Kaappaan (2019) - full transcript

A Special Protection Group officer has to identify the threat to the prime minister, who he is protecting, and also the nation.

[News] DD,
India's first television channel...

...turns 60 years today.

On this day, DD's Ultra HD
channel is set for launch.

To participate in this event...

...Information Technology minister
Vasudev Menon has arrived.

To preside over the event,
India's Prime Minister...

...Chandrakanth Varma,
is on his way!

What became of the issue
with Minister Jeevan Ram?

I sent a note to the
Income Tax department...

...to take action against him.

Sir, Jeevan Ram...

he's the Minister of Mines.

He's also the Joint Secretary of our party.

"Our Party"?

When did you join the party?

You're the Cabinet Secretary.
An official of the Indian government.

Your job is to
execute my orders!

I am sorry, Sir.

"Sorry" is a very valuable word.
[News] 750 crore rupees was spent on...

Don't use it often.

...the wedding of
Jeevan Ram's daughter,

per opposition leader
Parameshwar Rao.

Top of that,
the Prime Minister says...

in the Parliament that he
runs a clean government...

Is this necessary, Santosh?

The people trusted
us and voted for us!

We alone cannot
maintain their trust.

The officials must
co-operate, too!

You should have
taken action on him!

I am sor...

Sorry sir...

Vanakkam, Sir!

Get ready.


Open this box.

Stand up!
It's a trap!

I repeat, it's a trap.

Emergency distress!

Cancel Alpha's visit.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

-Secure Alpha!
-Alpha's visit cancelled!

Code: Fire, reverse right.

What is happening?

-Code: Fire, reverse right.
-Emergency situation, sir.

Security breach!

Everybody down!

If anyone tries to escape,
we'll shoot you!

Hey Police!
Everyone come over here

No, no, no...do not hurt me!

Kneel Down!

Come with me.

[News] The Prime Minister is
stuck amidst this heinous plot...

-Arrange a war room meeting at once.

In the gunfire that ensued...

...there may be
around 10 casualties.

The terrorists have captured
the entire DD complex.

This telecast must
be live all the time.

If you stop it,
everyone in here will be killed.

-Make it live!
-I'll do it.

Turn on the camera!

Abhi's on the line, Sir.

I am alright, Abhi.
Nothing to worry.

When you married mom, did you tie the
nuptial thread a little too strong?

Shut up.

-Now, no one can...
-Give me that.

-Come in. Come in.

-[TV] Hello, Mr. Prime Minister of India.
-Sit down.

This is a demand for you.

If you don't release the five
of our men at Tihar Jail,

otherwise your
Minister will be shot!

If you happen to delay,
for every hour...

we'll shoot one staff
member by the hour.

-Stop crying, mom.
-His life is in your hands now

-Dad will be fine.
-so now you decide what to do

-Be brave.
-There will be no negotiation

no bargains!

The five terrorists that have been captured
in different attacks across India...

The demand is that
they be released.

All of you got your positions.

Go! Go! Go!

Vasudev Menon will be killed!

Sir, let's send a negotiator
and try to reason with them

Reasoning with them won't work

They are adamant.

Our only option is
to release those men.

What are you saying, Sikander?

Absolutely impossible!

Know how many have died
because of these men?

We have no other go,

The country is dreading
a huge communal riot.

But the nation is
above everything.

This happens every day.

But the minister must be saved.

He is sincere and
can't be sacrificed.

We can't bend to their demands!

Stop it, I say!

Is the minister the only
one held hostage there?

No, sir. About 250 staff members
of Doordarshan are held there, too.

Are they not sincere, too?

-Are their deaths acceptable?


Have the NSG reached the spot?

Waiting for your order, Sir.

If one life must be lost for
hundred to be saved, it's not wrong.

It's not a sin.

Manudharma said so.

Same holds good for humans.

Ask them to get into the action!

Ok, Sir.

The two of you step up front.

The two of you head back. Go!

Hey-- Don't shoot!

Sir! Sir!
Come with me, Don't be scared!


Sir, stay right there.
Don't move.

Don't panic.
Don't move! Stay put!

Don't move, don't move...stay there


We've captured the terrorist alive!
Keep the vehicle ready!

This holy war isn't over!

We won't stop until your
country is destroyed!

Go fast!
Go! Go! Go!

Don't be scared!
You're all safe!

Exit via the emergency gate!

[News] The attack of the Pakistan
terrorists has been averted!

The terrorist siege on the DD
building that made news all morning...

...came to an end at
the hands of the NSG.


[News] 5 terrorists along with
their Chief has been arrested by NSG



I am really sorry.

I had no other choice.

This is no ordinary death.

It's a sacrifice for the nation.

Be bold.


♪ Yay! ♪

♪ Green! Violet!
Yellow! White! ♪

♪ Girls cause trouble
when groom's here! ♪

♪ Green! Violet!
Yellow! White! ♪

♪ Girls cause trouble
when groom's here! ♪

♪ As breath tickles,
watch the man arrive! ♪

♪ His kisses make heads explode! ♪

♪ He is Cupid's grandson! ♪

♪ That's right,
He is Cupid's grandson! ♪

♪ Oh dear,
He is Cupid's grandson! ♪

♪ Raakayi! Mookayi!
Kaakayi! Raamayi! ♪

♪ Where did you all
go, you show-offs? ♪

♪ My sugar coated beauty! ♪

♪ Your allure tears
me to pieces! ♪

♪ A graceful swan! ♪

♪ Her single plait steals
millions of hearts! ♪

♪ Vanaja went out
with a black stud ♪

♪ but had a white
calf with her king! ♪

♪ Girija went around the temple, ♪

♪ but was left high
and dry alone! ♪

♪ Ogling on the
road ain't right! ♪

♪ For I am Kathir,
who curbs her mischief! ♪

♪ Mischievous girl! ♪

♪ Glowing girl! ♪

♪ My sugar coated beauty! ♪

♪ Your allure tears
me to pieces! ♪

♪ A graceful swan! ♪

♪ Her single plait steals
millions of hearts! ♪

Why invite and mock us?

Insulting the Collector are you?

You guys have gotten really arrogant!

I won't stop until the entire town is empty!

♪ The grass on the river banks ♪
♪ and the paddy in the field! ♪

♪ If replaced with concrete buildings,
what is left there for you to eat? ♪

♪ Women have to line up to get
a single bucket of water. ♪

♪ If they all rise in anger,
they summon the Cauvery! ♪

♪ Throw away the money! ♪

♪ When you die,
they burst crackers! ♪

♪ Respect and honor once
gone won't return. ♪

♪ A boiled egg won't
become an omelet! ♪

♪ My sugar coated beauty! ♪

♪ Your allure tears
me to pieces! ♪

♪ A graceful swan! ♪

♪ Her single plait steals
millions of hearts! ♪

That family is blessed with good stars

Not one of them look good!

Find someone like in this photo

What are you doing here?

Does the lady need this type of daughter-in-law?


They always roam around with my son!

Get going! Come here!

♪ Sporting a checked silk shirt
and dhoti above my knee! ♪

♪ Like a storm in an open land,
I roam free like a nomad! ♪

♪ My hair stands in spikes,
like a squeezed palm fruit! ♪

♪ I am the ghoul that scares
children into having their meal! ♪

♪ Granny forgot her
neem toothbrush! ♪

♪ Shall I make teeth grow
on your empty gums? ♪

♪ Get lost! ♪

♪ Beet,
corn and rice are no more! ♪

♪ What do we care if
you don't eat pizza? ♪

♪ My sugar coated beauty! ♪

♪ Your allure tears
me to pieces! ♪

♪ A graceful swan! ♪

♪ Her single plait steals
millions of hearts! ♪

♪ Vanaja went out
with a black stud ♪

♪ but had a white
calf with her king! ♪

♪ Girija went around the temple, ♪

♪ but was left high
and dry alone! ♪

♪ Ogling on the
road ain't right! ♪

♪ For I am Kathir,
who curbs her mischief! ♪

♪ Kathir! ♪

♪ Kathir! ♪

♪ Kathir! ♪

♪ Kathir! ♪

Hi, viewers! Anitha here!

Welcome to our show:
'Modern Farming'!

No rains and no water!

The delta districts
are all dried up

But this place alone
is green and fertile!

Modern famer Mr. Kathiravan
is responsible for this magic!

Vermi compost made from waste

Solar energy, Wind energy

Drip irrigation!

Organic pesticide!
Organic manure!

Combining science and traditional
methods, Mr. Kathiravan is making strides.

Good morning, Kathiravan.

Tell us about your
organic farming.

It's nothing but, natural farming.

Much more efficient
than organic farming.

Farming bound to nature.

You know who started this?

Masanobu Fukuoka.

I've heard of vodka.
But Fukuoka?

He is Masanobu Fukuoka.

A Japanese farmer
and philosopher.

Without depleting natural resources,
we rely completely on human resources.

We do not let fertilizers or
pesticides anywhere near us.

Awesome, Kathir!

I love baby corn!

It can be eaten raw!
Have a taste.


It's unbelievable, viewers!

It's heaven in my
tongue right now!

What's this, sir?

A pay-to-use toilet?

-You're right!
-Another source to your income?

A side business?

It is a pay-and-use toilet,

but we pay for it.

If you poop here,
you get 10 rupees.


Very different approach.

Hold on! There's a bit of
selfishness to this, too.

-Come here. I'll explain.

I've used this five times.

You owe me fifty rupees!

Buzz off, moron!

Look here, lady!
I can swear upon this at any temple!

To hell with you
and your swearing!

-Swearing on feces?
-Did you see me poop?

Why should I witness the mess?

he claims to have dysentry

and used the toilet five times.
He's demanding 50 rupees.

Expect me to monitor
him with CCTV cameras?

-Just pay the man!
-It's money, Son.

-Give it!
-Here, beat it!

Be polite, mom.
Important suppliers, right?

why leave without the money?

I can't take money
that isn't earned.

I tried pooping,
but nothing came.

I'll come later to
poop and get the money.

Such people in our town, too?

Are you coming or not, Mangamma?

A profit of 10 rupees!

-Let's wrap up the interview first.
-I'm on my way.

Could've sent half
the people there?

That filled up six months ago.

So we've locked it
up and stored it.

Why save up this stuff?

Good question!

In six months, it dries up,
gets degraded by bacteria...

...and becomes good manure.
Here you go.

It doesn't emit foul odor.

It's nitrogen rich,
Pure black gold!

-Black Gold!

-If you use this as manure...

It helps with soil aeration,
seed germination, root spreading...

...and leads to bountiful crop.

When you ate that corn,
mentioned great taste and aroma.

You said your tongue
was in heaven!

Hey, don't puke over here!

Shall we go for a break, ma'am?

Enough of this interview.
Let's go!

-Damn, I should've never come here!
-Did I invite you here?

Thought you were
doing organic farming,

but you're doing some crap...

-...and deceiving the people
-Hold on!

Hey, Turn on the camera!

Farming is not a job.

Like cops who guard a city and
troops who guard the nation...

...it is a service that
guards human lives!

This Earth is magical.

It turns any waste that falls
upon it into something useful.

It's what we do the
Earth that is disgusting!

We felled forests
and there is no rain.

We mined all sand.

Even if there is rain,
we cannot harvest it.

Farming's already dying.

And harmful chemicals
poison the soil.

What we have is just waste.

To reclaim this soil, the Chinese and
the Japanese got into this farming.

If you install tube wells and
mines on agricultural land,

there is no other go,
we have to agree to these methods.

This is your future!

In the south west
of Bay of Bengal,

a depression formed
due to low pressure.

This depression is centered on
Kodiyakarai in the Nagai district...

