Kaashmora (2016) - full transcript

Kaashmora is a present era black magic specialist. Rajnayak is an ancient era warlord and Ratnamahadevi is his queen. How these three are connected? What are the issues arise? How they are solved? forms the story of this historic-horror-comedy movie.

~By Zeus~

The dove is dead.

The scriptures regarding Nava
Kaaliga Pournami is missing.

A pure flame can never be
easily put off by evil wind!

The omens are not in
our favour highness!

The third full moon day is
the Nava Kaaliga Pournami.

It's been 700 years. The
place of Vikranthaka..

kingdom still remains
a graveyard!

The blood shed many years ago...

... Is still afresh after
seven generations.

Seven centuries...

8400 full moon nights...

Immeasurable cravings to break free...

All of it was for the
Nava Kaaliga Pournami!

Kaashmora will deliver
me from my curse!

If only that soul is
delivered from the curse...

It is scary to even think of it!

The destiny of seven rebirths...

... And penance...

... Will transform into the
arrow that destroys the evil.

Every bow needs the right arrow.


Where are you Kaashmora!

Fetch the plantain leaf





Daddy !!!

Get away fast!

Run now!

What happened?

Please check what happened!

Some relative from your mother's
family had done voodoo magic on you.

All this is because of
the unsatisfied spirit

The voodoo idol has been burnt

I have identified about
it and have destroyed it.

It needs to be dissolved in the sea.

But it still has life.

I will take care of it.

Swami I hope there will
not be any more troubles.

No evil force will come near
this house, even if you want it!


Let's go.


I am following my fiance
without her knowledge.

So please do not disturb me. Bye!

Why are these people
coming out like this?

Oh my god!

The bride is roaming
in the graveyard!

They said that she was
working in a bank.

Some guy who has got a
loan must have died!


Hi sir!

You asked for half brandy.

I've got it as two quarters.

What is this!

She is supplying drinks and side
dish to the graveyard scavenger!


I've got a whole bottle for you.

What did I ask for?

I asked for Water sachet!

If I spray the water packet in the
drink, it will just bubble up...

Only then the mixing
will be proper.

You spoiled everything!

Get the cash from her and
get the water sachet.

I do not have change...

Tell me.

As I had informed you...

I want to see ghosts.

Have you seen ghosts before?

Not at all!

- I went to Kilpauk graveyard...
- Oh yeah! Mani...

I went to the Besant
Nagar graveyard as well ..

Oh yeah... Shankar...

They talked a lot

No one showed me any ghost.

So you've been roaming around
graveyards in search of ghosts.

What is the difference between
a spirit and a ghost?

A ghost is a ghost and
a spirit is a spirit.

If it is a natural death,
then it is a spirit

If it is an unnatural
death, then it is a ghost.

It's just like a half boiled egg
and an omelet. It's in the making!

Hope you wont be scared
looking at a ghost.

Hope you will not become epileptic!

Look to your left... left...

Look to you left... not right...

Tell me properly .. where is it?

You want a water sachet again!

You bloody fraud!

I will make a police complaint...

What sort of a
daughter do you have!

She is roaming around
in graveyards.

How will a girl go
to a graveyard?

Is she working in a bank
or is she an undertaker?

Please hear me out first.

Are you happy now?

The entire grooms family is furious
and have called off the wedding!

Did not I inform you that I'll not
marry until I complete my thesis?

What can I do if you
fix someone for me?

I will first see the ghost
and then see my groom!

I will only have to die
and show up as a ghost!

It is not very easy
to become a ghost.

It should be an unnatural death.

Must get hit by a trailer

... The body must get
entangled on the bumper...

... And should travel with the
trailer for a while and then die.

It's better to die like this
than to search a groom for you!

Thanks dad.

It's not that dear...

Get married fast...

You and your husband can then work
on finding ghosts together...

Or else both of you can
make a wild brat as a kid!

Your thesis will end with that!

I will give you six months time.

Finish off with all these things.

Or else...

I will kill you!

You will then become a ghost!

At this rate you will neither complete
your thesis nor will you get married.

Listen to me.

There is a person
named Kaashmora.

Famous exorcist and
ghost specialist.

He is busy with exorcism and
other ghost related works.

Every night at 11 there is
a show about him on TV.

Oh yes!

With that bubbly lady...

That's the 10pm show...

about marriage and sex life.

What I am talking about is
'Meet the spirit' show.

Recently one of his programs has
got the highest hits in YouTube.

Greetings sir!

What is Kaashmora?

It is a very peculiar name.

It means the art of dealing with ghosts.

Only those who know this
art can control any ghost.

My father knew that I was gifted
with this art when I was born...

... And named me as Kaashmora.

This side of the arena is filled with
people who believe in ghosts and spirits.

People who do not believe in it and
think this as fraud is on this side.

Let's start with these people.

If any of you have had
any direct interactions

with spirits please
do tell us about it.

Over the last few days
in our terrace...

at 7.30am on every saturday...

... A crow would come and keep crying.

I did not bother about it initially...

It was only I later I realised that it was the
place where my grandpa used to read newspaper!

I would never miss any
saturday after that.

I will keep a newspaper and
a glass of water at 7.30

The crow would drink
the water and leave.

Only then did we realise...

Our grandpa never left us...

His spirit is still
in touch with us.

Stop crying!

Saturday at 7.30? Does
a crow know any time?

What is your name brother?


The crow does not
know any time...

His grandpa knows!

Spiritual people like you always
choose saffron or black attire...

Only the cops come in a uniform,
these frauds can come in any attire.

These are not spiritual people.

They are cheaters.

Please relax.

Science has gone beyond our imagination.

Are you fooling us with ghosts
and spirits and exorcism?

This is sheerly because of illiteracy.

Just because you do not know, it does
not mean that it does not exist.

We have learnt that
there are nine planets.

Now they say that there
is another tenth one.

Can you confirm that there
is no eleventh one?

If only those that can be proved is science, can
you show me the equator and the poverty line?


Answer me!

There is no point in blaming our people.

Having seen only fake people around...

They will have their own doubts
in trusting a genuine guy.

Hello ..

Do you know what it
means to be genuine?

Two volunteers from those
who do not believe

in ghosts please come
on to the stage.

Let's see what he does.

Can I have two tables please?

Aged people and children who
are watching this program...

... Please switch off the TV and sleep.

You will get an oscar!

Do you have any heart problems?

I do not have a heart. Is that fine?


Please lie down boldly.

You can just ask us to lie down.

What do you mean by 'boldly'?

Trying to play a
mind game is it?

Lie down .. Let's see what happens.

People who trust...

Four volunteers from the side
of people who trust in spirits.

Can you just sit down?

Can not I do at least
this for my grandpa?

Do not you think something is wrong when he
not choosing equal people from both sides?

Two of you hold their hands
and two hold their legs.

Are you going to massage?

Why are you covering
us with a bed sheet?

- For your good.
- What do you mean?

This looks like cheating.

Please take it off!

Take it off!

Take it!

Why did you fall off?

We are one. He trusted and so I trusted.

- We are close friends.
- Hey friend. Lie down!

All cameras point to the
center point of the body.

Point it here.




What did you do to me?

Why did you tear him apart!

Please! Sorry! It was a mistake.

Please join me!


I can not join you
if you keep talking.

