Kondraal Paavam (2023) - full transcript

A stranger enters the life of a family that has been suffering in poverty for years. What follows are the events that make their lives even more miserable.

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Even if I have directed 19 films,
18 in Kannada & 1 in Telugu,

this is the 1st film I'm directing
in my mother-tongue, Tamil.

This story's genesis was first seeded by in 1915 by an
English Writer Rupert Brooke,

it then grew as literature
across many languages and

country, and then took the
form of a Play in Kannada.

I adapted the Play as a feature film in Kannada,

which garnered with the Best Film, Best Director awards from
the Karnataka State awards,

other than giving me the opportunity
to remake it in Telugu as the director.

I present the same film in Tamil
which the necessary changes,
for you.

Just like the Kannada and Telugu audience, I
request you to accept and wish the best for me.

With love,
Dayal Padmanabhan.

A bird called the 'ASUNAMA'.

It's got a liking
for good music.

When the tribal
played the flute,

it gets attracted to the music
and swirls over their head.

The tribal immediately
ignite a fire,

and once they beat on
their drums aggressively,

it swoons into the fire
to become their food.

Just like the 'ASUNAMA' bird that
succumbs to it's sensitive hearing,

this story is about few humans who
succumbed to all their 5 senses.

The reason for their ruin...


Desire is the ruin of all man.

From Buddha, Shri Krishna,
to Jesus, Mahavir,

there isn't one spiritual leader
who hasn't spoken this truth.

If so, can we ask humans
to not desire anything?

Humans have desire
in them everywhere.


Sit properly and
listen to what he says.

In God's creation, there isn't one
creature born without desire in them.

In fact, God desired within
to create all that's living.


desire everything but
desire within limits.



Swami is speaking so well

Listen without falling asleep.

He takes money to speak.

Take money out of the picture.

Forget speaking,
he won't even sigh.

whether he takes money or not.

We can listen to some positive
words, right?

Those positive words
are only in his tongue.

He's filth within.

Like a fruit that's
rotten on the inside.

Don't you ever say
anything positive?

You dirty-mind.


I'm the only dirty-minded here.

Look carefully.

There's filth in
everyone's eyes.

Shut up.

Just like how desire is pretty common,

lust too is very common.

Desire and lust are
like twin-horses.

Those who bridle and control
those twin horses become humans,

ones who cannot control
it become a predator.

That's it!


It seems desire and
lust are common.

But we have to control
it with a bridle.

Just ask him to look at my
eyes and talk for 5 minutes.

We'll see if he controls his
lust or if he pounces.

Hey, stop talking filthily.

Get up, let's go home.

Anjala, we're leaving.
- Okay.


-I hear some vehicle.

Is someone here to ask
my hand in marriage?

Shut up and go check.

Keep nagging and ruin my sleep...



Wake up.

Ma, Gowri from
Chettiar's house is here.

You go and get the knife to cut the
umbilical cord and some castor oil.

I'll heat up some water.

Hang on, Gowri.



Sir, greetings!

Take her in.

- Come in.


Hold on dear.

Hold on.

Ma, I can't!

Hold your breath,

and push. Push!


Yes, that's it.


Hey, Valli!

Why are you shouting at this
hour & calling your dead mother?

To tell her I've come drunk?

I won't drink from tomorrow.

Keep quiet and go to sleep.

Oh, God!

Malli! Hold her hand!

I can't, Ma! I'll die!

If I come drunk tomorrow,
then you can die!

Now go to sleep quietly!

I can't, ma!

You can!

Try hard.

Don't lose heart.

Malli, ask your father to shut up.

He's not my father
if he obliges.

You carry on.

Mallika, get the castor oil.

You wretched woman.

I'm telling you,
I won't drink from tomorrow.

You're crying like a baby.

Keep quiet and go to sleep.


The boy looks just like you.

If the boy looks like the
mother, it's good luck


Grow up soon!

We'll get married.

Thanks a lot.

Say that to God.

He's given me the divine job
of bringing life to this world.

I'm doing that.

That's all.

♪ 'O little one,
you're my genesis.' ♪

♪ 'Come alongside me.' ♪

♪ 'O little one,
you're my piece of art.' ♪

♪ 'Come alongside me.' ♪

♪ 'While I nurse your
hunger with milk, ♪

♪ it wouldn't hurt when you bite
down, dear.' ♪

♪ 'While I sing lullabies
for you at dawn, ♪

♪ you are carnations on my
lap, dear.' ♪

♪ O my blooming jasmine!' ♪

♪ 'O my vibrant jasmine!' ♪

♪ 'You fall asleep peacefully.' ♪

♪ 'O dear,' ♪

♪ 'You are my glorious sky' ♪

♪ 'I don't want to take my eyes off you, ever' ♪

♪ 'O cute one that eats dirt innocently.' ♪

♪ 'Lie down on my chest, my little saviour.' ♪

♪ 'O my little smart one, you're way too witty.' ♪

♪ 'O my untainted brilliant one.' ♪

♪ 'O my hail storm, you blew me away.' ♪

♪ 'Shall I cradle you to sleep?' ♪

♪ 'Let's stop pretending to close our
eyes, come O dear one.' ♪



Is anyone around, sir?

Only those who walk barefoot
know the worth of footwear.

Where have you gone leaving
your boots unattended?

Can you hear what I'm saying?

Oh no!

Have you forsaken life,
left all your belongings,

and committed suicide
in the waters?

Someone's jumped
into the waters!

Somebody come down and save him!

Somebody help!


Help, somebody!



Who needs to be saved?

The one who owns these boots.

Oh, that's mine.