...and a cyclone
is expected there.

Owing to this,
Category 10 emergency has been declared.

Hey, What is this injection?

This is illegal.
I must be taken to the court.

Hey! No!

No, no, no!

Whatever you do...

...you cannot even
find out my name.

His name's Syed Jafar. Age 38.

Your name's Syed Jafar. Age 38.

At the Jalalabad camp
for the Pakistan army...

...you were trained.

You're an expert at
designing IED bombs.

Six months ago,
you underwent surgery...

...and was in the
hospital for ten days.

Hey! I don't care about my life.

But you worry about your
Prime Minister's life.

The next attack won't miss.

Next attack? Where is it?

He's taking a flight in
London, right?

He'll return only in a coffin.

Your Prime Minister.

He is not lying, sir.
It is the truth.

London? Who's carrying
this out in London?

Which group?

No group.

Only one man.

He's hidden among the people.

He will destroy your
country's strength!

Suraj! Suraj!

Check if anyone has come?

Tell me where he is right now?

I won't!

-I won't

Give him another shot.

Doctor, give him another shot.

No! Don't!

I don't want an injection!

This injection...
I'm short of breath

Tell me!

-I'll tell you
-where he is now?

I'll tell you!

He's in Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu?

-He is...
-Tell me his name

I'll tell you

-His name...
-His name?

His name...

What is it?

Damn it!

The cattle feed has
arrived, Kathir.

Boss told me to drop
it off at the barn.

Did Gopal give you
the bill for this?

It's in the vehicle.

Quickly show it to me
and settle the dues.

Dear passengers,

I would like to announce the arrival
of British Airways Flight P83X.

From Chennai to London Heatthrow.

Kindly collect your
baggages from belt seven.


Welcome, Mr. Prime Minister.

My son, Abhishek.

-Hi, sir. Nice to meet you.

C-12 team,
is the convoy ready to move?

Affirmative, C-1. Good to go.

Kavitha Menon from
Malayalam Manorama.

Have security over here.

Venkatraman from Dhina Garudan.

It's me!

Kalyan Kumar, From Express.

Kalyan Kumar, From Express?

There are three lakh
Indians in the UK.

And they happen to be the third
largest ethnic group here.

Mr. Kalyan Kumar from Express?

Hi, Yes.

You could've come early.

Even if I had,
it's the same lecture.

So? Is that a reason to be late?

I will wait there.

This is the purpose
of tomorrow's meeting.

I hope all of you will be here
tomorrow and support us...

...by giving wide and detailed
coverage for this conference.

I guess we are done.

-I will see you tomorrow.
-Okay, bye.


-Yes, throw it here, man!


The Invest in India meet
starts in a few minutes.

If you have phones, mobiles or wallets,
you can place them in the tray here

Next please.
Please open your bag.

Thank You.

Next please.

-Marc! Clear the PM's passage.

Please arrange for the
media gathering, sir.

I've just come for a holiday.

Our Honorable Prime
Minister of India,

Mr. Chandrakanth Varma is here.


When I see you all,

feels like I've come to a
relative's house for a wedding

Let's talk casually, alright?

How many of you
had love marriages?

-Mr. Mahadevan!

Plenty of love stories
in your biography, I see.

You're silent now...

-That's it

That mutual magnetic charm which
was there before marriage...

The desire to see and talk
to each other every day...

Is it at the same level
even after marriage?

Or it has come down?

Why hesitate?
If yes, raise your hand.

I'll bravely raise my hand first.

Because my wife is not here.

I raise it unafraid.

Don't humiliate us.

Mrs. Narayana Murthy.

At least let him
speak the truth here.

Let's now talk about our mother.

Is there a mother who
does not love her child?

That same mom would threaten us
so we'd eat when we were kids.

She'd strictly make us study.

She'd pummel us when
we were mischievous.

We would've scolded her
then, too...

But has the love
between us ever reduced?


Even if you're all
well settled here,

this place is like a girlfriend.

But India is like a mother!

There are issues like corruption, bribery,
religious and language conflicts...

...in India which need to
be immediately addressed.

My government has gone knee
deep into solving these issues.

You must help out, too.

At least once a year,
visit India with your family.

Introduce your roots
to your offsprings!

The major industrialists
who have settled here,

must help India's growth.

My government will support you.

To inspire you all, I would like
to introduce a few gentlemen here.

Must the arrow of the Indian
SENSEX point up or down?

Their companies here decide that.

Mr. Vijay Mathur,
The seventh richest man in the world.

He doesn't own property
across the world.

No money stashed
in the Swiss Bank.

-Wow, it's a gun.
-Whatever he earned...

...he has invested
only in India.

The king of rubber,
Mr. Arun Swaminathan.

That man has a gun, mom!

Which man? Where?

Look there!

-Look there!

Mr. Rajan Mahadevan

Rather than telling you
the kind of work he does...

...it's easier to say
what he doesn't do!

Anytime a party
comes into power,

decisions based on
trade in the country

we consult him for an opinion.

He's an advisor not on payroll.

Thank You.

It's our duty to
work for our family.

But it is pride to
work for our nation.

So be proud to be an Indian.

And invest in India.

Jai Hind.


-Good speech.

Training trip, Abhi?

Is your dad preparing
his heir to succeed him?

No way, uncle!

He doesn't even let
me ride with him.

Claiming I wanted to
hear his speech live,

I lied and tagged along.

If that's a lie,
what's the truth?

You shouldn't ask such
questions at your age,

and I can't answer them, too.

Let's not get into that.

Charlie 1 to team,
Tiger en route to Chariot.

Shots been fired,
secure the Indian Prime Minister.

Emergency Distress,
all units to route B.

Secure exit. Secure exit B.

Come on!

Move! Move aside.

Dad! Dad!
Let go off me...


Second chariot!
Just give him cover!

Keep moving fast!


Go! Go! Go! Go!

Please move!

-Come on
-Get to the exit

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Let go of me!

-Open the door!

-Clear! Clear! Clear!
-Dad are you ok?

Chariot en route!

Escorting the Prime Minister en
route to the Presidential's Palace.

-He's speaking to the Indian Prime Minister
-Mayor of London has come to meet Inidan PM

I'm extremely sorry,
Mr. Prime Minister.

This should not have
happened in our country.

It's alright.
It could've happened anywhere.

I don't know how remain so calm?

It's quiet simple. I'm not dead.

Well, I don't want to
take much of your time.

Good day!



Sir, Kathiravan.
Senior officer: Military Intelligence

We were batch mates, Sir.

-Sit down.
-Yes, sir.

For the last five years, he's worked
undercover on many assignments.

In a town called Jashna

a plant which manufactured
Nuclear weapons

was in operation unknown
to the rest of the world.

To expose them with
supporting evidence

he worked undercover for
6 months at a saloon.

He collected hair samples from a
scientist who went there for a haircut...

...and sent it to India through our
agents working at a fruit shop nearby.

-It's a ripe fruit, keep it.
-One more?

Thank you.

On testing it in the lab,

we found traces
of Plutonium 239.

Only with Plutonium 239,
can you make a nuclear bomb.

A double agent from our
department betrayed them...

...Kathir and his team were
arrested by the Pakistan army.

Police! I won't come!

Oh God!

They brutally tortured him

but he didn't utter a word

After that, he escaped from
there and reached India.

You're the real heroes.

But you can't be
commended in public.

These are secrets
operations, Sir.

Even felicitations
must be in secret.

It's all for the nation, sir.

He just mentioned

that you ran the operation which destroyed
a military godown in Kodiyakarai....

Do you know why
you had to do that?

No, sir.

We're never given reasons.

Neither we ask them.

What you destroyed there
were chemical weapons.

When ethnic cleansing
happened in Sri Lanka...

...to help their
nation's military

through an arms agent

they bought these chemical weapons
and stocked them in secret.

It is against the
UN arms treaty.

Got that, Sir.

It's absolutely an illegal scam.

No matter who the government
was, it would've stained India.

How long can we
keep it concealed?

You selected the right time.

Unaware of what they
were guarding...

...you even saved the lives
of the security guards.

The cyclone managed to put an
end to the chemical weapons

before it could be
used against the city.

As penance for the previous
Government's mistake

we had to do this.

You are a good
actor, Kathiravan.

You know everything yet
pretend that you don't.


To do a good deed,
a few bad deeds must be done.

Legally wrong,
but ethically right, yes?

If Duryodhana shoots an
arrow, it's unjust.

If Arjuna does so, it isn't.

You have made my day.

I like you, young man!


What must be done for
him to stay with me?

Simple, Sir. He must be relieved
from military intelligence...

-...and deputed to the SPG.
-Do it.

Done, sir.

Gulf 1 to G2,
update security status.

All positions secured.

Step out, buddy!
Let me drive the car.

Sir, Sir. You're not
supposed to drive yourself

I understand, but I have a date.

-Let me tour London
-Please understand our protocol

-Don't keep me cooped up in here
-Sir, please!

-Don't worry, I'll be safe.

-..I'll be fired, Sir.
-I'll be back in an hour, alright?

Won't let me do it, huh?
Come along!

Alright, Sir.
Guys follow the car.

Hold down, please!

What happened, Anjali?

Hey, where are you going?

Hold on.
I'll be back.

His face is covered by the flag.


Excuse me.

The terrorist who escaped
just walked past me.

Whom do you mean?

That reporter from Express.

I already filed a complaint.

Whom do I call, sir?

You needn't call anyone.

I'll handle it.

I'm following him
near the Tower Bridge.

Send in the force quickly!

-none of the cameras has caught his face
-Alright, I'll send it.

Watch it.


♪ Alright! ♪

♪ Let's do this ♪

♪ Yo! we in the club now ♪

♪ C'mon ♪

♪ Showgirls on the floor ♪

♪ Dirty eyes, hot 'n' spice ♪

♪ Hit em ah, get em ah,
rhythm ah, dilemma ♪

♪ Did you come here, love? ♪

♪ Did you look at me in awe? ♪

♪ Without hiding,
without denying, speak out! ♪

♪ Came to see a flower? ♪

♪ Stood lost in search of honey? ♪

♪ Do you need an entire
bouquet to satisfy you? ♪

♪ You're not holy, today! ♪

♪ Nothing stops you
from embracing me! ♪

♪ Besides me on your arms, ♪

♪ you sense no movement
anywhere in the world ♪

♪ I arrived as a storm of lust! ♪

♪ I applied your mustache! ♪

♪ Our hearts became one ♪

♪ I woke up the animal in you ♪

♪ Did you come here, love? ♪

♪ Did you look at me in awe? ♪

♪ Without hiding,
without denying, speak out! ♪

Hi, what you up to Kalyan Kumar?

I can't talk to you.

I'm on an assignment, now.

Oh! Investigative journalism?

You have a XXL sized


Over smart!

♪ Itty bitty itty bitty waist ♪

♪ Moves and her grooves On
the pole in the dance floor ♪

♪ witty witty
witty witty babes ♪

♪ Wine with a shine And
a-take at her zambo ♪

♪ Hip-hop And the beat box ♪

♪ Who gonna rub my body off ♪

♪ Big Bob Never gonna stop
3 am come and drop me off ♪

Let's see what you do.

I will give you company.

-May I have your order please?
-JD double large

-Ma'am for you?
-I'll have red wine

♪ There is no color to
discriminate in the dark! ♪

♪ As you get closer,
all are one! ♪

♪ No rules for kisses ♪

♪ At the peak,
you and I are one! ♪

♪ You heightened
my blood pressure ♪

♪ and roused up wicked dreams. ♪

♪ Have fun all day long! ♪

♪ I'm open 24/7! ♪

♪ Love... ♪

Hey, I'll be back.

