Kather Basha Endra Muthuramalingam (2023) - full transcript

In Ramanathapuram district, where Nana, the powerful gangster, tries to take control of the village. Kathar is not ready to listen to him and refuses to make peace with them. Will both survive the battle or not?

In the early days, humans
were living in the wild.

They gradually evolved...

and lived happily
without any differences.

The united human clan...

migrated to different
places in masses.

They changed their lifestyle, to
adapt to the changing climate.

And disintegrated
into smaller groups.

Each smaller group lived
within their particular region.

People from different groups
lived in peace and harmony.

But, when they left
their own place...

to invade and capture other regions,

people started to
fight among themselves.

Any war that has
taken place in Africa...

or any war in Europe,

or even the wars in Asia.

Wherever there is a war,
it will either be for land...

or for a woman.

The great epics of our country,

also speak about the war
for land and woman.

Mahabharatham happened for land,
Ramayanam happened for women.

The movie you are
about to witness...

depicts the war for land
and the war for women.

Greetings, sir.
My name is Thukkiyandi.

I am from Keelathuval.

I am interested in marrying
your girl Tamil Selvi.

Are you surprised
by my marriage proposal?

I heard that you will butcher
anyone who tries to marry her.

I came here to see if you'd
really butcher the person.

Hope you'll understand
and tread carefully.

Or else...

'The chief guest of our
Kotravai temple festival.'

'The south region head of
Worker's Progressive Federation.'

'We welcome our leader Thanga
Pandian, on behalf of our people.'

'Today, we have a
good news for you all.'

'Today, our leader will
gift home appliances...'

'to the hardworking
homemakers of our town.'

'Long live!' -'Thanga Pandian.'

'Long live!' -'Thanga Pandian.'

'Long live!' -'Thanga Pandian.'

'Long live!' -'Thanga Pandian.'

'Long live!' -'Thanga Pandian.'

'Long live!' -'Thanga Pandian.'


Muthupandi, check that noise.
- Okay, sir.

[Kathar Basha alias

You say that Nana sent you, but
do you have the advance money?

Give that.

Here, twenty-five lakh
rupees in advance.

Nana asked us to give it.

He will settle the full amount
after the registration.

You have kept your word.

Do not worry. We will
get that land for you.

Nana has great faith in you two.

Transfer that girl's
wealth to your name soon.

Now that we have been paid,
Nana will definitely have the land.

We will never let anyone
marry her, except for our sons.

We have arranged a
town meeting to settle it.

This is not right Tamil Selvi.

You are causing a lot
of problems in this town.

Your reluctance to get married
is getting everyone killed.

Listen to us.

Two of your suitors are
desperate to marry you.

We will write their names in a chit.

Pray to God and select a chit.

Whoever's name you may
choose, we will marry you with him.

Do you accept the
council's decision?

Yes, we accept.

Everyone has accepted
it. What is your answer?

I cannot marry them just
because you people decided it.

I know whom to marry
and whom not to marry.

You must not decide it.

Who else will decide then?

Look, this is not good for you.

Quietly accept the
people's decision.

If she doesn't, she will be
shunned out of the village.

Instead of living in this
village headed by puppets,

I'd rather be shunned out of it.

Who are you all to shun me?

I am shunning this village. Come on.

How dare she refuse to
marry one of us, the suitors?

Is she shunning this village?

Let's see how she can do that!

Let's see how she
can live peacefully

hereafter locking horns with us!

"Come forward without
any hesitation."

"The breeze will embrace you."

"The Lord will be on your side."

"This earth will be your companion."

"You are a never-ending river."

"This village will
flourish because of you."

"You are not a spark of fire."

"You are the Kannagi's
blazing flame."

"Wipe your tears, the
world is open for you."

"The clouds will
rain on your command."

"The farm animals will obey you."

"Come forward
without any hesitation,"

"the breeze will embrace you."

"All your sorrows will fade away."

"You will overcome
all the obstacles."

"Your honesty will be rewarded."

"Raise, nothing can stop you."

You're shunned from the village.
Can't take loads! Leave!

"People may go against you."

"But your determination
will aid you."

"Make your persevere
as your investment."

"It will yield the
fruits of victory."



Why are you avoiding
speaking with our aunt?

Think about everything
that she does for us.

She is not doing it out of care.

She is doing everything, to
swindle our father's wealth.

Who told you so?

Our mom said so.

But, I don't think that our
aunt will do such a thing.

You are just kids, you
don't know her real face.

Soon, you will understand
that I am right.

Why? Why? Why?

Why is the sky blue?

Why is the earth round?

Lord Kaluvanar,
my brother's children

should study well
and be successful.

You must be their guardian forever.

Why is the fire hot?
Why is the silk soft?

Think! Why is it so?



I am going to Madurai. Take
care of your sisters until then.

I will be back in the evening.

Palani, Muthu.
- Aunty.

I have prepared the
lunch. Eat it on time. Okay?

Okay, aunty. Have a safe journey.

- Shall we leave?

- But...

why did you call me early this
morning? Where are we going?

To the Madurai jail. Let's go.
- Madurai jail?

Alright, let's go.
I haven't seen it yet.

Really? Why is she
going to Madurai jail?

I don't know, mom.

Keep me updated
about her activities.

Okay, mom.

I will inform to your grandpa.

So what?

Why must we bother where she goes?

We must let this go lightly. We
must know where she is going.

Who is she meeting in Madurai jail?

Who do you want to see?

Kathar Basha alias Muthuramalingham.

Kathar Basha alias Muthuramalingham?

He broke a man's
arm inside the jail...

and was transferred to
Trichy jail. Go see him there.

What shall we do now?

We must go to Trichy.
- To Trichy?

I did not bring my clothes.

Let's buy in Trichy.

Will you buy me some jeans?

- Thanks.

But the kids are alone,
who will look after them?

Let's inform head
constable Maduraiveeran.

Alright then, not Trichy
but we can go anywhere!

Who do you want to see?

Kathar Basha alias

He was transferred here
from Madurai jail.

That guy?

They sent him here because
he broke a man's arm.

He broke a man's leg here
and was sent to Coimbatore.

Go there.

He broke a man's leg in Trichy
and was sent here to Coimbatore.

Here, he broke a man's
head and was moved to Salem.

He was moved from Salem to Chennai.

Moved from Chennai to Vellore.

Moved from Vellore
to Palayamkottai.

In all the jails, he needed
protection from rowdies.

And, the rowdies needed
protection from him.

So, they reprimanded
him and have sent him

to Chengalpattu Juvenile Prison.

Go there.

Your name?

Subbu, sir.
- Your son's name?

Muthupandi, sir.
- Show me your Aadhar card.

Get yourself checked and get in.

Do not take much time. Go in.

Who do you want to see?

Kathar Basha alias Muthuramalingham,
who came from Palayamkottai.

What? Do you want
to meet Kathar Basha?

- Yes.

She is here to meet Kathar.

What? She is here to meet Kathar?
- Yes.

Raj! You deaf fool!
- What is it?

A girl is here to meet Kathar.

A girl is here to meet Kathar?

Please do not go anywhere.

Wait here.

And, take him along with you.

He tortures us all in the
name of righteousness.

He got my phone to
speak to his family.

But, he video-recorded us
stealing the food rations.

And, threatening to
send it to the CM cell.

We can survive only if
you take him away with you.

He beat up men in all the jails.

And, they sent him
here as a punishment.

If only you knew the
atrocities he is committing here.

"Be like fire, people will be
afraid that you'll burn them."

"Be like a tiger, people will be
afraid that you'll pounce at them."

"Keep your ideologies to
yourself. Do not spoil him."

"You be quiet. Be quiet."

"You be quiet. Be quiet."

"I am a daring brute,
I am the king of rogues."

"My name will send tremors
in your heart, it will rattle you"

"I am a daring brute,
I am the king of rogues."

"My name will send tremors
in your heart, it will rattle you"

"I will knock you
down with a single punch"

"I will deform your
face before you get up"

"I will knock you down
with a single punch"

"I will deform your
face before you get up."

"Even an army will
tremble before a snake."

"But the snake will
tremble before him."

"Even an army will
tremble before a snake."

"But even Mumbai City will
tremble before him."


"If I say it once."

"It is as good as hundred times."

"The son of the tiger is
alone and ready for the hunt."

