Kaala (2018) - full transcript

Kaala is about the life of Nellai / Tirunelveli based Tamils who live in large number in Mumbai.


In the evolution of
human civilization...

...land has played
an important part

As civilizations developed...

...humans wanted to
produce their own food

They converted forests
to agricultural lands...

...making it an essential
part of human consciousness

Lands they toiled in
became their God...

...their religious rite
and a caste ritual

Land became power!

From our myths and epics
to the present...

in order to expand borders...

...and to assert power
many wars are being fought

The defeated side
is being enslaved!

Even in Independent India...

land ownership
land deprivation...

and the social status
associated with it...

...are all unwritten laws.

Even after many centuries...

...this situation hasn't changed
much in our villages and our cities

A considerable amount of
land in the cities...

...is retained by the slum dwellers
through their labour and numbers.

We call them the ‘Urban Poor'.

They face severe
oppression in this country.

Corporate companies and
land mafia feel that...

the land of these under
represented people...

...is ruining the beauty of the city

That they are unclean...

...and are criminal hubs
Together they conspire to evict the poor.

People are removed brutally
from their own land

They are either thrown
outside the city...

...or into match box
sized housing projects

They live and die with no
land to call their own

This happens in all our cities
with all of us as the eyewitness

India’s financial capital...

...Mumbai is no
exception to this.

Are we on air?'

I am reporting from the open laundry
in Dharavi’s 90 feet road

The State assembly elections
are round the corner

Ruling Party Chief
Haridev Abhyankar...

...announced 'Pure Mumbai’
scheme in the last term

A plan to demolish tenements
and construct buildings

Keys to newly built houses are
handed over in many places

'Puja' for the first building
in Dharavi is going on now

‘Arise’, a people’s movement
here is opposing this project

Come along, you will see...

The ‘Bhumi Puja’ is
happening on one side...

...and protests by 'Arise'
movement right behind

This first opposition to the scheme has
created an uproar among the residents

Hey, what are you doing?


Turn it off!

Stop filming!


We wash clothes every day.

We wash clothes every day!

We work hard every day.

We work hard every day!

Our houses are ours to keep.

Our houses are ours to keep!

'Our houses are ours to keep!'

'Say it loud'


'Our houses are ours to keep!'

'Our rights are ours to keep.'

Hey, Move!

- Our rights are ours to keep!
- Hey, stop

- We will never give it away.
- Stop I said

We are the owners and
we don’t have a problem

What is your problem?

Hey, you are the Secretary

You would have a plan to
mint money out of this

Will you leave these
people hanging?

Are you the authority here?

Dharavi is going to be
filled with buildings

Saving the dhobi ghat!


This ‘Akka’ has been
here for 20 years

What would she do if there
is no place to work?

'Our rights are ours to keep!'

- Brother is here. Come
- Let’s go

'We will never give it away!'

I thought there won't be
any problems

- Yes - Look what is happening

- Don’t worry about it
- Resolve it somehow

He will come here straight

Don't pick a fight with him.
I warn you!

Why are you all scared?


We are just protesting right?


Our jobs are ours to keep.

Our jobs are ours to keep!

- Move them
- Yes, Sir

Go back! Move!

'We will never give it away.'

'We will never give it away!'

We wash clothes every day.

We wash clothes every day!

Our rights are ours to keep.

'We will never give it away.'
- Shut up!

You will demand any damn
thing, if it comes for free?

What did you give for free?

Is Dharavi your
father’s property?

Your father owns this? Tell me!


'Anna', listen

It's unfair to give houses for
some and not for the others

In the name of 'Pure Mumbai'...

...you remove only the slums
Is that enough to make India clean?

Take everyone's
consent to decide


Aren’t you my relative's son?

'What work do you have
on 90 feet road?'

Hey, this is my Party’s project


Don’t create a ruckus
Take your people and leave


I won’t spare you because
you are my relative

Go back to your work

- 'Go on, do your work'
- Ey!

'Finish this by evening and…'
- Shsshk Shsshk

I won’t be intimidated
by your rowdyism.

I am a Marathi girl.
I live right here.

Hey, shut up!

You know who you are talking to?

- I know. I can see!
- How dare you?

Get down!
Step down!

Don't you dare
raise your voice!

Shut up!
Stop it!

- Stop it!
- 'Arrest them!'

Arrest them! Arrest them!

I give you 5 minutes.

Get out of here

Who are you to boss around?

Wagging your tail for the
money they throw is it?

How dare you...

Devi Akka!


Thrash them
Throw them out

Let go! Let go!

Lock your arms!
Lock! Lock!

Hold hands

Arrest them! Arrest them!

Arrest them! Arrest them!

Arrest them! Arrest them!

Chase them!

'Patil, get this done fast'

Vishnubhai! How dare you
demolish the Dhobi Ghat.

Let's see what happens to
your arrogance in a bit!

Stay right here.
I will go get him!


Listen to me
Don’t go

Where are you going?






Listen Kaala, 2 runs
out of the last ball

Hit it slow, I will take over

'Go on, big man!'

Ya right!

He will do it

- Let’s see
- He will!

Just 2 runs!

Anna, hit a six!

Watch my game now.

Hey! Bowl...Bowl I said.

Target the stumps. It is our game.
Easy! Easy!

- All Alert!
- 'Faizal, swing it in'

Hey, hold on

- Darn!
- Now what!

Are you ready?

- Put it now
- Come on, Kaala!



'Hey! Not out'

'No...Not Out'

This is a No Ball

What is it Brother-in-law?

No ball, see!

Pa, out

No ball!

Wide ball!

Hand over the bats

'Machaan', what say?

- You and your stupid cricket!


They are demolishing the dhobi ghat.

They beat up my mother

Lenin and 'Stormy' are protesting!

'Vishnubhai is doing this, Kaala'

Vishnubhai, it is


'Justice! Justice.'

'We want Justice!'

Selvam Anna

We have taken up this protest

Don't deviate it

Take them all and leave

Justice! Justice!

We want Justice!

Justice! Justice!

We want Justice!

Selvam Anna!


Selvam, what is this?

This is a law and order problem

I would have to
‘lathi’ charge you

Go on, let's see

Let’s see you lay a finger

Shut up!

Do it
Let's see

Sir, just one second

'Saet'… Sir

Let’s compromise

I have sunk all my
investments in this.

If this project
doesn’t take off...

...my family will be
stranded on the streets


I will do as you say

Not bad huh?

A tiger does change
stripes in desperation!

You want us to favour you?!

Are we mediating for money here?


One tight slap!

They have hidden this
from Kaala’s knowledge

Then something must be wrong.

300 families will lose their jobs

Out of them 200 families
will not get houses

Such culprits!

Here comes Vishnubhai


At the sight of you...

...we will tremble in fear, is it?


If you were getting involved
why would I be here?

I thought he was being

I am gradually rising in
the ranks of the party

If I close this deal…

…they have promised a seat
in the upcoming MLA election

You...have to help me

Am I not your brother, anyway?


When you need something
you call him your brother...

...shower him with love

These people should suffer
for you to gain reputation?

- That’s your plan, right
- Exactly!

When you become a politician you
lose all your dignity, huh?

Shameless people!

Vaali! Having a field day
because you have support?

Don’t forget your rank.


Shut the hell up!

'Hey Builder!'

Only you can talk.

Anna, don’t create
problems. Please stop.

Kaala Saet!
They are trying to cheat you

We are people who wash clothes
Who will speak for us?

Where would we go, if not here?

'Aren't they doing this
because we have no support?'

Anna, she is lying

We consulted everyone.


'Did you talk about demolishing?'

Everything is happening with
permissions and procedures, lawfully


Are you talking about
the law to us?

We know how to respect the law

And if it oppresses us,
we know to....it too

You are going a
bit easy on us...

...only because of some
laws that favor us

If not, wouldn't you have
thrown us 7 seas away?


If you want your work done...

...repair all the damage
and change your design

They wash clothes for a living

They will do it right here

What she says, is the law.
Got it?


Get it!

Will we act against Anna’s words!

No sir!

Anna, we have to do
what you say. Right!

Builder! Listen to him

I will leave now.

Patil, let’s go!

Hey, Beemji!
- Kaala

'Who was it?'

He is the one.

- Him, is it!
- Anna...


Hit him back!

Ma, why are you hesitating?

Go beat him up, go


'Ma, why are you quiet?'

Because…she said…all that

Don’t listen to them and
do something stupid

'Disrupting the protest!'

They know only to rally
with their flags

'They know nothing else'

You bloody...

Take it


We know to hold a flag...

...and to hit back

Yes! Fantastic

You raise a finger again
I will thrash you

Who are you messing with?!

'Ey! Why are you screaming?'

TAKE the hits I said

You are the reason for this

You think I am a dud
to be beaten up by a woman?

One stab...



Who are you to
raise your hand against him?


If Dharavi is a tiny India with
all castes, religions, languages...

He is its King!
He is its Counsel!

If he gives you an order
shut the hell up and do it.

Do it!

We are nobodies here.

Nothing absolutely!

He doesn't realise that your
flag is flying here for too long.

He doesn't!

An out-dated flag must
be lowered, right!

Hey...wait till the elections.

We will take care of this

Let's hoist a new flag!

'Searching for your sunglasses?
It has fallen off'

Hari Daada is watching you!

- Move!
- 'Hey, off!'

- Leave all of you


Let me share your
magnificence on Facebook.

'A sprout from the 'Tamirabarani'
river can't be tamed!'

When he was young he went
around picking fights, alright!

At this age, why can’t he just
spend time with the grandkids?


“The Groom from Bombay”
How proud they all were

Am I not the one suffering now!

Aunty, it is “Mumbai"

Ya right!

Look, you have put too
much salt in this

Add tamarind water
Your Uncle won't like it

As if she is the only
good cook around

Taking on other people's fights!

If they have agreed
to build houses

Why should he go and interfere?

Ma, is it the first
time this is happening?

Come here, I need
to speak to you

Listen, whatever it is, talk
to your father directly

As if I don’t know

Hey! Tell me this...