♪ Love... ♪

Sir, have you sent
the Police force?

They're on their way,
I'll check again.

♪ Did you come here, love? ♪

♪ Did you look at me in awe? ♪

♪ Without hiding,
without denying, speak out! ♪

♪ You're not holy, today! ♪

♪ Nothing stops you
from embracing me! ♪

♪ Besides me on your arms, ♪

♪ you sense no movement
anywhere in the world! ♪

♪ I arrived as a storm of lust! ♪

What happened?

♪ I applied your mustache! ♪

♪ Our hearts became one ♪

♪ I woke up the animal in you! ♪

-What's wrong? What's going on?
-Let's go!

Tell me, man.

We have a lead, Joseph.

Before I could follow that bald
guy and the long haired guy...

...this girl came by
and spoiled everything.

Never mind that girl.
See what happened to them.

Don't try to escape.

The cops will be here.

-I'll hand you to them.
-Shut your trap for a while

-Be careful.
-Oh, Sorry!

Why are you hugging me?

You're clinging to my neck, lady.
Hands off!

Why did you come to my bedroom?

I deserve this crap.

Silently lie down.

You want me to lie down?

-You terrorist...

-Where are you going?
-Don't touch me!

Don't take the knife.

Don't...Don't play around.

-If you come closer
-You might cut something

Let me go!
Why are you tearing my clothes?

Hey, Anjali!

-Let go of me
-I asked you to give that to me

Don't keep playing
with that knife

-Where are you going?
-don't come closer, I'll stab you

Buzz off!

-Let go!
-I won't do anything.

Let go of the knife.

You're going to fall!
There's a glass table behind you.

Anjali, just lie down there!

I'm sleepy.

Where are you?

-In Anjali's room.

Hold on!

-I'm short of breath
-Damn you, man

What the hell are
you doing with her?

Hey, I'm not doing anything.

It was her, who messed with me.

Only four rounds.

-Four rounds?
-Who are you talking to?

Hold on, she's calling

Fifth round, huh?

I'm not up for that.

-Which shot?
-I'll call...

Are the cops here?

They're coming! Hold on!

I must hand you over to them.

-It's 4:30, ma'am

We're already late.

We must be at the
airport in ten minutes.

Oh God!

I'll get ready.


Let me go!

Thanks for the memorable night.


Tell me about that lady
with the Hyderabad Biryani!

Hyderabad Biryani Aunty?

Which lady do you mean?

Tell him yourself
about what you scored

-Why are you chatting to him, sir?

Know who he is? He's a criminal!

he's with military intelligence!

Without him,
my father would be dead!

Did you go to a bar in London?

Still not out of the funk?

He told me, Anjali.

All this fuss from just wine?

My God!
What did he say?

I only told him about what happened
in the bar, not in the room.

He said he'll tell me the
rest in the flight back.

-Let's go.
-Really? Alright!

I don't care who you are.

Please tell them nothing
happened in that room, right?

What never happened?

I mean 'that'.

Which is what?

You wrote 'Thanks for
a memorable night.'

What did we do?

Listen up!
I boozed with you, too!

I am drawing a blank, too

If something had happened,

we can find out easily.


Our security check is this
way, ma'am.

Bravo 1 to Team.
Approaching 'Bird'

Copy, sir!
Secured for approach.

Have a great trip, sir.

Thank You Mr. Prime Minister.
It's been a pleasure.

I hope you'll have
a good flight.

This trip was an
absolute eye-opener


-I'll take your leave, sir.
-Oh, why?

Why aren't you coming?

I'll be right behind you.


My private jet.

Come with me.

I need to speak with you.

Alright. It's my pleasure.

-What do you mean 'how'?

Even if anything happened,
you said we could find out, how?



Let's check

Do you feel exhausted?


I too. Any burning
sensation on the lips?

Yes, I do feel that.

When you woke up today,

did you feel a jerk as if you
had gone on a roller-coaster?

I did!

I think something did happen!

Wait for a few days and
it can be confirmed.


Can't hide an entire
pumpkin under your shirt!

I come from a cultured family.

Ms. Culture,
whatever you wished for

never happened yesterday.


Did I wish to have you?

What else?

What is your real name?

Oh man! You boozed with a guy
whose name you don't even know?

Some culture you have.

Come on, tell me!


Forget everything that
happened yesterday

If you use this as an excuse and
stalk me in India, I'll shoot you!

Done with the discussion?
Get going!

Has the dispute been settled?

When a girl says don't do
it, she means the opposite.

Hey, Kathir! What became of
that Hyderabad Biryani lady?

We're here for that, right?

I only had a guest role there.

He was the lead

Tell him all about it.

That aunty would've been over 40

Aunties are over 40 by
default, right?

I didn't mean her age

The opening itself is excellent.
Keep going!

Charlie 2 to C9. Check out the
vehicle at the North Eastern wall.

Have that van
removed right away.

-Yes, sir?


Is a military parade going on?

-Be casual. Chill, man!
-Yes, sir.

Does it suffice to only
exercise your body?

Life needs some exercise
too, right?

If you speak like a robot,

how can we respond to you?

-Let me get this, sir.

That is not your job.

Are you married, Kathiravan?

-Not yet, sir.

My mom said she'll find a
girl among our relations.

Entering North Corridor.

-I don't see it happening anytime soon.
-Oh, ok.

Any love affairs?

There was one, sir.

Her name was Kayalvizhi.

-Beautiful name.

She even looked beautiful, sir.

After some hard wooing,
we got together nicely.

What next?

When marriage was near,

I was dispatched to Pakistan
on Intelligence duty.

When I came back nine
months later to see her,

she was six months pregnant.


When you were away
for nine months,

how could she be
six months pregnant?

Did you visit her anytime?

It wasn't me, sir.

She was married to another
guy, six months ago.

Our communication was cut off.
Our love got cut off, too.

That is my fate!

Then how do you manage
at home without a woman?

I take care of that
with my own hand, sir.


I meant cooking,
You asked about meals, right?

Yes, I did!

Govinda Rao!

That gourd plant blooms well,

but it bears no fruit. Why?

I even spray it with
insecticides every day, sir.

You spray much insecticide,
it'll drive away insects that pollinate.

What do we do then?

He must hand pollinate it.

This is a male flower.

This is a female flower.

The female bears fruit.

If I place one over another

and rub them up together,
it will pollinate.

Do the same to all flowers.

You'll have plenty
of fruit in two days!

-Alright, sir.
-Got it.

You are something, man!

You'd probably even guide the
flower through its delivery.

Still sleeping, eh?

Dad's back from his walk.

-He's back, huh?
-Wake up, He'll scold you!

Dress up quickly.

-Hurry up!
-Give it to me, mom.

Give me that...

Told you not to go for late night
parties, Do you ever listen?

Mom, spray it right

Dad is here

-Alright, come!

Did you work out, too?
You're sweating hard.

You asked me to see to it

that he exercises
regularly starting today.

That's about it.

But you're sweating so much,
How long did you work out?

-One hour.
-Thirty minutes.

First, thirty minutes.

Then, a break.
Then, another thirty.

Mom accounted for the
breaks, too.

-Right, mom?
-He's a good boy.

You're spoiling him.

[News] In the Vijayamangalam
village in the Thanjavur district...

...farmers protest
against deep mine tunnels.

As the next step of
their peaceful protest...

...they have gathered to protest at
the Collector's office in Thanjavur.

[News] In the Baramullah
district at Kashmir...

When the troops of the
14th regiment of the Army

were resting in their camps...

...twenty soldiers were killed in
a surprise attack by terrorists.

-This is savagery!
-...were beheaded and killed brutally.

How much longer
will they do this?

When did this happen?

This morning at 5 AM, sir.

You should've told
me, right away!

This is the fourth
attack of the month.

Yes, Sir.

Summon the Pakistan
High Commission.

We need to talk.

Shall I ask him to
come to the office?

No! Ask him to come here.
In another thirty minutes

Yes, sir.

Defense minister too.

-Yes, sir!
-Ask Mr. Sarfuddin to come, too.

Sure, sir.

[News] They chopped up
soldiers like some vegetables

The Defense Minister
must be sacked

The Prime Minister must resign.

-There is no security

-Call that man, too
-even for those who safeguard the country

-Namaste, Mr. Parameshwar.
-Vanakkam, Sikander

What trouble is the government
in, now?

What does Varma
want me to cover up?

Not that. There is a love story
behind this beard. Tell me about it.

-Be quiet, Abhi.

-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.

-How are you Mr. Jalaluddin?
-Fine, Mr. Parameshwar.

When we were in power,
we had a train to your place.

Yes, those were golden times.

Peaceful days.

That train brought onions,
wheat and potatoes from Pakistan.

That's true.

Prices went down here, too.

The train brought not
just wheat and potatoes,

but terrorists, too

Ten bomb blasts and 200 deaths

in those 'peaceful days'.

He's a country's
ambassador, Abhi.

Don't talk to him like that.

Why do this in the prayer room?

Aren't you my God?

Mr. Jalaluddin, next time the
Prime Minister arrives, remind him

I have a few things
to discuss with him.

-Salaam Alaikkum
-Alaikkum assalam

Good Morning,
Mr. Prime Minister.

This isn't a good
morning, Mr. Jalaluddin.

Why? Are you not keeping well?

Not me, but India.

at the Baramullah
district in Kashmir

how do you respond to the
atrocity committed by your army?

So you blame us for every flood or
cyclone that strikes your country?

This is an offensive
charge, sir.

Step out, Abhi.

They just show on the news what
happened, Mr. Jalaluddin.

I'll show you some other
footage, now.

Watch this.

This is the footage
that our army sent us.

Why show me this?

Only to you,
can I show your military's atrocities!

How can you claim that
our military did this?

Have you arrested anyone?

Did anyone give a
sworn statement?

The incident happened only
in your part of India!

You said in the Parliament that
there are 65 terrorist groups.

Among them, could the seventh
group have done it, sir?

Only if you first take
responsibility, can talks continue.

How can we take responsibility
for a crime we didn't commit?

Be realistic, Mr. Sikander.

Stop blaming Pakistan for everything.

You could've gathered
strong evidence first

and then could've asked
the Ambassador to meet.

Had we done so,

we would not have been
insulted like this.

Without any evidence,

it isn't right to make
allegations like this.

Mr. Parameshwar
has a valid point.

I have a lot to do

and need to get
back to the embassy.

-Good day.
-Sit down, Mr. Jalaluddin.

It was your military
that attacked us.

He is Amiz Khan.

Second Lieutenant of the
'Free Kashmir' regiment.

Don't try to feed me,
the theory of doppelgangers.

What is your Prime
Minister thinking?

You messed with a
peacefully sleeping tiger!

It won't take long
for it to attack

The wings of compromise
cannot fly anymore.

Let me remind you about the
Siachen Kargil surgical strike.

Is that what Pakistan wants?

When our Prime Minister comes to Delhi
next week, you can discuss everything.

No, I'm cancelling the program.

Have him meet your
military chief first.

Ask him to stop this barbaric
and brutal blood game.

Have them denounce every terrorist
group under Pakistan's support.

If this happens,
I'll come to your country

and have tea with
your Prime Minister.

-I mean...
-We are done.

You may leave.

This will only provoke
them, Varma.

This is a wrong decision.
You're being angry.

This must be handled gently.

Did we do this when
we were in power?


Necks are lying severed there

If they were a self-interested
parasite like you

I would not have been angry.

But lying there are
martyrs with severed heads,

who were slogging through
extreme weather to protect us.

Thank You, Kathiravan.

How did you know that
it was Amiz Khan?

