Kaavalan (2011) - full transcript

Bhoominathan aka Bhoomi is introduced to us as a person who gets into many local fights. Worried about his future, his family sends him to Muthuramalingam (Raj Kiran), a much respected personality in his place Semmanur, to put Bhoomi's life on the right track. But things don't go as planned. Muthuramalingam's adversary threatens to kill his daughter Meera (Asin) as a revenge against his own daughter's fate. So Bhoomi is given the job of Meera's bodyguard at college. Meera goes to college with her friend Madhu but is irritated by Bhoomi's presence everywhere. So she devises a plan.

[The Bodyguard]

My life changed only in a rail journey

Bven if l have got in the middle,

this story begins in Mettu patti

The army major Partha Sarathy's
wife Kanthimathi

is pregnant for 10th month.

Mettupatti's neighborhood
is our village called Semmanoor

Muthu Ramalingam
dominates the village!

l am Mari speaking!
l am your man.

He has come to know it..
He would kill me

-Save me.
-Where are you talking from?

..from Mettupatti, Murugan koil street.

Sir! Don't kill me

l can forgive my enemy
if he can be trusted.

l can never forgive a betrayer
even if he is my brother.


Muthu Ramalingam came
to the village to take a life!

But it is not a coincidence
that 2 souls were saved because of him

That was god's calculation

The infant will inherit the behavior
of the one who names the infant.

So l expect him not to be brutal
& vicious like me.

He should be a serene and calm soul!

..like the earth which bears everything.

l will name him that.


Ammukutty & Bhoomi Nathan!

Ammukutty & Bhoomi Nathan!

Why do you erase it off?

Because a girl's name is written
along with mine.

She might have liked you.
That's why.

So, is it your work?
Are you the Ammukutty?

Which class are you studying?

He is like this since the childhood.

The girls admire him keeping a distance.

All want to become a doctor,
engineer, or a lawyer. What did you say?

-Do you want to become like
Semmanoor Muthu Ramalingam? -Yes sir

He named the child so that
he should be serene looking!

..but Bhoominathan

Bhoomi! How's the reception?

-For whom?
-lt's for you!

Not bad. There is a guy in my name!

lt is not somebody. lt is only you

Go and get him.
Send him in

-Go l say

How did he fall?

-15 lakhs are ours!
-l didn't do anything.

ls he get any supernatural power?

lt seems there is a sprain in the back

lt is me

There is another man.

What happened?

l thought it is a game only.
But he is really hitting me!

You too go.
Don't waste any time.

Look! 15 percent is mine as commission!
The rest is yours.

Use it for your sister's marriage!

Don't call me for such things any more!



Have you come?

Where were you all this time?

l told you before l went..

..that l am going to my friend
Shiva's sister's marriage!

Marriage is in Kumbakonam!
Why did you go to Bangkok before that?

Your son were being a rogue locally!

Now he has started to go abroad!
l am..

-Why are you bothering me?

-ls it true what he says?
-Yes mom!

Well done

He was in the competition to earn money.

He would become a killer just for money.

lt is my fate.

l thought when he named the child..

l was sure he would inherit
the qualities of Muthu Ramalingam.

He has stopped the criminal activities.

..and has become
the Godman of his village.

He has to make this guy good.

That's what l was thinking about.

No criminal activities from him,
are allowed in future here.

l couldn't find this address yet..

..when l am searching with this dog.

lf l go like this,
l'll be exhausted like this dog.

l think that it is the one.

-This is Bhoomi..
-Call him Bhoomi sir.

lf anyone calls him
only his name hereatter..

..he will face the consequences.

This is not a house but a temple.

He is not Bhoomi but my Samy(God).

Bhoomi! Come out.

Who is it dad?
ls he your friend?

l am your Assistant!

Keep me as your assistant!
Your life will be bright.

-Who are you?
-Oh god!

You are watching while l am bowing down.

You too have to bow down.
Only then we both can be with him!

-Boss! How is my dog's pose?
-Get up!

l won't.
You have to commit me

-Who is that?

He has come and blocked
the way in the early morning!

-Am l like that?
-Hey, get up man

Did l ask you for an assistant?

Does one tonsure his head
for Lord Murugan?

Does one wear dress seeing the body?

Like wise l have joined as a bodyguard
for you without your permission

Tell me now. You show me him now

l will chop him off then and there.

He is asking you.
Tell him.

-Take courage!
-Let him chop me away.

ls it him?

He is adding more problems! Go

Can l leave the bag and dog here?

He looks like a street dog!

Look! You can abuse me,
but not my brother

He is not a street dog as you say.

You can watch it.
l will prove that he is a lion!

This is a ball.

That's it. Fine!

Have you seen it boss?

He has brought back the ball!

l gave him training
for 3 years for this act.

3 years for retrieving the ball?

You could bring it in 1 minute as well!

-Boss! What is this?
-A sword!

When l was working with Koduva Kummattha..

..he gave me this gitt
for my good performance!

lt is the gitt Pitchuva Pakiri gave me!

This is the gitt which Bomb Basker
gave me atter he got afraid of me!


lf you pull this ring and throw it..

..a group will reduce to ruins!

ls it the one?

Damn it. lt will get blasted.

-Throw it if it would blast!

Oh god!

-Whoa! My brother took it.
-Oh god!

He is coming to return to me!

Boss! Please save me.

He has changed the route.

lt is not a bun but a bomb!
Throw it down.



Come brother! Where are you?

l am here.

Brother has come

What in law..
with a cover in your hand?

ls it the transfer to Semmanoor?

No. Protection duty!

Semmanoor Muthu Ramalingam's
life is in danger!

So for his protection
they have transferred me to there.

ls Muthanna's life in danger?
What happened?

ln-law! lf you call
Muthu Ramalingam and tell him..

..he would refuse to
take police protection.

Our burden will be eased off.

Uncle! Are you a true policeman?

When you are given the escort duty
you tend to escape from that.

Give me the order!
l'll go to protect him.

This is not any disputes to solve.
This is the department matter.

This is the government order
to protect a life.

Bven if l go, it will be
a respect for the order.

Why do you need all these?
You mind your business.

Dad! He is the reason
why my mom and me are alive now.

l can't keep idle when l know
that his life is in danger.

Why did you give
the letter to him?

What if he reads it
atter getting the doubt?

He won't doubt anyone whom he believes!

..or betray them!

That's the quality of my nephew!

SBMMANOOR Municipality.
Welcomes you!

Come up! Climb up!

Take it.
Give the change later

Where are you going?

l'm going to Semmanoor
Muthuramalingm's house on protection duty.

You come and sit here.
l'll get up.

No. You can sit there.

l'll get down now
You sit there

Give the baby to me.

l'll put it on my lap!

lt's ok! l'll put it on my lap

She called me..
and then asking me to sit on her lap.

Why do you hesitate? Come

No. The bus is crowded.

We shall have it in privacy!

-Tell you to come to me.
-This won't work out.

-l have to show my worth. -Come.
Come to me. -Coming. Don't be hurry

Does it look good?
Why do you yell up?

-Damn it! Get up
-What happened?

Listen to me..
Beat her too

My boss is looking

Why has he come here
and getting beaten up?

Do you know who you are beating?

You have beaten
the police officer who is..

..going to Semmanoor
Muthu Ramalingam's house for protection!

l'm not alone.
The inspector who is sitting there..

..is coming with me.

-Why does he need protection?
-His life is in danger!

He is going as his bodyguard.

l am going with him as an escort.

You are beating him without knowing it.

You ask him to pardon you.

Or else, l'll shoot down all in the bus!

Sir! l issued the ticket
without knowing who you are.

Please get back your money.

Go man! Move away.

-Turn back.
-l will.


lf you come behind me again..
Oh god!

