Kääntöpiste (2018) - full transcript

The lives of three troubled people are connected by accident when they are faced with moral questions.


Police! Stop!



- Your beer is about to fall.

Oh, thanks.

Grandma's gonna pick you up. Bye.
- Bye.



Yeah, I did.

I know your mom's
coming to see you.

Give it to your mom, and
she'll bring it to Saima.

Sorry, but that's not possible.
We can't come.

Aleksi, don't even think about
it You can't come here.

I've just gotten
my life together.

You know what?

You'll never see Saima again.
You've ruined her childhood.

You don't deserve to
see her ever again.

I don't care if you overdose!

You can come here
over my dead body!

You don't really
mean that, do you'!




And you're going to Oulu.
- Yeah.

Have a nice trip!

Hi. You speak Finnish?

I'm not your dealer.

I have to stay out of trouble. I
have a son I need to take care of.


We agreed I'd bring
you the whole load,

but now you want me to sell
your stuff on the way.

Can you then give me extra
time with the debt?


Okay. Bye.

Be careful it's heavy stuff.

Alrighty. Hit the gym.

What the hell...


Everything all right'!
- Yeah. Found my key card.

Don't come near me!
- Give him his bag back.

Don't come near me.
- Give him his bag back.

Calm down. No one's
gonna hurt you.

Leave me alone!
- We just want our stuff back.

Put that away. Put that away.

Let go of me!

Help! - Calm down.

All right. All right. Take it easy.
That's it.

All right. Wake up.

Hey, wake up.

Hey, wake up.


Wake up, goddammit!

Have you considered
a women's shelter'!

I have a small child and
a premiere coming up.

Can't you do something?

We need a request from
the mental hospital.

So you're not going to do anything?
- I'm sorry.


Hi. You're the owner of the
Combat Zone gym, right?

I'd like to learn self-defense.

Vera Virtanen.

A beer, please.

Forgive me for everything.

Have you talked to Aleksi?
- Yeah, he called.

What in the world
did you say to him?

What do you mean? - Did you tell
him he'll never see Saima again?

I would never say
anything like that.

But he can't come here.

He'll come here if
you tell him not to.

You know what?

You'll never see Saima again.
You've ruined her childhood.

You don't deserve to
see her ever again!

I don't care if you overdose.

You can come here
over my dead body!

Hello. - Hi. You're the owner
of file Combat Zone gym, right?

- I'd like to learn self-defense.

Sure. What's your name?
- Vera Virtanen.

I could come in at 3.

I'll see you then. Bye.

The changing room
is on the left.

Jere should be here in 30 minutes.
- I'm early on purpose.

You have a gym, right?
- It's on the left where the lockers are.

Oh. Sorry.

You need help?

You know how to cook macaroni?
- Yes.

Isn't your mom or dad at home?
- No.

You want me to help you?
- If you can.

I moved to Oulu
because of my son!

I saved enough money so that
I can stay here! - Jere...

I've taken a hell of a lot better
care of him than his mother!

You're saying one report
makes me a had dad?!

It's Saku's teacher's
responsibility to let us know -

if she thinks Saku
spends nights alone.

And it's not only that a
week ago Saku was seen

at the railway station at 11 p.m.
with some older kids.

I had to stay late at work,

Where does your mother live'!
I think -

there's some kind of mother
figure missing in Saku's life.

She's dead.

You have a father,
sister, girlfriend?

Do you have any friends here?
Or anywhere?

We won't give you the custody

because you need an
anchor in your life.

We think about what's
best for Saku.

He's been tossed around
enough as it is.

I want you to bring Saku next time.
- Okay.

Push with the front leg, and
kick with the back leg.

Awesome. Try again.

Hi. These came in the mail.

Left foot front. Weight
on your back foot.

Raise your arms. Fall and push.

Remember to kick
with the back leg.

Wow. Nice!

Are you...? - Vera.

Right. I need to get changed.

Saku. Here's a winter
jacket for you.

I'll put my hands on your neck.

What would you do?

Probably something like this...

The attacker is usually
stronger or high or crazy.

They want to attack
someone weaker.

If you try to use
force, you'll lose.

Put your hands around my neck.


You've never done anything like
this before, have you? - No.


Let's try taking physical
contact and using our voices.

I want you to grab my hands before
I put them around your neck.

A stranger must never put his
hands around your neck -

without your permission. Good.

That's it. Repeat.

Don't do this.

Instead of bending backwards, -

you can lean forward and push the
attackers hands away. - Yeah.

You don't have to step aside.

Good. Put your hand
on my forehead.

Push me away.

Do it again.




Give it to me. Come on.
That's it.

Harder still. Good.

When the attacker puts his
hands on your neck, -

you tum and hit the
attackers chest.

