Kataomoi Spiral (2016) - full transcript

The movie tells the story of So Yeon, who has Gender Identity Disorder (GID). In the story, So Yeon falls in love with her roommate Yuki, while Yuki likes So Yeon's friend Hajime, who is in love with So Yeon.

Yui, isn't this romantic?

Another corny one?


Train delayed again?

Nah, I slept in.

You're on probation, remember?

You're a hard taskmaster, Yui.

Ah, thanks dude.

What's the topic?

You heard last week.

The series on unrequited love.

You liked it the most, Misaki.
"Everybody's Got a Crush."

We got too many submissions.

Misaki, help us select them.


Check this one out.

"Unrequited Love"

Thanks for choosing my favorite.

Nice choice.

Is the rumor true?

What rumor?

Misaki's estranged wife
found a younger boyfriend.

So what?

Misaki was a popular singer 10 years ago.

My mom was a big fan.

Actually, so am I,

So I'm a little sad...

Misaki, it's time.

Over to you.

Toru Misaki's "Round Midnight."

Good evening. Bringing you
jazzy vibes from Bay Studio,

it's time for Toru Misaki's
""Round Midnight."

For the next seven weeks,
we'll be bringing you

sad tales of unrequited love
sent in by our listeners.

Now then, to start off,

here's one from Annya in Sagamihara.

Its title:

Act like a girl!
Your face woke me up.

Be a man and pretend it didn't!

You got exams too?

Two days with no sleep.
Only radio.


...Nippon!" You listen too?

It won't help you study.

You used to be cute, Satake.

Right back at you.

Back at you too.

And back again.

Whatever you say.

You know,
you never used to be cute, Nomura.

You collected scabs, freak.

Like hell I did.

You did, "Butatchi."

And whose fault was all those scabs?

Hey, what I meant was,
you're cuter now.

Seriously Nomura,
are you keeping up in school?

I've always been lagging behind.

Who needs math anyway?

Not with a calculator.

Even more seriously...


Find a girl for me.

You've gotta help me, Nomura!

You go to girls school!
A group date!

Not with exams coming up.

We need summer fun too,
like in a pop song.

Go listen to some.

It's our last summer.

Exams aren't everything!

Go join a band!

Drop the pop angle.

Try telling all that
to your uncle and aunt.

Like I could.
They'd kill me!

Wait up!

Hey, Nomura!

Shut up! I'm cramming!
You'll make me forget!

Boys need love too!

Don't talk to me Satake,
you jerkoff!

I remember first semester fondly.

You listening?

I'm listening!

I'm begging you!

Careful! Stop it!

I still rode my bike.

That day a few months back

seems so long ago now.

I'm sorry.
Please have my seat. Sorry.

When did Satake
start calling me Nomura?

He gave me my nickname.

He still uses it sometimes.

It's no wonder I get confused.

"Self-study. This time is
the crossroads of your exam fortunes."

Oh man, these are garbage.

Or maybe not!

Yay! Game over, suckers!

Hey Kanzaki! I'll win you
a meal coupon too.

Thanks, but I don't think I can eat.

I got bad cramps this month.


Took 'em. 100 years ago.

But it still hurts?

Like a bitch.

That's a bitch.

My period was late anyway,
so at least it came.

Forget it.

Hey, I used protection.

That's it?


Which is it?

Huh? Anyway Nomura,
could you massage my back?

A meal coupon per 10 minutes.

Okay okay!
Deal, deal!

So that's it.

They were doing it.


Diarrhea face!

I'm sorry.
Sorry, Butatchi.

For what?

I mean,
you'll get scabs again.

I wouldn't if you changed, Satake.

I wish I could change too.

So when will you?


That Satake.

I knew that day would come sometime,

but seeing it would hurt like a bitch.

Hey! That hurts!

Sorry! Enough with the heys.

Gimme one.


Then gimme two.

Why should I?

Forgot your eternal debt?

