Karuizawa fujin (1982) - full transcript

70th Anniversary

A Nikkatsu Presentation


The water has frozen.

I apologize.
I forgot to empty the jar.

It's not your fault.

Winters are rigorous at Karuizawa.

However, summer always
comes back!


Yutaka Okuda, Akihiko Yamaki

Original work: Akira Sagashima
Script: Akio I do

Yonezo Maeda


Miwa Takada,
Takayuki Godai

Yumi Yoshikawa,
Yoshio Tsuchiya, Toshiyuki Kitami

Karuizawa, Karuizawa...
Karuizawa, Karuizawa...

Directed by:
Masaru Konuma

Nice serve!

That suits you so well.

Very well indeed.

Girls are going to jump on you.

Boss, let me introduce you
the new waiter.

We met each other at university.

He seems like a good boy.

How many guys have you
fucked since you arrived?

In here, we work and we fuck.

I work in a jewellery shop.

It's well known.
Do you know it?


Do you want to do it?

I'm not in the mood.

That's lame.
Why are you here, then?

Listen carefully.
Don't forget,

to serve the duck at the
same time as the foie gras.

The foie gras is always
served with dry wine.

The appetizer is a fish salad.

The main dish, suckling pig
and roast beef.

You mustn't take the strings
off from the meat.

- Hey, are you listening?
- Yes.

Genichiro Nakagawa.

The president of
Nakagawa Enterprises.

No, the organizer of
tonight's party.


Nakagawa Enterprises.
8 billion of capital,

28 branches...


The company has grown by working
with politicians after the war.

Zennosuke Okazaki, president of
Okazaki Industries, is part of the family.

It's Okazaki's mansion!

Wow! You know everything.

Before coming here, I read
?The Karuizawa Mansion Guide?.


You guys!
Don't make the kitchen dirty!

What will you wear
for the job?

Of course, we brought tuxedos.

Were you the one sent by
the boss at Ceaser's?


I'm counting on you.


Ms. Nakagawa, thank you.
These are my friends.

Your party is wonderful.

She must go abroad as well.

The media don't stop
talking about it.

The government should find a
quick solution for the crisis.

We win from one side what
we lose from the other.

We can't win in all fronts.

Ah, good evening, Mr. Nakagawa.
Thank you for inviting us.

Good evening to you all.

Please forgive my lateness.

Hey, hurry up.
The guests have to be served.

Excuse me.

Miss Aya!

- When did you arrive from the States?
- I just came back.

The Madam is always so beautiful,
but she always maintains a sad look.

Is she still separated
from Mr. Nakagawa?

She lives alone in Karuizawa.

Nakagawa only sees her a few
times during the year.

And he has a lover in Tokyo.

That's why he confines his wife
in the Karuizawa mansion.

Because of a lover in Tokyo.
What an exuberant life!

- Discard everything. It has expired.
- Yes.

- Hey, you!
- Yes?

Go find me a guest that
is called Aya Takakura.

Miss Nakagawa
will know who the person is.

Give me the house's key.

Can't you see my aunt?

Tell her that I'm
still in the States.

The pork is ready!

Don't you have any shame?

Stop starring at my aunt.

Are you jealous, Aya?

Me? Jealous?

- And the marijuana?
- Over the phone.

Don't come late.

Don't bring girls to the house.

No. You know me.

I know your taste.

Stay away from bad girls.




What are you doing?
That was the main dish for the guests!

Clean everything quickly!

I'm very sorry.

Quick! Clean it up.

Please, accept my
apologies, Mr. President.

You did a good job.

Stop it!

Your hand must be treated.

Don't blame him, please!
It is me who is asking.

Hurry up!
Go serve the next dish!

Yoshiko! What are you doing?!
Don't stay with him like that.

- But...
- What's with that look?!

Do you want to stand
up for this man?


Why on the earth...

have the boss at Ceaser's
sent us that idiot?

I wanted... to protect him.

You fool!

It was not a simple party, but a
business night for the Nakagawa Company!

With very important guests!

What? Is it possible that you're embarrassed
of the way I reacted at the party?

- I need to change, dear!
- There's no need!

I'll undress you myself.

Come on.

We haven't seen each
other for 5 months.

I haven't seen Yuichi
for a year.

You didn't want to see him?


Is he alright?

Aren't you worried about him?

I put him in a catholic
boarding school.

I see no reason to worry about him.

Dear, stop it, please.

What's with you tonight?

You can hate me as
much as you want.

You want to know who owns
your family company?

It's me!

Here, just let it go...

- You know why I'm do this?
- Yes.

You've made a big mistake.

It's only normal to be
fired over that.

I didn't know what to say to
Mr. Nakagawa.

Walking through
vibrant streets

Filled with sparkling neon lights

Sorrow invades me
through a grilling hangover

The empty station is waiting for me

My heart filled with love

still beats for the
one I've lost

I must leave,
leave this city

And unravel my
sweet memories

That night,
the sleep will escape me

All alone inside the cabin
of my wagon-lit

I know that I must
raise my head

And dry my tears
before I leave

Good bye...
Oh, good bye...

