Kasethan Kadavulada (2023) - full transcript

A young man, his cousin and a friend stealing money from his stingy stepmother.

[sings devotional song]

[mumbles] Oh!


What a gifted voice!


[mumbles] Next level!



[devotional song continues]

[mumbles] Such elegance!


Looks like she
won't stop!

Very fanta--


Very nice!

Keep this.

Thank you!


Dear students!

You would have seen

a lot of other cases!


this one is a very

very peculiar one!

Take a close look at her!


What do you feel?

She sings well!

Really nice!

Can I get her number?

Oh! Are you trying

that approach?

No! Her case sheet number!

Just to get to

know her condition!

Oh! You mean that!

I'll give it!
For sure!

But before that,

I need to say something

really important!

It'll make you a little

more attentive in class.

[whispers] I'll show

you something!

You guys observe this!



[breathes heavily]

Give it back doctor!


[heavy breathing continues]

Give it back doctor!

I said "NO"!

You won't give it back?

No way I'm giving it back!




Guys! Watch what she's doing!

Just watch no!


Give it back!

Give it back!

Leave her! Leave her!


God! What a punch!

Must be at least 350 pounds!

My jaw was left hanging!

Hey, this is the problem

with these patients!

They look very normal

to those around them!


This disease

is a symptom of

increased anxiety disorder!

All you have to do

is say "no" to them!

They'll turn wild

and aggressive!


They might have faced


disappointments in their life!

That's the first hint!

Now tell me! Do you still

want her phone number?

No sir! No sir!



Today's class
was very interesting!

Will she come back tomorrow?

Oh you are from

that category, eh?

-Hi Shakthi!

What's this uncle!

Everyone rushes to a

doctor if they get hurt!

But here, the doctor looks hurt!

It's a freak accident!

What to do?

It's part of my life and

part of my job also!


Now that your

bachelor's degree is done

do you plan to do a master's?

I'm keen on pursuing a

master's degree, uncle!

But there are many commitments!

So I need to get a job!

But wherever I go

they ask for a reference letter!

If you could help

me with that...

That's not a problem!


Uh. During times like these

your parents aren't

alive to take care of you!

-Hi sir.

That makes me sad!

So, what kind of a

job are you looking for?


Social media marketing,


I want to give

these fields a try!

Very nice!


You are the most

famous doctor in the city!

If you could give me a

recommendation letter--

Why do you even ask?

You can step in anytime

tomorrow morning

and collect it!

Thank you uncle!

Be happy!

Take care, bye!

Thank you uncle!

[mumbles] That

punch still hurts!

[waves crashing]

[grunts then groans]

Hit him!

Call him now!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Do you think we'd back off

if you call your guys?


Ramu, where are you?

Some four guys--

Five guys are thrashing me!

Just tell me where you are!

At the old paint godown!

By the time you finish

counting up to 100,

-I'll be there!



What are you talking?

Please, let's take

a small break!

Hey! When will you come?


I asked you to count to 100.


I've counted to 110!

Count up to ten again!

Another ten?

I'm on the way!


[breathes heavily]

Please, let me go!

Please, I'll pay you!

You are showing off

throwing around names,

acting like a hotshot!

Please don't hit me!

Call him now!


You guys are dead!


Who the hell are you?

We thrash him and you turn up?

He is my cousin.


Until my last breath,

I won't let anyone touch him!

Can't touch him?

Hey, kick him then!



What the hell?


I won't allow anyone

else to touch you!

You saw that?

I won't do as I say

and I won't say as I do!

Hey, what is he even saying?

I don't understand a word!

You don't understand?






-Trust me!

I won't let anyone

lay a finger on you!


[choking] What--?

I'm here for you!



I'm here for you! Stand up!

Grab my arm!

I dare you to hit him!

[choking] It hurts man!

Hey! Hey!

Are you still holding on?

You stay safe!



No brother! It's

enough, brother!

It's enough, brother!

Anything more than this

would kill him!

Even if we hit him, we couldn't

have done this much damage!

Do you know why

we ganged up on him?

Why, sir?

He borrowed five lakhs from me!

He gambled and lost!

He was giving us

the slip all these days!

That is why we thrashed him!

Wouldn't you give

your life for your cousin?

Pay back the five lakhs he owes!

Okay, sir.

I'll pay.

I guarantee it!

I'll wait a week!

If you don't pay the five back

it'll become ten!

Okay, you can leave now!

I'll take care!


Why would you ruin your

life over a game of cards?


Hope you are unhurt?


If anyone gangs up on you

give me a call!

Good heavens! I won't! Ever!

No matter the problem,

I'll never call you for help!


You look so pretty!

[mumbles] Oh! This damn thing!

Ruins the moment!


Hello sister!

Ursula is here from Germany!

Oh, has she arrived?

The meeting at ten is confirmed!

Oh, fix the

meeting! I'll be there.

I'll make the arrangements now.

You can come there directly.

Thank you! Bye, dear!

Hey, Renuka! I asked you to

keep a matching set of bang--

[slurred] It's over there!

Oh! She's kept it ready!




-You look...

just like actress 'Urvashi'!


Why are you buttering

me up early in the morning?

Renuka told me.

While cleaning your room,

she found broken

bottles everywhere!

Careful! You might

cut yourself up badly!

-What then?

-Can I...

Tag along to meet Ursula?

Why do you want to meet Ursula?

Remember last time?

You act like a

decent guy at home!

Once you get there,

you start getting all flirty!

There's no need!

Why haven't you dyed

your white hair?

I look so young!

Won't people think I'm

old, because of you?

I've stocked up the

house with hair color!

Use that to look young, okay?


There's mutton biriyani today!

Watch those TV soaps you

like, stay home like a good kid!

Smile now!
Ha! ha!

Come on!

Come on!

Super, brother!

Come on, careful now!


I want to talk to you about

something very important!

Tell me, tell me!

-What? What?

Boston University, US

has offered me
an admission

in their master's program.

[slurred] Congratulations!

I've made arrangements for you

to study at Madras University

by influencing a

professor I know.

By then, you've

planned a trip to the US?

No, sister-in-law!

I've always wished

to study abroad

for a very long time!

Just because you wished for it?

Now, look here!

I know what's best for you!

And I'll make it happen!

Your wishes mean nothing!


Is she talking about

touring America?

She says she wants to study!

Where's the harm in that?

Now, look!

I'm far more vested in your

sister's well-being than you.

Studying abroad won't

work out, I know that much!


I thought only my

dreams would go to waste!

New York Michael

Jackson Academy,

offered a dance

scholarship to me!

But you didn't want

me to travel that far!

You wanted me to learn

from Kala master instead,

putting an end to my dreams!

I won't let her suffer

the same injustice!

At least let her

fulfil her dream!

-Who are you to say no?

This is my father's

hard-earned wealth!

Hey! He's our father!

Quiet! She has rights

to his wealth too!

What if she has rights?

Shouldn't she act responsibly?

True that!

Why did your father,

lacking faith in you three,

name me in his will?

Because I'm responsible!

Just because you are wealthy

you are adamant about

studying music in America!

You are adamant about

studying dance in America!

That won't happen. Ever!

I know what's

good for this home!

I'll dictate what

happens around here!


Would you do this

to your own daughter?

[crying] Oh no!

Did you hear what he had to say?

If I had a child, wouldn't

she support me?

He's mocking me

for being childless!

This! This pumpkin head!


My time will come soon.

[mumbles] Let's wait

for "Veetla visesham"!

[sobs] How would it happen!

-She sleeps on the bed alone

-[mumbles] Not this again!

I sleep on the couch!

Is this how a brother speaks?

How can we have a child then?

We can only sleep in peace!

[mumbles] The booze

has made him unbearable!

Don't feel bad about this.

[mumbles] I didn't even feel bad

about the thrashing I got!

Don't cry!

You'll study in

America! That's for sure!


I'm here for you!

Thanks, brother!

Thank you!

You've told Ram, right?

I'm also depending on him.

He'll take care!

[laughs] My goodness!

Do you really have to?

Alright! Alright! Okay!

I feel very...

My God, my God!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!


Please! Please!

Please be seated.

We started this club

twenty five years ago!

Our club's

first pillar

and backbone is

our Sharadha madam!

To talk about her
untiring work

and about her

would keep us here forever!

Sharadha Textiles.

Sharadha Exports.

Sharadha Finance.

With so many

businesses in her hands,

she has

a busy schedule to keep!

Yet, she does a

lot of social service!

The only reason for that

is her affection for the public!



A few words from

you would motivate us!

Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you!

My greetings to all you lovely

people from across the world!


We've all accomplished so much!

We donate so much!

But why haven't we

reached the people yet?

That's because...

We aren't up-to-date

on social media!

No one wants to

give us the publicity!

Everyone is jealous!


Shall I go street-by-street

distributing handbills!

Or can I ask the

poster guy Nandakumar

to paste posters
across town!

Those are old ideas!

We need the latest!

We need to update

ourselves on social media!

Even though you look old,

I feel that you are

all young like me!


Please close the door!


You are all from

the old generation!

Please turn youthful like me!

Think like one!


We need to find an

adminsitator who knows

social media marketing well!

For our club and for

my personal needs too!


Yes, madam!

Arrange for an interview!

I'll take care of

all the expenses!


Of course!

On the occasion of our 25th-year

silver jubilee celebrations!

Not just the public,

but the entire world

should pay attention to us!

Don't pay attention to me!

The world should look at us!


What are you saying?

My plan is...

Call all the beggars in our

neighbourhood to assemble.

The service we do to them

should become

viral on social media!

That is my plan, okay?


Shall I then...

book a photographer

and a videographer

to cover the event?

Why? Why?

Why should we waste money?

There are two "waste

rices" in my home.

Please call them!

They could be

useful for something!

Okay madam!


Save these for next year!

Okay madam!

Take it, grandpa!

Have a nice day!

Thank you!

