Kulasami (2023) - full transcript

When a man loses his younger sister to a gang that lures college girls into sex work, he begins to scheme a revenge plan

'All characters in this movie are fictitious and
bear no resemblance to anyone, living or dead'

[Guardian Deity]

"Velayudham, Paravai Kaali, Malayala Karuppa
Sanyasi, Munodi, Peichayama, Mangalyakaari"

"Moondru Kanimargal, Vairavi, Mariyamma
Poomari, Kamatchi, Govardhan, Azhagiyappan"

"Irumadhi, Kaali, Pandimuni!"

"Into the deep dark forest..."

"In the fortress of wild beasts..."

"Carrying the clan's pride..."

"The fearless leopard comes prowling"

"Fire sparks from the cigar
The fiery wind that whooshes!"

"Point the burning camphor
Towards that side to worship him!"

"He'll chase away our darkness,
our defender!"

"He'll protect my clan, our savior!"

"He's the hunter with his honed weapon!"

"He became our warrior, our protector!"

"He became the protector of our lives,
our valorous fighter!"

"The sky and the land
Live under your watch!"

"You are our defender!"

"You are the Lord
for the worlds and it's deeds"

"You are the protector of the people!"

"Fire sparks from the cigar
The fiery wind that whooshes!"

"Point the burning camphor
Towards that side to worship him!"

"He'll chase away our darkness,
our defender!"

"He'll protect my clan, my savior!"

"One who watches over us
with big beady eyes!"

"Come here amidst our presence at once!"

"Oh, brave one with the spear!"

"Come and remove the worries
from our hearts!"

"In the Paravai Kaali fortress,"

"On the beautiful streets
on this auspicious day"

"Jallikattu is taking place!"

"At this harmonious hour of time"

"At this harmonious hour of time"

"Let me recite the story of our lord,
our defender!"

"Look forward to it, my people!"

"It's our history
Hear me out, people!"

"He'll wipe away our misery, our savior!"

"He's going to recite a true story!"

"He's storming our way to enkindle us!"

"He's storming our way!"

"To destroy the destroyer"

"To wipe away all our troubles"

"With raging anger
To slash the wrongdoer"

"He'll come for us like the wind!"

"He'll solve all the bloodshed fights!"

"He'll unite the entire town!"

"He'll never let our hope down
He'll grant all our wishes!"

"It's no exaggeration
He'll shower all his blessings!"

"A true defender!"

"A fearless warrior!"

"He is our lionheart!"

"He is our savior!"

"Protector of Vaadivasal"

"He'll be there for us, our deity!"

"A single bead that adorns your neck!"

"O, the one with the magnificent stash!"

"O, the one whose love holds no sin"

"O, the one whose anger can burn stones!"

"O, the one who protects his people!"

"O, the one who the land praises!"

- Hey!
- Oh God! Hey!

Get back, guys!

Go! Get back!

Go fast! Go!

Come fast.

Hey! Move.

- The police are here!
- Leave way! Move, I say!


- Did any of you villagers see this happen?
- No, sir.

The police are involved in this case.
You better tell the truth.

- If we find out...things won't end well.
- Sir!

I saw someone, sir.

- Will you identify if you see him?
- Yes, sir.

Come here. Give this to Cyber Crime and ask them
to check all her social media activities.

Okay, sir.

- Bring him to our station.
- Okay, sir. Come! Let's go.


Did you find anything?

She has a private chat with a boy, sir.

Could you show me that guy's picture?

Sir! He is the guy!

I saw him take her into the forest.

'indistinct chatter'

- Brother...
- Sir!

Hey! Move. Move!

Move! Move!

Get back!
Go back! Move!

Move! Leave way!


Ramya! Look at me!


The girl's blood group and the blood group
we found on the guy's nails are the same, sir.

Okay, sir.

We can produce him in the court
and get him punished for sure, sir.

It pains me to produce him at the court
instead of shooting him on the spot.

- Give me the case file.
- Here, sir.

- Get me out somehow, sir.
- Shut up, man!

Getting you out is not that easy!
Get going with your life.

Get him down carefully.

- Hey, hold him.
- Take him inside.

- Okay, sir.
- Hey! Go on! Go inside!


- Hey! Why did the dog...
- Oh my!

It chewed off his genitals!

Sir...we have received the court's CCTV footage.

- Zoom his hand.
- Okay, sir.

- Doesn't that bracelet he's wearing seem peculiar?
- That's right, sir.

- Sir...
- Mmm.

Even the auto driver's bracelet
looks the same, sir.

He used to drop her
at school every day, sir.

Her family said she was
very fond of him, like a brother.

- Dharmaraj...
- Sir...

Would you be willing to commit murder
if someone close to you went through this?

I don't think I'd go to that extent, sir.

But when I was a kid,
I smashed a guy's head with a rock

when he gave a love letter to my neighbor.


- That auto driver is the murderer.
- Sir!


Stop it, man!

Beat it now!


Stand there.

- Defense may proceed.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

Your Honor,

according to this case, the copper bracelet
that the criminal was wearing

is said to be similar to
the copper bracelet my client is wearing.

When investigated further on
the two bracelets...

The name "Sairam" has been etched
on my client's copper bracelet.

When we looked closer
at the one the suspect was wearing...

it doesn't have any verse etched on it.

These photos are the evidence.


Since his auto went against the traffic rules
and was parked beyond the crossing line...

The traffic police gave him a fine.

He was at the court
to pay the penalty amount.

This receipt proves that.

What answer have you planned
beforehand to explain this?

Sorry, sir.
We arrested him only under suspicion.

We got to know just a while ago
that according to the forensic report,

the criminal's fingerprints on the spray bottle
and his fingerprints don't match.

We'll find the murderer soon, sir.

If you are mad, the criminal will trip
and break his leg on the bathroom floor.

Or he'll fall from a building
accidentally on his way.

If you don't find any cases...
then you'll make an auto driver a scapegoat.

Why are you wasting the court's time?

Case dismissed.

Hey, Kalai!

"A star that crossed the skies"

"And landed on earth to grace the land!
Why is that?"

"Before my eyes saw it..."

"Why did it run away from me?'


The truth is...

People who commit these kinds of crimes...

they don't land here directly from the sky.

