Kasganj (2019) - full transcript

A brooding, alcoholic police officer with a painful past is sent, against his will, to a government guest house high up in the icy cold, mountains of Himachal Pradesh to investigate the ...

This place is a little old.

But everything needed for
a luxurious life is available here.

Let me show you your room.

This room is excellent
for students.

The winter season

is quite bothersome.

The temperature drops till -10.

I didn't know when you'd arrive.

So, I didn't light the fire.

I'll do it right away.

The room will heat up.

Haven't you brought a hold-all?

It is more effective
than quilts or blankets.

I'll get it right away.

I won't stay that long.

I will still get it.
It'll keep you warm while you sit.

I am not here on vacation
that I would need to sit.

How was your journey, sir?

You wouldn't have liked
to be alone in the helicopter.

I called Dehradoon police station.

I found out no one was there.
So, I called a senior officer.

He called Delhi. He asked
to lay the girl down on ice.

It sounded really strange.
- What is strange in that?

A dead body can't be decorated
in the drawing room.

Sir, I've been living here
for the last 20 years.

I've heard about accidents,
being hurt or losing fingers.

But this has happened
for the first time.

Really? Has no one ever died
because of cold?

I think I am
the first person who will.

People get used to
when they live here.

Even if anything serious happens,
I call the helicopter service.

They come and take us
to the hospital.

You should've done
the same this time.

Sir, I didn't know what to do.

So, I called the police.

Sir, are you alright?
- Yes.

This is nothing, Awadhesh.

So, Awadhesh.
- Everyone calls me Mishra.

I am from Kanpur Rural.

I've been living here since 1999.

Daljeet Singh, Crime Branch, Delhi.


Sir, do you want to eat anything?

- Okay, sir.

Let me know when you wish to eat.

I will make 'paratha' or something.

Are you the manager here?
- What manager, sir?

Not many people know
about this place.

A few tourists visit
during the season.

I do the booking.

I cook and clean too.

There is Firoz as staff.

He manages
the cable car and helipad.

Bhavesh takes people on trekking.

Bhavesh is the main guide here.

He is a good employee.

He doesn't bother about much.

He just minds his own business.

Tourists come here often because of him.
- I see.

What about Firoz?

Firoz is the father of that girl.

Is there any other guest here?
- There is only one.

Vikrant and his daughter Ria
are from Delhi.

Where are they today?

The cabin at the back.

Is there a bar in this area?


Mr Mishra, I don't care about much.

So, get whatever you can.

Sir, if you don't mind,
may I ask you something?

What else have you been
told about this place?


Chamoli district,

250 km from Dehradoon.

Population 3.
- No, it's 4.

Now 3.

A 5 km cable car from Kasganj
to reach the resort!

Then 1 km trekking.

Central Government resort,
base camp for the trekkers!

Closest airport is 270 km away.

Railway station, 250 km!

There is a helicopter service
for the resort from Chamoli,

which is very bad.

Beware of wild dogs,
wolves and bears!

There are no people in this area.

This is a very ominous place.

Did I miss anything?

It's a dry resort.

Since it's a government place,

alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Don't government employees drink?


You must have something.

Anything you confiscated!

No, sir. I threw it away.

I have been played!

- By my boss!

He knew that I wouldn't
get alcohol here.

So, he sent me here.

Actually, we are arch-enemies.

He lectures me like my father.

I had insisted that someone
experienced should be sent here.

It's a delicate matter.

So, he sent me.

Aren't you experienced?

If a poor girl has been

eaten by wolves,
how would my experience help?

Wolves didn't kill her.

She was murdered.

What nonsense is this, Mr Mishra?

Someone shot her.


What about the wolves?

Wolves did eat her,

but they didn't kill her.

She was shot first.

Who keeps

guns and rifles here?

I have two rifles.

I have licenses.

There are two airguns too.

Why do you keep so many guns?

For safety, sir.

Sometimes, wild animals attack.

Then we fire in the air.

Does anyone else have a gun?

No, sir. I don't think anyone else
has a personal arm or anything.

Sorry, sir. I didn't tell this
over the phone.

I thought, if I told anyone,
there would be a problem.

This is a government place.

Besides, it's my job.

Do you suspect anyone?
- No, sir.

We were sitting here that night

and playing cards.

