Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl (2018) - full transcript

MUSIC: Life In Pink by Kate Nash

# I think about death all the time

# Do you think that's morbid

# I'm not like the other girls

# Don't get me started

# But I'm

# Trying

# Well, I wish that I could take you
to another time

# When everything was cool and my
mental health was fine

# But I'm

# Trying

# I'm not lying

# When you're in my head

# Well, I wish it was someone else

# Mad at me again

# And that's not even what I said

# What's wrong with me?

# Am I a person yet?

# What's wrong with me?

# Oh!

# Wish I could let my brain

# Decide and stop the pain

# I keep heart-shaped glasses close
to me

# For when it rains Life in pink

# Rip it up and start again

# But I'm loving you the same

# I keep heart-shaped glasses close
to me

# For when it rains Life in pink

# Life in pink

# Life in pink... #

Oh, good, great.

Dressing room's upstairs.

OK, I'm kicking you out, I've got to
get ready in here.

I'm steaming my vocals before we go
on cos it helps with my throat

cos I get problems on the road, and
I just put these vapours in.

It's lavender, eucalyptus, menthol,

P-I-N-U-S, not P-E-N-I-S!

A bunch of shit, basically, to clean
my tubes,

and help with my...

- You know, people are like,

yeah, touring, yeah, it's so
glamorous and all the rest of it.

But you know, when you're living in
here, it does make it fairly

tough from time to time, and people
get sick,

and that's the main thing.

- You can't be a wimp to do what we

See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.

Oh, are we live-streaming?
- Right here.

- In three, two, one.

- Can you talk a little bit about
your experience as, like, a

female artist in the music industry,
and what that's like?

- How long do you have?

I'm not going to, like, sweeten it
for anyone.

It really sucks.

But music is, like, not a choice for

How are you?
- I'm great, how are you?

A bit starstruck.

- I'm always going to want to
connect with people.

I love playing live.

Like, I'm going to fucking want to
find a way to do it.

But sometimes, I don't really know
if I can do this.

Like, I don't want to fucking do
music any more because it's like,

it's just too hard to keep battling
all these wankers all the time.

This is a matter of life and death
to me,

because making music, like, keeps me

and being in the music industry
almost has killed me

a bunch of times.

- You're doing the leather coat and
- Yeah. OK.

- You did the tattoo already, right?
- Yes.
- OK.

- I did.

Hi, guys.



MUSIC: Foundations by Kate Nash

# Thursday night

# Everything's fine

# Except that you've got that look
in your eye

# When I'm telling a story

# You find it boring

# You're thinking of something to
say... #

I can't tell you how many times I've
played Foundations

cos I've played it so many fucking

# ..Then you'll call me a bitch

# And everyone we're with

# Will be embarrassed

# And I won't give a shit... #

That song is weird because I have
such an interesting

relationship with it.

It, like, changed my life.

It literally changed my life, that

# ..My fingertips are holding on to

# The cracks in our foundation

# And I know that I should let go...

That was my biggest hit, you know.

It's amazing playing that song live
because everybody sings it.

# ..And every time we fight I know
it's not right

# Every time that you're upset and I

# I know I should forget but I
can't... #

I was always, like, labelled a silly
little teenage girl who was writing

in her diary.

There's nothing silly about being a
teenage girl,

that's actually one of the most deep
things in the world.

That was what my fans really loved,

that's why I had a number one

When I look back on my career now,
I'm like,

God, I was just not ready for what
happened to me.

- Her album Made Of Bricks, number
one in the British charts

this August, please welcome Kate
Nash, everybody,

Kate Nash!

- So, your single Foundations has
been at number two, it seems

like for ages.

It was held off the number one spot
first by Rihanna,

and her bloody Umbrella, and now by

How frustrating is it?

- I've kind of been finding it quite
funny cos I didn't even expect

to be in the top ten.

During Made Of Bricks, I was like so

and my life drastically changed.

It was a really crazy thing to go

People are like chasing me to a

And I was like, "I'm not Beyonce!"

- This is the whole side of fame
you're going to have to get

used to now.

- I feel like now I'd be much more
equipped to handle that,

but, like, when you're young and
you're inexperienced,

you just have to, like, keep, keep,
keep working...

- And the winner is...

My daughter Peggy will be very
pleased, it's Kate Nash!

- I want to say heads-up to all the
women, as well,

in this category who are helping to
eradicate the misconception

that female is a genre, cos it

Thank you!

It wasn't like I was trying to be a
pop star.

I just wanted to make songs.

# The stars in the bright sky looked
down where he lay

# The little Lord Jesus asleep in
the hay. #

I mean, I guess I actually started
playing melodies on the piano,

making up melodies when I was a
really little kid,

and that's why I ended up getting
piano lessons at seven years old.

I was just always attracted to

I grew up studying theatre and,
like, wanting to make theatre

shows, and wanting to make
interactive art, and music became

the most accessible way of doing

When I finished school, I was
working in Nando's

and just being like in a fast-food
restaurant in a dead-end job.

One day, I fell downstairs and broke
my foot.

I was bored, and I was forced to be
at home,

and I had nothing else to do, like,
literally, my future prospects

were the chip fryer and serving
people at Nando's.

So that's when Mum and Dad bought me
my first electric guitar.

So I spent those six weeks just
writing songs,

uploading, creating a MySpace page,
making demos, and researching

into how to make it as a musician,

I don't think I would have done it
if I hadn't broken my foot.

- Welcome along, this is X-Posure on

I'm John Kennedy, and I'm very
pleased to say

that Kate is here.
- Hi. John, do you know what?

You were always, like, my first
play, as well,

you played my first-ever radio ever,

you have a letter from me still,
don't you?

- I have a hand-typed letter, not
even done on a PC.

- "I've got 700 friends on MySpace.

"Please play my music."

- I first learned about Kate through
a letter and a CD,

and I started playing that on the

It was a big, big favourite on the

- MUSIC: We Get On by Kate Nash

# But asking for your telephone
number... #

- It was this great little pop song,
and it still stands up.

- # And I bumped into you... #

- There was a great way that Kate
was writing at that point,

which was really simple and honest
and imaginative.

There was a lot of imagination in

She came in to do this radio
session, and there was a fantastic

response, a really immediate
response to it.

Loads of people really connected
with her songs.

Some people were getting in touch
saying, I was in tears

when I heard that.

It's kind of rare for people to
connect in that way immediately,

just with one play or one
performance of a song.

Everybody wanted to see Kate.

There were queues around the block.

- # ..We get on. #

- It's also really gratifying to see
a massive percentage

of the audience were female.

And too often, at rock gigs, it's a
kind of 70-30 male-female

divide, and this was easily the
other way.

- All of a sudden, the internet just
blew everything up.

I was right in the window, major
record labels,

managers, like everyone was using

- She got signed because she had the
most followers on MySpace.

Six months later, doing these
enormous gigs.

- I still lived in, like, my
parents' house in, like, my small

that I'd had since I was 15.

