La mort d'Auguste (2015) - full transcript

When old Auguste drops dead among the customers in his restaurant, his heirs worry about the inheritance, suspicious of each other. However, an unexpected surprise awaits them.

Bernard, the bus!

Watch the little birdie!

careful he doesn't eat you!

Everyone ready?

Get ready!

Look at this.

Th is was exactly 40 years ago.

- I opened this place five years earlier.
- Oh, yes!

Can I offer you some
Marc de Bourgogne?

- Yes, with pleasure!
- You know, this is an excellent quality!

Very kind.

But of course!
After a fine meal. ..

- I hope you enjoyed it!
- Yes. The lamb was excellent!

Ah, the lamb brayaude ...

Thank you, Armand.

Lamb brayaude
is a specialty from my region.

I'm from Saint Hippolyte, .
near Riom, in Auvergne.

You see Armand there?
He's been here for 45 years!

He was 15 years old!
You see him?

That's him here, in the photo.

And that's Marie, my poor wife.

She died five years ago.

She did all the cooking back then.

And those are my sons.

Antoine. He's the boss now,
with my daughter-in-law.

And there, my two other sons.

Ferdinand and Bernard.
You know what Ferdinand does?

He's a judge!
Come on.

To your health,
ladies and gentlemen!

To your health!

Do you know that all the produce here
comes from our region?

And uhhh ...

Are you OK?

- What's going on?
- It's August!

Dad! Are you OK?

Help me carry him to his room.

We'll lift him.
Dad, are you OK?

Wait, I'll hold the door.

- Is he OK?
- Yes, go back to work.

Reset the table, please.

Please excuse us.

OK, Dad?

On his bed.

I'll turn the light on.

You're going to sit down.

Is that OK?

- Go ask Mrs. Ledru if she can come.
- Right away.

Quickly. Francois, tell my wife.
I'll call Dr. Patin.

Very good, sir.

Dad, can you hear me?
Dad, it's Antoine.

I'm calling the doctor.

He's breathing
and the doctor's been called.

Put it away.
I'll get it fixed.

The Bremond party has arrived.

- Good evening, Minister.
- Good evening, Antoine!

I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you.
My father had an incident.

- Is it serious?
- No, it'll be OK.

- I see you've been served aperitifs ...

Have you chosen?

- I'll start with some foie gras.
-Very good.

- Your terrine du chef.
- It comes highly recommended.

- Yes, two terrines.
- And a third.

Three terrines, one foie gras.

Thank you, Antoine.

So Pompidou says to me,
"I meant well."

No point taking him to the hospital.

The end could come
at any moment now.

It may take a few hours,
but I doubt it.

You should brace yourself, Antoine.

I'll ask Mrs. Ledru to stay here
until Lucie and I finish downstairs.

Tell your brothers.

I read in the paper that Ferdinand
has that child killer case.

The Mauvis case.

For a judge, that's a tough one.

- And Bernard?
- No news from him for months.

He hasn't changed, has he?

Doctor, come quickly!

The doctor said he didn't suffer
and that he passed away peacefully.

I know you all loved him.
He loved you too.

To him,
you were part of the family.

Well, now, things will go on like before.
Tomorrow, we'll open as usual.

It's what he would've wanted,
and it's what he would've done.

We'll close on the day of the funeral.

- Can we see him?
- Yes, of course.


Let's go.

I'll call the funeral home
in the morning.

I can stay with him tonight,
Mr. Antoine.

Thank you. That's kind.

We're going up to our place, and ...

I have to call my brothers.



What's going on?

I ...

I'll wake Ferdinand up.

Yes, with his work these days
I like him to get some rest.

Hello, Antoine?

Yes, Veronica just told me.

How'd it happen?

He was showing some clients
the photo from 40 years ago,

and then he fell down.

Dr. Patin didn't say ...
must've been a heart attack.

When did it happen?

Around 10:00 pm? But ...

Why didn't you call earlier?
It's past midnight!

I had to work.

We were full,
Minister Bremond was there.

Did you talk to Bernard?

We'll be there soon.

There's nothing we can do now for Dad.
But if Bernard shows up,

I expect some discussion.

Just as well if I'm there.

See you later.

I'll call Bernard.

Is Ferdinand coming?

- Good evening, Lucie.
- Good evening, Ferdinand.

My poor Lucie.

Good evening, Antoine.

How awful.

- Did you speak with Bernard?
- No, he's on the cote d'Azur.