-Valli sister. Where is Meera?
-She is upstairs.

Where are you?

A bodyguard has come to your house.

Bodyguard? Why?

Your dad's life is in danger.

The bodyguard has come
for his protection!

Who has told this foolishness?

My dad has told me that.

He sleeps when he walks!

He would have blabbered
this in his dream!

This is the Semmanoor place.
Please come.

This is where Muthu Ramalingam
was born and brought up.

He is not here now.
He is in Dubai.

He will come in the evening flight.
He will be here atter that.

-Please come.

-Please come. She is his wife!
Devika madam. -Greetings!

He has come for the protection of sir!
He is lnspector Mohan Raj.

Bhoomi Nathan, sir!

Chakrapani, l'm the only manager to sir!

l am very alert that even
a shadow wouldn't enter here.

When there are no enemies
for him in this place..

..l wonder why he needs a protection!

-Chakra brother!
-l was asking that to him.

Does he have any enemies here?

Danger can come not only from the enemies!

But it can be from the people around.

This is the main hall of this house!

-ls he the bodyguard?

-She is sir's daughter Meera!

Meera! He took me for you!

Let it be like that.

-Sir! -Come.
Let's go around the house.

He is coming

-This is the court yard.
-Look! ls he like the bodyguard?

He wants to go around
our home like the groom

Nothing will enter into
this house still l am here

Sir's room is in the upstairs

Oh god!

Who is it?

Who has cracked he balloon? Who?

-Why do you stare at me?
-lt is not me.

lt's you atter your sleep.

An arrow!

Where has it come from now?

ls it from my head?

As a bodyguard, you should've
come with energy (Thembu).

..not with an arrow (ambu)

He looks very smart!

He is coming!
Bscape. Go.

Oops! Go..

-l'll meet sir in the airport
-Ok. You may go.

-Who are you? -She..!
-She works in Meera's factory!

Why is she here instead of the factory?

We have come to see you.

-Why? -We haven't seen
a bodyguard as a whole.

Are you teasing?
Do l look like a buffoon?

None is allowed to come
unnecessarily to this compound.

We will come at times!
Who are you to tell that?

Who is this smarty?
ls it the union leader?

You can have this nonsense
in your factory. Not here.

Whoa! My head has exploded!

They have shot me!
Shot me! Shot me to death.


Whao! lt's my man.

Where has he gone?

He was here.

-What is going on?
-What boss? What have you done?

Muthu Ramalingam and
his son are coming in the flight.

We have to provide security
for them, right?

lt is ok. lt is not raining now.

-Why do you wear a rain coat?
-Rain coat?

This is an unique outfit.

A dress with good sense!

Yes boss! Magnetic dress!

-Magnetic dress?
-Yes boss

The magnetic dress

This dress will find out the iron
weapons if any in this airport!

lt can reveal them to us!

Oh my God!

A rifle is on my body

Pull it out.

Snatch it away.

What a police you are!
Snatch it away

Damn it. You are shooting
instead of snatch it.

Oh god! Don't shoot

Place it in upward direction


Thank god!

Tell me boss.

Muthu Ramalingam is coming out.
Finish him.

OK sir.

Dad! What happened?

Someone came running and hit against me.

Let's go.

Where is he?
..not to be seen!

Can't you see?
He is there.

l didn't ask for Karthi!

-l was asking for the bodyguard.
-Who? -lt is him

He has come to receive you in the
airport. Didn't you see him?

Wash your face!
You are always sleeping!

l don't say in the sleep.

Really your bodyguard has come.


Why do l need a bodyguard?

Dad! Your life is in danger!

He was ordered to come.

Yes! That's why he has been
allotted space in the out house.

Don't you have sense?

You believe strangers what they say!

..and provide what they ask for, right?

Sir! l am here. Tell me.

l don't need a bodyguard.

-Send them back whoever it is.
OK? -Right sir.

Dad is like that.
Don't send them back.

We need a guy like that for our safety.

l'll talk to dad, ok?

Dad wants him to go back
and daughter is against him!

How can l have my sleep in this situation?

You union leader!
What are you doing here?

You have to go back to your home
atter the work!

l went.
Madam asked me to come!

That's why l came here.

You go to that room
if mom asked to come..

Why do you go to his room?

-That is..
-Are you acting big?

He went out of town
in the ladies weakness!

..and he has come only now!

Do you want to create problem again?

What did you say?
Ladies weakness?

Yes, ln college..

Come here.

When he was in the college,
he got linked up with a girl..

..and created a big problem!

Her dad took him and was about
to forcibly marry him to his daughter!

Our sir managed to save him from that
and sent him to Dubai!

How do the bodyguard know all this?

Do you think that a bodyguard is nothing?

l know the complete history
of the bodyguard..

.. and how the enemies could come!

l could get rid of them
by force only then!

What if he too is strong?

Then.. we have to use
more strength and destroy him!

Why do you ask cross questions?

Only animals use their power
to rule over other animals!

-What? -We have to use
love not strength to correct man!

Ok! l agree.
You need not have to rule others..

..in this night with love!

Come Meera!

You have loved & betrayed a girl before.

That's why you were sent to Dubai.

-Who told you all this?
-lt was that girl!

She called me over phone and told this!

lt is a lie.
She was lying!

You are lying
l'll call her now

and ask her to come with her
belongings in the morning.

-Don't do it.
-l will call her.

Listen to what l say.


-Stop! -He has started
the moment he arrived.

-Stop! -lt looks like
what l heard about him is true!


Damn him.


Oh god!

-You can go, l'll take care of him.
-What have you done?

He is my brother!

l'm Meera, Muthu Ramalingam's daughter!

Go. See that others don't watch you!

-Didn't you hear me?

Go from here and fast.

What has happened there?

-What is the sound there?
-l don't know mom.

Just now l met Meera there..

lf he sees you..
he won't let you go alive! Go..

Whoa! What happened?

-What has happened here?
-Mom, that is..

Don't stand there idle.
Bring some water.


-Here madam
-Give it to me


What happened?
What is the sound there?

What went wrong with Karthi?

He ran and she chased him for fun

He fell down by accident in the steps..

lf you run in the dark
you would fall by accident.

Are they children to fall down for that?

No dad! l didn't fall by accident.

Somebody has beaten me from behind!

Who has the courage
to beat you in this house?

Has somebody beaten you from behind!

-Who is that?
-lt was me.

l beat him when l saw
her running, crying!

l gave you bed only there.

How did you come inside?

-Who is he?
-lt is him, our bodyguard!

Yes! l'm the bodyguard!

Dad No.
He is innocent.

l told a lie for fun.

He believed that and beat our brother!

l told you before not to allow him.

Some stranger came
and beat your brother!

ls it your bodyguard duty?

l told you we don't need anybody guard
and to send him back!

lf you can't do your duty,
you could as well leave from here

Sir.. what l want to tell..

Don't come back to this place
whoever you are.

lf you come..
go away.

-Tell me.

This letter was given to uncle
when he lett this place.

Why did he get it from him?

Tell him to tear it off.

He said he knows you well.

He said that you have christened him!
Bhoomi Nathan!

Bhoomi Nathan!

To Semmanoor Muthannan!

..from Mettupatti Parthasarathy!

The bearer of this letter is
my son Bhoominathan.

He was sent to you by telling a lie..

..that your life is in danger! Forgive me.

Other wise he wouldn't have come there.

He would be roaming like a rogue!

Only you can make him come good.

..with thanks, Parthasarathy.

Where is Chakrapani?

Ask him to bring him back. Go.

One is ruling the sky

..and one for the earth.

The one who rules me and you,
is almighty.

One is ruling the sky

..and one for the earth.

The one who rules me and you,
is almighty.

The wealthy are there in every place.

One who treats everyone as equal
is the flawless onel

The parents are superior than God.

