Kaapa (2022) - full transcript

The film explores the dark underbelly of Thiruvananthapuram where rival goondas clash in cold-blooded gang wars to gain dominion over the city's suburbs and slums.










I'm on my way there.


Physically, she is perfectly okay.

The rest depends on what
both of you decide.

A person's mental health is as important...

as their physical health in this process.

I had a discussion with Dr. Shubha
about this in detail yesterday.

She told me about the mental trauma
Binu went through in the past.

If you can assure me that...

such a condition won't relapse
in the coming nine months,

I would suggest you to
go ahead with this decision.

Then, you decide.


Binu, you need not worry about this.

Whatever you're okay with
will be the final decision.

No matter what you decide,
I will root for you.

Thanks, dear.

You don't have to be formal with me.


I'm here from the Special Branch.

I mean, the police.

I came here a few hours ago
and rang the bell.

I guess you weren't home.

No, sir. We just got home.

Yeah, no wonder!

Come, have a seat!

This is no big deal.

Kazhakoottam is an IT city, right?

So, I'm here to check

if any law and order
issues happening around here.

I need to check this with every flat.

That's all.

It's just a routine drill.

Well, how long have you been here?

It's been less than a month, sir.

- Any troubles here?
- Nothing, sir.

I've ticked every column as "No issues".

I'll get going once I get your names,
your address and your signatures.

- Your name?
- Anand.

Anand, okay.

- Your full name?
- Anand Anirudhan.


- Your flat number is 14 A, right?
- Yes.

Okay, 14 A.

- Is she your wife?
- Yeah.

Oh-no! That's a forbidden question, right?
After all, it's an IT City!

I can assess people in a single sight.

All thanks to our training!

What's your name, dear?

- Binu.
- Okay, Binu.

That's quite a boyish name!

- Girls can use it too.
- Yeah, sure.

What's your full name?

Binu Thrivikraman.

- Pardon?
- Thrivikraman.

Oh okay.


He's my father.

Are you from Manacaud?

He's in the Middle East now.


And what about Biju Thrivikraman?

He was my elder brother.

I used to be a part of the local police.

Mr. Latheef, from Capital Crime newspaper,
was your neighbor, right?

What do you do, dear?


Sir, we were in Bangalore together.

Now that I've got a transfer...

- she has to look for a job here.
- Oh, okay.

What class were you in
when the incident took place?

I was in the 12th grade.

Damn! I'm getting kind of late.

How old is Binu Thrivikraman?

She is 24.

What about you?

- I am 28.
- Right, 28!

Please sign here.

Dear, sign here, please.

Right there.

Hey, can I talk to you real quick?

- Where are you from?
- I live near Aluva.

Meet me at Kazhakoottam station
today evening, okay?

What's the matter, sir?

I'll tell you once you get there.

For now,
your wife shouldn't know about this.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

What were you guys talking about?

He was inquiring about
the current flat rental rates.

Stop there, you!

Hey, you! Stop there!

Hey, stop!

Slash him!

Come on! Slash him!








- Alright, then.
- Okay.

Hey, come here.


- Do you want some paan?
- No.

Is your wife home?


I hope you're not in a hurry.

No, sir.

So, where did you guys meet for
the first time?

We worked at the same company
in Bangalore.

What's the matter, sir?


I was just asking
if you know anything about her.

What do you mean?

Her history!

I mean, her past!


do you know why police verification

is mandatory when issuing a passport?

It is so they can pull out the past.

In the same way, it's better to pull out
the past before marrying someone.

Do you understand?

- Yes.
- Okay.

What did she tell you
about her brother's death?

She said that he died in an accident.

I didn't ask her much about it.

An accident? My foot!

He was butchered into bits, man!

- What?!
- You didn't get me?

I mean, he was slashed and killed.

Come on.


Thiruvananthapuram has turned into quite
a peaceful place now.

Back then, Thiruvananthapuram used
to be a tristful city once it got dark.

Gang wars, murders, violence.

We barely got a chance
to get out of the morgue!

Your brother-in-law
used to be such a wretch then!

But he didn't trouble the cops much.

I give credit to the gang against him.
They finished him off on time.

What can one do
if a family member goes astray?

Let bygones be bygones.

I didn't call you here to discuss that.

You're here so we can discuss
the ones who're alive.

I've understood that
you're clueless about this.

I just thought of helping you out,
as you seemed innocent.

Or I'm sure you'd end up getting screwed.

What's wrong, sir?

Get to the point.

I am not sure if you can bear
what I'm gonna say.

- Dear...
- Yes?

There's a law called KAAPA in Kerala.

It is also called the "Goonda Act".

That law has not been in force
for quite a long time now.

It has been disregarded and no one
has been arrested under the act lately.

When we began to see
a rise in crime rates...

our Chief Minister asked to bring it
to force and arrest all the hooligans.

We investigated and looked
for people all over Kerala

and arrested around about 2550 gangsters.

Of those people, 237 of them belong to

the Thiruvananthapuram district.

- Did you know that?
- Oh...

Some of them are absconding.

Have you heard of fugitives? That's it!

I encountered one
of those fugitives yesterday.

Quite by chance!

That person's name is...

Binu Thrivikraman!

Don't fool around, sir.

Binu?! In the Goonda list?

That's funny!

Hard to swallow, right?

Here, have a look at this.

This is the notorious KAAPA list!

It's the latest one for
the Thiruvananthapuram district.

Have a look.

Go to page number seven,

serial number 112.

Do you believe me now?

The names of those absconding
are highlighted here.

I need not inform you about this.

But, if it were the department
who informed you,

you'd be waiting in front
of the Attakulangara women's prison!

You wouldn't be able to get in,
and she wouldn't be able to get out!

But, sir...

isn't it written as
"Son of" against Binu's name?

She's not a male. She's a female.

It's not big deal for the police
to change genders.

I'd just strike off the "S'"
and replace it with a "D".

But, sir, Binu...

she's a naive soul.

She's even scared of cockroaches!

Did you know that
Hitler was afraid of cats?

Sir, what are you intending?

Dear, you should head back home for now.

You can come back tomorrow.

I'll help you to get
a clearer picture then.

And make sure that...

you don't utter a word about this
to your wife, okay?

- Yes.
- Get going.


I've decided to go ahead
with the pregnancy.


