Käuzchenkuhle (1969) - full transcript

Three teen amateur sleuths help the police to solve a case in which the grandfather of one of them is involved.

Isn't anyone coming to get you?

Usually grandfather came to pick me up.

And who is that?

Fischer Kalmus.

Are you spending the holidays with him?


Climb on.

Go ahead, young Kalmus.

Fontanon is my name. Jean-Paul Fontanon.

But everyone calls me Jampoll.

My name is Kohlweis. Are you from France?

- With that name?
- No, from Berlin. Just my name.

Here we go, Jampoll.

Sit down there. The oven is warm.

Why are you coming today?

Grandfather was going
to pick you up tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Mom wrote that
I would come today.

Then grandfather mixed it up again.
Just as usual.

Grandfather doesn't confuse anything.

Oh, boy. It's bad with grandfather.

Is he sick?

Sick? He doesn't say anything.

He almost always stays up in the chamber.

Good day, grandfather.

Hey you, traveler.

Parents send their love and Mom hopes
I won't be too much work for you.

- The main thing is that you are here.
- Come, eat.

Another regards I should tell you,
A man gave me a ride on his bike.

His name is Kohlweis.

What did he want from you?

Nothing. His chain fell off.
There, where it goes to Owl's Hole.

What did he say?

That's all I need.


As always this chain.

This is not a good place to be.

Is that so?

Grandfather says not to talk about it.


Does he say that?

Do you know what they call
that spot over there?

The Owl's Hole.

In the village they say
it is not safe there.

- Superstitions...
- Yes, there are dead bodies at the bottom.

Your grandfather says that too?

What else does he say about
the Owl's Hole?

Or from Lake Mummelsee

No, nothing.

Did he really not tell you anything?

What did he tell you?


- Nothing really.
- Leave the boy alone.

Did he promise you something?

Have you arranged to meet?

That is Satan, the devil!

Don't get involved with him.

Do not do it again!

Do you hear that?

He has changed.

Why did you shout yesterday
that he is Satan?

What about the man?

It's nobody's business.

Don't ask anymore, you hear?

Aren't you coming fishing?


I'm too old for that.

But last year, you were
on the lake every day.

Now go.

Worms you'll find on your own.

A genuine Fichtel Sachs, built in '28.

I put it together myself.

Well done. You're amazed, aren't you?

I see this as more of a cross between
a pedal scooter and a gas plant.

The machine will be
a very fast Hirsch again.

Hello Christian, do you remember him?

- Man, what are you doing here?
- Well, holiday.

Can you see the piston in
the combustion chamber?

The way it smacks.

That is the ignition point.

Now the spark would have to pop.

- Let it pop.
- You can't...

...without a cylinder head.

And why don't you put one on it?

Because he doesn't have one.

It's no longer manufactured.

But I'll get such a thing, count on it.

Will be a very fast Hirsch again.

Come, help for now.

Good day, Linde.

Good day.

You see, I'm back.

So, I have to think very hard.

You're the Berliner with the funny name.

"Springbrunn" (French: Fontaine).


That's what I'm saying, "Springbrunn".

In German, "Fontanon".

Brake, clutch, gas.
But you don't need all that.


Since when do you let the
babies on the Little Max?

Fichtel Sachs.

That's what I said, Little Max.

Have you already pointed
"Springbrunn" at the net shed?

That's what we do when we go fishing.

Fishing? That's stupid.

Spare the stupidity, or you'll die out.

Just make sure you don't die out.

Right ahead!

Glad you want to join in.

This is the Pike Well.

Miss Hilde Posedien.

- Oh, I see.
- Graduate Fishologist.

Research assistant at the
Fisheries Production Cooperative.

So, "Pike Well" is really shorter.

You see, the whole place belongs to
our working group.

For breeding pike for the
Fisheries Production Cooperative.

And everything was organized
by the Pike Well.

That's where our laboratory comes in.

Microscopes, science experiments...

Will you come fishing?

Down here we raise the pike.

A jar like this can hold 250,000 pike eggs.

You have to imagine the whimpering.

And 60 glasses we set up.

That's tens of millions.

When the pike are bigger,
they come to Lake Mummelsee.

- We do all that in the working group.
- Did you give my regards?

What did your grandfather say?

Well, he must have said something.

He scolded.

He's so different.


Tell me.

He's strange.

