Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) - full transcript

Rajiv has come of age; his now-dead father had built up a flourishing business and had become a millionaire, and his widowed Mother wants to keep Rajiv on the straight and narrow. The best way would be to find him a good wife to encourage him to settle down. But Rajiv is having none of it, and runs off to the family's summer house in Srinagar to enjoy life. But en route he has to stay overnight at a country inn because of a bridge collapse. Mr Mohan is staying there for the same reason, with a group of girls her was taking to the fair in Srinagar. Rajiv has to sleep under the stairs, and during the night Champa spills some water on him; they talk, but she keeps her distance. The next day they meet again by chance, and when she sees he is driving a big car, she is cool with him; when she thought he was poor, he was attractive, but now that she thinks he is rich, she is put off. He tells her that he is the driver for a rich man, and she talks to him some more. At Srinagar, he finds that his valet has hired out his house for the season to some girls, and he has to find accommodation in the town. The romance between Champa and Rajiv develops, to the chagrin of the nasty Mohan, who himself has designs on her. Champa?s father Dinu is persuaded to forbid Champa to go to the fair with Rajiv, as she had planned. But Rajiv is not so easily thwarted, and dressed as a female in purdah, he gets a lift on the truck that is taking the girls. A song and dance number on the back of the moving truck then takes place. Mohan persists in alarming Dinu, who is blind, about Champa's intentions, and it emerges that Dinu is not the natural father of Champa, but that he kidnapped her as a baby from a rich Delhi merchant. The name of the merchant was ... well, walls have ears and that must remain a secret for now. Who can the merchant have been?

Subtitle synced by Anomixxx

Today's day...

...it's a very big
day for all of us...

...and also should
be proud on this day!

Before 25 years...

...Late Sanjeevlalji...

...had done the
opening of this mill!

Since then...

...our mill...

...is progressing day by day!

Today's meet...

...is called for celebrating
our silver jubilee!

On this happy occasion...

...I want to give you a
piece of good news!

Sir Sanjeevlal's son...

...Sir Rajeevlal...

...is taking the
entire responsibility...

...of this mill.

He is our new boss!

My fellow workers...!

In today's world, there is nothing
like a boss and an employee!

These days servants
are treated as bosses...

...and bosses are
treated like servants!

This is the time of workers!

It's your time!


What are you saying?

If today your father
would have been alive...

These people would
have abused him!

So I was saying...

...my father had started this
factory with 6 lakh rupees in hand!

In these 25 years...

...more than a crore...

...we have crossed
excessive profits!

I am talking mother!
Why are you taking pains!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Being happy with your
honesty and hard work...

...my mother has decided to
gift you worth 5 lakh rupees!


You just say a yes!


Why did you say a yes?

Because he announced
the reward on my name so...

...what else could I do?

You could have left on me!

I would have told every,
Rajeev overheard.

It was not 5 lakhs it was 5000!

Late Sanjeevlalji used to
worship money after God!

5 lakh rupees will go in vain...

...and this would
really hurt him.

I will pray for his soul!

If Rajeev keeps
donating in this manner...

...you will have
to pray everyday!

We had to face losses right after
taking the responsibility in hand.

If you extract a pot full
of water from the sea...

...it doesn't make
a big difference!

He is a wealthy person!

If Raju donated 5 lakh rupees...

...so what happened?

Mother, Karuna has brainwashed
Rajeev from childhood!

And I have even nourished him!

I don't want to
answer this maid.

Shaamlalji, Karuna was
never addressed like a maid!

When did I say so?

I am your manager since 30 years!

It's my duty to see take
care of the money!

Rajeev is the boss!

He can donate the entire wealth!

What are you saying, Shaamlalji!

What will he say, Ranima!

It's an arbitrary age!

He will get married
and will have children...

...after the responsibilities
he'll stop behaving adolescent!

Don't listen to him.

You are right!

This meant I was
talking nonsense? - No!

You did not understand,

I was thinking
about his wedding!

In next 7 days I will
get him married!

So soon?

But Ranima, we'll take
time finding a girl.

What is not possible if
we don't try, Shaamlalji?

You call some girls from good families;
I will select the best one!

But Raju has to get married...

...ask him first!

I will have to ask my son
to get a daughter in law?

Why do I do so?

I will select a girl for him!


...you can go!
- Yes!


She is Kala!

Shaamlalji, I don't
want a middle class girl!

I am not as wealthy as you are
but even I have some class!


He is her father.

I understood!

She wears such tight clothes..

...I thought you couldn't
afford decent clothes! - Mummy!

This is in vogue.

I respect my father...

...otherwise there are girls who even
wear tighter clothes than this!


I don't want a girl who
calls me mummy!

Don't worry.

See next!


How do I praise my own
daughter with my own mouth?

She doesn't wear
anything besides 'Khadi'.

Do you worship everyday?


Every morning, she reads
'the Ramayana' for 3 hours...

...and in the evening she
reads Mahabharata for 3 hours!

She must be singing devotional
songs in the afternoon!

Go ahead.

I like your daughter!

Touch her feet.

Live long.

My son has arrived!

Come here Raju!

What happen to your leg?

He is limping!


He is deaf?

Rajeev why are
you misbehaving?

I don't want to ruin
my daughter's life!

Come on!

You talk like your son deserved!

Look how good is your son.

Come on.

Why are we sitting?

Why did you behave
in this manner?

When you know I don't
want to get married!

You won't marry?


But I have chosen
a girl for you!

It's surprising mother...

...I have to get married
and you'll select?


You will get married
in a reputed family!

Even you are from
a wealthy family.

Is it necessary for me to get
married in a wealthy family?

I will get married
to a girl of my choice.

What is your choice?

Even I want to know!

I have never seen such a girl!

But I have her
picture in my mind!





I hate all these modern girls!

You will have to get married
to the girl of my choice.

I ruin my life because of
your stubborn behavior?

Marriage is a question
of entire life!

It's not a playful act.

He will have to get married.

That too my choice!


Why are you shouting?

I am Chandar!

From the club.

I am waiting for you, here.

You are drunk!

I have never even tasted!

Is it?

Taste then.

Do you have permission?


Waiter quickly give me a coke!

Do you know why I drink?

Yes, who doesn't know
what have you gone through!

It's not my habit
nor do I need it!

But I need it!

He is very boring!

We will sit here.

Your coke.

I'll give some good news.

People used to call
me your flunkeys!

But now I am insurance agent!


Insurance agent.

First thing...

...I will get you insured...

My mother is getting me insured!


An agent reached at your
place before me?

Shut up.


Colonel, I was not telling you.

Chandar, my mother wants
me to get married!

Thank you, Thank you!
- Shut up!

I am very upset!

My mother had invited
many girls today!

How were they?

Rubbish, all were bad!
I banished them all!

I don't get even one,
and you banished them!

Chandar, don't joke around.
It is a very serious thing!

Why don't you find a
girl of your choice?

I haven't ever liked any girl!

Search for one!

You will have to get
married someday!

Look, I don't want
to get married!

