Lady Bloodfight (2016) - full transcript

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, an American woman is beaten up and mugged by thugs. She's taken in by a martial arts master who trains her for a formidable fight competition known as the Kumite.

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"Lady Bloodfight (2016)" ^ (Run time 01:36:30)


5 years ago

Stop the fight!

I was about to win
and you stopped the fight?

After an even fight all day long,
the decision is a draw.

The prize will be
shared by both parties.

I will not share anything.
Not with her!

Since you refuse to share the prize,
you may nominate and train a contestant.

Someone to fight on your behalf
in the next tournament.


- Very well.
- So. It is decided.

4 years ago

You think it's a sure thing,
don't you, big boy?

Shut up, bitch.
You're going down.

Never on the first date.


Tranny bitch!

- Number 12.
- Kumite? Are you kidding?


2 years ago

Son of a bitch!

1 year ago

6 months ago

Svietta, you have a visitor.
Some Chinese people.


- That's okay.
- Oh, thank you. Come.

Oh my.
It's time to go, my love.

You gave her a nice break, sugar.

What do I get?

- Can I take your order, sir?
- Oh slow down, sweetie.

I'm Donny.
What's your name?

What would you like to eat?

What's your problem, honey?

- I don't have a problem.
- What's your problem?

What's your problem, bitch?

You know what?

you and I should go out to my truck,
you can earn a little pocket m...?

My fucking hand!

- Hey, hey, hey! Everybody calm down!
- I want that bitch fired!

- Fuck!
- Hey.

Donny? Come on.
Shit. Donny.

Come on, get him up, get him up!
Get him up!

Come on.
Come on, buddy.

Get his cap.

Sorry, folks. Meals on the house.
Come on, get him out of here!

Pack up your stuff, Jane.
I don't want you back here.

Hey, bitch!

Oh, hang in there, hellcat.
We ain't done with you yet.

We're going to make you
a good little pussy.


Shit, look what you made me do.

You better keep on doing it, you low life
piece of shit or I'm gonna fucking kill you!

- I'm gonna fucking kill the bitch!
- Let's get out of here! Come on!

Get the hell off me, man!

Did you see what she did to my teeth!
Did you see what she did to my teeth!

What the fuck?




- I'm leaving, Mama.
- Where're you going, honey?

Hong Kong.

Oh, no, no.

No, you can't do that.
It's dangerous out there.

I'm a big girl, Mama.
I can handle myself.

Look at you, Janey.
Just like your Daddy.

Just make sure you don't
end up like him.

I need to know.

Oh, and honey!

Don't forget to bring back
a pack of cigarettes, yeah?

Sure, Mama.

The old lady at the bottom of the hill said that
if I sweep the floor you will give me $50.

Here, take it.

But I've not even started sweeping yet.

Three months left, and you still haven't
give me one good candidate.

Excuse me.

Do you know where I should
get off to get to this hostel?

Later, when everyone get off
you don't get off, okay?

Get off at the bus terminal.
Then you turn left and then right.

"Master Wai invites you to a
martial arts competition selection,

students under training,
will enjoy free food and lodging."

- What's written here?
- If you are selected you can learn Shaolin kung fu.

This teacher is very famous.
Her school has a lot of old Chinese weapons here.

Go get her.


- You're like the best they've got, huh?
- You got that right.

- You want to spar?
- Spar? With you?

No way.
But I'll fight you.

No, no,
keep the lollipop.

- I think your student could do with a little help.
- You think? Really?

- Tell her, what did she do wrong?
- I don't know...

She moved kind of slow,
she made a lot of mistakes.


So you counter her
with a few of your own?

Real kung-fu don't strike and stop.
It flows, around the opponent, through the opponent.

Pack your bags, Belle.
You're done.

- Sifu, I know I can beat her.
- And I know you cannot.

- Get out.
- Sifu!

The rest of you can go too.

You, stay.

You are almost interesting.

You have power, speed and the
instinct that can not be taught.

But this is meaningless unless you know
when to hit and how to disguise your attack.

If you stay here with me,

I'm going to teach you these things
and more. Much more.

- How long?
- 3 months.

