Kathanam (2019) - full transcript

Anu (Anasuya Kasaba) an aspiring director develops a script on a producer's request. Twist in the tale arises when the murders scripted in the story start happening in real life. The parallel story is crux of Kathanam.

[dog barks]

TV: Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho song is
played from the film Chaudhvin Ka Chand.


I only come once in a month.

And exactly he won't be
around when I am here.



[switch ticks on]
[electric crackles]


[vehicles honking]

-What do you want?

I need to meet Dr. Anitha Kumari,
the cardiologist.

Do you have any appointment?

I spoke to you over the phone about this.

Oh! Is that you?

-I have already told you over the phone,

that it's not possible to meet the
doctor without a prior appointment.

The matter is very serious.

Please understand that we cannot allow
anyone to meet without any appointment.

Hmm! If diseases come
with an prior appointment,

you would have to
close all these hospitals.

Dhana, please go and wait in the lobby.

If you think you can
take care of everything,

then why do you bring me here?

You may also leave madam,
I need the prepare this bill, please.

-Please understand what I'm trying to say.
-Hey, what is the problem here?

She wants to meet Dr. Anitha and
she doesn't even have any appointment.

Doctor... it's an emergency.

Okay, I am going to the doctors chambers,

I'll find out and let you know if
you can meet her. You may please sit.

-Thank you.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Shift the patient to the ICU...


and once the sedation wears out,

-inform me once.
-Okay madam.

And I need to go out now,

so kindly cancel all the
appointments for today.

You don't have any appointments,

but a lady wants to meet to you and
is waiting outside the chamber, madam.

When I have already asked you
to cancel all the appointments,

why do you still ask me? Please leave.


-Where is my injection?
-Madam, it's there on your table.

-Okay you can go.
-Okay madam.


Sorry, you cannot meet her today.
Please come tomorrow.


Madam, madam please wait.

Madam... what happened?

Madam get up!

[music mutes voices]

Do you know any details about that lady?

I have no clue about her, but I did
see a guy whose has accompanied her.

He's got to be around here.

-Shruti go and check.


Tell me...

Sir, no.

I'll not spare you.

Please send me home as soon as
possible, am really getting scared here.

-Hey... show him our style.
-Okay madam.


ACP sir, they are beating me up.

Hey don't you know who I am?
I am an MLA's son.

-You are not fit for...

so who cares if you are an MLA's son?

What so great about your father?
Lock him behind the bars.

Okay sir.

-Did you get the CCTV footage, Srikanth?
-Yes, sir.

Laptop: No audio file is played.

A lady has come to meet you.
She wants to meet you urgently it seems.

-Ask her to wait for 5 minutes.
-Okay sir.

-Get the interrogation room ready...

and also get the post mortem report.

-Okay sir.

I hope you don't mind.

-It's okay.
-Thank you.

[lighter clicks]

You who have
disappeared from the hospital?

May I know why did you
show up here all of a sudden?

I had to come.

Why did you have to rush to
meet the most popular doctor...

in the city without any prior appointment?

Though the hospital staff denied why
did you have to push through them...

and what reason did you
have to enter her cabin?

Exactly when you went to meet her,

she died at the
time you entered her cabin!


So can I assume that you have
any relation with the murder?

Hmm... yes.

Can you elaborate it?

If you want to understand, you first
need to know who I am and what I do.

Silence... silence... silence!

[indistinctive crowd chatter]

Why do you want to fight your own case?

Money sir, money.

If I had money why would I want to die?

Don't you know it's
illegal to commit suicide?

Yes, I know sir.

For people who are filthy
rich might have many stories.

But middleclass people like
me all have the same story.

Life is full of obstacles.

Though we walk on the land we
have our gaze high up on the sky.

We don't prefer to buy the 1 rupee
per kilo rice at the ration shop,

and we can't afford to buy for
rupees 50 kilo rice at the supermarket.

Most of the salary goes in
paying the bills and EMI's.

Every month we keep borrowing and
keep getting into trouble because of that.

What else do you think I can do
than trying to commit suicide, sir?

After reviewing the entire case...

irrespective of how
difficult it is to survive,

a person does not have the
right to take his own life.

The accused is punished with a year of
ordinary jail term under IPC section 309.

orders are passed to the police that...

...she is given counselling by
physiologists during her jail term.

-Sorry... sorry sir.

Cut it!



-Who is that fellow?

He looks like a stick and doesn't even
seem to know how to hold the baton.

Make the hero say all the
dialogues you have just said.

Sure sir.

Replay once...

Hey... What did Maruti sir say?

He asked me to take you off your role.

Oh, so my plan has worked out!

-What plan?
-Then what!

You told me that... I will have to
play one scene with three dialogues.

But here its only one dialogue
which I have to say three times.

Rama Rao... Rama Rao... Rama rao!

Hey, you need to take up these
small roles to grow in your film career.

It isn't that way,
once you play a certain kind of role,

you will be chosen for the
same kind of roles forever.

You don't believe me? Wait,
let me prove that to you. Come with me.

What man?

Uncle can you please come here once.

What's you name Uncle?
-Koteshwara Rao.

Nice name.

For how long have you been doing
the same 'police constable' role?

For the past 30 years

Even a real police constable in
his job would have retired by now,

you may leave.

Sharat sir, if you don't
mind, please come here once.

What's it man?

In how many languages
have you acted till day?

Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi,
Bhojpuri and recently in English too.

So in all languages, you have
played the role of a judge, right?

Yes, of course.

What is your famous dialogue sir?

Order... order... order.

-Court is adjourned sir. You may leave.
-Oh you silly!

Okay now tell me,

if I keep playing these small roles,
can I ever dream of becoming a hero?

Go to hell,

-I have to explain this scene to the hero.
-Okay, go.

Excuse me,
she doesn't know how to value a friend

and all she wants is
be an popular director it seems.

-Sir, please remove this costume.


Director has asked me to
play your character now.

-He asked you to play this role?

Go, go and...

Take this and keep saying
Ramarao... Ramarao... Ramarao.

Nobody will come up in your life...
Damn it!

Why did you put the alarm?
When we have no shooting today.

Why don't you let me sleep peacefully?

Please make some coffee for me,
I need to go and meet Babu.

What! You need to meet Babu?

Hmm... make some coffee man!

You are so lucky!

You are making the future
hero make coffee for you. Great!

-For me too...

Coffee... with Anu.

Anu, aunty is asking for the house rent.

Uncle I am going to meet
Babu to narrate my story.

Once back, I shall pay you the rent.

Once back home doesn't means...
she will pay once she returns home.

It means that if they pay
advance and then we will pay the rent.

Oh my god! What is my situation now?

The one who owns a
house has to give it for rent

and the one who rents
it never pays the rent.

That's the way it is... one should not
feel sad for what cannot be averted.

[birds chirping]
Don't know man,

I just don't understand anything.

If you need to understand the Geeta,
you need have some liquor at night.

Don't know how much money he have?

My bad fate, my fate.

It's hard to maintain you than my wife.

-Yes, coming,

And she doesn't want to
understand that I am tired...

Hey go, go, I know your wife is
calling to wash the clothes...

-Yeah come along and wash the clothes.
-Oh no!

I need to go to meet Babu,
which means I need to get ready.

Hey Dhana, be careful with
you behaviour in front of Babu.

But just one selfie, please!

Okay. But don't put your arm
around him or anything like that.

Once I take a picture with Babu and post
it on Instagram, Facebook and twitter,

then I can have so many followers.

Mr. Babu has asked me to come.

Oh is that you,
who has come to narrate a story?

-Please wait.

[caravan door opens]

When you were saying Babu, Babu,
I thought it would be Mahesh Babu...

but it is Sampoornesh Babu?

-Hi sir.

Who is that guy,
wearing a shirt over a T-shirt?

-Is he your assistant?
-No sir, he is my friend.

He was pleading me for a selfie with you,
so he came along.

Oh, so he is my fan! Come.

Sir, I forgot my phone in the vehicle,
I'll go get it.

My fan? And he doesn't have a phone?

-Let's go we'll sit and talk.
-Sure sir.

-Please start.
-Sure Sir.

[birds chirping]
Opening scene...


That is the story, Babu.

The story is nice...
But where are 'those'?

-What are those means?
-Lip locks!

Hey... don't you know I am called
the Emraan Hashmi of the telugu industry.

How can we keep lip
locks in this story, sir?

Why? Why not?

The heroine's father dies, right?

The hero can have a lip
lock while pacifying her.

In the same way when I try to commit
suicide on Tankbund as the I lose my job,

there a lip lock with the
lady constable who saves me.

When I am frustrated
and don't know what to do,

because my parents have scolded me, there
comes another lip lock with the heroine.

There is lot of space and scope
for lip locks. Follow the trend!

True sir, while the police is
beating you up in the police station,

another lip lock scene.

It is good...
But who is going to kiss me then?

Yes, that is what I will
think over and come tomorrow.

Good, you are on the right track.
All the best.

You sure will come tomorrow, right?

Bloody... He wants lip locks, it seems.