Tell me how to
escape from here!

Even Kamala had escaped.

Even you run away!


He is right.

Where will I go?

Go to Kashmir!

You have your house there!

Bholaraam works under you.

And Ranima never goes there.


You are right!
You come along!


It's the question of my job.


I shouldn't work
being you friend!

What a shame on me!
- Correct.

But I'll take 2 days to resign.

You take my car and
leave I'll join you later!



"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."

"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."

"There are many beautiful faces..."

"...I am confused between
whom to select."

"Who is mine?"

"Who will stay with me forever?"

"Cheerful and happy."

"Cheerful, happy
and fun loving."

"She will come in life today."

"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."

"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."

"I am searching for a world..."

"...that is called love"

"I am searching for a world..."

"...that is called love."

"Who are those lucky people..."

"...who stay in this world?"

"I will go there"

"I will go there"

"I will meet my dream girl."

"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."

"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."

"She should be tender..."

"...just like dew."

"Her face looks like moon..."

"...when she sleeps
in the night."

"Intoxicated eyes."

"Rosy cheeks."

"Intoxicated eyes,
rosy cheeks."

"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."

"At some point of time..."

"...somewhere, I will
have to love someone."


Serve tea to all the girls.

Where are they coming from?

From Pathanpur!

They are Champa's friends!

They come every
year to the fair!

Every year they come?

Why not?
This is a very beautiful place!

I have left Kulu 10 years ago!

But they look like
they are Kashmiris!

Their choice!

Till the time they stay in Kashmir
they wear the Kashmiri outfit!

Now stop talking nonsense!

Serve them hot tea.

I have to go to Srinagar.

How will you get there?
- Why?

The wooden bridge is broken!

How is that possible?

It was completely
fine in the morning.

In the afternoon, it rained
heavily and the cyclone...

...shattered it completely!

That way won't open
before morning!

I will have to stay
here in the night.

Are there empty
rooms available?

You sleep in my room!

What are you all laughing for?
Have your tea and get up!

Anybody there?

Who is the owner of this lodge?

I am the one.

Any room is empty?



There were 2 empty rooms
and now they are occupied.

Please help me!

I want to go to Srinagar
and the roads are blocked!

Where will I go at this time?

Give me 3 rupees!

Go and sleep below
that staircase!

In this chilling weather?

I can't do anything
more for you.


...at least arrange
for a fireplace!


Give me 2 rupees!



Where is it burning?

Just look!
Pour water!

What is this?

Why did you pour water?

Sorry by mistake, we thought
fire has erupted somewhere!

At least see first.

How would we see when
there was only smoke!

Why did you fire?

What happen?

They poured water from top.

What did you except them
to shower flowers?

Definitely, he must
have done something!

I gave him place thinking
he is a decent man.

I was setting fire and
was making my bed!

What did we know?

We saw smoke and
felt something's burning.

You have become cold!

Everyone sleep now!

Rajeev, you will die of cold!


I have to go to Srinagar!

It's very cold!


You had poured water!

Weird girl...

You first pour water
then give me a blanket!

What is your name?

Recognized me?


I heard your voice
and came here!

And I even met you.

Elsewhere would I find you?


I wanted to thank you in the
night because you ran away!


If you wouldn't have helped me...

...I would have frozen in cold!

You left in the morning...

...I kept finding for you.


You forgot?
I have your belonging!



What nonsense!


You seem to be old friends!

We thought you both met
last night for the first time!

Shut up!

You people are shameless!

No, we pick flowers!


Even she picks flowers!






What is it?

Your blanket!

It doesn't belong to me!

It is from the lodge!

What will I do with it?

Throw it.

Throw it?


This is the way to Srinagar?


You are going to Srinagar?


Sit in the car.

I will drop you.

I have a habit of walking.

Nothing will change in one day!

Last night you helped
me today I will help you.

I thought you are poor
and so I helped you.

I didn't know you were rich!


But how do you know I am rich?

This car!

It doesn't belong to me.


You are a driver?


You have dressed up
like you are a rich man.

Its my bosses'!

I mean my Sir's!

He is a very good man!

This dress is also his!

A gift!

I misunderstood you!

Everything is on a rent!


Your car is rented and
even your clothes!

What is yours?


1 heart!

That is searching
for someone!

The one I like,
I don't know her name...

...neither do
I know her address!

At least tell me your name!

Whose name and address
do you want to know, sir?

Not your concern.

If you tease these innocent girls,
you will fall in a big problem!

Please do your work!

My work was to explain you...

...and my name is Mohan!

Do keep in mind!

Come here, look.

Hey Parshuram!
- I am coming Sir Mohan!

Everything's fine?
- Yes sir!

Okay I am leaving then!

Sir Mohan, lend me 10 rupees!

Again you need 10 rupees?
- It's very necessary!


Hey Bholaraam!

Who are you?

Who are you?

How did you come here?

Leave this house!

Shut up!

Who asked you to
enter the house?

Hey Mr. we have given a
rent of 3 months in advance!

What rent?

We have booked this hotel
for the entire season!

Is this a hotel?

Then what is it?

I will call the police!


We will call the police!
Maya kindly call the police!

A scoundrel has forcibly
entered our hotel.

Hotel Lake View?
- Yes!

This is Hotel Lake View?

Are you going or should
I call the police?

Have you heard
Sir Rajeev's name?


We have heard!

I am the one.

You are Raju?


Girls you are back?

Go and change your clothes!

Who is he?

He is Sir Rajeevlal!

Sir Rajeevlal!

Who said?

He himself said so!

He said and you all accepted?


Silly girls...

...Bholaraam wouldn't inform us
if our sir would be arriving?

Where is Bholaraam?

Where is he?

I am asking!

Who are you to ask me?

You want to fool us?
Leave from here!

Who are you?

Who are you?

I am Ramadevi!

I am her guardian!



Keep your cool!

After Bholaraam arrives...

Before Bholaraam comes,
you flee from here!

Get out.

Shut up!

Girls, what are you
looking at him?

Whack him with your bats!

Hey Bholaraam!
- Sir, you?

Who made a hotel here?

Sir, I made!
- Why?

Since many years you people
had not visited this place...

...I used to feel lonely here!

Shut up! I was insulted there!
Remove everyone from the bungalow!

How is this possible, Sir?

I have taken an advance from them
and even given them a receipt.

I don't know all that.

Everyone should
be out by evening!

Till then I'll stay
somewhere else!

You can't stay here!

What do you mean?

Ranima has sent a telegram...

...saying if you have come here,
you have to immediately return back.

And what did you answer?

I haven't still given an answer,
but I'll soon reply back to her!

Bholaraam nobody should
know that I am here!

But Sir...

...I will have to
reply back to her.

Tell her I am not here.

As you wish.

But what about those girls?

I can't remove them!

Okay let them stay.

I will stay somewhere else.

What are you saying, Sir?

This Hotel belongs to you!

I will empty the room
on the top for you.

But by mistake I told
those girls I am Rajeevlal!

So what?

I will manage!


Leave it on me!

