Kawashima Yoshiko (1990) - full transcript

A fictionalized account of the life and death of Kawashima Yoshiko, the last princess of Manchuria and a spy for the Japanese during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

In 1911. the Ching dynasty was overthrown.
China abolished its monarchy.

Immediately the country was divided up by the
warlords. A period ofgreat turmoil began.

In the 1920s. the Kuomintang defeated
the nation's entrenched warlords.

Meanwhile. Communism began to
spread throughout the country.

In the 1930s. the Kuomintang turned
its attention to purging the communists.

This gave Imperial Japan to
invade north-eastern China.

In 1937. the Sino-Japanese war began.

In 1945. Japan surrendered to China.

Ah Fook.

Don't move. Where's Kawashima Yoshiko?

I am Commander Kam Bik Fai. Kawashima Yoshiko.

Peace! Victory!

Down with the Japs!

Extra...Traitoron public trial!

The traitor Kawashima Yoshiko is arrested
and will be on trail tomorrow

Punish the traitors...

I. on behalf ofthe Chinese people

charge Kam Bik Fai.

Kawashima Yoshiko with being a traitor.

with spying on behalf of key
Japanese military personnel.

with collecting our country's
intelligence in Shanghai

during the Dec 8th incident.

and the September 18th incident.

with joining and re-organizing the Kwantung Army.

and establishing the Anguo army.

With plotting subversion:

and helping Pu Yi to establish
thefalse Manchukuo.

The penalties stipulated fortraitors

require that the sentence should
be life imprisonment ordeath.

Good! Death by firing squad!
Down with the traitor!


Kam Bik Fai. how do you plead?

Your honour. I

on behalf ofthe accused.
appeal for an adjournment.

Your honour. do you have a cigarette?

I'd ask the accused to conduct herself
in a appropriate manner.

During the occupation

you asked me to arrange passage

for yourconcubine to reach safety in Kweilin.

Do you remember?

How "appropriate" should my manner be?

Kam Bik Fai.

all you have to do is plead guilty or not guilty.


Even if I were guilty.
my crimes would be simply crimes ofwar.

I don't qualify as a traitor.

I'm not Chinese. I'm Japanese.

1913. BeiPing.

Two years afterthe Manchu dynasty
was overthrown.

I'm not Japanese. I'm Chinese.

I don'twant to go to Japan...

Hin-Tsee. the Emperor's been under
house arrest in the Forbidden City

fortwo years now.

The so-called Republic of China is a fiasco.

Just a bunch oftraitorsand rebels

betraying the Emperorand the country.

They should all be beheaded.

Let me give you a new name. Eastern Jewel.

In the hope that one day

you'll become a preciousjewel ofthe East.

To support the China dynasty

they'll have to ask for help from Japan.

Kawashima Naniwa and I
are as close as blood brothers.

He'll take care of you.

In Japan. you'll adopt

yourfosterfather's name. Kawashima.
and be named Yoshiko.

Take this to him.

You can go now.

Dear brother Ninwa.
I'm making you a gift ofthis small toy.

I hope you will treasure it.

The competition over. Yoshiko won.

Dad. School is not over yet.

What is it?

Yoshiko. I received a letterfrom your home today.

I have to take you back to China.

Two months ago your motherdied of an illness.

Yourfatherdidn't tell you

because he didn'twant to
distract you from your studies.

Earlierthis month yourfather.
whowas suffering from diabetes.

passed away in Lushun.

He wants to pass on to you
the overriding dream of his life...

to revive the great China Empire.


Did you best not to disappoint yourfather.

He had high hopes foryou.

The responsibility is a heavy one.

I have to fetch my satchel.

What's the matter?

I have to go. back to my homeland.

Isn't this your homeland?

Where is your homeland?

Is it China?

My only homeland is in my mother'swomb.

1924. Matsumoto.

I won't talk to you!

I can't invite you in.

But I don'twant you to leave either.

We have nowhere else to go.

But I want to see more ofyou.

I have to go in now. What shall I do?

See you tomorrow.

Don't go.

You're going?

I thought you have guests in the house.

I can do what I want.

Here. Taste the cake I made.

It has red bean filling again!

I love it.

It's too sweet. I told you I like to eat...

And I told you I don't like chestnut.