Let's go!

The one with liquor is for me, the one
that doesn't have liquor is for her!

The one that doesn't
have liquor is for her,

-the one that has liquor is for me!
-What? You look so happy?

The story has not been accepted, uncle.

-Don't worry it will happen.
-My foot, it won't!

Let's have a drink, come.

What? Just Thums up!

Uncle the one that has liquor is for us,

the one that doesn't
have liquor is for Anu.

I'll go get an omlette... don't be a
miser and drink it all by yourself.


[Singing Mandu Babulam song
from the film Gabbar Singh.]

Oh no! He has mixed it very strong.

I know they won't give chance
for new directors easily sir,

but I want to direct my own story.

thank you for listening to my story.


Don't worry my dear, as long as you
try, even obstacles turn opportunities.

Just wait and watch, you will become
a great director one day! I trust you.

Every year,
I have been thinking so, uncle.

They say the story is nice,
but the producers don't have the money...

They says hero is busy and
there are no call sheets.

They say they will do
the next movie with me.

I am tired of listening
to these excuses, uncle.

I so feel like killing... somebody.

On my god...

Oh my god! She had the liquor.

-Where are you?

Hey, why did you climb up there?

If I am not up here,
she is sure to send me up there!

Stories! What story you want?

she is thinking that you are the producer.

Oh no, you tricked me into this!

If 'Pelli Choopulu' movie gets a hit,
producers says that...

-...they want family drama.

When I work hard and go to
them preparing a story...

They say that they want a movie which
has adult content like 'Arjun Reddy'.

Is that me?

Okay, since I feel I might get an
opportunity and get a story order...

You say you want a movie with
social content like 'Bharat ane nenu'.

-Oh no! Hey Dhana,

she is showing her Ten Avatars and
beating me. Please come down and help me.

No, I won't come,

She won't get rid for
her hallucination now!


Oh my!

-Oh my god!
-Hey, stop there man!

Stop it dear.

I understood, you are the
director as your story is awesome.

Tomorrow is the opening,
choose a hero as you like.

But I don't care,
I won't do any movie with you.

-Get out from my house.
-Your house?

Fine, save me...

this girl and her
craziness... because of the drink.

Oh no!

-She and her craziness about films.
-Tasteless fellows.

No one have the clarity.

I don't know what they want?

[train honks]

[phone rings]
Oh no!

[phone ringing]
[birds chirping]

Oh no!
[vehicle honks]

[phone ringing]

-Hello.-Good Morning, dear!

Morning! Who is it?

I am a producer!

Which producer?

Are you from Film nagar,
Manikonda, or Srinagar colony?

You have never come to our office dear.

Sir, tell me...

Are you busy?

No sir, tell me.

We are listening to new stories.

If you have any story, can you narrate it?

Of course sir, please tell me your address
and I will be there in half an hour.

[clock ticks, tocks]

Hey, Dhana, please come fast.
More how much time it takes?

Have you come?


You dress smart every time!
Why are you dressed like this today?

What's the big deal, we just have
to go and come, right? Let's go.

The office looks huge!

Oh my god...

the entire Krishna Nagar, Indira Nagar,

Film Nagar,
Ganapati complex seems to be here.

How do you think our
story can be confirmed?

Just wasting our time. Let's leave.

Why do say that?
This opportunity knocked at our door.

We shouldn't say no, there is
nothing wrong in giving it a try please.

Okay, we will go as you are
requesting me. Come on let's go in.

[call bell rings]

Anu, do you think there is any
relation between his age and his script?


He must have thought this
to be a recycling store.

It seems they didn't accept his story.

[call bell rings]

-Yes, that's me, I am coming, I am coming.
-Not for us, we have more people waiting.

-Careful, careful.

What happened sir?

There are not liking any story.

I guess they already have story in mind.

[call bell rings]
Hey, come let us go.

-To our home?
-I'll teach you!

All the best!

[birds chirping]
All: Good morning dear.

-Good morning sir!
-Please take your seat.

Thank you.

We have already heard many stories,

But comparatively the
story we have is the best.

If you are okay,
do a betterment of our story.

That way,
we can give you the direction as well.

Sure sir, I will give my best.

[music mutes voices]

[music continues]


Wow! You did a great improvement
of the story in just 10 minutes.

-You're the correct person.

Thank you so much sir.

We have rooms
upstairs, why don't stay here

and start the script work happily?

On minute sir. Please.

-Hey Dhana!
-I have already started the bike,

come let's go! We are used to this anyway.

Hmm... You come here first.


-I finally got my 'Director' chance!
-Hey, congrats!

Thank you.

So I will be the hero in your movie!


-So, is that ok with you?
-Sir, okay sir!

Today is a very auspicious day to start.
We shall start immediately.

But I haven't got any
luggage or clothes with me.

Don't worry, I will go get your stuff.

-Are you sure?

-Okay. Okay, sir!

[vehicles honking]

In the first half, my role seems a
little less, but in the second half...


Why can't you just tell me
if the story is good or bad?

How will I know
anything about the story is?

I am a hero, not a director!

How can you say so?

I just can't keep discussing to myself,
isn't it?

That true...

Then why don't you ask your
writer friend Rajendra to help you!


-why didn't I get this idea before?
-Good job.

[phone taps]
[phone ringer]

Hello Rajendra! Where are you now?

Oh... Sure, bye.

He is in Vizag now.

Think if you know of anyone else.

Are you okay with CK?

Who is CK?

Are you asking me? Who CK is?

Creative Kishore.

Rajamouli's right hand,
Sukumar's full support

and the best friend of Surendra Reddy.

Do you think he will come?

If you are okay,
it's my responsibility to bring him.

OKay, but I cannot pay him
any remuneration, right away.

CK likes me so much.

Leave about his Remuneration.

Now, switch off the lights and go sleep.
Will bring CK by tomorrow morning.

-Good night, Bye.

[vehicles honking]

Anu is waiting for him,

time is running out.

Wondering how he is
coming, in an Audi or in a BMW!

Why is cab here?
Why brother is coming in a cab?

Oh, these small cars! Cabs.!

Namaste Brother, Bless me!

-Come brother
-Yesterday, it got very late at Rajamouli.

-The work will be done by today, right!

As I need to meet Sukku, tomorrow.

You just have to concentrate,
and you can do it in no time.

I have to...

-Oh this can guy needs to be paid!

Sorry, Brother... I forgot.

-How much?
-Rs. 1250.

What? Rs. 1250 to come from
road No. 10 to road No. 11?

I forgot to tell you, Dhana!

To get some fresh thoughts,
I made him go around the ring road twice.

Dhana, why is that ring road so 'round'?
Just pay him.

Okay brother, okay.

-Take it man.
-Total Rs. 1500 sir.

What is this brother,
he is now asking for Rs. 1500?

Just give it to him,
I got some cigarette packets on the way

and I got down to piss too!
Should I tell all?

-No need brother!
-Here, take this and never come around.

-Come brother.
-Why do you worry? I will take care of it.

[crow caws]
Who are you?

Who is this 'figure', she is gorgeous!
Is she the heroine?

Not heroine brother,
she is our director, Anu.

Oh! Even the directors
are glamorous now a days!

-Is she co-operative?
-Brother, she will kill you!

Okay, got hold of a good director.

-I'll give you life.
-Thanks brother.

Come in.
[clearing throat]

-Why is she not standing?
-Hey, hi...

No need of formalities,
you can stand up and say hi!

Why don't we have our breakfast
and then we will sit for work?

you didn't had your breakfast, as yet?

I told you, I got very late
yesterday, working with Rajamouli!

If you want me to give
her the break very fast,

then you have to get me some breakfast.

Anyways, I am CK, Creative Kishore!

-Anu, nice meeting you.
-Nice meeting you too!

I think your perfume is Zara.

I love that too, but I am not
supposed to use a ladies perfume, right!

No you should not sir.

Do you know how Rajamouli
got a hit with Bahubali?


Just by adding some ghee to a
masala dosa and roasting it...

Oh! Is that how he got a hit?

We just didn't know!

Bahubali, here! The breakfast is for him.

Who are these here?

-Who are these antique pieces?
-They are the producers.

Oh! Heavy budget film I think.

But what is the genre? Horror or thriller?

-What is the story?

-On the opening scene, hero...
-So some misfortune with the hero

and he is trying to take
revenge by killing everyone.

and in between few comedy
scenes would come, that's it right?

I will give, I will give a nice break.
We will hit it! Hit hard!

Producers: What we are thinking is...

You cannot do anything in this
age except thinking. It's a fact.

A story is an never ending journey.

Producers should put
the money on the movie,

-take care of publicity.

But, should not interfer in the story.

Give some space to the
creative writers! I'll take care...

What do you say Dhana?
What don't you say something about me?

Don't you know about brother?

It was his idea make Prabhas get
on to the elephant in Bahubali,

it was this man's idea to cast
Anusuya as Rangamatta in Rangasthalam

and make Seyraa of Uyyalavada
Narsimha Reddy, is all done by brother.

Enough Dhana,
we should not boast about our self!

