Kasam Suhaag Ki (1989) - full transcript

Abducted at a young age, Shama is sold to Asgharibai, is re-named Surajmukhi, and grows up to be a well-known Courtesan. When Yuvraaj Singh, his uncle, and brothers attempt to molest her, a bandit, Sultan Singh, comes to her rescue, steals all the jewelry from the Singhs and gives them to her. The Singhs then complain to the police, who assign this matter to Inspector Dildaar Dawood, who, in turn, posts a hefty reward for Sultan's arrest. Surajmukhi openly performs a prayer for Sultan's well-being, donates the stolen jewelry, and is subsequently arrested. Sultan rescues her, and when she is molested by Lohari, he marries her. She subsequently gives birth to Munni, and manages to persuade Sultan to surrender to the police, Sultan agrees to do so, but is gunned down. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lohari and Yuvraaj abducts Munni and Surajmukhi respectively. With Sultan dead, who will come to Surajmukhi and Munni's rescue?

Translation and adaptation:

Asgaribai! Asgaribai!

She's Shyama.

Who bought a toy house at the
fair with her grandfather...

... with the whole homeware kit.

It was a dream to
I realize that ideal...

... which every woman boasts.

He found such a house
but all of a sudden...

... the chaos at the fair came down.

Grandma Shyamaa was
trampled by people

And a lonely wise man brought
Shyama here weeping.

'' Here is lightning ''

'' And there's lightning ''

'' The world is ephemeral ''

'' Every creanga in the garden is vestejita ''

'' Where do we make our house ''

'' Where can I hide my youth ''

'' This beating of the head... ''

''... where to get rid of it '

'' What would have happened if you did
not appear to me for a long time? ''

'' Childhood was often good
to me than this youth ''

'' My Grace Will Be My Enemy ''

'' Where can I hide my youth... ''

'' No doubt that youth is sweet ''

'' But in herself lies the sadness ''

'' But who can I show my wounded heart? ''

'' Where can I hide my youth... ''

Why does he speak of
injured hearts and tears?

Talk about wine and women!

Something charming loves my love.

Is the dance finished?

What do you mean it's over?

We paid the amount that we were
asked for the whole night.

We have doubled the amount that we have been asked for.

You have not noticed he has a fever.

She's been sick for a few days.

But despite this
he danced for you.

Her condition got
worse, so she left

Tara, go and see that you have not fainted.
God forbid!

Up until she feels good you look
at the other girls as she dances.

The girls you were expecting me? Dance!

No, I just want Surajmkhi!

- Another day.
- We'll be in Agra for a few more days.

- Give this gift to Surajmkhi.
- It's your slave Mr.

How to throw bulbs...

... as if they were hot coals.

Surajmkhi, if you continue
to reject your luck...

... destiny will cease to smile.

How can you do your laughing
talents, your fans, that way?

The country, none of those
people appreciate my talent.

There are some poets who
bid the honor of a woman.

That's why I always told
you to see your client...

... and behave according to the situation.

But you give quality
music to the asses.

You played such a
beautiful song for them.

You should have played
a song for them.

That that. 'Eagle caught the sparrow'

And you know that thanks to these people...

... you're so famous.
It is not like that?

Surajmkhi's fame
is like a tomb...

... in which
Shyama's soul rocks.

Pray that this lost soul,
Shyama who is wandering...

... to find someone
to offer her a home.

How many times have I explained to you
now you do not want to understand?

Our service is so.

You have to allow
some of the men.

Is that so?
Maybe I'm not your daughter.

But you grew up as a
mother would have done.

Tell me how many things I
should allow them to do?

Tell me.

No one can win an
argument with you.

But I know that even today
rich men lead the world.

I'm not going to go in front of their wealth.

Now this has become a
prestigious issue.

We will only leave Agra
after we see her dancing.

And then we will not go.

Surajmkhi will only dance in
this house on Dassera Day.

She'll definitely dance.

Surajmkhi will dance like
a puppet to your command.

Sing that simple song.

'' From the eyes of the lascivious eyes ''

'' I've been saved for 16 years ''

'' Put me in jail ''

'' Such a hunter
came in a day ''

'' Mynah says the sparrow
is taken by the eagle ''

'A shy man steals the innocent' '

'' Come on my friend,
untie this mystery ''

'' Break the wings,
finding it alone ''

'' Lures her with promises
and takes her away ''

'' A shy man... ''

'' Rare man has twisted my hand ''

'' My ear first fell, then
my leg bracelet broke ''

''I screamed''

'' Someone to help me ''

'' A barbarian has an educated lady ''

'' A shy man... ''

'Everyone saw this
atrocity happening' '

'' Las = it in peace ''

'' Who has the courage to tell him that ''


''... a voice was heard ''

'' the asshole steals the pride of the neighborhood ''

'' A shy man... ''

You would not make me
I long, Surajmkhi.

I'm stuck!

Tell me what your price is.

I want the hand of a sort of man...

... who can get me out of this ditch.

A man who takes me out of this
brothel and gives me a house.

Dream to become your wife!

A proud woman! You talked
more than your status allows.

Say what's your price
for a night with you.

- Bitch!
- Please forgive her, sir.

This girl is naive,
please forgive her.

Get out of my face!

Yuvaraj, kill her to
heal your wounds.

I'll kill her.

But before that, I'm going
to destroy her honor.

For she boasts much with her.

Today in this crowded room...

... if I do not make this
club dancing naked...

