Kasal (2018) - full transcript

Lia Marquez (Bea Alonzo) is a simple lass who is set to marry Cebu's most eligible bachelor Philip Cordero (Paulo Avelino), who is currently running to clinch the mayoral position after his father's term ends. However, things get complicated when Lia's ex-boyfriend Wado dela Costa (Derek Ramsay) returns to work for them in a project that will help Philip win the elections. Inevitably, feelings resurface and doubts arise. As we get closer to the wedding day, Lia becomes unsure if she is choosing the right man to marry, torn between the man from her past and the man she's building a future with.

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-Where are you?
-Just a bit more.

-We're getting close.
-Really? Are we there yet?

Happy anniversary, love!

Happy anniversary, love.

I can't believe
we've been together for a year.

Yes, I've been crazy about you
for a year.

Right. And you've done nothing
but flatter me for a year.

-Beautiful, isn't it?
-I love it here.

You're ten thousand times more
beautiful than all these.


-You're still in love with me?

-Until now?
-Yep! Yep! Yep!

You're still as beautiful
as that time I saw you again.


That's right, Lia.

If you were
my high school teacher,

I'd have perfect attendance and
probably would be valedictorian.

Hey! Stop bugging Lia.

Being a teacher
is an honorable job.

And you know what?

You should actually be thanking
them for their service to Cebu.

Did you get that from New York?

Or are you training
for the elections?

Come on!

Aren't you used to Philip
always rescuing Lia?

He's been doing it
since high school.

Philip, you'll not deny it.
You've got a crush on Lia.

That's true.

Okay, guys.

I won't deny it.

To be honest, I still do.

It's a good thing
I came along with Dad.

Can I invite you
for dinner tonight?


What if I say no?

Then I'll come back tomorrow.

Then the next day.

Then the day after that,
until you say yes.

I'm sorry, Mom.

It's been a while
since I last visited.

You know what, Mother?

There's a lot happening
in Lia's life lately.

It's crazy!

Won't you tell your mom

about the prince charming who's
been trying to win you over?

Well, she probably
hasn't moved on

from you-know-who.

I've already moved on.

Then why did you
snub him yesterday?

You know why.

He's a Cordero.

Well, you're one to talk.

You don't like being judged
yourself, right?

Why don't you try
to get to know him first?

Hey, you!


I'm sorry
if I offended you last time.

And since we're not in school,
maybe I can...

-Hi, Philip!

Oh, can I invite you for a date?

Sorry, not interested.
I don't date.


I know the feeling.

Eventually, you're gonna realize
that he's not worth it.

And that thinking about him
is a waste of time.

But you know, that's okay,
because look at this.

Life is so beautiful!

Why should it be stopping you
from loving again?

Look at the view. It's so--

You're crazy!

So, is it a date?

Come here.

Philip Cordero?

They should've made it
Mr. and Mrs. Cordero instead.

Nice ring to it, right?

-I'm sorry.
-I have an idea.

Let's put this right there.

That way,
I won't here you blabbering.

Isn't it because you're tempted
to kiss me?


-Thank you.
-We're done. Where is she?

Is Lia still coming?

Yeah, Mom.
Actually, she's on her way.

She just took her grandma
for a checkup.

Are you really sure
about this girl?

What do you mean, Mom?

Lia's all right.

She's smart. She's beautiful.

That's it?

You've brought
nicer women here before.

-Like Eunice, for example.
-I knew it.

You know, Mom's right.
You can do better.

And do you know the father?


He's crazy!


What do you even see in her?

Well, unlike most people here...

she believes in me.

Lia, just hear me out
for three minutes. Please.

Philip, please... It's okay.

Let's not push it.
It's too complicated.

I know it is.

And I don't know what else
we'll face after this.

But one thing's for sure, okay?

One thing's for sure.
I'm madly in love with you.

And if you'll have me,

I will do everything I can
to protect you.

I will fix this.

I'll make this work.

I just need you
to be there with me.

I love you, Lia.

I love you, too.


All my life...

I've been unsure.

I've been running away from
almost everything in my life.

But now, I'm certain.

I'm certain
I want to see a future with you.

Will you hold my hand
and say yes to a life with me?


Will you marry me?


Ten thousand times, yes.


This could be the perfect place
for your prenup shoot.

Why here?

Well, because of the story
behind it.

This shrine was built
as a testament

of a man's love for his wife.

And they were actually married
for 53 years.

They also said the architectural
design was made

to withstand the test of time.

Just like their love.
How romantic, right?

For him to build her a temple?

He must have a lot
to apologize for, you know.

Come on, love.
Everyone's got a secret.

We don't know
what they went through.

Wait a second.

Do you have many secrets?

Tell me. What is your secret?

I'm not telling you.

You might stop loving me
if I do.

We never know.

Good morning, Cebu!

Today will be a very special day

because we have
a beautiful couple here with us

that the Cebuanos love
to keep up with.

Not just because
they're beautiful

but because their fairytale
wedding is about to happen

in just a few months.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome the most
sought-after bachelor of Cebu

and the lovely bride-to-be
that caught his heart,

Mr. Philip Cordero
and Miss Lia Marquez.

Lia, you look stunning.

How go
the wedding preparations?

Everything happened so fast,

You guys only met one year ago?

We've known each other
since high school.

But we reconnected during our
high school reunion last year.

So, why rush, right?

Is it because, Philip,
you're campaigning?