Sir, please...

We must retaliate, Kathiravan.

Hello, wait!
Why pretend to ignore me?

Yes, I asked you to
forget everything.

So you won't even
say 'hi' to me?

-Hi. Bye.

Here you go.
Heard you read a lot!

-Who told you that?
-Joseph did.

I didn't search long and
hard to get this for you.

It was available at half-price.
That's why.

Don't think I'm in love with
you because I gave you this.

Got it?


With Love, Anjali. You may think 'love'
means affection, but it's just friendship.

Welcome, sir.

-Come in, Mr. Mahadev.
-How are you?

-I'm fine.

If the business magnate

came to see us in person,

it must be something big!

You're exaggerating, sir!

But isn't that the truth?

A ship building
company in Maharashtra.

A ship breaking
company in Gujarat.

Petrol, coal, marble,
cement, iron and real-estate.

You're part of them all!

You sell onions as
well as explosives.

You sell telephones and sandals.

Just 'kolam' powder is not on your
list, I suppose.

Yes, sir.

But all of this didn't land
on my lap on one fine day!

I've hauled rice sacks!

I've worked in petrol bunks.

If I worked my way up

and rose to the top
of the business world

-it is only because...
-...of your hard work.


Not just that,
but government support too.

One signature of yours

lets me open a new factory.

But another can shut it down.

For what factory do you
need a signature now?

He hasn't come for
his own business.

But to help retaliate against Pakistan
who often meddle in our affairs

He wanted to discuss
an idea with you.

I'm always open to ideas.

Tell me.

Pakistan is our old cousin.

Rather than fighting us up
front, they attack us covertly.

You know the power of police
blows, right?

They strike hard!

It leaves no external mark.

But every spare part
within is left in shambles.

We must strike a
very covert blow.

We must strike,
But the world must not know about it.

And hell, the targets themselves
must not know about it!

Seems exciting. Explain.

Show him.



-I'll call for it myself.
-Yes, Sir.


Happy anniversary, man!

-Here! Go open the booze!
-Thank You!

Very sincere about it

Can we feed her cake?

You can feed her whiskey, too!

It's Joseph who spoiled the cat.

What did you gift Priya for
your anniversary, Joseph?

He doesn't do gifts.

Hey, I myself am a gift to you

Why do you need another gift?

Did you sneak out to smoke?

-You told me you quit?

That's enough of that.

Between the two of you,
who proposed first?

-Oh...One day at the bus stop
-I know this scene very well

Come and act it out!

-Not again!
-Come over, you two!

Here's your bus stop!

Come on, Action!

Here is my college book.

Bujjima is the stray dog there.

What are you staring at?

This damn guy swoops in
and out of ladies' hearts!

So possessive!

Bus stand's empty, go there!

ready, continue.

The buses that Priya
takes keep going past

The bus is ready!

But no matter which bus comes,
Priya enters none of them.

Does this bus go to Mylapore?

If you get in,
it can go anywhere.

I'm good to go.

-Right! Right!

Asking to hear my love
story, you develop yours!

What's more to develop?

-Oh God!
-There you go!

-Get started!
-All of a sudden, it started to rain!

-Here is your umbrella.
-Oh, man!

Nice touch!

I am getting drenched.

Indeed! Got really wet, right?

Hold on!
Only then will you feel a high!

Before the rain
stops, wrap this up.

With a love letter, I hesitantly move
forward and go right up before her.


Anything you want to tell me?

Whatever it is, tell me boldly.


Like your dog has a space
under your umbrella,

in your life...

can I get a space in your life?

I expected something better!

I'll make it better.

My mother is torturing
me to marry my cousin.

If I wed, I will only wed you.

I threatened her I'd rather
drink poison than not marry you.

What do I do now?

-Drink the poison.

I'll drink it!

-Hey no!

What a love story!

Great going man!


Tell them what happened
next, rascal!


-There's a twist in the story?

The dog started to lick
the dripping poison.

She was afraid that
the dog might die.

That's when I told
her it won't die

as there was no poison.
It was just honey I bought for my mom.

You deceived me
with so many lies.

-It's time for duty. I'll get going.

Have dinner and go, Vivek!

It's alright.
See you later. Goodbye.

I'm hungry, Priya.

-I'll make cream pesto
-I'll help you, Priya

Hurry up!

-Here you go, Kathir
-Thanks, buddy.

[News] Last night, the 'Free
Kashmir' group was severely attacked.

Several soldiers including Second
Lieutenant Amiz Khan are dead.

The identity of the
attackers is still a mystery.

Hey...did you do this?

What do I know?

Your smile tells me that
you ran point on this.

You're right

If anything blows up
anywhere, am I responsible?

May be I just gave
them the plan.

Why are you standing up?
Is that Hyderabad lady?

Shall we get going?

You're a real miser, man.


Why not buy a diamond necklace
for the fifth anniversary?

Who is it?

you deceive with one meager kiss.

What are you looking for?

Pen and paper?

It's under the lampshade.

You can't even
memorize eight digits

you don't deserve to
be in Intelligence.

Trichy Code.

Yes, genius. Trichy airport.

Who are you?

Do you know who
you're talking to?

You're the SPG director,

but even your wife
doesn't respect you.

Why does she play
cute with your friend?

Pay attention to your loved
one, too!

Watch your tongue, you dog!

Yes, I have a sharp tongue.

But I have an even longer hand.

Know how long?

It can stretch
from here to reach

what do you call it?

all the way to your
wife's dearest Bujjima!

I can shoot your wife
just like I shot her cat.

Hell, I can do you guys in, too!

But I wanted to show you a
demo, first.



Sorry, Priya. From the hand...

...it slipped.

Too wasted, huh?

You guys better clean this up!

He's placed a bug
in the chandelier.

If they've bugged the house
of the SPG director...

...I'll inform the
Intelligence Bureau.

Have them stream all CCTV footage
from the airport right away!

Why footage?


It's him!

What's up Dynamic Duo?
Not bad, you caught him

But how do you expect him to
talk if you just tie him up?

Get closer and
beat it out of him

Let's see what he spills.

Wondering from where
I'm watching all this?

Go on, get closer and ask him


Oh shit!


See you in Kashmir!


he spoke to us for four minutes.

Remove from the list those who
spoke more or less than that.

Ok, Sir.

There's a phone on the stand, there.
Please zoom in.

To avoid showing his face,
he's turned away from the camera.

Remember the jacket he wore.

Call Trichy airport Police

and have them conduct
a search for him.

You check this side.
You take that side.

Hey, stop! stop!

Look there. There's a bag under
that phone booth, Check it out.

Excuse me, sir.

Your ID?

-There's a bomb blast at the airport

At the same phone booth.

Head back


Go for the bag!

What happened? Really?

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

They set this blast
to divert the police.

It was just a
harmless smoke bomb.

It's not that,
something fishy, man.

Same symbol on the
bag and the jacket.

He's trying to say something.
We need to find out what it is.

Hello-- Yes, Sir.

When was the trip decided on?

Ok, Sir.

The Prime Minister is going to
Kashmir to survey the flooded areas.

They asked us to go as
part of the advanced team.

This was decided upon
only an hour ago.

The Kashmir trip was
decided only an hour ago.

How did he know about it?

Don't touch my turban.

Vicky, there are men on your
right sporting black flags

Clear them out.

Please get up and come with me.

"Praise be to the motherland."

This bridge was heavily
damaged by the flood.

People have to travel an additional
seven kilometers because of this.

Lead 1 Eagle 1

we'll cross the market
in another three minutes.

Victor ETA 5 minutes.


Have you heard about Caelifera?

Do you know anything about it?

Caelifera? Not exactly, sir.
Think it's some kind of bug.

-Shall I look it up?
-No, it's fine.

It's ok.

Sir, You're way too
stressed, these days

Blood pressure shot up, too.

You need to relax more.

Okay, I'll switch to relax mode.

E2 to E6, report status.

-What is it, Kathir?

When is the wedding?

I don't get it.

The entire south block is
talking about your love saga!

Kathir, If you delay further,

I'll do what you did
with those flowers,

and hand pollinate you both!

Can you walk through
one more time?

That scanner isn't
working, Abdul.

-Ask them come through another entry

All of you come in
through the other entrance.

If my leader cannot enter this
way, none of us will.

Sir, Sir!

-Please be patient
-Come here!

If there's no beep,
ones crossing don't know that, right?

Check them manually

Please come, sir!

I'll take care of you
after the function!

E1 to E6

The lady in the brown dress

seems a little
out of proportion.

Checking, sir.

I'm sorry. She's clear.
Nothing to worry.

♪ Million stars, but one sky! ♪

♪ Million flowers,
but one Earth! ♪

♪ Million stars, but one sky! ♪

♪ Million flowers,
but one Earth! ♪

♪ We may look different, ♪

♪ but we are one! ♪

♪ We come together out
of love for the nation! ♪

♪ We may worship differently, ♪

♪ but all God is one! ♪

♪ Followers of Eshwar
and Allah are the same! ♪

♪ Million stars, but one sky! ♪

♪ Million flowers,
but one Earth! ♪

This side, sir!

Move back, sir!

Let's go up to the stage.

♪ One nation! One life! ♪

♪ No matter what one
wishes, will it come true? ♪

♪ Like a monochrome painting,
can it ever become multi-hued? ♪

♪ The beauty of diversity is that
there is unity in diversity ♪

♪ We are a land of tolerance. ♪

These children have already
sung what I wanted to say.

Who wrote this song?

I wrote it.
She composed the tune.

A Muslim teacher wrote it and
a Hindu teacher set it to tune.

When I hear the voices of
these innocent children...

...I feel warmth in my heart!

As the first step
towards flood relief,

I allot 1,000 crore
rupees as funds

Damage from floods will
set right on a war footing!

Nature's trouble to humankind via
rain and flood is only temporary.

I wonder what relief can be given
when one human hurts another!

In human evolution,

nature has a rule.

At every stage, it rectifies weaknesses
to push ahead stronger life forms.

This is nature's wonderful
message, advice and lesson to us!

We must correct our mistakes to ensure
it does not pass on to our progeny.

With religion as their excuse
and going on for several years...

...innocent people are caught
up in foreign conspiracies.

Those two boys at 3'o
clock, Check their bags.


A few youngsters tread
down the wrong path.

First, we must sow love and non-violence
in the hearts of the children.

When these children grow up
into loving youngsters...

...Kashmir will be a
paradise, too!

My ambition is to bring back a
beautiful and peaceful Kashmir.

Jai Hind!

Jai Hind! Jai Hind! Jai Hind!

Those who've lost their limbs
in the land mine have come, sir.

We have to leave, sir.

If you meet them for just a
minute, they'll be ecstatic.

Where are they?

-Over there.
-This isn't on our schedule, sir.

-There is a change in Victor movement.

This isn't on the
schedule, Anjali!

-Don't know the protocol?
-It's a good photo op.

It'll be a catchy
news item tomorrow.

They always have pictures
of him talking on the mic.


Namaste, Sir.
We are doing well, because of you.

-How are you?
-Very well, sir.

-What is your name?
-Abu Salim.

Vanakkam, Guardians!

-What is your name?
-Shahul Ameer. Thank You, sir.

Eagle 1, do you copy?

Who is this?

The SPG network's crypto
algorithm has been hacked!

Now only you and I will speak.

Promised another demo for
you, didn't I?

Like red roses,
so many pretty children!

Your Prime Minister could've
stayed longer and enjoyed this.

There could've been
future doctors,

Engineers, Farmers or even
a future Prime Ministers!

Or hell, maybe even an assassin like me,
who's about to kill the Prime Minister!

Smart guy! You caught on quick.

