Kashima Paradise (1973) - full transcript

Exposition internationale d'Osaka

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... will continue to experience
considerable growth.

In the 21st century, Japan's sky, sea
and land

will see our dreams harmonize
with nature

and will continue to experience
considerable growth.

In the 21st century, Japan's sky, sea
and land

will see our dreams harmonize
with nature

and will continue...

Humanity has taken a first step

In the universe.

The Universe is limitless.

The future is infinite.

This first step into the Universe

is a new step towards the future.

Watch your feet,
you're on the way out.

Watch your feet,
you're on the way out.

May Day Parade in Tokyo

Get Mr. Yamashita back to his job!

No to pollution

Comply with labor laws!

- Sato...
- Get out!

- Sato...
- Get out!

Security Treaty...


- Yankees...
- Go home!

- Yankees...
- Go home!

The parade continues,

people who scatter

are invited to do so
by the head of the procession.

Here, the Japanese Communist Party!

Congratulations to the 42nd gathering
of our teachers!

Thank you all for participating in this parade
on May 1st.

Here, the Japanese Communist Party!

The strength we show today

will grow more and more

to bring to the 70s

a new democratic policy and breath!









Hooray for Sato!

Hooray for Sanzo!

Satô Sanzö will win the victory!

Satō Sanzō can't lose!

Satō Sanzō will win!

Come on, Sato Sanzo!

In principle, senators

should be independent of parties.

I am self-employed...

Here, the Communist Party!
If you don't like us,

Consider this though:

should be a fair reflection

of everyone's will.

It should be composed in this sense.

The Liberal Democrat Party
won 35% of the vote.

and it occupies
more than half of the seats!

Can we speak of an
equitably composed parliament?

The communist party

is the founder of democracy.

Democracy also applies
to parliament...

Far left demonstration

against the Japanese-American security treaty .

''The International

''will be the human race

''Arise, the damned of the Earth!

''Rise, the convicts of hunger!

''Reason thunders in its crater

''It's the eruption of the end...''

The Socialist Party
and the Communist Party...

The policy of aggression towards Asia

is backed by a genuine...

It's up to us to check it!

The conservative Party...

''Freedom in pillars of fire

''Spark above our heads

''For the final fight

''Fly the flag of victory

''Stand up, comrades, let's go to battle...''

- Security Treaty...
- No!

- Let's fight...
- For victory!

Please move forward inside the wagon.

Please move further
inside the car.

Please move forward inside the wagon.

Get off lane 4.

The train for Tokyo is about to pull into the station.

The train from Ome to Tokyo
is about to enter the station.

To access platform 4,
please get off here.

Make sure you haven't forgotten anything...

Depart for Chiba, track 7.

The village school.


Hello. Rest!

Today again
we will all spend together

a pleasant day.

In our school,
we are all equal.

If we meet a friend,
we say hello.

Can also

wish him
good luck for the day.

You have to greet with your heart
and with energy.


Bring it here.


Bring me that!


She doesn't want to do anything.

''Generous mountains

''Peaceful rivers

''Birds dancing in the sky

''You set my heart free

'' I live again

''In a new energy''

The time has come
to make a decision.

The Pacific War
taught us peace.

A moral lesson
to live again.

''Aim high

''Use your head

''Give up your worries

''If you're a man

''Laugh or cry

''Up to you to decide

''Don't pride yourself on victory

''Don't cry in defeat

''A man

''Don't show your tears

The 1st war
between the aviation and the navy

got involved.


The whole crew overboard!

The crew left the ship.

You fought well!

You are worthy soldiers
of the British Empire.

- We must act quickly!
- Commanding officer!

No. Good luck.


- Quick!
- Commanding officer!

The water is hot.

Forward, Salamander!

One! Two! Three!

We are silent for a Sapporo beer.

On site,

all kinds of problems happen

related to the nature of the work.

Who can deliver her envelope
to Yukie?

- Me.
- OK.

Sekine Tsuru!


Takagi, there you go.

