Kassen stemmer (1976) - full transcript

When a member of the better Aarhus bourgeoisie is threatened with bankruptcy, his two friends rush to his rescue. They devise an inventive financial scam - but three young men overhear the plan and immediately steal it. As a burnt out journalist also gets entangled in the affair, the outcome becomes impossible to predict.


- How did it go?
- Deathly ill as usual.

- Didn't you get engaged?
- There was one who was very sweet.

He was only after the naughty,
but it wasn't with me.

A good and blessed
morning, Ms. Madsen.

- Did you sleep well?
- Be now quiet. Too good.

- Sorry.
- All abandoned.

Our audience is in place
and waiting anxiously.

Come on, miss. Madsen. In God's name.


Six seconds. Not bad.

- Now you drive carefully.
- Stop it. Is there gas on it?

- We shouldn't lose the bonus.
- More and more people we know have two cars.

(bus honks)

Why don't you get up an hour earlier?
Jump rope, take a shower.

- You have to jump until you get heart palpitations.
- I don't need to jump for that.

Now you must hurry.
Mr. Deer has come.

- Finally. I didn't think there was anyone.
- We are all here.

That is, Ms. Alsvig...
but it probably won't last that long.

Anna is late again.
She's gotten in bad company, I suspect.

- Karmann is very rich.
- Simple fellow.

Better a simple fellow with a lot of money
than one without a penny in his pocket.

- Calve, are you in there?
- Coming soon, Mr. Hjort.

You still got too much green.

The ladies come and
take care of the mail.

It is inappropriate for you to
use the ladies' changing room.

It is purely for
aesthetic reasons.

It smells terrible
inside... for gentlemen.

It takes my breath away in the morning.
This atmosphere of elephant house.

They're late again.
Mr Hjort has noted it.

- Have you now put on a new coat?
- Lay to you.

You lay to furs like that.
It is horrendous.

Is it Karmann who bought it?
It's probably a colored skunk.

- Too bad, he has such bad taste.
- So, Mr. Calve, now you must...

Then maybe it was
time we got started on work.

Thank God. I'm just so relieved
every time I see the inventory. Imagine if it was gone.

- How much did you say?
- 19.80.

Can't you write 30 on it? There
must also be some for the tax father.

- Here you go, keep the rest.
- Thanks.

Andersen, Wulff is on his way.
What should I do? Knock him down?

What do you want?

You must send a photographer out and
take a few paintings of Karmann's house.

- He was also there the day before yesterday.
- It's been two days since.

He will also present his
new lady, who is a local find.

Daughter of the working people.
Bank assistant.

- I understand why you were fired.
- Someone from 'Look and See Gazette' is coming.

What do you get for
doing PR for Karmann?

- Today I will have a good lunch.
- Why should I do you a favor?

Because you love me and know
that I have something for you too.

Okay, I'll send a photographer.
What did I get in return?

A really good Aarhus story.

Hello, you.

- Quist is about to go bankrupt.
- Quist? It is a lie.

Nope. Son of the old consul,
member of the magazine's board. It can't be!

- Shut up. Can you prove it?
- No.

But I'd bet a case of beer.

The director is busy with meetings.
Was there anything I could help with?

Ah, yes. Good day.

What do they say? Bankruptcy?

Where on earth did you hear that?
I can reject that.

The director must apologize.
I'm just a bookkeeper, -

- but much has happened
since the time of the old consul.

Among other things, the
bookkeeping has been modernized.

Ah yes, but the numbers
are still the same.

And my numbers show me
that the credit is used up.

- And the share capital is...
- Do you doubt that I am doing my best?

No, preserved.

They can shelve that story.
It has nothing on it. Yes, goodbye.


A couple of phones. Here you go.

- Auditor Birk said it was urgent.
- Was there anything else?

A journalist wanted to know
if we were going bankrupt.

- But of course I rejected that.
- Naturally.


A moment. I assume you
make up your own thoughts.

- Oh, yes.
- What thoughts do you have then?

Yesterday, I drove the wife to the airport.
She was going to Switzerland.

She was 60 kilos overweight,
four furs and all her jewelry with her.

Can I count on your discretion?
The staff will not understand...

- Barely.
- Have we heard from Iversen?

I spoke to the museum. Dr. Iversen
would come home from Paris today.

- Nah, already. Welcome home.
- Thank you, Mrs. Hermansen.

It's in there.
Do you want to pay the driver and get a receit?

So, so, so. You know, not here, right?

