Kaala Patthar (1979) - full transcript

Captain Vijay Pal Singh is branded a coward, disgraced, humiliated by society and disowned by his parents for abandoning his ship risking the lives of over 300 passengers. With guilt on his mind and low self-esteem Vijay takes up work as a miner in a coal mine owned by Dhanraj Puri. Puri is a self-senile man who thinks about himself, by endangering the lives of his workers to profit himself and with no benefits or medical facilities for them. Vijay attempts to get rid of his cowardice by saving the lives of his co-workers by the contended wrath of Puri. The same happens when water forces its way into one of the mining tunnel endangering the lives of hundreds of workers; this time Vijay hopes to make it big so that he can be able to put together his life again.

Hurry up.

Come on.

- Kishan Lal, Gangaram.
- Raghunath.

He is a coward kill him!
Don't spare him!

He's a coward, kill him.

Kill him. Kill him.
Kill him! Kill him!

Run! Fire, run!

Move back!
I said move back.

What happened?

There has been a
blast in tunnel number four.

And our Raghunath,
is trapped down there!

Accountant! Accountant!

Call them.
Call the fire brigade.








Vijay, Vijay.

They are coming up.
They are coming.

- Hail. - Brother Vijay!
- Hail. - Brother Vijay!

- Hail. - Brother Vijay!
- Hail. - Brother Vijay!

- Long live! - Brother Vijay!
- Long live! - Brother Vijay!

- Long live! - Brother Vijay!
- Long live! - Brother Vijay!

- Long live! - Brother Vijay!
- Long live! - Brother Vijay!

Yes, I am a coward!

Good morning.

- Ojha. - Yes, sir. - Bring the luggage
in the other car. - Yes, sir.

Driver, pull up the windows and
switch on the air conditioner.

I start to suffocate
when I pass this area.

It has a very bad atmosphere.

There is the essence
of coal in the air.

Really, Saxena, when I look at
these people and this place...

...I feel that either I should sell of
these coalmines or close them.

But after all what else can be done.
It's business.

The engineer's post that was vacant,
did you select any one for that post?

Yes, I have sent the
appointment letter.

His name is Ravi Malhotra.
He is coming tomorrow.

"Life is a journey
which if stops is of no use."

"Life is a journey
which if stops is of no use."

"If these feet stop somewhere
then they are of no use."

"Life is a journey
which if stops is of no use."

"Listen you young traveler,
you singing traveler."

"These paths and my arms."

"Please don't leave and go.
Please come back."

"Either it is the beauty."

"Or the call of love."

"The free birds will."

"Never stop flying in the sky."

"With the feet of the people leaving.
With the feet of the people coming."

"The path will always be filled."

"If we leave it will
make no difference."

"Life is a journey
which if stops is of no use."

"If these feet stop somewhere
then they are of no use."

"Please don't do such a thing,
dear, don't leave."

"Please don't do such a thing,
dear, don't go away."

"Please take me also along with
you, dear, when you go."

"What is the point to be with a traveler
who is about to leave?"

"What is the point to cling
on to a traveler...

...even for a moment
who is about to leave?"

"With the feet of the people leaving.
With the feet of the people coming."

"The path will always be filled."

"If we leave it will make no difference."

"Life is a journey
which if stops is of no use."

"If these feet stop somewhere
then they are of no use."

"Life is a journey which
if stops is of no use."

- May I come in?
- Yes.

- I am Ravi Malhotra.
- I see.

- Here is my appointment letter.
- Mr. Ravi, you will work under me.

I am the chief engineer here,
Maniklal Saxena.

I had read your name on the nameplate
outside the office.

You can join from tomorrow.

- Thank you very much.
- Just a minute.

The project that you
have to work on.

Regarding that there is a meeting
with our boss Mr. Puri.

This is the blue print for it.

If you can study it in detail before
coming then it will be better.

Right, sir.
Thank you.

Sir, there is a problem.

- What? - We cannot dig
tunnel number four anymore.

Because there is water
in the nearby mine.

If we will dig any further the
water will enter this tunnel.

And, sir, you know
that there are...

...at least 400 workers present
every time in the tunnel.

If we don't dig tunnel number
four further what will be the loss?

We will have to leave at least
Rs. 40 lakhs worth of coal.

Saxena, your
calculation is so weak that...

...you don't even know that
40 lakhs is much more than 400.

And listen what you
have said to me just now...

...no one else should know about it.

Take out as much coal as you can.

Later on if something happens
I will handle it. Let's go.

- Excuse me. May I come in, sir?
- Come in. Come in, Mr. Malhotra.

Sir, this is our new engineer
Mr. Malhotra.

How do you do, sir?

Sorry, sir. I was late.
I have come exactly two minutes late.

But because I am new here
I could not find the way.

It took me time to find the way.

So you are the one.

So, Mr. Saxena, what were you saying?

I was saying that in this project
we could go till there.

- Till there.
- Yes, sir.

So that the other tunnel near it.

- The one that has closed down.
- Yes.

It is filled with water till the top.

But to get the coal between them
we will have to dig a tunnel till there.

- Till there.
- Yes, sir. - Excuse me, sir.

I want to say something regarding this.

- Yes.
- With your permission, sir.

Sir, you just said that you
want to dig this tunnel even further.

But we have to keep in mind...

...that this tunnel next to
it is filled with water.

The more we dig this tunnel the distance
between them will shorten.

And according to these blue prints...

...the distance between
them will become so less...

...that the water will break this wall
and enter this tunnel.

And if this happens...

...then the lives of all
the workers will be in danger.

Mr. Ravi Malhotra.

You are qualified but your
practical experience is nil.

Mr. Saxena has been our
chief engineer for 15 years.

Don't you think if
there was such a danger...

...he would have informed me?

No, sir. With due respect to
Mr. Saxena I didn't mean that.

If I have to look at
all these small details...

- ...then we will have to close
down these mines. - Yes.

There are always small accidents
taking place in the mines.

Four days back there was a
man stuck in the tunnel.

- I have heard that there is a worker.
- His name is Vijay.

- He somehow saved his life.
- He is that type of man, sir.

Even earlier he has risked
his life and saved people.

Brave man, sir. He should be
rewarded on your behalf.

Ojha, sometimes you
talk like an inexperienced person.

A man who has the courage to save
others' lives by risking his own...

...that same worker can dare to
raise his voice against us.

And you want to reward
such a dangerous man?

Those workers are
useful to us who struggle...

...and accept everything.

To the boss as well as death.

What did you say the name
of the worker was?

- Vijay.
- Vijay...

...no he doesn't seem
to be of any use to us.

Whether the hotel functions or not
I will stop lending to anyone.

First of all you give food on credit
and on top of that just great!

- Uncle, give me some tea.
- Kisna, give some tea to Vijay sir.

- Yes, uncle.
- Put a lot of milk in it.

Brothers, these are
not just any rings.

This is a ring blessed by a sage.

If this ring is worn on the third
finger of your right hand...

...then all your wishes
will come true.

If your son runs away or
if you lose your job...

...if your wife is upset
or if you are unlucky.

Once you wear this ring
everything will be solved.

The enemy will be at your feet,
the boss will talk to respectfully.

You will see the lost
wealth in your dreams.

Those of you who do not have a child by
wearing this ring you will have children.

And those of you who have a
lot of children wear this ring.

You can kill me if
you have a third child.

Brothers, the magic in this
ring has turned around the fate...

...of many people in Delhi,
Calcutta and Jhumri Telaiya...

...Jodhpur and Lucknow.

And now a lot has been written about
this ring even in English books.

Brothers, the cost of
this ring is only rupee one.

In rupee one you can smoke a
cigarette or eat a betel leaf.

And the brother who
buys combs, hair bands...

...or bangles, this ring will be given
to him in 50 paisa. Only 50 paisa.

One rupee, one rupee, one rupee.
Please come forward, brothers.

Just one rupee.

Hey, Shanno!
How are you?

We manage it somehow, brother Vijay.

You tell me,
where were you for so many days?

- Uncle, give a cup of tea to
this poor Shanno also. - Okay.

My throat has dried
up by talking so much.

- Yes, sir. - Listen...
- Kisna, first give me a glass of water.

Brother Vijay, I have sold so many rings
but you did not buy even one.

Wear this ring and see all
your wishes will get fulfilled.

Take it. Take it.

A person who does not have any
wishes has no use of this ring.

Now listen to this. If I meet
any more people like you...

...then my business will be ruined.

Whom are you trying to fool, girl?
You earn a lot.

You will now
straight go to the village...

