Kaalidas (2019) - full transcript

A cop, who suffers from family issues, takes up a peculiar suicide case. The plot thickens as similar cases get reported within a span of a few days.

'Crueller than cruel
are midnight hours gliding slowly.'

'Mullai land - Forest and its surroundings'

'Autumn season
Evening time'



'Suresh Menon'

'Aadhav Kannadhasan'

Ann Sheetal'

[Indistinct Voices]

Sir, go back.

Move away.

It's not necessary
to take this knife.

It's you who decide
whether to take that or not?

Have you seen there?

That's a permitted pistol
and it's fully loaded

Do you know, I can shoot you
citing that you tried to stab me?

Sir, do that.

Instead of dying every day,
that's a better solution.

If we're to die and to kill,
then humans won't exist in this world.

What's happening now, sir?

Are they humans?

You're speaking well.

But, why is this violence?

Are you heeding
when we say louder?

You heed only
when we take the knife.

We got the Independence
without arms.

People like you, the officers
and the politicians have enslaved us.

Where do we've Independence?

First, drop the knife.

I'll sort out the problem
whatever it is.

Do you want me
to believe the police?

Why everyone thinks bad
about the police personnel?

I'm the police man
who pays rent every month...

...pays the EMI and buy

You can believe me.

Drop the knife.

Heard that Anita
studies well.

She lost her mother.

You're everything for her.

If you're imprisoned,
Who will take care of her?


My auto was seized,
citing the interest I had to pay.

No one was there to support me,
when I went to take back the auto.

My life depends on the auto.

You'll get back your vehicle.

I am responsible for that.

You can go home.

- Aravind.
- Sir.

- Don't file any report.
- Sir.

- Close the case mentioning my name.
- Okay, sir.

Tell me.

Which place?

Okay, I'll come.

- Clear off before the press arrives.
- Okay, sir.

Don't forget to take
the blood sample.

The PP tore me out
in the last case.

- The incident time.
- 2 o'clock, sir.

- The reporting time
- 3.15, sir.

- Note the disposal time as 4 o'clock.
- Okay, sir.

Check for any other impressions.

Siva, found anything?

There was no footprints on the wall.

She has jumped from above.

- Send me the report soon.
- Okay, sir

Sir, greetings!

- Will the terrace be open always?
- Yes, sir.

Didn't hear any sound upon falling?

Not heard, sir.

Isn't there CCTV cameras
in this big flat?

Maintenance fee is not given regularly.

Even I was paid my salary long back.

How to install the CCTV?

Yes, sir.

At Nandambakkam.

A Woman.
Fallen from high.

I am inquiring, sir.

I'll call you after the enquiry.

Thank you, sir.

Get the necessary information
from him.

Okay sir.

And ensure that it reaches me tonight.

- What's your name?
- Muralidharan.

We've informed her husband.

He is on the way.

She doesn't have children.

How long she has been married?

- Don't know about that, sir
- It's been eight years.

Just now they celebrated their
eighth anniversary.

How about their relationship?

They were good.

What good?

Even last night they were quarrelling.

The noise was audible.

She'll always be busy on phone
And he'll be shouting at her.

She is active in
a group in WhatsApp.

That group is...
"Inauspicious pooja time"

Sir, her age is twenty eight.

Married for about seven years.

She doesn't have children.

Last night both husband
and wife quarrelled.

The motive?

Don't know, sir.

There is no death note.

But, the mobile phone is missing.

The last active network shows here.

Go to the hospital and
share the postmortem report.

Sir, today evening
we've a public welfare meeting.

That's okay.

The Commissioner will lash out,
if we don't attain the target.

Send the SI to the hospital.

Okay, sir.

In general, people will be proud of
saying, I didn't step into the police station.

The police station is not
such a worst place to step in.

As you hesitate to come to us,
We've come in search of you.

In a dense populated zone,
a Police Inspector, four sub-inspectors...

...a writer, the head Constable
and constables together,

Some forty personnel will be there.

The public awareness is more important
than the police to get rid of the miscreants.

To create such an awareness,
we conduct the public welfare meeting...

...regularly in every zone.

If you follow the basic safety measures
mentioned by the SI,

You can get rid of the petty crimes
happening in your zone.

Moreover, now we're all together.

But, we live alone.

Earlier, we aren't aware of the neighbour.

Now, we don't know
who is sitting next to us in home.

We're engaged with
the mobile phones.

Like her...

I'm listening, sir.

If anyone is new to the village,

People will inquire him
and get his entire details.

But, see how we're here.

It's been an hour,
a woman has fallen from the terrace.

As no one noticed her, she died.

- Where?
- Don't know.

Nehru Nagar.
It's family dispute.

You go in search of
an organic recipe.

It's good if the human relationship
is also organic.

It has become late.

There won't be food in home.

I'll buy and keep it.

Brother, I'm yet to face that situation.

Get for you.

Why did you take
bath so early?

I felt tired as I went out
with my husband.

That's why, I took bath.

A suicide case.

A woman fell from the terrace,
due to family dispute.

She is dignified.

Fell off.

The height of the terrace
is not enough here.


I'm tensed from morning onwards.

Being at home, are you creating
ruckus watching soap operas?

No peace of mind at home.

Aravind, got the autopsy report?

Send by WhatsApp, immediately.



"One day, the rain made
me feel better"

"I was seduced by it"

"The holy day, when the wave
hit the shore"

"I lost my mind,"

"It's a blissful day,
the day I saw you at first"

"In the wings of your eyes,"

"Bestowed on you"

"In my heart..."

"You're my desire and temper
from then on"

"You nest even in my anger"

"My dear, you're someone...
I relished with you"

"One day, the rain made
me feel better"

"I was seduced by it"

"The holy day, when the wave
hit the shore"

"I lost my mind,"

"Without seeing your beautiful face"

"Without asking anything"

"I have become something today"

"Without the graze,
without the kiss"

"Why did you keep me yearning?"