Take it brother!

Say "thank you!"


All the very best!


God bless you, grandpa!

Look here! Here!

God bless you sister!

Sister, please take it!


Please take it!

I want good snaps!

We should look glamorous!

The chilli flakes
and oregano is inside!

Sprinkle it before you eat!

Does my face look good?

Everything looks good!

Aunty! Ready!

[mumbles] I've asked you not

to do that when we have guests!

Call me "madam"!

-Ready, ma'am!


Yes! Okay!

Greetings everyone!

What's this?

This club has been functioning

for twenty five years!

You may ask "why are they

handing out pizzas to beggars?"

Why? Why? It's not

imperative that beggars

of our country should

eat only leftovers!

Are they not supposed

to eat costly foods?

I'd like to elevate

our beggars to

the standards of

international beggars!

With that

good intent in mind

this club has begun this drive!

Every week

we should change our menu, no?

This week, as you can see

we've given them pizza.

Next week it's...

[whispers] Pasta!


What about the next week?


Burgers for these beggars!

I have a lot to

say, come with me!

-Chin down.
-Come on!

[mumbles] Take good

photos, you knucklehead!

Bite into it! Bite into it!


You pay to eat this?

Brother, this is to look

stylish! Not to appease hunger!

Everyone in our

country who eats pizza

ends up eating curd

rice before going to bed!


Give me some betel nuts!

Betel nuts?

Hand me those chilli flakes.

[mumbles] God of wealth!

Hope you reach

me safe and sound!


[mumbles] I've got to shut up

just because he's my wife's ex!

He looks like a cockroach

dancing on the table!

[radio] 'and we follow
the song,'

'with the corona news bulletin!'

'The honourable Chief Minister'

'has made an important'



'From today, all tea shops'

'are allowed to'

'operate at fifty percent'

-'capacity of customers!'

Fifty percent?

[radio fades off]

What does he think of us?

Hey! You look like a

fifty percent discount!

Your drink is free!

Drink up!

-What the hell? Free?

What did you say

when we got married?


What did you tell my father?

I said I'll slap him!

I've lost everything
after marriage!

I haven't seen a dime!

My life is chained
to this stove!

You promised to

buy me gold earrings!

You promised to

buy me a gold chain?

Look! I have nothing!

How did you even love her?

You've ripped me off!

You and your stupid face!


Shut up! We have a customer!

Once upon a time, women

trusted their husbands!

She complains about gold,

jewellery, and
tickets to "Beast"!

Cousin, tea or biscuits?

There isn't a rupee
to run the shop!

Tea and biscuits? Huh!

When I open the shop,
this rat face comes along!

I'm going to poison

this rat someday--






-How are you?
-I'm good man!

It's been ages since we met!

You still look the same!

-Sit! Sit!

-Do you know Babu?

Our school annual day.

Fashion show!

We couldn't find a model!

He was the one who

saved us by modelling for us!

-He rocked the ramp walk!

This guy? Modelling?

Get lost, pipsqueak!

What happened? Hey!

[whispers] Model?

Looks like an ox!


Who the hell is he?

How dare he mock me

in my own neighbourhood!

Should I wear my

"Sarpetta" boxing gloves?

-Hey! Hey!
- What?

Keep your cool!

He's my cousin!

I thought so too,
the look on his face.

Hi cousin!

We're friends from today!


Why do you own a tea shop?

I thought you'd be a

famous model by now!

What the hell happened, dude?


I'm not in the tea

shop business!

My business is "number two"!

What's "number two" business?

Breaking and entering!

You sinner!

Do you break in and rob houses?

Don't say it out

loud, she can hear!


You can hardly call it robbery!

Is it wrong for the have-nots

to take from those who have?

That is how I was able grab

this shop from Sasi chetta!

Do you get it now?

Dude, let's talk about you!

I knew you'd be a

great dancer by now!

I heard you choreographed

the dance for "Arabic Kuthu"?

I dreamt of being a great

choreographer one day!

There are too many youngsters

in our country with big dreams!

Far too many!

They turned me into

yet another engineer!

I'm jobless after graduating!

[mumbles] These

guys won't ever realise

that no work is beneath them!

Okay, dude!
Forget about it!

Now that you are

here in my shop,

it's my treat!


My friends are here!

Take good care of them!

This is also free!

Got it?

Free? I need to

get rid of you first!


I can already feel like I've

had too much tea to drink!

I'm happy to have met you!

I'll leave then!

Bro, a small gift!

I'll take leave!

Thanks for the gift, dude!

Keep it at home!

Don't throw it away!

Lose him! We'll do a

round of Jim and Daniel!

Call me!

He's very expressive!

-Hi, cousin!
-Bye Ox!

Sir, when will my

daughter be discharged?

Mr. Sundaram!

We have no intention of keeping

you away from your daughter!

She's responding

to our treatment now!

Did you meet her today?

No sir!

One minute.

Okay, doctor!


The patient in 401,

Shakthi. Send her in!

Send along the discharge

summary as well!




Wow, it's been

ages since I saw you!

Perhaps three months, dad?

Oh, yes! Yes!


People always complain

how hospitals charge a bomb!

But you folks!

You've used my money

to save my child!


what I'm trying to say is--


Keep your distance!

It's nothing much doctor!

My girl is about to be married.

So if you omit this

from her medical certificate,

I will pay a little

extra to you!

Shut up!

What do you know

about her illness?

Do you think she has the flu?

My conscience

wouldn't forgive me.

Because her illness

could flare up anytime!

Get lost!

[mumbles] Must be an honest guy!


Hi Shakthi!

Your recommendation

letter is on my table!

You are free to

pick it up anytime!

[mumbles] This must be it!

Yes! Yes!

Nandha, get the car ready.

Inform madam I won't

be home for dinner.

[mumbles] Time

to make the switch!

Excuse me!

That's for Shakthi...

-I'm Shakthi.


Shall we leave?

Is this mine to keep?

Yes! Yes!
It's yours!

This is 'our' dad's

hard-earned wealth!

And our house!

Look at us, drinking in secret.

And all of this is your fault!

[slurred] Hey, Ram!

I've been drinking

since I was young.

The age gap between us

was 20 years when dad passed.

And so, your sister-in-law

was given the power of attorney!

I know it's all my fault.

My fault!

But think about it, Ram...

Who else do I have

besides both of you?

Who do I have?

How is that when I

talk something seriously

you shut us up by

talking emotionally?


I don't know all that.

Brindha must fly

to America to study!

And needs 10 lakhs for it!



She needs 20

lakhs for her studies!

Do this.

Open that locker inside

and take out just 20 lakhs!


Is this why you

called me to drink?

Don't you take Sharadha

for granted, boys!

She's a smart woman!

You know what she did?

She's built a room

to stash all the cash.

And set up an electrical circuit

that flashes colorful lights!

If anyone tries to

enter that room,

a loud alarm will go off

and send a danger alert to her!

Unaware of this,

you know what I did?

I went inside to take

out some money.

I was electrocuted

when I put my hand in

and couldn't use my

hand for three days!

I don't care if your

hand or leg didn't work!

I want 20 lakhs from there!

Brindha needs to study!

Ah, yeah! 20 lakhs

is the exact amount!

Her education

is important to us!

Do you know poker?

Yes sir, I know.

Tell me what flush is.

A flush...

...is in the bathroom!

Do you play online rummy?

I play, sir.

How many cards do you play with?

Thirteen cards, sir.

Very good.

They said this was an

interview for a marketing job?

Just answer my questions.

Got that?

Do you want this job or not?

I want it, sir!

I'm sorry, sir! Please continue.

How many original

sets do you need?

A minimum of three sets, sir.

It can either be with

three cards or four cards.

If I asked you to

play, would you?

-Sir? Of course!
-Very good!

I really like you!

I think you're the right fit!

I'll put in a word to

the General Manager.

It's my cousin so

don't worry about it!

[all] Good morning, sir!

Cousin, the first
round's done and I--

Move aside.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Regarding your salar--

Please sit.

Sir, I'm Shakthi.

I'm a graduate in

English Literature.

I did many cultural

events in my college.

And I'm a very hard worker!

I'm a team player.

Also, I'm well experienced in

the field of Public Relations.


Ask me anything

and I'll answer, sir!

Are you married?



It's mentioned in my

resume that I'm single.

Can I ask you
something irrelevant?

Yeah sure, sir!

Do you have a boyfriend?


No, sir.

You're selected!


How was I selected

without a proper interview

or looking at my resume?

When you look at someone,

you'd instantly know

whether they're the right fit!

You are selected.


Thank you, sir!

Thank you, sir! Thank

you so much, sir!

The door's that way!

Thank you, sir!

I'm a very very hard worker!

I'll give my 100 percent!

Thank you so much, sir!

Oh gosh! Why do

you stink so bad?

Didn't you use the

perfume I bought?

[slurred] I mistook it

for 'that' and drank it!

[slurred laugh]

You could smell

me if you want to!

Oh sorry, I showed my armpit!


Why are you dashing into me?

The interview is

done, sister-in-law.

Who did you finally selct?

She seemed best out of the lot!

-I've selected her!
-Hi, ma'am!

Oh, hello hello!

Hello, ma'am!

-What's your name?

Oh, nice name. Nice name!

Okay, Shakthi.

Your job doesn't end with

social media managing alone.


All my business matters,

-my personal matters...

Everything is in your--

What about TikTok?

So silly of him to

forget the TikTok ban!

[murmurs] It was I

who forgot to tell you.

You should attend
to me in a jiffy!

Yes, ma'am!

You can stay here, too!

Okay ma'am!

We'll provide your stay.

Ma'am, here's my

reference letter.

Ram's decisions

will never go wrong!

Because he tends the bar--

I mean...

He's inquisitive and

thorough in reasoning!

After all, he's 'my' brother!

Yes, yes!

Ma'am, have you

heard of Dr. Ilancherian?