They could be our neighbors,

our milkman, our close friends,

Moreover, in these kinds of cases, the victim's
uncle has also been arrested as a criminal.

Nobody can predict when a man
can turn into a monster.

In your sister's murder case...

the only evidence we collected
was two drops of the blood sample.

O-ve. It's a rare blood group.

With this in hand,
we interrogated her classmates,

professors, security guards,
and hostel roommates.

But it wasn't much help.

Let me know if you suspect anybody.

Me and my sister...
we trusted everyone we met.

One minute, Surasangu.

I can feel your pain.

We will find the murderer soon.

Have faith.

Your uniform is dirty.

Clean it.

- Hey...get my phone.
- What is it?

- Who is it?
- Your uncle.

Hold it for me.

- Hey, Thiru.
- Tell me, Uncle.

- Isn't Nithya your friend?
- Yes, Uncle.

- She's getting married tomorrow.
- Is it?

- Don't you want to congratulate her?
- Hmm.

- Attend the wedding and wish her.
- Wishes...I'd be happy to.

Hello, darling!

Why did you guys come here now?
If someone sees me, my life will be ruined.

Nithya dear. You belong to your husband
only after he ties the 'mangalsutra 'tomorrow.

Until then, you are ours.

- What do you say?
- You are right, bro.

- Why are you talking like this?
- It's so cold outside.

Come, let's go inside and have a chat.

Hey, please don't do this.

Come on, I say.

- Please.
- Don't feel shy. Get in.

You are acting
as if this is your first time.

You shouldn't say no
to your marriage present.

- I'm next.
- Action!


- Hello, Tahsildar sir.
- Turn off the engine.

I presented your daughter
with a very costly gift.

I was heading to your office,
but I met you halfway.

It's a sign of good luck for me.

No matter how much you wish to pay,
I wouldn't sign this file with illegalities.

Aren't you here again for that?

Sir, don't be

a strict Tahsildar always.

Be a father at times.

I had shared a video to your WhatsApp.

You were busy with the wedding.
I suppose you didn't watch it because of that.

It's alright.
I'll show it to you.

She slept around with
a lot of men before her marriage.

What have you done to my daughter?

It's a shame if this becomes public.

But it's a secret if it's between us.

If this stays a secret
or goes public...

Your one signature will decide


Thanks! Your one signature
saved your daughter's future.

See you!

And that video?

I'm a businessman
but not a traitor.

I'll delete it.

'I have a lot more to get signed by you.'

'And he believed me.'

'Such a fool!'

Where did she go leaving the books here?

She's being so irresponsible.

Hey girl!




Damn it!

- Where is your daughter?
- What happened?

She left all her books
on the stairs and gone.

Kavya? Kavya...

What's wrong?
She said she was going to study upstairs.

She is not there.

- Not there?
- Yes.

Stop kidding.




Oh my God! Oh, dear!
What happened to you?

Oh my! My dear!
Oh God, blood.


What happened, dear?

- Please wait. I'll be right back.
- Okay, brother.

- Hello, Surasangu.
- What happened, sir?

Your sister's murder case
is still pending in our jurisdiction.

And now, we have a similar murder case.

Can't rule it out. But the one who did this
could be the same person who killed your sister.

- Inspector?
- He's inside.

Is the forensic report in?

She's two years younger than your sister.

We don't even know her,
but we still feel sad.

The parents and siblings
will be going through a lot of pain.

If they are so bold
to harass even an innocent child sexually,

it's because they know
they can escape punishment.

Even terrorists can be forgiven,

but it's not wrong
to hang these criminals 100 times.

Did you say the fingerprints on the dead girl's body

- and the plumber's fingerprints match?
- Yes, sir.

- Have a look, sir.
- Did you trace his phone number?

The plumber's phone number remains active
in that dead girl's house.


- Are you sure?
- Sure, sir.

- Do you have someone's number from that house?
- Yes, sir.

- I have her dad's number.
- Call him.


Madam, the guy who killed your daughter
is hiding in your house.

Be careful till my team reaches your house.

Dear, dear...

The murderer is here.

- Mom!
- What are you saying?

What happened, Mom?

Open the sump.

- Get down and check, Velu.
- Okay, sir.

Turn over the body.

Yes, sir. Tell me.

I heard that the plumber is dead.
Is it true?

Yes, sir.

The murderer has worked
in Saudi Arabia for some time.

What do you mean?

He's not only stabbed the dead violently,

he chopped off his private part
and stuffed it into his mouth.

And it doesn't stop there, sir.

He's switched on his phone,
wrapped it in a polythene cover,

and kept it in the dead one's body
so that we could find this guy.

Surasangu was there.
Do you doubt him?

He's innocent, sir.
Let's not doubt him.

Sir, this must be the work of someone

who is related to this case,

close to the victim,

and who's witnessed this murder.

I'll finish the formalities
and meet you, sir.

Hmm. Okay.

Hello! I've been following you
for a long time.

I just want your phone number.

What do you think will happen if you give?

Brother, wait a minute.

Damn, just missed her.

Alright. I'll come by 5.


Those men are teasing me, brother.

Hey, that auto driver
looks like her brother.

- Yeah, bro.
- Can you please drop me at my college?

- Please!
- Get in.

I'll give you something,
and I don't want you to say no.


I don't want money.
I already told you.


Eat this 'idli 'without fail.

See you in the evening.
Bye, brother.


- Just one minute, ma'am.
- What is it?

Ma'am, I...
I need a little more time to pay the fees.

Can you please talk to the Chancellor
and get me permission?

Come on, Kaveri.

College is for education.

It's not for extorting money.

Why 10? Take even 15 days.

There's no hurry to pay your fees.

- Thanks, ma'am.
- Okay, bye!

See you, brother.

I don't have any money

He's drinking my drinks

Here. Drink and get out.

Hey, I was just kidding.

I came to drink
after a long time. But see...

- It's my fate.
- Hey, let me fill your glass

I understand your pain.

Come on, drink this.

Bless you!


What are you doing here?
I'm talking to you.

This is a restricted area.

You aren't allowed in here.

Excuse me. Please...
Get out.

Gayathri...Don't tell him anything.

He can come and go anytime.

Sir, you were the one who said
only students are allowed here.