There is no way

for anyone

to arrive here
without our knowledge.

Does anyone else

know about this except you and me?

No one, sir.

Get all the guns.
- Sir.

I keep all the guns
in the cupboard.

Get the guns!


These are rifles
and these are airguns.

Sorry, sir.

How many keys are there
of your cupboard?

There is only one
and it is always with me.

These are the only guns you have?

Yes, sir.

What is this, Mr Mishra?

Why did you

drag me here?

Had you informed over the phone,

we would've sent
someone responsible.


I'm sorry, sir.

Actually, I didn't understand...

Why am I here again?

Will you do it, sir?
- Yes.

I will.
- Will you have coffee, sir?

You will feel better.

Then let's call everyone here,
one by one.

You may meet them.





He is sleeping.

They sent a drunkard here.

How did you come in?

How long have you been
standing here?

Come back tomorrow.

I don't want to meet anyone today.

I asked you to come back tomorrow.

What is your name?

Don't you understand Hindi?

Are you mute?

Are you deaf?

- What?


No one named Girija is in the list.

You don't seem alright.

I'm fine.

You haven't had alcohol
for a while. That's why.

Chew this. You will feel better.

What is this?
- A mountain herb.

I don't eat any herb or medicine

without a doctor's prescription.

Yet, you drink alcohol.

You will feel fresh.

Two days ago,

a girl died here. Do you know?

I wasn't here.
- Where were you?

I don't know.

What do you mean?

I mean, I don't know.

If you don't answer me honestly...

Answer my question.

I am telling you honestly.

So, you don't know
where you were two days ago.

You won't understand.

I see.

You have a lot of faith
on yourself.


I am a policeman.

What did you give me?

You are feeling hot, aren't you?

When I was a child,

there was a cupboard in our house.

I used to hide inside it
while playing.

It was equally hot

there too.

Do you remember that cupboard?
- Yes.

You felt very safe there,
didn't you?


Once, my dad was very angry.

So, I went and hid
in that cupboard.

I didn't come out for hours.

Do you feel as safe

when you drink alcohol?

I don't know.

I drink because I like it.

Now come out of that cupboard.

What is this?
- Drink it.

Is this poisoned?

Don't try to act smart.
I am not here to kill you.

Those, who come to kill,
claim the same thing.

I'll drink it later.
- Don't forget. Okay?

So, you...
- You will find out

who killed that girl, won't you?

How do you know she was...

Were you eavesdropping on Mr Mishra and me?
- No!

I just know.

What else do you know?

I know that you drink too much.

More than you need to!

What's the point of drinking
less than you need to?

Probably, that's why you
could never catch the man,

who killed your wife.


Are you alright?


I think I was having a nightmare.

Such is this place.

It's so cold and quiet!

I'm glad that you rested a little.

The girl, who was murdered...


What is the name of her father?


Aayat, sir.

Yes, Aayat.

Firoz. His room is at the back.

It's open.

Are you coming from the hospital?
- What?

Where do I have to sign?

No, I am

Daljeet Singh.

I've arrived from Delhi.


I'm here to find out

how Aayat died.

What can you find?

She was a fool.

Didn't she know the rules
of living on the mountains?

You may go and bring
someone from the hospital.

Listen, Firoz.

I will ask you only three
questions. Only three!

Why do you want to ask questions?
Bring someone.

I just want to know
that the day Aayat...

What had happened on
the day she went missing?

Firoz, if you don't answer...
- She had crossed her limits.

What else?


What do you mean
she crossed her limits?

She went out of
the resort territory.


Did she always do it?

She was 17 years old.

That's it.


I have a 15 year old daughter too.

I can understand, Firoz.

Keep her away from animals.

Is this Aayat

in this photo?

Are your three questions over?

Are your three questions over?

Wolves didn't kill Aayat.

Firoz, she was shot.

How did you know?

I have seen her dead body.

Did she

see someone else often?


Did she see someone else often?

She was friendly

with Vikrant's daughter.

That's all.

Anyone else during the season?

Some man or...

No one else.

Where were you on the night
when she disappeared?

At the canteen.

We were playing cards.

Who else was there?

All of us were there.

When did you realise

that she was missing?

Next day,

Vikrant's daughter

came in search of her.


