Karsten og Petra på skattejakt (2018) - full transcript

Don't you want to go
in the new boat, Casper?

No, I'd rather go with Emma.

Have a great time, and mind Grandpa.

We'll be fine.

Too bad the weather isn't better.

It's always sunny on the island!

-Emma, can you hold this?
-You don't need that.

Mommy and daddy say
I need to wear a vest on the boat.


Have a good time.
We'll see you in a few days.

Let's climb on board.

Bye, Mommy.

-Bye, Casper!

The sun doesn’t always shine
even though it's summer

But Grandpa has promised us
that it Will come out

His cabin is built
on a beautiful island

Maybe this summer
will be brighter than ever

Have faith, that's all I can say

The clouds are about to
be chased far away

Farewell to this rainy, gray View

Where we are going
the sky's always blue

-What's that?
-A lighthouse.

It flashes at night,
so the boats can see where they are.

-Does anyone live there?

When I was little,
a keeper kept an eye on everything.

They built a smaller one,
next to the large one.

That doesn't need a keeper.

Think about the fun things
that we Will be doing

Out with Brahmaputra
Fishing and canoeing

Then we 7/ pretend
to be dangerous pirates

And catch some crabs!

And watch the bonfire

Have faith
That’s all I can say

The clouds are about to
be chased far away

Farwell to this rainy, gray View

Where we are going
the sky's always blue


I'm so happy you came along, Casper.

You have a visitor, Vigdis?

This is my nephew, Jonas.
He'll be helping out in the shop.

-Is there a shop here?

Yes, they have huge ice creams.

Casper? You can take your vest off now.

-Thank you.

I thought you said
the sun always shines here.

Have faith
That’s all I can say

The clouds are about to
be chased far away

Farwell to this rainy, gray View

Behind the clouds
the sky's always blue

This is our ocean, Casper.

Come, let's go for a swim!

Emma? Why don't we
show Casper the cabin first?


That's our Midsummer's Eve bonfire.

-What's Midsummer's Eve?
-The brightest day of the year.

We light a bonfire, and all
the neighbors come to celebrate.

-Hi, there!

This is the Yes-bench and the No-bench.

Yes and No—bench?
Why are they called that?

If the person you're in love with
sits on the Yes-bench,

you want to be sweethearts.

If you sit on the blue,
you don't want to be sweethearts.

Esther sat on the Yes-bench.


Have you ever been in love, Lion Cub?

In love? I don't know.

But sometimes my tummy tickles.

-That must be it.

Have you ever been in love,
Miss Rabbit?


Hello! Are you coming?


Coming through!

-Come on.
-Coming through!

-Here it is.
-It's nice here.

Isn't it?

There's the bathroom.

And there's Brahmaputra, too!

There she is, my greatest love.
After you, of course.

You got your way
out of that one, Jørgen!

Come look at the view!

The View?

Come, I want to Show you something.

I thought we were going to
look at the view?

We're going crab fishing.

Don't you want to show Casper
the cabin first? The crabs can wait.

Okay. Hi, Baler.


That's the neighbor.
Grandpa says he has big ears.

They don't look that big to me.

It means he listens
to everything we say.


I'll hang your vest outside
with Emma's.

That's the kitchen.
That's Grandpa and Esther's room.

Our room is upstairs!

This is my bed.

And mine!

-But where am I going to sleep?
-And me?

-Over there.

-Are we sleeping on the floor?
-Kind of.

-That's a bit unfair.
-Let's go swimming!

Last one is a rotten egg!

-Esther, are you coming?

I'm going to look for shells first.

Okay. Come, Casper!

Look, a jellyfish!

-Go around.
-It's fine.

Come over here to me.

What's wrong?

-There's something there!

Oh, that.

Just a tiny crab.

Nothing to be scared of.

Come on! Grandpa, here we come!

I think I have to call Mommy!

I promised to call
as soon as I got here.



Why don't you want to go swimming?
You know how to swim.

Yes, but the ocean is scary.

-No, it isn't.
-It's full of strange things.

And it's very deep.
With huge jellyfish.

-And crabs.
-Crabs aren't dangerous.

Crabs are very dangerous!

-Look out!
-Get off! Bad crab!


-How's my tail?
-It's leaving now.

Shoo. Go away.

How are you doing? Having fun?


-Are you coming soon?
-We're loading the boat.

And then we're heading straight
to my sweet boy.