Everything has been like insanely

It kind of, my head gets a bit...

I don't know, a bit confused,

- In the UK, we have a real thirst
and hunger for new sensation.

The curve can be so quick that you
can be discovered

and be the next most exciting new

and the next morning, almost

- MUSIC: Agenda by Kate Nash

# Let it

# Let it

# Let it... #

I mean, I don't know how to explain
it more than, like, being bullied

by the media, like, how would you
feel if you were

written about in magazines and
called fat and ugly,

and your acne was circled in papers?

I got called everything.

Slut, bitch, fat, ugly, spotty,
annoying, chav.

Getting hate mail, death threats,
rape threats.

People saying that they hate you,
that you're shit,

that they're going to kill you, that
they're going to stick a bomb

up your cunt and you're going to

The older men that I worked with,
they didn't look after me or care

about me as, like, this 20-year-old
girl whatsoever.

They just kind of like worked me
like a donkey,

and I made loads of money for them,
sold over a million records

and toured the world extensively.

It was after I finished touring Made
Of Bricks,

I honestly didn't know if A, I could
ever write another song,

and B, if I ever wanted to, cos I
was just so tired

and sick of it.

Sometimes you also need to release
the beast within,

am I right, Linda?

There's another album that was
really important to me,

and it was all about learning how to
be a badass bitch

from hell and not taking shit from

My second album Girl Talk, just
being like, I don't care

what you think, I'm going to have

And, like, if I want to make punk
rock music, I'm going to.

MUSIC: Sister by Kate Nash

# There was this cool, cool girl

# She was about your age

# She kinda had your smile

# She kinda had your face... #

- Yeah, are you going to do that
- I think so.

- OK.

I produced and engineered and mixed
Kate's record.

She wanted to move away from more of
the poppy sound

that she'd be known for.

Yeah, she definitely started wanting
to make a more aggressive,

punky, in-your-face girl-power

- # ..She wanted to be my lover

# But my heart was with another and

# Yeah, I really wish that we could
be friends

# But I know that I'll never get you
back again... #

She was exactly the kind of artist I
wanted to work with at that time

because she didn't care what anybody

she just did her thing, and she
wasn't listening

to other people's opinions.

- The only person that she was
listening to was herself.

- My album was just like all I could
think about.

I would just do this stuff
overnight, you know?

Then, I was going to the label and I
was like so proud

of it and I was like, "This is the
best work I've ever done."

And they didn't see what this meant
and where it could go.

So I felt like I was being
underestimated by my label.

One night, I slept in the back of my
car because I was so angry

I couldn't drive any more, and I
wrote this song called

Underestimate The Girl.

I just wanted to shake things up.

I wanted to piss people off, push
buttons and like break

the mould of what you're supposed to
do as an artist.

I dropped it online.

The internet just blew up.

I was, like, trending. People were
like, "Is she on drugs?

"This is horrible, this is crazy."

Everyone was freaking out cos it was
so different

to what I'd normally done.

I remember NME wrote this article
that was like,

"Kate Nash just committed career
suicide, and it sounds amazing."

You've got the opportunity to do
something crazy and cool,

you have a stage to do weird stuff
and freak people out.

One of the weirdest texts I've ever
gotten in my life was a text message

to tell me that I was dropped from
my record label.

As soon as I'd made something that
was creatively different,

they just ditched me.

It was really shocking.

I was not expecting it at all.

I think I was just quite naive about
not knowing what they wanted,

and not really getting that.

It's a shame that labels don't allow
artists to develop and grow and go

through all of the things they need
to go through.

I was so scared, actually, of
sinking as an artist.

I was scared that I wouldn't be able
to tour in the way that I wanted

to tour any more, that I was going
to run of money.

I was like, "I don't know what to
do, I don't know what to do."

So I decided to put the record out
independently and tour

it in a minimal way.

I used the money I made from Made Of
Bricks to self-fund

the whole thing.

Then we just were on this crazy
crusade throughout that intense

crazy period of time

that was just like me and my band
and my fans,

and my touring party, and that's,
like, all we had.

- Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to
say it's been our pleasure

serving you this evening, and we

- There were certain things that I
needed to achieve

with Girl Talk to prove to myself,
and to the world,

I can still do this.

If I can get there independently
with no support from the media

and the industry, then, I can stay
afloat as an artist.

- I can hear life, that's a good

How are you?

- I'm nearly ready, I'm not quite
ready just yet.

- OK, well, we'll see downstairs in
a minute, OK?

My name is Brett and I am the tour
manager for Kate Nash.

I've been working with Kate for a
few years now.

Kate being dropped by her record
label without doubt was probably

the making of her.

It was just a case of Kate was just

right, I know what I want, I want an
all-girl band,

I want a young band.

Kate was going to play bass to get
away from the piano.

It does look impressive on the live
show when all the girls

are rocking out.

- Emma doesn't like doing solos.

- It's just if I wanted to be a solo

I would have played guitar.

- It's not true, man.

- It is, and these bitches are like
shredders and I'm a groove

machine, so, it's different.

- Do what you do, though!

You don't have to show off.

You just have to play what you're
comfortable with.

- It's rock and roll, bitch!

- Yeah, as you know, it just
stresses me out.

- So, I always like to shout out to
all the girls in the audience.

Because there are less female
musicians than there are boys,

so if you're a girl which a lot of
you here tonight are,

and you're interested in music,
then, please don't shy away

from it because you feel like, I
don't know, you're not

good enough, or you're too shy, or
you can't do it or some shit.

Like, who cares, just do it and it's

This song I wrote when Pussy Riot
were imprisoned.

And this song's called Free My

And I'm going to be backed up by my
girl band,

Alicia, Emma and Linda are up here.

# Free my pussy

# Free my pussy

# Free my pussy, let it go

# Free my pussy

# Free my pussy

# Free my pussy, you say no

# Meow, meow, meow, meow

# Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow, meow

# Meow, meow, meow, meow

# Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow, meow, meow!

# Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow, meow

# Meow, meow, meow, meow

# Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow, meow

# Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!


That was so good!

- Ready?

- You're a huge inspiration.

- You're so great.

- We just started a girl band and
definitely our first...

- Did you?! Oh, my God, that's so

- Our first song that we wrote

is most definitely inspired by you.

- I tour because I love it.

Touring is also when my work becomes

- You're amazing, keep it up for

- OK, I promise.

- The biggest thing with Girl Talk
was, cos Kate had been dropped

from her label, it was to try and
still have a show with big impact

and a big sound on a fraction of the

Even though we'd kept the costs
really, really down,

still, it's not cheap, you know?

We're playing 200- and 300-capacity
venues, where there's no physical

way you can make enough money from
those shows to even

cover the expenses. When you've got
a label, it's great, you know,

they fund it. But when it's coming
out of your own pocket,

you know, you can soon get quite
nervous when you've lost

you know, tens of thousands of
pounds, let's say,

with no guarantee that money's going
to come back.

