Kat and the Band (2019) - full transcript

Seventeen year old, music obsessed school girl Kat Malone tricks her way into managing struggling band Dollar Days, pretending to be a band manager in her twenties.

[upbeat rock music]

♪ Yes I know I
should not do this ♪

♪ Wonder why my
heart's so foolish ♪

♪ It's my weakness ♪

♪ But temptation has led
me to the situation ♪

What time are they on?


Like seriously, so you have
the money to get us in?



♪ It's just one I'm
good at choosing ♪

♪ The suspicion
around me is growing ♪

♪ There's only one
way this is going ♪

♪ To end ♪



[upbeat drumming]

What's your number?


What's your number?

Oh, it's um...

He's really good.

I've listened to
them on the YouTube,

they're gonna be great.



As always.

♪ My way to higher ground ♪

♪ Be safe and sound ♪

♪ Away, away, away, away ♪

Kat Malone, Jane Berriman,

Power Chords Music Management.

We're on the list.


Not on the list.

You're incompetent.

You call yourself a
PA, and you can't even

remember to phone and
get my name on the list?


You heard me, you skinny-legged,

burger-brain reject.

You're fired.


[Kat] Don't even bother
coming into work tomorrow.

What's your boss' name?

Kat Malone.

Miss Malone?

Found your name.

Kat Malone plus one.

My mistake.

You need to find a new job.

I know.

I get it, my eyes are
big, but Google-eyed?

Is that a thing?

Do your eyes really go big
if you Google too much?



Oh, yeah.

Sick dick.

♪ Someone like you ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

If I ever dance like
that, just put me down.


♪ Oh, oh oh ♪

♪ See you soon ♪

♪ And over my way ♪

[upbeat rock music]

What should we get to drink?

Vodka cranberry or, I know,
let's get Taipei bombs.

[Kat] No, Jane.

[crowd chattering]

[crowd cheering and shouting]

They're on.

[upbeat rock music]

The Risk Factor, you like?

Yeah, yeah, what's not to like?

That is if you like a
band that tick every box

in the desperate need to
appeal to all demographics.

So not so much?


Go on.

♪ Don't think I
won't walk away ♪

♪ Don't think that
everything's okay ♪

♪ Don't think I
won't start again ♪

[upbeat rock music]

Hi, um, one Taipei bomb
and one vodka lemonade.

That's 13 pounds, 50.

Yeah, I'm a guest of Dollar
Days, so if you could

just put it on their tab
and make it a double?

All right.

I was invited over by
the band's management,

which between you and
me are incompetent.

I mean, why play this gig
if you're not headlining?

Zero point.

I have no idea what their
manager was thinking.

Let me help you.


Thank you.

I'm Kat Malone, music scout.

I loved your set,
why don't you and I

grab a seat and talk management?

We've got a manager.

Who, who's your manager?


Right, I am, I'm so
sorry about the drinks,

my bad, I'll pay you back.

What's your number?

No need.

There is, I loved your songs,

and I really think...

Look, just don't
go stealing drinks

off musicians, all right?

There's enough people
in this business

trying to rip you
off, it's tough.

That's because you're
playing the wrong places.

Your bass is too dominant.

Your social media
is social suicide,

and your set list, confused.

Anything else?

Yes, you have a
sound that's so raw.

It's so heartfelt and...

[Brian] You ready to go, mate?


Who's she?

No one, let's go.

Wait, but no, I have more ideas.

Wait, no, I really
think we should chat.

Alex, Alex?

[crowd cheering and shout]

Don't you just wanna
squeeze him like a,

like a cuddly koala?

So much?

I'd also like to
break his vocal cords

so I never have to hear
his whining songs again.


Alex, hey, Alex, I
just want to, aw, shit.




We're left with the Ab Zombie.

Musically dead, but
those are some abs.

You are such a
little horn chick.

Yeah, and?

You'd think he'd have a
party to go to or something.


Yeah, you would.

Shall we get the night bus?


Don't say anything, Kat!

Hi, um,

my friend over there,
she thinks you're fit.

But, she's super shy.

[Marcus] Yeah, she's super cute.

So, basically she just
needs a few drinks

and then she relaxes
and will talk and stuff.

To you.



Is there an afterparty we
should know about, or something?

Let me take your number,
and I'll text you.

What did you say?


He just randomly
gave me the address

to a very cool afterparty.


And we're going.

No, seriously,
Kat, tomorrow is...

Another boring day, like
every other boring day.

Tonight, it begins.

The future, Dollar Days,
they need our help.

It's what we've always talked
about doing, since forever.

I'm sorry, I can't.

He likes you.

He'll be at the party.

He's fit, you said he was.

I suppose, for a short while.

[upbeat rock music]

Just pretend you belong.

[upbeat rock music]

[guests chattering]

Use your gifts.


Thank you.

[upbeat rock music]

Excuse me.

Mm, yeah, yeah, I know.

I know, right?

Yeah, totally.

I love Matthew McConaughey too.

Hey, happy you're happy,
that's what I'm good at.

Speak later.

Oh, hi.

You get around.


Oh right, yeah, the
free drinks, yeah.

[chuckles] Yeah, very
funny, you're funny.


It's a shame you
don't show that side

of your personality onstage.


Oh, I'm just saying you could
show a bit more personality,

a sense of humor
when performing.

I totally have a sense of humor.

I know, I just told you that.

No, I just told you that.


Look, what it is that you want?

I don't want anything.

Well then you're clearly
not a manager, are you?

I mean, you all want something.

Whether it's an extra cut,
push us in a direction

that we don't
actually wanna go in,

dilute the music,
steal the girlfriend.


I do not want to
steal your girlfriend.

That's good to know.

I'm glad you don't wanna
sell out, because I'm only

interested in managing
authentic artists.

Kat Malone, ha ha.

Good luck, because
she's the shit [laughs].

[Woman] Kat.

You're in demand.

I know a lot of people.

[Alex] He'll cool
down by tomorrow.

That's if he makes
it to rehearsal.

I'll get a drink then.

How about I come along?

I'd love to hear
more of your songs,

and then we can
take it from there.

Just give me your number,
and I'll text you.

[upbeat rock music]


Jane, let's go.

