Kasane (2018) - full transcript

Kasane is an ugly girl who is severely bullied by her classmates because of her appearance; making things worse, Kasane's mother was a beautiful actress to whom Kasane is a dark contrast, even though she is as talented as her mother. However, one day Kasane's mother dies and leaves her a tube of lipstick, which Kasane finds is magical: if she takes it and kisses someone, she takes on their appearance for a short time. Kasane makes a deal with Nina Tanzawa, a beautiful lady who wants to be an actress but isn't talented enough. Kasane finds success and appreciation as Nina, but Nina eventually wants to be recognized for herself. How long can Kasane continue her act, and how desperate will she become to keep her success?

Buddhist funeral chanting

Where are you going?

You promised to behave.

Come here.

I'm sorry.

You know... if ever...

if you were alone one day...

when it gets really hard...

use this lipstick.

When you wear it on...

whatever you wish...

Thank you.

Why are you sulking in your corner?

Come on, all these
people came to honor her.

Don't you think you should thank them?

So kind of you to come all the way.

Kids you come this way.

I'm sorry.

Remember your promise kids.

Thank you.

Please help yourselves, such a hot day.

It was hard, you must be tired.

I'm fine.

Come on, where are you going?

At the last memorial service.

They told me that seeing my
face turned the saké sour.

Oh, come on.

I'm sorry, she's probably
not feeling well.

Please, remember.

What is it that your heart...


Ms. Fuchi Kasane.

It's you, right?

Who are you?


I'm Habuta Kingo, a former film director.

Mr. Habuta...

Now I'm an agent for actors...

here... a ticket for a play
where an actress of mine plays.

I'd like you to go see it.

Why are you asking me that?

Mrs. Sukeyo was there for
me when I needed help.

My mother?

You used to like theater, right?

I often went to see your mother on stage.


"did you hear it?"

"That voice is calling me."

"What are you saying?"

"It can't be."

Tanzawa Nina is with me.

Isn't she a beauty?

"That roar is dreadful."

"Do we have to let that
tiger frighten us?"

"Tell me, sir."

"I'm not hearing any roar."

"He's announcing us a sorrow...

"I felt so..."

"because tonight..."

"that tiger seem so happy."

Good evening.

OK, see you tomorrow.

What are we doing here?

What do you see from this angle?

Wouldn't you love
to play for the audience?

I don't think I can...


Who's that girl?

What? The renowned Kasane, of course.


She would replace me?

Replace her?

She's losing speed lately...

I'll have to replace her.

How is that...

Surely, you must be kidding.

Obviously, just my
presence makes you nervous.


Have you ever been on stage?

How about ripping of
that depressing mask.


Hey, Mr. Habuta...

is that your latest prank?


I mean business.

Give me a break.

You can't use that thing to replace me.

Kasane, what do you say?

What did you think of her acting?

Didn't you feel how pathetic she is?

You'd be sure to do it better.



Alright then.


Come on.

Give it a try.

You're better than me, right?

With that monstrous face of yours.

If you're up to it, get to it right now.

What is that?


What do you have hanging from your neck?

Give it back, please.

Give it back.

Give it back to me.

You think you can make up
that mouth with a little rouge?

Give it back.

With lipstick on.

Now you're a real freak.

What is it that your heart desires?

You are grotesque.

I'll teach you.


The inferiority complex...

What are you doing? .

Eh? Eh?

You get it?

Why do I get this?

"That roar is dreadful."

"Do we have to let that
tiger frighten us?"

"Tell me, sir."

"He's announcing a sorrow..."

"Because tonight..."

"That tiger seem so happy."

A sense of confidence and strength...

but what I feel deep down...

don't, don't, don't...

What is that?

What is that?

Explain to me.

How did she change me.

How did she steal my face?

Please, explain to me.

I said I'd never do it again.

I had decided.

Did it feel good?


You were thrilled out of your wits...

the instant you took that face on.

Hey, come here.

Easy, hey.

There's no running away.



How did you memorize those lines?

Just by watching her?

You are your true mom's daughter.

You can do it.

No worries.

That girl said she'd
make a pact with you.

You'll be Tanzawa Nani.


Let me go, let me go.

She requested it from me, your mom did.

"From the depth of Hades, you will
lead my daughter up to the spotlights."

"She'll use that rouge."

Don't you want that praise
and that confidence?