"The pains are mine...
The eyes are mine..."

"What's the mystery?"

"It's your mind..."

"The oblivion is your's"

"The death is mine"

"The clouds escalate,
the sky beholds"

"Will the moon go around?"

Go carefully.

- Bye, mom.
- Bye.

Hey, how long will you sleep?
Will you wake up or not?

Take it easy, sister.
Let her sleep.

She's a child.

- Why are you being harsh with her?
- Okay.

Daughters can sleep peacefully
only at mother's home.

- Okay.
- Fine.

Check whether all clothes
are there.

- Oh no.
- Hey.

Hey, my chain!


Dare to snatch the Inspector
wife's chain?

Hey! You're finished.


- Here.
- Thank you.

Nuptial thread isn't seen.

It's in the home.


Greetings, Madam!

You show off as if you're working and
not even bothering your family.

But, the Inspector wife's chain
was snatched in the morning.

Who and where?

- Near the laundry.
- You mean, near the laundry?


Someone has snatched madam's chain.

Is it?

What happened?

Inquire who is that.

We'll be back.

Is he your friend?

He dropped the chain
when said as Inspector's wife.

Nothing happened to you, right?

If the violence is outside,
I can complaint to the police.

But, whom to complaint about
the violence in this family?

What happened now?

You arranged our marriage.

He takes alcohol every day.

Won't you ask him?

Men have lot of problems.

How will you understand?

You say as domestic violence...

Do you know the statistics
of the crime bureau?

Men commit suicide twice more than
women because of domestic violence.

Have coffee and go.

Don't you know about men?

They'll cut the bunch
if you ask them to get a leaf.

Drinking has become a routine
instead of once in a week.

My wife knows that I booze.

If I booze before her
she will thrash me.

You too handle him
the same way.

Sir, I'm coming.

What she said?

She was worried.

I told her that he might've done
because of tiredness.

So, get adjusted.

I told her.

I really told her.

Take the vehicle.


What happened?

You're not in contact?

I'm here.

What's the problem today?

Has any day passed
without a problem?

He takes alcohol everyday
citing as stress.

But, we've to get up in the morning,
Do all the house hold chores.

We shouldn't have any stress
and keep smiling...

...like the goddess
in the daily calendar.

You too have a peg like them,
if you feel stressed.

Really, I'm going to do that.

Shall I send you the side dish?

I have.

But, don't have a company.

Will you join me?

It's time to go to clinic.

I must leave.


"I got the money"

"I got the move"

"You got the smile"

"You got the cues"

"Rolling through the darkness at night"

"I got the money"

"I got the move"

"You got the smile"

"You got the cues"

"Rolling through the darkness at night"

"Enticer, you're doing some magic"

"You're coming to splatter
colours in my life again"

"You're healing the wound
which kills me"

"You're becoming my other half of life"

"On that day, you came in my dreams"

"I thought you're an illusion..."

"Today, you came before me..."

"And say you're real..."



It was outside.

Sorry, I didn't notice.

You seem to stay indoors.

You'll know,
only when you come out.


I saw an advertisement in OLX
about the vacant house here.

No one is at home now.

You're here!

Aren't you the owner?

He'll come only by evening.

You seem to be more dependent.

Give me your number
if you want the house.

I'll ask him to call you.

I'm not using a mobile phone.

No one believes, if I say.

Better, give me your number
I'll call you and come.

I won't give the number
to strangers.

Will you give
if I've an Aadhar card?

Come in the evening.


The bass is high in the music system.

If you reduce that
the audio quality will be good.

I'll come in the evening.

"You the enticer"

Dear, some sound was heard, isn't it?


- What?
- Heard some sound.

The cat would've rolled down

It sounds different.

Did you hear any sound?


Hey, look there.


It's similar to
the yesterday's incident, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

When will you clear off?

Coming, sir.

Who is he?

Her husband.

She is the one who was busy
on the phone yesterday.

She fell in the similar way.

CCTV cameras was shut down
in the apartments.

What happened to her phone?

We found it, sir.

But, it was locked by pattern.

Open the lock immediately.

Send me all the details.

Okay, sir.

Sir, that girl's husband,
he wasn't here when she fell.

Come here.

What's your name?

Aryan, sir.

How long have you been married?

Six years.

Who saw first,
when she fell down?

The laundry man.

Shall I get him?

Yeah, get him.

You too saw her yesterday,
always busy on phone.

She'll go only to gym.

A brave girl.

But, who knows about their decisions!

They are childless.

Both their relationship is not good.

Sir, look here.

Who's dairy is this?

It's her's.

This is also 174.

I have a small doubt, sir.

What's that?

There was a scratch in the hand
of the woman who died yesterday.

There is a phrase 'Yolo'
in this girl's hand.

And, there is a blue whale
sketch in her dairy.

A collection of horror movies
in the laptop.

All these are the tasks of the game.

Last task of that game is to
commit suicide falling from the terrace.

Don't share with anyone
unless confirmed.

Okay, I'll call back.


I'm on leave.

When do we have leave?

Just two or three months.

Then, who'll leave you?

You'll be the head of Crime Branch.

What happened?

Two suicides consecutively.

I think the motive must be big.

Your guys are there, isn't it?

Yeah, but we need
an expert's opinion?

Will you come or not?

When have you given a choice
to the policeman?

- Which zone?
- Adambakkam.

Ganapathy is there.

What can I do?

Both of them are
married young women.

I'll send you the order.

Attend the case.

- Park there.
- Okay, sir.

Sir, AC George.

DC has sent him
to handle the case.

Are we sitting here idle?


Where is the corpse?

It's in the mortuary.

This way, sir.

How old is she?

She is twenty seven years.

Your age?

Thirty years, sir.