How come you had
a sudden change of thought?

We too need to expand our family, right?

And I feel it's the right time to do it.

You're gonna stay with me, right?

Of course!

Check if you received it.

Yeah, I got fifty credited to my account.

Don't think that I paid you because
I realized the intensity of the issue.

Whether it is as serious
as you said, or not,

I want to get this sorted out
before my wife knows about it.

And, I need you to help me with it, sir.

I understand, dear.

Now, let me tell you something.

Thiruvananthapuram is a place that's
peculiar in a way.

If by any chance
a gang leader gets killed,

one of his family members
will have to take up the leadership.

It could be his brother, his uncle,
or anyone of that sort.

They will have to avenge
their gang leader's murder.

But in this case,
it's a sister and not a brother.

And her name is Binu.

A name that could be
easily mistaken for a male!

Your brother-in-law's gang
is still using her name.

It's convenient for them.

When the police investigated this,
we got to know that...

the gang leader is permanently absconding.

It's quite convenient
for the cops as well!

What the hell, sir!

Who is behind all this?

I'll explain it to you, dear.

Go through this
for a better understanding.

Here, look at this.





- Did you notice anything?
- What?

All these cuttings are from
the same newspaper.

They are all from
a local print called "Capital Crime".

And this local print is run by
a journalist named Latheef.

The guy was once a big shot,
though he doesn't look like one.

He has got tremendous influence
on politics and the police as well.

He stays right next to your wife's house.

He's unmarried.

His sister is the only family he got.

He lives only for her.

His sister has a son named
Pathikkayyan Nazeer.

He used to be a local criminal.

Your brother-in-law Biju and him
were attacked together.

Your brother-in-law got killed,
while he managed to escape.

No one saw him ever after.

It seems that he's in the Middle East now.
Who knows?!

To be honest,
Nazeer doesn't have a gang now.

All he's got is a gang
which his Uncle Latheef writes about.

A make-belief gang!

That too, in the name of your wife!

Such minor brawls and crimes

are normal and happen in every other city.

But, Latheef is so sharp that

he reports all these crimes to be
Binu gang's doings.

Why would he do this?

To let people know that he's got
a gang with him and is ready for anything.

Who is he trying to inform?

You'll have to find Latheef's enemy
if you wanna know that.

Who is it?

It's the same guy
that killed your brother-in-law...

and who threatened Nazeer that
he still stays in the Middle East.

Kotta Madhu.

Kotta Madhu?

Stop there, you!


There's nobody who can challenge Madhu.

Everything is under his control.

The cursed "Kalindi" river of this city
is Amayizhanchan Thodu.

It runs in front of Madhu's home.

And Kotta Madhu is
the evil snake "Kaliyan" in it.

There isn't anybody who is manly enough

to thrash him down in Thiruvananthapuram.

If Lord Sree Padmanabha wills,
soon there will be someone of that sort.

So, regarding your wife's matter...

you need to settle Kotta Madhu
before the police and Latheef.

There's a way you can do that.

I'll tell you about it.

You just do as I say.

CIVIL STATION Thiruvananthapuram

Hand this over to that section.

Excuse me, where can I find Mrs. Prameela?

She's upstairs.

- This way?
- Yeah.

Sir, I need to see Mrs. Prameela Devi.

What's the matter?

Is it anything official?

No, it's personal.

She's currently on leave.

Damn! When will she be back?

Once her leave is over.

- When will it be over?
- Once she comes back!

DISTRICT COLLECTOR Thiruvananthapuram

Look at her leaving.

There's one guard for the collector,
but two for the assistant!

Could you share her mobile number with me?

- Should I come back tomorrow?
- Yeah, you can try that.

- Should I come around the same time?
- Yeah, that will do.

- Sir.
- Yes?

Do you know Mrs. Prameela?


- You want to see Mrs. Prameela?
- Yeah.

I'll take you to her. Come on.


Who are you?

Don't ask me too many questions.

Just come along.

You can trust me. Come on.

Come with me.

- I'll take you to see Mrs. Prameela.
- But...

Come on.

- Get in.
- Where are we going?

Don't you want to see Mrs. Prameela?
Get in.

Come on. Get in, buddy!

- Get in!
- Hey...

- Won't she be coming to the office?
- Start the car!


- Move.
- Hey!

It's him, brother.

Who are you?

I'm an IT engineer at Technopark.
My name is Anand.

Keep that to yourself.
It's of no use here.

Just tell me what are you doing here!

Is Mrs. Prameela here?

I want to meet her.

- What's the matter?
- Call her and I'll tell her the matter.

Hey, do you realize where you are
and what you're talking about?

I don't think I said anything offensive.

Just give me a couple of minutes.

- I'll meet her, talk to her and leave.
- I said you can't!

Tell me what the matter is
and I'll think about sending you in.

- What's going on there, brother Jabbar?
- I...

Nothing, dear.

- I need to talk to you, Mrs. Prameela.
- Shut up, you rascal!

- You're here to meet me?
- Yes.

Send him in, brother.

We don't know his whereabouts, dear.

I'll ask him that myself.
You may send him in.


Tell me. What's the matter?

It's okay. Whenever you're free...

I'm free. You can tell me.

My name is Anand.

I'm working as an IT engineer
at Technopark.

Here's my card...

My wife and I moved to Thiruvananthapuram

last week from Bangalore.


My wife is an innocent soul, ma'am.

She has no idea about this.

And, why are you telling me this?

Well, ma'am...

My wife is the sister
of Biju Thrivikraman...

who was murdered at Chandamukki.

Could you please ask
Mr. Madhu to not harm her?

You scoundrel!

Do you realize where you are,
and what you're talking about?

Stop it, brother!

Dear, you don't know who he is!

His brother-in-law and Pathikkayyan Nazeer

have hacked me all over!

You wanna see it?

Look! Go ahead!

How dare you set foot in here?!

You're lucky that Madhu isn't here!

He would've stabbed you to death!

Dear, ask him to leave
or things will get nasty in here!

- Ma'am...
- Get out!

- I said leave!
- Let go of me!

- Get out of here!
- Let me talk to her!

Throw him out of here!

Please tell Mr. Madhu that
my wife's being targeted.

- Dare you come here again!
- She's conceiving.

She can't withstand even
the slightest amount of stress.