So, you're alive?

Okay, but when I was
shouting for so long,

couldn't you hear?

I couldn't hear because
I was under water.

What were you doing under
the water for so long?

'Jala Stampanam.'

To hold your breath underwater.

Oh, so you're off
a warrior lineage.

You seem to know a lot.

Though there aren't
eyes to watch & learn,

God's given me ears
to listen & learn.

So, are you new in town?

Not just this town.

I'm new to every town I go to.

In this world that
spins non-stop,

think of me as a Nomad who
wants to explore every corner.

And the income to do so?


I've earned more
than I'll ever need.

It felt enough.

So I packed my bags and set off.

"It felt enough?"

For the first time,
I wish I could see.

Amongst the crowd that
keeps wanting more,

it would've been refreshing to
see someone who has had enough.

So, what's your name?



Arjunan who
meditates underwater.

Your name?


I know what you want to ask.

If someone named me
or it was self-given?


Lord Shiva may have given back
sight to Kannapar but not his eyes.

I'm naive enough to believe he'll give
me those eyes if I were named after him.

As you wish, let Lord Shiva
be confused by your name.

You know they say,

'one who holds a
pen isn't a writer,

or one who wields a
gun isn't a hunter.'

How about you?

Do you only sell these or
do you know how to play?

Yes, I do.

I can't see.

I can at least listen to good
music, right?

So I taught myself.

I play the instrument
and take joy in it.

It sells the instrument.

And there's joy as well.

'Two birds with one stone.'

Just like it.

So give me some joy with your music.
Let's see.

So you want to see or listen?

I'll do both.


Yeah, sure.

Good times ahead!
Good times ahead!

No lies or puffery!

I swear, what I tell are the unsullied
words of Goddess Angala Parameshwari, Sir.

The Divine Goddesses are
coming to your home, Sir.

The Ashta Lakshmis.

How does someone like me know what
the Goddess is saying you
ask, Sir?

I am the only son of the
Goddess who protects this world.

It is I, Marimagan, Sir.



You're the Goddess' son?

So you're from Heaven is it?

Hey, you speak a thousand lies
just to make some petty change.

And you're the Goddess' son?

Get lost you...

So, the bag on your shoulder.

Is that a bag of clothes
or a bag of lies?

Go tell my people,
"Marimagan uttered lies!", Sir.

All of my kith & kin will come
together, stomp on my chest, kill me

& offer me unto the
feet of our Goddess!

Sir! We do not have the time
to listen to your stories.

Nor do we have any
money to give you.

Get going.

There's no room for nothing no
more, Madam!

All that's weighing on your mind shall
disappear like fog under the Sun.

The Goddess of wealth(Lakshmi)
is coming to stay at your house!

Hey, Marimagan!

There isn't enough space
for the 3 of us here.

And the Goddess wants to stay here?

Shut up.

So you're saying it's
okay if Lakshmi stays?

Don't make fun, Sir.

What I say is true.

The truth, Sir!


When people like you even profess something
before sunrise it doesn't come true!

The sun is setting. Will it come true now?


If you believe what I say,
there's prosperity. Else you'll be shunned.


You're putting a curse?

If you put a curse,

will we die or what?

We've been dead 20 years.

Don't say such things Sir.

I speak only the Goddess' words.

Our Goddess Anagala Parameshwari
has given you a boon!

She's asking you to not turn
that boon into a curse, Sir!

Oh, the Goddess is
saying that too?


What now?

The roof's gonna shatter
& money's gonna pour?

It will pour, Sir!
It will!

The Goddess who guides all, has shown the
Goddess of wealth the way to your home.

All your problems are gonna
fly away like this cotton.


For all the money that's gonna
pour, ask your Goddess,

how big a ditch I've to dig to store it?

Are you crazy?

He's uttering nonsense for the sake of it.

And you're going
equally against it?


Stop wasting our time and buzz off.

Madam, what I'm trying to say is...

Aren't they asking you to leave?

Leave already.

Buzz off at once.

If I come down there, I'll cut
your tongue and feed it to the dog.

Oh dear Goddess!

My tongue is my everything & you're
saying you'll feed it to the...


Shut it and buzz off!

Boons & nonsense...

All that the Goddess has
given us is this soil.

Isn't soil the wealth, Madam!?

Making that soil wealth or ashes
is all in your hands, Madam!

Whether you use the soil to
mould an idol to worship or

a doll for the grave is your
decision to make, Madam!

The Goddess knows only to give!

She doesn't take, Madam!


You talk a lot.

Another word & I'll burn
you alive using this cotton.

'Wants to profess fortunes!'

Such nonsense!

Buzz off!


Hey, you're back again?

Who are you?
What do you want?

Can I get some water to drink please?

Come in.

Thank you.

It's alright.

You look like you're from the city.

You seem educated.

What brings you here?

My name's Arjunan.

I travel across towns and write interesting
things about the place on newspapers.

I draw illustrations sometimes too.


Like the ones they draw in temples?



What people call comics.

Speaking of temples...

I got some offerings at
the temple on the way.


That's okay.

That was given to you.

Anyone can take the Temple's offerings.

Here, don't refuse it.

The God wishes this offering reaches you.

Here, take it.


Don't mistake me.

I've walked a long way.

I'm tired.

I'm told it'll be night by the
time I reach the nearing town.

If you permit,

can I stay over this night?

You're wondering if I'm taking advantage?


Not that.

This is a poor man's house.

An old house.

There's no electricity.

You seem...


a privileged man.

You won't be comfortable
staying here.

Don't mind the stress,

& keep walking this way till evening.