But one thing, just trust me.

I will give amazing content to the story.

I will fresh up and come.
Did you freshen up?

Brother, the rooms are upstairs.

What are you managing?

Sorry don't mind, I'll be back.

Will this dress fit
Brother, yeah it will fit him.

Time is running. Yes, brother came.

Brother, you did not get any clothes,
isn't it?

So, I got you some producers clothes.

-What brand?

-CK, is Calvin Klein right?

CK, CK okay.

-Smart boy.
-Thank you.

Thank god.

-Isn't it a little loose.

AC is not working.

Can you tell if I
haven't worn an underwear?

I will try to set one by evening.

-You got me correctly.
-Please sit.

Get me Jockey.

Jockey? Would mine fit?

-Sit down Dhana.
-This is okay.


-I will also sit on the floor.
-No Brother, no.

I sat in the bathroom and thought well.

In the bathroom?

Be it a Bedroom, Police station,
or even when you piss, you have to think.

[Phone: ]

How do I stop this?

There is a pause button here, brother.

-Will it start from there?
-Yes, it will.

It must have stopped while buffering.

A story is a never ending journey.

This is the time when you have to say,

Super, brother.

What's the big deal in that Dhana?

Just get the set up ready.

Sure brother, I will be back in a minute.

You seem to be in a good mood,
will complete the entire story today.

We should see this is an tab,
can't see everything in this.

[Phone: ]

[cleans throat]

This is not a set up,
Dhana, update yourself.

Try to understand.

Brother! To get a girl right
now, is very difficult.


Oh, you mean drinks?

-Sure, I will get you some drinks.
-Yeah drinks.

Yeah drinks, but remember 'that' also.

As a story is an never ending journey,

True, brother.

You ask the producers to come,
we will educate them.

But please remember 'that' in mind.

I feel irritated seeing these.

Mia Khalifa...

Hey, Sunny Leone is back?

[door creaks opens]

-Greetings sir.

-Sir, greetings.
-It's okay, sit, sit.

I didn't stand up for you,
I am tying my lungi, go sit there.

I feel like I am in an old age home.
Very pleasant.


So what are the latest
movies have you watched?

Patala Bhairavi, Aggi Barata.

Nartana Sala, Ramudu Bheemudu.

Oh, you already watched Ramudu Bheemudu?

That means, you are Tamil Rockers batch...

-Have you watched anything on TV latest?
-I have watched Mahanati sir.

So you are waiting for the next biopic?

Do not watch anything now,
else you will get updated.

You are way too old and
the direct is way to new.

And this Dhana is troubling me.

-In our story...
-Hey get up, get up

get up, I told you I will give you...

I will hit it. Hit hard.

-Who is he?
-A story is a never ending journey...

I will hit it. Hit hard.
[door creaks opens]

-If you hit hard, they'll die.
-You got connected to me very well.

-Oh no!

-Are you mad? Remove it...
-Hail lord Shiva!

Remove that as well.

I have told so much about you to Anu.

-What did you tell her?
-That you are so good at giving content.


What is there in content?

If only she accepts,
I can give her a good life.

-What should she accept?
-The scenes.

Whatever I give,
she has to like it, right?

And I will keep trying until she likes.

Dhana, where is the water?

-Didn't I get water? Just a minute.
-Do you want me to take it raw?

No... no... you don't drink without water.


I already had a quarter? That too raw?

A story is dangerous, Dhana.

A story is a never ending journey.

-Go get one half.

I am getting headache please go get it,
get it.

[birds chirping]


So did he start anything as yet?

He just started now.

Did he at least
complete half of the story?

He is just about to complete half of it.

-Ask him to do the full story.

Yes, I will tell him!

I brought this without letting
the producers know, brother.

Dhana, you also get a glass for yourself.

We will enjoy advance success.

Brother no, I don't have the habit.



Dhana... Dhana.. Dhana.

Brother, I don't have the habit
means, how can I have it in front of you?

What are differences between us, Dhana?

We are both common persons.

Go get a glass.

Just a minute brother, I will get a glass.

If I add a quarter to half, it's not full.


If you add another half, it's full.

-You already drank half bottle brother?

I am in shock myself!

You don't believe I've drunk half, right?

My capacity increased, Dhana.

Hey! Water is left don't waste the water.

What do you want, brother?

-Go get me a full.
-Ah! Full?

I know you can get it, Dhana.

If you get it,
you and I can sit and finish it all.

-What brother?
-The story...

you will be shocked to hear
about the twists in the story.

Brother, in the meantime,
you please start the story.

Please go and come in the meantime.

Please get me a tablet while coming back,
I am getting a headache.

Brother, brother, brother...
what is this? At least write Sai Ram!

What is a story? Dhana

The never ending journey.

Mix me a peg.



Brother, brother...

how can you doze off like that?

Have a peg and go sleep.
We will talk tomorrow.

Oh no, if you don't write,
she will wage a war with me.

If I get up now, you will remind me of
what I have asked you to remember.

A girl! No, brother!

You don't have
to remember anything, good night.

I know you will write it
all by morning. My fate!

A true writer is one who knows which movie
to write and also which movie to avoid.

I am a fan of Adivi Sesh...



What is this Dhana?

As you woke up,
I immediately came out of the bathroom.

But what is this Dhana?

Why can't there a night after
night, why should we see a day?

If you want that to happen

then we ought to be in an
international flight for 24 hrs, brother.

International flight means, free liquor!

-You impress me so well, Dhana.
-Thanks brother.

We will hit it. Hit it hard.

Brother, why is the note pad empty?
Didn't you write anything?

Dhana, it's outdated to write on papers.

-Check the two CD's there.



they will think that our cinema is a copy.

Crazy Dhana!

And that is why take the first half of
Jaffa and second half of Vennala 1/2.

Mix both of them and create a new story.
Nobody will know. That's the trend now.

But the story belongs to the producers,

Shut up! Look at them!

When asked on which latest movie
watched, he talks about Gutti parota?

It's not Gutti Parota! It's Aggi Barata.

That is what I am saying.

They are too old, Mayabazar generation,

they won't even understand these
modern movies. Just go and give it.

Also get me any of the
producers new clothes.

And get me a Jockey underwear, 100 cm.

Not the long type...
get me one with a cut.

-Will get amazing thoughts.
-Okay, brother.

What has a cut to do with new thoughts?

I don't understand these writers.

Tomorrow, I should ask for a vest.


What man, was he writing all night?

Oh! Did she understand it like that?

Show me... what did you people write?

It's nice that our writer is religious.

I am sure he has completed the script.

Let me see.

Oh he has done a DTP? Super.

No. He has asked me to use the first half
and second half of two utter flop movies

and make a super hit of it.

-Ask him to leave immediately,

else I will kill you.


-Oh no!

-He is calling me again.


-I should invent writers anyhow.
-I am unable to handle his madness.

We have to slay him.

What will you make Dosa's?

The murder of Creative
Kishore should not be cruel.

It should be creative.

Then we will plan the murder in CK style.

-Oh no!
-When is fully drunk and asleep,

we will softly push a pillow
over his face and kill him.


He is not a kid to die from a pillow!

Take a big boulder and break his head.

Shh! Whatever the plan,

it's should be only after
he is fully drunk and asleep.

These guys are not producers,
they are professional killers.


Why did you shout so scarily?

I am just used to shouting like that
as soon as I wake up! It's creative!

Oh! Brother,

I am on a low budget,
so I got you chilled beer!

We will hit it. Hit it hard.

I have quit on the habit of liquor!

-Come on, don't joke.

Ram Gopal Varma quitting his publicity

and you quitting alcohol is
something not believable.

You should believe...

beacuse Story is an never ending journey.

-I totally understand brother.
-What did you understand?

When a Lion is hungry, it won't eat rice.

Don't worry I will borrow some
money and get you something.

Tell me a good brand of alcohol grandly.

This guy here is tempting me, while
ones below are attempting to murder me.


One should not get deeply involved
in any subject, what remains is a zero.

The script is very important for us.

I know, that is what I fear.

If you don't drink,
you don't get into the mood of writing!

He doesn't seem to leave me alone.

I should say another way.


At times, in our lives we
need to listen to our body,

when it's saying that you're
going overboard with your capacity.

Then we just need to
listen and do our work.

Otherwise we just have to lose our life.

That's a point to note, brother.

Have a pleasant sleep

and then start your script.

If I sleep, they will kill me.

What did you say brother.

I mean no rest and no sleep until I
finish the script. Only night out.

Brother it's not Shivaratri
to go sleepless in the night!

Hello, when you have script
work, every night is a Shivaratri.

A story... is a never ending journey.

-So that journey...
-True, true, you have your own clarity.

These oldies also have their own clarity.

We cannot take anything easily.

He does not have any respect for
us, as producers. Is he human?

The story has taken a
U-turn, he quit drinking, it seems.

You can't catch me!

Don't take any tension,
once he orders food,

we shall mix some poison in it!

-He will be dead.

Oh my god! I think they don't want to
get relax until they keep RIP in FB.