Two volunteers from those who
do not trust in ghost...

We can join him.

Please. Somebody help.

People who trust...

Please call the
spirit and join me!

At least cameraman ??

Please sir .. There
is no one here sir...

Sir .. I am not married yet! Please sir!

If I can tear you apart,
will not I know to join you?

Here a jumpscare!
There a jumpscare!

Mischievous guy he is!

Here a jumpscare!
There a jumpscare!

Mischievous guy he is!

Ka Ka Ki Ki Koo Koo Koo
This is our Hitchcock!

His fame grows everyday with
Twitter trending hashtags!

Are you good?

Are you bad?

He will not ask for anything
But he will take everything!

Is this the true face or is there a mask?

It does not even matter!

Every human has two faces!

Even after a thousand teachings
There exist a million fools

To fear is to be stupid But
fear confuses the wise!

Are you good?
Or are you bad?

He will not ask for anything
But he will take everything!

A wise man with a knife
Killed the animals for food.

If one kills righteousness, justice
and truth He is a wise criminal.

Those who are caught are a few!

Those who are not
caught are powerful.

He can auction the clothes of Eve!

He has even got the contact
number of Silk Smitha's spirit!

Run! Run! Run! Keep running!

Are you good? Or are you bad?

Are you good?
Or are you bad?

Shall I wake him up?

He is sleeping not knowing
that you are here.

He sleeps like a child.

There is no higher sin than
waking someone from their sleep.


I would've come and met you
if you had sent for me.

Swami! We have arrived at the
time that you had informed.

But he was in deep sleep.

That's why it got delayed a bit.

Where are you now?

In his bedroom.

It is good for us if the
bedroom is on the south side.

Is there a bedroom
on the south side?

We have now got him
to the south side.

Rajesh's star is Moolam.

Kedhu is in the third place.

Our's is Rahu.

We are at the sixth place.

Hence please do not use any
weapons made of metals.

Non metallic....

I am sorry! Please
spare me chief!

No one does anything without
their own knowledge!

Am I doing this now
without my own knowledge?

To break trust is the worst sin!

But there is no punishment
for it in any country.

Do you know why?

Because people who cheat us need
to be punished by ourselves.

That euphoria is different!

Why do you have a 'Beware of ghosts'
board just like 'Beware of dogs'?

The boards are placed according to
what they have in their houses.

- Why are you cooking stories
- This is no story!

It is history

All evil things would ward off if
my husband just glanced at them.

Once they got him possessed
with two evil spirits.

He got to whack
them immediately!

From then on they've been
guarding the house loyally!

Go on.

Please make sure you
do not disturb them.

Disturb who?

They will not do anything.
Just be bold.


Be bold and go ahead dear.
I am here.

Daphie! Sit down!

I said sit down Daphie!

Daphie darling!


Rs.5000 to speak to spirits

For other language services, its Rs.10000

No no!

I am from the bank. Need to
discuss with Mr. Kaashmora.

Oh is it!


Give a shake hand.

Come on! Come on!

She is scared is it!

Why do you take so long to feed blood
to them? They are very hungry!

It's a little late as I
was doing some rituals.

Can not they bear for a while?

You all have spoilt them!

Mom will take care of them.
You please come.

They became excited as it is fresh blood.

What is special about this place?

Egg and milk is the specialty here.

Please do not mob
near the hundi.

Please be careful.

With more milk, you will
get more prosperity

and the blessings
of the spirits.

As you break open the eggs, your worries
will fade and prosperity will blossom.

I have no religion.

I am omnipotent and omnipresent.

People who have paid advance for the
divine prophecy please stay calm.

Once I get the consent from the
spirits I will call you all.

It is not just enough to pray at the hundi.

Please be careful.

To your eyes it is just a hundi.

To me it is the mouth
of the downtrodden!

Please take a look dear!

Every penny that you drop transforms as
the food that feeds the downtrodden.

Please satisfy the hunger
of at least two children.

I should've said ten children.

God bless you! Next!

Excuse me please!

Please do not make haste. Follow the queue.

Are not the foreigners waiting?

I am from the bank...

Bank? You come first.

You please go.

Have you brought money?

No sir!

Kaashmora has opened an account.

Is not there cash in the account?

No sir!

I've brought the passbook,
ATM card, Cheque book.

You can give money based on
the cheque book is not it?

No sir!

All these needs to be
handed over to Kaashmora.

You do not seem to budge at all!

Trusting you I sent
the foreigner away.

- Where is she ??
- Sir

- Its regarding my thesis...
- Jesus ??

Are you a christian?

You will have the blessings
of Mother Mary always!

It's not Jesus. It's thesis.

Thesis means research

I am researching on
spirits and ghosts.

Whoever I meet regarding
this are fraudsters.

They are cheaters who make a business
in the name of god and spirits.

They should be slippered...

Sorry sir!

You please do not mistake.

Whoever I've seen are like that.

When I decided to stop my thesis...

... I happened to see Kaashmora's show.

I then decided that I should work with him.

Did not you keep food for the crows today?

I forgot.

You see ..

Grandpa is angry

Go and get the food
ready for the crows.

You were saying something.

I will not disturb you all in any ways.

You will never
feel that am here.

I will sit in a corner and shoot
all the proceedings in my camera.

You will shoot in a camera?

And then?

Will you sell them
off to TV channels?

Ever since the cameras and electric drums
found a place inside the temple...

... All the gods have left
the temple since then!

Such things can not
happen in our temple.

You may leave.

I will not use my camera then.

If you help me with my thesis I will
donate 2 lakhs for the orphans.

What is this?

You have melted my heart
in the name of orphans.

Will you give an advance?

No sir.

All after joining Kaashmora sir only.

Dad. Who is it?

Please come.

What do you want?

You opened an account in the bank.
I thought

of handing you the
kit pack my self.

You may leave.

- She wants to join as an assistant to you.
- Yes sir.

Please sir.

Is this an institute?


You come tomorrow.

No need to come even day after.
Please leave.

What he says is final.

Please leave.

Come day after tomorrow.

It is 2 lakhs!

The most sensational murder case of Realtor Rajesh
and his family is being transferred to the CBI.

Rajesh case is transferred the CBI.

So what?

As long as I am here, you
will not have any troubles.

All this FBI and CBI are...

... Small hindrances in
your political career.

As the Rahu looks at the
moon from the third place...

... Its like an eclipse ..

There will be small hindrances.

You are like the phoenix
that comes out of the ash.

Take care and do not worry.

I shall leave now swami.

Based on the intellect of
Sigmund Freud and other such

personalities my brother
Kaashmora has found a new...

I tried talking to Kaashmora
and he does not budge.

If you can give me the account
number I will deposit the cash.

You always have the blessings
of the downtrodden.

Come by 4 tomorrow. I will discuss
with him about your thesis.

- Dear Amala - Dad.

If you tell her the account number she
will deposit it seems. Help her out.

50100005965721, IFSC: 0024

What are you doing?

Your father told me to come at 4.

I did not ask if it
was in A.M or P.M.

That's why I came at
4 in the morning.

Are you an idiot?

Is this a bank?

To employ you and pay you?

I do not need any pay sir.

You will never feel my presence.

Just like the spirits.
You will never find me.

Who told you that the spirits
are not visible to my eyes?

Super sir! This is why
I wanted to join you.