I will make up something!
You wait here for five minutes...

...I will be right back!


...you are simply the best!

I serve you, Sir!

Welcome, Sir!

I have made all the arrangements
for you in the room on top!

Where are they?

They must be hiding
somewhere around in fear!

In fear, what do you mean?


...I have said something...

...that has frightened them
and they won't dare to face you!

Very good!

Have they shifted from here?

Look around, Sir!

I am seeing!

He started with his madness!

Bholaraam, lock him in the room!

Whom is she calling mad?

Not you.

I said you are Sir's friend!

But he thinks he is
Sir Rajeevlal!

What do you mean?

I mean you are...

A psychic?

No, No nothing like that!

I had just told them!

You started throwing things at them
and they will start believing!

Have you really lost it?

It is very necessary for me to behave
in that manner since you've told!

Sir, I couldn't think
of anything else!

No one will consider
you as Sir Rajeevlal...

...and no one will be
there to harass you.

Very good...

...what an idea!

Do you want anything, Sir?

You did a good job of
removing them from here!

What book is this?

An evening in Paris!

The girls had kept it here!
The smell will remain for few more days!

I don't like this
artificial fragrance.

I will get you some fresh
flowers tomorrow morning!

It will make you feel fresh!


...I have heard girls
sell flowers here!

Even boys sell!

I want special
varieties of flowers.

You get them immediately!

Who are you?
What do you want?

Heard some wealthy
merchant has come to stay!

They really like flowers!

You don't have the
kind of flowers he wants!

At least have a look!

Many florists had come
to sell these flowers!

Sir sent them back!
Now go!


- Yes Sir.

Quickly. Come up!

Coming, Sir!

Some florist had come?

She didn't have that
special variety so I fled her!

Send her here!

I saw her flowers!

I want to see her flowers
go and send for her!


Who is it?


Come in.

I am in.

Which flowers do you have?

I have roses, lotus, jasmine!

How much is it for?

5 rupees for the entire basket.

Keep the basket here.


You won't get such flowers
anywhere in Kashmir.

These are Champa's flowers!

You are lying?

Not a single magnolia
is there in the basket!

No, No.

I am Champa!

What else can it be?


Yes me!

You are staring at me like
you have never seen me!

How are you here?

I am Sir's driver!

Then why did you
sit on his chair?

I behave like my sir,
when my sir is not around!

He is not there?

He has gone to
meet our madam!

He told me to buy
flowers from a florist.

Please buy.

Then I won't have
to wander in sun!

Take this.

20 rupees!

This is too much.

It's less.

My Sir would have given 50 rupees
if he was in my place.

50 rupees?


You were right your
master is a great man.

And me?


Even you are a nice man.

Champa if I buy your
flowers every day...

...what will you gift me?

Whatever you want!

Can I pin this
flower in your hair?

I thought you'll
ask for money!


Pin it!

Make it quick!

What if your master comes?

I will tell him, I love you!

If he asks you,
even you accept!

I don't lie.

Even I don't lie.

You just lied.


That you...!

I love you?

I do love you.

Definitely. Yes!

It's true.

Don't joke.

You will come back tomorrow?

I don't know.

Leave me.

Say you will!


I will come!

You came early today?

Yes father!

I am very happy today!

You have sold all
the flowers today!

Yes father!

And guess in how much!

25 paise more!

No father!

20 rupees!

20 rupees?

Yes father!

The one who has
bought them is a driver.

He was saying, his sir
would have given 50 rupees!


Return him, his 15 rupees!

Why father?

We should take the equivalent
money and nothing more!

But if someone gives gladly!

He definitely wants
something then!

No father!

That driver is a very good man.

You can't really make out anybody's
intention by looking at his face!

Return his money back to him.

And don't go there again!

I won't go!

But we need money.

What is the need to return it?

No child you don't know...

...a man can trait
his soul for money!

He becomes a devil!


My child...

...be satisfied...

...in what you get!


...don't worry about it.

Wait at the airport I am
coming to pick you up.


Chandar babu will
also stay here?


I called you the fake owner,
what will I call him?

Make him the real boss!

Tell everyone
he is Sir Rajeevlal!

I will explain Chandar!

No words I have for you!


Your Sir has still not arrived!

Bholaraam, you should
have gone to pick him.

Why did you send that psychic?


How is he in looks?

Tell us!

He has arrived.

Salute the boss.

You are saluting the fake boss?

Salute the real boss!

She is Ramadevi!


They are Chhaya, Maya, Rekha!


Rekha, Maya, Chhaya!

Greetings Sir!




My friend is...


He calls himself Sir Rajeevlal!

Are you married Sir?


I am finding a girl!

What kinds?

The one I can get married to.

According to my father's will I have
to get married before I turn 30.

What is your age, Sir?


He is three years
younger to me!

And I am three years
younger to him!

I am sorry, my friend is insane!

He is worse than
the previous one!

But he is wealthy!

He is finding a girl
to get married!

We should plan something!

How did I act?

Very good.

You acted like a joker!

Even those girls believed me!

They did not believe you!

They are only
concerned with money!

Another fool was also
enough to convince them!

Don't say this!

3 girls at the same
time have a crush on me!

You will suffer, what do I do?


Who is it?

I have work with the real
boss and not with you!

That florist had again
visited us today!

You didn't ask her to wait?

You have even got
a driver along with you?

Answer to what
you are asked to!

She left?

She didn't give me
a chance to talk.

She gave me 15
rupees and she left!

And has said when his driver
comes hand it over to him!

Since then I am thinking...

...Who is this driver?

I am the driver!

Who is Seth Sanjeevlal's son?

I am also his son!

I had paid her,
why did you take them?

1 basket costed you 20 rupees?

What's the matter?


Where did she go?
- To the market!

To the market?

How does she look?

She is a daughter to me!

There is no one
in this boat...

...these flowers will
die under the sun!

Take me near the boat.

I will sprinkle some water!


I thought there is
no one in the boat!

Shut up.

You wet my clothes!

The other day you
showered cold water on me!

I didn't get angry that day!

You have come to take
a revenge of that day?


I am here to ask you, why
did you return my money?


When a guy pays
20 rupees for 5 rupees...

...he is not a good guy.


Who said?

My father!

And you believed him?

This means you like me?

When did I say so?

You didn't say?

When will you say?

You please leave!

They all are coming!
- Who?


I can't see any
girl except you!

Go please!

Else I will...

What else can you do?

"Your moon-like
illuminating face..."

"...and golden colored hair."

"Behind these
deep blue eyes..."

"...hides a secret."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"Your moon-like
illuminating face..."

"...and golden coloured hair."

"Behind these
deep blue eyes..."

"...hides a secret."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"Judgment is one thing..."

"...have heard from people."

"Seeing you I believe..."

"...they were right"

"...they were right."

"There is some magic..."

"...in your walk"

"I controlled myself..."

"...but it was helpless."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"Your moon-like
illuminating face..."

"...and golden coloured hair."

"Behind these
deep blue eyes..."