Dr. Ilancherian?

This letter is from him!

Oh, really?

It'll definitely be right!

This was from him!

Then why did you interview her?

I've known doctor

for a really long time!

Such an honest man he is.

And that's why I'm fond of him.

'The woman bringing'

'this letter, Shakthi...'

'Due to many'

'disappointments in life,'

'underwent treatment'

'at Peace Hospital.'

'Although she may
seem innocent,'

'if anyone uses or'

'says the word "no",'

'she would attack them'

'viciously like an animal!'

'So try as much to'

'give all she asks for.'

'Take care of her like a child,'

'and help her
recover completely.'

'This is my humble request.'

'Yours sincerely,'

'Dr.Ilancherian M.B.B.S., MD.'

She's perfect for

you, my sister-in-law!

And will be of help to you.


Please, ma'am!

Did I get the job, ma'am?

I did, right?

You got it as in...

...you should've got it!

What do you mean?

So, it's confirmed?

You will!

Will you say "no" to me?

You won't right?

I won't say "no"! I

won't ever say that!

Thank you! Thank

you so much, ma'am!

I'll take care.

Arrange a room

for her-- [mumbles]

Thank you! Thank you so much!

This is your house from now.

Hey, come!

Call me if you need any help.

-He's my cousin.

Consider him your brother.

What, Preethi? I can't

feel the love in your touch!

How will you feel?

For three months,

you said you'd open

about our relationship

at your place.

When are you going to?

How long will I keep working

in this massage parlor?

Darling, don't you

know my sister well?

I'll tell her when

the time's right!

You keep spinning the same tale!

I don't think you

love me anymore!

Love me anymore?

Is this enough?


How about this?

How about now?

Will this suffice?

Why are you silent?

What music is this?

Happy birthday.

But today isn't my birthday.

I know.

It's your lunar birthday!


Is that so?

Can I ask you something?

With pleasure!

I was hired for

my talent, right?

Definitely not.


But for your taste.

You have very good taste.

A special gift

for your birthday.

Here you go!

Your favorites.

Oh my God!

Both are my favorite movies!

I know!

But how?

[romantic Tamil

caller tune plays]


'Hello, sir. I'm Rekha,'

'calling from ICU Bank.'

Tell me, Rekha.

'Your personal loan'

'has been approved!'

Listen to me, Rekha...

I've got everything

I wanted in life!

I hope you understand, Rekha.

'Can I meet you in person'

'regarding the loan, sir?'

I'll let you know.

'Thank you, sir!'

Bye, Rekha!

Is Rekha your wife?


I'm still a bachelor.


What about a girlfriend?

Not until now...


Can I gift you something?

It isn't my lunar

birthday though!

-What could it be?

Nice gift.

Thank you.

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

"For the silky body"

"To bounce like a ball"

"You need to grab me gently!"

"For the silky body"

"To bounce like a ball"

"You need to grab me gently!"

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

"Wherever he touches,"

"Whatever the pleasures"

"I need to feel them there"

"As a shadow!"

"The rhythms you"

"make In my body"

"Gives great pleasures"

"As your reward!"

"Wherever he touches,"

"Whatever the pleasures"

"I need to feel them there"

"As a shadow!"

"The rhythms you"

"make In my body"

"Gives great pleasures"

"As your reward!"

"Grab me in your"

"hands Like a flower"

"And hold me"

"close To your body!"

"Mark me in five"

"Or six places"

"And compose a joyous"

"anthem In my heart!"

"Compose a joyous"

"anthem In my heart!"

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

"For the silky body"

"To bounce like a ball"

"You need to grab me gently!"

"For the silky body"

"To bounce like a ball"

"You need to grab me gently!"

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

"Oh, the dizziness"

"That came upon today"

"It takes me places!"

We're on our way! My

sister and I are coming!

How many times will you call?

Now's the chance

to get new shoes!

Preethi will freak

out if she sees this!

If my sister comes to

know, I'm dead meat!

[stutters] I'm ready, sis!

I'm gonna message her.


Who the hell are you?

Forget all that.

If you don't want me to

send them to your sister...

Come to the said location

as soon as possible.

Where should I come?

-Hey, you!

Will you blindly come if

anyone says it's urgent?

Who are you, sir?

How did you get

hold of these photos?

When an influential guy

visits a masseuse weekly,

you thought no
one would notice?


Nothing of that sort.

I truly love that girl!

You say truly love her.

Does your sister

know about this?

Sir, please don't

tell my sister!

I'll do anything you say!





In 24 hours...

Bring me 10 lakhs.

All I can do is pray, sir!

Hey, you're paying!


Seems a bit expensive.

Give me some time, sir.

Take your own time!

I'm giving you 24 hours!


You make it sound

like it's 24 years!

If the money doesn't

come after 24 hours,

each picture will be sent

to your sister's WhatsApp

and uploaded on social media!


You sound like a

villain from James Bond!

What an emotional guy!


I'll give you an 'Aadi'

discount of 40 percent.

Six lakhs rupees.

In 24 hours,

you're handing in the cash!

I'll bring it to you

somehow, sir!

'How are you so
easy to convince?'

Quick! Leave before

I change my mind.

Chop chop!


Please don't leak

them to anybody!

I'll somehow deliver the cash!

[slurred] Hey, Ram!

My only companion at

night is now under repair!

You're the owner of this house.

And yet, you're

treated as a watchman!

Are we getting proper replies?

Why is he dressed differently?



What is this costume?

Holy ash on your forehead!

Are you turning into a godman?

I would have been well

off had I been a godman!

Why do you say that?

When every Tom, Dick, and

Harry say that you're childless

my heart aches a lot!

For you to bear a child,

I've made a vow to

present a golden spear

to our ancestral deity.

I would rather beg around

to fulfill this vow!

Why do you take such

an extreme measure?

Weren't you born
into wealth? Or am

I not your sister
to help you out?

You tell me the

cost of that spear!

Only six lakhs!

Just six lakhs?

Okay, put it on the tab.

Write six lakhs in his name!

Pass that!

Write an extra
lakh in his name!

Okay ma'am.

Keep it for expenses!

Why only buy a golden spear?

If you tonsure your head, pierce

a spear through your tongue

and do gymnastics on a firepit,

your vow will be fulfilled soon!

Don't listen to him.

You go in peace!

Thank you, sis!


Looks like she's in a good mood.

Can you ask her

about my studies?


When you can immediately

give your brother some money,

why do you delay in

giving when my sister asks?

That's 'your 'sister.

And he's 'my' brother.

That's 'your' brother!

And that's 'my 'secretary!

You're separating us apart

and you've never asked

me as a family member!

You're bothered about

'your' sister's college fees

but did you bother to

ask 'your 'sister-in-law that?

Why will I pay your fees?

You never went to

school so how will I?

Did I ask you that?

Did I really say that?

Look- Look at him

twisting my words!

Hey. Hey!

Why are you staring at her?

I know for what and why

to spend for in this house!

You don't lord over me!

Look at their faces!

Listen, the cooker

whistle has gone off!

The biriyani's ready.

Mutton biriyani!

All of you go eat.

Hey hey! The
whistle's gone off!

Biriyani is ready. Let's go!


All your fault!

I'm speaking on

your behalf as well.

Hey, hey! It's working!

-It's working!

It's playing so loudly!

Raise the volume.


-Raise the--
-No! No!

Dear! Please don't

panic about this.

This is our family affair!

Hey, stop that!

Don't panic, okay?

Hi, Sharadha ma'am!

Hey. Why have you

casually entered?

It's been 24 hours

since I heard from you!

And you didn't answer my calls!

Where were you?

Sharadha madam!

You will be shocked

to hear where I was!

Fine, tell me.

I went to meet His

Holiness Sukranandha!



He doesn't meet anyone though!

How did you meet him?

I too didn't see him, ma'am.

But, I went to his ashram

and prayed for you!


His Holiness!


Who's that?

When he sets foot, even

a desert turns into a oasis!

He's coming here to perform the

'Putra Kameshwari'
ritual for you!

Will he actually come?

He's coming here

this full moon day!

Coming full moon...

Coming full moon...

One, two, three, four...

My mind's scrambled...

There's a week to go, ma'am.

Oh, we have a week?

Okay okay.

Everyone- Everyone

will be vegetarians, now!

Ram! Don't roam

around unnecessarily.

-Start fasting, okay?

I'm saying this

for you too, dear!

Everyone must fast!

Okay ma'am

No one should eat meat.

He'll curse us if
you start drinking!


Listen, Shakthi.

The house must

be grandly set up!

Seeing that, his heart

must brim with joy!

Don't worry about the expenses!

Yeah, ma'am.

I... I...

Full moon day's fast approaching

and I'm starting

to panic already!

Move. Move away!

[starts chanting mantras]

The puja room's this way!

Oh, yeah yeah! This way!

I've never seen ma'am

this happy before!

[vehicles whirring]

Sadha, can you please

pick up the phone?

Is everyone deaf in this house?



Pick that call!

Where is it?

[phone rings]

Why isn't it...

-Hey, Ram!

Can you check this phone?

I think the display's gone.

What phone is this?

How will you attend

if the phone's flipped?

Are you drunk in the morning?

Here's the display.

Okay fine, got that!

Answer the call!

She's already angry.


'I'm calling from the ashram'

'of His Holiness Sukranandha.'

'And I'm his long-term

'Anandhakuttan, speaking.'


'Swamiji had obliged to do the'

'Putra puja this full moon day.'

Oh really? That's good news!

'All of a sudden...'

'The cousin of Ambani had'

'requested a Lakshmi Puja.'

'Since they pleaded immensely,'

'we won't be able to come.'

Oh, those poor people!

'He will arrive on another day'

'and asked me to inform you'.

'Before our arrival,'

'we have certain procedures'

'that must be followed.'

Okay, when will you arrive?

'"No one knows when'

'and how we arrive'

'but we always arrive on time!"'