It was meant for
your Prime Minister,

but he left in a hurry.

But these poor children
are stuck instead.

In just 25 seconds...



-Listen to me, get up

Cover Victor!
Move! Move!


Move! Move!




Cover all sides!


Locate Victor!
Where is he?

Victor location unknown

E3, Come in, E3!

-Oh God!
-Copy that, Initiating search protocol



He's here!


Sir. Nothing, Sir.

-Sir are you ok?



-What you did is right

-No, Sir...
-Only if one life is sacrificed,

-...you'll be alright, Sir
-can a hundred be saved.

It's not a sin.



Stay with us, sir!

Stay with us, sir!


My dear Kathir...

Is what you did right or wrong?

This is just the
beginning of the game.

Prepare to lose once more!


[TV] For taking a stand Pakistan
for the atrocities they committed

they got their revenge on Mr. Varma!

Pakistan is definitely
behind this act of horror!

The careless SPG team
is responsible for this.

So sad, Mahadevan Sir.

next Prime Minister!

Thank You, sir.

Stop it, I say!
Give me a straight answer.

I sensed a threat
on the PM's side.

But I definitely knew there
was a bomb near the children

Your duty is only to
protect the Prime Minister!

Our Blue Book of do's
and don'ts is our Bible!

There is no place for
sentiments in our duty.

Had you tried,
you could've saved the Prime Minister.

But you didn't

Mr. Kathir. Until this enquiry is
complete, you are suspended.

[Reporter] The party has convened to decide
who will succeed Chandrakanth Varma...

Due to a tough contest between
two factions within the party

...there's no unanimity among
its members of Parliament.

Stop everything!

Does this seem like
a working committee?

In this critical situation,
the ruling party must not break up

The party must not
disband, either.

The only solution
is Abhishek Varma!

Doesn't matter who steps up.

-Sikander must never take over
-True that, sir!

[News] A turning point
in Indian politics!

In Indian history, many people with no
political experience have come to power.

In the same vein late Prime Minister
Chandrakanth Varma's son, Abhishek Varma

becomes the next PM.

It has caused much
joy within the party!

This is definitely
from Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Look at the methods used
to activate the bombs


Manu, but the substance used

Anjali's always on the
Prime Minister's side.

Why did she move away at
the time of the blast?

Don't look at everything
from a cop's perspective.

-Hi, Mr.Joseph
-Hi, Mr. Manoj

How are you?

You're Kathiravan, right?

What work does a suspended
officer have here?

How can you come?

-I brought him along.
-This isn't right.

The Prime Minister
has been assassinated

and an enquiry is ongoing.
He cannot come.

-It is top secret.
-Don't get tensed, sir.

He just wants to
know how it happened.

Why must we tell him that?

What authority does he have?

You're under investigation, too.

Come only when you are summoned.

You can leave now.
What are you staring at?


Oh Shit!

Don't get tensed.
It's zipped up.

What arrogance!




♪ Million stars, but one sky! ♪

This isn't on the
schedule, Anjali!

Know the protocol, right?

It's a good photo op!

It'll be a catchy
news item tomorrow!

Vanakkam, Guardians!

The SPG network's crypto
algorithm has been hacked!

Now only you and I will speak.

Promised another demo for
you, didn't I?

Like red roses,
so many pretty children.

Your Prime Minister could've
stayed longer and enjoyed this.

There could've
been future doctors

...Engineers, Farmers

...or even a Prime Minister.

Not only that,
an assassin who's gonna kill the PM

Look up, Joseph, 10'o clock!

Pigeons are flocking
the sheeted roof

Call in the
forensics department.

Hey, You're either be a coward,

or you don't want me
to recognize your voice

I'm on to you.

One day, I'll get you!

That day,
You'd wish you were dead.

Network problem.

If we called someone and
someone else picks up...

...constantly yaps and doesn't
let us get in a word...

...the phone isn't at fault,
but the person at the other end is.

Get rid of the phone. Idiot.

Sir, there's plenty of evidence
pointing at the suspect.

-We may get a big break.
-Very good.

Whoever found this place,
deserves our appreciation.

It was Mr. Kathiravan. Sir...

Why are you here?

Who asked you to do all this?

This is not your job!

We were able to find this
place only with his Intel.

This is our job.
We'll handle it.

He is a disturbance to the
investigation, Mr. Joseph.

Ask him to leave!

What is this bad smell?

-Look down.
-What? Don't play with me again

Be careful!

-Look down from the window
-The window?

Oh my God!

Here, This is the phone
used by the killers.

-Who are they?
-Shut up! I know everything.

You don't need to tell me.

First leave this place.

Get out! What?

I told you not to stand here.

I know where to stand
and where not to.

You needn't tell me that.

Oh no!

Stupid pigeons!

Now we're 100% successful, Sir!

As the chromosome levels of the
zygotes have been altered...

...we could separate the male
insects from the females.

You're right. But...

Why do they look drained?

We've purposely starved them.

Sir, to stop the mining
in the Delta district

the farmers filed a legal
suit in the Supreme Court.

The ones who
promised to sell them

the land are backing out now.

They're preparing
for a huge protest!

We'll use the media to spread
word that this protest...

...is carried out by minorities,
Naxals and foreign conspirators.

Shift focus and
curb the problem!

-Easy - Sir?

If our project began in a dry
land like Ramanathapuram...

...farmers will sell us
their land willingly.

You're right.

But Thorium is found
only in Thanjavur.

So, we can't shift the project
from there to Ramanathapuram.

Quite difficult. But...

...we must turn Thanjavur
into Ramanathapuram.

[News] Thanjavur District.

Hey, Kathir

Wake up, Kathir.

Look at the trouble that
has come to our land

Wake up!

[News] that has destroyed
many corps in the area

Farmers have lost thousands of
acres of land to flood and drought.

The attacks by these strange
insects have caused further damage.

Why, dear boy?

The fields are good, right?

The insects have
not made it here yet

It must finish up the villages
on the way before coming here

Here it comes!

Looks like a giant hopper.

Come! There are much bigger
ones, here.

Damn it!

Turn off the wiper, man!

-I said turn off the wiper
-Watch your step

Hey Durai, what's happening?


Mom, are you ok?

Can't tell where it came from.

You asked, didn't you mom?
Here it is!

Crops are all ruined!


What do we do now?

What the hell, man?
It's even falling upon us!

Don't be scared.
It won't hurt us.

Like you didn't scare the
wits out of your husband.

-I'll skin you, damn it
-and you're scared of insects

What happened here, Muthiah?

Trusting a good harvest,
Kamaraj arranged his daughter's wedding.

After this happened,
he consumed poison

He'll be fine. Take him quickly.

Move faster, sir.

Let's go by the bridge.

Who knows what else will happen?

As if this wasn't bad enough

Oh God!

It's too early to say anything.
Give us some time.

Only after some research, can we
figure out what type of insect this is

Please let us do our work.

Sorry! Sorry!

-What type of hopper is this?
-Please don't disturb me.

You worked with the Prime
Minister, right?

-I've seen you on TV.
-Yes, sir.

I'm Kathir.
I also do farming here.

I am Satyendran. Entomologist.

This kind of hopper is found
only in Madagascar, Africa.

They come in huge swarms
and are called 'locusts'.

This is its first
attack in India.

How do we control this?

You spray neem oil
as organic pesticide,


Look at the state
of your neem trees.

They won't budge for anything.

It'll die in two or three days

and will stop spreading.

Won't it breed and lay
eggs, sir?

It won't spread.

What are you saying?

We've collected plenty of
samples from this town.

It's surprising that,
there was not a single female insect

Sir, What do you mean?

Only the male insects hunt.

Look at the sub-genital pocula

How are they all male insects?

That's the million
dollar question.

We got lucky they
were all male insects

If there were female insects, they'd lay
eggs and it would've been catastrophic!

It would've destroyed everything

and spread all
across Tamil Nadu!

What do you say this was called?

This species comes under
Caelifera gregaria.

-Sorry, celi.



Have you heard about Caelifera?


-Worked hard on them

Have any sense?

-you destroyed everything
-What else do you expect?

What do I do now?

Why did you do this?

What are you going to do now?

Oh God!

You wanted to destroy the
insects but you burnt the fields.

My lands have been
scorched down!

I borrowed a lot of money

Oh God,
wonder what am I going to do?

Don't you know that me and our
children are here with you?

Let go!
I'll die, too!

Oh no!

You dare destitute
me and our children?

What do I do?

It burns!

Give it to me!

Someone come! Can no one help?

Bring some more

Go quickly!

roll him in to the husk

Hold on! Come on move quickly

-Take him to the hospital
-Go Quickly!


You must be at the PM's
office tomorrow morning.

It's urgent!

Come, Kathir.

Abhishek becoming the Prime
Minister seems like a dream!

Don't get me wrong.

Abhi's still a
motive-less innocent.

When a car breaks down uphill,

Abhi's like a random stone that is
placed to prevent the car from falling.

You gave that kind of boy
the post of Prime Minister?


Doesn't matter if the country
doesn't march forward.

It mustn't go back!

Come, Kathir.

Even if you didn't come to congratulate
me I hoped you'd come by to console me.

Sorry, Abhi.

I'm still not out of the shock.

You needn't say anything.

If you really cared
about our people,

you would have come.

You should've at least begged this
man to stop him from making me the PM!

Be quiet, Abhi!

I'm worried after seeing
what's happening around me.

I'm worried about your security.

Be great if you stayed with
Abhi, Kathir.

Prepare Kathir's order!

I've ordered your
suspension to be lifted.

Please be with me.

From now, you're my
Principal Security Adviser.


How are you?

Doesn't matter how we're doing

Our nation is in bad shape.

Fuel prices are sky high.

What will you do about it?


Say that we've asked the state
government to reduce the taxes, sir.

Mining activities have left
farmers in great difficulty.

How will you fix that?

Tell them we'll explain the benefits
of this project to the people.

On one side, the Chinese army are
infiltrating. How do you respond?

How are you qualified to take
this job at such a young age?

What's your response?

It's said Govt. just favors the
corporate, what's you response?

I'm extremely sorry, sir.

-What's this?
-Relax, Abhishek.

Ignore the prompting.

Talk what comes from the heart.

How do I reply if you shoot
questions like a machine?

To be frank,

I don't have answers
to some questions.

And I don't even
understand the others.

This is neither a monarchy where
Humayun and Akbar succeeded Babar

nor is it a traditional medicinal
practice passed down along generations!

Like stopping a car on a
slope with a random stone...

...to save the party and the government,
I've been lodged into the post of PM.

I have no other qualifications
besides being over the age of 25.

If someone dares
you to do something,

you will feel the
fire to succeed!

I had twelve arrears in college

My father challenged I'd
take five years to clear

I ended up clearing it all in
one go at the next semester!

In the same vein, I learnt Bengali
in a week to woo a Bengali girl!

What's her name, sir?

Did you manage to woo her?

Got headlines as well
as breaking news, right?

I'll make it more interesting.

After that, I even learned
Malayalam, Punjabi and Gujarati!

What language are you learning
now, sir?

What's your mother tongue?

Telugu, sir. Why?

I may as well learn that, too.

Teach me.

Alright, jokes apart.

They trusted this
seed to flower.

Don't dig up the seed every
day to see its progress.

I'm the seed of
Chandrakanth Varma.

I will not dry up!

Please give me some time.

Jai Hind!

Welcome, sir.

Heard from the PM's office
that you were coming.

Would you like
some tea or coffee?

No thanks.

Have you analyzed all the
evidence collected in Kashmir?

Has there been any breakthrough?

we didn't get any leads.

But we are analyzing them.

