Kaatru Veliyidai (2017) - full transcript

Set during the Kargil War, fighter pilot Varun recalls his romance with Leela while being held prisoner in Pakistan.

'Kaatru Veliyidai'


'Aditi Rao Hydari'

'Music & Original Score
A.R Rahman'

Mani Ratnam'

'Written & Directed by
Mani Ratnam'

My name is Anthony Gonsalves

I'm part of his team too

His turn today, mine tomorrow

Won't lose heart till my last breath

'A 8x5 room, a solitary cell'

'The stench of my blood and bruises
The darkness'

'It was my Air Force training...'

'...my ties to our country...'

'...the rage at the enemy...'

'...and my love for you that
kept me going'


'With my tomorrows vanishing,
all that I have now...'

'...are yesterday's memories'

'The only ray of light...'

'...from my past...'

'...is you, my Leela'

"Is he the Sky, who'll come to me..."

"Is he the Sky, who'll come to me..."

"Is he the Sky, who'll come to me..."

"Is he the Sky, who'll come to me..."

"Is he the Sky, rushing to me
with outstretched arms..."

"...drifting as clouds..."

"...pouring down as rain
Unravelling secrets unknown"

"Raining down on me,
hiding within"

"Bowing down from afar
And standing tall when near"

"Freezing over at my pride..."

"...and melting with my love"

Go for it! Go!

How fast were you going!

Fast enough for Girija

What? Go, go!

So, when are you going to marry me?


- After the first child
- What's that?

After the first child

So, when do you want to have
our first child?


Why not?


Stop the car

Perfect landing

You want your keys?

Come and get them

Girija, to your right


Dr Leela Abraham Medical officer
joining Dr Verma

No, I start work on Monday
I came by to report in

Take this! Please

Yes, it's okay

Duty Doctor!

Where is the duty doctor?

Dr Leela Abraham

Come with me! Hurry

The Air Force officer should
be at the military hospital

An emergency

Should we treat him here or not?

What shall we do?

- We should ask the duty doctor
- My dear, you're the duty doctor

He should be at the military hospital

His vitals haven't stabilised,
he can't be shifted

Check his BP! Start a lifeline

Yes Doctor


His pupils are unequal,
could be a head injury

An injury behind the left ear,
could be a concussion

Sister, X-ray right forearm, AP lateral
and chest X-ray PA lateral, Brain CT

Give me the case sheet

Unwind it slowly, sister


Officer VC?

Can you hear me?


The duty nurse will be here soon
Go home and rest

I'll stay! The next 24 hours
are critical


You didn't sign up for this, right?

You startled me!

Dr Ilyas Hussain, orthopaedic surgeon
AFMC, Pune

I've been here for two years

Dr Leela Abraham Medical officer
from Delhi

I joined yesterday

But I already
feel like running away

Not a good idea
Oxygen is in short supply

I know it's a bad joke
You don't have to laugh

Excuse me, doctor

Officer VC Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Can you open your mouth?

Very good

Can I see your tongue?

Very good

Take a deep breath

No lung puncture

Can you try and sit up?

Remove the oxygen

Very good officer

You're much better now

Rest a little and you'll be
as good as new


He's conscious now

Can I move him to the
military hospital?

No, doctor

He isn't fully recovered

I'm afraid my seniors
have to clear him

Once he's conscious and can
walk without help...

...then move him

Careful he doesn't hurt
his head again

So you've taken full control
on your first day?

I'll only get worse

You have a funny bone too!


- Thank you
- Thank you doctor


- Who is it?
- Leela

No one's at home

I had an emergency
at the hospital

I said there's no one at home

It's your favourite granddaughter

Colonel, open the door

It's freezing

What did you expect in Srinagar?

I'm going to live here
Welcome me like a queen

The door's been open since last night
And I've been waiting

Grandpa! Forgotten me, have you?

You smell of hospital
Go, shower

Better than smelling of old rum


Look, you have a guest

- Varun, did my father come to see you?
- Speak softly

This is a hospital

There are elderly patients

What did you tell my father?

He's sending me to Pune


'I saw your face
in the wide ocean'


'I saw your face in the bright
blue sky'

VC Quoting Bharati in Kashmir?

How could you do this to me?

