Kaatrin Mozhi (2018) - full transcript

An ambitious housewife (Jyothika) becomes a radio jockey for a late-night relationship advice show.

Even if the world opposes you...

Even if it screams that you have lost
every single time in the past...

Until you admit it yourself...

No one can defeat you anywhere!

Who are you?
-The champion!

What did Mike Tyson once say?

"The world only remembers
the person who came first!"

You were born to win!
You can do it!

I can do it!

Go and sign up!

Tell them I have arrived!

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

Your name, ma'am?
-Janaki Venkataraman.


I brought my own spoon. Can I use it?
-No problem. Show me.

Such a big spoon?

You never specified the spoon's size,
did you?

So? You'll bring a curry ladle?

This is a lemon and spoon race!

But this thing can hold even a huge mango!

Don't allow such stuff!

Take a lemon and a spoon.

Your name?
-Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan.

Last year's winner!

Go ahead!

Tell me, ma'am.

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

'Paths turn beautiful,
only for her to walk!'

'Skies turn colorful,
only for her to smile!'

'Blooms, the moon,
only for her to pluck!'

'Is one world enough,
for her to conquer?'

'Normally, a gentle lamb,
is who she is.'

When it comes to a fight,
lion, she turns!'

'She rests not, until she wins!'

'She is no little stream,
to be stopped by obstacles!'

'She flows like a wild river
breaking barriers along the way!'

The second prize goes to
Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan.

The first prize goes to
Mrs. Mythili Rajendran.

How about that?
-Awesome, Viji!

Can you take just one picture, Balu?

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

Hey, Balu.

Why don't we raise some money
and set up a travel service?

A travel service?

Sure thing!

The tailoring unit and chit fund business
you began are running well, after all!

Let's try our hand at this, too!

I'm serious!
Don't make fun of me!

Let's think about it.

First, let's buy a car!

Not one!
Five cars!

Think big, Balu!

"Vijayalakshmi Travels".

All five air-conditioned?

You drive one of the cabs!

No way!

I must be at the office!

I must handle the accounts
and attend calls from customers!

I'll make surprise trips, too!
To inspect the drivers.

Will you drop me off to school
in one of those cars?

No way!

My customers are important to me.
As always, go with your father!

What is this?
There are five cars and I go by motorcycle?

My friends will ridicule me
if they find out!

Listen up.
Business always comes first.

Let the business grow.

After that,
we'll buy another car for our use, okay?

It's just a small wish of his, Viji.
Maybe just once a week...

No way!

What do I tell a customer who calls
just as he's leaving?

This is not fair, mom!

You're being very stubborn, Viji!
The kid's not asking for much!

Just once a week. He's your only child.
You'll put customers before him?

Customers are most important to me.
Only then, will business progress!

Am I right?
-Yeah, right!

Yes, but it isn't right for you three
to fight over a car that doesn't exist.

He talks too much!
Won't be a good fit for our company!

Aunt's calling, mom.


We're on our way home, sis.

We'll be there in ten minutes.

Come by.

She's come to our neighborhood
to invite folks for housewarming.

This, is for musical chairs.
-Musical chairs, eh?

This is for a singing competition.

That's enough!

Haven't repaired the TV yet, Balu?

No, I've asked for a replacement.

Grandpa! Dad's the only one
they don't care about at customer care.

That's enough out of you!

I'm thinking of going
to the consumer court.

You intend to go to court over this?

We must fight for our rights,

That fight for rights
has gone on for three months!

Next step:
self-immolation at the collector's office!

Burn the television set instead!

How did you make these things so quickly?

She's always been like that.

Had she been so enthusiastic with studies,
she'd be a bank officer like you both!

Have some 'bajji'.

Eating, aren't I?

Here, Siddhu.
-Dear boy!

Are you studying well,
or are you like your mom, too?

Grandpa, when I grow up,
I'll start a business. Just like mom!

"Start a business, like mom?"

Yes, grandpa!
Mom's going to start a travel service!


A travel service?
What is all this?

What's wrong if I do it?

Will you give me a loan at your bank?


To buy a car!
-To buy five cars!

The TV set itself is not working properly.
As if a car will!

Everything's a game to you, isn't it?

I'm serious.

She took her junior college exam lightly.
Three times, that too!

Give me that!

Go make chilli 'bajjis' or onion 'bajjis'!

What are you so mad about?

Why not? Dad ridicules me all the time.
That too, in front of Siddhu!

He's telling the truth.
As if you're a state rank holder!

Did I fail on purpose?
First time, I had typhoid!

Second, everything was out of syllabus!

Even Muthulakshmi, who always topped
my class, failed in that one!

The third time,
my finger had gotten gangrene!

Then, my grandpa stopped my studies,
claiming it "would be of no use"!

You mimic very well!
-Sure, I do!

Does that mean you can say anything
you wish? Think business is that easy?

You blew thirty thousand rupees
we gave you on a chit fund business.

So you're pointing out my failures, too?

I'll return that money back.
Don't worry.

This is what your problem is!
You must've focused on one thing!

Tailoring! Singing!
Cooking! Mimicry!

I'm good at them! I was interested
in sports! But, no one supported me!

If you had,
I'd have gotten a job on sports quota!

A lemon and spoon race
isn't covered in a sports quota!

What now?
I must not do anything. Is that right?

I'll remain stuck at home. When you all
drop by, I'll make 'bajjis' for you!

The 'bajjis' are awesome, Viji.
I'll have one more!

I've shut down the travel service.
Incurred all kinds of loss!

The bank has seized interest payments!
You go settle the driver's accounts.

What is this?

How long are you going to live
in a rented house? Why not buy one?

Look at them. They each bought
an apartment in the same block!

You should get to buy one, too!
-I'll see.

Excuse me? Is this your car?

It's in my parking space!
-We'll move it now.

Isn't it wrong to do so without permission?
-Just for a little while, sir.

I'd parked a bike in my spot.
Plus, you don't even own a car!

I don't own a washing machine, too.
So, can you keep yours in my house?

I'm sorry.
You get going.

See you, Viji.
Bye, Siddhu!

We're heading back inside.

What's up, Balu?
Trouble with him today, too?

He speaks so rudely, sir!
-He's always like that.

Like a stove,
he's always fuming!

Since he arrived,
he's made trouble with everyone!

Yesterday, there was a ritual
at Ms. Mangalam's house.

Unable to bear the noise from there,
he went to that house and made trouble.

Ms. Mangalam
stopped the ritual mid-way!

Poor guy has his own problems.

He's got no wife to give him problems!
He lives alone!

Oh, so he's like you?
-Don't compare the two of us!

I live alone.
He lives in loneliness.

Massage my feet, please.
-I'm coming.

While leaving, my dad was talking to you.
What did he say?

What else?
Just the usual stuff.

He said both your sisters
have purchased apartments.

He told me to buy a house soon
and settle down.

You should've said that we pay rent,
but they must pay EMIs!

That there's no difference between them
and we're happy, too.

I could say that,
but what he said is right, too.

They're all well settled.
You ended up getting stuck with me.

"No, Gopal!"

"My plans have been defeated
at the altar of your true love!"

"It's crushed, Gopal!"

Now come here.

Shall we sing?

What song shall we sing?

Our song!

'Last night...
-My goodness!'

'Lost sleep, I did...
-Oh yeah!'

'O, precious sweetheart!'

'O, dainty parrot!'

'Only because of you, m'dear...'

'Last night...
-My goodness!'

'Lost sleep, I did!'

Why still play that game?
It's time for school!

I'm ready!
-Let's go!

Eat your lunch properly!
-A pink box, mom?

I like that color!

I'll go later to pay the electricity bill!

You can do that online, right?

Take your bag!
-It's time. Let's go!

Slow in everything, like your dad!

Come, let's take the stairs!

Come, Bhagyalakshmi!
Always show up in time for this!

Got a fine life, don't you?
You can stay wherever you want!

You got no father or sisters
who show up weekly to scold you.

Wait a minute...
you fly so much!

Do you ever get jetlagged?

What's with that noise?

Today, I'm heading out, too.

To pay the electricity bill.

I told Balu about it
and he tells me to pay it online.

But, only in times like these do I get
to wear a well-pressed sari and head out?

Am I right?

Alright, I'm leaving.
Bye Bhagu!

Won't you ever change?

The world is passing you by!
And you blabber about socialism and stuff.

Listen up!
Change is the only constant!

All else, will change!
-You've been saying this for years!

Did your family problems change?
Same old house and broken bicycle.

Link your wife with your Aadhar card!
Only then, can you have children!

There'll be such a law, soon!

So many like you are up in arms!
And you're doing this!

Understand this!

My opposition will decide the weapon
I wield.

So you won't decide that either, eh?
-You talk way too much!

Listen up!
Stop fighting!

What is it?
What's the problem over here?

I'll whack you!

Instead of working,
what the hell are you both doing?

Get going!
Back to work!

I can't deal with this!

Know what's going on out there?
They're arguing like school kids!

Do you care about any of it?

It'll be dusk before you finish that paper!

You go home
and return with the next day's paper!

You keep ringing that bell all day!
It has ruptured your ear drums!

I can't take it anymore! Let me go!
I'll find a better person for you!

No need for 'butter naan'.
Curd rice will do.

First, attach this on to your ear!

Don't shake it too hard!
It'll rip apart!

"Hello and welcome back to the show!
This is RJ Anjali speaking!"

"Today is a special day."

"Today is World Tourism Day!"

"To celebrate this special day,
here's a small contest for you!"

"We all love to take a vacation."

"What's the best place you ever visited?
And why do you love it?"

"All you need to do is pick up the phone
and dial 8687556611."

"The best answer
has gifts awaiting!"

"Here's the first caller of our program."

Welcome to the show!
Tell us about yourself!

My name is Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan.

I'm calling from Chromepet.

Okay, Vijayalakshmi.
What do you do?

I am... a housewife.

Tell me, Vijayalakshmi.
What's the best place you've ever visited?

-Haridwar? Wow! Why do you like it?