Ma'am, please!


Please, Mrs. Prameela!


Please consider what I said...

So, regarding your wife's matter...

you need to settle Kotta Madhu
before the police and Latheef.


Hey, cover up your head.

The weather is frosty.

Come, let's sit here.

Hey, tell me the truth.

What's gotten into you?

Why are you sending me away now?

No, it's nothing.

I've been so busy these days that...

I'm unable to take good care of you.

There's Dad and Mom at home.

At least, they will stop complaining.

I'm having a tough time with both,
this city and my office.

I warned you before coming here.

But you were so adamant.

The train has arrived.

Come on.

- Alright then. Bye.
- Bye.

Bye, then. Don't catch a cold.


Did you get it?

Do you get it now?


- Where's she headed to?
- To Aluva, sir.

I doubt she'll reach her destination.

If this is the case, it's difficult.

But, sir...


Please ask them to get off the train.

She's a naive soul, sir. Please!

We'll go and live somewhere else.

- Sir, here's your tea.
- Please...

Please ask them to get off the train, sir.


This tea is disgusting!

It's neither creamy nor flavorful!

If you want us to
we can shut his business down!


Please listen to me, sir.

Alright, I will.

But, I need to know something first.

Who sent you here?

Whoever it is, Madhu doesn't care!

But I heard that you stopped by my house
and told my wife a sob story.

I'll inquire about the truth behind it.

I won't spare you if I find
anything untrue about it.

Both you as well as your girl.

I have a closed book of unpaid tabs,
buried deep down.

No matter who opens it...

I'll be the one to close it. Understood?

Share this message
with the person who sent you here.

Nobody has sent me here, sir!

I'm here because I'm helpless!

I'll inquire about that soon.

We'll meet again after that.

- Hey!
- Yes?

- Ask them to get off at Varkala.
- Sure, sir.

Don't you dare talk to my wife ever again!


just like you're concerned
about your wife,

I am concerned about mine.

Please understand that.


I don't have the power or facilities
to protect my wife.

But we too have a life of our own!

Get going.

What's up, sir?

You look tired in the morning itself!

It's been a while.
Is everything okay?

Yes, everything's okay, Mr. Madhu.

Well, what are you doing here
at this odd time?

I'll have to come here
anytime there's a need.

- I can't expect a suitable time to arrive.
- Yes, of course.

- Hey!
- Yes?

When I strung up Champion Girish
on the Shawarma rod at Palayam,

he witnessed it with his own eyes, right?

So, I don't think there's
a need for an introduction.

Did you send someone to my wife's office?

Yes, I did, Mr. Madhu.

The IT guy.

I felt he was a naive one.

How much did you take?

Tell me, sir.
I just want to know the current rates.

- I took 25,000 rupees.
- How much?

I mean, 50,000 rupees.

I swear on Goddess Attukal!

Whatever it is.

- It's between you and him.
- Yes.

But, how dare you sent him to my wife?

Are you so sure that
he came by on his own?

I'm sure, Mr. Madhu.

Both, the girl and he are innocent.

She got into the KAAPA list by mistake,
due to Latheef's baseless articles.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I don't care about the KAAPA list.

But, if I get to know that
somebody is backing him up...

I know your whereabouts.

You work at
the Kazhakoottam station, right?

- Yes.
- I'll visit you there.

Got it?

You took money from him, right?

- You ought to work well for that.
- Okay.

- Clear her name off the KAAPA list...
- Okay.

and ship them off from Thiruvananthapuram.


- It's your job okay, Mr. Arumanayagam?
- Yes.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

- You can carry on with your work.
- Okay.

No son of a bitch shall dare
mine soil from here!

Don't you dream about
mining soil from here!

Get out, you!

Move aside, you!

Don't make a fuss,
and get out of this place!

Who permitted you?

Nobody asked you
to mine soil from here.

Get out!

Without Mr. Madhu's word,
we won't let anybody do mining here.

What did you say?

Who gave you the permission to do it?

Get out of this place!


You've been troubling us for two weeks!

We don't care whether
he's Kotta Madhu or whoever!

We'll leave this place
only with the mined soil.

Hey! Don't get yourself stabbed to death.
Get going!

You're Sasankan Master's only heir, right?

If the father is good enough,
only one is enough!

You see those people?

I brought them from Sucheendram
and am paying them as much as they ask.

They are great strong rock splitters

Do you get it?

They don't give a shit about Madhu
or whomsoever!

Stop watching and start mining the soil!
Come on, move!

Sons of bitches!

I'll chop your legs off
if you dare to enter the field!

Hey, what are you gonna do?!

- You, Madhu's stray dog! How dare you?
- Let me go!

What are you looking at?
Carry on with your work!

You bloody...

You bloody...

- Move away, you!
- Nirmesh! Stop!

What are you doing?

What's your problem?

It's been just two weeks
since he underwent a hernia operation.

- What's the matter?
- Hey, Madhu!

It's going wayward on our site.

We can't pass the bill
without delivering the soil.

My dad's gone to Chennai
to borrow money from lenders.

We're bewildered,
not knowing what to do!

I don't have the time for your dramatics!

We must get the soil today!

Carry on, Madhu.
You gotta go to the bank, right?

Don't get yourself into this child's play.
I'm telling you, leave.

Abhi, ask your father to come to us.

Our business is with him, right?
Carry on, son.

- Hands off me!
- Hey!

Dare you put up a show?

I've been seeing you
since you were puny as a turd!

Just because you've grown some fur,

doesn't mean you're big enough
to put up a show!

I won't let you leave this place
on your foot, you filthy little scumbag!


Go to the bank.

We'll take care of these guys.

How'll that do?

They're outsiders.

Won't they go back and tell others that
Madhu used henchmen to beat them up?

That'd be belittling.

Hey! Stop it!

Nobody should muddle.

Everybody carry on with your work! Go!


How will you manage alone?

I've reached here fighting it all alone!

Hey, punch him down!

Now, I'll have to take them
to the hospital myself!



It was your father's petty henchmen
who bore all my beatings.

I hit you only twice.

One, for laying a hand on brother Jabbar.

And second, for making a spectacle
on my turf!

When you narrate these incidents
to your boss,

don't you dare spice it up, okay?

Start the car.

Why are you still hanging around?

- Whose marriage is this?
- Mr. Rocky's daughter.