You told him it's best for me?

'I saw your face in the sea's
churning foam'

You can't take the drip out

'In every small bubble,
I saw your face'


You can't leave without
being discharged

You were never serious about me,
were you?

I was just a pastime for you

'I watched the clouds so keenly'

You're selfish, self-centered

Who, me? Serious accusations

'I watched the clouds'

I don't know the next verse

Where to, sir?

'I found your face
and nothing else'

- Where is he going?
- To the bathroom

There's a patient
who needs a bed pan

Go, help him

Good morning, sir

How can we let you fly
with that sling?

No sling, sir

Only a bandage

Yes sir

I'll be fit to fly in a week, sir

- VC, do me a favour
- Yes, sir?

Don't butcher Telugu

Yes sir, will ensure that (in Telugu)

- How did this happen?
- Brake failure, sir

Yes, sir
Brake failure

The belt snapped

And the jeep went into a tailspin

I went down..

VC, no Telugu, okay?

Okay sir

How did Brig Kapoor's daughter
get into your jeep?

No, sir

Brig Kapoor's daughter was not
in the jeep

Lucky for you

That she was not in your jeep

Right sir

Not in the jeep, sir

The Brigadier asked me

Can you trust him with a fighter plane
when he can't drive a jeep?

I said

You can't handle your daughter

How will you handle
a battalion?

Now at the..

Don't laugh...Dismissed

Good one sir

Hi, I'm Dr Nidhi

The one who left you stranded here
for two days

So good to hear Tamil

But where's the patient?

Dr Ilyas moved him to the
military hospital last night

Dr Ilyas

How could you move VC
without our permission?

An IAF officer shouldn't have
been there in the first place

But he was


He's our responsibility, doctor

No, he's my responsibility

You shouldn't have moved him
It could've been a head injury

With severe blood loss, he was
under observation

How could you sneak him away?

He's an Air Force officer,
he flew away

So, can't I see the patient now?

Ilyas, you were wrong


But try telling VC

All I can do is to buy you a coffee
Or invite you to the Air Force ball

Next weekend! You might see
VC there

Maybe that will cool the angry
young doctor

He was my first patient

My enthusiasm and concern
came out as anger

I am very sorry, doctor

Your first patient

Happily dancing away

Dr Leela

Didn't thank Dr Leela

Slipped out of the hospital

Need another chance
to thank you right

Rendez-vous at 10,000 ft
over Srinagar?

No civilians on an IAF plane, sorry
Private aircraft maybe?

A Himalayan joyride?

This isn't going to work

Why not?

Officer, that's a lot of flirting
after a simple hello

So much?

Is it my dancing, flirting or me?
What don't you like?

Who says I don't?

But save your breath

It won't work

My heart seems to say otherwise

I'm a doctor
Trust me, hearts don't talk

What would convince Dr Leela?

Across seven seas, seven hills apart,
seven years later

if the heart feels the same,
then maybe

Tall order!

If you change your mind

No, thanks

If you have a change of heart,
next Saturday, 5pm

Date in flight

Is the officer hard of hearing?

Won't the doctor have
a change of heart?



I'm on duty

A head injury! Two cardiac cases,
an acute appendicitis

You startled me

No work today?

No sortie?

In half an hour

I wanted to see the doctor
who stood me up

So long

Wait! I'll come with you

I thought I'd watch
fighter planes take off

Ravi was part of my unit
Did you know that?

My brother spoke of you
in his letters

Only good things I hope

He said you sing well

- Like Ghantasala
- That's true

Excuse me

How far is the Flying Club?

Big mistake, my girl

Just to catch a glance
of the plane

- From the outside?
- Absolutely

I shouldn't encourage this
Anyway hold tight

Hold this



This is for you

You must put on
your seat belt

I knew this would happen


VC would take me over
the Himalayas

You knew?

Fate, serendipity, destiny
Do you believe in them?

Fighter pilots have one faith

The self

God is a fighter pilot, too

Ravi's words, exactly

Who's this Ravi?
Is he competing with me?

He spoke about you
in his all letters

Ravi Abraham?
Is he your brother?

I'm Leela Abraham, right?

And so

You're Ravi's sister?

You're Ravi Abraham's sister?