Only you can help me out
in completing the thesis.

Please sir.

title of your
thesis What is the?

Spirits and its allied services.

Fine. Come tomorrow
and we'll see.

What is this?


... And the fraudulence and
business allied to it.

How is it?

The entire family is
apt for this title.

Just because a few are frauds in this, you
have the perception that everyone is a fraud.

That is wrong.

If people are following him then
there is something about his power.

All that is mass hypnotism.

Mental conditioning.

Its a few months of training.

Do you remember that David Copperfield
made the Statue of Liberty to vanish?

Do you think it is true?

So spirits and ghosts are false?

Is it a big fat lie?

I am not debating if
it is a lie or fact.

But my thesis is to prove that people who claim to be
exorcists and communicators with spirits are fake.

I am going to prove that
this is a big business idea.

So will you find out if
Kaashmora is fraud or not?

What is the necessity to find out?
He is definitely a fraud.

I am going to prove it with evidence.
That is all.


We were doing exorcism here.

Now it is like this.

Why are you staring?

Is not it true?

This place was once filled
with swarms of people.

Now it looks like a funeral.

From where did that Kaashmora spring up?

He used to have biriyani from
us for every Ramzan and Bakrid.

He is now chasing us away from business.

You need to do something
about this bhai.

At this rate we will have to just go around
the shops with the benzoin resin smoke!

How do we go to Kaashmora swami's house?

Oh my god!

There is so much of works
underground is it!

Wait and watch what I do to you!


- Are you fine?
- Call your son

Who? Kaashmora?

He must be meditating now.

Dad. Switch on the motor. There
is no water in the toilet.

Is this how you meditate?

It's not in the place.

The heart needs to be clean.

Stop fooling around with me.

I know where the milk
and the eggs are going.

The egg goes to the Lord
of snakes Nagaraja.

Milk goes to Yogaraja.

Yeah right!

Why are your pictures on the
tea and food stalls outside?

People have kept it out of
love and for good signs.

With the face of a fraudster, you
think you are a laughing buddha!

Why are you so hot
in the morning?

Are you sick?

I am fine.

I am healthy enough to trash
ten people at a time.

Sorry bhai! That was not intentional.

It's my fate that my
business is not doing well.

Bhai... Just put a nail on that tree and
we will do some special rituals for you.

You sloppy business will
then stand tall and erect!

You are always known for this!

Fine. Am asking you. What is the matter?

This is a town where every man lives in
harmony without any religious issues.

Will not you tell the matter
without bashing around?

Where are you taking me?

Let me tell you the issue

Hindus will come to you...
Muslims will come to me...

- Christians will go to .. What is that guy's name?
- Micheal

Christians will go to
Micheal for exorcism.

Now everyone seem to
be coming only to you.

Even though we are fraudsters...


Fraudsters as in?

Are you a fraudster bhai?

Am I a fraudster?

Did you all throw
away your conscience?

Look there.

You all are washing the snake pit!

Why do keep looking around
and question like kids?

Its getting late for my TV show.

This is what I am saying.

You act too well on TV.

- I am not able to act.
- Leave it bhai.

You made use of this opportunity
and employed a few people.

You seem to split bodies
and walk in the air...

How does this come
under exorcism?

This is magic.

People who do not know this...

... Just shower all their money on you.

Everyone needs to
do business here.

Stop your TV stunts right now .. or else...

What if I do not?

I am an old man. Spare me.

- Why do not you tell him
- He is an old man.

This area inspector Khan
Sahib is my brother in law.

If I lodge a complaint with him, the
entire family will be behind bars.

You first get out.

Send your brother in law as well.
I will bless him.

You guys have sent me
on to the streets.

So you all dare me is it?

I will put an end to your gimmicks.

The cops will be around
your house tomorrow.

I will not spare a single one of you.
Only then you will know who I am.

The devotees have already arrived.

If I start the collection now, only then
by evening I will have a lump sum amount.

Hey Kaashmora! Looks like
bhai has informed the cops.

Hide everything.
Especially the snake pit.



I do not have any
relation with this house.

I came to sell sarees.

This is Samudrika silk.
The one that Trisha used.

Dad where are you going?

She is a playful child and
calls everyone daddy!

You please go in.

AC asked you to come to the station.

Ill finish you off and no one
will ever know about it.

Spare him sir. He might die!

Are you lying to a cop!

- Thrash him!
- I'll take care sir

Please spare him sir.

If you commit mistakes,
they will thrash.

Please go in.

Whatever I heard is true is it?

What did you hear sir?

You seem to be doing some TV program?

A big hit it seems.

They also said that the TRP
ratings were rocketing.

That's their program.
What's in our hands sir?

Please sit down.

You show some gimmicks it seems.

Be careful.

Someone has said wrongly about me.

It's not gimmicks.

There are few techniques
to reach the waves,

frequencies and
vibrations of spirits.

We communicate with the spirits
with these techniques.

There is nothing that the mind can not
fathom if we concentrate hard on it.

No ordinary man will understand this.

People like you will understand.

This was not taught even in the
famous Nalanda university.

That's why to make this as
part of the curriculum...

..the entire family is working towards it.

I am satisfied.

Nothing much

The car parked outside
the station is missing.

Can you please find it out for me?


Is it your vehicle?

Departments vehicle.

Its a shame if people
know about it.

I've checked on the local thieves.

But it is of no use.

Please help

What is this sir?

You have latest technology
with GPS and all ..

You are saying that you are not
able to find your own vehicle.

I still can not believe!

Come on!

They were searching the
Malaysian flight for months!

This is just a car.

There is a CM meeting in two days.

It is an embarrassment if
people get to know this.

Please check and tell me.

We can not check it here.

Ask what you want and it
will be arranged here.

What am I going to ask?

I need to meditate to Prathyangara
Devi and connect with the spirits.

We can not be doing
it in any place.

You know what kind of a
place a police station is.

- The spirits will never come here.
- Then?

Please come home. We'll check for it
today and sort it out by morning.

Please bring 2 litres of milk
and 6 eggs when you come.

- I take leave - Brother.

Are the eggs enough or do you
need any onions, chillies etc?

Are we going to booze?

- How can you ask all this to swami?
- Sorry!

I'll be communicating with the spirits.

The milk and eggs are to be
offered at the snake pit.

Then... Please ensure that
the matter is between us.

The secret in me is like the
milk poured in the pit.

It will never go out.


You need not break the egg.
You can drop it as it is.

The snake will eat when it is hungry.


Drop it sir.

Do you understand?

The border where two languages unite

Oh my!

Is it Pakistan border?

The vehicle has reached the
hands of the terrorists?

It starts with Ta and ends with Da

Is it Thailand?

There are no places that starts
and ends with those letters.

Is it...

Kaki Nada?

Ka Da?



A long tar road like
a long black python!

And your vehicle stands like saffron!

An NTR statue stands beside it.


- Go and check about it.
- Fine sir.

Everything is ready

Go on!

Good morning sir!

I am...

Inspector Rajalingam from Chennai.

If the vehicle crosses the border...

... Is not it an issue?

Borders apply only to you

Not for these spirits
which are free to roam!


- The vehicle is there it seems
- What are you saying!

How does he know ??

No mortal soul can touch it!

It seems they can not
touch the vehicle.

Whoever it is ask them to
stay away from the vehicle.