You'll reach Pennagaram.

You'll find the upper class living there.

You can ask them and stay there.

Sir, only a man's heart decides
if he's lower or upper class.

When I asked for water, you sat me down
and gave it without asking any questions.

According to me, you are the upper class.

A roof over your head,

4 walls around,

water to drink,

& some staple food.

That's enough for a man to be happy.

All the amenities you say will be there.

But not the peace that's here.

You can't find the joy of watching
the stars as you fall asleep there.

I'll not hinder you.

I'll sleep on the veranda here.

I'll eat anything you give me.

Or that too is not needed.

I understand.

I'm a dimwit.

When there's a young girl at
home, anyone would be

afraid to let a stranger
stay in their house.

We're afraid?

4 miles this way, 2 miles that way,

there's no people around.

A house here and there.

Towards the east, afar is the local bar.

Towards the west, the provision store.

That's it.

Nobody to call for if
someone attacks you.

It's been 30 years since
I've come to this house.

Now and then I spot
some wild animals around.

I'm not even afraid of that.

Will I be afraid of humans?

It's just that...

we know nothing about you,

so I'm wondering how
to accommodate you?

Right, Malli?

Even if we don't
have a lot to give,

we can provide a meal to
anyone who shows up hungry.

Right, Malli?

Why're you both putting it on me?

Whether you make him stay
or leave is your call.

Come in.

It's alright.

I'll stay here.

Come in.

You can see the stars from
inside the house as well.


♪ The hand that strikes
is the one that embraces.♪

♪ The hand that embraces
is the one that strikes.♪


Why are You making dung cakes?

I need to drink, right?

Don't you like to drink?

No no, I never drink.

I'm not asking about liquor but beverages.

Oh coffee, why not?

That's right.


He wants some coffee.

Some coffee.

Coffee to drink.

A while ago, the man who asked for
only a staple meal wants coffee now.

Your father asked for it.

You know, like a proxy.

Don't mistake me.

There is milk but no coffee powder.

We've only jaggery.

We don't have sugar.

What's this Valliyamma?

Is this how you treat a guest?

Give me some money, I'll go get the
sugar & coffee powder in minutes

Isn't he asking for it?

I know who's asking for it.

If there's money left from
yesterday's, buy it out of that.

I'll make it.

Oh no! I stopped drinking coffee years ago.

You want some money right?
Here you go.


It won't be nice to borrow money from
the guest and make coffee out of that.

Yeah, please don't do that.

Its alright, it's no big deal.

So...my hands are...
- Where should I?


Sir, can I come along?

My cycle can carry only me.
It can't handle you as well.

Just 10 minutes.

I'll be back before the milk is ready.



Get some honey candy
for me with the change.


What are you looking at?

Aren't we making coffee for you?


Go milk the cow.
I'll finish the clothes and join.

Is your full name Mallika?



Only my parents call me Malli.

Should I call you Malli or Mallika?

Whatever you feel like.

For now, let me get the milk.

Alright Mallika.

So, what is this?


This one.

Oh, that.

That's for exercise.

For exercise?

Who does it here?

My dad, does it before doing It.

I don't get it.

I meant he does it before
doing work that needs strength.

You're from the city, so it's new for you.


You trouble me a lot these days!



Here's the coffee powder.


honey candy for her.


Get me the screwdriver.


You too have become annoying like my wife.

But I've got to ride you.

Hey, here's the coffee powder.



Look, the milk's boiling.



Coffee is great.

I made it.

Is it?


Thanks to you too.


For the honey candy.

I like honey candy too.

Want some?

No, that's fine.

Can't taste the coffee
if I eat something sweet.

Not bad.

Though you're from the
city, you're in good shape.

Can I try that?

Sure, here.

Oh, wow!

Everything looks colourful & beautiful


Everything is already
colourful and beautiful.

Whatever you see through
the glasses isn't true.

It's all a mirage.

Oh, God.

Whatever you said went over my head.

Please take this back.

Enough of your dramas.

Who's shouting?


You guys name people Moron?

No one does.

But over time, some become one.



Veerayya has come.

You come.

You please be here.


You come!

Where's Malli's(Jasmine) fragrance?


You've one job & you
won't do that right too?

You were asked to water the
farmland & you got sloshed instead!?

No sir.

Yesterday was a full moon night.

The temple priest told me it'd be
inauspicious to be out in the night.

That's why...

Your mouth stinks of lies & alcohol.

Do I look like a fool?

I don't believe in all
this horoscope nonsense.


I only believe in money.

If my crop goes dry,
will your horoscope feed me?

Do you eat food or something else?

Now look at me.

There's a limit to everything.

Don't test my patience.

I may not be so
mindful of my words.

What's this, Veerayya?
Mind your words.

We've only pawned our land to you, not us.

We're not your slaves.

Don't get angry.

Do you think I like scolding him?

If he's irresponsible,
what happens to you?

Who's answerable to Mallika's future?

I'm just concerned.

We know what your concern is, don't be coy.

Earn some respect.

You're one to teach.

The village knows who you are.


You tell what ever you want to.

Because of the debt he's taken, you're suffering.

It hurts.

Am I a stranger?
To turn a blind eye?

There's no problem that can't be solved.

It's just that few people
should be willing to.

You damned loafing dog.


We let you in pitying you.

And you're trying to
lick off my hands?

They said it right,
'Things should be kept in their place.'

Look at that face.



My father will be at work from tomorrow.

I'm responsible for that.

If you say so, Malli.

But I didn't just come about to
ask about watering the crops.

The thief who stole money &
jewellery from Dharmapuri's

Ramasami Gowda's house is
in hiding around the forest.

