Kat (2001) - full transcript

Due to a failed séance of her flat mate's quirky grandparents, the cat of law student Maria gets possessed by demonic powers and starts some horrible massacres, adding even more trouble to Maria's already complicated personal situation after the split from her boyfriend Henrik.

Hello, Athena.

Are you here to help me?

Who are you?

Blessed is he who sits on the
throne and lives forever.

I'm Gundine Larsen.
lk was invited.

No you weren't.

I live near the railway track.

This is Isabella's house.

But I thought...
The sign said...

Oh, you're here for the Vestergaards?
You'll have to go up the stairs.

Blessed is he who sits on the
throne and lives forever.

I live near the railway track.

Come in.

Someone's downstairs.
-Please, come in.

No one must be near

Hello cutie.
- I've been calling you all afternoon.

Am I interrupting something?
-No, you're not. There are a few people here.

What's up?

Are you mad?
-No, I just want to talk.

Is it urgent?
-No, but...

Can you call back later?

Bye, Maria.

Mr. Vestergaard.
-I hope I'm not interrupting.

I just wanted to tell you we're
having visitors tonight.

So there might be a little noise.

But it's friday,
so you're probably going out.

We're not going out, but it's alright.

Isabella usually goes out.
-We're staying in tonight.

We really don't want to be disturbed.

So please don't come upstairs.

You startled me.

Why were you standing there?
Would you take this please?

You've bought wine.

I went shopping too.

I can't drink. I have to study.

Ah come on. You've studied enough.

Your grandpa came to say
they're going to make noise.

You're not having any?

No, I really have to study
I flunked on my thesis.

You have to do everything again?

I have until thursday to rewrite it.

Do you still have time to live?

Oh no, taxes.

What do your grandparents do?

They're a bit excentric.

There also was this strange old woman.

You've been upstairs?
-she was here looking for your grandparents.

Later your grandpa came at the door.
He made this strange gesture.

Do you have any dressing?
-No. What are they doing up there?

They're having seances.
Summoning spirits and such.

He put a curse on you.

You fell for it.

Where's Athena?
She usually begs for food by now.

I made a mistake about forclosure

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about article four.
-Oh, Of course.

Of the bankrupcy law.
-Can't we talk about something more fun?

I want to be good at this,
but it's so...


Like cardboard.

You're not the lawyer type.
-You don't think so?

You're more into having power.

Wouldn't you like to be prime minister?
-Don't you think that's something for me?

They're all named Paul.

That's true.
-Or Anker.

I don't want to be called Anker.

No power for you then.

My whole life is meaningless.
-That's true.

But we'll always have love.

Love is overrated.

Love is underrated.
At least mine is.

I've dated this guy for three years.

I'm looking for my own apartment.
Why can't I move in with him?

What's wrong?

I think...

I have to tell you something.

You can use some bad news on top
of your study problems

What is it?

Try to stay calm.

I saw Henrik this weekend

with some friends.

And he was with a girl.

Are you sure?

l'm almost positive
-Was it Sofie?

It's possible.
I thought you should know.

You were already having problems?
-We hardly see each other

You have to stand up for yourself.
Don't let him walk all over you.

I'll talk to him about it when I see him

Pay no attention to that.

You seriously have to think about this.

Are you sure everything's alright upstairs?

It'll be over soon.

Isabella speaking.

What's up?
-I don't know. No one.

How can they make so much noise?
-I don't know, but I'm sick of it.

I feel really bad about Henrik.

It wasn't Hismael.

It wasn't Hismael.

It was something else.

We've opened the gate.
You've opened the gate.

How did you do that?

Why did you open it?

I'm going to bed.

They're extremely annoying tonight


Look at this.
They're completely cleaning me out.

You scared me
-They've gone crazy

Can't you afford it?
-I'm not a millionaire


I don't think so.

Isabella. Hello, Henrik.

She can't talk right now
She's in the bathroom

I'll check if she's done.

It's Henrik

How are you?

Do you want to get together tonight?

Or did you have other plans?
-No, no plans

How about eight o'clock in The Golden Duck?
That's fine. I'll see you then

Well that was a long conversation.

I want to hear his side of things
Maybe you were mistaken.

Innocent until proven guilty?

Suppose he lies. What'll you do then?

Oh, you're already here.

I was waiting for you outside.

I missed you.
-I have to ask you something.

Are you cheating on me with Sofie?
I have to know.

No, why would you ask that?

Isabella told me.
-That someone saw me with Sofie?

She said she saw you with someone.

It wasn't Sofie?
-I don't see Sofie anymore.

I'm going to the seven-eleven
-That's so expensive.

I'll keep an eye on my wallet.
What do I have to buy?

A pack of cigarettes
-Are you still there?

That was fast.