"...hides a secret."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"Beam of the
morning glow..."

...blossoms on your cheeks".

"Every evening,
a blanket of darkness..."

the shadows of your hair."

"Beam of the
morning glow..."

...blossoms on your cheeks".

"Every evening,
a blanket of darkness..."

the shadows of your hair"

the shadows of your hair."

"You are like a running lake..."

"...you stretch like a wave."

"The one who falls
in these waves..."

"...rules the whole world."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"Your moon-like
illuminating face..."

"...and golden coloured hair."

"Behind these
deep blue eyes..."

"...hides a secret."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"I am in search
of my destination..."

"...and it is close to me."

"Unveil your face..."

"...and reveal the truth"

"...and reveal the truth"

"I admit that
your splendor..."

"...shall drive me
into a frenzy."

"Let me appreciate to
my heart's content..."

"...your intoxicating vanity."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"Your moon-like
illuminating face..."

"...and golden coloured hair."

"Behind these
deep blue eyes..."

"...hides a secret."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"What praise can I offer..."

"...to the one
who created you."

"What praise can I offer..."

You are back?

You haven't slept as yet?

Today I really enjoyed!

All 3 girls want to marry me!

All 3?

Tell me something...

Am I good looking?

Who said?

Don't you know?
Maya said...

Rock Hudson is
nothing in front of me!

She is fooling you!

You are right!

I am not a fool!

I will fool the other two
and will immediately...

...get married to Chhaya!

You will marry Chhaya?

Her father has a shop!

I am sorted!

Haven't you slept as yet?

I wouldn't get sleep
without thanking you.


Thank you!

What for?

For telling Maya and
Chhaya, you like me more!

Look here!

Look at me!

"Your beautiful face..."

"...evil eye begone."

This mad guy is here only?

Don't get scared, he has
a habit of singing in sleep!

But he is even walking!


Your evil eyes...

...and your scary face...

...can't trap me!

She ran away!

You are a problematic man!

Close the door!

I am feeling cold.

What a problematic man!

These 3 girls are also
mad, so is my friend!

Sleep quickly!

Here she comes!

Problem no. 2!

Haven't you slept as yet?

Since you have come...

...how will I get sleep?
- Seriously?

How would I know?

That you love me so much!

What did you say?

Even you were
not getting sleep...

...so was I not
getting sleep!

He is still here?

Where else will he go?

Let him sleep.

Let's go out.

Under the moonlight!



Don't go further,
there's danger.

Do not go ahead.

What is he saying?

He is seeing a dream.

He only sees one
dream everyday!


He has reached in
the jungles of Africa...

...and some uncivilized
men encircle him...

...and they fight!

Oh my god!


Don't go out it's a
moonlit night!

Thank you!

You saved me in my bad times!

Go and sleep!

The third one will
be here anytime!

Chhaya will be coming!

Come on!

Let me change clothes!

Sleep the way you are!

When a vulture dies
you run like a girl!


You are staring at me like you
have never seen me before!

I have never seen
you in this way!

You'll find me to be different
every time you see me!

May be you'll like
me in some form!

I used to drive...

From a car,
I started row a boat...

From a boat, I have
started riding a horse!

I don't know what all things
I will have to do for you.

For me?

Then what?

I don't have a habit
of riding horses.

And I reached your place!

My house?

Who gave you my address?

Flowers helped me!


Come with me!
I'll show you.


See this.

So many flowers!

I had to buy them.

I reached near the
lake in search of you...

...you friends laid a condition,
till I don't buy their flowers...

...they won't give
me your address!



Now if I go near the
lake to sell flowers...

...all the girls will tease me!

So don't go!

I can't go home empty
handed in the evening!

Give me your hand.

Take this!

All the flowers are sold!

Now you are
free till evening!




We will roam the entire day!

There are many places to see.

You can go!


We will go together!

Show me the way.


I won't go.


Come on quickly!


Come on!

Sometime back you said no
and now you say we'll go!

You are weird!

Who is he?

Listen to me!

Who was that scoundrel?


He is in charge of the jungle!

But why are you scared of him?

My father is his debtor!

If he becomes upset...

...he can remove
us from the village.

Mohan comes to your place?


He comes to meet my father...

...but always
harasses me a lot.

What do you mean?

He wants to...

...get married to you?

Is it?

If he tells you anything...

...tell me!

What will you do?

He is very cruel!

I will teach him a lesson.

Henceforth if you
need something...

...tell me!

I will pay your father's debt!

It's 500 rupees!

Where will you get from?


I'll rob!



I can do anything and
everything for you.

I can even give up on life!

That's it.

What happen?


Let's leave!

It's a beautiful valley!

And so I wonder why my
heart waits for my love!

Till it rains we'll wait here!

Anybody there?

Anybody there?

Where are you going?

Whose house is it?

It's very cold outside!


Someone is sleeping here.


Who is it?


It's raining outside!

We want to stay
here for a while.

We will leave once
it stops raining!

Say loudly!

I can't hear!

Sleeping like a log!

It's raining outside.

We want to stay
here for a while.

It's raining outside.


She is your wife?

Are you a man?

She is shivering!

And you are looking
at her face!

If she gets cold,
she'll fall sick.

Come with me!


Change your clothes!

So what, he is your husband!

You are behaving like
you were married yesterday!

Okay go on top
and change there.


You also go and change.

Go else you will catch cold.

Go quickly!

Hang them, they'll dry soon!

Hey beautiful...

...please hang
my clothes also!

My son's and daughter in
law's clothes fit you well...

...he had bought this
suit last year from the fair.



Sorry for giving you trouble!

You go and rest!

Those two?

They had gone to the market...

...they must be
trapped somewhere.

Even an enemy shouldn't
be trapped this way!

What did she say?

Till you son and daughter
in law don't return...

...you can consider us your
son and daughter in law!

Was this supposed
to be said?

I will sleep now!

Take care of the house!


Once these clothes dry
up, wear them and leave!

I will make you sleep!


Sleep comfortably!

Without taking tensions!


You are looking very beautiful
in these clothes! - Shut up!

I really like you!
- Shut up.

The weather is becoming better but
your temper is still the same.

I don't feel like
looking at you also.


Your grandmother
spoke nonsense!

And you were
nodding your head.

God keeps her
100 years alive!

She will bless us when
we get married!


When we get married!

Aren't you ashamed?

What's so shameful?

Every man gets married
and has children!

But who will get
married to you?

Why are you getting angry?
Someone will!

I even like you!

Really good!


"The one who stole my
heart with only plain actions."

"Tell me how did
you learn to do so?"

"Making miracles only
through meeting of the eyes."

"My love where did
you learn this from?"

"You impressed my heart"

"what had I done?"

"The one who tortured me..."

"...was these actions itself"

"...was these actions itself."

"The story of the lover..."

"...and the tales of Majnu..."

"...is not at all different
from my story."

"The one who stole my
heart with only plain actions."

"Tell me how did you
learn to do so?"

"People who love,
they do not show it."

"The heartbeats of our heart,
we don't let others hear them."