- Luckily, I found Gary, so I have
this wonderful new manager.

- Are you coming?

When I met Kate, she was kind of
going through this bad point

of getting dropped and putting out a
record on her own.

I told her, as long as she was
patient and we could make

some changes over the next three to
four months,

hopefully we could turn things
around. And we really did.

You know I got you covered, Nash.
- Yes.

- She had a good 18 months of


- ..the Big Drive Home, we never
stop the beat.

Please welcome Kate Nash to our
studio, woo!

- Xie xie.
- Your first time in China.

- Yes, yeah. First-ever time,

I can't believe like we're playing
the show tomorrow

in that amazing Bird's Nest, it's
really exciting to be here.

OK, yeah.

Can we just do that again, just
check it a bit more.

- Can we sound check and finish?

Alicia's freezing, seriously.

- A lot of people lose belief in you
when you get dropped

from a record label.

I was so relieved, because I had all
these doors shut,

that someone was like passionate and
excited to come and be there for me.

Gary was that like pit bull, he was
a fighter, he's aggressive,

he went for it.

- Those apples!
- But they're like so sweet.

- It's really good, we need to bring
these to LA.
- Yeah.
- And London.

- And start a business.
- Yeah. If this whole music thing

doesn't work out, we've got an apple
- OK.

And me and Gary kind of scrambled
like maniacs to keep me afloat

as an artist and successfully tour
the record and put it out.

- Here we are in the hotel in

Kate and the girls are rehearsing
right now in the room for the show.


# ..I've been saving all this stuff
inside of me for you

# But you ain't giving me the best

# You were cool
- Cool

- # I even said that

# You were cool

- # Cool

- # You were cool

# You were cool

# Ah, ah, ah-ah

# Oh, oh, oooooh
- Ooooooh...
- #


- Is there anything here we can

- So, Kate's manager now is, er,
he's fantastic for her career.

You know, now to be successful,
everyone has to push.

I've never met anyone that's pushed
an artist so hard.

- Where's your vitamin C stuff?

I'm going to make you one, too.

- Oh, er, in my purse, where's my

- Gary, he's super proactive.

We do have a few battles where I'm
very protective of Kate.

I can kind of tell when, you know,
she needs to sleep.

That's where we have battles, you
know, and, er...

But that's how it should be.

Absolutely maximising the most out
of her time,

and, yeah, really hitting all the
marks, you know?


# I'm really, really nervous! #

- Shit, you've done this 1,000
- I know.

- Stealing three towels from your

At least there aren't any there...

And we're off to Bird's Nest

- # E-ee-ee-ee-ee-eeee. #

One more whisky? Nah.

Where's our guy? Is that him right
- OK.

- We're on our way.

- I feel sick, I'm so nervous.

- Come on, guys, we are in a rush.

We need to do make-up and get her
dressed first.

I'm sorry, you can't ask me last
minute to do press stuff.

Where's the dressing room?

- OK, we're heading to the dressing
room right now.

- No, this is the press room.
- Not here, I'm so sorry.

It's next door, it's next door. The
first door, left, left.

- Dressing room.

- Can we all go out and let her get


- # You can spend your whole life

# Getting down on one thing

# You can waste all your time on one

# But what you gonna do now, baby,
when it all caves in? #

Touring for the record,

I worked harder than I've ever
worked in my life.

I didn't have one day off for two

I do like being independent in terms
of being able to, like,

make all the decisions and be a
control freak about my art and about

my live show and about everything.

- I'm transforming Kate into a
warrior boss bitch.

- With Lollapalooza, getting there
was just such a big deal

cos I was like, I actually can do
this and with no record label.


# You don't treat me like a friend,

# You don't treat me like a friend

# I've been saving all this stuff
inside of me for you

# But you ain't giving me the best

# You were cool

# You were cool

# You were cool

# You don't treat me like a friend

# I ain't giving you my best

# You don't treat me like a friend,

# I ain't giving you my best

# I coulda told you the things that
we'd do

# I coulda told you the fun that
we'd have, yeah

# I coulda told you the stuff that
we'd see

# Ah, ah, ah. #

It was really fun, though, wasn't
- It was so good.

- My first thought was, like, crowd

- And then you go, you're climbing

I, like, every single one of them, I
held, like, their bums,

to make sure they didn't fall down.

- My mum said, "Saw you, great show,
so many people.

"You girls killed it! Amazing show.
Keep on shining."

- I live for touring. I love it.

But I wasn't making money off those

It was costing me more to tour, you

So, I've had some times throughout
this year when I'm like,

well, maybe I should try and like
figure out a different way

of making money.

I moved to America to make my next

Where are we?

- We're in Burbank.
- Where the fuck is that?

So, the British music industry and
media is kind of dominated

by what's hot right now.

Whatever the version of that is.
Like, that's not me.

And I've just found America to have

more exciting options for me.

Look at all the stuff I could buy.

I want everything in this shop.
Like, everything.

- 449. Look at this! Polaroid.
- And LG.
- 358.

279, that's the TV you're getting.
And it's cheaper.

- All right, boom, sold. Sold.

Sold to the crazy lady in the cat

- I want to rudely interrupt. You
are Kate Nash, cos I've got your

- Oh, that's so cool!
- What're you doing in...?

- Well, I moved here, and I'm
writing my next record.

- Really nice to meet you.
- Really nice to meet you, thanks
for saying hi.

I want to put my next record out on
a record label,

cos I love doing it independently,

cos of how much it's taught me,

but, er, it's definitely difficult.

It's hard to be starting from
scratch again,

especially financially, after
working for so many years.



I've got a dog. I rescued a dog
called Stella off the streets.

I love you.


I think that means she loves me.

Look, I'm going to put this up here,

Alicia is, like, my best friend and
my drummer.

She's really awesome.

- Kate was looking for a drummer and
I was, like, Kate Nash, yeah,

that'd be cool for me, I like her.

The description for, like, what she
was looking for in a drummer said,

"A female that looks like Joan Jett

"and plays like Travis Barker."

And I was like, well...

..OK, yeah, I get the Travis Barker,
like, playing hard, and energetic,

and not just like, you know,

So I was like, that's me. But then I
was like, the Joan Jett thing,

that could either mean she wants a
cool rocker chick like me,

or she wants a white girl with,
like, dark hair and whatever.

So, I was like, I don't know, I
think maybe she wants a white girl.

- So...

- Which way?
- This way.
- OK.

Heave ho.

Take it slow, take it slow, please.

Working on songs and working on my
record is my main priority

and focus at the moment.

But also, like, I studied theatre at

and I was very passionate about that
and wanting to be an actress.

So I would like to explore, like,
film and theatre.

I definitely want to prove something
in the acting world.

- I love it.
- It's good, right?

I really just feel like I'm at home
- Good.

Well, now, you can stay here for,
like, five years!


I also want to sign a publishing
deal, cos I need money.

A publishing deal is not a record

It is being paid to write songs.