Move away! Move away!

The vehicle has started it seems.

The vehicle is moving it seems.

- The vehicle is moving.
- Of course it is moving!

- The vehicle has reached the
station it seems - What !!

My lord!

I never trusted when you
told about spirits.

With the help of spirits,
the vehicle from there...

... To the place where it was lost...

I am mesmerized !!

Please do not get over ecstatic...

If you can stand on the north side...

North side...

Where ever you stand is north, my lord!

Bless us my lord!

You too please stand.

No sir!

A dutiful officer like
you must not prostrate

at the feet of spiritual
people like us.

A temple needs to be worshipped.

Spiritual people like you should
be worshipped at your feet!


What is this!

You were saying wrong
things about them!

Here the AC is prostrating
at this feet!

My lord!

Can you also tell us
who stole the vehicle?

The spirits will
take care of them.

You must never worry about that.

It would not be good if I do
not prostrate when he does.

Madam .. The cars are ready.
We can send one

to the police station
and the other to Tada.

Our Innova is at our station.

In the murder case of Realtor
Rajesh and his family...

... The accused minister
Dhanakodi, maintains

silence to the
questions of the press

- If we need to talk about this...
- Did you check the papers today?

You said you would
handle even the FBI

You asked me to be silent with the press.

He has written things
according to his fancies.

All the calculations were right.

But I do not know why these
things are happening.

Oh my!

The rope used to hang Rajesh...

Is not it yellow?

You seem to ask if it
is yellow or green now?

Mind your tongue with the guru

It's ok dear.

There is a way out of this.

Everything will be under our control
once we finish the rituals.

Can anything be done to you?

Even if you are on fire...

It's better I burn into ashes.

Shall I call the other priest?


The one whom I had
informed you about...

The one who showed
some gimmicks on TV.

I am not able to trust anyone.

Go now!

Who is it?

- The man named Kaashmora who appears on TV...
- Our Kaashmora swami...

I know Kaashmora very well.
He will rock!

We can trust him.

Once you see him...

You will never let go off him.

I have seen you!

I have worshipped!


I feel as though I have been
blessed by all the nine planets!

Swami! Can I take a selfie with you?

I want to tweet it.

Please go ahead.

I do not understand anything.

Swami, please put
your hands around me.

Please smile swami!

Go now.

Swami, just a moment.

I had informed high
things about you.

You seem to be tweeting!

Please meet the minister.

Please forgive me!

I forgot everything
when I saw Swami!

Please tell me.

Nothing much.

Off late, there is some disturbance
both in the house and out as well.

There is some or the other
problem with everything!

I can not believe.

No evil force can near the
place where Swami is.

Please forgive me.

It is not respectful if I do
something in the presence of Swami.

I am just the priest

He is the shrine

You must first worship him and then me.


I'll see you.

I take leave, Swami!

It exists

A problem exists here

Today is Pooradam

When is Uthradam?

On Wednesday

Shall I inform them?

Do it efficiently for us.

Just two more days.

We can take it out.

If he is planning to take
it out in two days...

..it means he is going to
plant something in two days.

No one must sleep henceforth

Let's see how is planting
something against us.

Will he take it out?

He can take it only if
he planted, is not it?

Where is he running to?

Is he not having enough signal?

Is the spirit sending him signals?

Sulaiman Seth

How are you?

What's up?

Who is it?



What trident?

What is he doing?

He is talking to some
hindi speaking spirit.


The trident.

The trident is trapped
inside a circle?

That is wrong!




He is talking about the Benz

That vehicle!

Vehicle !!!

Let him describe any car!


How is it without our knowledge?

Have placed it.

White Mercedes...

..with the registration
number as 555

Oh my! All the Benz
cars here are white !!

All the cars have the
same registration number!

I informed you guys to trap the Swami.
But you all have trapped me!


What is this? I can not
hear you properly!

TN 20 is Tiruvallur...
Might not be this.

TN 11 is Tambaram... Not this one too.

It must be this one.


Can I find it out with
Inky Pinky Ponky !!

Spare me for a while to think.

Is he hiding or has he ran away?


You have to save yourself!


No problem

You think and tell me properly.

Our names should
not be at stake.

Are you confident?

Who are you to dictate to me?

You want to tell me?

Go ahead.

Tell me. Am listening.
Tell me fast.

Do you know of his powers?

I am confident on you.

Please check Swami's car.

Go ahead.


You too go and check.

If anything goes wrong...

If it does...

Oh that car is it!

Missed by a whisker, Kashmora!

If it does...

If it does...

Is it done?

Is it done?

Yes sir. It is here.

The voodoo idol
needs to be burnt.

Dissolve the ash in the sea.

Go .. Go ..

Why was it in Swami's car?

Can the tree exist if the
main root is destroyed?

Swami is like the main
root of this house.

That's why they have
placed it in his vehicle.

How did they do it without
Swami's knowledge?

We never notice our
shadow in the noon sun!

It is great for Swami to be walking
around at this age of rest.

Beyond that....


He did not plant things after coming here.

He planted and then he came here!


The judgment has come.

You are acquitted from
the Rajesh murder case.

Gimmicks are his forte

Oratory is another!

He attracts the crowd massively!

His meaningless talking has
a million ears to listen!

He makes you follow him You
follow him without a reason!

We can take a picture with Kaashmora swami
when he is making the guinness record.

Before the thousand spirits are
awakened let's leave that place.

Let's not leave immediately.

Once he sends away the
spirits we will leave.


Only then we will get
some good coverage.

The news should be such that we are
the reason for Kaashmora's growth.

Sure it will!

In the Guinness record of Kaashmora,
my picture must be there.

It sure will.

Forget the ancestors teachings
Follow them like sheeps!

The knowings are little The
understandings are even little

Greeds and Wants leads
to destruction!

Crowds throng to pray
Fools bribe and pray

It is no shop to get what you want!

Egambaram. A thousand spirits
are going to be here at a time.



- I am Guntur Chalapathi Rao
- Good

I have a big house near Tada.

Oh you have is it!

It's filled with 'Deiyam'

Deiyam means?

Ghosts. Deiyam means
Ghost in Telugu.

We have the telugu
rights as well.

Kaashmora swami... If you
can come there once...

I do not have time.

I am sending a 1000 spirits to
their world for Guinness record.

A thousand spirits?

There are 110 telugu spirits as well.

So I am very busy.

It's difficult for me to come.

I'll send my sister.

She will take care of it.

Please do not say that.

I've meet every possible
person to solve this.

All of them are frauds.

- Why?
- There has been no effect in their work.

If you can grace us
with your presence...

I can pay you how
much ever you want.

You will insist
even if we neglect.

He would probably get the
house registered in his name!

Please give the address.
I will come.

We can do it efficiently.

Please take me also
to that house.


Tell me chief!

You are giving me a lot of headaches.

I got you out of Rajesh's
murder case few days back.

Now this one again?

What is the nexus between you
and opposition leader Suresh?

Nothing chief!

- Then why are they raiding both your houses?
- Raid?

Do not have anything
in your house.

You would have hidden something
untraceable, is not it?

Move them out first.

Are you safe with the agreement documents
between the coalition parties?

Yes chief.

As usual, in Swami's place, is not it?

Henceforth Kaashmora
is the Swami!

Keep it with him.


