Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal (2022) - full transcript

It follows the romance of Rambo with Kanmani and Khatija.

Here's the thing.

We've all met people with two eyes,
two ears, two hands, and two legs.

But have you ever met a man
who leads two lives?

I mean someone with two fathers,
two mothers, two sets of friends...

two jobs, two families,
two loves...

Yes, two loves.

Two true loves.

Have you ever met such a man?

Ranjangudi Anbarasu Murugesa
Boopathy Ohoondhiran.

Alias Rambo.

This is his story.

Don't you want to find out
if this is real or reel?

Let's find out!


He's my son.

I raised that boy
in these very arms.

He's lost all memory.
I just can't take it, sir.

Excuse me, sir.
Rambo's family is here.

I am Rambo's father!

Don't get worked up.
Calm down.

Who is this guy claiming
to be Rambo's father?

Nookers, where the hell did you go?
Where are our boys?

They're here.

Fetch everyone.
- Okay, sir.

Hello, sir.
Where is our Rambo?

Madam, you are...?

I am Rambo's aunt.

M. Idhayakala.

Did Rambo face any problems
growing up?

Face that camera.

Growing up, problems were all we knew.
That was our problem.

Our family is cursed, sir.

No one in our family
got married.

Actually, I am single too.

Fiercely single.

Our villagers believe that anyone who gets
married into our family will die.

So no one wanted to
marry into our family.

As a result, all of us are
lonely and suffering.

No one in that family
will ever get married.

And if they do, something bad
will happen to the bride or the groom.

Who would get their daughter
married into that family?

To snub those who laughed at us...

my brother made a bold decision to marry
his love, Mina Kaif, an English teacher.

What happened?
- Let's go.

Where are you taking me?

He publicly married Mina Kaif,
a Muslim.

Because his love was true.

And because the villagers needed to realise
that the curse was just a superstition.

He wished to lead a life
that made people go "Oh, wow!"

Take a good look, all of you.
Take a good look.

My son's birth will
bring us all good fortune.

We hoped, with the birth of the child...

our villagers would realise that
the curse upon our family was false...

and they would let us marry too.

And so we anxiously awaited
the birth of the child.

Rambo was born
in answer to all our prayers.

But soon after Rambo's birth,
the curse struck our happy family again.

My son is born!

We will only see good times now.

My son is born!

His name is Ohoondhiran.

Ranjangudi Anbarasu Murugesa
Boopathy Ohoondhiran.

Can't hear you.

I said, Oho..

On the day Rambo was born,
his father...

our beloved brother... died.

As the curse was upon our family again
in the form of Rambo...

and forlorn over the loss of my brother,
his wife suffered a stroke.

She lost all memory.

She lost the ability to walk too.

The only face she remembers
is that of her son Rambo.

Rambo grew up.

Everyone considered him to be unlucky.

Why did you turn the light on?

I told you to never set foot
in my house.

He turned the light on?

Everything he touches turns to ash!

The choco bar is really tasty.

Oh, I love choco bar.

I want a choco bar too.

Give me a choco bar.
- We are out of choco bar.

But I just saw them buy it.
- I just ran out.

Can you come back later?

Why do you always come
after I sell out?

He started believing that
he was an unlucky person.

We never made him feel that way.

But gradually, he started realising it.

Rambo, wait outside please.

Your mother will be fine.
Go on, kid.

Aunt, you're okay.

This happens everytime
he gets close to her.


She got better the moment
the boy walked away.

Make sure he doesn't come near her.

It's in her best interest.



Ma, they say you fall sick
when I come close to you.

I'm here now...

it's not making you sick, is it?

Who told you that?

Come closer.


No, Ma.

It even stops raining when I step out.

I never get anything I wish for.

No one likes me.

Why do such things happen only to me?

There is a word in English for it.



What does that mean, Ma?

Before a great miracle
is about to take place...

there shall be several small obstacles.

But one day, all those obstacles
will shatter to tiny pieces...

and you will be surrounded and embraced
by all the things you desire.

You said no one likes you?

All that will change.

Everyone will like you.

You will swim in their affection.

You will float.



A hundredfold.

You will get an abundance of everything.

It will rain over you.

And remember, when it rains,
it pours.

Really, Ma?

Why would you come in here?

Go away!

Didn't I tell you, Ma?

Rambo, stop.
Where are you going?

Rambo was convinced that his presence
made bad things happen to his mother.

He started to think the further he went
away from her, the better it was for her.

Aunty, how is Ma doing now?

She is better.

Where are you?

Where are you calling from?

Your mother finally regained consciousness
and sat up.

She's eating well.

Aren't you coming to eat?

He made up his mind that he had to stay
away from his mother for her sake.

But no matter how far he went...

he worked tirelessly day and night,
and sent me money.

He takes such good care of her
to this day.

Rambo is a normal person
like the rest of us, isn't he?

No, sir.

Rambo always considered himself
a very unlucky person.

He always said, "I will never get this."
"It will never happen to me."

It all sounds unbelievable.

But one day...

something unbelievable, like 'Dindugul' Leoni
and Sunny Leone being called siblings...

something that unbelievable happened.

You're staying in so everyone else
can enjoy the rain?

You think it will stop raining
if you step out?

Let's put it to test.

Let a good thing be, Maaran.

It's raining after ages.
Let it rain.

It's better for everyone.

I've seen people cook up tales.

But you're cooking up
a whole buffet!

Bullshit, baby. We planned
to spend one day outside.

And this stupid rain
screwed it up.

This is why I hate coming out.

We studied hard for the exam.
I hope it stops raining.

They all wish for it to stop raining.

Let me see you step out and
make the rain stop.

It's stopped raining!

Wow, so cool!

This is all in your head.

Okay, how about another test?
- What test?

You see the two stalls there?

Get me a choco bar from there.

Is that all?

I'm going to get you that choco bar
and make you eat your words.

Oh, God!

Only an idiot would still doubt it.

And that is why he tried.

Sure, sir.

I am an idiot.

And he is a NASA scientist.

Do you know how hard
it is to buy him a choco bar?

If I get you one, will you admit
that it's all in your head?

Get me one, and I will admit that
it's all in my head, my tail, my foot.

I'll get it right away.

Back in a bit, with choco bar.

Oh, dear.
It's this idiot?

Got any choco bars?
- We do, sir.

You do? Give me.
- Okay.

We have it, sir.

You fool, I want one.
Give it to me.

It's just that I don't have it here.
It's in the factory.

He just bought the last one.


Hey, big guy!

Don't open it!


Stupid choco bar-eating face!

- Stop.

What's up, bro?
- I'll smack you!

You knocked my ice cream
out of my hand.

I'll whack you.

You're going to hit me?

Oh, yeah.
- Go on.

Do you know who you're messing with?

He is our boss, our saviour.
- Rambo!

Here's proof that it's all in your head,
your tail, your foot!

Oh, no!

- He fell down.

Hurry up.


Lift him up.

Lift, lift, lift.

Oh no. He drank the sewage water!

Though I fell...

I saved your favourite ice cream.

Sir, have you ever see a crow
take a shit at night?

The crow shat on his ice cream.

Such is his luck.

Sir, he drives the taxi with me
during the day.

Yes, he works with him all day.

You'd expect him to sleep at night.

Instead he colours his hair
at night...

and works with me
as a bouncer at the pub.

He's always looking down
when he is in the club.

I don't know what's so interesting
down there, he never looks up!

One fine day...

If I am wrong, I think it was
the festival of Vinayakar Chaturthi.

What are you looking at?

Greetings, sir.

She is Mohammed Moby's girlfriend.

She is gorgeous, sir.

Nobody gets to look at her.

Be like him.

Keep your head down,
and never look up, okay?

Come, Khati Baby.
This is my club!

This is Moby's joint.
I chill here all day all night.

Expect me to tunnel through
the earth to look at you?

You can't look down all the time.
When will you ever look up?

The pub, the club, the girls...
aren't these pretty sights?

Arnold, if I look at someone
and end up liking them...

something bad will happen to them.

Bad things happens to the people I like.
That's a minus.

Keeping my head down,
and not looking at them is a plus.

You've asked me this a hundred times,
and I've told you a thousand times!

Ask me again...

and I will take a good look
at your face and tell you,

"You're really smart and handsome."

But I do look amazing, don't I?

Then shall I tell you
"You look amazing"?

Come here, Khati Baby!

Khati Baby!

It's nothing.

Why did you pour red wine down your leg?
- Calm down!

Just get me a band-aid.


Sorry for what?

You won't get it.
It's a minus.

Just accept my apology.
That's a plus.

Boss, if you have something to say to me,
be it sorry or thanks...

say it to my face.

Where's my "sorry"?


♪ I met this beautiful, gorgeous girl ♪

♪ The moment I saw her
I turned to jelly ♪

♪ Oh, yeah
I met this beautiful, gorgeous girl ♪

♪ The moment I saw her
I turned to jelly ♪

♪ Are those eyes or electricity?
It's a real confusion ♪

♪ How to sing about her beauty?
I need education ♪

♪ From this day, my heart is yours
Your PlayStation ♪

♪ Wherever you go
That place is a hill station ♪

♪ Good vibration ♪

♪ What a sensation ♪

♪ To get you girl,
I'm gonna start meditation ♪

♪ You dazzling dame ♪

How dare you disobey Moby?

♪ You glittering gemstone
You twinkling trinket ♪

♪ You dazzling dame
You scintillating spark ♪

♪ You glittering gemstone
You twinkling trinket ♪


Maybe if my father
hadn't incurred those losses...

Maybe if he hadn't suffered
a heart attack...

Maybe if Moby and his family
hadn't helped us...

I wouldn't be complaining to you.

Are you laughing at me?

Laughing at me?

Don't look at me that way.

Are you seriously laughing again?