Show what is the real dancel

One is ruling the sky

..and one for the earth.

The one who rules me and you,
is almighty.

Go forward and you will gain good name.

The place is all ours.

Be courageousl
Be lovablel

The ups and downs are there in the life.

Dance with rhythm,
speed and tune.

Gather the crowd and make dance

With love, let's celebrate
the fete with our relatives

All are after good name
and is the king in dance.

Let's dance with joyl

One is ruling the sky

..and one for the earth.

The one who rules me and you,
is almighty.

Who is in your mind?

Tell me who his pair isl

Lord Krishna is in the mind of Radhal

The place is full of festivity
along with is Thiruvaroor chariotl

lyyanar won't demand goat as sacrificel

Love's language, way all are same.

lt is same in the worldl

Let the flag of love fly
and we will go forward.

Fear should vanishl
..and should be removed.

Let boldness rule the earth.

The place will dance for
my song & rule the placel

You could leave a good newsl

One is ruling the sky

..and one for the earth.

The one who rules me and you,
is almighty.

The wealthy are there in every place.

One who treats everyone as equal
is the flawless onel

The parents are superior than God.

Show what is the real dancel

-Bhoomi is speaking!
-What Bhoomi?

Don't go near the car!

-There is bomb in the car!
-ln the car?

Yes! Somebody has
planted a bomb in the car.

l don't understand
what you are telling!

Don't go near the car.
There is a bomb in the car.

l don't understand
what you are telling.

-Tell it when we are at home.

-Karthi! You come with mom.
-Ok dad.

You go with him


What is all this?
Stop it.

Oh mom!

Oh God! Meera!


Mom! Bven Semmanoor forest
won't be against us.

Because of you
it has lead to violence.

Leave this place
before he sees you.

Or else you will drop dead.

Sir! We can go in and hack,
whack or do anything to him.

But the girl who loved
Karthi committed suicide.

Who wants his mercy?

Will my girl come alive
just for your mercy?

Will the atrocity of
your son become unnoticed?

l repeat what l say.
My son didn't do any atrocity.

lt was your girl who was madly
in love with him.

lt was your arrogance
which caused your girl's death.

By blaming my son,
you wanted to ruin my family.

lt is not because l am afraid that
l am being polite to you.

He has made me calm
and brought me here.

Stop it here.

Don't change me as the
old Muthu Ramalingam.

l will make you suffer
as l suffer now.

You are going to watch
the death of your daughter.

Success will come to me non-stop.

You can be proud
to be the reason for it.

Why do you get in the car?
Come out.

Boss! You can't chase
me anymore.

You send me away whenever
l ask you for a job.

Taking a short cut, l became
internal son-in-law of this house

Are you the internal
son-in-law of the house?

Don't get tensed.
Poongodi dear!

-Come here. -What is it?
-Come here, dear!

Tell sir who l am.

He is.. he is my fiance!

Atter the proposal l took him to sir
and introduced him!

He offered him the driver's job.

-lt is gone.
-Gone? What did you lose?

You! Close the shop!

Bodyguard! Sir is calling you.

-Sir! Did you call me?

Give your details & certificates
of your college to Karthi!

l have arranged for admission for you
in the college where Meera is studying!

Do you want to admit
me in the college? No sir.

lt is long time since
l stopped my studies.

l don't want to study anymore!

Who is bothered about your studies?

You will be the bodyguard for Meera.

..as Meera's bodyguard?

Yes! Meera and my daughter
Madhu are going to college...

..atter the vacation!

Sir has decided that you have to go
with them as their bodyguard!

Sir! Don't mistake me. lt is my duty
to be your bodyguard.

But for a girl.....!

Bhoomi! Didn't you hear
what Devarajan told the other day?

Ok,sir. l will go.

Chakra! Don't sleep.
Make arrangements for them to go.

Ok, Sir. Tomorrow you are
going with them.

Along with them
your future husband...

Look how he gives his pose.
What is his name?

-Amavasai! -Amavasai and you
are going with them.

-Why do we want him?
-Just to accompany you.

You are not going
to the college hostel.

But in the guest house of sir.

Wait. Meera's is engaged already.

Keep that in mind always.

-Then Chakra brother!

He shouldn't behave like
a student in the college.

-He should be a bodyguard!
-Don't worry madam.

l'll be a shadow for Meera
wherever she go.

..like a perfect bodyguard.

Students who have come
for the 1st day of the college..

This university's courageous guy
lion of the college.

l welcome the leader on behalf of all!

-Hai, buddy.
-Get away.

ls it a garland?
l thought it was an Arch.


You give me a heavy one.

Don't you have sense?

A rose flower is apt for me.

Take it fast. Someone will
against it and die. Take it.

lt seems like a hill.

-Who is that? -Wait!
Get down only atter l tell you.

Oh God!

His outfit looks silly.

All are looking at us.

Let them watch us.
Let them know that l'm your bodyguard.

This uniform is for that only.

Have you gone with them
in the bodyguard's attire?

Do you remember
what l told you?

Where are you now?
Have you reached the college?

Yes madam! Meera and Madhu
are going to their classes!

l'm going behind them!

ls your duty in the ladies toilet?

Sir! That is...

You went there wantonly.

You were a rowdy
in the college you studied.

Many people told me that.

But you were given
admission in this college.

Do you know why?
Atter seeing your mark sheet only.

You could be No.1 in the university..

..if you hadn't been a rowdy
in the college and if you studied well.

You have chances to become
a rank holder even now.

He is doing unnecessary talk

You have been pardoned off
for this only reason..

..without dismissing you! Understand?

lf you go to the ladies toilet again
in the pretext of your duty...

l won't go unless you tell me.

-Ok go.
-To the ladies toilet?

Go to your class.

He is bothering me too much. See him!

Sit down on the floor.

lf the desk breaks off..
they will blame me.

What is this? Go and sit there.

The one with a smiling mouth has come.

Go and sit.

l told you to sit.

Why? ls there any problem?

Bodyguards won't sit.

Bodyguard! What for?

What's your name sir?



Move a little.

That is.. You should
concentrate in the class!

lf you look here and there,
you won't be able to understand.

Are you coming to the college to study
or for the fashion parade?

l didn't ask you!
Are you Meera?

Whoever it is,
all you want is the answer!

He is there for giving
protection for Meera.

Who will give protection for me?

That's why l told you to be
friendly with Bhoomi!

Not at all.

lf he has to be brought
in our way as you think..

..it could be possible
only with you girls.

-Just have a try.
-Don't you like us being alive?

l didn't ask you to go to him and tell.

l mean over the phone!

Do you know how many
girls love me over the phone?

None of them know who l am.

That's the advantage of the love in phone!

Be quiet. None has to change
him over the phone.

Tell an idea how to change
his uniform.That's enough.

l feel jealousy when l see your uniform.

You haven't given me
a chance to wear this.

-Give me the chance
to press it at least. -No.

You go and have bath and have food.

l will do the ironing work.

-Go and mind your work.
-l am asking the work only.

Go and sleep.

You are not lucky enough.
See what he is doing!

He seems to have worked
in the tiffin shop before.

Ouch! Mom!

He has enough monkey acts it looks!

l should be alert while go for sleeping!

What is that strange smell?

Has anything happened to him?

Oops! Who might have done it?

God! Show me the one
who has done it.

What happened?
Who is yelling?

l will bring an end to your nuisance!

Why did you do that?

Save me! He is killing me. Save me.

Leave him. l tell you to stop it.

ls it the time to quarrel?

l didn't quarrel with him.

He pressed me with the hot iron!

Look where he has done it!

Look madam! All see it.

He has pressed it in the wrong place.

Nasty. How dare you show the place?

l showed my trouser
where you have pressed.

l didn't do anything!
l was sleeping!

lt was him who has pressed the iron on me.