The minister has sent his men.

- Is it?
- Yes

Ask them to come.

Please come. What is the matter?

The minister is going for an
important land finalization.

Is it agricultural land?

There are some special rituals
that need to be done for this.

He has sent the real
estate documents.

Please have them here for a
day and do some rituals.

The minister will get
it from you tomorrow.

Please come to the other side
with the documents bag.

I will come there.

Please come.

- Keep it here.
- Place it there.

After the rituals, I will
keep all of it in the locker.

Would you like to
have a duplicate key?

No thanks. Chief just
asked to give it here.


I take leave.


Kaashmora is fraudster.

Please do not trust him anymore.

Chalapathi Rao said
it is big house...

but this appears to be a palace!

Got this footage during my
investigation of a theft case.

On 20th the voodoo idol in
this house has been removed.

But on 17th these people
had planted it there.

His conversations with the
spirits are all fake.

Just now I had given him my everything.

Diamonds, gold, money along with the
agreement with the coalition parties.

It is all worth 500 crores!

Oh my!

To him!

You were all praises for him till yesterday
and now you call him a fraudster.

What will I do?

Do not hand over those bags.

Please bring it back.

We have already handed over.
What happened chief?

Say something and get it back immediately.

- All of it?
- Yes.

Chief the house is locked.

- You all handed it just now, is not it?
- Yes chief. Is there an issue?

Please fill the tank.

God bless you. Please
give me your phone.

- Swami I have low balance.
- Its ok. Please fill the tank.

- Kaashmora. It's dad here.
- Tell me.

Minister Dhanakodi does
not seem to be a good guy.


For the land rituals he handed
over a few bags at our temple.

One of the bag was fancy and
hence I opened it after he left.

What do you think would've
been there inside?

Its all gold, money and diamonds
all worth almost 300-400 crores.

What are you saying?

Along with these there are some
useless documents as well.

So the 400 crores is in our house?

How will it be in our house?

I've looted all of it
and left the place.

Oh my dad!

We are on the highway

We will have ambur biriyani on our way
to your uncle's ashram in Bangalore.

You come directly. We will get passports
from there and go to some foreign country.

People of this place seem to
trust anything and everything.

It is very boring.

Let's do our works in
a foreign country.

It is only now that I am proud of you!

Be careful. Take
care of the money.

The bag should be in the house.
We will break open.

That's of no use. The bag
is en-route to bangalore.

- En-route to Bangalore?
- Yes

All the bags are fixed
with GPS tracking unit.

It shows that it is
en-route to bangalore.

Looks like the entire family is
fleeing to bangalore with the bag.


None of them in the
family should be alive.



Please wait.

Your work is not done yet.
Why do you leave so fast?

Who are you?

They said no one was here.

Who said?

I am here.

I am urgently going abroad with my family.
Leave my hand.


Leave my hand.

Hey! Open the door.

Looks like the oldie is unable to do
it himself. Someone help him please.


Uncle, if you do not open the door,
I will send the spirits on to you.

Hey idiot!

You have locked such big door
from the outside. You fool!

Oh my!

That's my technique

Door Magnet!

We have been doing this for ages!

Find some new techniques!

There is someone
at the main board.

He is useless.

I will not even keep him for a day!

The person on the main board
should be super fast!

Only then you can distract.

He is damn slow!

How will one be scared at this?

In our work, timing and
detailing is very important.

That was late.

The passing was late.

Do you all know how to do the passing?

When I turn to my left during
the power cut, on my right...

Did you just go so fast?

Your work is excellent.

He will outgrow his boss.
Just watch out.


Do come and meet me later.

Why are you all showing this to me?

You must be showing it to your customers.

I am also in the same business.

Will I be scared?

You guys do not know about this Samrat of
spirits. You all have taken a big risk.

I'll show who I am.

Do you all know the Assistant
Commissioner and Minister?

I'll call them and put it on
the loudspeaker. Just listen.

You all have a signal jammer is it?

Hmmm. Impressive.

It is too late!

You all should've dropped the
chandelier the moment I entered.

Only then the sound will scare.

When you drop it it should
come near me in a jiffy.

Only then will it
be a jump scare.

You seem to be interested.

But you lack experience.

Do you know how this is?

It does not look like the
chandelier is coming down.

It looks like I came very
smoothly to the chandelier.

Why did you all lift me up?

I am scared of heights.

I can not find any rope!


I am stranded without any support.

This is very dangerous.

Please drop me as smoothly
as you all lifted me.

Just do not drop me. Be careful.

I've been telling you all to take it easy!

We should be scaring the shit out.

We should not be scaring the life out!

My dad is a heart patient.

I can also get it, is not it?

Please sir.


An artist must appreciate another artist.
That is the rule of theatrics.

Everything was wonderful.


If you can open the door, I will just flee.

Is that a dog!

Did you all vaccinate it properly?

The dog looks like a ghost!

Do not you understand what I am talking?

Do you speak hindi?

I know Hindi.

This dog !!

The dog!

Might just take bunch my flesh!

Are you blessing us after
looting the 500 crores?

So you found out.

I'll whack you! Get up!

Whatever it is, we will
go out and discuss.

Let's go

It's painful. Take your hands off.

My hands are not under my control.

I'll spare the bag.

My hands are not in my control.

I am not holding you.
I've been possessed.

Please come fast and save us.

I did not do anything.

Nothing is in my control.
You should not hit swami!

Stop it!

Stop it!

My hands are not in my control.

Listen to what I am saying!

Please control it.

Did not I tell you.

I told you my hands are not in my control.

Please bring me down.

The bag is more important.

Bring him down.

If you try a little
more we can go faster.

Get me down and we will all
get away from this place.

What are you all looking at?

Come let's leave.

Hold him firmly.

I'll whack him.

He has gone up again!

Why have you gone up?

I do not know!

Come here.

Am coming!

Kaashmora Swami!

Please save us lord!

I messed with you without
knowing that you are a ghost!

Please save us.

Oh ghostly lord!

Oh lord!

Oh lord!

I came in without knowing
that it is a ghost.

Save us ghostly lord!

Pity these guys who are being whacked!

Please forgive us lord!

Wait! I will do something.

Do not forsake us oh lord!

Save us! Save us!

You all are lucky!
Look what I have got.

Hold it! Hold it!

All of you hold it
together strongly.

Inform the minister
that I saved you all.

Please save us lord!

Please do not stop lord!

Start the vehicle.


- Kaashu....
- Daddy


- Where are you?
- Am in the car.

Where is the car?

It's atop the tree!

Oh my! You came up so many times
and you did not notice us?

How did you arrive here?

Is the bag safe?

The lives of the entire family is hanging
here and you are concerned about the bag.

- Please save us first.
- Am coming.


Why do not you drop
the bag first?

I can not trust you.

First get us down. Then we'll see.

Bro! Save us!

Do something!

Oh my god!


I think the minister is doing
all this with his Swami.

No dad.

It's not them.

As Jalapathy Rao said, there
is something in here.

What are you saying?

The fact that am
caught here is fine.

How did you all get caught here?

Why are you just blabbering something?

Is running away from such
things new to our family?

Come. Let's run away!

Take it fast.

Dad. Come fast.

Mom come faster.

Come! Faster! Faster!

Dad come fast!

This side! This side!

Let's get inside. I am scared.