-I have to escape from here.

I am going out to get food.
Tell me the menu.

-I stopped eating food.

-I am fasting!
-What is this brother?

I mean I requested Baba in
the night to give Anu a good hit

He asked me to do fasting. That is why.

Brother, until this day no one has
thought this way for Anu or me.

You not human, you are like the
Mahanubhavudu movie taken by Maruti.

-That film is a hit Dhana.
-Okay brother

He is paying respect while
oldies are trying slay me. My fate.

Damn! We missed a chance again.
What do we do now?

We have to think about some new plan.

Cool, we have coconut oil, right;

we shall pour it all over the stairs

and as he steps over, he will slide
down and his soul will reach high up

-How is the idea?

What a crap idea!

If you pour that oil on your head,
at least that way you can see some hair.

Bloody bald headed people.

I think these people are hurt as
I said this is an old age home.

It just slipped out of my tongue and
these guys have taken it to murder me?

The red T-shirt guy is very wild.

I have to escape from this place.

I brought you fruits as you are fasting.

Is it? Thank you!

Producers have sent these for you.

Damn! Just throw them away!
I told you I am fasting, right?

But I haven't heard of any
plans to kill me with fruits.

What plan, brother?

You are so naive, you don't understand.
They are plotting a plan.

They are not producers,

-they are professional killers.
-Oh my god!

You are a kid. What is your age?

-If I was born in 1981...
-Why are you counting now?

We can write scripts in
the Bhojpuri language.

Come on, let's leave.

-We can live watching Nagma.

Get your luggage, we will leave, come on.

Brother, brother...

there seems to be a misunderstanding.

Oh no! If you jump from here, you will get
injured badly, your will break your legs.

-I'll be killed if I stay here.
-No, I won't let you go.

Oh man, you're so innocent.

-Oh man, you're so innocent.
-Me and innocent!

Look at there once...

-Who is present there?
-I won't leave you 'Gutti Parota'!

Brother... Oh no!


He said he will give
the story some content,

but seems to have broken his legs instead.

Producers: What happened?

What more can happen?
Our plan worked out successfully!

[All: laughing]


-Can you give me that cinema page?
-Good morning sir.

-Good morning sir.
-Good morning dear.

-Please sit dear...
-Take your seat dear.

Sir, except for the climax part,
the entire story is almost complete.

Can you please listen to the story?

Why don't to finish the climax?

Then we can listen to
the entire story at once.

If there are no corrections in the scenes,
then it's easier to write the climax.

Oh yeah, that's true,
go ahead dear, tell us the story.

The name of our movie is 'Kathanam',

What does 'Kathanam' mean?

The way the story keeps unfolding is
'Kathanam', sir.

Both: Oh!

In this story,
the opening scene has the hero...

[music mutes voices]

The story is done until this part, sir.


Wow, the story is way more
interesting than we actually thought.

-Thank you so much, sir.

-But I have a small request sir.
-Yeah, please tell me. It's okay.

Sir if I change the location,
I can get new ideas to write the climax.

I would like to go, home sir.

-All: Yes, sure dear.
-Okay, dear.

Thank you so much, sir.

-Okay, let's go.
-Come on, let's go.

-I'll see you soon, sir. Thank you!
-Okay. Okay.

Come on, let's go.

It's a big surprise to me!

I dreamt of being a
director and it has come true.

But there is a bigger surprise,
waiting for me. And I have no clue of it.

What's that surprise?

Oh my god!
[birds chirping]

-Oh no!

Why are you shouting
like someone has died.

-Yeah, what's there in this?

'DSP's death caused by leaking
gas cylinder', so what's there?

Read properly!

[Reading Telugu news paper]

What is this?
This murder is straight out of our script!

Exactly! It's totally going over my head.

-Let's go the crime scene once please.

Why do you want to get into this?
It's a headache.

Please let us go once,
we will get some clarity about it.

What kind of clarity do you want?
If he is dead or we killed him?


We are going, that's it!


Dhana, cops are there.
What do you think we should?

You go... I will manage.

-Are you sure?

[birds chirping]
I must have fell down here itself...

Hey, what are searching there?

Sir, my ring fell here,
I am looking for it. It's very valuable.

-Is it?

Where is it? I don't find it here.

Sir, it's right on my hand.
I did not lose it.

Is it this? You looking for this?

Sir, you don't
understand the value of this ring,

it has been given by my
childhood love Sailaja in school.

Crazy fellow... get lost!

-Witticism, right in the morning.

Sir, I will explain how the hero has
planned the murder without getting caught!

Hero makes sure to go to
DSP's house when he is not around.

He closes the kitchen
tap with wax like this.

Once the wax is dry, the hero opens
the tap, but the water doesn't flow,

Then he makes a small hole with a needle.

Then he takes a plate and makes sure
the water drops fall on the plate slowly.

The plate falls down
because of loss of balance.

'He switched on the kitchen
lights to know what was happening.'

[switch ticks on]
[electric crackles]

By this time the gas has leaked
already as planned by the hero

and ignites upon switching the light.
A blast at once.

You think I am kid to believe that...

whatever happened in
already in your script?

Believe it or not! I have written
it and that's what happened.

Why can't you just think
that this is a coincidence?

I felt so too,
but not until the second murder happened!

-Second murder?

The case of retired IAS officer which is
closed stating it to be a suicide case!

You mean retired IAS officer, Praskash?

Yes sir.

How do you know that it's a suicide?

I don't know sir,
that is how I have written!

A retired IAS officer gets murdered

and the police close it
stating it to be a suicide.


While you write that in your script

and you think the same
is happening in reality?


Do you think you are Nostradamus?

You think these enquires and
investigations made by trained officers

are all wrong?

You think your script is the only reality?

No sir, I am only telling you
what I know regarding the case.

Please, can you tell what
investigations have been done?

Have you come to do some enquiry on me?

What is the connection
between your story and this case?

I am asking you because there
is a connection! Please!

[calling bell rings]


-Get me the file of the IAS officer.
-Okay sir.

-Thank you!

On the day of his death,

the officer landed
from Delhi and went straight to the club.

He along with his friends had
some heavy booze that night.

His wife had a fight
because of his drinking habit.

In the heat of the argument,
he went to his room and locked the door.

His wife brought him food and
knocked the door, but he didn't open.

She left as it was a usual
thing for her every day.

Though retired, he was very unhappy
about his wife and went into depression.

Because he has boozed a lot that day,

this led him to jump from his
balcony and commit suicide.

Is this enough?
Or do you need some more information?

Being an IAS officer when
he faced so many issues...

just because he has
some issues with his wife,

officer would commit suicide in rage?

How could you believe it so easily?

We have closed this case after
carefully investigating everyone.

Whom did you investigate?
What did you enquire?

We have investigated all the
officers related to the case.

His wife, friends...

all have been investigated and
then we have closed the case.

When you have enquired so many people?

How can you forget
enquiring his family doctor?

If you enquire him...
then you'll get new things.

-What has a doctor to do with this case?
-There is a relation!

Call the doctor and you
will understand it yourself.

[calling bell rings]

Find out who the family
doctor of the IAS officer is?

Connect him to me immideatly.

Ok sir.

Sir, he is on line.

Hello doctor, I am ACP Ranadhir speaking.

Tell me sir.

Wasn't the dead IAS officer Prakash,
your patient?

Yes, sir.

How was his mental and
physical health just before his death?

Thank you doctor.

According to the doctor he was suffering
from a disease called Somnambulism...

and the medicines administered
for depression and anxiety...

...can in no way can
lead him to commit suicide.

Prakash's Somnambulism disease...

but what is relation
between this and his death?

Of course, there is a relation, sir.

Somnambulism is sleep walking disorder.

Non rapid eye moment sleep.

In layman's language, it's sleep
walking in deep dreamless sleep.

He is used to walking to
the bathroom in his sleep.

Having understood this,
the hero turned the bed in such a way...

that the officer opened the balcony
door instead of his bathroom door

and jumped off the balcony and died.

So who do you think has killed him?

This is what you have to investigate.

You wanna coffee?

Black and strong, please!

[calling bell rings]

Thank you.

[phone rings]
Excuse me.


I was just about to call you.

Your doubt about Prakash's case
being a murder is absolutely right.

I will meet you as
soon as I solve this case.

What is the relation
between the two murder cases...

...your visit to the
hospital and the doctor Anitha's death?

I was petrified as to what
might happen after the two murders.

I know no body would believe me.
If say this to anyone.

Instead of wasting time
trying to convince someone,

it was better to take
care of the situation myself.

So you visited the
hospital to save Dr. Anitha?


How did you know the next in
line to be murdered is Dr. Anitha?

I found out.

[distant siren wailing]
[distant vehicle honking]


Anu, why are you so worried about the
two murders as if you have done them?

I am not worries about the two murders,

I am worried if the third
murder will happen as well.

Shall we give a police complaint?

Do you think the police
are crazy to believe that,

the murders are exactly
happening just like in our script?

You and I can be jailed for this!
This isn't a correct idea.

Look... we had no clue of the
two murders that happened.