- Does it pay?
- Not in cash.

Then it's not for me.

There are things
with a value beyond money.

What the matter, lady?
Where are you going?

I can show you.
I can help you.

- I am looking for a youth hostel.
- Sorry?

- Youth hostel.
- Youth... Oh, youth hostel.

Yeah, it's not far in here.
It's very cheap. it's very nice.

Follow me. Come on.
It's inside.

Thank you.

- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you for patronizing.

- Bye bye.
- Thank you. Thank you, bye bye.

- Hey, cousin.
- Hey.

This is my cousin. He's a good man.
He will take you.


Hey, what's the story.

Nothing. I saw her outside and
persuaded her to come along.

This way.

- This is the youth hostel?
- No, it's my land.

If you want to get out here in one piece,
you better give me your bag.

You need more rest.

Go back to bed.

- I wanted to thank you.
- And you've done so.

Those guys who attacked me,
they took my bag.

Did it have anything
very valuable in it?

All my money. Photos of my father.
It's the only thing I really had left of him.

I see,
you're still lucky though.

Things stolen can be replaced.
The body not so easily repair.

So go back to bed.

You thought about my offer and
this is what you decided to do. Interesting.

But not entirely unexpected.

You could have got
a good price for the sword.

It's my father's.
It's antique.

How did you know I'd come?

Because the offer I made you
posed a far more dangerous risk

... than what you've chosen
to do here tonight.

Risk of what?

I know who you are, Miss Ling Chow.
You tried to steal from the wrong person.

Now, let's see if you still have my interest.
Try not to die in the process.

If you survive, you won't be
this wild cat loiters the streets.

Nor a girl or a woman, become a
sharpen weapon with a purpose.

I want to transform you,
because you will fight for me.

Fight for you?

You spend three months here with me
as my closed door disciple.

No phone calls nor shopping trips.
I'll train you in a tournament.

A tournament that can leave you
very rich or very damage.

You will stay in here. Sleeping next to
my father's sword, if you like.

You'll find a bed upstairs, and all
you need for the next three months.

- Where did you learn how to do that?
- Learn what? Sweeping?

- How to act with satipatthana.
- Sorry, I have no idea what that is.


When you swept the yard
you were so focused on it.

By the way,
my name is Shu.


I'm guessing coffee isn't on the menu?

It is not.

- Where am I?
- This is a Wudang Temple.

- And you live here?
- Yes.

- Alone?
- Usually.

Can I ask about the guy in
the altar in the picture?

Who is he?

The curious always finds complexity.
Please, drink.


Shu, this might sound
kind of strange, but...

I saw the way you fought yesterday.
It was incredible.

- I was hoping you can help me.
- Yes.

- Well, I'm looking for a teacher to train me for the...
- For what?

You probably won't even believe me.
It's kind of embarrassing.

You'll be surprise the things
I might believe in.


I came to Hong Kong to fight
in a tournament called the Kumite.

And if I win, I can get my mom
the life my father always wanted for us.

Why are you laughing at me?
You don't think I can win?

You're right, Jane.

What's so funny about a white girl flying
all the way over here to commit suicide?

- What do you mean?
- That's just perfect, isn't it?

I asked for a dragon.
And you sent me a... a Barbie.

This was a mistake.
I'm going to go.

Jane, wait.

I admire your cause and
your reason for competing.

Yes, you are brave and you fight with spirit,
but you have a lot to learn.

Forgive me, it's just...
You weren't what I was expecting.

I'm happy not to be
what you're expecting.

Now, if you can give me
directions to the embassy,

I'll leave you to sweep your leaves
and drink your tea.

Will you make a bet with me?

What if I gave life back
to this bird?

You're serious?

If I can do it, you stay three months
training with me for the Kumite.

And if you can't?


Right, how about an invitation to the Kumite anyway.
No strings attached.

- So either way I win?
- No. I win, you will survive.

You win, you definitely die.

Three months?

I'll stay here however long it takes
to learn whatever you just did.

It'll take more than three months.

- But it's all we have.
- This is unbelievable.

I just landed here and meet
Miss Miyagi in the street market.

We call it synchronicity.