After long hours of travel,
it was dark when we got there.

We stayed in a tent.
All that traveling put me to a deep sleep!

I woke up at dawn.

I woke up and stepped out.

I was just stunned.

Before my very eyes...

...River Ganga was flowing!

As I looked up...

...there stood the majestic Himalayas!

Like a vanilla topping,
the snow capped it!

Behind that mountain,
the sun gently peeked out.

Like when children are indulging
in mischief...

...their mothers peep in to see
what they're up to? Like that.

The sound of that river.

The sound of those birds.

Besides them, I could hear nothing.

It felt like at that moment,
I was born again!

I understood that nature is the true God.

That moment...

I can never forget it.

Upon listening to you,
I feel like going to Haridwar myself!

When did you go there?

I've never been there!

You've never been there?

Then what was it you said all this time?

My mother's been to Haridwar.
She told me about this!

I loved this story of hers.

In my childhood,
I always asked her to tell me this story.

And she would do so,
anytime I asked!

She last told me this
at the hospital.

Now, my mother's no more.

But, her tale of Haridwar,
is still etched in my heart.

To ensure that never changed,
I never went there.

Even if I haven't been there,
Haridwar is my favorite place!

And one more thing!

When she stood there,
she heard a song within her!

Can you play that song for me?

With pleasure.
What song is that?

"A brand new morning."

For making this morning beautiful,
here is the song you wanted, Vijayalakshmi!

What happened?

You're a housewife too, right?

Yes, ma'am!

Where is Haridwar, ma'am?

It's near Saidapet!

He's a house husband!

What is this? I've shopped in your store
for years!

-I ask for door delivery and you deny it?

What do I do? The store boy's busy!
Take a look!

Who? This guy?
I see him, all right.

I said the boy was busy
when she called!

And, if you buy stuff less than 500 rupees,
we can't home deliver that!

I asked because I had joint pains!
-My joints hurt, too!

I've oiled it for eight years
and I'm stuck in this seat! Here!

Take the bill!

See you later, Viji.
-Okay, aunty.

Take that!
-Yes, ma'am.

-This is Rupa from D-Block.

Yes, ma'am!
-I need a Harpic!

Red or blue?
-What's the difference?

When Abbas wore red pants in the ad,
it was for floor cleaning. Blue, for rest!

Red, it is.

Right away!
-Know the house?

Door number 4-C, right?
-Yes. Send it right away!

Will you send it yourself
or will Abbas do it?

No, ma'am.
Rupa ma'am has caught a cold. That's why.

I know. She told me about it this morning
at the salon.

Back then, folks went to salons
for their weddings!

Now, they go for ailments, too!
What development!

More taxes
lead to more ankle pains!

Here you go!
-No need for that!

Plastic is harmful!
-Thanks, ma'am!

Study with some interest!

Show a lot of interest
in video games, don't you? Here!

This is really boring, mom!

Why must I find the height
of this triangle?

I don't even know my height!

I don't know this, either.

But, you'll get a good job
if you study well!

And then you can play
all the video games you want to!

That's what I'm doing right now!

Stop back-talking!
Show me your school handbook!

I left it behind at school.

I knew it.

Alright. Finish up mathematics
and study Tamil.

How long must I wait?

Why talk in English after asking me
to press one for Tamil?

What? My date of birth?
Why do you want that?

Alright, here it is.

November 12. 'Chithirai' star.
'Kanni' zodiac.

Underwear size is 85.
Blood group is O-positive. Is that enough?

Sound messed up three months
after purchase! Everyone sounds hoarse!

Hey! Study!

That guy who usually deals with me?

Yes, Ashok.
Let me speak to him!

He's on leave?
Fine! I'll email your company owner!

Who cares if he is in Korea or Coimbatore?

I'll meet you in the consumer court!
You don't even know what the issue is!

Now look! Listen to what I'm saying!
Stop interrupting me!

I don't want a TV mechanic.
I want a replacement!

They got scared!

Your threats scared us, too!

I've been dealing with them
for three months and it's a joke to you?

For this alone,
I'll go to consumer court...

I'll show them who I am!

Remember when we went to Ooty
for our honeymoon?

-TV broke down there and you complained!

That TV mechanic came to our room
at 9 PM that night.

Remember how you didn't let him in
and chased him away?

What to do?
Back then, you were new. The TV was old.

It's not the case, now.

My goodness!
-So I'm old, huh?

You dare hit me?

You wretch!

'The gaze of the queen...'

'Only that, will lead me to victory!'

'Step up!
-And stand straight!'

'Speak up and stand straight!
-And speak clearly!'

You're singing it all wrong!

Mango chutney and garlic pickles, right?
-What about raw mango paste?

You didn't add that in the group!

See? I'll give it to you next time.
-Really? Alright.

Saroja! Bring out the goods!

Curry leaf powder
and two 'vathakuzhambu'!

Two? I had asked for four!
Didn't you see my message in the group?

I did see it. Why four?
Why have 'vathakuzhambu' thrice a day?

So much tamarind isn't good for you.
Two will do for now.

Very well.

Hi, Viji!
-Hello, aunty!

I made coconut sweets yesterday.
Balu loves them, right? Here.

He must eat them
and tell me how it is.

That 'upma' dish you gave me that day?
It was delicious!

I've made that dish for years
and can't get that taste!

You have some secret formula.
Tell me what it is.

What formula would an 'upma' have?

If it's just right,
you can eat it.

If it's a little gooey,
you use it as glue! Simple!

Be quiet! You don't know anything!
Tell me!

It's nothing.
Final touch, add some milk. That's it.

I see...
-Got a lot of work to do. I'll get going.

Even in making 'upma',
the last rite is adding milk, huh?

It's awesome, man!
-Will stick it in the cupboard in my room!

What the hell?

You all see Virat Kohli
only in posters!

Do you know that I've bought him off?

Like you're the owner of the IPL!
Beat it!

I'm talking about
the 'Sachin Saga' video game!

Last week, I crossed the tenth level
and bought Virat Kohli!

-You're a real wimp!

-Well, aren't you?

You guys still play 'Candy Crush'!
A grandma's game!

I'm at another level!

From next week,
I'll start playing 'God of War'!

'God of War'?

Can we download that
on a phone?

It can't be downloaded
on a phone!

It can only be played on PlayStation!
Very expensive!

Would it cost about five thousand rupees?

It costs thirty thousand!
My cousin has one!

I threw a tantrum by not eating
for two days.

So, my dad said he'd gift me one
for my birthday.

My birthday is next week.
Come over to my house and I'll show you!

Kamali! How are you, you rascal?
Where have you been?

I'm calling from Hello FM!

I'm sorry. When I heard your voice,
I mistook you for a friend of mine.

You're Vijayalakshmi, right?

You've been selected as the winner
of yesterday's World Tourism Day contest.

Please stay on the line.
RJ Anjali will speak to you.

For making us see the Haridwar
that you haven't, a gift awaits you!

I really love your voice!

May I call you 'Viji'?

Even Balu calls me like that!

Balu... is my husband.

That's so sweet.
Tell me about yourself, Viji.

I'm Vijayalakshmi, from Chrompet...
-You've already said that!

Tell us something more interesting.
Like your hobbies or special talents.

I can sing!

Wow! So please sing a song
for our listeners!

'O, my slim and svelte one!'

'O, fair and handsome one!'

There's still two more lines left!

'O, my naughty-smiled one!'

'Forgets you not,
this heart!'

That's beautiful, Viji!

I said there was a prize awaiting you.
Do you want to know what it is?

Please tell me.

Your prize is a clip-on pressure cooker,
presented by The Prestige Company!

To tell you the truth,
I don't want a pressure cooker.

I just bought one last week.

Could you give me a TV set, instead?

Hello? Hello?
"The line appears to be disconnected."

"We couldn't give the TV that she asked."

"But, we can definitely give a superb song
to her in its place!"

"The song she sang is coming your way!"

Did you say that you didn't want
the cooker?

Nothing like that!
What is its capacity?

I don't know that.

I see. Do you have any contest
where the prize is a TV set?

This is a radio station.
Not a Vivek and Co. showroom!

If you want the cooker,
come to our office at 11 AM tomorrow.

Where is it located?

What's wrong?

Plenty of problems at work.

Workers fight over everything!

Owners who don't care about anything!

I hate going to work!

The usual problems, right?

I can't handle it anymore.

Shall we do something, Viji?

Shall the two of us
start a business together?

An equal partnership?

The thing is,
a partnership...

...won't work for me.

I'll go have a bath.

I'm worried about Siddhu.

What? His constant gaming?
That'll be fine.

Not that.

How much longer...

...will he remain alone?

Doesn't he need
a little sister?

You know that one thing we do well
as a partnership...

Want a partnership?
Help me out in the kitchen!

"Partnership", he says!

Hold on!

Excuse me, ma'am.
Security asked for you.

He asked for me?

Yes, she's on her way!

Did you call me?

No, ma'am. I did not.

If you were to pay me today at least,
that would be spectacular.

Many complaints reached our head office
about the food you provide.

I can pay you
only after they clear this up.

What are you saying, ma'am?

At such inexpensive rates,
I provide such tasty food for you all!

Even yesterday, there was a new curry
with 'chapati'...

Like hell! You call that 'chapati'?

Folks at our office
use it as a mouse pad!

So you admit that my 'chapati'
has some use! Give me my cheque!

I have conjunctivitis!
Please give me my cheque!

You've come with an eye infection?

So would you give me my cheque
if I had heart pains?

My name is Vijayalakshmi.

Winner of the World Tourism Day

Hello! Just head straight.
There'll be a cabin on your right.

A man named Sathya is there. Go meet him.
-Thank You, ma'am.

It's okay if there's no cheque.
I'm fine with cash!

You're still here?
How many times must I tell you this?

Last week, without being told,
I provided chicken biryani for you!

You call that 'chicken biryani', huh?

It was like a chicken killed itself
inside tomato rice!

No, ma'am. It was murder!
Didn't you see the egg that was inside?