Hold on. Siri, give us a little hand.

Thank you, Siri.

-Harald, be careful.
-Relax. Not my first time out to sea.

Mom, can't we just stay home?

Casper, l have to hang up.
See you soon.

Bye, bye! Kiss, kiss.

- Bye!
-Bye, Mommy.

Thanks for letting me borrow it.

-Pretty shells.
-Aren't they?

-Would you like one?
-Yes, please!


Looks like a crocodile.

I'll hold you.


Maybe you could build a sandcastle?

-Use the shovel.

Casper! How about building an island?

Who would live on it?

Pirates, probably.

-There's something here.
-What is it?

-Probably a large rock.
-Sounds like metal.

Maybe a pirate's treasure?

Yes! A real pirate's treasure,
full of gold coins.

Emma, come look!

What is it?

Let me try.

I'll get it.

What if it's full of gold coins!

It must have rusted shut.
I have tools in the cabin.

There we go.

It's open.

Oh, my. Look.

-Only one coin?
-Maybe they were poor thieves.

Darn it!

A moose...

-And a man.
-That's King Olav.

He was king when I was little. He's the
father of Harald, who's king now.

What's this?

Oh dear...

It's a mouth harp.

I haven't played one of those
since I was little.

Wonder who buried it.

I actually think it was me.

It was you?

My best friend, Alfred, and I.

Your best friend?

We met one summer,
and played together, just like you.

-You've never told me that.

Alfred was so much fun.
And he had a wonderful harmonica

that I was a bit envious of.

We played together a lot.

Oh, dance music!

We buried all our memories in this box
when the summer came to an end.

This is our signature mark.

A for Alfred, and J for Jørgen.

What is a signature mark?

A marking to show who owns it.

We agreed to meet the following year
and dig it up together.

What happened?

He never returned.

I waited all summer,
and the summer after that, but...

I never saw him again.

You didn't say goodbye?

No. Time passed, and...

I eventually forgot all about it.

Until today.

I can't believe it was my grandchild
and her best friend who found it.

Oh, well.

Look! Grandpa!

-What's that?
-What does it say?

-Probably a secret.
-Oh, my!

"If you want to find the treasure,

you must go to the place
that flashes in the night."

-Flashes in the night?
-It's a treasure after all!

-Where is it, Grandpa?

U ,
I don't remember an treas re
and no note either.

Alfred must have written this and put
it in the box without telling me.

Maybe he wanted you to find it?
What does it mean?

"You must go to the place
that flashes in the night.

I really don't know.

Maybe we can find Alfred and ask him?

I wish I could,
but I don't even know his last name.

It's so long ago.
I've forgotten all about it.

I don't even know if he's alive.

Poor Grandpa, he lost his best friend.

Yes. That will never happen to us.

No, never.

-Miss Rabbit?

Do you think
we'll always be best friends?

Yes, as long as Casper and Emma
are friends, we are, too.

My tummy is tickling again.

-What a fart.

-Lion Cub!

Yes, it was me.

No wonder, the way your tummy tickles.

Careful, don't fall in.

Okay, Grandpa.

I've never slept on air before.

Careful so you don't float away.

I think that will do.

Are you comfortable?

I'm really tired.

It's the ocean air.
It makes you hungry and tired.

Good night, both of you.

-Good night, Esther.
-Good night.

Good night.



-She's already asleep.

Maybe Miss Rabbit is awake.
Miss Rabbit?

No. She's getting her beauty sleep.

-Aren't you tired?

I'm thinking about
how to find the treasure.

Oh, me too.

What did the note say?

If you want to find the treasure...

...you must go to the place
that flashes in the night.

That's strange. Flashing in the night?

What could it be?
Traffic lights, perhaps.

Or a smoke detector.

Huh? What is it, Casper?



-Is it morning already?
-Emma, you have to wake up!

-We know where the treasure is!

In the lighthouse. It flashes at night!

Yes, it must be there!

It has to be!

We will find the treasure!

-We will find the treasure!
-We will find the treasure!

-Lion Cub, was that you?

No, this time it was the mattress.

Oh, the mattress.

-We're sinking.
-That's okay.

-You can sleep in my bed.
-That's a good idea.

-As long as you don't fart.

If the lighthouse is on an island,
how do we get there?

With Brahmaputra, of course.

We can be pirates.

Let me show you something.

Look at me!

I only have one, but we can share.