♪ She came, she saw, she conquered
And repeat ♪

♪ Every time she looks at me
My insides turn to mush ♪

♪ Khatija - She came, saw, conquered
And repeat ♪

♪ Every time she looks at me
My insides turn to mush ♪

Will you be coming tomorrow?


♪ Damn, she's got a boyfriend
That's a complication ♪

♪ And yet, she looks at me
Oh, this satisfaction ♪

♪ What a situation ♪

♪ I want a solution ♪

♪ Every time she enters the club
It's celebration ♪

Great moves.
Now dance over there.

Very good. Very good, guys.

Do you come here every day?




Will you be coming tomorrow?

I'll join you.
- Okay.


Why is your response to
every question 'maybe'?

That is the most honest answer.

Because nothing in this world is certain.

Some things that look good initially
end badly.

- Baby!
- I'm just coming, Moby.

And some things appear bad,
but end well.

Therefore... maybe.

You answer every question
of mine with 'maybe'.

So can I call you Maybe from now?

Okay, Rambo.

Okay, Maybe.

Bye, Rambo.

I sacrificed my whole life
all because my father told me to.

Why is it that parents only notice
rich, well-settled boys?

I'm talking to you.
Answer me.

Answer me, man!



I didn't ask you anything.

I said, I didn't ask you anything.

Thank you, Rambo.

It's okay, Maybe.


Come here.

Yes, you with the coloured hair.
Come here.

How dare you call my baby 'baby'?

Sir, I didn't call her Baby.
I said Maybe.

No, you didn't say Maybe.
You said Baby!

Don't be such a baby, sir.
I said Maybe.

No, you said Baby. Right, Baby?

No, Moby!

You are so used to calling me Baby...

so when he called me Maybe now,
maybe you heard it as Baby, Moby.

Oh, Baby...

If he actually said Maybe...

why would I hear it as baby?
I am not a little baby!

I am Mohammed Moby!


Mohammed Moby!

Moby Sir...
- Yeah, tell me.

Every time I ask her a question,
she responds with 'maybe'...

so I call her Maybe.

She is Baby only to Moby.

And Maybe to Rambo.

That better be.

You come, baby.

See you, Maybe.


They are lying..
- Say it to that camera, dear.

They are lying, sir.

Rambo spent the entire day
of Vinayakar Chaturthi with us.

We went to see a potential groom
for Kanmani.

For whom?

Kanmani, my sister.

Look there.

Kanmani, my sister.

You are so cute, Bhargav.

Does it look good?

It looks great!


And this looks even better.

Let's go, come on.

Catch me if you can.
- You catch me!

Here I come.

Let's have some juice.

Bhargav is here.
Let's hide.

Yes, let's hide from him.

Have some juice.

Take it.

Kanmani, he just served Bhargav
yellow coloured juice.


You lunatic.

I offer you some juice,
and you pour it on my face?

Sorry, it wasn't intentional.

You lunatic!



What do I call him,
if not a lunatic?

He is not like the other kids, is he?

True, he is not like the other kids.

All the other kids, and all of us
have all 23 pairs of chromosomes intact.

For kids like my brother, they have
an extra chromosome in the 21st pair.

So they are slow at understanding some
things, and comprehend them differently.

But their thoughts are purer than ours,
and they are more intelligent than us.

Unlike what you said.

You always justify it
by saying something like this!


Hold on, Kanmani.

Don't waste time, uncle.

Just say sorry to him and we'll leave.
- I am not saying sorry.

Or he will be upset
about it all day.

I can't say sorry.

I can't.
Shut up.

Why should I apologise
for his offense?

No way!

Uncle, sorry.

- Hello, over here.

The cab...
- Yeah, I see you.

Seat belt.



You'll see the first address there.
Just follow that route.

You've booked a 6 hour package.
- That's right.

Minmini, give me the plate.

Such a happy, positive cab!

I think this is our lucky cab.

No matter where we go, traveling in
such a cab can only lead to happy endings.

Minmini, are you okay?


- Please drive slower.

Traditionally, the groom's family
visits the bride's house.

Don't you think it is strange
for the bride to visit the groom's house?

Yes, sir. My house is quite far.

I didn't want you
to go through the hassle.

We own a really big house.

It is under a minor litigation issue.

If not for that,
we could have met there.

Are you implying my son will live with you
in your house after the wedding?

That's not what I meant.

I know it is a blessing
to be able to live with one's parents.

I won't disturb that.

Has no elder from your family
come to discuss other details?

No, sir. I am arranging this marriage
for myself.

So whatever need to be discussed,
you can discuss with me.

How can we do that?

Madam, we can split the wedding expenses.

I will take care of
all the reception expenses.

I've saved up 50 sovereigns of gold.

We were expecting a minimum
of 75 sovereigns.

That's too low.

What do we do?


Let's split the reception expenses.

So we can move that money here,
and that makes it 10.5?

Will 60 sovereigns do?

When will Dinesh come?

Can I see him?

Oh, sorry.


Stand next to my son.

Go on, Kanmani.

They look good together, don't they?

Bhargav, don't.

Have some juice, kid.

No, he doesn't like juice.
He's got a cold.

That's okay. Let him drink it.
He is just a child.

After the wedding, these kids will be
staying with one of your relatives, right?

Talk it out now.

I hope they will be staying
in another house.

Thanks and goodbye.

As long as you put them up in a hostel.

Thanks and goodbye.

But how can you expect your siblings
to live with you after the wedding?

How is it fair?

Sir, I made it very clear
in my profile.

You were really beautiful
in your pictures.

So we wanted to meet you
in person and talk it out.

Thanks and goodbye.

Maybe it's the clothes?

Yes, Kanmani.

Maybe I should change?
Let's do that.

We're fine with living together
with your siblings.

Because our son really likes you.

We like you too.

Right, Lakshmi?
- Yes.

But you say you will
have children only after a few years!

Sir, I want to see how he takes care
of my siblings for a couple of years.

I can have children with him
only after he gains my trust, right?

In that case, this won't work out.


And goodbye.

Minmini, Bhargav...
let's go.

See you, brother.

Dad, all okay?

Son, she is not right for us.

Who the hell are you to decide that?

Calm down, son.
- You are messing things up!

It's alright, Kanmani.
Next Sunday, we move onto the next list.

Don't feel bad.

Not at all.
I don't bad.

We'll be fine.

Wish we'd clicked a picture with Modi.



You are looking for a groom?

Is it okay if he is just a driver?


Is it okay if he is a cab driver
for Ola and Uber?

Yeah, of course.

That is an honest living, too.

He is somewhere between tan and dark.
Is that okay?

That's okay,
but he has to be taller than me.

He is.

He doesn't have a six pack.

He has a slightly bloated body.
Is that okay?

I don't like six packs.

Slightly out of shape
is actually nicer.

In that case, can I encourage him
to talk to you?

Yes, tell him to talk to me.

Why not?
Let's see how it goes.

Brother, I almost forgot.

Don't give him my number.

Tell him to send me a request
through my profile on Tamil Matrimony.

My profile name is Kanmani Ganguly.
Remember that.

Ganguly as in the cricket player?

Are you related to Sourav Ganguly?

My father's name is Ganguly.
We are Bengalis.

I am Minmini Ganguly.
And he is Bhargav Ganguly.

Your family name is Ganguly?

Bengali family, yes.
- Okay.

Thanks and goodbye.




To figure out that you
like that girl a whole lot...

I don't even need to look at your face.

I can see it in her face.

Don't raise your hand.
I don't like it, Moby.

Don't raise your hand.

Judging by the way they are fighting,
looks like you really like her.

I don't like it.
Don't talk to me like that.

When a rock solid couple
like them walk in...

boys like you make them rocky
just by staring, eh?

I can't deal with this.

Careful, don't end up
falling in love with her.

Or he will hit her.

Just leave me alone.

He actually hit her?

Have you fallen in love with her?

Don't create a scene, woman!

I'm fine, just leave me.

Step aside.
- I am Mohammed Moby!

Someone tell her...

How dare she create a scene!

He hit me in front of you.

How could you just stand and watch?

What can he do
but stand and watch?


Are you glaring at me?

Stand back.

Let go of my leg.

How dare you hit me?

All of you are sacked.

Anyone can hit him on the head.
Free for all.

He hit a woman.
Feel free to hit him.

He hit a woman.
Feel free to hit him.

Free for all.
Free for all.

Free for all.
Go for it!

How dare she!

You okay?



Are you okay, baby?

I hope he is fine.
- He is bleeding!

The reason my father had
a second heart attack...

the woman who married my father
and gave birth to me...

left him and got married
to someone else.

If my father hears about this Moby issue,
he won't survive another heart attack.

Let's have ice cream?

Two choco bars.

I am out of choco bars.
Can I give you something else?

I know.
Give us whatever you've got.

Just one.
- Sorry, brother.

You always ask me
after I run out of stock.

Don't take this the wrong way...

but what do you do for a living?

My dream is to become
a singer and a songwriter.

But I couldn't focus on it
due to my family situation.

Sorry about that.
One other thing...

The other day, I only admired
the tattoo on your leg.

And you hurt your leg
as a result.

Then I admired your
happy relationship with Moby.

That went for a toss, too.

It's all my fault, right?

Sorry for my minus.

You say 'sorry' all the time.

Is 'sorry' your favourite word?

What you did for me is a big plus.

As long as you feel that way!

Don't get me wrong,
can I ask you another thing?

Why were you fearlessly looking at me
when your boyfriend was right by your side?

Because you were fearlessly looking at me
when my boyfriend was right next to me.

I only looked because you were looking.

I looked because you looked.

No, I looked because you looked.
- I looked because you looked.

It seemed like you weren't comfortable.
So I was checking on you from time to time.

I was looking at you wondering why
someone could color their hair that way!