Show me that smile

- What?
- Smile

Look at me! Smile, please
One minute

I've known about you
since 12th standard

But, we've never met

Ravi talked of you
in all his letters

Now we finally meet

But he's gone

It was an accident
I should've been on that flight

He flew instead

He's watching us from above

My dear big brother

Shall we look for him?

I love this

May I scream?

Thank you for everything

It was out of this world



I don't think we
should meet again

It's too dangerous

The chemistry is going haywire



I better say goodnight
before I have a change of heart

Good night

Good night

I'm trapped in this torturous cell
in enemy territory

Don't know if
I'll come out alive

Freedom seems like
a faraway dream

Will I ever see
you again, Leela?

I close my eyes and
I see your face

Your smile

Your droopy ears

Your lips

Those big eyes

Your poise, your anger
I see it all

Hey, you! Stop!
Where the hell are you going?

It's your voice that eludes me
I can't hear you calling 'VC'

...or cry out with joy

...or hear you sing

I need to see you

At least once more

What's going on?

Here you go again


Is it the Air Force guy?

What do I tell your father?

Look at what she's doing

No food for you

Listen, don't feed her
Let her stay hungry

What a pleasant surprise!

Haven't seen you
two in a while

Who did you miss
the most, Ilyas?

Me, or Leela?

- Can I ask something?
- Please

I hesitate to talk about it

I told her you wouldn't judge
But she would not listen

You're sure it's okay?
May I?


Wouldn't want you to think
it's weird that a doctor

Don't beat about the bush

She likes someone


I haven't told him

But she wants to

I'm scared
What if he laughs?

How long can you
keep it a secret?

He isn't in town

The Air Force won't
tell us where he is

Where's VC?
I haven't seen him in days

Ilyas looks upset

Don't be sad! I came to see you

- Leela came to see Varun
- Oh!

Won't you say anything
apart from 'Oh'?

Do you know where Varun is?

Leh airbase
At a three-month camp



Wasn't expecting you

The best moment in the past
two months you being here

You're lying
But it feels so good hearing it

So, did you come
here for me?

I came to see where
Ravi last was

And to see you too

Shall I take you there?
Peak Rimo Kangri 2


I won't forget this moment

Till my last breath

Till my last breath

Till my last breath

I think I-

Don't say a word

This is all I need


Don't say it

You don't know what I was
going to say

- Whatever it is...Don't
- It's not what you think

Look over there

It's beautiful

Come on
We have to go back


Just a little longer

These mountains will soon vanish

The clouds will devour them

Maybe it's a snow storm

Let's stay a while then

If we stay, there's
no going back

- VC, just fifteen minutes
- No way! It's dangerous

Can't you see how
fast it's coming?

Let it come
I'm not scared

Don't talk like a moron
Come on

Wait! Five minutes


Don't you follow English?

Move, move

You're barking at me like
a German shepherd

Listen to me

- What if I won't?
- I'll hit you, come on!

You'll hit me?

Are you blind?
Look over there


So, you'll hit me
if I don't come?

Yes, I will!
Come I say

- Let go of me!
- Hey

- You go
- Stop!

Why are you so stubborn?

I don't like men
who manhandle women

- Fine, let's go
- You go!

If it gets any worse, there may be
an avalanche and that'll be it

Why not say that?

Instead of calling me a moron
and manhandling me

I was scared for you

It's my life!

- And what about me?
- You have your Girija

I don't want Girija
I want you

So much to say...

...and so little time

I'll write to you

No, I'll send you a courier

I'll be waiting for the courier
at the doorstep

What's all this sweet talk?

One month more

- Back to Srinagar
- Thirty days?

Wait for the courier


- Okay?
- Okay



"Waiting for a sweet smile"

"Won't you, please?"

"My heartbeat is missing
You thief!"

"Oh my! Am a poet now
A poet smitten by thee"

"Should I speak honestly?"

"Or will this do?"

"O my darling
I'm coming to you"

"We have some new
scores to settle"

"Do I propose to you in a chorus?
Is that a yes? A no? Or a yes!"

"O pretty woman, marry me"

"Flirt with me, get high with me"

"Oh beauty!"

"Never mind if you're
angry or shy"

"Don't worry, hey pretty woman"

"Marry me"

"O pretty woman, marry me"

"Flirt with me, get high with me"

"Oh Beauty!"