Can you play me...

It's not up to me, babe.

I don't play the songs.

This one plays me.


Was this is a dream?

No, the dream is just beginning.

[upbeat rock music]


[upbeat rock music]

Pulled an all-nighter [laughs].

[upbeat rock music
and vocalizing]

Got dressed in
the dark, did you?

I would, with a face like that.

Sure scared of catching
yourself in the mirror,

aren't you, Kat?

Frog Face.

[throat clearing]

[speaking foreign language]

[phone ringing]

[Kat] Yeah?

Hi, Kat, it's Alex.

Alex from the band.

Yes, yes, how are you?

[Alex] Good.

I've been thinking about
what we talked about,

you coming down to rehearsal.

Kat Malone!

Alex, I've got a situation
here, crazy client.

Can we talk later?

Yeah, sure, all right.

[phone beeping]

Mr. Cato?

You know the rules.

You can pick this up
at the end of the day.

I do know the rules,
sir, and you know,

in the all years
I've stared at you,

bored out of my
brains in music class,

I have never seen you in
such a remarkably well fitted

or well coordinated outfit
as you're wearing today.

It was supposed to be a secret.

What was?

The music concert that
I'm organizing, right now.

There's so much to be done.

It's for exam results day.

I thought it would be
empowering to celebrate

such a momentous day with the
ancient tradition of music,

which historically has been used

in various rights-of-passage

What do you want out
of this school, Kat?

I mean, you're obviously
bright, you're talented,

you can talk the
hind legs off a...


I think it's a monkey.

Or is it a donkey?

But when it comes to
focus, you don't have it.

You're all over the place.

I'm focused.

I'm focused right
now on this concert.

I am, Joy, Rose,

you're performing in my
exam results concert, right?



Not in the corridors, okay?


And you still get
a yellow warning.

I'll be emailing your mother.

♪ Praying hand,
open hearts, yeah ♪

♪ Reaching up to the stars ♪

♪ Will we stand or fall apart? ♪

♪ Beneath our skin
full of scars ♪

♪ We're all the same ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Two sides, one game ♪

♪ It's not musical chairs ♪

♪ With one world to share ♪

♪ Another time, maybe I'd ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Find myself in your shoes ♪

Gran, I'm home.

♪ Praying hands, open hearts ♪

I just don't get it.

Why do I need to sit exams?

I don't even want to go to uni.

Organelles and cell
theory is not exactly

everyday conversation
in the music industry.

Have you got cystitis?


There's nothing
to be ashamed of.

I know, and if I had
it then I wouldn't be.

But, I don't.

I had terrible
cystitis in the '60s,

all those tight-fitting
hot pants.

I just like the taste.

There was no
circulation down there.

It's really fruity.

I started to wear
skirts commando style.

It sorted it.

I bet Bowie never had a yellow
warning ruining his life.

See this?

This is your yellow warning.


Gone, no longer exists.

That's how Bowie would
have dealt with it.

He chose his own reality,
his own fluid identity.

You need to do the same.

Don't let other people's sense
of reality dictate yours.

In Kat's dictionary
of life, it's only you

who can write its definition.

Gran, I swear I'm not gonna
let anyone stop me from...

Kat, get up here now!

No, I don't think you
do understand, Kat,

because if you did,
you wouldn't behave

in such a cavalier fashion.

A yellow warning, that,

that's only three steps
away from suspension.

That's the dream.

Oh, it's not funny.

Oh, it's a little bit funny.

How was your Spanish oral?

[speaking foreign language]

You know I don't speak Spanish.

[speaking foreign language]

Do you understand why I
work my ass off to send you

to the best private
school I can afford?

Because when I went to school...

None of the teachers cared.

They didn't.

And we certainly weren't
taught extras like Spanish

or music or drama, because
what was the point?

We were only gonna
get knocked up

or work down the pound store.

You didn't get knocked up.

My point is, I knew that
I would prove them wrong

and make something of life.

Living the dream.

All I'm asking of you, Kat,

is to take these
exams seriously.

They're going to be used
as your predictive grades,

so if you don't, you have
no chance of an offer

from any decent university.

But that's not
really what I want.

This is New York, sh.

Hello, Liz Malone speaking.

Hello, Liz Malone speaking.

Hi, Brigitte, how are you?

Hi, Brigitte, how are you?

Hasn't the fashion buyer
got back to us yet?

[light upbeat music]


I'm off to revise with Jane.

Oh good, send her my love.

And call me if you're
going to be late.

Do you think a regular
residency at a single venue

would achieve
better momentum than

scattered gigs across town?

I think

the aorta carries oxygenated
blood away from the heart

to the body tissues and
the pulmonary artery

carries blood to
the lungs to pick up

a fresh supply of oxygen.

I don't know, do you
have to decide now?

I'm meeting them tonight.

Tonight? How are
you going to revise?

I'm not.

You have to.

I don't care about exams.

For real?

Yeah, for real.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime

I can't mess it up,
this is our future.

I need to have a plan in
place to convince Alex

that I can push the band
past that sticky first base.

I have the answer.

This, is a sure thing.

It'll definitely get
you past first base,

banging to all that stickiness.

Firstly, you're gross.

And secondly, my interest in
Alex is purely professional.

Good, don't ever make my mistake

of following your heart
instead of your head.

Look what it got me.


With us?

It was summer 1978.

Eucalyptus blossoms stung your
nostrils like hungry bees.

Casablanca was a dust bowl.

You could hardly
move for the heat.

But the earth moved when
I saw her, this girl.

Long, yellow dress.

Hair shining as
intensely as the sun.

Lips like,

ah, well, that was it.

She was on her way to London.

I was on my way to
heartbreak hell, via Gatwick.

And what did I end up with?

Not the girl.

Not the sunshine.

A kabob plan.



[phone ringing]

KLT Management, Kat speaking.

Hey, Kat, this is Alex.

Alex, hi, sorry I didn't
get back to you earlier.

Hectic day in the office.

That's okay, I know you're busy.

Look, I wanted to
cancel you coming down

to rehearsal tonight.


There's no point.


Our drummer's just walked out

and joined our
ex-manager's new band.

Anyway, best of luck
with everything and...

Hang on.

I might be able to help.