Nicole told me she'd call him.

- Why's he there?
- Some big real estate deal, it seems.

- You didn't need to come tonight.
- It's too complicated during the day.

I'm mobbed by the press
near the courthouse.

- The Mauvis case?
- Mauvis is a monster, a child killer.

Seeing him become a celebrity
is unbearable.

Sit down, I made coffee.


I thought I'd never get here!
It took forever from Montmartre!

You didn't say you were coming.

I reached Bernard on the phone.
He wanted me here.

- You could've waited for him to come back.
- He said you'd say that it could wait.

He'll be here tomorrow.

Just as well someone's here
tonight to represent him.

I know what you're going to say.
Bernard and I aren't married.

But he asked me to come.

You know legal things, don't you think
seals should be placed?

-On what?
- Oh well, I don't know ...

On the deceased's apartment.
On the safe.

What safe?

He must've kept his money
and papers somewhere.

I don't think our dad
ever owned a safe.

All I can say is that
there's no safe in the house.

Thank you, Lucie.

He must've put
his will somewhere.

Father never spoke to me
about a will.

He didn't have an attorney?

I don't know. He never said anything
to me about that, either.

But Ferdinand must know what's
supposed to be done in such cases.

- It depends, the agreement you signed ...
- What agreement?

The business, split 50/50
between Antoine and Dad, since ...

- Since how long?
- 19 years. 1946.

- Signed before a notary?
- Not before a notary, no.

It was just between
my father and me.

Perfectly legal. I haven't seen
the document, but it's legal.

I didn't say otherwise,

but it means you receive
half the earnings every year.

- And your father, the other half.
- I paid him his share annually.

- A large amount?
- Large, yes.

How much, roughly?

Everything's in the account books.

- Where are they?
- Here.

Each person can consu It them
when the time comes.

Anyone know what he did
with his money?

That was his business.

Anyway, he never
spoke of such things with me.

He probably never spoke
of it to anyone.

That wasn't his way.

Maybe he kept it at home.

- Did you check?
- No.

But since you're here ...

- Are these vacation photos?
- Yes, I think they're prettier here.

That was last summer, in Greece.

Are you coming?

It's better just between you all.

Good night.

Go on.

US gold losses total $825 million

Paris Auvergnats club meeting
Chez l'Auvergnat

Ferdinand, age 5.

Antoine, age 5.

Bernard, age 5.

There's also a wardrobe, in the bedroom.

I didn't ask to search his things, Antoine.

But it's better to have things
done properly.

That's why I mentioned his only
furniture, as you can see.

Maybe this visit wasn't ...

Get some rest, Antoine.
If you need me, call me at the courthouse.

Come on.

I'm sorry.

But for Bernard, you understand?
I had to ...

Do you think Antoine told us
everything he knew?

Why do you ask that?

He must know where
your father kept his money.

My father never spoke
about things like that.

- He must have put it somewhere.
- Obviously.

None of you ever asked him
that question?

He was your father, after all.

Do you think he saved up
a lot of money?

No doubt.
He hardly spent anything.

Maybe he left his money to Antoine
without telling anyone.


No, no ...

So what are we going to do now?
If nothing is found?

Off to a bad start, huh?

Nicole was ...

It isn't Nicole who disappoints me.
It's Ferdinand. He won't be on our side.

Don't worry.
They aren't mean.

Set the alarm.
We don't have much time to sleep.

In any case, I didn't find
Antoine's attitude very natural.

He seemed uneasy ...
like he was hiding something.

We have to tell Jean-Loup
tomorrow morning.

I'll call him at the hospital.

But you know, the residents,

when they're on duty,
it's not easy for them to speak.

You look exhausted.

Are you really going
to work tomorrow?

I have no choice.

The country's waiting
for Mauvis to confess.

With your father's inheritance,
we could pay off this apartment.

And maybe buy something
on the coast ... and get a new car.

Wouldn't you like
to have a new car?

Ours is on its last legs.

Only Antoine can buy
a big new car every year!

Did you see their vacation photos?
Proudly displayed in the entrance.

Italy, Spain, Greece ...

We just go to Perros-Guirec every year.

- What can I get you?
- Two lamb chops, please.

I couldn't believe it.
Marinette told me.

Does your father know?

August was my oldest friend.
My oldest friend.

I know, Leon.
Come by to see him when you want.

Yes, of course.


They're the same age.

He keeps going, too.
He's here every morning.

