Katha Sangama (2018) - full transcript

Katha Sangama is an upcoming Indian anthology film in Kannada comprising of seven short stories across genres. Produced by HK Prakash and Rishab Shetty Films, this movie will witness ...

Puttanna Kanagal...

Decades may have gone by...

a name that is etched in the minds of cinephiles.

With the essence of his work,

he has enticed his audience for generations to come.

Having given prominence to Kannada literature

he aided the writers' vision to celluloid.

Topics ranging from prejudices, to the traditions...

...the cultures...to sensitive portrayal of issues...

...across the society...and the harsh truth...

...he held a mirror to the society.

From the customs in Gejje Pooje...

to the sensitive feelings in Sharapanjara...

the helplessness in Masanada Hoovu...

to the self-esteem in Naagarahaavu...

the innocence in Amrutha Ghalige...

to the fate in Ranganayaki...

the sacrifice in Maanasa Sarovara...

to the selfless love in Sakshatkara...

and the Pandavaas of Paduvaaralli...

...are characters that are revered and etched forever.

You live on in the hearts of every cinephile.

Our respect, reverence for you has resulted in a tribute

Katha Sangama

.. The witch continued to search for the kid...

in Caves, in trees and in the sparrow nest.

In the sparrow's nest?

Yea.. But the kid wasn't there.

And then it grew dark.

And the witch turned into a mouse..

A mouse?

Yep. The one with a long tail..

And then..

the man who were turned into rats by the witch's cruse..

returned to their human form..

And then.. Purple, who was hiding under a lotus plant,

sneaked out.. gently..

And she let out a cry.. Koo.. koo..

like how..?

Koo.. Koo..

Pa.. third bench monica..


she keeps tickling me..

then you should tickle her back, silly..!

Ok Now let's get back to the story..


So in response to Purple's cry, came a sound from the other

And guess who came flying..

a big white swan.!

Pa.. Show me the swan's picture..

Ah.. The swan's picture..!

Here it is..!

Swan sang 'koo koo'..

and then it took Purple to the Rainbowland

It was a land filled with colors...








Purple climbed the beautiful huge rainbow

slid down it, played with colors and laughed her heart out..

And Purple lived in the Rainbowland

happily ever after..

And now Ria shall gulp down the milk

and slip into sleep..

Pa..the story? what happens next?

Next? The story ends there

and now.. lights out... Time for bed.

and mom shall turn off the lights..

There goes another.. Say good night..?

Good night

*smiles* Good night

Pa..! Is Rainbowland really colorful?

Yes darling.!

With a huge rainbow in the middle?

That's right.!

Ria..! Sleep darling.!

Else you shall get late for the school.!

good night ma.!


Yes darling.

Is rainbow a real thing?


I want to see the rainbow.!

Would you take me to Rainbowland tomorrow?


Shall we go in the morning?

In the evening, after you get back from school




Good night ma..

Good Morning..


Yes darling..

You are taking me to the Rainbowland today.!



Rainbowland pa..

Ah..the rainbowland!

Let's go after you get back from the school..



Tell her that..

**switches to hindi language**

Should've told her that the thing doesn't exist.

She is all excited now..

you are going to break her heart for sure..

Mom.! I can't understand a thing.!

Mom's saying that she wants to come along.!

**switches to hindi language**

Will get her chocolates in the evening

and she wouldn't remember a thing.!


shall I wear my princess dress in the evening..?


But now, let's hurry up.!

It's time for school.!

And it's time for me to leave to office.




Ah.. You.!

How come so early?

Aren't you going to office?

And what's with these?


Take a guess..

Planning to take Ria to the Rainbow land.!

Rainbow land???


I am going to create one for her in the backyard.!

Get the handycam and charge the battery..


I don't remember where it is..!

Fine then.! Go look for it.!

But what do you want to record?

Wouldn't the mobile phone do?

Come on!

Ria will caught with surprise when she sees my rainbowland.

That priceless expression on her face, I want it to be

Go.. go.. go..


Varsha..! These are beautiful moments..

we need to capture them in the handycam..

You picked this idea from the last week's movie, didn't you?

Such a copycat..!

I asked you to look for the handycam, didn't I?

Need any help with your RAINBOWLAND?

Na.! This is my idea

I shall do everything and I shall take all credits.!

Nice.. Carry on..


Ah.. Coming..

so.. what do you think?


How is it?

Looking great.!

Don't lie..

I swear.! IThis is beautiful..

All rite then.! I'm hungry..

Yeah.. But first clean up..

you look like a kid..smeared in paint.

Ah.. Please..!




It's allrite.! Leave it.


You still sad..?

Come on.. cheer up..

When Ria hears about your efforts,

she will be happy..

**school van horn**

The Van's here..!

Ria.. Remove your shoes..


Let's go to the Rainbowland..!

Look at you, all drenched..

Let me dry you.

Pa..! Get ready.. Fast..!

Was down with fever..

Shall be there tomorrow.

And what about the outbox plugin?


Ok. Let's discuss the interface tomorrow..



Yes dear

I am ready..

Ah.. My princess..

who did the lipstick?

Hmm.. the Rainbowland..

It's all over the place..


Shall we go tomorrow?

Take me there.. now..!

Please.. Let's go tomorrow..

Naa.. Let's go now..

Ria.. Look it's raining heavily

And dad's busy with office work..

How about next week?