I've missed you. Why don't
you ever take me to Paris?

My wife also asks me that.

She called and said she has
bridge guests if you come home.

- Do you do that?
- Which one?

- Coming home tonight?
- Now you mustn't be unreasonable, right?

You know, we'll see
each other on Friday as usual.


Thank you, how sweet of you.

- Has anything else happened?
- Nothing special.

- Director Quist has called.
- He wanted to ask about his Corot.

- Has Guldager been here with the frame?
- Nah.

- Then call him immediately.
- Yes.

It has been finished for a few days.
I thought that Dr. Iversen ...

Well, he's come home. Well,
I can bring it here this morning.

Yes, immediately. Goodbye.

The provincial bank. Yes, just a moment.
Carsten, this is for you.

Carsten Calve.

Yes. Yes.

I'll see what I can do.

You, him, your handsome loverboy,
is he coming to pick you up today?

No not today. Tomorrow.
But he's coming.

He has to go to the box, he said. It
was there that we met for the first time.

Now you probably remember
that this is my department, right?

You were on vacation.

You cannot be left
alone for a moment.

I still need a week's vacation. I don't
dare think about what happens next.

- Where did you learn to restore?
- At van Fucht's in Amsterdam.

- Then you don't get a better teacher.
- He was a good friend of my father.

- Should I mount the picture?
- No, we will arrange that ourselves.

My father sold it to Consul Quist.
He was very proud of that.

Unfortunately, I have the
picture in the lab at the moment.

I have my strong doubts about
the authenticity of the picture.

I'm almost certain it's a good copy,
but a copy nonetheless.

Could father have been wrong?

I'm sorry, but your father's
judgments were not always equal at the end...

- He drank a lot, but still.
- Are you questioning my competence?

Nah, preserved.

Guldager, we are treating this
confidentially for the time being.

How much would the picture
be worth today if it were real?

I do not know. One and a half
million, if you found the right buyer.


- Good morning in the living room. Did you make it?
- Almost.

Have you talked to the deer?
Don't worry, Mousechild.

I'll fix that.

... the order of magnitude...

- Relax. I'm going straight to the box.
- Yes, of course. Mr Calve.

Now I must be there
immediately, Mr. Karmann.

- Then I can handle myself.
- Sorry?

They don't have to stay here.
They can look after your work.

Don't worry. This is also my work.

According to the regulations, I
must be present when the box is used.

But you can be quite calm.
I am very discreet.

For us in the banking
world, nothing human is alien.

Now you mustn't be sassy.
I could talk to the bank manager.

There is no reason to inconvenience
Mr Hjort. I'm only doing my duty, but if you insist.

- Can you get moving up?
- No.

But I can go out here at the stairs
and stand with my back.

I'll stop looking.

(Carsten floejter "The Fate symphony")

(bus honks)

It's probably me.
Thanks for that, Hjort.

- You are welcome. May I be allowed?
- Well, thank you.

The quack who parked
at the bus stop, is he here?

- You must be sick in the head.
- Now don't be so stressed, old boy.

Goodbye, Mousechild.

- Everything is alright. Not true?
- Naturally, Ms. Hansen free.

- You mustn't forget your folder.
- Thanks.

- Would you like to see me?
- Of course, Mr. Hjort. With pleasure.

- Moucechild, it's new, huh?"
- Sometimes he's almost too crazy.


You must take yourselves seriously together.

Mr Karmann was very
dissatisfied with your behavior.

- Sorry to hear. I just followed the regulations.
- They must show a little more behavior.

We are a small branch, but we live in
a neighborhood of significant people.

- Of course. I will do my best.
- I have to report to the main office.

It is true. I would like to ask
for the rest of my vacation.

I have a week to spare.
I have to have it before 1st of April.

- Yes.
- Yes.

- It comes a bit suddenly.
- That's what the holiday law says.

And law is law, and law
must be kept, as they say.

- Not true?
- Yes.

Nah, nah, nah.

When there is no more missing,
we fill up with the cheap one.

There must also be something
for the tax and the wages, right?

Mr. chief of police.
What do one owe the honor?

- I just came by.
- May I offer you a drink?

No thanks. It should be...
They have an Italian coffee machine.

I have to leave soon, but I have
talented, young colleagues. And energetic.

They are interested in
prostitution, drug dealing, -

- distribution to minors.
They are doing a lot of that at the moment.

- Well, that's great.
- We can't have that kind of thing, can we?

No, of course not.