Police is searching for him.

I came to inform you to be wary.

Thank you for the concern.

You came all the way in the
scorching sun to just tell us this.

Go home & drink some
buttermilk to cool down.

Hey dog! You drink the milk.



I feel like you're hitting it on my head.

Don't show-off like you're
the one that's working hard.


One can't work without making a sound.

I know what you do in Silence.

Hey, shut your mouth.

Coffee was really good.

I could feel all the love in it.

We didn't use such ingredients.

From where did you get it?


I grew up an orphan,
never experienced love from my parents.

So I've the habit of finding
happiness in such little things.



Don't mistake me.

The guy who shouted at you,

...I heard everything.

May I know what the problem is?

What else could be a farmer's problem?


Hold this.

Somewhere in our village,

we were living happily in our hut.

Suddenly, one night.

They arsoned our hut and shunned us away.

We were stranded without
knowing where to go.

A gentleman,

... lent us this house and five acres of land.

It's only a dry land.

There was no facility to irrigate.

We were dependent on rain-fed
crops to meet our needs.

All of a sudden, I fell sick.

Expenses shot up.

That's when,

...we pawned this house
and the land to Veerayya.

We couldn't even pay the interest.

We neither could live nor die.

That's life.

Never easy.

Leave it.

We've became labourers
of our own land.

I wonder when we'll pay our debts
and get back to normal life?

Once a prosperous family,

now we're parched.

It's been long since we
slept well in the night.

We've lost hope of ever
recovering that old life.

Thinking of our fate,

cursing the God of creation,

we're living life as it is.

Please don't say that.

Have some hope.

Soon all your problems will vanish
and you will lead a happy life.

What do you mean by soon?

By the time my teeth falls out,

my back hunches,

you're saying there'll be happiness?

Ma, is the soothsayer
back in disguise as him?

Grind it.

You never shut your mouth.


How much do you need to
clear all your debts?

Why do you want to know?

Please tell me.

Principal is 25 Thousand.

Interest is 35 Thousand.

60 Thousand in total.

And some hand loans here and there.

This is our problem.

We don't need your pity.

Why are you saying that Mallika?

I didn't bring this to give it to you.

If I can single-handedly
make this much wealth,

you all can make even more.

You're good people.

You are hardworking.

Good things will come to you.

The wealth I have today,
may be yours tomorrow.

Nothing is impossible.

If you believe and work
hard that is enough.

We can achieve anything.

And then...

Don't think I'm showing off.

I thought it will
give you confidence.

That's why.

Pardon me if I did something wrong.

Why say such things?

People who've struggled
understand struggling people.

Oh, God.



Take a head bath

Keep away all this safely and
you take a head bath as well.

No, that's fine.

Please, it's not a good sign
for a lizard to fall.

Go bathe.

What are you looking at, go bathe.

Get lost.

♪ The earrings jingle on the ear,
where sweet words pass through. ♪

♪ The anklets on my leg,
utter my name as I move. ♪

♪ When the girdle touches the waist,
what is that feeling? ♪

♪ The sound of the bangles
clinking, put a smile on my face. ♪

♪ To sum it up,
gold is meant for me. ♪

♪ I'm a stone looking looking to be a sculpture. Why don't
you sculpt me? ♪

♪ I'm the cloud looking for lands.
Why don't I rain upon you? ♪

♪ Embrace me entirely, and give me warmth.
Like the majestic sun, come rule over me. ♪

♪ I am betel & nuts, eat me with kisses. The
secret of love, profess it only to me. ♪

♪ I look forward to our pillow talk. ♪

♪ The earrings jingle on the ear,
where sweet words pass through. ♪

♪ The anklets on my leg,
utter my name as I move. ♪

♪ When the girdle touches the waist,
what is that feeling? ♪

♪ The sound of the bangles
clinking, put a smile on my face. ♪

♪ To sum it up,
gold is meant for me. ♪

Hey Malli!

I asked you to take
bath just for a custom.

You've been here
for almost an hour.

I'm coming.

Stop nagging.

Dad and I will go
water the fields.

Be wary.

I said beware.

I understand ma.

You go.


If I'd known a
lizard would fall,

I'd have heated up some water.

I'm not sure if you're used
to bathing in cold water.

No, no. It's okay.

One doesn't get hot
water everywhere.

I jump into every river,
well & pond I see.


Do you believe in all this?

In what?

The 'lizard falling' and the 'bathing'.

Not that I'm a believer

Or that I'm a disbeliever.

When the elder
say something,

whether there's truth to it or not,

there will be purpose to it.

And good intention behind it.

Also, it wouldn't be nice to
not listen to your mother.

Just like your name
"Arjunan" suggests,

you're well-built &
also have a kind heart.

And you too.

Just that you talk a bit much,

But in beauty,
you are a true Goddess.

Don’t kid with me.

If I were a Goddess,

I'd have jewellery from neck
to toe, not be empty like this.

I will make sure you glitter.

Wear all the gold I have.

Who'd say no?

Oh, no thanks.


I want to wear the
jewellery once.

Shall I wear & give it back?

Sure, wait a minute.

What happened?

Pricked by thorns.

Thorns? Where?


Aren't you ashamed?

You are being grossly
untoward to a stranger.

Why are you shouting now?


Don't act like you don't know anything.

I've been watching you.

The way you look at me,
the way you talk to me,

nothing seems right.

If a young girl behaves like
this, they call her a...

"Prostitute", "Promiscuous"?


No, it's not that.

What I'm trying to tell you is..
-You asked where I got hurt?