"We don't let others
hear them."

"What is the fun when
we do it ourselves?"

"The proposal of our
love by ourselves."

"Making miracles only
through meeting of the eyes."

"My love where did
you learn this from?"

"I agree that you are..."

"...one among the
rest of the world."

"You have to praise..."

"...me for the good
choice I have."

"Praise me for my choice."

"Even the eyes of this world
had an eye on this flower."

"That is the same flower I
have chosen from the garden."

"The one who stole my
heart with only plain actions."

"Tell me how did
you learn to do so?"

"Making miracles only
through meeting of the eyes."

"My love where did
you learn this from?"

"Tell me how did
you learn to do so?"

"My love where did
you learn this from?"

"Tell me how did
you learn to do so?"

"My love where did
you learn this from?"

"Tell me how did
you learn to do so?"

Where are you coming from?

Had gone to sell flowers!

Along with flowers since when
have you started selling your love?

Leave my hand.

I have just caught your hand...

...you have spent one entire
day with that car owner!

Are you leaving me?



What happen?

What happen?

It's like...

...Champa is losing herself!

Who is it?


Yes Father.

Ask her where was
she the entire day?

It started raining
very heavily today!

So I had to stay
at one place.

With that guy who
owns the car?

Whom are you talking about?

A met a decent man on my way!

He saved my life.

Else I wouldn't have
been alive today.

No, don't say this.

My child has to really
work hard all the time.

If I wouldn't have been blind...

...I would have never
allowed you to work.

Still nothing's gone wrong...

...if you care about your reputation,
stop her from going out!

What do you mean?

Champa is not a child any more.

She is taking advantage
of you being blind.


Dare if you say
anything about Champa.

I have complete
faith in my daughter.

On your daughter?

Father, please tell him
to go away from here!

Who is he to interfere?

You go inside!


Where are you?
- In front of you!

What do you know about Champa?

Champa is not your daughter.

How do you know?

Things cannot be hidden!

Look Mohan...

Champa should never
know this truth.

Tell her from tomorrow
she need not work.

She is only allowed
to go out with me!



I have prepared our food.

I am coming.

Today you prepared
food little early?

Yes I will sleep early today.

I have to go to the
fair tomorrow morning.

With whom?

I will go with a friend.


Like every year I want you to go
to the festival with your friends.

In Mohan's festival?

Yes, with your friends!

But I don't wish to go!


If you want to go for the
fair, go with your friends!

Else I won't allow
you to go alone!


I will go with him.

I think for your good.


Whose it?

It's Munni.

I am just coming.

Champa tomorrow you
are coming for the fair?


Munni, inform Raju...

...I won't be able to
meet him tomorrow.

Now you have started
meeting him every day?

I feel you will
get married soon!

Why are you silent Champa?

Talk to me, be happy!

It's a big day today!

I am thinking...

...I will take a sari
worth 100 rupees!

I have a sari to wear.

You have everything, Champa!

But you should have
something of my choice!


Only because I like you!

Look ahead!

Stop the car.

God has sent you to help me.

Where are you going?

To the fair.

Take me along!

My wife can't walk.

She is pregnant.

There is no place in the truck!

Come in the next truck!

Give them a lift.

I refused him...

...so that your friends...

...who are going to
come from Pathancoat...

...do not face any problems!

If you say I will
give them a lift.

Come sit.

God bless you!
Live long!

A man only understands
a man's problem.

My beloved, you sit here...

...I will make
some place for you!

How will I sit with your wife?

I am not his wife.

She is my wife to be.

You sit with a stranger?

You sit with my wife!

I will sit with him!

Get down.

Get down.

Wait Champa.

You sit on the top!

I will help you.

What nonsense.

You will touch her?

You don't worry!

My wife will help her!

My beloved...


Khan, your wife
is taller to you.

You don't know, she is
the shortest in her family.

Rest all of them are
even taller than her.

It's surprising!

You said your wife can't walk.

My wife is a Pathani!

Within her weakness
lies her strength!

Let's go, I'll tell
some stories about her.


What are you doing?


Come on!

Your Majesty...

...only girls are there.

Why have you
covered your face?

We want to see your face.

What will you do
seeing my ugly face?

You all are so beautiful.

Who is the most
beautiful amongst all?

The most beautiful?

Let me see!

My back!

She is the most
beautiful of all.

The one who sees
her will fall for her.

"Glorious is the Lord,
such a beautiful face."

"Glorious is the Lord,
such a beautiful face."

"This bewitching style."

"May the Lord protect you
from every evil, from every evil!"

"When I set eyes on you,
my heart said."

"When I set eyes on you,
my heart said."

"That I should only bless you."

"May the Lord protect you
from every evil, from every evil!"

"I wonder in whose fortune is
this moon-like face bestowed"

"I wonder in whose home a
piece of this moon will shine"

"I wonder in whose home a
piece of this moon will shine."

"If I am permitted, may I also."

"If I am permitted, may I also."

"Chance my luck."

"May the Lord protect you
from every evil, from every evil."

"Glorious is the Lord,
such a beautiful face."

"This bewitching style."

"May the Lord protect you
from every evil, from every evil."

"This world looks at you
with a lot of expectation."

"Everybody wants to
narrate his tale to you."

"Everybody wants to
narrate his tale to you."

"There is a heart (mood),
there is an atmosphere."

"There is a heart (mood),
there is an atmosphere."

"Wherever you go."

"May the Lord protect you
from every evil, from every evil."

"Glorious is the Lord,
such a beautiful face."

"This bewitching style."

"May the Lord protect you
from every evil, from every evil."

"When I set eyes on you,
my heart said."

"That I should only bless you."

"May the Lord protect you
from every evil, from every evil."

She went.

And my wife?

Even she left!

You said your wife is pregnant.

Now how did she run?

My wife is a Pathani!

She must have gone to see the fair!
Let's find her!

Come on!

What if Mohan sees us?

Even I will screw him.


Who is it?

Where is your wife?

I am still finding her.

I haven't found her as yet.

Find her quickly!

I am finding her.

- Greetings!

Who was the one who
came along with you?

He is my friend.

Why did you do this?

To meet you!

Will you have water melon?

Khan, seeing you
I don't even feel...

...like your wife
has escaped from here!

I will eat and fill my stomach.

I will find her then!

We are not newly wedded
that she will escape.

She is my wife since 3 years!

What is this?

Can't you see?

Why are you getting angry?
Take money!

Leave me!

Take money!

- What happen?

He is here!

Let's go.

"Your hand in my hand with
some new emotions in my heart."

"If this remains forever,
what else I want."

"Your hand in my hand with
some new emotions in my heart."

"From the day I have seen you..."

"...I feel like you are
written in my fate."

"Since the day
I have liked you..."

"...you bring happiness along"

"I see happiness all around me."

"If this remains forever,
what else I want."

"Your hand in my hand with
some new emotions in my heart."

"The day we get married..."

"...our pair will look marvelous."

"Our dreams will come true"

"The sun and the stars
have no comparison with you."