The rain follows my steps

- Goodbye.
- I feel like a beast.

Don't say that.

I came to Karuizawa
to change my life.

And here I am,
a tramp again.

Me too.

I come here each year

expecting to find a good guy.


while I was waiting,
I started to become older.

The cold rain
falls on our shoulders

Without going back,
I'll find happiness

A ticket to Tokyo.

Alone at the empty dock,
I walk without a goodbye

The heart filled
with a sweet bitterness

Good bye
Oh, good bye...

So, which place do you
want to visit tomorrow?

I wonder...

Excuse me.

You are...

I'm very sorry for the
incident at the party.

The boss at Ceaser's said

that you were fired for that.

- Was that necessary?
- Yes. I deserved it.

Because of us
you got yourself hurt.

Me and my husband
apologize for that.

Don't apologize.

I must thank you for
standing up to me.

I also have to thank your husband for
giving me the chance to meet you again.

What do you want?

- Coffee.
- Alright.

- Ice-cream!
- Very well.

Do you want to join us?


What are you thinking of
doing at the moment?

I don't know.

I know that I have to go back
to Tokyo and find work.

I need to sustain myself.

- Are you a student?
- Yes.

Don't you want to give
private lessons in Karuizawa?

Nobody knows who I am.

It will be for him.

I'm searching for someone
to take care of Yuichi's studies.

He doesn't have friends here.

Of course, I'll pay you a salary.

I want my son to spend
a pleasant vacation.

I can only stay with him

during the summer
and winter vacations.

Please, think about my proposal.

I accept it with pleasure.

Aren't you glad?



That's a good horse.

Come on!

Come back!


You fool!

Are you alright?

When I was little, I used to
come here a lot with my sister.

After she passed away,

I rarely visited again.

Don't be afraid to ask
if you need anything.

Maki will provide anything.

Thank you.

Mommy, look!

Oh, it's so pretty!

Don't go too far!

Yes, mommy.

I haven't yet realized it...

This is a great opportunity for me.

Thanks to you,
Yuichi is having a great time.

- Tomorrow, my bus leaves at 9h.
- Understood.

Bye bye.

Look! It's here!

Mommy, we found it!

The pygmy woodpecker
comes from the Picides family.

Tell me where it sleeps.

He builds his house in the trees.

Here we have!

- Thanks!
- You're welcome.

You should monitor him, aunt.

- You're talking about who?
- Him.

And his sweet poison.


That's right.

You're a target for him.

How so?

He wants to possess you.

You are rich and beautiful.

You know important people.

He wants to take
advantage of you.

You're his target...

I don't think so.

I hope it's sunny tomorrow.

Yes. We must leave early.

We must arrive before dawn
in order to listen to the birds.

Madam loves this piece.

It's from Mozart.

She loves the second
movement the most.

I also listened to it during the
party at that moment.

- It's done!
- Thanks.

Mr. Shito,
do you have a girlfriend?

- No.
- Ah... have a good night.

Good night.

It's the pygmy woodpecker!

It's a bit scary.

It's a Swinhoe's snipe.

And this is the Latham's snipe.

You know them very well.

I've read a bird's guide.

Ah, an owl!

Aren't you cold?

I'm fine.

You should have brought a coat.

- Aren't you really cold?
- No.

Your hands are cold, though.

- Mr. Shito!
- Madam...

A Great Spotted Woodpecker!


- We can't.
- Madam.

Mr. Shito...

Stop it.

Don't make me have
to send you back.

Do we really have
to go, teacher?

Ah, an owl!

A Great Spotted Woodpecker!


- Madam.
- We can't.

You love this piece.

Maki told me.

This is scarcely believable...

For me too.

Do you regret it?


I don't know why I did it.

I don't know who
I am anymore.

Madam, I want to stay with you.


summer is coming to an end...

That's right.

And I'm married.




No... Stop it!


What are you thinking about?


You think this is your home now.

The Madam is upstairs.

With my uncle?


They are in their room!

You look worried.

Of what?

Of them.

My aunt and you
get along very well.

Karuizawa is a little village.

People are noticing you.

Do you think...

that the high society of
Karuizawa belongs to you already?

- Good morning!
- Oh! You're in good shape.

- Yes.
- How is Masakazu doing?

I know that he went
back to the States.

He hasn't changed.

Uncle, let me introduce you the
teacher that aunt has hired for Yuichi.

What do you think?

He should refund the
damage from the party.

Aren't you worried
for your wife?

Opportunity makes the thief.

But who is the thief?

- Who is taking advantage of whom?
- Dear!

If you excuse me!

This is some interesting
thing, for sure.

Don't you agree, Yoshiko?

Answer me!

I want to kill him...

I want to kill your husband.

You have slept with
him in this room...




Madam! Come quick!

Yuichi! Yuichi!
Hang in there!


- Yuichi!
- Yuichi!


What happened?

I wasn't aware that
he left on his own...

- Hurry, call the doctor!
- Yes.

The gods have punished me.

It's my punishment!

Forgive me!

- Let me carry him.
- No! I should do it!