Yashiro Noriko?

Yashiro Noriko is not there?

She's a woman, right?


This envelope...
It's Yatsume, right?

It's Yada.

Is there a Yada?

7 yens + 8 yens

+ 5 yens + 4 yens

+ 7 yens + 9 yens...

7,800 yen

+18 53 7 yen

+5,246 yen

+8 70 yen

+7,413 yen

+ 36,719 yen

+9,185 yen...

Omuro, how is it?

1,816,567 yen, sir.


I would like 14 7,901 yen

+2,654 yen

+7 82 7 yen

+23,589 yen...

Mayor of the village

Farmers' sons

almost all become
salaried workers.

They abandon agriculture.

This is the situation we are in.

the village of Ono, within 10 years,

finally, in about ten years,

will become one with Kashima.

He will have to survive with Kashima

in this new form.

In these conditions,

these are high standing residences

that will grow,
not the agricultural village.

Despite this, agriculture

could continue in his corner.

That's what I'd like to think.

You can't build
if you don't have the money.

There is money here.

But the real problem is land.

Without land,
you cannot build a house.

celebrations are based on exchange.

Before, when we celebrated a party,

what was offered there was not given back.

Now if.

Well, that has changed a lot.

more and more money is given these days,

we return it as a gift.

And we'll give money
for other people's houses.

The sense of obligation
is still very strong around here.

It allows you to serve.


that we can make a living in Kashima.

Few people have money here.

It does not prevent them
from living comfortably.

But deep down, they suck.

We don't know how

agriculture will evolve in the future.

Me, my desire is to see
my farm grow.

I will do anything for that.

But we lack resources.

If that doesn't happen,
we can eat our crops.

But I don't know what will happen
under these conditions.


it was the sum brought by a man.

Everything came from the neighborhood.
And that was family.

It was family.

This money went to the deceased.
There was also rice.

Those who helped
shared the rest.

But the value of things has increased,

so today is different.


it 's my grandfather's funeral .

And that, those of my father.

Everything is recorded at the funeral.

The amount offered for my grandfather

and the one offered for my father

are not the same.

The sum offered to the deceased
is completely different.

The value of things
kept increasing.

Village firefighters

Go on!


Hail command!

Everyone in rows!

Everyone listen!

Our exercise can be performed
in 1 hour.

I planned to finish it today.

But if it doesn't go well,
we'll still be there at 10:00.

Dad wants a TV this year.

One color station: 150,000 yen.

Next year or the year after

it will be a car
to replace the old one.

And maybe the next year
or even later,

he will also want air conditioning.

"If you're a man...

“What to do in such a situation?

''Green light, are we moving forward?

''Red light, shall we stop?

''You all

''You know it well

''And yet

''We can't stop

''The path of love

''For this pretty young girl

''I will walk through fire and water

''You won't stop me


''If we are a man!''

I defer to you

and, with all my heart,
I ask for your support.

People of Ono, vote for Arai Manabu.

Arai Manabu! Arai Manabu!

I count on you!

My name is Arai Manabu.
My name is Arai Manabu.

Arai Manabu is counting on you!

Thanks! Thank you from the heart!

I count on you!

We count on your advice,
your support

and your cooperation.
We are counting on you!

His name is Ogawa Genichi
and he's counting on you!

This Kashima election campaign
will be broadcast

tonight at 9:30 p.m.
on the general channel of NHK.

Don't miss this program!

He will be the politician
dedicated to the prosperity of Ono.

With you he will build

a new Kashima where it will be good to live.

To all,

we ask for your support.

In Japan,
parties are worth nothing in politics.

Our elections are changing

in donations of alcohol or money.

Especially if you appeal
to a sense of obligation.

You don't win elections without it
in Japan.

Especially in regional elections,

in small groups, everything is settled

by a sense of obligation.

This is what regulates elections
and work.

The sense of obligation
is a tradition in Japan.

But it would disappear
in the event of a citizen revolution.

The obligation is not a system
in itself.