... I will not consider
myself my name!

Go ahead.

Strip it! Do not stay
at least a piece of dress on it!

Take it!

Bitch! How dare you to
do you flake a Thakur?

I'll strip you!
No one can save you now!

Oh, God, save you
my daughter's honor.

Who is he?
Get him!

Bend your head in reverence.

Stay in the presence of
rebel leader Sultan Singh.

Vai Thakur?
Are you shocked to see me here?

I had actually come to find
the sinner of Shanker Singh.

The one who killed my father.

And who hid.

My destiny did not smile to me today.

I could not catch
him even today.

But the destiny of this helpless
woman attracted me here.

You set fire to the idol of the demon in the market.

Then who are the three
demons living in your house?

They're my grandchildren.

Which clan belong to?

- They belong to the Suryavanshi clan.
- No!

Do not abuse Suryavanshis.

I think they belong to the pig clan.

If they had the blood of
Suryavanshis in their veins...

... would never try to
molest a helpless woman.

I think dog or eagle blood
flows into their veins.


Right now at her feet you
will beg to forgive you.

But she's just a bitch.

When did you become
a pimp, Thakur?

A woman who puts her life in
the game to save her honor...

... you should not use such
stupid words with her.

Come and apologize to her.

Did not you hear what the boss said?

And you.

Have you invited my father's
murderer, Shanker Singh?

He wanted to see how he dances

That's why I invited him.

You did not invite Shanker Singh,
but you invited her to death.

You rob this place of sin.
Goliates the vault.

I've broken many of my safes before...

... but it's the first time
when I got my hands on so much fortune.

Put it on the plate you're fast!

Boss did not need me to
we do nothing for 10 years.

Give it to this girl.

Give him a hand or foot
bracelet from that boss.

- Give her everything.
- Everything ?!

Girl, this does not mean
anything for your humiliation...

... but it can surely clear your tears.

Boss, all...

I do not want these.

Thakur, this favor of yours...

... did not leave room
for rewards in my life.

I never break my promises, nor
do they back what I have given.

Hazari, lead the girl
safely at home.

Good boss.

I have no words of
condolences to give you.

It was a father model for you.

Yes you are right.
Please, take it.

In fact, Sultan Singh had come to
Kill Shanker Singh.


This is true. You can say that
Vijay Bahadur...

... has sacrificed my
life to save my own.

He's Thakur Shanker Singh.
Take a seat.

- He's Hukumat Singh.
- I've never seen you before.

What can I say? Because of
this bandit Sultan Singh...

... I have to always be alert.

But despite the fact that I have a
competent secretary like you...

... Sultan Singh came and
attacked the city center...

... and the police could not do anything?

Yes you are right.

It's really shameful
for the city police...

... to which the Center handed
this job to a special officer.

But now under any circumstances...

... must end the threat
called Sultan Singh.

Surajmkhi, have you read the newspaper today?

The central government sent a
special officer to remove the...

... Sultan Singh.
His name is Dildar Dawood.

The officer said he would
finish Sultan Singh.

Fuck it!

Sultan Singh is not a
killer, but a Messiah.

I'm gonna pray for his
safety at the mosque today.

- Kara, who is he?
What he wants? - He...

I'll introduce myself.

I'm new to this city and I
want to meet Surajmkhi.

What do you want with her?

You would be fine if you
called her to tell her that.

Tell him I love music and that
I'm a fan of his talent.

You will see Surajmkhi
in this place.

Come to the night.

I am the unfortunate person
who only meets the day.

It's impossible to see
Surajmkhi during the day.


The morning light breaks the spell.

Even if it's right there,
people can not see it.

You are Surajmkhi!
I'm sorry.

I've always been a
fan of your talent.

But your way of talking has made me angry.

You have to give me an autograph.

Like a reminder of you.


Excuse me. Sure I'll
give you an autograph...

-... if you...
- What if I?

If you were not a cop.

Maybe I belong to the government...

... but I'm your guilty.
My name is Dildar.

What do you want?

I want you to take my oath first
and then make a statement.

Go ahead.

When I was sent to a
special mission in Agra...

... to eliminate Sultan
Singh and his people...

... I was very excited...

... that I can meet my
favorite artist, who you are.

You believe me?

I'll believe that if you say so.

But I'm sure you have other
reasons why you came here.

- Because...
- Because?

Because you're a cop.

That is my duty to do it.

The terrible incident...

... which took place at
Vijay Bahadur's house...

Sir, the senior officer wants to
talk to you wirelessly.


As I said, that
terrible incident...

... which took place at
Vijay Bahadur's house...

... I want to talk about it with
you and Sultan Singh about you.

I have to go now.
I'll come another time.

- A good day.
- Listen.

If you want my statement
on Sultan Singh...

... I'll just say what
I'm thinking about...

... tonight at the mosque.

Thank you. I was going to
I visit the mosque anyway.

I have to pray for the
success of the mission...

... that the government gave me.

A good day.

Let him fuck him!

- Kara!
- Yes Mrs.

Make arrangements for prayer...

... at the mosque for the
safety of Sultan Singh.

- Here?
- Yes.

I want to pray for his safety,

and to make others pray for him.

Chaasi, you have heard that!

Whoever gave the government
a reward on his head or...

... and if she prays for his
safety at the mosque...

... will not it become the
government and its enemy?

This girl's crazy!

Mom, I did not tell you that...

... but she does not even eat
not sleeping well.