...and sell combs, bands
and bangles at double rate.

Vijay, the girls in the
village like to wear bangles.

They buy a lot.

Uncle, the wives of the
workers dying every day...

...in these mines don't buy
bangles to wear but to break them.

You are right, Vijay.

"People, listen about that fair.
- Listen about that fair."

"Listen about that fair.
Wear a turban on the head."

"Wear a turban on the head."

"Who are nice
or evil people in the world?"

"Who are nice
or evil people in the world?"

"Maintain your relation with everyone.
Maintain your relation with everyone."

"Hey! Tell me who the true
one over here is!"

"Hey! Tell me who the true
one over here is!"

Hello, everybody. Hello, everybody.
Greetings, sir.

You are sitting here?
Why didn't you go to work?

- What happened?
- I have the second shift. Sit.

Uncle, get some tea for Jagga.

Get me a tea from Punjab.
From Punjab.

Girl, are you all right?
You are not talking.

I have finished talking.

First tell me, have you got my things?

Have I ever forgotten earlier
that I will forget today?

Dadu, get her things, it
is wrapped in a newspaper.

- I have got all your combs,
powders and bands. - Really?

Get it. For the girl.
Get it.

- Greetings, uncle.
- Greetings.

- King!
- Oh no! I lost again? - Yes.

- God bless you. - Murli, it is
useless to play cards with Rana.

Every time he wins.
- He has a strong luck!

- Wonderful. - Rana, is it luck
or is it some kind of a plan of yours?

- Are you cheating?
- I am not cheating. It is my luck.

Luck, this is called luck in Punjab.

- Jagga, luck means fate.
- Oh Fate!

Rana, give me also some of
your luck maybe even I will win.

Uncle, give me some snacks.
Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Give him some snacks.

Hey, buddy, have some snacks.

- Friend, why don't you eat anything?
- Uncle, write it in the account book.

Are you all right?
Get yourself examined.

I just remembered that at
the station I met a doctor.

She is coming in the
place of our existing doctor.

She was looking for some transportation.
I said my truck is big enough.

Well, she was good looking.

But is she a good doctor
or not that we will have to see.

Dr. Sen!

These are all the keys
to the cupboards.

There is no need to lock
these cupboards anyway.

Most of the bottles are empty.
Medicines are less.

These are the case histories.

You will find the names of
the patients alphabetically.

If you want to know anything
else, you can ask Gangadhar.

- Gangadhar!
- Yes, sir.

- This is your new doctor.
- Greetings.

Gangadhar, is this hospital's watchman,

...nurse, cook and everything else?

I got only one man from
the management.

Dr. Mathur, how long
have you been here?

For a long time.

For a long, long time.
It's been three months.

You are saying that three months
are really long?

Dr. Mathur, maybe you are
afraid of staying in...

...such small places
like our other colleagues.

But, Doctor, this is
our responsibility today.

At places where there are no doctors.

Doctor Sudha Sen!

What you are saying is exactly
what I thought while coming here.

That I have to make people
healthy and treat the patients.

But how do I treat them?
Of whom?

Not patients but dead bodies
come in this hospital.

And dead bodies that
are still not dead.

There are no medicines, no
equipments nor any facilities.

I am sorry, Doctor.
You won't be able to do anything.

If there are no medicines
or medical facilities here...

...then why didn't you tell
the general manger...

...I mean the management?

How many times have I informed them?
But who listens to me here?

Do one thing take these papers
to Saxena and clear everything.

- Because these have to be dispatched
today. It's very important. - Yes.

And while returning do one thing.

At 4 o' clock my plane is coming
from Calcutta with my guest.

Receive her and take her
to my bungalow.

- Right, sir.
- Okay?

- Hi, Ravi.
- Anita! Oh no!

What are you doing here?
What a place to meet?

- How are you?
- Very well, thank you.

You are insulting me. You are not
even a bit happy seeing me.

- This is not done.
- No, no, Anita, it is not like that.

I am very happy seeing you.

Okay. Whatever at least tell me
what are you doing here?

Me? I am the new engineer
at Dhanraj coal mines...

...and the only member
of your welcome committee.

But you tell me what are you doing
in Dhanraj Puri's private plane?

What was the need to
come down here?

I have become a big journalist now.

My articles get published in all
the papers and magazines in India.

I am respected a lot in the high society.
But how will you know?

And you are here to write
an article on the coalmines.

You even understood that, Ravi.

Since when do I know you?
Since the college years.

But today you have spoken
something sensible.

Very good. Okay listen,
where has Dhanraj Puri made...

...the arrangements
for my accommodations?

In his house.
There are no hotels here. Sit.

My father and Puri sir
have a very old friendship...

...since the days of the racecourse.
Even I know him from my childhood.

I said I wanted to
see your coal mines.

He said that I have
a private plane you can come.

So here I am.
And here I met you also.

And tell me, are you still alone
or married?

- I am still alone.
- Okay...

...you have still not married
anyone after I left you?

- What?
- Don't lie!

You used to like me a lot
during college days.

Anita, what do you think
of yourself? Cleopatra?

Even then I am still okay.

I am smart, intelligent
and I have a quality...

...that appeals to people
like you a lot.

Anita, you have not changed.

Mangal! Mangal, get up.
The jailor is coming.

If the jailor is coming
then how can I stop him?

Why are you ruining my sleep?

I told you because if you keep
him happy...

...show some decency...

...then maybe he will reduce some years
from your life imprisonment.

You idiot, now the time has come
that I...

...will have to take someone else's
help to get out of here.

Munna, you can say that
I have started liking this place.

Otherwise whenever I want
I can run away from here.

Just let it be.
These are just baseless talks.

When your milk
tooth had not broken...

...since then Mangal
has been breaking locks.

You still don't know me, dear.
You will get to know.

- Greeting, sir.
- Look here, Mangal...

...you have to plant the dynamite
in that mountain there.

Come, help the others.

- And listen!
- Yes, sir.

- And you go and work with them.
- Yes.

- I will come and tell you
what to do. - Ok, sir.

- Mangal, have you finished?
- I have planted it, sir!

- Press the button!
- Mangal, move back!

Even further!

What an insane person!
I say move back!

Ok then.
Press it!

Where did Mangal go?

Find him!

This picture should be sent to
every police station in the state.

Keep an eye on every bus station
and railway station.

This man is a murderer.
He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Capturing him is very important.

- Deepak.
- Deepak.

- Jamnadas.
- Jamnadas.

- Bhola... - Wait, wait,
looks like you are new here.

- What is your name?
- What is the day today?

- Mangal.
- Then write it. - Write it.

- Mangal.
- Ashok. - Ashok.

Towards the right.
Up. Up, yes. Careful.

Were you in any
mine before also?

Don't tell anyone.
I was in jail.

Why are you joking?

Don't you get scared...

...that if you ever get stuck inside
here what will happen?

My dear...

...till today there is
no such place built...

...from where Mangal
cannot escape, understand?

Keep working.

Okay, listen before I
see any more places...

- ...you tell me everything about coal.
- What should I tell you?

Where do you find most of the coals?

How many types of
coal are available?

How is coal formed?
What are the uses of coal?

How do you do the
business of coal? Etc etc.

Etc. Ok.

I will give the answers to your
questions accordingly.

Okay shoot.

Coals are mostly used in stoves.

Coals are of two types.

One is black
and the other is also black.

That is why both types
of coal are identical.

Your next question that
how are coals produced.

You must have heard the saying.
When a log burns it turns into coal.

And when coal burns
it turns into ashes.

Uses of coal will be that
people use coal for brushing.

Couples use coal for
writing nice things.

And kids use coal
for making moustache.

There are three types of
people in the coal business.

First is, the one who buys
the coal...

...the other, who sells the coal
and the third is the agent.

But the people who quest for
coal get their hands dirty.

So we don't shake hands with them...

...and we greet them from far so that
our hands also do not get dirty.

Ok, ok.

That's all now I know everything
about coal.

Thank you very much

- I am very thankful to you.
- No problem.

Since I have known you...

...this is the second time
you have talked some sense.

Very good keep it up.

- Here is my move.
- Here is my move also.

- One more. - Okay, here is
one more from me also.

One more then.

Today you are making
move after move?

- Show.
- Queen jack and a ten.

Oh God, lost all the money again.

Well done.

Will you play with me also?

Why won't I play,
of course I will play.

"Make a life with luck."

"Make a life with luck."

"If you trust yourself,
then come and gamble."

"Then come and gamble."

Here is my move filled with love.

Here is my move in the
name of brotherhood.