"The son of the tiger is
alone and come for the hunt"

"I ate at Korukkupet,
I slept at Moolakothalam."

"My gang will make a scene
at the Vyasarpadi joint."

"I ate at Korukkupet,
I slept at Moolakothalam."

"My gang will make a
scene at the Vyasarpadi joint"

"I will sell fish to the fisherman"

"I will take your money
and give you a share."

"I will stir the crimson
pot in Pulianthope"

"I will sharpen my tools
in Kakathoppu."

"No substance or lady can lure me."

"Cheat me and I'll hack your leg."

"Beware, I am a speeding shark"

"I am the homeboy, I am a wizard."

"Beware, I am a speeding shark"

"I am the homeboy, I am a wizard."

"Come on! Here we go."

"Don't mess with
me and lose your ear."

"I am a daring brute,
I am the king of rogues."

"My name will send tremors
in your heart, it will rattle you"

"I will knock you down
with a single punch"

"I will deform your
face before you get up."

"Even an army will
tremble before a snake."

"But the snake will
tremble before him."

"The son of the tiger is
alone and ready for the hunt."

"The son of the tiger is
alone and come for the hunt."

"It's a setup, is it?"

"I, son of a tiger,
is standing alone."

"Come at me if you have the guts."

My dear Kathar! Have it.

Cool drinks? Why this
sudden love on me, Subbu?

You must be tired
from dancing. Drink it.

Finish it up and
slowly come out with us.

A girl has come to see you.

A girl has come to see me?

Not any girl, she is a fine lady.

A man should be lucky
to have a lady like her.

Why has such a girl come to see me?

Why are you asking
us? Ask her for yourself.

- One more cup.

Vada is good, you want one?
- No, it's okay.


Sister, look over there.

What are they doing here?

I don't know.

Being here is not safe for us.

Definitely not safe for him.

We know his place now, we'll
come another day. Let's leave now.

Let's go.

I wonder who has come to see me.

It bugs my mind.
- Do not overthink.

Once you see her, you will get
your answer and we will be relieved.

Alright? Look there.

Where did she go?

A girl in churidar was
sitting here, where did she go?

She went out to have tea.
- To have tea?

Well, she could have informed me.
Wait here, sir will go bring her.


I must send him away
with that girl today.

She's not here too.

Where did she go?

I thought of getting rid of him.

But, she cheated us.

Subbu, why are you
bemoaning? Where is the girl?

That girl is gone.
- She is gone?

Don't be so shocked.

That girl came for me, isn't it?

It's okay if she has left.
Let's check the CCTV.

Super idea.

Subbu was right. She
is indeed a fine lady.

Why was she looking for you?

If she meets Kathar in
person, she might tell him.

Meet her in person?

But, I need bail to do it.
- We will get it.

The Gods will bless you.
- Yes, sir.

Please give him bail.

He was sent here as a punishment,
but we are the ones suffering.

Legally speaking, he has
spent more than 150 days in jail.

Kindly understand our concern.

Grant him bail, sir.
- Yes, sir.

Are they speaking the truth?

Well, sir...

Be quiet and don't get
into trouble hereafter.

Alright, I will grant
him a personal bail.

What is it, Subbu? You seem
to be having a blast.

You had a blast inside the jail.

Now that you'll be gone,
we are having a blast.

We have settled our scores now.
- Enjoy.

You baldy, when will
you send her photo to me?

Check your WhatsApp, bro.

Now, leave bro.

Brother-in-law, tell me.
- Where are you?

We are at the jail to meet you.
- Wait, I am coming.

So, what brings you here?

What is it?

Who did Tamil Selvi come to meet?

She was looking for Kathar.
- Kathar?

Give me that photo.

Was he the guy?
- Yes, he is.

Why are you having his photo?

He broke my elder son
Pal Paandi's arm in Madurai jail.

He is the one, who stopped
us from escaping jail.

Why wait then? Let us
kill him in jail.

He is not here now.

He has gone to Naduvapatti,
looking for Tamil Selvi.

To Naduvapatti?

Naduvapatti, is it?

We will take him out there.

Five, five. You thought I'll lose?

I won! Give me the money.
Who is next?

Aren't you playing?

I lost all my money to him.
I can't play.


Where does she live?

- What is it?

Look at the photo on his phone.

He is looking for Tamil.

What? Looking for Tamil?

Who the hell are you?

Why are you looking for my wife?



Why are you panicking?

Some stranger...

is beating up Pambu Pandi
and his men to a pulp.

- Come and take a look.


I just said hi, why are you

Hey! Wait!


He looks like a really tough guy.

He knocked down all the men.

He reminds me of my younger self.

He is my worthy opponent.
Was I loud?

Why is he following us?
- Following us?


Why is he saying 'hi' to you?

Ignore him and come.

If he ever follows us again...

I will single-handedly pound him.

Let me check if he is following.


He is bending down and
saying 'hi' to me.

Do I look that short?

He is provoking my anger.

I am going to crush him like a crab.

Ignore him and walk.
- You always hold me back.

Boss! Make a U-turn.

Come with me, sister.


why are you following me?

Because you are the one I am after.

Why are you after me?

Is there any problem, Tamil?

You? You? You?

You? You? You?

What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?

Head constable, he is the guy who
thrashed Pambu Pandi and his men.

You have started
to mess around, is it?

What is your issue with him?

He is following me.

Following you? But he
is not that sort of a guy.

Why are you following her?

I did not start it. She was the
one who came looking for me in jail.

That is why, I came looking for her.

Your name?

Basha. Kathar Basha.

Kathar Basha alias Muthuramalingham.


Why did you go to the
jail looking for him?

I heard that someone in jail broke

the arm of my brother-in-law,
Pal Pandi.

I went to the jail, to offer
my thanks to that guy.

Thank you!

Do not follow me again.

What is happening?

I beat up her brother-in-law,
and she is thanking me?

If you had broken his
neck instead of his arm...

she would have worshipped you.

Was he such a cruel guy?

Come to the station,
I'll explain everything.

You see these men
in the crime board.

They are all Tamil Selvi's
maternal uncles.

One is the Vettaiyan gang, and
the other is the Vengaiyan gang.

This police station
was built on land

that belonged to their forefathers.

To keep up with their legacy,

these men indulge in hooliganism
and hold their place on this board.

Tamil's father wanted to
maintain their blood relationship.

So, he married Tamil's sister to
Vettaiyan's elder son, Pal Pandi.

And, married Tamil's brother, to
Vengaiyan's daughter Santha.

Pal Pandi was a violent man.

Santha was a wicked woman.

Now, think about the
situation of Tamil's siblings.

Their lives were ruined.

With her sibling's lives
already in shambles,

her brother's wife Santha...

tortured him to get Tamil
married to her younger brother.

Welcome, father-in-law.

Welcome, mother-in-law.

"Happy birthday wishes"
-Who are you wishing for now?

It's a school lesson.
- A lesson?

Alright, have you had your lunch?
- Not yet, dad.

I did not prepare lunch.
So, they did not eat.

What do you mean?

You have not prepared it yet?

Did my father get me married to
you just to cook and serve you?

I must agree with
everything you say.

But, you won't agree with me, is it?

If it was fair,
I’d have agreed to it.

How can I agree to
your unfair requests?


Asking your sister to marry
my brother is unfair to you, is it?

I am doing this, to retain
our blood relationship.

To retain the relationship
or to swindle my wealth?

Look, if you do not marry
your sister to my brother...

I will never let you live in peace.

And, her sister's
husband Pal Pandi...

What the hell is this bland trash?

I ate it and it was good.

You eat,
that's the only thing you do.

You keep on getting bigger,
but you could not give me a child.

You infertile woman!

Listen to me now.

Marry your sister to my brother.

Or else...
- Or else?

I am already married to this
family and suffering every day.

And, you want my sister to marry
him and suffer the same fate?

I will never let that
happen until I am alive.

You won't let that happen?

If so, then you cannot
live in this house.

Have you all conspired to
kill me and get rid of me?

Conspiracy? Do you think
you are some big shot?

They have made a
vow to marry Tamil...

and to slaughter any
outsider who tries to marry her.

Despite that, if anyone comes to
her with a marriage proposal,

they will either place a flex
boards before her house.

Or they would bounce them around
and beat the hell out of them.