She had died before
the wolves arrived, right?

She was shot


at the back of her head.

She must've died immediately.

Do you think

you can find

the murderer?

I'm thinking.

Hello, dear.

My name is Daljeet Singh.

Is your dad here?

May I wait here for him?

Thank you.

Which song were you humming?
It was very nice.

This is not a song.

It's a folk tune of this place.

Aayat taught you this tune, right?

Do you like it here?

It's very quiet here.


It is quiet, indeed.

It is even better during summer.

Have you been here during summer?

Yes, last year.
- I see. So...

That's when you
became friends, right?

We were best friends.

Best friends!

Best friends are...


The best!

Do you have a best friend?

I had one.

Isn't he anymore?

No, I mean,

one day he went somewhere

and didn't return.

If he just left you,

how could he be your best friend?

You are very intelligent, Ria.



They are beautiful.

Are you a policeman?

How do you know?

Are you here to kill those wolves?

Ria, may I tell you a secret?

My boss is very cantankerous.

He is crazy.

He sent me here

to find out why Aayat
was roaming outside

alone, so late at night.

I want to ask you something.

Will you help me?

Thank you.


What did the two of you do all day?

During the summer,
we'd go on trekking.

Just the two of you!
- Yes.

We would only go
on smaller and easier treks.

She would tell me about plants,

which were poisonous,
which were used for medicines.

Then we would reach
the hilltop and have a picnic.

Didn't you feel scared?

Scared of whom?
- Those...

There are wolves and all.
- No.

Aayat used to carry a gun.

Aayat had a gun!
- Yes.

One rifle.

Who else has guns here?

Everyone does.

Do you have one too?
- No.

My dad is very strict.

He doesn't like all this.

What else would you do?

We would read stories

and narrate them to each other.

She used to tell me stories
from her village

that her mother
had narrated to her.

Folk tales.
- Okay.

But I don't know.

She seemed
very different this time.

She had lost interest in books.

She wouldn't play with me either.

She had started saying
very mature things.


Yes, for example, real love,

freedom, family...

She would discuss all that.

She seemed to have grown up.

Ria, it's possible that she had

a new friend, isn't it?


It's okay.


You may tell me. It's fine.

She never told me.

She said it was a secret.


Did you tell that to your Dad?
- No.

If my Dad had found out that she
was having an affair with a man...

A man!

So, he was an older man!

Ria, did Aayat ever tell you

that she wanted to leave from here?
- No!

She loved this place a lot.

She could hear

her mother's voice
in the quiet here.

Once, she told me
that this was the place

where she wanted to die.

Then I also told her

that I didn't like
the way she talked

and behaved.

You know, Ria,

you truly are a very good friend.

Will you do me a small favour?

When your Dad returns,

ask him to meet me in my cabin.

I am Aayat.

I was murdered two nights ago.

I was shot at the back of my head

and then I was left on the ice.

Wolves sniffed my blood
and arrived there.

They would often
stay near that area.

They waited for leftover meat.

This time, they found me.

The wolves dragged me
away from the resort.

Thankfully, they weren't starving.

Otherwise, nobody would've
found my dead body.

I'm sure you ate something bad.

As if I am not worried enough,

now this...

Restless souls have found me.

I met Ria.

She was my best friend.

She said you had a friend.

Some man!

Yes, I had several.

I was very famous.
- This man had...

I mean,

were you having an affair?
- That's a personal question.

What can be more
personal than murder?

Do you want to find out everything
while sitting here?

Go out and investigate.

You are an intelligent policeman.
- Intelligent!

I look intelligent, don't I?

You look more serious.

Policemen need to look serious.

Otherwise, people
don't take the seriously.

I have never met
a talkative policemen like you.

I have never met
a ghost like you, either.


Now we know each other.

How long will you remain restless?
Tell me and find salvation.

I am not restless.

I am trapped.
- You are a ghost.

You may fly away.

That isn't possible.
- Then

what happens among you?

Are there any rules or regulations?

There are no rules. Have you

ever heard a radio?
- Yes, I've heard a radio.

Sometimes, the radio
catches strange signals.

We try to adjust them,
but we can't.

The signal that both,
exists and doesn't.

That's what I am.

You are a very strong signal.
- When your close friends

and relatives have mourned you,

your spirit mixes with thin air.
Then you are born in another form.