How are you called?

Whether Kali or das?


Sir, take left.

Heard about the yesterday's incident.

That too is a suicide case.

Not that, about the knife incident.

Sir, this way.

DC told me.

It's a good thing.

Let the public know that
our heart beats the same.

Have you took any video
of the incident?

No, sir.

To post in the Facebook?

Don't take all these.

But, you'll take a video and replay
if the police hits someone.

Bunch of jokers.

This way.

Sir, here.

Hey, are you here?

Greetings, sir.

Yes, sir.


Hello, sir.

Are you looking after this case?

I'm on deputation.

Do you have something for me?

One second, sir...

Nail scraps.

We think killing is the
biggest punishment for a person.

Actually, it's a freedom.

Sir, it's a suicide.

Das, how are you willing to die?


I mean, in which method?

Sir, in my sleep...

Isn't that boring?

We're going to die
only once.

Won't that be good,
if bit exciting?

Sir, she...

Like a plane crash...

Exciting like that.

Sir, these are their reports.

Both fell from height.

Did they jump?

Or pushed by someone?

Sir, as it's a suicide,
they must've jumped.

Blue whale?

Have you read this report?

That's why, I'm saying, sir.

Where is the scene of crime
of this girl?

- Singham...
- Sir...

Capture the marks in the wall.

Okay, sir.

This cement crap is found
from the dead girl's nail.

If she wants to commit suicide,
she won't crap the walls.


Did you find it?

We opened the pattern lock of phone.

Here is the details, sir.


The girl had blue whale game
in her mobile.

Only today, all the images related to
that game has been deleted.

But, we got a evidence in that image.

In one of the image,
the girl's leg is shot on upstairs.


While taking a selfie,
she might've fallen.

Sir, the secretary of this flats.

Hello, sir.

What about the CCTV footage?

From morning onwards,
there was power rip problem.

Just now, we've checked.

Is it only when the girl had fallen?

It happens, often.

We've informed the SI
in yesterday's meeting.

Why CCTV cameras didn't work
when particular incident happened?

Unfortunately, it might be a coincidence.


Sir has come.


Recently, you know that a girl
has fallen to death.

Since morning,
I've been staying only here.

She is an innocent.

Was there any new person in the flats
when the girl fell down?

I can't see clearly
due to vision problem.

But, I heard the bullet sound.

This is the CCTV camera
of younger generation.

You belong to the generation who forgot
the tables because of the calculators.

This is the first woman
suicide case, sir.

Exactly, she was on the top of it.

Singham, come here.


Climb up.


Climb up.

Okay, sir.

Jump from there.

Sir, I'm scared.


Brother, turn back and jump.

That girl had jumped
only from the stool.

Yes, sir.

If she had jumped from there,
She would've fallen upside down.

If someone had pushed her
from here...

...due to angular motion,
she would've fallen upside down.

Wasn't this the position
she was found?

Yes, sir.

There was no footprint marks
on the wall.

Come up.

Aravind, put a cross mark on it.

Ganesh, hold his legs.


There is no need for
someone to push.

For this fifty feet height,

Though the girl would've jumped
from the stool.

By angular motion...

...she has fallen upside down
due to her body weight.

There is no chance
of foot prints on the wall.


Where is her husband?

Where is your wife's mobile phone?

Sir, I don't know.

She uses her phone
only to make calls and nothing else.

The day before she died,
you both were quarrelling.

Not a day has passed
without quarrelling?

We don't have children.

My mother called me
which she doesn't like...

...that made her to quarrel
with me.

But, I was told something differently.

What's that?

You're unfit. That's why, both
were indulged in quarrelling.

These people will convey,
what they are interested in.

I took care of her
like a child.

Instead of impregnating,
he took care of her like a child.

This is what will happen.

Does anyone have
a bullet in this flats?

Not now, sir.

Two months before a guy
had a bullet.

But, he vacated the house.

The beads look beautiful.

I didn't say,
I'll rent you the house.

In the morning...

...when I saw your face,
I thought you will.

That's why...

You said that you aren't
the owner of this house.

Did you close the EMI's?

Because, till the loan gets closed
the banker is the owner of the house.

That's why, I asked you.

Whether the EMI is closed or not
you've to pay the rent only to me.

With or without GST?

I'm not renting you the house.

You can leave.

Hello, please wait.

If you can't decide
about renting the house,

Then, why do you deny?

Ask him and say.



Come here.


Speak now.

Yes, tell me.

A person has come asking
the first floor room for rent.

What are you going to do by
renting out that now?

They said the house shouldn't
be kept locked.

Who said so?

My friends at parlour.

You've decided everything on your own.

Why are you asking me?

I've lots of problem.
Don't call me and irritate.

Hang up the phone.

Was the call from your wife?

Yes, sir.

Is it a love marriage
or an arranged marriage?

It's a love marriage, sir.

Did both the families
accept your marriage?

We eloped and got married.

When you both quarrel,
there is no one to be blamed.

So, you keep blaming each other.

You stay calm to the person,
who assigns the work

...but why are you getting angry
with your life partner?

How many people will stay here?

It's me only.

If you come home late night,

You should jump over the wall.

I won't come in the night.


Are you selling kulfi ice cream?

Oh, is it a joke?

Try better than this.

Are you a night watch man?

No, I'm a night beggar.

You'll rent me the house, right?

Will you pay the rent as coins?

In this digital India,
we've only online payment.

Oh, no! I've to rethink of
renting out the house to you.

Open the door.

So, what's your job, really?

I'm a DJ in a club.

You're enjoying your work
like night parties.

Nothing like that.

When everyone is happy as a clan,

I'll be alone in a corner at the party,
that's my job.

It's hard to be alone.

Will you bring girls to the house
to get rid of loneliness?


I've a moral line on girl's issue.

You said that you
don't have a phone.