- Good, we got you into the lodge.
- I am very proud and honored.

It's a funny establishment
you have here. Cicero.

- There is also a Cicero in Aalborg.
- We also have a Cicero in Esbjerg.

Yes. How about Copenhagen?

Said between us Jutlanders,
to hell with Copenhagen.

We're looking at something better.
Cicero Hamburg.

Yes, you see.
I am also from Copenhagen.

- What does it say?
- 24.60.

Can't you write
a receipt for 40?

Then there is also a little
bit for the tax man, right?

Here you go, keep the rest.

- What did the chief of police want?
- Have a cup of coffee.

It was really cheap you got off.

What do you want?

Just to tell you there will be photographers,
also from the local magazines.

It is fine. See you then.

- You're giving lunch, aren't you?
- I have an appointment.

I can handle myself, you.
I'm so used to that.

Holy Moley, there we have
His Holiness the Cultural Pope.

The very Dr. Nice
in person. Thanks.

Now you have
made the effort with the sauce.

- It looks fantastic.
- Should be. It is the original you are sitting with.

The copy will be delivered to
you together with a statement that, -

- that it is a copy, which
is by no means a lie.

- Will you bring the original out of the way?
- Yes. I put it in my private box as agreed.

I have deposited the
money, we will exchange later.

They are an expensive
gentleman to send to Paris.

Monsieur Fleischman is expensive.

That's fine. Do you need to eat
at Maxim's every day?

- Where else?
- No, it's clear. Where else?

It has not been easy keeping it running. I'm looking
forward to getting it all over with.

So do I. I could use that fee.

- DKK 100,000 for the copy.
- As soon as the auction has ended.

I think a million
and a half is plenty for a damn picture.

Considering the somewhat
dirty bullets of the money...

If we wait half a year, I have
a client from Dallas, Texas, -

- who will be willing
to pay double.

- I have to do my best for 10%.
- That sounds really good.

It looks like it should work.

- Then I would like to be allowed...
- Margaux 28.

I thought it is only found in Quist's wine cellar.
Perhaps you have also dealt with it?

- There is not much left in that house.
- You mustn't believe...

Dear, when it comes
to a Margaux 28...

... then I don't think anything at all.

(the doer opens)


Was it okay? Could you use it?

- Fine.
- Thank God.

If I must say so myself,
I was also quite talented.

I was simply... good.

It was a shame no one saw it.

- Has he come?
- If it's me, then I've come.

- Then come up and set the table.
- Yes. Yes.

Take care of the glasses. It's the
only thing I have left that has any value.

(speaks Italian)

- Jesus Mary, what does that mean?
- I'm Neapolitan. My mom is from Cicily.

We have seven bambini and I
make the best spaghetti in the world.

My Goodness. Yes, the Greeks.

- What was it that you didn't understand?
- What if it hadn't worked out?

- If I hadn't been brilliant?
- First of all. You're brilliant.

Secondly. We wanted the key to Quist's box.
I secured that a long time ago.

Then we have the painting.
That's a million and a half.

It was also tempting to
get Karmann's black money.

That will be three million. Just one
for each. Can't you understand it well?

On such a Friday evening,
one could wish to be an author.

Because here we have the entire
character gallery for the farce of all times.

It's almost too good to be true.

Here we sit.
Down on Royal are the others. All of them.

The bank manager talks about
community spirit and civic virtue.

The chief of
police takes it all in.

Iversen, that fool.

And poor Quist. And Karmann.

They have no imagination
to suspect. Not at all to us.

Quist knows he is there for the
last time. Then he gets sentimental.

- It's almost a sin.
- Nothing is a sin for Quist.

He only thinks about defrauding
his creditors and his staff.

The only thing that really dresses
him is to be stripped to the skin.

Iversen is the worst. He
won't die until he can be stuffed.

He has to go out to his mistress,
whom he has installed in a house.

Which he can't afford at all.

Karmann is clearly not to be bear.

I can't imagine him in a dress
and white, that fodder master.

Do you know what he calls her?
Mouse child.

- Mouse child?
- Here they are.

It's Karmann's. It's Quist's.
The one with the little notch.

- What is it for?
- The summer house.

- Are you sure about it?
- Any locksmith could handle that.

Here are the car keys.
I will send it to you in Fredericia. Watch out for it.

My dad's. It is good enough.
There is little with second gear.

I have sold it to a woodcutter.
He'll get it on next monday.

Aah god, all those mechanics. Here
is my box wrench. Put it in the drawer.

