Lake Consequence (1993) - full transcript

Irene, a thirty-something housewife with a successfull husband and a young son, has her life thrown in a spin when she becomes attracted to Billy, a member of a landscape crew outside her house. When Irene's husband and son leave for a weekend fishing trip, Irene wanting to see Billy, gets locked in the back of his trailer and ends up at remote Lake Consequence with Billy and his girlfriend Grace where they take Irene on a trip into the nearby town to a Chinese New Year Festival, and through a series of adventures they bring out the repressed sexual needs Irene has been holding inside for a long time.

Lake Consequence ~ 1993

Jim - they're out there
cutting the trees down!


They're cutting down the trees.

Hey stop it!
Did you hear me? I said stop it!

We have the...

Do you hear?
I said Saturday - dumbass!

I want to see the permit.
Do you have one?

Do you have one?

Christopher, don't kick the table.

Christopher, your mother asked you to
stop kicking the table OK.

Not going to school today

Christopher, everyone goes to school.
And you have to go.

- Not going!
- Chris, don't start with me.

Okay, that's it! We're out of here

I do not wanna go to..

I don't wanna go to school.
I want you Mummy.

That's not fair. I want
you to take me, Mommy.

I want a kiss. Kiss first.

OK I'll give you a kiss.

- You take me!
- Honey I cant take you, I have an appointment.

JIM: That's enough
Christopher, get in the car.

I'll take you tomorrow.

I want you to take me.

I'll take you tomorrow. goodbye!

Say goodbye, Irene!
Goodbye, honey.

Look I just wanted to
say sorry for earlier.

I know it's not your fault.
I realised you were just pruning the trees.

We have a constant battle with the City
wanting to chop trees down.

When I heard your saw this morning...

Well I wanted to say that I'm sorry.

I always trim the trees
At this time of year.

If you were cutting the trees down,
You'd start at the bottom.

Y'know, I was a lot like your kid.

Excuse me?

Wasn't that I didn't fight my father,
I-I was just crazy about my mother.

- Tired?
- Yeah.

Who is this? Think she's pretty?


Oh come on. Just want to know.

Good night!

What time is it?


You okay?

- Is something wrong?
- No.

I dont know what to say
when you get like this.

Like what?

Just that sometimes everything is fine...
great even.

But sometimes it's like
you're on another planet...

I can't reach you when
you behave like this..

How do you want me to behave?

Just with some sort of consistency...!

- Why can't Mommy come?
- Honey - camping is for big boys.

And fishing and hunting...

I want to bring my turtles.

What else!

BILLY: I wake you?

- No.
- Are you bored?

No. I'm trying to quit smoking. The first
rule is to not smoke in the house.

I thought it was the second rule.

So what's the first?

No smoking in bed. Want a beer?

No, thanks

Beautiful, aren't they?

They're the whole reason
we bought this house.

Last summer they got infested
with these white bugs.

The city came out,
they said they cannot do anything.

So they decided to chop 'em down.

I circulated a petition and all the
neighbors signed it.

I took it to city council...

And you won?

And I won. Nice to win for a change.

Don't you usually win?

I don't think in terms
of winning or losing.

How do you think?

I think I should be going back to bed.

Maybe. I have something for you.

These little larvae of moths.

You place them under the bark, and when
they hatch the moths will eat the bugs.

Safe. No chemicals.


- Thank you!
- Good luck.

Good night!

- You will have a good time.
- I'm gonna catch big fish, big fish!

How many fish will you catch?

- Forty and fifty.
- Give me a kiss.

Mwah! Have fun!

- Bye, mommy!
- Goodbye, sweet!

See you on Monday.

Will call you when we get there!

- Bye, sweetie!
- Bye!

Drive carefully...

Wait, Jim. his turtle shirt!

Jim! Wait, Jim!

His shirt! Jim!


(knocking) hello?


Hello? Is anyone here?