Do not go inside.

It's dangerous inside.

Listen to me.

Do not go inside !!!

It's just a vessel.

Oh yes ji!

That's a ghost.

I am not a ghost ji!

Why do you say
that like a ghost?


Are you checking
if I have my feet?


That logic does not
exist anymore!

Now-a-days ghosts have every
part of their body intact!

Oh is it?

That's fine.

What place is this?

What's happening here?

It seems its a 700-800
year old palace.

It was built for some princess
named Rathnamahadevi.

There was a sudden fire and half
the palace was burnt it seems.

Why do you follow me so close?

Are you scared?


Tell me further.

With no one to own, it landed
in the hands of the British.

They maintained this as a
library for their officers.

Then, suddenly one day ..

An officer was reading a book.

The dog on the book
came alive and...

Munched on his throat and the eyes of the
officer popped out and died a gory death!

There have been continuous deaths.

Hence it has been
locked for years.

Ever since, this was branded
as the haunted palace!

Why did you all leave me alone?

Follow me closely.

Please come ji!

After many years...

Guntur Jalapathi Rao bought this palace for
a low cost with the help of politicians.

He got a few priests to do
rituals inside the palace.

The priest was...

Why do you pause?

Complete it.

The head of the priest
was turned back...

And shouted 'Get Out'...

Not just that...

His wife was caught by the plait

and then swiveled...

... And thrown out.

He ran once and for
all from here.

He decided to sell it for
any price that was quoted.

He met me for that.

Being a real estate agent,
I immediately agreed!

Do not leave so much gap.

Please come closer.

Did Jalapathi Rao
come and meet you?


Looks like he is
always on the rounds.


He asked me to stay here for
a night and then sell it.

He gave five lakes as advance.

I also gave the same reaction
and now am trapped here.

When I came in three
doors were open.

I came in easily.

When I thought of going out...

All the doors are closed!

What is there in telling you...

It's been one and half
days since I've peed!


It's fully locked!

It's completely jammed!

I am relieved you've come...

You are exorcists, is not it?

Why are you all confused?

Get rid of these ghosts fast.
I have to meet my wives.

But one thing...

We need to be very careful.

These ghosts are 700-800 years old.

Careful !!!

You talk about
multiple ghosts...

How many ghosts are in here ??

There are 13 ghosts.

What are you all bluffing?

People said he was godly.

The Asst. Commissioner
said he was a fraud.

Now you all call him a ghost!

It's 500 crores.

How are we going to get
it back from the ghost?

What happened?

Please leave this matter to me.

These people have been
horrified at something.

The party documents are in there.

In two days, it has to...

Do not be tensed.

I know the Atharvana
Veda by heart.

I will take care ..

I will see you next
with the money only.

Hard earned money
will never go waste.

Then the whole of it is gone!

Please come in line ji.

There is nothing.

There is nothing it seems.

Do not shout!

Listen to me do not shout!

Mom and Dad...

All of you stay away from me...

All the ghosts are on me now....

Those are not ghosts my dear...

It's just us...

We got on top of you in fear!

Get off me you scumbags!

How much can a person carry!

Do not be scared.

If we are scared we will
be scared or vice versa.

Why are you
blabbering something?

- It is now that I feel scared!
- Just shut up.

Let me put on the light.

Make it fast! Get the lights on.

Switch it off! Lights off!

We do not need any lights.

Let's stay in the dark.

That's the safest.

Oh my God! My bag! My money!

Who is this?

The chief.

The head.

There is no head and you
say he is the head?

Why did you bring us here?

Due to some reasons we are unable to
leave this earth and go to our world.

You need to solve the
hindrances for us.

Do you understand
what he is saying?

The ghosts that wander on earth
with unfulfilled desires...

... You deliver them to the other
world with some rituals, is not it...

They want you to send
them as well it seems.

Who informed you that we would help
in sending you tot he other world?

You only informed!

The secret of our success is...

Not just one...

All the five family members were
born with Rohini star (sun sign)

If you see before this ..
gladiator... sorry...

Alexander's family
was the same...

Even before that Elangovadigal's
brother's family was like this.

I am being modest in saying that we are
the only family like that after them.

Even now...

We are going to bring a thousand
spirits at one place ..

... Make them peaceful and send them to the
other world. This will be guinness record.

You must have seen the advertisements
in papers and also the posters.

There is a lot of it
on the mount road.

I just came inside.

They all were looking
at this paper for long.

They then looked at me.

Immediately all the
doors were closed.

Send them to the other world soon.
Let's go home!

He has got the family trapped
with a quarter page ad.

The ads have reached the ghosts!



We do not have any
powers like you think.

We are just ordinary people.

Even my mother here...

Is very scared of spirits.

It is to meet our ends...

We are just doing some gimmicks
in the name of exorcism.

Please spare us.

So you make business out
of innocent people who

want to get in touch with
their dead loved ones.

Oh my God!

Looks like we might land in
trouble if we tell him the truth.

Talk to him just like how
we talk to our customers.

So he now wants to go
to the other world.

We need to solve it ..

That is all.

We can solve it.

It's just a five minutes work.

We can solve it in a jiffy.

I will solve it for you.

- Dad - Yes.

Do you want to solve
it or should I do it?

It's just a petty work.
You do it.

I'll solve it.

I will solve it for you.

Bro... A very good idea ..

I will immediately go home...

..take bath in cold thulasi water
and with the wet cloth around me...

... On an empty stomach...

... At a specific time, I will
pray to goddess Prathyangara...

If I recite the 1008 spells a 1008 times...

You can go from this world
to any other world.

Hope nobody wants rebirth here.

If you can open the doors
fast, I will make it fast.

Mom and Dad!

They are going to open the
doors, please make it fast.

Do not forget the bag.

How do I trust if you would
do whatever you said?

My mom fed me with honesty along with milk.

Trust me!

I do not have any
faith in trust!

Whatever is destined to happen
should happen within the

four walls in three days,
on Navakaaliga Pournami.

We will ensure that
you do not have any

hindrances in carrying
out your work for us.

When the doors of heaven
are opened for us...

The doors of this palace
will open for you.

I told you the reason
of bringing you here.

Do not create any reason
for me to kill you.

When I meet you again, I will
see you with the money only.

No point in trusting you.

Nothing happens without a
reason here, Kaashmora!

Go and seek for it.

How did you get here?

How do you know this place?

It is not important on
how I reached here.

You will be shocked to
know how you reached here.

Remember Jalapathi Rao
who came to meet you?

Do you know who he is?


I am Guntur Jalapathi Rao

I know.

You were the one who sought
help from Kaashmora ..


If I had known Kaashmora, why
would I come and meet you?

I took a video of his meeting with you.

Only you are present
in that video.

The position where he was, there
was something supernatural.

He was a ghost.

A real ghost had come
in search of you.

If a ghost can come and
seek help from you...

You are finished!

What a man!

The doors are locked.

How did you get in?

It was open.

The doors are open?

Come let's go.

Mom, come fast.

Look at her! Dozing away.

- Get up! Come on.
- Come on. Quick.

Careful. Watch out.

What happened?

Why are all of you leaving?

You just left the door open.

What if the ghosts fear us and run away?

That's why.

Show us the door.

Anyway you are closing the door.
Please send me out and close the door.

Make it soon brother. The
ghosts might escape.