I lifted my skirt just to
show you where I got hurt,

not to seduce you.

I asked for the jewellery, right?

That's why you took
me for a cheapskate.

I agree, I'm not betrothed at the right
time & wander around like a street dog.

But, I don't go around with
everybody like a dog.




Its dark outside,

Why haven't the
parents returned yet?

They'll be here anytime now.

Please, forgive me Mallika.

I spoke to you harshly in anger.

Leave it.

To show that you are good,
you portrayed me bad.

Oh, not at all Mallika.

That's not what I intended to say.
-Let's not talk about this anymore.

Swear by me,

did he show he's good
by portraying you bad?


It's a lie.

Didn't you try to charm him
with the enticing kajal?

Keep it that way. So what?

Having made the mistake yourself,
isn't it wrong to blame him?

The situation decides
which is right or wrong.

Not you or me.

A lot of people like you, put the blame
on the situation and try to escape.

You know how insulting it is, when the
man you like rejects a girl like me?

It's like asking,
"How much for the rotten goods?"

You wouldn't
understand all this.

You talk only about
the moral principles.

Go sleep.

When a person does
something wrong,

my job is to be awake.

You are thinking all rubbish,

please don't.

Playing the dice after lighting
the lamp is a bad omen.

How many times have I told you?

What if I don't?

We'll flourish with wealth?

It's because of your mouth
nothing goes right in this house.

As if.. Please leave.

You're hopeless.



Can you come here?

I'm coming.

Oh, you're back.

Tell me.

I'm making millet porridge for dinner.
You'll eat right?


Yeah, okay.

Don't think too much.

I'll pair it with citron pickle.
It will be yum.

-Okay, I'll call you once it's ready..

-What is it?

I promised you, I will eat whatever you serve.
But don't mistake me for asking this.

I would love to eat rice and
chicken curry made by you.

Will you make it for me?

Upon hearing the chicken
from the backyard,

I understand you'd love
to eat chicken curry.

To make rice and curry,
we need other ingredients too, don't we?

Understood sir.

Let me know how much you need to buy all
the ingredients. I will give you money.

I'm gonna stay only for a night.

It will cost fifty rupees.


He says, he is going to
stay only for a night.

Here, there's two
hundred rupees.

Two hundred rupees?

Please take it.


Please keep it.

You are going anyway.
Get whatever you want too.

Hey, give it back.

I'm asking you to return it.

Don't insult us
by giving us the money.

Oh no.

I can relish your
dinner only tonight.

That's why wanted to
have it as I like.

It's okay Valliyamma,
he wishes to, doesn't he?

Make it for him.

What should I buy?

We have only chillies.

Okay, you start the preparation.

I'll go buy and come back.

Malli.. Come here.



Stomach's a bit uneasy.

I need to relieve myself.

Don't know where to go.

Go to the backyard.

There's plenty of space.

Take the lantern and go.

Wild boars might attack in the dark.

What a sweet guy.

If I ask for 50 rupees,
he's giving 200 rupees.

Then how much will he give
if I ask for 200 rupees?

He's got a whole suitcase of money
and gold. Of course he'll give lots.

The Divine Goddesses are
coming to your home, Sir.

The Ashta Lakshmis.

The Goddess who guides all, has shown the
Goddess of wealth the way to your home.

All your problems are gonna
fly away like this cotton.

Why are you keeping
your face like that?

Is it because I asked
you not to play the dice?

When have I ever
listened to you?

Yeah, keep acting smart.

Grind it soon and get up.


Have you ever given two hundred rupees
to someone who's asked fifty rupees?

Am I crazy or what?

Then is the one
who's come crazy?

I don't think that's
his hard earned money.

But he said confidently that
that's his hard earned money.

A thief never accepts
himself a thief.

I'm think he's
stolen that money.

Who knows?

He might be the one who robbed
Dharmapuri's Gowda's house.

Hey, he might overhear us.

He's gone to the backyard.

Let it be stolen or earned money.
Why do we care?

Since we don't give a damn,
nothing comes our way.

That's our fate and luck.

If temple offerings from afar
coming to our home is fate,

then the guy bringing gold and money
to our home from afar is our luck.

What are you blabbering?

What if we get the money
and gold which he's got?

How is it possible?

Until he's there, it's all his.

What if he's not there?

You take care of
slaughtering the chicken.

I'll take care of
slaughtering him.

How much is it?

24 plus 12...36 Rupees.


What happened, Karuppusamy?

Money seems to be in flow.

Are the rumours true?

I don't understand.

I heard, the loan shark
Veerayya often visits your home.

To meet you and Malli.


Whatever people talk,

we know what we are.

Don't be angry, Karuppusamy.

Even if you drink milk under a palm tree,

people would think it's toddy.

Even I've a daughter.

As a father, if you had fulfilled
your daughter's needs in time,

people wouldn't talk bad about you.

Here's the change.

Are you out of your mind?

Are you crazy?


I'm crazy about my desires.

What's in it for you?

Everything happened at the right
time, in fact it's still happening.

What else do you need?

My pain and sorrow,
you'll never understand.

The gold that hasn't seen fire,

the statue that hasn't seen a chisel,

the land that hasn't seen the rain,

the woman who doesn't have a husband.

It's hell.

A wretched life.

Why do I have to live such life?

If I talk more,

you'll die.

Clearing all our debts,

and if I have to get married,

the only way is,

for him to die.

No Malli.

If you don't listen to me
even after explaining so much

I'll be a mistress to
that loan shark Veerayya.

I'll get a life even if I like it or not.

And our debts will be cleared.

Please don't say that, Malli.