You grew up right here, correct?

This salary and job became
possible from here right?

Now why do you find
Dharavi unacceptable?

Is your wife provoking you?

- Hey, What did I do?
- Why do you involve her?

Let Dharavi end with me
I don’t want it for my kids

Fine. Tell your wife to
stop watching Hindi soaps

Hey, which bone did
you break today?

Nothing Ma

Like father, like son
Uncle was fighting too

He will fight, of course!
Let me see how long

Even those who married into
this family don’t respect me


I can buy him some beef...

...and make some soup

What will I give this one?
"VIGITARIAN" he will say

Aunty! It is not "VIGITARIAN"


I can only say VIGITARIAN
So what?

Hey, why are you hurting my son?

- Ya right!
- Finding faults with me

He has no brains

Don’t you have aplenty?
Give him some


Don’t fight when you play

'Give me the toy'

- Kathirava
- What is it, Ma?

Why are you letting
the money fly?


Speak money and
he will be all ears

Where is it?

- Vaaliyappa!
- Hold on Machaan

Yes Akka

A friend must give good counsel

Why are you provoking him?

- As if he will listen
- 'Maama', sit facing the east

Why now?

Just do what I say

You are the talk of the town

Everyone was like...
"Kaala said this- Kaala did this”

You were the center of attention

Listen, evil eyes
should be warded off


You yell at him non-stop

But still, ward off the
evil eye. What an art!

- Go on!
- 'Hey! Shut up'

Akka, wait!

- ‘What is it?’
- Look, the revolutionary is here

‘Hello, Nephew’

'Did you wash the
clothes clean?'

You are trending on Facebook

I know you find this funny

Don’t make me angry

Who will cast an evil eye
on the defeated one?

I am not incapable

I fight for my rights
and will get them

‘We saw what you got’

If your husband hadn’t
come we would have won

Well said, revolutionary!

He would have won, my foot!

You fed off my breasts
Wouldn't I know you?

My husband is a Black Panther!

Without him, they would have
washed clothes on your head

What say?


Leave me out of this

Tomorrow he will
come with Stormy...

...and protest outside my house.

Hey! Ridiculing is it?

- 'Saw that slap?'
- Hey! Stop it

We will show them in action.

Let's talk, when it comes to it.

- Let me go
- Come

Hey, Mom is just joking
Why get worked up? Sit

Come. Sit

Come sit next to your pair


No need to respect
your in-laws so much

- Just come
- OH!

How should I show
my respect, tell me

Should I lower my eyes
and be demure and all?



Your wife talks too much!

Not at all!

My wife doesn't
talk more than you

Ey! Chatterbox. Come

Come sit here

Come. Sit

Uh oh! What happened dear?

- He hit me
- What happened?

Who? Sweetie!

- Athiyan!
- Why did you do that?

Grandpa, she took my toy

He hit me first

It is mine. Give it

No, it's mine

Don’t fight ok?

Who beat whom?

Nobody did

Nobody he says

No one should fight. Ok?

Akka, include everyone


God Kaala - Our Savior!

No harm should
befall my children

Protect everyone around us

'They ran via Sion bridge'

What’s up Kaala?

Warding off the
evil eyes!?

Out in the open, that too

Romance, full swing!


I am romancing my wife
Who will question me?

At this age huh?

Carry on. Have fun!

How old do you think we are?

As you age your love increases

- Am I right Maama?
- Exactly

We will do a duet and dance even

Hey! You start singing

The young couple will dance

I was just kidding
Don't do this!

Let’s sing then!

♪ Full weight!

♪ The Invincible one!

♪ The Giver of light!

♪ The Remover of sorrow
Show me who he is!

♪ No one can touch us
He will defend us

♪ The Black one
The Great!

♪ Black diamond
from this Black town

♪ The Black Panther

♪ Our Savior

♪ Trouble us, you won’t
get out of here alive

♪ Trample over, you won't
ever have peaceful lives

♪ Be careful

♪ This is our Dharavi

♪ Look! Look!
Who’s frontin' here

♪ Hey! Hey!

♪ We will wipe you out now

♪ Kaala Saet is here
Come take a bow

♪ Let’s have fun, out- run
Fly above everyone

♪ Any obstruction
Let's spare none!

We paid for a water
connection, 6 months ago.

They are making us run
around for documents.

Residents of Dharavi
No water supply

What to do now, Anna?

♪ Our Kaala Saet!

Superb! Selvam

Hey! What the…

Look, how we got it

♪ Cross road, T junction
60 feet & 90 feet

♪ Koliwada, Kumbharwada
Will fill you with awe

♪ Quite a feat
It’s all Kaala’s beat

♪ Full weight!

♪ Temples, Churches, Mosques and all

♪ Love one another is our call

♪ Our flags will fly high and tall

♪ Vanakkam. Namaskar.

♪ Our unity will
never be broken now

♪ Alter what you
think about our slums

♪ Come see our
lifestyles and attitudes

♪ Hutments they may be
We live with super pride

♪ Floors filled with muck
We walk with our head high

♪ Shoulder to shoulder
Laugh whatever the matter

♪ Raise your voice
And your face will shatter

♪ Folded hands, gagged mouths
Times they are a-changin'

♪ Tall thoughts, Tall voice
Skies they are a-reachin'

♪ Dharavi
Is where we live

♪ Kaala Saet in the hood
Touch him if you could

♪ Kaala Saet is the only one
He is second to none

♪ Full weight!
'Namma' Kaala Saet

(NEWS) Maharashtra Legislative
elections this year…

...will take place on the 16th of May
Announces the Election commission.

♪ Yeah! Ah!
Mighty dangerous

♪ My Kaala Saet
Save yourself from him

♪ If your intentions aren't sane
Pay your respect

♪ We are his lot

♪ Street- smart we are
You can’t get on par

♪ Crowded cities
Our breathing place

♪ These tin roofs
Our living space

♪ How we toil!
Giving our lives

♪ Trouble us and see
We'll hunt you down

We voted
one party after the other...

...to Parliament and
Legislative Assemblies

What have they done for us?

Can this child
get quality education?

70's years of independence
without a place to shit!

'We make elephants beg without
realizing their might'

'Let’s not do that
with our votes'

'Votes are our
only strength, now'

♪ It’s important
that we live together

♪ Unity is precious
Let's get together!

♪ Try dividing us!
Divide, we won’t

♪ Try destroying us!
Destroy, we will

(NEWS) This Maharashtra state election
Navbharath Nationalist Party...

has won with an unusually
grand majority...

...and has retained power

Though it has won all the other
constituencies in Mumbai...

...it's massive defeat in Dharavi
is seen as a major set-back

♪ Full weight!
'Namma' Kaala Saet

♪ Full weight!
Our Kaala Saet ♪

To rejoice in victory
or to worry about the defeat...

...will be the question
in Hari Daada's mind


and filth...


...defeated me today

This defeat is equal to death.

You have made an easy task...



Rising after a fall is fun.

There are many ways to win.

'I know them all!'

'Tender for Dharavi rehabilitation...'

Give it here

Vaaliyappa. Look here

They have announced it!

What is it Uncle?

Dharavi is going to be
filled with buildings

The news is out


Lot more will happen
Wait and watch

Dharavi is ours, Brother

Go tell everyone, Dharavi is ours.

(NEWS) 'That was live from headquarters...'

'Increase the volume, please'

(NEWS) 'You were watching
the press conference live'

'The Govt. has agreed to implement
‘Pure Mumbai’ scheme in Dharavi'

'This scheme was stalled many
times due to opposition'

There is going to be tough
competition for the tender

What are you looking at?

This will be the
only news from now

Isn't it time?

Let's go

Come on!

Is someone going
to pick us up, Ma?

It’s actually big!

'Zareena Madam’


'Vanakkam' Madam

How are you?
All good?

Fine! Fine!


- Lenin works with us
- So nice to meet you!

My darling!

You have to live a 100 years

Live well, my dear!

Bhavani Akka!
- 'Vanakkam'

Meet Zareena Ma'am

- She has come from abroad
- Are you good?


The person who has
come here today...

...is Zareena Madam.

She has won many
international awards.

For the urban poor in
African countries...

to lead a dignified life...

...she has built
1000's of buildings

Her coming to Dharavi...

...was made possible
by Perumalsamy Anna

- 'Perumalsamy, Anna!'
- 'Super'

Good times await us, truly

As our first task...

...we have to get a quotation
ready for the tender

We need to mention
our fundamental needs

Attach it with the quotation

If the Govt. likes it

They will allot us the tender

- Am I right?
- 'Yes, Yes'


Let's list everything
we need, one by one

When you hurry to the
toilet in the morning...

...is it possible to
squat peacefully?

Non- stop

We should first put an end
to this public toilet nuisance

Right! A toilet in
each house sounds good

But, how will you
meet your lovers then?

That is where I met
my husband first

My parents never let me
step out of home

I would meet my husband
when I went to use the toilet

- ‘Go now, too’
- Buzz off

What other things
do you need?

Akka, we need a playground

We need schools
and colleges here

I want a Gym

Hospitals, good roads,
fresh drinking water!

No privacy in the house
for a couple to sit and talk

You stay up like an
owl to hold hands.

By the time you kiss…
That’s it!

Ya right!
You say your side of the story

Such a tiny space
with adolescent kids

You know how embarrassing it is?

A house to lie down comfortably
at least before I die

That’s all I need
- Bro!

Fellow-students say...

...Dharavi is a dump yard,
an ugly place.

We must change the
name “Dharavi” first

You are right! Say
the name Dharavi...

...and the police pull
you in some case

We have to make the
'Ganesh' Temple bigger

Isn't that our identity?

What about the Mosque?

So many Tamil Muslims
helped build it

We should preserve it too!

Cross road, 90 feet, Kalyanwadi…

...Tamil people should stop living in
neighbourhoods divided by caste, Bro



Please...a few words Ma'am!



I was born and
brought up in Dharavi

My family lived right here
in Beema Chawl

Whose family there?!