No, no, no.

Of course,
it's not about the campaign.

You know, I'm truly in love
with Lia and...

When you meet someone...

and you fall in love with them,
you know when they're the one.

So... What's the point
of waiting?

You know, especially now,
there are rumors...

that maybe the Corderos' time
is up?

I'm sure you know
about those stories.

They say that maybe
the new administration

should be someone new and fresh.


That's their opinion.

And yes, they're right.
It's time for a younger Cordero.

Love, I looked stupid earlier.

No, of course not.
Give that to me.

You still have a year
to make up for it.

The election
is still a year away, okay?

So stop being so negative.


I was the one who looked stupid.

I was so nervous.
My armpits were sweating.

You put tissue on your armpits?

-They don't stink. Smell it.
-Why is it wet?

They're so wet!
Get that away from me!

I was nervous, okay?
It was my first time on TV!

These tissues saved the day.

You really make
everything better for me.


-Despite my wet underarms?
-That's why I love you.

-Even if my-- Yours are wet too!
-Just a bit.

-Your armpits are wet!

You're naughty!

We could've avoided this if
they only had that bridge fixed.

It's causing so much trouble!

-Dude, what happened?
-A truck broke down.

-Have you reported this?
-Not yet.

I'll do it.

Move back!

It's perfect.

I agree. You look stunning,
Miss Lia.

I told you. You know what?

That wedding gown is
probably my best creation ever,

especially made
for the wedding of the century.

The materials I used
even came from Europe.

What do you think, ma'am?


Is that...?

Is that the one we chose?
Something is off.

I don't know.
It must be the train.

But it's lovely.

-Is that the one on the sketch?

This is what's on the sketch.

This is what I wanted.

Actually, this is even better
than what I imagined.

-Thank you.
-Oh, thank you, darling.

Well, anyway, Joanna,
we still have time, right?

In case we wanna tweak

If it won't look good,
let's not force it.

I was thinking of lending you

my custom-made Oscar de la Renta
wedding gown from Paris.

But then I thought also,
it might not fit.

Of course, I was slimmer then.

Don't worry, ma'am.

Anton and I will review
the original sketches.

Yes. Please do.

I'll go ahead.

-Thank you.
-Okay, Lia. Bye.


I told my stylist

to bring you new clothes
before the wedding.

Thank you. I'll go ahead.

Wait. Are you excited?
About the wedding?

Of course.


I wanted to ask you this.

What is it about Philip
that you liked?

I know I never got a chance
to ask you, so indulge me.

Was it him being a Cordero
a factor?


He is the most genuine person
I know.

And honestly,
if he weren't a Cordero,

I probably would've liked him

You're funny. I'll see you, Lia.

Well, how long
can he keep that up?

I cannot say, but I wouldn't
be here if I wasn't worried.

So, what should we do, Michelle?

Michelle, what happened?

For the first time,

Gonzales is leading the polls

because of the school
he's building.

We need to know our next move
or else, it's a landslide win.

Why can't we just go viral
on the campaigns?

To be more visible.

-Just like the interview.
-Their interview was a disaster.

Look at the optics.

They were stiff.
She looked like his aunt.

They weren't looking
at each other.

They didn't even look
like they were in love!

Cut us some slack, Michelle.
You know we're not used to it.

Well, that's exactly the point,

We are not selling the reality.
We are selling the dream!

You together can provide
an aspiration.

You are the fairytale,
the RomCom of politics.

The prince who fell in love
with a simple girl of Cebu.

Well, that's the truth.

Then make me believe it.

We all know that
that will not be enough.

The only sure way to win
is to destroy the competition.

But, Dad!

I agree with your father,

Gonzales will take all of this
away from us.

Just like that.

I can't let that happen.
We just can't let that happen.

Well, I'm sorry,

but I promised
that I would fight fair.

I won't destroy anyone
just to win.

I'm the one running.

I will do things
the way I want to.

Until now,
you're still stubborn.

If only Andrew did not die
in that accident.

Well, he's gone!
My brother's dead!

That's why I got stuck
in this situation!

What if we have
the bridge fixed?


That's a groundbreaking idea,

Have you ever had
a bridge fixed, Lia?

Do you know how much
that bridge would cost?

Two seventy million.

One million per meter.

That's why...

we shelved the construction
in the first place.

I'm sorry.

I just thought,

it has greatly inconvenienced
the people of Cebu.

If we have it fixed,
it will make their lives better.

They'll vote for Philip.

That's if we could get funds
for it.

We could have sponsors.

High privileged ones.

In return, we can have their
names written on the bridge,

and their contributions
will be immortalized forever.

That's not a bad idea.

And I'm sure a lot of people

would want their names
on that bridge.

They will compete
against each other

to see how much money
they can put on that bridge.

The only problem now is...

where do we find
an engineering firm

who's going to able to do this
in a few months time?


Thanks, Mom.

Paging the supervisor
of the meat section.

Please proceed
to the customer service area.

Lia, my daughter.

How are you doing?

I'm good.

I saw on TV
that you're getting married.

Can I attend your wedding?

I'll just be at the back.

I just want to see you.

-I need to...

I already got
what you asked for.

Is he your boyfriend?


-This is Nico, Jomar's son.

-Get some cabbage.
-Okay, Mom.

He lives with us.

He's like my own child.

Your own child?

Your own child.

I'll go ahead.


So Lia, you're resigning?

Yes, Philip's going through
a lot. He needs me.