That's all. Don't imagine stuff.
- Not at all.

You loved Moby, didn't you?

I tried.

And failed.

Mr. Rambo suffers from
dissociative disorder.

He doesn't remember anything now.

Let's find out in the show
if he remembers anything.

Let's hope for the best.

♪ I'm a slip
You're a child's lisp ♪

♪ Your presence in me is only right ♪

♪ You're the leaf
I'm the monsoon ♪

♪ It's not the season
of measured raindrops ♪

♪ I gleaned him from
the depths of the ocean ♪

♪ He's the right one to seek refuge ♪

♪ Oh, that face with a beautiful smile ♪

♪ That place that I conjure at will ♪

♪ Oh, that face with a beautiful smile
That place that I conjure at will ♪

♪ Thank my birth stars
You're a boon to me ♪

♪ I'm a slip
You're a child's lisp ♪

♪ Your presence in me is only right ♪

♪ You're the leaf
I'm the monsoon ♪

♪ It's not the season
of measured raindrops ♪

This is our house.

The house our father built for us
with all his love.

Who are these people?
- Film crew.

Don't ask!
Come on.

Can't you see the door was shut?
You just barged in?

You expect me to get up and open it?
- Buzz off.

My father feared I'd refuse to get married
for the sake of my siblings...

so he left behind a will that I'd get
complete control of this property...

only when I get married and sign
the papers with my husband.

Then he died.

But what if the man who marries me
separates me from my children?

So I am waiting for the right man.

♪ Reading the language of her eyes
I have become a student ♪

♪ Admiring her gestures
I have become a fan ♪

♪ In his presence
I become like a mist over mirage ♪

♪ In his proximity
I become a dew drop over lotus blossom ♪

♪ I've become a kind of friend to her ♪

♪ I've become the kind
of helper she'd like ♪

♪ I gleaned him from
the depths of the ocean ♪

♪ He's the suitable one to seek refuge ♪

♪ Oh, that face with the beautiful smile ♪

♪ That place that I conjure at will ♪

♪ Oh, that face with the beautiful smile
That place that I conjure at will ♪

♪ Thank my birth stars
You're a boon to me ♪

♪ I'm a slip
You're a child's lisp ♪

♪ Your presence in me is only right ♪

♪ You're the leaf
I'm the monsoon ♪

♪ It's not the season
of measured raindrops ♪

Rambo, I should get to know you better.

And you should get to know me better.

I think this is really important.
So, I'll give you one and half minutes.

You can ask me anything.
And I can ask you anything, too.

But we have to speak the truth.

Because I don't know if I will
answer your questions truthfully later.

You start.


I have to come up with questions
based on what you ask me.

So you go first.





Is Rambo your full name?

Ranjankudi Anbarasu Murugesa Boopathy...



What's Ohoondhiran?

I was named in the hope that
people would go "Oh, wow!" at me.

And did that work?

Oh, wow!

Do you have a girlfriend?


Do you have a love story?

Not yet.
Nothing happened.

You must be at least 30, right?

Has it happened?

Oh, yes.

It's happened?
- Oh, no.

I don't have a girlfriend
or a love story.


Bikes or cars?


Wealth or affection?


Oh, dear.
Biriyani or curd rice?


Why are you saying 'both'
for everything?

You can only pick one.

What's wrong in choosing both
when I like both?

Fine, my one and half minutes is up.

It's your turn.
Ask me anything you like.

What's your full name?

Khatija Begum.

Are you mommy's girl
or daddy's girl?

I was daddy's girl
while Mom was still around.

And now only my dad is around,
so I am a motherless daddy's girl.

So you were always daddy's girl?

- Good.

Biriyani or curd rice?


What's your criteria
for choosing a guy?


Was Moby your first boyfriend?

I feel happy when you talk to me.

I like it.

And because I like it, there is this
nagging fear that I will lose it.

Will you always talk to me this way?

Your one and half minutes is up.

Kanmani, Rambo suffers from
dissociative disorder.

He will only remember
one of his lives now.


It could be the one
with you in it.

Because he is completely cured now.


When I say completely cured,
it means he's forgotten everything.

Kanmani, we've been observing him all day.
He has forgotten everything.

How is that possible?

That's the worst part
of dissociative disorder.

He either remembers everything,
or just one of his lives.

Let's get on stage and
see what he remembers.

So, two lives...
and two loves.

How is this possible?
Even I am confused.

Let's ask psychiatrist Dr. Raghavendran.

Welcome, doctor.

Doctor, two lives.
And two loves.

How is this possible?
Please explain.

Mr. Rambo suffers from
dissociative identity disorder.

Patients suffering from it
lead two lives simultaneously.

The cause could be...

a deep emotional wound from childhood.

Compared to the average human...

patients with a traumatic past
have a higher tendency to forget things.

To give you an example...

when they are leading a life...

they don't even remember the people
they met in their other life.

More importantly, when they are
leading one life...

they won't even remember
who they were in the other life.

So Mr. Rambo, who suffers
from this condition...

has spent his days with Kanmani...

and his nights with Khatija.

Are you saying he was aware
that he was doing something wrong?

No, he wasn't aware.

This is just a minor mistake
that happened without his knowledge.

It's only a medical condition.

He is not to be blamed for this.

In fact, we cannot blame him.

Did everyone hear that?
Rambo isn't at fault here.

Doctor, no one could have
explained it better.

Thank you so much for being
in our Real or Reel show.

Thank you, doctor.
- Thank you.

Thank you.


The doctor clearly explained
Rambo's condition to us.

Hope everyone understood it.


She saw me.

She didn't see you, sir.

No, look at her!

She saw me but pretends
not to have seen me.

She didn't see you
but pretends to have seen you.

You stupid idiot!

Start the car!

Faster, faster.

Drive faster!
Don't let them out of sight.

Khati, tell me.

Moby is following me.
He's been on my tail for a while.

Go faster.
Don't lose her.

Khati, don't get panic.

Go home.
I'm coming.

Arnold, where are you?
Come immediately.

If I do that,
I will stink up the place.

It's okay.
Come at once.

Fine, as you wish!

You hit me on the head?

Let's see what you've got now.

Give me that.

Send for more men.

Babe, one second.
- What is it?

Yes, brother?

Jaga, I need 15 men immediately.


- Yes, Jaga?

What do you want?
- I need 15 men immediately.

I'm caught up
in a friendly commitment.

I can't make any calls now.

You can do one thing.

Talk nice to him, brainwash and
postpone the fight to tomorrow.

Get an advance from him if possible.

We're struggling to make ends meet.

Make sure the fight doesn't get called off.
I'm doing this gig for free.

Handle it.

Okay, Jaga.

Hello? I am unable to get
men at the moment.

I'm sorry.

You said you knew this guy...

whom we can call for big fights.

I need him now.

No, I only want him.

He never answers his phone.
- I'll pay a lot of money.

Fine, I'll try.

Tell him to come.

I didn't expect you
to answer right away!

I was in a good mood.

What's the matter?

There's an important job.
A big shot.

He's stuck.

He is ready to pay.

Can you go there immediately?

Where is the location?

You know Valluvar Kottam?

Yes, behind it.
Lake View Road.

- Sixth street.

How did you know that?

This big shot of yours is trying to
hire me to hit me.

Unfortunately, at this moment
I am not interested in hitting myself.

I am only interested
in hitting him.

Ask him if he is okay with that.

I'll hit him.

If not, tell him to just go back.

He doesn't even have to apologise.

We can avoid a fight.

Brother, you are asking for men
to hit my boss.

I know, you moron.
Hang up.


You think he will be with you
all the time?

He will step out at some point.

Then you will see what
Mohammed Moby is capable of.

Mohammed Moby!

This is my Rambo.

He will always be by my side.
Next to me...

just like this.

Do your best.

Buzz off.

Oh, you will see.

Okay, baby?



Yes, brother?
Tell me.

I've come to drop Kanmani.

Hi, uncle.
- Hi!




You want water?
- Yes, uncle.

When you drink this...

you eat these munchies with it.


Want to eat?

Here you go.


Minmini, wait outside.


Come here.
You can't be here.

Kanmani, I hardly see you around.

Let's go.

Do you have no intention of vacating?

My intentions are to marry you.

Bhargav, if you are feeling okay,
we can leave.



Bhargav, what's this bad smell on you?

What did you think
brandy smells like?

Have a murukku, Kanmani.

Here's some murukku from Manapparai.

And thaen murukku.

He is a child.

I'm a little child, too.

Don't you know that?

Don't glare at me.
Just go.

I won't vacate.


Minmini, get some water.
- What happened?

What happened, Bhargav?


What happened?

They made the child drink brandy.


Can you do me a favour?

Can you take me to a big rowdy?

Someone scary, big, and strong.

Who gave the kid brandy?

Was it you?
- No!

Was it you?
- What?

Was it the guy wearing
the red kurta?


Oh, this guy?

What are you glaring at?

Look at that!

Fine, I gave it to him.
What about it?

I didn't just give him booze.
I also gave him munchies.

Go and hit him.

Hitting a drunk man
is an offense.

Stepping on someone
is an offense too.

What is it that you want?

Vacate the house.

I'll vacate the house
once they pay me.

How much?
- Not much...

Just 50 Lakhs.

I'll give it.
Vacate tomorrow.


My back hurts.
Get down, man.

How could you do that
to a child?

Kanmani, tell Bhargav I said sorry.

What else?

I will also vacate the house
tomorrow morning.

I might just throw up
all the booze I drank.

Get off me.

Guys, tell him to get off me.

It hurts!

Listen to me.

Kanmani, you think he will
always be by your side?

He will have to step out at some point.

I'll sort you out then.

He will always...

be by my side.

Right next to me.

Just like this.

Yes, Rambo?

Let's see.

Let's see if he stands by you,
or leaves you stranded.