In today's Japan,

we have capitalism,

appearances of a democracy,

so that the political parties

do not have recourse
to the sense of obligation.

But for the regional elections,

the obligation takes precedence
over the feeling of entitlement.

It's the perfect example.
They take advantage of it, that's all.

Said like that,
it's closer to reality.

The obligation disappears
from government business.

The politics of the PS
and that of the PLD are vague,

but we almost understand.

So we vote PLD, PS or PC.

For that, it works.
But it does not work

at the scale of villages
and small towns.

Today, at the level of the prefectures,

it's a big problem.

We need citizens
who wake up

to destroy such a system.

People change little by little.

We still need
50 or 100 years of history.

The PC makes between 200 and 300 voices.


between 2,300 and 2,500 votes.
Always the same result.

Whoever the candidate is, it's the same.

In Kashima, political consciousness

is very weak.

We wonder
on what criteria to choose.

Myself, I don't really know.


Hello. Number 436.


Ballot boxes


Official dance of the women of the village

''Southern the Sea of ​​Kashima

''The doors of Japan open

''With the port

''With the huge harbor

''Dreams and hopes
are even greater

''Go on!

''The construction of the port

''The construction of the port
makes the city agitate

''The young people of Kashima are thriving

''Go on!

''He will grow with them

''The huge port of Kashima

''Ramez, ramez

''Southern the Sea of ​​Kashima

''On its pines and its beaches

''The doors of Japan open

''With the port

''With the huge harbor

''Dreams and hopes
are even greater

''Go on!

''He will grow with them

''The huge port of Kashima''


if we wait to be polluted

as is the port of Tokyo,
it will be too late.

In the words of Prefect Iwakami,

Kashima mining

has been accepted.

To these words,
I reply that it is not so.

Kashima exploitation
is not accepted!

Look at the situation of the fishermen.

The sea is dirty

by waste and oil.

Fish are inedible.

That's where we are in Kashima.

No to pollution!

Prefect Iwakami promises us

that there will never be pollution.

But you all know it,

the sea is already polluted
with oil and waste

and the inhabitants of the Kamizu district

live as neighbors

of this oil dump.

The noise it generates

was measured at 75 phons.

All I want
is pure water.

If I had pure water, it would be fine.

Did you tell them what's going to happen?

Did you tell them?

They understand nothing.

What did you tell them?

You are not deaf!
Do you only talk to your wife?

I'm a woman,
me too, I don't have a penis!

Let's take off our panties. We are going to fight.

Take off your panties and I take off mine.

Are you ready?

Two against one,
sure I can win!

What are you going to do
if the water is polluted?

What will you do?

Are you responsible?

Yes or no?

Hey! You!

What are you going to do?

Are you not responsible?

Are you not responsible?

Poor jerk!

Go home!

Farmers and students

in front of the agents
of the public works company

The Elderly Action Group,

they are wealthy grandfathers
and grandmothers.

They could stay quietly
at home.

That's what they want to do,
after all.

But now is not the time

to stand there
blowing their grandchildren's nose.

Among them, there are some who have already

one foot in the grave.

But they decided to be young.

As young
as student activists.

Kurosawa is the leader of this action.

He's young.
I call him ''the young Kurosawa''.

Kurosawa came to join us.

We had to meet.

he approached the guards,

Kurosawa took a 20-liter barrel

filled with that familiar yellowish shit

and threw some at them with a ladle.


What do mobile guards do?

They went to find Kurosawa.

They took their truncheons
and hit him.

They knocked him down
and strangled him.

Kurosawa has energy,
he got up.

They put a rope
around his waist.

They took him away
in handcuffs.

He said

that he wouldn't speak without a lawyer.

The brigade leader was annoyed.

What to do with an old caker?

Well, old Kurosawa
came back with dignity at 9:30 a.m.

on the places where we are.

With a leader
like him for our action,

no more petty peasant conflicts.

The revolution will take place in Japan!

imperialism and capitalism

will be overturned
to their very foundations.

We need to.