I am just concerned about how we can
stop the third murder from taking place.

How can we know anything
about the third person?

Of how he is, where he is or what he does?

You know what!
Not only does the characters of the script

and murders match, but also their names!

-That means, the doctor's name is...
-Yes, Dr. Anitha.


Open the All India Medical
Association of Telangana website.

Since the story is based out in Hyderabad,

get the list of the top
cardiologist in the city...

Here is the list, Anu.

There are three people with that name,

Anitha Agarwal,
Anitha Reddy, Anitha Kumari!

Tell me the number of Anitha Agarwal.

Hmm... 96180



Hello could I speak to
Anitha Agarwal please...

She is in US, ma'am.

Oh! Okay, thanks.

She is in the US.

That means, she is safe.


Anitha Reddy... 9177747225.


-Hello, is it Ms. Anitha Reddy?-Yes, speaking.

-I need your appointment, madam.-Sorry, I am travelling.

Okay, thank you.

She is in journey.

So she is also safe.

There is no personal
number here of Anitha Kumari.

But there only the hospitals number.

-We'll try.



-Hello...-Yes, madam.

Is Anitha Kumari there?

-Yes, she is available.
-I need to meet her.

Do you have any appointment?

Appointment... No!

Sorry madam, you cannot meet
her without an appointment.

-She is the one.

Yeah... let's go! Come on.

After that, you know all that happened!

She died in front of my
eyes and I couldn't do any thing.

Sir, doctors post-mortem report.


I will tell you what's in
that post-mortem report.

Air embolism in hear.,

Air embolism in heart?

An air bubble in the heart vessel

because of which the blood
supply to the heart is hindered...

this causes a cardiac arrest and death.

How did an air bubble get into
her heart vessel all of a sudden?

Dr. Anitha suffers from Narcolepsy.

And for which she has been
taking an Ephedrine injection...

...every day for the past 10 years.

It's an intravenous injection.

One should be careful to administer it
without any air bubble in the injection.

The hero made sure she was in a hurry...

...and had no time to check that
before she took that injection.

So that's how an air
bubble got into her veins.

The post-mortem report says...

death was caused by air
bubble reaching the heart vessel.

Is that what you have
written in your script?

Hmm... yes.

Does anyone else know
this script apart from you?

My friend who is waiting outside and
the four producers to whom I narrated.

So the murders are all
happening according to the story...

...of the producers and
your script 'Kathanam'!


Let's go.


Let's go the place where it all started.

[siren wailing]

[tires screeching]
[car doors opens and closes]

Is this the house of the
producers you were saying?


It's seems very old and untouched.

That is what I am
unable to understand sir.

[cicadas chirping]
[pistol fires]

Open it!

[door latch rattles]
[door creak opens]




Did you narrate your story here?
It's all old stuff and creepy.

What is there here?

There used to be a big sofa here, sir.

The producers sat here,
while I sat there and narrated the story.

Believe it or not!
What I am telling you the truth!

What is true and what's not?

You spoke of produces,
script and you are telling me a story?

I came here just because I trusted you!

-Please believe me.
-There is nothing here to believe you.

It's true and that I narrated
the script to four producers.

It's true that they give me
the direction of the movie

and it's true that I even
accepted an advance for the film.

-Hey, shoot him.

[pistol fires]
[flower pot shatters]


[pistol fires]

Come on...

[pistol reloading]
[pistol fires]

[pistol fires]

[pistol reloading]
[pistol fires]




How are you feeling?

Not bad.

You have a beautiful house.

Coffee will be even better... Have it.

-Thank you.


Based on what you said,

only those four producers
has the need to kill you.

Their target is you.

If we are to solve the case,
you have to be safe Anu.



What are you thinking?

I'm wondering what's going to happen to my
career which I had many dreams about it.


Don't worry, Anu. All the
problems will be resolved soon.

Till then, both of you can stay here.

Well, don't your family members
feel inconvenience if we stay here?

I don't have a family.

My parents died in an
accident during my childhood.

Oh! So you are an orphan, just like us?

[scoofs] Why will I be an
orphan? Now, I have you guys.

That's alright...

But when we saw your
policemen in the police station,

we are sceptical about
trusting a policeman.


Nice coffee!

Anu, I'll prepare lunch.

Well, I'll prepare it.
-No chance until you are fully recovered.

Come along...

Let's discuss about the
friendship with a policeman

while preparing lunch in the kitchen.

I don't know how to cook.

According to penal code,
section number 420, 120, 21, 92...

-Err... Kitchen is that way, right?

Come on, I will make
the delicious Dal curry.

You said you didn't know how to cook.

[music mutes voice]

[vehicle starts]


It's an air-conditioned floor in the name
but not even fans are in working condition

If this is the case,
how would my glamour last?

-Hey, Dhana!

-Come here.
-I have learnt the dialogue sir.

-A security guard mean...
-That's not what I want to talk about.

Be seated.

-Do you want me to sit?
-Come sit here man. Sit.

You know there is a lot of talk about
your friend Anu in the industry.

Police, cases etc. What is all this?

Sir, what really happened was...


Even a small error by a person from the
movie industry is magnified by the public.

-Tell her to be careful.
-Alright, sir.

She has a great potential to be a very big
director in the industry, in the future.

Okay, sir. [phone rings]

-Sir, just a moment.
-Okay. Satish!


-What did the doctor say?-Okay...

Doctor removed the bandage.
He said there would be no problem.

The hand moves more freely now.

Okay, be careful.

After I am done with the
shooting, I will head home.

Dhana... Shot ready.

-Anu, I'll call you later.-Okay, bye.



What are you doing in my room?

Who are these two?

These two guys are the
reason I am in this big mess today.

You mean, these two?


These are two out of the four producers
to whom I have narrated the story.

I thought they might be
able to help with the case.

I thought about it the whole
night and came up with this sketch.

It's now easier to nab them, sir.

They are not so easy to catch.

They've ensured that they made
our investigation team find

no clue at the place where they
attacked us or its surroundings.

How do you think they
would get to us so easily?

Does that mean we will
not be able to catch them?

We can catch them.

-What's the next activity in your story?

-Another murder.
-What? Another murder? Who?

-Who is the VIP?

I don't know. I just wrote VIP.


At a traffic signal.

A transformer bursts
at a traffic signal...


-I don't know.

Just because there is a
pen and paper available,

you wrote that a VIP would be
murdered at a traffic signal

how can we save them?

Do you even know when this
murder is going to take place?


Do you at least know the dates in
which those three murders took place?


5th, 3... 14th and 19th

5th, 14th and 19th...

5th, 14th and 19th...



5th... If the first murder took place

on the 5th that means
alphabetically it's an 'A'.

The next murder... 14th is 'N'.

3rd murder... 3rd murder... The 3rd
murder is on 19th, that means 'S'.

5th: East,
14th: North,

19th: South and
23rd: West.


5th: East,
14th: North,

19th: South and
23rd: West.

The fourth murder is
going to take place on 23rd.

What is today's date?


So, tomorrow is when the fourth
murder is going to take place.

Oh dear, these old men!
What a devious plan!

[camera clicks]

[camera clicks]

[phone rings]


I am sending you two
photographs on Whatsapp.


Send it across all the police
stations and get an enquiry in place.

Okay, sir.

Wherever there are transformers
beside a traffic signal in the city,

-get them checked.
-Okay, sir.

I want the entire information immediately.

Sir, we have sent the photographs to
all the police stations as you instructed.

We may get the information
at any time, sir.


Our agents have taken all the information
regarding the transformers in the city,



This is the map of the city.

All the red colour dots on this
map are electric transformers.

The tick marks are

the transformers at the junction of
crossroads that you have asked for.

What are total number of transformers?

22, sir.

Sir, we've enquired regarding the
lanes surrounding the transformers

where VIPs travel in
these routes, as you said.

Hmm... Good!

Only 3 VIPs live around these
surroundings of the transformers, sir.

And they are not going
to be in the city tomorrow.


So, apart from these three,

we need to find out if there
are any other VIPs in the city

who take the routes that have
these 22 transformers tomorrow.

Okay. Enquire with the Ministers'
OSD and secretaries of MPs and MLAs

and find out their schedule of tomorrow.

-Come on, quick! Okay, fast.
-Okay, sir.

Sir, there are a total of 6 VIPs
including a state cabinet minister

who'd be taking the routes in which
we have identified the transformers.

Sir, I have a small idea.

Why don't we talk to these 6 VIPs and
request them to change their schedule?

Hey! What nonsense are you talking?

Should I tell them that a girl wrote
a story and according to the story,

they're going to get blown up and die

if they take the routes with
transformers at the junctions tomorrow?

They won't believe me and I would
end up a laughing stock instead.


On top of that, if media
gets a hint of this,

there is a likelihood that
the public would be disturbed.

Yes, you are right.

Sir, it would be difficult
to conduct a rescue operation

at the six transformers at the city
centre, without their cooperation.

Yes, this is what I was thinking about.

Among those six transformers,

if we can identify the one
which is going to get blown up...