Should we dignify that
with a response?

So he fought for you
and you decided he was your man?


One day...

Hello? Rambo?

You've booked a two hour package?
The kids aren't coming?

Let's go on a drive?

Drive? Where to?

It's not like we can do an India tour
in two hours.

Let's go.

Go straight, and take that right.

Not left.

Not left.
Turn right.

We can go out
only if we turn left.


Turn right.


I should turn right now?
- Right.

I get it.

Why did you suddenly want to
go on a drive?

And such a long one too?

No reason.
It's been a while since I went out.

So I wanted to talk to you
and go on a drive.

We got lost in our conversation
and ended up all the way here!

Looks like you'd drive me
all the way to Pondicherry!

Another half an hour,
and we'll reach Bangalore!

Should I turn around?

Turn around.

But you just got in.

What's the hurry?

I've been out for a while.
I need to go home.

Everyone would be waiting for me.



Mom would be home when I return.

She's be worried and angry
that I was gone.

I'd give her a tight hug
to pacify her.

Then I'd lie on her lap.

My father would come
and massage my feet.

It would feel so good.

I'd forget all my troubles
and fall asleep.

Just for a little while...

I'd have no worries.

No thoughts.

You know what they'd do next?

They'd casually broach the subject
of my marriage.

But I'd close my eyes
and pretend to be asleep.

Look how far we've come!

We have reached Kulu Manali.

Look at the snow there.
Are you feeling cold?

Can you see the snow?

Check it out!

Aren't you feeling cold?

Yes, I am feeling cold.

Look at Taj Mahal over here.
It looks so beautiful!

So beautiful!

It is beautiful.

Hold tight.

We've reached Jaisalmer desert.
It's about to get bumpy.

It is actually bumpy!

Hold tight.

We've reached Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls in India?

This is the Indian Niagara Falls!
Look over there.

Lower the window and feel it.
Look outside.

I can feel the spray!
- Take a look outside.

Howrah Bridge in Kolkata.
Look outside.

How it stands strong
with no support!

Of course, what do you expect?
It was built by the Ganguly family.

Look at Mumbai Gate over there.

We've reached Bangalore!

I'm not done seeing Mumbai,
and you are in Bangalore already?

Look at Tirupati Venkatachalapathy!

Bless me, Lord of the Seven Hills.
- God, bless everyone.

When are we going home?

Almost there. Look at Marina Beach
along the way.

I am looking at it.
- Almost there.

We are home.

You took me on a tour
all over India within two hours.

Book a four hour package,
I will take you on a world tour.

I am sure you will!

♪ My dearest
The apple of my eye ♪

♪ My dearest
The apple of my eye ♪

♪ Oh, my dearest... ♪

♪ Oh, my dearest... ♪

♪ Don't you ever shed a tear, dearest ♪

♪ Don't you ever shed a tear ♪

♪ Come to me, you rose among thorns
You'll never want for anything ♪

♪ This fragrance will never fade
My dearest, my dearest ♪

♪ Oh, my dearest... ♪

♪ My dearest
The apple of my eye ♪

♪ Oh, my dearest... ♪

♪ Oh, my dearest... ♪

Make a wish!

♪ Don't you drive me crazy
My dearest ♪

♪ Don't you drive me crazy ♪

♪ Even if the world as we know changes ♪

♪ Don't you ever leave my sight ♪

What did you wish for?

I wished for 50 lakhs.
- Oh, come on.

No, really.
I need it urgently.

Don't ever come back.
Get lost.

Don't act too cool.

You are the owner only from today.
It was ours until now.

How did you manage this?

You just went ahead and gave me 50 lakhs.
No questions asked.

We are talking 50 lakhs here!

It's okay, Rambo!

I love you...

Is it easy or hard
to say, "I love you"?

I've never said those words to anyone.

Nor has anyone said them to me.

So I don't know.

I love you.

It's easy to say "I love you"
in an affectionate way.

But it is hard to say it
when you truly mean it.

Especially for a girl,
it's hard to say it truthfully.

Because there is a tonne of hope...

several kilos of desires...

and a few grams of fear
attached to it.

Only when I feel like I will never have
to say those words again to anyone else...

when I feel like he will be with me
till the end of time...

that's when I will say it.

Actually, it is harder to make someone
want to say it, than to say it.

You make me want to say it.

You make me want to say those words to you.

I have a feeling,
loving you would be the right thing.

That's a good omen.

I love you!

It's okay if the guy is dark skinned.

It's okay if he is a little bloated too.

You are the missing piece
in my life, Rambo.

Love you.


I love you, Rambo.

That was easy.

Maybe it was easy
because it was you.

Take it.

You always ask me
after I run out of stock.

Let me pay for it.
- Don't worry about it.

Enjoy it.

Rambo! Your mother is awake.
She is standing now.

Rambo is refusing to believe me.
You tell him.

One day, all these obstacles
will shatter to tiny pieces...

Twofold. Tenfold.

A hundredfold.

You will get an abundance of everything.

And remember...

when it rains...

it pours.

♪ Even the rain refused ♪

♪ To pour over me ♪

♪ Even flowers refused ♪

♪ To caress me ♪

♪ Are things about to change now? ♪

♪ Will good things happen? ♪

♪ Are things about to change now? ♪

♪ Oh, it hurts deep inside me... ♪

♪ I feel like crying
Even as I crack a smile ♪

♪ I feel like crying
Even as I crack a smile ♪

♪ I feel like crying
Even as I crack a smile ♪

♪ There's a twist in the tale
Girl, it's your doing ♪

♪ Even the rain refused ♪

♪ To pour over me ♪

♪ Even flowers refused ♪

♪ To caress me ♪


Hi, Rambo!



Why haven't you been
answering my calls?


I'm talking to you!


Lord Muruga, the Almighty.

Bless everyone.

Live long and prosper.

- Rambo!

You see this, God?

He promptly wakes me up at 05:30
all the time...

but I have to wake him up today.

Are you ready to go?

Yes, want to come with me?

What do you mean "Want to come with me?"
We always go together!

Let's go together.
Come with me?

What does he mean?

He is inside but I hear the sound
from outside.

Why are you standing there?

Don't come near me,
or I'll jump off.

Fine, I'm not coming!
What's your problem?

I am going to break the hearts of two girls.
- So?

I don't want to live to see it.

I want to die with their memories.
- Jumping from there won't kill you!

I'm going to consume this poison...

stab myself in the heart
with this knife...

and hang from this noose.

That should kill me, right?

You have so many options
to kill yourself?

Listen to me...
- Don't come near me!

Don't get close, or I'll take you with me.
- Fine!

Hold on a second.

Let me make a call.

Prabhu Sir...

Rambo is making an empty threat
to commit suicide over his two-sided love.

He will be over it by morning.
I'll bring him there. Be ready.

Don't you dare come near me.

I've talked to him.
Listen to me.

Kanmani and Khati...

Have a bath.
Let's talk in the morning!

Are you well?

I am doing well.

Are you okay?

The guy won't trouble you again.
Don't worry.

We know you are there for her.

Give me a moment
to talk to them.

Okay, see you.

Tell me everything.

You know I'd do anything to
return your favour to my family?


Let me fix this for you.

Just do as I say.

I'll take care of the rest.

Do you trust me?

I don't have a choice.

Sir, some juice?
- No, thank you.


Anyone else in your position would have
taken advantage of this opportunity.

But you...

you were thoughtful about
the two girls' lives...

and chose to not hurt them any more.

Just for that, I will help you.

Juice, sir?
- No thanks.

Listen, Rambo...

Two girlfriends, two wives, two houses...
that does sound wrong.

But two lives, two families, two fathers,
two mothers, two sets of friends...

delivered in a husky voice,
followed by, two girlfriends...

now, that doesn't sound so bad.
It even sounds surprising.

But it is still wrong, sir.

Does it even sound believable?
- The show is just for the two girls.

Let my channel, my talk show, and I
take care of that.

I will get people to make some noise
and make both the girls believe it.

Sir, the poor guy only managed
to get two lovers.

How will he find two families now?

We've got people for that.

But they need to put on
a convincing act.

Take a look at this.

Breathe life into it, sir.

Marcus! Can you pretend
to be Rambo's father?

Just give me the opportunity, sir!

Sir, how could he pull off
my father?

Same hairstyle, sir.
I can pull it off.

Marcus, I may even hit you,
or rough you up.

But you must say with conviction,
"Rambo is my son."

Even if you roll me over...

I will never tell the truth, sir.

No matter what happens,
Rambo is my son and...

I am Rambo's father!

I didn't bear him in my womb.

But he is my son.

Sir, we are Rambo's family.

Just look at his face.

They've stolen the mannequin wigs
from a textile store...

and put it on their heads, sir.

How dare you call this a wig?
Come and see for yourself!

Our family uses Karthika shampoo!

Sit down.

How dare you call this a wig?

Please sit down.


I've done my job.

I've talked it out with them.

You come out there and pretend
not to remember either of them.

Just like you wanted, you can
send them home with no hard feelings.

I met them both
on Vinayakar Chaturthi.

Kanmani during the day.

Khatija at night.

My mother said everything will change
one day.

I believed that was the day.

There were signs, too.

I end up losing everything I like.

I am a terribly unlucky person.

But those two girls were the only thing
I truly liked, that stuck with me.

Please don't mistake my saying this.

Maybe you were 99.9 percent
in love with one of them.

And you loved the other girl
100 percent.

Why not live with the person
you loved 100 percent?

Oh, no.
That's a sin, sir.

A sin.

I can't do it.

The fact that two such girls liked me
will get me through my life.

Let me know when you are ready.

I'll do as you say.


I must act like I've forgotten the
two most unforgettable people in my life?

Fine, I'll do it.

It's easy.

I'll be there.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen.