Is that why he asked you
to stop teaching?

-Why is he deciding for you?
-It's my decision.

That's the reason
I refuse to go to your wedding.

A Cordero
will just ruin your life.

Oh, my God. Ruin my life?

He's a good man. He's not like
the other Corderos.

They're all the same.

Corrupt, cheaters,
arrogant people.

Is that what you think of me,

That every man I love
will just end up hurting me?

-Is this about that guy--
-It's about my father.

The man who also betrayed
your daughter.

And Philip
is not that kind of guy.

That's why I'm marrying him.

Great news!

I just got off the phone with
a Dubai-based engineering firm

that launched
their satellite office in Lahug.

And they just said yes
to their first client.

This is it!


Michelle, thank you.

Thank you.

This way, sir.

Excuse me, Sir Philip.

-Sir Philip!

Arvin Enriquez.
Engineering consultant for BME.

Philip Cordero, and this
is my fiancée, Lia Marquez.

-Hi! Pleased to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

By the way, thank you so much
for accepting the project.

-Sorry. Excuse me.

Honestly, even I was surprised.

Our senior engineer pushed this
to happen.

He's also from Cebu.

Really? He's Cebuano?

That's good,
so we can thank him personally.

You might know him.
His name is Wado.

Eduard Dela Costa.

He told me he was already here.

Wait, I'll call him.

Speaking of, the devil.
He's here.

-Hey, dude!

-This is Mr. Cordero.

Not yet.

Not yet but soon-to-be, right?
I'm Engineer Dela Costa.

You can just call me Philip.

Okay, Philip.



It's nice to see you.

Thank you for meeting with us.

So, engineer, I've seen
your credentials and...

You're well-established
in your profession.

Thank you.

I'm just curious.

Why come back to Cebu?

Well, Philip...

It's simple. I...

wanna get back what I lost.

You see...

I've been away
for many years and...

this is my home,
I want to give back.

That's why we set up shop
right here in Cebu.

But how can we be sure
you can deliver?

Can you commit?

Given the deadline?

Can we commit?

Yes, we can, Lia.
I'll be honest with you.

We've projects
all over the world.

But like I said earlier,
I want to give back.

So, you can say
that this project is...

special to me.

Just like it is for you...


No, the bridge is happening.

It's not.

Listen to me, Philip.

You're unwinnable as it is.

Let's get real.

Who's going to vote
for the son of a corrupt mayor

who just replaced
his dead brother?

This bridge is your only chance
for the people to love you.

And we're going to stop it
just because...

-the engineer is Lia's ex?

Tell me, Lia.

Do you plan
on getting back with him?

-Are you still in love with him?

Aren't you going to get married?

For crying out loud, Philip.

You are the legacy.

You are the prince.
You are the future of Cebu!

Now you're insecure
because of some engineer?

Frankly, I don't care
about your issues in life.

I don't even care
about that stupid bridge.


I have an election to win.

Now, let's all get
our shit together

and make you mayor.

this should have been you.

Love, we can still fix this,

No, we can't.

I know how this would end.

Dad will find out,
then he'll get mad.

And I'll disappoint him again.

I'm the son
who keeps failing his father.

Story of my life.

Well, what if we push through


And make you work with your ex?



are you jealous?

-You're jealous?

Of course, not!
I'm way better-looking than him.

Of course, you are!

And not just that.

You're the one I love, not him.


you have nothing
to worry about, okay?



do you really want to win?

-Ms. Lia.

-I'm sorry I'm late.

-Is there a problem?

-Tintin, are we good?
-Yes, sir. The table's ready.

-Thank you.
-This way, sir.

there's an office emergency.

-Excuse me.

Red suits you.

I only came here for one reason.

We want you to take on
the project.

We want the project to succeed

but we can only do that
if we remain professional.

I'm glad this bridge
is important to you.

-I'm doing this for the people.
-For the people?

You wanna know why
I'm doing this?

Because that bridge
is where I proposed

to the woman
I wanted to marry.

The woman you cheated on?

The one you betrayed

when you had sex
with another woman in Dubai?

-That's why I'm fixing it.
-It's already broken.

But you still want it fixed,

Yes, the bridge.

That's the only thing
you can ever fix.

Thank you very much!


Okay, Philip.

It's your big day,
and you have to focus.

I need to focus.



Come, let me fix that.

I'm ready. Just a bit nervous.

Nervous? Don't be.
You got this!

Don't be nervous, okay?

-There. Still nervous?
-A little bit.

I'm ready!

-I'm confident. Let's go!
-Come on!

Let's all welcome

Mayor Ernesto Cordero
and family!

How are you doing,
my beloved Cebuanos?

We want to give you
what you need.

And one
of my family's project...

is the construction
of the broken bridge.

We know how difficult it
has been after the earthquake.


with the help of our friends
and supporters,

I am very proud to say
that the bridge

is now under construction.

Long live, Philip!

Thank you very much
for your unwavering support.

Long live the mayor!

Cordero! Cordero! Cordero!


Love, you okay?

See, I told you.

Looks like your feedback
on social media is positive.

That's good.

Hi, bitch! How are you?

I'm good.

I'll follow.

You look so tired.
And you're about to get married.

Don't worry,
I'll message you my moisturizer.

It will do wonders to your face,
I promise.

I'm sorry, Lia.

I just heard from Michelle
that exes are invited.

I hope you don't mind.
I invited Philip's.