Quick. Run! Run!

What's in the bag?


Yes. Equipments.

Go now.

What are the
equipments you have?

Why do not you just ask
all this on the way?


They said that the doors were open.

Went to close it so that the
mosquitoes do not enter!

By then, your men...


I need you.

That is why the lord of death
was fooled when he reached you!

I was born on the battlefield,
raised with sword

fights, bathed in blood and
grew up among corpses.

One more run...

You will run for your life!


Hey idiot!

Why do you scream
like the ghosts?

Greetings! I am Jalapathi Rao!

Jalapathy Rao

Look below the portrait.

Its written in telugu about
his birth and death date.

You only said...

... That it was a ghost.

He can be a ghost
only if he is dead.

It's been 75 years
since he is dead.

Ghosts can come to your place...

That is fine...

Why should it come to my house?

Why would one go to one's house to search
for someone and who would about know that?

What is it?

Look at that

It's been 75 years since
Jalapathy Rao died.

If the script looks
like scrambled eggs...

..does it mean that
it is Jalapathy Rao?

Do you know how he looks?

He is fat, dark and fresh!

Nothing happens here without
a reason Kaashmora!

Go and seek for it.

Did you finish drinking?

Did you finish drinking?

What ji?

You all are talking!

Did you drink it completely?

Yes! I am done!


Did you also want it?

It is the remains of what our
King had many centuries ago.

We did not know what to do with it.

You have been having it
all these centuries!

You should've disposed
it if it was not needed!

If we drink water that is
uncovered for three days...

..it would upset our stomach.

This was had by the king !!!

I do not know what
is going to happen!

My eyes are rolling over!

Is that all !!!

The Kingdom of Vikranthaka

This kingdom was ruled by
Vijayanarayana Maruthapathi

There were 13 generals in
the army of the kingdom.

There was one who was equal to the
combined force of all the generals.

The one who knew all warfare tactics and
the one who can destroy all tactics...

The bravest general!


♪ The war is his forte; ♪
♪ fear despises him ♪

♪ Killing is his passion; ♪
♪ none can get past him. ♪

♪ No sword can pierce him; ♪
♪ No knife can stab him. ♪

♪ No one dares even to ♪
♪ dream to go against him! ♪

♪ He stings like a scorpion ♪
♪ and moves like the wind. ♪

♪ There is no brave one ♪
♪ here who can face him. ♪

♪ Try intimidating him; try ♪
♪ looking into his eyes ♪

♪ Try facing off with him; ♪
♪ even the lord of death ♪

♪ will have pity on the ♪
♪ one who tries that. ♪

♪ He is quick witted; no ♪
♪ strategy can bring him down ♪

♪ Do not take him for granted; ♪
♪ do not take him lightly ♪

♪ A beast unleashed, to ♪
♪ conquer the world. ♪

♪ Burning rage runs in his ♪
♪ veins; he spares no one. ♪

♪ Even the spiritual realm fears ♪
♪ him; the hell loathes him. ♪

♪ Even the fate can not guess him. ♪
♪ He snatches away what he sights. ♪

♪ No plans are enough to bring him down. ♪
♪ He stops at nothing. ♪

♪ No vengeance can near him. Even the ♪
♪ enemies are awestruck at his skills ♪

♪ His bravery keeps growing day by day. ♪
♪ Expect no mercy! ♪

♪ As the river of blood flows, ♪
♪ affirming his dominance. ♪

♪ As the river of blood flows, ♪
♪ affirming his dominance. ♪

♪ His massacre ♪
♪ unleashes a thunder. ♪

♪ The only way out is to bow down. ♪

Bravo! Rajanayak!


The result of your courage and
intelligence is nothing less!

All that we see is our kingdom!

Wish for anything.

All my desire is for places that
my eyes have not sighted yet.

Why does a flower need a sword?

Strength and weakness
are a trait of man.

Women are a weakness
of Rajanayak!

Contrarily, it is an untold secret that...

The weakness of
women is Rajanayak!

At a time when Rajnayak
captured a northern kingdom

Why did it take so long?

This king has a total of 27 wives.

He has another 30 girlfriends

I will call them one
after the other.

You fool!

It is quite a sight to see
all of the stars in the sky!

Call all of them!


Yes, my lord.

Did you include them as well?

They are the maids here my lord.

What is the difference in
women even if they are maids?

Count them in as well.

My lord!

That is a statue! Statue!

Let it be!

It's the statue of a woman!

The king knew about Rajanayak...

The reason for his silence is
Rajanayak's tactics in warfare.

O King!

The princess has been kidnapped.

Rajanayak is also not in town.

There is a possibility that it
is Rajanayak who kidnapped her.

The one who brings back Rathnamahadevi
will be gifted with half the kingdom...

... And Rathnamahadevi will be married
to that person. Make this announcement.




Good that you know me!

It is said that Rajanayak would single
handedly win over a 1000 soldiers.

People of our kingdom talk highly
about your tactics in warfare.

It is only today that I have seen it.

Stop your flattery!

Having known all this how dare you do
such an act to my King's daughter?



You are going to say that
you were not kidnapped.

Is not it?

If you were kidnapped...

You would've been in the front and
he would've been holding you.

It can easily be made out
from the fact that you

are seated behind with
your hands on him that....

... You were not kidnapped...
but lured!

We learnt sword fight
from the same teacher...

You fell in love instead of learning
your tricks with the sword.

He is a Prince of our rival kingdom...

Hence you had an argument with your father
and this kidnap episode was planned.


She can not live without me...

I can not live without her either.

Please let us go.

If I had come only for the King's
daughter, I would've spared you.

But I came for...

..my bride ..

Only for Rathu!


This is not the
time for intimacy!


Are you a man?


No, is it?

Kill me first...

Then take her with you.


No Arjuna!

You are praising me indirectly
by stopping him my dear!

Fine... I will be a little
considerate for you.

I do not need the sword.

I do not need the shield either.

Come ..

Kill me first and take
Rathna along with you.


You might just lose
out this opportunity!

I can offer this
only for a while.


O King!

I can see the sorrow of
me becoming your son in

law, than the happiness of
your daughter's return!

Words and Swords should be used
wisely in the presence of Rajanayak.

As informed...

Half the kingdom for
saving your daughter...

and the remaining half as the
wedding gift shall be given.

- My lord!
- What?

The Prince is the rightful
heir to the throne.

The Prince 'was'
the heir apparent.

Does any of you here want
to be a thing of the past?

Who's there?

Clear the place and prepare for
the coronation and wedding.

Let the groom rest for a while.

The blazing fire of desire

The desire to touch
the untouched beauty

O King! Take a look at the moon.

Stunned will you be on
seeing my other side.

Look for the angles
that you've not seen.

She is filled with an
unquenchable thirst.

The blazing fire of desire

The desire to touch
the untouched beauty

As the clothes reveal my form

My shadow desires for your touch.

My hair is adorned by no flower

Your breath shall adorn them

As I earn for your
touch everywhere

There is a blazing fire of desire in me.

As our hands clutch
and our bodies unite

Let this desire be forever

As I blush and shrug
May you feel me high!

Let our desires be satisfied

The blazing fire of desire

The desire to touch
the untouched beauty

May your teeth hone
my sculpted cheek.

My bosoms are for you
to rest peacefully.