He locks himself in his chamber.

There, he goes back and forth for hours.

What else does he do?

He always wears this fur hat.

Aha, fur hat.

And what else?

He's writing something, too.

What is he writing?

Many sheets full.

- Jampoll, where are you?
- I'm coming!

It's best not to tell your grandfather
that we met here.

Not a word to anyone else, either.

When the species come
into Lake Mummelsee still tiny,...

...out of a 100,000, maybe 90,000 are
snatched away by the bigger fish...

...because they're not fast enough yet.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

We still have one proposal to tackle.

The small fish first get in there,
until they are five, six centimeters long.

And then when they get to Lake Mummelsee,
they just snatch the others away.

Yeah, the only problem is, where do we
get a meadow to put under water?

Well, then, say "The Owl's Hole".

The Owl's Hole.

The Owl's Hole.

- Here you go.
- You're going to release pike here?

Do you have any objections?

There is a slope to Lake Mummelsee.
There we make the cut.

- And then only bring in fresh water.
- Your imagination.

Everything good starts with imagination.

What about the stories that are told
about Owl's Hole?

You mean the dead?

Oh nonsense, all crackheads.

That is true. If you fall in here,
you won't come back up.

Yeah, in the old stories.

After all, the mute Gotthold
did not come up again.

But his hat.

Gotthold could not even scream for help
because he was mute.

Why didn't the hat go down with him?

It was made of fox fur.
The fur trim held the air.

fox fur?

Why are you suddenly so cheesy?

Grandfather has the hat.

Gotthold used to fish
with your grandfather.

That's where he'll have saved his hat.

Will we keep babbling about this pond or
will we finally go fishing at Mummelsee?

It's not going to happen
with the worms today.

What kind of poles are these?

Ah, strong poles.

In the middle of the lake?

That man from the sawmill
is always fishing.

The one you were talking to
earlier at the net shed.

Who is that, anyway?

He moved here a year ago.

Why does he need the poles in the lake?

Fishermen sometimes do this when
they want to remember a spot.

Let's row there!

It's really nothing special.

Take it out.

The secret of Lake Mummelsee
in the in ORWO colored film.


What's with the hook?
It's impractical.

Depends on what it's used for.

What should you use it for?

Kohlweis may be looking for the holes.

What holes?

The lake is said to have a false bottom.

Something like a floating layer
of underwater plants.

The big fish are usually always at the
bottom and come up through some holes.

He took the bait!

Unlock the flap. Tighten!

He may come in the evening.

A quarter of a hundredweight
is fighting for his life!

It could be an eel.

Pull out!

Nice eel.

A magnet.

How did it get in the middle of the lake?

I wonder if it also belongs to Kohlweis?

Attention! Now it gets serious! Make way!

- 10 seconds time!
- Speed up!

- 15 seconds!
- Go!

- Step on the gas!
- Faster!

Attention curve!

20 seconds.

Is he injured?

Get down!

Now the cart goes to the scrap heap
or somewhere else!

- I won't give it up!
- I've had enough trouble with that thing.

The neighbors are already complaining. And
now there and the fence and look at you!

- I'm going to fix it!
- I should hope so.

But the car goes on the scrap heap!

Something like that shouldn't be scrapped.

If there is still gasoline in the tank, the
whole furnace blows up in the steel mill.

The tank can be removed. You come in now,
take off your shirt and wash!

That's a tough break.

Leave that thing alone.
It never goes right.

We'd better get back to
helping with the net shed.

Nothing is happening there at all!


Where are you going?




That's one thing. Just run away.

At least he could have told
us where he was going.

You're not telling us everything.


Well you do have something
with that Kohlweis.

Oh nonsense!


In the net shed,
you talked to him secretly.

And yesterday you went to his garden.

You with your secrecy.

Turn off the light.

Are you going to sit here all night?

It won't go on the scrap heap. Never!


We can store the machine
in Grandfather's shed.

- Your grandfather?
- He doesn't betray us.

- Good evening!
- Good evening!

Good evening!

I will not be made a fool of any longer.

You think I've come back for fun?

I need to find the stuff already!

The boy is already spying on me.
I can't do that.

- You swore to silence!
- I kept silent.

- Then keep that boy off my back!
- The boy has nothing to do with this!

More than you think.

So where's the stuff?

Have you gotten it?

Everything has remained at the bottom.