"If this remains forever,
what else I want."

"Your hand in my hand with
some new emotions in my heart."

"You have a beautiful face."

"Anyone can lose his trust"

"I saw your
intoxicated eyes and..."

"...since then I have
lost control over my heart"

"I lost myself and got you,
that is written in my fate."

"If this remains forever,
what else I want."

"Your hand in my hand with
some new emotions in my heart."

Father, where is Champa?

She went to the fair.

She went with me...

...but she ditched me in the
fair and was with her beloved.

What nonsense!


You know it very well...

...your Champa has an
affair with that guy!

Don't shout.

I will pull your
tongue otherwise!

You blame my innocent daughter!

Is she your daughter?

Anyway whoever's
daughter she is...

...I just know one thing...

...if you don't get
her married to me...

...I will nab her!


No one can hold
grudges against me...

...and you can't take
the help of police.

Why? Because you
know the reason.


I will come back again!



Mohan Sir, you?

Give me some more time!

I will pay off your debt!

I excuse you!
- What?

I will give you
100 rupees more...

...if you find out
Champa's parents!



You were sloshed and in that state
you said Champa is not his daughter.

It is very old.

When Dinu used to
drink some years back...

...even he said it by mistake.

But he never told me
anything further!

Don't tell him I am here!

Come in.

Come in.

At this time you are here?

Mohan had come
home sometime back.

He wants to get
married to Champa.

That's good.

He is rich.

He has some reputation.


Champa is not worth him.

You talk like she comes
from an affluent family.

Champa is a wealthy
man's daughter.

I haven't told this to anyone.

I don't want...

...someone takes
Champa away from me.

I won't be able
to live without her.

Mohan intimidated me...

...so I had to come to you.

Everyone is scared of Mohan.

Do you know how
dangerous is he?

If he wants to get married
to Champa he will do so!

I will give up on my life...

But you won't be
able to stop him.

Promise me, if
anything happens to me...

...you will hand her
over to her family!

But where?

You won't tell anybody, right?

Are you mad?

You are my old friend!


There is a yellow voluminous
bungalow at Srinagar near the Lake!

I mean it was there
some 20 years ago.

It's still there!

I had nabbed Champa from there!

Robbed her?


She is a daughter
of a tycoon of Delhi.

My sister used to work there.

What is his name?

His name is...

Barcha, is there anyone
in the room, apart from us?

No one is there!

Definitely there is
someone in the room!

No one is there!

Sit and tell me his name!

No, No I had forgotten...

...even walls can hear!


Dinu listen to me.

Who has come to meet me?


You don't know me...

...But I know you.


Bholaraam has given
me your address!

You are Dinu's sister?

How do you know?

Who are you?

I will tell you everything.

Your master even
had a daughter, right?


The one who was nabbed
by your daughter!

What do you know about it?


I just don't know...

...what is her share
in this property?

This is all hers!

But where is she?

Do you know it?

I do know.

But I will tell you
when time comes!


Shaamlalji, Shaamlalji!


What happen Karuna?

A man had come...

...he was talking about Rani!
- What was he saying?

She is alive!

She is alive?

Where is she?

I will leave now.

Wait for some more time please.

Leave me. I will come
back again tomorrow.

You will come back tomorrow?

And will again leave tomorrow.


...I have crossed my limits.

What do you want?

Don't you know?

I want to meet your father.

Meet him then.

You will introduce us.

You are fast with all that.

Who introduced us?

A bucket of cold water!

I had decided that very moment...

...the one who showered water...

...will make my queen.

You talk like you are a king!

I am not any less!

If I can waive lakhs
of rupees on you...

...what will you say?

You are mad.

I wasn't...

...you made me one.

Leave me.

Let me go.


When I hold someone...

...he doesn't leave her easily.

And how can you trust
someone who is mad?

Sometimes I even bite.


Have you really lost it?


I have lost it.

You, me!

These flowers, buds....

...the weather etc
and look there...

...those clouds!

How are they running!

Even I am leaving.

You are losing your mind.

"After seeing this, my
heart is filled with happiness."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."

"The clouds of spring
have cast upon us."

"After seeing this,
my heart danced."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."

"My luck was never like this."

"If I meet a lover like you."

"Today my heart is going
crazy with happiness."

"Today my heart is going
crazy with happiness."

"Oh my darling,
my love, you met me."

"Oh my darling,
my love, you met me."

"Why wouldn't my heart go mad?"

"What beauty you have
been blessed with."

"After seeing this,
my heart danced."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."

"When I saw you..."

"...I started liking you."

"I washed away like dew."

"I washed away like dew"

"...the waves didn't stop even
though I tried to stop them"

"...the waves didn't stop even
though I tried to stop them."

"There was confusion in my life."

"And then I heard
the wedding bells."

"After seeing this,
my heart danced."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."

"Today with all new hopes..."

"...my world is all
ready with expectations."

"From a very longtime
it was cold and boring."

"From a very longtime
it was cold and boring."

"My life was very sad."

"My life was very sad."

"When I pull your veil..."

"...the surroundings changed."

"After seeing this,
my heart danced."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."

"The clouds of Spring
have cast upon us."

"After seeing this,
my heart danced."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."

"The clouds of Spring
have cast upon us."

"After seeing this,
my heart danced."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."


I have got tobacco
from Delhi for you.

From Delhi?
- Yes!

You went to Delhi?
- Yes!

To see Sanjeevlal's bungalow!


They are very rich!

You had robbed a precious stone!

I even met your sister Karuna!


I pitied Champa
and didn't say a word!

The one she considers God...

...how would she feel
once she knows the truth!

Stop it!

What do you want?

I want to marry Champa,
how many times do I tell you?

If Champa is convinced...

Are you convinced?


If you are convinced,
convince her too!

Who will bestow your
daughter if you are jailed?

My dream girl...

...how did you come
early this morning?

Didn't you go to sell flowers?

What is it?

You look more beautiful
when you are angry!

Shut up!

I will keep quiet today, but
how will you shut me that day!

Which day?

The day you will apply
henna on your hands!

And I will be the groom!


Harasses me today!

Even my time will come!



You are back?

Yes Father!

What happen?

You seem to be worried.

I was thinking...

...to get you married.


You want to remove
me from your house?

No child!

I will send you to
a reputed family!

I won't leave you and go!

Silly girl.


Mohan has told me
a several times...



He wants to get married to you.

He is very rich.


You will sell your
daughter in greed?


Don't ever say this.

Don't ever say this again!

If you force me to get married
to Mohan it's equal to killing me!


Instead I will have poison!

My daughter!

Don't do this.

I was not in my senses!

I won't get scared
of his threats!




You have taken a loan...

...that is the thing right?

How many rupees have
you taken from him?

I will take it from Raju.


Who is he?

That driver...!

The one who had
given you 20 rupees?

He is a very nice man.

Do you trust him so much?


I want to meet him.

Even Raju wants to meet you!

Call him tomorrow.

If you like him...

...I will fix you both!


...singing and swaying,
where are you off to?