Here he comes, catch him.

How dare you ask my wife
to marry you? Hit him on the wall.

Do you want to know
their real motive behind it?

It is a hundred acres of land and
the six houses belonging to Tamil.

These people are already
occupying those 6 houses.

Being a policeman, why
are you not questioning them?

A police inspector gave
her a marriage proposal,

and they killed him.

If that is the case with an
Inspector, think about us.

Is there no other man
to take care of her?

Yes, there was a man named Kaluvan.

Look, it was him.

Do not mistake us for
swarming your house.

You are the chieftain of this
village and you know better than us.

Blood relations will continue
only through marriages.

We marry off a girl...

only to be happy and peaceful.

I have already married two
of my own into their family.

And, you all know how it ruined
our happiness and peace.

I do not want the same
fate to fall on her.

I am already looking for
a better groom for her.

They conspired against him,
sent him to jail and killed him.

What do you mean? He is no more?

He was the guy who
took the knife to save me.

What is your name?

Kaluvan, sir.

Allergic to cigarette smoke?

Can't you see that he is coughing?

Why are you blowing on his face?

How dare you disrespect him?

Both the police and the prisoners
are not allowed to smoke in jail.

The law is the same for everyone.

What is your crime?

I hacked the arm and leg of a
man who disrespected others.

It is you, is it?

Ignore him, old man. He is a nobody.

An honest man never fears anyone.
- You are right.

Watch out.

Old man!

Old man!

Old man!

Come fast, help him.


Did he die for your sake?

I feel sorry for that girl.
- Damn!

If you feel sorry for her, it means
that it's going to be hell for them.

Come, I will send you
back in a private bus.

Sister, did we visit eight
jails just to say thanks?

Be quiet now.
- Who is that?

Does your dad own this road?

Don't block it.

Wherever we go, some
guy causes us trouble.

Look at him lying
down in the hot sun.

Let's take the north route.

Who are these rhinoceroses?

Won't you allow us at all?

Let's take the south route.

They are here too.

Why are you blocking
us wherever we go?

Today, my boss's birthday.

He is waiting for you.


Take the rose and
convey your wishes.

Take the rose and
convey your wishes.

Take the rose...
- Oh, stop it.

It's annoying. You will leave way
only if we wish that lunatic, is it?

Not only this way, she
will get a better life too.

I do not need such a life.
Step aside.

Sister, he is making us
wait from the morning.

We are starving.

Can't you see him following
you every day? Just wish him.

I cannot wish everyone
who follows me.

Even today a guy followed me...

What? Someone followed you?

Who dare followed you except for me?

Answer me. Who followed you?

He is with a head constable
Madurai Veeran.

If you are a real man, go
grab his shirt and question him.

Grab his shirt?
I will grab his throat.

If I do it, will you take this rose?

If you can do it and
come back, I will take it.

I will be back.

Give me my coolers.
- Your coolers?

Let me go, it hurts.

Let me go, it hurts.

Head constable, give me my dhoti.

You laid hands on me, right?

Wherever you go, my dad
will find you and slaughter you.

Your dad doesn't
have to search for me.

I will be at the head
constable's house.

My house?

Ask your dad to come there.

Finish him!

Dad, those are my brother's coolers.

You dimwit.

Didn't you see your dad's
scarf wrapped around my head?

Who are you?

You have beaten up three
important men within an hour.

They are in the hospital now.

I did not beat some
random strangers.

They all tried to attack me.

You came for our girl, you
expect our men to be quiet?

Your girl?


Yes, of course. She is our girl.

She is our girl and we won't
allow anyone else to see her.

You won't let them see her?

Or you won't let them marry her?

We won't let them see her.

We won't let them marry her either.

Alright then, I will leave this
place only after I get her married.

Do whatever you can.

You don't know about me.

I will...
- Will you squash me?

I am not some lackey
to be squashed by you.

I am Basha... Kathar Basha.

Kathar Basha alias Muthuramalingham.

No matter how many men you send,

I have the vigour, strength, valour
and agility to take them down.

Beating them is not a
difficult task for me.

I will chew and spit
them out on the go.

All I care about is
justice, truth and equality.

If it doesn't work, I will hit,
kick, punch, slash or chop.

If you don't believe me,
ask the head constable.

Ask me?
- Head constable.

Tell them about me.


Damn you! You sold
me out to this old fox.

Why is he looking at me
like I am some hot chick?

What is really your plan?

Why are you dragging me
into your brazen challenges?

Answer me.

I am already worried that,

they transferred me away
from my wife and kids.

And, you are snitching me to him?

Now, I understand your plan.

You said that you felt
sorry for that girl.

But actually,
you are in love with her.

I will never have
such foul thoughts.

An elder from her
family saved my life,

I cannot abandon her and leave.

That is why I said so.

"It is unfair to forget
a good deed,"

"it is fair to forget a bad deed
even in the very moment."

That is a powerful
verse from Thirukural.

A man should have some loyalty.

What do you want me to do now?

I will bring a suitable groom
for her from my place.

Just get permission from her.

Listen to me.

God has sent him here, to
save you from these murderers.

How will you protect
those kids all by yourself?

I am asking you as a brother.
Please agree to the matchmaking.

The head constable is right.
Agree to the matchmaking.

I like the bride very much.

The groom has openly
said that he likes you.

Now, openly tell
your opinion to him.

Just like he openly
told his opinion.

I will openly speak from my heart.

Tell me.

I have only one request for
the groom willing to marry me.

My brother's kids will stay
with me even after marriage.

Whoever agrees to that
condition can be my groom.

Sorry, brother. The girl
was indeed beautiful.

But, I cannot agree
to all her terms.

Her brother's daughters
maybe her priority.

But, my mom and dad are my priority.

Don't mistake me. Sorry, brother.

Okay, go safe.

What is this?

I know her terms only
now. I am also in shock.

What shall we do now?
- What shall we do?

Find someone who agrees
to her condition.

How else will you win
your brazen challenge?

Dad, do you like the bride?

She is good.

Mom, how is the bride?
- She is good.

Grandma, how is the bride?

I like her.

Uncle, do you like the bride?

She is very, very, very nice.
- Super!

Uncle, aunty,
how do you like the bride?

She is superb.

I don't know who you are...

But it's alright.
Do you like the bride?

She is superb.

Does all our relatives
like the bride?

Yes, everyone likes her.

You are worried that I have brought

all my relatives to
the matchmaking...

and asking everyone's
opinion about you. Am I right?

I, Paganeri Karuppu...

will not do anything or go
anywhere without my relatives.

In fact, in our family tradition,

we like people who value
relationships over wealth.

Hear me out now.

I, Paganeri Karuppu, like you a lot.

Ask me why?

Go on, ask me.

Ask me.

Head constable, tell her to ask me.

Ask him, the groom wishes for it.

Ask him before he cries.


Wow! Did you hear her voice?

Paganeri Karuppu is one lucky man.

The whole family can
listen to her songs and enjoy.

Yes, we can.

Very thoughtful of you, son.

But, that is not the only reason
why Paganeri Karuppu likes you.

Your condition that,
your brother's kids

will stay with you,
even after marriage.

And your guts to say
it in the matchmaking.

That made Paganeri Karuppu
like you a lot.

Everyone, listen to me carefully.

Paganeri Karuppu
agrees to the marriage.

Not only your brother's kids.

You can bring Mandaiyan and
even the head constable with you.

Let us live happily together.

You see, unity is propitious.

I, Paganeri Karuppu...

will always be surrounded
by friends and relatives,

and will always live for
friends and relatives. Period.

You seem to mention the
name Paganeri Karuppu a lot.

Who is Paganeri Karuppu?

He is our family deity.

Without getting the consent
from the holy Paganeri karuppu,

I, Paganeri Karuppu will
not say or do anything.

So, who is your family deity?

We also worship the
same Paganeri Karuppu.

What? You too worship
Paganeri Karuppu?

Head constable!
- What is it?

Aren't we siblings if we
worship the same deity?

Take it out.
- Oh God!

I will kill you.
- Spare me, I am a police officer.

So, what if you're a police officer!

Lucky fellow! He escaped!

We have many lawyers in our
family. Kill him without hesitation.

What happened?
- Oh, it's you.

Who are you chasing after?

I am not chasing. The guy
you sent for matchmaking...

is chasing me with a vow to kill.