Know how well my mother cooks?

I could eat her lentil curry all day!

She'd make that much of it?
-Mocking me, are you?

Why must I mock you?
Please do this.

Corresponding to the complaints,
make deductions and pay me.

If that's the case,
you must pay us!

-You've received it?

Yes. I'd like to participate
in the "You can be an RJ, too" contest.

It's an interview. Not a contest.

Have you tried for it before?

No. But, I can do it. Could you please
give me an application form?

No applications necessary.
Just do this.

Go record your voice at home
and send it across. I'll forward it.

My phone is pretty old.

It won't record voices properly.
Could you please record it?

I can't do it right now.

How about this?
I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

I can't come over tomorrow.

I'm a little busy.

Would I not help you if I could?

What's wrong
with ladies helping each other?

Can I send my wife for this?
-She's still with you?

Thought she would've eloped by now!

Please call someone and ask them
for help with this.

Tell them I'm the winner
of the Tourism Day contest.

A contest winner is here.
She wants to speak to you.

Oh, really?
Alright then.

Like I said, she's busy.
She said she'll help out tomorrow.

You didn't ask her properly.

What do you mean?
I called her in your presence.

You didn't speak properly.

I did speak properly.
Didn't you hear it, Pandian?

You speak to everyone properly.
Except me...

You can't see her right away.

You could've said I won
the World Tourism Day contest.

Why are you getting so angry?

Did I say something wrong?

I've repeatedly said she's busy!
Why throw such tantrums?

What tantrum did I throw?

Nothing, ma'am.
That cheque...

What's wrong, Preethi?
-She wants to be an RJ.

So, she's making trouble
about auditioning right now!

I'm making trouble?

Why did you say such things?

Why not? I told you she was busy!
Why don't you get that?

Please let me speak.

Tell me.

I asked for an application form
for the RJ contest.

Didn't I say
there was no form for that?

She told me to send a voice recording.

My phone clarity is terrible.
I asked if I could record it now.

For that, she claims I'm making trouble!
-What else would I call it?

Tell me your name, ma'am.

Tourism Day contest winner...
-Viji? Haridwar?

'O, my slim and svelte one!'

I sung that song yesterday.

Your voice sounds even better
in person!

Now what?
You want to become an RJ?

Longtime dream, huh?

Just for the last ten minutes!

I can do it.

Give me a chance.

Look just like Lord Vishnu
with his holy discus!

I asked why you're late!

A protest against the inhumanity
going on in Syria!

You coming from Syria?

From Valluvarkottam.

As usual, the cops swooped in
and created a big problem!

You would've drunk all night
and gotten up late!

Still as irresponsible as you were
in college!

Relying upon you,
I'm planning a late night show.

I think about it
twenty four hours a day!

Even developed a concept!

Just wait. Our show will be a bigger hit
than Nila FM's late night show!

Yeah, right.
All sounds good to hear.

Shall I come later, Maria?

Come along.

Maria, this is Vijayalakshmi.
Winner of yesterday's Tourism Day contest.

I heard that, too!

I'm Maria. Head of this station.
Your singing was awesome yesterday!

Sorry we couldn't give you a TV set.
Hope you're happy with the cooker.

The thing is...

I badgered my husband
to buy this very cooker last week.

It's okay. I'll gift it to my elder sister
for her housewarming!

I have two sisters.
Rajalakshmi and Jayalakshmi. Twins.

I'm Vijayalakshmi.

The three of us...
-Very nice to meet you!

Keep listening to our station!
Hello FM...


There was a poster outside
which said "You can be an RJ, too."

I wish to try out for it.

You want to be an RJ?

Do you have any experience?

No, I don't.

But, anytime there's a function
in my colony, I announce it on the mic!

I gave the welcome speech
at last year's Pongal function.

Would you please give me a chance
to audition?

I've seen him before.

Oh, you definitely would have!

He's the legendary poet, radio jockey,
producer and warrior!

On Facebook?

Tell her your name yourself!


My pen name is 'Kumki'!

Kumbakarai Krishnamurthy!
I shortened it as 'Kumki'!

Good you weren't born in Mangalore.
Otherwise, you'd be 'Monki'!

Ridiculing me? Don't speak without knowing
what 'Kumki' means!

I came forth to tame wild elephants
that are drunk with power!

So you don't work here?

Under that name,
I've published three poetry books!

"Gelatin sticks within oysters!"

"Cyanide capsules
and mindful insects!"

"Trumpets of Elephants!"
Three of them!

Kumki is hilarious!

"Hilarious"? What is this, Maria?

He'll conduct your audition.

Have you ever auditioned before?

No, ma'am.

I can do it.

Shall we take a selfie, ma'am?

What do I do now?

Don't yell!

Read what's in this paper, into that mic.

Read what's in this paper, into that mic!

"To dazzle your nights..."

"To sweeten your solitude..."

"To pour out your personal problems..."

"Please speak to me!"

Oh my goodness!
What is this?

Know how hard I worked
to come up with these words?

Writing, a penance.
Words, are wishes!

How must they be said?

Like flowers that fall upon the earth
during spring!

Like a breeze that blows over a waterfall,
the words must flow!

You sound as if it's a political meeting
in the street! Do it again!

What did he say?

My God!
Read it again.

Do it.
-Give her a demonstration.

Listen carefully.

To dazzle your nights...

To sweeten your solitude...

To pour out your personal problems...

Please speak to me.

Got it?
Say it like that!

I see! I must speak
like husky-voiced 'Silk' Smitha, huh?

I can speak like Saroja Devi
very well, ma'am!


"At the altar of your true love..."

Oh no!

Speak in your regular voice.

Excuse me, ma'am.
We have a lot of work to do.

If you wish to do it, do it.
If not...

Look at me.
Say it like this.

In a sexy tone.

You know what 'sexy' means, right?

"To dazzle your nights..."

"To sweeten your solitude..."

"To pour out your personal problems..."

"Please speak to me."

Your voice sounds very sexy!
-I know!

Here is my card.

You called me, ma'am?

No, I didn't.

Is the owner around?

Who's on the phone?

I don't know. She sounds strange.
-Sounds strange?

I'm calling from Mithiram Colony.

Tell me!

House number G-4.
At the fifth floor.

I need a small favor.

Ask away!

I want a broomstick.

Just one?

Yes. Just one.

I'll send it over!

Can you deliver it yourself?

Please hurry.
I'm waiting!

I'm on my way!

Hey! Get a fresh broomstick!
-Yes, sir!

Come on over!

Here you go, sir.

Shall I go deliver it?
-I'll do it myself.

You mind your business.
Be right back.

What's up, Perumal?
You look like a bat-wielding Virat Kohli!

Nothing like that. Least I could do
for an old person who asked for this.

Why are you walking awkwardly?
-Joint pain!

If you kneel in the wrong places...
-See you later.

Oh my goodness!


You'll be back at five in the evening?

No. Floors.
Five floors!

There are only four floors here.

Do you want this?
-No need! Already got one.

Keep it!

Have stomach pain, sir.
Need to go to my hometown!

You just took time off last week
to go there!

That was for back pain, sir!

Tell me, Viji!

What is it?
Are you unwell?

Yes, sir.
My stomach hurts!

No, dear...

Why don't you go meet
Dr. Raghavan?

What I need...

...is Dr. Balu!

Only he knows my temperature...

...my pulse, my heartbeat...

He knows it all!

If Dr. Balu were to come
and gently touch my hand...

...all will be cured!

With just one touch?

They're calling you inside.

They want to see me.


You won't come here, huh?

I'm coming!
-Please hurry!

I'm waiting!

I'm on my way!

'Hey, naughty wife!'

'Come to me, O naughty wife!'

'Lit a fire within me, you did,
when you called me, baby!'

'Do not stand so cold,
when I come to you!'

'Were you the one
who actually spoke those words?'

'Were you the one
who set me afire in desire?'

'Were you the one
who heightened this intoxication?'

'Why were you the one
who deceived me so?'

'My work is ruined!'

'That is all because of you!'

'Turned on in broad daylight!'

'In an empty home!'

'Hey, naughty wife!'

'Come to me, O naughty wife!'

'Lit a fire within me, you did,
when you called me, baby!'

'Do not stand so cold,
when I come to you!'

'Sari-clad mannequins seem to smile at me!'

'How shall I tell the tale
of how I stood drooling at them?'

'I lie drenched in sweat,
with this sweet breeze swirling around!'

'My heart goes for a spin,
when your voice strikes my ears!

'Those silky and milky words
that spring from your lips...'

'...create all kinds of ruckus in me!'

'After calling for me,
oh so sexily and 'chic'sily...'

'...why assume this shy and coy disguise,
dear girl?'

'Am I but a naughty wife?'

'Am I but a naughty wife,
my sweetheart?'

'Was I the one who lit a fire within,
by calling you?'

'Why stare at me so, my dear?'

'Indeed, I am the one,
who spoke those words!'

'Indeed, I am the one,
who set you afire in desire!'

'Indeed, I am the one,
who heightened this intoxication!'

'Indeed, I am the one,
who is testing you!'

'Hey, naughty wife!'

'Come to me, O naughty wife!'

'Was I the one who lit a fire within,
by calling you?'

'Why stare at me so, my dear?'

I'll check who it is.

If you do it,
you'd just ramble on and on!

What are you doing here, Balu?

What brings you here at this hour,

You make it sound like I came
at midnight!

Welcome, aunty!
-Hello, Viji!

I made lentil curry powder.
New recipe!

Try it. If it's tasty,
we can add it to the product list, right?

Sure thing.
-Why bother, aunty...

I mean, you could be chill
with your husband's pension and rent money.

The pension and rent money you mentioned
are for sustenance. What about the heart?

Doing stuff like this
is what keeps me happy.

Also, when something you love
becomes your work, it's terrific.

It's not the case with everyone.

I must keep working.
Gotten so used to it!

If I remained stuck at home
after my husband passed away...

...would I have met folks like you?

That's all true. Just that showing up
with lentil curry powder at this hour...