One from me also.

One from me also.

Look here, dear, this
will take a lot of time.

I have a rupees hundred note
with me.

Here, I have put it down
and so should you.

Whose card will be bigger
will take all the money. What say?

- Is it ok?
- Ok.

You have come new here do you know
where are you betting your money?

Nobody has ever won from
Rana before.

Nobody has ever won from big brother
and I have never lost.

So, we will see today?
Come on.

- Three jacks.
- Is that all?

What do you have?

- I have three kings.
- What?

Show me.
Show me the three kings.

- First king.
- Okay.

Second king.

Where is the third king?
Show the third king.

My dear...

...I am the third king,
can't you see?

I am the third king.

- Rupee one. - Will this
ring of yours help me or not?

What are you talking, brother...

...once this ring goes in your
right hand's third finger...

...your fate will be in
your hands, look here.

- Now you see its wonder rupee one.
- Here take rupee one.

Why, dear, which rings do you sell?

- Magical rings will you buy?
- What are these magical rings?

I have heard of only
two types of rings.

One of engagement and
the other of marriage.

Really I also sell
bangles do you want?

Why are you joking with me, dear?

I do wear bracelets sometimes but...

...that too of iron
and of the government.

If you will have a
attitude like this...

...then you will get to wear those
very soon. Isn't your name Mangal?

I didn't know
I was so famous here?

Uncle has told me about your doings.

This one thing I don't
like about uncle.

He told everything about me to you.

Bu did not say
anything about you to me.

Did your parents keep
any name for you or not?

- What is your name?
- Shanno is my name.

It sounds like the sound of six dozen
bangles tinkling together.

Shall I tell you one thing, dear,
you can play here with everyone.

But there is one man,
Vijay never upset him.

He has taught a lesson to everyone
who has upset him.

My dear, you still don't know me.

But whether you know me...

...or not but the day Vijay meets
me he will know me.

What is there to laugh? Look here,
Dhanna, this is not right.

You have been eating in
my restaurant on credit...

...have I ever said no to you?

But you got your salary
today, at least pay me today.

Again the same thing,
what did I tell you?

Never to talk to me
about money, understood?

- Didn't you understand? - Why are you
disturbing us oldies? Go from here. Go!

I am asking for my own money.

Why are you making Dhanna angry?
Go from here.

Okay tell me fast
what do you want?

What do I want? Clear the
money of the account that's all.

What did you say?
You want money.

Look here, brother, they
all come to my restaurant...

...and eat but when I ask
for money what shall I say...

...what kind of attitude
they show to an old man like me.

Dhanna, give him his money.

- How much is the calculation of uncle?
- Rupees fifty-five.

Here take this.

- Dhanna, shall I kill him here itself?
- Not here, Shankar.

Let him meet me
inside the mines on duty.

Will kill him and bury him there.

He keeps too much account
of others' calculations.

I will finish all his calculations.

Hello, engineer sir.

Listen accordingly to the
orders of the chief engineer.

- Take this vein thirty feet ahead.
- Okay.

The work is a bit difficult so
appoint a good and strong person.

The whole weight is on four wooden
pillars, the person should be witty.

- I will do it right away, Ramu!
- Sir...

...if you will allow me
then I would like to go.

Okay, you can go.
Ramu, you wait!


- ...is your name Vijay?
- Yes.

Did you see, sir, how he went?
He is a very brave person.

Is someone there?

Come on, friend,
the siren has sounded.

Listen, that man who was working
in the new tunnel has he left?

We don't know, sir.

Maybe he has left.
You please come.

Only four people can go.
You go I will come the next time.

- Good. Come on.
- Okay.

- Come here take him to the hospital.
- What happened to brother Vijay?

- What happened to brother Vijay?
- Quick!

Who knows what kind of
bad luck this mine has!

Everyday something happens.

Ram Singh, what kind
of a man is Dhanna?

He is a very bad person, sir.
He and Vijay are very old enemies.

- What happened, sir?
- Nothing.

The wound is very deep.
A lot of coal has gone inside.

It will pain a lot to clean it.

I will give you an
injection of intoxication.

There is no need for an injection,
Doctor. You just bandage it.

- Look, you will have to suffer a lot.
- So what.

- Why don't you understand?
- Why don't you understand, Doctor?

- That pain is my destiny
and I can't avoid it. - Okay.

- It is done.
- Thank you.

- Carefully.
- Vijay!

He survived but he must
have learnt his lesson now.

Boy! Get some snacks and
three lemon sodas with ice.

Get it fast or we will
bury you also right here.

He is very cunning.

- Sir.
- Sorry, uncle.

Have you ever had snacks
with lemon?

It has a different taste.
Sweet and sour.

You just try it today.

Engineer sir, do you know who I am?

Yes, I know that you are
the biggest goon over here.

Dhanna, tell me something.
What do you get out of this vandalism?

I have heard from
other workers that...

...you disturb them, bully them
and forcibly take their money.

You should be punished for this.

Get up!

If I ever catch you creating trouble
again then I won't report you.

I will hit you so much
that you will straighten up.

Sit here.

Here, have some cold drink.

- Good boy. - Sir, please forgive me.
- Move!

How are you, Vijay?
Is your leg better now?

- I feel that it is better now.
- Very good.

Let me open the bandage and see.
Bring it here.

By the way,
your work is very dangerous.

You do not seem to be of this place.
Where are you from?

Since how many days are you here?

I don't remember, Doctor.

I have stopped counting days
from quite some time now.

Who will keep the account?

And the remaining question
that where am I from?

Then some people are
from nowhere also.

It means that you don't
like talking about yourself.

What should I talk about?
There is nothing to say.

Only a wasteful life
which is going on.

Can I tell you one thing?

I don't know why
but upon seeing you...

...it seems like you are
very angry with yourself.

How did you see that?

You did not take the
intoxication injection.

Later I thought that you
purposely want to feel the pain.

You have come to this coal mine
to work here.

Who knows there might
be a reason behind it?

Why have you come here?

No lady doctor has
come here before you.

You are a woman, you are
alone and a place like this.

There might be a reason
behind your coming here.

Yes, there is.

There is a reason for it.

One day when father returned
from the fields...

...he was fully wet in the rains.

He had fever...

...as the night advanced
his condition became serious.

But in my village
there was no hospital...

...or clinic for miles.

How helpless that night was!
I can't narrate it to you.

I was small...

...but I sat near father's head
throughout the night.

And watched him die slowly.

By morning he was dead.

My relatives took care of me
and made me study.

I wanted to become a doctor
and I succeeded.

With a hope that I
will go to a place where...

...a doctor's requirement
is as much...

...as I required that night.

How odd is this!

I think that on one side you are
there who is fighting with life.

And on the other side I am
running away from life.

Okay, Doctor.

The leg has healed

Maybe I won't need to come again.

Yes, the leg has healed.

- Okay, Doctor.
- My name is Sudha.

- Down with. - Dhanraj Puri!
- Down with. - Dhanraj Puri!

- Down with. - Dhanraj Puri!
- Down with. - Dhanraj Puri!

- Keep quiet!
- Dhanraj Puri! - Down with.

If you shout and create nuisance
like this nothing will happen.

But we want our rights!

You can't get your
rights by creating a nuisance.

For that you will have
to talk to the boss.

Why don't you talk to them
on our behalf, Ravi sir?

Yes okay, you talk on our behalf.

I will talk to them on
your behalf on one condition.

That when I go inside to talk...

...no one will make a noise
nor create any type of trouble.

- And no person will shout.
- Okay, we agree!


May I come in, sir?

Please come, Mr. Ravi Malhotra.

So you have become the
leader of the workers here?

No, sir.
How will I become a leader?

Whatever their meaningful wants,
that I have brought to you.

Whether their wants are legal or
not that I will decide not you.

And I don't think
their wants are legal.

Why don't you agree?

If these workers who work in
your cold and dark mines...

...want that at least he can
have food is that not just?

A worker who puts his
life in danger and...

...gives you the
benefit of crores of rupees...

...if he asks a pinch from
that wealth is that unjust?

You keep your advice to yourself.

You are still a kid!

However, much you give these
people it is less for them.

I am giving them one
month's bonus, is that less?

Yes, it is less because you are
giving them one month's bonus...

...and making them sign on
three months' bonus paper.

So their hands will not break by
putting impressions on a paper.

Their real cause is just
to create trouble here.

I know these people very well.

Do you know these people?

Do you know
how a worker lives...

...under so much
pressure and trouble?

That a worker even on working
so hard is always under debt?