- The bank's key is the one with a shaft.
- Do you have the equipment?

Yes, in the bag. It's pretty cool. That's
what I'm looking forward to the most.

- Do you remember the number?
- TAV398.

- You're not that stupid, huh?
- I'm a banker.

I look forward
to being free of it.

Having to put all that
money back every night.

Deer, you can do what you want,
but you must be nice to the girls.

You must also be in the pictures.
That's your pool. Come here.

Throw away the charm cloth, so that they
can see that you have hair on your chest.

- Can't the lady also throw something?
- It was the mostly to the house, wasn't it?

We have not come to
photograph furniture.

- We can also go to the summer house.
- Is she throwing the clothes out there?

- I don't do that.
- We live in the 20th century.

- The Copenhageners did not take a picture.
- I disclaim any responsibility when it's about ladies.

You will appear in the local Sunday
newspapers on the housing page.

- Once upon a time PR.
- I can get you on the front page.

I can get good money
for writing that article.

But of course if you pay
the same for me to let it go.

It doesn't matter, even
if the money is black.

You have to come up with something better.
It is important with the press.

That is clear. We'll figure something out.

There are many ways
to get in the paper, right?

- You have lost a box of beer.
- Does it have to be right now?

No, I love having
money in the bank.

It is of course particularly difficult
for me to make this announcement -

- to the company's faithful staff, -

- of which so many have been
here since my father's time.

It is not least with them in mind
that I have fought for our company, -

- but there was nothing to put up
against the trends on the world market.

At last all means were wasted,—

- and even against superior
power the best fight in vain.

But I can promise you that I will
do my utmost to answer everyone.

Everything I own will
be made available.

I hope to act in the spirit of my father. The
captain stands on the bridge until the end.


Well, how did it go?

The staff was very moved.

It was almost the worst.
Then there is only the auction.

Yes, and then the director
needs a good, long holiday.

I had thought that too.

I was lucky. Imagine coming
to Paris for almost no money.

Mother's papers must be safe.
She is an actress. She is on tour.

She is out with the "Dollar Princess."
Thanks. That's very nice of you.

Now I am putting mother down
to my three shares in Varde Bank.

Don't you also think it's
a sensible investment? Or should I invest here?

Now let's see getting done.

Only I was going to Paris.
But my sister always wants to go to the Kull.

I'm leaving alone one day.

It's only three minutes to six.
We first close at six.

I had the picture for examination
because the frame needed to be restored.

I can say with
certainty that it is a fake.

- A very excellent forgery, but still.
- For sure?

As regards French painting, no
one will question my competence.

Their decision means a
lot to the value of the estate.

As far as that is concerned, feel
free to question my competence.

That's very good, but how
about a trip to Paris, right?

- We have Paris by night. 125 francs, including champagne.
- Not a crowded one. Do you know a good place?

- Pigalle is around the corner.
- Is it good?

- It's how you take it.
- I'm trying.

Take care of yourself. Remember
to be back before the bus goes home.

Oh God.
I die tomorrow at nine o'clock.

Come on, miss.
Soerense. (alarm)

- Good morning. You are on time. Is there something wrong?
- He is grumpy.

Do you think I'm going to drop my
pants so he can get in the paper?

Shame on you.

- Well, my friend, then I'll run away.
- It probably lasts most of the night like usual.

Yes, it will probably be the usual.

Be careful not to offer yourself
too much. You're not quite young anymore.

Goodbye, My friend.

Let it be. It's only four minutes to,
and you know that Hjort...

The gun is loaded.
Remain calm and you will remain safe.

Oh no. Do not shoot.
Nothing is happening.

We have instructions from the main office.

(there's a knock on the door)

I don't know your intentions, but neither I nor my staff will
put obstacles in your way.

That's what the regulations say.

I could use it.

- Don't you want too? There are cigars.
- Yes, thank you, if that matters.

Yes, under these circumstances.

- Hey.
- What do you want?

- You owe me a box of beer.
- Should it be now, it's Friday night?

- All your friends are here then.
- I understand why they fired him.

(phone rings)

Are you coming home soon?
I have to... What do you say?

Well, it's the bank.
Yes, it's Mrs Hjort.


Well, check audit. Does it
absolutely have to take place at night?

It does not matter.
Tell him I'm going to the cinema.

My sister gets upset if
she doesn't hear from me.

Young man, this is inhumane.
They can't hold us like that.

I will make myself available as
a hostage if you let the ladies go.