Get the ship ready!

I'm Captain Brahmaputra!

Good morning, kids. You're up early.

We're not kids, we're pirates!

We're going on a treasure hunt!

-Where is Grandpa?
-Down by the boat.

Aren't you going to eat first?

I'm sure real pirates
eat their breakfast.

-Here you go.

Yes. Pirates eat a lot.

And you have to drink afterward.


-Hi, kids.

Hurry, we're going to the lighthouse!

That's where the treasure is at!

The lighthouse? Of course!

A place that flashes!
Why I didn't think of that?

But I'm afraid we can't.

Brahmaputra won't start.
It might be the spark plugs.

-I'll clean them up.
-Oh no.

-Will it take long?
-Hard to tell.

I'll have some coffee first.

What are we going to do
in the meantime?

Perhaps you want to fly a kite?

Do we have one?

No, but we can make one.


Let's attach it.

Tie a knot, like so.

-It looks great.
-Doesn't it?

-How do we fly it without a motor?
-It's the wind.

It pushes against the kite,
and makes it fly.

Look, it's flying high!

-Hold it tight.
-Oh dear.

Look at that seagull.
It's flying just like the kite.

It's made to fly, you know.

It glides with its beautiful wings.

What was that?

What is it?

The seagull pooped on your nose.

Really? No, no, no!

-Get it off!
-I'll fix it! Hold on.

Let me see your nose.

-Here it is.

-As good as new.
-I'm never going near a seagull again.

I wish we could fly,
so we could fly to the lighthouse.

I think Grandpa
will get Brahmaputra fixed.

-He has to.
-He will.

-You want to try?

-Don't mention the seagull.
-I promise.

-Hey, guys!

Nothing has happened here.
Nothing at all.

Look at Casper instead.

He's doing very well.

Are you okay? Did you get hurt?

No. But the kite fell in that soup.

What a nice pothole!

-Or a troll's pot.

This looks like a pot trolls would use,
don't you think?

Long ago,
all of this was covered in ice.

Rivers flowed beneath the ice,
bringing rocks and gravel with it,

grinding the mountains flat and smooth.

In some places,
the rocks tumbled for so long

that giant holes were formed.
Like this one.

Come, I'll show you something else.

Look over there.

Is this a troll's pot?

I hope the troll isn't around.

Trolls don't exist, only in fairytales.

Yes. But it must have been a big troll.
In the fairytale, I mean.

It must have been
very fond of stinky swamp-stew.


It's almost like a couch!



-Brahmaputra is ready!

We're going treasure hunting!

Grandpa '8 old boat
takes us Where we want to go

The love of his life
second to Esther

It's just us three
And we're going out to sea

Always remember
to put on a life vest

The ship is prepared
to take us anywhere

Maybe Casper
would like to steer us

You can do it too
I have faith in you

Mark out the course
Let's head for the lighthouse

Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra
What a wonderful boat

Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra
She's chugging along

-Why are we stopping?
-Don't know. I'll check the engine.

There's only one plug firing.

-Mommy should have been here.

Daddy says,
she often blows up like a fire.

Does he, now?

We're running again. To the lighthouse!

Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra
What a wonderful boat

Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra
She's chugging along

-Take out the fenders, Emma.

There! 80 we don't scratch the boat.

-Come on!
-I have to check the engine.

We'll go up when I'm ready, okay?


-Hi, Grandpa!
-Hey, there. Wow.

Be careful. Don't go out of sight.

We won't.

-Isn't this cool, Casper?

There it is.

Should we look in the new
or the old lighthouse?

Grandpa is old, so most likely the old.

Casper, come on.

Emma, Grandpa told us to wait!

He's coming.

-Come on.

Wait up!

Hello? Anyone home?

It's unlocked.

We can't just go in.

We'll just take a quick look.

A pirate monocular.

Oh no! Look, a seagull!

You can't poop on me!

-Shush, Miss Rabbit.
-It's not alive.

Oh, well. You never know.

-We have to go up there.

But... where is the lantern?

Probably in the new lighthouse.
But the treasure has to be here.

-Looks empty.
-There's nothing here.

-There aren't many hiding places.
-Maybe it's outside?


I guess we're stuck here.

Best be careful. I'm afraid of heights.

-Yes, you are.
-Look, that's our island!

-Your turn.
-Thank you.

Let's look around.

-Yes. Inside, though?