We are Muslims
from 'Pathamadai'

In the 1970's....

...there was

There was a riot

That's when...

That's when we left

I have gone around
the whole world

Rio…in Brazil…

- The Olympics venue?!
- Yes!

That city has many big slums


Even when I worked there

The place...

The place I was born...

...must also be like this
was my constant thought


I never came back to Dharavi

I kept thinking...

...that I must come back



...I can’t do anything alone

It's our Dharavi!

We must join hands
to develop it!

(people cheer)

When Dharavi was a garbage dump
nobody cared for us.

We are now the center
of the city, right?

Everyone’s eyeing us
- Rightly said

Govt. is backing them too

We have to be careful.

If we stand together
nobody can do anything.

-Salaam. Vanakkam
- Sure Machaan. One tight slap!

- Yes Anna
- You are right!

Electricity Board, I tell you!

- Sister, good tea. See you
- Okay!


A new group has joined hands
with “Arise” Movement, you heard?

Pa, for every new
building in Dharavi...

...Perumalsamy gets
two flats free

Like a bribe!

These people are unaware of it

Why can’t they consult us?

- Haven’t you slept Bhavani?
- Not yet

Machaan, why isn't anyone here?



'What's your name?'

- 'Tell her your name'
- 'Say it, dear'

- 'Come on, say your name'
- 'No, I won't'


♪ My Darling

♪ My Dearest!

she gave us a shock!


You are the
'Madam from Africa'?

How are you?
All good?

I am good, Anna



Only Zareena has the guts
to call you by your name

Even my sister doesn't!

'Am I right Akka?'

W-W-When did you come?
Did you e-e-eat anything?

- Are...you good?
- Why? What happened?

Is your mouth
typing a telegram?

'Calm down! Relax!'

'My Akka is making amends!'

Coffee or tea?

She drinks...

'Coffee, it seems
You haven’t forgotten?!'



Come in

Get up from here

You too
- Ok Akka

Hey, Akka is creating
a space for Machaan

Get in all of you

- Move
- ‘Are you all here?’

Go clean the jeep, go

Akka, give me a coffee too

'Machaan, you carry on'

Hey, kiddos!
Stop peeping

Get in

Machaan is trying to talk
Stop staring at him!

(clears throat)

So Karikaalan...

It is so nice to see you

It's been so many years and...

You look...you look well


You can talk so much, is it?

It has taken me so many
years to know this!


How are you, then?

Are you going to
be here from now?


You want to send me back?

I am going to be here

I am going to work here

I need to meet builders
regarding the tender

I need your help

I will stand by anything
that is good

Lenin works with you, right?


Lenin is very supportive

You have brought him up well

Very active…Bold…

Just like you

♪ My Darling

♪ My Dearest

♪ My Darling

♪ My Dearest

- I have put less sugar

Why less?
Add more...

'Machaan bad idea!'

Could have put…sugar...

'Even after 30 years
he remembers'

This coffee is very nice


Coffee is good
I meant

No, No, No, No

"I know Englees!"

- 'Nice'

'No mention'
- 'Of course, my Akka knows english!'

- Akka. Come here
- Ya!

Joking unaware of
the situation, Come!

What is it?

Ex- lovers have met

They will have lots to talk

Why are you a hindrance?

One slap and your head will turn.


Ey, Stormy!
Look, she is calling

She responds only if
you call her ‘Stormy’

- Wait. Eat something
- No. No

My daughter is waiting

- Some other day
- Alright

See you all

'Come often
Machaan will like it’

Bye, Karikaalan

See you



How do they drink this nonsense?

Why do you drink it then?

Those days…

'…this land was filled with
sludge and wild grass'

'When our people came from Tirunelveli
seeking jobs with their kith and kin'

'Vengaiyan would
help them build huts'

'He was the center of everything'

'Huts with 4 logs and a tarpaulin'

'Then half built walls and tin roofs'

'We owe our life here, today...'

'...to your grandpa Vengaiyan'

'Every time...'

'...we tried to setup a place
there were so many problems'

'This Hari...'

'...big leader...my foot!'

'He was a nobody
compared to Vengaiyan'

'Hari was supported by the ruling party'

They waited till we took a
space, readied it, built houses

Then they would come to...

...chase our people away

Brave Vengaiyan!
Would not allow it

'Youngsters from the make-shift
dorms backed Vengaiyan'

'Hands that toiled in farms
Won't they know to take up arms?'

'Hari Daada couldn’t
do anything here'

'Vengaiyan ruled over
Dharavi like that'

He couldn’t take it


...Indira Gandhi
declared Emergency

'Hari used the situation and
entered Dharavi with the police'

'To protect themselves
Kaala and Vengaiyan...'

'...jumped into
Pathamadai Ayub’s house'

'There was no
electricity back then'

'It was pitch-black'

'Zareena came with a chimney lamp
and stood in front of Kaala'

'Wow! Just wow!'

'Machaan was swept away'

There must have
been sparks, right?

Absolutely. Absolutely!

Akka! Look

They had just started
SIWS Junior College

'My College...'

'at the water pump...'

'at the toilet
near the temple...'

'...at Aurora theatre'

I didn't miss out
on a single place!

I followed her like a madman

The news about our love
spread like wildfire

'We never expected...'

'my father and my relatives...'

'...to accept our
relationship so soon'

A life with my
favorite Karikaalan...

...was starting
I was excited about it

'Our marriage was finalized'


In his desperation
to take over Dharavi...

this Hari Daada...

...was trying to finish
off Vengaiyan somehow

'He used Kaala’s wedding
as an opportunity'

'They killed anyone
who came their way'

'Our people didn’t
know what to do'

'Hari Daada slaughtered Vengaiyan
in front of Kaala’s eyes'

'The wedding stage was blazing'

'That day, that fire separated
Kaala and Zareena forever'

'Our dream was shattered'

'To get to know that
Karikaalan was fine...'

'...took me so many years'

'Fearing the riots,
my grandparents...'

...took me to Nasik

At that age, I couldn’t
decide what to do

A Pastor sent me
to the US to study

Showing riots as a reason
they banished Kaala

Almost like an exile
We didn’t know where

Kaala was so lost with no
information on Zareena

We couldn’t find out
about her at all

He started growing the beard
Hasn’t taken it since

'I got married
unaware of all this'

Hindi sad songs, all the time

♪ Between you and me ♪
It would go on and on

Will I be quiet?

I would even the score
with an 'Ilayaraja' song

He would call in a hurry

Then he will salvage it somehow

I used to curse my fate

Doesn't dad love you?

Go ask your father

He is a nobody
without this Selvi


I think Uncle is
smitten by Zareena

Why wouldn’t he!

Doesn’t she look like
'Madhuri Dixit'?

'Hey! My Akka is the best'

Come in, Zareena.

No. I got some work.


Lenin? Let me get him.

Hey Lenin!

Where is he?

- Pa?
- Uncle?

- Wh..wh...where is he?
- What happened Uncle?

- Up there


Where the hell did he disappear?

- Hey! Come soon
- What happened?

- Zareena is waiting
- Who?!

Zareena is waiting!

Quick. Go

'Hello, Madam'

What is happening?
- 'Were you busy?'

'I was getting ready'

Why is he so jumpy?

'Looks like it will rain'


- Lets leave?
- Yes

- Bye - See you

Let's go Ma'am
- Ya

(thunder rumbles)

♪ Look how my heart enfolds
All the love it holds

♪ Look how the sky pours
All my love at once

♪ My Darling

♪ My Dearest

♪ What is it
your eyes recite?

♪ Can there be rains
Without dark clouds, here

♪ Can there be wounds
Time wouldn't heal
♪ Can there be rains
Without dark clouds, here

♪ Can there be wounds
Time wouldn't heal

♪ My Darling

♪ My Dearest

♪ What is it
your eyes conceal?

♪ The scent of your love
Will fill me up, I hoped

♪ Those times have gone by now

♪ My eternal love
Fills me up like fire

♪ Won’t this distance
change its course?

♪ The thirst of a little bird
Awaiting its own cloud

♪ Can a mirage satisfy?

♪ The love a fish has

♪ For its own stream

♪ Can mire ever share?

One tight slap!

♪ A song that never leaves
The strings of a lute

♪ Will it ever be heard, my love?

♪ The bosom of a mother
Awaits her little child

♪ My heart yearns for you so

♪ Our wounds will be healed
Sorrows will be comforted

♪ Hasn’t that time come along?

♪ The blue of our distance

♪ The blue of our longing
- Soooper Pa!

♪ Disappears like a horizon
As we near!

♪ Oh my Darling

♪ Oh my Dearest

♪ What is it
your eyes recite!

The first time
I saw your face...

…is still clear
in my memory

I was so scared

How you were
looking at me!

I know

You covered your knees
as soon as you saw me

Threw a dupatta over yourself

You were wearing a rose
colour shirt and...

...a brown colour skirt

It hasn't left my eyes still


How well you remember!

Do you like me so much?

A lot

Till now!

I couldn’t accept...

...that you wouldn’t be mine

But, this life…

…is so terrible

Brings me to you
one more time

Watches the spectacle!


Listen, how are you
still so young?

Ya right!

I am being serious

Look at me

Old and grayed

But you?


My daughter’s friends
say this too

Hey, I was just joking

You took that seriously and...

Don’t you feel that
you missed me?

I feel that a lot

I wish you hadn't
seen me again

I think that a lot

Selvi trusts me a lot

I should make sure that she
isn't disheartened, even mildly


...I am her universe

Just me

Even now...

...she would know
that I am meeting you

But she didn't say a word

Your life...

...will not be affected
even a bit by me

I am not thinking
on those lines

I know

What is this, Karikaalan!

I am not your Zareena

I have changed


To be that person
in your memories...

...is all I want

a bit weird

Like, Selvi...

...is right
next to you

Let’s go Karikaalan


...don’t call me that


I will leave now

♪ My Darling

♪ My Dearest

♪ O my darling!

♪ O my Dearest

Haven’t you slept yet?