That's right.

How will you arrive without

knowing the address?

'We know the addresses of all'

'and all the streets within.'

'Hail Sukranandha!'


Looks like a godman

who watches a lot of tv!


I've received a
conditional offer

letter from Boston University!


The initial payment

is 13,500 USD.

How much is it in rupees?

10 lakhs, brother!

I see.

Okay, I'll take care.

I'm really excited, bro!

You'll pay it on time, right?

I said that I'd take care.

Then, why do you--

Cousin! Cousin!

Don't worry, okay?


Please talk.

Who's that?

He wants to talk to you!


-Hey, it's been a week!

I've not seen or heard from you!

Oh it's you, sir!

Looks like you'll have

to pay up 10 lakhs!

Trust me, sir.

Why should I trust you?

I'll pay you, sir.

I will.

Why are you asking
me to guarantee--

Give it to me. I'll talk.

Wait a minute, sir.

Bro, he gave you his word.

He'll definitely do it!

Yes, bro!
And I guarantee you!



Are we guaranteeing each other?

I'm really excited, bro!

You'll pay it on time, right?

And I guarantee you!


10 lakhs, brother!

Hey! The 10 lakhs!

We won't be able to come.

He borrowed five lakhs from me.

And I guarantee you!

Swamiji had obliged to come home

His Holiness Sukranandha

hasn't gone anywhere.

To perform the Putra puja,

he is definitely coming home!

Hail Sukranandha!

Heck no!
I'm not doing this!

Don't be hasty, Babu!

-Only you can do this!

Only you can pull this off!

It's easy to steal in general.

How will I steal

disguised as a godman?

They know nothing about you!

I still remember clearly...

The way you rocked

the rampwalk in school...

Do you know how well you acted?


Cousin always talks about you!

And you act very well!

Hey, cousin! Those

were school days!


How much money do you need?


Approximately six lakhs.

Forget six lakhs.

Take 10 lakhs instead!

They're calling you, right?

Why don't you get lost?

You come back

after one or two years.

But send the money on time!

Think wisely.

A better offer than this

will never, ever come.

Why is everyone waiting

outside like Saravana Stores?

His Holiness Sukranandha!

Everyone chant Guruvae Namaha!

[all] Guruvae Namaha!

Guruvae Namaha!

Om Guruvae Namaha!

Hail Premgianandha!

Hail Shilpanandha!

Show me your faces!

Hey, come and help me out!

Please bless us!

Welcome, my Holiness!

That lady's face...

...is such a pretty face!


Hey, isn't that

your sister-in-law?

Yes, that's her.

Please come
inside, my Holiness!

Welcome, welcome!

Enter with your
right foot, first.

[heartily laughs]

Please come in.

Don't put the

flowers in my mouth.

May your holy feet bless

this house and this land!

Come, my Holiness!

Please come, please!

Om Premji Namaha!

Om Premji Nama--

Hey, Sheela!

What are you doing here?

Careful, careful!

Guruvae Namaha!

Welcome, His Holiness!

Please welcome, your Holiness!

Bless me, your Holiness!

Please shower me with

your blessings, my Holiness!

Take this, your Holiness.

My hand's aching. Take this.

'I must find where all'

'the cupboards are, first!'

'I can then, settle down

'I now know the true'

'power of this disguise!'


Look at the eyes

of our Holiness!

Don't you see a spark of light?

'A spark?'

'In his eyes?'

And look at his face!

You can see the

wisdom of a sage in him!

'A sage?'

'Okay, I don't know'

'how this will end!'

Hey! Why are you both dreaming?


Can I have the honor of

performing the
'Paadha puja 'on him?

-Okay okay!

...present him this gift!

I will, I will.

Pour it on me!

You don't respect

your own husband.

Yet, you're ready to

perform rituals for a stranger!

What is this

superstitious belief?

-[chants om]

My feet are cold!

Look at them pouring milk

straight out of the fridge!

Ask her to get up!

[chants mantras]

I like you both a lot!

Come every day to my

chamber and seek enlightenment!


Isn't this a little too much?

What will I do?

My feet warmed up

after seeing them!


Is everything okay?

Enough, stand up.

My child...

Make tea for all with this!


Careful with the holy water!

I guess it'll be easy to steal!

-My Holiness!

A gift.

I don't want.

Please accept this money

and bless me abundantly!

How did I manage to earn

four lakhs in half an hour?

Look at my fortune!

Shall I sneak out

saying I need to pee?


I caught your mind voice.

Tell me, my child!

My Holiness...

Can I ask you something?

Are you questioning the Lord?

Hey, come closer!

You would answer

the questions in school.

And I'll be punished.

You said no one would

question and yet, this lady is!

Don't worry.

Do that thing we asked

you to do before leaving.


Ask your doubts away, my child!

[chants shloka]

Maha Vishnu had foretold this.

Is it possible

during this period?

That is, my child...

I can't take it anymore!

My throat hurts.

What is he saying?

This is the language

of the Gods!

Not all can understand.

Did anyone understand anything?

I understood!

-You did?
-I did!

What did he say?

He's trying to say...

Hereafter, no need

to fear anything.

And no virus will affect anyone.

Difficult times have
come to an end!


People have started

coming to the theatres!

And the pockets of

producers are filling up fast!

Watch "Vikram"!

It's a super hit!

At the end,

he speedily rotated

his head thrice

and clapped his hands

like an auto driver. Why?

-He did?


That was nothing.

His Holiness is exhausted.

So, he's asked for dinner

at the mansion house!

Where is this mansion house?

That's our house!

Oh, our house?

Is our house that huge?

I know, right?

You are a true embodiment

of God, my Holiness!

A godman who knows

the past, present and future!

Ever since you

stepped into this house,

it is radiating like

heaven on earth!

How can my stinky feet

bring light over here?

Hey! Your sister-in-law

took the bait!

We will host a

feast as you wished

and turn this house into

a palace, your Holiness!

Bless us!

Who is this now?

I'm surrender!

Did they forget the handcuffs?

What's the point starring at me?

Take me away.

His Holiness!

Give me your blessings.

[mumbles] What

is this man doing?


Bless him quickly.

Stay blessed! Pick

up this four rupees.


He scared me for sometime.

Sir is my family friend.

I only asked him to come.

Why didn't you let me know

before inviting someone?

Tell me, devotee!

I need to talk

to you in private.

Wha... Let's talk

whatever it is here.

Don't you get when I say

I want to talk in private.

Hey, that man is threatening me.

Hey, no problem.

We'll manage. You go.

Alright, go!

Go, man.

-Okay, His Holiness!

Keep flower milk
ready, I'll come.

Sure, Your Holiness!

He's talking about
'Tiger's milk'.

'I thought it was a phone,'

'but he is taking
out his pistol.'

His Holiness!


I'm totally dependant on you.

'Oh God!'

You should only

give me an answer.

What answer?

His Holiness! I'm

not yet married.

Why are you a bachelor

at this young age?

The reason is that

I'm an honest officer.

That's the reason I don't

get any marriage proposal.

I want to hear an answer

from you about this.

I'll tell.

Let's assume you catch a thief.

And you thrash him without

knowing if he is good or bad.

Do you realize what

he is going through?

His wife,

is asking him to

buy Eiffel tower,



and silk saree.

She is asking him for a divorce

if he doesn't buy all those.

Unable to bear this torture,

he breaks into houses.

Aren't we also humans?

I might have made a mistake

unintentionally, Your Holiness.

Is there an antidote for it?


There is just one fix for it.

Which photo did you give?

The photo in which I look

majestic as a police officer.

Only Sarathkumar

fits well in 'Gambeeram'.

You do what I say.

Near Egmore railway station,

there is a shop named

'Shantilal Bhushan'.

Go there, wear

'gupta' 'bhaijan'
(kurta payjama),

take a selfie and send it

to the prospective brides.

Some girl will get

trapped in just a month.

Now leave, son.

You have opened my

eyes, Your Holiness!

'I have insulted him and he'

'thinks I have
imparted knowledge'!


Take the holy water.

Do good to people around you.

Okay, Your Holiness.

Good things will come to you.


Leave now.


His Holiness?

You forgot your pistol, man.

[mumbles] I now realize

why you haven't got married.

Keep your pistol safe.

'He's trying to'

'fill a cracked pot.'

[mumbles] Your
sister-in-law made me sit

in one place in the
name of meditation.

My legs have gone numb.

This damn beard...

Having a shot will

make me feel better.

Is that beard so irritating?

Hey, you will know

when you wear it.

The second thing is

I shouldn't go back

to get the slippers.

His Holiness!

Come in.


I have boiled
five liters of milk--

For me?

mixed almond and have prepared

badam milk for
you, Your Holiness.


A healthy drink.

Please drink it, Your Holiness!

Drink it.

Badam milk?

First, you pamper the Godmen.

Then give them up to the police.

I'll drink, you leave.

-Now leave.
-Don't worry.

I'll take care. You go!

Get back to reality!

You leave now, child.

Looks like she will become

part of this family soon.

[clearing throat]

Anakaputhur alcohol - badam

milk. Lovely combination!


Where's your beard?

It would be lying around here.

Hey, hey!

It's missing.

Where are you searching?


-Where's the beard?

-Look at him.

He looks like someone who

sells camel soap in Dubai.

Hey, give it.

Can't you drink with this beard?

It's really irritating.

It's tickling me.

Do you even understand

the seriousness?

'Badam milk?'

Would Shakthi have noticed it?

-Of course!
-Oh damn!

Then, are we caught?

We are definitely caught.

'Oh God!'

Put it on properly.

Alright, let me do something.

I'll go and reconfirm.

Both of you stay alert!


Will you bring some pickle

when you come back?

[irritated] I will make

pickle out of you.


Will we get caught?

Why would he get

caught for getting pickle?

Hey, you foolish man!

Cousin, adjust my beard!

It will be on your

head if we get caught.