...seems like a hassle.

No hassle for me at all!
Listen to me.

I need to discuss some new recipes
with Viji, right now.

So, don't barge in on us like a bear.

Give me some coffee, Viji.

A bear?

This is awesome, man!
-Tear him apart!

Beat the hell out of him!
-That is Kronos!

He's Kratos!
-What are you doing?

Destroy him!

Your death will not be a gentle one!

Just for one time,
let me have a go at this.

I can't give it, man.
This is very expensive.

If my dad sees it, he'll scold me.

He's showing off too much!
-We must buy one, too!

My dad will kick me
if I ask him for it.

No, buddy.
We must buy one, too.

"Neither 'later' nor 'tomorrow'
will ever come!"

"Do whatever your heart tells you
right away, right now, today!"

"Do not put it off
for anyone or anything!"

I've been in the industry for fifty years.
Annapurani papadums are famous!

This is Vijayalakshmi, ma'am...

I'm in a meeting.
I'll call you back.

I get it. As you asked for a popular tune
for your advertisement...

...we've picked the song
'Aaluma Doluma'.

No problem with that!

Anirudh is my distant relative!

Is that so?
Then it's all good!

Here are the lyrics.

"Aaluma Doluma, look at these papadums..."
-Sing it!

'Aaluma Doluma,
look at these papadums, my belle!'

'Annapurani papadums are the best!'

"To dazzle your nights..."

Said I was in a meeting, didn't I?
I'll call back!

Sounds good,
but the music seems a little flat.

You must ask Anirudh about that!

After the first line "Appilithi Peeruma"...
-What? "Appilithi Peeruma"?

Four counts.
I'll create some magic.

You'll pull a rabbit out of a hat, eh?

'Aaluma Doluma,
look at these papadums, my belle!'

'Annapurani papadums are the best!'

Feels like a spark in the dark!

A small request.
'Crunchy crunchy Annapurani papadums'!

This is our tagline!

It would be awesome only when
'crunchy crunchy' is included!

"Crunchy crunchy papadums..."

It's not syncing well
with our lyric meter.

Try it! A papadum is delicious
only when it is crunchy, right?

'Aaluma Doluma,
look at these papadums, my belle!'

'Crunchy crunchy Annapurani is the best!'

The word 'papadum' is missing!

A crow took it away!

A crow took away the papadum,
you sap!

What a great lyricist I am!
You want me to write songs for papadums?

He looks like a soft papadum himself!
Want it crunchy, eh?

Rub oil in your stomach
and lie in the terrace! You'll get crunchy!

Down the drain I may go
writing about my impoverished friends...

...but I will not write about
this imbecile's papadums!

My pen will not dance
to the tunes of your money!

For it is not ink, that swirls in my pen.

It is the blood of truth!

This is your job, Krishna!

Even a dog can do this job!

The rest of my days
will be for a greater cause!

O bonsai primates!
Hear my new commandments!

Do not back down!
Get angry!

There is nothing to lose!
Strike down like a spear!

Shut up!

I am a wild animal!

You cannot tame me!
I'm leaving!

Raw mango paste.
Anything else?

Ah, yes. Citron!

Where's Lalitha?
-I don't know.

Her mother-in-law is unwell.

She's praying to Lord Mari
as to when that old lady would bite it!

Stop talking like that!

Ask her yourself
if you don't believe me!

Where is Mr. Varadarajan?

Why should I care where he is?
Give me my items!

"Vathakuzhambu", right?
Here it is.

"Vathakuzhambu" mix.
Care to try it?

Think you can place it
on my scooter?

It's just a bottle!
She didn't keep a bomb in your scooter!

Mind your own business!

I've applied for a bank loan of 350 crores!
Once it comes, I'll mind my business!

Even a donkey won't laugh for this!

If you can't laugh,
just admit it and get lost!

What the hell are you saying?
-Why the hell are you staying here?

Buy some land in the Amazon rainforest
and live there!

You don't need to say where I must stay!

Am I supposed to get
Sage Kripananda Warrier to say it?

Please be quiet!

It was wrong of me
to keep it over here. I'm very sorry.

Today, a 'vathakuzhambu' bottle.
Tomorrow, the stove you made it on!

And I should just let it pass?

One must act their age!

Him and his damn head!
It has neither hair nor brains!

We have met once before.
-Is that so?

You accompanied me,
when I went to get my driver's license.

Oh, right!
I knew you seemed familiar!

You were a young kid back then.
What do you do now?

Do one thing.

Get me the sales reports,
the client list...

...and the outstanding account report,
right away.

I'll have it ready...
-I need it in an hour.

No, Sandeep. That's...

No, sir. That's... a huge task.
It can't be finished in an hour.

It'll take two days.
-What? Two days?

I don't have that much time.

You know what?
I really, really love filter coffee.

But, I only drink instant coffee.

Because everything must happen quickly!

So go and get the records,
as soon as possible!

Also, be sure to update yourself, Balu.

If not, you won't be able
to travel with me...

...and will remain still in one place.

Also, this room isn't suitable for me.
I'll use your cabin.

Take a table at admin...
-No space there.

Make the space!
Go and vacate your cabin!

Get going!

Show me your school handbook!
Haven't seen it in days!

I left it at school!

You always say that!
I'll come to school tomorrow!

I know how to deceive, too!

He spoke neither to customer care
nor us today, mom!

You know you can't handle it, right?
So why drink?

Sorry, Viji.

I didn't feel so good.
That damn kid!

Now, he is my boss.
Bigg Boss, even!

I helped him get his license.
Now, he's driving me crazy!

He asked me to vacate my cabin,

He's a mushroom
that sprouted in yesterday's rain.

Just a 'mushroom manchurian'!

How much have I slogged
for this company?

Would I have taken a single day off?


Go sleep.
We'll talk in the morning.

Lie down.
-It isn't morning now, huh?

I bathed, right?
Hence thought it was morning.

We'll buy taxi cabs!

Five of them!

Alright. Now sleep!
-I'll drive all five of them!

But, I'll never give that brat Sandeep
a ride!

Maybe I'll give the old man one.

"Vijayalakshmi Travels."

Welcome! We have a ladies section.
Want to see?

I came after seeing this job advert.

You've come for the receptionist job?

Have you worked anywhere before this?

No. But, I can do it.

You're pregnant, huh?

'Aaluma Doluma,
look at these papadums, my belle!'

'Annapurani alone signifies
crunchy crunchy papadums!'

Why are you here?

Why else, Maria?
Office. Job.

This godforsaken job?

Still haven't forgotten
yesterday's outburst, huh?

I forgot it then and there!
Best to forget what not good right away.

I even corrected that papadum song.
Sang it on the way here.

Say it aloud!

You screamed so much yesterday!
Do it again right now!

So that everyone can hear you!

What was that?
"Even a dog can do this job!"

You're suited only for dreaming!

In terms of work, you're nothing!

Remember your situation
when you came to me for a job?

I gave you this job
because you were a friend!

What did you do? You embarrassed me
and made me look like an idiot!

As a poet, I got a little emotional.

Then, I thought about it.

The same Kannadasan who wrote
trivial lines, wrote deep philosophy!

Remain a poet!
Write poems in books that no one reads!

Then post an angry status on Facebook
that no one reads, too!

Get out of here!

If I want to,
I can create ten people like you!

Remember that sari-clad woman
with the cooker, yesterday?

I can even train her!

If I talk to the owner,
he'll give his nod.

Is he the owner?

You can start work tomorrow!

But, you mustn't wear saris.
Only wear tracksuits.

Come over here.

A lot of men come to this gym.

Therefore, if you wear a sari like this,
they'll keep ogling at you.

You wear tracksuits, don't you?

Like Amala in 'Agni Natchathiram'? Sure!

She had the desire to succeed!

Look at this!

So many missed calls and text messages
all saying that she could do this!

A sari-clad aunty!

Don't think this job is a cakewalk.

Handling ladies
is a very difficult task!

Rather than working out,
they'll keep chatting away!

Then, they'll complain to us
that they their hips didn't lose weight!

Just a minute.

Viji, this is Maria speaking.
From Hello FM.

Yes, ma'am?
-Where are you now?

I'm at... the gym right now.

What you spoke in the audition
that day...

Can you speak those lines once again?

Right now?

"To dazzle your nights..."

"To sweeten your solitude..."

"To pour out your personal problems..."

"Please speak to me!"

Can you come over to the studio
right away?

Yes, ma'am!

In order to find out what type of problems
will be discussed...

...on a late night show,
we conducted a survey with our listeners.

This is one such call.
Play it, Krishna.

Listen carefully, Viji.

My name is Anthony.

I work as an engine driver
at the Railways.

Get a good salary.
And a lot of perks.

Family is well, too.

But, I'm not happy.

I can't even remember the last time
I slept peacefully.

The conscience of a man who killed many,
won't let him sleep, right?

That's the case with me.

In the past ten years,
I have witnessed around fifty suicides.

Even last week,
when crossing the Andhra Pradesh border...

...a man suddenly came on to the track.

As I watched...

...he uttered one last prayer
and laid down on the track.

I couldn't do anything about it.

Watching all of this...

...makes me feel partly responsible
for these deaths, too.

When I come home
and close my eyes...

...these deaths are all I see.

I can't even act normally
around my wife.

I don't know how to make her understand
my problem.

The thought of going to work,
frightens me.

I... love travelling by train.

Instead of sleeping,
I'd stare out the window, all night long.

for the folks up front at the engine...

I never once considered
that they face this kind of problem.

So, if you were to talk to this caller
as an RJ, how would you speak to him?


As an RJ?

Show her how it's done, Krishna.

Watch carefully.

No laughing!

His words are still stuck
in my heart.

Even if you tell me to laugh,
I can't do it.

Why do you think you're all alone
in that engine room?

I'm right next to you!
It's just us in there!

Leaning upon one another...

...we watch the moon outside.

Good grief!

What's wrong?

Is this how to speak?

This is a late night show!
This is how it has to be done!

He's talking about
such a serious problem!