I know this amazing drummer.

[Alex] That's okay,
we'll advertise.

Yes, you should.

But why don't you
listen to him first?


Okay, bring him down.

We'll be there from seven.



See ya.

A drummer?

[upbeat rock music]


That's a real band.

[upbeat rock music]

[Kat] Hey, that sounded great.

Oh, Brian, this is Kat.

[Kat] Malone.

She brought the drummer.



Nice riff, Brian.

Yeah, I think it brings the
chorus back from being too...

Early '80s synth pop?



Is something funny?

No, he's just

happy to be here.

So where have you played?


Oh, the academy?

The Tube station.

Sorry, I have a
small window here.

Can we get on with the playing?

Sid, just come in
when you can, yeah?

[Sid] Yeah.

[upbeat rock music]

- That's nice work.
- Thanks, man.

So, what you reckon?

Do you mind if we take a minute?

[Sid] Sure.

He's the real thing.

And a sweet guy.

I think we should try him
out for a couple of weeks.


Cool, well, thanks for coming.

I think now would be the
perfect time to talk management.

I have a vision
for you, your band,

and I've written some stuff up.

Number one, you need
a regular residency.

This builds up a
fan base who become

familiar with your songs.

Number two.

It's here, all in here.

Touring is key, I would
contact the right promoters

to get you booked into
the most credible venues,

building momentum so that
when we come back to London

we can book a really great gig.

Cool, yeah, I mean, the
Stones were all about touring.

And Janis Joplin,
have you ever seen

her performance at Woodstock?

Yeah, it's so
personal it feels like

you shouldn't actually
be listening to it.

Yeah, I know, right?

That's how it should be.

That's why I got into
this in the first place.

People who love music sharing
their music, why else do it?

It's like, it's like you
always remember where you were

when you first heard
a really great song.

And who you were with.

Anyway, Sid's great.

How about you give me
an eight-week trial?

See what I can deliver?

Look, managers...

Six weeks.

Come on, what have
you got to lose?

♪ Praying hands, open hearts ♪

Yeah, yeah.

Ooh, no, they won't
do an early-week slot.

We're looking for
Thursday onwards.

I've got another call
coming in, I will,

take another look at the
link, and we'll speak later.

♪ Beneath our skin
full of scars ♪

♪ We're all the same ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Two sides, one game ♪

♪ It's not musical chairs ♪

♪ There's one world to share ♪

Yeah, I sent you
a link last week,

and I knew immediately
that they would be

really up your stream.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Praying hands, open hearts ♪

You have to hear this.

It's Alex's song.

Who is that?

Who's it belong to?


He's actually nice.

He's an arrogant, tiny wet wipe.

Give it a break.

[soft music]

They're really good.

[dog barking]

[knocking on door]


Yes, so much to do.

Finally, that's what I've
been trying to tell you

for the last eight weeks.

Well you've hardly been around
for the last eight weeks.

I might not be
here, but I'm across

everything you're up to.

You don't know anything.

What I do know is Mr. Cato's
holding afterschool revision

on Thursday, and
I've signed you up.

Without even asking me?

I'm not going.

You will go, and I
will check up on you.

I've got work to do.


[phone ringing]

[students chattering]

Kat Malone speaking.

[Ted] Hi, this is Ted
Bromwell from the Tumbledown.

We spoke the other day.

[upbeat rock music
and vocalizing]

Miss Malone!

[upbeat rock music
and vocalizing]

♪ Are you ready to start,
are you ready to go? ♪

♪ Could you blow the
whistle loud enough ♪

♪ To wake up the
world, hey hey ♪

♪ Seize a brand new
opportunity, hey, hey ♪

♪ Don't forget to leave
some room for me ♪

♪ Are you ready to glisten,
are you ready to roll? ♪

[Kat] I'm giving you
a new favorite band.

♪ Here's a voice that
needs some harmony ♪

♪ Here's a voice
who wants to say ♪

♪ Listen to me ♪


It'll be awesome,
it'll be awesome, come.

[upbeat rock music
and vocalizing]

♪ Are you ready to sing,
are you ready to shout? ♪

♪ Could you spare
a little secret? ♪

♪ Could you let it
all out, hey hey ♪

♪ I know there's something you
could share with me, hey hey ♪

♪ Something worth repeating
all your sins tonight ♪

♪ It could ease your mind ♪

♪ You'll find a lighter chest
can breathe more easily ♪

♪ Hey, hey, and now I
wanna hear you say ♪

♪ Listen to me ♪

[upbeat rock music
and vocalizing]

♪ Listen to me ♪

[upbeat rock music
and vocalizing]

Where's your manager?

She'll be here.

We haven't been this busy in
a while, how'd you meet her?

Look at that.

It was actually more
of a collision really.

Whatever happened, I think
you made a good decision.

She's done a great job.

Sorry I'm late.

I got tied up in the office.

Any problems?

No, I think you've gotta
start turning people away.

It's great.

[water flowing]

[crowd chattering]

What's going on?

He's ID'ing.

But you've got fake ID, right?

Duh, this says I'm 18.

This is a 21 venue.


All the same old
stories, kids, eh?

[Group] What do we
want? Chocolate Bombs.

When do we want it? Now.

What do we want?
Chocolate Bombs.

When do we want it? Now.

What do we want?
Chocolate Bombs.

When do we want it? Now.

What do we want?
Chocolate Bombs.

When do we want it? Now.

Okay, we're closing the doors.

Well, can we not
just discuss this?


We got a license to protect,
I need you guys gone.



Let's think solutions.

[phone ringing]

[crowd chanting]


Kat Malone speaking.

Are you taking a piss?


Good, so I spoke to Mr. Cato.

How'd you find revision club?

It was an inspiring experience.

Good, and are you going to
revise with Jane now then, or?

Yeah, yes, yup.

[Liz] Good, and what time
do you think you'll be back?

[Kat] 2200 hours?

Oh no no, that's too late,

I want you back at 9:30, latest.

That, that, that
could work as well.

All right, see you later.

Great, look forward to it.

Work, so busy.

You're in luck.

You got the night off.

No I don't.

Is that it?


Is that the sole sum of your
problem-solving strategies?

It's pathetic.

