Lady Ice (1973) - full transcript

An insurance investigator romances a wealthy young beauty when he suspects she may be involved in fencing stolen jewels.

(dramatic disco music)

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- [Desk Clerk] Good evening sir.
- How about a single?

- [Desk Clerk] Could you sign in please?

Do you have some identification?

- What's the matter, you don't like cash?

- We take cash
but I need identification, sir.

Thank you.


- Can I show you anything else, sir?

- All right already,
I know where the crapper is, here.

- Thank you, sir. - It's all right.

- I hope you have a nice day in Miami Beach.

- Yeah.

(door thudding)

(phone dialling)

Yeah, I'm here.

No man, make it sooner than that,
make it tonight.



Okay, be there sharp.

I'll see ya.

Put it there.

Here, keep it.

- Thank you.

- Please don't get up.

I don't want to interrupt your meal.


Plate to mouth.

Plate to mouth.

Keep your hands above the table
at all times, okay?

- What the hell are you doing here?

- Don't talk with your mouth full.

It's not polite.

Tullio's at 10.

Who're you meeting?

- A hooker.

- Eat your din dins.

Bedtime story'll have an unhappy ending.


Eat your shrimp.

Think of all the starving people.

Your mother ever tell ya that?

Mine did.

I used to say box it and send it to 'em.

She used to clip my ear.

Stand up.

Take out your wallet.

Drop your trousers.

- Son of a bitch.

- Take off your tie.

Undo your shirt.

The front.

The front of your shirt.

I'm there aren't I?

I'm right there.

It's beautiful.

Looks terrific on ya.

- It's my ass.

It's my ass.

Don't take it.

- To the toilet.

- You don't understand, man.

If you could split with that ice,

I'm a dead man.


- Sit down on the tub.

Give me your left hand, come on.

Put your hand through there.

Give me your other hand.

Yeah, no calls for 404
until tomorrow morning, okay?

Thank you, sweetheart.

- They'll kill me, you, bastard.

(upbeat instrumental music)

- Hey-

The timing chain is loose.

The steering's off.

So are the carburettors.

Check the alignment because
it's pulling to the right.

Oh, ah, wash it.

- Screw you.


- You'd like to, wouldn't you?

(soft instrumental music)

- [Woman] Andy Hammon, Andy Hammon,

please report to Mr. Booth's office

- Is this where I'm supposed to be?

- What's your name?

- Andy Hammon.

- Andy Hammon, right this way.

- What's your name?

- Grace.

- Hi, Grace.

- You wanted to see me, sir?

- Young man, I understand
you were offensive to my daughter.

- What?

- How long have you worked here?

- [Andy] 10 days.

- Then surely you've been here long enough

to understand that I do not tolerate

foul language in the presence
of my customers.

- Yes, sir.

But I knew that your daughter
was your daughter,

and not a customer.

- Young man, you give me no choice.

Collect your wages.

- I'm fired?

- [Mr. Booth] What else did you expect?

- Well, I had hoped after
this morning's introduction

for a courtship, marriage,
become your son-in-law.

Take over the family business.

- Get out.

(engine rumbling)

- I'll do it.

- It's all right with me.

- What the hell's he doing with your car'?

Get me Yates on the phone.

- Hey, Andy!

Stay away from that car!

- Miss Booth told me her timing was off.

- You've been sacked.

Now get out or I'll have ya thrown out.

- Okay.

(engine revving)

(tires squealing)

- [Yates] Come back!

Damn you!

(engine revving)

- Ma'am.

(upbeat disco music)

- We'll have the police recover your car.

(upbeat disco music)

(engine revving) (tires squealing)

(upbeat disco music)

(engine revving)

(upbeat disco music)

(tires squealing)

(upbeat disco music) (engine revving)

(bridge bells ringing)

- Damn.

(tires squealing)

(bridge bells ringing)

(engine revving)

(tires squealing)


(soft piano music)

(people chatting in background)

- [Woman] Absolutely shocking.

- Eddie.

- Where's Paula?

- Dear boy, don't you understand
that the only way

to hold on is to let go?

(soft piano music)

(dog barking)

(jewellery clattering)

(dog barking)

(water splashing)


(dramatic music)

(soft saxophone music)

- Well?