It's time to call Mr. Rambo.

Welcome, Mr. Rambo.


Son, your beloved family members
are on this side.

Come over to this side.
- Ready, Mr. Rambo?

Come back to this side, son.

You've made up your mind, haven't you?

Just say that you don't remember
both of them and get it over with.

Hi, Kanmani.

Oh, I see.


How are Minmini and Bhargav doing?

They are good.

I'm sorry.

Ladies and gentlemen.
Did you see that?

Kanmani is the one Rambo rem..


Khati dear?

Don't cry.

Oh, dear...

What are you..

You remember Khatija too?
- It's Khati!

Rambo has chosen us!

Please be seated.

I told you!

Love has triumphed!

Justice has prevailed!

I've got my son back.

Don't cry.

Is your father doing well?

Do you remember them?
- I don't.

Wait, what?

You remember the girls,
but not the boys?

Tell my son to come home with me.
I'll leave right away.

The show is over.
You acted really well.


We can't come and go as you please.
We aren't actors in a play!

I won't call you to act again
if you don't leave now.

Don't shout here.
Calm down.

I understand what he means.

Let me talk to him.

I raised that boy in my arms.

How can you not send him with me?

You are a bouncer, right?
Take him away.

Take him away.
- Carry him.

Take him away.
- I raised him in my arms!

This is not fair!

Take him out to the road
and burn him like an effigy.

Thanks for coming.

Take care of Mom.

Okay, Rambo.
- There's a doctor by her side?

Yes, Rambo.
Don't worry. Goodbye.

I will explain later.

I did my part.

And you did your part
exceedingly well!

You did everything except
what you were told.

I have changed my phone number.
Don't try to contact me henceforth.

When, sir?
- Just now.

If you come to see me,
I will kill you.


Is it going to be Kanmani or Khatija?

Not that I care.

I couldn't bring myself to lie to their faces.
- Turn the cameras off!

All the best.
You are on your own now.

This video doesn't come out
without my permission, okay?

Hi, Bhargav.

How are you?

I love you.

Wait for a while.
Let's go home with Rambo.


Who are these people, Rambo?
What's happening?

Rambo, who is this little girl?

They say I've had this condition
since childhood.


You know how, sometimes, our conscience
makes peace with our mistakes?

I think this is something of that sort.

Think of it as a bad dream
and forget everything.

I will remember and cherish it
like a beautiful dream.

I've hurt you.
Forgive me.

Forgive me and let go of me.

I can't watch you leave me.

I'll turn around.

Go away and lead a happy life.

You haven't left yet?

Why should I leave?
Tell her to leave.

Why should I leave?
Tell her to leave.

I am at fault here.
So I should be the one leaving.

Rambo, I know you didn't
mean to do anything wrong.

You are not that kind of a person.

You are a really good guy.

You don't lie.
You don't cheat.

But you poor, naive thing...

you got cheated.

I think that's what's happened here.

I can see a forgiving nature in that face.

Ask for her forgiveness again...

...make sure she gets home safe,
and come to me.

Let's go back to our home.

Sorry, miss.
- But, Sister...

At the end of the day..
- Hold on.

What did you call me?

Uh, Sist..
- Huh?


Um... Rambo and I have a lot going.

I don't know how to explain it to you.

How about you show us some magnanimity
and let us young lovers be happy...

and bless us, Sis..



Get your hands off him.

Rambo, no point talking to her.

Whom do you want in your life?
You tell us!

Me? Or her?

Just say "Khatija"
and get it over with, Rambo.

Wait, wait, wait.

Hold on.

The day you confessed your love for me...

my life turned beautiful.

I've never even looked my mother
in the eye, you know?

You're the first girl whose eyes
I looked into.

You. You.

You. You.

My life was like the dark sky
and you're the moon that lit it up.



My life was one big minus
and it turned into a plus because of you.

Because of you.

You. You.

The first time rain
touched my hair...

dosa, choco bar...
maybe you'll think it's a joke.

Maybe you'll think it's a joke.
Maybe you'll think it's a joke.

But the little things
that people get so easily...

I got it with much difficulty.

After you came...

After you came...

it all turned easy.

I can't imagine a life without you.

But I don't see another way.

Being with me is not good for you.
For you.

Not good for you.

So you should leave me.

Leave me.
Leave me.

I'll see your Facebook posts,
Insta stories, WhatsApp status messages...

I'll see all your happy pictures
from afar...

and it will keep me going
for the rest of my life.

That's all I need.




Don't confuse me.

This is not a game, Rambo.

Give us a proper answer,
and we will leave.

Rambo, forget about everything.

Forget it.

One last time...

take a good look
and give us an answer.

Do you want me?



Let me make it simple for you.

Listen carefully.

I am going to say
"I love you" to you.

You think I'd just stand and watch?

Calm down, child.
Let me finish.

She will also say
"I love you" to you.

Say it back to whomever you feel like
saying it to.

And that person will stay here.

The other person will walk away quietly.

You go first.

You say it.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you two.


I love you two.

I love you two.

I love you two.

I love you two.

I love you two.





I love you two...

In a breeze...

In a breeze...

Just say it already.
Two Loves In a Breeze.


Rambo, plain shirts suit you better.

You look really good in stripes,
checks and printed shirts, Rambo!

Okay, then!


Bye, my dear home.


Both these girls actually love you?

Yes. I swear, Aunt.
- Praise the lord.

Rambo, if you were to marry either of them
in a public ceremony in our village...

you know it would do a world of good
to our family.

Hold on a second.

Stop the vehicle.

Aunt, I have no such intentions.

I only wish to
spend some time with them.

Take care of Mom.
Call me in case of anything.

I don't consider them
to be two different people...

but the same person.

If you marry both of them,
that's good too.

Bogi Babu, shut up!

Rambo, please reconsider it.

Bogi Babu, shush!
Don't talk that way.

Sorry, sister.

You have to live in my place.

You know why.

Kanmani, you think he'd always be
by your side?

I have to live at your place.

You know why.

I should know my place.


I know I should be
wherever you both are.

But she can't be there.

How can we allow her to live
where I live with my family?

Besides, you worked hard, ran pillar
to post, bent backwards...

to put together 50 lakhs
to save my house.

We have to live here
as a happy family, Rambo.

I can't let a stranger in.

Hello, Dad?
- Hi!

I bought a house.
- Really?

You know I pulled out just 50 lakhs
from my fixed deposit?

I used it to buy a big house
in OMR.

Congrats! I'm so happy for you.

I'm going to live here
from tomorrow, Dad.

Oh, no. How will you live there
all alone?

No, two other people stay here.

I told them they can continue to
live here if they keep quiet.

Or I've asked them to
return my money.

So proud of you.
Very good.

Thank you, Dad.

Okay, bye.
- Bye.

Okay, fine.

Until you choose between
the two of us...

let's live together here.

You think you can leave me,
cross me...

and go to her?

Kanmani, Bhargav is calling for you.

Rambo, it's obvious that
you like me more.

Just be upfront with her.

Tell her, "I like Khatija.
I want to live with her."

We can just go somewhere and..

Rambo, it's obvious
you like me more.

Just be upfront with her.

Tell her, "I like Khatija.
I want to live with her."

We can just go somewhere and..

Don't you dare switch it off...

Good night.

Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.
- Good night.



Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night!

Good night!

Who is saying good night
at this hour?

Good night, sir.



The other day, I saw you and Kanmani.

Today, I see you with this girl.

Who is she?

Don't ask, sir!

I fell in love.

You fell in love?

With Kanmani?

Or this other girl?

Both of them, sir.

Stop fooling around, boy!

I am serious.

They both love me.

They aren't letting me go.

They are fighting over me.

I'm just an average guy, right?

They are getting aggressive.

The very thought of living together
with both of them in the same house...

eat, sleep, bathe...

lead a family life...

it makes life seem so tiresome, sir.


Let's go to sleep.

Go in.
I'll come.

Hurry up, man.


You are so lucky, sir.
You only have one girlfriend.

Sir, tell them to stop.
They'll hurt my nose.

Stop, guys.

- Oss.


So both the girls
are in love with you?

Yes, sir.

It's probably not love.
Just a contest.

When two girls
desire the same thing...

they wouldn't want the other girl
to have her way...

so they fight over it.

They will never give up.

But in case they give up...

both of them will give up
at the same time and leave.

Whether it's about clothes,
or jewellery...

or even a pair of slippers.

They just let it go.

Are you telling me
I'm a pair of slippers?

Even worse.

Bad night for you, sir.

Good night.

Good morning.

Good morning!

Good morning.

Good morning!

Rambo, good morning!

Good morning, sir.

Looks like you are in a jolly mood
this morning!

I know you like tea.
So I got you some tea.

I know you like coffee.
So I got you coffee.


Yes, Rambo?

Get me a cup.

I'll get it, Rambo.
- Yeah, quick.

I couldn't find a bowl.
I only found this.

Lord Muruga, save us all.

Is the sugar okay?

Is the brew okay?

