Kashchei the Immortal (1945) - full transcript

A beautiful maiden, Marya Morevna, gives her prospective prospective husband, the mighty warrior Nikita Kozhemyaka, three riddles to solve before she'll marry him. Before he can tell her the answers, the Russian land is invaded by the armies of Kashchei the Immortal, in whose footsteps death and destruction follow. Marya is abducted by Kashchei, and Nikita finds his home in ashes. Nikita meets a kindly wizard who gives him a cap of darkness. With it, the hero will find a way to save his bride and rout Kashchei.


Produced by "SOYUZDETFILM"
Studios in 1944.

Studios Art Director
I. Savchenko

Written by
V. Shveitser, A. Row

Directed by Alexander Row

Director of Photography - M. Kirillov
Music by S. Pototsky

Production Designers -
N.Akimov, V. Nikitchenko

S. Kozlovsky
Ye. Nekrasov, P. Galadzhev

Naughty Guy - I. Ryzhov

Psaltery Player - S. Yurtsev
Ruler - S. Troitsky

Judge - I. Korovitsky
Hangman - S. Filippov

Guards - P. Galadzhev
I. Bobrov, E. Geller


Nikita Kozhemyaka - S. Stolyarov

Bulat the Joker - A. Shirshov

Marya Morevna - G. Grigoryeva

Kashchei the Immortal - G. Millyar

Here's our tale about the legendary
Russian hero Nikita Kozhemyaka,

his combat friend Bulat the Joker,

Marya Morevna, the gorgeous maiden

and about Kashchei the Immortal,
the malicious foe.

Once Prince Volodimir

said this:

I wonder if there are still

Any heroes in our Rus,

Who can defeat

This evil monster in combat.

A sandpiper is flying from overseas

And the sandpiper brought
Nine locks with him.

Lock up my wintertime!
And unlock my springtime!

Spring the Beautiful,
how did you get here?

I got here on a perch, on a furrow,

On an oaten spikelet
And on a wheat pie.

We've all looked forward to Spring,
Spinning the last wool we got left,

Spinning the last wool we got left.

Spring the Beautiful,
how did you get here?

I got here on a perch, on a furrow,

On an oaten spikelet
And on a wheat pie...

Welcome, good folks,
to see the bear's funny tricks!

Come on, Bear, show us
how to drink wine.

And now, Bear, show us
how a fair maiden goes for water.


Weeds burst into blossom
In my front garden.

They blossomed and withered,
And were used as firewood.

There were heads of cabbage
In my garden. But now it's bare.

A she-goat found the cabbage
Ate them up and was gone.

Come on!

Don't you hide yourself, fair maiden.

Don't you hide yourself, precious.

Trust me, I never give the evil eye.

And I won't put a hex on your beauty.

Who are you, fair maiden?
What's your name, dear lady?

Those who know me
call me by my name.

And those who don't know me
just pass by.

I swear, I can't make another step.
My legs have grown into the ground.

I won't go till you say who you are.

Why do you want to know my name?

I fell for your dazzling beauty.

And every groom should know
the name of his bride-to be.

I will never ever be your bride,
brave warrior.

But why?

You don't think I am good-looking
enough? Or not smart enough?

You are very handsome all right
But I don't know if you are smart.

- Try me then, if you don't know.
- But how can I try you?

That's up to you, my fair maiden.

Well, if it comes to betting...


You'll have to solve three riddles.



Here's my first...


I'm riding back home

From the battlefield in high spirits!

Woods, let me by, please.

Make way for me, my green
leafy buddy.

My trusted horse, come on,

Keep on clip-clopping.

Golden days are ahead for me,

And a girl with sapphire blue eyes!

Earth around us breaths with spring

And the so long-awaited freedom,

Embracing our cherished homeland

With infinite affection.

My trusted horse, come on,

Keep on clip-clopping.

Golden days are ahead for me,

And a girl with sapphire blue eyes.

All our Holy Rus,

Whose longevity

Defies Death and Grief.

Lies right in front of me.

My trusted horse, come on,

Keep on clip-clopping.

Golden days are ahead for me,

And a girl with sapphire blue eyes.

Why are you smiling?

What are you laughing at?

You are happy to be back home, right?

How do you do, my fair maiden.

Why are you so sulky?
What are you angry at?

Aren't you glad that the sun
Is shining bright?

Or are you jealous I'm so happy?

Stop quacking. Or you might bring
misfortune to me.

Golden days are ahead of me,

And a girl with sapphire blue eyes!

This riddle is too easy to crack.

You already have your groom-to be.

And now say - who is he?

He is a brave warrior.
That's who he is.

Right. So should I give you
my third riddle or not?

Alright, do it!

Who a brave warrior should love

more than his father and mother?
More than anything in the world?

Your dazzling beauty,
my fair maiden.

Your dark eyes

and your sweet lips.

No, you are wrong, brave warrior.

You are not so smart
as you say.

You got the heave-ho!

Let's go! Come on.

The cobbler should stick to his last!

On Christmas Eve I planted turnips,
But they didn't come.