- I just repeated your words.
- He's gone out of his way to help the students here.

What are you saying, sir?

How can an ordinary auto driver

help us?

Do you remember? When I told you about
how this girl died during our anatomy discussion,

you felt terrible about it.

She's his sister.

Are you serious, sir?

We'll know it is 1 o'clock,

even if our watches stop ticking.

Looks like he's very happy.

He's all smiles!

- Hey, this is no joke.
- Why?

Bro, I don't have money
to pay my exam fees.

I'll die if I can't continue my studies.

- Please ask your dad to help me.
- Even I haven't paid the fees yet.

Look at him cry for all this.

Ask who? My dad?

He already thinks
it's a waste to pay my fees.

If I ask him to help with your fees,

he'll chop me to pieces.

Hey, why are you bothering him
when he's crying?

Let it go.

Hello, my dear doctor brothers!
How are you?

What happened?
Why are you crying?

Stop it.

Are you going to solve the problem?

Tell me what the problem is.
I'll see if I can solve it.

We need to pay our exam fees.
And it's one and a half lakhs.

Can you?

Alright. Order a tea and I'll pay.

- Hey!
- Wow!

We are already not paying
and he wants us to pay for his tea.

It's just one tea. Order.

Let's see what he does.

One tea for 'auto'.

Hello, not one tea,

- but 12 teas.
- What? 12 teas?

What is this, bro?

Hey, you took three hundred from me,

and now, are you going to pay their fees?

Are you going to sell your auto?

- We don't own it.
- Shut up.

Wait and watch.
It's going to rain money.

- Rain money?!
- Hmm.

Bro, I've seen him talk to himself.

Look at him
asking for 12 tea when he's just one.

Hold on. We'll see how he drinks 12 teas.

Hey, brother.
Twelve teas and add it to my account.

That's good for my business!

Is the tea ready, brother?

- There he is.
- Why are you drinking after ordering tea?

'What's he telling him?'

You've told me.
Don't worry. We'll make it grand.

How much more do we have
to pay to register our land?

We still haven't got the documents
even though we've paid a lot.

- Brother, they're coming for a raid.
- Raid?

Brother, they're coming for a raid.
Raid, brother.

- A raid?
- Sister...

- They are coming for a raid.
- Raid?!

- They are coming for a raid.
- Raid?!

You shameless people!

'You loot so much money
but haven't settled your tea balance.'

Do you see the money rain?

Hey, is this enough?

Take this and pay your fees. Go!

Come on. Come on, everyone.

Come on, take it.

Is this money enough to pay your fees?

Enough, brother.

This is more than enough.

Then once you pay the fees

help someone like you.
Pay their fees with the money left.

Those in need?!

'As if I'm living a rich life!'

- Brother...
- What?

He said about helping those in need, right?

That's me!

Give me a little, please.

Here. Keep this and fulfill your needs.

'I curse you. You wouldn't pass
even if you paid the fees.'

Hi! I misunderstood you.

You've done the right thing
with the wrong money.

Good people like you should live long.

Can I tell you something,
if you don't mind?


don't drink this much.

Don't advise a corpse.

There's no use. If someone's a corpse
after the emotions are dead...

I've been dead for a long time.

- It's for your health...
- Hey, come on. Let's go.

Hey, why are you crying?

Madam, they haven't performed well
in their internal exams.

But they've complained to you saying,
their marks have gone down.

What are you talking about, madam?

For these girls living in poverty,
education is their means of earning a living.

They aren't children of some IAS or lawyer.

Their parents are just daily wage workers.

Your pen's ink will run out
if you give them a few extra marks.

But if you don't do that, their life is ruined.

You better give them additional marks
and make them pass.

- Hmm. Okay.
- Go on!

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Okay.

Go on, dears.

- Preethi?
- Yes, ma'am.

- Have you paid your fees?
- Yes, ma'am. The sponsor you pointed me to paid it.

Oh, good.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- See you.

- I need to go somewhere.
- Where to?

I want to go with you.
Let's go.

Even we drive auto.
But no one approaches us.

'Why are you doing this, brother?'

'If you continue doing this,
that'll be the last time you see me.'

My sister kept saying
she'll not stay with me and be with God.

And she's come to you.

Please take good care of her.

Stop crying. Get up.

Please...listen to me.
Let's go.

Only time can heal

the pain we go through,

when the person we deeply care for

is not alive.

I understand

your pain.

This is not advice...

But a word of comfort.

I'm hungry.
Let's go.


Come here.

- Ma'am?
- You haven't paid the fees yet, have you?

There are many who'd be ready to sponsor
a bright girl like you.

In fact, a kind-hearted person has
come forward to pay your fees.

If you meet him in person,
he'll pay your fees.

I'll share his address with you.

Will you meet him?


I'm reluctant about meeting him alone...

Being shy gets you nowhere.

Many in today's society
have abandoned their inhibitions early in life.


You are feeling shy.

So...I'll accompany you.

Thanks, ma'am.
I will never forget this favor in my lifetime.

Don't worry, sweetheart!

Okay, get going.

- Get back to studying.
- Okay, ma'am.


We've reached the place you wanted.

- Wait here, brother. I'll be back.
- Okay.


What happened?

- She threatened me in the beginning but stopped later.
- Nice work, bro.

I was about to come and get it myself.

- You forgot your file?
- Who is she?

She looks amazing.

It looks like we've caught a new one!

It's okay. I'll wait.

Sir. I hope you were happy.

My job is to make people like you happy!

Glad to hear that.
Thank you. Thank you.

- Hello, sir. Hi, ma'am.
- Welcome.

This is my file.

She has already vouched for you,
I don't need to see it.

Why did you come in person?
You told me she's studious.

You could have told me this over the phone.

- How much does she need?
- One lakh fifty thousand, sir.

Is that it?

Make sure you study well.

Make her proud someday.

Thank you very much, sir.

- What's your WhatsApp number?
- I don't have one. I use a basic phone.

A basic phone?

Kids these days use WhatsApp,
Twitter, and Instagram!

How could you make do with a basic model?

Here is Uncle's present!

- Oh, no! I don't want it.
- Why?

I don't use expensive phones.
If my family found out, I'd be in trouble.

Paying my fees was more than enough.

