Katatsumori (1994) - full transcript

Dear Kawase Naomi,

Happy brithday, Naomi!
Congratulations, you're 24.

I hope that your
happiness will continue.

Be a good daughter to
your father.

Please do your best
to cheer him up.

Love, Mum.


My nose is running.

I don't need my garden
any more.

I'm starting to show
my age.

So how can I tend it?

You should, though.

You're the only one
who will.

I'm getting old.

They say you can't live with
your parents forever.

Eventually I will die.

I'm still okay for my age.

This is an azalea.

Azaleas, freesias
and violets in one pot.

Look at this.

So many in one box.
These grow from cuttings.

This one is also beautiful.

- What is that?
- It's a seed pod.

They are violet seeds.

They fall off and grow
in the ground.

You've grown, too, haven't you?

How did I live to be 85?

I've lived longer than my parents
and all my brothers.

Well, well.

I've taken good care of myself.
But you wouldn't know that.

She is calling you.

- Going to practice?
- Basketball? Yes.

Then I'd better make something
to eat. What?

I can't stand up.

I haven't finished here.

Look at the camera.

I'm not finished yet.

Look over here.

I can't work.
You're bothering me.

There's an earthworm.

How smoky!

Hello, earthworm.

You're hot, aren't you?

The tomatoes have bloomed.
Hope they bear fruit soon.

I haven't put make up on today.
I've no need to.

Why not?

I'm not going anywhere.

I do when I go out.

Yesterday I didn't, though.

I want to go out.

Where to?

My friend's restaurant.

But three people,
that'll be expensive.

I've almost got it.
Except for this one.

I can't get it.

This one is in the way.

See? Finally I did it.

These are 480 yen.

Two omelets cost 1,000 yen,
so it's a real bargain.

These pickles are quite sour.
They're very nice.

We both like the same things.

We're parent and child.

Are you filming again?
Give it a rest!

Stop shooting me
all the time!


Good memories, I suppose.

I won't die easily.
I'll live till 100.

I want to see your kids.
See them at sports festivals.

There's no limit to my wanting.

I'll inherit the years of my
brothers who died young.

You are too close.

Stop her, will you?

Stop filming me all the time.

I mean it.
Please stop.

Naomi, shoot yourself.

Honestly, that's enough.

Stop it.
I'm falling over.

Stop her.

A few minutes is plenty.

But she never stops.

I'm always available.

What did you get?

Let me see it now.

Big close-up.

I don't like the
big close-ups.

- See you.
- What?

See you.

What about dinner tonight?

I'll be late today.

So you'll eat out?

I hate dealing with leftovers.

What are these?

They're peas.

Sow them.

How did you get them?

From peas I grew last year.

You harvested them last year?

You'll sow them again?

I've been drying
these ones out.

What's the merit in
drying them.

If you don't
insects get to them.

Insects go inside?

Yes, they eat the inside.

I dry them to avoid
the bugs.

When is the next harvest?

In May or June.


Sometime around
May or June.

I'll be 25 years old
next May.

- My birthday present.
- Good idea.

My next birthday present
will be peas.

You really want them?

Those peas . . .

They'll grow up to
be my birthday present.

A cat's been in here today.

A cat?
Have you seen one lately?

Yes, he comes here and
buries his dung.

Hey Cat!
Don't shit on my birthday present.

What's this?

I should dry them.

Sorry to disturb you.

This is your local
paper recycler.

If you have old newspapers,
or old magazines,

and cloth that you
no longer need,

I will exchange them for
toilet paper,

waste-paper bags or money.

It's snowing.

A little.

Yes, a little.

Not enough to settle.

Have you
finished filming me?

Can I go back inside?

It's cold.

You are cold?

- Your glasses!
- Take them off?

Have you filmed enough yet?

It's still snowing.

Yes, a little.

But not enough
to call it snow.

It's not settling.

Shall I film you?

This wrinkled old face
without any make-up on.

It's so cold.
Let's go inside.

Come on. Don't waste film.
Stop now.

If you loan it to me,
I'll shoot you.

Shall I walk forward?

I'll come forward.
I'm shooting.

- I am moving.
- All right.

You're not moving.
Watch your step.