No, it's my programme
coordinator's phone.

He gave his phone not believing me.

He is afraid that I may escape.

Come on, sir.

He is the Assistant Commissioner.

Hello, sir.

Something for you

Why this?

Come in, sir.

Everyone said that you'll prepare
a good coffee.

That's why,
I came here.

You're lying.

No coffee for me?

There is no milk.

I'm okay with black coffee.


Have you bought this house
with your earnings?

It's my grandfather's gift for
my marriage.


Who painted this one?

It's done by Madam.

She did a course on painting.

Thank you.

This is beautiful!

Thank you.

Black coffee is good for health.

We're spoiling the coffee by
using milk.

Thank you.
We're leaving now.

Why are you leaving soon?

We're on duty.
We've to go.

Next time,
come with your family.

Yes, sure.

At least to have coffee,

You take care.


What is her name?

Sir, Vidhya.

I can understand a woman's feeling
by the way she keeps her home.

She maintains the house beautiful.

It's great to be a wife
of the Police officer.

Take care of her.

These are the mobile numbers
of the dead women.

You're not speaking properly
to your wife.

Have you exchanged these words
when in love?

Sir, we got the recordings of
phone dump of those two women.

Totally, there is no connection
between them.

Don't know about the motivation
of the murder.

Whatever, you give a logical reasoning
for this case.

Thirty five years of experience
doesn't accept that it's a suicide.



The dead woman's father.

Get in.

Come here.

Be seated.

My daughter was killed.

Who is that?

My son-in-law.

He cheated her with seven years
of age difference.

My daughter wasn't happy
after her marriage.

I brought her up well
but got her married to a wrong person.

Look at this.

This is my daughter's.

When they were quarrelling,
he had broken it.

Uncle, what are you doing here?

First, go home.

Who are you to
ask him to go?

Please, ask him to wait outside
for ten minutes.

Uncle, wait outside for few minutes.

What's this?

It was her's.

Why did you break this?

I didn't do that.

Hey, whose phone is this?

It's Malini's phone.
She gave me.

It's her's.

Why she gave
her phone to you?

Give me.

I want to see.

She went out.

That's why she asked
to keep with me.

What was there?

'Miss you'


'Miss you'

This is her phone.

Anyone might send her,
'Miss you'.

What can I do for it?

Give me the phone.

- I won't.
- Give me.

I won't give you.

Are you dubious?

- Give now.
- I won't give.

You can't take care of me.

Are you suspecting me?

Are you suspecting me?

I took the broken phone
to the service center.

But, they said they can't
unlock the pattern.

We can do it, sir.

That's it.

Sir, we got the number.

Sir, this phone belongs to him
not mine.

Hey, come here



You saved my life, sir.

Yesterday, you showed your frustration
over someone, upon me.

I got frustrated.

Please, apologize me.

If you aren't there,

These policemen would've closed
the case stating...

...that I pushed the woman from upstairs.



Hey, what is your name?



How you know she was pushed?

How could she jump?

She would've been pushed by someone
else, she won't jump from there.

How do you know his wife?

I know, sir.

But, from yesterday morning onwards,
I'm in the prison.

How did you befriend his wife?

Sir, please wait outside.

Sir, wait outside.
I'll call you.

Okay sir.



Tell me, now.

I'll die,
if you hit me again.

I'll say everything to you.

Even if I remember the incidents
of previous birth, I'll tell.

I met her in the gym.

We were chatting in the group.

Later on,
we were chatting in privacy.

After speaking a lot,
we loved each other.

When her husband took the phone,

I was speaking to her directly.

Come inside.

Whenever I come,
she'll switch off the CCTV camera.

CCTV camera?

I've switched it off.

As per time table,
I should go there, today.

But, he has saved me.

Why did you come inside?

Priya was chatting similarly.

I bought her a dress
and went home.

Only then, I was aware
that's not Priya.

He is Priyadharsan.

Her husband.

Tell me.

A new tenant has come upstairs.

Why suddenly?

The room was locked for long days.

What Das has said?

What he says?

Do whatever you want.

If he comes home,
even I'm not visible to his eyes.

How does the tenant look like?

He is a DJ.

He looks similar to Pappu
in our college.

Similar to Pappu?

It was a flash!

He looks and smiles like Pappu
in college.

He speaks good.

Did Das meet him?

Only if he comes home
he could see him.

Okay, I want to meet him.

I'll not show him to you.

Okay, do one thing.

You and Das
come home this Sunday.


Hello, sir.

This temple only.

The first woman regularly
visits this temple.

These women have a WhatsApp group.

'Inauspicious pooja time'

He is the only male in
that 'WhatsApp' group.

How are you and your family?

- All are good.
- Fine.

Please, come.

We've to do an Archana.

To whose name?

On the name of the god.

(Chanting mantras)

Give the garland to this young guy.

(Chanting mantras)


If you contest elections,
it seems, women will vote for you.

Nothing like that, sir.

Women come here
to worship the lord.

While they come, will you push
them from the terrace?

I don't know anything.

They'll convey their problems to me.

Similarly, Malar said her husband
is not good.

One day, by mistake, I told him.

He caught her trapped.

I asked him not to do that,
but he didn't heed.

Who is that?

My wife is asking
when will I come home?

These higher officials
doesn't know this.

Brother, catch the guy
going by bicycle.

Stop there.

Hey, stop there.


It's hard to speak while running.

Don't be dubious on me.

I'll talk to you later.

Sir, I missed him.

Hey...get up.

Did you see anyone
running this way?

Get alcohol for me.

I'll reveal where he is.

Get alcohol for me.

I'll reveal where he is.

Do you know whom
your're speaking to?

Get alcohol for me.

I'll reveal where he is.

- Hey...
- Wait!

Get alcohol for me.

I'll reveal where he is.

Here it is...