God, Mr. Hjort, you are a hero.

We can't sit here
without wet or dry.

I appeal to you as man to man.

God, look.

- You could lend a hand.
- Can't Mr. Hjort help?

I don't want anything.
I would advise against drinking liquor.



Don't you want some gravad salmon?

- Thanks, I won't enjoy anything!
- Relax. When we're supposed to be here.

They had to taste the wine.
I'm getting ripped off. It is wonderful.

It is unseemly. I do not
understand that in these so serious...

And in these such
dire times for business -

- it is with the deepest sympathy
that we have followed that tragedy, -

- that has struck brother Quist,
whom we must miss in our midst.

But we are proud that he held
the ideals of the brotherhood high.

And he must know that the brotherhood stands
behind him in his most difficult hour.

Precisely in such a moment you should
be able to feel that you have brothers.

Shall we commemorate him with
a fraternity cup? (hits the gong)

- Here you go.
- I don't understand, they've fired him.

They also regret it every morning
when they get sober. Here you go.

Yeah, just bring it on.

Call back and you
will get my conditions.

A bankruptcy in Hoejbjerg Bank.
Find the number.

- To the police?
- To the bank. They set conditions.

(phone rings)

Well. Listen and write down.

Yes, I have. Listen right here...
(the rudder is put on)

They are foreigners, he talked with accent. They are four
men and they have four hostages.

They want two Volvos and the machine
to Copenhagen at nine with full tanks.

Keep the cover. You leave
immediately. You two go to the bank.

Find out who the hostages are.
It's the staff.

Call the bank manager or
the finance minister. Hurry up.

Also call the television.

You are truly impressive.
How about calling the police, huh?

No reason for panic. We meet the
conditions and see what happens.

If we get them out of the bank, our
chances are good. Keep the road covered.

No one does anything without orders.
It is only about money.

I guess we'll have to call the master.

Yes, we must.

Now he has to go out and do knee bends.
How does he manage at that age?

Yes, hello? Yes.


(police sirens)

- Will we get light soon?
- He's getting ready.

(police sirens)

Two after me.
Other three onto the pavement.

- Are you going to war?
- You know the order.

Yes, but not before I say so.

- Take a sausage.
- At your expense.

If we make a picture, so I'm standing
with the bank in the background here.

Then everything is fine.
The Volvos could be here at any moment.


That was just what was missing.
The old one in full regalia.

- Joergensen, update me.
- We do what they demand.

The machine is ready at the airport,
and the two Volvos can be here soon.

How is the situation at the bank?

The phone is disconnected,
but apparently everything is calm.


- That's not true.
- It must have been a thousand years ago.

That was in 1967. Do you remember
that, Hjort? Christmas lunch 67.

- Around behind the filing cabinets.
- Did he kiss right?

- Was it good?
- Can he really do such a thing?

He could do both. All the Christmas games.
It was very sweet.

But then Joergensen came with
a student and wanted the place.

Oh yes. It was he who became
sub-director in the main seed.

Do you remember that, Hjort?

You, Robber? Tell me, don't
you feel hot in that mouth?

He otherwise looks very sweet.
Do you think he is Italian?

- Italians are only up to one thing.
- I could right now.

Well, that's also true.

So, so, girls. Now you have to be careful.

Why don't you intervene?
Why don't you charge in?

- They have people. They have guns.
- We must take the hostages into account, your own personal.

- They should be shot like dogs!
- Would you, please?

(car horn)

That one, he's Italian.

- Italians, they are so naughty.
- Wonderful.


KT to the station. The wagons are ready.
We expect them out at any moment.

No further orders may be
entered into. KT, changing.

Hello? Hello?

May I ask you to listen?

This is your chief of
police speaking to you.

We are facing the
decisive moment.

I must therefore ask the
audience to withdraw, -

- so that law enforcement can act freely.

- It must be you, he means.
- Thank you. Thank you.

We should probably get a little closer.

- It was the two of them.
- They are empty-handed.

- Can I pay?
- Now I'll be there.

Where are they?

I do not know.
Something is not right.

Yes it is me.

What are you saying? Kidnapped?

- Yes, simply.
- Anna?

You can get a lot
out of that story.

It is so good that you would
think you had arranged it yourself.

I'm arranging a press conference.

Nobody knows anything, but the
one girl is engaged to Karmann. The one with the restaurants.

- What's happening right now?
- We are waiting for the last ones to come out.

It's nice enough.
It is wonderful.