You'll never taste it with
that hellish mouth of yours.

Come to the sunlight...

the place where Fuchi Sukeyo was.


My heart... desires...




What's wrong?

My face is not good enough?

Even as a beauty, people are staring.


Except that they're not repulsed.


how did you get that wound?

Forget it... not much time
left before the audition.

Get ready to shine before the director.


Even after a week she's still like that?

Well she's only starting
to expose my face to the crowds.

She's been the ugly
duckling for so many years.

Under that skin there is still a freak.

With such a face I'd have
immediately killed myself.

Are you getting used to the 'swap'?

I'll never get used to it.


what is so special about that rouge?

Well, I don't know more than you do.


"It can’t be that I am late?"

"Tell me..."

"No, I am not late."

What is she doing?

Acting I guess.

"I am a seagull."

"Nay, rather..."

"I am an actress..."

"of course..."

"I am an actress."

Is she rehearsing for 'The Sea-gull'?


The bar is very high
to be accepted by Ugo Reita.

Hence the challenge.

From when you were in high-school.

But he forgot about you.

Then we'll remind him.

"The intense emotion of acting..."

"I am stage-drunk..."

"I marvel at myself."

Be honest, you envy her?

What? No way.

Be at peace, she's a fake.

We're just using the
beast for a short ride.

Well, at the end of the day,
I'll be collecting the fame.

I'm sure you'll be great.

You just say that.

You'll be fine.

My face is a promise of success.

Just make sure you don't do a wrong step.

You know Ugo Reita?

I heard his name.

A young director praised also abroad.

But he seems to have
reached his limit lately.

So he's probably exploring new prospects.

You mean he wants only excellence.

You just have to get into the part.

Nina's face will do the rest.

Be sure about that.

I'm Inuyama Ai, good morning.

Good morning.

It's her.

She's an actress with great prospect.

Please go ahead with the lines...

say them for us.


"Koscha, did I keep you waiting?"

"I hope I didn't..."

That's enough.

Sir, please.

Mr. Ugo.

Mr. Ugo.

He hardly gave me a chance, what the...


He didn't like her.

Next actress, Tanzawa Nina, please.


How can it be?

I'm Tanzawa Nina.

She doesn't look OK.

Your lines, please.

Something wrong?

You forgot your lines?

Let's call the next one, sir.

"Koscha, It can’t be that I am late?"

"No, I am not late."

"I have been in a fever all day,"

"I was so afraid my father
would prevent my coming."

"But he and my stepmother
have just gone driving."

"The sky is clear."

"The moon is rising."

"How I urged my horse to go faster."

"It's true."

I'm sure Ugo will notice...

Kasane's miraculous gift.

No way...

the exceptional persistence
of that ugly girl...

who aspires to be anything but herself.

Kasane's ultimate weapon.

"My parents call this place Bohemia..."

"and are afraid I shall
become an actress."

"But this lake... exerts
on me such attraction..."

"as it does on sea-gulls."

"My heart..."

"is full of you."

Thank you, sir.

Don't tell me... that you failed.

I'm talking to you.

How did the audition go?

I gave it everything I have.

You did?

You're gone again.

He liked me.

He was staring.

What do you mean?

You mean you blundered?

It's not that.

He's the only person...

who could see the real me, I felt.

That's impossible.

He was scared...


he wasn't repulsed.

It's Mr. Habuta.


I see...


I'm sorry about...

We got it.

Tanzawa Nina...

has been chosen for the
lead role of 'The Sea-gull'.

I'm sure Mr. Ugo remembered me.


I tell you, I met him once long ago.

I joined a workshop he animated.

Mr. Ugo, then...

told me:"Your beauty
will be your weapon."

And that remark spurred
me on an acting career.

I was sure he'd remember me.

You need to be perfect...

clothing, bearing, the
way you do your nails...

you need to drive them
further into his heart.

Everybody will remember me.

We'll build up the ultimate Tanzawa Nina.


5, 6, 7, 8 alright.

1, 2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

-Tongue twister-

Push the voice from your belly.

-Tongue twister-

Relax your shoulders.

"You have grown so irritable lately."

"And you talk so darkly
and symbolically."

"Isn't Nina a bit uncomfortable
around Treplieff?"

No? Let's try it once
more from your lines.


"You have changed so..."

From your first lines... action.