- I'm going to make you an offer
you can't refuse.

- Really?

- Uh-huh.

- I refuse.

- I want to team up with you.

- Do you sing?

- No, but I'm a terrific mechanic.

- [Paula] You can't even hold a job.

- But I got sidelined.

You want to buy some stolen property?

- What kind?

- Manhattan Island.

Your daddy read me
and the way you drive that car,

I can turn you into the first lady to win

the Indy 500.

- I don't compete with men.

- So we won't compete.

Let's get married.

- Who believes in marriage any more?

- Nobody.

I'm trying to be unique.

- You're trying so hard.

It's getting boring.

- I assume from your attitude

that lovemaking is out of the question.


(engine rumbling)

- If I were you, I'd go that way.

- I've still got business
to talk with you about.

I've got something to show you

that's really extraordinary.

- Hey-

Why is it that everything you say
sounds dirty?

(door clicking)

- Paula?

- Up here.

- Whose car is that?

(engine revving)

All right, who was that?

What's going on?

- [Paula] Nothing is going on.

- Who was that?

- That was a mechanic
who used to work for my father

who got fired and wanted his job back.


- He the reason you left the party?

- I left the party because I was bored.

- [Eddie] Thanks a million.

- What took you so long?

- I called Chicago.

I told them their men never showed up.

- [Tony] Wait a minute, Paul.

For god's sake.

- [Man] Give it to him, Tony.
(punch smacking)

- [Man] Where's that necklace?

Where is it, you fat bastard?

- I don't know! (punch smacking)

- [Man] You got a partner, huh?

(punch smacking)

Hold 'em tighter, tighter!

- I can't breathe!

- [Man] You going to tell us?


- [Man] Tell us where the necklace is, now!

- I don't know.

I don't know!

(soft instrumental music)

(engine revving)

- This oversteer?

- No, sir.

No, this is a very nice hand in motorcars.

Very stable.

- What's the top gear ratio, displacement

and compression on this thing?

- [Salesman] Just a moment, sir,

and I'll get you the specifications.

Excuse me.

- The top gear ratio is 0.85 to one.

Displacement is 351 cubic inches.

And the compression is 11 to one.

Is there anything else?

- Yes.

Step into my office, please.

- All right.

Had a feeling I'd see you here this morning.


- You're terrific.

You got extra sensory perception.

- Oh, you just have a bad habit
of hanging around.

- Want to do something about it?

- All right.

- What?

- Take your clothes off.

- No.

- [Paula] You going to hold somebody up?

- That's not a toy.

- Well, you must have it for some reason.

- Yeah, it's for show.

Guns scare the life out of me.

- No gun man.

Not a very good mechanic.

A flop as a sex maniac.

What do you do?

- I deal in stolen property.

- Right.

Piggy banks, cookie jars.

(suspenseful music)

- Pretty?

- Yeah.

They're very nice.

Where'd you get it?

- Ah, it's a trade secret.

I could give you a terrific deal on it.

- No, no, no, I'll be back at three.

- Morning, darling.

- [Eddie] Come here.

- We were beginning to worry.

- Sorry, Daddy.

Unbelievable traffic.

- Why didn't you let me pick you up?

- I don't mind driving.

Oh, am I that late?

- Come on.

They're holding a table.

- Daddy.

- Mmm-hmm?

- You know that mechanic?

The one you fired a couple days ago?

- Mmm-hmm.

- Well, he just tried to sell me a necklace.

Five pear-shaped diamonds.

(tires squealing)

- Okay, Hammon, let's go.

- I'm busy.

- So I've heard.

- You guys don't give a guy
any privacy at all, do ya?

- Come on, I want to show you something.

- Okay.

- Familiar?

Tony Lacava, Chicago.

Two arrests, possession, stolen goods,

but no convictions.

- Okay.


Credit cards.

- Put this with his Stuff.

- [Man] Yes, sir.

- The gall, Hammon.

A lot of damn gall

comin' down here tellin' us you're going to

play straight with us.

And I know your game.

You insurance guys,
you want your 10%

while we bust our asses
tryin' to get a few convictions.

Bullshit. All you're interested in
is puttin' people in jail.

You've got a bud--

- You work sloppy and you think sloppy.