-Didn't you do anything?

-l told you not to
do anything! -Yes!

-Why did you do this then?
-What did l do then?

Look, what has he done.

He could've stolen it instead!

He made holes in it and made it useless.

Yes! ldiot!

Who is the idiot
who has put holes in it?

l want to know it now.

-lt's you.

How could l do that
when l was sleeping?


Take me to a lone place and scold me

l will accept that.

lf you disgrace me before the girls
our friendship will get cut.

Somnambulism is a disease which the
patient walks in sleep.


-Bnough, sir!

lt is atter all pants!
Why all this chaos?

What will l wear
in the college tomorrow?

Don't you have any pants
and shirts with you?

This is my uniform!

Are you an LKG student
to wear the uniform?

That's it. What's the use
studying big LKG studies?

Has God created us to rub
the iron in one's back?

-Leave it
-Switch off the light and sleep.

From today on wards, the uniform matter..

-What are you searching?
-Where is the other iron box?

Another iron box!

Look! There are two holes!
But the iron box is only one.

Where is the other one?

Look under the bed.

What is it? Whoe!


A fire burn can be cured
but not the verbal abuse

Poet Kannadasan has told it once!

ls it Kannadasan or Yesudas (singer)?

Poor guy! He has got confused.

Bither he or she won't
allow me to sleep.

Let the marriage be over.

Meera! Madhu! Open the door.

What happened to you?
Why do you yell up?

-Come fast. -What happened to her?
-Look there.

Hasn't the size taken
correct in sleepy mood?

lt is little over size!

The tailor has told the same.

Whether you are my boss or a lunatic!

Where did you get the uniform?

lt was been tailored, the whole day!

Bnough! Haven't you got ready yet?

-Come fast.
-Poongodi, come here.

Didn't you hear the boss?

Go and bring salt.
We can clean the teeth.

Don't talk if you couldn't understand.

-lt is hurry up what he said.

-What is meant by hurry up?
-lt is to come fast.

Stop there. Will you go atter
him if he calls you?

l am telling now.
Go this way and hurry up. Go.

Muthu Ramalingam's daughter
is coming to college!

She has a bodyguard with her always!

Look there. Meera! A blind guy
is coming atter you.

Hold his hand.. or else
he will hit against something.

Can you take away your glasses?

Then everyone will know
that l am watching!

l'll show him how can we
escape from him

Meera! How long should
we wait for you?

We can talk later.
Give that to her.

Here it is.

-Allah will bless you!
-May God bless you!

lt is not that.
Same to you.

She has gone!

-Where is Meera?
-She is inside.

She will come now.

Where would she have gone?

When did you come sir?

Keep it all with you.
l'll get it later.

l give importance to my work.

He goes to the ladies toilet always.

What is there in it?


-Why are you still here?
Go away -Sorry!

Thank God! Nobody has seen me!

Why did you stop it?

Are you dancing?

Rogue! ls it something
a master does?

You are not supposed to come
this campus any more.

Get away. Go.

-What are you doing?
-Don't talk.

Don't you know his intention
when he touched you?

You should have whacked him!

lt was right when you
beat him for what he did.

Why did you send him away?

What can l do now?

Youth is calling..

The heart is flying..

Lightning in you wakes up.

Till the top, keep it up.

Look at it.. the world is
full of beauty.

The love in you will set off the firel

Dance forgetting you
and you'll feel serene.

Youth is calling..

The heart is flying..

Wear the shirt and trousers loose.

Don't mingle with bad ftiends.

Get the love ftom the girlsl

Be cherished with ftiends support

l am the fish in the river..

..and the deer in the forest.

l am your lover.. look at mel

New attire.. new speedl

New loverl Let us enjoy.

Looks like a small boy.

But you are a very smart guy.

Girls like me eye you.

l'm not a fool.
l'm not the one like you.

Watch my dance...
nobody can challenge me.

Legs would move to your
dance movements. Dance with me.

Let's dance joining our hands,
embrace each other..

..and with a smile.

Youth is calling.

The heart is flying..

Get her.

Madhu! You go home with them

Don't do anything to me.

Devaraj is the reason for everything.

-Where is Devaraj?
-Don't do anything to us.

To tell the truth,
he has gone to US.

-Has he gone to US?
-That nobody should suspect him..

He did all arrangements and has escaped.

He wouldn't come back.

He will be alive till he is there.

Tell him.

-Dad! -Nothing has happened
to you, right?

No mom.
You need not worry, mom.

Bhoomi was there with us.

We sent our girl
to you believing you!

lt is like your parents has sent
you to me believing you.

You should not go for any violence.

But l myself have sent you for that.

You can call me up whatever it is.

-l'll take care of it.

You should not go
for any violence.

You've to concentrate
on your studies.

Not only you. You have to
teach these girls too well.

-lt is your duty hereatter.

l feel sleepy.

l'll write the rest tomorrow.

God! You all can go and sleep.

You both have to be here
tomorrow morning at 4.

Good! Sit down!
Let's have it atter our marriage.

-What happened?
-We will finish writing now itself.

Tell us.

Didn't you hear me?

You fell drowsy when
taking down the notes.

Why do you look there?
Go and sleep.

We shall continue in the morning. Go.

They have finished it at last.
Let us go and sleep.

-We shall continue in
the morning. -Go.

Haven't you slept yet?

You are teaching those
learned girls, ignoring me

All the doors have closed.

Boss! He forgot to put the lock
as he was annoyed.

See what my dad has done!

When l wanted to avoid the guy
he was made him our master.

He is not a master,
but the head master!

He was innocent and caring at first.

Now he acts as a military officer!

He could smile at us a bit at least.

Hey stop!

Madhu! We should bring Bhoomi in our way.

Find a way for that.

Forget this foolish act and try
to get some sleep.

You have to get up at 4 in the morning.

None can change him as you think.

Bonsai told before all the girls
to try to love Bhoomi in the phone!

Did anyone try it?
Forget love.

No girls have the courage
to stand before him.

lf so, what if l tried myself?

Why should you try?
Don't spoil your prestige.

He wouldn't know it is me.

How will you talk if he
doesn't know it is you?

This mobile restricts the caller lD.

lf you call in this phone,
the phone number will not come.

lt will come as the private number.

He can't find me out, right?

He could find you from your voice.

l'll change my tone when l talk.

Another tone?
How is that?

l am your fan!

Can he find out with this tone?

No. Not at all!
How did you do it?

That's it!

Meera! Don't play.
lt will pose a problem.

Nothing like that.

You shouldn't tell it to anyone.

What is this private number?

Who is it?

Can't you hear me talking?

Who is it? l'm asking you.
Won't you talk?

The phone has to be
in the dust bin.


-Which Bhoominathan?
-The Bodyguard!

l didn't ask you, boss!

l asked you who was
talking to you in the phone.

l too asked that but no reply.

You could as well dial the number and ask!

No number has come!

The phone comes without
a number. ls it possible?

Go to sleep then.

You can talk only when the number appears.

How roguish?

Boss! Stop.

lf the party keeps silent
even atter hearing our voice..

..it will be a shame for us.

Now l will talk.
How dare he is?

Boss! lt is a girl!

Girl? Which girl?

Ask her from which
number is she calling!

From which number are you calling?

Whom do you want?

l want to talk to Bhoominathan?

The phone is his... but the tone is mine.

-Who are you dear?

Why should your lover
call me in my number?

lt is your lover boss!

Only your lover would call in your phone!

Who are you?

Are you playing with me?

l'll whack you up.
Keep it down.

ls it a coconut?
lt is a cellular phone.

Abraham Lincoln would have
toiled much to invent that!

Was it Abraham Lincoln or Abdul Kalam?

He himself has got confused.

We will ask him in the morning!