You'd promised...!

Don't talk to me..

Ria..! Ah.. Look there.!

Water everywhere..!

We could play with paper boats..!

Let's not take him in.!

Pa... You are a liar..!

Ria..! Don't say that..!


shh.. **laughs**

stay silent..

**whispers continue**

You ready?


One.. two..


Pa.. come here....

Pa.. Come fast..



(Kannada song playing in the distance)

How much more time...

For this to kick in?

Are you ready for the big day Murthy ji?

SM sir is the only special person.

Aren't you done yet Sathya?

When Magic gets Real...


Pranava, you said something?


I am not sure what I should speak about


I can’t think of a thing to say in office tomorrow!

What do I wear?

Try my suit.

What are you planning to wear?

I can’t make it tomorrow, appa.

And I’ve been saying this for a week now!
I’ve to be in Chennai.

But Pranava...

Don’t you know it’s my last day at
work tomorrow?

Don’t be so immature, appa.
What’s this “first day-last day” nonsense?

If you could get permission…

That’s not an option, appa.
It’s an official trip.

(Phone ringing)

You can’t spare an hour for your father?

Yes. Where are you?

I am coming.


Take Madhu or Prabhakar uncle along.

And appa, be careful with my suit!

Forget it. I dont need your goddamn suit.

We will come for sure.
What did Pranava say though?

He brushed me aside asking me to take
you guys along.

Poor guy, who knows what his commitments are.

Don’t be taking his side now!

I’m not taking his side at all. I…

Listen, I don’t care if you guys can’t make it either...

What I meant is…

Sathya? Hello… Sathya… Hello

(Office Ambience)

Good morning sir!

Good morning SM sir.

It’s your last day today, please relax.
We’ll take care of all your files.

Let them worry about it, sir.

Sir, you’ve got your lunch along?

What about the treat?

Let’s do it anywhere else but Shanthi Sagar or Adigas.

Is Nagarjuna okay for you madam?

Yes, yes. Don’t worry, he’ll buy us.

(Office Ambience)

Good morning, Murthy sir.

Here’s your tea.

I don’t want the tea.

I’ve made it specially for you, sir.

No, I’m okay.



I had that Diwakar company’s claims file somewhere here.
Did you see it?

That new employee said he will take care of it.

Don't be bothered sir.

You just relax.

You just relax.

You just relax.

Who the hell is he to take my file!

And who are you to tell me to relax…

Were you all ever concerned about me or my work
in all these years?


You want to take care of my work?

I have had to correct more than 100 files of yours.

They reek of cigarettes all the time.

And Ms. Chitramani.

I’ll buy you lunch today and tomorrow as well.

But first stop sending those damn yoga videos on the
whatsapp group.

Bloody hypocrites.

Why do you serve me this disgusting tea when I don’t want

Go get the files from that guy.

Hey Sudhakar!

What is that video you have shared man?

Like a yoga master.

Krishnappa, please ask him to give me the files.

Okay sir.

(More indistinct chatter)

Aren't you done yet Sathya?

Murthy ji.

Murthy ji!


Can I see you for a minute?

Coming, sir…


Murthy ji, please come in.

Please sit down.

Thank you sir.

I require a few signatures from you.


Sign here.

Time flies, na?



So, ready for the big day tomorrow?

Yes, sir.

Please don’t do anything to make us emotional, ah?

I’ll try not to, sir.

May I?


Murthy sir...

This is all for you. Special arrangements for tomorrow.

Nothing fancy about this, Krishnappa.

The same old stage...

Same shawl...

Another bouquet...

Another garland.

The same samosa and tea for us too.

SM sir is the only special person.

Hello, Pranava!

Tell me.

(Over phone)
Yeah, yeah. Sure sure, I’ll do it.

Appa, I have a flight at 12 tonight.

Rohan and I are coming over.


Cook something for dinner.


(Kannada song playing on TV)


Yes. Tell me.

Give me 1 kg sugar.

1 kg sugar…

And a packet of vermicelli


And cashews.

Yes, yes, yes.

Give me 100 grams.

Uncle, didn’t you ask for a broomstick last time?

Try this new brand. It’s a good one.

No , not today.

You might not get it tomorrow. Just pick it up.

Awareness alone will overcome illusion

New memories arrive only when you forget the old

The spirit-bird will fly away all alone

The spirit-bird will fly away all alone

Before realising that the world is a fair of illusions


Where’d you find these things?

This? At that site there…



Wasn’t there a fair here yesterday?

A fair?

Since a year this construction is
as messed up as a fair.

Now get lost from here.

How much is the ticket?

It’s a free ride!

Walk along…

You’ll know exactly where to stop.

Haven’t you been staring for a bit too long?


I said you’ve been at it for a really long time…

What should have I done then?

Can I share a small story with you?


Not so long ago...

there was this learned man...


must be as old as you are…

was travelling on a train...

and then...

the ticket collector came over and said...


"your ticket?" he asked.

But the learned man could not find the ticket on him.

He looked for it in his bag...

his pockets...

and searched all the suitcases he was carrying.


No trace of it.

He began to tremble.


he began to fear.

The T.C. then said...


"You searched everywhere..."


"you never checked that right side pocket."

"Shouldn’t you search the pocket as well?"

"You might find it there.”

You know what the learned man said to that?

What did he say?


"Don’t make me search that pocket."