You sound like religious gurus
more than a ghost.

Calm down!

Your father is really worried.

He is unwell.

I know.

So, help me for his sake.
- That's what I am doing.

Don't get so upset.
In how many other murder cases

have you spoken to the deceased
after her death? Tell me.

You were just talking
about reincarnation.

Now that you are a spirit,

will you be born again in a new form?
- Yes, absolutely!

Now, I will be a polar bear.

I am just joking.

You joke too.
- Why? Can't the ghost joke?


Sir, here is cough syrup for you.

Sir, I told Vikrant...
- Not now. After half an hour.

Okay. Okay, sir.

So, how does this happen?

Doesn't a person attain salvation
even after death?

Does he have to return?

There is no problem
in being a polar bear.

Did you

love that man?

I don't know.

Then what happened?

He loved me.

At least, that's how I felt.

But he would say
that we couldn't be together.

You didn't agree.

So, he killed you!

No, he didn't do that.

If he didn't do it, who did?

Tell me something.

Does the law

have any space for feelings
and emotions?

What do you mean?
- I mean, you determine the truth

only with the help of
witness and evidence, right?

Of course.

Witness and evidence prove a fact.

That's how a culprit is punished.

So, you believe whatever
the evidence and witness say.

Did you always speak like this
or did it happen after your death?

That man, that thief,

who had entered your house

and stabbed your wife
on his way out...

What did your law do to him?


He hadn't left any evidence
or fingerprint behind.

I looked for him for two years.

Then you gave up!

The department quit.
What could I do?

They didn't have
the budget for this case.

When I tried something on my own,

they'd impose so many
restrictions on me.

What about the truth?
- What about the truth? Nothing!

He has been roaming around freely.

But you still hope that some day

you'll be able to catch him!

How is Pallavi?

She lives with her grandmother.

Has she forgiven you?

When she grows up,

she might understand.

Her anger is justified.

That night, I was
at a meeting and...

It isn't your fault.
You know that, don't you?

It isn't that easy.

Don't try to tell me what is easy.

I was shot. Wolves ate me.
Think about me.

This is also alcohol free.

So, Vikrant, do you think
Aayat was threatened by someone?

Threatened, here?

What do you mean?

She was eaten by wolves...
- She was shot.

She died due to being shot.
The wolves arrived later.

The wolves thought
they'd have a party.

I think it was one of these three.

Which three?

Mr Mishra, Bhavesh

or Firoz.
- Firoz!

By the way, the father and
daughter had a lot of fights.

Actually, Vikrant,

these people aren't like us.

I mean, they've been
living here for years.

You can see how
ominous this place is.

There is the threat of
wild dogs, bears and wolves.

There must be ghosts too.
- There must be.

Besides, these people hunt too.

Hunting! I thought,
Mr Mishra must've told you.

No, he didn't.

Yes, sir. Why would they tell you
about illegal things?

This country is full
people with strange tastes.

Some people come here
for such things.

Was there a hunting
expedition that night?

It's impossible to hunt at night.
Everything happens during the day.

Where were you that night?

I was here, playing cards.

There is nothing else to do.

But the game wasn't very long.

It went on for around an hour.

You had an argument with Mr Mishra.

He cheats, sir.


I left the game in the middle.
What's the point?

Where did you go after
leaving from here?

I went to my room.

Were the girls sleeping
when you reached your room?

Ria had

gone to sleep early.

She gets a headache if she
stays awake till too late.

And Aayat wasn't there.
She had left.

Did Aayat have friends
apart from Ria?

What do you mean?
- I mean friendship.



I don't understand
the teenage girls these days.

Your daughter is a teenager too.

Yes, that's why I am saying.

But Ria

is very sensible,
mature and responsible.

I don't know how she would react

if she finds out about Aayat.

You decide how to tell her.

Sir, if

there is nothing else,
I would like to leave, because...


You may go.

It's a little late and Ria
is a little disturbed.

Good night, sir.
- Good night.

Sir, this is Bhavesh, the guide.

Mr Mishra, I want to talk to you in private.
- Okay.

Bhavesh, you may go to your room.
I'll be there to talk to you.

I have a lot of work, sir.
I can't wait for a long time.

I won't take much of your time.