Excuse me.

Go home, please.

Aren't you working today?

Were you dismissed?

But you shouldn't worry.

If you want,
I can take care of you.

I wonder if my father is there.

Your father?

But then, you are...
the heir of Okazaki Industries?

Yes, I'm the spoiled son
of Zennosuke Okazaki.

Drink with me. I allow you
to belong to our great family.

The outfit suits you well.

We're going to spend
a very delicious evening.

Don't you want to drink too?

Sit down.

Not there.

On the floor.

- Drink it.
- Drink it.

Lick it.

Do it.

Come on.
What's wrong with you?

You can return if you wish.

- I have news for you.
- I'm listening.

We have the confirmation that
Masakazu Okazaki, 26 years old,

was involved in a drug party
organized in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, the evidence
is still not definitive.

I see.

Interpol is an
international organization.

They do a great job!


Mine is nothing more than a
department of the criminal police.

- Here.
- Thank you.

It's a shocking case.

That's true.

But, if we catch
Masakazu Okazaki,

the media can unleash an
even greater scandal.

I hope that you're not already
tired of the life of the rich.

You're one of ours.

Yes, you've passed the exam.

- The exam?
- Yes.

And since you've passed it...

you're going to help
me kill someone.

Is it okay? It's nothing too hard.
We are a team.

I have to kill this person.

I admit that my situation
is complicated.

But, if I get rid of this person,
I'll not have to worry anymore.

Furthermore, if they believe that
I died because of him,

I can kill two birds with one stone.

We'll bury his corpse
the deepest we can.

The day he'll be found, there'll
be nothing more than bones.

The police will not be able to
distinguish between me and him.

And, if everyone thinks I'm dead,
I'll be pulled off from the case.

After the murder,
I'll go far away.

Everyone will want my head.

So, you're with me?

I'm speaking as a comrade.

You're already involved.

But our relationship
has to go even further.

I'm joking, buddy!

Wasn't I convincing?


Have you decided?
Are you ready to follow us?

What are you afraid of?


For me,
this is a second chance.


Maybe I'll not see you again.




Why isn't he here?
What is happening?!


He's dead!

Who did it?!

Who killed him?!

If anyone discovers the corpse...

it will be an enormous scandal!

And they'll think it
was us who killed him!

Help me.

Hurry up!

I decided to marry you.

We're partners in crime.

If I tell the truth to the police,
it'll be the end for the both of us.

Are you threatening me?

If I fall, you're falling too.

I've kept Masakazu's wedding ring.

I took it from his corpse.

When I become your husband,

your family will offer
me an important position.

You should be the one
who died!

That was the plan!

I knew it all along.

You thought...

that I was an easy target?


Serve me.

Welcome, miss.


Long time no see.

We just got engaged.

- What about Masakazu?
- I chose the man closer to my heart.

Jun'ichi loves me much more.

Isn't it so?


Yes, I love you.


Thank you, aunt.

Yuichi will go back
to Tokyo tomorrow.

His summer vacation
is coming to a close.

Is that so?

I'll have the watercress soup
with sauteed crayfish.

And then, the rabbit
cooked with herbs.

What's wrong?

A Great Spotted Woodpecker!



Mr. Shito wants to see you.

Tell him to leave.




Go home, please.

I'm aware that I
was just your target.


What you say was the truth yesterday.

But today is no longer the case.

You're engaged with Aya.

I'll congratulate you again.

I'm not engaged for love.

What a cruel confession.

Aya will not forgive you.

Aya believes in your love.

I'm asking you to make her happy.

I still love you.

You're about to get married.
How dare you?



I've got engaged with Aya
because of a crime.

A crime?

A corpse is buried in the forest
of Kashima.

Behind the garden of the
second house of Zennosuke Okazaki.

You don't believe me?

That can't be...

Mr. Shito, why?


I want to verify an information.

The corpse?

Everyone is
talking about it.

The corpse...

The corpse!

Madam, are you alright?

Thank you for everything.

I'm leaving the mansion today.

This morning, a corpse has been found
in the forest of Kashima.

Is that so?

- I just wanted to verify it!
- And now?

Do you believe me?


But you'll be detained!

That's fine.


I just destroyed your life!

That's fine. I'm happy to have
your trust back.

This morning, Mt. Asama
looked so scary,

despite its usual beauty.


I want to die in your arms.

Me too.

I want to die!

The man who killed Masakazu
Okazaki belonged to a violent gang.

Okazaki was the victim
of a vengeance.

Shito did nothing
but bury his Corpse.

The killer saw him from afar.

Is that so?

Are you the "Madam"?

Excuse me?

It's you who called the police,
isn't that right?


Do you live in Karuizawa
for a long time?

Winter must be rigorous
this year too.


Karuizawa's winter
suits me very well.

I see.

Your husband is waiting.

I've heard about the boy's death.


With a severed head,
his beauty is less seductive.

Are you sad for him?


Bring a cold drink
to my room.


Starting from today,
I'll sleep in my own room.

Get the bed ready.

Yes, madam.

Why are you doing that?