"If the ticket is not there,
then the hope of finding it is lost."

"Let the ticket remain unfound."

"But the hope, let the hope stay alive."


Wha…what does that mean?

It means…

It’s time.

Time for?


Shall we go?

I must have been ten years old at the time.

A fair, just like this one, had come to town.

Free rides for all kids!


I wanted to be there so badly…

to take this ride...

and fly higher than everyone else!

But appa wouldn’t let me.

I cried and threw a tantrum.

Appa then thrashed me around.

He said it was a bad place.

He said that any kid who walked in, will get lost.

I stopped crying.

I yielded to appa.

Then to my family.

Then later, in the course,
I listened to every nobody.

And then at last...

I had stopped listening to myself.

I feel now, more than ever.

I should have gone to that fair.

At least for once...

I should have just disappeared
from everyone’s sight.

One thing…

All this…is real, right?

Oh wow!

What is all this?


My artworks.


You may call it tattoo as well.

What’s a tattoo?

Like an impression?

You may say so.

Permanent impression...

Of one's life...

On their own body.

You know what my life would be?

My lunch box...

Office bag...

Table and files.

Now, take it easy, Mr. Sathyamurthy!



Hey Sathya…


(Office invocation song)


Hey Sathya…

What are you doing here?

They’re waiting for you at the function.

How long does this take...

To kick in?

(muffled distant voice)
Now let’s invite SM sir onto the stage.

Draw a tattoo on me.

Your best artwork.

Draw it on me.

One thing...

Is this all real?

You’ve just opened your eyes to all this.

Must be real.

Isn’t it?

[Devotional Bhajana Song]

Where to?

I've work to do.

You skip bhajana group every Saturday.

What now?

Taking my towel for a shower at sea.

Don't act too smart.

Haven't you heard about Mohan anna?
He went missing on a full moon like today.


Mohan anna didn't go missing.


He couldn't bear his wife's torture and escaped

Yeah, like that's true.
-Of course it is.

It's full moon tonight.
Please go to the bhajana mandali.

Take me on a bike ride please.
This is mine!

NO! That's mine.

Go wear your shorts, I'll give it back.

My brother has worn my shorts.
Please give that back.

Does the whole family
wears the same pair of shorts?

Only my brother and I.
Dad's short don't fit us. Please give.

Crazy family!

You brat! Let's take this up tomorrow.


How are you?

You love the beach, don't you?

You're always half an hour early.

I got late due of work.

Did those guys trouble you?

Those idiots are jobless.

And you?


Do you have a job?

So, what next?

We'll do whatever you like.

Are you crazy?
Do you have nothing else to do in life?

What have you decided about our future?

All you want is a secure future, right?
I'll take care of that.


-What do you mean?
What are you going to do for a living?

How are you going to fend for us?

Bringing me to a secluded place
for your shenanigans isn't enough.

-How will you earn?
I will do something.

Please stop taunting me.

Oh, why? So that you can start?

You're an Δ$$λΘŁΣ!

What is your problem?

You can stay here if you like.
Else you can go die, for all I care.

Why should I die?
I hope you die, Δ$$λΘŁΣ!

All you want is physical intimacy. Since that's
not happening, I might as well die, ain't it?

Shut up! Get out of my sight.

You get lost!
Are you even a man?

Go away!

We are over!

I'll slipper you if you pester me again.

I won't even come to your funeral if you die.

Is that so?

You will not come to my funeral, huh?

Fine then.

Rashmi! I'm going to die.


I swear, I will jump.


I'm going to do it Rashmi!


Hey you! Get the hell out of here.

Vini, Wake up already!

Don't make me splash water on you.

Get me groceries from the stores.

[groans in frustration]

Oh, you're up already?
I yelled at you for no reason.

Go to the store and get groceries, will you?

100 grams of coriander should do.
Don't buy more.

Why are we shopping these again?
Didn't I get them yesterday?

What nonsense are you speaking?

I had to borrow supplies from our neighbor.

Move your Δ$$ and go buy them.

Don't forget the change.

How much?
-70 rupees.

Sir, I don't have change.
-What do we do then?

You're giving me ₹2000 note for a ₹70 ride.
Ask the shopkeeper.

Shailesh Anna.

The grocery list.

I've a different brand. Is that okay?

Shailesh Anna,

Do you have change for ₹2000?

Oh, the big currency!
Did you mint money in Dubai?

You've to admit this note is a nuisance.

Nonsense! Do you even know how many
underprivileged have benefited from this?

The underprivileged really benefited during
"tiller is the owner of the land" reform.

Your people trusts only that political party.
Give others a chance and time too.

Do we need to fight now?
I've come home from Dubai after 3 years.

Who's fighting? It's a healthy debate.

Also, my passport is ready.
Don't leave me behind.

How can I forget you?

-Hurry up!

Even Raghu said the same before leaving to Dubai.

When are you heading back to Dubai?

In 3 months.

Shailesh Anna, if he saying he just got back,
then who did we see yesterday?


Wasn't he here yesterday too,
holding a ₹2000 asking for change?

He is visiting after 3 years.

What are you blurting?

Still hungover from last night?

Sudhee! Your wallet is here.


Finders keepers, huh?

Thanks brother.

[Woman crying....]

[....on TV]

Pass me the remote.

Don't you have anything else to do?
You watched this already.

What do you mean by "watched this already?"