I planted turnips, but they didn't come!

I proposed to Marya,
but she turned me down!

Fly away, my imprisoned dove.

Fly up as high as the clouds.

The captivity of this palace

Will give way to
the springtime freedom.

Fly into the shady woods and fields,

My love.

Fly away and live there free.

And Godspeed you!

A falcon's sweetheart,

get out of this high palace

and fly into the green meadow.

Fly to your beloved friend.

You'll encounter a warrior
on your way,

Who's wearing a ring on his finger.

Tell him that the maiden

Is grieving in her palace.

We have boundless fields

and primeval woods.

However birds know

Some secret ways in the skies.

The spring is frothing
with full streams,

All snow has melted away.

Imprisoned birds, fly away

into the fields, where you're free.

You did bring on foul weather
by your quacking. Bad girl!

- Who are you?
- I'm Russian warrior Nikita.

Get a little closer to me, my friend.

I'm going to die soon.
Thank you for coming here.

I have killed loads of foul scumbags.

There's a girl living
outside town walls.

She's the most beautiful girl
in the whole world.

If you encounter her, tell her
I did crack her last riddle.

One should love his homeland
more than his father and mother,

more than anything in the world.



Rest in peace, warrior.

I'll give the girl your message.

Hello?! Anybody here?

Marya, my sweetheart.

My bride-to be.

Why you are so sad, brave warrior?

I can't help it -
we are in such big trouble.

What happened here?

Tell me what foe
devastated our lands?

It is Kashchei the Immortal.
He attacked our lands like a vulture.


Take a look.

- Wait! Where are you going?
- To stop Kashchei.

To repay him for our mothers' tears,

for the widows' grief,
for making children orphans!

- But will you find him?
- Sure. I'll do my best to get him.

Listen to me, brave fellow.

Kashchei's kingdom is

in the rocky mountain,
behind the iron fence.

And this iron fence goes
high up as the sky.

And this mountain is
at the end of the earth.

- Will you make it?
- You bet.

Kashchei's strength can't be measured.

Like you can't count
vipers in the swamp

or dark clouds in the overcast sky.

- Can you win over him?
- Sure I can.

I know there's no braver heart
in the world than the Russian heart.

But the problem is
Kashchei is deathless.

His death is safely hidden away.

It's buried very deeply.

No evil scum can be immortal.

Only goodness will live forever.

But if I'm destined to die,

another Russian warrior
will get this Kashchei's death.

I tested you with questions
like steel is tested with fire.

Remember - homeland is the most
sacred thing in this world.

It gives strength to people,
living in it.

Bend down, Nikita Kozhemyaka.

Take a handful of your native soil

and fight for it.

I swear!

I will rid our land of
this evil monster.

Since you were nice to
the old crippled man

and talked to me,

take this hat off my head.

It will come in very handy,
if you find yourself in danger.

Godspeed, warrior.

Thank you for you kind words.

Farewell, old shorty with
the longest beard in the world!

If you go straight, you'll get killed.

If you turn right,
you'll lose your horse.

If you turn left - you'll get killed
together with your horse.


You are crazy!
Don't you know the law?

No, I don't. Why?

Since our kingdom was conquered,

we all worship the jackal's image

and pay him tax.

- And who conquered you?
- Kashchei the Immortal did.


Dismount your horse!

Come on, stranger, bow to him.
It's not so hard, is it?

We hate it, too,
but we still do it.

Death awaits you
if you don't dismount!

My bow to all foul wolves and
jackals is my red-hot arrow,

and I pay tribute to them
with my damask sword.

You will never get away,
Kashchei's tribe!

Follow me!

Our ruler is great and powerful.

I'm our ruler's great judge...


No, I'm the great judge
of our ruler,

whose Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

And now I'm going to give a quick

but nonetheless fair trial.

What's your name, Bulat the Joker?

- My name?
- My name! Your name!

Oh, you mean my name!
I'm Bulat the Joker.


How old are you, Bulat the Joker?

Oh, Your Honour,

my age is equal to the number of
clever thoughts in my donkey's head.

Are there many clever thoughts
in your donkey's head?

Exactly one thought more
than in yours.

Your donkey is not smart
enough, I guess.

What can I do?
He is an ass.

And my last question.

Why did you want
to steal the magic carpet?

What will you do to me, if I lie?

- You'll say good-bye to your head.
- And if I tell the truth?

Your head will say goodbye to you.

The price is the same, though
the items for sale are different.

I tried to steal the magic carpet
to get to Kashchei's kingdom.

And why did you want to go there?

I'm worried about his neck,
Your Honour.

And why are you worried about it,
the honourable Bulat the Joker?

My hands have been itching
so long to wring it.

Come on, cut off his head,
or we shall lose ours.

However, it doesn't matter
for you at all.

Take the convicted one away.

Why are you pushing me?

One should enter the Heaven slowly,
without any rush.

Bring him here!

Here he is!
Get him!

Thank you, great warrior.
You saved me from the hangman's axe.

But tell me - where are we flying?

To fight Kashchei.