Remember to pull your
shoulder blade down, -

not to the side. Good.

Do it again. Good.

Again. Good. Keep
your eyes on me.

That's it. Good.

Good. Now use your voice.

Stop! Get away from me!
- Pretend this is a real situation.

Stop! Get away from me!
Help! Stop!

Help! Help! Help!

I'm really sorry.

Did I do something wrong?
- No. Not at all.

My ex-boyfriend is mentally ill.

He attacked me in my
building last fall.

You're afraid he'll
come see you again?

That's why you want to learn this?
- Yeah.

You could've told me. We can
train for that scenario.

If you still want to teach me.
- Same time tomorrow'!

Sure. - Okay.

Your son is adorable.

Determining the time of
death based on temperature

Here we go.

I'm going to put a
nightgown on you.



Get the fuck out!

Aleksi called me. I
thought it was him.

What did he say'! - Nothing. But I
realized he's probably in town.

Dominick couldn't get
across the border,

so we thought he'd stay
here for a couple of weeks.

My premiere is in a week

Dominick will be at the
church during the day.

We have a deal, remember.

You have an extra set of keys'!

It's at the theater.
- Give it to Dominick tomorrow, okay?

I have to call Aleksi.

What yoghurt is this? I like it.
- Blueberry.

Did you get the Syrian guy's papers?
- No.

Damn. I'll call you
about them next week.

No problem.

Vera. - Stay where you are.

Are you afraid of me?
- Yes. Don't come any closer.

Vera. - Stay where you are.

Are you afraid of me?
- Yes. Don't come any closer.

Are you afraid of me?
- Yes. Don't come any closer.

This is a free country.
- Stay where you are.

How are you going to stop me'!


If anything happens, you
can always call me.


Wait here.

Aleksi. Aleksi.


Can I sign up for this'!
- What is it?

Oulu City Theater.

Child extras?

Vera told you about this?

You'd have to stay
there overnight.

You have school.
- You can come get me in the evening.

Yeah, I can.

Who's Aleksi?

- You shouted Aleksis name in your sleep.

I did?

Are you nervous? - Yeah.

It'll be fine.

It's so cold.

Hi! You got your script? - Yeah.

Good. - Here's Saku's backpack.

I'll come get him in the evening.
- What about the train?

What train?
- The train set I don't play with anymore.

I could give it to Saima.
- If it's okay. I'll pay.

The BRIO? - Yeah.

You don't have to pay.

How about I ask our producer to
give us a ride and bring Saku home?

I could also take the train set.

The ferry's leaving!

We should get going.

That's a cake! - Yeah.

That's a heart.
- That also looks like one.

Yeah. Two hearts.
- There's one more.

Three. Four. Five...

There's a little hole. Would
you like to swim in it? - No.

Does your mom know you're here?
- No.

You live with your dad and see your
mom every now and then? - Yeah.

My mom's in rehab.

That's a nice one. Over there.

There's a lizard.

- It's hiding there. These are live worms.

Can you babysit Saima
during the premiere?

Maybe Dominick can babysit
her during dress rehearsal

Tea, you brought him
over to my house.

Why shouldn't I trust
him if you do?

Okay, we'll do that. Bye.

Have you been to Africa?
- Quite a bit.

My ex-mother-in-law
works with immigrants.

She just brought an African to my
house because he needs housing.

Don't get me wrong, but if
were you, I'd be alert.

What do you mean?

Some of these paperless
immigrants really need help.

But then there are
these gold diggers.

I don't think Dominick is that type.
He seems really honest.


How come they're so quiet?

I think we have to go.

Please not yet.

How did you and
Saku's mom meet?

I had just gotten out of the army.
I was driving home.

She was hitchhiking.

And? - I gave her a ride.


Tell me.

When we made it to her house, she
invited me in for a cup of coffee.

After a couple of months, she called
and said she was pregnant with Saku.

I had this stupid idea

that we should stay
together because of Saku.

It didn't work out.
- Sounds familiar.

How often did you see Saku?

I always brought him a
gift at Christmas.

I visited him on his birthday.
We Skyped.

Two years ago he
became an Africa fan.

I smuggled that lizard in for him.
Don't tell anyone.

I was working in
Mali a year ago

when I got an e-mail. Saku
had been taken into custody.

His mother got into speed.

I quit my job and flew back.

They didn't want to
give Saku to me,

but his foster family
had problems,

so they gave him to me.
To see how it would go.

And now you want to keep him?
- I can't leave now.

You've seen what he's like.
Pure as snow.

It's incredible seeing
what he's like with you.

What's he like?
- He laughs now.

I need to buy a new coat

It's a normal job, I'll
get a work permit later.

Vera is away for the night

Teresa, I have to go if you
want your money before Tuesday.