"Call my number
When you are in the mood for love"

"Oh pretty woman"

Nidhi, is that you?


"Am I asking for something that
nobody has dared to?"

"I'd be grateful..."

"...if without a fuss..."

"...you'd bestow it upon me"

"Hey buttercup!"

"All I want is a little bit of time
A little bit of love"

"And a little bit of lust"

"My soulmate"

"Deny me not
And don't you forget me"

"My pretty woman"

"O pretty woman, marry me"

"Oh beauty!"

"Flirt with me, get high with me"

"Oh pretty woman!"

"Never mind if you're
angry or shy"

"Don't worry, hey pretty woman"

"O pretty woman, marry me"

"Oh pretty woman!"

Hey loudmouth!

Brother Varun!

Sitara, my rowdy sister
We never stop arguing

He's such a bully
He pulls my ears, twists my arm

Go man

Greetings ma'am

My dear mother!
My Lakshmi teacher

- My mother, Lakshmi Chakrapani
- Hi Aunty

Delhi University professor

She raised me on Tamil poetry
and fish curry

This is Leela


Hey Air force

- That's my Dad
- Oh!

Chakrapani Pillai
A self-made businessman

Mr Know All! He believes everyone
except him is an idiot

Hi, Pa

Mr Fighter Pilot

We were wondering if you'd make it
to the wedding at all

And here you are,
girlfriend in tow

Are you asking me to go?

Do you ever listen to me?


Rascal! Squadron leader

I am coming

- All well, Bajrang?
- All good, sir

My little brother,
thirteen years too late

An afterthought! A leftover

Extra fitting

- Am I right?
- Wrong

Drink up

That's the groom


- Glad you made it
- Yes

My brother Madhusudhanan Pillai
The only good man in our family

My parents brought
the wrong baby home

Almost a saint
And now this

- Hey Varun
- Hi Sis-in-law!

The bride-to-be Varsha Singh

Junior Pillai

"Riding a chariot,
by the glow of a cigarette..."

"...I saw the silhouette
of your face"

"That mischievous, secret smile
brought a blush to my face"

"Riding a chariot,
by the glow of a cigarette..."

"...I saw the silhouette
of your face"

"Darling, bequeath those
betel-stained lips to me"

"All that I gave you,
promise me you'll repay in kind"

"It takes only ten minutes
for my blood to stir"

"Ha! Maybe ten minutes for a man
But just five for a woman"

"A woman makes even macho men
go weak-kneed"

"Until your saree loses colour,
I want to make you glow"

"And when morning comes,
let's spin a story for the world"

"O young bride,
isn't this our tradition"

"Riding a chariot,
by the glow of a cigarette..."

"...I saw the silhouette
of your face"

"Blend your shyness with
kumkum and bedeck yourself"

"The scent of love and sweat
is incomparable"

"O pretty flower,
let's savour this nectar"

"Let her shatter like a glass
in his hands"

"From the cacti forest
echo the beat of drums"

"As two baby elephants rejoice"

"In the pearly spray
of the waterfall..."

"...the temptress
sways intoxicated"

"He smears himself with sandalwood
from Cupid's grove"

"She clings like a young scamp,
tangled in his arms"

"Kiss me till I'm dizzy, my love"

"The bride is a precious jewel
And the groom an oak chest"

"Encase this precious gem
in the safety of his chest"

"Exchange the garlands first"

"Then some saffron milk"

"And when she emerges
dishevelled from the bedroom..."

"...drape her in a new saree"

"My queen..."

"...this is the Tamil tradition"

"From the cacti forest
echo the beat of drums"

"As two baby elephants rejoice"

"In the pearly spray
of the waterfall..."

"...the temptress
sways intoxicated"

"O young bride,
isn't this our tradition"

We're almost there
Be patient

You were the one who was impatient
Why tell her now?

And we thought he was saint!

- Relax
- Don't panic

And don’t push!

You're going to be a father!

Be quiet

Why did you choose a hospital
in Kashmir?

Mom forbade me

So I insisted on going there

Bravo! You chose well

Her brother Ravi was my course-mate
Remember him?