For our sake,
isn't it wrong to kill that guy?

No, it's not.

You remember what that
soothsayer said in the morning?

The Goddess who guides all, has shown the
Goddess of wealth the way to your home.

All your problems are gonna
fly away like this cotton.

Not just that,

you yourself have told,

...if a lizard falls on
women's left shoulder

it means Wealth.

If it falls on men's right wrist,

its bad luck, Death.

His death is assured.

After this,

...life will not show us a way.

Listening to you,

it's wrecking me.


Half kg of rice,

green chilli for two rupees,

and ginger for two rupees.

and then...
-do you know what does she say?

Coriander for ten paise.

-Curry leaves for ten paise.
-Are you even listening to me?

-Cardamom, cloves, poppy seeds.

She says we should kill that guy.

Let's kill him.

♪ 'The arrow's craving
to kill it's prey, see.' ♪

♪ 'The eyes are deceiving
and covering up the ploy, see.' ♪

♪ 'Desire is baiting and
luring, see.' ♪

♪ 'Greed is spreading it's
net to capture, see.' ♪

Every single day

this village and that Veerayya

are insulting us.

I'm not able to take it.

As a father,
I haven't done anything to you.

If something good were to come of it,

I'll do anything to make it happen.

An opportunity has knocked our door.

We shouldn't miss it.

We have taken the right decision.

But to execute,

it's not easy.

you ladies,

do your thing.

As a man,

will do whatever I have to do.

After cooking,

make him eat.

You both as well eat and sleep.

Before dawn, he will be...



Just asking if you'll
finish cooking soon?

Got all the necessary ingredients.

Just was giving her the accounts.

You've bought whatever you need?

Just going to buy it.

Okay. Go and get back early.

I and the chicken are
waiting for a long time.

Both of you pursue as per the plan.


Be careful.


Shall we play a game?

Not now.

Get on with your tasks.

-Let him have one more peg.



What do you think about
the betrayal of trust?

I'm talking about
betraying the chicken.

It was living under your
roof, trusting you.

All of a sudden, you have killed it.

Poor chicken, isn't it?

You asked us to kill it to make the curry.

I'm not denying it.

But I remorse not only to kill
this poor chicken but to eat it.

If a being has to be fed,

the other being has to be killed.

You know they say,
"Slaughter & sin, eat & repent!"

That's not complete.

"Slaughter & sin,
repent by eating yourself."

We modified the proverb to our convenience.

Try imagining the chicken in our position

...and us in it's position.

A giant animal preys on a small animal.

The small animal preys on a
smaller animal, it's normal.

Weakness has to succumb to Strength.


How clearly and brilliantly you speak.

Please continue.

Should I cook or keep talking to you?

Oh God.

Cooking is important, Mallika.

I'm already tempted by
the aroma of spices.

Just that,

if we talk good things about the chicken,

I thought it will rest in peace.

Please carry on.

I'll be inside.


Watch me.


Me and my son have a contest.

I bet you wouldn't drink from tomorrow.

He bets you would.

What do you say?


Why do you pull me into your bet?

It's just that, Karuppu.

I say, that those who drink in sadness
will not drink out of happiness.

But he says,

There's no difference between sadness
and happiness for those who drink.

They just want the booze.

What is your opinion?

Oh God,

Who are you both to decide
why I drink and why I don’t?

Who are you?


I understand why you speak so confusingly.

If I become sober, I'll drink again.

And you can earn more.

Extremely clever you are!


Your business trick
wouldn't work with me.

And tonight definitely
it wouldn't work with me.

You cannot make me drink even a drop more.

Because I have something
important to do.

Extremely important work.

This Karuppu,

...will not drink even a drop more.

He wouldn't.


Bring a glass.


Have it.

So hasty.



Yes, Anjala?

They are calling people to
work at Pacha Muthaiyya's land.

They are increasing the daily wage.

Would you and Malli join us?

Yes, we'll come Anjala.


We aren't interested to come.

Why do you say like that?

We have shortage of labours.

I thought you'll somehow come,
so gave your names as well

No sister.

Hereafter, we'll not come for any work.

Okay, your wish.

I'll take a leave.


I'll not be here tomorrow.

You thought I'll be here
tomorrow and refused the work?

Yes, you won't be here.

And we wouldn't have necessity to work.

Not like that.

We have lots to do in our land.

That's why she refused to go.

Then okay.

I thought I might be your hindrance.

You being alive is the inconvenience.


I'm starving.

Just few more minutes. Food will be ready.

Dying of hunger.

Us too.

If you see anyone suspicious,

...inform immediately to the station.

Sure sir.

Hey, wait on table.

Somebody robbed at Ramasamy
Gowda's house, right?

That's why the police
are torturing us, what to do.

Whatever has to be done,

...let us do.

If he's destined to die in our hands,

...nobody can change that.


Was it a dream?

Did I sleep off and dream too so soon?

Very good.

Like I dreamt, would the guy
harm the aggressive ladies?

No, he can't.

He definitely cannot.

The ladies at home are tactful.



One more glass.


It's late.

Why Sir hasn't returned home?

He'll be back soon.


That drunkard?

He'd have spent all the money on
booze and passed out on the floor

What do you expect me to do?

We should answer him, shouldn't we?

If you trust him,

that's all.

Nothing will happen.

He only asked us to
take care of the cooking

...and assured that rest
will be taken care of.

Your husband is all talk and no action.

He can only show-off being a man.

Whatever has to be done,

...we'll do it.

If he's doomed to be slashed by our hands,

...nobody can change that.

Let's not do it, please.

Why are you defying it again?

I don't want the blood to be spilled.