Beloved's place?


We won't go!

You are going to meet him
or have already met him!

I am going to meet him.

Something important?

Tell us what is it?

My father is convinced.

He wants to meet Raju.

Why don't you accept
you want to meet him?


Is your boss at home?

No. Why?

Why did you close the door?

Because I want to talk!



What is it?


What is it?

Sit first.

What is it?

My father was saying..

...you are a very nice man.

That's it?

This was it?


Is it not important?

What if my father disliked you?

How would we get married?

Where are we married?

If we aren't married
we will soon get married.

He wants to fix us up!

Let me have a word
with you first!

Give me your hand!

What is this?

A sign of getting married!

If anyone wants to get married
to you, show them this ring!

I will show them
my thumb instead!

Tell me..

...girls don't take their husband's
name after their wedding!

What will you call me as?


- Yes!

Your boss has come!


My boss would have come!
Hide somewhere!

You hide here. I will
see who's on the door!

Can I come inside?


There is no need for
you to act like a maniac!

I know you are Sir Rajeevlal!


Don't act!

I know it all.

Your friend has
told me everything.

Chandar told you everything?
- Yes.

Be a little soft!

Who will hear?

No one is here except us!


Maya has come.
I will hide here!

Not there!


- Hello!

Is Rekha here?


Be careful!

She is a very cunning girl!

And you?

I left it on you!

You tested me by
saying you are mad!

You must have understood Rekha and
Chhaya are not good girls! - Yes!



I will hide somewhere!

Even you hide behind the sofa.


I was waiting for you.



You like me more
than Maya and Chhaya?

No doubt in it!

I like you the most.

You drive me crazy!

You will marry me?

What are you asking me
an obvious question?

I will obviously marry you!

But there is a problem.


Your friends Rekha
and Maya also like me!

They love your money.

And I just love you.

Even they say the same!

They lie.

Okay let's decide.

even they are here.


Please come out.

Please even you.

Liar, Dishonest!

Cunning, Cruel!

What are you?

What all things you told about me?
- She said!

Shut up.

Do you know?

What have I decided?


If you 3 don't leave this
house I will get you arrested!

Our boyfriend was
better than him.


Why don't you get
married to him?

They don't have money.

Take money from me
and please leave me alone.

Yes. Yes!

- Sir!

Ranima has called.

She sounds worried.


Yes mother!



Yes mother!

I am coming.

I will have to go.

I will book your tickets
and will pack your luggage!

What about Champa?

I will explain Champa.


He will be here anytime.

I wish...

...I see him.

Don't say this Karuna!

Shaamlalji will get
a doctor with him!

The doctor also
can't do anything.

- Raju.

You have come?

Raju! - Karuna!
- You have come?

Don't get up!

Lie down!

What happen to her?



Good you came!

Now I can die peacefully.

Don't say this.

Take rest!


Let me speak.

I will never get a chance!


You are not Ranima's son!
- Karuna!


Let me speak.


My soul won't rest in peace.

I have a brother in Shimla!


He was a drunkard.

What happen?

I am hungry.

Shut up!
You won't get anything.

I am hungry!

What is this brother?

You will kill him?


He keeps asking for
food all the time.

Aren't you ashamed?

You can spend
money on alcohol...

...but you can't feed him?

I don't want a son.

I don't want.

I can even sell
him for alcohol!

For how much?


Ranima had come home!

I will take him there.

If she likes him...

...she will keep him.

Take him away.

You grew up here!

And Dinu...

...spent all his
money on alcohol.

He came back again
to ask for money.

And then...

...one day!

You came back again?

I won't give you
a single penny!

Where is he?



You can take him just now.

What do you mean?

With God's blessings,
Ranima is going to be a mother!

She is going to be a mother?

Raju has vacations...

...I was going to Kashmir
taking him to meet Ranima!


I am calling him!

If you want, take him away.


He will stay here only.

He will always stay here.

Only my son can be the
owner of this property.


The day Ranima's
daughter took a birth...

...she was unconscious.

The doctor said….

...she won't come back
to her senses for a day!

That very day...

...it was a dangerous
stormy night!

I was in one room.

I was making...

...the baby sleep!



What happen?

He nabbed my daughter.

Karuna, my daughter
has not passed away?

Say, Karuna. Say!

My daughter is alive?

Say, Karuna. Say!

Please say!

Say Karuna Say!

My daughter is alive?

I am not Ranima's son.

I am not Ranima's son.

I am not Ranima's son.

I don't belong to this house?

I don't belong to this house?

I don't belong to this house?

I am not Ranima's son.

I am not Ranima's son.

I am not Ranima's son.

I don't belong to this house?

I don't belong to this house?

I don't belong to this house?

Good evening Sir!

I am Rajeev!

I am not your boss!

But I...!

Don't call me Sir else I will
think you are abusing me!


Your coke!

Now you feel the need?

Now you will get addicted to it.


The one who loses in a war...

...what is his condition?

He gathers his troops...

...and he again fights!

And the one who has lost hopes?

Why will he live if he
left alone in this world?

Lives to love!

For his love!

You said a very
important thing, colonel!

"His is the world..."

"...the era is his."

"Who has surrendered himself..."

"...In love with someone."

"The world is his..."

"...the era is his"

"who has surrendered..."

"...in love with someone."

"The traveler who's
waylaid on Love's Path."

"Paradise is this
world in his view."

"The traveler who's
waylaid on Love's Path."

"Paradise is this
world in his view."

"He alone has looted
the pleasure of life."

"Who has surrendered
himself in love to someone."

"Worthy of prostration
is every such lunatic"

"Who's become an
icon of his beloved."

"Worthy of prostration
is every such lunatic"

"Who's become an
icon of his beloved."

"Give deference
to his craziness"

"Who has surrendered
himself in love to someone."

"For whom being ruined
is an act of grace"

"The love wrenches
but is also a remedy".

"For whom being ruined
is an act of grace"

"The love wrenches
but is also a remedy."

"How will the worldly
inflictions worry him"

"Who has surrendered
himself in love to someone".

"His is the world,
the era is his"

"Who has surrendered
himself in love to someone..."


What is this?

I am going.

You are going?


Why are you going?

You have many favours on me!

How much indebted I am to you.


What favour are
you talking about?

What are you saying, son?


Even after knowing everything
still you call me your son?

You are a God for me
and not just a woman.



I wish I could
forget I am a son...

...of a father who has
sold me for money!

To make me the heir to this family,
he walk over humanity and decency.

No son!

I have no complaints!

I am satisfied in what I have!

What was taken away from me...

...was not in my fate!

Ranima, I forgot
informing you...

...the day Karuna fell ill...

...one man had
come to meet her.

One man?

Who was he?

His name or address?

I don't know anything.

But from his appearance,
Karuna said...

...he must be living in
some mountainous area!

I believe he is alive!

I will find him from
any corner of the world.

Bless me!

I will also come with you.

As you wish.

You have come here
after 20 long years.

Greetings Ranima!

Live long.

I am leaving now! Chandar and
Bholaraam will take care of you!