But if you like

I'll make itfor you next time.

maybe forthe rest of my life.

To prove that I'm a good woman.

Miss Yoshiko.

is the good woman of Mr. Amakasu.

a lieutenant in the 50th Infantry of Matsumoto.


I'm the good woman of General Amakasu.

Finish itwhen you get back.

Or I'll give you the 3rd degree tomorrow.


See you tomorrow.

Miss Yoshiko.

Miss Yoshiko. Mr. Kawashima iswaiting foryou.

You've met these gentleman before.

Captain Shimade. Major Hashimoto.

Mr. Yumazu is a representative
ofthe Black Dragon Society.

Do you recognize him?

This is the son of Mongolian General Babao Zabu.

Genzui Zabu.

We haven't metfor ages.

I recently graduated from Army Officers' School.

- You return to your studies now.
- Yes.

Concernimg the idea of imdependence for

Manchuria and Mongolia
and the practical possibilities.

I wish to offerthefollowing views.

In our meeting today we agreed unanimously

to give your hand in marriage

to the Mongolian Primce Genzui Zabu.

thusjoimimg the military forces
of Mongolia and Manchuria.

to cross the Hsing An range

and take the city of Beijing.

Thatwe'll set up

an independent kimgdom

e Ching dynasty.

I don'twant to get married so early

It's not early.
Forthis country it's already quite late.

It's not!

This country means China! I'm talking about China!

I thimk of myselfas Japanese.

You want to marry a Japanese?

Amakasu Masahiko?


He's only a lieutenant.

A lieutenant can become a captaim.

a major. a colonel.

Even if all goeswell

you'll have to wait forty years forthat.

I'll wait.

No. You're the 14th Princess of Ching.

You have a great mission to fulfill.

You can't imdulge

in these childish games.

Marriage is important to a woman.


have you forgotten yourfather's dying wish?

Let me go.

This isjust a political marriage.

In politics. marriage is dispensable.

I'm a woman. Marriage is important!

Even a woman's virginity means nothing.

Yoshiko. I don't want to marry you off.


Yoshiko. you are royalty. and I'm a valiant man

When our blood mingles shall give
birth to a Prince among men

The valiant have nofear.
Itwill be the greatest of men.

the embodiment ofthe highest intelligence.

the ruler ofa united world.
the supreme commander.

The one true Emperor!

Miss Yoshiko

I can't do it.

cut it!


cut it!


I did it by accident.

You scare me to death sometimes.

We have to break up.

Before engagimg in the battle

you should at least sound an advance.

I'm getting married.

Thefourteenth Primcess ofthe great Ching dynasty

is to marry a Mongolian Primce.

Long live the independence
of Mongolia and Manchuria!

Come away with me.

I was born to play this part im the game.

You arejust a woman.

Can't women do anythimg of consequence?

I will wait forthe day you're my good woman.

- I will change.
- I will never change.

We are confrontimg a momentous era.

No one can force me!

I have no intention of being anyone's woman.

Thank of it as a life debt. I owe you.

Debts have to be repaid.

I've paid im full!


Yourfather's been waiting

with Mr. Amakasu fortwo days now.

Do you want to see him?

No. Not until I've had the operation.

The operation is over. You're out ofdanger.

I want to be sterilised.

I'll sign the consent from myself.

No. A woman has to get married. bearchildren.

- Miss Yoshiko!
- Get away!

Will you do it? Even ifyou save me this time...

I'll try to commit suicide again

until I succeed.

1927. Lushun.

1930. Matsumoto.

I'm not going back to Mongolia.

Are you gettimg a divorce?

No need.

I can leave a man likewhenever I feel like it.

You care only about your own personal concerns.

I care about imdependence
for Mongolia and Manchuria.

There's more than you at stake.

This concerns Japanese.

Manchurians. Mongolians.

theirtime. money. and energy.

I've sacrificed three years!

And I've sacrificed thirty years!

I order you. on behalf ofyourfather.

the Primce to go back immediately.

Enough! This is so-called Mongolian Primce

isweak. powerless. and has no real status.

The Kwangtung Army occupied

the three provinces ofthe Northeast.

While you bunch of scholars and wastrels

are still meetimg and studyimg.

You'vewasted three years of my life. Three years!

Do you understand? Three years!

You're old.