Like the shop couldn't
continue without him.

So, what do you have today?

- Nice sweetbreads.
- Give me 30. Julien will do them in cream.

- Any lamb chops?
- Not the kind you like. But I have beef.

- That's that.

Stay strong.

- Hello, Marinette.
- I heard about your dad.


I heard about your father.
Poor Mr. Antoine.

Thank you.

- Hello, Judge.
- Hello, Boissier.

Mauvis spent the night
in the infirmary, sir.

The doctor said
he's not well enough to come.

Oh, OK.

I have to see a man.

Tell the infirmary
I want Mauvis here at 3:00 pm.

Yes, sir.

If my father hadn't made me,

I don't think I'd have opened,
this second butcher shop.

- A little more?
- Go ahead.

- Where is it exactly?
- Rue de Cherche-Midi.

It's doing better than I expected.

I have a good guy running it.

I stop by every morning.

High class there!

Wealthy customers, huh?

- Isn't that his brother?
- Yes it is.

- Ferdinand?
-Antoine ...

Armand told me
I'd find you here.

- I need to talk to you.

- You want to eat something with us?
- No, thanks.

-A little glass of Sancerre?
- No.

Can we go somewhere private?

Come on.

You seem worried.

Bernard will never believe
that Father didn't leave a will.

- Did you look in his wardrobe?
- Only his clothes.

At his attorney's
or a safe deposit box?

I don't know about a bank.
He didn't have a lawyer.

The business agreement we signed
was prepared by his advisor.

To be honest,
I only vaguely remember that.

And nothing at all about the advisor.

His name was Chauffour.
His office was close by.

I haven't seen him for a long time.

that doesn't mean much.

The paper's legal,
but can still be contested.

-By whom?
- By Bernard, for example.

In any case, you paid
Father his share every year.

Yes, half.
We were equal partners.

By check?

You left a long time ago,
you forget we only deal in cash.

The suppliers, the tradespeople,
the clients, everyone.

- We do business with money, not checks.
- I don't ask out of personal interest,

but can you say how much
you paid Father in all?

In 1946, when we became partners,

I put all my savings
into the business.

Everything I'd earned
as head chef at Strasbourg Cafe.

Father didn't open the envelope.

His way of showing he trusted me.

Starting in 1947, every year

I gave him an envelope
with his share of the profits.

So, what's your estimate
of his share of profits since 1947?

About a million.

100 million in old francs.

- So that means you're rich, too.
- I work.

Me too. I work.
In fact, I have to get going.

Good luck with Bernard!

Oh, sir.

You can have Mauvis at 3:00 pm,
as you wished.

Good. You can go to lunch now,
so we won't be rushed.

Yes, I'll go.

-Thank you.
- You're welcome.


There, boss.

The lentils for madam,
sausages for sir. Bon appetit.

Hello, sir, madam.
Table for two?

- I'll give you one on this side.

Thank you.

I see the meal went well!

- Is all well?
- All is well.

- This is for me?
- It's for you.

- And this is for madam.
-Thank you.

Today, we have a lamb brayaude,
which isn't on the menu

but it's a house specialty.


Oh, it's you. What's up?

I know how much my father got
since Antoine joined him.

- How much?
-A million.

A million.

-The check.
- Thank you.

Hello, Bernard.
You just get here?

Nicole said you were on the C6te d'Azur.

Come on.

Hello, Bernard.

Still doing little side deals?

Mrs. Ledru held vigil
last night and she's still there.

I have to speak to you.

Let's go to my place.

The money wasn't found?

Take off your coat, sit down.

I asked you a question.

No, not yet.
But you must see that

now isn't really the time
to search our folks' apartment.

- Easy answer.
- Is that so?


You've been in this place for 20 years.

Ferdinand and I don't
know the place anymore.

You were with our father 24/7.

You say you didn't know his habits,
what he did with his money.

I don't know anything.

I called Ferdinand from the airport.

- Nothing to drink here?
- Serve yourself.

Ferdinand isn't any
more reassured than I am.


You have to admit it's convenient.

Dad drops dead and you're alone
in the house with your wife.

He died in front of 30 people.
And Mrs. Ledru didn't leave afterwards.

Still, you took two hours
to call Ferdinand, then Nicole.

I couldn't just leave the restaurant.

You asked Armand
to fill in for you now.

I had important customers
that I had to take care of.

Ferdinand told me that Dad got at least
a million, not counting the restaurant itself.