Then show me the spot!

Misfortune hangs on it.

You have turned my house
into a den of murderers.

What have you done with the slimy Gotthold?

Did you kill him because he knew?


You got the fur hat from him.

Who told you that?

It doesn't matter.

Enough that I know!

Should the police know too?

Police? No, no!

And what do you write every night?

- I demand that you give me that!
- The papers?

- No way they'll get them! Never!
- For 23 years I have waited,....

...you are now leading
me to the spot!

- Go!
- Never! I'd rather leave.




Mr. Kalmus!

Not a word, do you understand?

Did something happen?

The boy got hit by the door
as we saw after the bees.

At this hour?

It is always said that bees and sheep feed
a man while he sleeps, but...

...does that mean he has to
check on them at night?

There's going to be quite a bump.

Still hurting a lot?

We heard loud voices from your garden.

I was talking to the boy.

But I thought it was a burglar.

No one was there.

Who then owns the bike?

This is ours.

I never saw you with a bicycle.

The boy!

You ride it?


What does that man want from you?

- What did you hear?
- Everything.

That Kohlweis threatened you!

I have to be silent.

You're afraid of him and
the People's Police!

Don't worry about the man.

It's dangerous.

You said a "den of murderers".

I am not a killer.

I know that.

But you wanted me to lie!

You must be silent.

Swear you won't say a word!

I don't know what you have with that man.

Why didn't you tell us all this sooner?

His grandfather begged him
not to say anything to anyone.

Why can Kohlweis threaten him?

He's got a hold of him somehow.

That's what we have to figure out.

Well, yes.

Grandfather is not to blame!

But he is afraid.

Why is he afraid of Kohlweis?

And in front of the section officer.

We'll figure it all out.

Grandfather said we don't have to
worry about that man anymore.

Something is wrong with Kohlweis.

That's it.

Think about the magnet in the lake.

You take it to Kohlweis and he immediately
gets upset and beats your grandfather.

Now that's a hot lead.

Crime-wise speaking.

If only I knew what grandfather writes.

That's what upset Kohlweis.

What could it be?

Something to do with it.

Maybe even clears everything up!

You'd have to search him for it.

If he finds out...

Watch out.

Grandfather is collecting
his pension today at noon.

- Why is Schraube not coming?
- Don't tell me he's in the coach house.

The motorcycle, it weakens me.

The crutch never works.

What are you guys doing here?

I was just going to...

...get the fishing stuff.

What's going on there?

What are you doing here?

Who sent you here?

- Nobody.
- It's just his motorcycle here.

What kind of motorcycle?

Well, that one.

Schraube had to hide it here.

His mother wanted to throw
it on the scrap heap.

You have a motorcycle?

Just for study purposes.
It doesn't drive properly at all.

Schraube wants to become an auto mechanic.

And with Grandfather Kalmus,
it's safe there.


Not stupid.

Well, hide it well.

Thanks, Mr. Kalmus!

You were right.

Come on.

The old man is decent enough
to leave my Fichtel Sachs here.

And now you want me to break
into his house? No!

If we want to help him,
we have to find the papers.

Here we go.


It must be colossally old!

- An antique shop.
- An antique.

It was given to the grandfather's father...

...for the delivery of pike to
the imperial court kitchen.

The Kaisers must not have
had any cash, huh?

Oh, it was more of an award.

Now come on.

Over there.

- Security lock.
- There is no such thing here.

It's not supposed to be.

- Come.
- No.

Then, look out.

No papers.

He didn't burn them either.

And neither is the fur hat.

Maybe a false bottom?

Got anything?


- Jampoll!
- Yes?

A map.

Lake Mummelsee.
The Owl's Hole.

- Do you know where the cross is?
- The shallow end.

Where we always stop when swimming.

Kohlweis threatened your grandfather
to show him a spot.

Yes, he means this place.

The one or the one?

When Kohlweis drags...

...the magnet across
the bottom of the lake...

...and it encounters, for example, metal...

Then the magnet gets stuck.

You mean Kohlweis is looking
for something metal?

Some kind of pirate treasure.

Hence the crosses on the map.

Treasures in Lake Mummelsee.

Sure, they sank something
in the lake back in 1945.

Nothing here!

Next, there.

The boat!

Christian and Schraube are
not to be seen at all anymore.

And the Berlin boy never came either.