- Now stop, miss. Madsen.
- Deer. Red deer.

- Buck Bruse.
- Ms. Madsen, that is indecent.

- Come on, one more time.
- Let's do it together.

- Yes!
- Now try to hear.

One... No, no, no, one, two, three.

And a tiny...

They are sleeping.

Yes, it will be DKK 10 from
this morning at nine, please.

Yes, please.

Now this must not last any longer.
The bank manager is very impatient.


Do not. See.

- God!
- Ms. Madsen, let it be.

Big Buck Shower.
Thanks for tonight.

(classical music)

Then it will be 3.22.

There were nine.
(Miss Madsen laughs)

Now you must get your act together.

- Now there are 27,000 too many.
- Maybe we should wait.

Has something been snatched?

Shouldn't we try one more time?
Fuck it.

- Hjort?
- Yes?

Just a moment.

I hope you have a
good explanation for that.

And I want it now.

We do everything that
is humanly possible.

You count nickels. Where is Anna?
What about the poor girl resident?

They have had a great time. And the
robbers have brought money from home.

I don't think this is
the time for jokes.

The cash register agrees.

- Karmann's summer house. Of course it looks like that.
- They are sleeping. What was in the cognac?

It is quite harmless, but they
will be get hungover.

What are you doing?

It really is a very special
relationship you have with ladies.

They are really sweet. Her Lis there.
I was getting hot behind the oars.

Mouse child. Godfather be preserved.

What number does that Volvo have?

Yes. Where is it parked?
Hoejbjergvaenge 10?

Yes, and there seems to
be someone in the house.

Hello? Hey. Wait a minute.

Let me get the walkie-talkie. We have
to get hold of them at the bank. Now!

- Why are they calling the newspaper and not us?
- Was it Hoejbjergvaenge?

(classical music)

Hello? Hello? This is
your police chief speaking.

I urge you to surrender.
The house is surrounded.

All escape is impossible.

(music stops)

Hello in there? Can you hear me?

I encourage you to drop your weapon and come
out with your hands in the air.

All resistance is helpless.
All escape impossible.

Yes, then we get up. Come on.

- Shut up, what do you look like.
- May I be free.

What were your
thoughts at this point at night?

And then you want me to
go to Paris in my condition.

I was really good. It's a
shame no one ever sees it.

The Conservation Plan Committee proposes
that three nature parks be laid out.

The police are at the bottom
of last night's big bank robbery.

The car has been found, but there
are no traces of hostages or robbers.

The police believe
that it is a kidnapping, -

- as there is a connection between one
of the girls and restaurateurs Karmann.

The two robbers description, they are both
approximately 25 years old, -

- of medium height, wearing
dark trousers and a black sweater.

They wore dark sunglasses
and spoke with foreign accents, maybe Italian.

The police emphasize that
the robbers can be dangerous.

- Oh there you are. Did you have fun?
- Was a complete holiday.

- You look like that too.
- I'll just get my suitcase.

Here you have to see.
I have found a letter.

"Dear Mouse child. It's all
just a joke. I'll come get you."

- We are in the summer house.
- What do we do now?

- It's Jyllands-Gazette.
- The girls are in Karmann's summer house.

Whoa, wait a minute.
I'm just going to... Andersen?

Did you see you're in the paper today?
It is a good picture.

You can see how
skinny you have become.

That negligee is from Paris, right?
What did you pay for it?

Mr. Karmann has also
appeared on the front page.

(phone rings)

Yes, hello?

Yes. What do they say?

The summer house? Hello?


- I could stay a few days.
- The phone has been removed.

What? For my sake, there
is no need for anyone to rush.

(car horn blazing)

He must have picked up speed. God knows
if Andersen has remembered the police.

Being in the country
makes me so restless.

If only I can feel like this
here, then it's paradise.

There he comes.

- Hi.
- What are you doing here? What are you up to?

I can't do this.
It is always the press first.

We are a laughing stock for someone
who wants to be on the front page.

(police sirens)

Yes it's good. More of that.

- Is there something wrong?
- Then it can probably be good.

Will you take care of the young ladies?

- And then I would like to talk to you.
- With pleasure.

I must ask you to come along.

Well, finally. I also got you
in the Swedish newspapers.

Shut the hell up!

How much of it did you arrange?

I spent three hours
with the police.

Him Joergensen is after me.
He wants to put a guard dog in here.

- Then we might as well close.
- Is someone about to pick on you?