The idea has been worked out!

lt's enough for him

The rest can be tomorrow.

Open the door.

You both get ready and come downstairs.

-Get up!
-Meera, get ready!

-Damn it.

Meera! Get ready fast and come.

Or the head master would come up.

Attend it. lf you cut it
he would call you again!

This look like a phony number.
No need to attend it.

-You could switch it off.

Sir has told that the phone
shouldn't be switched off.

-Keep quiet.
-lt has got cut.

Why do you tell it again and again?

l have do urgent work.
Go fast.


Have you disconnected it?

You are safe as you have cut it.

lf you are caught l would kill you.

Keep quiet.

l can sleep peacefully now.

Meera! Get up and get ready.

Why do you wake me up so early?

Do you know what the time is?

The bodyguard has got
ready with his uniform at 7.

Damn uniform! l'll have to
do something for that.

Parvathi Nambiyar!
l've picked up Bnglish.

Boss! A Parvathi Nambiyar calls you.

-ls it you?
-Who is that Parvathi Nambiyar?

lt is not Parvathi Nambiyar.
lt is private number!

ls the spelling same for both?

lt is her. You have come!
l was expecting you till now.

You haven't switched it on.

You could talk only if you switch it on.

-You can go.
-lf you have understood, it is good.

Have you called me boss?
lt's the girl.

Don't talk in the phone.
Come in person!

l will cure your insanity!

lt can't be cured.

-l am crazy atter you!

l like very much the uniform you wear,
cap, glasses, your walk and style!

-You are my hero!
-Hero? Whose hero.. what hero?

l didn't wear this uniform for you!

When a mad person like you calls me up..

..and tells me that you like me..

..do you expect me to come atter you?

lf you call me again, you will
lose your phone and get hurt

You have to know who l am.

Whatever it is.. You'll get hurt
in any case. Keep the phone down.

-What happened?
-lt will show he respects my call..

..if he wears the uniform again!

lf he changes his uniform
it'll show he responds to my call

-What is it?

Bodyguard hasn't wore the uniform.

Didn't he wear?
How do you know it?

-l peeped through the window.
-Did you see!

lt was very superb!

You saw the nasty scene
and tells that now to the would be.

-l will....
-You foolish uncle!

-He is wearing the color dress.
-Colour dress?

Who did he ask to wear it?

Why do you look there again?

What is this nasty dress?

-He looks very superb!
-Stupid! ..stop blabbering.

Bhoomi! Why are you in this new dress?

ls it your birthday?

lt will be like this, henceforth.

There should be some
change in life!

-l didn't like this change!
-l too don't like you!

How bad was his word?

Our treatment has worked out well.

The one who hated the women before..

..is now watching them very well!

Don't look! Come.

You are very kind

Look at the dress of the bodyguard.

You have changed the uniform
and have come stylish!

Have you gone for your engagement?

Yes! l'm looking out for a girl!

lf l get her, l'll see to her.

-ls it okay with you?
-lt's okay

lf he knew that we are those
we will be finished.

Coward! lt looks like
you will show us to him!

Come quietly.

Why do you laugh?

Stop! Tell it again!
Tell it again!

Once again sottly.

Tell it quietly.
You can go.

He is coming.

Who are you!
Where are you?

l am here only.
Where are you?

Tell hello.

Tell it in the phone.

lt is nothing.
lt is here...

l am asking you.
Where are you now?

You have quarreled with a girl.

l crossed you only then!

l will find a solution for you today.

You talk... and keep talking.

l'll find you in 15 minutes!

Why do you bother much?

Tell me that you love me!

l'll be before you the next moment.

..with a stylish smile!

There won't be a tooth lett in your mouth.

Do you want love?

Not only 15 minutes.

You will have to search
for me for your life.

l will not love you
if you call me the entire life.

The moment l threw it away
when you told me..

..that you like me... know it?

You look handsome in this dress!

But you have to tuck in the shirt.

Your hair style is like Gemini Ganesh.

You have to undo the hair
and redo it with the hand.

That's the latest trend.

l will tuck my shirt and do the hair.

You don't have to worry for that.

Tell your name if you have courage.

Why do you need the name?

You can call me Ammukutty as well.



Hello! Are you Ammukutty?

You look handsome in this dress!

But you have to tuck in the shirt.

You have to undo the hair
and re do it with the hand.

lt has started to drizzle in the desert.

Then, it'll be heavy rain

Who is it? Who is it?..

Who is it? Who is it?..

The one who tortures my mind.

The one who closes the eyes and goingl

Who is it? Who is it?..

Who is it? Who is it?..

The one who stayed close to me.
The one who stayed away ftom me.

The answer came as the questionl
As the separation who stayed away.

Who is it? Who is it?..

Who is it? Who is it?..

Oh Godl

A tussle goes on in me
in the morning and evening.

Oh moml

Kathakali (Classic dance)
in my mind goes on when l sleep.

A tussle goes on in me
in the morning and evening.

Kathakali in my mind
goes on when l sleep.

She is in me in the day,
in the night and in my mind

She is in my dream and
in reality like a shadowl

My heart searches for her everywhere.

Who is it? Who is it?..

She gets down on the top of my head
like a dragonl

After getting down in me
she starts torturing me.

She makes it impossible
to find her out among others.

Her face is more attractive than othersl

She makes love to me being invisiblel

Who is it? Who is it?..

Who is it? Who is it?..

The one who tortures my mind.

The one who closes the eyes and goingl

Who is it? Who is it?..

Who is it? Who is it?..

The one who stayed close to me.

The one who stayed away ftom me.

The answer came as the questionl

As the separation..

Ok, l couldn't find you out.

Ok tell me now.
What is your original name?

-You are lying

Ok tell me
in which class you are studying?

At least you can tell me
which department.

Why? To find me out and scold, right?

No, Now l am not angry with you

Then, have you started to love me?

lt is..

How can l love without seeing
you in person?

You can see

You've to stop going
behind that girl

Behind the girl?
What do you mean?

Behind Meera?

l don't like you roaming
behind her like a tail

What is she thinking herself?

ls she the Miss World?

Why does she overact making you being
a gem of a person roaming behind her?

Stop it

Who are you to talk nonsense
about our Meera?

lt's enough. l don't need to know your
whereabouts and details

Don't call me again

l told you not to call me again.

Then why did you call me?

-Cut the call
-Don't cut it.

Henceforth l won't talk
anything wrong about Meera

You can't find anything wrong about her

When you talk about Meera
l wish to know more about her.

Will you tell me?

What will you do by knowing that?

lf l behave like her,
you will like me. That's why

Why have you become silent?

lt is not money
to earn

lt is character
lt should come by birth

Just know one thing

Have you ever seen a boss daughter..

..who mingle closely with
their garments company workers?

lt is Semmanooru
Muthuramaiah's daughter..

..our Meera

Once upon a time our sir always
entered into troubles..

..but our Meera changed him and
made him to be praised by people

Barlier l too have thought to attain
anything by force and roamed as a rogue.

But our Meera made me to understand that..

..strength is not suitable to rule the
nation and it is suitable to the forest

..and you've to rule everything
by the love

lt is my duty coming
as escort for Muthuramaiah

Now l feel as a honor
to be a protector to Meera

l got angry when you told
nonsense about Meera

That's why l scolded you

Why do you say sorry?

lt is me who has done the mistake

Now l've understood clearly

Not about her
...about you

Bhoomi! Do you want
to see me in person?

-Yes l want to
-Then, come out

l am in the garden

-Come forward
-Where are you?

Here only

Can't you see that
l am standing under the tree?

Hey, stop
Stop there

l'll come close to you

Close your eyes and stay there

Open your eyes atter l tell you

-Come fast
-Why are you in hurry?

l am coming close to you

Now open your eyes

You've spoiled everything

Did l ask you for tea at this time?