You took that necklace.

If you'd let us know what was comin' down,

we would've covered that fat man
like a blanket.

- You would've smothered him.

You would've lost him
and you would've blown the piece.

- Come with me to the office, Hammon.

You just better come along.

You've committed a felony.



Thank you, June, thank you.


Carlos, get me the Stinson file.

Get Miami PD homicide.

Call that captain at OCB, see what he wants.

- Right.

- Take care of these.

Hand it over, Hammon.

- What?

- The necklace, no games.

I want it.

- I'll give it to you as soon as I'm

finished with it, okay?

- I want it now.

- I need it.

- You'll get your 10%.

- Told you I need it.

I don't have it anyway.

- Well where the hell is it?

- It's where I can get it when I need it.

- You can get it right now!

Look, I've got you made an armed robbery.

- Oh, if you're going
to talk to me like that,

Ford Pierce, you better bring
a piece of paper with you.

This is a beautiful piece, Ford.

- They said I had to cooperate with you,

but they didn't say how far I had to go.

Now get out of here.

- Okay.

- Carlo, what do you got?

- Here's the latest information on the jewel

fencing suspects.

Eddie Stell, age 35.

Born in Miami.

Family, heavy in the rackets.

Stell graduated from Miami University.

Degree in business.

Ben Whardon School of Finance.

Worth about two million.

Owns Stell Fisheries.

Stell Land and Construction Company.

Heavy investments in real estate.

That's Paula Booth, the daughter.

Attended English public schools,
then Radcliffe.

She's taking flying lessons from Eddie.

That's his plane.

Quick hops to Nassau.

Sometimes only overnight.

Sees Peter Brinker there.

Young continental type.

Export and import of expensive gems.

Paul Booth, born in London.

Age 66.

Widower, one child, a daughter.

We learned he lived like royalty.

The works.

He got caught in a corporate ringer.

Was squeezed out.

Dropped all his money trying to fight back.

He came to Nassau.

After one year he moved to Miami.

Paid $600,000 for the auto dealership.

We're still trying to track down
the source of that money.

Paid $175,000 for that house.

- But tell me, why was the courier killed?

I mean, this is not the first time

that the merchandise
hasn't been delivered on time.

- I called Chicago.

- You called them?

For Christ's sake, why?

- Dad, please!

- To tell them their man was ripped off.

And your friend did it.

- Oh, that's terrific.

Now he's going to be killed.

- No big loss.

- I don't understand you.

- This guy is probably an amateur

trying to score on his own.

The word on the street says
he's not connected.

He went after that piece,
he'll go after the whole package.

Tomorrow he's gotta be taken out.

- No.

- Hey, we can't let him ride.

Not with three million dollars
of stuff on the line.

- No.

You leave him alone.

- What do you mean leave him alone?

Why protect him?

- You seem to forget
that we have an agreement.

You don't go taking people out.

- The hell with that.

This is different!

- Nothing is that different.

And if it is, everything's off.


(soft instrumental music)

(bottles shattering)

(cans clattering)

(sheets ripping)

(cans clattering)

(boat engine rumbling)

- Thanks.




(chop smacking)

- Where is it?

Where's that necklace?

- Oh!

- [Man] Ease up on him.

He's going to talk to us.

- Geez.

(kick thumping) Ah!


- Brandy's going to hurt you
if you don't talk.


You cut up the skull
with that fat bastard, didn't ya?


- [Man] We're not finished with you.

- I'll get a doctor.

- No.



A doctor can't do nothin'.

- An ice pack?

- No.

- [Paula] A hot compress?

- A transplant.


You've got a very rough boyfriend.

- Who are you?

- You mean what do I do?

- Yes.

What do you do?

You could be someone very clever.

Or you could be a lucky amateur.

- I could be a very clever lucky amateur.

- Stop playing games.

You're not from Miami.

- Right.

- You've only been here three weeks.

- Okay.

- From Chicago.

- Right.

I've been saving
that diamond necklace for you.

- Oh, that's really sweet.

- It's worth a quarter of a million.

Did the rest of the shipment
come in from Chicago yet?

- A cop -


- Nope.


- Perfect.

An insurance investigator.

- [Andy] I just work for 10%.