You estimate its value
at how much?

You know ...

The decision to move Paris' food market
to Rungis has been made.

What remains of the quarter
in four to five years ...

Things will change a lot.

If we could get 150,000,
that'd be good.

But there's one million
to split three ways.

And you're sticking to
what you told Ferdinand?

That Dad didn't make a will
or have a lawyer?

Don't make me laugh, Antoine.

I understand that you need money
and that business ...

- My business is none of yours!
- Yes it is! With all my loans to you!

- What business are you up to?
- I'm in real estate.

Real estate today,
before that it was newspapers,

and before that it was organizing
beauty pageants!

- Don't take me for an idiot!
-Are you trying to scare me?

Think you can scare me because
Dad's affairs are a mess?

I'm warning you,
I won't let you swindle me.

I'm seeing my lawyer friends today.

So I suggest you find
the money and the will.

It'd be better for you.

I suppose you know the legal term

that will soon apply to your case ...
Inheritance theft.

My business keeps me
up on the law quite well.

Anything else?

I'd like that when Nicole enters this house,

she isn't received badly, but treated
like a member of the family.

Nicole was warmly welcomed.

That depends by whom.

Being looked down on by your wife,
when we all know what she was!

Say it, say Lucie was a whore!

Go on, say she was a whore!
Say it!

You can say what you like,
I don't care anymore.

Poor Bernard,
who you threw money to

when he begged you to help him,
it's over.

You hear me?
It's over, Antoine.

No one's going to put me down,
especially not you.

- Where's Bernard?
- He just left.

It went badly?

Let's say that he doesn't trust us.

- There's something else.
- No, what else would there be?

OK, I'm going to Rue Coquilliere,

Chauffour had his office there.
If I can find him ...

- Bernard spoke about me.
- Why would he have?

Because he already did.
You don't want to remember.

When he was drunk that day,

he looked at Veronica
and said that every family

has additional parts.
And then he looked at me and said,

"And loose parts picked up
off the sidewalk."

You preferred to give him money
so he'd go away.

Noone ever forgave me
for my past, Antoine.

When I was 20, I hung around
with guys in bars,

noone wanted to forget that.

Except your father.
Because he knew we were in love.

He didn't hold it against me,
not being able to give you a child.

"My little Lucie," he'd say ...

"You're a good girl, and with you,
my Antoine is happy."

You couldn't say anything nicer.

- Did you see Antoine?
- You bet I did!

- It's worse than we thought.
- What do you mean?

He set it all up, a long time ago.
I don't know how he managed it,

but if we don't act,
we'll never see the dough.

- Stay strong, Mr. Antoine.
-Thank you.

Hello, Mr. Antoine.


- Good day.
- Mr. Antoine.

Oh, Antoine ...

I knew you'd come by.

I'd like to see August before
people come to pay respects.

- We can go now, if you want.
- I'll go get my son.

Mr. Mauvis, they tell me that
you're fit to answer my questions now.

We await your lawyer.

If this is to talk about
St Germain forest again ...

- I never went there.
- Please, wait until your lawyer's here.

Mr. Keller was told
of his client's questioning?

I'll check, sir.

The funeral home
took care of everything.

- The funeral's Tuesday?
- At 9:00 am, yes.

It's all worked out with my brothers.

I hope for your sake that
you've worked out all the rest.

My brothers and I
are going to have a meeting.

I don't know what my father
did with his money.

I went to his advisor's office,
or where it used to be.

A receptionist gave me
his new address in Seine-et-Oise.

Maybe my father knows something.
You'll have to ask him.

I understand your client's illness
has caused confusion.

But we've already lost too much time!

I prefer to postpone it.
Your client's being sent to detention.

I have a lot to think about, too.

Goodbye, sir.

You can take Mr. Mauvis back.

See you, my old friend.
We'll meet again.

Papa ...

Antoine would like to know if
August spoke to you about his money.

You know, that's not
the kind of thing we discussed.

We work hard and that's all.

There's just one thing you need to know,
what our elders told us.

To earn a living, you need a trade
where money crosses your hands.


Hi, Ferdinand.
No, he isn't here.

Tell him that Sunday works best
for the family meeting.

You still close on Sundays?
Perteet. We'll come around 2:00 pm.

And as it's a family meeting,
our son will be there.

That's fine, Ferdinand.

- Does Bernard need to be told?
- No, it's already been done.

See you Sunday!

Do you know if
Attorney Saget will be here?