So, I want to write songs for other

write for movies and, like,

IN AMERICAN ACCENT: ..commercials.

But my deal, I was given a chunk of
money to live off of.

It's kind of so that you can afford
to be an artist and just make songs.

This is so sweet.

Get off! Don't you dare touch them!

- So, we'll get her a publishing
deal and then we'll work on her

keep working on her record, then go
from there.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get her a
recording deal in the next

probably two or three months.

Kate was so adamant about this
record getting out there

that she wanted to spend her own

and that's part of the reason now I
want to put this through a major

I don't want Kate to spend her own

- Great deal, good job.
- Yeah, looking forward to working
with you.


- Kate and I have a really great
relationship because we actually

started out as personal friends.

- I haven't signed a deal in seven
- I know, it's so great.

I wouldn't say that it's Kate
starting over,

but, it's Kate jumping back into a

that she consciously chose to leave.

She's now wanting to get back into
that world that,

you know, created Foundations

and gave her a
multi-platinum-selling record.

We're not selling as many records.

What worked ten years ago isn't
relevant now.

So, there's definitely going to be
some culture shock, I think.

- Camcorder.

- Put the headphones on so it looks

in this cardboard box of doom!

- The publishing world is about
people writing songs for other

So, I go into sessions and we write
pop songs for other artists.


Wait, I was out then.


- # I still do it for you

# Cos I'm... #

- No, let's get another one.

- # Just a family vibe. #

- Going to write another one.

I love writing songs.

A lot of these songs just get lost,
no-one ever hears them,

and they never get picked up.

No-one's getting paid, either, so
you only really see money back

if you get a number-one hit or

I want to do it again.


Oh, I did a different thing then.
- Yeah, always punching.

- But I like that.
- Yeah.

But do it one more time, just the
ending. The same one.

- That one, that's great.

You know, it's very, very difficult
to get a cut. It just is.

It's just very hard.

So, we're going to have a bunch of
stacks of the same thing.

- I think that's cool.

It's like a lot of label execs are
just half asleep,

listening to the song that you
slaved over for days,

sometimes weeks, sometimes months,
it doesn't matter.

And they're listening to the first
ten seconds of it,

and then they're skipping to the
next one.


- Songs don't really make a lot of
money these days. You know?

Streaming sort of killed that.


- It's not just about, get your song
on the radio and hope you have

a hit and hope it works, cos
business is changing all the time.

Now, with social media, to tie in
streaming opportunities

and brand partnerships and all the
different ways

of breaking an act now, that just
weren't even around ten years ago.

I'm constantly approaching agencies

because it's a good opportunity

for Kate to build a relationship.


- Upshot Marketing Agency, we do a
lot of great stuff

with musicians and other artists,

and Live Nation brought over Kate

- What will you do with Kate?

- Oh, hm. We have a great portfolio
of brands, the sky's the limit.

How about that?

- We're going to perform in front of
the people in this office,

provide their entertainment for the


- I know.



# You don't treat me like a friend,

# You don't treat me like a

# I've been saving all this stuff
inside of me

# But you ain't giving me the best.

- Those things, you may not see the
immediate payday,

but she went up there, she won them
over, she talked to everybody,

she performed. Those things go a
long way.

You know, my job is to bring
opportunities to my artists.

We had an opportunity recently for a

- Ye-ow! That was kind of cool!

- It was kind of, I'll save that
one, cos we can put a couple of them

- Ye-ow!

# Poor me, poor me

# You must take pity on poor me

# Ye-ow! #

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- We're here doing a couple of
commercial spots,

and it's pretty much, it's one spot,
but we're providing

three different songs.

They're cover songs, they're old
blues and old spiritual

standard songs, so it's kind of fun
giving them a new twist to things.

- # Yeah, you'll come back one sweet

# Yeah, you'll come back

# One sweet day. #

- I believe it's some sort of a face
product commercial,

or, like, a face wash...

..I believe.

So, it's, er, yeah.

- I said weird things. It's just
such a weird world.
- Yeah.

- I just got a call-back, another

for this HBO witch, Jenji Kohan, Gus
Van Sant, pilot.

So, I am sick, I'm under tremendous

"Tremendous strength"? I'm really
sick, so I can't speak.

I keep saying the wrong words at the
minute, and those are words

from the pilot.


But I'm going to deal with it, and
I'm going to go and do

a good audition, and I'm dressed
like a witch,

kind of, from the 1600s.

And I hope I get it.

# Wish me luck, my house is a mess,
loads of stupid shit. #

- Kate is not just an artist, she's
an actress,

she's a great combination of


I do hope, though, that she gets
back to, you know,

focusing on her record now, because
right now we're

very behind schedule.

There's a lot of pressure on Kate
with this next record. There is.

And she knows it and I know it and
the whole team knows it,

so, I know that she doesn't want to
maintain where she's at,

she wants to build and grow. So,
that's the scary part...

..for all of us. Ah!

- Is it on this street, or is it on
the other street?


Where am I? Where am I?

I do like this drive-through

I'm picking up.

It's for Kate Nash.

The American Dream.

I need to get back to my career, so
I need to create something

that some label out there wants to
be part of.

- How are you doing?

- So, I'm packing for CMJ, which is
a festival in New York.

It's quite funny, because I have
never played CMJ.

Like, a lot of new bands that want
to get signed go there,

kind of thing, so I think it's quite
funny to, like,

be going to CMJ like I want to get
signed, man.

- Yeah?

You got me a brown one?
- Yeah!


Or I can have the brown one and you
can have the white one.

- Oh, yeah.

- I'll be nervous before the show,
because I always get nervous

before shows, but I'm glad we're
playing because I really

believe in the show.

I'm just really happy that we have
the opportunity to show off

our live show to the industry.

You know, thinking about signing a

what's it going to be like to answer
to people again?

Are they going to be trying to fit,

you know, a square into a
circle-shaped hole?

But, like, hopefully, there's a
label out there that,

like, gets me and is enthusiastic
about me and that is really

rooting for me.


I'm Kate Nash. Thank you so much.

# I think about death all the time

# Do you think that's morbid?

# I'm not like the other girls

# Don't get me started

# But I'm try-y-y-y-ying

# I'm not ly-y-y-y-ying

# When you're in my head

# Well, I wish I was someone else

# Mad at me again

# And that's not even what I said

# What's wrong with me?

# Am I a person yet?

# What's wrong with me?

# Wish I could let my brain

# Decide and stop the pain

# I keep heart-shaped glasses close
to me

# For when it rains

# Life in pink

# I wish I could let my brain

# Decide and stop the pain... #

So, nothing happened.

Nothing happened with CMJ.

Nothing came from it.

It was a fucking waste of time, to
be honest with you, for my career.

I just got home.

I was at the airport for, like,
eight hours.

I still have disgusting, like,
glitter in my hair.

I have like a million spots.

My flight was really delayed, it's,
like, six in the morning,

I found out some really bad news.