She stopped practicing, and she
says she'll give up and dance.

He's sitting all day long in his arms
only with Sultan Singh's picture.

I do not know what to do with her.

Bind a string / chain and pray
for her at the mosque today.

How's that going to help?

Will she get rid of this madness?

Why not? I saw fools coming back
after linking a string / string.

Try this.

He'll forget Sultan
Singh's name too!

A sadness destroyer...

... get her out of her
love for that killer...

... and save her from her obsession.



'' His image is in my eyes ''

'And his name is on my lips''

"It'll be good if I do not
never heal my obsession

'' Whether it was lightning or the
sphere of fire, I do not know ''

'Whether it was disaster
or a glorious sight' '

'' I kept close to my heart,
it was such a splendor ''

'' The moment I met my eyes...

''... an electric current
passed through my heart ''

'' And I was crazy about him ''

'' Love is considered a crime ''

'' The world treats
good things as evil ''

'' In every way I see
him, I like it ''

'' It's not just a bad man,
I'm going to feel hurt ''

'' The one whom the world has
found unworthy of love ''

'' He was a Messiah, whom
you considered a killer ''

'' He's a killer of hearts,
he's worthy of love ''

'' He is love, the
one I worship ''

'' In his love... ''

''... even though I am now
famous or infamous ''

'' I'm crazy about him ''

'' I suffered the atrocities of
wealthy and decent people ''

'' I'm aware of the illusion of greatness ''

'' I do not care about the world ''

'I'll go crazy if I get back in my mind' '

'' I have no desire for you
except my love ''

'' Forget about my heart, now I
do not care if I lose my life ''

'' Money is just a fantasy
and honor but a myth ''

'' I've seen the world close ''

'' When my crazy heart... ''

'' accomplishes this ''

'' I'm crazy about him ''

'' Cat Live ''

'' Let this love continue ''

'' For the good of God
Good people... ''

''... let me stay crazy ''

Sir, look at what the sheriff found.

Sir, he was in the beggars...

Could be these ornaments...

... those that were stolen from the house?

The confrontation between the
famous Surajemkhi dancing...

... with the police on
the Sultan Singh issue.

The reward of Rs.500,000
that the government gave...

... on Sultan Singh,
in response to that...

... the famous dancer Surajmukhi
prayed at the mosque...

... for the sake
of Sultan Singh.

And she gave these jewels worth
millions among the beggars.

Surajmukhi after which the
whole city is crazy...

... is crazy about love after
Sultan Singh.

Sultan Singh is not only
brave, but also loving.

Glory to love and beloved!
Sultan Singh's glory!

Shut up!

Mister. Dildar has come.

I'm sorry, I could
not come see you.

And now that I've seen
you, I can not stay long.

Please do.

In fact, the First Secretary himself came...

... to investigate the
murder of Vijay Bahadur.

Maybe you're not aware of
that, but Yuvaraj Singh...

... who had behaved ugly with you...

... The First Secretary is his own father-in-law.


So ask what you want.

After your statement at the mosque...

... you have nothing to ask me.

Then why are you closing me?

You yourself ordered me to arrest you.


If you believe me,
I'll tell you.

I closed you to save
you from prison.

Because I found the
villain's prey with you.

You can take prison for
many years just for that.

I did that to you
do not go to jail.

And even the First Secretary
will be pleased...

... as if I had done
a wonderful job.

Do not worry, you'll be driven
at home with a responsible officer.

- Thank you.
- It's fine. A good day.

Before I go, I'd like
to tell you something.

Meets that desire.

Putting those pompous jewels
you played with fire.

What do you want to say?

It was a planned move.

You caught the killer's attention on you.

- Did Asgaribai bring the bail?
- No.

Take care.

Damn it.

- Boss.
- What is it? Why are you so anxious?

The police arrested Surajmkhi.

These are good news for the police.

I think they have a lot of fun on this.

Let's be about to release
Surajmkhi from prison.

Are you going to put your life in
danger for a little dancer Boss?

Why not?
Why did he get to jail?

Because of me, is not it?

Boss, think good.

Sultan Singh is serious
about what he says.

Open it.

I'm shocked that you got to jail.

What a bad day today.

But you do not have to worry about it.

I have a magical idea
that will make you lucky.

- What do you want to say?
- You want to know what that means?

You can live as a princess if you want.

What do you want from me?

Do what you do.

Keep him caught in the Sultan
Singh ring of your love.

I have connections with Shanker Singh.

Due to the terror of Sultan Singh,...

... he spends his life hidden.

He'll pay you whatever you
want for Sultan's life.

And I, with your help, decapitate the
Sultan and I'll put it on the tray.

- I can not be so unfair to the world.
-What way will it be unjust?

With Sultan's death...

... it will not be decent,
sympathetic or macismic...

... in this world.

Will not it be macism?

I do not think so.

You had enough experience
with men in your life.

it's your profession.

But you still have no experience
with all kinds of men.

And I'm a man.

Look, you're a man of the government.

You should be ashamed.

Stay within the limits of the law!

The law? The laws that the Center...

... my laws here.

Tell that to Dildar Dawood.

So, Surajmkhi, it's in
your best interest...

... to help me, and that
is, to help the law.

Do not make the law your enemy.

- Come here.
- Where do you want to go?

Just like you have a place to dance...

... so we have a cell
where we do our job.

I'm not going anywhere.


... whatever I say is a law here.

And those who do not respect the law...

... are guilty.
So come on.