His wife and his children
live under such poor conditions.

Have you ever gone in their
settlement and taken a look?

Puri sir, you don't know the men
women and children living here.

The only thing you know
is the money in your bank.

- Do you know whom you are talking to?
- I know.

I even know what I am talking
and what can be the result.

But those who leave
the path of truth...

...for a mere job are
someone else not me, Puri sir.

Nothing will happen
with this nonsense.

They will get bonus only of one
month and this is my decision.

They will get three month's bonus.

And how you will give, that
decision you will have to make.

Why are you all standing here?
You all will get nothing!

Go from here!

I agree to the workers demand.

They will be given
three months bonus.

Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.

Sir, what is this?

I thought you will fire this manner
less person out of the job.

- But you...
- Saxena, when Ravi had come here...

...he had taken a promise from
the workers that they will keep quiet.

And I had gone out to see
before making a move...

...how much influence does
Ravi have on these workers!

I tried to make them speak
but they didn't.

And the workers who can keep
quiet by simply being asked by him...

...can close down our mines
if Ravi is fired.

So wait for some time.

We will fire Ravi but
when the time is right.

- Long live. - Ravi Sir!
- Long live. - Ravi Sir!

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"Till morning
we will tell you a story."

"With joy and in the language
of the heart."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations."

"Until the night is young."

"We will talk about love."

"Our eyes should not blink."

"The colors should keep flowing.
The body should keep dancing."

"Gold should be flowing
from the face."

"You swear by yourself.
Don't make me suffer anymore."

"Give me a ring as your mark."

"It would be very
nice of you to do so."

"What do you think of me as?"

"If I will bite you, you
won't even ask for water."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations."

"The enjoyment must
increase some more."

"The intoxication
should increase some more."

"No thoughts of worry
should come to our minds today."

"If thoughts of worry come so what?
If sadness disturbs us so what?"

"A man should never be afraid."

"My life is going to end.
But I am worried about that."

"That my daughter
becomes a bride soon."

"And she doesn't have to spend
her life in the house."

"Every worry comes and goes.
This is our Lord's saying."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations."

"Where there is no sadness."

"Where everyone is happy."

"We have to make a world like that."

"Taking our fires in our heart.
- With songs in our mouth."

"We have to light the
fire in the darkness."

"I swear by the black rock.
Until we have the strength."

"We will challenge these old rules."

"No queen will be able
to rule over us."

"Today we have determined that."

"We will bring
a new peaceful season."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"Till morning
we will tell you a story."

"With joy and in the
language of the heart."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations
throughout the night today."

"Till morning
every youth will be awake."

"There are celebrations."

These workers who are celebrating
their happiness...

...cannot even imagine the
danger they are living in.

Vijay, they don't know
what can happen.

They do... They do know,
engineer sir.

All the workers working
in Dhanraj Puri's mines...

...buy their own death cloth
when they get their salary.

But the day I am talking about, Vijay...

If that day comes then all the workers
working in the mines...

...will not even have the death
cloth in their fate.

- What do you mean?
- Just a minute.

Come here, Vijay.

These are the mines
we are working in.

The tunnels one, two and
three are no problem.

But this tunnel number four.

By working and mining the coal
we are heading towards this.

There is water here.

The distance between tunnel number
four and the water is decreasing.

And the danger is increasing.

Just think, if the
water enters this mine...

...then what will happen?

In one shift 350 or
400 people work there.

This mine will become a
big watery grave for them.

Not even one person will survive.
Not even a single person.

Engineer sir.

Engineer sir, when you feel
that this tunnel is going...

...within danger
limits then you tell me.

I do keep quiet but
sometimes keeping quiet...

...becomes a crime and a sin.

And I talk at that time,
engineer sir.

You tell me.

Okay, I am leaving.

I don't know that only I am feeling
or do you feel it too?

- There are some odd things, Ravi.
- Yes, Anita.

When I see him I remember
those mines in Dhanbad.

Where tons of coals are
burning from many years in it.

In this man also tons of coal.

Who knows from when and how
long and why is it burning.

No, no.

- Dear, make buttermilk for me salty.
Understood? - Yes.

Okay then, get to work.

Give me the matches.

You are taking so much
time to make the buttermilk.

- Make it fast. - I will just bring it.
- Bring it fast.

- Did you call me, engineer sir?
- Vijay.

The machines I had told you about
are ready in the workshop.

- This truck is going there.
You go along. - Yes.

And take the delivery
in front of you.

If you will go, then
I will feel secured.

- Give this to them.
- Okay.

For your help I have got
another worker in the truck.

Go ahead!

- Roshan Singh, take him along.
- Sir.

- Truck driver, please stop the vehicle.
- Why? What is the matter?

Nothing is the matter,
this is the matter.

- What are you doing?
- Are you blind can't you see...

...that I am taking the key out?
The thing is like this, dear.

That I am hungry and I will
just eat from that restaurant.

I will come until
then you Girdhari Lal.

- But I am on duty.
- Is your duty bigger than my hunger?

Just sit there quietly. No one
will move from his place!

- He took the key out with him.
- Brother, make buttermilk quickly!

- Boy, bring the pancake quickly.
- Just bringing them.

- What is this? - Our new engineer,
Mr. Ravi Malhotra.

He had ordered some new machinery.

It will ease the
work of the workers.

- And also increase their safety.
- To hell with safety.

Are we running these mines for the safety
of these workers or for our profit?

And those who do not
feel safe here...

...or feel their lives
are in danger, they can leave.

We don't make anyone
work here forcibly.

In future no need for
such unwanted expenses.

- Give me the pen.
- Sir.

- And tell this to Ravi Malhotra.
- Sir.

It is nice, isn't it?

- What do you have?
- Take this.

- Gyaan, come here.
- Sir.

- Hello, brother Vijay.
- Hello.

- Gyaan, bring me some tea.
- Sir.

Wait, Gyaan!

- Who came here first?
- You did.

- Who called you first?
- You did.

Then the tea will
come here first.

- But the tea he had...
- It's your mistake.

Why didn't you take my order first?
Bring the tea here, come on.


That tea I had ordered first
and it will come to this table.


Keep that tea here.

That tea will come here, Gyaan.


If you move then I will
break both your legs.

Wait, Gyaan.
Give this tea to me.

No problems.
I have not had tea since morning.

Don't mind.
But I will have this tea.

The tea is good.

And, Vijay, the paper that
you bought for the workshop.

You did not give me.
Bring them to my office.

Thank you, Gyaan.

- You? - That...
Raghunath is not feeling well.

- Can you come?
- Yes, yes, why not?

You just come in.
I will get my bag.

- Let's go, Vijay.
- Give it to me.

He will feel better
after this injection.

But tell him to stop drinking.

Send him to the clinic tomorrow.

- Okay.
- Don't worry. - Greetings.

- From here carefully. - I cannot
see anything in this darkness.

- How can you see?
- I am used to the darkness.

It is just dark
till a few more steps.

There is light from there, isn't it?

Yes, maybe there is light
at the next corner.


"Love and smile
can never be hidden."

"However much you want to hide."

"You still can't hide even
if you lower your eyes."

"However hard you try
to safeguard your veil."

"Love and smile
can never be hidden."

"However much you want to hide."

"You still can't hide even
if you lower your eyes."

"However hard you try
to safeguard your veil."

"Love is given by God."

"Love is given by God.
Why be ashamed of it?"

"The rising moon will have to rise."

"The rising moon will have to rise."

"Why hide it under the veil?"

"Why hide it under the veil?"

"World... World... World,
the love can never hide!"

"World... World... World,
the love can never hide!"

"In the crowd of this world."

"In the crowd of this world."

"If you find someone
who is your own."

"Call yourself lucky..."

"...and thank God for it."

"In the crowd of this world."

"If you find someone
who is your own."

"Call yourself lucky
and thank God for it."

"If you get a heart in
exchange for a heart, buddy."

"If you get a heart in
exchange for a heart, buddy."

"Then the deal should
be immediately done!"

"The heaven which is in the sky."

"The heaven which is in the sky...

...get it down to the earth...
get it down to the earth."

"World... World... World,
the love can never hide!"

"World... World... World,
the love can never hide!"

"The love can never hide."

"The love can never hide."

Excuse me, Mister.

- Who me?
- Yes.

- Tell me. - Do you live here?
- Yes, I live near the station.

What is your profession?

I do insurance. Why?
What is the matter?

Don't be afraid.
Take a look at this photo.

- Have you seen this man anywhere?
- No.

He does not live here.