Didn't he die yesterday episode?
Your jaw dropped. Give me the remote.

What are saying?

Is he going to die now?

TV: These are my last words to you.

You've given me everything, except love.

You don't have to worry about me anymore.

I be long gone before this note reaches you.

Here you go.

Dammit. They'll kill her next.

[Devotional Bhajana Song]

Where to?

Can you take me on a bike ride?



So, what next?

I'm leaving if you have nothing to say.

We'll do whatever you like.

Are you crazy?
Do you have nothing else to do in life?

What have you decided about our future?

All you want is a secure future, right?

I'll take care of that.


Tell me!

I feel like this has happened before.

Like a deja vu.

Don't switch topics again.

You avoid it every time I bring it up.
Now tell me....

What are you going to do for a living?
How are you going to fend for us?

Bringing me to a secluded place
for your shenanigans isn't enough.

How will you earn?
-What is your problem?

You can stay here if you like.
Else you can go die, for all I care.

Why should I die?
I hope you die, Δ$$λΘŁΣ!

All you want is physical intimacy.

Shut up! Get out of my sight.

You get lost!
Are you even a man?

Go away!

We are over.
I'll slipper you if you pester me again.

I won't even come to your funeral if you die.

Is that so? Rashmi!
I'm going to die. Rashmi!

Mohan anna?
went missing on a full moon like today.

Hey you! Get the hell out of here.
-Calm down.

I'm going.


Wake up already!

Don't make me splash water on you.

I'd rather have you fill the bucket instead.
I can take a shower at least.

Oh, you're up already?
I yelled at you for no reason.

I have to get groceries, isn't it?
-How did you know?

Err.... the neighbor told me.

You had borrowed it from her.

Tell her I'll pay up by evening.

You are gonna pay?

Where will you get the money from?

Vini, the coriander....
-100 grams, right?

I will get it.

How much?

70 rupees.

-Sir, I don't have change.
Shailesh Anna.

-What do we do then?
The grocery list.

This brand....

....the other one will do.

-Ask the shopkeeper.
And keep some change to spare for ₹2000.

Please clear your old dues if you've ₹2000.

I have no issues.

It's his money. Ask him.

Shailesh Anna, Do you have change for ₹2000?

Oh, the big currency!
Did you mint money in Dubai?

You've to admit this note is a nuisance.

Do you even know how many
underprivileged have benefited from this?

Do we need to fight now?

Who's fighting? It's a healthy debate.

-Sir, hurry up!

Shailesh Anna, How much is that?

This one?

No, the red one below that.

This one?

Yes, how much is that?

This one is ₹18.

₹18, is it?

No need then.

Oops, Hey!

Sudhee! Your wallet is here.

This is my life
with a lot happiness

And a little money in my pocket

There is her
And there is me

Oh! I need to buy that kid a gift

I've time till evening

Then I get to meet her

There are many mistakes I've to rectify

If things go wrong....

....there is a solution

This journey is heading towards victory

A journey that heads backwards shall not survive

A new emotion has arisen

A new beginning is here

Where to?

I've work to do.

It's Saturday, so I'm going tothe bhajana group.

Huh! What a surprise!

How did you change overnight?

It would have happened earlier....

....if it wasn't for your bad company.
-Yeah right!

Take me on a bike ride please.

Stop embarrassing us men

Take this.

Is this for me?


Brother! Look!
We got a new pair of shorts!

What are looking at?

So, what next?

I thought you'd like to get something from me.

Do I have your permission?

Are you crazy?
Do you have nothing else to....


Do you like it?


You jumped the gun just hearing "get some".

I thought you meant something else.

Oh god! You're such a one track mind.

Stop acting like a saint.

Will you take care of me in future too?

I'll do my best.

Promise me?

Yes, of course!



Something's up!


Tell me.

Nothing's up! Don't annoy me.

I don't need your permission for this, isn't it?


He's not at home.

Where did he go?

He's gone out.


But his bike is here.

Let me check who is inside.

Vini! Stop!

Your friendship has ruined him.

Don't take him out.

What's up?

Nothing much.

Let's go for a spin.

You carry on, I'm not in the mood.



So you are not coming.


Are you sure?


Not coming, huh?

What happened to you?

I'm just having a bad day.

That's what I'm asking. What happened?

Nothing is happening as planned.

Mine wasn't great either.

Then I fixed it.

How the hell did you "fix" it?

Trust me.

How did you fix it?


Tell me!

Nevermind, you will not believe me.

Forget it.

Spill it.

You'll not believe me.

Tell me!

Here goes....

There's this beach

You know.... the one with the rock

If you jump off it, it's very deep

It's dark with water all around

When you open your eyes, you are alive

I went back in time
and life was waiting for me

To jump or not to jump
That's the magic

So if I jump off that rock,
the days starts again?


I'd rather die than believe this.

It's worth a try.

Let's go home.


[Phone vibrating]

I'm leaving now.

Where else. Near the lighthouse.

It's a good place for him to have fun.

Alright! I will tell him today.

I will surely dump him today.
So stop annoying me now.

Okay, I'll talk to you later.
I need to go.

If it doesn't happen today,
we will try again....



Is the water heated?


You love the beach, don't you?

Those idiots are jobless.

Do you have a job?

So, what next?

This journey is heading towards victory

A journey that heads backwards shall not survive

A new emotion has arisen

A new beginning is here

Oh you've left?