Who's the analyst?

Mr. Ramanajum, he is Mr. Kathiravan.
From the Prime Minister's office.

We'll take it from here, sir.
Thank You.

He asked you to leave.

-Hello, Mr. Ramanujam.

Heard there was not
even a single lead


Am I having it but holding back?

No matches on
fingerprints and DNA.

Patiently look
through them again.

I've been working
all night on this.

My wife has called seven times.

She suspects I'm
having an affair.

The Aadhar card would
point us to them.

Are you kidding?

1.35 billion people
in this country!

We need a large team.
Please understand.

Even a supercomputer will
take days to yield results.

How can you expect me to
make progress with this junk?

May as well tear at my hair.

Those in posting
now, are retirees.

Have you checked agents from

True! Why can't it be a
black sheep in uniform?

Whether they're in uniform
or if they're in the nude,

can we do this tomorrow?

I haven't even bathed yet!

Be serious! We're searching
for a dangerous criminal.

Do it now. We'll wait.

My divorce is confirmed!

More than who he is,
I'm keen to know why he's challenging us

That's another million
dollar question.

-What is that?
-I got it!

I got it!

He's busted! Look at him!

Look how accurately his
fingerprint matched.


Ranjith, Joseph and Me.

The three of us worked
in Intelligence.

Under my leadership, a five member team
headed to Pakistan on a secret mission.

We blended with the people there using
cover identities and surveilled it.

The information each of us gathered
was exchanged amongst ourselves.

That's when we found out about an attack
from Pakistan to be carried out in Delhi.

We sent all the information
about it through Joseph.

-Joseph, come with me

But we didn't know then that our
teammate Ranjith was a double agent.

-What are you doing?

For money, he sold us out
to the ISIS.

With that information, Amiz Khan

-shot four members of my team.
-why do you need a button camera?

They revealed nothing
and died bravely.

-What is your operation?
-Indian dog?

-What have you planned here?
-I was tortured for days

I escaped them and wandered undercover
around Pakistan for several months.

As they got no information about
us, the department

declared us dead
and closed our files.

One day, Amiz Khan found out
where I was and chased me.

I escaped him

and reached India.

We raided Ranjith's house.

In our search, we found evidence in the
form of documents that he sold us out.

With that, we arrested Ranjith.

-Oh no!

Don't be hasty!

On charges of treason,
he was sentenced to prison for six years.

-Please listen to me!
-He went to Tihar Jail.

Unable to bear the shame, his wife
Sheila and their son killed themselves.

After that,
there was no news about him.

When Joseph
investigated him lately,

we came to learn he was
released three months ago

and is lying low,
planning these attacks.

Enough talk about Ranjith

always about bombs,
terrorism and violence!

Let's do something romantic.

Not now. I have work to do.

-Get going.

Let's go, Kathir.

-Where to?
-A long drive

around Taj Mahal.
A walk holding hands.

A candlelit dinner.
Shopping at Janpath.

Can't do all this in one day.

Think you can take two days
off to do all this? Great.

I'll give you a
break of two minutes.

Quickly finish loving me and go.

Is this noodles that can
be done in two minutes?

-I'll whack you!

[Reporter] Why this protest, sir?

They already mined our land for
extracting methane and hydrocarbon

and have destroyed our soil
and prevented us from farming

Corporates companies
have destroyed our lives.

Now, to extract minerals,
a big company is setting up another mine

So, they threaten poor farmers
and acquire their land.

A number of land registrations
are set to be done, today.

Even if we die...

Company officials claim they will buy
only from those who agree to sell.

In a few villages,
a new kind of insect destroyed crops!

On seeing that,
some people changed their minds.

Taking them, the companies
will register their land.

Look! They've arrived!

Let me go!

We're fighting for your
rights, too!

Let live! Let live farming!

Do not destroy farming!

Do not destroy!

Do not destroy farming!

You grab our lands unjustly,
You will be ruined.

You will be ruined!

These are the farmers who have
agreed to sell their land.

Sir, this is Collector speaking

Why haven't you registered yet?

Thousands of farmers
are protesting here!

A riot might break out.
We don't have enough cops.

Difficult to manage.

Are the police given
weapons just for show?

The people are
protesting peacefully.

If we take action,
things might go wrong.

If they happen to
break or burn something

-and if that leads to a riot
-I get it.


Don't hit us

Who sent you to break these?

You're not one of us.

Why hit us like this?

Stop it!

Oh no! Don't hit us!

Let go!

Oh no!

Oh God no!

Why are you arresting us?

You're arresting
the wrong people.

Why did you spare us?

Just shoot us dead right here.


Look! They're attacking the police

and setting fire
to the police van.

There is Maoist infiltration
in the Thanjavur district.

They go about in guise of paddy farmers,
coconut farmers and organic farmers.

They are the ones who
instigate conflicts over there.

Don't pay attention to this.
I'll handle it.

I'll send the military
over and sweep them away.

No one would then dream about
joining the protest anymore.

In just this month, there've been
six riots and sixteen dead cops.

You'd use the military
against our own people?

A very Hitler-esque idea.

How many people have
died in police attacks?

That is...

-That is what?
-What do you mean?

I'll take a look, Sir.

Tell me, Kathir.

312 people have died.

Oh, damn! That many people?

Why is this happening?

Can we speak openly, sir.


The guises of paddy, coconut and
organic farmers are not guises at all.

That's their actual livelihood.

When there is a threat to their soil
they are forced to become fighters.

he wears the guise
of a revolutionary.

If to protest is wrong,

creating such a situation is
wrong, too!

If so, is it fair to
destroy government property?

Are you saying it's fair for
the public to attack cops?

These aren't the public,
but thugs set up to seem like the public.

Look at the footage
from all channels.

The police crack
open citizens' heads.

They coldly shoot them
like they were pigs.

Can't see that in
any of the footage.

This footage was made
to find favor with you.

Our cops,
provide water to quench thirst.

If necessary,
can also start a fire.

You're a government officer,

but speak like a Naxal yourself!


I asked him to speak up.

Was giving mining licenses to
agricultural land caused this problem?

That's the only issue.

They take license in the guise
of research or to mine sand

but have been extracting Thorium
and Uranium and exporting them

If you give out licenses to mine a
land that has been under cultivation...

where'll the farmers turn?

Upon losing a livelihood

with no guarantee for survival

I'm sorry, Sir

...even you and I would take
to the streets and protest.

Why not shut down those mines that
have false claims of being legal?

Eight of those mines belong to
Mahaan Group of Companies...

-...and run by Mahadevan.
-It's not so easy.

They have legal clearance from excise,
export and environmental pollution control.

They'll take us to court.

Let them!

We'll go to the same court

Let's see what happens.

Santhosh Sir, you do one thing.

Give me a detailed report about
Mahadev Group of Companies.

-Sure, Sir.

-Hey Kuldeep!

I'm hungry! Where's the pizza?

Just ten minutes, sir.

The SPG group is inspecting it.

It would've dried up and gone cold.

-Mr. Mahadevan has arrived.

Did you give him a
direct appointment?

Ask him to come in.

Sorry uncle.

Forgot you were coming, uncle.

No worries.

How's the Prime Minister's seat?

Very hot.

Come, Let's have a drink.


I only drink when I'm extremely
angry or extremely happy.

I'm neither right now.

Come on, Uncle.
Then why this midnight meeting?


Heard you had a discussion about
shutting down mines in Thanjavur.

This is unbelievable.

What was discussed in a cabinet meeting
this evening, has already reached you

your shadow's looming large here

I'll find out who your spy is

Then your entire Cabinet
would be cleaned out

That many spies, huh?

Isn't farming more vital than mining
in Thanjavur's delta district?

Definitely not!

Whatever is more
profitable, is vital.

This is an unscheduled meeting.

How could it go down
without the SPG's knowledge?

Those mines are more
valuable than diamond mines.

You don't understand the value.

You're right, Uncle.

There's one man who knows
the value of farming.

He's a farmer from
Thanjavur, too.

I'll get him.

You can talk to him yourself.

A farmer from Thanjavur?

Why is he a watchman here?

He's my Principal
Security Adviser.


Oh, a farmer from
Thanjavur, Good!

Whatever an acre of land can
pay you in fifty years...

...I promised to make a one-time
payment of more than that

One who rejects that offer and protests
in the street is a fool, right?

He may or may not be a fool,

but whoever's willing
to pay a huge sum...

...to buy the land is
definitely not a fool.

That's the point.

The paddy cultivated in the delta district
will fetch a measly 1,600 rupees a quintal.

But the international price of thorium
from the same soil is way higher!

If processed right, India can become

the largest atomic
power in the world.

That will be your
lifetime achievement.


But every party and organization
is against this. Why?

We must give them plenty of
problems and destroy them.

Place a scorpion in the
path of those chasing rats

they will forgot the rat
and chase the scorpion.

Now, you throw a
snake in their path.

As one chases the snake,
we can smuggle an elephant under his nose.

Awesome, uncle!

You may as well sign
on to be my adviser.

Fine speech indeed.

But you're asking me to
destroy farming to do this.

For the nation to progress,

it must have a
strong foundation.

When digging up a foundation,

worms and insects
do get displaced.

You think farmers to
be worms and insects?

Land is wealth to you,
but is sacred to us.

That's why one who
works in the field

works barefoot.

Corporate guys like you run away
abroad when you can't repay loans.

But no farmer runs away
unable to repay loans.

He has dignity.

He'd rather die!

They are dying!

In the last ten years,
two lakh farmers have committed suicide.

Why work so hard at farming?

All they need is some damn
grains, right?

I'll import plenty of grains from
Karnataka, Orissa, Vietnam and Thailand!

We must make India a
superpower, Abhi!

I'll make you a super PM.

Farmers it seems

To make India a superpower,
you'll turn Tamil Nadu a desert?

Come on, Abhi.

Even Dubai is a desert

but isn't it
raining money there?

One of the richest
places on Earth.

No government will entertain such
a nasty thought that'll destroy

...Tamil Nadu's
heritage and culture.


Let me tell you a story

I had a copper
factory in Ethiopia.

Five years ago,
there was a change in the Government...

...and they shut down my factory,
claiming environmental issues.

I spent just only twenty
million dollars on it.

Just spent $20 million!

A militant group there came into
power in just three weeks...

...and hanged the
previous President.

Now, I have fourteen copper
factories in that country.

I seem to get what
he's trying to say,

yet don't get it at all.

If you shut down his mines,

he'll topple your

Oh, uncle!

I'm asking you to
not push me that far.

You're right.

If I personally close your
mines, it's a prestige issue.

Let's do this.

Let's have a grand function
in Thanjavur next month.

You personally announce the closure of
the mines, for the good of the people.

I'll garland and felicitate you.

It'll be great.

You can even contest in the
election and join the Parliament.

Why must I become a
member of Parliament?

The 60 MPs in your
party will listen to me.

Why won't you alone not do so?

So if I don't listen,
you'll topple my government?

It's good for you if you listen.

Mr. PA.

All illegal mines
have to be banned,

our legal options
must be discussed.

Have the Attorney
General come in tomorrow.


You don't know whom to
befriend or antagonize.

You'll learn.

You're extremely angry
now, uncle.

Like you said, you need a shot.

-Gulp it down!
-Stop it.

You're Chandrakanth Varma's son.

That's merely who you are.

Chandrakanth is no more.

You must realize that, Abhi.

Even you must realize that this is India.
Not Ethiopia.



You're messing
with the wrong man.

This is wrong, Abhi.

Don't violate protocol

and give personalized
appointments over the phone again.

-It's okay, Kathir, let's have a drink.
-No, Abhi.