♪ Oh, he's trapped ♪

♪ Between two smoking hot chicks ♪

♪ They're bewitching beauties ♪

♪ Taking the plunge to hold on to them ♪

♪ He's trying to stay afloat ♪

♪ Two loves in a breeze
That's the story of our friend ♪

♪ He's got the skill it takes
To drive a lorry in a bicycle lane ♪

♪ Two loves in a breeze
That's the story of our friend ♪

♪ He's got the skill it takes
To drive a lorry in a bicycle lane ♪

♪ Lucky guy, our Rambo ♪

♪ Got himself a combo on offer ♪

♪ Got his luck back with interest ♪

♪ He hoarded it in a locker ♪

♪ Oh, he's trapped ♪

♪ Between these two smoking hot chicks ♪

♪ They're bewitching beauties ♪

♪ Taking the plunge to hold on to them ♪

♪ He's trying to stay afloat ♪

♪ He didn't cast any spell
Just the pitfalls of true love ♪

♪ I'm not a merry-go-round
To take you around for a ride ♪

♪ Like the double-headed drum
I'm getting beaten from both ends ♪

♪ You saintly man ♪

♪ Got yourself a demure one
and a wild one ♪

♪ Now you'll have sleepless nights ♪

♪ Two loves in a breeze
That's the story of our friend ♪

♪ He's got the skill it takes
To drive a lorry in a bicycle lane ♪

♪ Two loves in a breeze
That's the story of our friend ♪

♪ He's got the skill it takes
To drive a lorry in a bicycle lane ♪

♪ Lucky guy, our Rambo ♪

♪ Got himself a combo on offer ♪

♪ Got his luck back with interest ♪

♪ He hoarded luck in his locker ♪

♪ Oh, he's trapped! ♪

♪ Between these two smoking hot chicks ♪

♪ They're bewitching beauties ♪

♪ Taking the plunge to hold on to them ♪

♪ His life's going topsy-turvy ♪

♪ Two loves in a breeze
That's the story of our friend ♪

♪ He's got the skill it takes
To drive a lorry in a bicycle lane ♪

♪ Two loves in a breeze
That's the story of our friend ♪

♪ He's got the skill it takes
To drive a lorry in a bicycle lane ♪



Come here.

Sit here.

What Rambo and I share
is way more special, Khatija.

That is why I am not able
to leave him.

You need to be more understanding
and step away.

Because our relationship is...
one of those things.

What thing?

Rambo and I...

got married.

Sign here.

Why do you look sad?

Did he marry you too?


What, then?

He did me.

Oh, dear.

He married you.

And did me.

I'm telling you, he did me.

Do you need to see the visuals too?

Try and understand.

Still, Khatija. Marriage is a
much bigger deal for a woman.

No, Kanmani.

Doing it is a much bigger deal.

No, it is marriage.
- Hi, Kanmani!



Khatija, please understand.

Almond is the most important thing
between a man and a woman.

No, Kanmani.

Pistachio is more important
in a relationship.


Khatija, almond is a
thousand-year-old institution.

And it's already happened in my life.

Kanmani, please understand.

To me,
pistachio is as sacred as life itself.

And I've already done it.

Khatija, how can I have almond here
and go elsewhere for pistachio?

Kanmani, how can I eat pistachio here
and dare ask for almond elsewhere?

Go where you ate almond,
and eat pistachio there.

And you go where you ate pistachio
and eat almond there.

Problem solved!

Why are you fighting over it?

No one asked you!

Be quiet!

You have no clue
what we are talking about.

I'm the kind of girl who eats almonds in
a social setting, in a respectable manner.

And you're the kind that eats pistachios
sneakily, behind closed doors.

You've only tasted the almond.

What would you know about
the taste of pistachios?

When Rambo returns...

I'll have a word with him.

Good evening, Khati.

Good evening, Kanmani.

Why did you marry her?
- What?

Why did you do her?
- Who?

Why did you marry her?

Why did you..

What did I do?

You rascal!

Didn't you marry me?

Khati, wait!

Kanmani, what are you saying?

You asked for my sign
to resolve the property dispute.

You said we'd get the house
if I signed.

That doesn't count as marriage.


You made that up, Kanmani?

You signed, didn't you?

At the marriage registrar's office.

Isn't that a marriage?

Isn't that a marriage?

How is that a marriage?
This is cheating!


Did it happen in your dream, Khati dear?


After everything you did...

Come here.

You came home when my father
was out of town, didn't you?

You slept with me on the bed.

Yes, I just slept with you!

Did you hear that?

I slept with you. That's all.
I was tired and fell asleep.


I fell asleep!

Please understand one thing.

I don't wish to marry you two
to do... any of that stuff.

What I feel for you...

I can't explain in words.

I just want to keep looking at
you two all the time.

Either I need to be around you,
or need you both to be around me.

That's all.

I don't wish to frolic in bed with you two
or anything like that.

I'll be content with just sitting
on a bench and talking to you.

You left the almonds
and pistachios outside.

Hi, Minmini!
- Hi.

Did you just get here?
- Yes.

Bhargav says he is sleepy.

I'm coming.

Good night.
- Good night.

Good night, Bhargav.
- Good night.

Go to sleep, both of you.
I'll come in a bit.

No fighting.

See, I also got almonds
and pistachios only.

What to do?

Want some pistachios?

You eyed it with such longing.
- No thanks.

Pistachios are very good.

No thanks.

Why are you so stiff today?

No thank you.

Suit yourself.

Oh, no!

I will never mention
pistachios ever again.

Or they'll crush the poor guy.

The fighting began yesterday.

He thought he could ride 1000 kms
with half a litre of fuel!

But it's going to stop midway.

He will ditch one of them, marry the other,
and get out of your way.

I'll continue to follow them.

You follow my status on WhatsApp, okay?
Bye, mwah!

Only good things will happen.

Oh, wow!

Good morning!

Good morning.

Eating dosa?

I think I'll have breakfast
at home today.

No, eat out.

Why, Kanmani?

Because we are out of food.

Out of food?

Minmini, you eat.

All I get is a banana?

Thank you.

Minmini, are you done eating?

Have you had enough?
- Yes.

Wash your hands.


You don't have to thank me.

Can I have another?
It was good.

Looks like he might actually end up
marrying both of them, like Bogi Babu said.

The girls have stopped fighting,
and made peace with each other.

Our boy is stuck,
like a slipper in a swamp.

The wedding is definitely happening.

Not sure if it's going to be a single,
double, or trouble wedding though.

- Let's see.

That's it.

- Khatija, your father fainted.

I've called for an ambulance.



Don't worry.
I'm here for you.

Kanmani has ditched me.

Let's go.

Shall I make you dosas?


What's going on, Moby?

Let's not stalk Khatija anymore.

It's wrong.

I'm a bigger rowdy than him.
- Hi!

Do you recognise them?
- Dig into my history...

What are you looking at?


This is just a minor mistake
that happened without his knowledge.

It's only a medical condition.

He is not to be blamed for it.

In fact, we cannot blame him.

Is that petrol I smell?

Considering the hike in petrol prices,
I'd have talked in exchange for petrol.

You don't use bikes or cars?

Hold on.

What do you want?

I'll tell you everything.

That guy, the TV show,
the TV show host...

it was all a sham.

Have you even seen
an episode of that show on TV?

Stop playing around
with petrol instead!

Good afternoon!

Did you lie, Rambo?

Did you lie to us?

You lied about suffering from a disease
called dissociative disorder...

you made us look like pitiable things
on that TV show.

You lied to us,
conned us and cheated us...

and you used our genuine love
for you to your advantage.


Emotional manipulation.

Bluntly put, a con artist.

You pretend to fill a void
in someone's life...

and do whatever you want with them.

Why did you do that to me, Rambo?

What was the disease
you suffered from?

Tell me.
What was it?

I had no such disease.

Since childhood, I've suffered from
a disease called misfortune.

So everything you said was a lie?

Yes. It was all a lie.


Lies! Lies! Lies!
Everything you said was a lie.

You are a fraud.

What are you looking at?

We believed everything you said.

Truth or not, doesn't matter now.

Do you believe me or not?

It doesn't matter what we believe.

Did you tell us the truth or lies?
Tell us!

If I spoke the truth, but you don't
believe me, it becomes a lie.

But if you believed my lie,
it becomes the truth.

So what really matters is
whether you believe me or not.

Don't talk rubbish.

You were fully aware
that you loved both of us.

You met me during the day.
And Khatija at nights.

You loved me during the day.

And her at nights.

Didn't you?

You were fully aware that
you loved both of us all along.


No, I didn't.


Both of you loved me.
I didn't resist it. That's all.

Then I wished to leave you both.

But you wouldn't let me go,
so I didn't leave.

I found happiness in your love
that I never felt before in my life.

I didn't have the heart
to resist or change it.

I'm just a regular human with eyes,
ears, and nose like everyone else.

After 30 years, I felt a person's touch.
The mother's love that I was deprived of.

So even though I knew it was wrong,
I just wanted to see how far it can go.

It was wrong.

I couldn't live with myself
after a few days.

Because of the way
you both loved me.

I wanted to tell you, but not hurt you, so
we fabricated the big lie of that TV show.

My friends helped me.

Every time I see you both...

my heart beats as two.

In equal measure.
For the both of you.

I've cut my heart in two,
erected two thrones there...

and given you equal places in it.

I love you two.


Don't you dare say that!

I might just hit you.

Hit me.

Even if you hit me,
I love you two.

Even if you don't like me,
I love you two.

With all my heart,
truly, deeply...

in a way that can't be destroyed
or ruined by any man alive.

Why should there only be one love?
Why can't one have two loves?

When you both proposed to me
at the same time...

I couldn't think about right or wrong.

Because you were both my first love,
that came at the same time.

You both are my only love.

I like the earth, and the sky.
I like this eye, and this one.

I like coffee, and I like tea.

I like salt, and I like sugar.

I like idli, and I like dosa.

I like Rajini, and I like Kamal.

I like Mohan Lal,
and I like Mammooty.

If I have two children tomorrow,
I will love them both equally.

Similarly, I like you,
and I like you too.

I love you two!

Love you two!

Love you two!

Love you two!

One can like idli and dosa.

Mammooty and Mohan Lal.

But is that the same
as loving two women?

Can't you tell the difference
between the two?

You really can't tell?

That explains everything.

Please get out of the house.


Rambo, why didn't you answer
your phone?

Your mother is very sick.
They say it's just a matter of time now.

I'm scared.
Let's go to your village.


It was a mistake.

That's how things are going to be from now.

It's all over now.