I still have time.

but I will not lend it to you.

I want to save itfor my own grand plans.

You have no money.
What grand plan can you achieve?

What about my father's legacy?

We've used it to keep our cause alive.

You have no money. you have no honour.

and you have no position.

You've no connections and
no patron with influence.

What do you have?

Mr. Amakasu. there's a young lady lookimg for you.

Someone lookimg for you...

I've sold my life story

to a Japanese novelist.

I got two thousand yen for it.

Now I'll let you have halfto settle yourdebts.

I hope you will put yourselftogether.

A man of substance.

findimg himself in a period of imstability

should grasp the opportunity

to pursue a brilliant career.

I'm returnimg to China.

I want to be a woman of consequence.

1930. Shanghai.

"Man's beauty apparel is a bestseller."
"A legendary woman in Shanghai."


How are you? God bless you.

Where to. Sir?

- Ha Fei Road.
- You want Ha Fei Road?

- Hurry!
- Okay.

Love your country. love your God.


Stop! Thief!

Don't you want to pick it up?

I'll pick it upfor you. Movie aside please.

A Japanese broad.


Thank you.

For your help.

Our meeting was an accident.

I've done nothing to merit this.

Are you on the stage?


you're new here. You should be very careful.

What's your name?

l... I'll be off now.

I'll take my leave.

I'll take my leave.

Ah Fook! You scoundrel.

Haven't you ever seen a woman before?


Ah Fook!

I'm stuck with that name.

Which theatre are You at?

- Ah Fook. we'rewaiting.
- Coming.

I don't know. I'm new here too.

Thank you.

Miss! "When the clouds fall apart.
the moon will appear".

This year's Queen ofthe Waltz is...

I want to dancewith her.


Miss Kawashima Yoshiko.

May we call upon "the beauty in a man's apparel."

Miss Kawashima Yoshiko?

Commander Tanaka.

I've tried my best. but she's gone already.

1931. North-East China

Kwantung Army Headquarters.

Miss Yoshiko. do you want tea orwime?

I want you Mr. Tanaka.

I want you to be my protector.

You are the fourteenth Princess.

Has anyone been givimg you trouble?

No. but I don't want any ofthose wastrels

and big-headed man takimg up my time.

You know how precious time is.

especially forwomen.

Yes. you're right.

But I too am somethimg of a wastrel

and a even bigger-headed man among men.

I'd like you to act as my godfather.

Chima is in turmoil. and I'm a woman on my own.

How could I refuse?

But between fatherand daughter.

one step toofarwould be considered incest.

I've watched you fora long time.

I don't see the difference between
a Manchurian Primcess

and an ordimary woman.

No difference!
We all have two breasts and one mouth.

1931. North-East China.

The September 18th Incident.

While the Kuomimtang army's forces
besieging the Red Army at Kiangsi.

The Kwantung army imvade

the North East of Chima in less than 100 days.

1931. North-East China. Ying-Hau Harbour.

You've had an arduousjourney your Highness.

Please take a rest at Tangkangtsu hot springs.

We'll go on to Lushun in a couple ofdays.

In Tientsim.

even gifts offruit concealed bombs.

Your Highness need have nofears.

We'll give you full support

in your great task ofestablishing Manchukuo.

God bless the Emperor!

Thefourteenth daughterof Prince Su. Hin-Tsee.

pledges her loyalty to the Emperor.

Thank you. I believe your position
in thefamily makes us cousins.

Lam is here!

The Empress Wan Jung refuses to leave Tientsin.

We didn't set the stage forjust one actor

to do a one-man show

with no leading lady...

How can you talk about the
establishment ofthe Manchukuo

as if itwere a play?

You're right.

Maybe the Emperor

don't havefaith im our Kwangtung Army?

Accordimg to our sources the
Empress refused to come.


All I know is that

she and the Emperor have not slept
in the same bed fora long time.

You want to tell me you are thimking?

You're thinkimg aboutwho to send

to the Quiet Garden in Tientsin
to smuggle the Empress here.

Without you

I'd be a warriorwithout a sword.

Isn't that the purpose ofa woman's existence

to please a man as much as possible?

Miss Kawashima.

Everythimg is ready.

You have to remember

you are a classmate ofthe Empress Wan Jung.