Okay okay. I will see you here.

Have they picked him up?

Yes Sir. They just did.

Good...and the students are all here?

Yes Sir,
they have all assembled in the auditorium.

Look, ensure nothing goes wrong in today's event.

Don't worry, Sir. It is all under control.

Hey...Jacob Sir!

Sir, excuse me for a minute.

How are you, Sir?

I'm doing good.

I'm also really happy to see you.

It had been a really long time
since I stepped out of home.

Since I read about this event on the newspaper...
I immediately called you.

Come on, Sir...let's have
a cup of coffee and head to the auditorium.


Sir, I'll just...

Sure, go ahead.


How come you guys decided to invite
Mr. Parameshwar Rangaswamy this time?

The students really admire him.
So, we decided to invite him.


How come you decided to show up
at our College Event all of a sudden?

No specific reason...

I had read of Rangaswamy on the newspaper...

and I was curious to listen to him in person.

You must be getting late.

You carry on.

Tell me the way to the restroom...

I'll find my way to the auditorium from there.

Let's go?

Who the hell has kept this here?

Dude, what is this?

I have kept the bricks there because it is windy.

The latch on the door isn't working.

If I close the door,
it will get jammed...it is hard to open it if it does.

I'm aware of that.
Can't you think of a better way to fix it?

I'll check, Sir.

Quick! The guest will be here in
15-20 mins. He will be brought in here.

Think of something and fix this before that.

Have you reached and parked the car?

Yes...yes...I'm coming there.

Didn't I buy that for you last week?

I'm not buying that again.

No, sweetie. I'll be late.

Sit with Mom and finish your home work.

I'll talk to you later. Need to go.

I'll talk to you later.

Sir, Mr. Parameshwar is waiting in the boardroom.

I'll escort him when it is time.

Sir, what time will we wrap up?

40 mins of his talk followed by Q&A.
Don't let the students irritate him with too many questions.

Be mindful of that...
ensure that he is dropped home.

Yes, I am inside.

Oh...is it?

Is it time now?

Can we go the auditorium?

They will take atleast half an hour to open this door.

Rajeev just called me.

Yes...what happened?

Yeah...he mentioned.


What time is the seminar?

You told me to be here at 11:00.

I hate being late.

I don't care!

You think this is funny?

You seem to be having fun.

I'm sure it is a big deal for you...

to be stuck in a room with me.

You're homophobic, aren't you?

It didn't seem that way with what you just said.

Why are you messing with me?

I was just pulling your leg...

I'm not going to disturb you.

Near the table...

I have a new packet in my car. I can get it for myself.

I quit smoking too...just a week ago...

But this isn't as effective as cigarettes...

This is the only option we have right now.

Aren't you very active on Social Media?

Why do you ask? Do you also follow me
on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram?

Oh God! No way!

I couldn't get past the week.

Off late, hasn't the term 'news' reduced to...

(tries to recall the term)

All you guys want is
for the news to start trending, isn't it?

I have absolutely no interest
in having a conversation with you.

Don't take advantage
of the fact that I'm not saying anything to you.

I didn't mean to offend you...

I just spoke my mind...

No thank you...

Well, we have nothing else to do now...

I want know your perspective on this too...

Well, you are partially right about Facebook.

FB gives everyone
a platform to express their views.

Right from...

...you can find an
expert opinion on these on Facebook.


If you think a media conglomerate
banks only on FB shares to survive...

I see no difference between you
and those nitwits who post statuses.

For a news channel to run...we need viewers.

When an average guy...

switches on the TV at prime time after a long day at work...

he sees the news on it and is relieved that his life
isn't as miserable as the ones shown on news channels.

It is bloody easy to trigger their senses.

...that is human nature.

And isn't the burden of
social media or news channels.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of FB...

started FB with one main vision.

To connect the world.

He wasn't bothered
by how people were going to use that.

News is just like that.

We give the content to the people.

How they choose to use it, is their prerogative.

And these days...

Which is why we
package the news in a way that it trends.

But the ones ensuring that it trends...

isn't us.

It is the viewers.

I'm impressed with your confidence.

Not just impressed, I'm also jealous.

Listening to what you're saying...

it makes me feel like the world
is functioning exactly the way it should.

Who are we to think otherwise?

What you are saying...

is correct.

The power seems to have gone out.

Just what we needed...

Let me tell you a story?

In the end of the story...

I will ask you a question.

I'm curious find out your answer.

I won't take too much of your time.

Besides, it doesn't
seem like there is too much time either.

Okay, tell me...

not that I have an option.

Even if I refuse,
you will cajole me into listening to you.

There was a boy...


He was a star in all
competitions and co-curricular activities.

He idolised the
Editor-in-Chief of a famous news channel...

One night,...

on the way back from a Journalism Workshop.

While walking home after he got off the cab...

he saw someone lying unconscious on the road.

He went closer to inspect...

it was a girl...

I'm don't want to describe the condition she was in.

He immediately took her to the hospital...

he waited for her family to come there.

Her parents reached.

He explained everything to
her parents and left the hospital.

That incident wasn't reported in
any newspaper or news channels.

He felt the urge to do something about it.

He went to the police station to file a complaint...

the cops said they would
file a complaint only if the victim lodged it.

After giving it much thought, he decided
to reach out to his favorite Editor-in-Chief.