- Thanks, sir. I'll leave now.
- Thanks, ma'am.

She's making a fuss.
Will this even work out?

As if you'd give her a choice!

Put the phone back inside.


Hi, Uncle!

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

I was in Kanchipuram recently.

I saw a beautiful silk saree.

You came to mind.
That's why I bought this.


It looks like he won't stop making his moves
even if she grows old, bro!

Why are you hesitating?
Take it.

- Take it.
- No, Uncle.

I don't know how to wear a saree.

Besides, if I took home an expensive saree,
my mom would kill me!

- It's fine. Take it.
- Keep it. I don't want it.

Okay, Uncle. I'll see you later.

What is it, Uncle?

- Hey, get going!
- Okay.




Okay! I told him it would be impossible.

You wait and see.

Anything's possible.

Yes, bro!

Hey, what happened?

- Hey, bro!
- Why are you clutching your chest?

Hey, what's wrong? Speak up!

Get him some water!

- Get him some water!
- Hey, dude!

Get up, bro! What happened?

Hey, you've got a coat on.
Aren't you a doctor? Can't you help him?

Bro! What's wrong?

Hurry! Find out what's wrong with him.

Bro! Hey!

- Why is he unconscious? Bro!
- Hello?

Bro! Sibi, wake up!
Someone call an ambulance!


Hey! Don't squeeze his heart to death!

Do something to save him.

Call the ambulance, bro!
Don't just stare at him.


You look beautiful, even when you're angry.

I can see you smile.


Bro! Wish you an advanced happy birthday!

Happy birthday, bro!

So, tomorrow's your birthday?

You never told me!

Well, now you know.

You are the chief guest tomorrow.

- Hi!
- Hi.

- Wish you many more happy returns of the day!
- Thank you.

Come on.

Happy birthday, baby.

Thank you.

Hey! Get lost.

Hey, Sibi...

Why'd you get it on the dress?
How am I supposed to go home now?

There's a solution, baby.

Hey! Hey!

What are you doing?

Hey, let go of me, Sibi

Where are you taking me?

- Sibi, put me back down.
- Cool down, baby.

Listen to me.


Hey! Where is the laptop?

Awesome, bro!

It's ready, bro!

- Shall I chase him out and take over?
- Hey!

Why the hell is he acting like a local?

I would've gone full Hollywood on her!

This guy is pretty useless.

Like a cartoon!

Brother?! Why...

Why are you here?

- To show up in the movie!
- Hey, shut up!

He was the one who sent us.

- Sibi! Sibi!
- Don't you believe us?

- Oh, no!
- Look at this.

It's hot.
The quality looks good.

Why are you crying?

That's enough.
Get undressed.

- Oh, no! Sibi! How could you do this to me?
- Can't you listen to simple instructions?

- Brother! Please, brother!
- What? Brother?!

Please, stop!
Please listen to me!

I'll take it off, brother!


How could they be this rough with you?

Why are you guys this way?

Women should be treated like flowers.

Look, sweetheart.

Why are you crying?

You must've weighed 50 kilos
when you came in.

You'll weigh the same when you leave.

In fact, you'll weigh another extra 32 grams.

Wondering how?
I'm talking about the jewelry I gave you.

Help me land that road laying contract, sir.

'Who else would I give it to?'

'So, my wife is out of town...'

Sir, that girl Kaveri is available.

- Shall I send her?
- Hey...

'Send someone new.'

Okay, sir.

You wanted money
to relay the tiles, right?

I've sent you the money.

I've sent you what you wanted.

When will you send me?

- You've got to wait, sir.
- For how long?

I've just started failing students
on their internal exam.

They'll fall in line soon.

Okay. Take care.

Hey, I was sure I gave it my best.

I still don't understand
how I failed the internal exam.

I'm sure I gave it my best too.

I'm sure that professor
flunked us all on purpose!

Just wait and see what happens
when I tell my brother about this.

Hey, Kaveri!

How much did you score
on the internal exam?

I managed to pass.

Why are you sad about it?

How the hell did she clear the exam?

Hey! Kannagi ma'am is calling.

Hey, take the call.

- Yes. Tell me, ma'am.
- How did five of you fail the internal exam?

No, ma'am. I'm pretty sure
we gave it our best.

I don't understand
how we failed the exam.

- Okay. Are you alone?
- No, madam.

I'm with the rest of them.

Oh! Good. Good.

Put the call on speaker
so that everyone can hear me.

- Speaker!
- Come closer.

Okay, madam.


Some of the officials I know

are looking for college girls
so that they can do some good.

I usually wouldn't do this...

But I need to worry
about your future too.

You don't want anything
to mess that up, do you?

This is all that I can say for now.

You girls are in college.

I hope you understand.

I'm sure you can help them
if you want to.

How can we help them, madam?

We are quite young.

Only young girls can help.

That doesn't mean you do it for free.

You'll receive financial support
on a higher level.

There's no way news
of this will even get out.

We are not interested
in any of this, madam!

Girls, I'm saying this as your professor...

Opportunity comes knocking only once.

It's up to us to make the best use of it.


If you are not interested,
just forget what we spoke about.

This shouldn't come out anywhere.

They are powerful men.

Your life may be at risk
if anyone finds out.

Madam, there's someone else I know.

Could you take her in as well?

We can help her too!

- Who is it?
- Final year student, Nandini.

Why are you stunned?

We're talking about your daughter.

Convince her first.
You can talk to us then.


It hurts when you think
of your daughter that way, right?

If our parents heard you speak this way

they'd feel the same way you do!

If you bring this up again,
things will get ugly!

She hung up.

How dare she?!

As a professor, she's supposed to
stand in for a mother...

Look how she's trying to convince us!

We shouldn't let her off easy.

'Girls, I know a few officials looking for college girls.'

'How can we help, madam?'

We're young...

'The leaked phone call of Kannagi,
a professor in a private college at Madurai,'

'accosting female students for illicit activities
has created a public outcry.'

'The incident has caused
an uproar among parents,'

'questioning the morals of the professor,
who should have been guiding the students.'

'The police were poised
to arrest Professor Kannagi'

'following the leak of an audio clip'

'in which she tried luring female students
into prostitution.'

'After a lot of difficulties,
the police have finally arrested Kannagi.'