The past isn't eternal.



Chosen a university?

I will tomorrow.

You'll say the same
the day after that!

You were so cool, Butatchi.

I forgot all that already.

First, there's the pattern in which
a being verb comes before "there."

In this case,
something or someone is present.

That's what it means.

Here, the being verb is "was,"
so it's in the past tense.

Sir, can I use the bathroom?

So, how you feeling?

Better than yesterday.

Glad to hear it.

Tell me a funny period story.

Nothing's funny about periods.

Listening to music?


"Not-So-Wonderful Days."

They did a song called that?

Satake sang it the first time
I went to karaoke with you two.

We didn't go together. He was there
with his high school buddies.

After mid-year exams.

Did I mess up then?


Suggesting we go to karaoke.

I wanted to go.
So it didn't matter.

Honestly, I don't care
about anyone else.

We all split up in spring.

We're not teens for long anyway.

But you...

Anna Nomura is in a class of her own.

What do you mean?

Friendship, and...


I made you take the bus.

I wanted to anyway.

But there was a reason why.

Anyway, I hate that
I won't hear your voice anymore.

This gravelly voice?

It's awesome.

So what?

So you...

You and Satake...


You shouldn't say any more.

That's not fair.

It's so not fair.


Don't you mean "sorry"?

I mean it. Thanks.

I wish you were a bitch, Kanzaki!

I am a bitch!

This hurts like a bitch.

That's a bitch.

Hey... isn't that my line?

I wanted to say it.

Calm down. Calm down.

Calm down.

After all this time,
you make that face?

I'm thinking about university.

Oh. Did you decide?

Did you?

I'm asking.

You'll go where Kanzaki goes?

Well, I'll probably go that way.
If I can get good grades.

What's your way?

Stop saying "way."
I might draw lots.

You're as random as Pee-wee Herman.

Hey, his randomness is
totally thought out.

Get that straight.

You get it straight.

Shut up, crybaby.

I miss the old Butatchi.

Shut up, ass-flasher.

Hey, tone it down.

Want some?

I guess.

You get none!
Buy your own.


Want me to come?


So much for being kind.

Buy a new bike!
Your stolen one's not coming back.


See ya 'round.


Let's play tag again!

I'll chase you, okay?

No way, dumbass!

Come on!

No way.

Yes way?

Man, I'm beat.

Can't keep up, Nomura?

Shut up.

You're slow!

Give me... a chance!

You used to be faster!

Don't you know this is sexist?

Riding the bus made you weak.

Catch me!




You gotta be kidding me! Hey!

You know that song?
Misaki did the vocals for it.

Let's open with it.

Misaki won't like that one bit.

We shouldn't surprise him.

He's never played his songs before.

Why not?

Maybe because it hurts to remember.


Is me being on time such a big deal?

For week two, we have a letter
from Nobody in Kawasaki.

Its title: "my sweet cactus."

"my sweet cactus"

Yeah, 'morning.

Good morning.

Hey new boy.

You've been here half a year,
but you come late?

I'm so sorry!

And you're loud...

Jab, jab, jab, jab.

Why are her words always so barbed?


Got a second?

I've worked at this ad agency
for six months.

That woman keeps stinging me
with her words.

Saki Imai, 31.
Quick-witted, and efficient.

Snap out of it.

We're going.


And then there's me.

I hate to admit it...

Even so, yesterday,

I rubbed one out thinking of her.

Put your necktie on first.


What were you expecting?

You looked at me blankly.
Hiding something?

Plus, she's perceptive.

Hiding something?
You bet your ass!

But I can't tell her
she's the reason I was late.

Aw, crap!



You yell about nothing?

I'm sorry.


What a bitch!
She's a bitch, and yet...

Men are pathetic creatures.

Good to see you.

What is it?

I'm sorry.
The brochures...

What? You forgot the brochures?

Listen up. You've got no right
to wallow in self-pity.

If you've got time for that,
work on improving yourself!