Sir, please leave me.

It's hurting, sir.

Sir, please...

Leave me...

I didn't know anything.

- Das.
- Sir.

She had an affair with
another person in the flats.

I don't know anything.

First, sit down and eat.

Sir, I didn't do anything.

It's hurting, sir.

It doesn't matter whether
you did or not.

You made me to run at this age.


We've checked the CCTV footage
of the temple.

He was in temple
when she fell.

- Will you say or not?
- Only, sometimes I....

It's okay.

Till the case gets over,
let him be here.

You're looking like a sick lizard
but do all criminal works.

I'll thump you.

You must understand
the feelings of girls.

They don't bother about
the physical appearance.

But, they'll fall for
how we speak to them.

If people don't bother about family,
they'll fall for us.

I'll hit you.

In spite of all difficulties,
we've to take care of our family.

Can we keep nurturing
them every day?

You target them and speak routinely.

You dare to advise us.

Shut your mouth.

To our mouth, when we need
many varieties of food

Don't we need that for our life?

I'll kill you.

Hi, bro...


It's not eyebrow.

It's hi! brother.

When a dog or the police chases you,
You shouldn't run.

Both aren't safe.

Yeah, you're right.

What about you?

You're related to the first girl
and I'm to the second.

I didn't do anything.

I too haven't done anything.

I didn't do anything.

Is that, what you meant?

It's the first time for me.

But, she jumped over.

It's all my fate.

Oh, no! I don't have a count on it.

It's common in extra marital affairs.

Extra rice means?

It's not extra rice.

It's extra marital affair.

When the husband doesn't care,
Others like us will intrude into the house.

You're a great person!

You must shut...

...the door.



Come in.

Can I get palm jaggery?

Palm jaggery?


For what?

I asked for cooking.

Will you cook?

I like cooking than eating.

Why? will your cooking
won't taste good?

Why can't you taste it?

My hands are dirty.

You can take it
from second rack in kitchen.



I'm in the bedroom.

Why are you doing this work?

You can get a maid.

They'll take the advance money
but won't turn up.

Get down, I'll do it.


No problem.

- I'll do it.
- It's okay.

Give me.

What's this barcode,
which is seen in a product?


It's just a tattoo.

"In the wings of crow,
Oh, lord..."

"All I see is your ebony complexion,
Oh, lord..."

"In the wings of crow,
Oh, lord..."

"All I see is your ebony complexion,
Oh, lord..."

Nice song.

Would you like to have coffee?

I don't like coffee.

Who are they?

They are my spiritual gurus.

I'm in search of myself through them.

Got it?

Not yet.

Can you sing a poet Bharathi's song
for me?

"One evening alighted
on an elevated seat"

"I was watching the sky
and the ocean"

"One evening alighted
on an elevated seat"

"I was watching the sky
and the ocean"

Das, how long it's been
you took your wife out?

At this age, you'll be fond of
the police attire and moving around.

If you look back,
suddenly you'll become old.

You'll be at the stage of
getting PF due in few months.

There won't be any memories.

No one was there to guide me
on your age.

I'll come to the station.

You take your wife go out.

Are you at home?

No, I'm on the terrace
ready to jump.

Sorry, Investigation was going on
throughout the night.

The food and attires were ready.

What else?

Nothing is needed.

I'm coming home.

We'll go to a movie.

Sorry, it's a wrong number!

Hey, really.

Get ready.

I'll come soon.

Aren't you ready yet?

Just five minutes.

Hurry up.

Let's go.

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

"Come on, let's go and play."


I'm ready.

Vidhya, are you ready?

Come fast.

I'm coming.


What, brother?

Sir, what happened to your phone?

My phone!

The battery is down.

Why? What happened?

The third incident!

She has fallen from the terrace.

But, she's alive.

Okay, let's go.

I'll call you.


Sorry, Das.

I've to call you back.

- It's okay, sir.
- Sit down.

How is the condition, now?

I'm waiting for the doctor.

He is yet to come out of
the operation theatre.

She is in her last moments.

If you need to ask anything,
you can.

Sure, doctor.



Why did you jump from the building?




"The woman's mind gets slurred
in the love of the man"

"So my mind soughts me"


I expected that you'll track
the case.

But, it's going on consecutively.

One after another before
solving the previous case.

Not to wonder, even if two more
incidents happen.

What are you saying?

Where is Kaalidas?

He went out to take
the phone dump.

He'll be back.

The phone and CCTV cameras have
backlogged the field work.

Everyone wants to complete
the work from where they're.

It's the retirement time.

Fasten the case.

Das, what about the electricity board?

I've informed.
They'll come, sir.

Has the blue whale reached the shore?

Yes, sir.

In last two cases, an illicit affair was
cited as a motive.

But, she is an old woman,
staying alone.

She came here six months ago.

So, there is no other coincidence
other than fall from height.


It's a condom.

Sir, all roads lead to Rome.

I'll call you later.

Sir, the packet is fresh.

I think, it's opened just now.

What's the age?

Fifty five.

Check in the dust bin
for any used one.

Okay, sir.

For someone's act,
someone else is suffering.

Now, it's in the same track
of the last two cases, isn't it?


The call pattern seems to be normal.

But, the recharge pattern is unusual.

She has recharged once every two days
in two different shops for thirty rupees.

- Check it out.
- Yes, sir.

Give that packet.

Sure, sir.

Brother! come, let's go.

I'm coming, sir.

Come in, sir.

Greetings, sir.

I've seen her
when she came to the shop.

I don't know any other details, sir.

Do you know when
she came last to the shop?

I'm not sure, sir.

I'll recharge her phone,
that's all.

Why did she recharge exactly
for thirty rupees?

Sir, either she doesn't have enough money
or that might be the scheme.

Is this bought from your shop?

Oh, holy crap!
I'm not selling all these.

You mean, no!