Him? He doesn't want anything
more to do with us.

Also one of those fishermen.

Is that a coincidence or is there
something behind it?

Nothing is coincidence!

The hole is drilled in.

Clearly, this was intentional!

I wonder if it was Kohlweis.

Well, who else?

This guy is in a hurry.
We're too close on his trail.

It's all of no use to him!

I don't think it's right that we
just left Linde behind.

You must be missing her.

Detectives better leave
women at home anyway.

Do something different for a change,
lovesick detective.

There, he's coming.

- We have to go to.
- Now my Fichtel Sachs should be stronger.

- You can't...
- ...just steal!

I'm borrowing it! Come on, up!

He's gone.

Two is too slow. Wait here.

(reading plate) S 347 598

S 347 598

I was able to follow him up to here.

Then suddenly he disappeared
into the darkness.

Let's go!

We have to search the entire old monastery.

We have to be careful that
nothing collapses.

You ruffians, you!

You haven't made any more gloves
at the net shed for our working group.

Quitters, you are!

- Let me tell you something...
- Quiet!

Pleasant, this silence.

Are you coming?

To the ruins?

That's forbidden.


- Then go pick mushrooms in the forest.
- Quiet!

What do you want in the ruins?

Can you keep quiet?


It is Kohlweis.

Someone is coming.

Get in there.

- He's coming here.
- Remove the rope.

We're staying down here.

You hide.

If only nothing collapses.

That would be a fun funeral.

Come over here.

A diving device.

Great Thunder!

Don't go any further!

You are breaking in!

What are you doing here?

I have lost my way. Bear hunting.

Were you in there?

Are there bears there?

The terrain is dangerous.
Here you can have an accident.

You go there yourself.

Run home, Linde.

And you're staying here?


I'll come with you so that
you don't get lost again.

What does Kohlweis want
with a diving device?

Searching the lake.

With the magnet he found nothing.

Well, of course!

We'll get that thing out.

This stays here.

Otherwise, he is warned.

- Not ill-equipped.
- Shhh!


Psst. Well done.

- Did you find anything?
- Yes.

I wonder if he's underneath it.

I'm glad you guys told me.

As a diving device requires registration,
the man has committed a criminal offense.

But none of that is evidence of a crime.

But the magnet.

And he beat grandfather.

And the Austrian car.

The man can deny all of that.

And no one can say anything
against owning a magnet, right?

Now he won't even arrest him.

We need to have something
definitive on him.

We need to catch him
committing an unlawful act.

And how do you do that?

We have to give Kohlweis the
feeling of complete safety.

And you will help if there
is no word of this to anyone.


...don't do anything on your own.

The man may become dangerous.

I can't believe my eyes when I see that
girl prancing around on the rubble.

The rascals had probably already
slipped away or hidden.

Well, thank you very much.

You're going to give him a good talking to,
aren't you?

Who had the crazy idea
to climb into the ruins?

Ten minutes earlier and the rubble
had buried you.

- That Kohlweis...
- Only the "feeling of complete safety!"

Are you saying that he lied?

No, it was all as Mr. Kohlweis said.

We will not do anything on
our own anymore either!

Certainly not.

All right, sponge it over.

I found something for you.

Here you go.

I cannot accept that.

Why not?

Try it and see if it fits.

Even the bolts are included.

Of course it fits!

- Is it the right one?
- Custom made!

You can be happy, Schraube.

We have to stick together and help
each other a little, I thought.

Thank you very much, Mr. Kohlweis!

Say something.

Thank you.


I can't take that from him,
since he beat your grandfather.

He did, but you need the cylinder head
for your machine, let's keep that separate.

Jampoll, I'll never forget this!

Now the machine becomes a very Hirsch.

I wouldn't have thought
you capable of that.

Me neither.

None of you are real detectives.

He's trying to curry favor with us.

He wants to buy us for his own purposes.

You really think so?

How come?

Do you want me to give him
back the cylinder head?

On the contrary.

We must respond to him.

That is our tactic.

If we refuse the gift,
he merely becomes suspicious.

It is good that you come.

The policeman was downstairs earlier.

He wanted to talk with me.

But the doctor was there and forbade him.

I heard.

I'm supposed to rest.

You have to tell the
section officer everything.

Not to the police.

What does that man want from you?

This Kohlweis.

It was late April.


A few days before the war ended.