How can we identify that, sir?

She should tell me that.

Sir, I have already told
you everything that I wrote.

Well, that not what I meant, Anu.

You might've written something about the
surroundings of the particular transformer

or perhaps some landmarks in your scene.

Try to recollect.

I did not write any landmarks but
there is a cafe near that transformer.

At the exact moment of the blast,

the hero would be watching the death
of the VIP and enjoying a cup of tea.

Cafe... That's a clue.

Find out the cafes surrounding
these transformers and inform me.


Thank you

-No, thanks.
-No, thanks.

Do you think everything will go
according to what we guessed?

If all the other murders
happened according to your script,

this will happen as well.

But only if the VIP arrives.

What if the senior citizens change
the plan knowing that we are here?


[indistinct voice in walkie talkie]
Yes, Srikanth.

We've received information that no VIP is
taking the route that you are stationed at

But, I just received an
information that a Central Minister is

passing through the Vittalwadi Crossroads,
next to the area that you are stationed at

Srikanth, I will be there in 5 minutes.
Stop the minister from going forward.

-Okay, sir.

Sir, we would like to come with
you as well. [vehicle starts]

Both of you stay here.

But sir...

Anu, I would stop this
murder at any cost. Okay?


-[siren wailing] Sir...

Please wait for 5 minutes, sir.
The ACP is on his way.

Why would I wait for an ACP?

Sir, please try and
understand. Just five minutes.

-Tell him to come quickly.
-Yes, sir.

Okay. Common, fast!

Yes, Srikanth.

The minister is waiting, sir.

Clear all the vehicles on that route.

And stop all the vehicles
which are coming towards him.

Okay, sir.

Drive fast, man.

What is this delay,
when I am going on a personal work?


What’s your problem?

What do think I'm, a minister
or some SI who works under you?

There is a small problem, sir.

I will send you in five
minutes. Please wait.


Divert all the vehicles travelling
in this direction to the other way.

-Don't let the traffic get stuck anywhere.
-Okay, sir.

Go! Go! Hey! Come!
Move! Come... Come.

Hey, come! Hello... Hello.

Sir, a former minister is
adamant about going in this route.


-What's this?

Even I am a minister, but former.

Sir, its not possible to
send you on this route.

I'll send you on another route.
Try to understand. Please.

-How can you say that?
-5 minutes, sir.

Reverse the vehicle.

There is no problem with the
transformer. Everything is clear.

-Okay, good. Send the minister.
-Okay, sir.

[indistinctive voice on walkie-talkie]


[fire crackling]
[siren wailing]

[vehicle arrives]


You should be clear with the information
that you give. You said it would be VIP!

What did you tell me and
what the hell happened there?

The person who died was
an Ex-minister, sir.

Why? An Ex-minister cannot be a VIP?

I gave you the correct information.

You ignored my words and
went off to another place.

Is that my fault?

You were not even considerate
of my gender and you slapped me.

Anu, that's...

From now on, mind your own
business and I'll do the same.


-Anu... Anu...


Who killed these four VIP's?

Who are these four producers?

Why did these four murderers
pretend to be producers?

[siren wailing]

Is anyone helping them?

Is Anu lying to me?

There is no chance.

If Anu didn't speak, we wouldn't have
known about the murders in the first place

What's the connection between
the producers and the VIPs?

Is there any connection between
the four producers and the VIPs?


I want all the details regarding those
four VIPs who died.

I want their biodata, education details,

their posting areas and their
detailed post-mortem report.

Sir, the details you asked for.

-Thank you.
-It's okay, sir.


[lighter clicks]

Prakash Agarwal...
District collector, Srikakulam.

Somala Simhadri...
1990 batch, working in Srikakulam.

Anita, chief doctor in Srikakulam.

Nalla Changal Rao,
MLA in Srikakulam constituency.

So, these four worked in
Srikakulam constituency.

My guess is right.

The answer to the story that began
here will be found only there.


This file contains the information of
those 4 persons which you asked for, sir.

-Mr Subba Reddy...

Please come here.

-Sir, he is constable Subba reddy.
-Greetings, sir.

Sir, this person worked as a driver

with the deceased DSP when he
worked as an SP in this district.

I summoned him here so that he can give
you the information that you need.

Sir, I...

Oh! Thank you, sir.

[chuckles] Come on,
sir. It's my duty, sir.

Mr Subba Reddy, attend him
if he needs any further help.

Okay, sir.

-Mr Subba Reddy,
-Yes, sir.

-You've worked as the SP's driver, right?
-Yes, sir.

Can you tell me anything about him?

[music mutes voice]


-I appreciate you.
-Thank you, sir.

-Mr Subba Reddy...
-Yes, sir.

Can you identify these two persons?

Sir, give me a moment.


Not just these two persons, there were
another two people along with them.

25 years ago,
they suddenly went missing.

There is a missing
case on them as well.

Is that case on these
people not closed yet?

Their whereabouts weren't traced.

Didn't anyone come here asking about them?

Initially, their family members
enquired about them, sir.

It's been so many years since,
so they didn't pursue it anymore.

But, a women came here everyday

and enquired about
them until two years ago, sir.

-Do you have her address?
-Yes, sir. I do.

Can you give it to me?


[door opens]

Who are you, sir?

Ma'am, can I talk to you about something?

He is my husband.
25 years have passed.

He went to the city, along with three
of his friends. He didn't return yet.

We don't even know what happened to him.

Whenever a new SI gets transferred
to the police station of this village,

I kept going to the police station
and enquired about my husband.

There is only a faint hope that he
would come back before I die of old age.

Do you know why and where he went?

I don't know, sir.

But I do know the
person he went looking for.

For whom?

-I'll show you, let's go.
-Lead the way.

[grill creaks]

Who is this lady?

She is our mother Aravinda.

She is the mother to
500 surrounding villages.


People sloganeering: Come out!

We've come here to report to the
collector about the injustice done by you,

how can you obstruct us?

Move out of the way.

Let us tell our problems to the
Collector. Get out of the way.

The collector is in an important meeting.

It's not possible to meet him.

Please leave the premises immediately.

Ah! Madam is here. Our Madam is here.

Madam... Madam...


Why did we come here, dad?

The police have arrested
your grandfather, Ramayya.

You mother has come
here to get him released.

How does mother know?

When you get hurt, what do you say?

I call out 'mother' loudly.

And then what happens?

Then, mother would come and does
her magic. Voila! I get healed.

When then get hurt, they call
out for mother and she arrives.

She's is not just our mother
but she is a mother to everyone.

Why did you come, madam?

Unless I come her by
travelling for 400 kilometers,

couldn't you take four steps to
get to the public, Mr Collector?

When all the people from the surrounding
villages come here and create trouble...

Ah! Correct yourself!

These surrounding villages are
not just villages, but my home.

These 2000 door steps are
the thresholds of my house.

These people belong to my family.

They've committed a crime and
hence, they were arrested.

I know about my people very well.

They only know toil and
labour but not greed and envy.

Release them immediately.

It's a law and order problem, madam.

It would be wise only if the
police make that decision.

As a District First class Magistrate,

you can use your judicial power
and solve the problem, can't you?

I have already called the
district SP. He is on the way.



-Greetings, madam.

Madam, why did you come here all the way?

-A phone call would have sufficed.
-I can't work over a phone call...

...because it's not a duty unlike
yours, but devotion on them.

Let's come to the point.
Why did you arrest them?

The thing is that... the
MLA has ordered us to do so.

Is it the MLA's order? Where is he?

Madam! Madam! Madam! I am here.

You don't have to be that
deferential towards me.

The elections are still three years away.

These people voted for you
because I told them to do so.

Didn't you think of telling me
before doing anything with them?

You are right, madam... You are right!

You promised them that you would treat
them right and fair when elected to power.

But why are you harassing them?

That's because...
The thing is that...

Did you think that I was out of their
reach as I'm staying little far from them?

Withdraw the police cases against
them and release them immediately.

Madam, I will release them and send
them home after a few formalities.

Please head home, madam.

I won't leave until they are released.

Madam.... Madam.... Madam...
Why are you sitting on the floor?

Hey, get a chair. Get it.

Please sit on the chair.

Respect for a person is not something
that is given in their presence.

It's the value and worth you give
to their word in their absence.

I made you an MLA because I wanted you
to support and help the people. Go on.

[music mutes voice]

-Greetings, madam...
-Greetings, madam...

They haven't even given us a
drop of water since two days.

How are you dear?

We don't know what would've happened to
us if we'd stayed there for one more day.

We didn't even know if
this news had reached you.

We thought we would
have died in that darkness.

What is with you, Uncle?
Crying like a small child.

Go home and take some rest.

We will meet tomorrow and talk
about all of it. Is that alright?

-Aunt, take care of him. Go on.
-Okay, madam.

-We shall take leave.
-Come on.

[bell jingles]

-Dad, mom is here.
-No problem.

You are sleeping here again? Get up.

I will sleep here for a while.

You have had enough sleep.
Get up and get ready.



Anu drew this last night.

Is it? Where am I in this?