When will you bloom?

What are you doing?

Huh? My cactuses.

I revived a dying cactus once
that someone had brought in.

Then more people started sneakily
leaving their ailing cactuses here.

It's surprising how many people
have cactuses.

If you can't care for it,
don't buy it.

Before I knew it, I ended up
as the office cactus keeper.

I never noticed
there were cactuses here.

You're too blinkered
to notice much at all.

Oh, someone left this one here
when you joined the company.

It was 80% near death.

The poor thing.

It struggled hard,
but was ignored.

Now it's budding,

and hanging in there.

Okay! I'm calling it "Nobody,"
and making it your rival.

Will it blossom first,
or will you show progress first?

Don't get left behind!

They said they're going with
D.U. Create instead.

I should have checked myself.
I'm terribly sorry.


If he's dragging you down,
shall I replace him?

It was such an elementary mistake.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Training him is my responsibility.


Just make sure you don't
blow your big break.

I'm trusting you.

Hey Nobody.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

What's come over you?

Ms. Imai?

You're still here?

I can't go home...
if you're still here.

This isn't beer...

Oh, sorry.

I'm kidding.

It suddenly lost its spirit.

Hang in there.

Make sure you blossom.


I wasn't talking to you!

Oh, sorry!

At that moment,

I realized I wanted to see her smile.

Have some coffee.


Hey, is it true you majored
in urban engineering?

Er, yes, I did...

Want to do a competitive presentation
for Mizusawa Home?

Yes, I'd like to.

It's a big account.


Work hard.

I think I worked harder
than I ever did before.

I gave it my absolute all.


It has a futuristic concept

as an innovative multipurpose facility

where local resources, exciting
content, and value are rediscovered.

As our brochure shows...


Congratulations. You won.

We did it!

We did it!

Well done, Kinoshita.
No more screw-ups, okay?

Thank you!

Congratulations! We did it.

Imai, about that thing...



What's going on?

It seems like you can
handle things now, so I'm...

...going to New York.

It's finally on?

New York?! Congratulations!

Imai! Congratulations!

You prepared this?

Thank you!

Everyone knew?

You were too blinkered to notice.

Working hard, huh?

It was decided a while ago.

But you took time to
settle into your job, so...

What? You're not going to
congratulate me?

It's a promotion.

It's an American-style farewell.

I wanted to watch over you more.

Now it's your chance to shine...

Oh come on.

Be a man.

Okay, I'm going.

My heart was stinging again.


What are you doing?

I went walking and ended up drinking.

Your wife'll worry...

She's long gone,
and I live alone.

So I'm enjoying my freedom.

I don't envy your lifestyle at all.

Thanks to you passing by,
I won't be late for work now.

Do you always rely on luck?

My luck left me a long time ago.

Wait a minute.

Does meeting you here like this
mean you're...

I'm not your lady luck.

What if I was a little younger,

and a popular singer?

You don't have to be young,
or popular. You're fine as you are.

You mean that?

Of course I mean it.

But don't get me wrong.

Come on, you'll be late!

For week three, a letter
from Fumi in Fujisawa.

Its title:
"Something Blue."

It refers to a western custom.

Brides wear something old,
something new,

something borrowed,
and something blue, for good luck.

"Something Blue" represents
one such item.

"Something Blue"

"To Nozomi"

"Dear Nozomi.

"I'm sorry for suddenly
talking to you in sign language.

"I'm sorry I didn't know
you couldn't understand it.

"Even so, I want you
to understand this.

"You're a very special client to me.

"Actually, until recently,
I felt like I was going nowhere.

"I became a stylist,
and opened my own salon,

"which should have felt
like my dream came true.

"But to be honest, a lot went wrong,
and I couldn't handle it.

"Then you came into my salon.

"Your smile made me realize.

"I needed to remember
what's most important.

"First, I had to value my clients.

"The more I did,
the more things improved,

"and now both my staff
and my clients smile.