- Hey, come here.
- Okay, sir.

Have her sit in the back.

Who received the call?

I received the call, sir.

So that gives you permission to make it go viral?
Won't you inform the management?

Are we incapable of taking action?

What's the current status of this case, sir?

She has moved for bail at the court.

She is most likely to receive bail.

Because audio evidence
is hard to prove in court.

I swear it was her, sir.

We recorded what she said during the call.

Why would we lie?

In court, it would be impossible to determine
the truth with just the audio evidence.

Will she be convicted
if there is any video evidence, sir?

Of course!

If there is any video evidence, we can get
a 10 year conviction for sexual harassment.

Get him!

Pass it to the left!
Pass it to the left!

- Come on! Come on!
- Wait!

Trip him!

- Stop him!
- Damn it!

Take that!

Hey! Watch how I score a goal next!

Watch how I play this time!
Try this in the next game.


How long will you guys keep playing?

Bro! I'll play today!

Buzz off, I started the match.

'She looks stunning in this dress!'

Get the laptop.

Let's watch some 'offbeat' movies.


- Why are you getting up?
- Go slow!

Don't act like an animal.

- He's making her scream!
- He must be in it today, I guess.

He's scoring goals there

Score a goal!

He's been inside for a while.

Go check on him.


Oh, no!


...Which carries blood away from the heart.

The heart has two chambers.

Right arteries receive blood from the...

Hey, Arun?

Gayathri, please!

Answer my call, damn it!

Gayathri, can't you put
our phone on silent mode?

Sorry, ma'am.

- Arun?
- Gayathri...

I've sent you all the evidence
on this laptop.

Don't let them get away!

He won't answer the door.

Come on. Let's see what it is.

Hey! Arun?

- What happened?
- What happened?

He isn't opening the door.

Hey, Arun! Bro!

Hey, Arun! Arun?

- Hey, what happened?
- Look at her!

Hey! Arun! Bro?

- Hey! Arun!
- She has no pulse!

- Get up! What happened?
- There's blood in her mouth.

She injected me with something.

Get up!

She's dead!

Hey! She's sent all our videos somewhere.

What are you saying?

- It's all gone!
- What? All the evidence is gone?

She must have come here with a plan.

- Hey, isn't this her classmate?
- Yes, bro!

Bro, she's the next investment.

'Take it off!'

'Get your clothes off!
Won't you listen?'

'Take it off! I said remove your dress!'

'How dare you call me your brother?'

'Take off your clothes, damn it!'

'- Take it off!
- Brother, please!'

'Please, brother.'

Get her.

'We'll know it's one o'clock
even if our watches stop ticking.'


I'll kill you
if you don't hand over the phone.


Damn it!

- Tell me, Thiruna.
- Hey!

She's running toward the cadaver room.

This way!

Hey, she's inside!

Hey! Are we running a race here?

Why are you running?

Hey! Can't you see we're out of breath?

Give me your phone!
I'm asking you nicely!

- Hand me that beer bottle.
- Get her!

Hey! Shall we leave?

Damn, that was close.

Let's go!

Give me the report.

'He is O-negative!'

- Prepare O-negative blood immediately!
- Okay, sir.


What did you do
to make those people chase you?

We didn't do anything.

They are the ones
who have committed huge crimes.

Kaveri has strong evidence against them.

We have to file
a complaint with the police.

Going to the police will be of no help.

The case is still in court, right?

Why don't we produce the evidence in court?

The court is on leave for two days.

How did this happen?

He hit him on the head
with a beer bottle, sir.


You are with the patient, right?

- Yes, ma'am.
- The patient requires O-negative blood immediately.

Please arrange it quickly!

I'll make arrangements.

Have you seen them before?

Yes, sir. I've seen them
with one of my friends.


Your favorite groundnut candy!

The guy you hit is in the hospital.
He survived.

Hey! If people get to know about this...

We have to be ready to dig
our own graves for ourselves!

The entire town will come to bury us.

Hey! Why should we dig our graves?

Do you know that guy from the hospital?
If we put an end to him...

She'll eventually get anxious.

If she gets scared...
we'll get the evidence easily.

He's inside the hospital.
What can we do?

The visitor's time is over.

Just the visiting hours, right?

But a patient can go in, right?

Hey! His death shouldn't be simple.

Even the police should be shocked
on seeing his corpse.




I'll use the restroom and be back.

"Whatever happens, let it happen!"

"Let justice hide in the dark!"

When did you see this?

I came to water the grove.

That's when I saw this.
Apart from that, I don't know anything.

What is your name?

My name is Ramasamy, sir.

Constable! Get his statement.

Let's go, sir.


What is this?
He was tied to a rock and hanged

This way, sir.

- When did you know?
- Just now, sir.

The guy who came to work
at this grove saw this, sir.

He saw this and told the villagers.
They informed us.

Then we came and found him dead, sir.

Judging by how this murder looks...
do you think it's related to an illicit affair?

I'm investigating it, sir.

They killed him
because they were mad at us.

They might kill me too.

I don't care about my death.

But think about the girls

whose lives they have destroyed.

When I think of that...

I want to get them punished so badly.

It doesn't look like
just one man did this

We'll find the murderer soon, sir.

Take the body down
and finish the formalities.

Okay, sir.
Hey! Take the body down.

- I'll update you in the evening, sir.
- Okay.

I'm causing you a lot of pain.

Your life will be in danger
if you stay with me.

That's why I'm telling you this.

I'm leaving.

I don't care even if I die.

But I won't let down the ones
who came to me for help.

If these many people are
hell-bent on killing you...

then the situation definitely
has to be serious.

Tell me where you have kept the evidence.


Generally, we'd keep a corpse here
only for a few months.

The management ordered us
to dispose of your sister's body.

'In the 12th grade board exams...'

'Kalaiselvi, from Kadaladi village,

'has scored 1197 marks and ranked first
in the entire state and made history!'

No one can beat my niece!

Oh no...


Why are you all ruining
your life by drinking all day?

- Have you started drinking too, priest?
- I can't take it anymore.

- Give them an earful.
- Have mercy on us and let us go. Will you?

- You have to do a hundred more now.
- A hundred more? Oh, dear God!

Oh no...