At the heart of my work
is simplicity.

We use whatever works to
overcome the opponent.

We start from stance.
When you apply stance with speed,

the essence of martial arts is learning how to use
that strength and speed to distract the enemy.

First step:
Dress properly.

Second step: Eat properly.
Where did you get this?

Third step:
Stand properly.

Like... this.


I want the sound of this bell
to drown the voices

that tell you what you can
and can not do.

The woman who wins the Kumite
will sound louder than that.

If I hit it like really hit it,
I'm going to break my hand.

- Is that what you want?
- Certainly not.

But now, it is a matter
between you and the bell.

Am I suppose to fear
for my life again?

Not too awful for someone who was
raised beneath the wrong sky.

Eating the wrong food
and chasing rainbows.

Do you always treat
your students like this?

Or maybe I'm just very lucky?

You talk too much.

- Can I ask you something?
- If you must.

Did he break your heart?

Is that why you have such a
grudge against the world?

You can say so.


Why don't you deal with it, instead of
taking it out on your kung fu?

I missed my chance, so you will be
my blade to give me my revenge.

You will win the Kumite for me.

And then what?

And then you get the prize money
and get back to your life.

- Back to the streets?
- That would be your choice.

Back to work.

Is that why you find yourself here,
alone in this temple?

I'm never alone.

Don't you have a spirit
that follows you?

My father?

I don't know if he's
alive or dead.

The only souvenirs I had left,
went away with my bag.

- I can hardly remember his voice.
- Why are you sad?

He's still alive
if you can hear him.

It's just...

I'm afraid of forgetting
what he looks like.

I'm going to tell you
a secret, Jane.

Because death is not the end,
we are never alone.

The spirits are always with us.

At least you still have a photo.
That's something, right?

You're right.
We need to drink.

- I'll make tea?
- Tea is for beginners.

- To your father.
- To your whoever.

Take it slowly,
it's strong... stuff.

Not bad.

Not that I'm complaining about a field trip,
what are we doing here?

See that big guy over there?

- The one with the girlfriend?
- Yeah.

Buy him a drink, tell him
he's very good looking.

Is this some kind of a test?

Just get into a fight.

Hey, big boy.
I missed you last night.

You can make it up to me tonight,
but I want it all night.

Tell your shy little puppets
to stop making faces at me.

You cock bitch!


- Enough!
- Who the hell are you?

I'm her teacher,
and she's out past curfew.

And, it's a school night.

Come on, fun's over.
Time to go.

What did you do to that guy?

Dim mak.
The death touch.

- He's going to die?
- No, not if the ambulance arrives in time.

Breathe, focus, strike.

Wai, your arrival lights the flame
of the Kumite.

And you, you were so impressive
the other night at the market.

I wish the same success here.

Where is she?

Not here yet.
I believe her boat is arriving now.

Any ways, a few fighters
are still missing.

There're some good contenders.
The competition is going to be tight.

- Friend of yours?
- Sang? Used to be.

- He's taking care of the big guys.
- I see.

No way, this is wild.

Hey, Muay Thai, right?

Played one of those in Bangkok.
I ass kicked for two rounds.

Kicked her out in the third and
stopped her in the fourth.

And the elbows on your people!

- Hey, what about you?
- Oh, I'm Brazil.

- No, not where. What?
- Oh, Capoeira.

Don't know that one.

No offense but you look more like
a model than a fighter to me.

Long time no see, Wai.

As promised, Miss Ling Chow.

We're honored, Miss Chow.

Please, read the form
and sign below.

What is it?

A formality.

- Sorry.
- For what?

You don't need to write to fight.

Master Shu.
Your student is not a Chinese.

Your powers of observation do you credit.
She is an American.

And you wish to enter an American
in the Kumite on your behalf?

I do.


What's that say?

Just that If you're maimed or killed during the tournament,
that you don't hold any of them responsible.

And I thought all that calligraphy
was a waste of time.

The better the writer,
the better the fighter.

Wait here.

- You're master Shu's student, are you not?
- I am.

I mean, welcome.

- I'm sorry, who are you?
- You are so direct, so American.

You didn't answer my question.