He's no more

I was in the 12th standard
when Ravi passed away

- I decided it had to be Srinagar then
- You didn't tell me

You didn't ask

Varun only cares about Varun
and what he fancies

Nothing else matters

Are you saying
he doesn't fancy Leela?

When Varun brought that
Gujju girl home...

...Sitara made a similar joke

- Game over
- Deepak, shut up

You're not the first

He has brought a few girls
home before you

Deepak has a mental problem

Chakra, please

- What did I say? She's a doctor
- Enough, please

We're in a hospital

Interrupt me again
and I'll throw you out

Enough, Dad

You, too

- You dare touch me
- What?

You dare touch me or Mom


- Stay out of it
- This is a hospital

I say shut up!

You're shouting

I said shut up!
So shut up

You and I are polar opposites

I'm a fighter pilot,
wielding bombs

And you're a doctor, saving lives

Darkness and Light

But what is light
without darkness?

I don't know if there
will be another chance...

...to see you again

...to seek forgiveness

But not a day passes when
I don't hope for it

You're somewhere
beyond these walls

And I'm trapped in
a jail in Pakistan

But I plan to break out

And come looking for you

Are you mental?

It's dangerous
But I'm determined to escape

Look at what you've done!
The whole pile has fallen

- Always adding to my workload!
- Sorry, sir I didn't mean to

'Bharat Mata ki Jai!'

A live cartridge, VC

You'll ruin everything!

Dry run! Ammunition and
12 mm shells from the store

All I need is a can
and petrol and coal

Don't you get it?
No explosives!

- Got it?
- Okay

- Where's the first-aid box, Wasim?
- It's right here

Was it your people?
Or ours?

What can I say?
It was our lot


- Peace be unto you, sir
- Same to you

We have a terrible situation

Three Indian prisoners have escaped

Forgive me, sir

I don't know how they managed
to dig this tunnel

Fax their photographs
across immediately

We didn't go for the obvious route,
the Wagah border

They'd find us in no time

We chose the Khyber Pass,
to Afghanistan instead

In Peshawar now...

...Jamrud, up next Khyber and then
the Afghan border

We're just 40 kms away

If I get to Afghanistan,
I get to India

Shelling on Army's ammunition dump
Residents from nearby areas evacuated

Additional forces deployed to Drass, Kaksar
& Batalik to combat the infiltrators

Pakistani intruders shot down our
Canberra reconnaissance aircraft

Govt officials have stated that
this is a localised issue...

Bloody hell!

A missile attack

Local issue...Case closed

Harry, did you hear?

It is a Pakistani army operation

I saw it, man

No doubt at all

It's a cover-up

Can I say something?

Maybe they did not want a flashpoint
to turn into a full-scale war

True, sir

Both are nuclear powers,
shouldn't let tensions escalate

We've just signed
the Lahore peace agreement

- Thank you
- Sure

One hand signs the agreement...

...and the other sends their army
posing as terrorists

It's not the first time

How can we be sure
they aren't militants?

Smarty Pants...

...are you certain they were
really militants?

It's definitely the Pakistani army

But we can't get trigger happy, can we?

Leela, will you please keep quiet?

- Why?
- Because I say so

What's the problem?
Being a woman or a civilian?

Leela, enough

Just a minute


- Suppose I'm an officer?
- Take it off

- Doesn't it suit me?
- I said take it off


- I shouldn't have shouted
- It's okay


Sorry, guys

So, a woman can't speak...

...or have an opinion or become
a fighter pilot, right?

Sure, she can! On one condition...

...she must be beautiful

She must be beautiful! Right guys?


So, beauty is all that matters
in a woman?

Men and women...
we're made differently

How so? I don't...

You're a doctor, sweetheart
You should know

Man's natural instinct is to hunt

To seek and fight for food
We're designed that way

And women...

To make babies for you?

That, too

We're no good for much else?

Why so angry?

Let go

Let go, please I want to go




It's our first fight

And you're running away

Fight back like a true Tamil woman

My princess, don't go

My sweetheart



- Happy birthday
- Thank you


Who's wailing out there?

I'm not dead yet! Tell him

"As I searched the skies for you..."

"...you vanished into the sea"

"As I plunged into the sea..."

"...you appeared in the sky"

"You left me wandering
in a star spangled forest..."