- Do not touch me!
- Come on.

This is the cell where we do miracles.

And it's a world of its own.

All you need is here.

How do I want you to
confess, sit down there.

- Never!
- I knew you'd answer that way.

But the stolen decorations
have been found in you.

That's what makes the accomplice
of the band Sultan Singh...

... in the eyes of the law.

I have to make you confess to
arrest the band Sultan Singh.

What are you doing?

You tried to put obstacles
in the way of the law.

So I've handcuffed your legs.

I did not use any kind of force.

View! You were automatically handcuffed.

Look, the government gave you
this uniform to get you right.

Protect the innocent
and the helpless.

Maybe you do not respect me
because you see me as a bitch.

But at least respect
the stars...

... which the government
has put on your shoulders.

Otherwise those stars and uniform
will become your enemies.

And those who speak a lot, we're
going to keep them that way.

And now you have to decide that once
with the death of Sultan Singh...

... if you're going to be
machism in this world...

... or if you will
stay me because of me!

Who could it be?
I'm going back.

What the hell is that?

Is this the police station
or the fish market?

Why are you stuttering?

Hi, Mr.Shamrao.

Who is he?

I want to speak something
very important to you.

You came at the wrong time.

Say fast, I have
something urgent to fix.

Come on!... These villagers are
passing by when and when. Speak!

You made a big mistake
to arrest Surajmkhi.

Surajmkhi has no relationship
with Sultan Singh.

Why do you protect her?

I tend to do that.

Look, if you go into official affairs...

... I'll arrest you too.
Who are you?

Your boss, Sultan Singh!

Did not you recognize him, dog?

How dare you keep your feet up
in the presence of the Chief!

They'll have your head!
Put your feet down!

Hi. You are the boss, the
king of this place. Hi.

Where is Surajmkhi?

It's in.
I'll give you the keys.

Lohari, I'm going to
look for Surajmkhi.

- You stand and oversee this man.
- All right, Boss.

Get this gun.

Oh gosh!

Sultan Singh attacked the police station.

Please send reinforcements quickly!

- Boss!
- Take it and leave.

I'm going to fight these people.

- Leave me alone!
- Stand there!

Stop so I can get down.

You came back? What's the
trouble with this section?

The boss has made the department
look like a crazy dog hospital!

They're all crazy!

- But where's the boss?
- He went to the temple.

He told me to go ahead and
take care of Surajmkhi.

- But where is she?
- Inside the cave.

No, the boss asked me to personally
take care of all her needs.

I'm only listening to
what the boss says to me!

I'm going and checking,

Do not dare to get close
to me, get out of here!

I told you to get out!

I'm gonna break your head if
you got it, you got so much.

Get out!

- Oh God, God!
- So you checked it out?

You can laugh now, but I think
your bad times will start.

But she's the boss's guest.

Boss is here!

Galla, is everything okay?

- Everything is alright.
- Where is Surajmkhi?

- Inward.
- Oh, I get it.

Where are you going? I looked
at her and she's fine.

- Do you sleep?
- Yeah, she's sleeping, maybe she wakes up.

Okay, I'm gonna get some rest now.

- Yeah, and you're tired.
- Hey! What happened to you?

That... did you forget what
happened at the police station?

Are you hurt a little,
are you hurt elsewhere?

- No.
- Take care.

Let me in...
why are you stopping me?

I'm thirsty this morning, let
me quench my thirst first.

Hey! Come here, woke up!

I wonder why the
boss stays up late?

Surajmkhi, you made
me lose my mind!

- I will...
- Wait!

Hey, try to escape!

Where did you go and why
did you try to leave?

Please do not touch me!
Do not be like the other men!

I believe that on my message,
the defender of my honor!

I do not want you to destroy my dreams!

How dare you to
do you generalize all men?

Do you think I'm so bad?
Galla, come here!

Did you hear her accusation?

I tried to do a good deed,
but she made it a pity!

Thakuria would have made the pieces.

If I did not get out of the station,
the police would have killed her.

Galla, take care of her!

Let her go where she
wants in the morning.

And hear it, for
now, put it down.

Maybe he will try to
escape at night.

We're in the jungle, a snake could
flies or eat any animal!

I'll be blamed for her death.
Get her out of here!

Please come.

Now our business
it will be easier.

You do not have to be afraid
our boss.

I know the weaknesses of my boss.

- You understand?
- His weaknesses?

You really do not understand,
let me explain...

but if I tell you and you know boss...

I told you he's going to kill me!

Forget it!


What are you doing here?

I see the wonders of nature.

The Almighty who created
you was awesome!

What nonsense do you say there?
Do you want to die?

My death can come
whenever she wants.

Leave me!

Leave me!


Hey! Beating with a boss!

- Move out of the way!
- Get out of here!

Doing harm to the woman who
came to our shelter...

you have lost your right to live.

No, Thakur!

No Thakur, do not kill him! I can
not bear to see anyone killed!

Not even my killers,
save him, Thakur!

Get out of here, pork!

Sultan Singh, I made such
dancers dancing at my command.

Talk too much, throw it
out of our territory!


Sultan Singh, will not
spare you or this woman!

You're not the only one who has been humiliated...

making you sick, my man
made me shame too!

But I do not consider your honor to
or less important than mine.

To save you from the corners of the world...

I brought you here and demonstrated...

but, by doing that, I
will do a great sin!

Because my life does
not belong to me...

this life is the bullet
of the police bullets...

and that's not
today, it's since...