-That's our cabin!
-Let me see!

Lion Cub, look! Up there!

Up where?

Miss Rabbit, be careful!

But where is the treasure?

-What's that?
-A very old tin box.

A tin box?

Do you see anything?

What the...?

It must have been here a long time.

-Is it the treasure?
-Let me see...

"A, J".

Alfred and Grandpa's initials!
Same as on the tin box!

Then it's the treasure!

Where did they go?

Miss Rabbit! Push it down to me!

-Oh! Bingo.
-Here I come.

What a surprise.

That's right!

Get back inside!

-The railings are rotten!

Emma, come!

Hey! What are you doing here?

We were just looking for...

-Are you by yourselves?

-Have you lost your minds?

Do you know how dangerous it is
up there for children?

Thank you.

Emma, come!

There you are.
I told you to stay in sight.

-We forgot.

Well, did you find the treasure?

-That's a shame.
-Just an angry man.

-He didn't like us being up there.

You went to the lighthouse?
Are you crazy? You could have fallen!

Sorry. I'm sorry I got angry.

I got scared. Sometimes that makes you
seem angrier than you really are.

I'm sure that was the case
with that man.

Come, let's go home.

Shall I take the vests? Thanks.


-There's a surprise in your backpack.
-My backpack?

Yes, Miss Rabbit is sitting on it.

A tin box?

Yes, we found it in the lighthouse.

It has a signature mark,
just like the other one.

Maybe it's the treasure!

Grandpa, you have to come!

-What is it?

I haven't had these since I was a boy.

-Is it candy?
-They are so yummy.

Did you find these in the lighthouse?

Yes, but we didn't know.
You think it's Alfred's?

It has our signature mark.

That's not candy. Are they pearls?

No, they're marbles.

The kind Alfred and I
used to play with.

Look, a piece of paper.

A treasure map! A real treasure map!

-Let me see!

It looks like our island.
I'm not sure about that house.

It looks like an ice cream, doesn't it?

-Maybe it's the shop?
-Yes, they have ice cream!

Maybe the treasure is buried
where that mark is?

Looks like you have to take
20 steps from the shop.

Can we go there now?

Go ahead. I'll make dinner.

-We'll need a rope and a flashlight.
-And a shovel!

-Hi, Vigdis.

Right, before I forget...

-I need to get spark plugs.
-Can we stay and search?

Yes. No misbehaving, though.

-And no going near the ocean.
-We promise.

-Will you keep an eye on them?

I'll be right back.

-Looks like it's this way.
-Okay. Ready?

We have to count. Your turn.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

eleven, twelve, thirteen,
fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,

seventeen, eighteen, nineteen.

We have to go around.


It doesn't work.

We'll try this way.

One, two...

Are you looking for something?

-Just a treasure.
-A treasure?

How cool.

We found a treasure map.
Do you know where this is?

Let's see.

No... I don't know.

Aunt Vigdis? There's a treasure
buried here somewhere.

Oh, how exciting.

-Do you know where this is?
-A house with a giant ice cream?

-Could it be the old shop?
-Is there another one?

There used to be, back in the days.

-Want me to show you?

Here you go.

What happened to the old shop?

People only came during summer.
We had to move it to the harbor.

It used to be right here.

Good luck.

-Can you tell Grandpa we're here?
-I will. Bye!

20 steps this way.

One, two, three...

...eleven, twelve, thirteen,

fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen,

eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

We can't dig here. It's rock.

Look. Maybe it's inside that crack?

-Yeah, it could be.

-I'm quite wise.

I can't see anything.

The flashlight!

That's a good idea.

-Isn't this exciting?

-I see something shiny.
-Maybe it's gold?

-It might be the treasure.

My arm is too short.

-Lion Cub, you can get in!

Good idea!

Okay, I'll have a look.

-It's very dark.
-Come on, we have to find it.

What if I can't get out?

We can tie the rope to your tail.

Yes, and pull you back out.

Tie it to my tail?
Now I'm upside down.

Not too tight. Careful with the tail.

Ouch. Okay.

Let's see.

Casper, you have to push me.

-Come on, Lion Cub.
-It's a little tight.

It's kind of scary in here. And dark.

Find anything?

I can't see anything.

A bit further in.

There! Something shiny!

-Is it the treasure?
-Wait, let me see.

It's a bottle.

-Push it out!

I'm trying my best.

I've got it! I can do it!

What happened?