- Who? The one who was hacked to death?
- Yes.

Is Madhu funding the marriage?

Yeah, what do you want now?

You're here to meet our boss.
Just meet him and leave.

Stop blabbering and leave!

- Leave!
- What's this? They too act up so high?


Never mind.

You could've hit him once more!

He came to me, complaining!

He went like I never beat him
even with a tiny stick,

and I said, it's good that
you got beaten up.

Anyway, it's nobody else,
but our own Madhu!

Moreover, did he have to put up

such a show when I wasn't around?

What did I ever do to you, dear?

It's your range,
and nobody's letting me take the soil.

If I don't get soil every day,
I'll be jammed.

When we sent a boy to you
to sign the renewed contract,

you behaved differently.

You said you'd sign it when it suits you.

Now, you may suit yourself.

That was a mistake on my end.
Please forgive me, dear.

If you come here and blabber
right down my ears,

will the scoldings of your son
to my workers go void?

You know the revised rates, right?

650 rupees per load.

- How can I afford...
- But for you, it's 700.


That's my final decision.

Madhu dear...

Do you know whose marriage this is?

Of course! Our old Rocky's daughter!

He blocked a slash that was aimed at you
and got hurt.

It's been 13 years since he succumbed
to the infection from that wound.

At least now, you remembered
the route to his house!

You've come all this way.

Gobble something and go.

- Hey, Peter!
- Yes, sir?

- Didn't you see that the boss is here?
- Yes.

Treat him well
and give him everything he deserves, okay?

Okay, sir!

Come on, boss!


- Hey, what is it?
- Sir...

Get going, kid.

- Wait...
- Hold on.

Why are you here?

I was Benitta's brother's classmate...

a long time ago.

He moved to the Middle East later.

And me, to the prison.

It's not like anybody invited me.

I just thought of stopping by
and having food.

I'm quite hungry.

How is your mother?

She's unwell and bedridden.

Please let me know
if there's any job, sir.

I know that you don't do
such work anymore.

But, still...

Go and eat something.

- Brother...
- Yeah?

Inquire about the condition of his family.

Don't let him know.


Get out!

Bug off, you all!

Go find yourselves another job!

Chithal Ani and his hawk gang
will rule this city.

You guys have no place here
until he's finished.

Does anybody among you
have the guts to finish him?

We'll stand by you.

He will take up Chithal's place
and rule this city then.

Keep the guts aside, sir.

If I get an assurance that you
and the cops won't trap me later...

I'll take care of him.

Hey! Chithal Ani ain't no Champion Girish!

But, I don't want to ruin your confidence.

Tell us the plan first.

Come on, eat.

Shall I order you
a beef fry and paratha too?


Moms at home.

She is unwell.

She must be starving.

- Is it?
- Yes

- Hey, boy!
- Yes?

- Parcel six parathas and two chaps.
- Okay, sir.

I wanna meet you again tomorrow, okay?


It's mutton biryani.

From Azad restaurant.

If I have to get this done,
I need your support too.

I need to get Chithal within proximity.

Even if you do, will you do anything?

Not just anything...

I will finish him off.

But once it's done,

don't forget that
you assigned this to me.


- Hey, get out!
- Get out!


Oh, dear!

You must erase all those memories
from your mind...

and get off the leash.

Only death can erase
those memories from me.

No matter how clean I seem
or how pristine my clothes look,

I took advantage of a naive lad's hunger.

That stain can't be washed off, brother.

If you think this way,
what else can I say?

Hey, Madhu!
Why do you drink up so much?

You do this every time
you see that boy around.

Madhu, we must forget some things.

Else, we'll go crazy.

Didn't I forget my family?

I'm fed up.

My life is like a dead fish
kept in the middle of flies.

No matter how much we try
to reach for the light...

I feel like we're being
pulled back to darkness.

I know.

Konch Ravi's younger brother
became "Kotta Madhu"...

after I walked out with you from my home.

So, you have to stay strong.

Else, it'll be my failure too.

Can I trust you with the fact that
there's nobody behind you?

Because I assured the same to Madhu
before coming here.

What are you talking about?

Who could be behind me?

Well, who knows?

If there's anybody like that,
I'm done for.

Come here, dear.

Do one thing.

Submit a letter to
the DySP office tomorrow morning.

I'll help you with what has to be written
Just write so, and submit it.


I'm the one to bear the trouble
of getting you out of this!

I've gotta survive!

Lord Padmanabha, protect me!

"Moreover, I request the police
to take the responsibility

of keeping my identity a secret

so that I do not face any threat
from the opposite gang.

"Yours faithfully, Binu Thrivikraman.

I haven't received
the special branch report yet, dear.

Let me receive it first.
I'll look into it after that.

Anyway, let me see her once.

Call her here.

Sir, the thing is...

She hasn't come.

Why so?

- She isn't feeling well, sir.
- That can't be.

She has to come here directly
and give a statement.

Sir, can you please...


- Sir.
- Call Prajith here.

I've brought her photo,
her certificate copies,

aadhaar card, driving license,
and everything else along.

That won't be enough.

The person should be
physically present here.

- Prajith...
- Sir.

What's this? Check it once.

"I, Binu Thrivikraman"...

Let me handle this, sir.

- Contact him from now on.
- Okay, sir.

- Come.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Okay.


Sir, listen...

Sir, the letter...


Hey Prajith. What is that case about?

Why are you acting tough?

You're not the DySP,
you're just a squad member, right?

What are you up to?

- Tell me, what is it?
- What happened, sir?

The DySP is content with
enough cases at the moment.

He ain't hungry anymore
and isn't interested in hunting new prey.

That's why he assigned this to me.
Your luck!

Else, you wouldn't have been
able to leave this place

without your wife showing up here.
Did you understand?

Well, drop it.

Anyway, you showed up on the right day!

So, you want to clear off Binu's name
from the KAAPA list?

- Right?
- Yes.

Leave it to us.

But before that, there's a guy
in Thiruvananthapuram city,

who needs to be wiped off
the face of the earth.

Kotta Madhu.

We can live peacefully here,
only if he's no more.

We're behind it at the moment.

So, you may leave now.

And about Binu's matter...

it'll be done.

Do you know Binu?

Don't ask questions.

Just listen to what I say.

Your number is on this letter, right?