If so, I will neither sleep,
nor eat, nor drink.

Here's my hand.

I guess you just
don't want to live any more.

Life is beautiful.

I've always loved life.

And now I love it even more.

Here's my hand, brother.

- Are you alright, Bulat the Joker?
- Almost.

Look, this is Kashchei's kingdom.

His hideaway is so high up
on the mountain, goddamn it!

Right, very high.

But where shall he fall?


Marya Morevna.

Wake up, my sunshine.

Open your eyes, my sweetheart.

She is not breathing.

This damned Kashchei put her to death.

Don't be so sad, brother.

We'll take vengeance
on this evil monster.

Look, Kashchei.

How did you sleep, gorgeous?

What dreams did you have?

In my dreams I saw my village.

Blue rivers.

Golden fields.

Stop thinking about them!

You village has been burned down,

Your rivers are black with dirt now,

And my horses trampled
all the wheat fields.

I'm the richest man in the world.

You'll be rolling in money,
wallowing in wealth.

I have tons of gold, silver, velvet.

But I need neither your velvet,
nor gold.

What I do need is along rope

and a firm stiff twig!

To hang you on this twig
so that you wouldn't fall down!

Don't you forget - you're looking
at Kashchei the Immortal!

I'm asking for the last time -
Will you marry me?




If you brought it up, I'll confide in you.

You are too old, dear Kashchei.

What shall I do
if you die soon?

Don't you worry, beautiful,
I will never die. I'm deathless.

It is not time yet.

So What will you say, gorgeous?

I'm scared of you.

Don't be scared. I'm very gentle.

What?! You are gentle?!
You're heartless.

Word is you don't have a heart.

Wrong. I have a heart!

Only it's safely hidden away.
It's buried very deeply.

I don't believe you.

Listen to me, gorgeous.

You'll be the first

to know my big secret.

And now prick up your ears, Nikita.

I've hidden my heart
in the black apple.

This black apple grows
on the black tree.

And the black tree grows
on the black hill.

And if a guy with a brave heart

approaches this tree,

the tree will leaf out -
just one leaf will appear on it.

A flower will grow out of this leaf.

And this flower will turn into
an apple.

And the one who splits this apple
with bare hands

will find my heart there.

But the one who finds it

will turn to stone.

So you are not deathless, are you?

Now you believe that I have a heart,
don't you?

Yes, I do.

I wish I could split this apple myself!

God damn you!

I'm the ruler of the world.

With a pillar from Earth to Heaven
I can turn around the whole Universe!

But I can't turn around you,
weak woman.

Right. You will never do it.

Then you'll be sleeping forever!

Wait, Bulat.

This is not time yet.

And you will wake up
only after I die.

But it will never happen -
I'm deathless.

Get lost, damned monster.

My dear Marya,

my bride-to be.


My sweetheart.

How come you are here,
for your detriment?

I came to get you out of here,
my sunshine,

and after Kashchei's death.

But his death is not kept here,
darling Nikita.

It's safely hidden
in the faraway lands.

And those who come here,
will stay here forever.

- I know it, my dear Marya.
- So how will we get out of here?

I've got a cap of darkness.

We'll put it on
and escape from this den.

Nikita, we are in big trouble.
Get your cap. Quick.

- The cap has disappeared.
- Let's run. We might escape.

- We're done. No way out of here.
- Yes, there is one, but...

- Speak up.
- We'll go Kashchei's way.

Where's that way?
Show me.

It's shown in your ring, fair maiden.

- If we throw it...
- Keep silent!

If she takes this ring off
she'll fall into eternal sleep.

Good-bye, my dear Nikita.
Remember your bride-to be.

What have you done, Bulat the Joker!

Don't be so sad, Nikita.

We'll destroy Kashchei.

And your sweetheart will wake up.

Hurry up, brave warrior.

Don't lose time!

Why did you come here?
What do you want?

I'm here to test
your evil strength.

You don't have the guts to do it.

I'll put you on my one palm and
smash you dead with the other one.

Nothing but a wet
spot will be left of you.

We'll see.

I am here not to listen to your tales,
but to fight to the death.

My native soil, protect me!

People's strength, rise up!

And the one who splits the apple,

will find my heart in it.

But the one who finds it,

will turn to stone.

Wait, warrior!
Let's play fair.

This is how all those who dare

to go against me will end up!

That's why you couldn't fly.

Fly away, pure dove!
Come on!

Tell everybody that I finally found
Kashchei's heart!

Say good-bye to life, dirty scum!

Give me a break, please!

There will be no break for you.
You want to cheat me?

We'll take a rest when you have
no more heads left!

After the thunderstorm

our Rus becomes even more beautiful.

Glory to heroism and honor!

Glory to our country!

Glory to truth! Glory to honor!

And to the good news
about the victory!

Glory to Russian history!

Glory! Glory!

Glory to Russian history!

That's how ended our story about
the Russian warrior Nikita Kozhemyaka,

his combat friend Bulat the Joker,

the fair maiden Marya Morevna

and the foul foe
Kashchei the Immortal.

The End