They threw me out of the house.

That was bound to happen.

If I see my mother now,
that's a minus.

She won't make it.

Me not seeing her is a plus.

At least she will remain alive.

That's it.

Things will be
like old times again.

Be prepared.

Old times are coming again.


I knew it was only a matter of time
before he got caught.

Both of you are the lucky angels
who turned his life around.

Who said there can only be
one lucky angel?

Why can't there be two angels?

What I'm saying is...

And I mean this...

both of you are the lucky angels
who turned his life around.

He believes his mother is better
because both of you loved him.

He is convinced something bad will happen
to his mother if you leave him now.

Please come together one last time
and dispel this thought from his mind.

Please postpone your break up
for some time...

and do this for him.

You can continue with your break up later.

If you ask around a few shops,
you will get your choco bar.

He thinks he can stop rain!

Let's go to Cherrapunji.

Let me see him stop the rain there.

Such stupid beliefs and
such stupid talk.

Please listen to me.
You left me, didn't you?

This is my life now.

I'm scared for my mother.
- Are you stupid?

What does she have to do
with us loving you?

It won't be okay, I know it.
Leave. I'll deal with it.

She is your mother!

Go and see your mother.
- I'm begging you. Please.

Nothing will happen.
Go in.

Please listen to me.

Please, Rambo.

No, please listen to me.

Go in.

She is your mother.

She will be okay.

You are overthinking it.


What if she gets worse?
- Don't be scared, Rambo.




Ma, look at me.

Ma, please look at me.

Ma... look at me, Ma.

This happens whenever
he gets near her.

I told you I shouldn't
go near my mother, didn't I?

I know better than you!

I shouldn't go near my mother.
It's a minus for her.

I told you!

My mother is gone.


Ma, I've killed you.

I shouldn't have come near you.

I'm sorry, Ma.

Ma, wake up.


The sight of her son
brought her back to life.

She's come back to life.

Ma, you are okay.

You are okay.

As long as your breath touches mine,
I will be alright, son.

She is feeling better
because you came.

She came back to life.
He is a lucky charm.

I've been saying this all along.
He is lucky.

A tea for me.

Add some salt in it.

Apparently I have no sense.

Do you really want me
to add salt?


Do it.

Give me those slippers.

My slippers?

What for?

Hold this.

Ask me, "Will you leave your mother?"

Will you leave your mother?

Hit me.

What do you mean?
Stop joking.

Please hit me, brother.

Stop joking!

Hit me, please.

Just hit me, you moron!

Will you leave your mother?

What happened?
- Wait.

Hit me.

Will you leave your mother?
- Hit me.

Will you leave your mother?
- Hit me!

Will you leave your mother?


We'll get going, then.

Take care of your mother.

One minute.
I'll just say goodbye to her.

Minmini, hold this.

She wants to talk to Ma.
- Sit.

Can you please go outside and play?

She came with Rambo.
Her name is Kanmani.

Are you in love with my son?

You will marry him, won't you?

Don't believe what others say.

Promise me.

Swear on me.

You must marry him
and lead a happy life.

Take good care of him.

You made a promise.

You swore on me.
Remember that.

Where did you go, Kanmani?

I got his mother's blessings.

Let's go.


Come on.

Accompany her.
- Okay.

I came to say goodbye...

Are you the girl who came with Rambo?
- Yes, she is the one.

You are in love with my son, right?

No matter what people say,
you should marry him, okay?

Promise me.
- Oh, dear!

Promise you will take
good care of my son.

You will, won't you?



You came with Rambo, didn't you?

My son...

Ma'am, I work with Rambo.

Is that so?
I've never seen you.

You've seen me now.
You won't forget me.

I'm leaving.
Won't be returning.

I got her blessings, too.

Sir, you can go in and play.

Your mother wishes
for you to get married.

Even if you don't want to,
do it at least for your family.

Because we are...


I am definitely no longer
part of your life.

You can speak for both of us.

This is over, Rambo.

Maybe you will find a
better girl than us.

Maybe you will get married soon.


Let's go, Bhargav.

For everything you've done...


And goodbye.

Let's go.

Hold on a second.

I can't watch you leave.


let me turn around.

Call me if you need anything.

This one issue doesn't make us enemies.

You made me understand
something very important in life.

We will always be friends.

Let's be friends.

I know you can't leave
when I turn around.

But, please...
this time you have to leave.

♪ Love came to me at once
And it turned into two ♪

♪ And now my love is broken into two ♪

♪ My legs faltered
And they led me astray ♪

♪ The wind has carried my loves away ♪

♪ My two eyes...
I want them both ♪

♪ How could I choose one
To let go of? ♪

♪ She who was with me
She's not here now ♪

♪ She who was right here
She's not mine today ♪

♪ She who was with me
She's not here now ♪

♪ And in the end...
My heart is left feeling anguished ♪

♪ That he would ever leave
Never even occurred to me ♪

♪ That this would fall apart
Never even crossed my mind ♪

♪ That he would lie to me
Never even occurred to me ♪

♪ That this would end someday
Never even crossed my mind ♪

♪ Don't go looking for a meaning
It ruins the beauty ♪

♪ Don't ever leave me, dear
My life would cease to exist ♪

♪ She who was with me
She's not here now ♪

♪ She who was right here ♪
♪ Now she's not ♪

♪ She who was with me
She's not here now ♪

♪ And in the end...
My heart is left feeling anguished ♪

Forget about the other girl.

But you are family.
- Stop calling me, and torturing me.

Let me make this clear.
- You don't understand...

I have nothing do with Rambo
or your family.

Hang up. It's over,
no point talking about it now.

Fine, try talking to her.

♪ Just as beautifully as it blooms
It wilts, this love ♪

♪ Just like a distant image
It disappears, this love ♪

♪ Just as beautifully as it blooms
It wilts, this love ♪

♪ Just like a distant image
It disappears, this love ♪

♪ Don't you grieve
Don't you hurt ♪

♪ This is enough, it's over
Let's never meet, ever ♪

Guess my age, ma'am.

About 80-85?

Oh, no... why?

The green signal from you
is going to signal the birth of my dynasty.


You must light up the lamps in our house
so we can turn off the lamps in our rooms.

Your decision will decide
the fate of our lineage.

Please take us into consideration
and make the right decision.

Please, ma'am.

Your family...

your family history...

and their plight...

the promise I made to your mother...

it all makes me
want to forgive you.

Maybe, even if what you did
was really wrong...

my love for you
is true and sincere.

So, for the sake of your family members...

a little bit for your sake...

and a teeny-weeny bit for my sake...

I agree to bloody marry you.

After what I just told you...

I see no trace of happiness
or tears of joy!

I'm crying a river inside.

He is trying to make two omelettes
with one egg!

It won't work.

Did you take the 10:30 bus?

I got here in the 08:30 bus.

Excuse me.

My mother is sleeping inside.

Let's go out and discuss this?


I'm coming there.
- Just hide somewhere!

My mother's final wish
is to see me married.

But if I ever get married,
it will be to both of you.

What about you?


I will marry only if I can
marry the both of you.

Or I don't want to get married at all.

Don't say such things.

Take it back.

I love you two.
I'll marry you two.

Okay, it is wrong.

I don't want this
to happen either.

That's why I didn't stop you
from leaving me.

My family members convinced you
behind my back. I'm not at fault here.

I swear, I didn't make them.

I didn't make them.
Please believe me.

I'm sorry.

It hurts.
I'm sorry.

I beg you with folded hands.
I am sorry.

It hurts.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

My mother's final wish
is to see me married.

If I get married...

my family's curse will be broken, and
my aunt and uncles will get married too.

They've wished to change their status
from 'single' to 'married' for long.

That is why I ask...

This isn't my decision.

Poor you two, you could have
walked away from me.

Maybe everything back home
reminded you of me.

And made you want to see me.

So I suppose you came back
to see me out of love.

- No such thing.

I only came back because
of the promise I made to your mother.

She made you promise?

She made me promise too.


To honour all our promises...

we only have one option.

If you promise not to hit me,
I will tell you.

Just say it already.

If not for me...

at least for the sake of my mother
and my family members...

marry me.

I only stand to gain
two things from this wedding.

One - the wedding photo
with all three of us in it.

If I hang it in front of my mother,
that will keep her happy forever.

Two - my beautiful aunt, my uncles...

all of them will get married
and settle down in life.

All the accusations against my family
will be unfounded.

Then all three of us
can go to Chennai.

No one will know.

Let's live together
like we used to.

When you feel like you want to
leave me, you can.

I won't stop you.

Until then, I won't come close to you,
or touch you...

There will be no question of children
until you give the nod.

We can figure that out later.
Take it as it comes.

Do you remember, one day
when we were in the car...

the vehicle stopped due to the rains.
You were driving.

Both of us got down
and pushed the car.

Imagine if it was only the two of us.

Remember, we struggled to move
an almirah at home the other day?

Imagine if it was just us..
- Please!

Stop it.

Just stop it.

Start the wedding preparations.

No matter who turns up or not,
I'll be there.

Khati, you don't understand what
I'm trying to say for the past hour.

Actually, the past one year.
Let me explain one more time.

If I ever get married,
it will be to the both of you.

I can't leave one person
and get married to the other.

You may have separate ID cards
and separate passports...

but Kanmani and Khatija
are one and the same to me.

I can't leave Kanmani to marry Khatija.
Or leave Khatija to marry Kanmani.

Please understand.
Don't force me, Khati.

Okay, fine.

Start the wedding preparations.
I will come, too.

You are okay with it?

If you, who caught the 10:30 bus,
are okay with it...

then I, who caught the 08:30 bus,
am okay with it too.

Rambo, start the wedding preparations.

Both of you have agreed
to the wedding?

That's great!
Everyone, come out.

Rambo! Rambo! Rambo!