Sleeping with my eyes open
Can’t you see?


I just went to have a
chat with her

Did you?

My eyes were filled with you

I couldn’t even look at her

Oh! What flattery!

Look! I am going to Tirunelveli


You think only
you had lovers?

I studied Grade 8
at 'Ambai'

Walked all the way

'Parai' drum player Perumal

Was behind me like a madman

I liked him as well

But you brought
me here

Listen, book me a ticket

I will go
have a chat with him

Just like you

'Rules should be the same, right?'

Hey!! Selvi!


She is not the Zareena
I had known

She seems like another person

She feels that
I have changed too


Why would I lie?

Then say you love me


You won’t say, is it?

Hey... No...No…
I love you my dear

I love you my darling

I feel like crying
But I won’t!

Why should I?

No…No…You shouldn’t
cry my darling.

I love you


...were you really
in love with Perumal?

It’s raining. Wow!

Good rains, right?


The same message is being
forwarded for the 9th year now

Idiots. I am receiving
for the 6th time

‘Are you serious?’

We are going to do what
no one else could in Dharavi?

How you made fun always!

Watch what we do now

- Is it?
- 'On my way, Madam'

My dear Nephew!
Is Dharavi getting a golden roof?

'Come to the Temple tomorrow'

‘Arise’ movement will lead from now on!'

'We have won the tender'

Ya, ya!

'Bring the leader of
your Asura clan too'

- 'OK?'

‘Dharavi: Now
Let’s see how this will change'

'First. Houses'

'225 to 350 square feet houses'

'Not for everyone
For those the Govt. qualifies...'

'...in batches'

'Then, Golf Course...'

'...Hospitals, Pubs, Schools'

'Your children will get
free education in these schools'

'Rich kids will have a separate school'

'Hospital will be the same'

'You can avail free treatment
ONLY during weekends'

- Noticed the golf ground? - Superb
'Where do we get money for this?'

'Let’s sell the buildings
along the main road'

'What do you think?'

- That's not our sector
- 'We don't want freebies'

- This side
- 'You think!'

'Isn't it a silent revolution
for equality!'

- Thank you so much
- Thank you!

So kind of you!

- Thank you so much, Sir
- Thank you so much


It’s so overwhelming!

Saw how our new
Dharavi will look?


Our Architect sir...

...and our Builder
deserve a round of applause

Dharavi WILL have a new name!

Dharavi will be
truly liberated now

Yay! My friends will
visit me now. Superb!

Sir, why do we need
a golf course?

Cricket, football and kabadi
are our games, right

Hey! Quit blabbering


What’s wrong in what he says?

'Why do we need a golf course?'

Hey! It’s ok. It’s ok

Everything has to become

'Otherwise, how will your friends
respect you?'


Your happiness...

...is our priority

Zareena Ma’am is here
to do exactly this

This is a victory
for all of us!


Applaud for Hari Daada’s victory!

What are you looking at?

Idiots! Go on!

Carry on! Louder!

You will never…

What are you all looking at?

Vishnu can’t do anything directly

So you have come
in the name of change

You praise him
and he appreciates you!

What is all this drama?

Uncle, you have started
your nonsense, is it?

Hey! Why are you threatening him?

Isn’t that the truth?

Don’t you know
who is Manu Builder?

Selvam, don’t start off
on this tangent

Isn’t it enough
if our job gets done?

You want these people
to live in this muck?

Who came to us
when we were in muck?


'...we have made
this place liveable'

'They come drooling'

We have Bandra-Kurla
complex on one side

5 railway stations around

'Commuting from Dharavi
to anywhere in Mumbai is easy'

That's the reason

MLA sir, wait!
Don’t misinterpret this

This is not our motive
'Who is this halfwit?'

Stadiums and golf course,
it seems

It takes 74 acres
to build a golf course

Let's say you build it in 50 acres

Why should we give all that land
and end up in 225 sq.ft houses?

Are we idiots to exchange
a goldmine for chaff?

'Ey! Stormy'

Attached toilets in a house
is enough, is it?

Ya! You will raise buildings here

Won’t Kaala’s reputation be dented?

- Hey!
- Ey!

How will he survive then?

He needs a share, Madam

Give him that
He will be quiet

Come let’s go

Non sense

Stop it
Stop it, I said

So many Govts.
So many builders

But nothing has changed

'Here comes the NGO Madam!'

Nothing has changed
since the time I left

You have concerns, you have problems?
Then give it to me in writing


You create a ruckus and
leave without a word?!

Listen, let me come
straight to the issue

This is our land

A land that our ancestors created

Ask the Government to help us

We will build our houses
the way we want to

And keep it clean

I guarantee you that
We all do

What do you all say?
- (people agree)

Govt. will do everything, is it?

What will the Govt. do then?

Don’t say that the Govt.
is in debt

... Govt. officials and politicians
live comfortably with scammed money

Where did that money come from?

'On the point!'

You sell this land now, right now

Just the land will
fetch you 400 billion!

You want us to give it all
up and live like losers?

Hey, Rebel leader!
Shut this market and come home


Stupid people!

Give me the spanner

'Why are you breaking it?
Ma, don't interfere'


Grandpa..Lenin Uncle
is breaking something

Let's just do our job, alright?

Ey! Where are you going?

Listen to me
- Let me go

I will slap you now
Where are you going?


All that you broke now
are what I earned

What your brothers earned

I will break it all

So biased all the time

Say to my face that
I have no rights

Beating around the bush

Chi...why are you crying?

Why did I give you that
Revolutionary's name!

I am unable to even yell at you

Did I ask you? I will
change that name

You keep quiet!

Don’t cry my darling

Let’s change that name

We will call you Vengaiyan...
Not that name

Take my Dad's name 'Muniyan'


You think it's funny?

Ganging up!

Hey, are we running a show here?
Get lost, I warn you

It’s ok dear


We gathered a group
to do some good things

He ruined it all

Some nonsense or the other


We are the pawns
for your revolution?

Why not? Are you the
decision maker here?

Lenin, watch your tongue!

Things will go out of hand!

What will you do?
You will get no respect

'Don't be rude to your brother!'

How dare you talk back?
I will slap you tight

- 'Going on and on'
- Wait! Relax!

This is between us


Your lover, Stormy...

Have you ever
gone to her building?

15 people live in those houses.

If we have to live the chawl life
Why do we need buildings?


Show me a place
without problems!

He has come to
construct buildings...

...not bungalows.

They come with money in
mind not people's welfare

How will they build good houses?

Hari Daada that too…

When were the rich
concerned about the poor?

Show me one unselfish
person. Let me see?

This is why....

...you shouldn't do anything

We shouldn’t do anything, is it?

And you? Rowdyism
is all you know

YES! I am a rowdy

People you support are good?

With money and power
rowdies become patrons!

No understanding of the
land and its people

You read 2 books and go around
muttering change and revolution

Understand the basics first!

Yes, sir our heads
are filled with clay

Selvam Anna

You started it all!

Poor Zareena Madam

So much blood!

Let them rot here!

All for them and...

Oh! Wow!

We will all cry because he
isn't leading the revolution!

Go on! Leave

I am going to leave

I have an education and a job
I will take care of myself

Slipper me if I ever
talk on their behalf


They are cheap-mined
that's why they live in...

Who do you call 'cheri'?

- Don't
- Maama

'Cheri' is it?


Kaala is angry


Don’t talk to him Pa

'He has gone mad'

'Cry I said'

'Cry, you idiot'


We are cheap people

You grew up comfortably

That’s why 'cheri' people
appear low to you

According to you...whether
we like it or want it

We must live on the road you lay

Drink the water you pour

Eat the rice you give away

If we refuse, you will
say "Starving dogs..."

"...look at their arrogance"

Someone like you has
no place in my house

Get out!

Only if you suffer you
will understand life

Ey! Send him out

- Send him I said
- Maama, wait

Wait. Where will he go?
Doesn't he have to think?

He thought we will
stop him from going

If you push him to leave
Where will he go?

Poor thing

My sweet heart!

Go to some place good

Eat at the right time

Take care of your health
My dear one. Ok?


What is this crowd. Huh?

What's up my Nephew?
Going on a tour?


What a swanky bag!
Long trip, is it?

Buy me a souvenir when you come

Hey, fire-setter!

I will kill you first

Why are you getting irked?

(religious chants)

Oh lord Ganpathi!

Hey, isn't the elevator working?

No way!

'Where are you going?'

'Dadar Beach'


Are we here yet
or further up?


Where are you going, Akka?

Ganesh Temple, Stormy!



Let's go out!


Let's rethink, Lenin

I feel that Kaala is...

...doing the right thing.

- Selvam
- Ma, shall we move?

- Where is Dad?
- Back there!

Ey! Come fast

You know Zareena's house
for sure, right?

I know, Kaala
Let’s go

Don’t drop me off
somewhere else!

Kaala, I know every
nook and corner here

Why are you scared
like a schoolboy?

Scared is it?!

Why are you getting
tensed Kaala?

Hurry up!

Don’t stop anywhere
Kaala is going alone somewhere

(religious chants)

Brother, Kaala is going via 'Sion'
We got a call


Kaala is going alone

We can finish him off now

- Sure, it’s him?
- Yes

- Confirmed?
- Yes!

He is right here
Quick! Quick

Turn left!

This is the house!

Why are you scared Kaala?
I am here with you right?


Hey! Buzz off

See, Didn’t I tell you?

Just leave!

Carry on! Have fun!



Kaeira, go to the other room

Kaeira, beautiful name

Kaeira means black in Greek right?

Yes. It means “Kaala”

Kaeira finish your homework. Go

You both talk
I will go. Ok?


Actually, I don’t know what to say

If you were alright...

...none of this will matter



I am totally fine

I heard that you were hurt
That’s why I came to see you


Thanks a lot Karikaalan

Sorry, Sorry!
I should call you KAALA

So much concern!

I am ok!

I will leave now

You are doing wonderful things
for the people who trust you

What were you doing
all these years?

Could you bring a
single builder?