I like to think of myself as
the Kumites most ardent patron.

If there's anything I can do for you
while you are here, anything at all,

please call me.

- I am at your service.
- Thanks.

Now, the rules. You can win
by knocking your opponent out or...

By forcing her off
the fighting platform or...

Welcome to the 435th meeting
of the Kumite.

All of you've been invited here
for one reason.

In your chosen martial arts,
you showed fire and we were watching.

For long years, our order has followed
the ancient practice of martial arts.

With real skills,
come real dangers.

Like those who came before, you must
be prepared to break or be broken.

To bleed or shed some.

To take a life or lose your own.

So, your commitment humbles us.

And we're now committed to honoring you
with a Kumite fit for heroes.

I'm happy to see you
honor our agreement.

- Does this surprise you?
- No, your choice of student does.

Remember when we were young?

We used to laughed about
how the Americans fought.

They were an insult to kung fu.
You said, and I quote:

- "But they bleed well."
- We were girls then.

All we ask for is a fair fight.
In every round and in the final.

The final?

I don't see it.

Ladies, I hope this Kumite will allow you
to finally leave behind your hate

and recover the friendship
you used to have.

Our guests are loving the tension in here,
but save it for the fight, alright?

Come on.

- How are you? You look stressed.
- No.

- You're not nervous, are you?
- No.

- Tiger Balm. Smell of pain.
- Story of my life.

- You want some?
- Sure.

It's good stuff.
Gets you nice and warm.

Do you want a protein bar?

Yeah, I don't really eat...

- No?
- No.

Ever been to Phoenix?
I fought in a cage there.

Great town.
Hot as hell.

Fought in Texas too.
Behind a bar.

You're really friendly.

Ladies and gentlemen.
The first match of this Kumite...

Number two, Wudang style

versus number three, taekwondo.

You're number two, Jane.

Welcome to the jungle, darling.

- Ready?
- Ready.


Come on, girls!
Give us a bit of a show!

The winner of the first fight is...

... number two, Jane Jones.

Just breathe.

- Shu...
- Shh. Breathe, observe, learn.

Next bout. Number five, Hong quan
versus number six, boxing.


The winner of the third fight:
Number five, Lam Mai Wai.

... Ziranmen versus number four, monkey kung fu.

Next bout, number fourteen...

She's finished, you psycho bitch.

Number one, Shaolin versus
number fifteen, Krav maga.

Be quick.
Be cruel.


Ling is the winner.
This marks the end of the first round.

Go shower.

Congratulations, madam.

This looks to be quite a tournament this year.
Our guests are very happy.


It's not the prize or the glory
that bring me back.

It's the hope that matters
between us will be settle here.

Things will definitely be settled, Shu.
Once and for all.

Check that out.
Welcome to Kumite, right?

Welcome to Kumite.

I'll tell you what.

Whoever wins this shindig, stands the
other out to a proper night in Hong Kong.


- Yeah.
- Deal

You alright there, cuckoo bear?

Cuckoo. Cuckoo.
Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

- You don't like me, do you?
- Not particularly.

But you like everybody but me.

Because you know we will
meet on the platform.

And I will shut your mouth
for good.

Good to know, whack job.


-Sorry, little Miss punching bag.
- What was that?

That's you. Slow. Predictable.
Easy to hit, Miss punching bag!

Easy there, vanilla and lemon.
Keep your gas for the race, alright?

Your teacher has got you thinking
you're the real deal Wudang.

I'll show you that you're not.

I can wait. Chances are she won't
make the next round anyway.

- Hey, looks like daddy's girl come alone this time.
- I don't want any trouble.

-I don't even care if you stole my money.
I just want my pictures back.
- Hey, Blondie.

You have guts to come here
treating us like thieves.

I know you have them.
I don't want to hurt you.


- White girl gets mad.
- Just give me my pictures and I'll go.

They are worthless to you.

You mean this?
Not you.

I keep souvenir.

You want?
Too bad.

Bye bye, Daddy.

Have you lost your mind?

- Shu.
- Using your skills for revenge?

- They burned my father's picture.
- Like a fine sword cutting down stray dogs.

- I'm sorry.
- You are no longer my student.