But, why?

People worshipping the same
deity are siblings, it seems.

He is enraged that I brought him

to make a marriage
proposal to his sister.

He is chasing me with a
sickle, along with his partners.

You made this arrangement
but they are chasing me.

Hereafter, check the family
deity before sending the groom.

I cannot run anymore.

Both the men and their
sickles were huge.

I am furious that, some stranger
is matchmaking for our girl.

But, you are enjoying the chicken.

Let him do the matchmaking.

We must not kill all the matches.

We must kill only the one
who agrees to marry her.

Tamil, take a good
look at the groom.

Families who worship
Paganeri Karuppu...

have married into families
worshipping Kaluvansaamy.

Hence, we have brought a groom
who worships Kaluvansaamy.

There is a speciality about him.

He has already loved you, it seems.

Yes, not for a year or two.

I've been in love with
you since five years.

Not only these five years.

I will love you for another
five hundred years.

What do you mean?

I have never seen you
around her even once.

They didn't let me.

Whenever I try to approach her...

Vettaiyan's son and
Vengaiyan's son would grab me.

How dare you follow my
wife with intentions of love?

Will you go after her again?

Both of them tied me up and beat me.

Did you hear it?

He has got beaten up by
both sides just for you.

You will never get a groom
like him ever in this life.

You can even vent out your
anger by hitting him.

Shall we finalize him?

The guy who is going to marry me...

should not be someone
who gets beaten up by others.

He should be someone
who beats up people.

After all, courageousness is
the sign of a real man, isn't it?

What do you think of yourself?

You give some reasons
and reject everyone.

If you really want to marry
a guy who beats up people,

you must only marry Kathar.

Because he is the only guy who
beats up everyone in this village.

Tell him to say 'yes'
and I will marry him.

He is my uncle's son. I have
all the rights to marry him.

What do you mean?

He is your uncle's son?


He is my uncle's son.

Even my uncle was not aware
of it until he met him in jail.

He was unaware that, the
man he saved was his son.

It was then that Uncle Kathar came

to meet Uncle Kaluvan
in the hospital.

You are...

My name is Kathar Basha.
Kathar Basha alias Muthuramalingham.

I am from Paganeri.

Kathar, the man you saved in jail.

I am his father.

Is he your son?

He is your son too.

"The thorny bushes
turned into flowering pants."

"This young flower has
become a part of me."

"Our hands have joined together."

"Our palms refuse to go separate"

"I have become you."

"And you have become me."

"A sweet kiss from
you will elate me."

"This is the season of love."

"It showers on us
all through the day."

"Stop teasing me with your mischief"

"I burn like hay because of you."

"Her fair and smooth skin."

"It intoxicates me every time."

"Her alluring smile
and charming beauty."

"She blew me away with it"

"I will overcome any odds for her."

"She has filled my heart."

"You are a lush field
and I am a hungry bull."

"Let's not postpone the grazing."

"Millions and millions of kites."

"Are flying inside
me because of you."

Those youngsters were
living a happy life.

At this time, Naduvapatti's
chieftain Periya Kaluvan

suddenly died of a heart attack.

A ceremony was held to
choose the chieftain’s successor.

When the men started to
play traditional music,

Kaluvan did not possess
any of the chosen candidates.

Instead, Lord Kaluvan possessed
and jolted my uncle Kaluvan.

It was decided that Kaluvan
was the next chieftain.

Everyone rejoiced and
felicitated Kaluvan.

But, only Aunt Perumaayi
was in tears.

The man who Periya Kaluvan
raised as his own son...

is possessed by Lord Kaluvan now.

He is our chieftain from now.

He will vow not
to marry or have kids.

Light the camphor, pierce
the earring, wrap the towel,

pour the turmeric
water and pacify him.

The person chosen as the chieftain,

must not get married.
That is their tradition.

And so, she was not able to
tell anyone about her relationship

or the truth that she was pregnant.

She started to behave
like a lost woman.




Seeing the weird
behaviour of their daughter,

her mom and dad were scared.

They sought the help of
faith healers and shamans.

But, nothing worked.

So they went to his
elder sister's son Kathar.

You are my only hope.
Please save her.

Oh please, uncle.

Do not use such words.
You need not worry.

I know a psychiatrist doctor.

He will definitely cure her.

We need to take a quantitative
test on her. Call her parents.

What is wrong with my daughter?

Your daughter is pregnant.

Perumaayi's dad was enraged,
after hearing that she was pregnant.

Be patient, uncle.
- Let me go.

It is not right to
beat a grown-up girl.

What else should I do?

Calm down. Let us find out
the person responsible for it.

Her mom and I were suffering
in agony, because of her.

But, she never told us the truth.

Do you really think
that she'll tell it now?

How will she?

Let us ask the doctor
to abort her child.

What are you saying?

For the past ten years, we have been
praying to Allah asking for a child.

We must not kill any life,
that is created in the womb.

Both your religion
and mine preach that.


Do you want her to
bear a bastard child?

Do you want me to raise
it and live in disgrace?

I didn't mean it.
- I don't want her.

Let us tell everyone
that she has gone mad.

And, that we left
her at the hospital.

Let me protect the honour
and pride that is left of us.

Let me and my wife live a
decent life in our final years.

You are the daughter of my
maternal uncle, who raised me.

We have no objection with
you staying at our house.

But we don't know why you
are keeping everything a secret.

I can tell you one thing.

The honour and pride
of your unborn child...

depends on your words.
You must understand it.

He does not know that
I am bearing his child.

He must not know it.

If the news gets out...

people will know that he
impregnated me before marriage.

They will question how Kaluvan
possessed such an immoral guy.

If that happens, he will
lose his pride and honour.

That is why I kept it a secret.

Though her parents abandoned her,

aunt Perymaayi spent her days
in memories of Uncle Kaluvan...

at Kathar uncle's house.
That's when...

What happened, dear?
Aisha, come here quickly.

I said, come here!


- Is it a boy or girl, doctor?

It's a boy.
- A boy?

Aisha, look.

Hey, kiddo.

Shall I bring him to you?

No, uncle.

He should never know.

After my parents abandoned me,

you took care of me
like your own child.

And, to show my gratitude...

Please name my son...

after you.


the guy I saved in prison...

was my son?
- Yes.


If I knew she was
carrying my child...


I wouldn't have become
the village chieftain.


and she is...
- My younger sister's daughter.


Tamil Selvi, right?

She was the one we wanted
to marry off to Kathar.

But, before we could come and
talk, my daughter had an issue.

And, it was for that issue
Kathar ended up in prison.


so you were coming to visit my
sister's daughter for an alliance?


- Yes, uncle?

I hope you don't have any
issues in marrying my son.

I orphaned them both.


Don't you leave him and
make him an orphan again.

He not only regretted and
cried a lot over you but...

he also made me promise that
I must not leave you...

and make you an orphan, as he did.

He said that it was his dying wish,

for us to get married
and lead a happy life.

He died after that.

That is why I came to prison,
looking for you.

My father left my mother stranded...

and until now I considered
him the wrong person.

But, even when I
was a stranger to him,

my father saved my life.

How can he be the wrong person?

A son didn't recognize his father,
when he was with him in prison.

The father too didn't
recognize his son.

"The mothers are tired
of giving birth to me."

"The Lord is tired
of writing my fate."

"No mother should bear
me in her womb again."

"Praise Lord Shiva of the South."

"Praise the Lord of all countries."

Offer your father's
ritual food to the crows.

And, light up a lamp at
your family deity's temple.

All your wishes will come true.


Come over here.

"She is the smell of a
delicious meat curry."

"She is a jasmine flower,
she is a proud Tamil girl."

"She is the smell of a
delicious meat curry."

"She is a jasmine flower,
she is a proud Tamil girl."

"A look from her will
make me feel dizzy."

"She can turn water to wine."

"She is a gorgeous girl,
I have fallen for her looks."

"Like idli and fish curry, I
will be a great match for you."

"She is a delicacy,
she is the queen of the south"

"I have never seen
a dessert sweeter than her."

"I am the uncrowned
prince of this town."

"But I surrender myself to you."

"I am ready to be tamed by you"

"I will tie tighten my vetti
and dance with you."

"Where are you from, girl?
Let me impress you."