Rambo! Rambo! Rambo!

Rambo! Rambo! Rambo!

Always manages to say something
and confuse us, doesn't he?

♪ Giving your heart to two of us
Who do you think you are, man? ♪

♪ Making a couple out of three of us
Do you think you're Lord Murugan? ♪

♪ You're just an average Joe
This is a bit much for you ♪

♪ I trusted you to be a nice guy
Say "I love you" only to me ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Truly, I love you two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Really, I love you two ♪

♪ You told me I was precious and prized
How can you do this to me? ♪

♪ You called me your baby and wooed me
How dare you do this to me? ♪

♪ Ditch that girl and marry me
You and I will have our own poster ♪

♪ Tell me I'm your favourite
Play by my rules and tie the knot ♪

♪ No, no, no
Two-two-two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Truly, I love you two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Really, I love you two ♪

♪ Oh baby, my precious - I want you both
Let's all be happy together, forever ♪

♪ Like you were both my children
I would care for you forever ♪

♪ You're just an average Joe
This is a bit much for you ♪

♪ Oh baby
My precious ♪

♪ I trusted you to be a nice guy
Say "I love you" only to me ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Truly, I love you two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two... ♪

I love you two.

I love you two.

I love you two!

I love you two...

I love you two!

Pay close attention.

Use our wedding to reverse the curse
against your family.

Another important thing...

are all your lovers still single,
like you?

Some of them are still
thinking about them.

It's true love.

Everyone but me has a chance.

Look me in the face and tell me.
Do I stand a chance?

Praise the Lord.

Why do you say
you don't stand a chance?

I just said "Praise the Lord."
Please, let it go.

Tell me the truth...

will we find your girlfriends in
the addresses you gave us?

Or are you making it up?

They do live there.

What's the point of a hot-pack
for cold idlies?

Cold or hot, idlies are idlies.

Looks like you've gone really cold!

We'll bring them somehow.
Go now.

They are all dried up
but they want brides!

Enough of your wisecracks!

What? You'll only get married
if we bring these guys' lovers?

Khatija already told me.

Did Khatija tell you how to
bring Idhayakala's lover here?

Only Kanmani will tell you how.

Pay attention.

Go to this church right away.

Ask for Emmanuel
and meet him in person.

Our family heirs, Rambo and my brothers
are getting married at the same venue...

early tomorrow morning
during the auspicious hour.

I request all of you to grace the event
with your presence and bless the newly-weds.

Anyone who gets married into
that family ends up losing their life.

It's not like getting married
into your family is any better!

Stop filling water for a second
and listen to this.

Don't overthink it.

I am going to get married
into their family now.

Trust me on this.


your lover has endured
every obstacle in life...

and is holding onto dear life
just for you.

Are you hesitating because
he is 46 years old?

Age doesn't matter
when it comes to marriage.


Love is all we need.

Come out!

Come out!

Come out!

You complete whack job!

That's an empty house.

They've shifted to
the next lane.

Let's go.

Run, run, run!



Oh. Thanks, sir.

The stuff that happens to you
won't happen to anyone else.

You have no idea.

If I tie the knot with Kanmani first,
Khatija would be upset.

If I tie the knot with Khatija first,
Kanmani would be upset.

I'm struggling to find a way to
tie the knot with both of them at once.

Are you drunk?

Yes, on my way here.

Is our queen ready?

What's the occasion?

A wedding, Ma.

What are you saying?

A wedding in our family?

Who is getting married?

Your son, and all the others
in the family.

Everyone in our family is getting married
on the same day?

Like you said...

when it rains, it pours.

When did I say that?

You said it just yesterday!
So unlike you to forget something.


I want chicken.

Hold on.

Brother, can you pass me
a piece of chicken?

Not for me.
My kid wants chicken.

You're getting married in
the presence of the whole village?

Why do I see two girls up there?

Is it her?

Or her?

It's them, Ma.


Couldn't you pick another color?

Why didn't you?


Bless you.

Bless you, dear.

Hello everyone.

The whole village had written off
that no one in our family will get married.

We are going to break that myth.

Today, my brother's dream
will come true.

All my younger brothers
are going to get married.



Here is the girl
who stole your heart.

But Emmanuel, you are going to
become a Father tomorrow.

How could you do this?

I choose to become a father
by having a child with her.

Christ will forgive me.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The moment you've all
been waiting for...

Rambo weds Kanmani and Khatija.

Where are they?

Looking back, I can hardly believe it.

It's been a crazy ride.

But I never thought you would
do this for us, Kanmani.

Rambo, listen.

I'm going to leave now,
pretending to get ready.

But I won't come back.

"I love you two" is great...

But for "I marry you two"
to actually happen,

we need to either be way back
in the past, or way ahead into the future.

This won't work out.

I knew you'd just repeat yourself
if I brought this up earlier.

So I'm leaving you at the altar.

Forgive me.

Your mother is looking.

The whole village is looking.

Kanmani is gone.

Marry Khatija...

and lead a happy life.

That's the right thing to do.

Both of you have done so much for me.

But I've never done anything for you two.

Let me do this one thing, please.

I'm leaving.

If you can't watch me leave...

turn around.

Thanks and goodbye.

♪ My dearest... ♪

♪ My dearest... ♪

♪ Don't you ever leave my side
My dearest ♪

♪ Don't you ever leave my side ♪

♪ Don't you ever leave my side
My dearest ♪

♪ Don't you ever leave my side ♪

♪ My dearest... ♪

♪ My dearest
The apple of my eye ♪

♪ My dearest
The apple of my eye ♪


And I didn't expect you
to do this either.

Where is your phone?

Check it.

Hi, Rambo.

It is one thing to appear happy.

But being truly happy
is something else.

I was happy when I lived with you.

So happy.

Maybe that's why we came this far.


But this can't go any further.

I'm leaving you
at the right time, Rambo.

So stop repeating yourself.

For your mother's sake...

and for your family...

marry Kanmani and live happily.

Even though we made
a cute and fresh-looking pair...

Kanmani was always
the right person for you.

I can take care of myself.


You, Bhargav, Minmini...

I thought all of you should
live together as one happy family.

It doesn't work that way.

Like I always said...

I didn't wish to have an intimate
relationship with you two.

I just wanted to sit on a bench
and talk to you two.

I just wanted to look at you two.

According to me,
Kanmani and Khatija are the same.

- Please!

Please, don't.

Fine, I won't repeat myself.

Both of you came into my life at once.

You proposed at once.

You loved me at once.

Even though both of you
left me at once...

now you've come at once to see me.

That's all I want.

The moments we spent when we were
in love and living together...

those unforgettable moments
are all I really need.

For the rest of my life,
I'm happy.

We will always have that.

Take good care of your mother.

She is happy because
you are by her side.

Hold on to that.

I've chosen a man for myself.

You should agree to marry the girl
your mother found you, and move on.

Stop thinking about me.


I am...

dating someone too.

We are getting married soon.

You should attend the wedding.

Khati, can you open your eyes?

I hope you will come, too.

Of course, I will.
- You should.


Let's go?

See you soon.

See you.

Don't leave.

I miss you two.

You are leaving?

Yes, sir.

Have you eaten?


Sorry, Rambo.

Often, I've felt jealous of you.

Maybe you are all alone here
because of my envy.

It's hard to see you so sad.

I am happy, sir.

Don't lie, Rambo.

Are you really happy
even after they left you?

Every minute of life is a blessing.

Every event is a miracle.

Everything is a plus.

All the minuses become
a plus someday.

I am a nobody.

And you saw two angelic women
compete with each other to love me.

Isn't that a miracle?

That's enough for me.

This breeze...

Our happiness, sorrows,
success, failures...

including romantic ones...

everything is like the breeze.

It wafts at will,
and caresses us.

We must only savour the moment.

If we try to make it last...

it will dissipate that very second.

To me, this is enough, sir.

This is enough.

I found two loves in a breeze.

In a breeze...

I lost my two loves.

♪ Love came to me at once
And it turned into two ♪

♪ And now my love is broken into two ♪

Rambo, they have moved on
with their lives, haven't they?

Why can't you marry the girl your mother
found you and be happy?

I don't want that girl.

Why not?
Who is she?

Show me.

It's her.

You've shown me Katrina Kaif's photo
by mistake.

She is the one.

Mina Kaif, Katrina Kaif...
connect the dots.


Yes, sir.

Katrina Kaif?

Sir, my heart beats for
Kanmani and Khatija...

how can I live with Katrina Kaif?

Look, she's been messaging me non-stop.

I don't know what to tell her.

This is so tiring.

You are the luckiest fellow
in this world.

You are fortunate.

You keep saying
you are unlucky...

but you've got all the luck
in the world, man.

If you ever say
you don't have this...

or you don't have that...

or talk about your minus
or some other crap...

I will Uchi you, Geri you,
and Jogai Chui you!

Don't you ever call me, bugger.

Don't you ever!


♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Truly, I love you two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Really, I love you two ♪

♪ You told me I was precious and prized
How can you do this to me? ♪

♪ You called me your baby and wooed me
How dare you do this to me? ♪

♪ Ditch that girl and marry me
You and I will have our own poster ♪

♪ Tell me I'm your favourite
Play by my rules and tie the knot ♪

♪ No, no, no
Two-two-two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Truly, I love you two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Really, I love you two ♪

♪ Oh baby, my precious - I want you both
Let's all be happy together, forever ♪

♪ Like you were both my children
I would care for you forever ♪

♪ You're just an average Joe
This is a bit much for you ♪

♪ Oh baby
My precious ♪

♪ I trusted you to be a nice guy
Say "I love you" only to me ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two ♪

♪ I love you two
Truly, I love you two ♪

♪ Two-two-two-two... ♪

I love you two.

I love you two.

I love you two!

I love you two...

I love you two...