On a Friday, no.

He usually leaves for his house
in Normandy in the early afternoon.

- Did you have a meeting with him?
- No.

I have a friend
who knows him well.

He's the best
for inheritance cases?

I've heard that, yes.

But there are other lawyers
coming here tonight?

Not at the end of the week.

- Why are you ringing like that?
- Nobody came, so I kept trying.

- I'm looking-for Mr. Ernest Chauffour.

I want information.

- What information?
- It's personal.

Personal or not,
you're wasting your time. He's dead.

- A long time?
- Six months next week.

But he did live here, right?

Yes, he lived here.
He was my father.

Yes, he lived here.
He was my father.

I'm sorry, madam.

But, uh ...

Come inside.

So many people come here.
They ask questions, harass me.

I didn't know about anything.

You mean about
your father's business?

- My father died at Fresnes.
- In prison?

In prison, yes.
They sentenced him to two years.

He died in the infirmary,
three months later.

Despite pleading innocent, you see.

- But they found him guilty?
- Fraud. That's what they said.

For his business on Rue Coquilliere?

I suppose. But my father
wasn't a dishonest man.

He was educated.
He was a bailiff in the past.

Are you going to sue me, too?

- Because they all do!

Everyone who read
he'd been found guilty

comes knocking at the door.

They say they want to recover
the savings they "entrusted" to my father.

Do you know when your father
was sentenced?

Just over a year ago.

When he left his office in Les Halles,
two and a half years ago,

he came to live here,
with me and my husband.

I saw that there was some trouble.

- His clients sued him?
- Clients who abandoned him, yes!

Even though he helped them.
Because that's what he did.

He helped people who came
to see him with their paperwork.

All this paperwork these days,
who understands anything?

Like banks.
They take your money,

and they make you sign
who knows what!

Well, some people from Halles were
very happy to find my father!

And not just people
from Auvergne, like he was.

They were happy to find him
because he knew the laws!

- Did he speak about August?
- August who?

August Mature.
One of his friends.

- Is that you?
- No.

That was my father.
He just died, and we can't find his will.

That's why I'm here.

Maybe he didn't leave one.
My father didn't.

But your father kept a book,
with listings?

When he closed his office,
he must've brought many things.

Yes, a lot of papers.

But the police took everything
for the judges.

And a notebook?

A notebook
with addresses and names?

- Yes, there was a notebook.
- You have it?

My poor man.

The judges have everything now.

Good evening.

- A table for two?
- Yes, please.

- Would you like to sit here?
- Perfect.

- Two lobsters for table 5.
- OK, on the way.

I'll send you someone
right away.

- Everything OK, gentlemen?
- Very good.

Very good.

- The aperitifs are for table 8?

Yes, I'm noting it.

I'll get ready quickly.
I'm going to take over for Mrs. Ledru.

- She went home to get some sleep.
- It's true what you said yesterday.

My father loved you a lot.

You have to rest.
Tomorrow will be a hard day.

I didn't find anything good
at Chauffour's place.

He died six months ago.
He was in prison for fraud.

I didn't make the coffee too strong.

No point in being all tense
before this meeting.

I would've preferred Jean-Loup
to meet us here first.

Yes, but he said it was good enough
that he could leave the hospital.

I've thought out possible
inheritance scenarios.

Everyone will have to
make an effort to get through this.

I hope you won't allow yourself
to be cheated.

In any case, I'll be here.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Another whisky.

- No. Not right away.

You have to be alert, Bernard.

The afternoon won't be easy,
you know it.

- Now, I'd like you to eat.
- I'm not hungry.

You can have a drink afterwards.

Antoine knows I need this money.

He found his,
his partnership with Father!

He can't cheat you.
There are laws.

I need 50 grand.
50,000 francs.

It's a big deal, on the cote d'Azur.
I can do it, they trust me.

50,000 now, and I'll make
a fortune in three years.

You're not going to
be a salesgirl your whole life.

It's not good enough for you.
You deserve better.

I never had enough
seed money in the past, but ...

If Mom were here,
things would be different.

She'd look out for me.
I was always her favorite.

Meanwhile, Father and Antoine
never lent me money.

Oh sure, they threw me some scraps.

Ferdinand, with his meager salary,
couldn't do much for me.

All that's the past.

Bernard, we're rich.

That's why I want
you to be careful.

Bon appetit!

No appetite' left.

- Hello, Uncle.
- Hello, Jean-Loup.