"Where are you from, girl?
Let me impress you."

"She is the smell of a
delicious meat curry."

"She is a jasmine flower,
she is a proud Tamil girl."

"She is a loudmouth,
she is a fine wine."

"You have intoxicated
me and everyone knows it."

"She is a village girl
but an arousing beauty."

"When I approach her,
she fends me off."

"I will light up a cigar
before a wild wind."

"Come what may, I will
protect you from everyone."

"Where are you from, girl?
Let me impress you."

"Where are you from, girl?
Let me impress you."

"She is the smell of a
delicious meat curry."

"She is a jasmine flower,
she is a proud Tamil girl."

We can perform the bhoomi pooja
early if we finish the work quickly.

Okay, sister.
- Okay.

Four loads have been
sent to Coimbatore.


Two loads to Bangalore.

And Bihar...

Kathar? When did
you get out of prison?

It's been ten days.
- Ten days?

Why didn't you come here?


Why are your dad
and mom not at home?

Don't you know? They have
not returned from the Hajj tour yet.

Not yet?

I will be at Naduvapatti. Give
me a call when they return.

Have it.

Here, uncle.


Are you riled up?

Sister, he is indeed riled up.

Yes, but does he have
any pride left in him?

These men keep on planning
but never get into action.

Shut your mouth, mom.

You shut up! That young rascal...

came into our village,
disrespected these two men

and made us bite the
dust in front of everyone.

On top of that, that girl
is hitching along with him.

Are you not ashamed of it?

We will never win
if we stay separated.

We can slay them only
if we stand united.

It takes two hands to clap.

We must join forces to kill our foe.

We went there to kill him.

But, someone was already
there to kill him.

He must have made some
enemies, like he did with us.

And they have come to slay him.

The person you are talking about...
is me.

The person who tried to
slaughter him last night...

was me.

When did you get out of prison?

They brought me out
to execute him, dad.

Did they hire you to kill him?
Who asked you to do it?

You know him, uncle.

It is Paganeri union Veriyandi's
son, Vedigundu(bomb) Veyilan.

Dear... Oh my God!

What is the dispute between
Veriyandi's family and Kathar?

For power, of course.

Veriyandi wanted
to be the permanent

chairman of Paganeri
panchayat union.

When it comes to Paganeri...

the Aapanadu council and Jamad
will jointly decide the Chairman.

They make the resolutions
for all the social issues.

The Council and Jamad
live as kith and kin.

There is a reason
behind their bonding.

They do not see the
Jamad as strangers.

Because the people in Jamad

are their own people
who changed their religion.

They live as brothers to this day.

The Council and Jamad
never had a difference of opinions.

The Jamad has their
own rights and rituals.

But, they belong to this land.

To this day, they offer sacrificial
goats to the Karuppu temple.

And also conduct the festival.

"Oh, Kathar Bhai,
who prays at the Mecca."

"He offered a sacrificial
lamb to our native temple."

"We worship the half
moon in both our faiths."

"Both the half moons have combined
to become a full moon in our town."

"The colossal Karuppusamy
guards our land."

"Hit the drums and make some noise."

"Fire the crackers
all through the night."

"Sing a rocking
song and dance to it."

"Kathirvel and Kathar
Bhai are inseparable."

"They both fought against
the enemy in this land."

"Set aside all your
pride and honour."

"Worship our God and
kneel before this land."

"You can hit the thappu
on one side."

"You can hit the thavil
on both sides"

"I will hit anyone who
treads on the wrong side"

"I will spare you if you
accept your wrong deeds."

"Kathirvel and Kathar
Bhai are inseparable."

"They both fought against
the enemy in this land."

"Set aside all your
pride and honour."

"Worship our God and
kneel before this land."

"There is no God mightier
than Karuppasamy."

"His colour Black is the
mightiest colour of them all."

"Pray to him before you start work."

"He will offer you his blessings."

"Kathirvel and Kathar
Bhai are inseparable."

"They both fought against
the enemy in this land."

"Set aside all your
pride and honour."

"Worship our God and
kneel before this land."

"The colossal Karuppusamy
guards our land."

"Hit the drums and make some noise."

"Fire the crackers
all through the night."

"Sing a rocking
song and dance to it."

"Kathirvel and Kathar
Bhai are inseparable."

"They both fought against
the enemy in this land."

"Set aside all your
pride and honour."

"Worship our God and
kneel before this land."

There is a major reason behind
this unity of the council and Jamad.

He is Kathar Basha
alias Muthuramalingham.

People call him Kathar Bhai.

The Aapanadu council
respects his words.

So does the Jamad.

Kathar Bhai's adopted son is Kathar.

Kathar will do anything
for the sake of his father.

Kathar and Kathar Bhai never saw
anyone as their enemy in Paganeri.

But, two men saw
them as their enemy.

One of them is Ghani,
from the Jamad.

Insha Allah!

Hold this.

Did you see that?

Instead of sacrificing
it for Kurbani,

he is worshipping the cow.

And you people from
Jamad are quiet about it.

What are you saying?

The Quran never says that

one should not worship
things that people consume.

It applies to both
the land and the cow.

Do not bring your cow
politics into Paganeri, Ghani.

My name is Ghani, uncle.
It's Jinnah.

Do not let that name ruin you.

Practice unity.

What is your problem with Kathar?

I want to be the
only heir to my uncle.

I cannot allow some
intruder to take my place.

Not only that...

For me to attain a
high position in Jamad,

Uncle Kathar must be gone.

I will never stop
until I divide Paganeri.

The second one is Veriyandi.

On behalf of his political party,

he desired to become the
Paganeri union chairman.

To fulfil his desire,

he allied with the powerful
Nana, who buys farmlands.

And contested in the
election with his support.

Kathar Bhai was worried...

that Veriyandi's victory will
harm his town and people.

So, he made his brother-in-law
Velladurai, to contest against him.

And made him win the election.

That victory proved fateful
for Kathar Bhai's daughter Pivi.

She loved Veriyandi's son and
turned to Pechi after marriage.

It also turned fateful for
Velladurai who won the election.

Has he forgotten that his
daughter is married into our family?

He turned against
us and made him win.

We must teach them a lesson.

He won against my husband...

and is arrogantly conducting
his victory march before him.

And, you want to take
him into the party?

When it comes to Paganeri,
my husband is the only chairman.

No one can change it.

By-election will take place. My
son Veyilan will make it happen.

Won't you?

Citing Kathar Bhai
for his father's loss,

the enraged Veriyandi's
second son Sevala...

went to Kathar Bhai's house.

Come out.

Using your influence...

you made your brother-in-law to
win and my dad to lose, didn't you?

You will not be safe
in this town anymore.

How dare you disrespect my father?

How dare you?

How dare you?

Do it now, I dare you.

Will you ever do it?

Will you do it?

Do it now, I dare you.

If you disrespect anyone again...

Why did you break his mouth?

Whoever disrespects
you, I'll break his mouth.

Not only his mouth...

You should have broken his arm too.

This town will be better
without such scoundrels.

Here, have some more.

Yeah, feed him more.

Already, the men are saying
that I overfed him with meat...

and made him a brute.

Who said so?

Tell me, I will pull his tongue out.

Why are you getting
riled up for everything?

Hi, aunty.

Come, have some food.

We had our lunch, you go ahead.


What is it?

Why are you upset?
What is the issue?

Veriyandi and his sons are torturing
me to withdraw the case I filled.

They say that they can release
him only if I withdraw the case.

I cannot leave my daughter
alone and go anywhere.

I need to go to the court tomorrow.

It will be very supportive
if you can come with me.

But Aisha and I...

are travelling to Madurai
regarding our Hajj visa.

Your phone keeps on ringing,
pick it up.

It is them, who keep on calling.

That's why I am avoiding it.

They think that you are
alone and threaten you, is it?

Be strong!

Tomorrow, my son will
come to the court with you.


You be quiet. He is the
right person to deal with them.

I have called her several
times. She keeps cutting the call.

Where is she at?

Lawyer! Did she pick
up the call or not?

She is not picking up the call.

Why did you even pursue law?

What has me pursuing law has to do
with, she not picking up the call?

If only you could use such
clever arguments in court.

She is so stubborn because
she has Kathar's support.

We must have maimed him,
when he broke Sevalai's jaw.

But, you stopped me from citing
the upcoming elections.