- Thank you for this meal.
- Thank you for this meal.

Start with the veggies.




Keep smiling.

Darn, we swap back
exactly after 12 hours.

If we swap with the kiss at 9 am...

you have to be back at 9 pm.

You get it?


Mr. Ugo, may I?


Mrs. Nakamura is our experienced actress.

Good morning.

Good morning, I'm honored.

Good morning.

I'm Tanzawa Nina.

So, she's the phenomenon.

She has so much grace.

Uh? Are you falling in love?

No, I'm not.

Let's all gather for the reading.

Please take your seat.

"I know of nothing pleasanter."

"Than to sit on a lake
shore in the evening."

"Why, I should think that for one..."

"who has tasted the joys of creation..."

"nothing amounts to that feeling."

"Please don't flatter me."

"If everyone flatters me, I'll
have to crawl into a hole."

"When did he come?"

"Silver, that famous singer
from the Bolshoi in Moscow."

So much happiness...

I feel like this place...

is where I belong.

This too is a complete scene.

What's wrong?

Forgive me.

Are you alright?

I'm sorry.

You're OK?

I'm OK.

Ah, I apologize...

in the presence of such
illustrious talents...

she is so moved to act.

Her heart is so filled
with new sensations.

This girl is acting at the
limit of her strength...

she may collapse at any moment.

She comes here exhausted by
long hours of preparation.

Excuse me.

I'm so sorry about today.

You don't need to worry about that.

Of course, Nina, you're the lead role.

Everybody expects intensity from you.


Thank you.

Guys, don't bully our young talent.

I didn't bully her.

Maybe, he did it.


Wait, wait, wait.

Our new star, Nina.

The attention of all these people...

is turned toward me.

Looking at someone's face...

I am able to smile.

Please, excuse me.


Don't forget the time.

I'll drive to the front for you.

Alright then.

Excuse me, I have to go.

What? It's still so early.

Today, Nina is the star of our evening.

Please, I have to go.

See you.


I have to tell you something.

I'll be frank...

as a director I was
at the end of my rope.

Maybe it was just poor luck...

my theater was turning insipid.

But then you showed up.

A pure, exceptional actress.

The rustic simplicity of
that Russian girl you play...

'Nina' the actress infatuated
with fame and glory...

aspiring to soar like a sea-gull.

Are you acting your own life?

With you I believe I can achieve it...

a masterpiece beyond my wildest dreams.

I need you for that... Nina.

That was close, 'Cinderella'.

Don't tell me that you fell
in love with Prince Charming.

You think I can raise my
eyes to a man like him?

You think a being like me deserves love?

Of course you deserve it...

with Nina's face.

Besides, Mr. Ugo can
probably see you inside.

How long do you think you
can loiter in the evening?

I was having dinner with the troupe.

Don't tell me...

you let Mr. Ugo see that face?

Don't worry about that.

Wait a little.

You wouldn't let that girl
ruin my reputation, right?

Ugo is totally into Tanzawa Nina.

He even saw her to the
exit to express his hopes.

You girls gave a good impression.

See you tomorrow then.

What did you talk about with Mr. Ugo?

It was all about the play.

More precisely?

About Nina, Anton Chekhov's vision.

I need to know everything.

What Mr. Ugo told you, everything.

"But he would have
fallen in love with me..."

"because I loved you as
soon as I laid eyes on you."

"I loved you so."

"Nay, I do love you now."


"I love you..."

"and no one else."

"I am athirst..."

"for your beauty.."

"I am hungry for your body."

"Neither wine nor fruits
can appease my desire."


Her appearance is breathing
a new life into Ugo's theater.

Had she appeared earlier into his
career, she would have changed...


You should kill me rather.

I am so tired.


I saw the article in a magazine.

I couldn't believe it, you're famous now.

But this is not me.

It's about Kasane's hobbies,
the books she read...

what did you expect? It's not
like she can know about your life.

And your job is to coach her about it.

How am I supposed
to manage my comeback on stage?

I get it, I'll be more careful next time.

But tell me Nina...

you have shadows under your eyes.

What are they?

Just a little lack of sleep, no worries.

Please, we can't have Kasane
on stage with those rings.

It's all about her now.

You were sleeping...

just borrowed your face
for the day. Kasane.

"I'll go to Moscow, as
you are going yourself."

"Let's meet there."