Is this so important now?

Why did you remove the beard?

That girl is coming.


Do you notice any

change in this room?




-Yes, I do.
-Oh damn!

'She caught us!'

'The game is over.'

What changes?

The frame which was always here,

who shifted it to this side?

Is frame the only change?


Leave it.

Do you notice any

change in this frame?


'Your face looks like'

'an eyebrow pencil.'

Tell me, child!

I can see.

We are caught - confirm.

I see less light in

His Holyness's eyes.

'Thank God!'

'How will you see when'

'I'm completely drunk?'


It will dim down after 6.


He will attain

salvation after 3.



Did you bring me

here just to ask this?

Do you think I will

call you for this?

You didn't wave a

proper goodbye to me.

My heart really ached.

I wanted to say bye!

[shying away]

[clears throat]


I know that.

Get me that pillow.

Yes, bro! You

sleep on the floor.

We'll both sleep on the bed.

Cousin, please get

that milk from him.

Here, bro.

I think he has

brought the pickle.

Give it, bro.

[indistinct quarrel]

Give him nicely.

[phone rings]

Tell me, sir.

Hey, fat rasgulla!

I'm Preethi's brother.

Is Preethi your sister?


Own sister.

Blood relation.


How will your
sister react if she

sees you being
intimate with Preethi?

She would definitely

throw me out of this house.


When your sister does that,

she is my own sister.


after seeing her like this,

what should I do as a brother?

Sir, I gave you

six lakhs for it.


You did give...

Do something.

Give me another four lakhs

and round it off to 10 lakhs.

If you don't have

the intention to pay,

just forget my sister.

Sir, why are you

talking like this?

Preethi and I love

each other sincerely.



If you guarantee for four lakhs,

I guarantee - for Preethi.


Then, I'll surely give it.

I'm waiting!

[mumbles] Four lakhs!

'Where will I go
for four lakhs?'

'I have already got'

'money from sister.'

'She will start'

'suspecting if I ask again.'

'Where can I find'

'money in this house?'

'Ahh... When the Godman came,'

'didn't sister give'

'him two bundles?'

'Would it be four lakhs?'

'Two two's are four,'

'four two's are eight...'

'It should be there.'

'Let me check!'


[theme music plays]

[theme music plays]

[mumbles] Who's breathing

sound am I hearing?

'You sinner!'

[theme music plays]


Excuse me!

Can you stop for a minute?

Will you please give

that money back?

Which money?

The same money which you

stole from the Godman's bag.

I... I... Me?

I saw all that you did.

You better give that money back.

What will happen?

What is going on?

Ma'am, didn't you give

four lakhs to His Holiness?


Your brother stole that money.

I saw it.

That's why his face is all red!


What is this, Sridhar?

What is she saying?

-No... That... That's...

-Did you take it?
-No, ma'am.

I saw it's in his pocket.

[mumbles] Pocket?

Take it out.


Actually sister...

Ram and Murali stole the money.

Won't our family be

shamed if it comes to light?

So, I thought I will safeguard

the Godman's money

and give it when he leaves.


Do you think she will

believe your story?


If that was his real intention,

he should have told you.

[stammers] Right!

I just wanted it

to be a surprise.

You and your surprise!

Get lost.

Just go.

This dumb ass

knows no seriousness.

He will go around

doing stupid things.

Just don't bother.

You keep it back there.


How can I, ma'am?

I'm the one asking

you to put it back.

You just have to place it back

the same way it was taken.

What's there to

hesitate in this?

No ma'am...

I'm the one giving it, dear.

You are just placing

back what I'm giving.

There's no problem.

And why should you go around

disclosing these
insignificant things?

Don't tell anything, just

erase it from your memory.


-'My dear!'


'Oh my!'


'My God!'


[whispering] Why
are you stealing?

I'm not stealing.

I saw you stealing.

I swear I didn't steal.

Don't lie!

We don't like people who lie.

He will feel bad.

[whispering] How

will I live with you?

Oh God, I didn't steal.

It was Sridhar who

stole the money.

-Did Sridhar steal?

Madam asked me to keep it back.


I'll keep it back.

You leave.


Go, go!


[whispering] Why

are you stealing?

I didn't steal.

-I saw it.
-I swear!

It's not what you think.


It was Sridhar who stole first.



Shakthi came in

to place it back.

I saw that.

You caught me when I

was going to keep it back.

Please trust me.

Okay, I'll take

care. You go sleep.


'God damn!'



Trust me, I didn't steal.

I will tell you the whole story.

Sridhar was the

one who stole it.

Shakthi got it from him and

had come to place it back.

Ram got it from

her to place it back.

I got that and was

about to place it back.

I promise I didn't steal.


Whatever I told in

order has gone waste.

'Thank God!'


The bride's family is coming?

I have plans with my friends.

What plan?

You and your plans...

You don't have to plan

anything, I have planned it all.

They are coming!

You better take bath,

get dressed, and be ready.

My father-in-law didn't casually

give me his inheritance.

It's because he felt

I will act responsibly.

If every one of

you is just let loose,

this family won't be a family.

There should be

some discipline! So...

I have decided to get

my brother married.


Who is the marriage for?

My brother.

[sarcastically] Him?

If you get him married,

he will start stealing

in that house.



Why are you calling me?

What are you blabbering?

What is this?

Sharu, do you know something?

-What is it?
-Last night...

He looted two lakh rupees

from the Godman's bag.

Wh... Who?
My brother?


Why are you accusing him?

I'm not accusing him.

It was your sec...

secretary who told this.


Did she tell you?

Yes, it was her.

Your mind works straight

listening to all these.

Why isn't it steady

at other times?

I'll ask her.

How dares she

backstabs her employer?



[whispering] I told you not to

tell anyone about the money.

I don't understand.


I didn't tell you anything

for you to not understand.

What guts you had to talk

rubbish about my brother?

No, ma'am.

What is it, Shakthi?

What's going on?

She's cooking up a

rumor to insult our Sridhar.


There's no smoke without fire.


What do you mean?

You are all thieves,

who are waiting

for the right time

to steal from my sister.


Why are you talking

like a dubbing artist?

Then, did you take it?


Why are you shouting?

He has been caught red-handed.

That's why he

has this guilty face.

Those are pure lies!

Hey, stop it!

Are there pure and impure lies?

Useless fellow!


Don't be scared of anyone.

Just tell the truth.

Oh my!

Why is your head hung low?


Does that mean my

brother stole something?

Are you trying to

ruin a perfect family?

I curse you!

I employed you,

knowing you are crazy...




Then, is it me?
You are crazy.

What are you talking, ma'am?

I'm saying you

are totally crazy.



-That... That word...

Don't utter that word.



Stop right there.

You were the one who

said 'no',
I will never say 'no'.

Look here.

I have proof to

prove you are crazy.


Stand there!

Don't move. Just

stay right there.

I'll be back.

[mumbles] I'll be back.


You don't worry.

You should be scared only

if you have made a mistake.

Do you get it?


Move aside.

-Why should I move --

-The day you came for interview,

you brought a letter

of recommendation.

The doctor's letter.

Read it.

Shakthi, who brings this letter,

has been through so many

disappointments in her life,

she has been affected by

a peculiar mental disorder.

She was being treated in

my hospital for three months.


Even when she looks calm,

if you say 'no',

she will turn into an animal

and start attacking.

So try as much to

give all she asks for,

take care of her like a child,

and help her recover completely.

This is my recommendation.



Ma'am, there has been

some confusion in this.

Dr. Ilancherian surely won't

have written this about me.


Please trust me, ma'am.

Give me just one chance.

-He will never lie.

Let me call him and...

Call, call!

-Yes, ma'am.
-Call, call.

Talk to him.

'The number you're calling'

'is currently not reachable.'

What happened?

Not reachable!

It isn't not reachable.

He has blocked your number.

-No, no, no!

Ma'am, give me just one chance.

-I will prove it, ma'am.

Keep distance! Don't touch.

Believe me!


There has been some confusion.

I'll surely prove I'm not crazy.

-Ma'am, please!
-Look here.

This doesn't even look

like a medical report.

He has written some

stupid letter about his wife.

Dr. Ilancherian will never lie.

Just get out of the house.


Listen to me.

You don't have

to leave the house.

It's enough if you

prove you aren't mad.

Let me see who

stops you. Go inside.

Hey, that's the way out.

Just go inside.

That's the way to go out.

This is the way to go inside.

Alright, go in.

'Why is he dancing'

'like traffic police?'

Come, dear.

Greetings, sir!

Give me your hand, sir.


I wanted to shake hands for

considering me a man to greet.

Who will bother when

you smell so bad?


Who are you?

I'm... your wife's relative.

Who was it? Sundaram?

Yeah, that's me.

Oh, Sharadha was

talking about you.

-Is it--
-Hey, Sridhar!


He is the groom.


He's very health conscious.

Hey, Sridhar! Wait a minute.

He's in a hurry.

This is my daughter.

Your daughter
is very beautiful.

She's like my wife.

Hasn't she come with you?


Your specs are

I want it.

Give it to me.

-Oh God, give it.
-Thank you!

My specs?

Please, just give it.

It will become dangerous.


Oh damn, give it.
Here, dear.

-She'll give it back.

It is safe.

I can't see properly.

What will she
do with the specs?

Nothing will happen.

-What is this, sir?

Thank God!



Look here.

We'll match the horoscope

of Sridhar and your daughter.

We will proceed for

marriage if they match.

If not, my brother's

son, Murali is there.

We'll make him the groom.

Let's hook them up.

Who is it?

I really like your daughter.



Welcome, brother.

-How are you?
-I'm fine.

How is everyone else?

Everyone's doing good.

Where are your

manners? Let them sit.

Oh, yeah!

Sit down, brother.

Have a seat.

-It's okay.
-Have a seat.

Is this your daughter?


Come here.


Let me also sit.