I know all the people
who work here.

If he lives near the mines
then I won't know about it.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome. - Let's go.

Where are you going?
Come in the line. There.

My dear, I make my own line.

Here is the pain.

Greetings, madam.

I have a cold since yesterday.

You will get the medicine
but come in the line.

Many people are standing in the
line before you since a long time.

I don't want to get a checkup,
so why should I stand in the line?

There are the cold pills.
Give them to me, I will go from here.

Any medicine is given only
when the patient comes in line.

I am seeing a patient right now.
So don't disturb me.

You are talking in a
high pitch of voice.

You don't know me!

Look, don't act smart with me.

Keep the medicine
and get out from here!

Madam, you are a woman
that is why I kept listening.

But if your Vijay
had said such a thing...

- ...then I would have torn him apart.
- Shut up!

The poor girl was crying a lot.

Sir, sir, sir, that...

What happened?
Why are you shouting?

- Did the coal mine catch fire?
- Sir, that Vijay is looking for you.

- He looks very angry today. Yes.
- Really?

Look, sir, Vijay is very dangerous.
Keep away from him.

Keep quiet.
I was also waiting for this day.

Murli, have you seen Mangal?

Mangal? No I have not
seen Mangal since yesterday.

Brother Vijay!
Brother Vijay, I have seen.

- You are asking for Mangal, right?
- Yes.

- He is sitting in uncle's restaurant.
- When did you see him?

Just now. I was coming out
and he was going in.

- He is coming here, sir.
- Let that fool come.


- What is your name?
- Vijay.

- For how many days have you
been working here? - Why?

Have you ever seen him in this area?

Have you seen him?


This man does not live in this area.

Let's go.

- Tea-maker. - Yes, sir.
- Get four teas quickly.

- I will just make it.
- Kisna, make some tea quickly.

Brother Vijay, where were you?
Good that you came.

The money you deposit every month...

...some of it is still remaining.
You please see the account.

- Not today, uncle. - Okay.
- There is a lot of rush today.

The account will be cleared tomorrow.
This time only.

What is this madness, Vijay?

People do talk nonsense
in this world.

It also feels bad for some time.
But that does not mean like you...

Look, Vijay he misbehaved with me.
I am telling you to forget it.

He misbehaved with you
that's why I cannot forget it.

Please let it go, Vijay.

Whatever had to happen
has happened.

Whatever had to happen
has happened.

But what has to happen will happen.

I want to see that,
Shanno dear, what will happen?

Whatever will happen will be less!

I had told you earlier
that you don't know, Vijay.

And even I had told you.
That Vijay doesn't know me.

Leave this mischief
and be serious.

Look, you don't know Vijay
is thirsty for your blood.

My dear...

...Mangal's blood is not a lemon soda...

...which anyone like Vijay
can quench his thirst with.

My dear...

...go and tell that doctor to
get some first aid ready.

Because today his favorite
is going to meet Mangal.

Stop it!

"I won't live if you won't."

"Then let's see how it goes."

"The hatred inside
can't do anything."

"Come and embrace me."

- Nazeer.
- Nazeer.

- Write it.
- But, but... Mangal.

- Girdhari. - Girdhari.
- Sukhvan. - Anokha.

Did the earth eat him up
or did the sky swallow him?

Mangal Singh is
still nowhere to be found.

Sir, we are trying our best.

Seems like you are
not trying hard enough.

If we can keep a prize on him
and give his photo in the newspaper...

...then maybe we can get some
information about him.

- No! - No!
- Father!

Have you written this
article against my coal mines?

Yes, I have written it.

Otherwise the newspaper
would not have given my name.

So you want that the government
should take the mines.

Not only me...
but all the learned people think...

...that the wealth obtained from the
land of the country...

...should belong to everyone
and not just one person.

What nonsense!
What rubbish are you talking?

Do you know I have purchased
these mines?

And maybe you have also purchased
the workers working in it too.

Go and look at those mines
which the government is running.

There the workers have
a house to live.

There is a school for
the children to go to.

There are clubs for
their entertainment.

They are trying to provide
them with everything.

And the workers in your mines.
What are their lives?

They live like worms.
And die.

You are the daughter
of my friend so...

- ...this time you have written
but next time... - No, no.

I will write this a hundred times more.

That all the mills
and mines which belong...

...to people like you
that should be nationalized.

If you are such a big supporter
of the government...

...then there is no need
to stay in my house.

Go and make your arrangements
in a government guest house.

- Get out!
- Okay, no problem.

But before going I will tell
you one thing, Puri sir.

The way you are throwing
me out of your house...

...the same way this
country's people...

...and the people's government
will throw you...

...out of these coal mines one day.

That day they will say get out.
Good-bye, Mr. Puri.

Very good! Whatever
you did was right!

You have made me very happy.

However, my outer appearance maybe...

...but on the inside I am very patriotic.
The oldie was talking a lot.

I got very angry and
gave him a piece of my mind.

But now the problem is that I have
been thrown out of there.

Now I have to go back
otherwise where will I live?

So what?
You can live with me.

- But there is a problem.
- What? - I live alone.

So what?
I have known you for many years.

You are a very decent man.

But if I do some mischief
then that's different.

But there is no such hope from you.

But, Ravi, there is one thing.

If Mr. Dhanraj Puri comes
to know that...

...I am living with you then your
job might be in danger.

Job can be left but not slavery.

I am a servant of Dhanraj Puri
but I am your slave.

Why do you worry?
We will see whatever will happen.

Ravi, I had told you
not to do like that.

Ravi, since I have known you...

...you have never done anything
more sensible than this.

"There is a joyous atmosphere
in your embrace."

"Joyous atmosphere."

"There is a sweet smell
in your breath."

"Sweet smell."

- "In this joyous atmosphere.
- And in this sweetness."

"We are getting lost."

"There is a joyous atmosphere
in your embrace."

"Joyous atmosphere."

"There is a sweet smell
in your breath."

"Sweet smell."

- "In this joyous atmosphere.
- And in this sweetness."

"We are getting lost."

"There is a joyous atmosphere
in your embrace."

"Joyous atmosphere."

"In my dreams the person
whom I used to see."

"I used to see you."

"The person whose touch
used to give me hope."

"You are the one."

"Some of my dreams
and some of yours."

"They meet such that my heart
is happy and lips are singing."

"There is a sweet aroma in you.
Sweet aroma."

"There is a joyous atmosphere
in your embrace."

"Joyous atmosphere."

"Let your hair fall free
and bend towards me."

"And let your soul meet my body."

"I have always
thought of my body and..."

"...soul as your possession."

"You with me and me with you."

"From one soul to the other.
From one body to the other."

"There is a relationship
from centuries."

"There is a sweet smell
in your breath."

"Sweet smell."

"There is a joyous atmosphere
in your embrace."

"Joyous atmosphere."

There they fit perfectly.

Madam, shall I give you
some red bangles also?

Your hands are so fair,
red bangles...

...will really suit your hands.

No, no that's enough.

You insisted that is
why I bought them.

Or else I don't buy bangles at all.

Take this.

Brother Vijay, sometimes you
also buy something from me.

Shall I give you the ring?

Wear it and see its wonder.
Shall I give you?

If I will get some
more people like you...

...than Shanno's
business will be ruined.

- Okay, madam, I am leaving.
- Ok.

Powder, bands, rings.
What all does she sell?

This girl doesn't sell rings.

She sells dreams.

- Dreams?
- Yes, dreams.

The people living here have
no light of hope anywhere.

Only sadness,
failure and nothing else.

Their lives are like a coal mine...

...deep dark tunnel in
which they are burning.

They buy Shanno's
magical rings and wait...

...when all their
sadness will be over.

All their debts will be paid off.

And everything will be all right.

In rupee one, Shanno
sells so many dreams.

Why didn't you buy these rings?

Don't you like watching dreams?

I don't like watching fake dreams.

All dreams are not false.

I am a poor worker who
works in coal mine, Sudha.

You are a well learned
and good human being.

Next time when I meet Shanno...

...then even I will
buy a ring from her.

- Shanno, how are you girl?
- I am ok, brother.

Have you brought my things?

Have I ever forgotten
to bring your things?

I want to live here.

- Dadu, give her the bundle! Go and
take it. - Welcome, brother. Welcome.

Uncle! How are you, uncle?

"She falls in love and
she smiles and is happy."

"She falls in love and
she smiles and is happy."

"She doesn't think what
the world will tell us?"


I haven't got the tea yet.

Shanno, tell me one thing.

Will you roam around
like this all your life?