The shortest way to Lake Mummelsee.

Off you go!

The detour costs time.

The Russians are close behind us.

If they refuse,
bring them to court martial.

Go on, off to the lake!

Go on, scoop it out!

The guy doesn't listen?!

- He is mute.
- What?

He can't talk, and he can't
hear anything either.


A little faster!

What are you standing around for?
All quitters!

Make the monkey stop!

What can a person do about being mute?

Maybe he was born like that.

Shut up!

To the deepest point.

What's in the box?


Here is the deepest point.

I deceived him.

And rowed to where it was completely
shallow in the middle of the lake.

And Kohlweis?

He was in a hurry to get away.

But we were witnesses to the act.

We knew where the box was.

And at the Owl's Hole it happened.

Do not kill them,
they have done nothing to you!

Let them swear silence!

The war is over!

It is pointless!

There, shoot!

- Shoot, man!
- Oh, God, the damn thing!

Dirt spray!

For days we did not dare to go home.

Only when there was no more shooting,
did we go back to the village.

Then there were the Russians.

Why didn't you report this right away?

With the box and murder?

What about the mute Gotthold?

I did not kill Gotthold.

And yet it was my fault.

I thought one could conceal one's guilt.

I wrote it all down.

Why don't you report him now,
to the People's Police?

I am tired.

The colleagues from the sawmill deliver
on schedule 30 breeding boxes for the pike.

Good luck!

- Let me carry it too!
- I understand this easily alone

- Don't be silly, boy!
- It's not that hard!

Good day, Mr. Kohlweis!
Have you seen my pike ladies?

- She's inside.
- Thanks!

- Don't let on, young friend!
- Why don't you arrest him?

After all, I told you everything
grandfather said!


You know a man by his patience.

Old saying.


Listen up!

Come on, stop shoveling!

At the board meeting we talked
about your proposal...

...to make Owl's Hole
a pike foreshore pond.

Your suggestion has been approved.


What's more!

In Lake Mummelsee,
soil cultivations are carried out.

The lake is being prepared
for intensive cultivation.

When is that supposed to start?

In a week or two, possibly!


- Please come in.
- Yes, I'll be right there!

You check on the boy.

Don't worry about it.
I will certainly take care of Jampoll.

She is very worried!

Too late.

Your grandfather has gone
to the hospital after all.

Grandmother went right along.

If you need something, you come to us.



All because of that Kohlweis!

And he doesn't even get arrested!

- Maybe they'll check everything first.
- Check?

He is a murderer!

Leave him alone for now.

"How the mute Gotthold came to his death."

"Several weeks had passed
since the first terrible night."

"It was me who said we should
get the box from the lake."


We found it in our lake
and we are keeping it.

The officers don't get the treasure.

We have to hide it somewhere else.

In the Owl's Hole.

That is not what I wanted.

"Everyone thought it was an accident."

"But it was my greed
that seduced Gotthold."

"And then the officer came back."

Where did you find them?

I am from the criminal police.

We know everything.

You also helped us with this yourself.


Kohlweis is in the bee house
and searches everything.

He knows your grandfather
is in the hospital.

He'll look everywhere for the papers.

So, where did you find them?

In the clock.

Have you read everything?

Then you also know where the box is.

In the Owl's Hole.


It's all right.


When the sun shines, then aperture 8.


Yes, that one.

Not a peep. Not even when he comes up.







He found the papers.

After all, he should find them,
only then he can act. Wait here.

- Boy.
- Where do you have my friend?

You scoundrel! You gangster, you criminal!

- Criminal!
- Quiet, behave yourself.

- Who the hell are you?
- Criminal Police.

Nice police, sneaking around here.

And you sailed through the air quite
nicely. Like the Nordic Combined, huh?

- Well, in any case, you're not a coward.
- Please.

Pity. Used to be a swell hat.

Kohlweis was here.

So, you don't say a word
to anyone that I was here.

- Definitely not.
- Kohlweis must fall into our trap.

You have heard, at Lake Mummelsee
they are doing soil work.

And ever since,
Kohlweis has been in a hurry.


Well, he was standing there.
He should have heard that.

Oh, and none of that is true?


You do what you always do.

Fish, help with construction, play soccer.


- Sounds like wet firecrackers.
- The cylinder head fits like a glove.

Maybe the ignition is popping
behind the dead center.