Hey! You've locked us in here!

Hello? Hey!



Are you all right?


GRACE: Hey. you slept a long time.
Must've been in another world.

Where am I?

Lake Consequence.

I had no idea you were in the trailer.
I never would have pulled away.

Is there a phone somewhere I could use?

No phones, no electricity. No nothing.

What were you doing in
Billy's trailer anyway?

I came to ask him about something
he gave me and the lock got jammed.

- Oh - Is He around here?
- Be here soon.

- How far is the nearest town from here?
- Miles...

- Do you think you could take me into town?
- Next time I go in.

When are you going?

Tonight sometime. There's a
big party, Chinese New Year.

You're not going into town until tonight?

Come on, swim a while! It's summer.

Im sorry! It'll dry...

Come on, come out to the float...

I can't swim.

- I love the cold current. You'll see.
- But it is freezing!

C'mon, I used to be a lifeguard. Three
summers at the American club in Taipei.

- Oh! Oh, no.
- No problem, I'll take you out. Trust me...

It's OK. Relax!

Put your arms out.

I built it myself. Cut the lumber and
everything. Not bad for a girl, huh?

Yeah, feels stable.

The old one got smashed up
in a storm. my grandfather built that one.

This whole place, as far as
you can see, belonged to him.

I didn't tell you my name. I'm Irene.

- Hi Irene, I'm Grace.
- Hi, Grace.

Should take that dress off,
youre gonna catch cold.

I'd rather not.

Taught me to to swim, too, my grandfather.
Right here in this very lake.

Wish I 'd learned how to swim..

You grew up in the desert or?

No, My mother was very protective.

My mom didnt give a damn about me.

She dropped me off in my father's lap
one day, and we never saw her again.

He was a missionary in Taiwan. Still is.

- Um, the tree trimmer...
- Billy.

- Billy.
- You know Irene, Billy and I..

We just see each other when he's
passing thru. We're friends.

You're really welcome here.

IRENE: Grace!




We have company.

She was locked in the trailer.
Better help her, she can't swim.

I know you.

The smoker!

Came out here for the air?

Do you like fish?


What were you doing in my trailer?

She was locked in, the door jammed.

Really? Funny, never sticks on me.
I oil it to make sure.

The thought of being stuck someplace,
can't get out, scares the sh-t out of me.

Especially some place I don't belong.

- Well, I...
- You?

- I just came to say thanks.
- For what?

For the moths that you gave me.

You came to my trailer
to thank me for moths?

You got stuck. and ended up here

I don't think so!

I'd like a ride into town,
If it's not too much trouble.


So I can take the bus home.


Come on!
Let's get you something dry to wear.

Hey! You know those trees
in your neighborhood?

I could have trimmed 'em in half the time.
I didn't.

Want to know why?

I enjoyed it in your neighborhood.

I liked watching when you send off
your husband and your son in the morning.

Liked watching when you come
home with the groceries.

Thought you'd like to know.

Very nice thing to say.

Come on!

In what year were you born?

- 1960.
- Year of the Rat!

The rat?

It says here she's inquisitive
And uh, thinks too much

At the expense of the sensual.
Date and time?

October 24... 7:15 in the morning.
My mother told me I was just
in time for breakfast.

That's Scorpio. Hour of the dragon.

It's a pretty powerful compliment...

Do you always live on the road like this?

The way I figure-lets say I got a
50,000 per year job

15,000 goes right off the top for taxes.

Then Ive got a place to live, figure
1,000 for mortgage and rent.

And I gotta have a car.
Another 400-500 up for that!

Gas, food, electricity...

Clothes, a stereo.
What am I left with here?

- Not much.
- Right, not much.

Well, guess I should be going.

- You know where you going?
- Yeah.

Ciao! Good Luck!


DRIVER: Getting on or what?

- Have you been to Yellowstone?
- No.

- Have you been to... Jellystone?
- No.