Hey, Surasangu...

Why are you punishing the temple priest?

Our goddess might get furious.

Then will our goddess be in delight
when he does the 'pooja 'while drunk?

You imposed a law that no one
should drink alcohol inside the village.

But the priest himself broke the law!

Punishing him like this
for breaking the law...

will prevent others from doing so.

Even you'll be punished the same way
if you drink inside the village.

Surasangu! Your sister has ranked first
in Tamil Nadu in her board exams.

My niece has managed
to put our village on the map!

"My dearest!"

"This earth yearns to hold you!"

"You were born on this land
All set to conquer the world!"

"She has grown up so wise!"

"My precious sister"

"The entire town is on your side!"

"Your touch turned
a piece of stone to gold!"

"I'll help you study"

"My dream came true!"

"Your education became my asset"

"My life I spent with the net
Will rise like the waves of the sea!"

"You will be the cause of change
I finally understood it!"

"Our lives that swayed
on the salted sea water"

"Will be safe and protected!"

"Even the salt dunes
Will blossom flowers every day!"

"Our future generations
Will shine brighter!"

"You became the light that guides everybody!"

"A new hope!
Has born in our hearts!"

"Your success!
Filled our hearts with hope!"

"You took form as the God of knowledge!"

"My precious sister"

"The entire town is on your side!"

"The shore of the Bay of Bengal
is filled with flowers!"

"I was drowning in the sea, helpless
But she came to me as a raft to save me!"

"She studied for eight generations
She is our pride! Our queen!"

"Hey, buddy!"

"Hey, partner!"

"Hey, courageous one!"

"Come on!"

"Just like a tiny fish
You were swimming in this sea"

"Just like a mother
This sea held you!"

"Admiring you holding your degree"

"This holy sea blossoms flowers!"

"Everything is joyful because of you!"

"This joy that caused because of you
Will never leave our hearts!"

"You were my mother and father"

"I wish to be born as your child"

"For my wish to come true?"

"Which Gods should I plead to?"

"How blessed should this land be
To have you as its daughter?"

"Nothing to worry about!
Come on, precious one!"

"Come on, precious one!"

"Enough of the pain
You are all set to achieve!"

"I'll pray to God for that!
Come on, partner!"

"Come on, partner!"

"Just like a tiny fish
You were swimming in this sea"

"Just like a mother
This sea held you!"

"Admiring you holding your degree"

"This holy sea blossoms flowers!"

"Until you become a doctor"

"The entire colony will be waiting for you"

"Seeing you serve the people"

"Our clan will be looking forward to it!"

Without my brother, this success
would have been impossible.

My brother is the reason behind my success.

What do you plan to study in the future?

I don't have any plans to study further.

Why is that? You are a bright student.

You will be readily admitted
to any college in Tamil Nadu.

Then why are you not doing it?

I can't bear leaving
my brother and this town behind.

My brother is more important
than my education.

Brother! Let's eat. Come on!

Sit down, brother.

Brother! Where are you going
with the plate?


Stop, brother!

Brother! Food might get cold.

I have made your favorite.

- Sister? Sister!
- Stop, brother!

- Brother!
- Sumathi sister!

Serve me some food, sister.

- Am I a fool to cook for you?
- Yes! Coming!

- Why are you getting food from her?
- Here. Have it.


- Wait. I'll bring the 'sambhar.'
- Okay, sister.

Surasangu! Come here.
I've made fish curry.

- I don't want 'Sambhar.'
- I'm calling you...

-...but you are ignoring me?
- Okay!

Stop, brother.

- Surasangu! It is Red Snapper today!
- Aunt!

I'll kill you if you serve him the curry.

I serve food for my nephew
Who are you to meddle with us?


Why are you acting this way?

You'd always say that
my cooking feels like our mother's.

What happened to you now, brother?

Brother! I'm calling you, right?

'sings popular Tamil song'

- Welcome, Surasangu.
- Brother!

Why are you behaving this way?

I'll die if you keep acting this way.

Don't make me hit you.

How dare you say something like that?

Hey! He's raising his hand to slap you...

And you don't even flinch?

No way she's getting scared!

You've raised her
with so much care and attention...

She knows well that you wouldn't hit her.

Your sister made this village
proud by scoring high marks!

Why are you making her sad?

Sister! Doesn't she know that my dream is
to see her as a doctor since childhood?

But she announced in front of
everyone that she isn't going to study.

That's right.

We'd be so proud to see you stroll around
the town wearing a doctor's coat.

I keep going back to the sea,
despite not knowing if I'll return.

Why do I think all that was for?

I did that so that you can study.

Brother...studying medicine
isn't an easy task.

It costs a lot of money.

The Goddess of knowledge herself
has been born as my sister.

I'm ready to give everything
to help you study medicine.

Surasangu...don't worry about anything.

The entire village
will help your sister study.

- Uncle! I'll get going then.
- You leave first. We'll come later.

Okay, Uncle.

- Uncle...
- Hey, nephew!

- Welcome, Kalaiselvi.
- Hi, Uncle.

Why have you dumped the bleaching powder
everywhere at the entrance?

Has anyone tested positive
for corona virus?


Partner! It's the rangoli
I drew to welcome you both.

Rangoli, it seems.

Uncle! The auto drivers demand so much!
It's day light robbery!

They asked for 150 rupees
to drop us off here from the bus stand!

- It's our profession too.
- Oh!

- He's Subbu.
- Greetings!

- He dives auto too!
- Hello!

Don't think he's a murderer.

Hey! Remove that mask.

Hey! She's my niece.

She's the first doctor in my town.

- My precious.
- Oh really?

Partner! We met with the college professor
and made the arrangements.

So you freshen up.

I'll cook for you. Okay?

Go freshen up and get ready.
We'll visit the college.

- Okay, brother.
- Come on.

So...what are you cooking?

You and your sister's favorite!
I'm making coconut rice.

Partner...since guys are staying here,

I've made arrangements for her
to stay at the college hostel.

You can stay with us.
I've arranged an auto for you to drive.

Good work, Uncle!

Also...the good thing is...

Our auto stand is near
the college that she goes to.

- That's awesome!
- We can take care of everything!

Come, dear.

- Tell me, sir
- She is a new student, sir.