Child... I last saw you

when you were young.


Come here, Shakthi.


You don't get confused.

Sharadha has a secretary,

her name is also Shakthi.

Tell me, ma'am.

She stays in this house.


This is my brother

and his daughter.

Get the top floor

room ready for them.

Is your name also Shakthi?


My name is also Shakthi.

I've seen you somewhere.

Yeah, even I have
seen you somewhere.

It's not possible.

We've just

relocated to the city.

How would you have seen?

[mumbles] I have seen somewhere.


I really like that dress.

Will you get it for me?

Oh sure.

I will buy this first thing

after leaving this house.

Don't ask anything until then.


Get refreshed and eat.

We can talk leisurely
after that.

Yeah, that's very important.


Please sign here.

Thank you!


His Holiness Sukranandha?

How is this possible?

[mumbles] His Holiness is here.




What is happening in this house?

What happened?

Duplicate Godman.

What non-sense?

When the original

Godman is at home,

a duplicate Godman has sent

a letter informing his arrival.

Read it.

Did you tell anyone

else about this?

Do you think I'm a fool?

You are very intelligent.

That's why you told me.

You would have told

someone else if you were a fool.


Is this how you were
from your childhood?


Very good.

Alright, I'll handle this. You

don't discuss it
with anyone else.


A small gift.

Thank you so much for the gift.


Hey, using this disguise don't...

I'm not taking advantage--

Hey, hey!


Very important thing. Urgent.

A courier has come.

The original Godman

is going to come.


What are you saying?

Thank God, Shakthi

received this parcel.

If someone else had received it,

they would have
informed sister-in-law

and we would
have landed in jail.

There's no other way out.

We have to execute

our plan soon.

We have to start

the puja immediately.


What puja?


You need to chant

mantras for it.

I can only sing 'gaana'.

What are you thinking?



You please just start the puja.

Just start the puja, we'll

take care of everything else.

Why do you rope me into this?

Don't think too much, bro!

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe


So be it!

"Jambulingame jadadharaa!"

"Jothilingamae harohara!"

"Jambulingame jadadharaa!"

"Jothilingamae harohara!"

"Vayulingame get lost!"

"Panjalingame big trouble!"

"Vayulingame Sadasiva!"

"Panjalingame Mahadeva!"

"Jambulingame jadadharaa!"

"Jothilingamae harohara!"

"Lord, you kicked

away The god of death!"

"But you were kicked

Away by Kannappan!"

"The great lord!"

"Ruler of everything!"

"Lord, you kicked

away The god of death!"

"But you were kicked

Away by Kannappan!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Oh, the lord who beats snakes!"


Oh dear! I mean--

"Oh, the lord who

plays the drum!"

"The Pandiya king caned you"

"Oh, the lord who

plays the drum!"

"The Pandiya king caned you!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"You are the core

of Shaivite beliefs!"

"You are the core

of Shaivite beliefs!"

"You wanted hotel

curry ages back!"

"Yet you wanted

a child's flesh!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"You've stood as an exhibit!"

"Yet, you've come

to testify ages back"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Jambulingame jadadharaa!"

"Jothilingamae harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"You learnt your

lesson From your son!"

"You burnt the god of

desire With your mere sight!"

"You learnt your

lesson From your son!"

"You burnt the god of

desire With your mere sight!"

"The one who drank

The bitter medicine!"


"The one who drank

The greatest poison!"

"The one who performed the

Supreme dance in the heavens!"

"A son with an elephant's face!"

"And a son with six faces!"

"A son with an elephant's face!"

"And a son with six faces!"

"I, too, am your child!"

"An ignorant little child!"

"An ignorant little child!"

"Jambulingame jadadharaa!"

"Jothilingamae harohara!"

"Vayulingame Sadasiva!"

"Panjalingame Mahadeva!"

"Jambulingame jadadharaa!"

"Jothilingamae harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva

Shiva Harohara!"

The puja got

completed successfully.

I'm very content!

Is there anything else

I can do, My Holiness?

[mumbles] Now we

are getting somewhere!


[strange sounds]

[sounds continue]

Oh! Looks like he
might hurt his head!

What is he saying?

I can usually

understand the subtitles.

If I can't understand this,

he may be trying to

say something important!

Tell me, My Holiness!

My Holiness!

You have to
explain, My Holiness!

I don't understand, My Holiness!

I'll tell you.

My child...

Yes, My Holiness!

Inside this house,

is a secret chamber!

No one has been in that chamber!

If I enter the chamber

and sprinkle this holy water,

the Goddess of Wealth

will stay with you forever!


please leave this room!

Please leave the room.

I need to talk about

something important!

Let's all leave this room!


Sprinkle it well, My Holiness!

[mumbles] This is the best

chance we have! Don't ruin it!


[chanting] Get out!

[continues chant]

Okay, My Holiness!

-My Holiness!
-My child.

You are truly blessed

with magical powers!

Nobody knows about the

chamber! Only I go there!

I know that all too well!

You look like'Samantha '

if you smile.

Make sure'Samantha 'doesn't know!

Thanks to your blessings.

Shall we go to that chamber?

P-Please come, My Holiness!


Someone has thrown a

banana peel in my path!

[chants] Om Namah Shivaya!


Go, my child!

[sings popular Tamil song]

Please come, My Holiness!

[hums] Hope I can get

money, My Holiness!

My child!

After finishing this puja...

I'll go the Himalayas

to conduct a fire ritual!

What do you think?



[laughs continue]

Have a look, My Holiness!

[mumbles] Oh my goodness!

Look at the size of this safe!

You are the first person

beside me to set foot

in this chamber, My Holiness!

Besides me

the only pair of eyes

to see the insides of this

chamber is yours, My Holiness!


Not a thief has
set foot in here!

[mumbles] Who
do you think I am?

You are the first

man of virtue to enter!


Look at this, My Holiness!

If anyone sets foot in here

without my knowledge

the alarms around the

house would start ringing!


The place is surrounded

by cameras to capture even

the smallest movements!

Am I not brilliant, My Holiness!

Now that I've set foot in here

everything will be cleared!

As per your wish, Your Holiness!

Please come in, My Holiness!

Please come in!

Please walk ahead, My Holiness!


Even an elephant would

find it hard to break through!

I've spent so much

just to keep this secure!

All this is controlled

by an electronic system.

It has an ID.

Only when the right

password is entered

will this door open!

What's the number?

I'll demonstrate, have a look!





[laughs in unison]


-How was it?

Another important thing.

Could you please
bless this so that

no one else
remembers the number?

Bless it, My Holiness!

I'll sprinkle the holy water!

[mumbles] I'll make sure

even you forget about it!

Forget it, sesame!

May your words come true!

Please come in, My Holiness!

After you!

[mumbles] One seven... Okay!

Step in, my child!

Why does this look like

the jail in 'Valarasu 'movie?

Please come, My Holiness!

What's this?

Everything has a signal.

Look at this!

What's this
electricity meter box?

This is the sensor.

If someone gets past this room

and touches these bars,

the sensor would trip the alarm!

Not just that!

The alarm would sound at

the nearest police station.

Within seconds, they will

come and arrest the thief!


I've made the best security

possible, My Holiness!

-Can you sprinkle

-the holy water from here?

Shall we step

inside to sprinkle it?

That... Inside...

You can sprinkle it

inside, My Holiness!

Enter the number

and open it, then!

Open it!

[mumbles] Why is she using

the same number everywhere?


Please come, My Holiness!

I'm coming!

This is the place the

Goddess of Wealth resides!

-This is the Goddess!

The Goddess of Wealth

I've kept protected all along!

-My Holiness

This was entrusted to

me by my father-in-law!

Like a genie

guarding a treasure,

I've been guarding

this for years

just to keep my family

from fighting over money!


I've been protecting this

in hopes that my family

is in a good position!

Sprinkle holy water and bless us

so that this wealth becomes

eternal, My Holiness!

Okay, my child!

What is inside this?

My Holiness!

Any saint would get

desires on seeing money!

You are a great saint who has

given up earthly possessions,

how could you ask me this?

Oh, that's not the reason!

I was testing if you would

blurt it out to anyone!

Once you open it,

I can sprinkle this holy water!

Only then would the

Goddess of Wealth bless you!

Open it!

Okay, My Holiness! Forget

everything after you see it!

-Open it!

It won't open this way.

The password has

to be keyed in here!

I'll say it!

-It's the same!




[in unison] Nine!

-It's open now!
- My Holiness

Could you bless

this number so that

nobody else can remember it?

Okay! Okay!

-[chants] "Jolly-o-gymkhana!"

People will forget it!

It's open, My holiness! Look!

That's it!

Oh my!

'I can see the'

'collection of KGF movie.'

'I have seen a'

'tank full of water,'

'but this is the first time I'm'

'seeing a tank full of money.'

Oh my God!

How did you earn all these?

Look at the money, My Holiness.

Did you see, My Holiness!

I long for this even

though I see it often.

No one should cast an evil eye.

Sprinkle some holy

water, My Holiness!

[sarcastic laughter]

Of course, I will splash it!

Goddess of Wealth!

Come to those who don't have,

-Oh God!

I should soon start

an AC tea shop.

You should be there for that.

Yes, God!

This 'Lakshmi 'shouldn't

leave me, His Holiness!

She should be with me for life.

Don't worry.

Okay, My Holiness!

The money will be here.

We will be the ones

to leave it behind.

Oh, thank you, My Holiness!



Listen to me.

You have rehearsed

the plan thoroughly.

Are you ready?


I misjudged that lady to be dumb

but she is very shrewd.

She has set up cameras

all over that locker room.

If any of us enters
that room, our

face will show in her computer.

That's the problem now.


Then, won't you rob the money?

You idiot!

I made a commitment
trusting you.

Why are you doing this?

Hey, shut up. Keep quiet!



I am asking you once again.

Do you remember the

locker and password?

I'll take care of all that.