The Prime Minister's
almost here.

Done with bug checking.

Only the table's left.

Hey Kathir!


Is there a ritual at the
Mariamman temple nearby?

You'll get whacked!

-What? -Thought you'd call
and wish me in the morning

but you failed me.

At least now, try to remember.

Is a prospective
groom coming to visit?


Happy Birthday to you, Anjali!

-Happy Birthday!
-Thank you.

Did you forget, Kathir?

Be sincere in love,
like you are with duty, bro.

He can't even remember my birthday!
What kind of love is this?

This won't do!
Grab him by his shirt

Punch him twice!

-You deserve this, Kathir!
-Thanks, sir.

I even said there is
a party at the resort.

How could you forget?

I knew there was a party.

-Didn't know when.
-A party? What time?

You didn't invite me?

-What time?
-At 8 PM.

I'll join you when you
go, Kathir.

Sir, no way!

If you're coming, I have plenty
of security measures to be taken

I must scrutinize every guest
who passes by each entrance.

Kitchen and food
must be checked.

Many formalities and protocols.

You can't just do
this on a whim.

If I had a heart
attack on a whim,

will you grab me and
run, or follow protocol?

That'd be an emergency.

This is a birthday party.

What crap protocol!

Damn with the protocols.

Hey, buddy!

Let honey flow with kisses and whiskey

I'm Santiago!

Never ever let me go

Come with me, loved one. You are my sweet heart.

The moment you see me, is ecstasy

Dance with me, O dancing queen

You're one with my breath

My desire! There's the wine in your eyes.

Come, my treasure

have I come to steal you?

O Golden Savannah

Are you the sandalwood bed?

You eyes are deep as the Atlantic

and long as the Arabian sea, O birdie

A shake of your hips will suffice

to get my heart spinning

All my directions change, my Queen

Your roaming eyes linger in my heart

The moon stands no chance to those eyes

You're the eighth wonder of the world!

It's strange that my wisdom is being destroyed!

Innumerable, are they men you kill!

Your beauty is a battlefield!

There's no pleasure when you just look

Take my in your hands

Don't spin poems with your lies

Give me pleasure and pain

My feminity will never be satisfied with your empty words

Strangle my beauty until the heat is gone

My life won't be sweet until you break me

Without your violence, my night is incomplete

Our eyes meeting won't suffice

My lust won't be quelled until our hands twine together

If you want sugar, sugarcane must be crushed

It's unacceptable if you walk away

My lusty aura won't let you go, Drown in it

I forbid you! My twin flowers won't be spoilt

It won't let you go away

Come touch me with your many hands

What are you doing?

Why did you do this?

why did you bring Abhi?

What am I supposed to do?
He won't listen

He asked if I'd rather take
him or he snuck out himself

-Such a goof up
-I had no choice.

Come Anjali,
I want to show you something.

I have a surprise for you.


That beauty is for you!


Come, come.

Watch it, Vivek.

100 kilometers in five seconds.

Four wheel drive!
And it is powerful!

-But I really can't...
-No! It has a lot more, Get in!

Let's not alert the
traffic control.

Joseph will be in car one.

We will be taking Rajaji Marg

Kitten will be in Car 3,
no stopping anywhere.

-Prem, I want you to be in the last car
-I have an idea

I will be in contact with Joseph

-Alert! Guys he's moving
-Come on!

-Follow him!
-Move out now. Fast!

Come on! Get in!

The lamb has come out alone.

What should I do?

No! Abhi careful, slowdown.

Pick up! Pick up!

Take left! Go!

Please, That's enough!

The SPG will have a
meltdown, Don't do it.

I'm fed up with them.

Always telling me what
and what not to do.

Let them suffer for a while.

Tonight is my night!

Send some large vehicle

It's a prostitution case.

Don't tear the house apart.

Let's talk it out.

Screw you! I'll make sure to
press charges on you, this time.

Like hell you will.

The car itself is
probably drunk!

Hey, Stop! Stop! Stop!

Get down!

Please don't get down, Abhi.

Security! Rather than standing guard
in my house, why are you standing here?

Had I not braked in time,
you'd have been a goner.

He's drunk, sir!

Who is this new security guard?

You needn't blow.

-I am a cop.
-Sorry, cop!

-I love you, Police
-don't hug me

What the hell did you drink?

Sex on the Beach.

That too, huh?

Delhi has no beach.

That's the name of the cocktail!

Don't talk about
cock and tail to me.

I've never seen
you at our union.

You charge by the
hour or per night?

Damn it, get lost!

-Move aside
-Police, please

Do you know who he is?

I was wondering why this
line hadn't come up yet.

Is he this area councilor?


Is this the sex on the
beach you mentioned?

She's Kathir's girlfriend, sir.


You're flirting it out with
another man's girlfriend?

-You go!
-Come, dear. Don't get worked up

If you pay up 200 bucks,
he'll let you off!

A bribe?

Yes, man!

You're asking for a bribe?

When did I ask you for a bribe?

You won't tell me who you are

-My plans are ruined
-Are you alright, sir?

Please let's go.

Hold on!

He was driving drunk,
I'm interrogating him

You can't just waltz
in and take him away

-Hold on, officer. I'll explain.
-Sir, wait!

I'm an Inspector.
You dare put your hands on me?

Do you know what he did?

Answer me, come on.

They're just bluffing.
Don't believe them. Come.

-Sir, please come
-I'm extremely sorry, sir.

-He's accepted it.
-It is not alright.

What I did was wrong.
I drank and drove.

Filing a case is the
right thing to do

I spoke without
knowing who you are.

-Please don't transfer me to jungle
-you do your duty

-Move aside!
-Prepare a charge sheet

Please come with me, sir.

-What is this, Kathir?
-Please walk with me.

I tried to have
one night of fun...

-Just be there!
-All is lost!

Down Abhi, down

This way!


Secure Kitten.

I need a gun!

Cover me from that side

Move, Abhi! Stay close!

Sir, stay low. Stay low!




Head inside

-Anjali, Anjali
-Don't come out here, get inside

Get inside, stay here.

Anjali's on the ground

Oh, no! They shot her down.

Lift her properly! Careful!


Shut the door.

Come. Damn it.

Cover me, Vivek I need
more, come on.

Abhi duck down. Down!

Take cover, Abhi! Move!

Abhi duck, stay low!

Vivek, Mag!

Hey, Kathir!

Damn it!


Abhi's alone, you go with him.

Get to the street behind

Bring him over, Vivek.

secure another way for him.

Yes, sir!


Cover him!

Hey, Ranjith!

-Are you okay, Abhi?
-He's alright.

We need a vehicle.

-Any covered one will do
-I'll find one, Sir.

Give me your vehicle, sir.
It's an emergency.

Who are you?
Stop the vehicle!

-Come fast, Kathir.
-Don't stop, keep moving.

-Don't stop the vehicle
-Move faster

-Get on it
-Keep moving, don't stop.


Come on, Joseph!
Give me your hand!

Give me your hand!

Get in!

Joseph! No!

Come on...


Head to the hospital, Vivek.

Listen to me, You'll be fine.

Don't close your eyes!

We'll reach there quickly.
Go fast!

Priya'll be there.
I'll get her to the hospital!

Speed up the vehicle!
You'll be fine.

You relax, calm down.

Don't close your eyes.

Just a little longer.

You must be brave now.

Please don't give up, Joseph.
Please don't.


What happened, Kathir?

He's dead! He's dead for good.

How many times did I warn you?

Did you ever listen?

When enemies fire,

even cops and military
first take cover.

Only then, do they shoot!

But when we hear gunshots, we step up
right away and take a bullet to our hearts.

That's our duty!

The unwritten law of SPG!

He's dead due to your
irresponsible behavior.

-No, Kathir.
-Don't talk!

You move around freely because
of sincere officers like Joseph.

People get paid for their work.

But we get paid to die!

One can die

but it must not be
meaningless like this.

My only friend.

I'm sorry, Kathir.

Hello, Anjali.


How is she doing, doctor.

Good, overall, she's fine.

We've implanted
a titanium plate.

She can go back
to work tomorrow.

Nothing to worry.
She'll recover soon.

Thank you, Doctor.

-Don't worry.
-Priya's come to the mortuary.

-I'll be back.
-you can discharge her in the evening

Madam, sign please.


Why did you do this, man?

Damn traitor!

What more?

You man got caught

He's tied up. Hurry.
He might spill the beans!

Joseph figured out
that I worked for Ranjith.

If Joseph told you
that, I'd be finished!

I had no choice.

If the post-mortem report
notices the bullet,

it'll lead back to me.

Who told you to do this?

Please, No!

You know...

I'll shove you in a box along with
these corpses and go about my day

-No, Kathir!
-Tell me, where's Ranjith?

Will you tell me or not?

Don't do anything to me!

I'll tell you!

Attorney General, Sir.

Mahadev can gladly take
this to the Supreme Court.

We need to ban all his mines.

You know the power of police
blows, right?

They strike hard!

It leaves no external mark.

But every spare part
within is left in shambles.


Look at this, Mr. Varma

This insect is called Caelifera.

An insect species that causes
mayhem in African nations.

When they come in swarms,
they are called locusts.

Very dangerous!

When we were studying these
insects in our agricultural lab

we discovered they'd be a more
effective weapon than a missile.

Are you suggesting a bio-war?

You can call it
entomological warfare.

We'll starve these insects

and sneak them onto the
freight trains to Pakistan

If released during
the harvest cycle,

in just a week

they'll destroy the
entire crops of wheat.

If we repeat this for
three harvest cycles,

their entire agriculture
will be wiped out.

It'll lead to food
shortage and unemployment.

Their economy will plummet

and they'll have to
take alms from us.

Do insects know border lines?

What if they return
and attack our crops?

We'll segregate male
and female insects

and send out only the males.

The lifespan of this
insect is only one week.

If we send out both
male and female insects,

they'll breed and multiply

to become an indestructible force
like mosquitoes and cockroaches.

But we needn't do that, now.

What do you have, Mr. Mahadev?

No, I'm good.

I don't mean, now.
What do you have every day?

Rice. Like everyone else.

Or it's scraps that pigs eat?

To distract people's attention from
the corruption and ills of the nation

Pakistan always wields a
weapon: threat from India.

It's the same case
with our country too

This is a nasty political game played even
in our country, to stir up hatred in people!

What did the people of
Pakistan do to deserve this?

You propose a plan to
destroy their living

You're like a vulture
that preys on corpses.

Merchant of Death!

If Pakistan paid you,
you wouldn't hesitate...

...to release these
insects in India!

illegal supply of chemical
weapons to other countries by you

the CBI has been covertly
probing your companies

Your Mahan Group of companies
are involved in license violation

tax evasion and
other economic crimes

do you think I'm
unaware of everything?

You're being watched 24/7!

You know the government's getting
ready to take action against you.

Isn't that why you tried assassinating
me at DD Function and London Conference

But your days are
numbered, Mahadev.

-You may leave.
-You'll realize who I am, Mr. Varma.

Must I tell you separately?

Some Defense Minister you are!

Brokering deals, are you?

Get out!

Hi, Kathir!

No one's around to
even offer coffee

Had my wife been around,
she would've done that

She hanged herself
because of you

You think you are avenging,
but you're making a mistake.

Hey Kathir,
You dragged me away naked

Must I not make you endure at
least a part of that humiliation?

That's why I hide and
watch as you race around.

But you've so diligently kept
a record of all your crimes.

Which hole will you hide under?

Alexa! What is a remote wipe?

Remote Wipe: It's
a security feature

that allows a network
administrator or a device owner

to send a command to a
computer device to delete data.