The bottle broke.

Oh no!

There's something inside it.
It's a note!


Oh no, my paw.

I out myself.

-Come out!
-I'll just get the note.

I'm a brave lion, after all.

I have it

Ouch! Ouch!

My tail! Casper, I'm stuck.

Oh no!

Maybe I'm stuck here forever.

-Don't worry, I'm coming!
-Good, Miss Rabbit!

-Good luck.
-Let's see...

Hold on, help is coming.

I'm holding on. There you are!

Try turning around. I'll take the note.

Come on. You can do it.


-Couldn't have done it without you.

Let's get out.

My tummy is tickling again.

Everything's all right.

Casper, here I come.

-My paw hurts a little.
-Poor thing.

Hi, kids.

We found a new note.

Let me see.

These are signal flags.

-What's that?
-Boats send messages with them.

-What does it say?
-I don't know.

I think each flag is a letter.

And there's a drawing of a house
and a bird in a tree.

Right, I'll look into it.

Oh, that looks painful.

Does that look okay?

You can hardly tell.

Thank you.

-My pleasure.
-I'm going to faint.

-...to tell you!
- We’ll be there as soon as we can.

We've run out of gas,
so it will be a while longer.

You'll be here for Midsummer's Eve?

I really hope so.

I'm sure I put them here.

Why did we get a sailboat
when you can't sail?

Because I've always
dreamt of learning it.

-In the mean time, we have the engine.
-Yes, with no gas.

-Do you have to be so negative, Siri?
-I have to hang up.

See you soon, sweetheart.

-Good night, dear.
- Night, Mommy.

Here they are.

We'll get to shore in no time.

There's an oar for you, too, Siri.

It's not going to work.

Let's call the rescue company.

That's not necessary.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream


You were so brave today.
Does it still hurt?

-Oh no, I...

-Actually, a little.
-Want me to blow on it?


-Much better.

Good. Good night.

Good night, Miss Rabbit.


My tummy is tickling again.

Wonder why?

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Daddy, stop it!

-Give us a smile, Siri.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily


Grandpa was up early.
Hope he finds out what the flags mean.

Yes. What about the bird?

Maybe it's a seagull? Or a crow.

-A crab!

Yes, look.

Oh dear! Casper caught a crab!

What do I do now?

Hold it like this. It won't pinch.

I'll take this.

Careful, so it doesn't get your tail.

I mean nose.

Oh no, oh no!

-Emma, look!
-Great, Casper!

-Hi, kids! Caught any crabs?
-Yes, lots.

You sure are clever.

Did you find the signal...

The signal flags? No, sorry.

I asked at the fish market.
Nobody knew.

Should we google it?

Google? I didn't think of that.


Maybe this will help.

Look at this. It has everything
we need. Thanks, Baler.

-You're welcome.
-Thank you.

Good thing he has big ears.

It must be this one. An 0.

The next is yellow and black.

An L.

An S, and an O, and an L.
Wonder what it means.

Here he is.


-There's a piece missing.

It's me who's missing.

Ship ahoy!

-Mommy and Daddy!

Hey! Hi, Daddy! Hi, Mommy!

Hi, Casper!

Hi, Mommy and Daddy and Siri!

-Hi, there!

Quite the boat you have there.

We've been rowing all night.

Being captain
of your own ship is great.

Oh. Let's see...

-We need more fenders.

Harald, be careful.

Hold on, Harald!


Are you okay?

Siri, bring some of this ashore.

-Hi, Siri!

This is the worst vacation ever!

There you go.

Well, well.

There's nothing like a morning swim.

Do you know what this letter is?

-An A.

Should we read it together?


-What does it say?
-Sun Cabin.

Did you say Sun Cabin?

Let me see.

-Thank you.

The Sun Cabin!

The summer Alfred was here,
his family rented a cabin.

It was called the Sun Cabin!

-Does he live there now?
-No, but...

Maybe he signed the guest book.

And perhaps he wrote his last name.

Then we can find him!

-Can we go there now?


Vigdis rents out the Sun Cabin,

so we can't get the keys
until tomorrow.

We don't know what the bird means.

We'll find out tomorrow.

Can we go to bed now,
so tomorrow comes faster?


- There. Sleep well.
- Mommy?

Why is Siri so grumpy?

Well, she has reached
something called puberty.

-Is she sick?
-Yeah, kind of. A little.