What do you mean?

Satan's poison.

♪ 'The arrow's craving
to kill it's prey, see.' ♪

♪ 'The eyes are deceiving
and covering up the ploy, see.' ♪

♪ 'The brain is rotting away, see.' ♪

♪ The fixation is brimming & dancing, see ♪

♪ 'The night's moving & turning
red, see.' ♪

♪ 'Satan's death rope is flying
high, see.' ♪

♪ 'Greed is the string
for these puppets.' ♪

♪ 'They're running a
race against fate.' ♪

♪ 'This crowd is
poisoning the heart.' ♪

♪'What'll happen to all this drama?'
♪ -It looks absolutely tempting.

Why are your hands dirty?

It's just

...I was writing.

It must have stained.

I'll wash my hands and come.

What he's going to eat is poison.

Doesn't matter if he
washes his hands or no.

I doubt you'll pamper him,
feed him and put him to sleep.


You know the knack to
jump off the fence, sir.

This isn't my first time.


Police has come.

Oh God.

Hey, what is it.



Yes madam?

Please stay here until I say otherwise.

What happened madam?

Any Problem?

Someone has come home.

If they see you here at this hour,

...they might unnecessarily question us.

Hope you understand.

I get it.

You carry on.

I guess, I'm not lucky enough
to eat this chicken yet.

Hello sir.

Why are you here at this hour?

Dharmapuri's Ramasamy
Gowda's house's been robbed.

We heard the accused has been
hiding somewhere in the forest.

We came in search of him.

Did you see anyone suspicious?


You can't hide anything from me.

I'm smelling something good.

Did you make chicken curry?

Yes sir.

Country chicken curry.

Which Country's chicken?

Can I please see it?

Some for me?

Please tie up the dog.

It's so scary.

It wouldn't do anything, sir.

What if it bites us?

"Barking dogs seldom bite", don't you know sir?

Sir does both.


I meant you can multitask.

You please serve.

Please go.

Please go, the curry might get cold.

Oh wow.

You've kept the food ready,
knowing that we would come?

Oh God.

Don't eat that.

It's okay Valliyamma.

We aren't strangers, are we?

That's an eaten plate.

Malli, please bring that curry.



Why are you so hasty?

Be careful.

My hands slipped.


Please clean this.



I should thank you and the thief as well.

We came searching for him

...and we got delicious food.


Let it be, Valliyamma.

Let it eat.

Anyway, you'll feed him
the remaining food, right?

I'll take a leave, Valliamma.

-Had amazing food.

-Shall we rest a bit in this verandah?


This dog just had food.

Why did it sleep off?

That's usual.

It'll sleep immediately
after eating in verandah.

Lazy dog.

Hey, did you hear that?

If I had listened to you
and slept in verandah,

...she would have addressed
us as the lazy dog.

She anyway meant us only.

♪ 'The arrow's craving
to kill it's prey, see.' ♪

♪ 'The eyes are deceiving
and covering up the ploy, see.' ♪

♪ 'Desire is baiting and
luring, see.' ♪

♪ 'Greed is spreading it's
net to capture, see.' ♪

What happened?

I guess it ate something.
It's puking non-stop.

You go in & eat.

I'll take care.

♪ 'On this dreadful night, ♪
♪ there's a cloud of deceit.' ♪

♪ 'To kill others for
survival is what wins here.' ♪

♪ 'The sin of slaughtering
vanishes on eating.' ♪

♪ 'What happens to the ♪
♪ sin of eating it?' ♪

At last, I'm going to eat.

It's delicious.

Oh my! What's this?
- Bless me.

Get up.

I should've taken
your blessing earlier.

-Yes sir.

Take care of the shop. We'll go
home and come back. - Okay Sir.

Hey Buddy!

That's enough.
- Hey!

It's for people like
me to drink & be happy,

the leader has opened up the bars.

Who are you in between?

Get me another glass.

You didn't mix the

Your daughter's life is less
worthy than that of a stranger's?

You're jealous I
might end up happy.


Isn't what I've gone through enough?

Am I supposed to grit through more?


Don't say such things and daunt me.

I saw our dog die...

& felt afraid to my bones.

That's why.

The food he ate...

I had no heart
mixing poison in it.

Shut up!

For the sake of being your daughter,
I've to eat the poison & die.


Don't worry.

Unlike you, I'm no coward.


We use this knife to
cut the umbilical cord.

We slaughtered the chicken too with this.

If you let go,

he'll die.


I'll die.

Sounds like Valli sister's voice.

Sister Valli!

Sister Valli!



What's it, Kannappa?

I was on my way home.

I heard you scream.

I came to see what...I mean
I came to ask what happened.


I didn't scream.

It did feel like you screamed.

Why would I scream?

You would've heard
something else.

Okay then.

I'll see you.

Take care.

You be careful too.

It's way too dark.

For me?

Darkness and the light
is all the same, right?

Sister Valli!


Seems like there's a guest home?


Who'll come to our house?

You're lying.

This morning I...
-She's saying there's no one.

Can't you shut it and leave?

You're uttering some nonsense.

I'll leave Mallika.

Why are you being so hasty?

Isn't Karuppasamy here?

Don't you know where
he'd be at this time?


Blind fool.

Mallika, the one who can't see isn't blind.

The one who can see and still goes
down the wrong path is truly blind.

I'll see you.


Brother, leave from here.

Just because you won't
drink from tomorrow,

the boss and his son are
instigating you to drink,

& take away all your money.

You're gonna drink all
out and go all out.


The boss and his workers are
all talking the same way.

It's my wish, buddy.