I'll see you inside.

Come. Let's go, Eunice.

Love, are you okay?

-I am. I'll be back, okay?
-Okay. I'll wait for you.

Just a second.


Thanks, man!

I told you, you have my support.

You know what?
I was wrong about you.

What do you mean?

At first I thought you came back
just to take Lia away.

I'm kidding, man.

Well, you're not married yet.

So it's not too late.

Relax, I'm kidding.

Hey, Dylan!

It's Daddy. You miss me?

I miss you. How are you?

-That's good.

Wado, we have to go.
We're visiting Randy's dad.

Can you call again tomorrow?

Hey! What's up, man?

Hey, Randy.

Heard you guys
are gonna visit your dad?


All right, you guys enjoy.

I'll see you guys soon.

-Looks like you miss Dubai.

So, you want to go back?

Not yet.

It's because of Lia, right?

Come on.

She's getting married.

Tell me, what are you going
to do...

if the one you love
is about to get married

and you know
she still loves you?

Philip is just a rebound, bro.

Lia and I were together
for four years.

Yes, I fucked up. But I know...

she still loves me.

Lia, have you reviewed
the paperwork?

Everything is set.
We're good to go.

Thanks, dude.


We're all good.

Will you be joining us
to the site, Miss Marquez?

You don't really have to come.

I know.

But I promised Philip

I'll be hands-on
with this project.


So we'll see each other
every day?


That's why I wanted you
to meet Donna.

I'll be busy
with the wedding preparations.

She'll be there in my absence.

Yeah, the wedding.

Hi, Donna.
This is my assistant, Arvin.

-Exchange contact details.

-The service is ready so--
-Let's go.

Okay, let's go.

-Let me help you.
-I'm okay.

-You might trip.
-I'm okay. I'll be fine.

-See? Let me help you.
-I said I'll be fine.

You're such a show-off.

I'm sorry.
I just wanted to help.

Watch your step.


I want to apologize
for what I said earlier.

Forget it.

-I thought you were mad.
-Of course not.

You know I can't get mad at you.

I have a lot to thank you for.

I've been wanting to say this to
you for the longest time, but...

You're the reason
I became an engineer.


Remember when I used to think
I was really stupid?

But you kept telling me...

"Babe, you can do it!

Babe, Bill Gates didn't get
a college degree

but he became the richest man
on earth."

I listened to you, but...

I didn't become a Bill Gates.

You didn't become
Bill Gates but...

At least now
you can afford a polo.

Well, that's because you...

You pushed me
to chase my dreams.

You know,
after all this success,

I still feel stupid.

I'm stupid
to have broken your trust.

That's okay.

That was a long time ago.

I know, but you can't stop me
from regretting what I did.

You know, Lia, the truth is...

I miss this.

I miss you.

Your smile.

That look.

And your...

Your wet underarms.
You still haven't changed.


You still have
those sweaty armpits until now.

-I miss that too.
-You're mean!

I'm mean?

-Why, Isn't it true? Look!
-At least I don't smell!

Excuse me, I don't smell.
I can afford a deodorant now.

I missed that.

-Are you okay?
-Sorry, sorry.

-We're running late.

Lia, just a minute.

I'm Philip Cordero.

You're Paul, right?

My future son-in-law
is very handsome.

What are you doing here?

Do you have a gown
for your wedding?

Lia, these are my designs.
They're nice.

-Choose one.
-I already have one.

You can use it
at the reception then.

-I already have one.

-Want to join us for lunch?

Then we can talk about
your designs there.

You know what?

Lia was so imaginative as a kid.

Her mom was so amused with her.

And her grandma
would always tolerate her.

I was actually the strict one.

But still,

every night,
she would knock on my door

to sleep beside me.


She could only fall asleep
in my arms.

Remember, Lia?

Excuse me.
I've to go to the restroom.

You know what? He seems okay.

Are you sure you don't want him
in the wedding?

I don't want to talk about it.

Love, he's still your father.

In New York, people like him
are accepted.

Exactly. In New York.
This is Cebu.

I know, but times are changing.

People are more accepting.

He's just being true to himself.

-What he did wasn't easy.
-Stop it, please.

To be honest,
I think he's brave.

Would you rather
he kept it a secret

and stayed miserable
the rest of his life?

I said enough!

You don't know
what you're talking about.

You don't understand
and you never will

because it's so fucking

You think he's miserable?

Why? Because he's gay?

Because people judge him?
Is that it?

You call that miserable?


What about that child he left?

The child who worked so hard
to fend for herself

because he wasn't around?

The child who lost her mom.

What do you call that?

He didn't even come
to the funeral.

I waited for him
but he didn't show up.

I cried myself to death...

because I felt
like I was cursed.

I lost both my mother
and my father, too.


That's what's miserable,
not him.

And now that I'm okay,
he wants back in my life?

Now that I have a chance
at my own family,

he comes back
like nothing happened?

For what?

To destroy my life again

because I don't have the right
to be happy?

Is that it?

Don't you ever speak to me
about pain again,

because you don't know pain
the way I do.

You know nothing.

You have no idea
how painful it is.

-You know nothing.
-I'm sorry.

Philip! Philip! Philip! Philip!

Philip! Lia!

Everyone, gather around!
Gather around!

Congratulations to us!

Philip is now leading
the latest polls!


Great! Great groundwork
from everyone.

And that is mainly because of...

The bridge!