-Is it very contagious?
-Not at first.

But it will happen to you, too.

-There's no cure?
-I'm afraid not.

Don't worry about it.
It won't be for a long, long time.

Sleep tight. Good night.

-Good night, Mommy.
-Good night.

Do you think I will hit puberty?

I think you already have, Lion Cub.

What? I hope not.

It's been raining all night,
and we forgot to put on the tarp.

All my clothes are wet!

I don't want to be here.

I think you should go for a walk.

I don't have anything to wear.

I'll help you with that.

This is exciting.
Friends like that are hard to come by.

Someone you can laugh with,
and tell your troubles to.

Someone who understands you,
no matter what.

-Like us.

You have to treasure that.

When I find Alfred,
I'll never lose him again.

Why do I have to get the newspapers?

Why can't Mom and Dad do it?

I'm on vacation,
and I have to wear Mom's clothes.

-She's so weird.

We would like to see the guest book.

Sure. It's vacant at the moment.

-I'll get the keys.
-We needed some luck now.


Is there anyone here?

Hi. Anything else?

-Would you like anything else?


I'm not sure.

-That puberty sure is scary.


-What is it?
-I don't want to get infected.

Thank you so much.

All right, let's go.

-It's the angry man.

-Grandpa, wait for us!
-Wait up!

Wow. Not much has change here.

You know what? You go find that bird
while I look for the guest books.

Okay. Should we look outside?
Birds live outside.

-Do you see anything?

Emma, Look!

A feather.

Look over there!

Another feather!

A house and a bird...

A birdhouse!

-Maybe the treasure is up there?

How are we going to get up there?

Grandpa can help us.

-No, I'll do it.
-Be careful!

Good, Miss Rabbit. See anything?

Yes, but it's not a bird.

-I found the guest book!

Grandpa, look!

That's the birdhouse
Alfred and I built.

It's still there.

Then that has to be it.

A troll! Is it Alfred's?

I don't remember.
My memory isn't what it once was.

Look. I found the guest book
from the year

Alfred and his family stayed here.

Is his name there?

July, 1950.

"This summer has gone by much too fast.

Alfred has learned to dive,
and has hardly been out of the water.

I remember that.
We dove from the ferry pier all day.

Until our lips turned blue.

-Read more!
-Yes, I'll continue.

"We thank you for a great summer.

We would love to come back next year,
but we are moving to England."

To England?

So that's why I haven't...

I haven't heard from him.
Because he moved away.

"Goodbye for now. Best regards,
Gunhild, Ivar and Alfred."

Does it say his last name?

I have to accept that I'll never
see my best friend again.

-Hi, there.

Siri is still there.

Strange. She didn't want
to go to the shop.

My sweet little brother.

Bye, Jonas.

It's so nice here.

I never want to leave.

What's happening?

Loves me, loves me not...

Loves me, loves me not...

Maybe she doesn't have puberty anymore.

Loves me, loves me not...

At least she's feeling better.

Loves me...

-What's happening?
-She's gotten worse.

Is something burning?

You don't understand anything!

What am I wearing?

I can't believe he saw me like his.

Will I be screaming like that
when I get puberty?

No, boys go through a voice break.

-I hope they find a cure before that.


-Holiday, finally!
-Yes, finally.

Hi, Emma. I've missed you!

I've missed you so much.

Hi, Casper.

I have something for you.

Diving masks. Here you go!

They're great!

-What have you been up to?

We went treasure hunting with Grandpa.

I want to hear everything.

It's delicious.

I think I'll have some more.
It's so good.

The bread is beautiful.

You know how to make a great fish soup.

Thank you. Do you want more?

No, thank you. We're full.

You'll have to give me the recipe.

-It's a secret.
-We'll get it out of her.

-What is it?
-What does it say?

"Feed me."

Feed me? Why?

The troll must be hungry.

Look, Emma. The troll wants to be fed.

Looks like the troll
likes your soup, Esther.

Silly billy.

The troll must have been so hungry
that it fell into the pot.

Just like the troll's pot.
What was it called?

A pothole.

-What is it?

I think I know what the troll wants!

It wants us to go to the troll pot!

It has to be here!

Casper, not so fast.

-The soup is sloshing about.
-Don't trip.

There it is!

-Now, don't get disappointed.
-Ugh, it stinks.

-What if there are crabs?
-I don't think so.

I'll check.

-Find anything?

Oh well. Let's get back.