And, um... I'll talk about that
tomorrow, I suppose.

It's pretty bad, though.

And it's weird.

And it's light outside and it smells
really nice and flowery,

and it's nice to be home, I
just...can't wait to see Stella.


Right, tell everyone what's

- Now, we're dealing with a
situation here today where

former, soon-to-be former manager,
has stolen a large sum of money.

So we're dealing with that this

It was a long night. We were up
until four in the morning.

We're just going to figure it out,


- I spoke to my accountant, he gave
me the records of,

like, my credit card spendage over
the last two months.

And I thought I'd lost the fucking

because he was, like, you've spent
more on your card

in the last two months than you've
ever spent your whole life,

basically, your entire career that
I've known you.

I looked through all these charges,

and I couldn't recognise a lot of
them, and I found one

that I did recognise, but not
because of me,

it was something in California, a
location in California,

on a date when I was in London.

And, um... It just flagged up in my
mind immediately,

and I checked my manager's
Instagram, and he was tagged,

he tagged himself in that location
on that day.

OK, so, my manager Gary was paying
for his wedding with my credit card.

- You know I've got you covered,

- # One fateful night I was driving
around town

# It was late, I was tired and
feeling down

# I like to drive to take my mind
off all the stuff

# That stresses me out and that
keeps me up

# And sometimes when I'm driving I
put two and two together

# I'd read the e-mail earlier that
day, but though, "No, never."

# Surely it couldn't be, surely this
wasn't true

# The person who betrayed me, who
stole it all was you

# I took my life

# And I held it right in front of

# To teach him a lesson

# In suffering

# And now he sleeps

# He sleeps with one eye open

# God knows

# Well, God knows I've told him

# I had it out so I could show him

# Now he's sleeping with one eye
open... #

This is, this is insane, this is

- Right, it's been a rough day here.

It's been a pretty rough day.

- It's not even, like, two o'clock

- Give us an update.

Why are you on the floor?

- Because I tried to get my manager
to meet me to break up.

And I was freaking out. And he's
sending me a billion texts.

But he's turning it around on me.

He's saying that I've been really
difficult to get hold of.

He presumed I had personal issues.

He's just, like, blaming me, putting
stuff on me,

it's guilty behaviour.

He's flipping out.

And I just want to be, like, "Are
you fucking high?"


I'm going to call my accountant

to find out if the money's back in
or not.

I'm OK, how are you?


That's really upsetting.

No, because he's avoiding me now, he
doesn't want to see me today,

he's no time to see me.

OK, well, I'm going to text him now.

You, too, thanks, bye.

It doesn't make any sense, any of

Money just makes people fucking

I just can't imagine caring about it
that much

that you would need to steal from

Like, now that my trust has been
taken advantage of so many times,

and something like this, I just
don't know,

I don't know how to move forward.

Without becoming...like, hardened.

And really changing who I am.

This industry sucks, like, so many
people suck.

But I've got enough left in me to
go, well,

fuck it, I'm going to make my own

Because it's important to, like,
remember that,

like, why you started doing it in
the first place.

- So, what's on, what's been on your

what do you need to get off your

- I'm feeling really angry with my
old manager today.

Because I had a business meeting
about my financial situation.

And he, like, stole loads of money
from me.

So there's that.
- Oh, that sucks.
- Yeah.

- Let's see what we can cook up.

So, the first time I met Kate, our
initial conversation

was all about this idea that

songs can be so boring if they
adhere to too many rules.

This idea that a song has a chorus,
a song has a verse,

a song has this and has that.

It very often becomes this thing
where you're ticking boxes.

So, when we were going to write
together, we were going to throw

that out of the window and be, like,
what do we feel should come next?

- I want to be, like, running, and,

dancing, and people to feel like
they're spinning around.

- I feel you.
- I love doing it.
- Just something completely

She came in and was just, like,
furious about the world.

And she wanted to, like, channel
that into a piece of art.

- I want to sing about, like,

everyone telling you what to be and
what you have to do,

and just being, like, I'm going to
break away from that.

- She's got a very strong idea in
terms of what she wants to,

how she wants to sound vocally, and
what she wants to say.

I'm just the midwife.

I'm just helping these things be as
good as they can be.

I just started playing some, like,
monotone, staccato,

almost, like, an annoying kind of
alarm clock.

- I like starting with something
weird like that, like, just one

- Anyway, there were these dramatic
chord structures underneath.

Or hinted at some, like, big drama.

And she'll start writing these raps.

- RAPS: I was running

It was a cold night

I feel breaths are heavy on my
chest, I see it like smoky white

I turn around, to see if I'd lost
them now, a chase...

Oh, wait, I need to start again.

- This frantic spoken-word thing
about self-loathing and self-doubt,

and you just keep going, no matter

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- That's nice.

I love this.
- OK, cool.

- I don't know what the fuck it is,
but I love it.

She needed to say this shit, and I
just provided this kind of

soundscape underneath it.

- RAPS: I really squeeze it, I mash
it up so hard inside my hand

I'm almost sure that I killed it, I
check it for a pulse

But I can't remember ABC correctly,
one, two, three

One, two, three, one, two three...

The music industry's brain works
differently to mine,

so things that I think are, like,
normal, are probably really weird.

I think I feel a beat

I really need you still

Come on, I really need you, get

It's just not easy, is it?

Making creative projects isn't
simple, I'm sure everybody

has those struggles with things.

RAPS: Holes and toes and elbows

I shove it up inside me so it knows

Never to scare me like that again

Never to leave, always to stay

Never go away...

- I love being in the room with her.

And I love creating.

I love those moments that we have

it's, like, that's amazing.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my
- With the cat.

- But I'm not the only one working
on this project.

There's probably, like, 30 of me.

I have no real idea of how many
people at this point

are involved in songs.

There's no sense of direction.

It's taking so much time, we can't
get any commitment on dates.

It's actually super frustrating.

- My brain literally doesn't really
understand the concept of,

like, being on time.

It's something that I try and work
on always, like...

sometimes I'm late because I've
started writing a song,

and sometimes I'll get, like,
wrapped up in doing something

creative and distracting.

It's hard to be thinking

in all these different directions

I want to be a musician, I want to
be an artist,

that's what I'm comfortable being.

- Just getting something out there
and getting things moving

is the best thing you could do right

You can get signed to a label and
they could shelve you.

You could put it on the internet.
- Yeah.

- I would love to help Kate create
in the way that she wants

to and to do it her way.

I would need to know what her very
clear vision is.

And what she wants to accomplish.
You know?

I can't create that for her, and
it's her art.

- It's, like, what you were saying,
remember, like, why.

- You're doing this.
- Yeah.

- You can play amazing shows, like,
you do have

all of this following and fans, but
right now, it's stagnant.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Like, you need something that's
going to

bring all that back, you know?
- Yeah, yeah.

- I think that this business, for
lack of a better way

of explaining it, really fucked her
up. You know?