Mr. Latheef from Capital Crimes...

will give you a call.

He'll explain the rest to you.

I just don't get it, sir!

Lower your voice!

The Latheef you mentioned about,
I'm about to meet him.

He's the one ruining my family's life!

You're in the middle of the playground
without knowing the game, you idiot!

Something's gonna happen
in this city today.

I'm warning you
so that you don't get into that mess.

Don't you dare get out of your room
until you get a call from Mr. Latheef.

Do you hear me?

Leave now.

I asked you to leave!


Something's gonna happen
in this city today.

I'm warning you
so that you don't get into that mess.

So, you want to clear off Binu's name
from the KAAPA list?

That's what you want, right?

But before that, there's a guy
in Thiruvananthapuram city,

who needs to be wiped off
the face of the earth.

Kotta Madhu.

Yeah, please connect.

Hello, ma'am. Anand here.

I stopped by your house the other day.

Regarding my wife's matter...

Why are you calling me?

Ma'am, I was at the DySP office.

I met a police officer there.

His name was Prajith, I guess.

From his words, I feel

they are scheming something
against your husband today.

I don't know what it is.

But I thought I should inform you.

I'm not sure if what he said was true.


We'll look into it.
Thanks for the information.

Yeah, there were some disputes.

I somehow calmed them down.

And about your seat...

it'll be at Kunnukuzhy.

Please don't invite any trouble until
the elections are over.

I don't invite troubles...

people invite me into it.

You may consider my seat as a reward

for getting into many troubles
for the party.

I'll call you back.
I'm at the party office.

What about the funds?

Have you ever not received any funds
that I promised to give?

So, sit back and relax.

- See you, then.
- Okay.

- Hello.
- Why did you call me?

Anand had called.

He mentioned something about Prajith.
I'm getting tense.

I met that guy once
and clarified his confusion!

Is he still clueless?

Don't you get jumpy, listening to him!

Yet, when he said all those things to me,
I was a bit scared.

You don't have to be scared.
Go and have your lunch.

Isn't it the time? Go ahead.

Yeah, tell me.

We're right behind you, sir.

- Okay.
- There's an accident here.

- What accident?
- A street vendor's rickshaw skidded,

and there are wooden planks
scattered all over the road.

Can you manage to get through?

I don't think so, sir.
The traffic block is heavy here.


Brother, is everything good?

There's a slight traffic block.

I guess it's an accident.

It's the usual story these days.

Can you turn around
and come back via the opposite route?

I don't think that's possible.

- Madhu!
- It's a trap, brother!

- If luck is on our side...
- Madhu!

Hey, start the car!


I'm leaving right away, brother.


- Who's in charge of my son's school today?
- It's our Thambi.

- Come on. Get up.
- Hey! What's going on?

- Why are you taking Aryan along?
- Come with me.

- Stop! What are you doing?
- Move aside, woman!

Hey, stop the car!

You've got an entire battalion, sir!
Is it month-end already?

- We need to check this vehicle.
- Sure, please go ahead.

Anyway, vehicles are
meant for the cops to check!

Please proceed.

Are you new to the city?

Curve down your sideburns a bit!
You'll look like Mammootty!

This is all we found, sir.
Nothing else.

After all, it's sunny these days.

I bought them from the contractor's bar.

It's still cold.
Wanna have one?

Sir, it's me who decides if you get
to pull up something from this car or not.

From the setup, it looks like

the higher officials were plotting
a plan to get rid of me!

Go and tell them that...

I'll be visiting them again.

Ask them to attend whatever festivals
they want, to their hearts' content!

One shouldn't die
without fulfilling desires!

Joy Poo...

Poomattam sir.

See you.

Make way, you!



Hey, sir!

Hey, hold yourselves together!

Hey, why are you crying?

Nothing happened to me.
I'm here all in one piece!



What? Were you scared?

Don't be scared.


Pour me one more.

You've already drank too much.
Control yourself.

Hey! he's is here.

Hide the cigarettes.

He'll get it all burnt!




Do you know whose finger
this ring belonged to?

I'm telling you this because
I don't want to be labeled as

the one who finished
two sons of the same father.

You enjoyed her
for a couple of days, right?

Now it's time to return her.

You need to do it today itself.


Get me half a chicken
with loads of lemon juice.

What will you do if I don't?

If I don't return her,
what will you do, you asshole?

All you sinners chant my name

Rue the day we meet again

In my realm, in my ring
I'm the king, burn, burn!

Burn my name in your mane
All will live, till I will

When I will, blood will spill
One by one, round and round

All you sinners, chant my name

Rue the day we meet again

In my realm, in my ring
I'm the king, burn, burn!

Burn, burn!

You got a problem with finishing
two sons of the same father, right?

Will it bother you
if I finish a son of several fathers?


This ring was on your sibling's hand.

Sever it and take it off.


I called him to say thanks
and now he wants to meet you.

Please trust my words at least now.

My wife isn't linked to all these
in any manner.

She's a naive soul.

You sent your wife away, right?

How does it matter
if I believe you or not?

That's not the case, sir.

You shouldn't keep any hostility
towards us.

That's my only concern.

Okay, carry on then.


Come here.

Born for unknown reasons
and dying for unknown people!

This land, Thiruvananthapuram,
has birthed several people like me.

Don't you dare act smart here!

Leave this place,
and live a happy life with your wife.

- Did you have food?
- No.

Come, then.

Have food.

Brother won't be joining us for dinner.
He told you to not wait for him.

I'll also wait for him, then.

- You have food.
- Have it.

- Where have you been, Anand?
- Hello.

You neither call me
nor am I able to reach you.

What's gotten into you?
Is there any problem?

I was held up with some work, Binu.
That's why I couldn't answer.

Can I call you back? I'm in a meeting.


It's my wife.


Have your food.

Let me go, meet the boys and come.

See you then, Ma'am.
Thanks for the dinner.


If everything goes well,
I will immediately leave this city.

Let him know this too.

Yeah, sure.

- See you.
- See you.

Come and have food, brother.

It's late, I have office tomorrow.

The feast is over, isn't it?
Now I'll come.

Hello? Tell me, sir.

Is it?!


Alright, sir.

Stop eating. We've got work to do.

Sure, sir. I will let him know.


Okay, sir. I will call you later.