I did warn you, mate.

Come on, man, this
is one mistake.

I've made some, so have you.

Yeah, by hiring greedy,
cheating managers.

She's not the same.


So what do we do now then, huh?

Just pack up and go?

Yeah, I suppose.

I have always wanted to
play the Tumbledown, though.

Do you remember at
school coming in here?

And you trying to
convince the manager

to hear us play at
morning assembly?


All our favorite bands
have played here.


[upbeat music]

It's, it's, it's so cheesy.

Oh come on, you owe me.

♪ From all the books I've read ♪

♪ How to start a revolution ♪

♪ At the bottom of
the garden shed ♪

What did Brian mean,
cheating managers?

Get out!

Next time an audience, yeah?

[upbeat music]

♪ Crying in silence ♪

♪ Living in pain ♪

♪ Dreading the mornings ♪

♪ All I've done was in vain ♪

♪ More disappointment than
I could ever explain ♪

♪ I have not shed tears yet ♪

♪ But they are on their way ♪

♪ I should leave
these stars behind ♪

♪ I just need a little time ♪

♪ Because you hurt me so ♪

♪ By giving me hope ♪

♪ And then letting me down ♪

♪ Now I'm better whilst
you're not around ♪

♪ Whilst you're not around ♪

Hi, my name's Kat
Malone, I manage...

I sent you an email yesterday.

I manage Dollar Days.

Any day of the week
would be great.

They have a strong
following, and...

Please, Kat.

Keep it down or
just not be here?

Not be here?

This is my cafe.

Since when?

Well, I found it.

Faz, is this her cafe?

Just chill, it's just school.

As opposed to?

My career.

Get real.

It is real.

It's more real than
you're pathetic life.

Oh, Marcus, oh he
sent me a text.

Oh he's so exciting
I'm gonna pee my pants.

You should listen to yourself.

I should, it's
better than listening

to your endless
Marcus, oh Marcus.

You're jealous.


In Casablanca Cave, there
is no shouting, no conflict.

There's coffee, tea, a
selection of pastries.

Conversation of the
most philosophical

and congenial variety.

And, music.

You have a music license?

Of course.

[gentle music]

♪ Praying hands,
open hearts, yeah ♪

♪ Reaching out to the stars ♪

You've done an amazing
job with the decorations.


Faz wants you.


[Faz] Kat, this is
Herbie, my cousin.

Hi, nice to meet you.

So you're the
manager of the band?

Yeah, that's me.

They're great.

I have this place,
food, drinks, music.

I'd love them to play.

It's the Number One
venue in Snowshill.

Is that on the Tube.

The Cotswolds, very pretty.



What do you think?

[gentle music]

I think we're kind of busy
with London gigs at the moment,

but, but it does
sound interesting.

How about we exchange details?

♪ Find myself in your shoes ♪

♪ The subtleties of geography ♪

[Kat] Check this out,
the Casablanca gig

just hit 6,000 views.

["Musical Chairs" playing]

I look pretty good.

You look fantastic.

["Musical Chairs" playing]

Oh, that's it then.

Have you seen the
Instagram likes?

That's going crazy.

And the next gig,
how's that going?

Yeah, I'm talking
to some venues.

Good, that's we're
all about, live gigs.

Always have been.

There is this one venue.

It's cool, but it's
in the Cotswolds,

and my bands normally only play

it as part of a
west country tour.


What did you think?

Well we did talk about
touring last summer.



I could do with some
spiritual reenergizing.

We could play at Stonehenge.

I, I don't think that's a venue.

Yeah, we could meet
our virtual fans.

Like the spirits and the ghosts.

I think it's a great idea.

Reach out to a fan
base outside of London.

Yeah, if we have one.


All right, let's do it.


Do you think that Bowie ever
just wanted to not put on

the warpaint and
disappear under a duvet?

If he was human.

I've read a very convincing
theory that he wasn't.


Oh, what's the
matter, Kitty Kat?



Jane, she's behaving
so weird lately.

I mean, just because you
fancy a boy doesn't mean

you have to change your
entire personality.

I mean, she loves the
Slits as much as I do.

Don't worry, you girls
will be friends for life.

Boys come and go.

But, always, Jane
will be there for you.

How's it going with the band?


Have you slept with
any of them yet?


Free love is a beautiful thing.

The band want to go on tour.

And, well, I don't
know how I can do that.

What's stopping you?

Going away, booking
gigs, school, mum, it's


Isn't it your dream?

Then you don't have a choice.

[door opening]

Ugh, there's not
nothing in here.

There's yogurt, Parma ham.

There's coriander hummus.

Ugh, who likes that?

Most people.

But I'm not most people!

I'm an individual, why doesn't
anyone understand that?

I have my own ideas and
thoughts and dreams,

and funny enough, they
don't involve listening

to talent show bands or sleeping
with members of the band

or eating coriander hummus.


that's fine, I'm not telling
you to do any of those things.

You're always telling
me what to do.

I'm asking you to
focus on your exams.

So important for you.

No, it's important for you!

I couldn't give a shit.

You want me to do well
so you can show me off,

Kat Malone, best in
show, why don't you just

put me on a leash
and be done with it?

And then you can
swan around at work

and tell anyone what an
amazing mother you are,

well, you're not.

[birds chirping]

If you're serious
about these ideas,

then let's do
something about it.

Bullet point it, figure out
how you're going to achieve it.

You don't understand.

I do.

Think about it.

Do you want me to look
over them in the morning?

[upbeat music and clapping]


Some work problems.

She had to catch an
early flight to New York.

She'll be a few weeks.

She didn't want to
wake you, darling.

[upbeat music]

We're going on tour.

I'm taking the
band on tour, Gran.

Adios, exams, two whole
weeks away from this dump!

Far away.

It's all set, we're
leaving on Sunday.

It will be amazing.

You don't mind sharing
a room, do you?

Save a bit of money.

Do you believe it, we're
taking a band on tour?

I can't go.

Why not?

I've made other plans.

Like what?

See you tonight, and make
sure you bring Marcus.

[girls chattering]

I just want to spend
some time with him.

But he's,

he's everything
we've always hated.

He's an Ab Zombie.

He's successful!

Look, we had a lot of fun,

but it was always just a dream.