- It's probably her.
- Who?

Anna. That little skank.

All the police know is that it
was a girl child who bought in.

It could look like...
She's snarky too.

She's just the type. Who else
knows I call her Mouse Child?

- What do you call her?
- Mouse baby, damn it!

- I must say.
- No one else knows that.

It is good enough.
She can only wait.

- Where did you meet her?
- In the bank, of course.

Oh yeah. I think we probably had a
sweet story about a meeting in the box.

Don't you think it's strange that
nothing was stolen from that bank?

They can't transfer me
out of the blue like that.

Well. Goodbye, My friend.
I'll come home as usual.

It was a terrible incident. Ms Madsen told me all.
It must have been embarrassing for you.

Thank you, that was kind of you.

When you get time, would
you help me down in the box?

I'm waiting for my mother home, and
then I have to get her papers home.

Here you go.

- Bloody hell!
- Are you getting sick? A glass of water?

- Can I make a phone call?
- Yes, of course.

Well, Mr. Quist, though.

A malaise. I think it's the
climate in our box room.

Several of our customers have felt discomfort.


- And you want to get rid of how much?
- I will ask for DKK 1,000.

Wulff, journalist for the Express
in Stockholm and the Daily Mirror in London.

- Aha, the world press.
- Was it Quist who drove from here?

- He didn't look well.
- I cannot comment on that.

For us in the banking
world, only numbers exist.

But folio current account 903440
is not doing so well at the moment.

What is your own impression
of the events of Friday?

I was on holiday in Paris. A pity
when something finally happens.

- What about the ladies?
- They have some personal impressions.

But they got the day off today
because of all the emotions.

They are not really lucky.
It's almost a shame.

You can talk to our
manager Mr. Hjort.

He also experienced a lot that
will surely interest your readers.

A moment.

(there is a knock
on the door) Yes?

There is a journalist who
would like an interview.

Catalog number 371.
These are two Imari dishes.

They are valued at DKK 1,000.

Who says 800? 600 is offered, thanks.

650 and 750. 800.
There are many about it.

950. 950 and 1,000.
And 1100. 1100.

1200 up here. Second time, 1200.
Last time, 1200.

1300 on the third row.

- Sorry? Editor Wulff, good day.
- Good day.

- I had expected to meet Quist.
- The director has traveled to Switzerland.

I thought he was going
to stay for the auction.

The director had to leave suddenly.

- Are you the young man at Quist's?
- Have we met before?

I saw you the other day outside
the bank. Hoejbjerg Bank.

- Did Quist have a box in that bank?
- I don't know anything about that.

Nobody knows anything about it.

- Neither bankruptcy estate nor probate.
- And neither do I.

One would think that you were the
only one besides Quist who knew that...

And there you are so wrong. Goodbye.

Number 378. An oil painting,
30 x 40 in a gilt frame.

There is a statement that the
picture was not painted by Corot.

What shall we say?
A million and a half?

15,000? 1500?

500? 400, 300, 200?

Has 100 been bid?
100 is offered.

150. 150 and 200.
200 by the young man.

250 in the light coat.

DKK 250 and DKK 300.
DKK 300 with the young man.

First time, second time, last time.
And that was the young man, 300.

Well, congratulations on that. Damn
it, too, that it's not worth more, eh?

Yes, for me it is now.

- Well, as a kind of memory, perhaps.
- Perhaps.

They are the young Guldager, right?
I knew your father.

It was he who sold the
picture to the old consul.

- I guess, he thought it was real?
- Naturally.

- But Iversen spoiled that.
- Yes.

- There's nothing to do about it.
- No, there probably isn't.

It is inconvenient
for you to resign now.

- Couldn't you imagine that...?
- It's upsetting.

Firing the two young ladies
after all they've been through.

It is not my decision.
It's an order from head office.

After the embarrassing publicity. As a
banker, you must be able to understand...

No, that's exactly it. I am deeply
disappointed with the banking world as such.

I don't feel that my career and
my values ​​are in good hands here.

I want tyo resign,
I want my box emptied immediately.

It's not that bad either. The world
is full of banks and handsome guys.

- I have never been fired before.
- Oh, Mousechild.

I've also quit, and I'm not at
all sad about it. On the contrary.

Did you hear what he called you?
Mouse Child, like Karmann.

- That asshole.
- So he wasn't the only one.

What? Do you mean that Carsten...

He also went out into the elephant house.
He doesn't usually do that.

Oh god, is it you?