I was 8 years old.

From my parents, I
bless you both...

to be always happy!

You do not know that a freshly
married bride is sent to...

the house of Thakur Shankar
Singh on her wedding night?

Do not dare to step
forward, turn back...

otherwise your dead
bodies will rot here!

Who is this boy?

I am the son of Thakur
Kishan Singh, Sultan Singh!

Are you getting rid of or making you dust?

Incompetent people! Are you
kidding with kids now?

Get out of here or it'll be
hard to get out of here!

Kishan Singh... I think
your life will end you!

Now it's gonna be my
thug at your throat!

Motherfucker! How could you?
forget that your death is cheap?

An enmity with me to
can prove fatal!


Come with me!


Get out! Where are you hiding?
Who are you?

I'm your death, Sultan Singh!

Grab him, do not escape!

Who is?

Shankar, you can use the
bullets you want...

but you can not get rid of me!

Until I do not kill you,
I'll watch your death!

Since then, people and law
believe I'm a murderer.

But, I do not think
you're a killer.

The truth is that life
took many things to you...

and he continued to kill you.

Life has not given
you any happiness.

I will be happy on the day when
my father avenges my death!

I understand your heart,
Thakur, because...

just like you, and I've lost my
way on the journey of life...

and I'm looking for my way.

If you can, can I
tell you something?

Tell me.

Thakur, instead of making it flow
blood and leave corpses behind you...

can not you try to
make another life?

Can not you forget about your
revenge on Shankar Singh?

If someone tries to defend him, I
will consider that person a rebel!

Do not dare to say
such words anymore!

You and your mother, leave
Agra and go somewhere else.

Police of this city
is your enemy...

my people will
leave you wherever you want.

The place I've been wandering
since I was 6 years old.

my fate went to me.

Your feet are my
destination, Thakur.

Now, please do not deny
me where I belong from.

Surajmkhi, do you know what the
consequences are for that?

Accepting me, fear of becoming a
widow will always bother you.

Thakur, that will not be a fear,
it will be the pride of my life!

Okay, Surajmkhi.

Your name is Rukminidevi?

Yes, who are you?

I'm the girl's mother that
your son has kidnapped!

Get inside.

So you are Surajmkhi's mother?

I was not born, but I grew up.

- Take a seat.
- Thank you.

Now tell me.

We courtesans eat the crap
that we've earned so hard...

we do not sell our honor.

Your son has dishonored us...

thinking that courtiers do
not have a bit of honor!

Watch what you say!

Thakur ours is considered to
be the protector of women!

I know, I've heard a
lot about your family!

You are ashamed when you
limit your honor...

but do not you feel sorry
when you dishonor others?

If you play with our honor,
you will pay the same coin!

Shut up! You'll get your daughter back!

Father, try to
find Sultan Singh.


Delete your mouth.


Father Parmanand is coming!

He came! I'm sure he has a
message from my mother!

- Hold this!
- First he's finished eating.

I'll eat after I see it.

Father, welcome!

Greetings, Father!

- God bless you.
- What does Mom do, is everything all right?

I have been searching for you for many days,
and I have not been able to find you.

The police oversee everything.

- That's their job!
- With a lot of effort I got here.

Your mother sent you an order.

My mother sent me an order?
Please tell me quickly!

He promised Surajmkhi's mother...

that she will be handed over to
her mother with great honor.

He asked me to come
back with an answer...

So shall the son keep
his mother's word?

Father, what are you talking about?

I've ever rejected it
my mother's orders?

Tell the mother that Surajmkhi
will be at her mother's house.

Please touch my legs
and tell her...

that Surajmkhi will leave now
that our family's honor.

You will not understand, Father.

Please tell my mother that...

Surajmkhi has my
baby in my womb.

Think before you answer, Thakur!

It's a pity to think too much
when it comes to doing my job.

I'll take the mother's
son's answer...

that she will have to
honor her son's word.

Galla, prepares the parent's food.

- It worked a lot.
- Please be a parent.

Enough! I want to go, Thakur!

I'm posting today.

- Yes boss.
- Make arrangements to leave.

Father, my son's message
did not tell me.

May I know what the reason is?

The reason is that your son
has committed a great sin!

I do not believe this.

But, I can think maybe you,
you did not hear well.

I saw it with my eyes!

Your son married Surajmkhi!

She says she wears
the heir of your family!

And he asked you to promise that...

you will grant him a refuge
to that disgraced heir.

Now, tell me, is not
that a big sin?

Speak with meaning, Father!

Do not talk about his deeds in such a
way that they become simple rules!

Honoring a woman, my
son made me proud!

I'm sure to obey
my brave son's words!

Sister bless me, the one
who roams everywhere...

finds someone to
give him a haven.

Oh gosh! What do I see?

My baby, are you back?

- Mom what are you doing?
- Thank God!

Now you do not have
to worry at all...

Dildar officer assured me...

that Sultan Singh will not have
no anger with you!

They will not dare to
never do anything!

- What would you do to me?
- I'll be fine now that you've come back.

You know how useless Tara is.

Then why do not you put her to work?

Do not we have to feed ourselves?

Now that you're home, the
old times are coming back.

Never mother! You are not the
same Surakmukhi of yours.


Now I am the honor of a decent
family that has accepted me.

This is a dance house, it's
not a place for decent women!

If that's what you thought
then why did you come back?

I came to ask my mother's
help to help me bear.