- You do know that you're over your head

and that I can't help you.

- You'd like to, wouldn't you?

(soft instrumental music)

(door clicking)

(soft instrumental music)

- [Woman]
Florida department of law enforcement.

- Yeah, Ford Pierce, please.

- [Woman] Who's calling, please?

- Andy Hammon.

- [Woman] Just a moment.

- What do you want, Hammon?

- They're going to make their move
with Chicago

any time from now on.

- [Ford] How do you know?

- Gut reaction.

- Oh, for Christ's sake.

- [Andy] Look, just keep
a close eye on 'em, will ya?

Eddie Stell, the old man, everybody.

- The girl, too?

- Yeah.

Yeah, the girl, too.

(dramatic music)

(clock ticking)


(glass shattering)

(upbeat dramatic music)

(muffled talking)

- Move it, move it!

You get over there.

(muffled talking)

Get inside!

Get inside and move it!

Everyone out!

Open this door.

Open this!

Get inside.

(upbeat dramatic music)

(machines clicking)

- Give it top priority.

Call Chicago, give me a full rundown.

Pull all we got on the big buyers

and put a tail on all suspected fences.

- Right.

- Send this out.

Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, all right?

And the Virgin Islands.

(plane rumbling)

- Let's go.

He's heading for the escalator.

- We're on the upper level.

We'll watch from here.

(people talking in background)

- We lost him.

- Damn it, keep looking.

- Come on.

- He's gotta be around here some place.

He's got to be around here some place.

He just can't disappear just like that-.

We picked up our man.

He's heading for the escalator.

He's on his way back down again.

Come on.

(planes rumbling in background)

- What's going on, Carlos?

- [Carlos] He's driving away from the airport

and we're following him.

- What the hell?

How can you be following him?

He just got into a cab here-.

- I've been tailin' this guy
for the last two weeks.

I should know what he looks like by now.

I know I've got the right guy.

I know it!

- You follow yours, I'll follow mine.

One of 'em's gotta be the right man.

(suspenseful music)


- [Ford] God damn it!

He pulled a fast one.

He's leaving the express way
at 27th Avenue!

(soft instrumental music)

(engine starting)

(tires squealing)

(upbeat dramatic music)

(engines revving)

(metal clanging)

(engine starting)

(upbeat disco music)

(tires squealing)

(upbeat disco music)

(mystical music)

(soft instrumental music)

- 10,000.

- You've gotta be kiddin' me, lady.

10,000 for 10 carats
with that kind of colour?

No good, man.

- I'd give you 20,000 for it
if it were flawless.

- Okay, okay, give us a price
on the rest of the stuff.

- Total is 406,000, correct?


- No way, man, no way.

I can get 450 grand for this stuff
in New York, easy.

- You're probably right.

Go to New York.

- Don't worry, we can move it.

- Fine.

- What do you say?

One buyer, one deal.

- Let me see your money, man.

(dramatic music)

(car banging) (tires squealing)

(car banging)

(car crashing)

- Hey, you idiot!

- [Man] What the hell do you think
you're doin', anyway?

- There.

We're partners.

(tires squealing)

- [Man] Hey, you owe me more!


You pay me it up!

Hey, I'll call the cops!

- [Andy] We're partners, for Christ's sake!

(engine starting)

(tires squealing)

(suspenseful music)

(water splashing)

- Oh, it's beautiful!


Just super!

All the stuffs in Nassau, on time.

I'm going to go there tomorrow
to talk to the Dutchman.

And I have some great ideas about putting

some of the pieces together.

You know, to make them look more important.

it's going along very well and I, I...

What's the matter?

- Damn it, I want to stop all of this.

- Maybe you should.

Why don't you concentrate
on the car business.

I mean, you're terrific at that.

And I can handle everything else.

- I want you to quit now.

- When the right time comes, we'll quit.

I promise.

And we'll have lots of money.

(plane rumbling)

- [Announcer] American flight 37 for Nassau,

now boarding at gate 10.

- Have a nice day.

- Thank you.

- Miss Booth, I have a warrant charging you

with possession of dangerous drugs.

- What?

- Ford Pierce, special agent.

If you'd come with me, please.

Please read the notes on the wall.

You're advised of your constitutional rights

if you have any questions.