Youjust pass through Tientsim.

so you come to visit her.

I am your husband.

I have to sleepwith you tonight?

Just for busimess.

In case you need it.

I'll need your help.


I left some presents in the trunk.

Alright. I'll go and get them for you.

Health to the Empress!

Oh. it's you.

Yoshiko has brought the
Empress herfavourite present.

The balm offortune and longevity.

The Emperor asked me to bring you a message.

He miss you.

Tell him to drop dead!

Why won't he divorce me?

Why did he divorce Wen Hsiu and not me?

Why does he want me to be stuck with

the label of Empressforthe rest of my life?

He doesn't even like woman.

Why does he want to imprison me?

I hardly even dare open my eyes

when I wake up in the mornimg.

I feel as ifeveryone's watching me.

I just want to be an ordinary person.

Men. They're all self-centered.

They'll easily sacrifice

a womanjust to save face.

Are you cold?

I brimg you out.

How about Shanghai?

Be careful.

Let me do it.

How is he?

Doctor Law has studied in Edinburgh...

My husband has always had stomach trouble.

Maybe it's the change ofwater.

Hail the Empress!

Hail the Empress!

Why has no one sentfor an ambulance?

We'll do it now.

Hail the Empress!

Hail the Empress!

Miss Yoshiko. you leave with the Empress first.

I'll climb out thewindow.

I'm afraid.

Nothing to be afraid of.

It's ok. I'll wait foryou at the pier.

A pity. Such a handsome guy.

Be careful.

Take it slowly!

When we reach Shanghai you can share my room.

Where shall we go?
The French concession is not bad.


We're going to Manchuria

The Emperor is ascendimg the throne in Changchun.
Naturally you'll be beside him.

Don't make fun of me.

Empress. you will be the Chimg dynasty's most

regal Empressforthe rest ofyour life

Please pull yourselftogether.

If you don't behave.

I'll have to reveal the details of
our love-makimg last night.

What you made me do. like...

I love you. I don't want to hurt you. Be good.

1932. Mukden

Kwantung Army declare the
independence of N.E. Chima.

Manchukuo is a state.

Pu Yi becomes Chief Executive ofthe state.

which is marked Taitung Era.

Manchukuo is now officially established.

Changchun has been renamed Singking.

Congratulations to the Emperor on
ascending the Supreme throne.

Long live the Emperor...!

The Emperor's edict appoimts

Kawashima Yoshiko. Kam Bik Fai

as Chief Commanderofthe Anguo
army of Manchukuo.

Long live the Emperor...!

Amakasu Masahiko has residences
of his own in Beijing.

in Shanghai. and im the North-East.

He's deployed im the Northern Branch.

responsiblefor Japanese and Manchurian relations.

He is im charge of culture

and film-makimg in Manchukuo.

His Chimese name is Wong Ka Hang.

He is often seen with woman movie stars

from the Manchurian film industry.

That's enough! Chizuko. you can leave first.

There's a dimner party at seven tonight.



Hey. don't go!

Why don't you leave for now? See you tomorrow.

Commander Kam.

you have no right to enter my
house without permission.

You have all kimds ofwomen

throwing themselves at you don't you?

Do you teach the actresses howto act... in bed?

That's my affair.

But everyone ofthem is a Chimesewoman.

Why don't you gofor Japanese women?

Is it because I'm a Chimese Women?

It's because this is Manchuria.

Here I can have as many Chinese women as I like.

You didn't by any chance

come to Manchuria because of me?

Whereverthere's wime and women

there'll be me.

Are they as good as I am?

Why won't you forgive me?

Commander Kam.

if you want to be a woman of consequence

that's your business.

If I'm a good-for-nothimg womaniser

it's my business.

I warn you.

It's the Japanesewho made you a commander.

and I'm Japanese.

I'm notworking forthe Japanese.

I'm working for myself.


Let go! I'll return yourthousand yen.

Then we can wipe the slate clean. start afresh.

I am Commander Kam Bik Fai.

Although Manchukuo is successfully established.

the League of Nations subjects
us to continual pressure.

Yoshiko should go to Shanghai

to divert theirattention.

Miss Yoshiko.

Shanghai? No problem.

Please. Commander Kam.

Commander Kam.

Commander Kam. please have some tea.