Who were you with last night?
-A bunch of assholes

I just stopped here for a little while.
-That's what they all say.

How did you do on your thesis?
I failed it.

Can you still graduate?
-I don't know.

What are you going to do now?
-I'm not sure yet.

Can't I just pay for the two minutes?
-It's too late for that

Come on.
-The rules apply to everyone.

Have a nice dinner.

This is ridiculous.
-Please stay calm

You have to stay calm.
-Let me pass

Hey, don't shove me
-Let me pass!

I'm not going to pay
for your little powergame

Let me go or I'll scream.

What the hell is going on here?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Sorry, I think the fish has gone bad

But you haven't had a bite yet

I just felt sick all of a sudden

You want to sit for a while?

I want to visit isabella's house

Is that really necessary?

I need to brush my teeth.

Where's that fucking taxi?

You didn't bring your car?
-I never do when I go out

We'll go out another time.

Look who's here.

Hello Henrik. How are you?
Hi Maria.

I'm going out with Lea and Sofie
Will you join us?

Where are you going?

Don't you want to come?
-No, I'll pass.

We're both not feeling so well.

We'll call you on your cell.
-That's cool.

You've got a cellphone?
-You didn't know? I need a cab.

Come on.


He seemed to be running that way.

Has someone been to that bar yet?

Would you like me to wait here?
It'll only take a few minutes to brush your teeth.

Or would you rather not go out?
- I'd prefer to stay in tonight

Wait a goddamn minute
-What's wrong?

Why are you being so boring?

It's saturday night.
No one stays home on a saturday

Are you waiting for me?

What are you sitting here for?

What's wrong? Why aren't you purring?

Did you get in a fight?

No, you don't seem hurt.
You must feel hungry..

Come here, Athena.

Here kitty.

What's going on with you?

Not interested?
And you always love these.

I seem to be popular tonight.

Must've been the work of
a crazy junkie or something.

They've literally been ripped to shreds.

No witnesses?
Was the murder weapon found?

Nothing yet.

Any idea what we're looking for?

This was the victim's

She gave him a ticket.
But now he's dead, so...

Parking attendants are a nuisance.

But you don't do something like this
for a parking ticket.

Why would she lie?
-Coffee's ready.

No, she's not lying.

Why does he suddenly have a cellphone?

He hates them.

Call me, dammit.
Why don't you call?

The phone's broken
It has to be fixed.

Have you solved your tax problem?
-Not yet

But it's going to be okay.

Have you talked to him??

Can't you take a loan at the bank?

It's possible

But what did he say?

He got angry.

Athena, food.

The cat's acting strange.

You should focus on your own problems.

So, what did he say?
-I don't want to talk about it

It's me.

Ja, kan ik binnenkomen?

Hi, sweetie.

You've come at a bad time.

I wanted to talk to you.

We do need to talk.

I'm sorry about last night.

That's not the problem.

It's because of my study problem.

I've missed you a lot.

If it's really a bad time...

I guess I'll just go then.

Yes, I know.

I've got no idea what we're looking for.


Maria, where did you come from?
-What happened?

I don't know.
Something happened across the street.

It looked serious
-I saw police everywhere

Peter Hald, homicide.

I'm investigating the deaths of two people.

Across the street?
-That's right

Was anyone here between nine and eleven?

The two of you live here?
-That's right

Please come in.

Hello. Peter Hald, homicide.

What happened to them?

I can't say anything about that at the moment.

This is Maria Villadsen.
And I'm Isabella.

We didn't see anything, did we?
-No, nothing.

Was it like on that parking lot?

The people that live upstairs are family?
I noticed their name is Vestergaard too.

They're my grandparents.

We want to speak to everyone
who has a window view on the gardens.

Where are your grandparents now?

Aren't they at home?

It happened across the street
-On the bottom floor, yes.

Both of you didn't hear
or see anything?

No, nothing.

Please call me if you remember something.

You could've seen everything from up here
if you happened to look down at the right time.

I wasn't home.

It's an unusual killer.

He seems to pick his victims at random.

But once he's made his choice...

He shows no mercy.

Do you know something about this, Maria?

What's going on?
-I don't know.

You know who it is, don't you?

No, I don't.

Then tell me what you saw..

Tell me something I don't know yet.

You've got no reason to assume I
know anything. Please leave.

I can tell when people know something.

Here's my card. Call me
when you feel like sharing something.

What's going on?

Do you know something about these killings?

What are you reading?
-I want to know how it happened.

I've been seeing strange things.
First yesterday and then today.

And both times...

Maybe this is got something to do with
your problems.

Your studies and Henrik.

It's because of that old woman, Gundine.
And your grandpa and grandma.

They do that stuff all the time.
-I'd like to talk to them.