"Please stay in the Slavianski Bazaar."

"Take your time."

"Just one thing."

"You are so beautiful."

"The thought of seeing you
again makes me so happy."

"The pleasure to see you..."

"your wonderful figure..."

"your inexpressible beauty..."

"your sweet smile..."


"the person I love."


I'm sorry.

Is there something wrong with me.

It's not like that.

- Should we use some lipstick?
- Lipstick?

The premiere is coming soon,
I need to be sure about everything.

I'm sorry.

Let's take a break.

Who are you?

Excuse me, she is with me.

Why did you come?

We need to talk.


What are you scheming?

You stole my face today.

What's the matter?

You're planning to take
over my whole life.


what are you saying?

The whole time I was sleeping...

we can also change the script
here at the last moment.

It's OK.

I'll report all today's changes.

Can we start soon?

What is it?


OK, we're at scene 4, page 27.

Can we start where Nina comes back?

Thank you.

Alright, good.


"You're starting to understand now."

"You don't care if the
method is old or new..."

"you must write
regardless of the method."

"Flowing freely from the heart..."

"that's what writing is about."

What's this?

A little present for you.

Thank you, sir.

"Someone's running in the stairs..."

"Who's there?"

"Nina, Nina."


"it's you, I felt you'd come."

What are you doing here?


"Please, don't cry."

"I'm begging you to stop crying."

"Anyone there?"

"No one's there."

"Lock the door, anyone could come in."

"No one would enter."

No way.

They would.

She's the real Nina.

What a screw-up.

Lock that door.

She just took her face
back in the bathroom.

We also swapped our clothes.

"This used to be a parlor, right?"


"everything's so different."

What happened, I have no one but you now.

And I'm stuck with amateurs.

Ms. Nina, Ms. Nina...

Ms. Nina.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, please forgive us.

I'm sorry about that.

Please wait.

- Nina, wait.
- Let me go.

Just lend me your face.

Give me a break, this face is mine.

The premiere is soon.

We can't interrupt the rehearsal.

It's serious.

Sure, for you it is.

It's all for you Nina.

If you leave now they'll never
trust Tanzawa Nina again.

Is that what you want?

What do you think you are?

An actress?

Please wait.

Please calm down.


Kasane, please wait
there, I'll talk to her.

Nina, what's the big deal?

Why do you care?

She's doing the rehearsals everyday...

she's not belittling your acting...

and once she succeeds...

there will be no limit to your fame.

But look...

that's a good reason to relax.

You are the one using Kasane.

You have the higher hand in the game.

As soon as you condition
heals we discard the freak.

Leave the menial tasks to her...

you see, you are a natural born princess.


Kasane, go ahead, do your thing.

Be at peace...

I'll go there and show Mr. Ugo...

that Tanzawa Nina is a top class actress.

Let's have a drink.


Of course, you go.

Are you treating us?

Come on, it's your treat.

Good evening, sir.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience
Nina caused you today.

So, what was her problem today?

It seems she was suffering a bit.

Would you mind talking with her?

Please, sir.

Again with my apologies.

"I have changed now. Now
I am a real actress."

When an actor is upset, it
is conveyed to the audience.

If you have any trouble,
just talk about it.

Is that about the kissing scene?

What's the problem?

It's fine.

It's just that...

I've never kissed a man before.

You're really special...

you're impossible to define.

You look so quiet...

your strength shows on stage...

you seem unrestrained but
there's a secret part in you...

I've never seen a woman like you.

When everyone is laughing...

only you lower your eye and look away.

Quite possibly, in your heart...

there is a place no one knows about.

So please...

would you show it just to me?

Who you really are?

Are you offering...

an acting tip?


Hey, where's Kasane?

Hey, you're not waiting for us?

Hopefully she told her to come.

What took you so long.

I'm sorry.


He taught it to you? The kiss scene?

Directors and actresses
often fall in love, you know.

Finally, I'm realizing.

Not as a passive observer...

I wanted to brand Mr. Ugo's memory.

Mr. Ugo is not for share.

The Sea-gull, Ugo Reita, Tanzawa Nina.

It's there finally, I'm on my way...

I'm walking on your footsteps.

Tomorrow at last.

Tell me if I can help in any way.

Why is that?


You're suddenly so kind to me.


Nothing particular, it's only
natural that I support you.

Because we're a team.