Come in.

Seems like I'm early.

We'll be in the restaurant,
more practical.

And Lucie's upstairs,
with your grandfather.

- Do you want to see him?
- Yes, of course.

Come on.

- He had a heart attack, right?

- Did he still have his drink every day?
- I noticed, but ...

In a business like ours,
with the clients, it's hard to refuse.

I'll tell you both, I don't see why
my parents insisted I come here today.

My father's the one who inherits,

along with you and Uncle Bernard.
This has nothing to do with me.

They thought it best.

The family should be united
at such times.

I'd like to start by going over
the funeral service.

Tuesday at 9:00 am, with the liturgy
at Saint-Eustache. OK?

That's what we've had printed.

- Is anyone coming from Auvergne?
- No family in St-Hippolyte.

But I contacted some cousins.
They'll be four, maybe five.

- How'd you find them?
- I looked in the phone book.

That's how I found
Gabriel Mature, in Riom.

Others are coming from Clermont.

They'll start driving
at 4:00 am, they said.

I've planned a lunch for them.

I think the ceremony at
the cemetery will finish before noon.

How many do you think?

Neighbors, folks from the Halles market,
the Auvergnats Club of Paris,

he was its president.

- The wake will be tomorrow?
- Yes, all day.

- And the restaurant?
- We'll close on the day of the funeral.

Can we cut to the chase?

You still haven't found the will?

I haven't searched the house.
You can do that.

And we will. Don't worry!

And as you seem willing,
let's talk about Mom's inheritance.

- You're quiet about that, too.
- Father dealt with all that,

I don't think we need to
go over that, do you?

I'm sorry, but Father didn't ask our opinion
on what Mom left when she died.

At least not to me.

You just let him mix
Mom's share and his.

Now I have the right
to claim what Mom left me.

You're wasting our time.
They owned everything jointly.

You'll get what you're due.

No point in being suspicious
about our father.

It's sure that others
merit our suspicions.

- Who do you mean?
-Who do I mean?

In this family,
there are some additions ...

Excuse me, I have to go.

- I'm going to kick your ass.
- I dare you!

Better with fists, huh!

To keep your sad little secrets.

From the day you moved in here,
we should've been watching out.

Especially with her.


You're not going to fight,
today of all days!

Veronica's right.
It's difficult enough as it is!

We're all here for each of us
to get our share.

So we still don't know
if a will exists?

- Nothing new about the money?
- No ... Well, yes.

You found it?

I found out about Father's advisor,
Ernest Chauffeur.

You claim that our father
entrusted his money to this Chauffeur.

He died in prison,
so nothing can be done?

I claim nothing.
I'm explaining, that's all.

What a bastard!

So, no papers were found to indicate
what Grandpa did with his money?

Unfortunately not.

Did you look in his wallet?

Mrs. Ledru dressed him before
we put him in his casket.

She must've hung the clothes
he was wearing when he died.

We can go look now.

- I'll go with you.
-Why you?

It's OK.

On the contrary.

He was wearing his velvet jacket.

His wallet.


His knife.

He always kept it on him.

Th is goes to you.
It's the tradition with us.

Grandpa's knife,
you'll keep it all your life.

One day, you'll give it
to your oldest son.


Thank you.

I think
something's in here.

You recognize this key?

Never seen it, but I'm pretty sure that
it doesn't open any door or furniture here.

There's a number on it.
It's the key to a safe deposit box.

- How do you know?
- It's the same as the key to my own box.

That doesn't tell us
which bank it is.

It's easy to find out.
Dad never left the area.

It's Sunday.
The banks are closed.

Someone has to keep th is key
until tomorrow.

- I'm against it being Antoine.
- I didn't ask for it.

When we find the bank,
we'll all go together.

You should put the key
in a sealed envelope.

-Then what?
- Ferdinand can keep it,

since we have
a judge in the family.

For once, we all agree.

When you have time,
ask around at the local banks.

I'll see.
It won't be easy, with all the guests.

If you find out anything,
call me at the court.

I'll let Bernard know.

Thank you.

There's photos in the wallet.

It's you, the Mature brothers!


Here, Bernard.

And there, I don't know.

Your grandma.

It's Mom.

Yes, Mom.

There's even
Grandpa's birth certificate.

November 26, 1886,
Saint-Hippolyte, Puy-de-D6me.

Ferdinand could keep
the wallet and its contents.

Until you all choose
an item as a keepsake.