Madhu, it was Mr. Gopi on the phone.

They've turned on their phones one by one.

All of them are near
the Palayam tower range.

You must've got it, right?
I mean, their location?!

Prameela, don't serve food yet.

There's fresh meat available at Palayam.

Jimmy! Akkachi! Start the cars!

Hey! Start the car!

- Mom, I'm sleepy.
- Come on.

So, you're here?

The obituary news you drafted for
your petty paper got wasted, didn't it?

One might dodge death a couple of times.

But we ought to keep trying.

Only then will it happen.

We will make it happen!

You thought nobody would come to
settle scores for all the blood you shed?!


You deserve nothing but the graveyard

- in Manacaud mosque, you scum!
- Brother.

Not now.

I know, no matter what happens,
you won't kill me!

Your desire to win the election
from the 12th ward

and secure the corporation
in the upcoming elections

is what keeps you in control, I know.

But Madhu...

as long as Latheef is alive,

that desire of yours won't be fulfilled.

I won't let it happen.

Hey, loser.

If you come up with this act again,
make sure I die in that attempt.

If not, I will forget the election
and the corporation.

Madhu is still the old "Kotta Madhu".

Where's he, Latheef?

Where's Nazeer?

He didn't come.

Why didn't he come?

You promised he'd come today.

I couldn't get him to come here, sister!

PRESS CLUB Thiruvananthapuram

Let go of me! Let go!

Let go!

Let go of me!

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

Do you know Journalist Latheef?

He's over there. Please come.

Sir, somebody's here to see you.


Come on, sit.

What would you like to eat?

Oh, it's not lunchtime yet.
Shall I order you some snacks?

No, thanks.

Tell me then.

What's your problem?

I wanna ask you the same question.

Actually, what is your problem?

Why do you keep writing
about my wife, in your newspaper?

Your wife?

Isn't it been only 2 years since
Binu Thrivikraman got this husband?

She had a life before that too.

A life, in which certain things
are yet to get even and tallied.

Consider me as the auditor of that life.

An auditor still on a mission
to tally her tabs!

See, Mr. Latheef.

I know that Binu used to be your neighbor

and that several tragedies occurred
in your personal life back then.

She hasn't completely recouped
from that mental trauma yet.

Moreover, she is pregnant now.

Amidst all these,
her name appears on the KAAPA list!

All thanks to you!

So please, don't write about her
in your newspaper anymore.

Let us live our lives.

You quite love your wife, my boy!

A guy who worries about
his wife's mental trauma!

Yet, you loser,

called up the wife of the guy
who caused that mental trauma,

and asked her to stay alert
about his life?

You idiot!

It's our funeral feast, that you
relished last night at his home!

If Binu gets to know about this,

she will no longer be in your life.

While meeting Binu's husband
for the first time,

I shouldn't have behaved this way.


I understand you worrying about her.

Forget the KAAPA fiasco.

That's like a commuter bus.

People get in and get out.

I'll wipe her name off that list.

But once that's done...

you shouldn't stick around anymore.

Even if Madhu or I die...

things won't come to an end.

This will go on forever.

Palloor Eman, the warrior
had to fight the war

even after Pazhassi Raja, the king died.

Those are unsung stories,
that won't be seen in history.

History logs only magnificent battles.

So, don't butt in and toil yourself.
Just clear off.

Once my issue is sorted out,

you won't find me in this city anymore.

I'll resign from my job and leave.

What's this, Anand?

Are you going to resign?

It's not even been two months.

Actually, sir...

I've got some personal problems.

Anand, you've got a visitor.

Hey, dear. Come, sit.

Have a seat.

It's been 30 years since I started
wearing this uniform in this city.

If I give my word to anybody
to help them get rid of anything,

I always make sure I do it.

Got it?

This is the new KAAPA list.

Go through it and see
if your wife's name is still on it.

- Oh, you came for this?
- Yes.

I got to know about it yesterday.


About this list?


Mr. Latheef called me
and told me about it yesterday.

I know that he was behind this
for the last few days.

He called me and said that
he has locked up the genie he released.

Anyway, I am going back home tomorrow.

I have resigned from my job here.

Alright then, sir.

Will see you someday, somewhere.

See you.

The frost of the night soothes
The scorching sky

The time listens as a silent witness

When the puppets swing and smile

The hands behind them seek
Wrath and revenge

Truth and lies unite

In the barren path of this story

The clouds of memories
Seem like dense mist

The clouds of memories
Seem like dense mist

Hey, erect the hoardings.

- Don't stand idle!
- Can't you see that I'm carrying it?

They neither stick it properly
nor apply glue well!


Paint a red border on the top.

Hi, Uncle Latheef. Please come.

- Anand, this is Uncle Latheef.
- Hello.

- Mom, Uncle Latheef.
- Hello.


Aryan Anand.

Aryan Anand.


We need to meet, once you're free.

It's been eight months
since you left Thiruvananthapuram.

Many things have happened there
after that.

Listen, I have no interest
in knowing all these things.

I'm living a peaceful life here,
with Binu, our son, and my job.

That's fine. Nobody said otherwise.


you too need to know certain things.

I'm here to tell you that.


Nazeer called me up.

He said he'll be coming here,
no matter what.

What's the point in living,
if one can't attend their mom's funeral?


How can you give up so easily, Uncle?

Shouldn't we do something about this?

What can we do?

That dog threatened he wouldn't
let my boy set foot here!

I'm exhausted.

I can't fail again.

Madhu can't command as if this city
is his petty father's property!

You don't have to do anything, Uncle.

Just stay by my side.

Through the crime DySP,

I've already highlighted
this matter to the SP.

You give a letter to the SP, Uncle.

We'll take care of the rest then.

Things are not how
they used to be right now.

This is a matter of human rights!

Have a seat.

Mr. Madhu, this is a humanitarian issue.

When one wants to see
his mother's dead body one last time...

Yeah, please show him, sir.

The brother of the deceased woman,
Latheef, has requested police protection.

So what?

Please give them protection.

Do a three-volley salute too,
when the body is taken to the grave.

- You...
- Hey!

What I want to know is,
if Madhu has any problems with this.

What problem?

Many people die in this city,
and many attend their funerals.

- How does it matter to me?
- So...

if Mr. Mohammed Nazeer lands in this city,

Madhu ensures that it won't become
a law-and-order issue, right?