That camera is my only concern.

Think about it.

I will grab a shot with

people at the beach.

Hey, wait.
I'm coming with you.

Come, cousin.


[mumbles] Camera


'One person!'

Hacker Jack!



Hi, Jack!

Hi, bro!


Hey, brother.

We'll have our discussion later.

You wait outside.


Go, don't worry.

Didn't I tell you?

He is a busy bee!

Greetings, sir.



Come in, bro!


-Come, come.
-How are you?

It's been a while.

Why have you
come all of a sudden?

It's urgent.

I hope I didn't disturb you.

Not at all, bro!

An Israel client.

They want to spy on Russia. So,

we are having a small meeting.

See! Didn't I tell you?

You tell.

It's simple, bro.

At home...


I got it.

Have you understood?

I just need to hack the computer

in your sister-in-law's bedroom.


Oh my!

My goodness, how bro?




[mumbles] How disgusting!


He doesn't look like a hacker.

He looks like a second-hand

seller at Moore market.

Let's go!

Hey... Keep quiet!

[mumbles] Milk...

He is Mossad's side-kick.

Just wait and watch

how he pulls out an idea.


Plug this after dinner into your

computer after 9.


All the problems...

You'll take care?

I'll take care.

Thanks a lot, bro!

-Okay, bro.
-After her dinner...

There will be no problem.

I'll take care of everything.

Thanks, bro!

I'll help even if it is the

restroom inside the bedroom.

Okay, bro.

After food,

in sister-in-law's computer...

He sounds like a shady salesman.

Are you sure he can be trusted?


Never book the

judge by the cover!

Do you understand now?

Then okay!

[singing popular Tamil song]

...come, come!

We are here.




Why are you giving a

lighter without a cigarette?

Go away!

Hey, take that.

[singing continues]

Idiot! He is throwing it.

Hey, fool!

That's not a lighter,

but a pen drive.

What's that?

You can't even understand the

basic knowledge
of the pen drive.

How will you become a

business magnate, idiot!


I understand!

What can be done with this?

If we take this and...


...plug it onto the computer

in sister-in-law's room,

that computer will crash.

Do you understand?

Sister-in-law's room?


Brother himself hasn't ever

entered sister-in-law's room.

How will you get in?

Then what is
this 'Putra puja' for?

I know!

Since no one has

entered that room till now,

I have decided

to go in disguise.

Won't it just be with a

fake mole like old times?

That's old style.

The disguise I'm going to wear,

I can't identify myself.

Alright, go!

Cousin, listen to

this Dhanush song.

Let me!



Oh God!

I'm unable to sleep with

this man's tipsy blabberings.


Humans work through the day.

Shouldn't we get

some sleep at night!


What was that?

Hey Sadha!

Can't you just go to sleep?

You drink all day

and blabber all night.

What a nuisance!

How is the room so bright?

'I think I am caught!'

'There's no choice.'

Sorry sister-in-law!

'Thank God, she is asleep.'


Why is the light so bright?

The light...

Where is the switch?

Switch, switch...



'Thank God!'


'I trust you!'



I raised my sister

with such difficulty,

taught her the art,

set-up a massage parlor,

and thought she will take

care of me, my whole life.

You look like a

piglet painted white,

and infiltrate her heart.

Do you think I will keep

mum if you take her away?


I've already given the

money you asked for.

Yes, you gave.

That's for your safety.

What about my safety?

How much do you want, sir?

Twenty-five lakhs!

[exclaims] Twenty-five lakhs!

Oh, God!

Look here!

You can live

happily with my sister

if you give the money.

If not, she is
going to take care

of me working at
the massage parlor.

Or won't she find

another rich man like you?


She might be your sister,

but I love her whole-heartedly.

I won't give her up for anyone.

I'll be back with the money.

He's agrees to anything I say!

I need to go attend a

wedding this afternoon.

Open it, fast.

When we have decided to rob,

why don't we just rob it all?

How will this bag be enough?


I just got this bag after

searching the whole house.

Won't we get caught if

we buy a new one now?


What he says is right.

How do we get out

with this money?


We'll be suspected
if we leave the

house immediately after robbing.

So, we'll keep the money

hidden and take it later.

Do you both understand?

There is no place in this house

sister-in-law isn't aware of.

Where will you hide it?

The only place

sister-in-law goes to...

It's the sofa where

our brother sleeps!

Let's hide it behind the sofa.

I have been wanting to ask.

Why is your brother not entering

your sister-in-law's room?


That's a hopeless story.

I'll tell it later.

Look here!

No one but us should

know about this robbery.


Come on!

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moo!

-Not three,

but four.

It's been a while
since I ate lollipops.


Let go!

Hey you!

Are you going to steal

disguised as a Godman?

Yes, you shell of a man!

This is the house, my daughter

is going to get married into.

Did you think I will

keep my eyes blindfold?

Sir, sir!

Please don't shout.

Now that you saw,

I'll give you one lakh.

You can keep it, sir.


Do you know my

status and my standing?

Are you trying to fool me?

I will hand you

over to the police.

Hey, get one lakh and

one rupees and leave.


Are you trying to bargain when

you have come disguised to rob?


We will make a single

payment of five lakhs with TDS.

Hey, five lakhs?

Hey, hey!

I can't accept any of it.

I have to get a 25%

share of what you loot.

I have marriage expenses!

Sir, sir!

Can you give us a discount?

Ahh, ask for a

discount at the prison.

Sir, please!

Don't get agitated.

Let me discuss with my team.


He looks like he can be

beaten to death with a towel.

Didn't I tell you?

Sir, discussion is

going on. Please!


[deep chattering discussion]



We have discussed

this among the team.

You are in as a partner.

Meet Mr.Malinga.

His hand feels empty.

And, he is the cousin.


Welcome on board!

We're very proud to

have partnership with you.

-Okay, okay.
-By the by--

Hey buds!

Is this girl your granddaughter?


I want that chain.

Oh damn!

Hey, give that chain.

Else you'll land in danger.

Hey, get lost.

[irritated] Dad, I

want that chain!


Why is her voice changing?

Yes, yes!

It's the voice now and then

the whole face will change.


Yes, she has a frustrated face.

I want that chain.


-Give that chain, please.

[angrily] You better

give that chain.

Please ask him to give.

Hey, pinky!

No means no!

I cannot give. Get lost!

-Deformed doll face!

[screaming] Oh my God!

Why are you hitting your father?

How dare you slap him?


Look here...

What dare you smack everyone?

[screaming in pain]

[humming in pain]


This girl's teeth is

as strong as a granite.

Her bite was so powerful.

[groans in pain]

Very good!




The original Shakthi who was

treated at the mental hospital

is not my Shakthi.

Innocent her!

She is that Shakthi!

He is the one
responsible for that

confusion by
changing the letters.

Then, your daughter is...

It's not what you think.


Please forget the

deal I made with you.

You were over-acting

the 'relative' part.

Not at all!

[shouting in agony] If

something happens between--

Okay, okay!

Leave my hands!

Anyway sister-in-law's

brother is dumb.

If she get's married to him,

'mad' for each other!


For her?


The combination would be like a

rat standing next
to an elephant.


Does my daughter

look like a rat to you?



What 'super'?

I asked for a costume

like "Manidhan" but

you dressed me

as "Tirisolam"Shivaji.

Dude, don't mind that.

The costumes don't matter now.

I did my job perfectly.

The cameras are off.

Are you ready?

I'm everything ready.

Come on.

I need to attend

Lucky Sivan wedding too!

I'll wait for you outside.

Did you see that dude?

It's like a spice mill.

It's full of money.



Close the door.

Come on.


I thought it was

just a normal room.

It is very technological.

You remember

the password, right?

Hey! I have it
at my fingertips.

Look here.

I sat all night
and memorized it.

Are you sure?

Come on.

I sense I have a weakness.

But I don't know what's that.



I'll take out the equipment.


I just couldn't figure

out that weakness.

I'll know once this goes inside.


Type in the password first.

What, dude?

The password, man!

-Type the password.


Now I realize what

the weakness is!

-What dude?

Did you drink booze?

Just now.


And you picked

NOW to drink alcohol?!

Put the password.

I don't know the password.

There is dried

fish under the bed.

- Can you bring me that?

Why did I trust you?

Tell me the password.

Tell me!

Hey! I got drunk

and forgot. Go away.

You forgot?


How come you are here?

I was just a jokester...

now they are using

me with the time bomb.

You always made me an omelet

and half boil when I'm drinking.

And then you'd drink

after I get wasted.

I love you Shilpa,

I love you.

What, Shilpa? Your

shoulders are very broad!

What, Shilpa?

You are working out?


Who's Shilpa?

Hey! It's you?

Tell me the password.

Instead, you are blabbering

'Shilpa, I love you'!

You are dead now.

-Put the password first.

I'm telling you I got

drunk and forgot.

Then why are you asking me?


How hard was it to plan this!

Now you are twaddling

after forgetting everything?

What is the password?

Buddy, just let me

sleep for two days.

I kill you. Then you

can sleep endlessly.

-Think hard.
-Okay, wait.

Let's put something I know.


If it went wrong,

we'll go to prison.

That's okay. Let's

go in and have fun.

No buddy!

My hand is hurting.
Let go.

I should go to prison

for trusting you.

Tell me.

Tell me the password.
Spit it!


Hey! Are you asleep?


Wake up.
Wake up.


My clothes are tight

already! Go away.

Now, these things

are beatboxing.

What have they kept inside?

I'm telling you I forgot, right?

If you want, ask can

that lady for the password.

A snack!


You are snacking despite

what is happening here?

Look what I'm going to do.


I have no idea even

if you keep on asking.


There are still some

snacks left. Give it to me.



I'm a Premji freak!


"If I show you my one finger..."

I'm going to smash your hands.

You value booze more

than your friends' life?

Here. Have it.

-My leg is aching.

Are you playing Tag right now?