What happened next?

What do you think?

The news channel got what they wanted...

and everybody got a topic to debate on.

Everybody passed their
own judgement about that girl.

Right from the panelists on news channels...

to the people on social media.

They even questioned the boy's character.

That's when he realized...

...Everyone from the editor he idolized...

to the 'average working class viewer'...

...saw the news on TV and wrote a status about it.

He stopped going to college...

refused to speak to anyone.

He felt guilty about
making her a household topic.

He didn't step out of his house.

What is that?

What the hell is this?

Oh! This is a prank show, isn't it?

Where is the camera hidden?

Sir, I'm talking to you!

Put that away please.

I'm talking to you! What the hell is this?

Come, sit down.

The story isn't over yet.

That boy had a professor.

Ever since his death...

there is a question haunting that professor.

I understand that you're upset.

But think about what you are doing.

Tell me your answer now.

Whose fault was this?

The news channel's...

or his professor's?


Is it theirs?

Your answer will decide who should die.

The survivor will stay trending
on news channels for the next three days.

Long live the revolution!

Long live the revolution! isn't
just a phrase

It is an important chapter of the
Indian Independence Movement.

Every Indian's breath !

The dawn of the 19th century.

The dark period of the British sovereignty
over India.

incited the dream of an independent India

In every Indian to contribute directly or
indirectly for the freedom struggle.

The general's firing order at the
innocent civilians

Evoked the conscience of the
Indian revolutionaries

And wrote the prologue for the
revolutionary activities across India.

As the revolutionary activities spread
all over the country

Mysore's Paduvarahalli was preparing
to write its own blood filled chapter.

Having sniffed the lair of the revolutionaries,
the Britishers conducted a brutal massacre.

Paduvarahalli's forest stands testament
to these events even to this day.

Destiny had written a gory fate to
those who were imprisoned.

The burning desire of the revolutionaries' vengeance
was in lookout for the right opportunity.

(Mahatma Gandhi's speech on Radio)

Our people are caught.

Four among them are dead in the forest.

Welcome Sir, Please come in.

Sir, please be seated.

Give me a shave.

It’s hot as hell!

Yes Sir, today is the hottest day.

Appears to be three days beard.

He must have been in the forest.

Face is also tanned.

Sir !

I have not seen any officer in beard.

Does your team also have it ?

Yes. It must be same.

Don’t worry, I will send them
here for shave.

We searched 3-4 days in the forest.

We have caught the main ones.

We killed few of them in the forest.

Now, only few are alive.

But soon they all will be dead !

How many did you catch Sir?

We had to go pretty deep into the forest.

Few are caught.

The remaining few escaped.

Not one comes out of this alive.

Not ONE!

People of Paduvarahalli must have
learnt a lesson from what we did other day!

Yes… Sir…

How did you feel the other day?

It was good. Wasnt it?

Yes… Sir…

It was good.

I had never seen him this close.

Once he had ordered the entire town
to assemble at the ground.

I remember only seeing his back.

I could not see him properly as I was in agony
of loosing my countrymen and close ones.

Who else can do such barbaric act in
front of the entire town?

He is Kaalappa.

One of our own but loyal to the company!

He is the one who is killing all
the patriots of Paduvarahalli !

I feel very tired.

Wake me up if I fall asleep

I have lots to do in the evening

Are you planning to do something
similar like last time sir ?

Not yet thought about it?

Suggest me something,
if it’s good, let's do it.

What do you say ?

Sure sir.

What if the group gets to know
about his visit here?

What do I answer them?

This man is not aware that
I am connected to the rebel group.

He has killed my own and he is asking
me for suggestions for today.

Oh, he should not have come here.

For generations our family are the best
barbers in and around the town.

We take pride in our work.

I need to be as cautious as I am
with any of my customer.

This three days worth beard is a
challenge to my skill.

My job is to give him a good shave.

Don’t forget to assemble at
the ground at six in the evening.

Did you decide what you will do
with the captives sir?

Not yet.

However I will ensure not
to disappoint anyone.

How can someone be so calm when one
hasn’t finalised the plans to execute.

He has killed many of my countrymen.

Now further plans to execute
few more in the evening.

God have given me a golden
chance to stop him.

My razor is responding beautifully today.

Beard is coming off like butter.

Even If I missed slightly,
I could have made a cut.

Its almost done.

Oh! What am I thinking?

To give a good shave to this monster
who killed many patriots of Paduvarahalli !

I can’t let him go alive from here.

This is my chance to take revenge on
behalf of the martyer friends.

Our fight is for the country
and it’s freedom.

Justice will be served if I kill him here.

His life is in my hands now.

It is very easy, just a cut near the
throat and he will be dead.

His death will be an example not just for
Paduvarahalli but even for my country.

No. Once I slit his throat,
blood will spill all over.

What if someone notices me?

I will have to flee the town with
my family before anyone notices this.

I will be tagged as a coward who
killed an unharmed person.

I will be disgrace to my family
and my profession.

Oh God, what a moral dilemma?

A duel mind cant kill a person.

I am not a monster like him.

I am just a secret informer
to rebel group, not a murderer.

He is my customer, giving him
a shave is my job!

This is the ethics of my job!




Good shave.

I knew you are one among the rebel group.

I came here for shave to find out
what would you do ?

My team warned me that you would kill me.

Listen carefully.

Killing isn’t easy as one thinks !