I'll drink today.

I'll drink tomorrow.

I'll keep drinking.

In fact,

I might even make you drink.

You think I've no money?

Brother, it's not about the money.

If you listen to what I've to say,

you'll flee home the next moment.

You first tell me.

I'll decide if I've to walk or flee.

There's a man at your house, right?


What'd you say?

I'm talking about the man at your house.

Do you know who that is?

How do you know that someone's...

come to my house?

♪ 'You've seen the
consequences of your action.' ♪

♪ 'The arrow one shoots
comes back to hit him.' ♪

♪ 'The stone one throws
strikes back at him.' ♪

♪ 'You wished to grow
and harvest the crop.' ♪

♪ 'You fail to see the ploy of
fate, human.' ♪

♪ 'You're stuck in your own
web of deceit, human.' ♪

♪ 'O dull human!
O dull human!' ♪

♪ 'Life is an untainted manuscript' ♪

♪ 'It keeps preaching
a lesson unto you.' ♪

♪ 'You refused to bow
down & go its course.' ♪

♪ 'With foul-play you've
committed a sin.' ♪

♪ 'You fail to see the ploy of
fate, human.' ♪

♪ 'You're stuck in your own
web of deceit, human.' ♪

♪ 'O dull human!
O dull human!' ♪

♪ 'O dull human!
O dull human!' ♪

♪ 'O dull human!' ♪

Where is he?


Where's he?


Oh my!

Hey, it's our Karna!

Our son Karunakaran!

Oh my!

My son!

You've killed my son Karunakaran!

Greetings sir.

Please come, what do you want?

On the Pennagaram joint road,

near the banyan tree,

there was a family there
in an isolated house.

Are they still there?

Are you asking about Karuppasamy's family?


They are still there. So you're
Karuppasamy's relative or Valliyamma's?


What'd you say?


I'll see you.

Boy, please stop.

Are you Karrupasamy's son who ran
away from home when you were little?


Isn't your name Karunakaran?

Yes, that's it.

I can't believe it.

We need to thank God.

Just like rain for barren lands,
you've come at the right time.

I don't understand.

Since you left,

your family shattered.

Your mom was always sad.

Your dad harmed his health, took up
drinking, always sulking about you.

Debt & Stress.

Your sister isn't married yet.

Aren't you here now?

All will be well.

It will.

I feel like,

God has sent me
back just for this.


one thing.

Don't tell my family
who I am until tomorrow.


I'll tell tomorrow.

You've planned some drama out.

Let it all work out.

-I'll see you.

Whatever is my money & gold today,

could be yours tomorrow.


Ma, he cut my hair!

What? Why are you crying?

Oh my!

You wretched twat!

We grew it to offer it to the gods.

And you cut it?

Those hands...

You do all this & still
have a smirk on your face?

You need a heat mark to set you right.

Where is he?


Rascal, Wastrel, Absconder!

You think I'll let go if you run?
Stop! Stop!

Keep running.

Don't come home.

You're dead if you're back.

My boy!

You should have been
lost just like you were!

Don't touch him!

Don't touch him!

None of us have the right to touch him!

Ma, I'm the one who made the mistake.

I killed him.

No, it was my mistake.

I made the mistake of
giving birth to him!

My boy!

My boy!

I've made you a corpse
right where I birthed you.


♪ 'Who's given this
thirst to your heart?' ♪

♪ 'The fish dies off its mouth,
The elephant dies off its body.' ♪

♪ 'The moth dies off its eyes,
The bug dies off its nose, ' ♪

♪ 'The Asunama dies off its ears.' ♪

♪ 'If your heart
takes the shortcut,' ♪

♪ 'the faeces will
want to be eaten,' ♪

♪ 'the forest will
want to burn,' ♪

♪ 'the pond will
want to drown,' ♪

♪ 'the land will
want to bury,' ♪

♪ 'the boon will
want to destroy.' ♪

♪ 'To destroy.' ♪

♪ 'You've committed a grave
sin, human.' ♪

♪ 'You've succumbed to the
fire, human.' ♪

♪ 'You've committed a grave
sin, human.' ♪

♪ 'You've succumbed to the
fire, human.' ♪

♪ 'O dull human!' ♪

♪ 'O dull human!
O dull human' ♪

♪ 'You've succumbed to the
fire, human.' ♪

♪ 'You've succumbed to the
fire, human.' ♪

'Today is an unforgettable
day in my life.'

'It's the day I understood,
imagination is stranger than the truth.'

'The lovely day when I saw
my family after 20 years.'

'The moment I saw them, I wanted to
hug them and cry out everything.'

'But one day, just one day,

I had this crazy desire to stay with them as
a stranger without being a son or a brother.

'After all these years,

I'm curious if they still
think or talk about me.'

'When Veerayya spoke ill of my
father, I should've revealed

who I was and thrown the
money I had on his face!'

'But, my crazy desire stopped me.'

'I figured that was a big blunder.'

'I should've apologized when I was
little instead of running away.'

'Just like that day, I did not reveal who
I was and created yet another blunder.'

'Just like how one wanders astray
when things don't happen timely,

my sister was
untoward with me.'

'I should've told her then who I was.'

'But, more than being happy about me,
she'd feel broken for being untoward me.'

'I don't want to give her the pain.'

So I've decided,
just like how I came I'll go back a Nomad.

'Reunited with my family after so long,
I thought I'll happily live with them.'

'But fate had other ideas.'

'I've decided, I'm gonna leave
my wealth here for my family's

problems and leave the house
before sunrise tomorrow.'

'God, I pray my sister doesn't
have any bad ideas until then.