OK, are we done?

You coming?

- Would you like a drink?
- Not for me, thanks.

Me neither. We're going.

Why were you in a hurry to leave?
There's still things to discuss!

I just remembered
my deal in Nice,

a lawyer gave me his card.
I can call him now.

What good will that do now?

If we don't act quickly,
Antoine's going to outmaneuver us.

We narrowly avoided disaster.

Imagine what would happen
if the key wasn't left with you!

What do you think
is in the safe deposit box?


Some of it, at least.

Probably the papers
he signed with Chauffour.

If what Antoine said is true,

and Chauffour
Was sentenced in Paris,

one of your colleagues must have
tried the case, right?

I know a few such specialists.

It must be Mourine or Liotard,
or Dastugue.

If I were you, I'd find out.

I'm going downstairs.
Mrs. Ledru's coming tonight.

She'll stay for tomorrow's wake.

Don't you want to rest a little?
You're exhausted.

After this family meeting,

I'd rather be with your father
than your] brothers and their wives.

It didn't go so badly.

You took your time!

Well, I ...
We didn't expect you!

I know what you're thinking, Mr. Judge.
You think your brother's blind drunk!

Right, Mr. Judge?

Well, you're right.
I'm totally drunk.

Let's go inside.

What do you want?

I may be drunk, but I'm ...
lucid. Very lucid.

Leaving our little family reunion ...
It was charming, by the way.

I called my good friend, a lawyer.

A good friend.
We're in business together.

And he explained to me ...
Listen up, Ferdinand.

He told me that our big brother,
Antoine, is a crook!

Yes, a crook!

- You want to sit down?
- Yes, let's sit.

Be a pal, Vero, and give me
a little something to drink.


I'm listening.

You know what my pal,
a top lawyer, said?

We may have the safe deposit box key,
but we still can't open it.

Because there are formalities.

Formalities, my ass! He told me that an
inheritance can be accepted outright ...

Purely and simply, he said.

Or, listen to this, "subject to
inventory verification"!

- Yes, I agree.
- You agree.

And if an inheritor asks
for an inventory, it all stops!

And the others just have to wait!
You have to do it, this inventory!


You think Antoine will ask for one?

Yes, sure,
he'll ask for the inventory!

And it could take months.
Maybe even years!

He'll have plenty of time.

He can recook the books
however he likes, while we ...

Say, Ferdinand ...

This money ...

You need it, too. Right?
Don't bullshit me.

You're a judge but you earn what,
just enough to live on?

Soon your son, Jean-Loup,
will earn more than you. Right?

- But it's not too late to act?
- To defend ourselves!

- Like brothers.
-Antoine's our brother, too.

Cut it out. He's a low-life!

With his dough,
his bistro, his big car!

- Give me another? The last.
- No, no.

You can't be sick tomorrow.

The lawyer said for
the safe deposit box opening,

your signatures suffice
for the authorities.

As long as nobody
requests an inventory.

There you go.

How I love her ...
my Nicole!

She didn't want us to come here.

She worried we'd disturb you.
But it was fine, you see, sweetheart.

I'm going to marry her!

As soon as we have all this worked out,
I'll marry her ...

I promised her. Finished, all this,
the whisky, everything.

Come and kiss me.
Kiss me!

I'll think about all this,
but it's time for bed now.

Come on.

- Hello, Judge.
- Hello, Boissier.

I just checked,
Mr. Keller will be here later.

Oh yes, but I have to cancel.

We'll pick up again on
Wednesday morning.

My father's funeral is tomorrow.

- And today I must see to family affairs.
- Yes sir.

I'm seeing Judge Dastugue now,

and then maybe Judge Liotard,
I don't know yet.

- May I be of any help, sir?
- No, Boissier. It's OK.

- We didn't expect you now.
- Let's talk before seeing Bernard.

When you called, you said your banker
identified the key from CGE Bank?

According to my description, yes.

He was kind enough to call his
contact at the bank.

The branch is on
Boulevard de Sebastopol.

So that's where Father
had a safe deposit box.

But no bank account, apparently.

We have to make an appointment
with the Magistrate's court.

What appointment?

It's kind of hard to talk here.

-Armand, I'm going up for five minutes.
- Yes, sir.

Lucie's taking care of
receiving all the visitors.

- You want to see him?
- I don't have much time.

Veronica and I would've helped you,

but I don't know anyone here anymore,
neither does Veronica.