"...and made me lose
my sense of self"

"This ain't right"

"It ain't fair"

"O beautiful moon, this ain't right"

"This ain't right"

"It ain't fair"

"O beautiful midnight, this ain't right"

Where are you going?

"The quest for sound..."

"...ends in silence"

"The quest for silence..."

"...ends in wisdom"

"And when I seek you..."

"...draped in clouds, you drift away"

You treat me like a slave
Like your pet dog

You want me at your beck and call

I can't do it

I have self-respect

I want an equal relationship

But we are not equals

I'm beneath you

- Leela is far superior to me
- You don't mean that

I do! From the bottom of my heart...

Without you...

...I have no one

Don't leave me

I beg you

You're all I want

I love you

Guys, look who is here!

Didn't I tell you...

...Leela would come if I called her

You didn't believe me, did you?

And you challenged me! Well?

No matter what, she's my girl

Do you believe me now?
Aren't I the lucky one?

I challenge you to find a girl like her

Go, guys go! You owe me
a single malt

And don't be too jealous!

Won't you ever say it?

'I love you'

I'm not as good as you

But I love you...

...more than you will ever love me

I'll love you even if you don't

I'll love you even if you despise me

Till the end of time

I love you

What did you say? Tell me

Say it again

Go on

Sorry, I take it back

"Is he the Sky, who'll come to me..."

"Is he the Sky, caressing me..."

"...pouring down as rain
Unravelling secrets unknown..."

"...and hiding within me"

"Bowing down from afar
And standing tall when near"

"Freezing over at my pride..."

"...and melting with my love"

"...and melting with my love"

"My secret lover..."

"...will come for me"

"While with me, he thinks of her"

"While with another,
I'm all he thinks of"

"Foresake me, he never will
Forget me, he never will"

"If he were to forget me,
lose his life, he will"

"To my downcast eyes,
he is the endless horizon"

"And with my eyes wide open,
he's the melting sky"

"Is he the Sky, caressing me..."

"...pouring down as rain
Unravelling secrets unknown..."

"...and hiding within me"

"Bowing down from afar
And standing tall when near"

"Freezing over at my pride..."



Turn off the headlights!

Get back to your seat

I can almost hear your voice now...

...and smell your sweet fragrance

Your laughter

Your happiness

The winds carry your presence to me

Come with me

Doctor, give us a minute


This is the Registrar's office


If we register our names now,
we can marry in a month

I never said I'd marry you

They're closing soon
We can register at 4pm tomorrow

Come tomorrow with your friends,
family and friendly creatures

We register tomorrow and
get married in a month

Varun and Leela, okay?

I hadn't thought of marriage

You have one full month to do that

A simple yes or a simple no



Are you sure it was today?

You're asking me for the nth time

He said:'Registrar's office 4pm'

'Bring your friends and family'

I don't think VC will show up

Ilyas, don't jinx it

No one can keep a govt office
open beyond 5pm

Then sweet-talk them

And buy us another half an hour

I already have
But I don't believe he'll come

- Maybe you should be quiet
- Maybe you should

I warned you about VC

Because you like Leela
and you're jealous of VC

Nidhi, stop it! Please

The truth is always bitter

Adrenaline rush

My whole body is wired

But I am filled with fear

My first contact with the enemy

- So...
- So?

I feel the enemy is just like us

- They could be good men
- Look into the mirror

Can you see yourself?
Do you see Arjun?

Or do I look like Lord Krishna?

This is Kargil not Kurukshetra

Analysing whether the enemy
is good or bad is not our job

That's between him and his God

Your job is to ensure that he meets
his Maker swiftly

That's it

- Got it?
- Yes, sir

We have only one chance

No second...

No second chances

One mistake...Permanent mistake

Or you'll return
in a body bag

Hi, sweetheart! When did you come?

How long have you been waiting?

For two days...

...at the Registrar's! Waiting
for an Air Force officer

I forgot

I'm sorry

Where were you?

I was in Delhi

You could have phoned me

I said I'm sorry

Ilyas, please explain to your friend

It's all right if you forgot
There's tension all around

But you never meant it

This marriage registration
was a charade

I'm the fool! It's my fault

- Let's go now and register
- They're closed today

- Why do this to me again?
- Tomorrow then?