You must come to the police station
whenever called, okay?

Yes, sir.

How many children do you've?

- Four.
- Four?

Buy at least for your own use.
Shall I leave?

Yes, sir.

Sir, this notebook.

Brother, when did she recharge?

On 22nd.

Brother, another number was
recharged with the same signature.

Call this number.

Yeah, call getting connected.

Speak now.


Who's speaking?

It's you who called.

It's you who answered the call.

Sir, I'll keep talking,
you trace out the call.


Hey, how do you know my name?

Give the phone to Kaalidas.

I think, he's following us
with a camera.

- Give me.
- He mention our names.


Das, this phone is in home.

Got any other clue?

No, sir.

As of now, nothing else.

We're coming to the spot, sir.

Brother, he is the AC

Oh, no! AC?

Das, we've checked her phone.

All numbers are inactive,
except one.

I got the address of that number.

We're going there now.

Track the live location of this number.

Yes, sir.

Sir, tell me the location
of that number.


Okay, sir.

We're going to Nungambakkam.


Sourashtra Nagar...

In Choolaimedu, isn't it?

Sir, we'll take left.

Okay, sir.

We're there only.

It shows this way, right?

Yes, sir.

Brother, stop that car.

Roll down the car window.

Where are you coming from?

From Adyar, sir.

Brother, a guy goes
there in hurry on bike.

Come, get on.

The address of the number
which was active is here.

That guy must be inside.

We too followed him, sir.

He came in a bullet

But, we missed him.

We'll catch him.

No need to hurry.

He is the only clue that we have.

Don't know what's the situation there.

Do you've 'Swiggy app' in your phone?

Yes, sir.

Open it.

Order something in that app
to this address.

Sir, it's your pizza

I didn't order.

Sir, Mr.Vivek?


The order has been placed in your name.

But, I didn't order anything.

Sir, the amount is paid.

I told you,
I didn't order.

Get lost.

Have you delivered to that house?

No, sir.

He said he didn't place the order.

Who is there?

Only one person was there.

How is he looking like?

He is looking smart, sir.

But, inebriated.

Okay, do what I say.

- Sir...
- Hey, what do you want?

Go away.


Sir, just a minute.

Okay, give me.


Turn him.

Leave me.


Shut your mouth.



He is...


She won't come for all that.

She'll rent out only the place.

We've to take the person.

When this message spread out
and became a problem...

...she vacated the house.

Sir, I don't know
where the new house is located.

She called me after four months.

But, she denied.

Sir, murder is a big thing.

Sir, I was here on that day at 2 o'clock.

Even my friend posted a like in Facebook.

Please, check it.


Please, sir.

Do you know these people?

Don't know, sir.

It's a big network, sir.

Shilpa owned a bouquet shop
at the entrance of the pub.

I know this woman
through Shilpa.

If you inquire her,
you'll get the details.

Where is Shilpa?


Is there anyone as Shilpa here?

No one is here by that name.



I don't know anyone like that.

Better, you inquire inside.

Okay, let's go.


Why are you here?

I've come for a small inquiry.

Are you good?

I'm good, sir.

Come in, sir.

Sir, let's have a coffee.
Come on.

Watch your step, sir.

Inspector Das sir.

I told you about him, isn't it?

Get coffee.

Is it Anita?

Yeah, sir.

I don't want coffee.

You go to school.

No time for that.

Is there anyone as Shilpa here?

Few women have
the same name here.

But, don't know who is
the one you mention about?

Where were they?

Sir, children are there.

Shall we inquire
by calling them out?

No time to inquire separately.

It's very urgent.

Sir, come on...

Sir, that woman!

Hey, come fast.

Get on...

Hurry up.

Chase them.

Follow them.

Hey, go...

Hurry up.
Take the vehicle.

Take right and go straight.


Brother, go that way.



Hey, where is that woman?

I'm not a pimp.

Just a commuter.


Where is Shilpa?

Sir, which Shilpa?

Tell me.

Sir, I promise,
I don't know.

Tell me.

Sir, I promise,
I don't know.

Tell the truth.

I'll tell you, sir.

Sir, those were temporary names.

Das! Take him to the vehicle.



Have you got caught?

On that day,
you said you've influence.

Was everything lies?

- Hey,
- Sir.

Do you know him?

His girl?

She is Shanthi.

Now got admitted in a hospital.

Which hospital?

Rao hospital, sir.

Is anyone admitted here
in the name, 'Shanthi'?

Just a minute, sir.


- Sir, Room no.14, first floor.
- No.14


Das, go and check.

- I'll wait here.
- Yes, sir.

Hey, come with me.

Hey, stay here.

Sir, will you let me free
if you get her?

From yesterday, we are chasing
like James bond.

Come to the station,
I'll leave you.

Where is she?

Sir, she would've got
the information and left.

No use of searching her.

- Tell me.
- Sir, she is missing.

I expected!


I'll go home and be back.

You leave later.

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

Come on.
Sit there.


Hey, better stretch out and sleep.

Get up.

I'll hit you.

Look at his moss and mocker.

Take this.

Four of you share and eat.

Sir, this little quantity for everyone?

You're an accused,
you must be given poison.

Instead, I'm giving you food.
Better go and eat.

Accused no. 3 and 4.

I'm just for commuting.

Don't feel bad.
Eat now.

It's safe for us
to be in the prison.

Someone is killing the women,
letting off men.

Male chauvinist.

What do you mean by that?

Still believing,
it's a male dominant world.

Come, let's eat.

"The woman's mind gets slurred
in the love of the man"

"So my mind soughts me"

"It celebrates ever..."

"It straits for still more"

"The stars...
In my eyes..."