It's ofthe fimest quality.

Commander Tanaka is very pleased with theway

Commander Kam mastermimded
the Shanghai Incident.

He's asked me to give you ten thousand yen.

I've two pieces of imformation.

The national government's bank...

in Shanghai will go bankrupt at any time.

They have no money to fight the Japanese.

They want to negotiate for peace.

Tell Tanaka not to give an imch.

Secondly. England will never recognize Manchukuo.

They will vote against it

in the League of Nations.

Forthe sake ofour Manchukuo

Japan should break away

from this squalid international alliance.

His name's Cloud.

He's Shanghai's best known Monkey-kimg.

Monkey's brain is very fortifying.

Come im.

Who is your mistress?


I am he. but I wish to make it clear

that I do not underany circumstances

accept wime or giftsfrom my fans.

My master insisted that I come.

so I had no choice. I'll take my leave.

Ah Fook. haven't you ever seen a woman before?

When the cloudsfall apart. the moon will appear.

Oh. you're the Japanese broad!

I've looked foryou fora long time.

Whenever I had time

I'd go back to the same road to look foryou.

But I could neverfimd you.

I guessed you were livimg
in the French concession.

Why were you looking for me?

Let's drimk to our reunion! Cheers!

Oh yes. what's your name?

I'm called Moon.


I likewatchimg you was the Monkey-king.

It makes me happy.

I've been an orphan simce I was a child.

I was apprenticed to a master.

My master had a little monkey.

Whenever I felt unhappy

orwas bullied.

I'd go and play with the little monkey.

Maybe beimg with it so much even

made mewalk a little like it.

You must bewealthy.

How did you pressurize my master
to make me come here?

I grew up in Beiping.

When I was six my father sent me to Japan.

My parents both passed away
when I was im my teens.

Must have been miserable. alone in Japan!

My Japanese name is Kawashima-Yoshiko.

My fatherwas Prince Su.

I am a descendant of Manchu royalty.

You don't believe me?

You really don't believe me?

My fosterfather raped me and

forced me to marry a Mongolian Primce.

For a woman who's lost her virtue.

there's no way toface her lover.

I married the Mongolian Primce.

but I refused to bear a child.

My dream is to rebuild the Manchu dynasty.

If it weren't

forthe revolutionaries.

I wouldn't have had to leave my homeland.

my parents wouldn't have
died in a foreign country.

Chima would not be in such poverty orchaos.

I came back to assume power.

to rebuild.

Sit down. Let's drink anothertoast.

No. Commander Kam's wime is clouded with blood.

I'm human too.

Kawashima Yoshiko is a traitor.

But I'm only doing itforthe good of Chima.

The Kwantung Army has torn
ordinary men from their parents.

theirwives. theirchildren.

I want you to play the Monkey-kimg for me again.

I'll take my leave.

I order you to stay.

Your orders aren't as important
as makimg it to the show!

I can't miss the performance. Goodbye.

I'll pay you. Stay.

Commander Kam.
even if itwas me makimg a whore of you

ratherthan you making one of me

we're im the midst offightimg.
and untold human suffering.

I'd rather pledge myselfto save my country.

Mr. Cloud.

Mr. Cloud.

Mr. Cloud.

Where's my wardrobe?


I'm your only audience tonight.

You have to make me happy.

Why don't you go and prepare yourself?

- Stop!
- Don't move.

Don't hit him!

Why are you willimg to make so many others happy

and not me?


Simce you're performing away from
the theatre I'll pay you double.

Never let it be said that I'

Commander Kam. took advantage ofyou.

I'm doublimg yourfees.

Miss Yoshiko.

Get out of my way. Ah Fook! Get out of my way.

1933. Jehol.

Manchukuo extends its territory by imvading Jehol.

Where produces abundant supplies of opium.

Kwantung Army publicises the role played

in the battle by the Manchu Primcess.

Soldiers ofthe Anguo army.

Welcome to this sacred battle!

Jehol is im fact part of Manchukuo's territory.

It should be under Manchukuo's rule.

Our soldiers are at the front not to conqueror.

but in the service ofthe scattered

and homeless Chinese

to give them a sense of belongimg.
to create a piece ofearth

on which the Japanese and Manchurians
can live im harmony.

Commander Tanaka sent me
to enquire after your health.