Is this how we respond to him?
-How else do we do it?

Alright. Show us how you would respond
to something like this.

What is this, Maria?
-It's okay. Let her try.

I understand your situation.

So far, you've only seen
the deaths of fifty people.

But, you're not responsible for it.

They decided to end their lives.

But, those who wish to live their lives...

Those who seek out new careers...

Those who visit their families...

Those who are newly wed
and go on their honeymoon...

With so many dreams,
how many such people travel in your train?

In these ten years...

How many lakhs of people...

...would you have safely taken
to their destination?

After travelling long distances...

When they reach
their destination...

Without even realizing it...

...their heart feels content.

They break into a smile.

That is the thanks
they're telling you.

Think only about that
when you go home.

Your heart will feel joy.

Also, for those who travel alone
like you...

...there's someone in town for you.


Listen to his songs as you travel.
All will be well.

'This is the time for silence.'

'What could be the burden
in the young heart?'

'Melodies fill the heart...'

'Silence fill the lips...'

'Why is it so?'

'Ask away!'

Want to become a RJ?

From tomorrow, for the next ten days,
you must come for training. Can you?

This is a late night show.
So, you must come at 10 PM. Is that okay?

But, ma'am...

I didn't even complete school...

Is that okay?

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

'Here she comes!'
-Hi! I'm Vijayalakshmi!

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'
-I'm an RJ!

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

What's wrong, Balu?
As if you've never seen the sea before!

Did you agree to do it?

You could've asked me about it!

How many times did I call?
You didn't answer the phone!

So? You could've said you'd decide
after consulting at home.

I don't know. The joy of landing a job,
made me say 'yes' to it.

What's wrong, Balu?
Did you not say...

...that I could go for a job
after Siddhu grew up?

I did!
But, would the job timing work for us?

Why not?
I need to go there only at 10:00 PM.

Maximum two hours of work.
I'd go only after Siddhu sleeps.

It's the kind of work I like.

Salary would be 25,000 rupees
at minimum.

25,000 rupees?

Think they're playing a prank on you.

Having slogged for 12 hours
for so many years...

So I mustn't go to work, right?

I need to go home and cook.
Let's go.

You'll play with the phone
even at the beach?

Come along!

Said I wasn't going, right?

What did I do...

You're taking out your anger at me
on this bed, right?

This isn't fair.
Even you're angry at me.

I'm not even qualified to be angry!

One must pass junior college for it!

You're twisting up stuff
and talking!

Here's the thing.
Have a seat.

I'm not telling you not to go to work.

You can most definitely go for it.


What I'm getting at,
is you go for the first ten days.

See if it suits you.
Until then, don't tell anyone about it.

Am I working as a night club dancer?

Not that, Viji.
It's a new job, at very odd hours.

The work culture
will be entirely different.

It's for your own good.

Alright... but, must I keep this a secret
even from my elder sisters?

Especially them!

They're a bigger network
than Hello FM!

Listen. Don't agree with me right now,
only to blurt this out to everyone!

No way! Women always blurt out
the secrets of others.

Their own secrets
never see the light of day.

That's true.
We've talked everything out.

No more anger.

Also... we've changed the bedsheets.

Mustn't we celebrate?
I'll go bathe!

Everything's fine, ma'am.
Just one thing...

Late night job.
Her safety...

We'll pick her up every night.
Once the show's done, we'll drop her home.

So, there's no problem with that.
She's completely safe.

You mentioned wanting to ask
about salary, right?

You haven't discussed salary yet?

The starting salary
will be 30,000 rupees.

You're fine, right?

I meant about that salary.

Also, there's one more important thing.

In shows like these,
we don't use the real names of the RJs.

Therefore, in this show,
your name will be...


"Chat with Madhu!"

'What else would you bestow upon me?'

'What else could you bestow,
my little world, I ask you!'

'What more would you shower upon me?'

'In the splash of the red sky,
I fly!'

'An opportunity, I received,
to shape my life!'

'To fly away from my nest,
into the deep sky!'

'An opportunity, I received,
to shape my life!'

'To fly away from my nest,
into the deep sky!'

'A bird that has sprouted wings,
I have become!'

'Here on in,
I am the language of the wind!'

'A different person, I am!'

'I'm not her anymore!
Brand new, I am!'

'A different person, I am!'

'I'm not her anymore!
Someone else totally!'

'Being one with the wind,
I swoop in!'

'Even that you keep locked,
I shall open!'

'Without even looking into your eyes,
I shall mesmerize you!'

'From afar, I shall guide you!'

'Your heart is mine,
in the interval between two songs!'

'The secrets you keep locked away,
now belong to me!'

'I enter your ears,
down the streets, when you go!'

'Sprinkling as sweet as honey,
through the radio, I shall flow!'

'What else would you bestow upon me?'

'What else could you bestow,
my little world, I ask you!'

'What more would you shower upon me?'

'In the splash of the red sky,
I fly!'

'An opportunity, I received,
to shape my life!'

'To fly away from my nest,
into the deep sky!'

'A bird that has sprouted wings,
I have become!'

'Here on in,
I am the language of the wind!'

'A different person, I am!'

'I'm not her anymore!
Brand new, I am!'

'A different person, I am!'

'I'm not her anymore!
Someone else totally!'

Today's highlight is the 'Mysore pak' sweet
that you brought.

We're staying here tonight.
Why don't you join us?

No, sis.
I can't do it.

Stop showing off! How long has it been
since we spent time together?

Am I right, Balu?

Aunts! Don't you know?
-Know what?

Mom starts her job today!

Today's her first day!

A job?

At Hello FM!
-You never told us about this!

The thing is...
-She just got the offer.

Once it was confirmed,
we were going to tell you all about it.

What kind of job?
-Radio Jockey!

Like Anjali?
-Anjali's a friend of mine, too!

Hear that?
RJ Anjali is her friend, it seems!

Don't take those!

Do they know
that you did not even complete school?

Once you get there,
wash your face and get ready.

Like you usually do, don't go to bed at 10.
-I won't!

Yeah, right!
You fell asleep at 10 on our wedding night!

-Come along!

Go to bed
without playing games on the phone!

I'm feeling sleepy right now, mom.
You get going!

"Dosas" in the hot pack.

And chutney is beside it. Chilli powder
in the kitchen. Taj Mahal in Agra!

You've told me everything.
Now go!

Bye, mom!

All the best, Viji!
-Same to you!

Shall I come along?

Don't be afraid, sir.
I'll drop her back safely.

I've got pepper spray in the car!

Pepper spray?

As a side dish for 'idiyappam'!
Get going!

Heading to work for the first time, ma'am?

What is your name?

How'd you end up in this job?
I'm curious.

Oh, that! At first, my husband bought a car
and drove around with it.

Then, he bought another.

The driver didn't seem to work out.

So, I said I'd drive it.

At first, he didn't believe it.
Then, he went along with it.

So, I started driving.
Life's been going pretty well since then.

Nothing much. Been 15 minutes
since I sprinkled tea powder in milk.

It hasn't gotten color, yet.

That's why I called.

Where was the tea powder?

The tea powder...

...was in the box
with the yellow lid!

That's mustard!

Figured! It has neither gotten color
nor did it exude odor.

It's in a red lid box on the same shelf.
-Got it.

My husband's just like that.

He can't tell garlic apart from gourd!

Good night, ma'am!
-Welcome, RJ Madhu!

Had dinner?
-No. Doing that now!

If I had eaten earlier, I'd fall asleep.
So, I'll eat right now.

Ragi 'dosa' with coconut chutney.
Want a taste?

-I know!

Try some of this!

No, thank you.

The thing is...
Back in my hometown, my mom..

...would make ragi 'kazhi'
and country chicken curry.

All of Kumbakarai would feel fragrant!
City cooking can't exude that odor!

Time's short. Eat quickly.
We have a show to do.

Who's on the line?

My name is Raghavan.
-Tell me, Raghavan.

I'm 36 years old, Madhu.
Haven't gotten married, yet.

For about twelve years, I've worked
in a shop that sells women's undergarments.

My problem is...
-Tell me.

I can't look any woman in the eye
when I speak to them.

Anytime I see a woman,
my eyes go straight to their...

The thing is...
do you get what I'm saying, Madhu?

I understand completely.

That's just it, Madhu.
Anything that I look at...

...reminds me of a woman's...

For example: An 'idly' (rice cake)
An apple. An orange.

A football!
The moon!

Anything I see!

Even now, there's a car next to me.

Even its headlights
remind me of them!

So does its windshield wipers!

Wait a second.

I understand why it is the case
with 'idlies', apples and oranges.

But, how would it
with car wipers?

I don't understand the connection.

Simple, Madhu. There's one on the left.
Another on the right.

Anytime I look at someone...

...I wonder what size they are!

My thoughts go in that direction!

Even if I met you in person,
I can't look at your face when we speak.

Plenty of men
have your problem.

Here's what you do.

Keep looking at people
in the way that you usually do.

Look even harder!

What, Madhu? This is a problem
by itself! And you say this?

Look even harder.

Behind it,
is that woman's heart.

Look at it.

If you see a woman selling flowers
in the street...

...question why she's doing so
in the hot sun.

If you see a woman going to work
in a bus, wonder why she's working.

If she doesn't go to work...

...wonder what would happen to her
and her family.

Look at every woman who visits your store
in the same way!

If a 'parota' shop guy looks at the moon,
it would look like a 'parota' to him!

To a guy who wishes to go the moon,
even a 'parota' would resemble the moon!

So, the eyes are alike.

But, sight?
Entirely different.

If you start looking like this...

...within a few days,
anytime you see a woman...

...you'll look at two other things
when you talk to them.

Their eyes.

Wow, Madhu!
You make it sound so simple!

Problems are always difficult.

Their solutions?
Always simple.

I don't know if my problem
will be solved.

But, speaking with you
lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

Gives me a lot of faith!

I'll definitely try what you suggested.

If I'm cured, I'll meet you in person
and look into your eyes and speak!

My name...

...is Mahesh Babu!