That's Poongodi, boss

Because she did her duty correct..

..sir made her pregnant
in that house

What? Pregnant?

Oh God! lt is not pregnant
it is permanent

-Pregnant means carrying

Ok, go

Why did you tell this before him?

You could have told it to me later

-Because of this Bnglish
l have felt ashamed otten -Leave it.

-Hey Amaavasyaa!
-What boss?

-Today she came in my dream

Did my Poongodi come in your dream?

Having engagement with me,
are you coming in others' dreams?

Not her. lt is Ammukutty!

l felt scared

Have you seen Ammukutty?

Your Poongodi didn't allow
me to see her face

She came at the right time and woke me up

Did she wake you up?
Then, were you in sleep?

What is this boss? Why didn't you wake up
when she was coming here?

-Dreams will come in sleep, you idiot!
-Not like that

Dreams should come
when you are in sense

Bharthiyaar said it is called true love

Was it Bharthiyaar or Bharathi Raja?

So pity! He got confused

l'll tell you one thing

Love and marriage are like journey

Love is like bus journey

lf we don't like,
we can get down in the way.

Marriage is like air plane journey

lf we don't like it,
we can't get down in the middle

We'll die

Go away. Nonsense!

Where is the bodyguard?

He has gone to ladies hostel


Why are you standing here
like in the airport?

Nothing boss, seeing this name
they will come here.

That's why this setup

-Damn your idea!

The board has broken

Why boss? Why did you tear Ammukutty?

-Ammukutty is not her real name
-Oh god!

Then how can we find out that girl?

She'll call me now

l'll keep chatting with her

Meanwhile you enter into the hostel and..

..if any girl is talking in the phone
you take her photo and come back

She will be Ammukutty

-Boss! Phone is ringing
-lt is her

ls it her? Then while you
are talking with her..

..ask her in which room
she is in and tell me

l'll take her photo with her permission

l know your feeling

Then do one thing

While you are talking with her,
make her to come out

l'll take her photo without her knowledge

Oh god! This too didn't work out

Where do you go?
Go backside

At morning
what are you doing before our hostel?

Are you staying in this hostel?
l couldn't imagine.

What is your room number?

Do you want my room number
or my phone number?

No need to tell

l myself will find it out

would do what l was told

l don't know other than that

How can it possible to meet at once?

l'll tell you the time to our meeting

You don't want to tell
l'll go and tell him

l've seen you, isn't it?

Try to listen to me!

l am telling you
that today is not possible

She is showing her back to me

l'll go before her and
take a photo of her face

-Who is it?
-What are you doing?

-l am not doing anything
-What are you doing?

What is she saying in Bnglish?

May be she is that girl

l'll take her photo too

-Thank god! No one is here
-Why did you come here?

How many times should l tell you
not to come here?

What is this?
Whole gang is speaking in the cell phone

l am confused

No confusion

l'll take all of these girls photos
and show him

Let him pick it her up

-Who are you?
-Who is that?

-Thief! -Thief?
-Come fast

Why did he come at this moment?

They are giving me a lot of work.

-Where is he madam?
-Come girls, let's catch the thief

-You -Madam,
why are you hitting me?

Not only taking the girls photos
Do you want to kiss me?

Girls, bash him off

Slowly! Slowly! Don't throw me down

Take me slowly

ls there any struggle?

l think some mad guy
has fallen down from the building

They are taking him to the hospital

-Ok, l'll call you in the evening
-Don't cut the call

-You go ahead
-He is busy.

ls he shouting?
Cut his tongue


ls it my party going there?

You call me in the evening

Give me the body!

Slowly! Oh mom!

Don't pull me as you wish!

My parts could break up

Where we are now?

ln the toilet?

-ln the house

Atter coming in the auto
it still is in my mind.

-Oh gosh! Uncle!
-Yes, it is me -What is this?

-How has it happened?
-Nothing -Nothing?

He has just fallen down

-Where has he fallen down?
-Tell her clearly that l was beaten

Then didn't you fall down?

l fell down at everyone's feet
telling not to hit me

When l fell down at their feet
they stamped me

How many people?

How could l count them
when l was getting beats?

How could l count
when they hit in my mouth?

Among them,
one fat lady looks like learnt Karate

Her slaps are different from others

When she kicked me with her leg,
my balls came to here

-Shut up your mouth
-Then l closed my mouth..

..else it would've come out

Atter that, l have toiled much
to get the things in it's own place

-Only my creator knew my pain
-Why did you get hurt like this?

Did l get it by giving money?

When l said no,
they hit me black and blue

Where were you in that situation?

l received an important call.
That's why..

Because of that phone call
this has happened

Boss! You be brave

l'll find out your problem
before l die.

Come dad!

-Sir! When did you come?
-l had a meeting here

On the way l came to see Meera

Bhoomi! When will your college close down?

Next month 25th

-You come to our house the next day

All are waiting for Meera's exam

Atter her exams,
she has to go to London

We've decided to conduct
her marriage there

Why are you sitting here alone?

Just sitting

Come, let's go in the room

lt's ok, let's sit down here
for a while

Sit down!

l was thinking to tell you
something for a long time

Tell me. Tell me whatever it is

Why did you keep your phone there?
Dad is on the line

Come fast!

Dad didn't call you
l lied you

Why are you talking alone
with Bhoomi at this time?

That is..
just nothing

By seeing your behaviour
l feel scared

Already your engagement is over

But God's decision is different

Blse Bhoomi wouldn't have
entered into my life

As you think he is not loving you Meera

Now l am not Meera

lt's enough for me
if l live as his lover

l can't be without him

What if your father knows this?

lf Bhoomi knows about this,

..do you think that he'll fight
for you with your dad and take you?

You haven't understood him clearly

Because he is having faith on your father
he can't betray your father

lf he knows that you are
he girl talking on the phone..

..he won't accept you

He'll handover you
to your parents and go his way

This is what is going to happen.

Kamaraj said before that
if a tile breaks, we can change it..

..but we can't change
if mind break.

Kamaraj or Suruli Rajan?

So pity! He got confused

Take that tile.

He is doing his duty
but l have confused him.

Hold it strong.

-Don't leave me and go annoyed.

Run, run (Tile)

Oh God!


Oh God!

Why don't you call me?

Did you wake up late?

First l have to sleep for that. lsn't it?

Me too.

l had a dream about you in the dawn.

How was l looking in your dream?

Who knows that?

Hence you don't need to see in your dream.

l'll meet you.

lt is a lie.

No, l'll come.

-Why do you suspect me?

l am telling that l will come.

Tell me. Where are you now?
l will come immediately.

Oh! Not now.

Will you come on next Sunday
at the botanical garden?

One minute.

Wait for a minute.

He is coming here.

Do you have any program on next Sunday?

We don't go anywhere. Why?

l have to go one place. That's why.

-To meet a doctor.

lf you have any program
l won't go.

l will cancel meeting the doctor!

No, you can go on Sunday.

Sunday l am free.

What time will you come there?

Bvening at 3'o clock.

l'll come there at 2.45pm

You didn't say your real name.

We are going to meet each other.
Then what?

Ok. We will meet on Sunday at 3'o clock.

Rhythmic heart beats are
same as the rain and train

Little comfort and little pain.

Rhythmic heart beats are
same as the rain and train

Little comfort and little pain.

Will she come fast or make me wait?

Will she stare at me or
give her seductive smile?

Will she kiss me only if asked
or hug me on her own?

Will she make love
with me and kill me?

Rhythmic heart beats are
same as the rain and train

Little comfort and little pain.

My mind thinks about you
without any control.

..and it dances with joyl

Without any language to tell me
Tamil words are becharming.

My desire is boundless
in the love street.

ln the memories, the shadow gets burst.