That Architect was …


What you say must
happen here, is it?

You know nothing beyond rowdyism

I am not the one to get
scared of all this

Don’t spill your words in anger

You don’t realise who
is behind all this

That’s the truth

That Hari…

…can’t be involved directly

Comes disguised as a
builder behind your NGO

You are just crazy
refusing to see this

Stop it!

Don’t judge me!

Crazy, is it?
Am I crazy?

I know what I am!


I was born here too

You treat me like
I support Hari Daada

You want to settle
your enmity with him

And you use these people
as lambs to this slaughter

I won’t let it happen

I know how to
implement this scheme

I will do it, Mr. KAALA


"Africa- return" Madam

I will always be selfish
about our rights

My people are not lambs to
be slaughtered by anybody

You can't lay a single brick
in the name of Manu Builders

Listen Kaeira’s mother!

You haven’t seen my
downright rowdyism yet!

You will!

Got it?
Please do!


Hey! Don’t roam the streets
aimlessly, alright?

I am not doing that Kaala

Do something to take
care of your mother


All that’s fine…

Hey! Why are you going this way?

Let’s just go this way, Kaala

Why are you turning around?
We have to go this way

Kaala, wait…

What’s up with this boy?

Why are you doing this?

- What happened?
- Kaala!

They have rounded us up

Stop the bike
I said stop

Hey! Go


Step back, I said

What’s up guys?

Setup is it?

I, Vengaiyan’s Son,
Am standing all alone

Come on, if you have the guts

Let’s fight it out!


I will finish you off first

Then your father

I will kill you

- Bro! Come let’s go
- Let's move

Move! Move!

Get in

Beemji, come

Couldn't you have
said a word to me!

You sent our son anyway, right

Even if you don’t utter a word
your every breath tells me...

...what runs in your head


Is it?

What's running in my head now?
Tell me!

I know, Mr.Karikaalan



What happened?


They killed my son!

My son is hanging dead there

They killed him

They killed my son


Why did they kill you!


Who does your mother have?




When will I hear you sing
after this?


What are you going to do?

♪ Will he come alive?
Tell us Kaala!

♪ What shall we do?
Tell us Kaala!

♪ How many more lives?
Tell us Kaala

♪ What shall we do?
Tell us Kaala!

♪ What shall we do?
Tell us Kaala!

We will get him
Where will he go?

'Where is Vishnu?'

Right here, Sir

'Tell him, too'
I will, Sir

Sunil Brother had called

Hari Daada has told
you not to surrender

It’s an issue of his prestige

His men will come now

Go with them

Nobody can touch you!

Being with them is
safer than the prison


All ok?

Let’s leave

Patil, see you!

Kill him, now!

Hey! Kill me!

Come on!

'They killed him, Daada'

[announcement on PA]

Move! Give way please

Anna, move and give way!

Move all of you

Give way!

Move back!

Welcome! Welcome!
Hari Daada

I am so glad you came here


You are Kaala Saet!

I have heard a lot about you

But seeing you for
the first time!

I see you everyday

You are omnipresent!

'I am glad'

'Pleasure is mine!'

Selvam, my second son

My friends


My Sons & Daughters-in-law

- Namaste
- Vanakkam

My wife


Thank you

It’s ok

This is 'Aasami'

Machaan, what about me?

My close pal Vaaliyappan

He looks like a good man

You are right

In his white and white…

Shut up! Is it enough
to wear white?

He didn’t even drink
water from our house

I wanted to meet the one
messing with my dreams

Just came to take a look

Take a good look then.

It was nice meeting
you and your family.

Now, let Dharavi be a
memory of your past.

Because from now
Dharavi will be mine

Just mine

Sister, take care of him

Hari Daada!

I didn’t say you could leave

You could have entered
Dharavi at will

But to leave
you need my permission

Let's move!

Take left

Ok! Right!

'Let me check'

'Don't let him go'

Hello, Sir

They have blocked the entrance

We are trying

'We are locked up here'

What are you doing?
Do something

Patil, what happened?

Sunil just called…They are…

- Don’t tell me what’s happening there
- We are trying

Daada, we are trapped
It is difficult to get out

We must shoot all of them
Only then we can leave

Do you have these many bullets?


'Has the Minister arrived?'

'Put him on the phone'

Oh! Damn!

Look here!'

What happened?

Lost your sense of
East and West in Dharavi?

Kaala’s house is right here

Apologise and go home soon


Give him way

Go! Take permission

Can I leave?

Kaala Saet, can I go?

This is the Black Fort

My Fort!

You can’t take even a
fistful of sand out of here

Get out!

♪ Get out! Get out!
Buzz off!

♪ Get out! Get out!

♪ Get out! Get out!
Buzz off now

♪ Get out! Get out!

♪ This is our fort

♪ Break it!
We will retort

♪ One whistle is enough
For us to kick-start

♪ Little ones even
Do great things right here

♪ When our elders come along
You would just have to run

♪ Get out! Get out!
Buzz off I said!

♪ Get out! Get out!
Your time is up!

(video plays on phone)

Ahaana, look here!

- Grandpa!
- Show me

Show me too


Your video is on Facebook

Who is Kaala, Grandpa?


The Demon King!

Thinks with his ten heads

Ram will kill Ravana?

Grandpa, why are you laughing?

Vaalmiki has written it that way!

He must be killed right!

Sir, this is Zareena


She is working towards
getting people's consent


Sir, I am very sorry about
what happened in Dharavi


If your company refuses...

...our people will really suffer

Actually sir, there are
only very few people...

...who are misguided in Dharavi

'Because some people oppose
everyone shouldn't suffer, right?'

I have always thought
about people's welfare!


- What is his name?
- Who?


- 'Yes'

Ya, Kaala

To err is human, right?

For one person's mistake...

...why punish another?

Get the consent
for the scheme

I will stand by you

I want to make this
country, clean...

...and pure

'Ya. Absolutely'

'Thank you Sir'

We were hoping the same too

And don't worry. We will get the
consent as soon as possible

You come all the way from
Africa and do all this

This is my land,
my people, my blood

Shouldn't I do something too?

What does your husband do?

I am a single mother

I have a daughter, Kaeira

Take Care!

A woman...

You might be short of funds...

All alone in Mumbai...

Help her if she needs something

'Sure Daada!'

His name is Lenin

Kaala's Son

He is one of us

Supports us fully!

''Full support''

Shall we leave?


(crowd chants)

Hail Haridev Abhyankar!
- Hail

Hail Haridev Abhyankar!
- Hail

Hail Haridev Abhyankar!
- Hail

(crowd chants)

'That Hari Daada has
always been like this!'

'It took you so
long to understand'

- 'It's ok'
- 'Maama! Maama!

Stop the vehicle


Enough with the exile drama!
Come home tomorrow

If you don't,
I will break your leg

Maama, you invite him too

Hey! Come


When you come bring her too

Stormy...you too

Tomorrow there is a function at home


Come for sure

(indistinct chatter)

(children chatter)

- 'Salam walaikum, Brother'
- 'Walaikum Asalam'

Are you good?

- Has everyone arrived?
- They are all inside

(people cheer)

♪ And Kaala is his glorious name

Serve me some more...




Just a minute

Give me a shank!

- Hey Suresh!

It's me!
It's just me

Just Wow!

Isn't this
the ultimate wedding!

Who will believe
that you are 60?

You look just like
the Actor MGR

Your youth is returning!


Very funny!

Children insisted
I put this on


You don't match my
brother-in-law's good looks

Accept it!

Hey! Why?

Why are you pulling
her into this!

What's happening Maama?

What is he saying?
I am unable to hear

I was telling him that you
look like a gold statue

Like that?

Hey Vaaliyappa!
Heard that?

Of course, Gold Statue

Why get myself into trouble?

Even the Great Haridaada
is scared of your husband

But look at how he is
around you!

Long live!

Come and eat

Anna, please eat some food

Where is the meat?

- Here. Here.
- 'Feed him the meat'

Feed him lots!

Machaan here!

Drink it!
- No!

My gift for your wedding

Toddy from a single palm

An offering to
our God Kaala

Bottoms up!

He will take care of it

Won't you drink for me?

Drink up!

Hey Vaaliyappa!

You are making Kaala drink?!

Hey! Is this foreign liquor?

This is part of our cuisine!

Machaan! Drink it

Drink for your friend!

Gulp it!

Like that!

Drink! Drink!


Come on, Kaala!

Hey! Vaaliyappa


What are you giving him?

I didn't give him
He took it from me

You know he doesn't drink
Why give him that?

Machaan! Stay steady

I am so angry, that I...


'I can't hear anything!'

Maama, are you ok?

'Say something Maama'

Maama, why are you
looking at me like that?

♪ Come here my
statue of gold

♪ I am nobody
without your hold

♪ Come here my
statue of gold

♪ I am nobody
without your hold

♪ You stand beside as my pair
Why must I then despair?

♪ Single-headed Ravana
Becoming a child, now

♪ Will you carry me in your fold?

♪ I was playing with knives
Now with butterflies

♪ Charming me with your big eyes?
Tell me is it right?

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...

♪ Come on! Let's dance along

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...

♪ Come on! Let's dance along

♪ Come here my dear one

♪ With you, I need no one

♪ When you pair up with me
What else would I need, tell me

♪ Witness this great king!

♪ Right in the middle of your forehead

♪ You placed me as your 'bindi'

♪ You walk with that bright face
My eyes refuse to blink

♪ The unbeatable one in the gully

♪ The unbeatable one in the gully

♪ Doesn't cross the line you draw, surely

♪ Throwing away my chivalry
I followed drunk, high on you

♪ Bundling up all my sorrows
Haven't you come to celebrate me

♪ Come here my,
Beautiful one!

♪ Come here my statue of gold

♪ I am nobody without your hold

♪ When you pair up with me
What else would I need, tell me

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...

♪ Come on! Let's dance along

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Come on! Let's dance along

♪ Repeat...

♪ Say it...

♪ One more time!