Or else, I would have...
- Sir!

What is it?

Veyilan will be produced
in court tomorrow. Confirm!


Tomorrow we are meeting Veyilan.

So, wake up early and
make some chicken curry.

And make fries too.

She is pregnant, why are you
always bothering her with work?

She will have a normal
delivery only if she works hard.

Do you want to pay
millions to the hospital?

Just because my son called her,

she fled her house and came
here with nothing in hand.

We cannot spend much on her.

Go on, dry the clothes
and do the other chores.


Stay quiet.

So, what can we do now?

If we don't get him
out on bail tomorrow,

summer holidays are coming...

and we'll have to wait
for one and a half months.

If she refuses to withdraw
the case tomorrow,

we must finish her too.

Hi, partner.

Move aside.

You guys too.

How are you?
- I am fine, dad.

Is everything alright?

Everything's fine.

How are you, mom?

I am fine.

Velai! How are you?
- I am fine.

Sevalai! How are you?

It's been ages since Corona left.

Why are you wearing a mask?

What happened?

It was me who broke his mouth.

He disrespected my
father with that mouth.

So, I landed some
severe blows on it.

God damn, I'll kill you.

Calm down or we might
not get the bail.

Listen now.

What will you do?

Do not play your
intimidation tricks on me.

Or else I will carve you out.

How dare he?

He will carve my son out, will he?

You must have retaliated
when he beat up Sevalai.

I have more anger than you do.

But, I need Kathar Bhai's
support in the by-election.

That is why I am silent.

But, I have made plans to kill him

in Karupu temple
human tower contest.

'We welcome our esteemed guests
of today's human tower contest...'

'Veriyandi from the
village brotherhood...'

'and Kathar Bhai from the Jamad.'

'The elders from the Jamad,
the townsfolk, '

'our police friends offering
protection to this contest...'

'and the players waiting
to snatch the victory.'

'We welcome you all
on behalf of the town.'

'The contest is about to start.'

'On behalf of the youth wing,'

'we request all the
players to be ready.'

'Our first contestant...'

'PNP Boys from Paganeri
upper street will go at it now.'

'Cheer up the youngsters
with your claps and whistles...'

'and show them your support.'

'Our first contestant, PNP Boys...'

'have scaled 10 feet height
and have made the backflip.'

'Our next contestants...'

'MR Club from
Paganeri South Street.'

'Let us see what
they are capable of.'

'We request you all to cheer
them up and offer your support.'

'Our second contestant, MR Club...'

'have scaled 15 feet height
and have made a backflip.'

'Our third contestant...'

'MKT Force from
Paganeri north street.'

'How much height
can they scale today?'

'We request you all to cheer
them up and offer your support.'

'Looking at MKT Force's
display of skill, '

'it seems like they will touch
the sun and make a backflip.'



Select a girl from these photos.


To get you married, of course.


What is the hurry now?


They have set up your
own friends to kill you.

I know that you will retaliate,
and they will retaliate back.

Look at them.

Only a marriage will hold you down.

Look at the photos.

Mom, select a girl you
like and I will marry her.

Why are you asking
her to select the girl?

The girl is going to spend more
time with mom than with me.

That is why.


Where are you going?
- Wait up.

Who is this?
- Is this Pechi's brother Kathar?

Yes, this is Kathar. Who is this?

Your sister is admitted to the
hospital. Please come soon.

Which hospital?


Two and three is done.

Four are pending.

Pivi... sorry.

Which ward is patient
Pechi admitted to?

You see the girl buying medicines?


She got her admitted.
Go check with her.

Okay, thanks.

Excuse me.

Which ward is Pivi in?

Who are you?
- Her elder brother.

Do you have any sense?

Do you know what happened to her?

Oh, dear.

Who sends a fully pregnant
woman to the market alone?

Who admitted the patient
named Pechi?

I did.

She has given birth to
a girl. You can see now.

Thanks a lot.

Take care of women,
at least from now on.

Look here. Look at your uncle.

She looks pretty, just like you.


Won't our mom and
dad come to see my baby?

Do not worry.

I am here for you.

Our dad will lead her birth
ceremony. Sounds good?

Like hell, it will.

I will never allow it to happen.

Who are you to decide
my child's birth ceremony?

You informed your family
before informing my family, is it?

If you ever see her again...

I'll crush you.

Why did you go there?

The hospital has asked her to give
any close relative's phone number.

Pivi has said that I am here
brother and have given my number.

You can avoid her all you want.

But, don't stop me.

If not for me, who will
look after my sister.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Girl, mom.

I know that you love her a
lot, why are you hiding it?

Come, let's go see her.

That can wait.

See this photo now.

This girl?

We have selected
this girl as your bride.

This is the girl who
admitted Pivi to the hospital.

The girl who saved my sister...

is going to become my bride.

Allah is truly great!

Alright, we are going to
meet her tomorrow. Be ready.

'Sister Calling'

'Sister Calling'

Why did you make me wear this
groom's garland and recite Fathia?

Oh, it's nothing.

We want to quickly marry
you to the girl we selected.

And so, we offered
Sadaqah and Fathia.

People are heading to the mosque,
go with your dad and be back soon.

We are meeting the bride today.


'Sister Calling'

What do you want?

Why do you keep on calling him?


I am in the police station.

Police station?

What do you mean?

Why are you crying?

Why are you crying?


What are you doing here?

Why are you crying?

Come on, speak up.

Stop crying now.

Stop crying and tell me.


My child went missing
from the hospital.

It was my husband...

I am scared that he might
have taken the child and killed it.

I already gave birth to a
child, and since it was a female,

they silently killed
it without mercy.

Now, my second child is lost
too. I came to complain...

but they are not
accepting my complaint.

How would I accept it?

How would I?

It involves a high-profile family.

I cannot file a
complaint just like that.

I need evidence.

You want evidence, is it?

Tell me, tell me.

What did you do to the child?

Tell me, tell me.

Tell me now.

Tell me.

Tell me now.




My child.

You must be killed.

My child.

My child.

Veriyandi, your sons bring
about a new problem every day.

How do you expect to win?

You are our party's
hope in this region.

I know a way to bring
Kathar Bhai to my side.

I have the support of my village men
and relatives, no one can defeat me.

What do you say, Ganesa?

Sure, we'll speak
with Kathar Bhai at once.

What do you say?
- Yes, we'll do it.


I am not coming to any meetings.

You go on and participate.

Voice your opinions openly.

If I come with you...

Veriyandi will blow
things out of proportion.

I already have an issue with
him regarding my daughter.

Dad, if we walk away now,
bad men will come to power.

If you avoid this meeting...

they will say that, you avoided
it to make your ward win.

Stop your chattering. We
have a meeting to conduct.

Maintain silence, people.

Maintain silence.

You can start now.

We are gathered here
for this meeting...

to discuss the election.

For the upcoming Paganeri
panchayat union Chairman election,

on behalf of the
Paganeri brotherhood,

we have decided to elect
Veriyandi without any contest.

This is the decision
of our townsfolk.

We would like Jamad, to think
about it and give a good answer.

I ask the Jamad people
to voice their opinion.

The Jamad thinks...

Ghani, only elders
can voice their opinion.

Why are you talking
when Kathar Bhai is here?

Sit down.

Tell us your opinion, Kathar Bhai.


Speak your mind before everyone.

Good things must
not be delayed, dad.


What I am about to say...

is not against this town,

or against any individual.

It is my general opinion.

An election is a democratic event.

Dropping the elections,
making it a no contest...

and electing someone
within ourselves is not healthy.

It is a bad thing to do.

And, we do not want our town
to set a bad example for others.

So, let the election happen.

And, let the people
elect the right candidate.

And so...

Jamad has decided
to go for the election.

Is this Jamad's decision
or Kathar Bhai's decision?

Look, Jamad's decision
is Kathar Bhai's decision.

And Kathar Bhai's decision
is Jamad's decision.

Listen to you all.

This is our town.

You, people, have
just two hundred votes.

Why do we need Jamad's approval?

Yes, you must get their approval.

That is the unwritten
law of Paganeri.

Sethu turned into Syed.
Karupaiya turned to Kathar.

Their names have changed,
but not their ancestry.

So, do not play your
minority politics in this land.

We are living as kith and kin,

do not cause a rift
in our relationship.