I want to pay the fees for this year.

- Give me the admission letter.
- Give him that.

- Here.
- Give that, brother. I'll fill it in.

Give me the money.

Here, sir.

It's all 2000 rupees note.

- Here.
- Okay, sir.

- All good.
- Thank you, sir.

Can you take me to the bus stand?

It's one o'clock.
It's my sister's lunch break.

- You can take this ride...Ravi!
- Shall we go?

Hey...come dear.

Did your classes end late?

Sit inside. Let's eat.

It doesn't taste as it used to!

Why did you run?

You could have just walked.
Look! You are out of breath.

Here. Your favorite curd rice.
Shall we eat?

Did you see that?
He's feeding her like she's a baby.

Hey! No matter how old a girl gets.

She'd always be a child
to her brother and father.

What you said is correct.
She's a grown kid!


You were so adamant about making your sister
study medicine. You finally made it happen!

Yes! She wanted to study medicine.
So I'm helping her out!

Only a doctor has the power
to save a life!

That's why she's studying to become one!

Once my sister completes her studies...

Everyone in town gets free treatment.

- Am I right?
- Mmm.

So...what did they teach you today?

Our class happened
at the anatomy lab today...

A guy from the college
who is almost my age died, brother.

His dad donated his body to the college.

He should have been living life with us.

But he is dead and guiding us, brother.

- I feel bad, brother.
- Why are you getting sad?

Even though he is dead,
he's still guiding you all.

He's a true deity.

- Madam.
- Yes?

- Did you call me?
- You haven't paid your fees.

- When are you planning to pay?
- I need a few days.

- My brother said he'll pay for sure.
- Okay.

Pay as early as possible.

Kannagi madam would be willing to help.

- Okay, madam.
- Okay.

- Kalai.
- Ma'am?

What experiment are you working on?

- Oh, the Doppler effect?
- Yes, ma'am.

I heard your brother has paid half the fees
and said he would pay the remaining later.

It's a pride for this college
that you are studying here. Right?

There are way too many people
waiting to sponsor you.

In fact, I want to take you
to one such sponsor today.

Thanks a lot, madam.

Let me know when
and I'll come with my brother.

With your brother in an auto?

No, no.
We'll go by car.

Sorry, ma'am.
My brother wouldn't let me go alone.

Why do you want
to bother your brother now

when I'm here like your mother?

Now listen. We are going by car.

- Okay, ma'am.
- Continue now.

Chitra, how's it going?

Fine, ma'am.

Instead of visiting temples, I focus on assisting
with educating young girls like yourself.

How much is the fees?

- Tell me.
- One lakh fifty, sir.

- Here, take this.
- One moment, sir.

Take it.

Please. One minute, ma'am.

- Hello, ma'am. Hello, sir.
- Come in, brother.

Ma'am, I've never taken anything from anyone
without my brother's knowledge.

That's why I asked him to come.

I'm pleased you want
to help with my sister's studies.

But a whole town
is sponsoring her studies.

If I take this money from you,
it would look like I don't trust my people.

I'll pay her fees.

Give this money to some poor girl
who is brilliant in studies.

Thanks a lot!

Sir, I earned this by driving an auto.

Here's my share.
Please help someone.

- See you!
- Alright!

Sir, I pity this girl.

Let's just let her off the hook.

Hello, madam.

Enough. You are just the bait.

Your job is to lure the fish.

We'll decide what to do with it.

What do you say, Uncle?

I've enquired about that girl.

We can't go near her
as long as her brother is there.

- Then, we'll let her off the hook?
- Not a chance, Uncle.

We'll bait her with sentiments.

What's your plan?

I prefer to act rather than speak, Uncle!


I'm unable to make a call from my phone.
Can you please give me your phone?

Please stop, brother.

Hey! No, man.

I'll be there soon.
Where are you?

In our neighborhood, right?

I came out for some work,
but it didn't go well.

Oh God! Brother...

Sorry, your phone fell into the water.

What the hell are you saying?
My sister will call any minute.

What do I do now?

It was a mistake. Don't get angry.
Here, take the money and buy a new phone.

- Take this, brother. Buy one.
- Get lost.

You can't talk with money.

Thiruna, the work is done.

Call his sister now.

- Hello.
- 'Am I speaking to Surasangu's sister?'

Yes. Tell me.

'Your brother met with an accident
and has been admitted to Saravanan Hospital.'

What?! What happened to him?

Oh God!

Please drop me off at Saravanan Hospital.

- Evidence and forensics formalities done.
- 'Okay. Finish it and drop by.'

Yes, sir.

Oh my God!

"Oh dear, oh dear!"

"Mother Earth of mine"

"Who has done this to you?"

"My precious one!"

"Oh dear, oh dear!"

Look at her.
Look at my sister!

"Who has done this to you?"

"My precious one!"

"Oh my dear!"

Oh God!

See what they have done!

Look at her, oh God!

- He can't take it, sir.
- Ask him.

Go on, ask him.

Hey, Surasangu!

The inspector wants to know
if you're going to cremate her here

or if you're going to take her back home.

My sister...

She wanted to become a doctor.

But that didn't happen.


I'll donate
my sister's body to this college

and let the students

study her body

and become doctors.

I'll start the formalities.
You talk to him and come.

Here...these were the jewels
she was wearing.

Kaveri's number is switched off.

I tried calling both her numbers.
But it was switched off.

I'm really scared.

I think she is in trouble.

Only high ranking police officers
can save her life after this.

Oh! I feel she's right.

It's better to get help from
the police to save Kaveri's life.

The AC who is handling our Subbu's case...

I run errands for his family
and drive them around.

- I have his number.
- Give it to me.

94- 44-

55- 64- 28.

They are here.
Come, let's go.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello.

You were the one who called, right?
Don't worry.

The court won't function for two days.

Let her be in my custody till then.
I'll take care.

- Okay, sir. Thank you.
- You don't worry.

- You get into the car.
- Get in.

- Thank you, madam.
- No problem.

Stay strong.
They'll take care.

Wow, a phone!

What are you doing there?

I found a phone, Mom.

Give it to me.

'phone notification'

- Hello.
'- Tell me.'

How did you get this phone?

'It was lying down.
Is it yours?'

Tell me the place,
and I'll pick it up.