We are claiming it!

To the future Mayor Cordero!


Thank you very much
to each and every one of you.

Because of all of you,

I was able to lead the polls,
so thank you.

Thank you so much,
especially to my fiancée, Lia.

-Happy birthday.
-You guys.

Happy birthday to you.

I'm so glad we made it.

Let's eat!

-Happy birthday.
-Thank you.

-Happy birthday.

Thank you.


Where's Philip?

Well, he's...

-He's got...
-Let me guess.

He's in a meeting?

Yes. Meeting.

But he'll try to follow.

-Let's eat?

-Have a seat.
-Thank you.

What? That's your son?

He's a big boy now.
How old is he?

Three next month.

-It's Dylan. Here.


He's so cute!

-And really handsome, huh?
-I know.

It's a good thing
he didn't take after you.

You fell in love
with this face before, remember?

Did you ever imagine
you'd own a company like this?

Then there's your cute son.

And me, I'm getting married.
A lot has changed.

A lot has changed, but...

I feel there's something
missing in my life.

Lia, you know,
it's not too late.


Lia, please.


-Please, just hear me out.
-Wado, not here.

Just hear me out.
I just wanna apologize, please.


Look, I've always wanted
to do this, okay?


-Just hear me out.

Look, Lia.

I know I hurt you.

God knows how sorry I am
for what I did to you.


I'm happy I was able to share
with you the picture of my son.

But, you know,
he's a constant reminder

of what I did to you and...

It's a constant reminder
that I've lost you.

Look, Lia...

Marrying Philip
is a big mistake.

That's not the life you want.

He can't make you happy
the way I can.


I love you so much.

Okay? I really do love you.

Who are you to tell me what to
do with my life that you ruined?

-I love Philip.

And I'll never leave him
for someone like you!

-Eunice! Hi!

-Nice surprise.
-Thank you.

You look lovely.
I always loved your hair.

-How's your mom?
-She's doing good.

Philip went jogging
but he'll be back soon.

Okay, auntie.

-Give your mom my love, okay?
-I will.

Nice of you to come.
Oh, there he is.

Perfect timing.

Let me leave you two alone.

Do you want me
to make you some tea?

-Yes, please, auntie. Thank you.

-Make sure he takes a shower.
-I will, Mom.

What are you doing here?

Why is it every time
we see each other,

you feel like I'm on
to something bad?

Because you always do.

Can't the reason be
your mom just missed me?

By the way, why didn't I get
an invitation to the wedding?

'Cause you're not invited
out of respect for Lia,

my future wife.

In case you forgot.


I can just drop by, right?

I can do anything I want.

Listen to me, Eunice.

I've been trying
to be nice to you.

But if you try
to sabotage my wedding,

God only knows
what I can do to you.

Be careful, Philip.

I know everything about you.

In case you forgot, too.

Next time, you're gonna have
to pay for staring.

I don't want this to sound
like a pick up line

but I think
I've seen you before.


At the mayor's press conference.

You were there, too.

So I'm assuming you know Philip.


I know the soil, the ground,

the dirt...

the filth.


I thought Philip was a good boy.

Seriously, what kind of filth?
You now have my attention.

Come on, share it.

What's your password?

-I don't kiss and tell.
-Neither do I.

I don't kiss and tell
that easily.

Out of curiosity,
what's on your phone?


Let me see.
Come on. Please?

-You want this?
-Come on. Show me.




-What are you doing?
-Do you wanna see your prize?

Are you just teasing
or do you really gonna show me?


Maybe? Come on.
I worked hard for this. Show me.

-Five seconds.

Let me see that.

Hey, what are you doing?
Come on.

-Time's up!
-Show me, please.

Come on! I wanna see it. Please?

Don't! No.

Philip, we received a tip.

I don't know
what's going to happen,

but Gonzales is planning
an attack on you.

I don't know
what they have on us.

But we need to be ready
to counter.

What do you mean, he knows?

I'm so sorry, Philip.

I was too drunk.

Don't worry. He didn't get
a copy of the video.

I don't care! He already knows!

Son of a bitch, Eunice!

Didn't you even think
that I'm campaigning?

And that I'm getting married?

-What if Lia learns about this?
-Then good!

If Lia can't love you
for who you are,

then she doesn't deserve you.


I can love you more
than she can.

-Marry me, Philip.
-Stop it!

Love, I'm home.

What time will you finish?

-Ma'am, I'll take care of it.

Okay. I love you.


Philip's almost done
with his meeting

at the headquarters.
You may now pick him up.

At the headquarters?

He messaged me to pick him up
at Ma'am Eunice's condo.

-At Ma'am Eunice's condo.

The one near Mandaue.

Hi, love.


Have you heard about this?

There's a rumor
that Gonzales has a mistress.

He said in an interview
that it came from his opponents.

Love, do you know anything
about this?


It's the first I've ever heard
of it.

How was the meeting last night?

It was okay.

Roger told me...

you were with Eunice?

Yes, because Eunice...

She's... Her family's
gonna donate for the campaign.


Are you okay?


You? Are you okay?

Let's go.

-Hi, Michelle.

-Do you have a minute?

I'm sure you've heard
about the rumor on Gonzales.

They've been telling the press
it came from us.

I'm scared that it might affect
Philip's standing on the polls.

Lia, it's okay. I got this.

They don't have evidence
that it came from us.

Don't worry.
I know how to play this.

Evidence... Wait!

