly wings of a crow

cover the blue sky

So terrifying.

I'll bury the thing with you.

So you can come back a complete man.

A real eunuch needs a thing.

I'm a eunuch no more.

What comes off

doesn't belong anymore.

You naughty thing.

Come home

or I'll lock you out.

Don't cry.


I know I hurt you so much.

I feel so regretful leaving you.

And did such a ridiculous thing.

I would have brought him home.

But he's dead now.

Will you forgive me?

Are you still angry?


Maybe I'll go away.

Look at you, full of mud.

Go wash your face first.

Thank you.


I want to...

What do you want?

I want to marry you.

What did you say?

I want to marry you.

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me? Answer me please.


Stop squashing and it means yes.

Carrying on means no.

So the answer is no.

I didn't say anything.

But we need to deliver tomorrow.

Say yes please.


What are you doing?

I have made up my mind.

Look at you, how can I say yes?

I'll cut it off.

For you.

I'll bring something back.

We three are going to celebrate.


It's cold outside, Chinsheng's father.

Chinsheng's father.

I'm Chinsheng's father?

Chinsheng's father...

I'm Chinsheng's father.

Why are you sitting there alone?

For Chinsheng, isn't it pretty?

Are you ill?

Someone's here.


How are you?

Make yourself at home.

You should have told me earlier.

I'm sorry, I am...

I am not a very good host.

We have not much to offer.

Have a plum juice.

Good stuff.

Have you told him about us?


Why do you come now?

I have never given up.



You are a rebel?

Yes, I am.

You said he was dead.


The juice is spilled.

It can be filled again, but...

I shouldn't have come at this time.

Thank you for taking care of them.

I'm too happy already.

To be able to see those two.


Good boy, good boy.

Good boy, good boy.


Don't cry.


I've made up my mind.
I'll leave tomorrow.

Not just you, but you two.

She always talks about you.

I know a lot.

Chinsheng, he...

Take him with you...


Goodbye Mr Chen.

Hurry back.

Why isn't Laishi here to see us off?

Could it be...?

He said.

He would come.

He's so worried about us too.

Alright then.

Get on.

Get away.

Wake up, you, wake up.

Down with the Republic.

Ching will be restored.

Wake up people.

Get away.

Long live the Emperor.

Thank you.

Ching will be restored,
long live the Emperor.


I'm the emperor's eunuch.

The emperor is arriving soon.

Hide yourselves. Want to be dead?

You low lives want to die.

You are the one who should be dead.

Eunuch? Where's your pig-tail?

Such a ridiculous thing to say.

Go now, or we'll have you executed.

I am a eunuch.


Search the coach.

Follow me.


Stand still.

Hands up.


Don't move.


You, stand up.

- Where are you from?
- Shantung.

- It's alright.
- Shantung?

Carrying a pistol?

No, I dare not.

Sit down.

Are you crazy?

What's up?

Come with me.

Come, check it out.

See if I'm really a eunuch?

Who says I'm not?

Even without a pig-tail.

There's nothing down there, right?

Come check it out.

Come, come, check it out.

Get him.



How could that hurt,
there's nothing there.

Get up.

Get up and hit me.



- Go.
- Yes.

Night, jet black night.

Enveloping my solitude.

Chilling friendly feelings.

Making me shiver and shiver.

Life yields little mirth.

Good fortune's a random harvest.

What one wants is beyond reach.

Fulfillment is not really happiness.

Excuse me if I am wrong.

Perhaps there's light
at the end of tunnel.

My thinking has changed.

It brings me face to face with reality.

Excuse me if I am wrong.

Perhaps there's light
at the end of tunnel.

My thinking has changed.

It brings me face to face with reality.

Excuse me if I am wrong.