We can't really do
it, not for real.

We can.

If you get caught out,
it'll be a disaster.

It won't, you and Marcus,
that's the disaster.

Thanks for your support.

You are not supporting me.

Not everything
always is about you.

Or Dollar Days or Alex.

I have a life, and I'm fed
with having to constantly

pretend to be someone I'm not!

I'm okay with being me!

Oh, table for one, is it?


♪ Let me ask you
simple questions ♪

♪ About something that
you thought you knew ♪

♪ You're self-righteous,
all knowing ♪

♪ You think you get
away with what you do ♪

♪ I can see straight,
straight through you ♪

♪ And you know I don't
like what I see ♪

♪ All those cobwebs
that you're hiding ♪

♪ You can't hide them
for long from me ♪

♪ Because I'll
clean up your act ♪

♪ And you'll have nothing left ♪

♪ None of your so-called friends
will wanna see you again ♪

♪ You lie and cheat
your way to the top ♪

♪ But the truth comes
out in the end ♪

♪ In case you forgot ♪

The van is 60 pounds a day?

Okay, thanks, I'll
get back to you.

You're not celebrating
the end of exams?

Everyone's celebrating.

With their family,
with their friends.

Not me.


You know I've phoned
22 places already?

22, and I still can't find
a van cheap enough so that

I could take the band on a tour

that I somehow
stupidly suggested.

Why didn't you say?

Before Casablanca Cave,
there was Fast Faz.

Borrow it.

She still goes, I use her
for the cash and carry

every other Thursday.

Fast Faz.

Snazzy alliteration.

Thank you.

If anyone can pull this off.

Tada! Da da da!


Doesn't really go
with our image.


Come on, you're driving.

Oh, I can't drive.

I mean, I have too many
points on my license to drive.


I'll drive.

So apart from Herbie's,
where else you got lined up?

I'm lining up a few options.

You know where I'd love to play?

The Georgian Dragon.

The Mall Halls broke
out from there,

full of record-label rights.

Yeah, that's a great idea.

Have you spoken to Ed Moore?

Yeah, of course,
I'm working on it.

[Brian] Nah, I think
someone's fudging the truth.

Fast Faz?

Yeah, put your foot in it.

Mate, this is it.



Fantastic, I was
worried you weren't

going to make it on time.

You weren't the only one.

Hi, Herbie, remember
me, I'm Kat Malone.

I'll be dealing with all
matters professional.

Great directions,
where are we playing?

[owl hooting]

[people chattering]

No, I don't work
with that promoter,

but if you check them out
on YouTube, then you'll see.

Okay, I understand.

Do you never stop?

Uh, no.


You gonna introduce us?


Yeah, come on, we're on.

[people chattering]

Hi, everyone, it's great
to be here tonight in?



Please, can you give a warm
welcome to, Dollar Days.

[crowd cheering and applauding]

[upbeat rock music]

This is going to be great.

It's beautiful, Herbie,
it's gonna be brilliant.


[upbeat rock music]

♪ When I was 12, I thought
I'd be king of the world ♪

Whoo, go Dollar Days.

♪ I, I, I ♪

♪ But then one day
I closed my eyes ♪

♪ And found the world
we lived inside ♪

♪ I, I, I ♪

♪ I feel free ♪

♪ I've been amazed,
you'd be amazed ♪

♪ How deep it's
getting day by day ♪

♪ I, I, I ♪

♪ It never stops,
it never ends ♪

♪ But it's okay because
I've got friends ♪

♪ Why, I, I ♪

♪ I feel free ♪

♪ No walls around me ♪

♪ I feel free ♪

♪ I feel, I feel,
I feel, I feel ♪


[phone ringing]



Yes, speaking.

The 27th.

They're pretty busy, let me
just check their schedule.

You're in luck, they have
an opening that night.

Shall we talk terms?

I've booked your next gig.

Where we playing?

Brian, woman present.




Bloxham, we're playing
in Bloxham, Oxford.

At the Georgian Dragon?

At the Humming Hedgehog.

Can we get hotel rooms in
the next place, please?

Uh, I'll see what I can do.

So what's it like,
this Humming Hedgehog

Oh, full of industry types.

It's a seriously cool crowd.

[Man] Barry Manilow.

[Man] Neil Diamond.

Kat, they want us
to sing cover songs.

It's a request covers night.


Is there food after?


Come on, covers can be cool.

White Stripe's doing Dylan.

[Man] Neil Diamond!

Barry Manilow!

[Man] Dire Straits.

Look, this sort of thing,
it happens on tour.

Yeah, it does to us.

Okay, I admit it was
a badly drawn up...

Badly Drawn Boy!

Yeah, Badly Drawn Boy.

[crowd shouting]

Badly Drawn Boy?

A to B?

You take that first one.

[crowd shouting]

["A Journey from A to B"]

Yes, I need four rooms
for tonight please.

♪ I measure the distance
from heaven to hell ♪

540 pounds?

♪ Only time will tell ♪

I'll get back to you.

♪ Would you stop worrying ♪

♪ What anyone says, it
don't mean a thing ♪

♪ Just say you believe in it ♪

♪ But you're not
quite feeling it ♪

♪ Oh I feel tired of
all of these games ♪

♪ Everywhere everything
is the same ♪

♪ Tell me you promise
you might come with me ♪

♪ The start of a
journey from A to B ♪


[Man] Get off, get off
and never come back.

I promised you food, didn't I?

[traffic passing]

I am just going
to get some coins.

[phone ringing]


[Liz] Hello, can I
speak to Kat Malone?

You could.


Well, normally,
but she's not here.

And where is here?

Good question, I
think we're at...


He was a bit drunk.

Yeah, I knew it, you're
out drinking, aren't you?


Yes, I'm sorry, Mum.

I want you straight
home, check in on Gran

and then up to
bed and we'll talk

about this when I return.

She's not delivered.

We should fire her.

But maybe she's got something
amazing up her sleeve.

It's possible.

Why don't we just ask her?

See if she's got
anything else booked.

You're listening to him now?

He's been here,
what, five minutes?

We were doing fine as we were.


How about we just
give her another week?

Can't you just do something
productive with your holidays?