- Ever been to funky town? Hong Kong?
- No I havent.

- To a Chinese wet shop?
- No!

Have you ever been... to a Chinese laundry?

- Where is everybody?
- Outside.

The parade.

Are you sure?

I'm glad you stayed.

Look at me! No one's going to judge you!

(phone) I saw perfectly. It was black.

It was fun. Bye, Mom!

Bye, honey! I'll try again
in a couple of hours.

Hey - better be careful.
Mystery of a married woman.

Christmas trees, breakfast in bed!

You know the grass is always greener.

Do you think you can pretend
that what just happened didn't happen?

It's written all over your the face.

So did you tell her husband where you were?

He wasn't home.

Are you gonna tell him?

- I do not want to lie to him.
- You don't have to say... anything.

Do you ever take that off?

- No.
- Take it off!

I just want to see.

I don't know if it comes off.

How does it feel without it?

I feel naked.

His name is Shnell.

As in shhh... nell

Want to meet him? He's a friend of mine.

He's pretty sexy.

I think you might like it.


You can pretend all you want. It's all right.
You getting locked in Billy's trailer.

Things don't just happen.
You stayed for a reason.

All I'm saying - maybe you should
find out what that reason is.



He says that you have the summer fire in
your hair from winter oceans in your eyes.

Thank you!

He's always been a little over the top.

Relax! Release the tensions.

Breathe in, breathe out.

You get rid of all tensions.


(BILLY YELLS) What are you doing?
Are you nuts, crazy?

What the hell got into you?

Not a big deal, just a curtain
and a couple of pillows...

Move over!

Make sure she doesn't move. And put this on

Right. I know it's none
of my business... but

if I were you I would go home.

You know where to find me.

Say something! Want to talk
about this? Let's talk!

Come on say it!

I didn't ask you to stay,
You stayed because you wanted to.

This is bull... t. Come on dammit!

Fine. Want to know what
happened last night?

You think I want her more
than I want you?

Its the complete opposite. I
want you so bad, it scares me.

With you I did what I always do
when scared, I push it away.

Did I ever have a f... g relationship
that meant something.

- Take me with you!
- Where the f... k do you think I'm going?

Take me with you!

Where? Honestly. Where the f...
k do you think I'm going?

I'm finished. F... king broke.

I'm a loser.

No I'm the loser. I cannot go
back, I can't pretend any more.

Don't stop. I have no place
to go, pls just take me with you.


Can you live like me f... k?
Good! Fantastic.

You'll see how I live.
I'll sleep when I sleep.

.. eat when I want to eat,
I'll make love When I want.

Let's eat, I'm hungry!
I'm hungry now.

- F..K YOU!
- F... k you!

God bless you!

Stop, stop!

F... k!

Pull over!

I told you to stop doing that!

Pull over!

- Get out!
- The lady does not want to get out.

I do not give a sh? t what she says.
Get out because I say so.

- F... k you!
- Get out of the truck!

- Where do you think you're going?
- Get out!

- Get out of my f-ing rig!
- I want to go with you.

This is between me and her.

- Is she your wife, your fiancee?
- No.

Then get the f... k out of my way...

What the hell do you want?

I want to know what you're running from?
It's not me, and not your husband.

What the f... k is it? your home?

What is it? You want to hit me?

- Yes.
- You want to hit me? Hit me!

F... g hit me!
What is it?

What the f... k is it?

Big cry in the morning when you wake up..

Don't even know why.

See if I'm right. See if I'm right.

When you're young, you have all these crazy
ideas about what's important in life.

All my best friends, Bev and I
all we could think about was that guy.

We were 15 when he came to town.

Snuck out of the house late that night.

We pushed our way through the crowd and we
pushed right up to the front of that stage.

Then he noticed me

dragged me up on that stage.

Next thing I knew I was on the bus with
him and the band.

I should have known better.

I deserved exactly what happened to me.

Deserved exactly what happened to me.