I have a problem.
-Tell me all about it.

My problem is my beauty!

Even in broad daylight,
I can't walk down streets!

Every girl I come across
keeps ogling at me!

Feel like asking them
if they have never seen a man before!

But before I can,
they'd ride away on a bike with some guy!

My friends told me this, Madhu!

In a certain angle,
I resemble Aamir Khan, they say!

And that in another angle,
I resemble Arvind Swami!

So... is this your problem, right now?

No! This isn't my problem!

I'm in love with a girl.

Have been so for ten years!

Who is that lucky girl?

I can't answer your quick-fire questions!
I will say this at my pace only! Listen!

As in the Chembarambakkam dam,
I held my love within me for ten years!

Just as I was about to let the water flow
out of the dam...

...she ignored me and left.
-What happened?

The lake dried up!
Just listen to what I say!

She doesn't speak to me anymore.

But, my love is true!
One day, sooner or later...

...she will understand my love!

However long it takes,
I will wait for her!

Why did you conceal your feelings from her
for so many years?

She had a goal.

To ensure my love
won't be an obstacle to her goal...

...I locked up my love...

...and tossed the key far away!

What was her goal?

She wanted to be a leading actress!

She is one right now, just as she wished.
And she tossed me aside, too.

Guess what her new name is?

Deepika Padukone!

Which Deepika Padukone do you mean?

How many of them do you know?

For there is only one 'Baasha'.
And there is only one Deepika!

She is my sweetheart!

It's okay if she changed her name,

She changed her mind, too!

That's what I cannot get over.

My friends would often scold me.

Over why I keep crawling after a girl
who doesn't respect me in the least!

What they're saying is true, isn't it?

What is true about it?

What the hell is true?

They're talking out of jealousy!
And you're taking their side?

Is love but a fever
which often comes and goes?

It's like a cancer which comes but once
and never leaves!

I understand your problem.

But, you can't compel someone
to love you.

For your beauty...

...and your good heart...

...there must be a girl
who's born just for you!

You make it sound so simple, Madhu!

Now listen to me.

With 'Kolam rice powder',
one can only make decorative rangolis.

You can't cook 'dosas' with them!
That's why...


Please don't talk like that!

Think I'm a lunatic?

You don't have to tell me
what I think!

Just tell me your problem.

What more is there to say?
I already said it.

Very well, then.

Just play one song for me.
That will do.

Which song is it?

"Come forth, my beau..."

"...to the banana grove..."

"...and play volleyball with me!
Come on!"

Please play that song for me!

Did you hear the show, sir?
She rocked it!

Your 'Helloooo' is amazing.
See you tomorrow!

Did you hear the show, Balu?
-Let's talk inside.

What is it, Balu?
You haven't said anything!

What is this? Random guys call
and talk all kinds of things!

How did I talk?
Tell me that.

If women were to speak to me like that,
would you stay quiet?

Depends on how you respond to them!

My friends at the office...

...will ridicule me.

Is Madhu the name of your wife?

That's true.
Others don't know who you are.

But, I do.

Is this the type of calls you'd get?

Working women always have to deal with
some mischief.

You're just hearing it live on the air.
That's it.

What would Siddhu think
if he heard it?

This show isn't meant for him.

It's enough if you don't say anything!

We're adults.
Have you forgotten that?

Haven't finished, yet?
Hurry up!

This damn thing!

I'm sorry. I slept pretty hard.

It's alright.

What did you two eat?
-Bread and a pot of jam.

What about lunch?

Gave Siddhu some cash
so he'd eat at the canteen.

What about you?

Lot of houses around.
I'll beg for food from them and eat!

Why speak like this, Balu?

Why interrogate me like this?
I'm very busy. Call you back later!

What is this, dear?

Do women at home
get no holidays?

Cook 'vadais' for Diwali.
Make 'pongal' for Pongal!

Just happened to sleep in
on one day!

Was that wrong?

You're saying 'yes'?

You won't understand!

In the next life, you must be born
as a women, and I must be a pigeon!

Then, you'll get it!

Chow down!

Don't complain that I didn't feed you
on time, too!

Allow us to play, too!

Those are really difficult games!

Saw Kronos, didn't you?

Wimps like you can't hit him!

If you don't want to give it, just say so.
Don't call me a wimp!

You really are a wimp!
What else must I call you?

If I had a PlayStation,
I'd play on it, too!

Only if you had one, right?
Your dad won't even buy you a mobile!

How would he buy a PlayStation?

See that? 'God of War'!
The latest version!

You guys are suited to only play
'Angry Birds' and 'Temple Run'! Wimps!

What's happening here?
-Ma'am, he did...

We heard your show last night!

How was it?

What kind of show is it?
Dirty from the start! Headlights! Wipers!

That guy really has a big problem, sis.

Did you become an RJ
to speak lewdly like this?


I spoke correctly!
-Balu told us everything!

That you've been repeatedly
saying this thing!

Just that they called this morning...

I told them what you said.

Why glare at him?
He just said what you said!

No, I...

You spoke correctly.

But, none of your callers did!

Why not? Does everyone in your office
speak respectfully?

Didn't you complain that an auditor
spoke lewdly?

I didn't give my number
and ask them to speak lewdly!

It's not my number they're calling in to.
Nor is it my name on the show!

Why do a job
that you can't openly talk about?

Why do you look at everything
so negatively?

This is just acting!
-It won't work for us!

Our family has a certain reputation!

What did I do wrong?

They gave life to someone
who came to pick up a cooker.

Can I not live it?

Is this the only job in the world?

Is there no respectable job
between decent hours?

What era are you in?

Do you know who picks me up
and drops me home?

A woman!

An airhostess next door!

She travels the world
and returns home after hours!

How about Saroja aunty?

She can sit doing nothing if she wanted to!

But, doesn't she work hard
at all times to keep herself content?

Or hell, don't you go out of town
for bank audits?

We do respectable jobs!
We don't talk to lowlifes!

Try talking to you, and you won't shut up!
-You can't walk away like this!

Why walk away mid-conversation?

Are you on their side or mine?

Where are you heading now?

It's time, Balu.
Cab's almost here.

"Chapatis" are in the hot pack.
Siddhu's asleep.

They're talking to you!
-Hey, Viji!

After all we said,
if you still want that job, go ahead.

If there's any problem tomorrow,
you'll crawl back to us!

I sure will!
Aren't you my family?

Where else would I go?

Hello? Madhu?
-Tell me.

Won't you ask me
what problem I have?

What is your problem?

You are!

Since I heard your voice,
I can't fall asleep!

Don't misunderstand me
as I'm talking drunk!

You said I could talk
with 'Madhu' (booze).

Hence, I'm doing just that.

Your voice itself is so stimulating.

I keep imagining that you look even hotter
in person!

The thought of you
makes me want to do so many things!

Same here.
Upon hearing your voice...

...I too, wish to do many things!


But, Animal Welfare won't permit it!

You've had a lot to drink.

Reach home safely.

And if a garbage truck comes your way...


If not, they'll rake you up
and toss you in!

It's been eighteen years!

Since eating 'kazhi'?

Since I cried.

'You, on your sky...'

'...with a moon, just for you!'

'You, on your path...'

'...with a breeze, just for you!'

'Me, in my drizzle...'

'...with my sheltered silences.'

'Me, in our nest...'

'...with songs,
the solace to my loneliness!'

'Hiding behind that smile of yours,
stands the sadness of many.'

'A rain, you became,
to many an unknown heart...'

'...but, why did you forget my thirst
and fade away?'

'Go, my love...'

'Forgetting me, chasing your dreams…'

'Go, my love...'

'Adorning new wings,
shrugging your burdens...'

'Go, my love...'

'Forgetting me, chasing your dreams…'

'Go, my love...'

'Adorning new wings,
shrugging your burdens...'

'Go, my love...'

Hello, Madhu?
Do you recognize my voice?

Mahesh Babu?

Awesome, Madhu!

See that?
Only once, have I spoken to you.

And you remember it perfectly!

I've spoken to her many times!

But, she forgot me!

Still haven't forgotten her?

Neither will I forget her,
nor will I think about her again!

All my friends said that she was in love
with another guy.

But, I didn't believe that.

But last week, I saw them on Facebook...

…sporting turbans and joyfully eating
'chapatis' in some temple in the north!

Like a bridge constructed
by a corrupt politician...

...my heart broke into pieces!

That's when I remembered what you told me.
-What was that?

"Let your love fly away like a butterfly!"

"If it returns to you,
it's yours!"

"If not, forget it!",
you said!

Did I say that?

Weren't you the one who told me...

...that you can't compel someone
to love you? Think hard!

I just gave it a poetic touch!

Then, I sat by myself for a while
and thought about it.

Made a decision, too!

I have bulldozed the temple
that I built within my heart!

Thank you very much, Madhu!

You've made the right decision!

But, if you wait patiently...

...you will find the girl
who was born for you, like I said!

She is born, indeed!

I've seen her, too!

Who is she?

Her name...

...is Keerthy Suresh!

She avoided me
because she was an actress, right?

So, I'm going to infuriate her
by marrying another actress!

Keerthy Suresh is the one meant for me!

First, I'm going to take out Suresh!

Oh no!

Nothing to worry, dear.

I'm going to remove 'Suresh' from her name
and add mine to it!

Do you think this is possible?

Can I tell you one thing, Madhu?

When Alexander stated his wish
to conquer the world...

...his cackling uncle
couldn't stop laughing!

Didn't Alexander succeed?

In that same manner,
I will succeed in love, as well as life!

As soon as I do, I will call you!

But, before I do, play a song
from the film 'Rajini Murugan'...

'I have my eyes on you!
You're meant to be my wife!'

Can you please play that song for me?

Least he's just blabbering on the phone.

Nowadays, folks blabber
even at press meets!

Careful, dad!

Here you go, ma'am!
So careless!

You called for me, sir?

An important task, Balu.
-Tell me, sir.

Our family is shifting over
to a new house.

Plumbing and pest control
is going on over there.