Hold this.

How long is this going to take?

- A machine like this has a soul!
- I mean the Kohlweis thing.

That the police do nothing!

We haven't heard a peep in eight days.

Police Master Böttcher.

Yes, Comrade Major.

I'm listening.

Yes, Comrade Major.

Get out.

I don't mean you.


I repeat, for 10 p.m.

Yes, I'm listening.

Gear up!

The barrel stove never starts.

The machine will be
a very fast Hirsch again!

Tonight's going to be wild!

Major deal, the Austrian station wagon
is over the border.

- Oh, you're crazy!
- Come on, give it a push.

- It's reported for 10 p.m., I sneak there.
- Where?

Here in the Owl's Hole.

Here they want to meet.

- And get the box out.
- When do we meet?

We are just interfering
with the People's Police!

This is public assistance.

- So at half past nine sharp.
- Count me in!

Quiet, Linde is coming!

- What are you planning to do?
- Oh, we have something to do tonight.

- I'll come with you.
- It's not for girls!

It will be wet and cold.

Please stay home.

You don't have to decide anything for me.


Off she goes.

From there you can get a good view
of Owl's Hole.

Stay there!

In fact, there are three.

It's just us.

The rascals.

But this is a very stupid case.

The children have to leave.

Too late. They run into Kohlweis.

Or our comrades.

Then they'll have to stay here.

Everything else remains as discussed.

We also stay calm.

Well, is the Nordic Combined with you?

What do you think?

- How did you get here?
- Special information.

Why didn't you come
across this pond sooner?

Easy for you to say.

You sit up there in your old nest
and I have to do the work here.

Go, go, go.

There he is...

- Damn it, Haldi.
- Jampoll!

- Jampoll, where are you?
- Someone's coming!





This is Linde.

- Don't shoot, it's a child!
- Linde, throw yourself down!

Kohlweis, Second, put down your weapons!
It's useless!

Linden, you stay here.

There goes one!

- There!
- Stay put.

- The machine!
- What?

A real one, it's right in here!

Now he's gone crazy.

She runs, she runs, she runs!

Hooray, she's running!


She runs, she runs, she runs, she runs!

Halt! Hold it right there!

People's Police!

Hands up!

And drop the weapon.

Stop right there!

Get in...

...and close the doors.

There he is!

Kohlweis, stop there!

Missing spots!
Distribute posts within visual range!

Spotlight to the lake shore!

Nothing to see, nothing to hear.


Here she is.

I was not afraid of that.

Bless you!

The suitcases are secured.

The other man is dead.

- Kohlweis?
- Yes, probably heart failure.

With the heavy rubber boots he could
only swim with difficulty in the lake.


- End action.
- At your command.

Is he really dead?


We knew this Kohlweis well.
We never lost sight of him.

A year and a half ago,
he came from West Germany.

In the sawmill,
he was known as a hard worker.

And no one suspected why
he had really come here.

Grandfather knew.

The fault...

...was not so much your grandfather.

The fault was time.


The two here belonged to the SS.

They looted and plundered
wherever they could.

Even churches and museums.

And now they were
going to get their loot.

But, of course, they didn't expect one
Jean-Paul Fontanon to show up...

...and track down the criminals
with his friends.


...I would not advise you to go
on another manhunt alone.

Definitely not.

Otherwise, I can just go home.

What am I here for?

I'm sorry, Schraube.

But she was not up to such a ride.

But she drove!

What else?

When old nags get going,
they can't be stopped!

It's a saying.

She drove!

I've always said so!

The machine will be
a very fast Hirsch again!

♪ The story is over ♪

♪ It all worked out well ♪

♪ We caught him after all ♪

♪ The bad man, the black man,
the dark man ♪

♪ Holidays ♪

♪ Holidays ♪

♪ Holidays ♪

♪ More beautiful are the Holidays ♪

♪ More beautiful are the Holidays ♪

♪ More beautiful are the Holidays ♪

♪ Where you build proud castles ♪

♪ And steal apples from the neighbors ♪

♪ But not too many ♪

♪ You open the valves ♪

♪ No, that's going too far! ♪

♪ Oh, we have time ♪

♪ Swim ♪

♪ Swim ♪

♪ Diving in water ♪

♪ Dive ♪



Goodbye until next time.

English subtitles by
ghost, andrass and DreamScape