I think she's been put through the

It's very easy for her to get

And it's a business that you have to
put 110% into.

You know? It's not for the faint of

- Um...

It's not going that great.

Oh, fuck, it's always sooner than I

So, I'm going to be re-record vocal
with my friend Jeff,

who's really nice.

He is, like, a Grammy-award-winning

And he, um...engineered Girl Talk.

And he's going to mix, he's, like,
helping me out for free.

And I need to re-record these vocals

on Life In Pink,

there's one section where I'm kind
of shouting.

And record labels don't like that,
they don't like shouting.

I think it sounds cool, but I'm into
punk music and rock

music, and I need to make a pop
record, because I don't

have any money.

As a woman, you can't even scream on
an album.

But as a man you can talk about
raping bitches and it's fine.

What are we doing right now?

We're broadcasting live.

- The bullshit answer is you're
recording vocal

for the album, and it's because we
want to do something

a little alternate from what we had
previously recorded,

and, so that's what we're doing
right now.

- And now give the real answer.

- The real answer is you selfish
fucks don't pay for music,

so we have to make something more

and remove some screams so you cunt
record label executives

will actually give us money to
finish the album, OK?

A little high.

- # When you're in my head

# I wish I was someone else... #

I don't know if I'm going to be able
to sing it.

My voice is so shot right now.

- We're almost there, we're almost
ready to make a record.

- # ..When you're in my head

# Well, I wish I was someone else...

They just want, like, "Aaaah".

Not really, but I can't sing how
they want me to sing.

# ..When you're in my head

# Mad at me again... # SINGS FLAT

Wait, whoa!

- You really want to shout it. I
feel that.

- # Mad at me again... #

Fuck, it's like I'm not hitting it
every time I'm recording it.

- Your pitch is fine.
- OK.

- It's just, your voice sounds a
little, like, tired.

- # Well, I wish I was someone else

# Mad at me again

# And that's not even what I said

# What's wrong with me?

# Am I a person yet?

# Am I a person yet? #

- Look at yourself when you're
saying that,

and be, like, what's wrong with me?

- # What's wrong with me?

# Am I a person yet?

# What's wrong with me? #

- Let's try it one more time.

- # What's wrong with me?

# Am I a person yet?

# What's wrong... #

I just text my landlord...

And told him that I have to move

And it's just kind of, like, facing
reality, I guess.

I still haven't been paid back by my

so I'm going to get a place with,
like, cheaper rent.

I have a bunch of clothes here I can

It's just about getting resourceful,
becoming resourceful,

and, like, making things happen for

and that's kind of, like, what I'm
doing right now.

You know?

It... Does it suck? Yes, but, like,
it's also just, like,

all right, is just the next chapter
of life being,

like, served up.

And it's not that bad.

I'm healthy.

I'm alive. I'm on this planet.

I have a dog.

I have good friends.

I have music.

So, what more do you need than that,

There's a million other people out
there that have it worse than I do,

and I'm just getting on with it, you

Just got to get on with this shit.


She has abandonment issues.

She thinks I'm leaving her.

It's OK. It's OK.

I had my first job and I was 14.

I've always worked for, like, what
I've got.

Like, I have my mother's Irish
working-class roots,

and it just feels wrong to be, like,
in debt and not working.

It would be weird to, like, get a
job in a cafe

and be recognised, or something, but
if it came to it,

if I had to get a job in a cafe, or
whatever, like, I would.

- That's going to be 237.40.

- Cool.

- There you are.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Take it easy.

- Bye. Thanks.

I just hate not earning money.

So I am going to a comic book store
because I'm going to work there.

I got a job.

I'm doing a live streaming show, and
I, like, sell products.

Are these anything specific?

- That's Imperial.

- Oh.
- And then this is the Rebel.

The blaster, the R2.

The Storm Trooper. And then the
Obi-Wan sabre ring.

- And then this one?

- That's based on the floor of the
Millennium Falcon.

- Oh, yeah.

Are we all in the right place?

- Mm-hm.
- What do you guys think?

I'm the founder of XSN, the shopping
network for geeks

and millennials, and I'm always
looking for hosts

and cool products to sell.

Shall we start in a different

Can you just start in Elvish?

- In Elvish?!

- Everyone that I've told about Kate
coming in,

everyone's freaking out, especially
my sister, my nieces.

They're like, "Oh, my God, I grew up
on her music."

- That's awesome.

- So it looks like Kate's exploring
these new opportunities.

- Hello, everybody, we're live.

This is Shop XSN.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me just

this is a very special moment.

We levelled up.

This is the angelic Kate Nash,
ladies and gentlemen!

- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so

It's a pleasure to be here.

- Why don't we start with the
Chewbacca guitar pick?

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

- Rock and roll, huh?

- It's a real guitar pick size.

- Real guitar pick size...

..and I'm a rock star, so I can
verify that for you.

- That's right.
- Great.

- Let's get the next one ready.
- Let's do it.

- We have the 4-8C Blaster,

and that one is available in silver
and gold.

- So, come on in now. Valentine's
Day is coming up, everybody...

- I'm really confused about what's
going on in my life right now.

I'm like, "How do I get myself out
of this hole?"

I filed a lawsuit against Gary.

Because that fucker didn't pay
anything back and...

..broke his everything.

Broke his word, so I've filed a

That's going to be fun.

- What happened with Kate and Gary,
sadly, it happens a lot

in the music business.

We're in a business where the bad
guy definitely succeeds a lot of the

And then the craziest thing is that
even though they could

have the world's worst reputation,
in this business,

there's a large group of people that
find that reputation

to be cool and awesome and badass.

It can be very discouraging.

- Maybe I'll just sleep here on

We'll just sleep on a dog bed.

- Yeah. Well, you could.

- And then bring her in the morning.
- You could.

- I think I'm going to do that.
- OK.

- I like to take a lot of trips
outside of LA,

just to get back to nature.

Coming into nature reminds me why I
like this country

and being alive, really.

It just gives me a bit of

I don't know if I'm losing

because I'm so stressed out.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful for
all the things

that I do have, but I've been
putting things out of me

constantly for two years with no

and I'm not doing my job, which is
such a huge part

of my life.

That also has been shitty because
then I'm like,

"Oh, what else do I do?"

I don't know how to make...

I don't know like...

SHE SIGHS I don't know.


I feel like I don't know how to,

..be a real person, or something.

I don't know how to make money
outside of being on tour

or making a record.

I just think I need to go to

I don't know. I just need to go

# I was running

# It was a cold night

# I felt breath so heavy on my chest

# I see it smoky white

# I turn around

# To see if I had lost them now

# I chase, I'm run...I'm running

# I'm run...I'm running out of time

# And I feel it faster

# I hear the footsteps catching up
on me

# I bite my lip so hard

# I bite the skin off completely

# I feel the blood about to drip

# I save it with my tongue

# It tastes like metal

# I tell myself

# No matter what happens tonight

# That everything will be OK

# Yeah, everything is going to be
all right

# I'm not sure if believe it... #

London and living here, growing up
here, all the incredible memories

that I have here, the attitude of
the people

and the grim nature of waking up
every day to grey skies.