Listen to me and settle
down with a good person.

Brother, in 5000 can you open a shop?

Yes, in 5000
you can open a shop.

And in 5 crores you can
buy all these coal mines.

Shanno, if you want
to be imaginative...

...then imagine something big.

Uncle, where is my tea?
You forgot my tea.

Brother, when will you
take the truck back?

In the evening. Why?
Do you want to go somewhere?

Yes, I want to go to
the police station.

Police station?

- Shanno, do you want to complain
about someone. - No, no.

The officer's wife
had told me to come...

...if I had some new bangles.

No problem, it is just two
miles away, I will go walking.

Uncle, just take care of my things.

- Okay, I am leaving.
- Okay.

Shanno, don't forget
to come in Raghunath's...

- ...daughter's marriage in the
evening. - I won't forget.

- Come on, quick!
- Wait, we will come.

- They are after me. Please save me.
- Don't be afraid.

You wait here.

Dhanna, tell me something.

I will save this girl.

But who will save the four of you...

...in this jungle from me?

Get away, don't come in front of me.

My dear, you said it but
you will have to pay for it.

Scoundrel! Why are you running?
Why don't you come now?

Come now! Come now!

Why are you crying now?

If you are so sad because
they ran away, girl...

...then should I call them back?

Why are you crying like
a small girl? Keep quiet.

Tell me one thing,
where were you...

...going alone
through this dense forest?


"Rammayya will come."

"I have given you my heart."

"I have given you my heart."

"Rammayya will come."

"Rammayya will come."

"I have given you my heart."

"Rammayya will come."

"My wedding
procession has come from far."

"Mother, I am very happy."

"My wedding
procession has come from far."

"Mother, I am very happy."

"Beloved is handsome."

"He impresses my heart."

"He is a lot of fun and
he is very attractive."

"Beloved is handsome."

"He impresses my heart.
I am impressed!"

"I sing all praises for him.
I will sow the seeds of this."

"Whose flowers I want them to
bloom the way I dream about it."

"I have left these relations now."

"I am not going to come back."

"My wedding
procession has come from far."

"Mother, I am very happy."

"Your beloved has quietly
taken your heart away and gone."

"Your eyes have cast a spell on me."

"Your beloved has quietly
taken your heart away and gone."

"I am impressed!"

"I sing all praises for him."

"When I see my face in the mirror."

"I see your face in my eyes."

"You don't agree to
what I have to say."

"But, mother, I am very happy."

"My wedding
procession has come from far."

"Mother, I am very happy."

"I gave you my heart, I gave you."

"I have lost everything
on you, lost everything."

"You killed me, you cruel person."

"I am impressed!"

"I sing all praises for him."

"Your name is in my heart beats."

"Your face is in my dreams."

"My beloved has taken
my hands in his hands."

"Mother, I am very happy."

"My wedding
procession has come from far."

"Mother, I am very happy."

"My wedding
procession has come from far."

"Mother, I am very happy."




What nonsense!

You get aside!

Are you blind that you are
standing in the middle of the road?

Can't you see a big car coming?

I can't only see this car, sir,
but you cannot see anything.

The workers' troubles,
illness, sadness, death.

You can see nothing. You are blind.

What rubbish are you talking?

What is your name?

My name is Vijay, sir.

I have heard about you.
What do you want?

I want to tell you
the incidents...

...that happen every
fortnight in your mines.

It happened again yesterday.

Yesterday again five
workers in the tunnel...

...got smashed under
heavy rocks in your mine.

I know about it and I even
know what to do about it.

You mind your own business.

You think that I
don't worry about it?

What do you have
to worry about, sir?

If five workers die
then let them die.

There is a lot of poverty here
you can get twenty-five more.

Your work will still go on
and you will still make money.

What do you have to worry?

If someone has to
worry then it's those...

...five women who lost
their husband's yesterday.

The children...

...who have been orphaned
because of your blind greed.

Do you know how bad
is the arrangement...

...for safety in your
mines for the workers?

This mine is a python, sir...

...that swallows unlimited
number of workers every day.

And it chews them,
crushes them and smashes them.

Drains every single
bit of life out of them.

And spits them back.

And until you make
some arrangements...

...for the safety of the workers...

...the women will
keep becoming widows.

The children will
keep becoming orphans.

What ever happened
yesterday will happen again, sir.

And again and again and again.

It can happen. Accidents do
keep happening in coal mines.

And we do not make
anyone work here forcibly.

Those who want to
work here can work.

Those who don't want
to work here can go.

But I can't take
responsibility that...

...such an accident
will not occur again.

But I will take a responsibility.

If this happens again.

If in your mine even one worker...

...dies due to the
greediness or fault of a senior...

...then I Vijay Pal Singh
will not spare you.

Dhanraj Puri, I won't leave you.


Whatever you did was right.

These people will
only listen to you.


They can hear.

Because they don't know about me.

If they knew me
then they would have...

...said to me that who are
you to speak to us like this.

Only those who have done no wrong...

...can point a finger at others.

Vijay, will you give me a right.

Only that much right
so that I can ask you...

...which shadow is it
that is still with you?

What is the load that you
carry on your heart every time?

I am a friend, Vijay.

Sudha, the door to my
past is always open for you.

You can come till wherever you want.

But there is a room in my
heart that I do not go in myself.

Long ago there was
a storm in my life.

Which I have closed in the
room of my heart and locked.

Now I am afraid to open this door.

- If that storm comes out again.
- Nothing will happen. Tell me.

This poisonous thought
comes out of your soul.

That is only better.

You must have read Colonel
Harpal Singh's name.

He has won many medals in the war.

He also got a 'Param Veer Chakra'.

I am his only son.

After passing the
merchant navy exam...

...I got a job in a
shipping corporation.

Some years later they
made me the captain...

...of a ship named Harshwardhan.

Then one night...

- Tell the engine room to close
all water tight doors. - Yes, sir.

- Sir, hatch number three is flooding,
sir. - Send the chief officer.

Yes, sir.

Starboard ten.

- Sir. - Check hatch number three
and give me the report.

- Yes, sir.
- Wheel a midship.

Sir. Engine room reporting
port engine failure, sir.

Chief officer.

Chief officer, I want the
report of hatch number three.

I want the update immediately.

There is a ten feet
hole in the ship, Captain.

Water is gushing in fast.

This ship cannot be saved.
This ship cannot be saved.

- If you want to live then come
get out, get out. - I said shut up!

- I said, come out.
- Nobody moves from his position!

Get me the chief officer.

I said get me...
This is an order. I said stop!


I said wait!



- Come on, Captain!
- Come on!

- Come on! Come on!
- Come on, Captain.

Our ship.

This defame and insult was
in our fate in this old age.

You, our son, you have given the...

...evidence of such cowardice.

You didn't even think that who
you are and from which family?

Your father is an army officer.

Your grandfather
was an army officer.

I had always taught you to respect
your duty from your childhood, son...

...but what have you done?

You have made me ashamed
of you for the whole life.

I am ashamed of you.

Now you know and
your mother knows.

You and me have no
relationship anymore.

Just do one more favor to me.

Don't show me your face again.

Captain Vijay Pal Singh,
the charges against you.

The report and your statement
is in front of the court.

Would you like to say something...

...before the court
gives it decision?


Captain Vijay Pal Singh,
the court finds you guilty.

And dismisses you from the service.

And cancels all your certificates.

Now you cannot work in
any shipping corporation.

Vijay, don't go from this way.
There is another way from the back.

Outside all the
relatives and friends...

...of the three hundred
passengers are waiting.

If you go from here, you know...

...you know what I mean.

No, Lamba, I should go from here.

- He is a coward!
- He is a coward!

- He is a coward!
- He is a coward! - Kill him!

Hit him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!

And that day I left that city.

I thought I would go
away from those voices.

From one station to another station.

From one city to another city
I kept running...

...and running but those
voices kept following me.

And how could it leave me?

It had become a part of my soul.

I couldn't understand
where to go...

and what to do.

Which corner of
the world and which...

...part of the land
would I get some peace?

In this madness I
wandered everywhere.

How did I spend my days?
I don't remember anything.

Sudha, a man can rise once
after falling from the Himalayas.

But once he falls in his own eyes...

...then he can never rise.

The same happened with me.

Exactly the same.

And then one day I found
myself in these coal mines.

Now everything is okay.

If this is what is called
living then I am living on.

In the morning I burn
myself in this mine.

And in the evening I
get tired and sleep.

But I never had such
deep sleep that...

...I could not hear
those voices in the night.