Alright? Your bag.

Go, have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

Nina loves Mr. Ugo, I get that.

But my feeling for him...

I can't hold it back.

Tell me Nina...

could we spend time
together after the rehearsal?

I need to know more about you.

What is it?

Alright then.

I'll be free for you tonight.

Mom:"I'm so happy that
you dreams come true."

"The premier tomorrow, how do you feel?"

Thank you.

Don't worry my health
is excellent lately.

Tonight there is a general
rehearsal before the premiere.

I couldn't refuse.

Could I have extra hours?

Good evening.

Alright, I'll go there tonight at eight.

Have a good rehearsal.

Good evening.

How does it feel, all that
stage prepared for you.

I know it's a cliché...

but it all looks so fake.

But when the play starts,
it all becomes real.

Just like me.

Do you know what moment
moves the audience the most?

When that fakeness is
transcended into reality.

Go for it.

Ms. Nina...

I'm so grateful you came all the way.

It's alright.

They need their lead actress.

Please, give me 12 more hours.

And one more time.

You're only that on-stage virtuality.

Once your off-stage, your role is over.

Miss Nina?

I checked with Mr. Habuta.

There's no general rehearsal tonight.

But you have a date with Mr. Ugo.

You'll have to let me, the
real deal, take care of it.

Give it back, give it back.

Give it back.

It's mine.

Give it back.

Come down to reality, you're just a fake.

No one cares if a freak is wounded...

but what if anything happened
to my face before the premiere.

Now I'm rushing to Mr. Ugo's arms.

Since now I owe you the
favors of his love.

And you see...

I have a beauty spot here.

Once he's seen me all
over, he'll remember.

Your little game will be useless.

What a pity...


but maybe, you'd rather go...

with that face.

Indeed, Mr. Ugo probably won't notice.

Because everything...

is about looks.

Hey, you didn't have to wait up for me.

Or maybe you couldn't sleep.

You were picturing me with Mr. Ugo.


It was like a dream.

Don't look at me like that.

Ah right, I need to teach you.

A fake like you will
never get to know it.


You'd like to know where
and how deep he loved me?

That's enough.

You're pathetic.

You're upset.

I can't take this anymore.

That's right.

We should end our game here.

Get out, now.

You get out.

And that's it?

You deserve to become the real deal.

Miss Nina?

Miss Nina?

Miss Nina?

Miss Nina? Miss Nina?

It's Ms. Nina...

the 'Sleeping Beauty' syndrome?


The fit she had today...

she could be sleeping for weeks.

I didn't know about such disease.

It is chronic with her.

These are recurrent fits.

We should take her to the hospital.

You don't hospitalize the lead
actress the day of the premiere.

- But...
- Enough.

You just focus on the acting.

That's how we take care of her.

Now I suspect you kept
ready me for such day.

Come on, the premiere
is starting soon, hurry.

Kasane, they're all waiting for you.

I can't.

Acting is about turning
the fake into real.

- The audience doesn't care who...
- I can't.

I can't take advantage of her like this.

It's like snatching her life away.


Enough bullshit.

Do what you're told.

Enough of your childish tantrums.

You'd rather keep that
face all your life?

That's the face you want?

Look at yourself.

This face snatched away
everything from you.


Family, friends, eh?

Even the most common satisfaction
of a smile is denied to you.

Speak out, am I wrong?

Are you going back down to Hades?

I that what it looks like when you cry?

Die ugly freak.

And your mom is an actress?

Your mom is really an actress?

It's impossible to believe.


How do you feel?

- Did I...
- You had another fit.

How long was I out?

A little more than 5 months.

That long?

The Sea-gull?


Kasane played it.

And now she's started a new play.

They're even advertising, look.


"Tanzawa Nina the new talent on stage."

And now you're rehearsing
for the next play.


With the National Theater?

The director is Fujihara Shoyu.

- So?
- Who is Fujihara?

Fujihara who received the
Renoir Prize in France.

A whole crew of top actors...

the theater and film directors
abroad all come to see you.

A big play that will take
your career to a new realm.

That's a sensitive phase of your career.

Well, she is still in the
phase of trial and error​.

Good evening.

Ms. Nina.


I'm so glad.

I'm really so glad.

You can thank her...

she kept you in good shape...

she was also in charge
of your cleaning up.

I'm so glad, so glad.