Okay. BY?-

Are you gonna be okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

You want to come see our
dress rehearsal tomorrow?

We need audience.

At the theater? - Yeah.

I could.
- I'll send you a message.

Bye bye.

Bye bye.

Did the police say
anything else?

Tea, that doesn't
comfort me at all!


Saima and I can't stay here!

Then there were these ice rafts.
Almost 2,000 of them.

That sounds nice. How did you
find out about the theater thing?

Through my work.

I'm coaching an actress
from the Oulu City Theater.

Saku and Vera get along well.
We've seen each other a lot.

Yup. - I'm glad to hear that.

Well. I'll let you know when
we're coming for a visit.

"We"? - Two colleagues and I.

We'll take a closer look at Saku's
situation. And yours, of course.

Good. Get your coat.

What do you think of Vera?

She's pretty nice, huh?

I wonder where Saima"s dad is.

What do you mean?
- She said no one knows where he is.

Right. That's howl understood it.

What are we having for dinner?
- We could have fish fingers.


Go inside. I'll be
there in a minute.

Bye bye, Mom.

A dream catcher?
- You know what they are?

You're sure this guy
Aleksi made it?

Do you mind? - No, go ahead.

I've reached a point where I won't
say, "Poor Aleksi, how are you?"

if he comes to my door.
I'll strike.

I'll kill him if I have to.

Can you wait for me after the show?
We have feedback.

Saku is alone at home.

I need to ask you something.

You wanted to ask me something.

You can shoot this
down right away,

but could Saima and I stay
with you and Saku for a while?

Till they find Aleksi.

I don't mean... I can
sleep on the couch.

And I have a travel
bed for Saima.

What about the African guy?
- What about him?

Where would he go?
- I don't know. Why do you ask?

Just wondering what's
going to happen to him.

When will the videos
be finished?

Before the premiere, I guess.

It'll be nice to
see Saku in them.

I have to go. - I'll take you!

I'll take a taxi!
- You won't find one here.

I'll think about your idea.

The social workers are coming...
- Jere, it was a stupid idea.

See you around!

Did you have an evening snack!
- I ate the leftover pizza.

I'll make you oatmeal
in the morning.

Dad? - What?

Am I going to stay here
when Mom gets out of rehab?

Yes, of course. If you want.

What is this place?

What's that sound?

That one dose to me.

Why are you so pale, Marie?

What is that red ribbon
around your neck?

Did I make you so pale?

The knife. The knife.
Here it is.

Cold. Wet. Dead. Now
I'll throw it away.

No, they'll find it.

Then the whole world
will talk about it.

I must wash it. There's a stain.
And there.

And there. And there. And there.

And there.

Quick. Let's go to Marie.
- Marie?

Don't you know? Everyone
has gone to see Marie.


Congratulations. - You're the one
who should've gotten flowers.

You want a soda? Go take a
bottle from that stash.

We'll go to the party in a minute.
- Okay.

Hi. - Hi. - Saku, let's go.

How did it go? - Well.

What is it?

They found Aleksi dead.

He was found 100
kilometers from here

in an old railroad
water station.

Do you want to spend
the night here?

Sinikka and Heikki are
coming to pick me up.

Do you know what
happened to him?

No. I have no idea.

Did Olavi call you? - Yes.

Have you packed everything?

Toothbrush, pajamas, school books?
- Yes.

Good. Let's go.

What do you need your passport for?
- Nothing. Come.

The social workers are coming at 3.
I'll come get you before that.

You have everything?

Saku. This African guy has done
something a little stupid.

I have to help him. I'm
taking him to Sweden.

Let's make a deal: you
haven't seen... Saku!

Saku, wait!

Saku! Saku, wait! Saku!

Saku, wait. Wait, Saku.

Wait Listen.

I'll be back. I'll come gel you
tomorrow as early as possible.




I also have my passport -
I don't' need to see it.

What do you have in the back?
- My girlfriend's washing machine.

I'm taking it back to IKEA.
- Can you show it to me.

Sure, if you want.

A full trailer truck with a
Ukrainian license plate

is coming your way.
Conduct a full search.

You can go. - Thank you.


I'd like to ask you a favor.

I can't get hold of Saku.
He won't answer me.

I was thinking maybe
he'd answer you.

I can try.

What do I fell him
if I find him?

What shall Hell your son?

Don't ask me to lie.

Tell him I have to go to the
police and confess something.

I've done a bad thing, and
they're gonna put me in prison.

We won't be seeing each
other for some time.

I'll try to take care
of him the best I can.

I hope some day Saku and
I can live together.

He won't have to be
afraid of anything.

Also tell him I love him.

I might not he very good
at loving anybody,

but tell Saku I love him.

Translated by Aretta V h I
Proofread by Rich Lyons