You were cooking at that time, mom.

Is it? Huh!

Dad, I think mom is angry.

You know about mom's anger, right?
It wouldn't even last for five minutes.

-Aravinda, coffee.
-Mom, milk.

Here is your coffee.


Dad, I think mom is still angry.
Why don't we find another mother?

Get lost.

You get lost.

Why should I get lost?
You get lost. This is my husband.

-This is my father.
-My husband.

-My father...
-My husband...

My father...

You go away.

-You go away. It's my husband.
-Hey... Aravinda... my coffee.

-Greetings sir... Greetings, ma'am.
-Greetings, Uncle.

Come in.

-How are you, Uncle?
-We are good.

Where is Sita?


I came here yesterday but
she didn't come to see me.

I think she finds her
in-law's place more comfortable.

Does she remember her parents'
place at least? Does she even visit you?


Sita will not come.

Not only Sita,

her husband, the shop owner Setty,

the laundryman Ravulu, the priest in
the temple etc, no one of them will come.

None of them can come.

All of them left us.

There is a steady decrease in the
number of young people in the village.

There is only an increase of
people who are likely to die.


What happened, Uncle?

Come this way, madam.

Look at this horror with your own eyes.

Oh dear Lord! Oh dear Lord!

It is a terrible thing.

What is this? There is not
even a bit of humanity left.

They are not even treated as humans.

Sorry, madam.

There are only herds of people
who are admitted in the hospital.

But there is no one who has
been cured and discharged

unless dead.

There is only one hospital.
It's a very big problem.

What's the problem?

CKD which means Chronic Kidney Disease.

How can this affect many
people at the same time?

That is what we're unable
to figure it out, madam.

Generally, people with high Blood Pressure
and Sugar are prone to this disease.

But all the patients who
have been admitted here

have normal levels of
Blood Pressure and Sugar.

The creatine levels are
supposed to be at 1.2%

but for the patients admitted
here, it is around 15% to 18.1%

Isn't there a solution to this?

There is one. Vacate the village.

-Oh no!

It is not easy as you say.

These are the farmers who celebrate
'Yeruvaka' festival once in a year

and pray to the soil for
good crop in the village.

People like you wouldn't understand it.

Sorry, madam.

I couldn't find another solution
and that is why I suggested that.

What were the efforts
you've put into this?

We will meet tomorrow in the
District Collector's office.

Let's see why we can't find a
solution to this problem. Come, Uncle.

It's been over 50 years since
our country got its independence

but the village continues
to have no drinking water.

Instead, we have these empty slogans that
villages are the lifelines of this country

[scoffs] Is this what you call progress?

Madam, we are not
twiddling our thumbs here.

We instituted a committee to study the
issue. They have given us two solutions.

The research process is on.

We found the problem to
be Chronic Kidney Disease.

The reason for this is because

the water here has more than the
permissible amount of chemicals.

That's the reason why we advised
the people to drink purified water.

It's expensive to purify water
and supply it to all the villages.

That is the reason why we were
in favour of the second option.

We've planned to rehabilitate
people from the...

...7 Mandals of this
district to another mandals.

However, the people prefer to die here

rather than rehabilitate
themselves elsewhere.

These people aren't immigrants who'd pack
up and leave the village on a command.

They are farmers.

A village isn't about 100 or 200 houses.

It is a bond with the soil that
was established since generations.

No matter if they eat food or not,

they can sleep peacefully
under a tree or on floor.

But when one person is facing trouble,

there are ten people
to support or help them.

That's the confidence a village gives you.

What you say is correct, but we lack
funds. There is nothing to be done here.

Don't we have people's
representative here?

I am only a People's Representative in
name but I sit on the opposition bench.

Do you think the government listens to me?

Even if I try to make them listen to me,

I should at least get 5 minutes
of time to speak in the parliament

amongst the 549 members of
the elected representatives.

Even if I was lucky to get the mic
to raise the issue in the Parliament...

Before I clear my throat to speak,

there'd be someone from the other
corner, who'd disrupt the parliament

with sloganeering and protests.

And then the session would be
adjourned. What do you want me to do?



Yes. Resign from your post.

There would be a by-elections.

Use this issue as a platform
and contest the elections.

The members of the opposition
will use the same platform

and that is when the Centre's
eye will be focussed here.

It isn't that easy, ma'am.

Let's see why this can't be done.

First, you resign.

-And you as well.

-What are you doing here?

All these resignations, protests
against the government, these elections...

it would take years for this process
to complete and work on the solution.

Numerous lives would
be lost by then, Raghu.

I cannot allow that to happen.

Do you think worrying solves anything?

You have to think of solutions.

Why don't we sleep a little and
then think fresh in the morning?

It's midnight. Let's go.

The midnight gave our
country its independence.

Don't you think we can find
a small solution at midnight?

From tomorrow, no one from the village
should drink the water of this village.

Alright. That is what we will do.

We will get the tankers from outside,

buy water and supply it to
every one in these villages.

If necessary, let's also
establish temporary medical camps.


Let's get the best
nephrologist from the city.

Let's establish a lab and
fund the research ourselves.

Let's spend our entire
fortune on this, Raghu.

By then, either the government or
an NGO will respond to this issue.


"You are the sunrise
amidst the dark mountains"

"You are the lightning in
the hearts of the people"

"We were desolate,
without any help and without support"

"You filled up these
shrivelled hearts with hope"

"Just as an eyelash protects
the eye, you have protected us?

?We bask as little children
in your benevolent gaze"

"Oh, mother Aravinda..."

"We must have been indebted
to you in our previous lives"

"Oh, mother Aravinda..."

"You have given us another lease of life"

It looks like she wouldn't let neither
the disease nor us stay here.

Does a meagre win call for a celebration?

I know how to hamper
her progress. Drive on.

Instead of cooking up some story and
feeding it to the people who came here,

you've unnecessarily
imprisoned them.

You have blown up the issue.

Well... I am an uneducated hooligan.

But he is an IPS officer, right?

When I told you to imprison them, why did
you do that without any second thought?

Shouldn't you have used your judged?

Oh! You are blaming me?

If that's the case,
I'd have made all of you...

Hey, stop it man!

Think of the future actions that has to be
done. Stop smearing each other with dirt.

It's upto you that you
have been into this mess.

But you've dragged me into this.

I used all of my MP funds
for these villagers.

They turned out to be disloyal!

Anyway, it's pointless blaming them.

It's my fault.
I shouldn't have trusted you.

Let it go, sir.

What should I let go?

Come on, sir... Why are you so irked?

You might find my attitude irksome
but I am the one who is being burnt.

What needs to be done?

Do whatever you want.
We will carve our own path.

I know exactly what needs to be
done to get out of this mess.

-Hell with their rotten plans.
-Sir, please wait... MP sir...

Stop him. He's leaving.

It's not him who should be stopped but the
thing that is going to happen tomorrow.

How, sir? We pilfered a lot of the
funds allocated to this issue.

If my superiors get the information of
her philanthropic work through media,

all the accounts would be out.

And it won't be long when
the CM hears about it!

It's true.

The Intelligence Agency must have briefed
the Chief Minister on this issue by now.

Isn't there anything that could be done?

Of course, there is a way.

If diplomacy fails,

it's time for war.

So, what do you have to say finally?

Our wealth is given to us,
to be enjoyed by us.

It's not wise to be hasty and sell off
the property for the welfare of others.

She is not being hasty, Collector sir.

She wants to do good to her
people as early as possible.

The government exists
to look after the people.

Just because it's cloudy,
it doesn't guarantee a harvest.

It should rain.

Just because there is a
government, it doesn't guarantee progress.

So you want to personally
take up that responsibility?


You are disregarding the system and

constitutionally elected government and
taking charge personally. Is it correct?

When the decision makers are sleeping,
someone should be attentive, sir.

I have said all that needs to
be said. It's your choice now.

Are you scared or are
you threatening me?


Aravinda only thinks about
things that need to be done.

She is unaware of how much money you
pilfered through the sanctioned funds.

But I know what tricks
you have been up to.

I'm telling you now because the
issue has come up till here.

Try to understand.
Don't obstruct us.

I want Dad... I want Dad...

-Dad will come. But eat now.
-No, I won't eat.

I will eat only when Dad comes home.

You have become
stubborn! Wait. Let's call dad.


Yes, What's up Aravinda?

Talk to your darling daughter. Apparently,
she wouldn't eat until you come.

Dad, are you coming?

Dad has some work, baby. Eat up. I'll come

Since you've told me, I'll eat.

Oh really?

Raghu, the fianceres
from Hyderabad called.

They said that the agreements
are ready. Maybe you have to go.

-Alright. I'll be there.

[aerplane whizzing]
[tyres screech]

She needed money to complete the
works he began in the village.

For that, they've decided to sell all
the assets that they had in the city.

So, the entire family embarked
on a journey to the city.

To help the lady and for the
welfare of the entire village,

my husband and his
friends went along with her.

25 years have passed.
I don't even know what happened.

No one... No one came back.

But I do know one thing.