- Just one, Mr. Pierce.

Why am I being delayed?

You know I have absolutely nothing
to do with drugs.

- Please empty your purse on the table here.

And your bag.

- Now if I may leave,
I'd like to make my flight.

- Will you please give Miss Booth
a body search?

- You know that's not required!

- I'm Mrs. Schwartz.

This is Miss Seaton.

Please don't be embarrassed.

I'm the mother of grown children.

Would you get undressed, please?

(plane rumbling in background)

(flight announcer in background)

You can get on the table.

This will just take a second.

- Commissioner is stable in Nassau.

Be advised the following subjects

en route to Nassau.

Both subjects discussed with you regarding

stolen jewels from follow.

Now suspected diamonds
located in Nassau area.

Request extensive surveillance,

both subjects, especially Andy Hammon,

described as follows.

(mid-tempo instrumental music)

- Shoo.

515,000 is too low, Brinker.

The piece is beautiful.

- That's Swiss francs, darling.

Not French francs.

- I suppose that's not too bad a deal.

It really is lovely.

- My brother and I are gratified that we

have been able to please you.

- Oh, I have some sketches

of necklaces, combinations to the necklace

with the earrings that detach

and floral patterns like these and these.

Emeralds and diamonds.

- Let me show you something.

- [Paula] Hmm.

- Small corn spots.

- Yes, but it's perfect
for the laser treatment.

They drill tiny holes in the stone

and fill it with acid,

which eliminates the carbon imperfections.

Makes them much easier to sell.


The sharpies in New York do it all the time.

- Amsterdam also.

(speaking in foreign language)

- And I'm sure in Paris there's someone

who uses the same treatment.


- Coffee?

- Oh, yes please.

(speaking in foreign language)

It'll cost me 12%.

You put that up front,
plus another 100,000 for me.

Overhead cost, risk.

Beyond that we split 50/50.

- [Peter] We've always made money together.

Why not?


- [Paula] Whoo!


- [Peter] You devil.


You know something?

- [Paula] What?

- That eager Mr. Stell is a real problem.

I suggest you drop him.

- You really don't care about anyone?

- [Peter] Nope, you shouldn't either.

- But I do.

- I have many weaknesses,
but I'm not emotional.


- I know.

That's your problem.

- Yeah.

Turn around.

You know something?

Whenever I see you,

I realize how incredibly beautiful you are.

- Original.


- Yes.

- [Paula] on!

- What the?

Who the hell are you?


- I've been authorized by my company

to offer you $500,000.

That's it.

As far as I'm allowed to go.

It's a pretty good offer.

You oughta take it.

- I really don't know
what you're talking about.


- Well, I guess I failed then.

- I'm sure it's not the first time.

- No.


- Well then, there is really nothing

that you and I can discuss, is there?


Well now, what's the matter?

- She's laughing because there isn't anything

more that we can talk about because you

told me everything I need to know.

Those jewels are worth three million dollars.

I offered you 500,000, which is 1/6,

which is like nearly 17%.

Hot ice goes between eight
and 10 on any kind of market.

12 maximum.

I offered you five points over that.

That means that you are not selling that

as hot ice on any kind of market.

You're re-cutting the big stones.

You're putting them into different settings.

You got some shop somewhere.

Maybe right here, who knows?

I don't know.

- We don't use stolen goods because

we don't find it necessary.

My firm is well established in both

the United States and Europe.

We've been in business for 50 years.

- 50 years?

- We are very--

- Very established, respectable.

- Precisely. - Reputable.


- Brinker. - Yes?

- I'll talk to him.

And I'll call you later.

- You do that.

(speaking in foreign language)

- That's okay with me.

(soft instrumental music)


I'm only going to ask you once.

- But you failed.

You have no place left to go.


What'd you come here for?



(soft instrumental music)

- Hey-

Buffalo Bill's defunct.

He used to ride a water
smooth silver stallion.

Shoot, one, two, three,
four, five pigeons

just like that.

Jesus, he was a handsome man.

What I want to know is,

what do you think of your
blue-eyed boy, Mr. Death?

E.E. Cummings, woo-woo.

Don't you want to talk?




You and me?

- Men don't talk to women, remember?

- Sure they do.

- Oh, no they don't.