"The untold smell on me"

"I'm living with the eyes,
which are without deception"

"I feel myself...
I'm forgetting the world"

"I feel myself...
I'm forgetting the world"

"The happiness is searching
for me like a butterfly"

"It'll learn millions of poetries
and recite into my ears"

"When the answers came to me
the queries was stopped"

"I won my dreams
when the barriers were broken up"

"I get fulfilled within me"

"I melt in your memories"

"I get fulfilled within me"

"I melt in your memories"

"I'm painting my life with colours"

"I'm born again..."

Sir, this is the address and phone number
of the guy in petty shop.

He said he'll come for inquiry
whenever called.

Yes, sir.

Witness no.2


Staying nearby.

Their address and phone number.

- Brother,
- Sir...

It's the common place which connects
the three deceased women.

Where does the women go regularly,
who resides in this zone?

They'll go to the temple
in the morning...

...and to the shops.

And go to schools
to bring their children.

Excuse me, Sir.

As daily chores, they'll go to the gym,
school, market and the grocery shop.

To the temple, laundry, butchery shop,
fancy shops and malls.

If luxurious enough,
they'll go to pub.

As monthly routine,
they'll go the beauty parlour...

...fair price shops, medical shop,
chit funds and bajans in some monasteries.

Apart from that, frequent visits
to jewellery shops, relative's functions...

...and to the hospitals.

That's all the places
where women's life is.

- Super.
- Thank you.

A male chauvinist!

Who is he?

Sir, AC is calling you.

I'm coming.

- Brother,
- Sir.

Check whether these three women
connect to the places he mentioned.

Okay, sir.

(Indistinct voices)

Sir, did you call me?

Three women died
because of illicit affair.

Is it suicide or murder?

Read the last paragraph.

The Police officer Kaalidas
has revealed about the investigation...

What's this?

Sir, I'm not aware.

The reporter has used my name
since he is known to me.

Das, I didn't take up this job yesterday.

Don't you've any other incident
to publicise yourself?

Sir, I don't need this cheap publicity.

Moreover, this wasn't a fake news.

Those women were wrong.

Right and wrong depends
on their mind.

Did you think of their families?

Along with their agony,
they've to bear this shame too.

If worried about shame,
they should've brought them up good.

When did the police started
moral policing?

Do you know how the family grieves
if a girl was dead?

You would've known,
if you've felt that agony.

I know, sir.

But, I didn't give this news, sir.

When the wrong people are exposed,

I can't do anything.

I'll go home and be back, sir.

- Tell me.
- Sir, a breaking information.

In the call history of
the deceased women no.1 and 3,

A single number is common.

Whose number is that?

His name is David.


I've checked the proof.

Everything is original.

Is it?

I'll call you later.

I'll send you an address.

Check the person immediately.

- Where did you go?
- I must ask this.

Regarding the cases of those women...

You've phone, isn't it?

You might've informed me.

You know,
I'll be busy in investigation.

You would've called me.

When I call you,

You may be hiding
to catch someone.

When hearing the ring tone,
if he does anything to you!

Is all those necessary for me?

First, stop watching the soap operas.

Give the key.

Give me, I'll open.

A new tenant has come to
the first floor.

I've the advance amount.

What happened?

Why are you coming here?
Is this a choultry?

You stay here for just ten minutes.

You can't even listen
to what I say.

No...the case is
getting complicated.

That's why...


Better spend time for the cases.

You don't bother about our life
getting complicated.

No, I'm trying to spend time
with you.

But, the situation is like that.

Gather time, patiently.

I won't be here, then.

Just a minute, brother.

Tell me, now.

I'm in Thiruverkadu.

The proof is right.

His name is David Susai.

But, he is not here.

No one is aware of his whereabouts.

Is there any image of him?

No, sir.

Check whether the address
is updated when the phone number is...

...attached to any government documents.

- I'm coming.
- Okay, sir.


Somehow save me with the
department's help.

Henceforth, I won't go for this job.

Near Manapakkam bridge.

What happened?


You doesn't look so.

Shall I tell you one thing?

In the stationary shop,
though numerous pens are there...

...the shop keeper knows
only to scribble with the pen.

He doesn't know it's value.

Not good?

Shall I?

Actually, cutting is an art.
You know?

It's okay for engagement.

You go...

No one will mistake.


Chain snatching, sir.

I'll call you back, dear.

Where did you catch him?

In Thirupathi Nagar.

Did you see anyone suspicious,
roaming around there?

Have you seen these
three women anywhere?

I'll leave you,
if you say the truth.

I know that woman, sir.

Multiple cuts, sir.

See this blood.

Instead of spilling from
the woman's body, it was scattered.

The blood of the deceased
won't be in round shape.

In the struggle between the two,

The blood might've scattered
from the murderer.

If there is a suspect list,
we can confirm by the test.

Sir, it's her phone.

- Ganesh,
- Yes, sir.

Check whose number is this.

98402 74281

Sir, it's in the name of the
Inspector Kalidas.

Are you sure?

Confirm, sir.

Ganesh, I want the last week
call records of the Inspector Kalidas.

- Tell me sir.
- Das, where are you?

I'm at inquiry.
Should I come?

No, I'll take care.

Okay sir.

"Is the man's face a bliss?"

"Like the flower fondled
by the fingers"

"Like the island caressed
by the clouds"

"Has the bliss spread
in my whole heart"

"The sorrows are at distance"

"It's the sweetest time"

"Beyond the borders"

"The nostalgia garners"


By the way, do you've
her blood reports?

Positive, sir.

As you guessed,
that wasn't the blood of the deceased.

See whether you know
these three women?

Tell me.

Sir, this phone number is linked
to the parlour in Thirupathi Nagar.

I've shared you the parlour address.


Who is David Susai here?

Just a minute, sir.
I'll call him.

Hello, sir.

Those three women aren't alive now.

You're the only person
associated to them.

What did you do?

Many people come here.

How could you ask
who is alive or dead?

So, you don't know
these three women?