-It's getting late.
-Wait, I've got something.

It must be the treasure!

The A is for Alfred,
and the J is for...


I'm really excited.

Me, too.

-It's empty.
-No, wait.

Let me see!

-Is it a riddle?

A photo? Who's in it?

It's you, Dad.
When you were little. Look!

Oh, my.

And Alfred.

Look. Here we are, both of us.

-Is that all?
-Just a picture?

This made my day.

It means Alfred cherished
our friendship as much as I did.

Come, Casper.

There was no treasure after all.

We have to do something.

-When are we lighting the bonfire?

What should we do?
Nothing is as fun as treasure hunting.

I agree.



Do you want to bury Daddy in the sand?

-Come on, then.

Be quiet.

Yes, dress him up a bit.

I hope he doesn't wake up.

-He looks like a turtle.

-Maybe we should give him a tail?

Casper, there's lots of
good sand over there.

It's smoother, so it's easier to dig.

I found something!

-What is it?
-I don't know.

What could it be?

A pirate's treasure!

-A real pirate's treasure!

-It must have been here for years.

Wonder what's inside.

We've been looking all over,
and it was here all along.



But it's not real money.

It's chocolate money.

-I love chocolate!
-Me too.

-They are so cute.
-Just darling.

Hey, say cheese.

-Do you want some?

You deserve the treasure
all to yourselves.

Lucky for us
that pirates like Chocolate.

And that they haven't gone bad.

Yes, it looks like
the ones at the shop.

-It was you!

Yes! Why?

We wanted you to be happy.

That's a rotten thing to do.

You had been searching for so long.

That doesn't matter.

It'll get better
when we light the bonfire.

-Siri, will you look after them?
-I'm going to the shop.

Can't you do that later?


Hello? Would you mind giving me a hand?

They tricked us with chocolate.

And Alfred shouldn't have
called that photo a treasure.

They're stupid, all of them.

I'll be at the rock if you need me.

Lion Cub, let's go over everything
in case we missed something.

Right. There might be a treasure
somewhere, we just haven't realized.

First, we found the box at the beach.

With the mouth harp and the coin.

Then we found
the box at the lighthouse.

The box had a map
with a picture of the shop.

We walked 20 steps and found the cave.

-It was brave of you to go inside.
-You think so?

Thanks. But I wouldn't
have managed without you.

No. The bottle held another riddle.

It said "Sun Cabin".
With flags, not regular letters.

And a bird.

And in the birdhouse,
we found a hungry troll.

Finally, we found the box in the
troll's pot with Grandpa's picture.


-I've got it!

What if the picture isn't the end
of the hunt, but a new riddle?

Oh, Miss Rabbit!

You know what? You're a genius!

-Hi, Baler.

Grandpa said that he and Alfred liked
to dive from the ferry pier, right?

Yes. They were there all the time.

Isn't that the pier in the photo?

I think so.

What if Alfred hid
the real treasure there?


Oh. Hi.

-Do you want to come to the bonfire?

Or, yeah. I might.

-Siri, we're going to the pier!

-Are you here all summer?

I don't know.

This must be it. Stand over there.

-It's identical.
-Where do we look?


-Do you want to go kayaking?

I just have to let
Casper and Emma know.


Do you see a box?

No, no bottles either.

Maybe it's on the roof?

-Oh no, Casper!


-Oh, no.

Wait, I'm coming!

Hurry up! Help!

Is it very wet, Casper?

They were here a minute ago.

-They went to the pier.

They went to the pier!

Oh, no.

I'll come with you.

-Hurry up, Emma.
-I'm coming, Casper!

Hurry up!

You made it.

Thanks, Emma.

I see something!
There's something under the pier!

-Maybe it's the treasure?

I'll check. I'll try to reach it!

I've got it. I've got it.

Yes, I've got it! I'm coming!

What did you find, Casper?

I've got it!

Get out!

You again?

Who has given you permission
to be here without life vests?

We forgot.

-We can swim.
-That doesn't matter.

What kind of people let their kids
run around unsupervised?

It should be illegal.

Go home to your parents.

You don't have to get angry
just because you're scared.

No wonder I got scared
when I saw you in the water.

Go home. Get dry.


-Should we open the box?

-Can you get it open?
-As long as it's not rusty.


Oh dear.

What could it be?

Let me see!

A harmonica!

That's strange.

Do you think this is the treasure?