- Listen!
- Yes, sir.

How much is done?

More than forty feet, sir.

Ravi, what are these people doing?

They are drilling.
50 feet here and 50 feet there.

So we will know whether we can
move the tunnel further or not.

After that we pull that wire.

And if there is wet sand
or mud on the wire...

...then we come to know
that there is water ahead.

And we have to stop the work here.

Sir, 50 feet is completed.

Yes, pull.

Ok, pull it out. Pull it out.

Block this tunnel here.
There is water ahead.

And if I am thinking right thousands
and lakhs of gallons of water.

Who gives you the right to
stop the work in the mine...

...wherever you want?

Mr. Puri, I...

Look, Mr. Ravi Malhotra.
You are only an engineer here.

Not the owner.
Your duty is to give report.

And taking decisions is our duty.

I have sent a lot of
reports before this.

But you don't have the
time to read them till date.

Mr. Puri, I am going to
send a copy of these reports...

...to the government.

Publish it in the newspapers...

...so that people can know
how you are taking...

...advantage of the
laborers for your own greed.

Ravi Malhotra, are
you terrifying me?

I am warning you, Mr. Puri.

You don't know that I have never...

...tolerated traitors
in my life till date.

And you might forget
that you are my servant.

And I can throw you
out whenever I want.

And you might forget
that if you can do it...

...you must have done it earlier.

You are not doing
any favors on me...

...by tolerating me.
You know that if I am gone...

...every laborer of this mine
goes with me.

Your mine will be locked.

So it will be better that you
listen to what I have to say.

There will be no more
work in tunnel number four.

Good bye, Mr. Puri.

Sir, what rubbish is he talking.
Has he gone mad?

Saxena, when the dog
goes mad, he must be shot.

I got you, sir. It will be done.

Get the work started
wherever he stopped it.

Look, I want to meet Vijay.

Sir, you? With Vijay?


Because diamond cuts a diamond.

Tomorrow Vijay should be here.

You must be knowing
why I have called you here.

Look, brother, I am not
going to lie to you.

On that day I felt
bad for some time...

...because of whatever you had said.

But after thinking, honestly I
felt that every word was right.

You were absolutely right.

What happened?

- Today a mistake happened, sir.
- Why? What happened?

I woke up late in the morning.

Therefore, I did not see from
which side the sun rose?

This is where you are wrong.

You think that I have no
feelings for the laborers.

It is not like that.

Actually some middlemen
for their own profit create...

...misunderstandings in my
mind about laborers...

...and same in the
laborer's mind about me.

So why don't you put
away these middlemen?

That's why I called you.

I want to give you this
responsibility, Vijay.

I am thinking of making
you the welfare officer here.

Car, bungalow, other facilities.

Salary as you want.
5000. 10000.

There is no problem in it.

Then what is the difficulty?

The difficulty is these middlemen.

Like our engineer.

What is his name?
Yes, Ravi Malhotra.

I tell you he is not a nice person.

On one side he is making a
fool of the laborers.

And on the other side he
is trying to blackmail me.

Wrong people like him must be
moved away.

You got my point?

Yes, I got it.

If Ravi Malhotra is
moved away from here...

...you will make me
the welfare officer here.

You can say like that.

And I also understand that if I
became the welfare officer here...

...then bungalow, car, other
facilities, salary as I want.

5000, 10000. Right?

Yes. Absolutely right.

Oh! I did not make your drink.

Sir, you explained
everything to me.

But I did not understand one thing.

That is how can I move
Ravi Malhotra out of the way?

This also I have to tell you?

You are young,
dynamic and fearless.

You have hot blood.

Once you have decided then
there is nothing difficult.

You are telling me that
in the mines there is an...

...accident almost every day.

Don't care about later.

If there is any problem
I will be backing you.

I will spend a lot
of money. Take this.

I trust you.

A person who doesn't care for
others' lives he can do anything.

You still don't know me.

No, sir. Today I know you.

I agree that I didn't
know you till today.

Whatever I thought about
you was wrong. It was a lie.

I thought you were a scoundrel.

But it is wrong. Mr. Dhanraj Puri,
you cannot be a...

...scoundrel even if you want to be.

Because you are not human.

You are an animal.
You are a man-eater.

Who drinks the blood of these
laborers and eats their flesh.

I don't feel like hating
you but I cannot stand you.

Shame on you, Mr. Dhanraj Puri.
Shame on you.

Shut up!

Greetings, sir.

Sir, I told him that 5000 will be paid
for the job.

Did Saxena sir tell you
about what you have to do?

You forget it, sir.

That engineer will not survive.
Your job will be done.

Sir, the work you had
stopped in tunnel number four...

...that has restarted.

By whose order?

Saxena sir has come.

- Ok. You go. I will take
a look at it. - Ok, sir.

Here comes engineer sir.

Sir, look. What is this?

- What is it?
- Don't know, sir. Take a look.

Now, Mr. engineer, I am going
to feed you with the snack.

What say?

What happened, sir?
Can't see anything?

Has the coal gone in your eyes?

Mr. Engineer.

Mr. engineer, you
picked enmity with us.

And with the owners also?
This wasn't right what you did.

You are attacking a
person by deceiving him.

Mr. Engineer. Is it my fault
that you are alone?

You also have supporters
for whom you are fighting.

Call your supporters. Call.

You sit, engineer sir.

Dhanna, today I will kill you.
Today you will not survive.

- I will kill you, Dhanna.
- Go away.

Scoundrels ran away.

Come, engineer sir.

What are you doing here?
Go there and dig from there.

Don't you get it? Go there.

Hari, give me one plow.

Plow? Take that one.
There it is beside the tin.


Switch off the machine.


Pick him up. Pick up.
Pick him up. Pick up.

Take him to the hospital quickly.

Take him to the hospital.
Pick up. Pick up.

Mangal is still unconscious.

There is a lot of
bleeding from the body.

He needs blood now.

Will anyone from you be
able to donate him blood?

What were you thinking, Mangal?

Nothing. I am all right now.

Tomorrow I will leave the hospital.

Can I tell you one thing?

When you are out from here...

...forget the enmity in your heart.

If he would not have run to the hospital
taking you on his shoulder...

...if he would not have donated you
his blood...

...then your survival was
very difficult, Mangal.

- Whom you are talking about?
Who was he? - Vijay.


Had you gone to meet Mangal?

Yes, I did. He is all right now.
He was asking for you.

Mangal Singh! You are under arrest.

Inspector, you should have
arrested me a long time ago.

Or after some days.

Anyway. It's all right. Let's go.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

What do you mean by this?

If this happens. If that happens.

There is no risk to the life
of the laborers who work.

I am not going to stop
the work on your word.

The laborers' lives are in danger.

And I can't close my eyes
because you tell me.

- Then leave the job.
- Sure I will leave.

But before that I will take
out each and every laborer...

...from that dangerous place.

Come on. Start the lift quickly.

Stop the work! Stop the work!

- What happened? What happened?
- Get out of here quickly.

- Get out!
- Stop the work.

- Get out quickly.
- Stop the work! - Stop the work!

Stop the work.
Go quickly. Hurry up!


My son!

How many people are inside?

How many people are
inside can only be...

...known by the
accountant's register.

Let's go there to the accountant.
Let's go and see the register.

All these people go inside in
the morning. I will tell you.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

How will you come to
know how many people...

...are inside if this tears?

- Give it to me.
- Stop. I will tell you.

Leave it. Leave it.

Look, it is gone.
Did you people get something?

Got the name of your son?

What happened, Accountant?

The tunnels of the mine
are flooded with water.

Nobody knows how
many people are in side.

- Sir, the mine is flooded.
- Oh my God!

It means lakhs of tons of coal...

...will be going under
the water. Look, Saxena...

...if any reporter asks tell him
that there are not more than...

...30 to 40 workers in
the mine. Understood?

No, Dhanraj Puri.

Saxena, stop him.

Manner less.
How did you dare to come here!

Is there anyone?
Is there anyone?

Today no one can save
you from me, you scoundrel.

Remember? I told you that...

...if any worker is killed
I am going to kill you.

Remember that?

Today 400 workers are
going to be killed...

...because of your greed.

And you are going
to be killed by me.

Look, Vijay. I will try my best
to save each and every worker.

Don't call them workers with
your dirty tongue, Dhanraj.

Because a worker means only a
coal producing machine for you.

And those who are locked
in that dangerous place...

...they are living humans
not machines.

They are someone's father,
someone's son.

Someone's brother,
someone's husband.

Take their names with respect.