♪ Friends to shower
you with love

♪ Kinfolk to fill
you with affection

♪ Not just my kith and kin
I belong to everyone

♪ The naughty one in the gully

♪ The naughty one in the gully

♪ The one who is fearless, truly

♪ Oh! They way you rule over me
Makes me go crazy in love

♪ I can rule over all these lands
A wink of your eye is all that I need

♪ One touch you will be smitten

♪ One look you will
be love- stricken

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Come on! Let's dance along

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Let's sing and dance along

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Let's dance all night long

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Come and dance along

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Come on let's dance along

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Let's sing and dance along

♪ ...Tilla Tong Tong...
Come on let's dance along

- Was the food alright?
- Yes!

- Did you eat well?
- Yes! Yes!

- Visit us often. Ok?
- They will

- You leave
- I will walk you out

Its ok, Anna
We will take care

Maama! quiet

- Your daughter must study well
- Yes, Anna

You are high is it?



Just one bottle of toddy
And you are sooo drunk

All that dancing and singing

I have been watching
you going overboard

- Overboard?
- Yes! Careful!

"What you are talking?"

English, is it?

Pa, I want to talk to you

Go ahead, Son

You are my universe!

What do you want?
Go on

Kids! Go in and sleep


Kids are just playing
Why send them?

What do you want to talk?

It is so nice to see
you and mom together

You struggled to bring us up

That's why we live well now

We have no other complaints


Hey! Why are you hesitating?


After what you did when
Hari Daada was here...

...he is being
threatened at his office

He wanted to leave home

I convinced him to talk
after the ceremony


Let us all leave!

We are doing well in our lives

Why get into all these problems?

So many people have left Dharavi
after becoming Doctors and Engineers

Why live in this muck?

At least the next generation
can be peaceful, right!

Who lacks peace now?

Are you all scared?

If he were scared, he wouldn't
have brought us all up so well

You refuse to use your brain!


Isn't he the one who
killed Vengaiyan grandpa?

Listen...! You should never fear


Didn't you tell them stories
of our brave Tamil women?

- What did you teach them?
- Like they will listen!

You have decided to leave, right?

Nobody here will stop you. Leave!

You can't stay a second more

If you do... I won't
hold my tongue!

Hey! Stop!

Is this how you speak
to the children?

Hey, listen...

She is just joking

Aunty! Why are you
getting angry?

Shouldn’t we say anything?
It is for all our good, right?


How long will a gold mine be
if you keep digging into it?

It is such a small problem
Why are you pushing him around?

One tight slap!

Uncle, just shut up

Such a drunkard!

I am talking to my father

- Mind your business - EY!!!

How dare you disrespect elders!

If you leave this place your
problems will disappear, is it?

You will change your
place your language...

...your food

Leave everyone behind and live like a
king elsewhere? Do you call that life?

If you want things to
change, do it from here

He left this house too

But did he leave Dharavi?

We might have a
million differences

But I don't doubt the respect
he has for this land

I am a tree, rooted right here!

Bury me or burn me
But right here

- Actually, Pa..
- 'Ey!'

Another word and...
Get in!


Get inside


'Let's talk in the morning'

Think they can
take me for a ride!

Must show them who this Kaala is!

- Vaaliyappa
- Machaan!

Bring that bottle here

- Huh?
- It is ready Machaan

- Right here
- Ey! Shut up

Maama! Sit now


Listen to me

- Sit, please
- For your sake



Hey Patil!

Come! Come!


Why are you late, Brother?

The celebrations just got over

It's ok. Come

Take Care of them'

Come Patil!

Is half a bottle ok with you?

Uncle! Calm down

Hey! Relax

A whole army is here

It's alright! Come! Come!

'All of you must eat'

- Selvi!
- Huh?

Is there enough food?

Keep quiet

What's happening?

What's up?

So many of you are here!

There is a warrant for
Vishnu Bhai's murder

Murderer has surrendered right?

- Why are you here?
- Don't create problems now

Come to the Police Station


Try laying a finger!


'Selvam should I take you too?'


Don't worry

Kids will get scared
Let's not create a commotion

- Patil
- Sir

You want me to come
to the station, right?

- Yes Sir
- Ok!

Machaan! Hold on!

What is this habit of
arresting at night?

He will come in the morning

Hey, Sivaji!

How are you?
Are your kids good?

Make them study well!





Hey, Sivaji

We didn't study

If only I had
the chance to study...


We must educate the kids

Sure Sir. Absolutely
- Ok?

My father is there
I need to talk to him

"Very Very important"

We didn't study

The kids must study well

- It's all your mercy


Who brought you here?

- Sir?

Release him!


Couldn't handle all
the food you ate?

Took a stroll to digest is it?

One tight slap they will get!

Anna, Minister's
people approached me

They wanted to settle
this by talking

That's why I arranged to
meet without further delay

Let's talk it out Anna

Minister, is it?!


Live long!

You have contacts at
ministerial level?

Crafty guy you are!

Can we fly the peace flag now?

'Yes Anna'

Let's do that!

Why sit here for that?

Let's sit in front of my house
and resolve this matter

Selvi will offer us hot coffee

- What do you say, Kumar?
- 'Actually Anna'

- Hey Patil!
- Sir?

Is this why you brought me here?

You should have
told me this right?

Sir, wait...


Let's go
- Hey, where are you going?

I need to talk. Sit


...who is this again?

Anna, he is the Minister
Don't you know?




Yes. Yes

Are you good?
- Yes. yes

Your wife and children are good?

Which is your Ministry?

Seeing good money?

Money. Bribe?

Anna, why are you doing this?

- I am asking about bribes
- Just sit, I said

Don't you know how to behave?

Hari Daada's words have
a bearing in the Govt


Nothing happens in Dharavi
without your consent, I hear!

Is it? Kumar was
talking about it

Is it?
- 'Yes Anna'

Hari Daada is a
good, honorable man

He will forgive you
if you apologise

I will arrange for a meeting

Seek apology


Who is this guy?

(man giggles)

Hey, get out

- What is that sound?
- Nothing

Why are you resisting?

Such influential people...

I am doing this for our good

If you do something stupid

You will land us all in trouble

I am quiet only because
we have known each other

I will break your head
Step back you idiot

I thought you were
a respectable man

I am trying to resolve
this amicably

Only because you have
people's support here

Let me talk to Hari Daada

Let's end this

How many children do you have?

Three, is it?

- FOUR?!

A house for each of them

A house in your name

A place for your factory

All this...

For you

Just don't interfere
in this scheme


I won't hurt you. Come close

What Anna?

- Kumar
- Yes!

Who is this idiot?

Why are you doing this?

Are you kidding me?

You won't get out alive

Migrant dog! Do you
want to rule Mumbai?


Get involved again
I will crush you to death

What fun!

What absolute fun!

Go ahead if you have the gall!

One more word and I will...

(indistinct argument)


Hari Daada!


You are here too, is it?!

Tell me this...

Who is this?


Blabbering nonsense

Who sends him for peace talks!

I told you already
No more talks about Dharavi

Bring it up again. You won't
be sparkling in white anymore

''Meeting over''


"Over. Meeting"

I have my eyes on you

How dare...


...they are beating your father

'What happened?'

'They are beating up dad'


Do it!

Touch Daada's feet

Buzz off, Idiot

Kaala, this is not your mistake

Who I am
Where I am from...

...you don't seem to understand

People fear me

After all your mistakes...

...I am still ready
to forgive you

Release Kaala, right away!

Release Kaala, right away!

Release Kaala, right away!

I have a status in this society

Only I know the things
I've done to arrive here

How many unidentified corpses!

Right here in Dharavi...

...how many riots I engineered!

I am trying to forget it all

But you keep reminding me

When you killed Vengaiyan, you didn't
expect his son to be the end of you!






Too many people have gathered outside

Media is here as well


It is not advisable
to do anything now

(glass shatters)

(people revolt)

Everyone gets a chance in life
to rectify their mistakes

I have a good opportunity
to do the same

You murdered Vishnu...

Defeated me in the elections...

Shamed me and...


Daada don't do anything now

Please...please understand

How dare you laugh!

You have no fear

The fearless and the idiot
are divided by a thin line

You won't understand
even if I tell you

Time will tell you

Proof and Justice
will not matter then

I won't do anything to you now

All those people
shouting outside...

will put you on an altar,
garland you, worship you and...

...make you into a God
That must not happen

Hey, let him go

Laid a finger on me right

Ok Dude! OKAY!


We have to be
a step ahead of him

- Get ready!
- Ok, Pa

What a fanatic?!

I want him to burn in hell

How dare he hurt you!

I am so angry that...

...I want to hack him to
pieces and go to jail

Hey! Shut up!

You think I would let him hurt me?

Wouldn't I have
thrashed them all?

That's what I thought too
Can he lay a finger on my Maama?

All that's fine
What is this on your face?

You punched yourself, is it?
A mark of your valour?

Stop laughing

'He will rot to death'

'Rotten person'

Why did you let go of him?

Of course I didn't

I broke his mouth open

I even brought a tooth
to make you believe

Really? Let me see
- Yes

It was right here
Where did it disappear? Where?

Are you looking for this?

- Are you looking for this?
- Let go! Stop!

Why are you hiding that now?

It is all going beyond limit

She comes there, stands
there and weeps...

..and when I see, she
wipes off her tears

I don't know where
all this is going

I will wait to watch

Hey! Stop it

Was she there?

Look at your eyes widening!

If I weren't there, you would
have married her right?

Tell me frankly
This heart can take it all

I love you darling!

OHHH! Wow!

Your words filled my ears and
went straight to my heart


Are you ok?



Don't get out, Pa



I let my son die!

My Sister, the God that fed me!

How did I let you die!

How did I let the guardian
of this house die?

♪ The lamp that she lit
Is still burning bright

♪ The one who lit it
Is not there anymore

♪ The place you lived
is now a graveyard

♪ Tears have swept
our dreams away

♪ We lost the one who
loved us so much

♪ Darkness has now
engulfed our world

♪ Remembering the
love you showered....