I don't know.
I wish it were real gold coins.

I'm starting to get tired
of this treasure hunt.

Did I hear music?

Where did you get that?

We just found it.

-Under the pier.

-Under the pier?

May I have a look?


I haven't seen this since I was a boy.

I think it's mine.

I wanted to give it to my best friend.

But apparently he didn't find it.

Did you bury the box at the beach?

And make the treasure map,
and everything?

Yes, it was me.

Is that what you were
doing at the lighthouse?

But then you have to be Alfred!

How did you know?

Because your best friend is my grandad!


Take a look.

Well, I'll say. That's him.


To think he was Alfred all along.

Yes, and that he could smile.

There you are!

Why didn't you say
you were going to the pier?

We did. But you were busy.

Did you fall in the water?

We were looking for the treasure.

Mom and Dad are going to be angry

when they find out
that I didn't watch you.

Okay. We promise not to tell.

If you promise not to tell
that we went to the pier.

That's a good deal.


Come, Jonas and Siri.

-Where are Casper and Emma?
-There they are.

-Come get a hot dog.

Grandpa, we have a surprise for you.

A surprise, for me?

I've heard that melody before.


Is that really you?

I'm afraid so.



It's been quite a while.

Sixty years.

Right, this is Esther.

And my daughter, Maria.

Hi. Dad has told me so much about you.

They haven't seen each other
in over 60 years!


I guess you've met my grandchild, Emma,
and her friend, Casper.

If it hadn't been for them,
I wouldn't be here.

-Take a seat!

How nice.

Where have you been all these years?
I heard you moved to England.

I lived there for a while.
Then I went to sea.

I've been there ever since.

Then I heard
they needed someone at the lighthouse.

That's when I thought of you,
and how much fun we used to have.

I bought a cabin here
for the exact same reason.

I never thought we'd meet again.

No, me neither.

But I hoped that you had
found my treasure map.

Well, I did in the end.

With a little help from these two.

-It's so touching.
-I know.

-Let's light the bonfire.

-Who wants a hot dog?

That was yummy.

Emma, look.


-Naa na na-na na!

You kissed Jonas!

-Naa na na-na na!

Oh, no. No!

I'll never kiss you.

I'll never kiss you, either.

And I promise
to never kiss you, Lion cub.

Okay, then.

-Do you know what I think?

That the best treasure
is having a friend.

I agree.

Hey, kids. Everything okay?


-Is it my turn?
-You're next.


I'm in the lead. I'm in the lead.


We'll put in the troll, too. Right?

Yes, put me in there. Bye.

And the picture Mom took of us.

-What is it, Miss Rabbit?

You have to write your last names.

In case you forget.

Just like Alfred and Emma's grandad.

-That's right.

Can you write?

What a nice summer day.


-Shall we bury it?


Can we join?

-Do you know what the best thing is?
-No, what?

That I get to spend
the rest of the summer with you.

I'm breaking my promise.

My stomach tickles!

Mine as well.

-That's good.


Casper and Emma
brought a shovel along

A sunny day
down by the seaside

They were digging a hole
Looking for gold

And they found something
buried in the sand

They looked at each other
What could it be?

A tin box so shiny
right next to the sea

Maybe this could be
Blackbeard's gold

Buried by pirates a stormy night

Casper and Emma are on a treasure hunt

On Grandpa and Esther's island

It’s fun to dress up like a pirate

For young and excited summer guests

They search everywhere
but the grownups have been clear

If you’re going to the pier
put on your life vest

They search everywhere
but the grownups have been clear

If you’re going to the pier
put on your life vest

They opened the lid
and What did they see

The box was full of coins
that were golden

They stared at it in glee
Happy as can be

With the treasure
that was hidden in the sand

But Casper felt
that something wasn't right

The golden coins smelled of chocolate

At first they were surprised
but then they realized

This was really
all they could have asked for

Grandpa gave a sly little smile

The children deserved
to succeed for a while

’Cause they had been
searching everywhere

The chocolate they dug up
was truly deserved

Casper and Emma are on a treasure hunt

On Grandpa and Esther's island

It’s fun to dress up like a pirate

For young and excited summer guests

They search everywhere
but the grownups have been clear

If you’re going to the pier
put on your life vest

They search everywhere
but the grownups have been clear

If you’re going to the pier
put on your life vest

Subtitles: Fraydis Erés
Meteoritt AS