Please let me go first.
- I told you I'd join you soon.

He is a little short-tempered.
- Yes, I can see that.

Manager, Vikrant was saying...
- Sir, don't believe what he says.

He always talks nonsense.

What is going on with hunting?

Sir, we don't do anything.

When we have orders
from our seniors,

we just manage things here.

Who among the seniors order you?

Sir, please don't
make me say names.

Otherwise, we'll be in trouble.

How many rifles do you have?
- Total four.

Two legal

and two...

What is the problem
between Vikrant and you?

Actually, the problem is

that this resort is going
to be expanded.

So, the government is going
to release a tender.

That's why he is here.

He keeps making
calculations all day

to usurp the resort somehow.

That's why, he is staying
here continuously.


Why doesn't he open
a hotel of his own?

Sir, domicile is needed here.
He can't buy such a huge plot here.

Okay, you may go
and bring the rifles here.

One more thing,

show me all the ammunition you have

kept here. Go on!

Okay, sir.

You are making progress.

Yes, I am trying.

No one here tells the truth.
- Yes, I can see that.

Do you have anything new to share
or are you here to irritate me?

I am here to give you company.

I don't want your company.

You will die if you stay like this.

Even if not like this,

I will die somehow, someday.


He ran away.
- Who?

Bhavesh. He is running towards
the forest. He is running.

The entire well dried up.

As long as the entire
village wasn't vacated,

Pramila's spirit
haunted the entire village.

And that landlord...
- Stop it, Mr Mishra.

Where is the officer?

Did we have to do it now?

He could've waited till morning.
- Why are you being so restless?

What pending work do you have?

I am feeling sleepy. Nothing else!

You will have enough time to sleep.

All your deeds will be exposed.

You are a suspect too.
- You are a suspect too.

Forget that! Where is Bhavesh?

He should've been here
before anyone else.

He has gone to place
a trap for rabbits.

He will be back soon.

He hasn't gone to place any trap.

He ran away!
- Of course.

He knows that
everyone else is aware.

If you are sure, that's very good!

But why are you so upset?

Hey! All of you are here!
- Sir.

Mr Mishra...
- Come in, sir.

You didn't tell me

that Bhavesh

was enjoying the tree-house.

Tree-house! It is far
inside the forest!

No one goes there in this season.
- What are you talking about?

He has been living there

and enjoying his life.

And your beloved Bhavesh

turned out

to have a colourful taste.

Oh God!


Where is that scoundrel?

You tell me.

I couldn't find him.

You kept suspecting us

and he did what he had to.

I have the same feeling.

Sir, how did you reach there?

I am a policeman.

Sir, what is there in this box?

I don't know. It was kept
hidden in the tree-house.

No, sir. This wasn't hidden.

Actually, we use it as a storeroom.

So, we keep old
and useless things there.

Do you have its key?
- I have the key.

It must be lying around. If...
- Go and find it.



It seems quite straight forward.

Bhavesh left

after doing all this.

It's possible.

But that doesn't prove

why Bhavesh...

Keep an eye on your belongings.

The wolves would've taken it.
- Where were you that night?

Where did you go after playing cards?
- Firoz!

Firoz, sit down!

Did you hear him? Sit down!


I didn't kill her, sir.

So, when did you find out, Bhavesh,

that someone had killed Aayat?
- Mr Mishra can't digest anything.

He told me.

I wasn't here for a while, so you
must've started suspecting me.

Am I right?

An investigation is going on here.

Since you weren't here, you became a suspect.
- I had some work.

A girl is killed at your resort.

Don't you care?

Nothing matters anymore, sir.

He is always in his own world.

I mind my own business.
If anyone has a problem...

Where were you the night
Aayat was killed?

I went to the tree-house

after playing cards.

So, on such a dark night,
you reached the tree-house easily.

There is a compass inside.
It takes me there.

There should be one here too.
A moral compass!

Do you have one?
- Sir, this man...

I've found

this literature in your room.

This is yours, right?
- Yes, it is. What can I do?

It has been years
since I touched a woman.

So, I need something.
I am no saint.

You are not married.
- For ten minutes of enjoyment,

I can't have a problem for life.
I'm happy like this.

I have more. Should I bring them?
- I know everything.