What remote wipe accomplishes

can depend on the device

it's specific operating
system version

or any 3rd party mobile
device management

Think you can make away
with these hard disks?

Alexa, what does IED mean?

It is an improvised
explosive device.

A bomb constructed and deployed in ways
other than in conventional military action.

Homes and offices,
they've bugged eight places in all.

Get ready to arrest
Mahadev right away.

Hold on, Sir

The room, Ranjith's computer and
the drives that Kathir copied

have all been destroyed in fire.

How can we arrest him
without any evidence?

Give me the gun.
I'll shoot him, without leaving evidence.


Laying hands on him,
will derail the Indian economy.

The share market, GDP,
employment, foreign exchange...

Hell, even our currency
value will nosedive

Then why the hell do
I need this office?

It's him who's
ruling this nation.

I am mere puppet on a string?

We promptly arrest protestors,
bystanders, tramps at train stations...

...schmucks in tea stalls
and helmet less bike riders.

You want us to stand by and watch
actual criminals and traitors get away?

If the economy will take a dive
if we arrest Mahadev, so be it!

We have the strength
to bounce back.

You don't need cause
to arrest Mahadev.

You only need guts.

Mahaan Corporation,
a major contributor to the Indian economy

Several raids have been
ordered by the government.

From these investigations,
the Mahaan family

has indulged in several
unlawful activities.

plenty of evidence
has been gathered

-Please stop the work
-we are informed.

-Anthony! Collect all the mobile phones.
-Through forged documents,

agricultural and forest lands have
been converted into industrial lands.

These raids have dealt a
major blow to the Mahaan Group

that's already facing
plenty of allegations.

their stock which has been dominating
the market, dropped sharply

Mahadev's auditor are
co-operating with us.

Like a hole in a sinking ship.

-But economically...
-Mr. Mahadev is on the line.


Abhishek Chandrakanth Varma.

You shouldn't have
killed my father.

You made a big mistake.

I understand your anger.

But I'm innocent.

Someone is misguiding you.

If you're really innocent,

-why make this phone call?
-Let's finish it, Abhi.

I have eight mines in
Thanjavur, with legal permits.

I can dig in.

Yet, I concede.

Like you wished,
you can announce that they'd be shut down.

Prepare for the event.
Your image will skyrocket!

In return...

Stop these raids.

Tell me what to do.

I'll call back.

Why make this compromise?

The arrow moves back
before darting forward

-I don't get it.

This time, I'm going to unleash
both male and female insects.

Before they know it,
it'll multiply by the millions

It won't spare a single farmer
in the Thanjavur district.

Total damage!

-What? Have you reached?

I'll be there in an hour.

If there's a problem on the
way, let them out immediately.

Alright, sir.

Good to go.

Someone's atop the tanker.
Shoot him!

Yes, Sir. Go check the roof!

Time left?

Just one minute left
to hit the tunnel

The length of the train and
the tunnel are the same.

Do it here!

The train's entered the tunnel.

Only twenty seconds until the
entire train passes through.

Invite everyone as
mentioned in the agenda.

Relay CAM 6. Zoom on him.

-Is everything alright, Karna?
-Yes, Vivek.

Don't just check the bearded
men coming to the event

Be it clean-shaven men or bald
men, no exceptions. Check everyone!

-Ok, Vivek.

Be careful. B-3 coming!

His face looks
smudged, zoom in on him

You keep tracking him.


What about the raid that
went down in your company?

Later, later,
will discuss after the event

Vanakkam, Sir.

Sir, Sir, Sir...

Look at this! After bowing so much,
they seem to be permanently hunched.

Your visit makes
Tamil Nadu proud.

How are you,
Abhishek Chandrakanth Varma?

By your grace, I'm well.

Please sit.

-Vanakkam, Sir.

I invite the Honorable
Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

to give the welcome address.

What an actor, man!

You craftily knocked
off my father...

...then put on a great
performance at his wake.

You deserve an Oscar!

Have you forgotten, Abhi

you claimed your dad didn't
want you in politics?

Weren't you the one who
asked me to get rid of him?

Mr. Varma was a God to me.

So I refused.

You had someone else do the job,

became the Prime Minister,
and now falsely accuse me of the crime.

Even if they arrest you,
that's the story you'll stick with.

Criminal mastermind, you are.

There can be no two thoughts about it.
Thank You, everyone.


We invite industrialist
Mahadev onto the stage.

Greetings, everyone.

There were raids conducted on my
company's factories and offices in India.

Through these raids, The Prime
Minister has given us a certificate

Unknown to me, there were bad folks in
my company. He has pointed them out.

I must thank him for that.

Come in, Karna!
Why's the jammer turned off?

What's going on?

-Karna, do you copy?
-Sorry, Sir

Sorry, sir.
It got turned off by mistake.

Turning it back on.

SPG frequency.


Mr. Vivek's in the control room.

Can't communicate with him.
Continuously no reply

Control room!?

Control room! Vivek

Vivek! Kathir, here! Come in.

Come in, Vivek.

Stay alert.

What did you do to Vivek?

Tell me!

What is your plan?

What is your plan?!

Where is Vivek?

Tell me where he is!

I'll tell you

My men took him away.

I told them to kill him.

What's their phone number?

Call them!

My phone!

There's no signal.

-What's the number?
-The jammers are on.

Tell me the number.


Hey, hey...no, no.
Stop! Stop!

Don't call!

-Why not?
-Don't call

Tell me why!

He'll die!
Your Prime Minister will die

Where's the bomb on the stage?

I called when Anjali was
talking to the Prime Minister.

You didn't panic then...

But when Mahadev sat near
PM, you stopped me

Tell me the truth.

Tell me

Where's the bomb?

Tell me, where's the bomb?

Bomb is with Anjali.

If you call this
number, it'll explode.

I invite our Honorable Prime Minister,
Abhishek Varma to deliver the keynote speech.

Come in, B-3.
B-1 to B-3.

Check what's inside
Anjali's bag.

Bring her to the
control room right away.

Why are you checking my bag?

The Prime Minister's giving a
speech in there, I have to be there.

Can you hear me?
You keep taking stuff from my bag

Kiran, where are you?

From today,
I declare the Cauvery delta region...

...to be a protected
agricultural land.

Here on,
there will be only farming there.

No digging up for anything else.

To do good without any fear...

What's happening, Kathir?

They claim to have orders
from you to arrest me.

Sorry, ma'am.
Your act is of no use.

Under gunpoint,
I had no other choice.

I told them everything.

Who are you?
What are you blabbing?

We've checked her bag entirely!

Besides papers,
there's nothing else there.

No explosives.

Anjali has the bomb in her hand!

No farmer should commit
suicide moving forward...

That's the reason it is damaged.

A titanium plate
has also been fixed.

more than gaining
numbers on sensex

a Farmer is no less
than a Rocket Scientist

it's imperative
to save the border

Would people join suicide squads,
only for the sake of religion or community?

They can do so for revenge, too.

Don't you get it?

Varma mindlessly
let her father die

To avenge that,
she has become a human bomb

Bullshit, Kathir.
Please don't believe him.


In Kashmir,
Anjali was with Varma all along.

She moved away from him shortly
before the bomb killed him.

Didn't you notice that, Kathir?

Revenge is a stronger
emotion than anything else.


Shall I call the police, sir?


I don't believe in letting the
court pass sentence on you both.

So, you both can die right
here, right now.

Hey! Hey!

What was that number again?




No, Kathir!

-Don't Kathir, it'll explode.

Don't move!
Stay right next to her.

Stay back!

No, Stop it!

No, Don't make the call!

-Don't do it, Kathir!

I lied!
She is innocent.

Anjali had nothing
to do with this.

Switch off the phone.
Switch it off

I bought out the doctor who
performed surgery on her...

...and implanted a bomb in her
hand without her knowledge.

Switch off the phone!
Listen to me, Kathir!

Damn you...

Think you're the only one
who can play this game?

Sorry, Anjali.

She meets the Prime Minister
several times a day.

Had she wanted to,
she could've killed him any time.

Would she plant a bomb on herself
and give the controls to you?

Won't you even speak
an iota of truth?

That bomb has already
been deactivated.

We can do a surgery and
remove the implanted bomb.

Take her to the
hospital right away.

-Yes, sir.
-You'll be alright.

Come with me, ma'am.

Are you alright, Vivek?

-Are you alright, Vivek?

The first step towards
saving the delta region...

...is to immediately shut down
all mines of the Mahaan Group.

Agriculture and science will be
the two eyes of my government.

Thank you!

Jai Hind!

Said I won't speak an
iota of truth, huh?

Shall I do it now?

The plan A failed

there's Plan B, It won't miss.

Before your Prime Minister reaches his
car, he'll be dead!

Hey, Tell me!

What is Plan B?

You showed me the fear of
death, Kathir.

But now that fear is gone.

Every second you stay here,

the PM's life slips away!

Come on! Shoot me!

Save the PM if you can.

Kathir, you leave

-Go to the PM, I'll take care of him
-Save him if you can

Don't allow him.


A train blast?

How did it happen?

Bloody idiots!

Hurry up! You?

What the hell are
you doing here?

What happened to the train?

You didn't do crap!

What the hell are
you guys doing?

Is this why I paid
you a fortune?

As you wished, the PM will die
in agony right before your eyes.

Come on!
Hurry up!

Hey, Kathir!
Figured where the second bomb is?

Why go around in circles?

You are the bomb!

Stop your bloody stupid games.

What happened, Kathir?

Hey...stop it!

If you remove the jacket or even
move a step, I'll hit the switch!

You're going to die, Kathir!

You must die knowing you failed!



Pilot, move!
Get inside!

Move now!

What's happening, Kathir?

-What's the dog doing?
-We need to check your jacket.



It's like your father said.

Only if one life is sacrificed,
can a hundred be saved

It's not wrong.

Just so happened to be two
lives, this time.

Expected you to take me to the
Caribbean islands for the honeymoon.

Instead, you brought me
to this sugarcane field.

Doesn't matter where we are.

What matters is
with whom we are.

But, you're not with me.
Your mind is someplace else.

Yes, I was wondering if
the field has been watered

Don't know if the
cattle feed has arrived.

Why? Does it have a
new passport and a gun?

A new assignment?

When there's such a
beauty next to you,

you talk about cattle feed?

A beauty? Where?

All I see is a beast!

I'll kill you!

♪ O bird,
with a high pitched voice ♪

♪ Speak from a low
pitched voice ♪

♪ O fair maiden ♪

♪ I fight the
temptation to touch ♪

♪ In your mustache,
you create a haven for me ♪

♪ You showered me with
kisses, love ♪

♪ Roamed with me,
did the moon I saw last month ♪

♪ O bird,
with a high pitched voice ♪

♪ Speak from a low
pitched voice ♪

♪ O fair maiden ♪

♪ I fight the
temptation to touch ♪

♪ It's magical,
when your slim hips shake ♪

♪ Bite by bite,
shall I feast upon it? ♪

♪ It's magical,
when your slim hips shake ♪

♪ Bite by bite,
shall I feast upon it? ♪

♪ I am a golden bowl
housing a sweet dish ♪

♪ You are like the
bugs that swarm me ♪

♪ I am a soaring kite,
stuck in your dark wavy hair ♪

♪ You were a lone man and
I hitched on to you. ♪

♪ When you're gone, I feel lost! ♪

♪ O bird,
with a high pitched voice ♪

♪ Speak from a low
pitched voice ♪

♪ O fair maiden ♪

♪ I fight the
temptation to touch ♪

♪ Roamed with me,
did the moon I saw last month ♪

♪ In your mustache,
you create a haven for me ♪

♪ You showered me with
kisses, love ♪