You either treat me like a queen...

...or walk all over me


- You trample over me
- No, never

It's the truth

- Guys, my girl is angry with me
- Varun, please

- Ask her not to go! Come on
- VC, please

Don't humiliate me more

Please let go, Varun

Her Highness is leaving
Go, it's a free country

- Take your dear chaperone with you
- VC, stop it

- Ilyas, just ignore him
- Ilyas, please ignore me

You're doing it again

Walking all over me

I don't know why I keep
coming back to you

Because you love me...

...and you know that I love you

I love you

Why does Leela let VC mistreat her?

- She's lost her mind
- Why doesn't she leave him?

- Many smart guys out there
- Really...? Where?

It's love


That's how it is

You know officer Ashok, right?
He fancies me

Always smiling at me

I have a crush on you

You like Leela, Leela likes VC

VC likes only VC

I give up!

That's just how it is

Not to the bed

What do you see?

My gorgeous one

What else?

My smart one

What else?

My angry headstrong girl

Notice any change?
Look carefully

Can my hands do the looking?



Two and a half months

It's very simple
Yes or no?

I thought about it...

...for a while

Imagined a little boy...

...or a girl...

...by my side

Sitting on my shoulder

Laughing and playing

And if they were twins...

...they would be
Rohan and Rohini

But I have a nagging fear...

...that I'd be like my Dad

And be a terrible father

Is it a yes or a no?

I'm not really cut out...

...to be a husband...

...or a father

You're all I need


I'm not good enough

I am unworthy

If this is what I want

No, Leela

It just won't work

Don't just walk away
in silence

I'll handle it


I'm a doctor

I'll take care

I've always been self-destructive,

...you became collateral damage
Because you were my other half

Destroying was my second nature

But it's all behind me now

My retribution is only
10 kilometers away

I can almost touch Torkham Gate
The Afghan border

Salaams, sir

Yes, that's him!

Sir, could you hold him
for a minute?


Can I find an auto or a horse-cart
to Torkham Gate?

Arrest him!

If I were to admit that
it was all my fault...

...would you believe me?

You're dearer to me than life itself

I can never hold you again

Or be a part of your life ever again

In one fateful moment...

...all my hopes have plunged
into a dark abyss

Sir, Colonel Mithran passed away
last night

He passed away last night
Leela's parents are here from Delhi

The burial is at 4pm

I don't want him here

Just a minute

Please come with me


Good evening, ma'am Sir
I'm Squadron Leader Varun

Your son's course-mate
and colleague

Now Leela's friend

I don't know how much Leela
has told you about me

She's upset with me right now

So I came to apologise to her
in your presence


Let's pretend you asked me
to sit down

- Please sit down
- Finally! So, you can speak

You had me worried

Mr Prakash Abraham

Or should I call you 'uncle'?

Prakash sir?
Just Prakash would do, right?

Is it a vow of silence?
For Col Mithran?

In our line of work,
we celebrate death

Or should I say life?
Depends on how you look at it

So, will no one speak?


I get it

You don't like me
And my relationship with Leela

- I'll fetch the rice
- Ma'am, wait I'll get it

I can sense your silent questions

Can he take care of our daughter?

You're a renowned lawyer
Your questions will be complicated

Will I take good care of her?

Most definitely

But if you ask me if I'm capable?

Am I competent? Am I rich?

What my social standing is

I wouldn't know how to answer that

Is this a silent interrogation?

Am I in the dock?

Yes, Your Honour...No, Your Honour

Did I do something wrong?

Not tonight, I didn't

I'm the only one laughing

Feels like an inquiry

In the Forces, only a grave mistake
leads to an inquiry

My only mistake has been...

...my extreme affection...

...for Leela

Are you scared for your daughter?
Because I'm in the Air Force?

You lost your son Ravi in a sortie
that I should have been on

Do you hold me responsible for it?

Am I a bad omen? Do you think that?

Varun, enough

Wait! They're trying to say something

Looking at me
as if I were vermin

I'm a fighter pilot

I'm hard-wired for combat

I can sense animosity
in your silence

Do you wish I was dead?

Prakash, shall I tell you something?