"You made that happen, Nozomi.
I'm deeply grateful to you.

"That's why you're special to me.

"Please come and let me
cut your hair again sometime.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.
From Shinichi Nagase."

Isn't that wonderful?

I've lost...

...my hearing,

so will people still

want me around?

"I'm sorry for the other day."

"Thank you for coming."

"Are you free tomorrow?"

"That was your girlfriend?"

"We're getting married in September."

"Please stop by for a haircut soon."

I know it's hard for you now,

but I think you'll
come to regret it later.

Why don't you tell him

that you're happy for him?

Mr. Nagase

will be doing your hair and makeup.


I can do sign language now.

Do you remember it?

I'm glad

I could see you again.

Have you been happy?

I'm happy.

I'm happy for you!


Isn't it bad if the director's late?

Why are you here already?

He's mended his ways.
He said this show's his identity now.

That's right.

I was given this radio show gig.

I ain't losing it for being late.

Plus, Kitani's got the hots for me.

Huh?! When did I ever say that?

You said so.

I never did!
What's wrong with your ears?

Nothing's wrong with them.

Gimme the script.

For week four, a letter
from Seo-yeon in Yokohama.

Its title:
"One-sided love spiral."

In this country,
if you dress like a man,

nobody glares at you,
or makes fun of you.

"One-sided love spiral"

To go where people
mind their own business,

I studied Japanese furiously.

Eventually, I became
an exchange student.

But I wanted to save on rent.

The looks I got at this guesthouse
were the same

as the ones I got in South Korea.

No smoking here.


Come, come!

You can smoke out here.

This might be a good time
for me to quit.

You're Kim, right?

Your Japanese is really good!

Call me Seo-yeon.

I canceled the hotel I'd booked,

and drank with Yuki all night.

Catch you later.

Good night!

Ray fin?

- Stingray fin.
- Stingray fin?

I decided to start life
as an exchange student here.

Yo, Seo-yeon.

Yo, Hajime.


Making fun of me?

We're going drinking.
Want to come?

He's just a rich know-nothing,
so don't let him bug you.

Don't make fun of her.

That's the way, Hajime.

A man's gotta sacrifice.

You just made that up.

Seo-yeon! I'm not drinking
with that guy!

- "That guy"?
- Literature's literature!

Tasty stingray fin.

It was tasty?
Stingray fin!

You drank too much.




Hey Seo-yeon!

Does Hajime have a girlfriend?

I bet he does.


What do you think of Yuki?

What do I think?

I mean, do you think
she's average? Cute?

Well, she's cute, I guess.

She's surprisingly cute
without her glasses.

Would you mind
going on a date with her?


It'd be her first date,
so make it a good memory.

That'd be enough.

This is enough.

Even if I go against my own feelings,

it's still my life.

That's what I told myself,
time and time again.

No way.
It's too sudden!


I mean...
Where do I walk, and how?

A step back on the right? Left?

Just walk beside him.

After you.

A gentleman will walk
next to the road,

between traffic and the woman.

I think Hajime will be alright.

Should I kinda...
hold his hand?

Eat together,
and talk about whatever.

You both like novels,
so just speak your mind.

Walk side-by-side again, and if he
offers his hand, hold it.

A first date's too soon
for a kiss, right?

You don't have to
tell each other how you feel.

But if you feel like it,
it'll happen naturally.

I feel at ease with you, but...

It won't be easy,
but I'll try!

Thanks, Seo-yeon.

Hey Yuki, you're early.

What's wrong, Yuki?

What happened?

Nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

I mean, I had no idea that
meeting him with you and on my own

would be so different.

It's over already.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't lead her on.

You wanted me to do it for her, right?

I wish you'd thought of me
a little too.

I did it for you.

I did it for you,

Let it go.

It's not worth it.

You're a chick?

Goddamn freak.


What's wrong?

What happened?

Does it hurt?

I'm okay.