My parents came.

The next day, the whole town was
talking about me.

My parents take me out of school.

And we moved away the next week.

Just pretend that it never happened.

It was never mentioned again.

Please, take me with you!

Not that I dont want to take you with me,
but you have to go home.

You gotta go home.

You don't think you can do it, do you?

That's not true. It's very simple.

When you enter,
You just need to tell him:

Hi, honey! Did you catch any
fish? Just that.

Now repeat with me.

Hi, honey! Did you catch any fish?

Try it!
Hi, Honey!

You start.

As soon as your husband walks in that door,
everything will be OK.

Your kid will run into your arms.
You'll hug him and

..smell the way kids smell.

You'll know that you
made the right decision

I know right now you
don't think you do.. but, you will

I know - my mother would have left
my father long time ago.

Not she didn't love him,
wasnt the be all and end all for her.

Everyday life and romance are not always
compatible if you know what I mean.

As family when said and done,
it's all you got. That's it

People growing together, staying together.

Loving each other... I miss that.

(phone) Irene, this is the
second time I've called.

It's starting to rain,
and Chris is coming

down with something,
coming home tonight. Bye.

So they're coming home early. We'll
just have to beat them back.

So. Let's make a plan.

You get home, they're there? run straight
upstairs into the bathroom and lock the door

No fish, no " honey "!
Not yet. You flush the toilets...

You turn on the shower. If he's knocking on
the door, tell him youre sick.. all right.

So you've got the shower and the
flushing going at the same time.

He's very confused, you move between
the flushing and the...

It's a stupid plan.

Say something! Anything! Jesus.

We gotta practice. You gotta
work up your vocal cords all right.

OK! Plan B!

If they're there, you
go to a girlfriend's house.

All women have a girlfriend.
Go there and she'll fix you up.

She'll give you give shoes
And makeup. Clothes...

Good as new. You will
look a million dollars.

Let's work on your lines!
Hello my dear, how was the fish?

Run, Irene! Go.

With feeling.

Come on. Hi, Honey.
Did you catch any fish?

Talk! Hey, how was
fishing in that crap?

I know this is bullsh-t, but
say it!

Say it! Hi, honey,
did you catch any fish?

Say something!


Hi, honey, did you catch any fish?

Hi, honey! Did you catch any fish?

I'm dead!

What's the code?
- 12 23.

Pls leave a message after the beep!
- We're in!

Hi Irene, are you there?

We just turned off the 101.
Should be home in ten to fifteen minutes.

Where are you? I've been
calling you all day...

- I can't handle...
- Yes you can. Let's go!

I haven't told him anything about me.

Nobody falls in love with you
because of your past, but for what you are.

Get up! Hi, Honey!
How was the fish?

We're on. I'll wash my face.

Don't you move!

Stay right there.

Wash your face.
I've got to get you dressed.

Are you a Spring or are you an Autumn?

Well, autumn! Good remember.

A big smile. Hey, honey!
How was the fishing?

I can't go through with this.

Sure you can, it's easy, simple.
Piece of cake.

There you go. hot sh-t underwear.


Lot of people get swept up in a situation
that they feel they can't control.

I think people let
themselves get swept away.

Something they've got to
learn about themselves.

We have to have strength
to deal with what happens...

And the courage to face the

You have something precious,
to hold on to here.

You've got something very precious
to hold on to here. Now you hold on.

- You can do it!
- Take me with you!

You have to do everything a step at a time.
Courage to face the consequences.

Maybe you should tell him
right now maybe not... But

You are going to go
downstairs and kiss that man.

And I have to tell... Hey, babe,
How catch any fishing?

Flashback - Irene's
father hitting her mother

Why did you do that?




JIM: Irene!


Reney? Reney?

Hi honey! Did you have a good time?


My sweet...

- Did you catch any fish?
- No... no

Why don't you get the
stuff out of the car?

OK, night night.