What is it?

Amongst the entire family,
only one person survived.











Stay here...




-I will jump, sir...

Hey, let's go.


Are you okay?

-Thank god you were on time or else...

Okay.. I am always there for you guys.
... Anu.

-Anyways, take care of her.

My God!


Anu, can you do me a small favour?

I have a story but
there is only one half of it.

I am not able to think up the
second half. Can you tell me?

I am not in the mood to
listen to any story.

But I have to tell it.

What happened to the family who
embarked on a journey to Hyderabad?

What happened to the four old men
of that village who disappeared?

Specifically, what was that
five-year old girl doing?

Can you tell me?

Miss Anu, daughter of Late
'Srimati Pasupuleti Aravinda'


So, you figured everything out.

Only if you tell me the rest of the
story, I will know the entire story.


Please sign here.

Sethji, please ensure that
I get the amount soon.

Sure, ma'am.

[door shatters]
Ma'am... Ma'am...



Hey... Hey...
Hey... Leave him.

Sir, you carry on.

Hmmm, can we talk now?


What's this, like a small little girl?

Would anyone bring the problems
on the road to their homes?

There will always be problems.

But to sell your ancestral property
for the welfare of a stranger,

is that wise?

If you do that, what will you get? Just
a statue at the centre of the village.

Or perhaps, your death anniversary
would be celebrated every year.

Are you done?

How can you send the elders who
came to your place with empty hands?

What do you want?

Your word.

I want your word that you would
no longer interfere with this issue.

-We will leave then
-If not?

-If not? You...
-[smirks] [claps]

Talked like a man. What will we do?
We'll murder you inside these four walls.

-Are you threatening me?
-No. No. We are giving you an opportunity.

It doesn't look like you are digging
the village for water.

It seems you are digging beneath us.

Never mind, we don't have a lot of time.

If you give us your nod,

we'd have a nice cup
of tea made by you and

will head to the village
in the evening train. That's it.

If not?

I feel irritated to repeat the same thing.

I am saying the same thing as well.

We will neither repeat telling
this nor change our decision.

You are repeating it again!

Doesn't God, who treats eveyone equally,
knows about their problems?

If God himself has destined the lives of
these people, why are you interfering?

Are you angry that we have undertaken
the job that you guys are supposed to do?

The issue is that, the government will not
stay silent when the people are unhappy.

It's the same case here.

In order to solve the problem, the
government sanctioned a hell lot of money.

If one sees such huge amounts of money,
would anyone stay silent? Let's split it.


The diplomacy has failed anyway.
So, now the option is war.

Why are you wasting my time?

[gunshot] [groans]

Sir... Sir...



Happy Diwali!


-Brother... brother...
-No, madam...

Please don't give your
life sake of us lives.

Why are you still adamant when they
themselves are accepting the proposal?

You will kill me if I sign the papers.
Even if I don't, you'll kill me anyway.

I don't care what happens to me
but my mission should stay alive.

Correct! But there is no fun in this game.


Ma'am... Ma'am...

Please don't do that, sir...
Please don't do that, sir...

Mom... Mom...

-Please don't do that, sir...
-Daddy... Daddy...


-They've killed our ma'am.

-Mom... Mom...
-Move quickly... Quick...

They've killed them...

Please don't harm us...

Hey, get the petrol can.

Daddy... Daddy...
Mom... Mom...


-More items...

Mother! Mother!
Father! Father!

Hey... We have to save the baby girl.

We have to save the baby girl.


Daddy... Daddy...

Fire! Fire! Fire!

It is alright if burn to death in this
fire. But we have to save the baby girl.

No, grandpa. I will stay. I will stay.

-Baby girl, be careful. Be careful.
-Mom... Mom...

-Mom... Mom...-[sobbing]

Fire! Fire! Fire!


-All those murders?
- I did all that.

What a full proof plan! One could
only know it if you confessed it.

You've committed three murders,

came to me with a blinding story and tried
to use me in the fourth murder, right?

What can I do?

I have to murder a VIP, right?

Security and protocol
looked very intimidating.

So why didn't you tell
me about the climax?

I didn't think it was necessary.

Is that it or don't you know about the
fifth person that you have to kill?

If I had not known
about that fifth person,

I wouldn't have known about
the first four persons either.

Does it mean that you want to face him
despite knowing his position and power?

Are you questioning my calibre
even after witnessing all this?

Does it mean that you know
the man behind these attacks?

[breathes deeply] Yes. I do.

You know him?

When you can't save
yourself, how can you face him?

You said it yourself that he is
in a position of high stature.

Didn't you ever consider that this
was a ruse to get him out in the open?

So, does that mean you are still using me?

I leave that to your interpretation.

So, you are implying that
you are going to kill him?


Then, what's the difference
between both of you?

Who are the good ones
between Pandavas and Kauravas?


Why? Both of them were indulged
in a battle, aren't they?

Pandavas fought for the right reasons.

Don't you think you figured
out the answer yourself?

Nonetheless, I will not stay still. I
will stop you from committing that murder.

-All the best.
-You too.

Anu, I am going out.

[indistinct car honks]



[tyres screech]









Come, Dhana...






Wait, sir!

How can his death be as simple
as being hit by a single bullet?

I have many bullets to kill
this human-turned-animal.

Please take him to the hospital first.

Anu... I can leave you in this condition.

Forget about me.
I don't care what happens to me.

Please kill him for the sake
of your mother's mission.

Thus far,

there was never a time when good lost
in the battle between good and evil.

And, it won't lose now either.
This man has to survive.

-Go on, now.


Go now.


Shall we talk now..., dad?

Hey... My daughter wants
to talk. Get her a chair.

When my daughter whom I have
thought she is long-deceased,

sits in front of me with my late
wife Aravinda's features,

I would talk with her for sure.

I knew that you were alive and
arranged for people to kill you.

But this ACP kept saving you all through.

That was a wonderful plan, dear!

Suicide... Sleepwalking and the
transformer blowing up. Excellent!

Of course, its because you are my blood.


A daughter on par with her father.

Nonetheless, instead of taking
efforts and killing those four people,

you could have approached
me directly and killed me.

Why? Didn't you remember me?

Of course, I remembered you, dad!

In the past twenty years, every time I
closed my eyes and thought of my mother...

Its very hard to save a life...
However, taking it...


I couldn't see my mother.

All I could see was you,
who killed my mother.

I grew up with that nightmare.

My revenge is not just
because you killed my mother.

It is because you've
killed mom's vision as well.

And that is the reason I've killed all
those others responsible for her death...

...and then I came to you

[scoffs] That's
your perception.

But I've made you come here by
putting your friend's life as bait.

You killed your own son.

I don't think anyone else's life
matters to you in the least.

I am the daughter that you were supposed
to pamper for the entirety of your life.

You tried to kill me.

But those four persons died to save me.


Why are you wasting your time
thinking of those lost lives

instead of focussing on saving
your life from my hands?


Even your mother was like this.

She is always concerned
about her village and her people.

She wants to spend our
property for the welfare of the others,

instead of spending it for our happiness.

I, Raghu Ram, married
Aravinda for her wealth,

for the fame, for the power that
would gain much more wealth.

I couldn't take it.

In this world, it's a challenge
to live the life of an honest man.

It is even a greater challenge to pretend
as a honest man without being suspected.

And that's the reason
why I have removed the mask.

And that is how I am currently at
the position of a central minister.

Will your position last until your death?

Even if it is so, you
might die as a minister...

but my mother is still alive as a goddess
in the hearts of those people, dad.

To save a handful of lives,
my mother began a Yagna(ritual).

And you've joined hands with those who
were opposing it and backstabbed her.

I killed the other four and along with
them I wanted to kill you as well.

But I couldn't kill you that easily, dad.

Do you know why?

I wanted to meet you at
least once and ask you

"How could you do this to a daughter
whom have raised so dearly for 5 years?"

You've held my fingers
and taught me how to walk.

You made me see the
world through your eyes.

Why did you change all of a sudden, dad?

I am an inheritance for billions.
You brought me up as a princess.

I've begged on the streets, dad.

My stomach burned because of hunger
and my heart burned with your betrayal.

Neither was I in the
age of bearing that pain

nor there was anyone who could console me.

And that is when I met
Dhana, at an orphanage.

I thought it was my mother
who came in the form of Dhana.

Since then, he has been my mother,
father, friend... everything.

And now, you tried to kill
him for your selfish gain.

A daughter cries incessantly
after coming out of mother's womb,

but she stops crying at once when she
is held by her father on his chest.

Do you know why?

It's because she gets assured
that her father has her back...

...no matter whatever
problem she faces in this world.

It's the courage that his hug gives her.

But you have become my problem, dad.

I wonder what is there
for you with the power...

...that you have achieved
by killing your kins.

I know you wouldn't reform
despite my explanation.

Even if I do share your blood,

I will not be the unconscientious
one who kills her kin.

But doesn't war mean
that some party has to lose?

I leave the choice to you.

Since you are used to killing,

take away the life that you gave me.

[gun fires]


[takes heavy breath]