I follow orders.

I am just doing my job!


[Waves hitting the shore]

[Music plays on FM]

[Nuts unscrewed]

[Car tyre screeching]

[Breathing heavily]

[Waves hit the rock]

[Breathing softly]

[Phone beeps]

[Birds chirping]

[Car speeding by]

[Metal clinking]

[Dog panting]

[Crow cawing]

[Man grinning]

[Dog barking aggressively]


[Breathing heavily]

[Phone beeps]

[Cloth flapping]

[Dog barking at distant]

[Dog violent panting]

[Dog growling]

[Metal clinking]

[Scared breathing]

[Weird metal sounds]

[Dog growls]

[Phone beeps]

[Car Engine starts]

[Nuts clinking]


These cattle's have been like my daughters,
take good care of them

Don't worry they are in safe hands

you sold off your cows?

I had to

Who else would look after them here?

You've served
your husband throughout

But he succumbed to his illness

Atleast now you live your life

keep your mom happy

Yeah, whatever

Don't unnecessarily fight with her

God bless you!

I'll take your leave now, see you

Leaving, Lachhavva?


Have a safe journey!

Beera: Serve a bit more

Yeah enough

I said enough!



Beera, can’t you hear me?

What is it?

I have spoken to your Uncle

regarding our debts

Lets try to repay soon

though he gave us some time to clear it.

And also about the...

Can you stop talking?

Always ranting about debts!

Let me eat in peace!

Stop pestering me, will you?

Am I not working towards it?

I will repay

Pass me some water

Oh no! I left it at home

I’m done

Let's buy a bottle from next station

Forget it

Here, have some more food

I said I’m done!

I’m sorry

You sure are

Excuse me Sir?
May I borrow your phone?

Where are you all?

Did you keep the house keys?

You knew I would be returning today.Yet...

Where are you exactly?

Be there. I’ll come in 20 minutes

If you had kept the keys
like I had asked-

Sorry my bad.

See you at work then?

I will let you know


I'll decide after reaching home

Catch you later

The Big Mishra Peda shops
are here too?

Yes, there are plenty outlets here

Oh, really?


-Wait, let me carry
- No, come


-That bus?
-Yes, walk fast!

What’s your name dear?

Harish, auntie

That’s a nice name!

What show is this?
I dont understand

Just a few more minutes and the show ends

It's too boring!

Just 10 more mins!

0...4...you need to be quick!
Watch me


You try! Press the buttons

1…oh no!

Press just once!

Like this?

Yes, correct!


-Oh no!

Press just once Auntie!

I’m pressing just once!

You’re not!
Here, watch me again!

So complicated!

It isn't really

For me, it is

Keep trying!

Auntie, enough for today

-Wait,one last try

This is tiring!

You are pressing it twice,
press it just once!

Once, thats it

That’s enough tomatoes

Which vessel do I use?
That one?

Here, this one


Pass it to me

The valves are broken

That’s okay

[Television playing]

Dear, its time for my soap opera

Auntie please not today!

I can’t miss today's episode

Just 2 more minutes, please?

Excuse me Sir!
Are you looking for somebody?

And you are?

I’m Beera’s mother, Sir

You are here since?

A week, Sir

Does your son plan to pay the rent?

It's been due since 10 days

Is he playing with me?

No Sir!
He has given me to hand over

Then go get it?

Hurry up!

I have to travel from
Banaswadi to Basavanagudi!

It's a long way

and you are eating my time

And the money I had lent him a month ago?

You had?

I'm lying?

Ask him to come meet me today

Okay Sir

I’ll kick you all out soon
Wait and watch!

You owe money to your landlord?

Guys, shuffle the cards well

I’m talking to you?

I’m winning this



Can I join you all?

You know the drill?



I had once visited your hometown

had the infamous
Dharwad Peda!

Oh so delicious!
Since then it's my favorite!

You seem to be craving for it now!

Yes! I want it badly

Hey the sheet! Please go get it

You had one job!

Mom, the sheets are kept inside
Get it

What's that?
Get it yourself

Everybody is useless!

Don’t wait for us tonight
We’ll be late

It's Harish’s birthday today

Listen, is it really Harish’s birthday today?


Oh! While returning get him his favorite, Dharwad Peda


Are there any Pawn shops nearby?

Down the street

There are?


Can I get some tea?


You have the sweets?

Which ones?

Dharwad Peda?

No, sorry. I don't

You may get it down the street

You won't lend it to strangers?

No we don't

Are you carrying any proof of identity?

Sir, please understand
we are in financial crisis

Can I not just sell it to you?

No Ma'am


I need to verify

I’ll get my son along with me
in the evening


What time do you close the shop?

9:30 in the night

You sell Dharwad Peda ?

The stock is over

No, sorry
Ask the next bakery

There's a big bakery near the main road,
check there

Nowhere nearby?

No ma’am

Why isn't it available anywhere?

Ask the shops ahead

Are those shops far away?

Hop on that bus, a few stops away

[Bus conductor]


Yes ma’am, get on, quick

Ma’am , Sir

Near the Peda shop


Near the Railway station at Yeshwantpur

So Yeshwantpur or Peda shop?

Right at the Peda shop!

Auntie, do you mean
the Big Mishra Peda?

Yes! Yes, dear

Sir, the one near the flyover bridge

Ma’am, pay 15 rupees

How much?