It needs to be supervised.
-I'll send over an office boy.

An office boy? He doesn't know anything.
You go and take care of it.


I have work to do here.
Need to make some payments.

I'll handle it. Give me that cheque book
and please leave immediately!

I'm sending someone right now.

He'll be there in about thirty minutes.

Why aren't you home, yet?
What are you doing?

I'm cleaning out a sewer!

What? Stop kidding around!
It's almost time for me to leave!

Can you take the night off?
I have a critical task right now.

Oh no! I can't do that!
A celebrity's coming to the studio today!


He's a special guest on my show.
I'm running late!

Alright. Get going.
-"Get going"?

What about Siddhu?

What do I do with him?

Sell him off on OLX!

Come along!

This is RJ 'Madhu' Vijayalakshmi.
The star of our show.

Sorry I'm late.

"Late"? You're the first person
to ever use that line on me!

I've been listening to your show.

I thought it was a husky voice.
Turns out it's a whisky voice!

Just kidding.
-This is my son, Siddhu.

How old are you?
-I'm eleven.

You're older than me?

He's a big fan of yours.

You may be my fan,
but I'm your mother's fan.

Go ahead.
What's your name?

My name is Neelakandan.

Actor Simbu is part of tonight's show.

Would you like to speak to him?

No, thank you.

I wish to speak to you.

Tell me.

I listen to your show every day.

I used to listen to it
just for the songs.

Now, I listen to it
just for you.

My wife's name...

...is Madhuravalli.

I used to call her 'Madhu'.

Is she next to you right now?


It's been two years
since she passed away.

Since she's been gone...

...I became a different man.

I have become a bitter person.

If anyone were to chat with me
in a jovial and friendly manner...

...I began to hate that.

The thing is...

As my Madhu parted so suddenly...

...I've been angry at her.

I think I'm taking out that anger
on everyone else.

Here's the reason why I called you.

Anytime I listen to your show...

...I feel like my Madhu
is still by my side.

She's just like you, too.

A great conversationalist.

Smiles beautifully.

Sings like a dream.

The two of us
would even sing together.

How does your Madhu
affectionately call you?

She didn't call me by name.

But, when the two of us
are alone together...

...she'd call me 'Neelu'.

What kind of songs
do the two of you sing together?

Mostly old songs.

Specifically, one song.

I don't know
if you know of it.

Tell me, Neelu.

"Where goes the river..."

'Where goes the river?'

Sing along, Neelu!

'Where goes the river?'

'In search of the sea!'

'Where goes the day?'

'In search of the night!'

'Where goes the moon?'

'In search of a flower!'

'Where go the memories?'

'In search of love!'

Your Madhu hasn't gone anywhere.

She's still by your side.

As she always wanted...

...always be happy and smiling...

...and friendly to others.

If you were to do so,
your Madhu would be happy, too.

Therefore, starting tomorrow,
you must be what she wanted you to be.

Anytime you ever want
to speak to your Madhu...

...just call me.

We'll talk and sing!

When we have it rough...

...it is said that God sends someone
to help us.

At this moment, I think he sent you.

the folks we loved dearly...

...block us out and go about their lives
after a break up.

Even that can be handled.

But, when there's no one around
to share our grief?

That is the worst thing imaginable
in life.

I've experienced it many times.

Do you know the most commonly used word
in this world?


But, the way you say it?


My autograph?
-Please! Yours indeed!

'Where goes the river?
In search of the sea!'

'Where goes the day?
In search of the night!'

What? Doesn't it sound good?
No applause?

Give me your autograph!
Don't forget it.

Dad! Dad!
-The septic tank has been opened!

Wash basin taps have been changed!


He's awesome in person, dad!

Spoke very jovially, too.

So your mom took a picture with him, too?

No! He took a picture with mom
and got an autograph from her!

Awesome, Viji!
Keep it as your screensaver!

Why? I've kept the picture of my hero
as my screensaver!

Right now, I'm a comedian!

I've kept a glass of milk in your room.
Drink it and sleep.

Are you angry because of this photo?

I'm not angry at all.

If you talk like this once more,
I'll get really angry!

Think I'll go shopping
after this meeting.

Your husband didn't come, Padma?
-Still asleep!

He's gotten old, right?
It's a little hard, yes.

It's just an association meeting, Vadivu.
You seem dressed for a royal wedding!

And that huge dot on your head?
Trying to be a 'Kunnakodi' lookalike?

Quiet! When do I ever get to wear these?
-That's true!

Hello, Viji! Did Balu not come?
-He'll join in a little later.

We can get going.
-Alright then.

Oh no!
The Scrooge is here!

Don't be alarmed!
I didn't come here to pick a fight!

In fact,
I came here to seek your forgiveness.

Picking fights for so long
over such minor issues...

...I've really hurt all of you.

I sincerely apologize to you all for that.

Give me your hand!

Why do you all look so dumbstruck?

I understand.

But, I really meant what I said.

Last night...

...a miracle happened.

It made me a new man.

You're all going
to the association meeting, right?

I'll join you in another ten minutes,

'Where goes the river?
In search of the sea!'

Look at this, Sarathy!
Everything is wrong with it!

I'll look into it...
-As if!

Why didn't you deal with...

Read this!

Read it!

"We have received the email regarding..."

"We regret to inform you..."

..."that we will be terminating
our contract with your company!"

Twenty five lakhs worth of business!

Know how many zeroes it has?

Let's go inside and talk, sir.

Would you lose respect if we do it here?

No, sir.
You personally dealt with that client.

Regarding that proposal, I...
-So it's my fault, huh?

You didn't do your job properly
and are pointing fingers at me?

Is this what you did
for twelve years?

Why are you glaring, Balu?

Eyes down!

I need to ask you something.
-What is it?

Just that, if I had anchored this show,
I'd have fed plenty of beasts.

But, you bring out the child in everyone.

You changed the face of the show.
How, Viji?

I just speak from the heart.

I don't know what to say.

My sister often asked me this.

About how only the 'puris' I make
are puffy.

How would you respond?

I'd say I have no idea.

But, when I cook 'puris',
it will puffy, for sure!

Shall we begin?

Who's on the line?

No need for names.

I'm calling from Chromepet.

My problem is...

...that there's no one here
to ask what my problem is.

Myself. My wife.
Our only son.

My world is very small.
But, it is very beautiful.

Not a day went by
when I didn't laugh.

We'd all eat dinner together.

After that, she and I
would talk for an hour.

Once she starts talking,
she won't stop.

And I'd listen to it, tirelessly.

The biggest boon I received
in my life...

...are those times.

Now, it's been so long
since we laughed together!

She started going to work.

That too, at night.

When I return home from work...

...she'd be getting ready
to leave for her job.

And I'd be asleep,
by the time she's back home.

She loves that job.

She's happy.

I have several problems.

Why do I go to work?

Why am I chewed out
by random people?

What am I chasing after?

So many questions!

I can't even talk to her about it.

So, I'm expressing this
through your show.

I can understand your problem...

You don't have to say anything.

Listening will suffice.

And after that...

There's a song that both of us sing.

If you could play it...

...I'll be very happy.

What song is it?

"Last night... My goodness!"

To others,
it's an item song.

But, to us...

Play it.
She'll understand.


The Vikatan awards have named your show
as the Best Radio Show!

It's only been a month
since this show began.

Such a huge reach acquired so quickly!
Such a huge award!

'My mother's 'jimikki' earrings,
were stolen by my father!'

'My father's brandy bottle,
was drunk in full by my mother!'

'When shoals of fish
and the dance of warriors came as one...'

'...someone forgot
how they were put down by shame!'

'Do not reel off to the angry sea wind!'

'You brave commander of the 'Moral' army!'

'My mother's 'jimikki' earrings,
were stolen by my father!'

'My father's brandy bottle,
was drunk in full by my mother!'

'My mother's 'jimikki' earrings,
were stolen by my father!'

'My father's brandy bottle,
was drunk in full by my mother!'

'When a prawn jumps,
it might reach the knee first!'

'When it jumps again,
the cooking pan, it shall hit!'

'Do not ridicule us!'

'Do not play your tricks on us!'

'Gone, is the mask!
Don a new role!'

'When we went with a cross
to the Malayattur church...'

'You entered as a fierce mountain,
but scurried away like a mouse!'

'Pitter-patters comes down the drizzle,
you silly fish!'

'My mother's 'jimikki' earrings,
were stolen by my father!'

'My father's brandy bottle,
was drunk in full by my mother!'

'My mother's 'jimikki' earrings,
were stolen by my father!'

'My father's brandy bottle,
was drunk in full by my mother!'

Because of what I said on the phone,
you came home later than usual?

Not that, Balu.

My show received an award.
So, there was a small party at the office.

That's why I couldn't leave.
-Party, huh?

This would've been there, yes?

No, it wasn't.
-Get used to that, too!

What is this, Balu?

Why do you want to fight
in the little time that we have together?

Not at all!

Could I ever fight with you?

A guy chews me out
for a mistake I did not commit.

I couldn't even fight against that!

Just quit this damn job, Balu!

And what then?

You're earning a living now,
aren't you madam?

I can live off your salary!

Why do you talk like this, Balu?

After you quit,
let's start a business together.

Equal partnership!

You've become a prominent person!

I feel very proud of you!

Anything I say right now,
will seem wrong to you.

We'll talk in the morning.

In two days,
I'll get my first salary!

With it, I must buy something for you!
What do you want? Tell me!

What I want
cannot be bought in stores, ma'am.

Go and sleep.

Why is it so heavy?
We'd only carry four books!

That's why you flunked!

Stop talking like your grandpa!
-Where's my phone?

Don't know.
It must be here.

Hey! Did you take it?
-No, mom!

If you find it, call me at work.
I'll send a guy to pick it up.

Alright. Get going!
-Come along!

I never owned a car to begin with!

You've driven one for years!

Now, you don't have a car!

Why not buy a new one?

Oh, stop it!

To hell with your analogies!

Folks will laugh at this!

What's so funny about it?