I beg of you.

You stirred a caste
dispute in Ramanathapuram.

Do you want to stir a
religious conflict here?

Veriyandi, better advise your son.


We have just changed
our religion, not our land.

"Lord Hari and Lord Shiva
are the same" is an old quote.

"People worshipping
Allah and Ayyanar"

"are the same" is the quote
we need right now.

These politicians will
never let us live in peace.

They will either
force their ideology

or will create a communal clash.

Their greed for power
makes them do so.

Greedy men should never
be allowed in the town.

Are you referring
to some greedy man?

Or are you referring
to my father, Veriyandi?

Remember why I broke your mouth?

Stop raising your
hand or I'll break them.

If you want to be in power,
do some good to the town.

Forget the town, these men
won't even help their neighbours.

How will they help the town?

They will lose in a fair election,

hence, they want
to bribe the voters.

We will not let that happen.

Nana was right.

If you had divided
the town as he said,

you would have won the elections.

We lost despite the
money and extravagant

promises you made to the people.

Unless we deal with Kathar Bhai,

both you and Nana will
never get what you want.

In front of the town council...

he provoked everyone to
question and humiliate me.

I will humiliate him
before the same council.

I will divide this secular
town into two sections.

From now,
Paganeri will not be united.

It will be divided.

What do you say, Kali?

Why are you standing outside?
Come in.

I refuse to come in. I hope
you will understand my anger.

What my son did maybe wrong to you?

But to us, it is a right.

In those days,
Baby girls were killed...

because people were poor and

they could not afford
the dowry for the girl.

But, things are different now.

Today, baby girls get killed...

not because people are poor
and could not afford a dowry.

Today's girls fall in love
and run away from the house.

Just like your girl.

Just like her.

Just like your daughter
ran away for my son.

You can disregard your honour
and accept your runaway daughter.

But, we cannot live like that.

To us, pride and honour come first.

Everything else comes later.

I have spoken enough.

Hope you will act accordingly.

When my son returns from
the jail and asks for his wife...

I cannot tell him that
she is with her family.

So, with all due respect,
send her back to my house.

If not, there will be
severe consequences

and do not blame us for it.

She must be back
at my house in a week.

Or else...

What are you looking at?
Start the car.

See you.


I will not go there again.

Yes, I loved him.

But, I have suffered
enough from them.

Get me Talak from him.

You can ask for Talak,
if you were Pivi.

But, you are Pechi now.

I don't know if our
legal laws will help us.

But, the law of this
land will help us.

You have saved many of our
townsfolk from their troubles.

We will never abandon you.

We will speak to Veriyandi for you.



Seems like we have
unexpected visitors.

I am busy sharpening my sickle.

What is it?

Oh, it's nothing...

When his daughter loved
your son and fled to your house,

he let it go for the
sake of his daughter.

But now, his daughter does
not want to live with your son.

And so?

He wants a separation, is it?

Separation is not
something new to us.

That is not an issue.

But, shouldn't we
discuss this in public?

We cannot discuss this
within these four walls, can we?

So, call for a special meeting.

Let's discuss this before
everyone and make a decision.

That would be the right place
for me to settle all the scores.

What do you say, Kali?


What is it, dad?

Come here.

Let me do the talking.


What is it?

Lal Cheta from Kollam asked
for someone to load the goods.

To help him with the loading.


As soon as you reach...

give him your phone,
I want to talk to him.

- Be careful.

Why did you lie to him
and send him to Kollam?

If he knows that Veriyandi

is gathering a meeting
to discuss Pivi...

Out of his love for us...

he might do something to Veriyandi.

I am sending him out of town
so that he won't know about it.

Let's face it ourselves.

Kathar should not
suffer because of us.

What is it?

You people embarrassed us
before the same council yesterday.

But today...

you are sitting still
like a heap of the dump.

Why the hell have you
gathered this meeting?

As you already know...

we are gathered to discuss the same
thing we discussed at your home.

Kathar Bhai's daughter does not
want to live with your son anymore.

So, Kathar Bhai is
requesting for a separation.

What is your reply to him?

Didn't I request?

Before this very same council.

I requested his support to
make me Paganeri's chairman.

Did he accept it?

Instead, he lectured about
election and democracy.

And also, provoked
some anonymous men...

to talk against me and humiliate
me before this same council.

He humiliated me before this
council and took pleasure in it.

And now, I want to humiliate
him before this same council.

My honour and pride depend on it.

And so...

I want him to express his regret...

by falling at my
feet and apologizing.

Stay calm.

There will be no separation
unless he falls at my feet.

Yesterday we were quiet
because it was a different issue.

But if anyone raises their voice
today, I will slit their throat.

You will slit our throat, is it?
- Be quiet.

I'll thrash you all.


Be quiet for my sake.

Listen now.

The legal laws are in our favour.
You have no chance against us.

Fall at his feet.

Or else,
let them suffer the legal battle.

For the sake of my daughter.

I will do anything you say.


Oh, God.

Don't do it, dear.

Don't do it, dad.


Forgive me.


Do you mess with Veriyandi?

Today, they embarrassed Kathar Bhai.

Tomorrow, this can happen
to anyone from the Jamad.

If we let this go, our livelihood in
Paganeri will become uncertain.

They tricked you into embarrassment.

We must not let them go, uncle.

They want to divide the
town. Their actions prove it.

Now, it's our turn to retaliate.


Who is trying to
divide the town now?

You or him?

If he wants to instigate a riot
in this town by humiliating me,

I will not let it
happen until I am alive.

This is my family affair.

I don't want the Jamad
to interfere in it.

The Jamad will always
try to unite people.

It will never try to divide people.

It never will!

You people have come here for me.

It gives me great comfort.

You can leave.

Please leave.

We should not fall prey to
Veriyandi's greed for power.

What is he doing here?


Wipe your tears. He must
not know about anything.

Why are you back so early?

Have you finished the loading?
- Yes, dad.

Cheta will call you
about the next load.

Alright, I'll talk to him.

Why do you look upset, mom?

Oh, nothing like that.

Did you have your meal?
- Not yet, dad.

Not yet? Go on, serve him food.

I ate outside in the morning.

I didn't like it at all.

Listen to me, sir.

No one can match Mom's taste.

He escaped the last
time. Today, he will not.

I will get him today.

What is it, sir?
- Don't you know?


He is here for me.

Why is he here for you?

You will not be
spared if you hack me.

What have you done?

I will beat someone if
he just stares at you.

He has hit and insulted
you, you think I'll spare him?

I hacked his arm and leg.

I am a very thankful person.

I owe my entire life to you.

If my dad is in trouble.

I will kill anyone.

Or sacrifice my own life.

For hacking their
dad's arm and leg...

they vowed to kill Kathar.

They attempted to kill him
eight times, but never succeeded.

Even if we spare his life,

Veyilan will not.

Where is Veyilan now?

Hi, partner.

He is Veyilan.

My son told me about you.

When it comes to throwing
bombs and killing people,

you have no match in Ramanathapuram.

Kill Kathar.

Ask us for whatever help
you need in Naduvapatti.

We will do it.

Just do as I say.

And I will erect Kathar's
tombstone in Naduvapatti.

Tell me.

Kathar Bhai has returned from Hajj.

Kathar has come with
a girl to meet him.


'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

'Chanting in Arabic.'

Please have your refreshments.

Have it.


Our fasting and prayers
did not go in vain.

The girl we chose for
Kathar is our bride now.

In the same spirit, we
must get them married soon.

"Sound of drums all around,
time to celebrate."

"Sound of drums all around,
time to celebrate."

"The Aapanadu bull
is going to be tamed."

"Sing along, sing along."

"With a lot of people
and a lot of gifts."

"The elders are making
a grand entrance."

"Welcome them with a treat."

"Click a picture before you leave."

"Sound of drums all around,
time to celebrate."

"The Aapanadu bull
is going to be tamed."

"With a lot of people
and a lot of gifts."

"The elders are making
a grand entrance."

"Folk dances around the house."

"Native games on the streets."

"Friends and partners surround us."

"See them all dance and celebrate."

"Dance and celebrate."

"The bride draped
in a gorgeous saree."

"The groom is hurt by her beauty."

"Ease his pain on the
bed of flowers, oh girl."

"Pay the doctor's fee
to your wife, oh boy."