- I lost control.
- Yes, with the art that I taught you.

And I will not stand back and
watch you lose control in the Kumite.

- Give me another chance.
- Or what? To be maimed or killed?

If you lose control, if you lose focus,
you'll have no chance.

And I will not be
a part of that.

- Shu.
- Goodbye and good luck, Jane.



This is a lot of money, Mr. Sang.
Don't screw up with us.

Your bets are safe with me, sir.

Thank you for your confidence.

You said you were the most
devoted patron of the Kumite.

I think you meant parasite.

I am a gambling man, yes.
So are you.

Difference is I'm only betting money
while you're betting... Well...


But now, did you just
come here to insult me...

- Or is there something else I can do for you?
- There is.

I was hoping you could tell me
if you've ever seen this man.


He does look familiar.
Is this your father?

He came here to compete
18 years ago, never came back.

I'm sorry to hear that.
I wonder what happened to him.

But here's a thought.

Your father as an American, an outsider.
Odds were heavily against him.

They kept increasing as each passing round,
just as they're increasing against you.

You see the symmetry?
It's uncanny.

So he made it
to the later rounds?

I don't recall.
I doubt it.

Watch my fight tomorrow,
Maybe it will jog your memory.

I look forward to it.
By the way...

My clients bet on your opponent.
But I have not. For now.

So win this one
for the both of us.

I have an idea.
One million becomes five million.

- You really want to take this risk?
- It'll be arranged itself.

Weapon round.
Number nine, nunchaku...

versus number seven, halberd.

Where's your teacher?
She leave you alone?

Story of my life.


Weapon round winner:
Number nine, Sunny Jaa.

- May I ask you something?
- Concerning?

This man, do you know him?
I believe he fought in the Kumite.

The American, yes.
Long time ago.

The one who might
have been champion

had he been brave enough
to return for the final match.

What do you mean?

Well, we wondered,
how a man who fought so well

could have lost his spirit
before the final.

Next match, weapon.
Number two, double hand sword

versus number five, guan dao.


Weapon round two:

... Number two, Jane Jones.

Next match.
Number twelve, double sword

versus number thirteen, swords.

- Good sport.
- Thanks.

Wish me luck.
I'm off to cut me a psycho-steak.

- Becareful, she's not really...
- Right in the head?

Tell me about it.

These will do.
Catch a loony by the toe.


No! Cassidy!
Are you crazy?

Get off!
Don't you see what's happening here?

Get off of me!
No! Stop this!

You are next.

Get off of me!

Get off of me!

Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.

Get out now!


Stop it! Stop it!

Get off of her!
Get off of her!

Hey. Hey. Hey. Oh my god.
Somebody get a doctor!

Breathe. Breathe.
You'll be okay. You'll be okay.

Look at me. Look at me.
It's okay. It's okay.



Svietta will kill Jane.
I will surely win.

This brings us to the end
of the weapon round.

We will now proceed
to the semifinals.

Next bout.
Number one, Ling Chow versus number nine...

Sunny Jaa.

Fuck! Fuck!

Walk me through this.

You win the semifinal round.
And what, that's it?

You done?
Nothing left in the tank?

Dad, come on.
Say something. Say something.

Give me a sign.
Give me a sign, please.

Give me a fucking sign!

The winner is number one, Ling Chow.

Next match.
Number two, Jane Jones-

versus number thirteen, Svietta Chekhov!


Please, Dad.
I'm scared.

I'm scared.

I don't think daddy's
here to help you.

So that's it?
You forfeit?

Leave me alone.

You and the Australian were friends.

So, why don't you go and get
that crazy bitch that killed her?

- Did your teacher tell you to come here?
- No, she doesn't care about you.

I mean, she's just here settling
some score with master Shu.

I don't even know if
she cares about me.

But anyway...

- Where's your teacher?
- We had a...

Forget it.

- She dumped you?
- It's not... It's complicated.


Too bad though.

Beating that Russian freak
will be a completely yawn.

But not for you, for me.
But... knocking you out in the finals...

I've been dreaming of that.

It doesn't look like you're such
a formidable opponent after all.