We have to fight!

The peasants will fight.

They will, trust me.

This is neither drivel
nor a sermon for kids.

I'm not talking to you to talk

Some groups of students
see the workers

like enemies

because they are building the airport.

This way of looking at the situation
is widespread.

But reasoning like this

it is playing the game
of monopoly capitalism.

And they fall into the trap.

Construction workers
are different from each other.

Some struggle

while driving
the machines and bulldozers.

Yes, there are some like that.

There are also
seasonal workers.

Those of subcontracting companies

who, in case of conflict,

stand on our side.


society and capitalism
are full of contradictions.

Seasonal workers
have no means of action

and they are not unionized.

They are however very numerous.

How to be heard?

What form of action is possible?

We must seek
our own means of action.

''Reason thunders in its crater

''It's the eruption of the end!

''From the past, let's make a clean sweep,

''Slave crowd, stand up, stand up!''

All of you workers!

We have
no resentment towards you.

We ask you today

to refuse to work
even if ordered to do so.

We are counting on you.

Stop contributing
to the killing of peasants.

We are innocent peasants,

we don't ask

only to continue to live in safety.

We're about to

to be forcibly removed from our lands.


we are determined until death,

until they are buried.

You all!

Face reality
and look at us.

Our bodies are attached,
tied to our fortress.

We will protect her until the end!

We will go to the end
of our action.

If you leave,
our action cannot...

Do not prevent our action
from taking place.

The mobile brigades

no more!

Be all our allies!

Thanks a lot.

far-right party.

It's completely ridiculous!

In time of war, we do not send

women and children
on the battlefield.

Yet that is what
these fools do!

Send women and children

is a good tactic.

The police men

would not touch
women and children.

With a strong government,
the dispersal would be orderly

and these guys would go to jail for
2 or 3 years.

In China or in the USSR,
which they admire so much,

we wouldn't let them.

They would be killed
as counter-revolutionaries!

This way! Quick!

Let's prevent the raid!

Let's prevent it!

We will fight until victory!

Mobile guards, go home!

Mobile guards, get out!

We will fight until the end!

We will fight until victory!

We will fight!

''Our world stands
on a fortress

''Let's build it with perseverance

''Violent clouds
cover the light

''A storm of enemies is coming

''Come, comrades, without retreating

''Let's break the chains of the enemy

''Freedom in pillars of fire

''Spark above our heads...''

No at the airport!

Go home!


You despise people

and you run them!

Get out of there, it's too dangerous!

A comrade is dead!

Watch what you are doing! Stop!

And you say to protect
the life of the peasants!

Kanegamitsu Sciences,

Asahi Electricity, Kashima Ammonia,

Kashima Electrolyse,
Kashima Energie Nord,

Kashima Energie Sud,

Kashima Chimie, Kashima Melamine,

Synthetic Yokka,

Kanto Silicon and Glass,

Kashima Sanso,

Kashima Equipment Management Office

and Mitsubishi Petroleum, i.e. 13 companies,

are celebrating
their inauguration together today.

It's in loyalty
and in all honesty

that our partners and we,
the prefecture,

we were determined to move forward

and to join forces
in order to achieve this result.

This result that we are celebrating today

brought us great progress.

I don't know how to tell you
how much

I am deeply grateful to you.

In times to come,

we will have to face

to great difficulty.

But the questions
we need to think about

as human beings

touch directly on harmony

between Nature and Man.

middle classes,

the small industrialist,
the small merchant,

the craftsman, the peasant,

all fight the bourgeoisie

to safeguard their existence

middle classes under threat.

They are therefore not revolutionary.

but conservative.

Moreover, they are reactionary,

since they seek
to demote

the wheel of history.

But they are revolutionary

insofar as they provide

that they will melt

in the proletariat.

So they don't defend

their current interests

but their future interests.

They give up
their own point of view

to take that of the proletariat. ''

Marx - Engels

Communist Party Manifesto -1,848

Adaptation: Delphine Gesland
Subtitling: CMC