I made your first meal
as light as possible...

I hope you like it.


I'm so glad.

Gradually you'll be able
to get back to your life.

Mr. Ugo?

How is the relationship?

You lied, right?

What happened that night...

Nothing happened between you.

I don't feel the same with you tonight.

Really? Look I'm the same Nina...

the way you are now I can't sense
any that mystery in your heart...

that makes you so fascinating.

Are you really Nina?


I'm sorry.

After that he invited me...

he wasn't surprised that
I was still a virgin.

But I'm not with him anymore.


I didn't have a choice.

It wasn't the right
time for Tanzawa Nina.

How can you...


can't we stop there?

It won't happen.

Tanzawa Nina...

doesn't belong to us alone.

Come in, I'm free.

Who is it?

Forgive me, I called a guest
to make it plain to you.

Ah, sorry for being late.


Nina, who is this?

She's Ms. Kasane, my agent.

You never met her?


We are so indebted to you...

I'm Nina's mother.

Pleased to meet you.

It smells so good.

I prepared your favorite, a beef stew.

This is so great.

You must be so busy with the new play.

I wanted to give you some strength.

Ah, forgive us.

I'm a doting mother.

But you see, my daughter
used to be so sick.

She couldn't attend school regularly.

She couldn't make friends...

I was so concerned.

But now, so many people love her...

I want to offer her something too.

Thank you.

But I can't do much more.

You're doing a lot.

Ms. Kasane.

What you do for Nina...

I am immensely grateful.


I'd be pleased if she
shared the stew with you...

I hope you like it too.

So it worked exactly as I planned.

She's been nothing but
a burden to her mother.

She left it all to her.

I used Nina to get on stage...

this situation is awful, isn't it?

But she was lucky to find
a kindhearted person like you.


"This man scares me."

"You can't be here, let's go."

"Jokanaan, the Jewish prophet..."

"is feared by the King but his daughter
Salomé falls in love with him."

"This man is pure."

"As pure as this moon."

"But Jokanaan considers Salomé impure..."

"and rejects the cursed woman."

"The daughter of Phillipus
who was assassinated."

"Stay away, daughter of Babylon."

"But I love you Jokanaan..."

"give me your lips."

"I shall not look at you."

"Never come back again."

"You are a cursed woman."

"Salomé, you are cursed."

"Salomé, in order to possess Jokanaan."

"Performs her dance in front of
the King who killed her father."

"Salomé, as the disgraces
virgin she is..."

"schemes to obtain what she desires..."

"I want to reward you,
what do you desire."

"Tell me whatever you desire..."

"Jokanaan's head."

"Once Salomé gets Jokanaan's head..."

"his lips belong to her for ever."

"The story is coming to it's end."

"I did kiss you finally..."


"Finally... I did kiss you."


- your lips.
- What is that?

Is that how you see Salomé?

I'm sorry.

You had the man you love killed...

is that the only cry that comes out?

You need to sink deeper into your role.

Don't serve me that
uninvolved acting again.

A break.

We're taking a 15 min break.

'Fuchi' residence.

You came to borrow money?

As I told you.

But you see the inheritance...

has all been used for your education.

How long are you going
to persist on this?

Just offer her a prayer and get out.

Just seeing your horrible
face gives me nausea.

Kasane's mother is Fuchi Sukeyo? .


She is her daughter.

What's wrong with you now?

Tell me...

where was I born?

- Good evening.
- Good evening, thank you.

Good evening.

Are you scared of sinking
deeper into Salomé's role?

Sinking deeper? Me?

To get to kiss Jokanaan's lips,
Salomé has his head cut off.

Maybe the way you did to snatch
Nina's life away from her.

What do you mean exactly?

Your mom, Sukeyo, was like that.

When she performed Salomé she
feared she was cursed too.

Fuchi Sukeyo maybe was Salomé herself.

What are you saying?

Do you want to know your mom's secret?

My mother's secret?

Mr. Habuta?

Mrs. Sukeyo was using it too...

that rouge.

She'd sacrificed
everything for the stage.

Even sacrifice a victim,
ready for any crime.

The legendary actress Fuchi Sukeyo...

rose to the spotlights by
stealing someone's life.

I'm sure you have what it takes too.


You can revive it for the
world, Fuchi Sukeyo's acting.

So that was your true purpose.

You'd have me walk in the
footsteps of my mother.