It's gloomy every day, and just the
way that affects us living

here and growing up here. You know,
that's my roots.

This is where I grew up.

Smile, Dad, you're on candid camera.


- Oh, am I on that?
- Yeah.

- Oh, bum!

We're both really worried about

It is going to be really hard for
Kate to be short of money.

Here, young lady, come and eat this.

- Stew.
- It is a stew.

- An Irish stew.
- You're an Irish woman and there's
absolutely nothing wrong

with an Irish stew, let me tell you.

Eat it while it's hot or it'll be

She went from living at home where
all her bills were paid,

to people working for you and with

When Kate first got signed by
Universal and just seemed

to have so much money, I wish that
she'd almost had a few years

in a flat where she had bills to
worry about and things to pay,

and wondered how the toilet roll
suddenly was under the sink at home,

and it didn't happen that way in her

and things like that.

Just learnt to live.

She never had that.

- Hi!

- She doesn't like to talk about
money with us.

She never has done.

She's always been a little bit
uncomfortable with it.

She's never been totally at ease
with earning lots of money.

She gave money away.

She started her...

It was supposed to be a tax break, I

It was called Have 10p.

It certainly wasn't 10p that people
were getting.

It was considerable sums of money,

And she got very involved with other
charities and things.

She visited schools, teaching girls
about music.

- What are you interested in?

- I sing a lot.
- You sing?
- Yeah.

- OK, one, two, three, four.
- One, two, three, four.

- It was her way of giving back a
bit to people who she felt hadn't

been as lucky as she was.

- There's such a big gender gap in
the music industry.

We really need to do something about

and all of us here need to change

I don't know if you already have

If you don't, we can get those

and brought into the schools.

We brought our own instruments.

That's probably part of my mistake.
I definitely invested in every

project that I did and funded things

Now I know you don't actually do

You're supposed to get other people
with loads of money

to pay for things.


That was so cool. I nearly cried.

- I used to think, when she was
travelling around the world

and coming back exhausted and too
tired to really talk to us

when she did eventually get out of

that maybe I wish she was a teacher
in Ruislip and teaching little ones

about music and poetry and art, and
all the nice things in life.

- And I realised that the best way
to get over a lot of my issues

was to just write music and go and
rehearse on my own

and stuff, you know?

And get it all out of your system.

All this stuff!

Oh, wow, look. Old scrapbook.

This has got so much shit in it.

First-ever tour passes.

Made Of Bricks tour, '07/'08.

I don't miss myself being a star in
the way I used to be

because I don't think I've ever
really seen myself that way.

And I also was very uncomfortable
with that.

I didn't like going to awards

Let's take a look at the shortlist.

It didn't make me happy and it's not

I'm attracted to, really.

And the winner is...

..Kate Nash.

It's really weird how quickly life
gets really different, isn't it?

It feels like a lifetime ago now.

Mind your head. When you look back
in life,

there's moments where the universe

really does kind of swing you a
certain way.

When I was younger, I was very set
on going to drama school.

"That's my path and I'm going to be
an actor."


I got rejected from all of them.

If I had have gone to a drama school
or university,

the fact is I wouldn't be a musician

I wouldn't have the career that I've

But acting is still another dream of

I heard about this audition and I
was like,

"Oh, God, I have to addition for

A Netflix series called Glow,

based on a real group that existed
in the '80s, a league

of female wrestlers called the
Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

That's right, ladies, get ready to
be extinct!

I just worked really hard at the

I created a video that was pretty
special and strange.

Fact. I'm about to drop 32 volumes
of pain on you!


So I've sent my audition tape to

There's nothing left to do now
except wait and see.

This is old Reading.

This is where we used to go all the
time when we were kids

to play in the woods.

I wanted to take the dogs to the
woods because that's what we always
used to do,

and these are my grandad's boots, so
I'm looking cool.

Look at the frozen moss.

Now I feel calm and rooted.

Coming home, it's funny how
immediately I feel grounded,

I feel better, I feel safer, I feel
more myself.

Now I'm going out into the big, bad
world and scared of putting on

the brave face that I've put on
every day for ten years doing this.

And I actually want to get to a
point in my life

where I'm settled and calm like I am
when I'm at home.

Saying goodbye.

I'm not really sure about how I feel
about returning to LA.

I do have to face my manager in
court there, so I'm going back.

- You don't have time for that now.

- But look...
- Come on, you're going to be late.


Shift your ass, you're going to be

- How many times have you said that
to me in my life?

- 10 million.


Thanks for taking me to the airport,

Are you going to miss me?

- Nah.

Of course I'm going to miss you.

- What is your advice to me as a
woman in the world today?

- To be able to look in the mirror
and look yourself in the eye

and know you haven't done anything
that you, personally,

would be ashamed of.

And I think that's not a bad code to
live by.

We all do things that we regret,
but, yeah, to be able to look

yourself in the mirror and think,
"Yeah... I did the best I could."

Does that sound like a piece of

- Yeah. OK.

I just need the air conditioning to

I can't last in this fucking town
without aircon.

This is fucked up.

It's November right now and look at
my outfit.

Look at my hat, look at my

Are you going to ask me questions?

- For this one, you're just going to
talk about what happened.

- OK.

So, I went to court with my

I decided that I was going to look
him in the eye when he came

down the corridor, and he couldn't
look at me.

Wow, you can use my credit card to
pay for your wedding,

but you just can't look me in the
eye after doing it?

My lawyer said, "OK, it's kind of
getting to the point

"where we think we're going to be

"and it's looking really good."

And then Gary decided that he wanted
me to sign a piece of paper

that said I could never talk about

And it's funny how these things
sound really official,

but in reality, it literally...

I was given a scrap of paper, with a
line written

in pencil by his lawyer, of what the
term was.

It's just a scrap of paper that
would completely change my life

if I agreed to it.

And the lawyer said to me, "This is
where everything could fall apart."

I just remember sitting on the bench
and taking a moment to myself

to think about everything that's
happened in the past few years

and what I believe in.

I thought about all the moving that
I've done and craziness

with money and thought about not
being able to have Stella

and how am I going to have a career
and what am I going to do?

But my freedom of speech is, like,
fucking priceless.

So, even if it meant giving up the
chance to get the money back,

I would never sign that piece of
paper, ever,

because it's just not worth giving
up my voice.

So, I just said no.

And then I just did a spell,

I was looking up and I just thought
about my vagina

and called on all the goddesses.

I was like, "I'm just going to
fucking do this spell

"and I want to win this fucking
court case."

And then, all of a sudden, my lawyer
came out and they said

"He's signing it on your terms."

He has to pay me back.

That was it. It was kind of weird,

It just has been such an
excruciating process,

and then all of a sudden, it was
just done.

# Sweet dreams

# My darling

# Sweet dreams

# Are you dreaming of me? #

So I got Glow, which is amazing...