There's a short course
running at the tech.


No, listen, listen.

It's for young entrepreneurs.

I thought after our chat
it might be of interest.

You know, that does
sound quite interesting.

Well do you want me to book it?

I'll do it.

Do you have your
credit card details?

Of course, I'm glad
you're so keen.

I am.

It means everything to me.

It just needs powder.

Oh, and you should see
the hotel I've booked.

It looks awesome, I
want you guys to get

a good night's sleep,
busy days ahead.


Where are we being busy?

I've got some interesting
potential venues.

Like what?


That's great.

What is it?

The ultimate mass music event.

And it's being livestreamed.

Who's playing?

All the most credible
emerging artists.

It's a great showcase.



I know what I'm doing, guys.



He took our clothes.

I thought there was no
crime in the Cotswolds.

We can, we can buy new clothes.

[Alex] You can buy them.

That's what I mean.

I can buy new clothes.

In fact, before our next
gig, I wanted to talk

to you guys about
your style, as a band.

It's, it's, um.

You need a fresh look.

Trust me!

[upbeat music]

The Georgian Dragon.

I breathe it.

I become it.

[upbeat music]

Shall we start
unloading the van?

You done good.

♪ Oh oh, oh oh oh ♪

Can I help you?

I'm Kat Malone,
manager of the band.

Didn't expect you to turn up.

What's the problem?

The credit card details you
gave us for the deposit.


The bank's investigating.

It believes the card
has been cloned.

The owner, the real
owner, has been contacted.

[soft music]

First name George,
surname Andragon.

Because I am the
George and Dragon.

There's been a mixup.

We're not playing tonight.

A mixup?

But I checked their
webpage, we're playing.

We're not.

What kinda mixup, yours?

28th of October,
Dollar Days, canceled.

I'm sorry, guys, I'm so sorry.

We're still playing Scala.

Are we?


Don't bullshit, I
checked the website

and we're not even on it.

[soft music]


I put myself on
the line for you!

The guys, they trust me.

I'm trying to keep
this band together.

It's a huge responsibility.

I know.

Do you?

Brian wanted to fire you,

and it's me who pushed
for you to stay.

I believed in you.

Was that a mistake?

I, I don't know.

You have to know.

You need to really really
want this, it's hard.

That's why people
take the easy route

with the talent shows
and not playing live.

That's not who we are, is it?

I don't always know
exactly who I am.

You're our manager.

But managers who get too close
are managers who get fired.

What do you mean?

Our last manager, we
worked together, hung out,

we wanted the same things,
just a bit too much.

How can it be too much?

Surely that's a good thing.

Um, he wanted my
girlfriend, so he took her.

Now they're together.

Come on, let's get a drink.

I'll see if I can
buy you some time,

but they ain't happy.

You've gotta sort
something fast, all right?

[soft music]

Yeah, the response
has been solid.

The audiences love them.


[Kat] How's it
going with Marcus?

So good, they're playing
a gig at Scala tomorrow.


Yeah, the band are
playing a gig right now.


Yeah, sorry.

[glass breaking]

It's probably a bit noisy.

Shame you're not here.

I could have got
you in tomorrow.

Marcus always wants
me at his gigs.

Kat, I...

[Kat] Yes?

I'll see you back at school.

Yeah, see you then.

[soft music]


We need to talk.

Come on, get up.

Can you stop doing
whatever it is

you're doing for
like one minute?

You wanna fire me?

Get on with it, just fire me.


Why would I wanna do that?


I mean, I've made some pretty
dumb decisions in the past,

but even I wouldn't
fire the girl

whose relentless, headstrong,
unappreciated hard work

has just got our band
one million hits.


The video you posted,
Journey from A to B.

Badly Drawn Boy has just put
it up on his Twitter page,

saying, check this
out, it's fresh.

We've gone viral!


[upbeat music]

I'm sure you do
want them to play,

but I'm weighing up
options and I can't commit

until I speak to
them personally.

Look, I have my own
shit to deal with.

Yes, but they are
asleep in the hotel

at the moment, so...

I will get back to you
as soon as they're up.

[upbeat music]

[door opening]

Coffee anyone?

[Brian] Go away.



Scala anyone?

[upbeat music]


And Badly Drawn Boy, he
wants you as his support act!



[upbeat music]

[traffic passing]

Need anything?

What are you listening to?

It's 1958, the Beatles'
first-ever recording.

In Spite of All the Danger.

Written by McCartney and
Harrison when they were only 15.

Now listen to this.

It's 1963, it's
five years later.

They now have Ringo, and
Lennon's just written

Please Please Me.

Ah, wow.

Allan Williams was
their first manager.

He heard them play,
but he didn't listen,

not like really listen, he
didn't see what they could be.

Brian Epstein, he could.

He had this, like, sixth sense.

Mm, the potential.

The potential.

Everyone's good at something,
it's just most people

don't get listened to.

Not hard enough.

[phone buzzing]

When Epstein died, do you
know what Paul McCartney said?

If ever there were
a fifth member

of the Beatles, it
was Mr. Epstein.

That's cool.

Very cool.

Very, very, very cool.


[upbeat music]

We're the second band on,
so we should be all right.

It's not far.

Watch this, I'll get
us there on time.

Yeah, in time for last orders.

If I'm driving so slow,
why is the engine smoking.

Yeah, right.

No, seriously, it's
really smoking.

Oh dear.

[crowd chattering]


I thought you filled it up.

I did.

With what?


It's petrol, it runs on petrol.


What are we gonna do now?

I used to have a job
at an ice cream van.

I'll sort it, I will sort it.

Mr. Freezy Tops
definitely ran on diesel.

Kat, we can't miss this.

Grab the gear.

We're gonna leg it.

What about the drums?

I'll come back for
anything we can't carry.

Come on!

[upbeat music]

[Girl] We're with Jane, we're
supposed to go backstage.

You don't have any tickets here.

[Girl] This is a joke.

There's nothing here for you.

♪ Crying in silence ♪

There's no backstage passes.

Looks like Marcus
doesn't want you there.

♪ Done was in vain ♪

Come on, come on!