15 ma'am

Excuse me, how far is it?

It should be around 10 miles


I had assumed it to be nearby!

Sir, do you have Dharwad Peda?

Yes Ma’am

How much does it cost?

135 rupees per pack

Alright. Pack me one

What's the occasion?

There's a boy at home,

my son's friend

he's more like a son to me,

It’s his birthday today

I asked his friends to buy,
but I know they wont

So I came over myself

Sir, excuse me
any restaurants nearby?

Do you serve breakfast?

Sorry, we don't serve breakfast

Then what is available?

There's Roti, Biryani, Fried rice, Noodles

It was all Greek and Latin to me

Speak in Kannada


No Hindi.

So no breakfast at all, huh?

No Break fast, we have Sizzlers.


What all do you serve here?

I would rather starve

[People hailing a famous movie star]

[Acclaimed film, “Nagarahavu”]

[People continue cheering]

Which movie is this?


Which movie is it?

Look at the poster!
Its Nagarahavu!

What is this madness!

Watch the movie, you'll know!

[Scenes from the movie]

How was the movie?

“Nagarahavu” What a movie!

Son, is there anything to eat nearby?

Pardon me?

Any eateries?

Is low-priced okay?

Low-priced only, please!

I suppose there aren’t any nearby

You'll have to walk a few miles from here

How far?

1-2 miles

I’m going that way
you can join me

I can?

Yes, I’ll drop you

Auntie, the place there is reasonable

Thank you, son

Pass me some water, please?

The Bus Stop is to the left of this road

The turn there?
Alright thank you

Not from

No sir,
from Hubli

Just take the left

You have come from so far
without any proper address

Bengaluru is not a small city!

Son, please help me out
I can't seem to remember the name

Help you how?

The name goes something like Bana..udi..



Is it Basavanagudi?

Yes yes! That’s it!

Thank you son!
I don't know how it slipped my mind

God bless you, you saved me!

There's no direct bus from here

No bus?

What do I do now?

You’ll have to change
to another bus after few stops

So, 2 buses?


Oh, how will I?

What was the name again?
Could you please repeat?



Please memorize the name

Thank you so much

Bas-sa-va-na-gu-di...won’t forget it again

Will you help me catch the bus please?

Yes sure, tag along with me


Not that bus?

[Random announcements at the Bus Stop]

Baby! You're an year old today?
It's your birthday sweetheart?

say Yes!

Oh poor thing!
Why are you crying?

Baby, here I have some chocolates for you!

Happy Birthday!

Here, give me a handshake
Happy birthday!

Give me a peck please?

Thank you!

Such a sweet boy!

Sir, is this Basavanagudi?

Yes, this is Basavanagudi

Oh it is?

You are looking for?

My son's house

Where exactly is it?

Are there more bus stops here?

Yes, one is towards that side,
and the other is to the right there

That side?

Yes, to the right

This doesn’t feel the same road
I walked in the morning

Do you have the address?

All I know is it’s a rented apartment

I’ll go check the lane there

Okay ma’am,
take the right

Thank you dear

The Peda shop?

No! I’m returning from the shop
and now I can’t find my house

I just can’t find it

You have contact details at least?

My son doesn’t own any phone

God help you!

Still lost?

Yes, I checked all the lanes

Are you sure?

What does your son do?

He moves things from one house to another

You mean relocating?


He helps people in shifting houses?


Oh, then try contacting the buliding owners

Are you a homeless?

No, I'm not

Then whats the issue?

I’m not able to find my house

-Oh no!

She's lost,
doesn’t know her way back

I can’t accept your money,
take me to my son

Ma’am I don't know who your son is

I don't know how else to help you

The Police can help you

-File a complaint
-They'll look into it

How will they help?

Police is down the road,
they'll take good care of you

[Other man interrupting]

Trust me, that's the only way
Go to them

They'll inquire.
You'll find your house

No, not the Police!
Isn't there any other way?

Walk to the Police

Any leads?

I'm trying my best auntie, don't worry

We'll find him

I have Googled
all the contact details

of the Moving companies in Bengaluru

So there's hope?

You needn't worry!

I owe my life to you

You're embarrassing me!

This is the least I can do!

God bless you

Does a person
named Beera work here?

He is from Hubli

Beera. Beera right?


Is he your employee?

B-E-E-R-A! Beera!

Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much


Is this the Packers & Movers?

Does Beera work for you?

Is this V Packers and Movers?

Does a person named Beera work there?


Beera is there?

You sure?

You're Beera's employer?

Could you please call him?

His mother is lost in Basavanagudi

Its quite late in the night

Tell him it's an emergency!

You know Harish?


He's a friend of my son

Can I talk?


Yes, she's right here!
Please come soon

You know her? okay!

I'll hand over the phone to her

Auntie, it's someone Harish

Yes I know him!

-You are a saviour

Hello Auntie! Where are you?

- Is this Harish?

Yes. But where are you?

I'm lost in some streets!
I can't find our house anywhere!

-It's Basavanagudi


We live in Banaswadi!
Not Basavanagudi!

What do I do now!

Please come take me home

I feel helpless and exhausted!

Please come soon,
Its getting dark!

Please I beg you

Auntie, please calm down
Everything will be fine

You're coming?

I'm scared to be alone

I'll be here!

You're not alone

She said she'll be here

Don't be late, please



Happy Birthday!