- What are you doing here?
- I have to ask you about that.

- What are you doing in the elephant house?
- There is something we want to ask you about.

Mouse child.

Oh God. Sorry.

Well, Mr. Hjort though.

- Mr. Finnigan, I suppose.
- Yes it's true. Good day.

I have a car outside.
Did you have a pleasant trip?

I am taking the picture to
London for further examination.

But there is no doubt
that it is a genuine Corot.

I don't understand how your
local expert got that idea, -

- that it wasn't real.

Mr. Finnigan has no doubt
that this is a genuine Corot, -

- which can fetch one and
a half million at the auction.

He does not understand what is
going on with the local expert Iversen.

Unfortunately, I'm not buying anything at
the moment. On the contrary, I hold a sale.

The house has to be demolished
and I leave on Thursday.

Otherwise, they have been known
to do quick business.

And make good money on
things that you get under, -

- shall we call it,
unconventional circumstances.

How much do you think
this should be worth?


- It is interesting.
- Yeah, right?

- Well, are you here too?
- I have become unemployed.

- I help Gregers close his business.
- You do have some experience in that.

And you may also be
traveling on Thursday?

Will you get rid of that figure?

That gentleman values ​​it at 50,000.
What do you mean?

Well... Under the right
circumstances, then...

So what? It was found on the street.

And it is worth three million
or at least one and a half.

It is a question of
supply and demand.

We used to have a clientele for that sort of
thing, but unfortunately we no longer have that.

God. Good day.

Well, that's the world press.

Well, are you also on sale?
It's pretty, isn't it?

Where did you find her?

How much would you pay for it?
Let Mr. Wulff get a favor award.

Mr. Wulff writes for the newspapers
in both Stockholm and London...

Mr. Wulff though. Are you leaving without
paying? Then we have to call the police.

- Forget it.
- It's one and a half million.

- And I know who has them.
- I have the police on my back.

They have also put the customs on me.

If they come with the tax authorities,
I'll smoke in. Then forget it.

- What do I get for it?
- For what?

To forget it. In my industry,
you live on information.

Either by selling them
or by forgetting them.

You little bed bug.

I have to live too.
And preferably a little good.

Do you know what to do with that
information? Stick them up straight!

The million and a half do not exist.
I don't know anything about them.

And by the way, I'm
pretty tired of you.

Next time, it's a beatdown.

- Are we going in the water now?
- No, Mousechild. I do not have time.

There must be a bounty, right?

Since no report has been
made, there are no bounty.

But if the story fits…

It is about DKK three million.
The one and a half million is the painting.

The two young guys have the
other million and a half in cash.

- You must ask for an explanation of that.
- Is it Karmann's black money?

- That's the interesting thing.
- Yeah, right?

But if the story doesn't fit,
then we'll be laughed at again.

- And that's the uninteresting part.
- It fits. I'm bombproof.

- When are they leaving?
- On Thursday from Billund.

- What about the one bounty?
- It is the citizen's duty.

- There must be an account for this sort of thing.
- On a special occasion the police chief could...

How much would it then
turn out to be, approximately?

Approximately DKK 1,000, if it goes high.

It will be just DKK 350.
A receipt?

350? That was a lot, huh?

Can't you wait for me?
I have to go back anyway.

They are there. Bless you.

- No hand luggage? Here you go.
- Thank you.

Good day. We have security checks.
May we see your luggage?

They just have to go in right here.

Hello, you.

Here is your luggage.


Thanks. Here you go.

- Stop her.
- You there. Hello? Just a moment.


- Is there anything?
- No.

It was hell.

It is not forbidden
to have personality.

- Tell me how on earth...
- Wasn't I good?

Good, you got a chance
to see how good I am.

- Stop it. Where is the money?
- They have been here for a few hours.

But I had to invite a
few friends along. Voila.

You have to find yourself in
it, because they know it all.

Surely it is just, -

- that three handsome, young
guys experience happiness.

But what is happiness worth if
you have no one to share it with?

God. No, have you seen?
There we have the pilot.

What do you give me?
Then we'll be leaving soon.

Last call, Sterling
Airways route 197 to Paris.

Please get on board.

Well, shall we see how to get home again?

- It's going to be difficult with...
- You don't have to think about the payment.

A young lady came and offered me
DKK 1,000 to drive you back home.

She said I should keep the rest.

Yes, you will get
your receipt to the taxman.

I have to say that.

After all, it's just
before the cashier fits.

--- Subtitles by Essery.---