- Will you come to the place I say?
- Okay.

Girl, isn't your mom home?


I was the one
who spoke to you over the phone.

- Is it yours?
- It's my sister's.

- Oh, is it? Here you go.
- Give it to me.

Please keep your phone safe.

- Come in.
- Please tell me where you found this phone?

How does that matter?
You've got your phone back.

Then what's the problem? Now leave.

If you don't tell me,
an innocent girl could die.

I beg you.
Please tell me where you found this phone.

I know.

There were lots of coconut trees
in that big house, Uncle.

My mother works in that house.

I found this phone at the canal bank.
I was the one to find it. Right, Mom?

Where are we going now, sir?

Look, this is a very sensitive case.

I'm taking you to a safe place.

Okay, sir.

Why did you stop there?
Come on.

This is a very safe place.
Come with me.

Don't hesitate. Come.

It's my house.

Sit down.

Bring two cup of tea, Bhoopathy.

You said you have video evidence, right?
Which phone has it?

This phone, sir.

Can you show it to me?


- They shouldn't be spared, sir.
- 'Remove your dress.'

They have to be punished.

Brutal murderers. They are ruthless.
They shouldn't be spared.

Brother, please stop here.

That's the house.

We can't come with you anymore.

We'll leave.
Come on, dear.

Come soon. Let's go.

What's all this?

This phone has all the evidence.

You are committing a crime.
Don't you know how to do without evidence?

I would have also been caught with you
if someone else knew about this.


Foolish boys!

Look at you!

Isn't he being bribed to handle all this?
And he gets angry.

'- Brother! Please, brother!
- Take it off! Take it off!'

'- Please, stop!
- How dare you call me brother?!'

'- Brother.
- Take it off! Get undressed!'

'- Take it off!
- I'll take it off, brother!'

We've given a heavy dose.

She's not getting up anytime soon.

Hey, stop staring!

I'm feeling shy.
Go away!

- She fell hook, line, and sinker!
- Hey.

Looks like he's very eager.

- Hey!
- Arun?!


Hey, Arun!

- Let's check on him!
- What happened, Arun?

- Arun?
- Hurry!

- Hey, Arun!
- Arun?!

- Arun! Hey!
- Hey!

- Who did this to him?
- What happened to him?

Hey, check who it is!

- Come on!
- Let's find out!

Hey! There's no one here.

Do you see anyone?

Hey! Check over there.

Hey! The JC who went missing
was my brother-in-law!

I'm answerable for
every death that has happened!

And you're laughing?!

He's a brutal murderer, sir!

What do you mean?

The shirts of the people
who went missing are here.

We should've known
when they went missing.

They'd be dead by now.

He might even be the guy
who murdered your sister.

Hello? Yes?

'Son, It's me, the Grandma
who lives on Sarojini Street.'

Yes. Tell me, Grandma.

'I need to visit the hospital today.
You take good care of me.'

- I can be there in ten minutes, okay?
- 'That's fine.'

'I'll wait for you.'

'Thank you for taking me
to the hospital on time.'

'You're the reason I'm still alive.'

'Bless you, son! Bless you!'

Thanks, Grandma.

I need a blood sample from that patient.

- Where are we going?
- Don't worry.

- I want to see my brother. Please!
- We're going to meet your brother.

- What happened to my brother? I'm scared.
- Don't worry. I'm here for you.

- I'm terrified.
- Don't worry. I'll take care.

Why are we going here
instead of the hospital?

- Why are we here?
- Girl...

- Can we be alone for five minutes?
- What are you saying?

If my brother found out,
he'd kill you.

Let go!

Let me go!

Let go of me!

Let me go!

When the nurse asked
about the O-negative blood...

I grew suspicious of Surasangu's friend.

Later, when I ran a DNA test
on his blood sample

I was able to confirm
that he had assaulted and killed her.

I passed on that information to Surasangu.

Your friend assaulted
and killed your sister.

"Oh dear!"

"Who has done this to you?"

"My precious one!"

I've handed over
many criminals to the court before.

But everyone walked free.

I told him who the perpetrators were.

And none of them is alive today!

Friends, acquaintances, neighbors,

family, relatives, and kin! We trust you all
for the safety of our women

Where are we supposed to raise them
if you begin to exploit them?!

On the planet Saturn?

And to shift the suspicion away from him,

I tampered with the evidence.

They say God punishes
those who do wrong...

And Surasangu, who killed those criminals,
is like a deity to me, sir.

Are you wondering why I helped him?

I have a 8 year old daughter, sir.

Raising our children amidst these monsters
feels like walking in a minefield!

I'm petrified!



Why, you ask?

He did what I couldn't

despite having stars pinned to my shoulder!

He appeared as bright as a star to me!

That's why I let him.

This Dharmaraj has always stood by justice!

Yes, sir!

- Answer us!
- Tell us!

- Answer us! God damn it!
- Where are they?

- How long can you stay silent?
- Tell us where they are, or we'll kill you!

- We'll let you go if you talk.
- Answer us!

Answer us!

- Speak up!
- Do we look like clowns to you?

- Answer us!
- Where are they?

- You better answer!
- Don't hit me! I'll tell you!

I handed them over to the police, sir.

The police?

Who's that?

We're the police, you idiot!

Do we look like fools to you?

Answer us!

- Why, I'll...
- Why are you torturing us?

Tell us the truth!

Firing team! Attention!

Firing team! At ease!

Firing team! Attention!

I'm telling you the truth, sir.

I handed them over to the police.

Officers! Salute!

- Good morning, friends.
- Good morning, sir!

I'm here to give you
special training today.

The government has given us a gun

so that we can deal with people
who don't give a damn about other lives.

Don't treat these as just dummy targets.

Think of it as a perpetrator
who assaulted your sister.

Do that and all your rounds
will be on target.

An honest cop's gun will never go off.

But it won't stay holstered
when an atrocity is underway.

And neither should it be!


Firing parties, number!

- One.
- Two.

- Three.
- Four.

- Five.
- Six.

- Seven.
- Eight.

- Nine.
- Ten.

Lying position.



Sir! Sir!




14 Year old girl.

It was him.

The guy couldn't...

Poor girl.

She died.

Shall we get going then?
Come on.