Call them with their names.

Call them with their names,
you scoundrel.

Speak. Say Purushottam Lal.
Say it.

Say Ram Singh. Say it.

Say Murli. Say it.

Say Rahmat Ali.
Say Manohar. Say Rana.

All these and hundreds like
them are very close to death...

...because of you, Dhanraj.

I am going in the
coal mine to save them.

And you are going
with me, you scoundrel.

No. I cannot come
with you. Leave me.

Forgive me, Vijay.

- Why?
- Forgive me.

Do you like your dirty
and shameless life so much?

You coward, I feel like
killing you right here.

But this nation's rule and
justice is waiting for you.

And I am waiting for the day
when dirty and greedy people...

...like you will be in
the jail of this country.

Do you understand?

Hey! What is the matter?
What happened?

There is an accident in the mine.

So many people are inside.
God save them all.

Stop. Stop. Mangal Singh.

Stop. Mangal Singh, Stop.

Sudha, I am going in
the mine to help them.

Vijay, are you mad?

Nobody knows the water level
at several places in the mine.

Do you want to die?

I want to live but not as a coward.

Stop, Vijay! Vijay!

Stop, Vijay! Stop, Vijay!

Vijay, you are not going alone.
I am coming with you.


No worker has reached
to the lift until now.

It means everyone is
blocked in the inner tunnels.

You go from there.
I will see from here.

Don't know if I will
get another chance or not.

Let me tell you one thing.

In my life I never appreciated
anyone other than me.

But I appreciate you, friend.

I think water is coming quickly.
Let's go.

- Stop. Stop.
- Wait.

Do you here that sound?

I think that these tunnels
are filled with water.

We will not be able to reach
to the lift from this way.

- We have to go by the other way.
- There is no other way.

We can reach to the lift
from the left wing's tunnel.

Mr. Engineer, if we listen to you then
not a single person will survive.

That tunnel is so deep
and at a lower level.

Water will reach there first.

Although that tunnel is deep.

But it is very far from
where the water is coming.

Water will reach there later.

And before this
tunnel is filled with water...

...we will cross that tunnel.

But from where you want to go...

I will go from this side.
What are you talking about?

The tunnels are flooded with water.

And you want us to go
further down, inside and deeper?

Don't talk rubbish.
I am an engineer.

I know from where
the water is coming.

And which mine is more dangerous.

Then it's ok. You go
from where you want.

We don't want to die.
Don't teach us.

Although you are an engineer...

...but we spent our life in the mine.

Listen! If anybody wants to
go with him, can go with him.

But if you want to reach
to the lift come with me.

- Let's go, Shankar.
- Stop, Dhanna.

You are making a big mistake.
Don't go from there.

Nobody is asking you
to come, sir. Let's go.

Stop. Stop. I said stop. Stop.

Come on, let's go.

We will go with engineer sir.
Let's go. Let's go.

We'll go this way.

Why has the crowd gathered here?

Is it an accident or is
a play going on?

Tell everybody to go home.

Sir, run. Run. Otherwise
these people will kill you.

Here he is. He is the killer.
He killed everyone.

Kill him. Kill him.

Kill him. Kill him.

Inspector sir! Inspector sir!
Inspector sir! He's the reason...

- Inspector sir, save me from
these people. - Take him away.

- He's the culprit. - Take him away.
Hang him, Inspector sir.

Take away.

He ruined us, Inspector sir.
He ruined us.

Driver, hurry up.

Kill him. Hang him.

Stop! The way is blocked from here.

We have to go from the
other side. Let's go back.

Back. Back. Back.

Brother Vijay, we are blocked.

We are blocked from all the sides.

We can't go back.
We can't get out.

We can't go, brother Vijay.

Move aside!

Move aside!
Move aside!

Uncle, how many people are inside?

Don't know, brother.
Vijay and Mangal have gone inside.

- God knows what is
going to happen? - Vijay?

- Get me out of here.
Get me out of here. - Shut up!

- Get me out of here. For God sake
get me out of here. - Shut up!

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Get me out of here. Oh God!

There is a lot of
water behind this wall.

I am going to break this wall.
Bring one dibble. Bring one dibble.

No. No, Vijay, what
are you going to do?

- Water will come inside.
- Yes.

We all will be under
the water for some time.

But this is the only
way to get out from here.

Water will open the
way ahead by its force.

You all hold each other strongly.
Bring one dibble.

At first, I will make
way for the water.

After that the water
will make way for us.

Get ready. Hold each other.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Quickly. Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go.

Help me. Help me. Help me.

Come, dear.
Come here. Come here.

I can't swim. What should I do?

What should I do?

Stop, I am coming there.
I am coming there. Wait.

No. No.


Come, dear. Grab my hand.
Grab my hand.

No, I can't swim.

- I am here. Come on!
- I will die. I can't swim.

Come, dear. Go up.
Go up, my dear.

Give me your hand.

You survived. Go. Run.

- But, master, you...
- Think about yourself. Go. Run away.

Stop. Stop!

Stop. Not more than four people.

Lift will fall down.
Lift will fall down.

Lift broke down.
What will happen now?

Who is going to save us?

Move. Move. Move.

Ramu! Turn the truck.
Turn the truck.

Stop! Stop! Come in the line.

Come in the line
otherwise the lift will break down.

Stop. Stop. Only four!

Otherwise the lift will fall down again.

Come four at a time.
Come four at a time.

Rana, don't let more than
four at a time.


- No. - Engineer sir. - My leg.
My leg is completely pressed.

It is too heavy.

Water level is increasing.

We don't have much time.

My survival is difficult.
You move ahead.

- Leaving you here?
- No, engineer sir. No.

Don't talk rubbish. Go!

- No. We are not going
leaving you here. - Go!

Look, Ram Singh, Vikram.

If you go. You can
bring help for me. Go.

Please go. Can't get
anything by stopping here. Go.


Master, do you remember?

Once I asked you
that don't you get scared...

...if you are trapped
in a place like this?

And do you remember
what I answered you?

There is no such place
in the world from which...

...Mangal cannot escape.

But you don't worry, my dear.

I will first make you free.

And then I will make
myself free. Understood?

Come on, dear. Come on,
dear. Come on.

Everyone! Be alert. Everyone!
Be alert.

- Careful! Hey! - Think that wall
will collapse. Look over there.

- Careful!
- Rajesh, you give him support.

I will take care of that side.

- All of you run away!
- Master! Master!

You all run away.
You all run away.

- You all run away.
- But, master, you...

Run away! Don't worry about me.
You run away. Run away.

Run away.


Look, we are five and
only four can go by the lift.

One of us must get
down from the lift.

- Who will get down from us?
- Don't get me down.

I have three small children.

Forgive me. Forgive me.

Just leave it, friends.
It will be decided in one minute.

I will give one card to everyone.

The one who has the
smallest card will stop here.

- Is that ok?
- Ok. It's all right.

Take this. Take this.

You too.

- King. - Ace. - Queen.
- What do you have, Murli?

Show us. Show us.
Card of number three.

I think you have to wait.

He... He cheated me.
He set the cards.

No. No. Look,
he must have a bigger card.

This scoundrel purposely
gives me the smallest card.

Murli, my friend, in the cards
the smallest card is not number three.

It is number two. Here it is.

Bye, friends. Rana...

Murli, you always said that one day
you will definitely win against me.

Today you won.

No, friend.
Today also you only won.

Here comes Murli.

You are back?

- Engineer sir! - Vijay, you are still
here? Go save your life quickly.

I came here to take you,
engineer sir.

My survival is impossible.

My leg is pressed
down under one rock.

- You save your life.
- I saved my life once, engineer sir.

Today I want to save my soul.

You try to take the leg out.

Now. Take it out.

No point in this, Vijay.

Leave me and go. It is too heavy.
You can't pick it up.

There are more burdens on my
heart than this, engineer sir.

How I will not pick this load?

Engineer sir, try to
take your leg out.

Come on.

Take it out.


Come on.

God, my friend's life is in danger.

God save their life.
I have only this request, God.

- Everybody who takes the
name of God. - Is blessed.

Chandu! Chandu, where is Mangal?

- I don't know.
- Don't know? - No.

Brother Vijay, did you see Mangal?

Yes, I saw.

He sacrificed his
life to save our life.

No. No. No. No.

- Dear!
- Uncle. Uncle.

Control yourself.

Look who has come.

I am proud of you,
my boy. Proud of you.


How did you all know
that I am here?

- Sudha sent us a telegram.
- Come here, dear. Come.

Vijay, thank God you survived.