Commander Tanaka

asked me to brimg this present.

Please accept it.

Miss Yoshiko

thanks CommanderTanaka for his generous gift.

Commander Tanaka asks Commander
Kam to convalesce thoroughly.

The Anguo army does not need to go to thefront.

For Miss Yoshiko's safety.

it's best if she convalesces im Tientsim.

There's no need for here toworry
about events im the North-East.

I'm sorry. Miss Yoshiko needs her rest.

Why did you try to kill me?

Didn't I give you food?

Who put you up to it?

The Kuomintang?

The Communists?

The Kwantung Army?


It's Chima thatwants you dead!

Runnimg dog! Traitor! Collaborator! Whore!

You lie!

Runnimg dog. traitor!

1935. Tientsin.

How come as a Commander

she's actually opening a restaurant in Tientsin?

Commander? What Commander?
Commander im bed?

- This is the underground
headquarters ofthe Anguo Army.
- Are you sure?

Congratulations. Kawashima Yoshiko.

Respectfully presented by Tanaka Takayoshi.

Thank you.

Where's Tanaka?

No news yet. but I've sent someone
to wait at the street corner.

This silver shield's too small.

I already made it biggeraccordimg to yourorder.

Please help yourselves.

Miss Yoshiko was wounded by a shot im battle

She's suffering from spimal
inflammation caused by trauma.

She needs morphine forthe pain.

It must be difficult for Commander Kam.

A real patriotic hero of East Asia!

Primcess Him-Tsee.

may you be both beautiful and handsome forever.


I'vejust had an imjection. I cannot drimk.

- Help yourselves.
- Fine.


Miss Yoshiko. Happy Birthday.

Thank you.

Commander Tanaka is busy today.

He cannot come to your birthday celebration.

Pleaseforgive him.

Is Godfathervery busy lately?

Yes he is.

He has asked me towish Miss Yoshiko

all the best in her busimess ventures.

May she soon find a good match

and become a loyal wife.

A woman like me?

Who'd have me?

Who are you looking for sir?

Down with the Japs! Down with the invaders!

Lie down!

Down with the traitors! Down with Japan!

Down with the traitors! Down with Japan!

Down with the traitors! Down with Japan!

Kill me...



They didn'twant to let him go.

I told them that Commander Kam
wanted to imterrogate him herself.

Ifthey object.

- I'll go and talk to Tanaka.
- Yes.

I thimk we'll have to return
him im a couple of days.

It's alright.

Ah Fook!

What's wrong?


Ah Fook! Hold on...

He imsists on seeing you.

You've lost weight.

Worryimg about my country

and my people but having nothing to do!

It's a rare opportunity to get some rest.

Tientsin is so much warmerthan the North-East.

Aren't you imvitimg me to your room?

Don't you want to ask me to hand someone over?


Thewhole city knows

I've been harborimg an
anti-Japanese revolutionary.

For Commander Kam to conduct
herown interrogation ofa rebel

is nothimg unusual.

But don't over-exert yourself
or my heartwill ache.

What do you want mefor?

Commander Tanaka. please.

As a belated birthday gift.

and to express my tanks to my warrior's sword.

who even during convalescence

has taken it upon herself
to give her heard and effort

forthe great East Asia Prosperity Zone.

I sent someone especially to get a pufferfish.

Pufferfish are poisonous.
Eating it could kill you.

but if you don't eat it

you'll miss out on one ofthe greatest delicacies.

Do you dare?

I find that warriors these days

preferto use guns and tanks.

Their swords arejustfor decoration.

Let's drimk!

I have to leave.

When are you goimg to send me imto battle.
Commander Tanaka?

The Communists are ineffectual.

the Kuomintang turns a blimd eye

to the economic imcursions
ofthe Western Imperialists.

Thewhole of China needs a savior now.

But it's not you.

You're drunk!

I've been drunk fora long time.

I said long ago that women are like cats.

They like the stink offish.

Tanaka. the cats in Chima can become very vicious

in orderto protect their young.

They'd ratherdevourtheirown young than

let someone else take them away.


Are you ok?

You could have killed him.

I had no bullets.

You're goimg?


Did I say I'd let you go?

Tanaka's men arewaiting at the doorforyou.

What's the date today? Where are my friends?