You looked at her with lust!
- There was nothing else worth looking at.

Firoz! Sit down!

Firoz, I said sit down!

Sit down!

So, you look at
that girl with lust!

I just looked at her.

Ask Vikrant.

He was having real fun.

What nonsense?

Should I tell you the truth?

Should I?

Sir, this rascal is lying.


two weeks ago,

I was coming back
after checking the animal shades.

I could hear

someone screaming
in Vikrant's cabin.

A girl's screams!

I thought it would be

his daughter.

She must be screaming in anger.

But when I paid attention,
the screams were different.

What were those screams?

It was that!

I thought it would be
Vikrant and his daughter.

You sick rascal!

I went to inform Mr Mishra
at his office.

When I reached there, I saw
his daughter on the computer.

She was typing.


You rascal!

Sir, it isn't...
- You!

- Firoz!


Sit down!

This doesn't prove
that Vikrant killed her.

I was trying to tell you
about this anger.

Sit down!

Sit down,
I'll deal with everything.


tell us everything.

Come on. Start talking.
Enough of your drama!


Aayat and...

Aayat and I

loved each other.

We were in love, sir.
- Waht is this, sir?

This man is talking nonsense.

Why don't you arrest him?

I will do that too.

Let me hear his story first.


How long has this been going on?

For a few months.
- For a few months!

Had you cared about your daughter,

you would've realised.
- Hey!

Don't try to preach me.

You dragged her here,
to this ominous place.

She felt suffocated here.

Sir, this man used
to taunt his daughter

that her mother
died because of her.

What father does that?

If your wife and
daughter found out,

try to explain to them.

Enough is enough!

This won't take very long.
Let's finish this.

If I lose my mind,
all of you will regret.

When did you see Aayat last?
- Sir,

on Monday.

She came to me after dinner.

Your relationship
was sexual, right?

Did anyone know about it?

No, sir.

Vikrant, Aayat was 17 years old.

You are a married man
with a daughter of your own.

You were taking advantage of Aayat!

No, sir. Not at all!

So, you really loved her!

Sir, she

wasn't as she looked.

She was a lot mature than her age.

She had

a depth in her.


I used to listen to her and...

Vikrant, you know what and how much

the age of consent is, don't you?

Tell me something. Did Aayat ever
tell you who she was afraid of?

She was scared of him.

She was scared that if he found
out about us, he'd kill her.

You will know my fear, scoundrel!

Firoz, you tell me.

Did Aayat ever tell you

that she had any problem with
or was scared of anyone?


She never had any problem
with anyone.

Mr Mishra didn't
want her to stay here.

Sir, I had lost this key.

I've found it.

Mr Mishra,

you didn't like

Aayat's presence here.


is this place good enough
for a girl to stay?

So many people come here.

So many types of people come here.

If a 17 year-old girl roams
around freely,

she can be in danger.

Sir, tell me something.

Will you bring your
daughter to such a place?


what did you do about it?

What could I do?

I am not the owner of this place.
- Right!

You are the only gentleman here.

You ungrateful man!

Have some shame.

Have some shame!

I took pity on you

and this is how you pay me!

You pitied me, right?

You treat me like a slave.

You make me work so hard.
And how much do you pay me?

Rs 3000 per month.

How much should a rapist
be paid? Tell me!

Answer me! Sir.

He was caught with a minor girl.

No one would employ him.

He was starving.

Yet, I hired him.

She told me she was 20.

I couldn't have asked her
to show me a certificate.


I didn't force myself upon her.

I didn't even know
that she was a minor.

But that's the age you like.

Girls of

tender age.

Who likes old women?

What about Aayat?
- Sir, I didn't even touch her.

Aayat was killed

by a 22 bore.

And none of you have

a 22 bore here.

I had seen a 22 bore

with Bhavesh once.


Do you want to say anything?

Sir, this may be
a huge matter for you.

But not for me.

Everyone here keeps

pistols and rifles.

Who else knew about your
pistol apart from Mr Mishra?

Even Mr Mishra didn't know

that I still had it.

Confess your crime. I will help
you to have a lesser punishment.

I didn't kill that girl.

But I am sure that your pistol
was used to kill her.

That may be true,
but I didn't use it.

I was in the army for a year.

I was posted in Siachen.

This happened

on the first snowing.