What are you doing

in a serious situation?


I'm a hero of three movies too.

You are hitting me?

Now I'm going to smack you.



I'm coming for you, Siva...

I'm going to break your head.

I don't want to be a

hero. I'll stay as a clown.

It opened!


See if it is bleeding.


Not here.

Look over there.

The locker opened!

Oh, yes!


Now I remember the password.


This is the password.

Thank God!

Good thing you remember now.

Go inside.

I'm sober after getting

hit. I'll gulp some more of it.


Go inside.

Go on.

Go in.


We have only 15

minutes in this gate.

Okay. Finish it.

You enter the password

in the meantime. Quickly.



Whose father's fortune it is!!

Babu! Awesome man.

Our kids are struggling

even for a biscuit.

Here, they are

buying gold biscuits.

Hey! Look here.

Even if there is more dibs...

For my sister's studies,

for you and your wife,

-to settle Murali's

debt, -Super.

...take only for those things.



Friendship comes first

before anything in this world.

Will I cross your word?

Stealing is bad.

Why do we need

unnecessary money?

Shouldn't take it seems!

What happened, dude?


We don't need the jewels.

That one?

We need to sell them.

I was planning

to give it to Silpa.

We'll take the cash.

-7 lakhs.

-As a friend request...
-8 lakhs.

can I grab one gold biscuit?

Hey no!

Unnecessary risk.

We can't?

In 'KGF 2' Rocky

Bhai is looting it?

That's how he's

collecting billions.

Throw it in.

Go on.


-Hey! Hurry man.

The alarm is going

to go off. Throw it in.

Why has she stacked

invalid money?

-What, dude?

You collected
everything, right?

29, 30 lakhs.

Oh, crap!

When did he notice this?

Hey! Enter the

password and close it.

You set off. I'll close it.

-Go on.
-Close it.

You leave!

He might snatch if he sees it.

Go on.

It's closed.

Come on! I know the password.

Thank God.

We can come by

later and take some.

It's our house, right?

Careful! Slowly.

Hey! How many times to tell you?

You don't know stealing is bad?

-Give me that.


Let's go soon.


we should be careful now.


Go on.

Give me that.

Keep it here.

No one should suspect us.

Come on now.

What is this?

They are hiding a bag here?

What could be inside?

Good heavens!

Oh my, my!
Wad of cash!

Let it stay here.

Let's be unbothered!

We didn't see anything.

Breaking news?

Switch off the TV.

Hello partner.

Tell me.

Where can I meet you?

What's the matter?

I got the money.

Code accepted.


Everyone act normal.


I have told everyone to

meditate upside down.

They'll be back at
least an hour later.


We should finish our work.


we left it there,

go take it out soon.

You go there and see.


Take it out soon.

Yes. Yes.


Cash is missing.

-The bag is not here.

Cash is missing?

Even the bag is not here.

What are you saying?


You took it, right?

You took it yourself and...

I knew it.

This Cousin took it.

Look, his bug-eye is red.

You took the money?

Hey, Cousin...

I play gambling and

But I don't steal.

Babu, he's right.

He doesn't steal.

Hey, hands off man!

You brothers are

plotting a plan?

Are you gys ditching me?

He's badmouthing our family!

Cousin, cousin!

Tell me if you took it.

I promise you. I didn't. I

I'm not a crook like him.

You come here 'Cousin'.

Who are you calling a crook?


What else can we call

someone who breaks locks?

If you didn't lock in the first

place, why should I break it?


Our bag?


Our bag is here.
Come soon.


How come you have our bag?

We'll decide later if

this bag is yours or mine.

From this big mansion,

you could sack only this?


Why are you talking?

Knock them off.

Oh! He's "Billa Ajith!"

He's gonna shoot us!


We are stealing

from other people.

But he is ripping

off his own house.

We shouldn't kill them

that easily, partner!

We'd go to Goa after

stealing the money,

book room 212 at JW Marriott

to safe keep the money.

And then we can send

people to finish them off.

What is he trying to say?

Even I don't know.

Only then no one

will suspect us.


Now everyone knows

where you are going.

The original room number,

is not 212.


Hey, bonehead!

You said it now.
Won't we come?

You are talking too much.

What are you going to do?

I should end you first.

Bro, no brother!

I'm going to the

Himalayas by walk, tonight.

-Please don't shoot.

No need for the gun.

You can go to Goa,

you can go to Bombay.

We forgot!

-You forgot, right?
-Yes. Yes.

He's not going to Goa.

He's going to Pondicherry.

Sir is going to

Pondicherry. Not Goa.

Please drop the gun, sir.

Please, sir.

I want this.



Hey, get lost!



-I have piles, man.

My Goddess!

Thank you!

Hey, what did I ever do to you?

Catch them.

Bro! I know that
you are not only a

dance king, but
also a fight king!

You take care of it!

Why are they strolling

around like in a temple?

Just for my safety,

let's join them.

Social distancing. Leave

some gap everyone!


Hey! Where's he?

I'm right here, man!

Without hitting-

You guys came for me,

why are you asking me to hit?

Wait, I'll do my warm-ups.


These guys got knocked

out with just stretches eh?!

Come on!

I'm going to slash you

and bag the rest

of the money here.

Who is that?

I want this.

Good God! Here, dear.


We don't know each other.

Don't shoot me.

-I won't.
-Don't shoot me.

I'm telling you I won't then

what are you going on about?


This is not nice.

I want that one.

-You want this?


Buy one get one.

-You can have both.

Crackheads everywhere.

This is nice!

Leave it!


Leave it!!!


I want that.

What's going on over there?

What is this, Sridhar?

You are the root

cause of everything.

I should put an

end to you first.

You sinner!

Did I raise you like my brother?

I trusted you like my own son.

Look at what you've become!

Hey, that's a gun.

Put that down first.

I wasted my time

waiting for you.

I thought you would change

all the property to my name.

Instead, you are doing some

puja with random godman.

Now, it doesn't matter

if you are dead or alive.


She's not my sister-in-law.

She is our mother.

I don't care if my

life is on the line,

I won't let anything

happen to her.


You matchstick head!

Why are you conning women?

Shoot me if you have guts.

You thought my Saru had no one?

I'm steady.
Shoot me.

Go ahead.

Shoot me!

What is this new sentiment?


Before my parents died,

without trusting my brother,

do you know why
they gave all the

responsibility to
my sister-in-law?

Because, she will look

after us like her own kids.

You fool!

Who are you calling a fool?


You listened to all of us,

instead of pulling the trigger.

You are the fool.

Bash him in his face!

Ram! Careful.
Don't hit him!

Hit him.

Thanks, man.

[theme music playing]

Hand over the bag!

Give the bag!




Take away the knife.


Throw me the bag.


Will you catch it?

Toss it however you want.


You sinner!

My money!

Give me the bag!

Hands off!

My bag?!

Bad catch!

The moment you

entered our house,

you opened my eyes.

In life, I thought only I

was doing everything right.


I don't want any of

this, your Holiness.

You did puthra puja for me.

But through you, the divinity

showed me my real kids.

From on, they are

my kids and assets.

Not only yours Sharu,

-but our assets.

Talk after taking

your hands off her.

You are only suspecting godmen!


Beard is falling down, careful!

My child?

Trust God alone.

Not the godman.

Om Namasivaya Namaha!

Om Namasivaya Namaha!

-Namasivaya Namaha!

Is it booze?

That's holy cow's

holy piss. Go on.

Why is your face slimey?

-You are one to talk?!

How could you be

that laid-back in a fight?

Welcome, dude.


for the sake of money...

even we fought among ourselves.

Sorry, Cousin.

Here, have it.

First thing, you go

pay back the debt.

No more gambling from now.

From now, I won't even

watch "Soodhu Kavvum "movie.


The money here is

more than you wanted.

Develop your v

But buddy...

Don't steal from now on.


Can I advice you on something?

Tell me, buddy.

Nobody outside is bad.

Also, nobody inside is good.

Rajini sir didn't say it.

But, I'm saying it to you.

Can I tell you why

I started stealing?

My wife's torment.

Come, let's go.

I told my wife,

"ragi flour kali "is

good for health.

But she wants to eat

chicken shawarma.

She's not reading the news too!

She dances, has

Chinese language tattoos!

I swear, that's not my name!

I'll teach you rummy.

-If you ask thi-

-You might like it.

You won't change

no matter what, right?


-What? You are casting me aside?

Go on then.

You'll come searching

for me one day.

I won't be here then.

I'll be in London.


This is my bag!

I must visit the
Shiva temple and

repent my sins by
asking forgiveness.

"Jambulingame jadadharaa!"

"Jothilingamae harohara!"

"Vayulingame get lost!"

"Panjalingame big trouble!"

"Vayulingame Sadasiva!"

"Panjalingame Mahadeva!"

"Jambulingame jadadharaa"

"Jothilingamae harohara"

"Lord, you kicked"

"away The god of death!"

"But you were kicked"

"Away by Kannappan!"

"The great lord!"

"Ruler of everything!"

"Lord, you kicked"

"away the god of death!"

"But you were kicked"

"Away by Kannappan!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Oh, the lord Who"

"beats snakes!"


"Oh dear! I mean--"

"Oh, the lord who"

"Plays the drum!"

"The Pandiya king caned you"

"Oh, the lord who"

"Plays the drum!"

"The Pandiya king caned you"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"You are the core"

"of Shaivite beliefs!"

"You are the core"

"of Shaivite beliefs!"

"You wanted hotel"

"curry Ages back!"

"Yet you wanted"

"A child's flesh!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"You've stood as an exhibit!"

"Yet, you've come"

"to testify Ages back"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Athae! Athae! Sabapathe!"

"Jambulingame jadadharaa"

"Jothilingamae harohara"

"Hara hara Shiva"

"Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva"

"Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva"

"Shiva Harohara!"

"Hara hara Shiva"

"Shiva Harohara!"