Just a minute, sir.

- Stella, come here.
- Sir.

Have you seen these women
in our parlour?

I don't remember these two women.

But, I've seen the third woman.

Do you know when they visited
the parlour?

We'll know the date
if there is a phone number.

We can check the CCTV footage, sir.

Shall we check?

Sir, that second one.

Sir, that first girl.

Have they ever came together?

I'll check.

Sir, I brought AC George sir
from here, on the first day.

Has Assistant Commissioner George
came here?

Sir, he came here once.

His son visits often.

Does he have a son?

Don't know.

Think well.

Yes, sir.

He belongs to this hamlet.

How he will be?

Fair, tall, wearing spectacles.

Do you have his footage?

- Sir, let me check.
- Check it.

Sir, look here.

Is the opposite angle of
CCTV footage available?

We have

'You are trying to call...'

'You are trying to call...'

Leave me...

What happened?

Who is upstairs?

The tenant!

Does Das know?


Who did all these?

It's him.

Why? What's the problem?

Do you know these women?

Who are they?

They were my parlour friends.

Is he upstairs?

Come, let's go.

Come, we'll see.


Be bold.
I'm here.


Five women were in your group.

Four of them aren't alive now.

Do you know why?

Bad company.

Anything between you and that guy?


Else, he won't behave like that.

If anything is there,
it's okay.

Das is not at all taking care of you.

He doesn't have time for you.

It's hard to be with him.

But, I can't live without him.


Das, you stay there.


Das, don't come upstairs.

Sir, my wife!


Not known to you all these days?

You said that he is upstairs.

Show me.



Das, wait.




Nothing, dear

I've come.

Vidhya, calm down.

Calm down, Vidhya.




Are you planning to separate us?

I'll kill you.

Listen me, leave him.

What are you doing?

I'll Kill you

Vidhya, relax.

Kill you



Something is happening here, sir.

It seems, Vidhya speaks a lot
only with you.

Obviously, sir.

I'm her friend.

I'm also her Psychologist.

What's her problem to
consult a Psychologist?

She is Schizophrenic.

In her case, she
doesn't know the...

difference between the
real and delusion.

She gives a form to the image
in her mind and lives with that.

So, she is imagining things.

Why so?

There are numerous reasons.

Her child died within
two days of birth.

She was very depressed after that.

She began to live with the child
which is not alive.

Without her conscious,
she started blabbering...

...like her child went to school,
playing outside and all.


Does Das know about it?

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

Come on, let's go and play


Kaalidas is aware about this.

But, we can't blame him.

Because, he too might be
depressed of the child.

To get rid of that,
he concentrated on the work.

He neglected her.

Why are you coming here?

Is this a choultry?

But, she missed Kaalidas a lot.

She gave a form to her Kaalidas
in imaginary and living with him.



If you come late at night,
you've to jump the wall

I won't come at night

Why? Are you going to sell
kulfi ice cream?

Will you sing poet Bharathi's
song for me?

Did she speak to you
about those four women?

Yeah, she told.

They'll say just for name sake.

Still, it's the male dominant world.


No...These people aren't good.

They'll separate us.

Don't we have a life for our own?

The men won't allow us.

We've to take ourselves.

Why are you missing
your happiness for his sake?

Vidhya, don't get along with them.

No problem, indeed.

My house is there.

You can use at any time.

Known friends are there.

Shall I introduce them to you?


No need, Vidhya!

As Kaalidas didn't care her,
she too was perplexed and on dilemma.

Vidhya is on dilemma.

But, the Kaalidas within her is clear.

He has taken control of her.

So, isn't it wrong betraying Das
for another relationship?

You'll feel guilty for
a couple of times.

Later, you'll like that decision.

- Where in Manapakkam?
- Near the bridge.

Stay there, I'll come.

I know that woman, sir.

I've seen her with the Inspector's wife.


As you guessed, that's not the blood
of the deceased.

There is a surprise element for you.

The murderer is a woman.

By the way,
do you've her blood reports?

I don't have.

But, I can help you.

Sir, the blood sample which you gave
is matching.

Kaalidas's wife, Vidhya is...


Okay, guys
Any special request?



What's your preferable song?

Sean Paul, Afro jack...

Will you sing poet Bharathi's song
for me?

You mean, poet Bharathi's song?

Night life, parties,
enjoyable job, isn't it?

When everyone is enjoying the party,
my job is to stand alone...

...at a corner in the dark.

I hate it to the core.

I'm planning to quit soon.

Those four women are pitiful.

I shouldn't have done that.

What was your fault?

It's my fault,
who was within you.

If I might've spent the time
you asked for...

...all these wouldn't have happened.


Am I mad?

Will you leave me?

It's hard to be with you.

But, I can't live without you.

Will you sing poet Bharathi's song
for me?

"In the evening, alighted on
an elevated seat"

"I was watching into the expanses
of the skies and the ocean"

"In the evening, alighted on
an elevated seat"

"I was watching into the expanses
of the skies and the ocean"

"There in the far corner,"

"I witnessed the rainbow,
kiss and caress the ocean"

"There in the far corner,"

"I witnessed the rainbow,
kiss and caress the ocean"

"In the evening, alighted on
an elevated seat"

"I was watching into the expanses
of the skies and the ocean"

"Totally engrossed in the intensity
of the surrounding blueness"

"I had stopped realising
the passing of time"

"Totally engrossed in the intensity
of the surrounding blueness"

"I had stopped realising
the passing of time"

"In numerous entrancing and
mesmerizing dreams that followed..."

"I was in a state
where I forgot my existence"

"In numerous entrancing and
mesmerizing dreams that followed..."

"I was in a state
where I forgot my existence"

"I was in a state
where I forgot my existence"

"In the evening, alighted on
an elevated seat"

"I was watching into the expanses
of the skies and the ocean"