You got into me with your voicel

Your memories kills me you killerl

Rhythmic heart beats are
same as the rain and train

Little comfort and little pain.

The water of river Ganges
caught up in the conch..

..and craves to go to other shore.

A small child by keeping a dream
is without a sleep.

You have to come before me soon.

Show me your face in my dream
till you come before me.

The arrows in the clock which go slow..

..are hurrying me up to see youl

Rhythmic heart beats are
same as the rain and train

Little comfort and little pain.

Rhythmic heart beats are
same as the rain and train

Little comfort and little pain.

Will she come fast or make me wait?

Will she stare at me or
give her seductive smile?

Will she kiss me only if asked
or hug me on her own?

Will she make love with me and kill me?

We have to go out.
Open the door.

Oh God!

Get ready and come.
we will be waiting.

Wait. l want to meet a doctor.

l fixed the appointment today
because you said on that day

..that you have no program today.

l forgot that.

We will also come with you.

We will meet the doctor and go.

No, doctor told that l have come alone.

You go alone.

We will stand outside the consulting room.

-Doctor will not accept it.

Because doctor have no consulting room.

Which doctor is that?

That means l want to meet that doctor.

What is his name?

He is not a big doctor to tell his name.

We will call as doctor.

Bverything you tell are lies.

Tell the truth. Where are you going?

l want to meet a friend..

Why are you hiding it from me?

My friend is a girl.


She is studying in our college.

She has called me otten.

She said that she will meet me today.

Do you love her?

-l like her.
-For her?

ls she looking beautiful?

l haven't seen her.

-Didn't you see her?
-But she have seen me.

Today l am going to
arrange marriage proposal.

l am going to see her.

lf she doesn't look beautiful
when you see her in person?

Beauty is only for our eyes.
Not for our mind.

When l see her
will my love in my mind vanish?

Ok, you have to tell it earlier. lsn't it?

Why are you wasting the time?

Get ready soon.

l'll get ready and come.

l want to see her
when you said about her.

Shall l come with you?

Oh! No!

lf you come with me
she won't like that.

Already she had a fight with me
that l am following you.

She can't see me.

l'll hide and see her.

-ls all this necessary?
-Yes, l want to see her.

Please listen to me.

You be stand here.

You can see both of us from here.

Time is not moving.

There is half an hour to go.

Will you do a help for me?

Tell me.

Now you are Ammu.

You just think like that.

l'll just practice with you
what l am going to say her.


Have you come?

l couldn't believe it.

These days you didn't meet me..
and why did you do like this?

Do you love me truly?
Or are you kidding me?

That day l couldn't say anything to you..

..when you proposed me through the phone.

But now l am telling you in person.

ls this ok to speak like this?

Now l am confident.

Why don't you say all the best?

Have you come?

Where are you?

Did you see me?

l don't want to see you.

Hence forth you won't see me.

Though l have told you
that Meera shouldn't come..

..you touched her shoulder
and brought here.

Ammu, l didn't do anything wrong.

Do you think that l didn't see that?

You are lying and cheating me

l couldn't say no when
she said she would come with me.

That's why..

Then you are giving more
importance than me. lsn't it?

Nothing like that.

You couldn't do at least
this small thing for me..

..then how can l believe you?

How can l marry you
and live with you?

What if you cheat me again and
how can l believe you?

l am not a guy as you think.

l won't do like that.

No, you don't need tell anything.

l won't call you again.

You don't need to wait for my call.

Where? Has she come?

No, she has not come.

Didn't she come? Why?

-She got angry because she have seen you

She cut the call
saying that she won't call me.

Oh God! l did a wrong thing.

l wouldn't have come here. lsn't it?

Nothing like that.

Definitely she will call me
though she has said like that.


How do you say that
she will call you again?

lf she loves me truly
definitely she will call me.

Definitely she will call me.

What is this?

You have only one week
for your exam.

Why don't you study?

Why should l study?

They only will study
who is going to write the exam.

l have come here for being your bodyguard.

Not to write the exam and get passed.

Both of you must study well.

l have promised to sir.

lf you don't write the exam
we won't also write the exam.

Why don't you write the exam?

Because of you.

You don't write the exam.
that's why we too wouldn't write the exam

You should write the exam.

Ok, l will write the exam.

Keep the phone down.
and study well.

What are you doing?

Now only a problem is solved.

Why do you start again by your call?

You are also seeing him. lsn't it?

lf l don't call him
he won't study and write the exam.

Only for this time..

lt is only make him to write the exam.

Atterwards l won't call him.

l promise you.

Why don't you call me so far?

l thought that you wouldn't call me.

Are you angry with me?

l am not angry with you.

You have exam.
That's why l don't want to disturb you.

You are studying well. lsn't it?

No, Meera is angry with me
Because l said that l won't write the exam

Won't you write the exam? Why?

lf you don't study well
and write the exam..

..then l won't call you.

lf you don't call me
l won't write the exam.

l have called you. lsn't it?

Study well and write the exam.

l'll meet you only when you get rank.

Shall l believe it?

l will come.

Then this time l'll make
you to meet me.

She has called me.

ls it?

l said that she would call me.

She loves me very much.

lf l write the exam well
she said that she will meet me.

Oh no..

When butterfly calls,
don't go, you flowers.

Don't talk while enjoying
the honey of lovel

When butterfly calls,
don't go, you flowers.

Don't talk while enjoying
the honey of lovel

You are the idol made of ivoryl

You are valuable as the goldl

You've trapped me in the net of love.

When butterfly calls,
don't go, you flowers.

Don't talk while enjoying
the honey of lovel

Don't know what to give
or what to take..

My heart jumps over
in dilemma like a child

Your eyes make my head turn.

My heart is aching when a girl
has come to toss my lifel

Memory is valuable and never complete.

Your flowery face is
a long first versionl

l am the poem of the womenl

Will you read it with your lips?

Will you love me with
your eye lash's beauty

When butterfly calls,
don't go, you flowers.

Don't talk while enjoying
the honey of lovel

l am interconnecting to your ftequency

l forgot the world
when our lips were talking

lf l am near you..
My heart would feel happy..

l have born newly
when my heart starts to beat twice

l will lay on your lap
in the pleasant evening

l will become as a tattoo
in your chest

The Moon is faraway..
The dame is close to me

lf l drench in your love
the fever will flee away

When butterfly calls,
don't go, you flowers.

Don't talk while enjoying
the honey of lovel

You are the idol made of ivoryl

You are valuable as the goldl

You've trapped me in the net of love.

Call has come.

First you ask her phone number.

You speak later about other matter.

Tell me.

Did you write the exam well?

l have wrote the exam well.

Do you remember the
promise what you said to me?

Why are you silent?

You will come, isn't it?

No, l won't come.

l can't come in front of you.

Why? Do you have any problem about caste,
religion, poor or rich?

Assume that it's all there.

Look, it is not big problem.

l want to see you.
You must come.

lf l come, l can't go back.

-You have to take me with you.
-Are you kidding me?

l am asking you seriously..

Will you take me with you?

lf you come, l will take
you along with me.

You don't say just like that.

Think well and tell me.

-My dad has not ordinary man.
-l am not worry about that.

lf you come with me,
l will take you along with me.

Whoever l am..

Whoever you are,
and you are looking ugly..

lf you come with me,
definitely l'll take you with me.

Then tomorrow early morning
you have to come to railway station.

l will also be there.

l can't. Tomorrow morning
l have to drop Meera in her home.

l won't be here when
you drop Meera to her home.

Why? Why you shouldn't be there?

Our people will take me
with them to home. lsn't it?

Then, l'll inform to Meera.

A small request!

Shall we inform my parents on the way?

No, if it comes to know to my people,
it will be problem.

l'll call you before l start from here.

She called me.