We have the same yellow skim.

I've neverforgotten I'm Chimese.

Why do you treat me like this?

You kill Chinese!

Didn't Sun Yat Sen ill Chinese?

We have no money. no knowledge.

no guns or ammunition. and no science

butwe do have people.

Sacrificing a few may brimg strength

and stability.

Don't say anymore!

I don't understand...

Call me a traitor I won't mimd

because at least then you'll
admitting I'm Chinese.

But I have not been used by the Japanese.

Isn't our Emperor now

the head of Manchuria?


He'sjust a puppet.

How do you know? Have you seen him?

Today Manchuria is the most developed

and wealthy part of China

aswell as beimg the most
sophisticated and stable area.

The Nationalist Government & the Communists

arefightimg day & nightwhile people suffer.

What for?

The Japanese are not so terrible.

No. I'm a man. I've pledged loyalty to my country.

Right! Use the Japanese

to create orderfrom chaos.

Once we're united we can recuperate

until we have the strength
to drive out the Japanese.


No man can be loyal to two masters.

Do we still have the strength left tofight a war?

We've been fighting ourselves forover a decade.

Nowwe have to fight the Japanese.

Do you know how many morewill have to die?

Why are you so brutal? Why so cold-blooded?

I don't know.

But this is not what the University students says.

Never mind them.

The Japanesefirimg squads have killed them all.

You're the only survivor.

Ifyou must kill.

why not kill mefirst?

They're knowledgeable. they're learned.


They'rejust a mob. They were stirrimg thimgs up.

They're too naive & imexperienced.

Shut up! No right to meddle in state's affair.


Do you knowwhy I saved you?

My life is yours.

You want it. you take it.

Thank you.


Japan officially launches a
full-scale invasion of China.

1940. Matsumoto.

Our army has achieved an overwhelming victory.

We no longer need public relations

to disguise our imtentions.

Kawashima Yoshiko has become unpredictable.

She can only damage

ourarmy's supreme reputation.

Kill her!

Chizuko let me it.

A lot of peoplewant to kill me.

Secret agents. the nationalist army. the red army.

the anti-Japanese radicals. And you?

I've come to see you.

Simce when did you

start caring foryourfirst love?

I'm getting old. getting nostalgic.


I'm begimning to lose my hair.

Sitfor a while.

I'll bathe and change.

Ah Fook.

If I have to die.

it would be so romanticto die

in the arms of my first love.

Do I still count? How long have you had this?

I have a feeling time is runnimg out.

I want to ask the gods to grant a request. Can l?

It's so strange. Life is like that.

So cheap before we die.

so precious afterwards.

Aren't you goimg to offer imcense?

What about you?

I don't believe im this.

You seem to have a lot on your mimd.

Do you want to consult the dead?

What do you want to know?

How old

I'll be before

naked women no longerexcite me.

Priest. I want to ask

if I can successfully complete my mission.

My name is Wong.

Born im the Yearofthe Water Dog.

Underthe auspices offive lords.

Due to a woman's death.

Will take own life.

The body will lie in thewilderness.

Devoured by wild wild dogs.

Only ifthis Karma is overcome.

The destimy will change

And he shall prosper.

This is true only forthosewho believe.

Why not do what you came here for?

Return to Japan immediately. I'll arrange it.

Yourtravelling expenses.
not quite a thousand yen.

Still a little short-changed.

Thanks. How long have you
been working forTanaka?

I want already in Changchun

when you firstwent to the North-East to fimd him.

I thought I was above it all.

but I've killed a lot of people.

Take care. Messagesfrom the
dead sometimes come true.

Not ifyou don't believe them. Take care.

Ah Fook.

You're the only one left.

It's snowimg agaim.

As smooth as glass.

The slightest agitation and itwill break apart.

So cold!

Nothing has ever been done.

A perfect dream!

It's snowimg.

How did it get wet?

A perfect dream!

Do you knowwho I am?

Go ask your Commander!

When I threw a party. what a scale it would be!

What guests used to come!

How many ofthe leaders ofthis
government haveworked under me?

You small fry! What right do you have to
even open your mouths before me?

Submit the evidence.

Miss Yoshiko. Don't make them angry.

Kam Bik Fai. do you recognize this book?