Or with Gundine.
She lives up by the railway track.

What do you want to do?

We have to talk to Gundine.

I want to know what they did friday.

Did you forget about that noise?
Why don't you believe me?

I don't want you going to that crazy
old woman when you're in this state.

Drink this.

Put it out of your mind and go to bed.

I have a date.
But I won't be home late.

Are you gonna be okay on your own?

Are you sure?



Leave, Bartzabel.

Obey me, this is an order.

Please calm down.

I'm Maria. I want to know what
you've been up to friday night.

Don't you recognize me?

I saw Isabella's grandpa
make a sign at our door.

Why are you frightened of me?

We wanted to protect you.
-Protect us from what?

You have to know more.

What do you want from me?

Maybe it wasn't you afer all.

I wasn't what?

The one who walks into the darkness
and becomes invincible.

Or maybe...

you shouldn't open the gate for Bartzabel.

Our soul isn't strong enough.

Who is Bartzabel?

No, no.

Maybe my eyes deceived me.

What did you see?
-The sign

I thought I'd seen it
and that Bartzabel would come.

But my eyes are not so good anymore.

do you know what this is?

Have you seen this before?

Have you seen this? Please take a look.

You better leave now.

Go away.
-Have you seen this before?

Go away.


What the hell is this?

Stop it, dammit.

I was invited here.

Don't open the gate for Bartzabel

You know who did it, Maria.

Have you been fighting?

Go away.

I've got no choice.

Come here, kitty.

You're ill

I'm taking you to a vet.

He'll check you out.

How are you doing?

Not that well, it seems.
-What do you want?

I just wanted to know how you're doing.
-l'll be okay

Where are you going?

Am I a suspect?
-No, why?

Then you can stop following me.

I just want to help.
-I can take care of myself.

He got a penicilline prescription.

But it doesn't seem to have helped much.

Sorry for taking so long.

What's wrong with our little friend?

She's ill.
She's behaving strangely.

I'll take a look.

She's got this weird look in her eyes.

Maybe she's in pain.
I'll have to feel her a bit,

Good God.

She's not doing okay
-Maybe this will calm her down.

You think it's her eyes?
-I'll put some eyedrops in them.

She's not going to like that.

What's this?

I used it as bait.

What's wrong with her?
-I don't want to keep her here.

Maybe it's best to euthanize her.

I'm sure it's not that serious.
-She doesn't eat or pur anymore.

Only if you're really sure
I'll euthanize her. You have to be certain.

It's your cat, it's your decision.

It seems to be for the best.

I wonder what's wrong with you.

We'll wait til the autopsy.

Where have you been?

At the vet. He also thought there was
something wrong with the cat.

And was there?
-She made my computer go haywire.

She was covered in blood after the
murders. And I was covered in blood.

I don't understand
Is there something wrong with your cat?

I think she's cursed.

What have you done to her?

One shot and it's over.

Maria speaking
-I'm sorry about what happened.

Can I come over?

We have to settle this.
-Not right now.

We have to talk.
I'm coming over.

Please don't. I need some time.

We both need time to think.
-Just listen to me

What did he say?
What do you need to think about?

I just need some time.
-Time for what?

What do you mean?

They're home.
-Are you going upstairs?

What's wrong now?
-I feel strange.

I'm sorry. Are you coming with me?


Where do you think they went?

I'm going to check it out.
They're both going deaf.

I'd rather go downstairs.



What did they do now?

Should we call the police?

Hide yourself.

Isabella, where are you?

Is it the killer?
-We have to get out of here.

Come on, inside.

Look for something to defend ourselves with.

I'm turning the lights on.
-No, don't

I can't take this anymore.

I'm sorry.

Let's get out of here.
-Come on.

The killer is still here.
-You go there, I'll take the hallway.

Who is it?

You're coming with me to the station.

Don't act all innocent. I'm arresting you.
You have to be the killer.

Every time someone dies you're around.
-I swear it's not me.

Then how do you explain that...

Take your friend downstairs.

Come on.
-What's going on here?

Be careful.

What's your role in all this?
-Nothing, let's go.

What about my grandparents?

Why have you come?

I think she's gone.

I'm glad you're here.

It's only a cat.

Come here, sweetie.

What happened upstairs?
-I don't know.

It all happened so fast.

Help me.

Thank God you're here.

It's not after me.
-You have to help me

I'm sorry about Henrik.
It just happened.

It's your cat.

It's still alive.
-Then kill it.

Get help from people who know
what's going on.

I know what's going on.

Then do something about it. It's your fault.

Destroy it..

I don't think we can.

It heals itself when it's hurt.

It's invincible.

Put it in the blender.

Do you want to take a look?

It's dead.

It's over now.

Go get help.

I already did.

How do you mean?

It's useless now.