Nina is the offering sacrificed
on the altar of your talent.

Use her all and throw her into acting.

You'll rise to the height of your mother.

What is it?

Are you running away from Salomé?

The stage is the only
place for you to live.

Just become Salomé


Surely you had noticed, right?

Your mom's secret.

Good evening.

Good evening.

How about a glass with me?

Salomé's pressure calls for a drink.

Why are you back so late?

You've been snooping
around my life, right?

My aunt called...

forbidding me visit her ever again.

I also visited your elementary school.

Mrs. Tanizawa your teacher
recognized me and came to apologize.

This is it.

That she was powerless
against your being bullied.

During the arts festival​
in elementary school...

using the rouge you snatched the
face of Ichika who'd bullied you.

And so, to preserve your secret...

you killed Ichika.

That was an accident.


You pushed her from the roof.

I'm not lying.

The fact is I was there to witness it.

You are such an awful sight...

what a useless person.

What are you doing?

Answer me.

Hey, stop.

What are you doing?


What is this? Why?

Yes, that was the first
time I swapped faces.

"So you don't like me?"

"It's not like that."

"So it's all fine."

"I can't stay here any longer..."

"I am just an illusion..."

a sense of confidence and power.

I was feeling these for the first time.

I saw the world through your eyes...

it was so different from my world.

What an idiot, such boring blabbering.

Give me my face back.

Hurry, hurry.

What if I really cut your pretty face?

I ran back home in fear.

I went back to school
when my wound had healed...

There were flowers on Ichika's desk.

As I said... it was an accident.

You may as well have killed her yourself.

But I did not kill her.

The owner of such a precious face...

you're planning to use
me at your convenience.

I know everything...

your mom was using this rouge...

and snatching a woman's face.

The mother and the daughter.

She fettered her in chains, kept
her as a slave for her acting.

Get out.

Get out, I never want to see you again.

I have decided.

I'll become Salomé.

No, what did you...

Sleeping pills.

That would be a lot for a normal person.

But in your case who knows the potency.

Good night...

Ms. Nina.

Mr. Habuta.

Ms. Nina had another fit.

"I'm not done with you Jokanaan."

"Of course."

"Now I can kiss him."

"Only love is a worthy pursuit."

"Wouldn't you say so Jokanaan?"

"Your daughter has
turned into a monster."


What you are holding here...

what you were ready to kill
for, is the head of your beloved.


More love, more madness.

If I may try once more.

"Why did you refuse to look at me."

"Even an angry look..."

"if you looked at me just once..."

"you'd love me."


- Premiere of Salomé,
Oscar Wilde - At 7:30 pm.


"your lips will have to kiss me."

You aim straight at the center mark.

Mr. Habuta.


Doesn't she remind you?

Remind me of what?

Fuchi Sukeyo.

There are similarities.

She's not there yet.

I'm looking forward to see how
she will perform on the premiere.

Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Good evening.


Mr. Fujihara was praising you.

That you look like Fuchi Sukeyo.

Spare me that.

I do not wish to be compared to the dead.


bring the car in front
we have little time.

Quick, we need to reset the face.

We finally reached it...

Tanzawa Nina's success on stage.

I'll show you.

In that instant when the
fake turns into the real.

"Nalaport, look there is no one."

"There's nothing to be ashamed of."

"How beautiful is the
Princess Salomé to-night."

"Look at the moon."

Ms. Nina, please.


"She left the table with
a bored look on her face."

"The Princess is coming.

"She really seems to be coming for us."

"Do not look at her."

"She is like a dove that has strayed,
a narcissus trembling in the wind."

"Do you see that strayed dove..."

"needs us to show her the way."

"I told you to beware."

- "Let's light torches.
- Or light anything."

"Slaves, are you
listening, light them on."


"I will not stay. I cannot stay."

"His eyes."

"Why does the Tetrach
look at me like that?"

"With his mole’s eyes
under his shaking eyelids."

"It is strange that the husband of
my mother looks at me like that."

"I know not what it means..."

"But in truth, yes I know it."

"It will avail you nothing."

"I will not go within
till she has danced."

"Dance, Salomé, dance for me."

"Do not dance, my daughter."

"I am ready, Tetrarch."

What are you doing here?

I just came to see that masterpiece.

How long have you been awake.

I have been holding my
breath waiting for this day.