Viji's coming this way.
Let's ask her!

Hold on.
Viji! Come over here!

Take a call on this yourself.

What's the problem over here?
-Nothing major!

He lost his wife after years of marriage
and is very lonely.

When I asked him
to get re-married...

...he says folks would laugh at him!

Tell us why this is a laughing matter!

Don't make this worse, Murthy!

He's just playing a joke on me.
You go ahead with your day.

He didn't say anything wrong.
-There you go!

What is this, dear?

At this age, where do I look for a lady?
Who'd want to marry me...

Look in a reality show,
like actor Arya does!

You can't look for them.
It will come by itself.

Out of the blue,
you might come across someone you like.

And when you do see them,
you'd know it.

A bulb would go off above you.

You'd hear bells chime.

You'd see the rest of your life
before your eyes.

It's enough if the search is within.

The companionship you have
during youth...

...is nothing to the one you have
in old age.

If you find another companion...

...your wife's soul
will definitely be happy.

We'll be happy, too.

Hey, Murthy...

That voice...
-Is that important right now?

If a bulb goes off over your head,
this entire complex will be illuminated!

I can see it so clearly!

Check if this is your phone.

Yes. Just this morning,
I was looking all over for it at home!

Is this your signature?

Your son
and a friend of his...

What's his name?
Ashwin, right?

Both of them are partners.

He stole your phone.

Ashwin stole two phones
from his house.

As if that was not enough...

...they stole the math teacher's phone!

When they went to sell them,
the shopkeeper felt something amiss.

He called the school.

Know why they did it?

Why don't you speak up?
Tell them, boy.

To buy a PlayStation.

There are complaints every day
of your son sleeping in class.

When asked why,
we learned he stays up all night...

...to play games.
That too, in your phone!

We even wrote to you about this
in his handbook.

What's keeping you from paying attention
to what your son does at home?

You three live in the same house, right?

This gaming addiction
is a big problem!

That's what has left him
in this state!

But, stealing?

From where did he learn to steal?

You might hold this school
partly accountable for it.

He is suspended.

I'll ensure it doesn't happen again...

I swear I'll see to it this never repeats.
-I'm sorry.

Forgive him this one time!
He's just a kid!

Sorry. I can't do it.
-Please do it for us.

Get in!

Get over here!

Why did you steal?

Why did you do it?
-For a PlayStation...

PlayStation for you,
radio station for your mom!

I'll just get out of here!
Constant trouble at office and at home!

Tell me the truth!
Who are you hanging out with?

I'm sorry...
-When did you start this habit?

I didn't mean to do it...
-What haven't I done for you?

Forge my signature, will you?
-I'm sorry!

Heard the Principal, right?
You've been suspended!

Is this why I sent you to school?

No school for you anymore!
-I won't do it again!

Just stay at home!

I'll break your hands and legs!

I won't do this again!

I must strike your mother
for raising you like this!

It hurts!

Neither you nor your mom ever listen to me!
Look at how she's raised you!

Pack up your things and get going, Siddhu.

No, dad.
I'll stay here!

If you're here,
you won't study properly!

Stay at our house for a while!

I won't go anywhere! I'll stay right here!

Where do you want him to go?

Let him study in our house
for a while.

My son stays with me!

Don't talk nonsense!
He'll get better only if he stays there!

What are you saying, Balu?
What did you tell that Principal at school?

You swore that you'd ensure
this wouldn't happen again.

What can I do?
You have no time to pay attention to him!

What did I not pay attention to?

You don't take care of him properly!

Once I leave,
you don't even look in on him!

Oh, so all of this is now my fault?

All because of this wretched job!

We repeatedly told you
that it'll lead to trouble!

There is no trouble in my house!

How else did so much trouble
come about?

First, you resign from that job.

Why must I resign?

He's just a kid
who unknowingly made a mistake!

What does that have to do with my job?

I'm not doing this job
for the salary alone!

I'm doing it for my happiness!

Just this one time,
please understand me, dad!

You always take their side!

Am I not your daughter, too?

Why are you making a drama out of this?

I'm making a drama?

You always belittle me
for sitting idle at home!

Now that I'm working,
you keep asking me to quit!

Had you taken a respectable job,
why would we ask you to quit?

What did I do
to make you lose respect?

Isn't it shameful
to take seductively to strangers?


I'll make this clear to all of you.

My job is important to me.

So is my son!

I won't give either of them up
for anyone!

Come along!

Any problem, Viji?

-Shall we get started?

Your husband's calling.
He says it's urgent!

My son is missing, ma'am!

What happened?

'All those changes...
All these miles...'

'My heart tries to accept!'

'Nights without you...
Chained without love...'

'Why does our bond seem to slip?'

'No, this isn’t forever,
just a small tremor.'

'No, this isn’t a mountain,
just a momentary curtain.'

'A mere dream is what these moments are!'

'Proclaim so, with a kiss
and pushing me aside...'

'Go, my love...'

'Forgetting me, chasing your dreams…'

'Go, my love...'

'Adorning new wings,
shrugging away your burdens…'

'Go, my love...'

'Forgetting me, chasing your dreams…'

'Go, my love...'

'Adorning new wings,
shrugging away your burdens…'

'Go, my love...'

A water bottle, please.

I'm sorry, dad.

It was wrong of me
to steal your phone.

I didn't mean to do it.

Don't scold mom for it, everyone.

I can't stay at my aunt's house.

She keeps scolding mom all the time!

Mom's a good person, dad.

A really good person.

You're a good man, too.

I'm the only one who is bad.

I'm leaving.

Sorry, dad.
Sorry, mom.

I checked the houses
of all his friends.

No one has seen him.
-She isn't eating.

We've searched every possible place.
-She can't stop crying.

Let's wait. He'll definitely turn up!
-I don't understand.

Where did you go?

I'm sorry, dad.

He was at the school, sir.

He was crying over the grief
of being suspended.

What is this, dear?

Thanks a lot, sir.

Such things are common at his age.
All will be well, sir.

I'm sorry, mom.
I won't do this again.

Won't you have dinner?

What is it, Viji?

I can't do this show anymore, ma'am.

That day...

In this very room...

...I told you I could do it.

You trusted me, too.

But, a lot of things have happened.

I'm forced to apologize
to the people who believed in me.

I'm forced to agree
with those who didn't believe in me.

It's a real blessing
to do something you love.

I don't have it, ma'am.

I wish to go back to my small world.

My house.

My cooking.


The advice of my sisters.

Lemon and spoon races.

In lemon and spoon races...

...I've won many prizes, ma'am!

I've lost some, too.

I haven't cared much
about wins or losses.

not once did the lemon fall down!

But, now...

...I'm scared that it might!

By trusting me...

...you took a big chance.

Midway through,
I'm abandoning you.

I'm sorry.

If you wish to scold me,
go right ahead!

You have no idea
how much I admire you.

From the day I first met you,
your style...

...your wardrobe...
your perfume...

I love all of it!

Ladies like you...

...are whom women like me...

...consider a big inspiration!

You continue doing the show.
I'll listen to it, every day.

No, Viji.

You are the right person for this.

Only your 'puris' are puffy!

Do you know how many calls
we got in the last two days about you?

Tell her, Maria.

That one phone call
I had with you that day...

...changed my life.
I'm always your fan.

Out of the blue,
I'll call in to participate in any contest!

Everyone here are fans of RJ Madhu.

But, I am always a fan of Viji.

Even if I haven't been there...

...Haridwar is my favorite place, too.

I'll take your leave, ma'am.

You won't forget me,
will you?

I live alone.

A kid in the flat opposite mine...

...often comes to my house
without warning!

In the brief time she's there...

...she'd turn my entire apartment
upside down!

After I take a look at her mess
once she leaves...

...I'd feel that it would've been great
if she hung around a little longer.

Just once before you leave...

One last "Hello".

In your style.

How many times must I explain it to you?
Aren't you ashamed?

Would you give me a cheque
if I was?

Forget a cheque!
I'll give you the final settlement!

Why say this, ma'am?

At such a low rate,
I give you so many varieties of food...

...with no labor charges
as I toil away to no end!

You talk without any humanity, ma'am!

Couldn't you talk to the management
for me?

If I do, I'll lose my job!

Come work for me!
Need someone to chop onions!

For how many folks
must food be supplied?

Lunch for thirty people.
Dinner for twenty.

Is this for every day?

At least, give me that job of an RJ!

My Goodness!

What do we do next?

What happened, Viji?

Dal, Potato or Mushroom or Paneer curry
as side dishes for 'chapatis'!

Also curries with mixed vegetables
or buttermilk or brinjal!

Rice cakes, rice pancakes, 'pongal',
'khichdi', 'idiyappam' and curd rice.

With such variety,
I can provide tasty food!

That catering contract!

Can you give it to me, ma'am?

I can do it, ma'am.

What is it?

Some kind of new idea?

This time, we go fifty-fifty!

This is Vijayalakshmi Catering!

For how many people, sir?

No problem, sir.
The same building, right?

We can do it, sir.

Devi! I'll leave this here.
It's hot!

Just got a new order.
-Sure, we'll do it!

Please make it fast!

I'll take care of that. You get going!
-Go where?

You got to work tonight!
Mallika's car will be here soon!


Seems that Hello FM got a lot
of phone calls!

All asking about where Madhu is
and when she will be back.

Thus, Madhu's husband met Maria
to tell her...

...that Madhu would be back
tomorrow evening!

Stop kidding around, Balu!

Let the past be done with.

No, Viji.
I don't like seeing you like this.

I am happy!


Listen to me, Viji.

Not everyone will tell others
about their problems!

Everyone talks to you
about their problems.

In that same way, not everyone can provide
the right encouragement.

It is a natural gift to you!

It shouldn't be wasted
in a kitchen!

I will be okay, mom.
You get going!

See that?

Get going, Viji!

No, Balu.

You're fine with it now...

But later,
if someone talks inappropriately, you'd...

You always reply correctly.

'Here she comes!'

'Here comes Vijayalakshmi!'

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