It is indeed true!
I'm so happy!

Madam, the police came to
see Surajmkhi.

I'm coming here to arrest her.

That's bad! My child,
where can I hide you?

Mom, do not be afraid,
let them come.

I'll talk to them.

Oh gosh! The minute he came
here, and the police are here!

Can I come in?

You've already entered.
Now you can order me.

I came here with a request...

but now I ask you to do it
by taking it on an order.

Sure, where are the shackles?

No, the names of the shackles
you wore from your own will.

I came to congratulate you for this.

- Thank you.
- Can I...

Of course!

I also ask you to take a seat.

Now, please tell me the
real reason for your visit.

I came here with the intent of...

through your work, help people to
do not show it to your love...

if you want, you can stop
Sultan Singh from killing me!

How can I do that?

Tell her to give up arms and
surrender to the law...

- for...
- You want me to make him a shotgun?

No, I can not do this dirty work,
and I do not even wait for you.

I wanted to explain to you
the new government policy...

any policeman who surrenders to
the police will not be hanged.

I'm sure you want the same thing.

I'd like to go now, goodbye.

Killing Shankar Singh is
the purpose of my life.

Do not try to stop
me from my path!

Do not even try this!

- Greetings, Thakur.
- Welcome, Shamrao.

I have rewarded my loyalty
to you, Shankar Singh.

I'll consider that when you
decapitate your enemy, Sultan Singh.

Finally that day came!

Do not talk too much, Shamrao!

Sultan Singh can bring
terror even today.

But the person wearing
the life of that terror...

is in my custody!

What is that supposed to mean?

I mean, Surajmkhi.

She is now the wife of
Thakur Sultan Singh...

and the mother of her future child.

She came to her mother's brothel.

Now you can kidnap Surajmkhi...

to give her away Agra,
away from Sultan Singh.

Then you make her reveal
his hiding places.

Wow! For the first time
your words make sense!

Thank you, but, I hope you
remember my recourse?

Do not worry Shamrao in exchange
for Sultan Singh's head...

I'll give you a full house
with gold and silver!

So this is Sultan Singh's head!



Ganga, what news from Surajmkhi?

A disaster happened, boss.

Shankar Singh kidnapped her from the hospital.

And you saved your
life and came here?

I rewarded my loyalty.

I gave my life for you!

What is this?!

Shankar Singh took it from your hands!

Please go after him!

Where is your friend
hiding these days?

- Answer me?
- I will not answer you!

- Will not you answer me?
- Never!

Answer me, tell me
where Sultan Singh is?

Can you kill me if you want to...

even then, I will not tell
you my husband's location.

How stupid!


You have to tell me where
your husband is...


Shankar, you can use the
bullets you want...

but you can not escape me.

Until I do not kill you, I'm
following you as Death itself!

Surajmkhi, where
is Shankar Singh?

I'm daddy now! Here's
my little daughter!

Surajmkhi, take care of her.


'Come my dear,
come and hug me...

my arms are waiting for you
anxiously ''

'' Do not look so naughty to me ''

'' My heart will stop beating
me, do not look so loving ''

''You charmed me''

'' Your unhappy gaze
can make me mad ''

'' Let me tell you something,
I'm crazy about you ''

'' Whatever belongs to me,
my life, all are yours ''

My baby was shot!

Take care of the situation,
I'm going with Munni!

Hurry up, Surajmkhi!

- Surajmkhi, keep it!
- Come here, my baby!

Please do not cry my baby!

Give it to me.

No, she's too
fragile, she can die!

If the poison on the bullet
spreads, it will surely die!

- No!
- Give it to me!


Now bandage your hand fast!

Take care of her, I'm
gonna go beat those pigs!

- Stop, Thakur!
- Get away, Surajmkhi!

I'm going to kill everyone
who shot my innocent child!

First, answer my question,
and then I'll let you go.

Tell me quickly!

By saving her today, will
you always save her life?

What are you trying to say?

Thakur, please cease to
you would kill my people.

Take the law.

Get away!

I will not do that even though
are born 1000 times!

You want me to teach
those bastards cops?

Thakur, God made you
surrender the day...

He made you a baby's father.

Only when you surrender,
she will not be called...

the child of a dacoit, and
she will earn her respect.

Not Surajmkhi, do not talk about
it and do not make me weak!

Thakur, only then will it be
the honor of a decent family!

Only then will it
you can get married.

For the good of God,
please throw this gun!

I'm gonna marry her, but
today, get out of my way!

Please stop, Thakur!

Please cease for the
benefit of your child!

I hope she does not have to
to dance in a brothel.

Do not say such things!
My child will live like a princess!

I can not bear to
hurt her in any way!

No one can take it!

I killed the police!
Live the Boss Sultan!

- My dear child!
- Thank you, Thakur.

My friends, avenging the
death of my father...

I kept my word.

Now I have to fulfill my duty
to my mother and my baby.

My mother wishes
before she died...

someone to carry on
the family name...

That's why I'm leaving my baby with her.

Then, with my
mother's blessings...

I'm going to teach the law.

If any of you have
to take his oath...

if you have to take revenge on
some of this cruel society...

then you can continue.

But I have chosen my way...

and from now on, I release you all!

Wow, you brought me great news!

You are truly loyal!

Now I can kill Sultan Singh and
take revenge for my humiliation!

Go and meet Yuvraj Singh.

and tell her if she wants to get revenge...

will have to meet with me and
his future father-in-law.