They really don't.

You see, I'm supposed to

listen to you talk

and smile.

It's very seductive.

Come on.


You see, it works.

Now you feel I like you.

- Yeah, I do, actually.

I feel you like me.


Who are you?

- Well, I might be two or three
or four different people.

I might not be anyone at all.

Just bits

and fragments,

constantly changing.

Isn't that true of most people?

- No.

- No?

You want to know all about me, don't you?


- Yeah.

- Or you want to feel comfortable.

You want to feel something deep and warm

and wonderful.

You want to have a meaningful relationship
with a woman.

- What are you going to do?

Take the 500,000, will ya?

Take it and just grab it.

That's all they're going to give me,
it's the tops.

It's a very good offer.

It's all I got.

- It's not all I've got.

- I guess if Brinker's been doing your money,


he's probably been in there for three years.

50% of the net.

Figure million a year, at least, right?

That's three million dollars.

That's all you need to done plenty.

Got as much as you can ever use.

Proved everything you gotta prove.

Very good.


- You want in.

How nice.

How exciting.

(soft instrumental music)

(air bubbling)

(dramatic music)


- Ah.


- I thought you like
the close to the edge feeling.

Did you?

- Oh, shit.


- You want to be rich?


I can make you rich.

- So I can retire and amuse you.

- Oh no, you'd be useful.

Don't you want to be useful?

- Is that a proposition or a proposal?

- Oh, well it's the same thing for people

like you and me, isn't it?

So you think about it
and I'll think about it.

And I'll call you.

(ship horn blaring)

- There.

The block policy covers everything from here

to the point of sale.

Show the insurance company pictures
of each piece

and a schedule of the values.

- Yes, sir.

- Very well.

Kevin, tell Labouvie
to meet me at the airport

with a key.

- I'll send him a cable.

Have a good trip.

- Thank you.

We should know where we stand
in about a couple of weeks.

You know where to reach me?

- Of course.

I always know where to reach you.

- Goodbye, my darling.

(dramatic music)

(punches smacking)


- [Man] Get his hand.

Take the handcuff.

(handcuffs snapping)

Got it.


- Taxi!

West End.

- [Driver] $4, sir.

- $4 even.

- Thank you, sir.

- Here's your tip.

One, two,


four, $500.

(soft instrumental music)

- You know, we don't blame you, Hammon.

We want that clearly understood.

You performed like a trooper.

- Oh, you certainly did.

No offence.

The police let us down badly.

Very badly, they did.

- We are on the horns of a dilemma.

Unless you can prove
that those stones are ours.

- Proof, proof, proof, proof!

- The dilemma is that Brinker
has a legitimate claim.

A legitimate claim for three million dollars.

But we don't want to pay the claim.

We know she's a master fence, but--

- But we just can't prove it!

- She has got us squarely by the wrist.

- I don't think that's where she's got us.

- Okay, well can I have authorization

to make a deal with her?

- Not legal authorization, no.

Legally you are on this frolic by yourself.

However, if you could get her to sign a sworn

statement voluntarily,

identifying these stones as merchandise

that we have ensured--

- Of course we'll pay within reason.

Cash if you want it.

- And in the usual way.

No questions, no fuss.

If she won't deal, you're on your own.

- Business?

- I still have the jewels.

- I remember.

- Brinker's claim has been held up.

Payment has been stopped.

- [Paula] Oh?

- Increased what they're willing
to pay to you.

- Do make me an offer I can't refuse.

- $600,000

and an agreement not to prosecute.

If you'll sign a statement saying that

the jewels were the ones
that they ensured in Chicago.


- Poor Brinker.

They won't pay his claim.

- Nope.

- I'd have to make it up to him.


- That would be up to you,
of course.

- All right.

I accept your offer.

I'll do it.

For you.


- okay.


Come on.

(soft instrumental music)

(engine rumbling)

(soft instrumental music)


That's the agreement not to prosecute.

And that's the statement about the jewels.


Want to count it?

- No need.

I'm a trusting soul.

(dramatic music)

What are you?

What are you doing?

- Come with me.

- Let go!

I made a deal.




(sirens wailing)

(guns firing)

(helicopter whirring)

There are some days.


(upbeat disco music)

-- English --