Next match.
Number two, Jane Jones

versus number thirteen, Svietta Chekhov!

So your match is over
before it even begins?

Never let your guard down
so early, Sang.

We are running out of time.

Last call!
Number two, Jane Jones

versus number thirteen, Svietta Chekhov!

Little puppet, you shouldn't have come back.


Come on!

The winner for this round...

number thir...

That, is for Cassidy!

And that was for the rest of us.

The winner is number two, Jane Jones.

You fought bravely today

And in doing so,
you cost me quite a bit of money.

- What the hell do you want?
- Congratulate you.

And if need be, to hedge my bet
for tomorrow's final.

But, I see that there is no need.

- You're not going to make it.
- The hell I won't.

My lord, the resemblance
is truly uncanny.

Especially right now.

Your injuries appear to be
more serious than his were.

What are you saying?

That's why I actually don't have to use
this on you, like I did on him.

He gave me no choice, you see.
He was going to win the final.

And lose me a lot of money.
That simply was not in the cards then.

Son of a bitch.

He mentioned you.
He said he had a little girl,

and here you are all grown up

and ready to follow
in his footsteps.

Miss Jones, I don't think
you are faster than a bullet.

Your father certainly wasn't.

But you martial artists need to
discover that the hard way.

Did Shu's fiancee discover that
the hard way as well?

Your father is remembered incorrectly
as the coward American

who mysteriously disappeared before the final.

And you will be remembered as the one
that was good enough to get there.

Just not good enough to show up.

For a fight you really had
no chance of winning anyway.

It's really the best
for both of us.


Your task is almost complete.

Who is he?

He was my brother, Jake.
He and Shu were meant to wed.

We were so happy.
Like one family.

He made just one mistake.

Shu just abandoned him,
broke his heart.

He killed himself for her.
Just as I will now break her heart.

For him.

So that's what drive you?
Your hate?

Never hate.
Just love turn into poison.

Come on.


Your ribs are cracked.

Some internal bleeding.

It was madness for you
to send her to me.

What will happen
if I don't go back?

You will survive and forget this
stupid idea of coming out here!

- But I'm so close!
- To what? Death?

Don't you understand
how lucky you are, Jane?

- If I give up, he wins.
- Who does?

Sang. He told me everything.
He killed my father.

So, this is what drives you?

- Have you learned nothing I have taught?
- I have learned more than you know.

The man on your altar.
I think Sang killed him too.

- I know it well.
- You knew and you did nothing?

Even if Sang is evil,

good people should never seek vengeance.

I know what you mean
by synchronicity now.

I always thought that
message was for me...

And now I know it's for you.

Turn it over.


You're right, Jane.

- She's crazy.
- Shu healed her.

There's no ancient Chinese secret that's
going to heal broken bones in a single...

... night.


You heal the mind, the body will follow.
But it's an illusion.

The pain is merely asleep.
Wake it up.

You know it's very brave of you to come
and face me after what happened yesterday.

Your choice.

I'm here to win.
That's all.

So am I.


You don't have to die to lose.

Nobody will blame you if you
decide to step out of the line.

I have no choice but to win.

She will not survive.

She's done.

No, I don't think so.

Where are you going, Sang?

Lower the gun!
Lower the gun!

You said my bets were safe.
You know the rules, Mr. Sang.

It is the best you can do.

A quick death is better than
what I had planned up for you.

- Tell them the truth first, Sang.
- What are you talking about?

What truth?

This is your last chance.

She is not responsible for Jake's death.
He didn't commit suicide.

I killed Jake to get out of
payment debt, that's all.

He would ruin my reputation.

Shu knew that,
but she never told you.

And if you focus your anger on him,
he wouldn't have hesitated to kill you.

I'm sorry, Wai.

The blue-eyed bullet from the west.
I didn't see it coming.

For the first time, our highest honor is awarded
to a fighter born beneath the distant sky.

Jane Jones, we salute
your courage and your skill.

And that of your opponent.

For centuries, Wudang and Shaolin have been
the rival legends of Chinese martial arts.

I hope that from today forth,
the circles would be joined together.

Raise up this hand.


Subtitle created by - Aorion -