I was fired.

I had nowhere else to go,
so I came back here.

No one was ready to hire me.

I don't know why
Mr Mishra hired me.

When I could use my hand again,

I started using the rifles again.

But I had to remove
the trigger guard.


I can't fire a 22 bore.

It's a small pistol.

It can be fired with
one's left hand.

Are you talking from experience?

Are you?

Where do you keep your pistol?
- In the drawer of my cabin.

It's still there.

This place has such huge rifles.

Why would anyone steal
a small pistol?

In order to frame you for murder.

Get the pistol.

I am sending the gun to the lab
for examination.

Aayat is murdered by the person,
whose fingerprints are on it.

There is still time.
Any of you may say what you wish.

Okay, fine. Mr Mishra.

Bring stamp and papers
from your office.


Yes, Vikrant.

Sir, Aayat

was going to tell
everything to my wife.

I see.


I didn't want this.

I wanted to end this.

But the two of you

were in love.

That's what you said.


what did she say?

She said that she'd
tell everyone here.

That she'd tell my wife.

I tried to explain.

But she was adamant.

She wanted

to go away from here.

Far away!


My life...

My family's life
would've been ruined.

I didn't have a choice.
- Tell me something, Vikrant.

Why did you shoot her in the chest?

You knew that if you had shot her
on the head, she would've died.


- Yes.


On the chest...
At that time,

I didn't know. I just

did it.
- I see.

Such things happen.

In such a situation,

you can't think properly, right?

Sir, where are you going?

Tie him up or he will escape.

He won't leave.

I thought you must be
sleeping by now.

Can't you sleep?


After Aayat's death,

you must be feeling lonely.

Dad is with me.

Yes, but your Dad can't go
with you for trekking in his age.

He can't tell you stories either.

She used to teach you to shoot too.

I can't shoot.

Ria, if someone betrays you,

or lies,

will you like it?

I don't like it either.

But sometimes, you may lie

to save a friend or someone close.

I think,

that is not wrong.


you lied to save your Dad.


Aayat and your dad had...
- Waht are you talking about?

Ria, I know everything.

You don't know anything.

Ria, listen!

I want to help you.

Trust me.

Tell me exactly what has happened.

If I leave from here,
I won't be able to help you.


She wasn't lying to help me.

She could be protecting you.

She was destroying my...

She was trying to separate me
from my Mom.

How did you find Bhavesh's pistol?

She had told me.


When did you decide?

Last week.

I kept asking her who he was,

but she wouldn't tell me.

Friends don't do that.

That night...

That night, when I
came back here earlier,

I saw them together.

Did they see you?

Then I asked her again.

She did the same thing again.

She started crying and apologising.

What else did she say?

She started saying that my father

would leave my mother.

Then they would get married.

The three of us would live like...

I was disgusted!


When she came here that night,

I told her

that a rabbit bunny had
fallen into a trap.

It was

screaming with pain.

When she heard that,

she was upset.

She left for her room

to get her rifle.

I don't know what she thought

and brought Bhavesh's pistol
from his cabin.

She gave it to me.

As soon as we left the boundary,

the wind had picked up.

When she reached there,

she started looking for the bunny.

I pointed the pistol

towards her and...

She stopped.

She didn't even turn around.

She remained sitting on the ice.

She kept looking towards the sky.

She said only one thing.


And you shot her!


I didn't shoot her.

My hands had frozen.

I didn't know when the trigger...

I didn't want to shoot her.
I really didn't want to shoot her.

I am taking Vikrant
to Delhi with me.

By the way,

what will be her punishment?

She has confessed. Let's see.

Take care of your Dad.

How will I?

I will be bored without you.

Then what is the problem?

Fly and reach me.


I am fine here.

Polar bear!

What happened?

Had you told me everything,

I wouldn't have to bother.

Even if I had told you,

what would you have said?

That you found out everything

from a ghost!

I would've handled
everything accordingly.

Then how would you know?

- I'm talking about

Ria's entire story.

Have you forgiven Ria?

She did it to save her family.

By the way, you spent
an entire day without drinking!



This is why I should get a medal.


what are you planning?

Will you haunt this place or...

I'll stay here for
a few days and then...

Greet your mother.

I will.

You take care of yourself.

I won't be able to do that.