Are you telling me
that it really came from us?



We want to fight fair and clean.

Maybe it doesn't need
to get to this.

What are you talking about?

This was Philip's idea
in the first place.


welcome to politics.

It's a dog eat dog world.

It's either you bite
and devour them,

or you get chewed
and eaten alive.

You took advantage of Eunice.

she had a good time herself.

You really think
that's why I'm here?

What do you want?

It took me a while
to figure you out.

I always knew there was
something off with you.

Now, it's clear.

What is this?


Are you stupid?

-You think that's why I'm here?
-Then what the hell do you want?

The truth, Philip!
I want the truth!

I want Lia to know
the fucking truth.

Don't you think she deserves it,

after everything
she's been through?

And what?

Do you think that
when she finds out the truth,

she'll get back with you?

-That she'll marry you?
-I don't fucking know.

I hope so.

But do you think she'll be happy
to know that her fiancé

likes kissing guys
just like her father?



I will not tell Lia.

Grow some balls.

If you're not telling her,
I guess we're done here.

But one thing's for sure,
Philip. Well...

I won't let Lia marry
a fairy like you.


There's something I want
to tell you.

Is it Eunice?


Are you back together?

-Of course not!
-Did she brainwash you?

What do you mean?

To spread rumors
about Gonzales.

-No, no!
-So what?

It's... Yes.

Yes? That really was your idea?

-Because I want to win!
-By playing dirty?

Whatever it takes, then yes!

I'm sorry.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Love, I'm sorry if...

I wasn't the perfect man
you thought I was.

I'm not perfect at all.


Be patient with me.

I'm just going through a lot.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm here for you.

Lia, have you checked Anton's
new designs already?

Not yet.
I'm still busy with the bridge.

What can be more important

than what you're going to wear
on your wedding day?

Why don't you just let Philip
and the team handle that?

Mom, just in case you forgot,

Lia is spearheading
the bridge construction.


Do you think it's possible
to finish the bridge...

in four months?

Dad, four months?
You gave us six months.

I know.

But the clock is ticking,

Michelle told me Gonzales
is getting ahead in polls.

We have to rush the bridge.

Dad, four months is impossible!

Nothing's impossible, Philip!

Lia, Philip, I hope you realize

what you're asking from me
is impossible.

We agreed on a timeline.
What happened?

I know it's a lot to ask...

but honestly,
we don't have a choice.

Philip's victory rests on this.

And more so,
our people need this.

Talk about a guilt trip.

I'll go back to Manila,
talk to some subcontractors.

But it's gonna cost you,
a lot of money.

And it's gonna be hard
to convince these people.

We'll go with you to Manila
to help you convince them.

-You're coming to Manila?
-Love, it's...

We have meetings
and the campaign--

Love, we need this.

-We're going with you to Manila.
-You're the boss.


Hi, Lia!

-Excuse me.
-Go ahead.

-How are you?
-Hi, Philip!

This is gonna be fun, Mayor.

Will you tell her the truth
in Manila?

Get your hand off me.

-Answer me first.
-I said get your hand off me.

Why? You like this, don't you?

Remove my hand then.

You like this, right?

Relax, mayor.

It's gonna be a lot of fun.


-Lia Marquez?

Yeah, we're checking in.


We'll just settle in
and I'll fix all that.

Did you see that, mayor?

They're out in the open.

Don't you want that kind
of freedom?

When are you telling Lia?

You know what?

I wonder
if you really want Lia to know.

Why not tell her yourself?



I'll do it. Just give me time.

Thank you.

So as you can see, Mr. Ramos,
the project's almost done.

But given the new timeline
by Mr. Cordero,

I don't think we can finish
on time unless...

Unless we obtain your help.

The project seems feasible,
Mr. Dela Costa.

But I'd like to hear
from Mr. Cordero.

What are your plans after this?

I mean, after the elections.

Are you all right, Mr. Cordero?

I'm sorry, Mr. Ramos.
Did you say after the elections?

Yes. What happens next?

After I win the elections and...

after the bridge is finished,

we definitely have more plans
to build more infrastructure

for our fellow Cebuanos
in the future.

And with this partnership,
then hopefully,

we could do more projects
together in the future.

Thank you.

The reason I asked
is because we have to consider

the business climate that
you hope to create for Cebu.

And I think I like
what I'm hearing.

I think we can work this out.

You can trust Philip.

He's a man of his word, right?

-Thank you.
-Thank you, ma'am.

I hope you're happy.
They took on the project.

That's a fancy ring.

It's much nicer
than the one I gave you.

Do you know it's still with me?

if I didn't hurt you before...

do you think
we'd be married now?

-With a family?
-I don't know.

And I don't think about that
because I'm getting married.

That's just it.

Do you really know
who this guy is?

Wado, leave us alone.

Whether you like it or not,
we're getting married.

But what if--

Let's go.

-Has Mr. Ramos called yet?
-Not yet.

I'll just drop the invite off
at my aunt's house.

-Don’t you need me with you?
-Love, there's no need.

I ordered food for you.

-I'm taking a shower.

-You know, the shower.
-No, love.

-I'll wait for you, okay?

Thank you.

Sorry, ma'am.
Here's your new keycard.


-Ma'am, I'm here.

-Going somewhere?
-Are you the driver? Take this.

I'm bringing the invitation
to my aunt's place.

-I'll go ahead.
-Just you?


I think I left my wallet.
Can we go back?