My Brother...all
of you must have known


My Mom...Mom too


Before one could understand
what is happening...

...so much happened

If I was also responsible
in some way...

...I will never forgive myself


This isn't just Karikaalan
and Lenin's loss

This is a warning for all of us!

You question them
and they kill you?

That is just fascism.

Pure Mumbai Plan must
not be implemented

Don't get too emotional Madam

You don't get to decide if
this will happen or not

Do only what you came here for

Don't say unnecessary things

What the hell are you talking?
You will lose your respect...

Hey Perumalsamy...

You are the one
talking unnecessarily

Go tell Hari Daada. This
project will not happen

This place is ours

Understand? Get the
hell out of here

Anna...get out of here

Hey! Get out

'Perumalsamy! Get out!'

'Don't touch me!'

'How dare you talk like this!'

'Praise be to Lord Ram
My brothers and sisters'

'This is the voice of my heart'

'Voice of Mumbai'

'When Mumbai is
hurt even a bit...'

'...the people responsible
for it lose their arm'

'One doesn't know how'

Digital Dharavi...

...and Pure Mumbai

I salute these Govt. schemes.

The dirt that plagues
these slums...

The poverty, the darkness...
I want to change it all

'March on Hari Daada!
We stand by you'

Some people want to
defeat this plan

You must root out
these anti-nationals

My victory...

...is your victory

Your victory...

...is the Nation's victory.

'Long live Maharashtra'

'Emperor of India
Hari Daada!'


'What happened?'

'No chawl has water'

We have been waiting since morning

Machaan, he has begun
One tight slap!

Sir, why are you locking it?

Wait! Wait! We have orders

We have orders!

Move! Move from here!


...must do something

Stop crying. Let's get crayons

Thank You

What are you doing, Grandpa?

A weapon shouldn't get rusty

It must remain sharp always

This belongs to our ancestors

Kaala is here

Let him in

Come Kaala. Come!


Come in


I wanted to kill you, actually

Things went wrong

Mistake wasn't mine, but God's

Your wife and son...

I am sorry!

Please, forgive me.



(clock chimes)

Mangal dear, get some water

'Yes grandpa'

- 'Careful
- Yes! Yes!'

Take grandpa's blessing
Should I tell you all this?


No dear!

Namaste is enough.


Sweet girl!


He seems to be
a very nice person

Don't kill him.


She says that...

...you are a very nice person

"Don't kill him!"

Why would I kill you, if
you don't get in my way

You can't kill me



God of Death!

King 'Yama'!

Let's see

Who the God of Death is!?


What sort of a name is this man?

It disgusts me when I say it!

This black colour...

...is ugly to look at

Irritates my eyes

White is pure!

Black is ugly!

Irritates you, is it?

What an ugly thought

The problem is in your perception


...is the colour
of the Proletariat.

Come see in my chawls

Dust scatters into a rainbow.

Hygiene, clean and pure

These are your masks

What do you actually want?


It was in someone's name yesterday
and will change hands tomorrow

When you die the six feet
will not be yours permanently

Why are you so maniacal?

Tell me something new

I know very well that
everything will be right here

I can't take anything
up there with me

Six feet land is all I get

Nothing is permanent

Lord Krishna has spoken in my ear
I am not unaware of all this

Let that land, even if
it's for two days...

...be in my name and
I will be happy

Do you have any problem?

Yes I do!

To you, land is power

To us it means life

Get it?

And power is my life.

Power is what I live for!

If I throw stones at
every dog on the road

I will never reach
my destination

I am using my power
for good things

If you think it's wrong
It's your problem

Anybody who opposes me...

...will die.

'Arjuna' stood confused in the war-front
What the Lord did that day...

...is what this
Hari is doing today

If stealing my land is
your Dharma and your God's Dharma...

...I won't spare even your God

I made a small mistake

Your wife and son
died because of me

I feel guilty about it.

That's why I let
you into my house

What right do you have
to sit in front of me?

You must know who you are

I don't like to
remind you constantly

Throw your pride aside

Come apologise to me

Just two feet, put
an end to this.


The distance is the same

Touch my feet

I will decide if I want
to punish or forgive you.

Hold on!

Hold on!

I didn't come here to fight.

You mustn't think that
my loss has shattered me.

You might have power

But I have thousands of people as
my support, family and companions

You can't do anything in Dharavi.
I am here all alone to say exactly that!

Hear me out Hari...

My ancestors wish!

Kaala's Promise!

I won't spare you!

Stab me in the back, if you will



Thanks for not killing him.

Nice person!

Go! Get in!


That's how it will be!

Did you tell everyone
to come fetch water?

One by one



Perumalsamy, what are you doing?

What is this nonsense?

Why are you doing this?

We don't need this? Who asked
you to issues tokens?

- Why are you here
- Don't we know what we want? Leave!

'No one will leave this place'
'Get out of here'

'Who are you to evict us?'


Who cut the electricity?


If you shut the electricity
we will get scared, is it?

My body is a power hub!

Hey you all... Come
stand in queue!

Take as much electricity

I can supply power to
the whole of Dharavi!

Grandpa, isn't your
name Karikaalan?

That's right...

Why grandpa?

Why don't you have a modern name?
Such an old name grandpa!

Sweetie, it is a
classic Tamil name!


Grandpa, Why do they
call you KAALA?

Grandpa is dark skinned right
That's why he is called that

Hey, that also...

Remember our village
festival every year?

Grandpa has been given
that God's name


...according to our
people is our savior.

Grandpa, are you a gangster?

No he is a rowdieeee!

Earlier, when you questioned a
bad guy you were called a rowdy!

Now it has all changed!

When someone is unjust to
you and you hit back...

...they brand you as rowdies

My father raised questions,
and they killed him

I had a mad determination
to avenge his death

The blind rage was
taking me nowhere

Selvi ma made me realise this!

You are scared of
Selvi ma, right?

SOOO scared

She is my god, sweetheart

My guardian angel!

The people who killed
Selvam Pa and Selvi Ma...

...will kill us too. My friends
were talking about it

But I said...

"We are Kaala's grandchildren
Nobody can harm us"

Shut up! Is this how you talk?

Why are you chiding them?

They are just...

Listen to me, my darlings

You have to be
compassionate, always

Let all this end with me


That's why I lost my Selvi...

...my Captain Selvam

Damn that drink!

If I wasn't drunk that day...

...I wouldn't have
lost them both

If you keep mourning the dead
who will think of the living?

Aims and ambitions!

Selvam didn't know any of that

"I will die for my father"
he would say

'That is all he wanted'

It is painful, yes!

But we should lose
nothing anymore


We will stand by you

That's right. We
mustn’t lose anything

We will support you. All of us will!

Uncle, please get up

Kids haven't eaten too

Come let's have dinner

(glass shatters)

What happened grandpa?
- Nothing

Pa, someone set our
house on fire!

Get out fast!


Kaala, they burnt my books

How will I go to school now?


Come take a look


My wife...


This is all I had
left in her memory

This is gone too




15 earth-movers...

200 police-force...

...mercenaries in addition

They want to evict us all today
like stealing from a pyre

Mani Saet is issuing
eviction tokens

Zareena and Stormy are
fighting. Let's go!

There is no need!

You are the reason for this
You did this!

You burnt these houses down!

This is your responsibility

You are fooling all these people

Don't raise your voice
You are the Inspector

You haven't filed the FIR

'Why are you here?'

Listen, good thing
we didn't lose more

'I am saying this as your MLA'

Hari Daada is involving
the state machinery

'Don't do anything

MOVE Kaala!

Stop it, Patil!



Shoot, let's see

Shoot me if you can!

Shoot me!

Shoot me first!

Do you have the guts to shoot?

Will you get out alive?

Get out!
Get out of here!

(slogan) GET OUT OF HERE


Hey...khaki shorts!

What audacity to
point a gun here!

You are possessed by power

Run away before we exorcise you!

I will return!

I will!

We are worried about
what will happen now

He has burnt the houses today
It will be us tomorrow

He won't

As long as we have the
strength to slog...

he would want us to obey him...

...and slave for him

He wants us as his slaves!

He is threatening us

He wants us to fear him

How long should we
live in this fear?

We should just die, instead

Why should we die?

Our lives are beyond death!

We MUST live!

So...should we sign
the bond of slavery?

We are slaves to nobody

We created this city
We created Dharavi

We have a right over this

This city doesn't
exist without us

We must make him understand this

We should stop working for him

(slogan) Yes we will!

Our body is our only weapon

The whole world must
know about this

Organize everybody!

Hey! Where are you?
Come to Dharavi. NOW!

Kaala has called for a
strike. Let's leave!

They are asking
everyone to come back

A strike is it? Kaala
has announced?

Come! Come! Let's go!

Tell me, dear - Kaala
is calling you

It's a strike, Pa

Bro! Can you get down please?

I can't take you

Why bro?
- Strike

This is a protest
to prove ourselves

Where are you?

Are you here?

Wait! Who are you?
- Press, Sir

We are seeking rights

Not alms!

One demand!
Say it loud and proud!

This land will belong to us!
Let's say it loud!

Land is our right!




- Machaan!

You are the first reporter here
- Yes Machaan

Share our arguments on
Facebook, Twitter...everywhere

Right away Machaan

This a crucial struggle
If I see you drunk...

One tight slap!

Oh, is it?

This is not just
Dharavi's struggle

This is a struggle
of slums all over

♪ Hey tell me right away
Whose rules are these anyway!

♪ We will fight with our lives
For this land will be ours

This protest in Dharavi...

Who will tell them...
(NEWS) Anti- 'Pure Mumbai' protests

...that you are the
real Government?

Put up temporary shelters

Make arrangements to cook

Don't expect the women to do it

♪ One sows

♪ Another reaps

♪ Ones who preserve it
Starve without support

♪ For ages and ages
By lineages and languages

♪ We stood separated
Now we stand united!

♪ This land is our right!

♪ Assert it! Aloud,
proud, unbowed!

♪ This land is our right!

♪ This land...

Have you heard about the
protest happening in Dharavi?