Tell him about the plan you have
to take revenge on the Sultan!

And tell her about your conditions too.

I'm not going to be the witness
with the criminal complaint.

And the existing files against
me in the hands of the police...

you will have to burn them.

What's your second condition?

When will I be free from
all the police hearings...

the land that is right of mine...

to be given to me by the Government.

But you killed the owner,
Sitaram Singh, a few days ago.

And there were many witnesses.

I just said, you'll burn all
the police files against me.

Okay, if you help us
kill Sultan Singh...

you agree with your terms.

Then I congratulate you
for his death now!

Now, uh, I'll get out of here
let them down!

My dear daughter, I'm
gonna go to jail...

But, take great
care of our baby.

Educate her well and when I go
back after being released...

she will be raised until then.

He never behaved like this.
What's wrong with him?

Do not pull!

I'm asking you not to shoot.

You may not be aware,
but I, Sultan Singh,...

I surrender.

I have not even come to
attack or rob someone.

At Surajmkhi's advice I
came to teach myself.

I came to teach myself.

I've decided to give up that life.

Is it hard to believe that?

Here is my gun and
here are my bullets.

Do you believe me now?

- Kill the bastard.
- No.

Surajmkhi, I have my daughter...

and go to my mom's house.

Take care of my daughter.

Surajmkhi, my end is near.

Go with Munni to Mom's house.

I can not leave you alone
in this state, Thakur.

You promised to protect me.

You promised me happiness.

You can not leave me alone and leave.
I'm not gonna let you go.

- I'm gonna improve your life.
- Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.


Teach yourself, eh!

Leave me alone.

Crap, I killed your husband.

Now delete this purple.


Raja saved her from the
hands of those bastards.

She misses her mother.

Now I'll stay away from her.

Take her to her relatives.

Those killers have
destroyed your happy life.

I swear I'm gonna kill those bastards...

who killed my husband.

Glad to be Mr. Shamrao!

Dress it with flowers.

- Does it contain anything?
- Not as far as I can see.

It's... It's a
miracle in my hands.

You can not see it but
everything is locked in it.

Surajmkhi is locked in this too.

I'm cursed.

Who is this charming lady?

Sir, I'm cursed in your presence

I have come for righteousness before you

But what happened to you?

Sir, she was wronged.

She's a decent woman and
her husband was killed.

And three men raped her.

Do you have a witness to rape?

In a rape or rapist,

or God is a witness.

This is a police
station not a temple.

Here God does not
come to testify.

The law wants evidence.

In the absence of evidence,
we will have to examine you.

- Where, Sir?
- Inward.

- No, sir.
- You've already lost everything.

So why would you be
ashamed of me now?

Take advantage of the situation.

Do not be scared.
Come on!

Where are you going?

I close the door.

I'll lose my dignity
if I'm seen here.

You're very smart.


Today I will make my own law.

And an examination will be done.

But your masochism
will be examined.

Get down this uniform. It does
not fit a thief like you.

- Get it down!
- But there is nothing worth examining here.

What is that what you do?

If you try to hinder my law,

then your feet will
get into chains.

I did not use any kind of force.

Even your hands are
freely embraced.

- No.
- You are a pawn in the hands of the rich...

who announced the police of the
surrender of Sultan Singh?

Mr. Dildar was aware of
everything that was happening.

Do not talk about it bad.

Tell me the name of the informant.
Your end is near.

So tell me the truth.

What was the robber
who broke the police?

- Where the fuck is that?
- I do not know.

Is that so!
But you know,

the number of bullets you
shot in Sultan Singh.

- I did not count them.
- Me neither.

You remember I told you...

to respect the stars
on your uniform?

Otherwise someday you will have to
you pay a price for that.

And this uniform will
be your knee death.

That day came, Shamrao.

Please forgive me.

They'll get you a little better.

And that's saving
your sinful life.

You said this was a room

And he has all the necessities.

You were right.

- No!
- I'm gonna make your last rituals a sinner.

What's all that smoke!

- Your nora is alive.
- True?

Look, see her picture here.

She swore to her husband that she
would not spare the killers.

She has the information
of my niece, my heir.

Where can I find her?
Father, do something.

Can I tell you the good news that
this was your hand in the middle?

And all my efforts have failed.

Mrs. Secretary, you did not
give birth to a dacoit...

but you encouraged everyone
else to stay dacoit.

It does not exceed the measure.
Do not forget that you are my junior.

I already resigned.


But you're not aware of that
I gave up a report...

of your clandestine
encounters with Surajmkhi.

And, in conclusion, your
resignation was not accepted.

Strict measures to
either taken against you.

Do not insult my
relationship with Surajmkhi.


She was successful where the
entire police force failed.

She made the most insulted murderer
that Sultan singh surrendered.

But you made a murderer of it,

whose wound is much worse and
that of that Sultan Singh.

I'll kill her just as I
killed Sultan Singh.

And she has no one
else to tear for her.

Anyway, go ahead and make the
arrangements for the public office...

where Thakurians who killed
Sultan Singh or be honored.

Secretary, I will never do that.

I consider it a crime.

I apologize to everyone for...

all the pain and all the
problems caused by Sultan Singh.

The day we celebrate today...

it is possible the duty
of these three people...

who risked their lives to give that
killer to the hands of the law.

I congratulate the government.

And I present this sword
as a symbol of respect.

- Why is not my voice heard?
- Your voice is not heard...

because you were lying, sinner.