-Excuse me, miss.
-Yes, ma'am?

Did I leave my wallet here?

Sorry, ma'am,
but I didn't notice.

I lost my keycard.
Can I just get another one?

-Room 204.

-Get out!
-What? What are you gonna do?

What? Don't dare fight back!
When will you tell her?

-Tell her that you're gay.
-Give me time!

Why do you think I'm doing this?

Do you see that?

Do you want her to see this?

You want evidence?

You faggot.

Don't force me to put this out.

If you don't tell Lia the truth,
I'll put this out.

Give me that.


Have you seen my wallet? Love?


-What happened to you?
-I slipped.

What happened?

I'm okay.

Come, stand up.

-Good morning, sir.
-Hi, good morning.

I'd like to check out. Room 404.

It's been settled, sir.

Mr. Cordero has checked out
as well.

-Around 4 a.m., sir.

Thank you.

Why don't we just leave
this place?

Let's live somewhere else.


What's happening to you?

You've been like that
since yesterday.

I'm tired.

So tired.

I don't want this anymore.

This isn't the life I wanted.

All I wanted...

was to marry you.

To have a family with you.

To live in peace.

you're all that matters to me.

Don't leave me.

Whatever happens,
please don't leave me.

Love, listen.

Let's just finish this party

then let's just go home early

And then
let's talk about this later.




Congratulations, guys.

And thanks to the future
Mr. and Mrs. Cordero

for closing the deal.

Because of that, our bridge
will soon be passable,

so guys, cheers!

-Clink your glasses. Cheers!


Philip, Lia, long time no see.

Philip Cordero,
honest and truthful.

We're here to celebrate
the construction of our bridge.

Did you know Mr. Cordero
even accompanied me to Manila?

Just so we could close the deal

with the people involved
in the bridge's construction.

He hasn't won yet
and he's already doing the job.

Honest and truthful.

I hope you could be that honest
and truthful

to everyone, Philip.

Most especially
to the person beside you.


-Philip! Cheers!
-That's enough.


Just one shot.

You fag.

Are you gay?

You must be gay.

Come on, are you gay?

-Hey, just relax, okay?
-Son of a bitch, come on!

-Come on.

Clarisse, where's Michelle?

-Honest and truthful, Mayor.
-What's that?

-Congratulations again.

Arvin, where's Philip?
Where is he?

You asshole!

You son of a bitch!

Come on!

I'll kill you, motherfucker!

Philip! Stop! That's enough!

-Are you crazy?
-Stop it! Stop!

Go on, get out of here.

-Stop this now!
-You asshole!

-Hey! Hey!
-Guard! Guard! Enough!

-That's enough, get out of here!
-You fucking faggot!

-I'm gonna kill you!
-Get out of here! Get out!

Hey, you faggot! Admit it!
Tell her or I'll kill you!

-Who cares? Come on!
-Get out!

-I'll kill you! Faggot!
-Go ahead!

I will kill you! Tell the truth!

He's gay, Lia!




Who are you?

This is still me.

Which one?

The guy who almost killed a man
or the one who kissed my ex?

Lia, let me explain.

Explain yourself because
I don't understand anything.

Who are you? What's the truth?

Yes, I've been with men
and women in my past.

I couldn't tell you,
but that's the truth.

Since when?

What the hell?

Since when? Why didn't you--?

-Why didn't you tell me?
-Calm down.

-Lia, calm down, okay?
-What? Calm down?

You want me to calm down?
How do you expect me to do that?

My father's transgender,
my fiancé's bisexual!

I might as well complete
the letters to LGBT!

How the hell will I calm down?


The video, what was that?

Was that real?

Lia, no! He was blackmailing me.

Blackmail? It makes no sense!
You were in the shower together!

Lia, he set me up because
he wants to get you back.

If you're fighting over me,
you should've invited me

so we could all shower together,
and everyone's happy!

Why were you kissing?

He kissed me
so he could set me up.

And you enjoyed it?
Did it turn you on?

-Do I turn you on?

Yes! Yes!

I make love to you
because I love you.

You're a liar!
You don't love me!

You played me for a fool!

You're a fraud! You're a liar!

You deceived me!
You don't love me!

You made a fool out of me.

You know what I've been through.

Fucking hell!
I gave you everything.

I gave up my life for you!

I loved you
with all I could give.

I loved you
with all I could give.

Lia, I'm sorry
but I can't change who I am.

It doesn't change the fact that
I love you, okay? I'm sorry.

Don't insult me by making this
about your sexuality

because this is not about that.

Not even for my father.

This is about you lying to me.
You betrayed me.

All of you.

You're all the same.
You all betrayed me.

You're all the same.
You're all the same.

How could you betray me
like this?


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

You're withdrawing
from the elections?

Then you're calling off
the wedding?

What the hell are you thinking?

Ernesto, please, calm down.

Do you see...

the shame your son is giving us?

I'm sorry.

Sorry for what?

For being a failure?

Or sorry for being
a fucking faggot?


I'm sorry for having you
as my father!

-What did you say?

-You son of a bitch!
-Ernesto, please...

Yes! I am a son of a bitch!

You want to hurt me? Do it!

-No, no, no!
-Do it!

Beat me all you want
but you don't own me!

You're such a disappointment!

I'd rather be a disappointment

than live a life trying
to please you.

All my life,
I've looked up to you.

I idolized and respected you.
I loved you.