This novel contains imformation

supplied by you concernimg your
collaboration with the Japanese.

and youracts of betrayal in schemimg

forthe imdependence of Mongolia.

You yourself said itwas a novel.

Have you read "Journey to the West"...

and "Golden Lotus"?
The devils and the whores im those boos

have you arrested them yet?

Your honour.

This book is written by Japanese.

The content is bound to be biased.

I object to it beimg submitted as evidence.

Do you recognize these people?

I don't.


Thefirst one is Mongolian Primce Genzui Zabu.

You and hewere married im 1927 im Lushun.

In 1927...

the one who married the
Mongolian Princewas Hin-tsee.

thefourteenth daughterof Prince Su.

There's no connection with
the accused Kam Bik Fai.

The second one. Amakasu Masahiko.

the agent ofthe fake Manchukuo.

Amakasu Masahiko was
an active memberofthe cultural

and artistic circles of Manchukuo.

There is no evidence to
indicate that he's an agent.

The Tokyo international Military Tribunal

did not prosecute Amakasu Masahiko.

The last one. Tanaka Takayoshi.

is an officer in the secret service
ofthe Kwantung Army.

You worked for him

and you were his mistress.

This is Miss Yoshiko's private affair.



The accused accepted the commission

from Tanaka Takayoshi to be the chiefcommander

ofthe Anguo army ofthefake Manchukuo.

and ordered theforces to
kill anti-Japanese patriots.

What year?

The 20th yearofthe republic.

the begimning of 1931.

I was born im Japan in the
10th yearofthe Republic.

In the 20th year ofthe Republic. I wasjust ten

an endearimg little Japanese student.

How could I betray my country?


The accused has give a false age to confuse us.


Can you prove my present age?

Your Honour. The accused has already

contacted herfather Kawashima Naniwa.

Her identification papers will be
sent by mail as soon as possible.

I'm Japanese. You have no right to try me.

Once the evidence arrives.

you'll have to repatriate me to Japan.

what are you doimg? Is your belly limed with gold.

Do you thimk you feces doesn't stink?

once you're shot

and thrown in the mass grave
theworms will eat you too.

Advocate Lee. please go in.

This is a letterfrom Mr. Kawashima.

I heard that Mr. Kawashima was under surveillance.

Because he was dealimgs
with the Black Dragon Society.

He could be arrested as a war criminal.

I am Japanese.

I was born im 1913.

I am Japanese.

He didn't dare fake your age and nationality.

He has his own problems.

This document of hiswill
be very damaging foryou.

a man who has lied all his life

why does he suddenly decide
to be truthful im his old age?

Kam Bik Fai. origimal name Aijin Guoro Him-tsee.

also known as Eastern Jewel.

Japanese name Kawashima Yoshiko

isfound guilty ofcollaborating with the enemy

and thus oftreason.

Her civil rightswill be removed

and her property confiscated.

She is sentenced to death.

Good! Down with the traitor.
Good! Down with the collaborator.

The investigating committeewants you.

I'll wait foryou im the imterview room.

Who do you wantwith me?

Can you identify this bracelet? Is it yours?

If it is.

we'll add it to the property to be confiscated.

It it's to be confiscated then it's not mine.

Look carefully.

Don't look at my face?

Sit properly!

It's mime.

I heard that now you have to
use eleven million Chimese dollars

to buy one U.S. dollar. Is it true?

How do you manage to survive?

Chimese don't know

how to manage theirown country.

But if I was im charge

maybe you couldn't even buy
one U.S. dollarwith that amount.

Am I very ugly? Dare you not look at me?

You're not.

It seems they are going to execute you soon.

Don't feel sympathy for me.

At the execution

the bulletswill be blanks.
There will be no gunpowder.

When the time comes
you'll have to fall as if you're shot.

I've arranged everything.

There are lots ofthings I don't understand.

I only feel...

I don'twant you to die.

Ah Fook. it does not matterwhether I die or not.

Maybe China would betterafter my death.

When the cloudsfall apart.

the moon will appear.

Kawashima Yoshiko.

fourteenth Primcess of Primce Su ofthe Manchus.

origimal name Him-tsee. alias Easter Jewel.

also known as Kam Bik Fai. aged 41.

isfound guilty oftreason.
Appeal havimg been rejected

She is sentenced to death.

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