What is that?

The rouge she used tonight was fake.

In an instant she'll offer
the audience that ugly face.

Let's enjoy the spectacle.

The instant that fake
of a freak peels off.

"Ah, wonderful."

"That was really wonderful."

"You see that she has danced
for me, your daughter."

"Right, Salomé..."

"Come near, that I may
give you your reward."

"Come near, Salomé, come near,
that I may give you your reward."

"The head of Jokanaan."

"Ah, that is well said, my daughter."

"I can't grant you that."

"Well said, my daughter."

"The head of Jokanaan on a tray."

"You made the right wish Salomé."

"As for you, you are
ridiculous with your peacocks."

"Be silent. You cry out always."

Good morning, Nina.

You were always pretending to sleep.

With your fake lipstick...

you thought you'd make a fool of me.

What is that?

I delayed the clock in
your room by 5 minutes.

So that I would swap again just now.

Right after Salomé's role ended.

And so what?

I just crushed your rouge.

And that's the end of you.

You're an idiot, you're such an idiot.

You thought I'd leave my
precious rouge to you?

The real one is here.

I switched it this morning.

- Why would you do that?
- Well, obviously.

For the pleasure of seeing
that emotion on your face.

Alright, time to get my face back.

Everybody is waiting for Tanzawa Nina.

I'm not going back on that stage.

You are not Tanzawa Nina anymore.

Don't touch me.

If I have to lose it, I'd
rather ruin that face.

Are you ready to live like this?

- I'll do it.
- You don't have what it takes.

You've been pretty all your life.

You wouldn't bear it.

What do I care about looks now?

Since I have worn your
face, I'm well aware now.

Worthless as you are.

I am nothing like you.

To recover my freedom...

an ugly face is a small sacrifice.

Unlike you...

I am beautiful inside.

"This man comes perchance from God."

"The finger of God has touched him."

"Furthermore, if he were to die
some misfortune might happen to me."

She isn't back yet.

What? Nina?

Hey, are you OK?

Kasane, hey.

What did you do?

She didn't want to end.


She didn't want to end Tanzawa Nina.

Hey, What are you doing? Hey.

Call an ambulance, she'll live.

What are you going to do?

- Kasane.
- I'm not.

It's me...

Tanzawa Nina.



She's back, it's starting soon.

"My daughter has done well."


"Your wish was granted."


"Ah, you wouldst not suffer
me to kiss your mouth."

"Well, I will kiss it now."

"I will bite it with my teeth
as one bites a ripe fruit."

"Yes, I will kiss your mouth..."

Hold on.

Ki... me.


Kill me.

She's here.

The ambulance is here.


Are you OK? Can you hear me.

Please, sir.


Can you say your name?

"Didn't I tell you?

"Ah. I will kiss it now."

"But, wherefore did you
not look at me, Jokanaan?"

"Your eyes that were so terrible..."

"are shut now. Wherefore are they shut?"

"Open your eyes. Lift up
your eyelids, Jokanaan."

"Wherefore do you not look at me?"

"Are you afraid of me that
you will not look at me?"

"You would have none of me, Jokanaan."

"You did reject me."

"You did speak evil words against me."

"You did treat me as a harlot..."

"me, Salomé, daughter of
Herodias, Princess of Judaea."

"The Princess."

"Jokanaan, Jokanaan, Jokanaan."

"You were the only one."

"The only man I loved."

"I loathe other men."

"Only you were beautiful."

"Ah. wherefore did you
not look at me, Jokanaan?"

"I loved you so."

"Nay, I do love you now."


"You are the only one I love."

"I am athirst for your beauty."

"I am hungry for your body."

"Neither wine nor fruits
can appease my desire."

"What shall I do now?"


"Just one look."

"If you had looked at
me you had loved me."

"The mystery of love is greater
than the mystery of death."

"Love only should one consider."

"Tell, don't you agree, Jokanaan."

"She is monstrous, your daughter,
she is altogether monstrous."

"I approve of what my daughter has done."

"And I will stay here now."

"Surely some terrible thing will befall."

"I will not look at things. I will
not suffer things to look at me."

"Put out the torches. Hide the moon."

"Hide the stars."


"I have kissed your mouth, Jokanaan."

"I have kissed your mouth, Jokanaan..."

"I have kissed..."

"your... mouth."

"Kill that woman."