She doesn't need anyone!

I am here to serve her.


She is my wife!

Day before yesterday,
we got married.

I am leaving.

Rest for sometime,
we have just reached.


I can't even wait
for a minute!

Chandar take care of her!


Come Ranima!


I tried finding Champa
after you left...

...but she never came to
the market to sell flowers!



You want flowers, sir?

5 rupees for a basket.

5 rupees is of no value
to you, right Sir?

Buy them.


I didn't get a chance
to talk to you that day.

What is the need to say?

To play with a
girl's emotions...

...and her feelings
must be your habit!

Champa I am not
a wealthy person!

I am a common man!

I want to clear
your misconception.

It was cleared that very day!

When I saw the real you.


Aren't you contended
by ditching me once?

That you have again come?


Champa please wait.

You didn't go to the market?

I just picked flowers!

I will go now.

Now, you don't have
to earn a living!


Mohan had come home
after you left!



Like others Mohan
would have ditched us...

...but he was
always good to us!

He has even helped
us monetarily!

He is our well wisher!

What do you mean, father?

He wants to get married to you.


If I was not helpless...

...I would have searched
for a better guy than him.

But what do I do?

I am blind!

I am helpless!

I am poor!

But father!

No child!

Now don't refuse!

Mohan is rich...

...is even reputed!

He will even keep you happy!

He has agreed to keep
me with him in his house!

You will stay with me...

...you will look after me...

...I won't have to see
bad days in my old age!


Please don't cry!

We won't have to
suffer anymore!

I will tell Mohan...

...you are convinced
for the wedding.

I am leaving.


You had gone to find
Ranima's daughter?


How do you know?

I don't know anything about it!
But Mohan had come here!

Who is Mohan?

The one who is in charge
of the jungles? - Yes!

I thought he was drunk!

What was he saying?

He knows her daughter!

How does he know?

You are looking
good, Sir Mohan!

The day you'll be the groom...

...that will be
the day of your life!

3 days to go...!

I don't get sleep at night.

And even if I get sleep I
only dream about Champa.


How did you reach here?

I want to ask you something...


About Ranima's daughter!

Who Ranima?

Whose address you had taken from
Bholaram and had gone to Delhi!

Who Bholaraam?

You had even spoken to Karuna
regarding Ranima's daughter!

Who is Karuna?


I have to find that girl.

Tell me who is she
and where is she?

I am telling you!

Leave me!

I will tell you now!

Sir Mohan!

Tell him Sir!

Tell me who that girl is.

Tell him Sir.

Tell him!

Tell me who is that girl?


What do you know?

I know everything.

Please don't hit me.

Who is that girl?

She is Dinu's daughter!

I know he had nabbed her!

Whom did he nab?




Champa is that girl?
- Yes!



Why have you come here?

I want to meet your father!

My father is not at home.

You leave!

You will have to come
with me right now.


You cheated me and now
you want to defame me?

Day after tomorrow
I am getting married.


With whom?

With Mohan.

Do come for the wedding!

See me getting ruined
with your own eyes!

I didn't get a chance to
clear your misconception.

And now no use
clearing it also.

Come with me.

Your mother is waiting for you.

My mother?


You have no idea who are you!

Life is playing games with you.

It has separated you
from your mother!

That's it.

I understood.

You want to cheat me!

My father wouldn't have told
me if my mother was alive?


Because your father
had nabbed you from her.

The one you consider
to be your father...

...he means nothing to you!

Shut up!

Leave from here.


See what I got for you.

A silk dress, some
ornaments! - Father!

I am not your daughter?

Who told you?

Raju said.

He says my mother is alive!

He is a liar and
is even cunning!

You are my daughter!

Why did he say so?

And how dare you call
Champa your daughter?

- Raju!

Rascal, Scoundrel!

You cheated my daughter.

You played with her feelings!

How dare do you come here?

Leave from here!

I will go!

But I will even take
Champa along with me.

No, No!

No one can separate us!


Today you are afraid
of losing a stranger?

Imagine what would have
happened to her mother!

The day you nabbed
her from her mother!

Shut up.

One more word...

...and I will kill you.

I will kill you!
- Father!

You had killed
me the same day..

...when you had
sold me for alcohol!


You are Raju?




Your child.

Your unlucky child!

Inspite of having a father lived
like an orphan at someone's place!

Stop it!

I have got my punishment!

Please don't hurt me anymore!

I know...

...I have no rights
to call you my son.

I lost my rights...

...the same day I sold you!


Is this true?

Why aren't you saying?

Why don't you say?

Please say it's all a lie!

All my life I have
lived on this lie!

But today...

...truth has slapped me
and given me an answer!

I can't lie anymore!

Let me talk now!


You are Sir
Sanjeevlal's daughter!

I had stolen you from him!

Had stolen you to kill you!

Dinu, Dinu!

I was blinded!

And saved me from a sin!

After I turned blind
and became helpless...

...I had no one in my life!

So I adopted you!

You were my only support!

I don't want to hear anything!

You are my father
however you may be!

I don't know anyone!

Ranima has come with me!



She is sitting
outside in the car.

I have brought her along.

No, No!

No, No.

I can't face her.

Won't you ask for an apology?

I won't be able
to face the world.

I will get her along!


I won't leave you and go!


Please forget me...

...I am no one to you!


You will live like a princess!

You will live
a luxurious life!

I don't want anything.

I want to live with you.

Who will look after you?

I will do!


Who is she?

She is Champa, Ranima!

Your daughter.

My daughter!


Champa, she is your mother.


My daughter.


My child!

The whole family is here!


Now we can get married
in their presence! - Mohan!


Tie him!

What are you doing Mohan?

Who is he?

Your to be son in law!

I want to take
Champa to the dais!

Come on!


Dishonest old man!

You made your daughter meet
her mother before our wedding!

Come on Champa!

Come on!

What are you calling
your blind father?

Come with me!

Leave my daughter!
- Shut up!

I will marry her!

You will do the
wedding processions!

Take them to my factory!

Take them.

I will crush you to pieces!

I will drink your blood!

I will crush you to pieces?

You will drink my blood?

I will see you
after my wedding.

2 men should be with him!
Come on!

Sit here!

Ranima and Rajeev
have still not arrived!

Let's go and see.

Bholaraam, do you know
where Champa lives?


Come on.



Get her.

All the preparations are made?

See to it no one comes in!

Sit Champa!
- No!

Show attitude
after our wedding.

Get her mother!

Complete the formalities.

Rajeev. - Sir!

Shaamlalji! Mohan has
taken Champa to the temple!


I am taking the jeep,
you bring the police.


The wedding should
get over in 5 minutes!

You will have to complete the
rituals after I read the mantra!

Shut up and be quick.

You are here!

You are fine?

I am fine, but save Raju!

He is in danger!
- Where is he?

Behind those pipes!

Be quick.

"Your veil is in my hands."

"Happiness comes with you."

"My heart dances
on seeing this."

"Love stretches itself."

"I became crazy
just like a cloud."

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