♪ I have not shed tears yet,
but they are on their way ♪

♪ I should leave these
thoughts behind ♪

♪ I just need a little time ♪

♪ Because you hurt me so ♪

♪ By giving me hope ♪

♪ And then letting me down ♪

♪ Now I'm better whilst
you're not around ♪

♪ Hope and then
letting me down ♪

♪ Now I'm better whilst
you're not around ♪

So no Kat and no drums?

Any ideas?

♪ Oh oh oh ♪


I'm visualizing drums.

Oh man.

Is there anyone
we can borrow off?

♪ Whilst you're not around ♪

Yeah, no problem, bro.

I'll send my manager over now.

His name's Carl.


Yeah, yeah, he'll
sort it for you.

Thanks a lot, man.

Well, you can stop visualizing.

It worked.

[Doorman] They got the
drums, they're onstage.

[people chattering]

Thanks, man, appreciate it.

No problem.

If there's anything
else, there's my card.

[people chattering]

All right, guys.

[crowd cheering and applauding]

Hello, Scala!

We're so happy to be here.

It's been, quite a journey, but

we're here, so
please, can you give

a warm welcome to Dollar Days!

[crowd cheering and applauding]

[upbeat rock music]


Thank you so much for this.

No worries, pleasure.

[upbeat rock music]

♪ I made myself an institution ♪

♪ From all the books I read ♪

♪ How to Start a Revolution ♪

♪ From the bottom
of a garden shed ♪

♪ And I've been thinking
I could play your game ♪

♪ I need to color my hair ♪

♪ And I've been thinking
I should change my name ♪

♪ I'll be your puppet, I
sing because I love it ♪

♪ I, I, I, I ♪

♪ I, I, I, I ♪

♪ I, I, I, I ♪

♪ I, I, I, I, I ♪


[upbeat rock music]


[upbeat rock music]


[upbeat rock music]

♪ If I could be Fidel Castro ♪

♪ I would thank my lucky star ♪

♪ I'd have a Mojito ♪

♪ And light my Cohiba cigar ♪

♪ And I've been
thinking about the USA ♪

♪ Maybe Guantanamo Bay ♪

♪ Hey, now, FBI and CIA ♪

♪ Get the president
on speed dial ♪

♪ Here's my Cuban missile ♪

♪ I, I, I, I, I ♪

♪ I, I, I, I, I ♪

♪ I, I, I, I, I ♪

♪ I, I, I, I, I ♪

♪ Tie me down but
I won't give in ♪

♪ I say you tie me down
but I won't give in ♪

[crowd cheering and applauding]

Thank you.

And now for someone who
needs no introduction,

please welcome Badly Drawn Boy!

[crowd cheering and applauding]

Hello, London.

Mate, did you hear
them shouting my name?

They all loved you.

There's always that
one member of the band

that breaks out to
become the heartthrob.

So I've got you an interview
slot with BBC Radio London.

You need to be at
their studio by nine.

Got it.

Oh, and can you make sure Sid

doesn't say anything strange?

Too strange.

You're not just
enjoying this moment?

I am.

Just look at that.

Oh my God, the
numbers are going up.

Sure, just a little bit.

Who cares?

I'm not the one
with 758,000 people

looking at pictures of me.


Yes, wow.

In fact, I'm gonna take a
photo now, I need an update.

Why are you smiling?

Because I'm happy?

No, I don't want happy.

You look too approachable.

Imagine you're thinking about
organelles and cell theory.

[shutter clicking]

Much better.

See, it's not enough
to be good looking.

You need to be mysterious.

Do you think I'm good looking?

You are in the room.

I mean that if good looking
is a room, then you're in it.

The doorway.

Definitely in the
doorway, good looking.

- Kat.
- Jane.

I heard the band play,
they were amazing.

Thanks for the
backstage pass, Kat.

Where's Marcus?

You've made me look
like a complete tit.

I told all my friends on
PinkChat I had a backstage pass.

You are such a little virgin.

Look, hi, could we get a selfie?



I knew she couldn't keep a
hold of a fittie like him.

Thanks, that's going
straight on my story.

Yeah, Jane, dumped
because she's such

a weez she wouldn't even...

Back off, Frog Face!

And you, you post one word
and I will shove those

crappy hair extensions of
yours right up your ass.

I thought Scala had an
entrance policy, no weirdos.

Do you guys know each other?

We are not friends,
we're at school together.

She's in my class.

A-level Spanish, that's all.



You're a schoolgirl?


and a manager.

You've been lying to us,
right from the start?

You've been deliberately
making a fool of us?

It wasn't like that.

Then what was it like?

I thought in this industry
of bullshit and dishonesty

and ego, I'd finally
found someone

who is smart, genuine and funny.

But you're just
exactly the same.

Actually, no no,
actually, no, you're not.

You're worse.

Because you made me
believe that somehow

I wasn't the only one, that I
wasn't alone in all of this.

You're fake, Kat Malone.

[soft music]

[Kat] He's not
responding to my texts.

What did you write?

I was reminding him about
the radio interview.

Maybe you should try
something a bit more personal.

So what happened with Marcus?

It was fun to begin with.

He made me feel,

I don't know, like,
really special.

Then it got heavy.

I should never have
pushed you together.

Don't be silly, it was our game.

Somehow, it became real.

And I couldn't be
the girl he wanted.

I just wasn't ready.

I'm so sorry.

I think you're the
coolest girl I know.

[soft music]

I have an idea.


When we get back, shall
we go out one night

and we can pretend
to be just us?


[phone ringing]


Oh God, she's gonna kill me.

She's back earlier, I
think she knows it's me

that's been spending
zillions on her card.

[phone ringing]

You can face it.

[phone ringing]

Before you say anything,
please show me mercy.

You need to come home now.

You know where I am?

Gran's in hospital,
she needs you.

You've got to come home now.

[traffic passing]

[Radio Interviewer] So this
evening, I'm really happy

to have here in the studio,
straight from performing

with Badly Drawn
Boy, Dollar Days.

Hi, guys, welcome.

- Hello.
- How are you doing?

[Radio Interviewer] So
you've played Scala,

where else can we
expect to see you?

[Alex] We're gonna be supporting
the Risk Factor on tour.

[Radio Interviewer]
Is that an exclusive?

[Alex] Yeah, it is.