..and quite surreal.

But I'm going to start training

and then I'm going to be shooting a
TV series,

which is quite crazy.

Oh, my God, I got the part!

I got Glow!

This role that I've got is, like, so

It's my dream job that I never knew
was my dream job.

To go to work with 14 women on a TV
show every day is so rare.

We trained with Chavo Guerrero,
who's a legendary wrestler

from a family of wrestlers.

I've just had a new physical
relationship with my body.

I'm stronger than ever in a physical
sense, as well as mentally.

Doing that with all these women was
just so emotional too.

It's fucking amazing to have a job,
to get paid every week and be like,

"Oh, my God, I have a job!"

Stella, come on.


Come on. We've got to go.

I'm actually really grateful for the
experience of having all my money

spent by someone else because it's
just taught me...

Like, when I moved to LA, it's the
first time in my whole life

when I ever said...

I said it out loud, I remember being

"I want to make as much money as

"I'm going to try and make as much
money as possible."

I told the universe what I wanted
and the universe was like,

"No, that is not what you're

"to fucking be here for and that's

"what you're supposed to care

That's not why I make art and that's
not why I make music,

and for me to suddenly care about
that, I think, was dangerous.

I'm going to release the fourth
album this summer

and I want to do it through

So, in your opinion, what is it
about Kickstarter

that sets it apart?

- Kickstarter is not taking any

Artists are the major currency,

even though they're the ones that
are the least compensated.
- Yeah.

- And there are fans who are willing
to pay a bit more to have a deeper

connection and for you to do your

- Hi, I'm Kate Nash, and I want my
fans to be my record label.

"Congratulations. Your project is
live on Kickstarter."

Look, she's so excited, she's going
to kill me!

The more money I raise on my
Kickstarter, the more I can do.

The ideal scenario is that we make
way more than the original target.

So, this is the first piece of vinyl
I've released in four years.

We're releasing Agenda early to the
backers right now.

I did kind of feel like a teenager
doing Kickstarter because I just

lived in my parents' house and
stayed up every night really late.

You're on the internet constantly.

Even then, you might not get all the
money that you want.

Figuring out how to make money from
music is a challenge

these days because people want to
listen to music for free.

This might be the one.

But at the same time, I do think
there has to be a little bit

more of an understanding that if you
do want artists

to have a career then you do have to
pay them money

because otherwise, I just have to
get another job

and then I can't make art on the
level that I want.

Linda, how long has it been since me
and you

have been on a little radio trip?

- A long, long time, mate.

- I'm in the middle of a Kickstarter
campaign right now.

You can go and pre-order my fourth

Please do it.

It makes sense because I started my
career on MySpace.

So it was just kids ruling
everything, which was so cool.

When I got dropped, it's the reason
that I'm still able

to be here because if I hadn't had

like direct access, to my fans, I
would have been really lost.

We have 54 hours of Kickstarter
left, probably 53 now.

My arms are cramped up because of
too much social media.

It hurts.

I feel like I've had 20,000 cups of
coffee and I haven't had one.

We've completed all our tasks for
the day.

Painted another guitar.

We've doubled our target. We're at
140, but we want 150.

It's really hard to explain to
people that putting out a record
costs 150 grand.

That seems crazy.

But if you have a 12-track album

and you're paying a producer three
grand a track,

and then you have to pay for mixing
for each track

and mastering for each track

and then you have to pay for radio
and PR promotion,

it can cost three grand a track for
radio promotion...

That's a lot of money adding up.

- Somebody wants to know where you
got your tiara.

- I don't know. It's so cheap,
though. It's like plastic.

It's probably from a party shop.

Do you want to know where I got my

From stress.

- What?

- Tell people why they should pledge
for my album in the last 13 minutes.

- Because she's, well, my daughter.
I love her.

I think she's brilliant,

and I think you should pledge right

- Yeah!

How long left now?

- Five minutes!

- Argh!

- Three minutes.
- Oh, my God, even I'm getting

- Oh, my God, it's the final

- ALL: Five, four, three, two, one!


- Can we do another one now?

- Kate Nash! Kate Nash! Kate Nash!


I appreciate all of you so much.

You're literally the reason that I'm
able to continue to do music.

I'm so grateful.

I love doing this.

I'm like sitting there and I can't
believe it's my job.

I always say, music isn't fluffy,
it's life or death.

This is fucking life or death.

You know it because it's saved you
before. It saved me.

And that's fucking amazing. That
really is important.

This is a brand-new song, it's

It's called Call Me.

It was such a relief to hit our

and now it's kind of crazy to think
I'm going to be able

to put this album out and move on
from it.

# So if there's anything that I can
do for you

# Well, honey, pick up the phone

# You can call me, baby... #

My fans were as open and as exposed
and vulnerable

as I feel like I've been

and I feel like people have told me
that I am

and I thought it was a flaw.

# You can call me, baby... #

I just wanted to cry playing it
because I was so happy

that that's who I am.

I was like, "This is why I'm this
fucking open person."

I have these fans. They're giving to
me what I've given

and I'm receiving it, and I'm
receiving all this love.

I'm glad I'm that person and I'm
glad I've been vulnerable,

and I'm glad I put that into my

It's a really beautiful thing.

OK, we're going to split.

Split you into two.

We're going to do some audience
participation for this one

if you're up for it. Are you up for
it, London?!


OK, good. So this half, just kind of

# You're the one with the sun

# Feel the power and lift me up... #


# You're the one with the sun

# Feel the power and lift me up

# You're the one with the sun

# Feel the power and lift me up

# You're the one with the sun

# Feel the power and lift me up... #

This whole experience has been,
ultimately, very valuable

to me in ways I didn't expect.

That's it.

That's the end of the movie.

# My head is underwater

# And I can't see the light

# I guess you overstepped it

# So go and hold me down and flush

# Because, darling, I am in a rush

# And I can hold my breath

# Let's not forget

# God knows I've had enough

# If you check I'm a diamond in the

# If you knew me

# They know what I'm made of... #

If in two lines she can explain,
"I'm denying my heart for him."

# And I call your bluff

# Call me crazy, I'm velvet... #


- Season two! Season two!

- # What am I What am I

# What am I made of? #

- I couldn't do the tour because I
broke my mouth.

Who breaks their fucking mouth?

I do.

But guess what?

I'm back!

- # Forgive me for my sins

# God knows I've had enough... #

I can't believe it's actually

People have already listened to it

- Impossible...
- This bunny just wished me

- Aw.

- It is kind of impossible.

- It just came out, like two minutes

- Well, maybe they just have it on
repeat and they're like...

I don't know how they're fucking
doing it.

Don't shoot the messenger!

It's all popping off. We're doing
promo, we're doing rehearsals.

We've got 57 tracks that don't work.

We're going to get a U-Haul.

We're moving rehearsal space because
we've been in a shit hole.

- Things are looking up.

- Classic Nash over here.