Sir, the name "Mohammed Nazeer"

would be present only on
his school certificates and passport.

For this city, he is "Pathikayyan Nazeer".

When a person like him lands here,

how can I ensure for it to not become
a law-and-order issue?

Sir, my men and I won't be around
the airport area or its premises.

This is Madhu's word.

And, take this up as a challenge.

Isn't it been quite a while
since you did anything arduous?

See you, then.


You're Nazeer, right? Come.

Be seated here.

Please wait here.
We'll call you.

I inquired about it.
I don't see any complications as of now.

Anyway, let the SP come.

- Hi, sir.
- Please sit.

What is the situation right now?

Is everything fine?

Till now yes, sir.

The reports say that
Madhu and his men are

not around the airport or nearby areas.

Yet, these people can't be trusted.

We don't know what they're up to.


So, let the intelligence report
come first.

Bring Mohammed
Nazeer out, only after that.

Okay, sir.

- Sir.
- Yes.

Sir, this is the intelligence report
regarding Mohammed Nazeer's protection.

If you know the scenario,
you just brief it for us.

Sure, sir.

Madhu and his gang are behaving
normally today, till now.

They're at a vehicle auction
at Peroorkada town hall.

It's a 2015 model Innova car
priced at one lakh rupees.

- The starting bid is 230 thousand rupees.
- I bid 245 thousand rupees.

The bid is 245 thousand rupees.

- I bid 300 thousand rupees.
- The bid is 300 thousand rupees.

- I bid 350 thousand rupees.
- The bid is 350 thousand rupees.

- Four lakh rupees.
- Four lakh rupees is the bid.

His usual gang is camped around the venue,
in two cars.

But, sir...

Around 20 tipper lorries,
which can be called

Madhu's own are running in this city.

The drivers of those are young guys
who can do anything for him.

There are several cut roads
on the way to Manacaud from the airport.

If any of those lorries

run onto the vehicle that escorts Nazeer,
from any of these cut roads...

Since last evening,

none of these tipper lorries
have run in their usual route.

Till now, we are unable
to track them, too.

Sir, if this is his plan, not just Nazeer,

but the cops accompanying him
will be in danger too.

Not just that, sir.

Konchiravila and Karikkan Colony, two
places between the airport and Manacaud,

are strong areas of
Madhu's right hand, Jabbar.

Nazeer is accused in the case
of slashing Jabbar.

So, an operation from that side too
can't be overlooked.

Anyway, Madhu and his gang
won't do anything directly.

They'll make someone else do it.
That's almost sure by now.

Sir, we know Nazeer well.

We can see this as a prestige issue
and use the entire force if we want.

But what if a question arises tomorrow,
about the police giving

so much protection to just a local goon?

The assembly is nearing.

We must consider that as well.


Sir, I have kept the word I gave you.

My men and I are nowhere near the airport.

And, don't let him out.

If you do...

you'll have to dig one more grave
at the Manacaud mosque graveyard.

Madhu isn't going to choose between
option A and option B, as you think.

I have many other options, sir.

You and your police force
won't be able to stop them all.

And if nothing works out...

I'll send someone with a package
on his waist to attend the funeral.

As a human bomb, okay?

Madhu, this is too much.

You will have to pay dearly for this.

I have a lot to pay, sir.

I'll just add this to the list.

There's an Air Arabia flight
to Riyadh at 7:20 p.m.

Make sure he boards that flight, okay?

Who is this human bomb?

You. Why? Can't you do it?

Why not? If you say, I'll be the bomb!


- Come on!
- Sir!

Tell that swine that Nazeer will be back

to finish him off!

You need to go now, Nazeer.
Let the situation cool down.

I won't forget this, sir!
As long as I'm alive, I won't!

Didn't I tell you?

I can't lose anymore.

Listen to this.

Your clan is devious.

What all have I written
in support of them!

Many brutal reports!

Didn't I even manage to cause a riot
within the IPS association?

So many lives I ruined!

Such slaveries I did for them!


you couldn't even get my boy,

to this city for half an hour!


He flourished a lot.

A lot.


we're gonna pay him back for all these.

Today night itself.

The police are also with us.

It's true, Mr. Latheef.

I've invested lakhs of rupees
to finish him.

The gang of Chithal Ani
from Neyyattinkara,

whom Madhu finished back then,

Eeyan Johnny and gang from Vellayani,
Chakku Sura and his gang from Attingal.

Two lorries full of goons will
break into his home today!

Kotta Madhu will be over
and done with, by tonight!


Hey! Get the car!
Gotta go to the hospital.

What for? No need.

This is part of the game.

Come on.

Two of you go to the back.
Cover up the entire house.

- Who are you?
- Where is he?

- Let go of me!
- Come out, you!

Don't do anything to me!
Let go of me!

- Let go!
- Please!

- Father!
- Take them away!

Bring him!

You want to break into my home,
and finish me in front of my wife and son?

We had a mutual trust that
we won't break into each others' homes.

When this game ends,

y'all ought to not forget that it
wasn't Madhu who first broke that trust.

Got it?


Did you think you could harm Mr. Madhu
and get away with it easily?

Come on, guys. Beat him up!

- You son of a bitch!
- Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Kick him in the face!

The situation is such that,
even if you die of a rabid dog's bite now,

people will say that I killed you.

So, it's my responsibility
to make sure that,

nothing happens to you
until the elections are over.

But, I'll visit once
the polling booth is closed.

Dare I see you anywhere
in Thiruvananthapuram.

I won't even spare your corpse
for the funeral. Got it?

Go elsewhere, die a rotten death!

That newspaper was my hard work
of 40 years.

I lost it.

Yet, the party invited him
and gave him a seat.

Whatever it be.

But, I too want to live in this city.

Not as the old Latheef,
but at least as a war prisoner.

I tried convincing him via many people.

But he's not budging.

I know that it's not him
who has a problem with me.

It's Jabbar.

Once he wins the election...

Madhu will be the king.

He won't let me stay in the city then.

Not just me...

the ones who were by my side, too.

He told me the same.

Can you please
talk to him on my behalf?


I feel that he'll listen to you.

And don't do it through the phone.

Please talk to him and his wife in person.

Else, Jabbar will interfere and stop you.