Yes! I have been
hearing about it

What do you think about that?

I think 60% of them
are criminals...

♪ As thunder and cyclone
Our army will descend here

Dharavi is our birthplace

They are taking it away
My friends and I are protesting this

♪ Seeds,we were seeds
Little raindrops on weeds

♪ We stand tall today
Mighty mountains and trees!

♪ Wearing dust as our robe

♪ With our sweat as a mould

♪ We drew with our blood

What is Kaala thinking!
♪ The map of this world

♪ We awaited the dawn

(NEWS) This Movement
is getting stronger

Dharavi: Not for Sale!

- Why did you come here?
- Vaaliyappa! Wait!

Forgive me! Hit me!
♪ Our land, our right!

♪ Land is our right
Our birth right!

♪ This land is our right

(NEWS) Protest is getting
stronger day by day!

(NEWS) This isn't just Mumbai's problem
It can become the Nation's problem!

♪ To reclaim this land

♪ Come together let's fight!

♪ To abolish this poverty

♪ Come together let's fight!

♪ To create a revolution

♪ Come together let's fight

♪ To save our generation

'We can only do as per the tender...'
- Hey! Buzz off

♪ Emperors, we weren't,
Slaves, we weren't!

♪ Wild grass we were,
Spreading all over!

♪ Bow down and we won't survive

♪ We refuse to die
without our rights

♪ Get up and march on
Rise and question on

♪ Fear will not help us
People will stand with us

I am Sivaji Rao Gaikwad

I grew up in a slum like this

I was born and brought
up in Bheem Nagar

It is not there today

They say
Country has to develop...

...and hence you must sacrifice


The same sacrifice...

can be made by a rich man...

...or a politician, right?

I stand by you in this
fight for your right

Jai Bhim! Praise be to Ambedkar!

You can't speak against
the State. Don't you know?

This is for the people!

♪ Come play with colours
In this house of rainbows

The same venue
had a protest earlier

People who opposed the struggle
are now supporting Dharavi

♪ Millions of dreams it holds

♪ A family that unites
for their rights

♪ Will find freedom
in their amidst!

♪ See the powerful in the eye
Change the equations now

This protest has
spread all over!

(NEWS) Supporting the demands
of Dharavi Traders and Public

♪ Era of oppression, this isn't!

♪ Fences to hold us, there aren't!

♪ Let’s fight with our might
There is no reason to fear

(NEWS) They are not worried
about the Rule of law

(NEWS) Public TV has visuals of anti-social
elements blocking highways in the city

(NEWS) In a city that has 100s of
acres of private landholding...

...can't the urban poor have
some land of their own?

My driver didn’t turn up today

I took the local train

I have never taken a local
train in my life. What's this?

The lazy people of Dharavi have
made me lose 20 lakhs per day

Twenty lakhs loss!
Can you believe?

♪ Tell me right away
Whose rules are these anyway?


♪ We will fight with our lives
For this land will be ours

Our land is our right!

Our right! Our right!

♪ Our rights!

♪ Lets take back

♪ Our rights...

We promise to resolve
the issue of Dharavi soon

Pure Mumbai project...

...will be revoked
after consultation

♪ Tell me right away
Whose rules are these anyway?

♪ We will fight with our lives
For this land will be ours

We are not puppets to dance to
your tune of power and glamour

They might be nobodies

But have destroyed the dream
of the Great Haridev Abhyankar

Give me your hand!

Give, I said

Come on!

This is what we call equality.


Not making someone
fall at your feet

♪ Our rights

A good news for all of us!

We are going to win
this struggle!

This is our victory

Government is
considering our demands.

Each one of you
earned this victory.

Your father runs this state!

Will you do as you please?

Who do you think I am?

I dreamt this with
my eyes wide open

If I show you my real self
You can't take it

What right does Kaala
have over Mumbai?

Bombay was ours!

Bambai was ours!

Mumbai will stay ours!

People who closed their
noses in disgust

Will now look at
Dharavi with pride...

...after this project.

And your Government
is hindering it?

Go tell them

Tomorrow the sun will
rise only upon my word!

A night is all I need

I am born to rule!

What is it!



Throwing 'Haram' inside the mosque!
I will butcher you

Despite our love and affection
you show your ugly side?

That's why we should have
sent you away long back

'One more word and I
will hack you to pieces'

Here...hold this...

Take it
Hack him!

Kill each other!

Go on!

Saw that!

Not one of my people
came forward!

Murugan and Rahim are kins here!

Ganeshan and Abdul are brethren!

We live united here

Nothing you do can separate us

Hari Daada's henchmen!

Chase them away!

'Look, the culprits are here'

- 'Move. Move' -
What's up, Patil?

Your head is reeling
in helplessness?

You thought you could pick
ticks out of a lion's hair?

What you want will never happen

Get out you...!

How dare you!




Let go off me...

Take your clothes!

(announcement on PA)
'Attention! People of Dharavi'

'Section 144 is applicable
with immediate effect'

"Refreshing Rama's memories..."

"...Matali said as follows"

"O valiant one! Why
fight this battle..."

"...when you know
ways to kill Ravana?"


Matali asked Lord Ram...


Look at all these
offerings to God!

There is only one thing missing

Go bring his head!

"The time has come to
destroy the demon kingdom"

"The time has come to
destroy the demon kingdom"

(announcement on PA) 'Curfew is
implemented for your safety'

Nobody should come in
- Nobody will

(announcement on PA)
'Agitators will be arrested!'

"Both sides had only one agenda"

"The desire to take
each other's lives"

Shaan! Go there

You! Come with me

Shut the door!

Go look!

I saw 2 men near VOC tower.

There must be more

We have to be careful, Lenin
- We will be

Hari Daada's men are everywhere

- Round the corner

At the junction?

- What is happening?
- Nothing Pa. Just talking

Go look in the chawls

Look there

"The war between them
was escalating rapidly"

Hey! Who the hell are you?

Don't you follow the language?

None of you should
be here. Run away!


What are you glaring at?

One tight slap and...

Come on!

"The first time Rama...

...chopped off the head
of Ravana with his arrow"

"Just when that head
touched the ground..."

"...another head cropped up
on the shoulders of Ravana"

"The second head of
Ravana was cut off"

"Soon after that, another
rose into view again"

"The arrows cut off
Ravana's many heads!"

"But heads kept cropping up"

'Kill him now'

"A hundred of Ravana's heads were
chopped off in the war front"

'What's happening?'


You are their target

One night!

Just this night!

We will win

Wait! We will win

So what if I die?

Aren't you all there!

Each one of you here is Kaala.



Don't be scared

"As Lord Rama lifted
his weapon..."

"entire forests, humankind..."

"...and all creations
trembled in fear"

It's ok!

"Let’s chant together
Praise be to Lord Ram!"


Go on!



"Let’s chant together
Praise be to Lord Ram!"


Kill him!

"The weapon pierced Ravana’s
body and fell to the ground"

"Praise be to Lord Ram!"
"HAIL Lord Ram"

Born to rule!

Born to rule!

"The arrow that pierced
through Ravana’s heart"

"That glorious arrow"

"Got out of his body..."

"carried Ravana’s sinful soul..."

"...and disappeared in earth’s core"

During the curfew-riots
in Dharavi.

Our reporter Praveen...

...collected footage
risking his life

They reveal that the
police led the riot...

...and damaged public property

At the end of a
departmental inquiry...

...Dharavi Inspector Pankaj
Patil has been arrested

Kaala (aka) Karikaalan who
led the Dharavi strike...

...died in a fire accident
reports the Police

'But when we asked the People
of Dharavi about the same...'

Idiot! What nonsense
are you saying?

Just this morning Kaala was
sitting near the Buddha temple

Get lost!

Karikaalan will
never die. Buzz off!

Jesus was crucified!
Didn't he rise from death?

There isn't anybody
who can kill Kaala!

This is Kaala's fort!

One tight slap!

The question of Kaala's death
doesn't rise in their minds

'But Hari Daada, who
believes in Kaala's death'

'Is arriving at Dharavi to initiate
his dream, "Pure Mumbai" project'

He is coming here for the first
'Bhumi puja' of the project

'This is the Black Fort'

'You can't take even a
fistful of sand from here'

♪ Single-headed Ravana

♪ The lion who hunts all alone

♪ Single-headed Ravana

♪ Wear your 10 heads
Right now!

♪ The lion who hunts all alone

♪ Face him now
If you can!

♪ Come make this
uprisal, a revolution

♪ Come fill the fences
with wild grass

♪ Come remove the
disease of poverty

♪ Come abolish this slavery!

♪ The rotten minds
of these people

♪ Filled with muck and dirt

♪ Who will clean this mess up?

♪ Lets gather and gag them!

♪ Yeah we coming calculating
every single moment

♪ Look into yourself
Get clear

♪ Pack of wolves on the loose
And we are howling at the moon!

♪ Get together
Walk in camaraderie

♪ Checkmate! White façade!

♪ Yo' mama should have told you
Not to mess with my chawl

♪ Show this world who you are

♪ Kill the darkness
that prevails!

♪ Come
Win over yourself and these lands

♪ Bring
A dream that never ends

♪ Thousand
Years of silence is enough

♪ Organize
Make change, Revolt!

♪ Kaala!

♪ Scatter your enemies
Shatter them in a second

♪ Those jackals running away
Chase them, thrash them- COME


♪ Come
Win over yourself and these lands

♪ Bring
A dream that never ends

♪ Thousand
Years of silence is enough

♪ Organize
Make the change, Revolt!

(loud cry)

♪ Educate
Agitate ♪

Haridev Abhyankar has been killed in
the rebellion that happened in Dharavi

Ruling Government has given up
on the idea of acquiring land

In this victory lead by Kaala...

...people believe that they
reclaimed their land and history

This struggle has inspired people
in slums all over the country

The urban poor of
this country...

...have organized under the
slogan "Land is our right"

It has become a
People's Movement!

Our land is our right.

Our land is our right!

Our land is only ours.

Our land is only ours!