Because the one you congratulated,...

deserves punishment really.

And that's how you lost your voice.

Who is that?
Whose voice is that?

This is the voice of
Sultan Singh's soul.

- That's the voice of truth.
- Who are you?

I give you death!

I'm the one whose
husband you killed.

I swore my dead husband...

that he will not spare
any of his murderers.

Sinner, look where
you finally got!

This is the same place where
you betrayed my Sultan.

Surajmkhi, please forgive me.
I'm going in front of you.

And my Sultan wanted
to surrender the law.

But your betrayal killed him.


Please forgive me.

I will kill you with the same
sword you were congratulated.

Your death will be the
way of your repentance.

You can not escape thugs!

Kalu, you're gonna be fine now.

Do not worry about being there.

Who the one?

Father, you!
Where am I?

Kid, you're in your house.

- In my house?
- Yes.

Kaka, I'm not meant to
I have my own house.

My dear, I'm telling the truth.
You're in your own house.

This is the house of your mother-in-law.

- Come on.
- Without intending to commit a serious crime.

- Please forgive me.
- What do you want to say?

My dear, it's a good sign
to come back to your house.

A low-fallen woman
and impure like me...

has no right to
dirty this holy place.

I have to leave immediately.

My baby, you understand wrong.

Your mother-in-law is looking forward
to putting her under her wing.

She's eager to meet
her granddaughter.

Then I have an even
bigger reason to go.

What crazy is it today? You want
to leave the people you love.

Because I'm so unhappy...

that all those they meet
have their own bad luck.

But before I leave,
I promise you...

I'll give it to Sultan's daughter...

his mother before I die.

You're not gonna do anything.
You have to come in with me.

Father, please do not force me to come in.

Then I bring it to Rukminidevi.

Where's my baby?

Was here.
Where did he disappear?

God, I prayed so much...

to get my nude.

And she came and went.

Why did you leave her alone?

I'm sure he'll come.

He made a promise.

God, bring it back fast.

Tell everyone what
Surajmkhi said.

He swore to kill Lahori,...

in the same...

the house he plans to occupy.

He made me angry.

Sir, she is no longer
shy Surajmkhi.

It has become someone
you have to avoid.

I would advise you to go elsewhere.

- Life is very important.
- Shut up, stupid!

Alcohol has let you go to language.

And you all will be witnesses...

how to torture her...

even in this place.

What a beautiful baby!
Is she Surajmkhi's daughter?

Sir, he's in there.

Now my feast will come to life.

Come, baby!
Surajmkhi's daughter...

it will be the cause of her death.

Cruise my baby.
What are you doing?

Give me your baby.


Mom, open your eyes.

- Where is Munni?
- The Lahori bastard kidnapped Munni.

He's responsible for all this.

My mom died when she saved Munni.

Surajmkhi, if you want to
see your living girl,...

then bind your hands and come
to dance on my birthday.

But remember to come
alone and unarmed.

It is pure suicide to go
there alone and unarmed.

I'll take this risk
to save my daughter.

- And if you fail?
- Shut up!

I have not learned to be unsuccessful.

Soldiers, untie your hands and stand
with respect in front of her.

Do not you know who she is?

It's the life of this party.

The one we desperately expect.

Watch carefully The sun has
descended to the earth.

Until yesterday, new

... greets the sun remotely.

But today, we will worship the
sun (Surajmkhi) in our house.

You accepted my invitation.
How can I thank you?

I should thank you for
this opportunity.

Because I was also
desperate to meet you.

Is that so?

Yes. Because you stole my heart.

So you came to get
your heart back?

Where did you hide it?

You will have to meet
the condition of...

... to give my heart
back to my life.

Do not take my life for free.

Wow, Surajmkhi!

You left the mask
with your style.

I'm sure this one of yours
will one day live to him.

But I'm not gonna die because
of a sword or a bullet.

Just a seductive look on your part
is enough to put an end to my days


''Come in my arms''

'' My arms are waiting for you ''

'' I missed something out
of your life without you ''

'' I was happy, but not
so happy without you ''

'' Getting to you, all my
life started to smile ''

''Come in my arms''

'' Any look at yours kills me ''

'' Every move to yours
is seductive ''

'Come, I'll tell you a secret' '

'' My heart is crazy about you ''

'' Anything I ''

'' The heart and my life are yours ''

''Come in my arms''

Kill it!

Take care of my baby. I will
I'm going to my oath.

Surajmkhi, stop it!

If you keep your child's
life, throw your gun on me.

I said to throw the gun on me.

I'm gonna throw the baby!
... throw the gun!

Surajmkhi, you do not have to escape.

All escape routes are blocked.

Teach the police.

Surajmkhi, taught to the police.

Hold it!

Mother Mother!


Who is?
What happened?

Mom, this kid is the
heir to Sultan Singh.

He left me that responsibility.

Hide it in your arms.

Hold the baby.


How much I wanted to see
you in a bride's red dress

But forget my bad luck.
I see you full of blood.

Surajmkhi, the duty I was
about to silence your song.

... my conscience will not
never forgive her.

He gave me the salvation.

For which I...

Oh gosh!

Mom, the darkness
stretches before my eyes.

Speak, my dear.

I can not see anything.

Name me after the relationship...

... that I've longed
for all my life.

Just once, call me your nora.

My life will then have value.

My daughter in law!


Surajmkhi, as you are a
villain before the law...

... so the world is your villain.


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