Don't think that I'm asking you to return

the favors for everything that
I have done for you.

I need to think about it.

Sure. I will be around.

Did Uncle Latheef tell you something?

If it's possible for you, get it done.

We have lots of commitment towards him.

What are you saying, dear?

Such people can't be trusted.

If this ends this way, let it be, brother.

Why drag this out unnecessarily?


Did you forget about that day?

They planned to finish you
and the child, too.

Our boats are still afloat only because
we got to know about it a bit early.

I'm saying this so that such things
don't happen in the future.

We're the winners now.

Madhu will win the election anyway.

If everything ends with this,
for us, for our son...

and for everyone, it'll be a new life.

The one who told you this...

is he sure
that everything will end with this?

He said so.

He came all the way here
only to speak to me.

Let Latheef tell me.

Latheef has to tell me.

On my face.

You ain't got anything
better to do, Madhu?

Alliances should be made with equals.

Not with the miserably failed ones.

Let's listen to what he has to say.

If we have to do anything extreme later,
we won't have regrets!

I told you what I had to.

Rest is your wish.

Hey! Go and sleep!

Get in.

Aren't you coming?

Brother, he's alone there.

There are no other issues.

I don't want to see him. You go.

Brother Latheef.

Tell me. What should I do?

Should I beg on my knees
to survive in this city?

It wasn't me who sent goons to your home.

Trust me if you can.

You aren't trustworthy even to
your mother, how should I trust you then?

Even after all this, do you know
why I came here when he asked me not to?

I am tired.

That's why.

If we are stern to even out things,
even when we end up in our graves,

there will still be unresolved issues
between you and me.

If you can bury them all
and leave this city,

I won't follow you from then on.

We will part ways today.

But dare you to cross paths with me again.

Whatever you say then, you scumbag.

I will finish you off!

Got it?

I am fed up with everything too.


Hold on.

I had biryani from
Bismi restaurant today, brother!

Didn't I say that I needed to talk?

- Madhu!
- Brother!



Stop there, you!

- Get into the car!
- Oh, no!

- Hey!
- Oh, no!

- Get into the car!
- Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Oh, no!

Start the car!

Oh, no! God!

What you did to me was deceitful!

Bloody deceit!

You spineless pricks!

There was no other way.

He slid out of our hands once,
because of you.

So, we had to finish that chapter
using you only.

You carry on.

Binu and the kid will be waiting at home.

The chaos in the city has subdued.
Don't stay here for long.

The car's waiting down...

with the driver.

You scum!

What will I tell her?

What will I tell Mrs. Prameela?

What will I tell her now?

Mrs. Prameela...

she trusted me.

You reap what you sow.

Whether it's you, me, or Kotta Madhu.


Hey, stop the car.

- Stop the car!
- Can't, sir!

- I can stop only at your front yard...
- Stop the car, I say!

- So, I can't stop the car!
- Stop the car, I say!

- Stop!
- No, sir!

- Let go of the steering, sir!
- Stop it!





- Yes?
- Ma'am...


What's it?

Ma'am, I'm on my way there.

No. Nobody wants to see you here.

I'm coming there.

I want to see Madhu once.

There's nothing left to see, here.

I want to see him, ma'am.

I didn't know anything, ma'am.

Anand is coming.


Don't lay hands on him.

He should be left unharmed.

I'm giving you
that responsibility, brother.

Consider it as Madhu's words.

Killing me is better than this, dear.


Let him visit and leave, brother.

We don't know if
he's involved in this or not.




- Where to?
- I will tell you. Start it.

You took him there and got him killed!


Go ahead!

Hey! You loser!

You took him there
and got him killed.

It's Prameela's first ever request to me.

Else, I would've killed you
and cut you into pieces, mind it!


Take him inside.



I didn't do it.

I wasn't aware of anything.


You saw him, right?

Don't hang around. Leave.

If anybody asks, tell them,
that this is Madhu's present condition.

Let them be happy.

She's here, sir.


I called you here because the runway issue
is of national interest.

So, we can't hold it.

It was Madhu who supplied the soil, right?

He's asking if he can do
the supply directly now.

What can be done?

Wasn't it Madhu
who secured the quote, sir?

Sorry, the unexpected events
caused this delay.

Madhu's workers will continue
the soil supply, sir.

- But, sir...
- All okay, then?

All okay, sir.

- Sir...
- Carry on then, Sasankan.


Hi, I couldn't attend the funeral.

- I wasn't around.
- That's alright.

About the soil?

Today is Friday, right?
Come back on Monday.

They charge a hefty commission these days!

- Madhu said 700 rupees per load, right?
- He was just joking...

From now on, it's not 700 per load.
It's 850.

- What?! 850?
- And it's no joke.


We're starting from square one, boss!

I've got work to do.

Let's go, brother.



Please check if everything's there.

Isn't everything there?

No, everything's not there.

Well, that's all we got.

The investigation is on.

It's suspected to be done by
a gang from Thengapattanam.

We're behind them.

We, too.

Hello, Anand.

Prameela here.

I know, ma'am.

All good?


What's the matter, ma'am?

Nothing much.

Is your wife around?


Pass her the phone.

I haven't spoken to her before.

Sure, just a moment.

Haven't I mentioned Madhu?

It's Madhu's wife.

She wants to speak to you.



I am the wife of Madhu,
who was bombed and killed.


A while ago, the police delivered us
the things recovered from Madhu's body.

That ring is missing from that set.

If it's with you, keep this in mind.

Whoever wore it hasn't lived long.

It hasn't stayed
on anybody's hands for long.

You've only seen the fallen ones, right?

You haven't seen the ones who rule.

You have yet to see them.

We screwed up.

- Anand's safety?
- I'll take care of it.

It's over.

He is no more.

He's done for.


He's safe.


You can hide in some rat-hole
and speak like this.

I dare you to come to Thiruvananthapuram.

You won't return alive.

I will finish you off.

I'll be there soon.

How can I not come?

Until now, the "Binu gang"

was only an imaginary gang
from Uncle Latheef's reports.

But, that's not the case anymore.

So, how can I not come?

Try coming around.

We'll see.

Sure, we'll see.

This doesn't end here.

Such things won't end
so easily, will they?

This would carry on incessantly...

Give me the key, Brother Jabbar.

...like a river of resentment!

For generations to come...

till eternity!