We've just been confirmed.

We've known the guys for a
while, and now that we share

the same management,
it makes sense.

[Radio Interviewer] Great.

Thanks for having us.

They've dropped me.

[soft music and vocalizing]

I just wanted to bring
her a few things,

some personal things,
the hospital room's

so stark.

What happened?

She fell and then she lay there.

By herself for over a day.

Where were you?

If I'd been here, none of
this would have happened.

Gran would have called,
and I would have run down.

She was here alone.

And in pain.

You need to start
making better choices.

Not for me, for you.


I want to tell you
where I've been.



I'm here.

[traffic passing]

I'm sorry about your Gran.

We're hoping she'll
be out of hospital

by the end of the week and

we can look after her from home.

[Faz] More hot water, pastries?

I got it all wrong.

I let everyone down,

Gran, you, Mum,

the band.


How am I supposed to get to
the cash and carry on Thursday?

I've got no van.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Faz.

I'll sort it.

What can I do?

Do what you're good at.

Weren't you organizing
some exam results concert?

Uh, that'll be lame.

All the acts, they're
just schoolkids.

Just schoolkids?

[upbeat music]


I suppose I shouldn't
let them down.

I'll do it.


[soft music and vocalizing]

So, right now, who has my van?

The band.

You got Alex's number?

I think it's time
we got it back.

[upbeat music]


[Mr. Cato] Kat Malone.

[Kat] Mr. Cato.

What'd you get?

Two D's and a C.

The C was for music.

You're so much
brighter than that.

Not to worry, let's
figure out what went wrong

and I'll organize a meeting
with your other teachers

and we'll turn
those grades around.

We've still got six months.

[upbeat music]

[door opening]

[soft music and vocalizing]

I'm looking for Mr. Faz.

I'm here to return his van.

He gave me this address.

[soft music and vocalizing]

Are you Mr. Faz?

I've got his van.

I am not Mr. Faz.

Then tell me,
exactly who are you?

I am just a schoolgirl.

But a schoolgirl who
loves music more than

anything in the whole world

and who lied to you more
than anyone has ever

in the whole world,
and I don't know how

to make that right.

Where would be if we
hadn't have met you?

We'd still be trundling along,

playing the same circuit of
clubs that we always had been.

With our 412 followers.



Me pretending
everything's all right.

Everything's all
right with the band,

everything's all right with me.

When it most definitely wasn't.

You weren't the only one lying.

Look at us now.

We've got over a
million followers,

playing to crowds we could
have never dreamt of.

Sharing our music,
and it's all real.

And that's all because of you.

You had something to do with it.

We all did, all of us.

We did it together.

If anyone was a fourth member
of the band, it was you.


A concert?

Better get going.

[group singing]

[door opening]

♪ There's still tomorrow ♪

♪ It's okay, we will
beg, steal or borrow ♪

♪ Nothing's gonna separate us ♪

♪ Oh oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh there's
nothing I could say ♪

♪ That you don't already know ♪

♪ It's all behind you, let go ♪

[crowd cheering and applauding]

Thank you, and now,
for one night only,

please welcome Dollar Days!

[crowd cheering and applauding]

Thank you, thank you,

glad to be back at a venue
that is very, very special

to us, the Casablanca Cave.

[crowd cheering and applauding]

And a very special
thank you to Mr. Faz.

Without you, man, we
wouldn't have been here.

[crowd applauding and cheering]

This next song is
very special to me.

It's one of the first
songs I ever wrote.

This song's for you, Kat.

[upbeat rock music]

You okay?

[upbeat rock music]

♪ In the middle of something ♪

♪ A million miles
from the ground ♪

♪ Funny how a picture changes ♪

♪ When you see it from
the other way around ♪

♪ You lock yourself away ♪

♪ To keep control ♪

♪ There's an opportunity
to be great ♪

♪ So why you gonna let go? ♪

[upbeat rock music]

♪ Are you ready to fly,
like a satellite? ♪

♪ Are you ready to
fall in love again? ♪

♪ Light up the sky
like a starry night ♪

♪ Are you ready to be
more than just a friend ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh, yeah
yeah yeah yeah ♪

♪ Are you ready to
fall in love again ♪

You have to hear this.

Can we go again?

You have to hear this.


Go again.

♪ There's a rhythm
that gets you going ♪

♪ Just in your song ♪

♪ Oh life, oh life ♪

Do you understand
why I work my ass off

to send you to the best
private school I can afford?

Because when I went to school.

It's all right, I drank at
the wrong time, it's fine.

♪ Are you ready to fly,
like a satellite? ♪

♪ Are you ready to
fall in love again? ♪

I'll bet Bowie never had
a real, bllll, sorry.

I'll bet Bowie never had a
yellow warning, ugh, sorry.

♪ Oh oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah

♪ Are you ready to
fall in love again ♪

If anyone was the fifth
Beatle, it was Mr. Epstein.

I've just gotten
to it in the scene.

Only that.

♪ Our memories ♪

♪ Take my hand and set us free

[Alex] What the hell
did you fill it up with?

We only used the best of TNT
on this [imitates explosion].

Four actors died today.


♪ We should be taking off ♪

♪ Are you ready to fly,
like a satellite? ♪

♪ Are you ready to
fall in love again ♪

♪ Light up the sky,
like a starry night ♪

♪ Are you ready to be
more than just friends ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah ♪

♪ Are you ready to
fall in love again ♪




[upbeat music]

♪ I measure the distance
from heaven to hell ♪

♪ How we will do
only time will tell ♪

♪ Or when will you
stop worrying ♪

♪ What anyone says
doesn't mean a thing ♪

♪ Just tell me
you're feeling it ♪

♪ And your heart
is really in it ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ I'll pay in kind or
in silver and gold ♪

♪ I want to ignore all
the stories I'm told ♪

♪ Make me an offer
I cannot refuse ♪

♪ You know if I win then
that means you lose ♪

♪ Just say you believe in it ♪

♪ That you're not
not feeling it ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ Dwelling on the memories ♪

♪ Is such a waste of energy ♪

♪ It's simple when you see it ♪

♪ In front of you, on
walls and bedrooms ♪

♪ Hold your head up ♪

[Producer] Guys, thank you.