You're a criminal lawyer

Well acquainted with criminals
and cheats

Do you take everyone for a fraud?

Or have you become one too?

Can you please stop this?

- One minute
- It's okay

It's not okay
It's not cool

He is interrogating me without words

Looking at me
as if I were a terrorist

- Take him outside
- Talk to me!

Why hide behind them?

For God's sake, go

Come with me and I'll leave

Varun, go...Please

Come with me

- Like you did the other day
- Varun, just go

Are you telling me to get out?
Say the words

- Get out!
- What?

Get out

Please, get out



I'm leaving Srinagar

I've given in my resignation

I won't come back

I know I've been difficult

I've given you so much trouble

My train ticket

I'm going far away

- Just came to say goodbye
- You think it won't work, I know

But if it did...

- ...we'd be so good together
- We're opposites, Varun

- Leela-Varun, made for each other
- Stop it

Please don't leave me

I'm not ready for this

Neither are you

We're too different

Give me one chance! We'll get married
just the way you want

A destination wedding?

Look at when you're bringing up marriage!

A church wedding?
A registrar ceremony?

- Don't make me cry
- Shall we marry 3 times?

Forget tying 3 knots,
we'll marry thrice


Varun, please...

I beg you
Please don't leave me

Give me this one chance
Wait for me

It won't work

Without you I'd be lost

Hear me

I'll be the man you want me to be

We'll just destroy each other

Leela, give me a chance

What can I say?

Say you love me


I'll come looking for you

No matter where you go...

...I'll find you

I love you

The time we parted,
was a time of war...

The Kargil war

All my anger, arrogance,

...was wiped out
in the 50-day war

8 assault rifles...

...320 rounds of bullets
stared me in the face

The end seemed inevitable

I'm saying...let's blast out

With what?

I have everything

Hold it



Come on, boys! Move!

Unlock the gate

We should head North West

- I think...
- Just shut up and look!

- Are you mad?
- Yes

I'm going

The truck is turning around the bend

Step aside! Do you wish to die?

Don't you dare enter my truck!

Get down! Do not enter

This truck belongs to my boss

- How far is the border?
- 20kms

Don't fire I want them alive

- Are you Pakistanis?
- No, no Indians

Move back!

Go, go

You got rid of him


VC, faster

- Do you have a bottle?
- I might

- And a diesel can?
- Why a diesel can?

Let's do it VC

Grab the steering wheel
Go on

Torkham border post, come in

Are you okay?

Block the road

Don't let them pass

Keep going! Faster




Hey! Open the gate!

I never imagined I'd be overjoyed
to see the Afghani border police

We were kept in custody
for 12 days

The Indian Embassy delegates escorted us
to Delhi with full military honours

Boys, our hero is back

Above all...it was
back to flying

Only one thing was missing

That was you, Leela

I have 8 weeks leave every year

I set out on a quest...

...looking for you, Leela

I've enquired at your hospital

No one knows where you are
Not your friends...

...Nidhi and Ilyas

They say you may be
with the Red Cross

So I keep looking for you

One city at a time

One Red Cross camp at a time

If I don't find you now,
my quest will not stop

Year after year...

...until I find you

What would I say
if I found you?

Would you want to see me at all?

Would you believe me if I said
I'm a changed man?

I only thought of myself...

...but now I care about others

I know now...

...how precious you are to me

I must see you again

Even from afar

Doctor, keep this

How are you?

And you?

Did they tell you I was dead?

Or missing in action?

I watched on the news...

...that you had resumed duty

Can I hug you just once?

Don't look at me

I'm crying like a child

I can't believe you're here

So unexpected

Is this a coincidence?


I'm coming

- Why did you...
- I didn't mean to disturb you

Just wanted to say sorry...

...for having been so difficult

For letting you go

For having met you

For falling in love with you


It's getting late

Your daughter?

Come, quick

Rohini, come here

Everyone's going

Come here

Does she look like you
or me?

I've seen you before

Be polite

I've crossed the seven seas
and seven hills...

...looking for you


Did you ever think of me?

Every single day

You didn't call even once
in three years

Not a word from you

You just disappeared

What if you didn't like Rohini?

Or me?

This naughty girl...

...is now your responsibility


...this is Varun

Varun is your responsibility

Hold him tight