"A truckload full of fried fish."

"Freshly prepared mutton biryani."

"Tasty and meaty chicken curry."

"Do not hesitate
to enjoy the feast."

"He is a lion wearing a lungi."

"He is a lion wearing a lungi."

"The boy they raised
is married now."

"The mom and dad in kurta and
burka are offering the holy ash."

"It's an auspicious occasion."

"Sing along,
it's an auspicious occasion."

"He has given meaning to my life."

"His shoulders are my haven."

"He is my key to happiness"

"I am overwhelmed with his love."

"He has given meaning to my life."

"His shoulders are my haven."

This is sick.

I cannot look at you in this state.

You are Veriyandi of Pageneri.

You are the pride
and glory of Aapanadu.

You used to have a majestic
moustache and look like a lion.

But now...

you have shaved your
moustache and hiding here.

Do you think that
we are too ashamed

to see the public
and are hiding here?

With this one arm, my
husband is struggling every day.

But, that Kathar has
happily gotten married.

My son will behead him soon.

On that day, my husband and I will
proudly walk in this town again.

Until that day,
this will be my place.

He is your enemy, and
his wife is our enemy.

Both of them must be dead. Our
pride in our town depends on it.

Do you want him to cry in agony?

Then do as I say.

Hold on.

Come on, get down.

Get down, hurry up.

Come on.

That's it?

Let's go.
- Selvi? Palani?

Where are my kids?

Their mom picked them up.

My sister-in-law?
- Yes.


- Aunty.




Are you her mom? Did you name her?

My kids will not
be with you anymore.

They will be here with me.

Leave this place now.

Sister-in-law, please.

Don't call me that anymore.
Your brother is dead.

For your good, leave this place.

Or else I will set you on fire.

Get in.

Selvi, take them in.
- Please let them go.

Listen to me, go in.

Leave before I hurt you.

Tamil, why are you starving
yourselves and crying all day?

She just took away her kids.

Her kids?

They are my elder brother's kids.

They are like my own kids.

If they have my kids...

they will ruin their lives
just like my elder brother's.

You are not aware of
my sister-in-law's family.


They wanted me to marry her brother.

They tortured my brother
to agree to that.

Do you know what else they did?

Look, if you do not marry
your sister to my brother...

I will never let you live in peace.

I lost my peace
the day I married you.

Do you want to take
away my peace again?


I swear on my life.

I will not marry my
sister into this band of thieves.

Who are you calling thieves?
- How dare you?

How dare you shout at my sister?

Tie him up and thrash him.

I'll show you what happens
if you mess with thieves.

I'll show you.

I'll show you.


In front of his kids...

his wife made her
brother to hit him.

My brother was not able to
endure that humiliation.

So, he gave the kids to me...

If my wife and her relatives...

ask your hand in marriage.

Whatever happens...

Do not agree to marry.

Swear on me.

My kids will have a good life...

only if you raise them.

Take care of the kids.

Why are saying such things now?

It's nothing.

Take care of the kids.

Will you?

You are my only hope.

Take good care of them.

Take care of them.

My kids!

My sister!

My brother got humiliated
to save my life.

And lost his own life.

He could have easily married
me to his brother-in-law.

And could have lived a happy life.

Don't cry, Tamil.

Our kids will be
in our house tomorrow.

Let us ask them
through our townsfolk.

If they don't agree.

I know how to deal with it.

Listen, Santha...

Legally speaking, they are
your kids. There is no denying that.

But, it is not right to drag
the kids away from school.

Why did you even
leave the kids with her?

I left my kids with her,

to prevent her from swindling
my husband's wealth.

I left my kids with her to
marry my brother to her.

But, she married this guy.

Why should I leave
my kids with her now?

That is why I took them back.


She wants to raise
her brother's kids.

And the kids also
want to be with her.

What is your demand
to send the kids with her?

Will she give me
all my husband's wealth?

When compared to
my brother's kids...

the wealth is nothing to me.

I will give it.

Where should I sign?

What do you say, dad?

Let's get the sign first.
Take the documents out.

Tell her to sign this.

You want her to
sign a blank document?

They have some share in it too.

Yeah, they can have the ten
acres of land in the graveyard.

But, that is a barren land.

She is building a well
nearby. They will have water.

Get the signature.

Get his signature too.
- Okay.

Or else he might claim
that it is his father's land.

Why did you leave that
ten acres of land to them?

Why did you leave
that graveyard to them?

Veyilan plans to uproot them.

Where are you going with the bag?

To my house.

What did you say?

Your house?

Then what is this?
- This is your house.

This is not my house.
Wherever Aunt is, it's my house.

Aunt's house? How stubborn of you...

Are you trying to hit me?

How dare you try to hit me?

Did you think that you can
treat me like my innocent dad?

I will humiliate you.

Remember what you told us?

You told us that aunt is raising
us to swindle dad's wealth.

But in truth, you have raised
us to swindle dad's wealth.

A mother is someone
who provides for the kids.

She is not someone who
uses them to steal from others.

The woman who didn't hesitate to
give away the wealth for our sake.

My aunt!

She is my real mom.

Do not call yourself a good woman.

Forgive me, aunty.

What are you doing, Selvi?

I will never leave you again.
- Stop crying.

Forgive me.
- It's not your mistake.

There is no need to apologise.

Do not cry.


Stop crying now.

Yes, dad.
- Where are you at?

We have a minor problem.
Come home now.

I'll be there, dad.

Didn't I tell you?

You are a family man now.

Didn't I tell you
to avoid these clashes?

Now, they have issued an
arrest warrant against you.

There is nothing to worry about.

We skipped three court summons,
hence, they have issued a warrant.

Tomorrow, if we surrender
him in the court and do a recall.

They'll close the warrant.

You need not worry.

Kathar, we must definitely
be at the court tomorrow.

So, don't go anywhere else.

Why are you hesitant?

Tomorrow we have Bhoomi Poojai
ceremony for the well.

Tamil told me so.

I will take care of the Bhoomi
Poojai. You go to the court.

Okay, dad.

Hurry up, Selvi. It's getting late.

Coming, uncle.

I will drop them off at
school and go to the court.

My mom and dad
will come to the spot.

Conduct the pooja well.
- Okay.

Go to the court and come back safe.

I'll be leaving soon.

Aunty, I forgot to get
the report card signed.

Your uncle is everything to you now.

Get it signed by him.

Okay, aunty.

Bye, aunty.



He has started.


My ward was sick, so he was
not able to come to the court.

I am producing the
medical certificates for it.


Here it is, sir.

Mr Ratnam...

I can buy a hundred
certificates like this one.

Don't fool the court
with such certificates.

If you don't appear before the court
again, I will put you behind bars.

I am cancelling the
arrest warrant for now.

Thank you, sir.

We have advised him
several times to curb his anger.

Now, you must control him.

Okay, uncle.

He is on the call.

Get things ready, I'll join you.

Ask him what happened in court.
- Sure.

What happened to
your arrest warrant?

They have cancelled it, dad.
- Thanks to Allah.

They have cancelled the warrant.
- Thanks to Allah.

Is the bhoomi poojai done?

Not yet,
your wife is preparing for it.

Come here soon.

We just arrived...

Dad? What happened?






What happened, dad?

Can you hear me, dad?



What happened, dad?

My son...

Answer me, dad.


Let me see her, dad.

I want to see her.
- No, don't.

Let me see her, dad.
- You cannot handle it.

Let me see her, dad.

'Just because my dad told you...'

'how did you agree to
marry a convict like me?'

'If you have so much love
for your adopted family...'

'I wonder how much
you will love your wife.'

'No woman will refuse you.'

'Your uncle is everything to
you now. Get it signed by him.'

'Go to the court
and come back safe.'

'I'll be leaving soon.'

What is it, Kathar?
Is your son in tears?

I am sure of it.

Because I planted the bomb.

Does it hurt now?

I felt the same pain when
your son hacked my father.

Today, it was his wife.

Tomorrow, it's him.

I sent you to the court and
told you that'll look after her.

But, I saw her explode
right before my own eyes.

They conspired together
and killed this innocent girl.

None of them must be alive.

Those cold-hearted men
are a burden to this earth.

They must be gone.

I was holding you back till now.

I am saying it now...

Kill them all!

- Hey!

Come at me, come.