As I beg for the
dawn to not break.

Wait for the dawn to know me!

As our visions pierce each other

No one knows who wins!

Your lust caresses me My
desire overpowers you

Let's see who wins over!

Are your steps faltering, Rajanayak?

You taught me this trick.

The thought of marriage happening
amidst the deaths of many...

The doubt that if the leopard
is crouching to pounce

The alertness on how I
might attack you...

With the lady who is beauty
personified next to you

... The lustful desire in you
to have her at any cost...

Amidst all these worries, my hair that
has been virgin to artificial scents...

... Had been perfumed
with the dreaded poison.

You missed to take note of that!


Not only in this birth...

In every other births, I
will be deciding your end.

Without being able to go to the upper world

or the lower world...

May your soul wander without peace!

I curse you in the name
of our goddess Mahadevi!

Having been cruel as a
demon during his life...

Due to the curse
of Rathnamahadevi

He has now transformed into
the most dreaded demon!

The kingdom shattered

In the palace of Rathnamahadevi


... And his subordinates
who were burnt alive...

... Conducted meetings at midnight

People living around the palace

..started fleeing in
groups from the kingdom.

Loyalists of the kingdom who
tried to get back the palace ..

... Brought a lot of astrologers
and conducted many rituals.

The curse of Rajanayak
is much more worse

than Brahmahatya dosham
(murder of a brahmin)

Unless he is delivered
from the curse, the

supernatural activities
can never be stopped.

And that is not easy.

On the day of Navakaliga Pournami,
that comes once in thousand years...

..by doing the rituals by the fire created
in a pit at the center of a Chakra.

People of the same family
having the same Rohini star...

..shall be sacrificed in the ritual.

Only then the soul of Rajanayak
will be delivered from the curse.

All the five members of our family
were born on Rohini (tamil sun sign)

The ritual has to be conducted by a virgin
first girl child of the entire generation!

Ghosts can come to your house.

That's fine.

Why should it come to my house?

Even after all this the
ritual is completed...

There is a strange problem.

The soul of Rajanayak will be delivered
from the curse due to these rituals...

It is uncertain about the
demonic nature of his soul.

No one can judge it but his soul.

Is there a way out?

Shift the capital of the kingdom
and continue with the rule.

Rajanayak and his subordinates
who were burnt alive...

... Started waiting for
Navakaaliga Pournami.

Whatever is destined to happen
should happen within the

four walls in three days,
on Navakaaliga Pournami.

Why do you film all this?



..have an elder sister, is not it?

Elder sister?


Elder sister means
not your own ..

Cousins or anyone...

You have, is not it?


I am the only girl child
in the entire family.


Why means?

I am the only girl child
in all our generation.

What can I do about it?

Who asked you to be
born without a sister?

You have come to just
take my life out!

Will they sacrifice
the entire family?

Why is he so paranoid?

Has he forgotten all his spells?

What are you saying?

He is the greatest
villain of all times!

He did not bring us to send
him to the other world.

He has brought us to be
sent to the other world!

If he has to be delivered
off his curse...

He has to sacrifice five members of the
family born on Rohini star (sun sign)

Yamini did not come here
due to her interest.

He has brought her here.

She is the one who will execute us.

What are you saying?

Did the spirit lie to us then?

What will you do if he
had told the truth?

I would have died of a heart attack.

That's why he did not tell you!

If we have been protected by him so far

It means, he needs all five of us


It is not an ordinary
ghost that is inside.

The head goes one side.

The body goes the other side.

It just thrashes anyone
who goes inside.

But ..

If it has kept
Kaashmora inside...

Something else is happening there.

Navakaaliga Pournami


On the day of Navakaaliga pournami
when our curse will be delivered...

... When five mortals of
Rohini star are sacrificed...

This Rajanayak will
resurrect once again!

Where are you going?

The haunted palace is
being bombed to demolish.

The whole town is heading
there to watch it.

What you see in the backdrop
is an ancient palace.

It is famously known as the
Mettukulam haunted palace.

This haunted palace is being
demolished by bombing today.

Please think hard once again.

Why do not you try
something with exorcists?

I have done everything!

I have approached everyone
from Chottanikkara

temple to Sholinganallur Dargah!

There is no use. Blast it and
finish it once and for all.

Are you guys kidding?

500 crores!

Important documents
of the party.

He has got everything and
is inside with this family.

What if he dies in there?

There is a lot of public

The entire media is here as well.

Please do not create any troubles.

The one inside is equal
to a thousand bombs!

I have seen him. Trust me!

All these bombings will do nothing to him.

It should explode in
the early morning.

Increase the dynamite in
the support channels.

People on the right channel, come on line.

Rajanayak !!

Just as I cursed you before...

... In all your births...

Your end is always with me.


It's me!

Just because he loved me...

... I had to witness the end of Arjunan!

The reason for the death of
my father who trusted you.

The one who turned lifeless at the
death of my innocent brother.

The one who killed you for these
and became the omnipresent!

You can never stop me from conducting this
ritual! No matter whatever form you take!

Let's see.

- What is happening here?
- Go away!

Until my task is completed...

... This body is mine!

Rathna even snaps only
with her left hand!

You are playing with the
sword in your right hand!

What ??? Rathnamahadevi
is left handed ???

With all that performance, you
fumbled with the wrong hand!

For a while you made me a fool with
your theatrics my dear Kaashoo!

Kaashmora... Kaashmora...

What happened?



Go and seek...

Come grandma...

Welcome Rathna!

Let there be more meaning
to my years of waiting!


Come let's leave faster!

This way!

Come. Let's take the other way.

You all please wait here.

Same place... Same full moon night...

Same curse... Same hatred...

The same you and the same me!

Come Rajanayak!

Before the full moon night ends...

Let my sword finish you off!

The mortals remains of
Rajnayak is present somewhere.

Finding it might help
in solving this issue.

Please stop! The ghosts
have been destroyed!


What happened?

Rathnamahadevi saved all of us.


We saved Rathnamahadevi!

That's better!


Yamini... Get up!

Get up.

Take a look at the
mightiness of the lord!

What happened?

Just like the name Kaashmora signifies...

... He has sent all the
ghosts to the underworld.

He sent them all?

Oh my! I missed it!

Can we do a replay for that?

He has incarnated!

Praise him! Hail Kaashmora!


Yes dear!

He awakened his highest
possible power

... And transformed into a ball of light...

... And became the higher one!

Take a look at the mightiness!

Stop it!

Stop! Stop! Stop it!

I have placed a camera here and
it must have recorded everything!

We can find it out now.

Look its kaṣmora sāmī!

It's a good crowd
Must make this chance to be public..

What the hell,did you mean a demon to that?

He's like Tendulkar , raises his
hand after hitting a centuary..

I told you, sir, he's not a normal preson..

He's very popular in the village now..

Now if they even built a temple,
it's nothing to be surprised of..

Whether these inhuman things are...

Are true or not?
facilitating this debate..

Over hundred years
There was in the mind fear of the people ..

Everyone must accept that
Kāṣmōrā family put it to an end..


We fought with them,but only this bag was

what? -Haven't you heard the
saying "Money is the devil"..

But they chased us like hell ..

Took the money and flew away ..

Are all the documents here?
Only documents are there..


Be careful ..

Do not crash ..

Be careful ..



Hey sāmī!