I'm being careful.

No, you aren't.

I can see you, Naomi.

Sugar is on sale today.


Million Supermarket.

But you need coupons.
I have two.

Last time the eggs
were 99 yen.

But I had no coupon.

A woman next to me
gave me two.

I gave one of them
to another woman.

Today I bought another pack.

They were about 125 yen.

The normal price
is over 170 yen.

You are making my life difficult.

I am alone during the day.

At night I wait for you
to return. Often you don't.

No time to talk to you.

Too tired to enjoy
talking to me.

You take a bath and
go straight to bed.

Mornings, too.
Even after I wake you up,

you sleep for another
15 minutes.

You have no time to eat
the breakfast I prepare.

You should eat

That's the source of
your vigor for the day.

You should eat a little.
I wish you would.

What are you doing, Naomi?


- I often see her.
- Do you?

- Hello.
- Hello.

Good day.

Stop filming a good
looking woman like me.

She always does this.
It's all she knows how to do.

First time for me to
work today.

Yes, it is.

You seem to be
getting well.

You spent days complaining
about your pains.

It's really difficult.

It came off.

Because I made it easier.

Ouch! I cut my finger.

You should be
more careful.

Put on some gloves.

I couldn't find them.

I have plenty.

Why didn't you
bring them?

We can't do it
without arguing.

Then use mine.

I don't have any.

Mine are all mixed up.

- Well, go and get them.
- All right, I will.

And some paper, too.

All right.

Be careful,
they'll fly off.

Be careful.

I'm healthier than
she is.

I'm in good shape.

Didn't you have a headache?

Oh, that's gone.

A neighbour said I should
go to the hospital.

I did and they
gave me a drip.


Put your name.

Ka ... wa ...

Hard to write, is it?

Yes, it is.

I am writing my age.
80 years.

Look this way, please.

You forgot your first name.

I'll do it now.

How about I write
my husband's?

Better not.
It's too soon to die.

March 29, 1994
Kawase Uno, 80 years old.

I should have brought snips
to cut some sprigs.

They don't allow that.

I know I shouldn't.

Are you recording
my voice, too?

I found a broken one.

That's too short.

The sign says:
"help protect the trees."

I know. They'll pickle
the fruit later.

We can buy flowers for
200 yen on Sundays.

We bought some last year.

Really? Did we really?

I took you to kindergarten
every day.

I bought a bus pass
and went with you.

Every single day.
For three years.

You'd cry when I left.

So I waited outside till
kindergarten was over.

For three years!

Every day.

I love you so much.

I took great care
to raise you properly.

I took photos when you
first started school.

I was so happy.

You were such a hussy.

You raced around
on roller skates.

Remember those stilts
you used to play with?

At school you became
a real little minx.

Always on the slide,
the parallel bars.

Hanging upside down.

Remember when you
climbed up

onto the roof of
the old storehouse?

What a job it was for me
to go get you!

When I took you
walking I used a leash.

Even if you don't
believe it, it's true.

I'm happy you've
grown up so well.

You didn't study
much in the 2nd year

of juniour high school.

But by the 3rd year
you studied hard.

You passed the high
school entrance exam. . .

and studied English
literature there.

After graduation you
studied photography.

You worked at a company
for ten months.

Then you went back to
the photography school

and became a
teacher there.

From early morning
until late at night

you studied diligently
every single day.

You were a hard worker.

You have strength
of character.

Naomi, I don't know how
to ask you this. . .

Do you love me?

Do you still love me
as I love you?

You never say so, but. . .


What are you doing?

I'm picking peas.

I have to pick the peas.

It's me, Grandma.
How are you, dear?

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Look after the house
while I'm away.




- Grandma!
- What?

People will think
we're crazy.

They really will.


What are you doing?

I'm not doing anything.

A rose's thorn!

I feel silly, but . . .

A thorn stuck on my nose.

Yes, I have a thorn
stuck on my nose.

Little apples!


A hoe!

No, it's a mattock.

A spider!

No, I don't want it!

A neighbour!

Lee! A dog.

Nandin bush!



Asleep already?

You're asleep?

Good night.

Good night . . .

Grandma . . .

Directed by Kawase Naomi.