She asked me to come at tomorrow morning.

She said that she will come with me..

..before her parents take her with them.

-What did you say for that?
-l said l'll come.

Why did you say that?

lf it becomes a problem
because of her people?

Why should l get scared?

l won't worry even if the whole
town come against me.

Sir is with me.

We might not meet again.

So, will you and Madhu go to your home
with Amavasai and Poonkodi?

Ok, l will go.

Both of you pray to god for me.

Meera, this is correct decision
which you decided now.

You have not done only for him.

But you did for yourself too.

You go boldly.

l'll take care without
knowing for your parents..

..till both of you go to a safe place.

Have you started?

l just have started from home.

-Have you started?
-l am getting ready.

l have to ask before l start from here.

Will you marry me?

What are you asking?
Haven't you believed me yet?

l believe you.
l am asking out of fear.

lf a little change come when you see me..

..l won't come with you.

And l won't go back.

ln running train..

Don't talk like this.

l have told you that you can't
see any change in my face.

You come boldly.

l'll call you atter l reached the station.

You get into the train
with two tickets..

..in the last train which goes to
the town.

l will be in that.

You told that you want to
see your parents. lsn't it?

Ask them to come at any station.

We will see them and go.

Ok, l'll call and inform them.

l'll get into the train
what you said to me.

lf you are not there
that'll be my last journey of life.

Dear, that bodyguard has cheated us.

He did betrayal for us.

He is to elope with our Meera.

He has much respect for our family.

He is a honest person.

He knows that l won't forgive
the one who did the betrayal.

Oh God! lt is not like that.

This is our daughter's matter.

Poonkodi has just informed me.

She saw them in person when
they speak through the phone.

-Big problem has happened.

Atter you have started from there..

..a group of guys have come
and kidnapped Meera.

Kidnapped Meera?
What are you saying?

They are Devaraj's men.

Vehicle is going in high way.

This is that vehicle's number.

Sir, tell me.

Where are you now?

We have crossed the toll gate.

-Don't stop on the way and come fast.
-Ok sir.

-Tell me.
-Sir, Bhoomi is following us.

He shouldn't come near my daughter.

Do anything to him.

Go fast.

Hey, go fast.

Bhoomi, don't come here. Go.

Listen to me.
Go from here.

Oh god! Dad!

Sir, lt is wrong what l did.

l wouldn't have gone like that.

l wished to happen
everything by your blessing.

But my situation is like that.

-Pardon me sir.
-Should l pardon you?


No dad! Don't do anything to him!

He didn't do any mistake.

-Take her away.
-Karthi, listen to me. Dad!

Leave me!

Sir, l didn't do intentionally.

Please understand my situation.

l have handed over Meera safely to you.

Then what?

Leave me!
Oh God! Bhoomi!

Dad! One minute!

Please understand what he is going to say.

He loves a girl.

She said that she have
come to the station..

..that's why he went there to leave me.

He didn't do any mistake as you think.

Yes sir. She is waiting for me
in the railway station.

lf l don't go
then she will..

Dad! Please..

lt is true what he is telling to me.

Please leave him.

-Ok, you go.

You can go!

Bye sir!

Meera, l'll go.

Your dad might think
only about death at that time.

lf l didn't get into the train at the
last minute that would happen.

Station will come soon.

Get ready with your things.

Meeting has not finished for me.
l am in next cabin.

How much you loved my mother?

Why did you ask suddenly?

Your mother is life for me.

Your mother also loved me very much.

She have told me that
l wouldn't go to Semmanoor..

..before her death.

l agreed because you are very stubborn.

Come. How was your journey?

Where is your son?

Come. l am waiting for you.


Sir, see who has come!

Bhoomi, have you come? Come.

-Sir, you take rest.
-l am alright.

Sit down!

l thought you wouldn't come.

Will l refuse your words?

Sakkarapani said that
your next posting is in Australia..

..and you have come
to this town in the middle.

That's why l wanted to see you.

Am l disturbing you?

Sir, what is this?
Nothing like that.

You tell me sir.

l thought that you would ask about Meera
when you come here.

But you didn't ask anything.

Sorry! l forgot that.

How is Meera? ls she in London?

Or has she come here?

Meera is here only.

ls she here?

Then why didn't she come out?

When did you come from London?

Have your husband and children come?

Where are they? Are they here?

Meera didn't marry anyone.

Why didn't marry? Why?

l have told otten to my wife.

He'll be a lucky man
who is going to marry Meera.

l couldn't find that lucky man.

She found out.

But l don't know to unite them.

What is this Meera?

l didn't think that l'll be
seeing you in this situation.

They said you brought your son with me.

Where is he? l haven't seen him.

Do you know who is she?

She is Meera aunty.

Poor Meera!

She didn't expect this situation..

..when she sent your dad to lie them.

Dad please.. lt is true
what he is telling to me.

Please leave him.

-Ok, you go.

You can go.

He said lie. Don't believe him.

l'll find out who is telling lie.


You follow him.

You leave him when a
girl is there as he told in the train.

-Blse you kill him.
-Ok sir.


How did he know?

All are asking me.
But l said no.

That is good. Come with me.

You have to do one more help for me.

You go to station and meet Bhoomi.


Dad has sent the men to the station.

He told to kill him
if his lover is not there.

Oh God!

That's why l am asking you to go.

Bhoomi has to know all truth now.

Tell him that l have only
spoken in the phone.

But you have to tell him
that he shouldn't fight for me..

..and l would be waiting
for him life long.

Will he believe me if l tell him all this?

We have no way.

He doesn't have phone to call.

Blse you do one thing.

You go there and call me.

l will tell everything to him.

Go. Go quickly without knowing to anyone.

There is no train atter this.
This is the last train.



ls it you?

You could have told me!

Bhoomi, l am..

Yes sir! lt is true what he said to me.

A girl is with him.

l have betrayed Meera
which a friend won't do ever.

Not only me.

Who will miss such an
opportunity to marry him?

That's why l brought
your dad so far away.

God has given the punishment
because l did this betrayal.

l am not lucky to live with him
who has achieved everything. lsn't it?

You will get this diary
long atter my death.

You should destroy it
without anyone knowing it.

Because your dad shouldn't
know this truth ever.

-Why? Didn't you sleep?
-l didn't get any sleep.

-Siddarth, are you crying?

Don't lie. Your dad wouldn't lie.

Then his son also shouldn't lie.

Why did you cry?

l remembered my mother.

Sleep. l will be with you
till you sleep.

Aunty, are you angry with my mom?

Angry? For what?

l am not angry with your mom.

l felt very sad.

Your mom didn't say to meet me
before her death.

That's why l felt very sad.

You should forgive my mom.

l am alive to see you and your son
and ask pardon to you.

Sir, don't say like that.

You will be very healthy
when l come next time.

Then, l take leave.

Say bye to her.

When will you come to see me again?

Shall l call you as mom?

Ok, you can call me.

Then, will you come
with me as my mom?

Siddarth, what are you talking?

Say sorry to her.

l am telling you.
Say sorry to her.

l won't.

Sorry sir.

He didn't misbehave like that before.

l don't know what happened to him.

Don't mistake me.

There is nothing wrong
in the child's mind.

You are also innocent.
But in our mind..

Siddarth asked her
what l watned to ask.

l want to see my daughter to live happily.

Will you take her with you?

Sir, what are you saying?

Sir, l haven't thought
about Meera like that.

l'll obey you.
But this is...

Meera, what he told me...

How can l...?

All these things in my life...

Do you agree to come with me?

Ok, l take leave.

-Where is Siddarth?
-He didn't come inside.

He was standing with you outside.

Your attention, please.

Where did you go?

l went to the toilet.

Toilet is available
in the train, isn't it?

Take him.

Where did you go?


To my dear son Siddarth.