But me?

Did you ever see me as your son?

I guess not.

I guess not.


Philip, wait...

We already lost a son, Ernesto.

And now you're willing
to lose another?

Is this what you want?

For you to lose all of us?
To lose your family?

Aren't we the real
disappointment in this family?

Lia, I just wanna talk to you.
I just need to talk to you.

Where's Lia?
I want to talk to her.


-Sir, please don't make a scene.



Grandma, call Lia out.
I just wanna talk to her.

Come back when you're sober.

Please. I just really need to...



Lia, please, can we talk?

Wait, just hear me out, okay?

I promise,
I won't bother you again.

Just let me talk to you.


Lia, I thought I could prove...

my love to you
by doing the things I did.

I was wrong.
I ended up hurting you.

I realized that the only way
I can prove to you

that I truly love you
is by setting you free.

But it's so hard to do.

But I know I have to do it.

For you to be happy.

I know it's the right thing
to do.

I never intended to hurt you,
okay? I just loved you.

Maybe a little too much.

And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

This year would've been...

my 50th wedding anniversary
with your grandfather.

Here's to you, my Juancho!



Are you going to talk to him?

For what?

I'm not asking you
to get back with him.

All I'm saying is...

face him.

let's not talk about it.



Let me tell you this.

If you don't face it now,

it's just going to happen
to you again.

That I'm sure of.

It will haunt you to remind you

of the things
you can't confront.

That's how it is.

You'll get hurt.

You'll get devastated.

But don't run away from it, Lia.

Face it.

Face it.

Come, I brought you some snacks.

Try them. We have rice cake.

I'm good.

Come on.

Have a bite.
You came a long way.

It's good
you didn't lose your way.

I asked grandma how to get here.


I'm sorry for what happened
to you and Philip.

So the wedding's
no longer happening?


I'm sorry to hear that.

Did you also feel sorry
when you left me and Mom?


They say that...

I should not apologize
for who I am.

But whenever I realize
that the price...

of embracing my identity,

is losing the person
I love the most,

I get angry.

I question God...

why I had to be like this.

Why I couldn't stay the father
you knew?

The father you came home to
from school.

The father you'd cry to

whenever you came home scraped
and bruised.

The father--

The father
you won't be ashamed of.


every day,

I would tell myself,

"You have to fight...

for Lia."

How unfair!

It was unfair
that I had to choose...

between who I am and who I Iove.

But you still didn't choose me.

I realized...

that for me to truly love you,

I had to be true
to myself first.

Believe me,

not a day has passed...

that I didn't think
of coming back to you.

I went to your house every day,

begging your mom to talk to you,
be with you, hug you, but...

I had to accept that...

it was the price I had to pay...

for choosing
to be true to myself.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Lia.

I'm sorry.



Stop crying.


I don't know what to do anymore.

I don't know anymore.

You know what to do, Lia.

You know.

Philip and I are different.

But what's important is...

we all have the freedom
to choose...

who to love.

Are you really sure
you won't run anymore?

I'm not.

I'm sorry again.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Yes, I got scared.

I was afraid you'd leave me.

But I love you so much
and trust me,

I would never do anything
to hurt you again.

Love... Love, no, no.

No, you can keep the ring.
Please, wear the ring.

Love, please, please.

I know I don't deserve
a second chance,

I know I'm not worthy
after everything I've done.

But please...
Just please, I beg you.

Just take the ring and wear it.
Love, please.

Love, please...

Please take this ring.

Philip, get up, please. Please.

I've dreamed of you
since we were kids.

And after everything
that happened in my life,

after all the people
that came and went,

when I saw you again...

Love, nothing changed.

I still love you.

That's why I'm certain...

Love, I'm certain,

I am sure that I could
commit myself to you.

I need time.

All my life I did nothing
but care for other people.

So that they would love me.

I did it with Wado,
I did it with you.

Maybe because...

I wanted you to fill the gap
my father left.

But every time I give...

I end up with nothing left
for myself.

I end up giving everything.

This time,
I want to focus on myself.

I owe myself that.

I need to come
to the point where...

despite the so many questions
I have,

despite of all my fears...

I can believe you.

I can accept you.

I can choose you

without any other reason
but my love for you.

But I can't do it right now.

Not yet.

No matter how long it takes...

I will wait for you
to choose me.

I will wait for you
to choose me, love.

No matter how long it takes,
I will wait for you.


Nice to see you here.
Is Michelle your friend?

I like how everything looks.
They have a beautiful setup.

Long time no see.

I didn't know I'd see you here.

May I please ask you
to please assemble outside

for the procession now?

Okay, see you.

You love me even
when it's difficult to love me.

You stayed...

even if there was no reason
to stay anymore.

I know that there are so many
uncertainties in our future,

but the certainty of our love...

it makes me brave
to face tomorrow.

That's why I wanna take
this moment

to say that I love you.

I love you so much. I really do.

And I promise you...

You'll get the love
that you also deserve.

We've gone through a lot.

We've gone through many trials.

But I'm so glad
those trials happened

because they proved
that I love you even more.

And now, I know...

marriage is not
just this one day big event,

but it is a choice
that you make every single day.

I choose to marry you.

I choose...

being married to you.

Through the darkest times
without conditions...

without knowing
what the future holds.


Here comes the magical kiss.


I was praying
that you'd come today.

But I'm so happy you did.

Can you join me
at the reception?

I missed you.

I missed you more.