Mr. Antoine, we're going
to see your poor father.

-Thank you.
- It's sad to leave like that.

At least he lived to see
your success.

Thank you, ladies.

- Our condolences.
-Thank you.

We'll be there tomorrow.

- Sir.
- Hello, sir.

Hello, madam.


What couldn't you tell me downstairs?

Bernard and Nicole came over
last night.

Of course we didn't expect them.

Bernard had been drinking, he was
nervous. You can can imagine why.

What else?

It was about
the safe deposit box opening.

What was he worried about?

Listen, I've been thinking,
I went over the applicable laws ...

Our situation can be simple
or complicated. It depends on us.

We're three inheritors, right?

Clearly, but I don't see
what you mean.

We can simply accept the inheritance.

But if one of us asks for an inventory,
the court will assign experts.

A very long process.

Is someone requesting
an inventory?

Not me.
Not Bernard either, no.

Bernard and I trust you.

You don't want an inventory, do you?

- Of course not. Who said I did?
- It's not for me, but if we don't want

Bernard on our backs,
we should settle quickly.

All my account books
are at your disposal.

As for the property value,
it's easy to have evaluated.

But we have to see about
the safe deposit box now.

- Why? What do you mean?
- We need authorization to open the box.

A court approval will suffice.
The court's nearby.

Let's call Bernard and meet there.

It can wait until Dad is buried, can't it?

No, we should really hurry.
I saw Judge Dastug ue today.

He's the one who tried
the Chauffour case.

Chauffour had one of those
shady offices near the Halles quarter.

His clients trusted him.
He was their accountant, lawyer, banker.

But he also took on long-term clients
and speculated with their money.

With those who entrusted him
with their savings,

he paid interest siphoned off
from the deposits of new clients.

And then one day ...
He found himself in a hole.

And Dad fell in?

We don't know, that's why
the box has to be opened quickly!

About 30 of Chauffour's clients
sued him, but Dad wasn't among them.

Judge Dastugue decided
as a personal favor to lend me

this booklet, seized along
with all of Chauffeur's papers.

He noted his clients'
names and addresses.

See, Dad's in it!


August Mature. You see that under
his name, there's nothing except dates.

- It begins in September '46.
- When we set up the partnership.

And it continues.
March '47, Feb '48, March '49 ...

Like I said, at the start of each year,
I paid him his share of earnings.

It ends in February '63.

That's when Chauffour
disappeared from the neighborhood.

The last time he had a drink with Dad
was at the start of the year, two years ago.

Let's meet at 3:00 pm at the court.

Then we can go directly
to the bank afterwards, OK?

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Please put out your cigarette, sir.

It's mandatory in the vault.

All is in order.

The court authorizes you to open
your father's safe deposit box.

- You have the key?
- Of course.

- Here.
-Thank you.

There. I remain at your disposal,
if you need me.

Antoine, you're the oldest.

You do it.

You do it.

Go ahead, sir.

They seem to be company shares.

They're ...
written in English and in Spanish.

They're all shares in
Canadian gold mines.

And these ones, Colombian mines.

I suppose your father bought them?

He had 50 to 60,000 francs
to invest annually.

- Do you know who advised him?
- His business advisor.

Do you have a lawsuit against him?

He died in prison.

I'm sorry, sirs, but you won't get
10,000 francs for these.

That's if you can find a buyer,
which won't be easy.

And what's in that envelope?

Do you still need me?

Wait. Are you sure
these shares are worthless?

They're not even listed.
Some of them never were.

As for the Colombian ones,
those mines were nationalized,

but without any compensation.

I'm sorry.

Thank you, sir.

I think Dad wanted to
leave us comfortable.

His entire fortune.

That's why he never spoke of money.

He wanted to surprise us.

But why did he trust Chauffour?

Chauffour was from Auvergne,
that meant a lot to him.

Imagine how shocked he was
when he realized Chauffour was a crook.

And if he didn't sue,
it's because he couldn't admit

that his sons would get
none of the inheritance they expected.

His humiliation.

Little August, who came to Paris
penniless when he was 14 ...

and who succeeded.

He succeeded!

And this money?

You'll find about 98,000 francs
in these two envelopes.

It's Dad's shares for last year
and the year before.

I gave them to him.

Chauffour was gone,
so he kept them here.

Well, I. ..

Let's share it right now?

You two split it.

As a first payment on what I owe you
for the restaurant.

We'll give you a receipt.

I don't need one.